Big Brother 13: Kalia Booker Interview

Kalia Booker may have slept a lot in the Big Brother house but when she talked, she held nothing back which is one of the reasons I liked her. She was the same way when I interviewed her.  Check it out.

Chloe: Kalia, you fought hard to remain in the house this week and looked shocked when Adam decided not to use the veto, what was going through your head?

Kalia:  What was going through my head was “Adam is an idiot.” The argument I had was logical and sound. Big Brother is about numbers and Adam had a chance to have zero adversaries and he didn’t take it.

Chloe:  Do you put any blame on Porsche since she opened Pandora’s Box and put the duos back in play?

Kalia:  I mean, of course. We literally were in a perfect position in the house. There was no reason to open Pandora’s box except for the curiosity and financial pay off. But being so close to the end of the game, there was nothing in that golden box that would be worth risking half a million dollars.

Chloe:  What are your plans once you get back home?

Kalia:  Resume my life! I have a really awesome life and that was the hardest thing to leave behind and I really look forward to getting back into the swing of things. Getting back to writing, seeing my family and friends, and seeing what the future has in store for me.

Chloe:  What is your biggest regret in the game?

Kalia:  I try very hard to live my life without any regrets, you can’t redo it so why bother? My only regret is that I got evicted and didn’t win.

Chloe:  What was your biggest move in the game?

Kalia:  My biggest move in the game was leaving the safety of the vets to play my own game and getting some big players in the game – me or my alliance got rid of Brendon (twice) and Jeff. Hands down, the reason I become the biggest threat was the fast forward double eviction.


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      • Exactly julie!! I have been saying the same thing not only that but she also makes all the little dramatic faces that Dani makes. Same exact ones. And copies the valley girl talk.

      • Calling Bull’ on smr. Kalia spoke & behaved that way from day one. Don’t let your extremist hate distort your views. ;)

      • **yawn** Kahlia… I highly doubt someone as angry as you lives an awesome life.. so stupid and proud, you were lucky to get as far as you did.

      • @MC, She’s been on your TV and computer for 70 days. It’s Kalia. No H. And more importantly, why hate on her? She was easily the strong newbie in the house. Sorry she didn’t play for third to Jeff and Jordan…

      • Just because she was good at guessing, that doesn’t mean she was a strong player. And it was a good thing Adam didn’t use the Veto on her or Porshe. I’m sure not matter what, Adam will go to the final 2, and he’s not even my favorite player. If he would have used the veto on either player, he would have barely made to third place, because the deal to be in the F2 was between Kalia and Porshe…

      • Why on earth would she play to final 3 with Jeff and Jordan????? She wasn’t there to take Jeff and Jordan to F2 she there to try to make it F2. I don’t get why anyone would think that it would be a good move to carry Jeff and Jordan to F2 and happily accept 3rd place.

      • Come on people admit it, in the beginning I thought Kalia was gonna be like how Adam turned and way worse. However once she went to Dani’s side the house began targeting her and won some comps along the way. I can’t seem to understand why there is so much hate for Kalia. I genuinely think she tried way to hard to get everyone to like her and she was one of few that kept their word. Obviously her biggest mistake was that whole evict Lawon and get a special power fiasco. But I do believe she redeemed herself by evicting Jeff when she had a good chance.

    • DELUSIONAL! Nothing is delusional about Kalia’s comments it makes perfect sense to me. If you people would think fairly and stop hating you would agree that Porsche’s greed and stupidity blew the game for both of them by opening Pandora’s Box. KP were in the perfect position to win BB that is the REALITY of the situation.

      • You really couldn’t be more wrong. How is that a perfect situation? Pretend there is no returning duo twist, Rachel still wins Veto, takes herself off, Shelly goes up because Adam is Porsche’s buddy. Rachel and Adam evict Shelly anyway. Even Kalia might vote to evict Shelly, she had a promise with Jordan not to vote each other out, that’s why in Kalia’s eviction Jordan voted to evict Porsche. Either way, Shelly goes, no different from what actually happened. Also no different, Rachel goes on to win HoH and Kalia ends up out the door. That’s the REALITY of the situation. And I have a novel’s worth of reasons to hate on Kalia.

        This post can easily be a reply to Kevin11 too. Get off the ‘playing 3rd to Jeff and Jordan’ thing. Nobody asked Kalia to do that, not even Jeff or Jordan, and like I said I have a bunch of reasons to knock Kalia, feel free to ask, and if she’s the strong newbie it’s because three others were incredibly weak and three more were gone in the first three weeks and couldn’t prove anything. Dominic would’ve become a stronger competitor than Kalia.

      • MJ, so you say that if Kalia was “the strong newbie it’s because three others were incredibly weak..” What in the hell kind of argument is that? Same could be said of anyone in the house, if that’s the case… right? Seems only6 fair. ;) Plus that stiiiill made her the strongest, did it not, so where are you going with this? Not to mention she also had to beat out the vets aloong WITH the newbies in comps, so you seem a bit irrational… or just unwilling to give a person(namely Kalia)credit when it’s due. You guys have some strange, gross hatred for this woman & come up with some ridiculous ‘ish to back why… it’s disturbing, actually. She’s become the easy target, especially for certain types w/Bandwagon mentality. Irritating was she? Suuurreee… & others too. Slept & possible overate? Maayyybe… as well as others. But c’moon, this behavior does not warrant all of this negative rhetoric. But I’ve noticed that the moment your faves are knocked, people are just toooo judgemental, mean, classless, childish… and NOT giving Credit when it’s due. Imagiine that. Irrational & hypocrital… wow.

      • Robin,

        I’m not sure how much you even read of what I said. I said IF Kalia is the strong newbie, I don’t even consider her as such, three of them barely got the chance to compete and I believe Dominic would’ve become a stronger competitor than her, better strategist, etc. There’s a reason other newbies were targeted before her, she wasn’t seen as a threat or much of anything. She won two completely question based competitions, one of which she self-admittedly was lucky on. And I don’t see anything wrong with arguing that it’s because others were weak. Put a guinea pig beside a bunch of field mice, who’s going to be stronger? And no, that wasn’t a reference to her size or anyone else’s size, my point is just that this wasn’t a strong newbie class, I’ll give you the analogy of Rachel winning first part of HoH. That wasn’t as much a testament to her strengths as it was to Adam’s and Porsche’s weaknesses, case in point lasting 30 and 44 minutes in an endurance competition, no less one that’s going to help decide between 50-500 grand, or nothing if you finish 3rd. Rachel is the strongest competitor left, but that’s not saying the world against Adam and Porsche. Same for Kalia vs. the newbie class of this year, or do you want to argue that Lawon and Shelly were worthy competitors?

        Also, I said I could write a novel on everything I dislike about Kalia, and yet you still revert back to just sleeping and eating too much. I was trying to spare the long list, my comments are already usually long enough, and I disliked her very early in the game, long before she “evicted” any of my favourite players (maybe had a hand, didn’t evict them all herself like she makes it sound) so that squashes the bandwagoning theory for you. Irrational? Yeah, not really, I back up everything I say. Want me to give credit where it’s due? Once Brendon accused her of floating and lit a fire under her, she absolutely stopped floating, she went to Dani’s side and never strayed from it since. Cudos on that, but that’s about it.

      • Kalia keeps blaming Pandora’s box/Pork greed. but never mentions she got $5,000 bucks out of it as well.

      • How do you figure? Rachel won that veto whether it saved jordan or not, rachel would have still been there. Rachel won the following HOH and nominated Porsche and Kalia. Adam won Veto and decided it wasn’t worth it to save Kalia or use the veto on either one of them. The whole game would have still been the same. Kalia would have been gona last week.

    • This woman is in for a cry-fest when she gets back into “the real world” to see how much she was DISLIKED by the blog world….she is to self-absorbed to think she will find anything nasty….I would set her up with a room full of mattresses, snacks and a blow up listener doll if I could be in the room when she reads things people have said about her…it would be priceless!!

      • Come to some reality,Kalia does have a anoying personality, but was the strongest newby player, Porsha made the wrong move with pandora,s box,but it was,nt a surprise,about porsha,s dumb move. Now speaking of surprises,hey you got to give Kalia her credit, she shocked all of you fakes, she played her game well. YOU GO SISTER QUEEN.

    • Cowlia needs her head examined.She wanted to be with the vets but they could care less. When dani tried to make her stupid move she grab the lonely old cowlia. Wow she won something ! The rest of the time she was mosgtly begger the vets.Dani mostly played for her and some of her alliance kept her safe. That moo moo ate and ate and ate. Thats all our discussions was about on this site!

  1. Kalia played her own game? Hah, what a joke. She played Danielle’s game. Kalia was a waste of a houseguest right along with Adam and Porsche. Hope BB picks better players next year.

    • audrey I totally agree, unfortunately BB doesn’t have a clue how things will play out once the hg’s have been interviewed and chosen. I really hope they have a new cast next year…enough with this returning crap…once they have played it is done.

      • I’ll bet that Kalia sounded GREAT when interviewing for the show! There was no way that BB was going to predict that she wasn’t going to play her own game. They probably didn’t expect her to sleep so much and were counting on her for some great sound bytes. Epic Fail on their part.

        But, to be fair I also think Adam has been a disappointment too. And Portia is a boring person. Even Jordan didn’t get to know her!

    • Why is it the women of color is always talked about. Jordan is dummer than a brick, racheal has no common sense, dannie was smarter than all the females. And american heart throb is the one delusional. Was someone just going to just give him the game. Come on, lets not ne racist

      • Just because she is black your saying everyone is racist? In case you haven’t noticed, this site talks about ALL the hgs. So because she is black we can’t talk about her but it is perfectly alright for you to bash Jordan, Rachel, and Jeff. Where is your logic. Im not a Kalia fan but it has NOTHING to do with the colour of her skin. She followed Dani like a puppy, she played Danis game even when Dani was not in the house, she slept over half the season, she bashed all the hgs behind their backs (worse then anyone), she admitted to throwing her dog against a wall because it bit her.
        Do not even try to throw the race card out. Just because she is black she is not immune from being talked about.

      • The only race card on BB this year was brought up by Kalia in the house and you outside of the house….no way, now how.

        I and the people I read comments about are equal opportunity bashers of the houseguests…including Kalia…after all the article above was her interview so we are withing the realm of bashing to take a whack at Kalia…I cannot wait for articles on Adam and Porsche to add comments!!

