Big Brother 13: Jordan Lloyd Interview

Chloe:  Hi Jordan, you’ve said you came back because Jeff wanted to. If given another opportunity would you come back for the third time?Jordan Lloyd

Jordan:  No, I am done and am retiring from Big Brother. It was a great experience to come back and I’m glad I did it, but I think I am done. It was a lot harder mentally this time around…

Chloe:  What was it about Porsche that kept you from getting to know her better?

Jordan:  We were both just very different and didn’t really click.

Chloe:  You were betrayed by Shelly, will you be able to put that aside and maintain a friendship with her outside the house?

Jordan:  Yes, of course. Whatever happened in the Big Brother house stays in the Big Brother house and I’m not going to let it affect anything in the outside world.

Chloe:  Which of your seasons did you enjoy the most and why?

Jordan:  This season was a lot harder mentally, but I liked the friendships I made and I had more fun. Last time, it was good because I won, and because I met Jeff.

Chloe:  What did you think when you found out you were playing with Evel Dick?

Jordan:  I never watched his season, so I didn’t know how he was. But from whatever everyone said, he was the manipulator of his season… during the 6 days he was there, he was really nice and I really liked him, so I wish I did get to play with him.

Chloe:  What do you consider to be your best move in the game?

Jordan:  Aligning with the right people.

Chloe:  Have you and Jeff made any future plans once you’re out of the game?

Jordan:  We have got to talk, and we will figure it out. We don’t know, we just need to talk about it.



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  1. « Chloe: What do you consider to be your best move in the game?
    Jordan: Aligning with the right people. »

    WORST answer EVER. I hate it when people avoid answering a simple question by giving a stupid answer…

      • I actually really liked her interview and it just shows that she is a class act. Anyone that can forgive Shelly for the ways she acted in that house, has to be someone really special. Great Job Jordan.

  2. I don’t like hat last answer. If they don’t stay together and get married, this world is backwards and I don’t want to live in it anymore.

    • I hope you really don’t mean that and would let someone’s ups and downs affect your life. I think Jordan is a super sweet woman and I think she is not the one for Jeff. I am not all keen on Jeff and I don’t see how he compliments Jordan. My feeling is that she would be better off without him. This is purely based on what I have seen during BB13 because I never watched him on the previous BB.

      • I agree. As much as I respect Jeff’s game more than Jordan’s, I feel she is a much better person than him. He is quite simply a douche.

      • They are really cute together. They were really fun to watch in their first season. It’s not fair to judge people by the way they play a game. These people are playing for 500,000 dollars, and their goal is to do whatever they can to stay in. I’m sure being cut off from the real world for a short period of time, and not knowing who to trust would make you crazy. BB fans, have you ever wondered what people would say about you if you were on the show. They will judge you based on what productions betrays you as.

      • yeah the only reason lucy started the show was to keep desi from chasing girls when his band was on the road… if you think it was a happy relationship youre crazy…

      • You are so wrong and you obviously are not able to read people very well.Jordan is not as sweet as she has tried to portray to everyone,she is very jealous of strong,smart beautiful women. Jordan is fine if she is given all the attention.I watched her very closely this season and she stopped herself many times from saying something mean and hateful,but there were times that she did and she actually is pretty narcissistic,she did not want to get to know Porsche or Dani,because she is jealous of them.She is perfect for Bully Jeff.America’s Sweetheart my ASS.

      • I think Jeff has a problem with his temper. He can get pretty ‘mouthy’.
        Jordan is so sweet; I think Jeff would just run all over her. Hope not!!!

      • I think if Jeff was so horrible to her, she probably would have left him by now. I don’t think Jeff is mean, I think he is blunt and direct. I also believe that it must be stressful enough to be in the house, but to also be in their with your bf/gf, must be more difficult at times. I heard him say that he “toughened” Jordan up, she doesn’t seem to be bothered by anything, so why the hell does everyone else feel the need to be bothered. It’s their life and their relationship and I’m sure they don’t care about these negative opinions.

      • i read on another site that they arent even together any more and she only agreed to come back so he could play this season… shes already said this is her last… shes done with reality shows….