      • Of all the comments made about Kalia I must have missed the racist ones. There have been other comments made. Oh,if Dani was sooo smart then how come she was voted off. She was the Queen B and I’m not talkin’ about making honey.

      • @Candy, I really don’t think race has anything to do with it. I know there have been accusations of it, but I haven’t seen anything. At all. I have heard all of the HGs being talked about. I have also heard some things said about other houseguests that if said about Kalia, people would be howling. So, I disagree with you on this. If there was any merit to it, I would be 100% supporting you. But, it would be like you nominating Porsche for best-dressed HG. I would have to call you out on it.

      • @ teamrachel- preach it girl! Very well said.

        @ candy. I’m white and personally offended you would bash Jordan for being white. Why is it that all the white girls are getting talked badly about? You see how easily that goes both ways? Lawon was also a black girl but no where’s near as sickening as Kalia….shocker!aaaaaaa

      • @ Candy, it’s people like you that our wourld is in this shape. It’s always about race. You should be ashamed, big time. But maybe you just like stiring the pot & turning things into big trouble. NOBODY said a dang word about anybodys color. Get a life & grow-up.

    • How was Kalia a waste,you’re an idiot. I mean come on she played the game, regardless of how she played, she won comps and had a target on her back for a while. I don’t see why their is so much dislike for Kalia. I’ll admit I disliked her at first because she did nothing and ran her mouth, but she obviously played the game and became a competitor. Oh and Ms. Rachel only wins when it’s a comp where you hang onto something for a a long period of time.

      • She won two question competitions that involved zero movement. I get it, not all competitions need that, but winning one type of competitions doesn’t make you a strong competitor. I wouldn’t have a problem if she just said she was better at it than Adam or Porsche or something, but she continously called herself a ‘strong competitor’ and put herself up there with Rachel and Dani while they all talked in the HoH room. I’m sorry, but strong competitors don’t give up on competitions, which we saw her do more than once. During the PoV comp in her first HoH tenure, she stopped, flat out stopped, and in a DR excerpt alongside that scene, said ‘I was tired, so I took a break’. That alone kills being considered a strong competitor.

      • Okay again reality check, Iam a sister too, Kalia would have been better accepted, if she had a built body,sorry but this is how america thinks, she could have been just as dumb as porsha and still been better liked. America is still the same hatred country, it was years ago. Kalia is a very smart woman, and well educated,she not going to shake her stuff, to lure her game, like porsha did.

      • Apparently hanging on is a skill a number of HG’s could have worked on to better their chances. You almost sound jealous.

      • I read somewhere above that Kalia threw her dog against the wall, OMG if this is true, the just let me say this, it’s a good thing I,m not near her because I as a 67 year old would beat her ass. And i,m a tiny little old lady who loves life & hate bad words & loves God Dearly, but this is uncalled for, & should be looked into if true. I married into a police family & thats animal abuse. This makes me sick & i,m sure I won’t sleep tonight. If this is ture then B.B should look into her getting help. Were does b.b get these kinds of people anyway. I,m sick over that poor dog. Maybe someone well do her that way and toss her against the damn wall, wait she’ll need a crane that big fat mama. I,m not sorry, that woman is hopeless & well never become anything, she’s plain LAZY & FAT.

  2. Kalia lost because she got cockie after Dani left. She thought her head games could sway the house like Straight- shooter Shelly, but she was dead wrong! Sometimes less is more Kalia. Keep your mouth shut next time you will go further!

    • Honey she cant do that her mouth is always open either for food or for Talking she doesn’t know any other way

    • If Shelly is a “straight-shooter” then Jordan is a pathalogical liar. oh wait. Jordan is the most honest HG ever to play the game. She’s lied, sure. but she’s also only “blown up” twice – one in each season she was in. She’s 100(+/-) pounds of Blonde haired Southern Fury

    • Sheila, why would or should she put a plate in her lower lip? Where does that even come from, I wonder?? Also this Kalia overeating obsession you guys have is truly played out. One trick pony… beating a dead horse & I could go on. Talk about followers. Matt from bb12 really got you guys charged & feeling good about abusing that sad piece of a put down, didn’t he?? LOL You don’t have to agree with me, but damn, people… what happened to having a mind of your own & using good-ole plain sensibilities?

      • This is a forum, expect people to lose “sensibilities” that is what makes it fun and why there are millions of them read every day!!!

    • Don’t Hate, Don’t Hate , It feels good, it feels good!!!
      Some one has a little Jordan envy.huh,huh, come on, we no, it’s o.k. Say it with me …You (But you say I) am a little Jordan happy crazy person. Hater !!! U must be a Danielle lover…

      • You guys spoke on the supposed “mean girl” mentality of certain players, but no one appears more mean than how some of you are representing yourselves. Pretty petty & childish too, in my opinion. The name-calling, the bad imitations. Looks like the womens movement may have taken a few steps back if I believed this site spoke for society…. on second thought, maybe it does. ;)

      • Lmao @ all you guys. Some people have no sense of humor! Lol. I personally think you guys are funny, no I mean like literally you guys are like, like the funniest people on bbn, I mean I could go on all day about how funn you guys are and how literal I am being. I’m a great competitor when it come to being funny, I don’t understand why people on this blog always hate on me and bash me, its soooo unnnffaiiiiiiirrr literally unfair*pause while I take a bite of my sandwich* I mean no but really though I’m like super shocked that people don’t want me here because I’m so funny, it isn’t fair you shouldn’t have to be treated like this just because your funny. But then again I’m like not thhaaaaat funny, I mean literally like shocker* people want me gone cause I’m so amazing and so funny and I’m just so bummed cause I’ve worked so hard. Akward……. : ) : ) : )

      • Hey Vet Fan.. They have places for people like you… nice sterile looking places with…. ‘room service’. ;)It’s NEveer too late… I’m pulling for you. LOL

    • Yeah, she was never a threat; she was amazingly, exceedingly, unbearingly annoying. She needs some hate mail.

      She needs behavior therapy, cognitive therapy, social therapy, and lifelong courses in manners.

      • Won’t even allow yourself to use her real name. lol You guys are something else. Get on this site with your aliases, feel powerful talking heavy duty sh@# about people you are by know means better than… and the content of your comments tell me that, so I don’t have to know you. ;)

    • She’s so delusional it’s just really pathetic. The mean girls are a lost cause. In or out of the game, same bratty, delusional (add liar to ShellHE), vicious people.

      And anybody saying that those hating on Cowlia is a racist is a moron. Like the others said, race has nothing to do with it. I dislike the rest of the mean girls as well and they’re white (or orange in ShellHe’s case).

      • @ The Witch… you say you dislike the rest of the ‘meangirls'(i smeel hypoooocrissyyy);) too yet every time I see your comments you’re very happily dogging Kalias name, everything about her & including the mother who bore her (exaggeration for effect). ;) So why all the constant focus on Kalia? And I’m by no means calling you a racist but your claims sure dont fit your actions.

  3. What a sore loser, when did she play her own game she played Dani’s game. Dumb luck she woke up to get Jeff out with the help of another loser Shelly.

      • Steve is half way right. The producer’s didn’t make Porsche open up Pandora’s Box, they just strongly encouraged her to do so. The producer’s are always putting thoughts into the HG’S head to get them to react in a matter which will be good for t.v.

    • He is just mad that his precious Shelly got evicted and that Rachel is going to win the 500K!

      Porkche’s ass just got greedy is what happened.

      Rachel will win it all!!!!!! <Rachel3

    • Probably! Plus, Adam told her that she had to open it and that no one ever has not opened it. Dumb move, like keeping Rachel and voting out super floater Jordan!

      • Catherine just a note Jordan is NOT I repeat NOT A FLOATER . I have a Dick@nite show for you to watch Girl…Episode 11 you will see why after you watch …
        CRAZY out~

      • Steve is half way right. The producer’s didn’t make Porsche open up Pandora’s Box, they just strongly encouraged her to do so. The producer’s are always putting thoughts into the HG’S head to get them to react in a matter which will be good for t.v.

    • @ Steve, you are absolutely right, and anyone who thinks otherwise is sadly mistaken. Houseguests from seasons past have said that the produces do a lot of “encouraging” in the DR. They may have given Porsche more money on the side to open that box.

      Look at Lawon…who gets themselves on the show only to VOTE THEMSELVES OUT?? Find a video of the comp to get back in the house, and you’ll see Lawon not even trying to win. the majority of the balls he was rolling didn’t even make it to the midway point of the ramp. Kids play a game very similar to that at CHUCK E. CHEESE!!!

      • I agree with most of what you said except for the final part. Producers push and prod a lot more than people think, they don’t force but they make it hard to say no if they really want a certain direction for the show.

        About that final part, I can even agree Lawon wasn’t exactly trying his heart out, but I never gave Lawon credit as a competitor to begin with. He was out first in most competitions, and while he may have been slacking off on purpose to stay under the radar and float (like he was so good at) I also believe even if he tried his ass off he wouldnt’ve stood a chance, especially against Brendon.

      • Speaking of Lawon…he should win the I F’d Myself Over Good award for this season. The look on his face when he was evicted…priceless.

  4. I wonder if when she goes back to the real world will she be aware of what the majority of the viewers thought about her?

    • Majority of the viewers or majority of the people on this site? Because I’m sorry you do NOT speak for majority of the viewers….I really didn’t mind her….was she great no….but she’s better than listening to “This is for you Brendon!” every 20 seconds and Jeff going on and on about how he shaped the house and turned everyone into a moral leader and taught them how to play the game fair and his way.

      • Well I rather listen to that then Kalia talking eating sleeping and playing her stupid scenarios games

      • I never claimed I did. Nor did I make a claim that majority of viewers hated her… what I post, comment appropriately, and then your argument will be valid

      • Another Dani lover making Crazy talk again !!!
        You guys really need to stop going to the same Doctor ,he is still giving you all the same Cool aid !!!
        if you need a ref. just let me no …
        P.s. Matt these guys need too put the lights on,cuz there in the dark. (LOL)

      • Actually, the majority of viewers who post on this site don’t like Kalia. Would’ve been more accurate just to say ‘You don’t speak for all viewers’ or something along those lines. ‘You don’t speak for viewers outside of this site’ might’ve worked too.

      • Well irony how about you go around to multiple different sites and check all tthe different BB polls. I mean sure, she’s more like than Shelly, but I mean really how hard could that be?

    • @ Ellablue, all she has to do is read the blogs on here from week 1 and Im pretty certain she will know exactly how the majority of the viewers feel about her, I also hope Rachel reads this too, because has much as she was hated last season, she came across much differently and that should make her feel better about herself GO RACHEL!!!!!

      • RACHEL CHANGE!? That women (if you can call her that) has not changed from last season, not one bit. She still crys when she loses and thinks she is the baddest bitch when she wins, give me a break. You must have been watching a different season if you think Rachel has changed.

        Brendon seems like a cooler and nicer guy without rachel around, I hope he sees that and doesn’t marry that witch.

  5. LMFAO!!!!! Sure kalia, blame everyone for your eviction. Don’t be mad because porcha opened the box. Knowing you you would of have done the same. Dont be mad at adam either for thinking about keeping himself safe, you had the same chance to get the veto as anyone else, and blew it.

    Cant wait to get back home because its hard to leave your really awesome life behind……. its just like the zingbot said, it seems that you know more about sleeping than anything else. Not much of an awesome life there.

    Oh well another worthless player bites the dust

      • O come on she was not worthless ,,she gave us that really good episode where she cried her eyes out & made a huge fool of herself & cried like a bigger baby then she said Rachel was.O & lest us forget her first HOH were she once again cried her eyes out & was not even woman enough to go for the other side and Voted out her own alliance member .Come on guys worthless just the laugh she just gave me from taking credit for evicting Brenden twice.LOL now thats Funny not worthless ,Right !!!
        P.s.Thanks for the Laughs Sow Cowlia…

  6. Kalia, needs to learn when to be quiet. Even though she liked Jordan. Jordan was telling everyone to get rid of K. Lawon was her only true partner and she dogged him. I think BB could do better too. J/J not!B needs to stay back too…

    • noooo..Jordon wanted to get rid of Porsche..but Rachel didn’t…Jordon knew that Porsche was closer to Adam…Jordon did not trust Porsche..

      • That is true fly. That’s why people that say Jordan did not play the game are so wrong. She had a lot of game play.

      • @ fly that isn’t true at all. I remember sitting here saying how shocked I was that jordan keeps saying Kalia has got to go. Rachel even specifically told Jorrdan “I dk, I get weird feelings about porsche, maybe we should get rid of her”. They BOTH kept saying no its too risky because the next HOH s questions and Kalia would win if she stayed. Jordan even double checked with Adam to make sure he was still voting out Kalia, so she could vote for Porsche to leave and Rachel could break the tie so she didn’t have to break her word to Kalia. I remember geting so irritated, I’m like wth are they thinking! If they had evicted Porsche, everyone says Kalia would have won that fortune teller HOH, well ill tell ya what, Adam got 6 out of 6 correct, so I dk how much space would have been left for Kalia to dominate that comp. Then the veto may have played out totally different and jordan and rachel could still be here together right now. I knew keeping Porsche was a horrible decision.

  7. I liked kalia, but she had a DECENT game at best. But her being one of Dani’s minions and evicting jeff for dani was what I liked most about her.

    Honestly Roachel,oops, I mean RACHEL, deserves to win out of who’s left.

    WOW! thought I would never say that!

  8. Chloe: What was your biggest move in the game?

    Kalia: My biggest move in the game was leaving the safety of the vets

    I guess Dani was a newbie. LOL!

    • LOL….. She was never even under the safety of the vets at all. Unless Dani counted as more then one vet

    • You have a great point, and I’ve always said the same thing. Even the fans act like that. They always say things like “it was rigged for the vets and dani was screwed lol” and “jejo and brenchal have already had their chance let someone else have one too”. They always leave dani out when refering to the “vets”. Also, Kalia was ousted from “the safety of the vets” she didn’t just up and leave on her own.

  9. Kalia is the biggest woman to ever “try” to play BB. She slept and ate the whole summer. Maybe if she worked out instead of feeding her face (while talking) she might have won a physical comp!
    She was Danielle’s puppet, for someone to “thinks” she was in power most of the season…she rode Danielle’s coat tails!
    I seriously had to mute my TV when BB After Dark was on, because she never ever shut up!!
    It was so sad to see her shuffle around begging Adam to save her when she did nothing for him!
    Everyone busted out laughing when she would say over and over and over ” It’s so unfair”. OMG, are you kidding me? Lol
    I’ve seen all the Facebook pages “America hates Kalia” “America hates COWLIA”. I think people needed to vent…I guess as I’m doing now.
    Her butter ball self and her huge bottom lip alonge with her non stop talking over others drove me crazy!!! But when I heard her say she threw her dog into a wall, I was done!
    PETA will be in touch with her very soon!!!!
    You made your bed, now you have to deal with it.

    • You need to get out more and stop being so hateful towards people who make no impact in your life. Seriously….its a game. She made a great point….Adam has no chance at winning unless he went with Kalia and Porsche but most people don’t want to see game logic vs personal fan favorites.

      • Game logic…. ok heres game logic.

        Adamn has a better chance of winning with porcha or jordan, Not kalia. Kaila would win against those 2 but not rachel.

        Same is for adam, he can beat porcha but not rachel. If kaila was there instead, he wouldn’t have a chance against her either.

      • Adam won’t win….he might have an outside shot against Porsche but he was playing to keep Rachel and Jordan….dumb move considering a) they didn’t want to take him and b) Either one of them will have 3 votes already if they were to make the final 2 with him. He then would have to hope for the rest of the jury to vote with him and I doubt that would happen. Same with Porsche. The only way a “newbie” was going to win or is going to win is if a “newbie” brings a “newbie”.

      • @ irony, so what your saying is Adam had a chance to beat Kalia and only Kalia in the final 2 basically. And since you think he stands a slim chance against porsche and no chance against rachel, butt did stand a chance against Kalia, it would be fair to assuume you also think Kalia stood no chance against porsche or Rachel either. So then I guess going off your “game logic” then Kalia would have never won regardless then. Guess that settles that, NEXT!

    • Yes I FF BBAD too everytime she was on
      I just did not want to hear her buttons or whatever scenarios one more time EVER

      • Yea lets dog on her because she was trying to play a game and think about how things could happen….seeing as no one has done it all summer….good on her for at least trying play scenarios and figure out what would be best. I really have tried to figure you out ella this whole season….you like the boredom of this season along with many others. Give me the BB that had the late night deals, the last minute vote switches, the backstabbers, the divide of a house with no “coasters”, fights that don’t need to be edited, the PB&J diet, luxury comps, food comps… know what BB has been missing the last 3-4 seasons……and why a lot of people got into the show.

      • Kalia’s constant talking and self absorbed chatter was so annoying, I fast forwarded through most of it. She was just ‘annoying’ until she laughed through her story of throwing her small puppy against the wall! I found that to be totally offensive, and definitely not amusing.

        While Rachel was sitting there talking lovingly about her dog, and describing all the caring things she does for and with him, Kalia was telling her sick story. Rachel really changed my mind about the person she really is, and Kalia, well she went from just being annoying, to being disliked BIG TIME.

        It’s a shame Kalia and Porsche remained in the house as long as they did. Both exhibited anti-social charateristics. Yes, there’s alot of pressure in the BB house, but true character always surfaces in the face of adversity. These women’s character is disturbing! While Rachel became more and more likable, those two became less and less. Cream rises to the top, while dirty water sinks. If these women could behave this way in front of millions of people, what might they possibly be capable of behind closed doors. Oh, I know! They throw defenseless dogs against the wall. Where are the animal activists and their protest? And they sneak benefiber in people’s food to cause them to have digestive problems. [PORSCHE}



    • So Kalia did nothing all summer but managed to win hoh twice, lasted longer then the so-called competitors because she actually played the game and didn’t sit around like that useless bacon obsessed nasty thing called Adam. Sure she talks a lot, but everyone in that house was annoying.

  10. Please never bring back the old players once they have played forget them!!! There is enough people who would like to play and need the money too!

    • It’s a lot of excuses, sorry. Most newbies cried foul because ‘it wasn’t fair’. I’m sorry but if I was on the show I’d love to play with old faves. What happened to the concept of wanting a challenge? Or does everyone alive just want the easy road to a big cash payout? Give me a break. And it wasn’t even that much of a challenge, each vet had played once, big deal, that doesn’t make them masters of the game. Most competitions were ones that anyone could win, I really don’t buy that ‘only someone who has played before’ could win them, that doesn’t make any sense. Sure you could say the banana competition was geared to Rachel or Dani, but that’s because of their physical shape, state of mind, etc. It’s not “because they’ve played before”. Porsche, Keith, Dominic all should’ve been in similar enough shape to do well in that competition, and it’s their fault if they don’t have the ‘mind over matter’ mentality.

      Makes me wonder about the commenters who back this up and say ‘not fair’. I remember Kalia wailing ‘it’s so unfair’ before her eviction. You’re 30 years old, suck it up. Much, much better competitors were gone before you and you’re crying that it’s unfair that because you’re a competitor you’re being voted out. Please…

  11. This person is a waste of time and space. She doesn’t thing for herself. She didn’t contribute to the competitions. She over ran any conversation with one way ranting and babbling. It got to the point where no one wanted her to open her mouth.

    Yet, when she wasn’t be overbearing and obnoxious she had another use for her mouth, obsessive over-eating and gaining weight. Between so much eating and the only other activity sleeping. It isn’t had to understand how she gained weight. This was disturbing because BB is a competions game. Rachel, Jordan and the men exercise regularly and eat balance meals (not more than they can burn off).

    I didn’t care that she started over weight, so did Adam. But look at him now he at least tries to stay fit and compete. He doesn’t sleep all day.

    Plus I don’t remember seeing her cook or clean. She was a waste of space.

    She claims to be an actress and writer. Well she did not act like a normal BB competitor / hg. Nor did she appear to have an original idea. She shouldn’t have had the opportunity to compete for $500,000.

      • Are you people forgetting Jordan’s first season when she gained a lot of weight? Also, Rachel during last season gained weight and she said she took off 20 lbs before coming back.

        Jordan never exercised during her season. Not sure Rachel exercised that much during her first season. Point is this was the newbies first season. Boredom and nervous eating can come into play.

        I don’t know how many of you have live feeds, but Kalia and Porsche did exercise also although maybe not as much as Jordan and Rachel. Jordan the most, but it did not help her with the comps. anyway.

    • She also related the story about throwing her Yorkie against the wall! Real funny, huh? Where are the animal activists?