      • i dont see any chemistry either, and she is right about aligning with the right ppl so she could layback and spend the summer with her lover and do absolutely nothing. please and again with that whole integrity thing i heard her bash a whole lot of ppl while she was there this summer sweet my ass

  3. “Aligning with the right people.” Well not really :/ I mean she was automatically aligned with the vets, and her other alliance was with Shelly. So, GG on that one.

    Still a nice girl, but a totally useless player.

    • Aligning with the right people Jeff decided for her. If Jeff told Jordan to align with the devil that dizzy blonde would have done it because Jordan does not have a mind of her own Jeff controls her and she is stupid as Hell. Jordan asked is Canada a country? Ding-Bat Ding-Bat Ding-Bat!

    • They agreed coming on that their romance was on hold, like she didnt want kissing in front of the cameras, she be a good girl

      • i know ppl talk bad about BR doing everything on camera then now they talk about JJ keeping it private the world doesnt have to see them making out. remember how it was so annoying watchin BR (thats what everyone was bloging).

    • Just bc they don’t want to perform on national tv doesn’t mean they aren’t close. The sparks are in their eyes whenever the other one appears & the gravitational pull is obvious, just subtle out of respect.

  4. I actually liked Jordan a lot as a player. Every one said she “floated” or that it wasn’t actually “floating” because she stayed true to her alliance. No matter what it was, it worked well for her in both seasons.

      • She kinda give up on the game when she realized Shelly screwed her over. Since her head was out of the game she really became useless as a player.

      • Wasn’t there a discussion this season where it was told how Jordan and Jeff only really knew Jordan and Jeff from their season. I think they missed the point of playing the social game. They didn’t meet anyone to keep civil with outside of the game. People like Evil Dick who spent a season pissing people off on person made more friends than Jordan did on big brother.

    • I totally agree that she wasn’t a floater at all(Adam), but she still rode coattails the whole way this season.

    • @Lurker Unfortunately she doesn’t get credit for her social and strategic game. She talked game and strategy w/ Jeff all season while he was always a target.

      More impressively when Jeff left, her partnership w/ Rachel was near flawless. No one has kept Rachel level headed and in the game like Jordan. Jordan also worked Adam back to them and fixed his and Rachel’s trust issues they had between them. Jordan and Rachel worked that house while Porsche and Kalia slept all day (those 2 were truly the useless ones).

      Unfortunate her downfall was not winning challenges, despite coming in 2nd place 5 times in the last 8 challenges, she bowed out gracefully. She never threw her alliance under the bus like Dani, Kalia and Porsche routinely did.

      Her last act in the house was to give Rachel a strategic blueprint plan to win (one Rachel seems to be largely following), and told her she would work the jury house on her behalf. Jordan deserves a lot of credit if Rachel ends up winning BB13.

  5. Wait until Jordan find out Porsche been spiking her food and reason she was sick when she was a have not.

    • Now that is going to get interesting if BB had not already told her. If it wasn’t Jordan I would expect BB would get a visit from an attorney.

  6. I loved both Jordan and Jeff on their season and was very happy that she won and Jeff was America’s Favorite. I watched them on the Amazing Race and cheered for them. This season I found them both to be different and I saw a different side of Jeff. I saw a different side of Jordan as well. It may have been Jeff’s strategy, but I never saw him act that way. Jordan was different in the sense that I didn’t see her socialize as much unless it was her own alliance. She didn’t seem to have the same drive in her. Besides that I think she is a great person and a class act.

    I just wonder when I see that she says that her and Jeff have to talk. You would think that in a two year relationship they would have done some talking by now. That is between the two of them and their business so I won’t make any judgements.

    Jordan good luck to you in the future. I wish only the best for you.

    • @Gail and Other; As I have mentioned previously, in Jeff’s interview; one of the few the day after, when he was evicted, he said, “Jordan and I don’t need put our love on a poster for everyone else”.
      He then stated, “we’e been together for two years, and when we agreed to come back this season, we decided that aferward, we WOULD take our relationship to the NEXT level”.

      I’d say that their quite solid and have one AMAZING future ahead of them…

    • Did you listen to her other interviews? When she was asked if they are going to get married she said yes. When she says they have to talk she is talking about where they are going to move and her finishing school. They want to figure things out. She even talked about that on the show if you have live feeds or BBAD. I hope someone wants to make a reality special about there wedding.