  12. I did not like the show this season mainly because of the returning house guests, they came across like they new it all and they were in charge. Kalia did bad in letting Lawon go but she made it up in getting rid of Brendon and Jeff. I would like to say that anyone that watched the after dark on Showtime had to be very upset with Jeffs character, I have never seen another show on either Showtime or HBO that one person used the word F–k as many times as Jeff did. And when did he become Big Jeff, as I remember around Jessie and Russel he was sort of a wimp. The only one I recall that may have thought of him as big Jeff was Kevin. All time floater for two seasons goes to Jordan, how can she call others floaters.

    • to me a floater is one that floats back and forth to whomever is HOH, plays all sides that are possible, and makes as many alliances as they can. Jordan stayed with her alliance. Adam only floated one time (maybe two) near the end and he did win some comps so I don’t see him as a floater. On another note, don’t you think it’s possible that Rachel (if she makes it to F2) won’t win as some might say she’s already had her shot at the prize?

      • Maybe my calling Jordan a floater should be clarified as she did absolutly nothing for two seasons and won once and came close another.

      • Also Glenn, Jordan won 3 HoH’s and 1 Veto over her time in Big Brother, including the big, final HoH in Season 11. That’s not “doing absolutely nothing”.

    • I don’t mean to sound rude but dude how old are you? Or are you Ned Flanders? Many people have a habit of using the F word a lot in regular, hangout-setting conversation, does it seriously bother you that much? He wasn’t directing it at anybody, he wasn’t saying F you to anybody, so what’s the big deal? Did you have kids watching? Because they shouldn’t be watching a show with ‘After Dark’ in the title. Brendon and Adam dropped some f-words too in regular conversation.

      You remember him as a wimp around Jessie and Russel? You didn’t watch BB11 much then, he confronted Russel and told him ‘I’m gonna bust your mouth if you don’t shut up’. And before you call him a bully for that, Russel was using Evil Dick tactics by barking at everyone, including Jordan, so what else is Jeff going to do? Unlike some HGs he stands up for himself and those he cares about.

      A lot may be wrong with America, but if they love Jeff, that isn’t one for the ‘wrong’ category. Sorry.

  13. I truly do not understand the Kalia hate. Just because she didn’t play to get Jeff and Jordan to the end she “played Daniele’s game” and “slept the whole time”. BS. This whole hating on everyone who isn’t Jeff is really obnoxious.

    • It’s got nothing to do with Jeff or anyone else as far as I’m concerned. Cowlia, Porkshe and ShelHe are truly disgusting people for a variety of reasons.

    • I don’t understand the hate of anybody. It is okay to say you don’t like this one or that one, but these rude comments make me wonder what some of these posters really are like.

      • Gail these people think they can do a better job than the people the are bashing, but it is easier said than done. It is always easier to comment after you see the result. People just can’t seem to say they would have done thing differently and leave it at that.

      • Let’s gather round and sing Kumbaya.

        It’s “entertainment”. Some people are just not likeable. Sorry, that’s life. Unlike some of the “players” in the house I’ve never wished anyone harm. Some of the people on the show have and you criticize anyone here who says something about THEM yet I haven’t seen you condemn the people you’re defending.

        What’s said here is MILD compared to some of the sites I saw tonight.

      • Gail, I agree with you on many levels.
        I get confused about the floater issue,
        however. It seems Rachel and many of the other vets thought a floater was
        someone who skimmed under radar and
        rode on others coattails. Maybe there should be two definitions more defined
        like coattail floaters and alliance
        floaters. I really think there are two
        types of floaters and Jordan was a coattail floater and Adam an alliance
        floater. But I guess it is all a matter
        of opinion and who you really like this
        season. I have been surprised that some
        I started out liking didn’t stay in that category and some I started out
        not liking have learned to admire. What
        a season!

    • I believe Kalia and some of the others were playing the game so what we saw may not be the true them outside the BB house. But I think we saw the real Jeff on after dark this season and if America is still in love with him and his foul mouth and anger then something is really wrong .

      • Glenn— I totally agree with you. Since Kalia left Adam is talking non stop about himself and how great he is. I have a real problem with a 40 yr old man playing with stuffed animals and Bacon.

      • Kalia let her true self be known! Self absorbed, narcissistic, arrogant, and dog abuser! Reminder, Kalia, throwing your puppy against the wall, not amusing to most of us out here in the real world! Are you gonna apologize about that in your blog! I know I’d be ashamed to have told that story and with no sense of remorse, and laughed while telling it. Shame!

      • Got no problem with Jeff here. Not all of us judge people based on a few f-words spoken on Big Brother After Dark. There’s a lot more to be concerned about and deem ‘really wrong’

      • K there, keep harping on one thing Jeff did/said, one time, two seasons ago. Meathead? I didn’t see any beer can crushing, chest bumping, or anything close. Yes I know I’m stereotyping meatheads and exaggerating, but you’re generalizing him based on little.

    • Kevin11…Get off the ‘playing 3rd to Jeff and Jordan’ thing. Nobody asked Kalia to do that, not even Jeff or Jordan, I have a bunch of reasons to knock Kalia, feel free to ask, and if she’s the strong newbie it’s because three others were incredibly weak and three more were gone in the first three weeks and couldn’t prove anything. Dominic would’ve become a stronger competitor than Kalia

    • I agree with you 100% Kevin. To hate on Kalia because she was playing to win and not to get Jeff and Jordan to the final 2 is rediculous. I blows my mind that people actually think that any of the newbies should be happy with 3rd place. Kalia was playing the game to win.

  14. I still don’t understand why she was so upset Porsche opened Pandora’s Box. Kalia, you got guaranteed safety that week and $5,000 for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Of course, Adam and Porsche both did nothing all summer, either. And one of them is guaranteed $50,000. Maybe that’s why Kalia’s so bitter.

    • Regardless of who the player is it must be frustrating to get THAT close and not win.

      The person who will really feel screwed is the person that comes in 3rd.

    • She absolutely would’ve opened the box too, probably even without any production ‘encouragement’. All she’d have to hear is $5,000 and she’s doing it.

      Someone shove a sandwich into that hypocritical baby’s mouth and then send her to bed.

    • If she hadn’t been evicted, he may not have even made final 3, she might have won hoh. So there are a number of things that could have happened. However, Kalia will always be delusional.

    • She claims Adam had the chance to have zero adversaries and he didn’t take it. Gee, as I see it right now, Adam has zero adversaries with him, and that’s with Kalia gone.

      Sour grapes, Kalia? Then spit them out on the floor, don’t clean up after yourself, and go to sleep.

  15. She’s kinda harsh on Porsche for opening Pandora’s box (which was a total gutterball by production btw, they’ve never had a pb hurt an Hoh’s game that much, and it broke from the traditional good for Hoh/House, bad for other dynamic).

    After all, she did evict one of her own alliance for no reason, and would have messed up AGAIN had Jeff/Rachel won the clown shoes veto. Just a dumb player. Kinda like the rest of the house.

  16. what happen to the dinner and stuff they did for the summer it was going to have it on sunday what happen to that show reply back

    • Why? Afraid Porsche might sneak Benefiber in everybody’s food. If she’s a waitress in Miami, I hope she loses her job. I wouldn’t want somebody like her handling my food!

      • About Adam, I think Adam has earned my respect the last few days. He stayed true to his alliance to the Jeff/Jordan team, he won his share of competitions, he’s lied and backstabbed minimally, and he’s been funny and entertaining to watch. His enthusiasm for the game has been infectious, you can tell he’s a real fan, and he’s basically a nice guy. I grew up in towns close to Hoboken, (Union City and North Bergen) and my only problem with Adam is his total refusal to live up to his Jewish traditions. I am not a Jew, but my best friend in h.s. was the daughter of Jewish parents, and one of my best friends in Houston, where I now live, is a converted Jew. The Jewish faith is not just a religion. It is an ancient culture. Eating bacon is one of the digestive restrictions most honored by most Jews. I realize we live in a world where traditions, and religion are sometimes mocked. But the Hebrew people have been persecuted since ancient times. Their customs and tranditions should not be diluted because its not popular to be religious!

        I like Adam, I believe he’s a genuinely nice guy, but he’s not putting forth a very realistic depiction of the Jewish faith, and the traditions that are most honored. He’s proud of his Bar-Mitvah, and we saw his picture in the HOH room. Adam, I know you love bacon, believe me, so do I, but turkey bacon’s pretty good. Please honor your Jewish forefathers and follow God’s ordinances. Set an example for the rest of the world!

      • Yep, yup!
        @@ Lennie! I suggest you do not go into any FOOD joint! Por is the least of your worries. The girl was playing a game. Oh, still is. (i think someone is a tad jealous)

      • Awaiting ‘moderation’? What exactly does that mean? Are you gonna censor me for telling the truth and giving my honest opinion? I just care about keeping the integrity of the show. My comments are legitimate and my concerns valid.

      • Take a deep breath and relax, Lennie. Your comment flagged spam triggers and had to be manually approved. Don’t hyperventilate.

        And no, turkey bacon doesn’t taste anything like regular bacon. Not even close.

      • Lennie, I’ve made comments that have awaited moderation for no reason that I could see. I just posted one at 4:33 pm that’s awaiting moderation, and I read over it, can’t see anything that would flag spam triggers, not even close. So I guess it just happens sometimes, maybe at random, maybe sometimes it’s erroneous. Either way, like Matt said, don’t hyperventilate lol. It’s just the way it is

  17. Hey, Tishe! Playing the game is not trying to willingly sabotage somebody’s health. That’s not part of any game. That’s poor sportsmanship in my book! And somebody who handles food and has intentionally sabotaged in the game might very well do it when she’s angry at her job. They’ve shown restaurant workers doing it in undercover shows like 20/20. She did it in front of cameras for crying out loud. She laughed about it with the other mean girls. That’s not funny in my humble opinion!

    • And what the heck do I have to be jealous of? Please! I’m just a fan of the show who is offended by behavior I find offensive. Yes, BB is a game of lies and backstabbing to pursue the goal of winning a prize, but that can be done in a way that does not compromise your integrity and your character. Messing around with people’s digestive system is no joke! These people are already eating slop, thats enough to mess with your stomach. Add a product to your diet without your knowledge, thats dirty in any social setting, even Big Brother!

      • Contaminated food could even potentially skew competition results, which takes away a level playing field, and for that alone Big Brother should take control of it. If someone has an unexpectedly upset stomach due to Porsche’s actions and it’s an endurance competition, they’d have to leave the competition due to no real fault of their own…if I was on the show and that happened to me, and I found out what happened to the food, and then realized nothing was ever done about it but it cost me that competition…I’d be in production’s ear about it.

      • My question to production is: Do you know ahead of time if anyone has food allergies? If so would you have stepped in and stopped the food tampering if you saw someone was about to ingest something that could be harmful to their health?
        Next what if a new food allergy developed would you tell the HG what they had actually ingested or leave them unaware of what their real food allergy could be?
        If your answer to any of these questions is no then you are putting someones health at risk. I think tampering with food should be considered a physical assult no different than taking a swing at someone. The person responsible for such an assult should be immediately removed from the house!!!!!

    • Porshe putting benefiber into others food was a long time ago. She was told to throw it away and I am sure warned her not to do it again. She won’t do it again and risk getting kicked out of the game at this point.
      Time to get over the benefiber prank.

      • I did not see P put anything in anyone’s food, so I don’t know for sure
        if this was done. Don’t have live feeds. But I didn’t hear of anyone being sick or having stomach problems.
        How do we know that production didn’t
        come in and take the contaminated or
        tampered with food away before anyone
        ingested it? There are so many things
        we as viewers do not see or actually know that it is hard to say for sure
        about anything that happens on BB.
        Just saying…..

      • People with the feeds saw her do it, and saw nothing being done about it for a while which is too long. Finally, production told Porsche to throw it out.

  18. she’s a total moron seriously, at the end she was all “TEAM NEWBIES!” when she had sided with the vets week 1 and gave them a huge advantage

    • Good point James! Rachel put herself on the line to defend her, and she repaid her by threatening to hit her in the stomach when they thought she was pregnant! She owes being in the game at all to Rachel and her loyal nature. Only good thing Porsche has done in this game is kept Rachel to compete in the final 3. I wish I believed she did that from a sense of gratitude, but I think she did it because she thinks she has a better chance of beating her with the jurors, and she knew good and well if Jordan stayed, she definitely would not take her to the final 2 no matter what. Her hypocritical attitude, sitting around sucking up to Rachel after everything she did and say to hurt her is sickening. I’ve been watching the show for years, and never have I seen behavior this low. UNACCEPTABLE AND ABHORRENT. Way out of the realm of gamesmanship.

  19. She has a much higher opinion of herself than I do. She hid under Danielles skirt until she reached a point in the game where there weren’t many tough players left. In spite of that she was quickly eliminated once Dani was gone.

    She talks tough but talk is all it is.

  20. I dont know whats uo with all the Kalia hate but she was my favorite rookie. She actually was playing the game, won competitions, and wasnt a punk.

    So what if she aligned with Dani. Kalias only mistake was nominating Lawon. They over thought that move. Other than that, I dont understand y everyone hates her.


  21. I think its cruel that so many people are making fun of k being “supposedly” overweight! They were ALL eating at different times throughout the night. Not just K! With friends like some of you who needs enemies? Would you make fun of your own family being overweight?

    I also think when people sit and be so judgmental of others its cuz they have a low self-esteem and want to bring others down with them to make themselves feel better.

  22. I think this season was a waste. I hated the Vets were in the house. If you have been on the show before do not return. The Newbies should have been loyal to each other. They should have taken out the vets instead of getting all starry eyed. Jeff was a bully as well as Brendon. They each turned on one another secretly. Khalia played a good game until she was evicted. Khalia is correct had Porsche left the box alone the game would have been so different. Since someone said Khalia talked about scenarios then she would not have open the box because she would have thought of all the things that could happen as a result of her doing so. Porsche did not think of the big picture just $5000. Rachel would be in the jury house along with Jordon followed closely by either of the newbies left. Adam either threw every comp or really had no chance of winning until there was no one to compete against. Khalia crying was probably done because she knew she blew her chance at 500k. She was pissed at herself and unlike when Rachel did it it was the most important time to win. I do feel that things were made easy for the vets to stay especially when it was down to the last two. BB thought the vets would bring up rating because they were either the most loved or hated during their season. It may have worked or not, but I would like to see the return of vets end with this season. It is time they get a life and do something else. Be like that girl (Allison?) that went on Amazing Race. I think she lost there too. I agree Adam is talking to damn much now that he won somethng. Does he really think he did something other than float. He did not step up his game, there was no one left to compete against and he has saved all his strength while everyone else used up theirs. That includes when he was up for eviction. I hope either of the ladies kick his ass off. Rachel said the person there for final 2 should truly belong then that would not be Adam.

    • Really tired of the ‘bully Jeff’ talk, this isn’t a schoolyard and he wasn’t a bully anyway, he made a game threat, told Kalia if you put me up I’ll put you up. What’s wrong with that? Kalia never played a good game, she hid behind bigger targets until the very week she was evicted, with Rachel in power Kalia became the target, ooo one week of danger (and she couldn’t fight her way out of it, because she can’t win when it matters most, just like when she didn’t win HoH and Dani got the boot). Porsche not opening the box wouldn’t change much, Rachel still wins Veto, pulls herself off, Shelly probably still goes up beside Jordan, and Shelly is probably still evicted (Adam and Rachel voting her out). You mentioned vets shouldn’t return, what was All-Stars then? I understand that was all vets, but you said if you’ve played before don’t return. CBS and Endemol will do what’s good for ratings, I for one would’ve been less interested if old faves didn’t return, especially with this year’s weak ‘newbie’ cast. Adam didn’t step up his game but you think Porsche did? Porsche didn’t wake up until after 50 days in the house, and finally won when there was less competition, just like Adam. As it stands they’ve both won three competitions each, so why are you putting Porsche above Adam? The only one really deserving of being final anything (of who’s left) is Rachel.

      • Did not watch the all star show. If this season had six other newbies whose to say they would not have been interesting enough for us to post about. They may have been the new Jeff, Brendon, Rachel, Jordon, Evil Dick, or Dani. The viewers may have loved or disliked them, but because of the vet return we will never know. The reason for the all star show was because of the lack of interest in players so that season gave it a jump and more people signed up to be on the show. I was not referring to Jeff and Kalia, but thanks for reminding me of that one also. He went off on other houseguest as well. Why does Shelly go up could have been Adam. Either Jordon or Adam goes. That is a scenario just like yours and either would have made the game different because Rachel would have saved herself and not a duo so how does she vote when she wants to make it to the final 2 and she does not have the vote to save Jordon?

      • Unlikely that Porsche would’ve nominated Adam, the two are close. Porsche would’ve put up Shelly and hoped Jordan got evicted, but Rachel and Adam would’ve voted for her to stay. Only needed two votes that week.

      • Also, there’s a chance even Kalia doesn’t vote to evict Jordan in that scenario. They had a promise to each other never to vote each other out or put each other up. Not saying Kalia definitely keeps that promise though, who knows. Either way her vote was irrelevant. Jordan would’ve stayed over Shelly.

  23. I love how she tried to defend pretty much every stigma against her. “I have an awesome life”. Is that why you told your job you had a family emergency just to go on the show? Awesome job you must’ve had to do that to your bosses. “I became the biggest threat”. Really? Even moreso than Rachel who’s still there? Don’t fatter (I mean flatter) yourself. “Me or my alliance got out Brendon (twice) and Jeff)”. Yeah, part of your downfall, spent two HoH’s on Brendon and skipped mentioning one of YOUR HoH’s was used on Lawon, your own ally. Plus, Shelly ‘got’ Jeff, not you, Kalia, there’s no tie-breaker if Shelly doesn’t flip her vote. “Of course” (in reference to Porsche opening Pandora’s Box) “We literally were in a perfect position in the house”. How the hell do you figure? Rachel still wins Veto, pulls herself off, who does Porsche nominate without the duos to go up with Jordan? Either Adam (not likely) or Shelly anyway, and then Rachel still votes out Shelly and Adam probably does too, so Shelly’s still evicted, and then Rachel goes on to become HoH and sees your ass out the door, Kalia. “My biggest move was to leave the safety of the vets to play my own game”. This is arguably the worst comment. First, Brendon outed you on your floating (to that point you were absolutely floating). Brendon basically told you “You’re not with us” and you claim that you chose to leave the vets? Also, keep telling yourself you “played your own game”, nobody but you is buying it. On some level I bet you don’t buy it either. Whatever helps you sleep at night…or during the day, afternoon or evening, since clearly it’s working.

    Good riddance. Terrible interview. Don’t let the (fridge) door hit you on the way out.

    • Almost forgot the first one. “Adam is an idiot”. Why? Just because he didn’t save you? It served him no purpose, sorry that people don’t make big moves for Kalia’s game. Then people say Jeff got mad when people didn’t play for him to win…right. “Had the chance to have zero adversaries”. Delusional, enough said. He has zero adversaries right now and that’s with you gone. Go eat a cookie and shut up.

      • How do you spell Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest?
        Answer– Kalia, Porsche, Adam. The three most stupid players I have ever seen on BB.

        Considering some of you are complaining about the vets… what would the show have been like wihout the vets and by the looks of all the comments I think it certainly garnered alot of attention. Otherwise why would you waste time commenting on the show.

  24. I think the biggest moves kalia and Porsche did really well was when they went to the ice box and the stove.

  25. If you have time to set up a facebook page to hate someone you do not really know; you need a life rather it is done as a joke or not. Because none of the people in the house tell the truth about themselves. The stories are mostly made up or something someone they know has done. There is enough hate in this world (9/11) without someone taking this show that serious. It is a game being played for $500k and that is all a game. No one deserves a hate page or to be called worthless. Unlike them what you say is not a game because you are not trying to win anything. I think that is truly being mean. Remember this is the internet and nothing is really deleted forever.

    • Margie, thanks finally someone with some sense. Wow America is full of real hateful people, and we wonder why are children are being bullied at school or doing the bullying. To the people who spent so much time saying worthless hateful things about people who are playing a game, I hope your not raising children the way you express yourself.

  26. Can’t wait to see the final comp. If Adam is still standing afterwards I will be surprised. If either lady wins and takes him to the final that will be a shocker!!! I do not see him winning the 500K. Those in the jury all say the same thing about him. Winning now is not gonna impress them enough to give him the money. I think he will be second to either woman in the chair next to him.

  27. Wow… Why is it that if someone doesn’t agree with another person (in any way), who just so happens to be of a different race then the race card is pulled???? It is so ridiculous! Face it Candy… Kalia didn’t play her own game she played Dani’s game Same with Porche (“its what Dani would have wanted”) I don’t think Kalia has had as much said about her as Rachel did last year and guess what?? If you can’t tell Rachel is WHITE!!!! All of these contestants on this game agree to be in the public eye and know they are going to be talked about whether its good or bad and its not because of the color of their skin idiot!