    • @JoeyLee and Karen If you read my comment I said I wonder when I see that in a two year relationship they would have done some talking by now. Then I said “That is between the two of them and their business so I won’t make any judgements”.

      In other words it is none of my business and strictly between two of them. I also said good luck to you in the future. I only wish the best for you. I was making a nice comment. Why do people have to take a nice comment and try to defend it like I was saying something bad. I repeat it is none of my business it is between them. I never said a thing about them not displaying any love between them. I respect Jordan for that. When I said they were different it had nothing to do with affection for each other. I was talking about the way they played the game.

      Please again do not take a nice comment and try to turn it into something bad. It was never, and I repeat never meant that way.

      • @Gail, I never took your comment as a bad comment and sorry if you thought my reply meant otherwise. I was just adding some of Jordan’s comments made. I know you have your favorites and even when you comment on the other houseguests you don’t care for you are always very polite and never rude. I respect that about you. Sometimes my comments can be a little harsh but I’m very passionate about who I like. In fact too much I think. LOL

  7. They will get married. It is nice to see a cute couple that is not rushing into getting married like Rachel and Brendon. I have a feeling that Jeff will ask Jordan soon. She is that all-American girl and he seems like an all-American guy. I just wish they made more Jeff’s, lol. I think Jeff and Jordan waiting is a good thing, because they are building their relationship. She is such a sweet person and I just love how she told Rachel, it was okay for her to campaign and she doesn’t mind getting evicted because she had already won. She and Jeff seem like they are good-hearted individuals. We need more people like them in this world

      • Ditto, who cares?

        America’s sweetharts is a dumb blond and an egotistical bully.


        But you know the die hard JeJo fans would watch it :)

    • Let’s just hope that Jordan doesn’t ever marry Jeff… He’s a complete douche, bully and he’s not very nice to her either. He needs some anger therapy in self control. What an AH!

      • Agreed! She is his meal ticket. She would always be asked to come back, he would never have even been considered if not for her. He will use her for exposure and even marry her if there is money in it for him. She is his novelty, he does not treat her like an equal and if he ask her to move to L.A. or Chicago she will one day be on that Mid-night train to Georgia [ok S.C.] and he will not leave either city for her- unlike the song. She deserves better, but to make her own choice. Hopefully she finds out own her own!

      • @Bill: You really think Jeff never would have been asked back if not for Jordan? Like him or not, Jeff won the BB11 “America’s Favorite.” He would have been asked back. Production loves ratings. The season’s favorite = ratings.

        (Hmm, I wonder if BB would ever do a season full of America’s Fav winners.)

    • Rachel & Brendon are rushing into marriage blindly. They don’t have jobs, their future is hazy right now. It’s not a good time to marry. On the other hand, Jeff & Jordan are not established yet and are willing to put marriage on hold until they have more of their future mapped out.Neither one has a permanent job yet.

    • Sad how many folks today just can’t even fathom old fashioned ideals, ivesting time in a relationship & building a lifetime bond b4 marriage… probably explains why divorce rates are so high now.
      I pray Rachel & Brendon get counseling…she’s been so much better emotionally with him gone. Their relationship didn’t come across as a healthy one for either of them but maybe it was just the edits on CBS & SHO?

  8. Nice interview, Chloe. Not surprised at all that she & Porsche didn’t click…they are polar opposites. I lost respect for P as a player when she tainted the protein drinks for the have-nots…dirty pool.
    Hope J&J get together bc they’re such a cute couple. Long distance relationships are difficult.

    • I agree when BB started I liked Porsche as she was one of my favorite newbies but after the milk incident and suggesting killing Rachel’s unborn baby just could never get back on board with that girl. She just made me ill every time I saw her.

  9. I would be really … disappointed if Jordan ends up marrying Jeff. I think she is an amazing girl and he does not deserve her. I pity his children for he will give them bad values and I don’t want that for Jordan’s children.

    • I think you are wrong about Jeff. I watched them in the first season they were on and he would just light up when she came in the room and he showed a lot of respect for her. I think they would make a great couple if that is what they choose to do. Jordan is a great girl and he would be lucky to marry her if that is what they both want. She will be a loving mother from what we see when she talks about her own mother and I think Jeff will be a great dad. Wish them bothe the best in whatever they choose.