    • Sad, isn’t it? For some people, it’s basically if you don’t like her, it must be because she’s black. Nevermind the several reasons to dislike Kalia (I could write a novel) some people just have to pull the race card. It’s unfortunate. Nobody’s saying anything about Lawon or Keith.

    • Yes they did: Cowlia.

      She said that she had hoped “black people would stick together”, the she proceeded to vote BOTH Keith AND Lawon out.


  28. They need to let America Vote for the laziest houseguest and the winner gets a new Sleep Number bed……Kalia would win hands down! BTW as for her wonderful life……since when is pending unemployment in this economy so wonderful! Or was that just another lie? As for the race card, sorry, every woman of race that has appeared on this show has had the same chance as anyone. They personally chose to act the way the did and the outcome was deserved…….remember Chima? Enough said!

    • Exactly. I hated Chima for her childish crap that got her expelled. I also highly dislike Kalia. I bet some people want to tell me ‘omg it’s because of their skin colour’.

      I also really dislike Shelly, and I didn’t like Dick in Big Brother 8 felt he was overrated and an abrasive fool.

      There, does that make it better? Natalie, Russel, Ronnie (all BB11) all disliked too.

  29. Snore – snore- snore –That’s what this whole season has been. BB needs to incorporate a better mix of cast. Older, younger, more gross, whatever.

  30. Kahlia is delusional. She never had been powerful. Look at how Daniele controlled her. And how terrible at competitions she is. She can’t do anything on her own. And when was she on the vets side?

      • I am amazed at how many think Kahlia
        is delusional when the same thing could
        be said for most of the HGs. I don’t
        believe many of them really understood
        how they were coming across to viewers.
        I don’t think Adam has a true idea how
        things will be once he is out of the house. All of wonderful things he thinks will automatically happen to him just because he was on BB are probably not going to ever come true. Jordan said she did not think Porche deserved to be in the final three and talked about how others did nothing in the games, yet never realized the very things she said about others could have been said about herself. Jeff and Brendon never thought their actions were bullying techniques, just enjoyed the power these actions brought to them. Keith was delusional over his beliefs that he was a real magnet for women. Cassie thought by playing down the looks others would not be jealous of her and that the dirty mouth would win her friends and viewers. Dominic didn’t think being away from his mother for so long would show how much he still needs to learn to stand on his own two feet. None of them came in with a true feeling for how things would be in the house, nor left with a true picture of how they really played the game. Rachel has come closer to realizing her mistakes and taking ownership of them than anyone, and yet she hasn’t a clue how irritating “Bookie” and “I did this
        for you Brendon” is to viewers. But my
        hat is off to all of them for living
        under BB conditions and trying. It looks so easy on the outside. Just saying…..

      • Sherry1, thanks for your honest prespective. It’s nice to read thoughtful comments rather than the same old attacking people for their game play, and their physical features, so juvenille.

  31. Kalia is a master strategist. She stole the black queen from the deck of cards to throw everyone off their game for weeks. Then she wittingly returned it at the end to let them know she played them all.

    Think about it. How annoying is it to play cards with the black queen gone. She had everyone off their game and it was only stupid Porsche/AllisonG that ruined her game with PBox.

    Hands down, the best move in the history of BB.

    Go Adammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  32. Why all the kalia hate? just cuz she evicted everyones favorite in jeff? She deserves credit as much as rachel does. they have played almost identical games.

    • Seems you share her mentality that she did everything on her own. She thinks she evicted Brendon and Jeff and calls them her big moves. Dani was behind most of Brendon’s work, and Shelly was the bigger part of Jeff leaving. Kalia doesn’t even get to vote if Shelly doesn’t force a tie-breaker. At least she herself in this interview says “Me (or my alliance)”. Good for her for having at least some clarity, because she had very little to do with either of Brendon’s evictions.

  33. Kalia evicted Jeff, whoch is the greatest thing she could hae ever done. Everybody else was scared to evict Big Jeff

  34. Lennie was moderated becaused he said a word that could also be pronounced Joo. LOL. The whole bacon vs. religious and cultural tradition is a bunch of crap. I didn’t hear Adam say that he was Orthadox. Turkey bacon is not very good anyway, but beef bacon kicks all kinds of butt.
    Back to the subject of BB….
    I was wondering… has anyone ever not opened Pandora’s Box?
    in Rachel’s case, I would imagine that CBS would push for it. They brought in Tori and set up the whole shopping spree.

    • Sorry Matt, did the whole joo thing (cartman style) to avoid moderation, but I ended up there anyway.

  35. @ Matt….I want to let you know that I really think that you are a great person, and that I enjoyed all your conments. I always looked forward to getting up in the mornings reading all your blogs…THANKS again for all your input during the B.B. season .Will look forward to hearing from you again next season….

  36. Kalia thinks Adam is an idiot and yet he is still in the house competing for $500,000 and she is napping in the jury house. Kalia is a liar and two faced and showed no loyalty to anyone. She is also extremely annoying and it was a happy day when she was evicted and no longer on my tv screen. :)

  37. I seriosuly don’t get why people don’t like Kalia. Because she turned against Jeff and Jordan ansd evicted Jeff? And oh, because she eats and sleeps a lot. Really people? When she decided to make her own game moves by leaving her orignaly alliance she totally stepped up her game, won comps and had a hand in some of the biggest game moves of the season.

    If you’re going to bash someone, at least bash someone from an objective view point instead of being blinded by rage and goping “hatehatehatehatehate”.

    • No hate, just can’t stand her. She claimed she never lied. That’s hardly the truth. She was petty with the hiding of the Queen chess piece, and oh yeah, LIED about that too. I muted my computer when she yapped non-stop. She’s probably a nice enough person, but I for one, was grateful to see her go!

    • “If you’re going to bash someone, at least bash someone from an objective view point”

      Cowlia, QUIT throwing your dog against the wall.

      Is that okay?

      • I figured your comment was for Lola :-)I forgot about the dog. That makes her worse than a yapping liar.

      • Thanks, cd.

        Just wanted to make sure you didn’t misunderstand since your post snuck in there while I was typing. :)

    • @LiZ. Can you explain WHY you can’t stand Kalia. If you can’t verbalize your reasoning, then it’s pointless to talk about it.

      @cd. The orignal post wasn’t directly pointed at you, but most of the poster are are posting based on their hatrage for a player.

      Anyway, let’s look at this from a “can’t stand ehr” basis. She lied. Really? Okay, this is Big Brother and everyone lies. I’ve never really seen her deny lying, but assuming she has, this is the exact same thing as what Jeff and Jordan does. They swear up and down that they don’t lie, but they always do. Can you stand them?

      @db. See, you’re still bashing her on a petty and immature level by calling her “Cowlia”. Instatly, your argument is greatly weakened by your utter and complete immaturety.

      Onto the dog. I haven’t seen the tape in question so I can’t really judge. However, this could easily be a classic case of the human tendency to exagerate things. Like when I got a flu shot I texted my brother that I was gushign out blood when in relaity I didn’t even need a band aid. For all we know she just jerked her hand away and knocked the little puppy off balance in the direction of the wall. Or maybe the dog was thrown. I don’t know. I wasn’t there, nor did I see anything to make me feel as though it really bhappened [i.e. medical records from a vet, because if that really did happen, the puppy would need medical treatment]. And before you jump on me about defending Kalia for this, you should know that animal abuse is one of the things that disgust me the most.

  38. Lmao. This proves that it is really just Jeff/Jordan love that makes people hate the “other side” of the house. Every one is saying her comments were dumb and delusional. Literally all she said was: 1. Well I think it would have benefited Adam more if he used the veto to save me. 2. My plan for the rest of the game was really screwed up by Porsche opening Pandora’s Box 3. I can’t wait to see my friends and family. 4. What happens, happens. So I have no regrets. 5. My best move was evicting Brendon and Jeff because they are strong competitors and would have evicted me as the game continued. Literally not one of those comments were senseless. The ONLY one that may not have been a good answer was the first one. But, obviously she’s saying that from her point of view and not ours. Honestly some of you people are ridiculous lol.

    • This doesn’t prove that on my end, from my perspective. Can’t speak for anyone else. I didn’t dislike the whole “other side” of the house. Dani was against Jeff and “his side” and I still liked her as a player. Don’t want to be generalized or guilty by association.

      • I’ll be honest, I’m a little confused as to what you’re complaints are. I get that you didn’t dislike Dani. That’s really all I got. If I offended you in particular, I wasn’t trying to. I was just generalizing. A lot of the people here (see “some” from my original comment) really just hated anything that opposed Jeff and Jordan in this game, which is a little ridiculous. WAY too much love going out to a couple on a reality TV show. It can actually be quite disturbing at times.

      • “Every one is saying her comments were dumb and delusional”

        “Every One” is not “some”, Lurk. :)

        I didn’t say her comments were delusional, BTW. I said SHE was delusional.

      • First re-comment was @MJ, this one is @db…yeah I frequently put “hate” instead of “dislike” which is my bad. But, you didn’t have to say Jeff and Jordan. It’s bascially implied at this point. Everyone seems to be obsessed with them. I am not neccearily talking about you. It’s not like I read every single post or all of yours for that matter. It just seems like anything at all that benefitted Jeff and Jordan was great to everyone and everything that wasn’t was bad to everyone.

      • @db again…sorry for using “everyone” instead of “some.” Now your just complaining about my word choices. Grow up.

      • @Lurk, old buddy, old pal, I am grown.

        I wasn’t FOR anyone. The fact that I don’t like some of the ppl doesn’t mean (by default) I am rooting FOR anyone to win. I’d say I am rooting for some people NOT to win.

        Someday I’ll take you out for a nice grilled cheese and bacon sammich. :)

      • @db I understand what you’re saying, but in 2 out of your 3 comments on my post you complained about my word choice. That’s a little ridiculous. Whether or not you intended it, you successfully trolled me for an angry response. This is my last comment for now btw so I’ll likely see you again some other time.

      • Sorry you feel you were trolled. I wasn’t trying to do that. Just trying to make myself clear.

        See you in another series of posts.

    • Kalia did the smartest thing she could have done and that was get rid of Jeff. She had Jeff in her face the first time she won HOH, and during the double eviction, she didn’t have to put up with him on her back for a whole week. Like it or not it was a smart game move for her at that time.

      • lol EXACTLY. Her Lawon thing was completely ridiculous and probably one of if not the worst moves in history, but her move with Jeff was great. No one sees that because they are blinded by Jeff and Jordan’s supposed niceness and what not.

    • J and J love…. I don’t think anyone would of have wanted to give them another win. As for her comments being dumb and delusional… ok lets see.

      ” 1. Well I think it would have benefited Adam more if he used the veto to save me” – uh… no. Adam literally has no enemies in the house, only for kalia. If he were to use the veto he would of had jordan and rachel going for him. The only person that would benefit from adam using the veto is kalia. He saves her and then she would just throw him under the bus next week.

      2. “My plan for the rest of the game was really screwed up by Porsche opening Pandora’s Box ” – What plan, sleep and eat in the house all day. Opening pandoras box just brought back the duo twist and her two targets were still on the block . She had the chance to win the veto but didn’t. Sounds more like ‘I need to blame my mistakes on other people’.

      “3 I can’t wait to see my friends and family. ” – whoa did you forget about what else she said in that answer…. She says ” resume my life, I have a really awesome life “…. sure… if you consider sleeping a really awesome life. All this was a relocation of where she sleeps most of the time.

      4. “What happens, happens. So I have no regrets.” – Translation, It was a nice little vacation that I had, because I dont do much either way. Like half a million dollars didn’t matter, thats the reason you were there. How about instead of blaming everyone, you would regret you didnt win the veto to save yourself.

      5. “My best move was evicting Brendon and Jeff because they are strong competitors and would have evicted me as the game continued.”
      – um no… wake up, you never evicted breandon, dani did… twice. Jeff maybe, but a double eviction week is always a freebie.

      Delusional……. I would say so.

      • Right on Noir, but don’t forget Kalia doesn’t even have a vote in Jeff’s eviction if Shelly doesn’t completely flip and force a tie-breaker.

        It bothers me to be honest that players can do as little as say five words ‘I vote to evict ____’ and then claim ‘I got them out’ and take all the credit as if there was zero other factors, like that person not winning Veto, etc, but I know that’s how it is in Big Brother.

    • @Lurker…no worries, I wasn’t offended. I know you just said ‘some’ people here. Just wanted to point out that I’m not among them, kinda tired of some people on here (not you) making me out to be just a ‘typical hater.’ People forget this is a comment board, we’re not all supposed to come on here and agree with each other or only have good things to say about a Big Brother HG, that’s kind of the point of this. I realized a few days ago (after going over it) that I’ve never disliked anyone in BB as much as Kalia, and that’s saying a lot considering who I’ve disliked in the past. All I’m doing is expressing opinion and I get pinned as ‘typical hate spreader’ or whatever other BS. Too many people have one-track minds, I guess.

    • If she’s smart she’ll stay away from these boards. They’ve talked on After Dark about being advised to not even go on the internet. For her sake she should listen to that.

      • MJ, these boards are nothing compared to some Facebook pages and other sites.

        Our comments are mild compared to what’s out there in cyberland.

    • Delusional is an understatement. She lives in her little perfect world and thinks everyone is wrong and she is always right. Kalia, you need a reality check! Your way isn’t the right way. If she does read this, she will see she came across as arrogant, condescending, and yes, delusional. You make fun of others crying and say it’s a game, get over it. You cry and the everyone in the world should fall to its feet and bow to your needs. So delusional.

    • I’m so happy she got put out of the house. I can not stand her “I’m better than everyone else, you owe me b/c i’m black” attitude….i can not stand ppl like that, and to me that was reason enough to get rid of her…not to mention she never played her own game…she played dani game.

  39. I was just reading about persons calling Shellys’ family with death threats, including her 8yr old daughter. SICK<SICK<SICK.
    What is wrong with these people to make them react to the eviction of Jeff (or anybody else)
    This country really has some sick people.
    I really hope the FBI can catch these ASSSSHLs and convict them.

  40. They’re just talking about “late afternoon” for part 2. They’re discussing what that could mean. So, apparently Production told them “late afternoon”.

    • vet fan, I would never threaten her family and i can’t stand her! She talked about how honest she was and how she was teaching her daughter to be honest. She makes me sick and not because of the lieing! She told Jordan & j that they were her friends and she could never vote for them. That witch said friend not alliance.And she went to DR and said the same to us. And then uses the game for the excuse for doing it.Which dont make sense since she would have lasted longer with J&J.

  41. I loved Kalia this season. Even on BBAD Racheal had to give Kalia credit for everything she did. She was a competitor that got out a huge player in the game Jeff. Remember, when she got blamed for the whole backdooring Jeff plot. Well she was on her own since then til Dani and her joined forces. It was just the two of them VS the 4 vets and floaters. Porsha only joined them in the last 2 weeks Dani stayed. Kalia was never a floater because she was target 1b or 2 ( after Dani ) since week 3. Yall can call her every name in the book but make sure you know she put up and voted out BIG JEFF. It broke your little tiny hearts now didn’t it??????

      • Big kalia was one of the worse player’s in B.B history period. That woman only ate & slept the whole time. She complained through out about the food & never made it herself, she lived like a pig, never done dishes & expected everyone to cater to her, just like home. She even said herself she was a spoiled brat @ home & never hand to do anything, it was all done for her, & it all showed by her pouting & crying. I wish she would have been the first one out, she didn’t deserve to be there as long as she was. Now she’ll probably think she be America’s pick. Ya RIGHT. I can judge her, because she herself put herself into that spot light, & she acted like a spoiled bat that she called herself.

      • I wonder if Jeff or Rachel played the exact same game as Kalia, would you people still think that she or he was one of the worst players in BB history. Sounds like you people are a little prejudice because Kalia is not a VET. STOP HATING onher and remember this “IT IS ONLY A GAME”

      • To Judy Ann stating that kalia was the worse player in BB history. Are you really serious and you know nothing about the history of BB yourself. Because the worse player in my opinion is Adam I don’t care if he is still in the house not because he earned it but because he was not a issue period. He just start playing the game when he put up jordan and porsche. Please for a so call man he was spineless and a big butt kisser. He only follow orders and that is not how you play this game. He just now think he might win some money before it was keeping his word Ha Ha because he has flip flop more than any one ever. And Kalia was more of man than he ever will be. He has no balls at all just for kissing up and smoking and eating bacon. The truth will set you free…..

      • AMEN, she was the worse one in B.B history. Rachel done a lot of growing up over the past year, & I respect her dearly for that. Last year I did not like her @ all. I,m glad she changed , she is much nicer & a beautiful person inside & out. If Big Kalia comes back next year I’ll give up watching B.B. She’s not worth a DIME.

      • again judy ann what are you smoking because rachel had the worse attitude than anyone ever. she allways talking about others and don’t know how to grow up with those duck lips of hers. and she crys and act like a two yr old have a fit because they did not get their way are you serious. and she is so caddy and always think some one wants brendom that nerd. she always talking about the people that saw straight thru her kalia, dani, cassie and even shelly. she crys everytime she loses than want brendom or jeff or jordan make her feel better about herself by calling her self a loser and boo boo hoo. give me a break and a gun. she has no confidence at all and who wants to marry someone they always have to tell them they are a good person. really…… how weak is she and that is very unattractive. that is why she has no friends outside the house…. she can mess up a wet dream really…. I hope she can grow up before it is to late.

      • Porshe and Shelly were the meanest players by far, I think Rachel became more human after Brenden left, he brings out the worst in her fersure, I wish she would wake up and see that, maybe if she watches this season she will see it, Kalia may hav e slept and ate through the season but she did play the game, more so then Adam who seemed to wake up on day 60

    • @dayday.. you must be as delusional as Cowlia!! She was never a competitor and all she ever did was sleep and eat!! She didn’t get Jeff evicted. That was Dani’s plane all along. Cpwlia just went along for the ride!! Glad she is gone!!

      • I really think adam cant win between the three of them thats left. As far as Kalia eating and sleeping, I am certain, that everyone in the house, slept and ate! duh! at this point it really doesnt matters who wins now, I am ready for BB 14!

      • Just like Kalia, dayday is in her own little world. Kalia doesn’t even get a vote in the eviction if Shelly doesn’t completely flip her vote and force a tie-breaker. But sure, just like Kalia’s doing, give her credit for that one why don’t you. While you’re at it, give her credit for anything to do with Brendon being evicted other than being one vote against him each time. She doesn’t even get the credit for wanting to backdoor Jeff, credit that Dani doesn’t even want. One of the worst players to ever play, and my most disliked HG of all time, which is saying a lot.

    • Rachel stroked Kalia’s ego so Kalia wouldn’t go after her. She didn’t mean any of it, lol.

      • I was pissed at Rachel for inflating Kalia’s already self-inflated head/ego, but Rachel was doing that to suck up so she’d lessen the size of the target on her back. Without Kalia around, Rachel says much differently about her.

    • Kalia is lazy, arrogant and frankly disgusting. I’m sure the big baby will fall apart when she reads the posts out there. I can’t stand her and I hope her new boy friend gets the heck out before it’s too late…he’s probably already gone.

  42. I am truly baffled by the amount of hate some of you can channel into a person you have never even met. Oh she eats and sleeps, how heinous!!!! Sure we can argue the believability of her playing her own game rather than Daniele’s but I still don’t understand how this warrants such awful comments!

    For example, I am no fan of Rachel’s and I think she is very insecure but I fail to see how insulting her via a comment thread she will likely never see does anything. It doesn’t.

    And finally, (yes in Porche’s defense) I love how people say something to the effect of “she only started playing on day 50”. Do they not remember her getting a golden key week 1? Lame twist as it was, she didn’t NEED to play much sooner than that.Also, her name didn’t get drawn for veto comptetitons and that can’t really be helped. I know, I know she could’ve won more HOH competitions. Well for that I can’t really say much except that I do think she’s doing her best. She’s done more than Jordan and Adam competitely, that’s for sure.

    I don’t get the live feeds so I’m not familiar with this Benefiber buisness. I certainly don’t condone that and I think she should be reprimanded in some way.

    Overall though, this season has been a major bust! The newbies vs. vets thing just didn’t work well at all. Personally, I found myself torn between old favorites and wanting the new players to have a decent shot at winning.Hopefully next season is better!

    • That’s what is great about this and other public blog sites, having the freedom to express opinions. Obviously, people disagree.

      • This purpose of this site is to discuss the game. We are all allowed to have our favorites and least favorites but the purpose of this site is not to attack the houseguests on a personal level. You all make yourself sound crazy when you do that. You do not know these people and that that you are taking it to such a personal level is downright scary.

      • I’m sorry ‘newbiefan’, but the golden key was good for 4 weeks of justification for doing nothing in the house, not 50 days. I don’t have the day counts down pat like Adam, but let’s say four weeks – 28 days, and she didn’t wake up and do anything whatsoever (except float) until day 50 (give or take). So I’m not sure what you mean by ‘didn’t need to play much sooner than that’. I count 22 days in between of nothingness, with the golden key twist over.

        Nice try with defending her though

    • Sorry, but your so wrong. We can talk & judge, thats what B.B is all about, they even ask American’s to vote on things, so yes we can. I don’t think anyone ” HATE’S ” it’s just a feeling @ the time when you get pissed , but they ( B.B.) House guest have no idea, but they do know if they go onto that show, there open to gossip, just like all programs on T.V. If they don’t like it, then they should stay home & do there evryday thing. Remember 1/2 millon is Not a ton of money. 35 years ago today my Father won 1-millon in the Michigan Lottery, thats only 50 thou. a year for 20 years, that was Sept. 9th 1976, he did retire @ the time, but only because he was 2 years from retirment. That money B.B hands out is not enough to maintain the younger group in that house for life. Just saying they seem to think they’ll have it made for life. My Father & Mother may they rest in peace did well, only because they didn’t throw it away & buy the world, it took care of them until they were both in a nursing home. So 1/2 is not a lot of money once they but the big stuff, car;s home ete. It won’t last forever. :)

      • You’re right, they totally know that they’re open for criticism and gossip. After all, it’s Big Brother. That’s the game. It sounds like your parents were frugile with your dad’s winnings. You’ve got bragging rights on that one!

      • I do know these people, I opened my home to them by watching them on tv and through the computer. I know there unattractive moments and there best moments, I can judge them because they are allowing me to by putting themselves out there, I can and will say wtf I want about them, and so can everyone else who spent time watching them. it’s the people who come on here mid-way and dont know wtf their talkign about, that should keep comments to themselves. ( jsut saying )

    • I’m sorry ‘newbiefan’, but the golden key was good for 4 weeks of justification for doing nothing in the house, not 50 days. I don’t have the day counts down pat like Adam, but let’s say four weeks – 28 days, and she didn’t wake up and do anything whatsoever (except float) until day 50 (give or take). So I’m not sure what you mean by ‘didn’t need to play much sooner than that’. I count 22 days in between of nothingness, with the golden key twist over.

      Nice try with defending her though

  43. watching the feeds porky porsh makes me sick saying she is cuter and a better person than jordan dream on porky

  44. Part 2 of the final HOH comp coming up soon!!! GO PORSCHE!!!!! You can beat Adam!!! Then R vs P in part 3!!! P will have that one in the bag!!! P and A in the final 2! P WINS!!! Rachel still ends up with no money! HAHA!!!

      • If she wins both the last 2 parts of the HOH then she deserves to win just as much as Rachel! As long as Rachel doesn’t win though I am a happy camper! If Adam wins it will suck but at least I can stand him! Rachel has annoyed me for two seasons in a row! Sure she got a little better without Brendon this time but hasn’t actually improved my opinion of her very much if at all! Don’t know how so many people can like someone like that but there are lots of strange people out there who like people like her I guess! Not much I can do about that but I will do my best! LOL!

      • Oh so you admit that something is not quite right with people who like Rachel! That is good to know!!! Just to let you know, Rachel has no problem with Porsche so by dissing her you are actually going against Rachel too! OH NO! What will Rachel think of you after hearing you are freaking out about her girl Porsche! She might kick you out of her fan club! WHAT A SHAME!!!

      • Oh no! I heard him loud and clear but I just wanted to make sure Rachel fans knew that there was something not quite right going on in that thing we call a brain!

    • @ porrsche fan. Now I know your delusional too lol. Porsche will have that in the bag??????? Ha that was cute.

  45. I like Rachel and I am not strange and if I was like you then for the same reasons you liking Porsha so much makes you as much “as strange” as the Rachel likers

  46. I love how all the people who say that Porsche is such a mean and terrible person who talks smack about people behind their backs don’t realize that they are now acting exactly like their impression of Porsche by talking about her behind her back! LOL! Bet you never thought that one through!!! P.S. Rachel actually likes Porsche so Rachel fans better learn to like her too or they might be throw out of her fan club and we wouldn’t want that to happen would we! Oh wait, we would! LOL!

  47. “I come on here to check in every once in a while when I get the time and I see the same people just constantly typing and typing and typing!”

    And we’re sick? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Adam- Floater, you can wrap cinder blocks around him and throw him in the ocean, and he will STILL FLOAT.

    Porsche- she was good in physical competitions, and was a floater in the social game, nothing special.

    Rachel- She was good in competitions, but had a HORRIBLE social game.

    So it is safe to say that NONE of them deserve to be in the final 3, let alone win.

    • I am on team porsche go girl…. and I hope she shares some money with her girls kalia adn dani. adam kick rocks who i think is a little girl what did kahlia do to him to dislike her like that when his lovely sweet jordan always talk about like a dog about being a floater with jeff… wait til he sees that.. no one had respect for a flip flopper who let the girls run circles around him.

      go porche go girl ….. rachel take the lesser of the money and shut up!

  49. Fellow Rachel fans: keep hoping that Porche wins Part 2 of this HoH because part 3 is always a question and answer, and Porche is absolutely terrible at those. If Adam wins part 2, he will probably win part 3 as well.

    • I agree. Totally rooting for posche in round 2. However if she doesn’t win at least we can rub it in the faces of people that she thinks actually a good competitor : )

  50. Thought we would have had at least an update by now on when round 2 of the comps will begin — as well as a Jordan interview…

    Any word yet on when we can expect the comp to begin?

      • Yep. Tired of logging on only to see “Kalia Booker Interview” yet again.

        It’s been a few days. I know Matt (BBN) certainly can’t control when the comps begin, but, again, I thought there’d be SOMETHING to tantalize us by now…

  51. Part 2 of the final HOH has started! Just thought I would let you rabid Rachel fans know since you never leave this site! Well see you later!!! LOL!!!

  52. not sure about this comp..but if Adam wins it BB just might come with an endurance or physical comp As he will be going against RACHEL…Adam the super star has said that he wants to go head to head against Rachel…Adam better be careful as to what he wishes for..cause BB just might comply…hmmm hmmm

      • bummer! The Jordan interview is now posted t if anyones interested in reading that. someone commented they voted for jeff to get the 25 so he could buy her an engagement ring.

  53. It would seem the inmates are running the asylum (Hence: ‘Porsche Fan’).

    Matt, seriously. Time to replace the “Kalia Booker Interview” with an update on what’s happening in the house and with the comps like only you can give. :)

    *Thought a little heiny-kissing might help.

      • You know, I’ve read some pretty hateful comments on here from people (although, MOST are kind and decent) while I, myself (along with many others), have written on more than one occasion about how much I APPRECIATE what you do here and how well you do it. Which, God forbid, you could ackowledge.

        Nope. Instead, you, like some others, just zero in on what you PERCEIVE as negativity instead of seeing it as it was intended (hence my heiny comment) and take it in a complete opposite direction.

        I’m sorry I don’t subscribe to the “LOL” movement as maybe, just perhaps, you would then understand my intentions better.

        Lighten up Matt and Matt’s minion, Flyonthewall — clearly you both missed your naps.

        Thank you to db, Leo and others who were kind with their comments and responses.

        Enjoy the remainder of the season.

  54. OMG!!!.IF IT’S THE MORPHS/FACES… We could be waiting awhile cause neither Porsche nor Adam are puzzle savy..hmmm hmmm

  55. Does anyone know what’s going on with the voting on the CBS site? I thought you could vote 10 times per day, but after my original 10 votes it won’t let me vote again. It says I’ve already voted 10 times.

  56. Can someone explain why the live feeds go down during competitions? Why can’t they broadcast it LIVE as the title suggests? Doesn’t make sense to me. Just curious.

  57. All day looooong with “Kala Booker Interview” Matt(BBN) must not be working today. Waiting for competition results between Porshe and Adam. Thanks flyonthewall for keeping us updated today.

  58. Wth could possibly be taking 2 plus hours in a skill comp! Cmon doucher adam and heffeir porsche you weren’t even on the mixer longer than 45 mins.

    • if it’s the faces it can take awhile…no matter who is doing it…and again Porsche and Adam are not puzzle savy..

  59. porsche won….adam said which one of you two are taking me to the final 2!! YAY! 2:13 min porsche won by…seems like it was the same comp as dick and danielle’s #2 last HoH comp.

  60. Porsche did get it Adam is feeling like odd man out…time to pick a side again..Poor Adam..decisions ..decisions..

    • @ DB at this point I don’t he will not be invited to the F2 party.
      Going from Newbee to Vets is going to be his downfall.
      If only he had been a RISK TAKER and stood firm earlier he might have been invited.
      I think P no longer cares for Adam’s game play.

  61. excuse me?? HOW IN THE HELL DID THEY GET HURT DOING THE UNDERWATER COMP??? I watched ED and DANI when they did it and neither got hurt..

  62. Well I hope Rachel wins part 3 because if she doesn’t Porsche will take Adam and that will completely ruin the season. Already disappointed with Jordan’s eviction. Sure hope Rachel wins!

  63. well… so much for bb this season… see ya all next year… maybe…. cant bare to watch hoochie mama and porky play

  64. Kalia: My biggest move in the game was leaving the safety of the vets to play my own game and getting some big players in the game – me or my alliance got rid of Brendon (twice) and Jeff. Hands down, the reason I become the biggest threat was the fast forward double eviction.

    LOL, she really said that outloud, I don’t want to hurt her feelings but she might want to look inside herself and check her ego at the door!

  65. Rachel will win this!!! Porche, please watch your season and you will understand why people feel the way they do about you. I hope your winnings help you feel better about yourself…LOW CLASS behavior is NEVER attractive. Kalia’s ego did get in her way. Maybe watching the season will give her a new perspective if she is asked back. Next time, maybe she’ll play her own game…..Please CBS, don’t ask Porche back. I’d like to think you have more class!!!

    • Kahlia is so full of herself. YES…she should watch it to see how she was and why no one likes her. Rachel should win…played the best game….except for the whining!

      • Agree about the Rachel emotional overload…I do think she has grown, so I hope her experience this season will help bring a newfound confidence she needs. I hope she continues a relationship with Jordon…That girl reads people very well and I think she brought out the nicer, calmer Rachel.

      • see how much better rachel is without brendon??? or did the diary room finally get her on meds so she could finish the season????????

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