      Good luck and much happiness to Jeff and Jordan…

      • It was great seeing you guys again, and by the way, in this season we saw the same sweet looks for Jordan when she walked into a room from Jeff. They still got it…

      • Doesn’t everyone get mad at one time or another???? He even said to Julie in his interview let me be angry for 5 minutes then I’m ok. Do you ever see him hit anyone? NO! Does he ever scream? NO! He raises his voice, big deal. Does he ever throw anything? NO! I think Jordan is lucky to have him and he’s lucky to have her!

      • Wrong sparky.Jeff doesn’t need anger management classes.If your basing that on this season,then you are wrong about that.Lots of peeps have said that he has shown anger,but he hasn’t shown any obvious anger issues.You think just because he gets mad at shelly and plays the game it is anger. no.It looked pretty normal to me.Not any different than normal HGs have shown.Now i have seen alot of hgs show anger,but Jeff looks like he just shows frustration or just makes his point,not anger c’mon just cause you don’t like him,which is by far in the minority,don’t say he needs anger management.

      • dont know if you have ever watch The Amazing Race but they played good together and treated each other nice too. because some of the couple on there are really mean to the other one. Everyone keeps talking about Jeff anger management. That show really brings out the frustrations in people and Jeff handle himself calmly.

  10. I have seen them on other things and they are both sweet with one another. I think Jordan is in school and Jeff is trying to get his professional life in order. I bet the talking will involve where to live and when those things can get done. They don’t get all mushy on TV, because she likes to keep that private. I think once they get life settled, then we may hear an announcement.

  11. Well I have supported Jordan for two seasons now and my opinion hasn’t changed about her one bit. She is a class act and an amazing person. I hope her and Jeff get married and live happily ever after.

    • dido clarrym! I loved the episode where Jordan done the striptease taking off her uni-tard. hope i spelled that right. anyways jeff cracked me up. they are perfect for one another. i watched both seasons and loved them both times! Plus can you imagaine how cute thier babies will be? Maybe the new bb30 contestants? Love ya jeff and Jordan!

  12. I think Jordan didn’t click w/porch is because she’s a good judge of character. Anyone who would tamper w/someone’s food and knowingly make them sick is just evil. Maybe her pink sweats gotbtoo tight on her and cut off oxygen to her little brain. It was very entertaining having the vets back, except for dani. Rachel played a much stronger game after Brenden left. I wish BR and JJ the very best.

  13. most people feel the need to protect the dumb. reality tv is not her forte. way to go in screwing up your so-called boyfriend’s chance on the amazing race.

  14. You can obviously tell she just went back in for a vacation and to ride Rachel and Jeff back’s. Letting them do all the work.

  15. Maybe some of you didn’t see the little endearing words Jeff said to Jordon such as calling her “love”, He has so much compassion and respect for her. Since she gave her family most or all of her winnings he wanted to win for them probably to start their lives together. I wish them all the best.

    • Jeff was very rude to Jordan numerous times this season, yelling at her to be quiet and talking down to her as well. They didn’t air that on primetime….but the live feeds showed the whole picture.

      • Ahyone who has daughters would be hesistant to let them be with someone like Jeff. He was rude and controlling of Jordan. He told her various times to shut up. In one episode of After Dark, when he told her to shut up, she sat next to him like a scared puppy. It was pathetic to watch.

  16. I can’t believe they dinn;t throw Porsche off the BB show after she put something in Jordan drink. I known she has friends on cbs anybody else would have been thrown off the show. If she wins I will never watch BB Again.

  17. FAKE, really, really Fake. And with that said if no one is smart enough to realize Matt Hoofman and Matt(BBN) are the same person, then there are some pretty not so smart people on this site

    • I guess you’re not very smart either then. If you think Matt Hoffman and I are the same person, then how did I manage to write this site last summer while Matt was in the game and jury house?

      You do understand more than one person can be named “Matt” right?

    • @nita bea, I guess you’re pretty dumb then because they are two different people. And do you ever make a positive comment about anyone or anything. You’re a very negative person. Smile the world really is a great place!!!

  18. I think during one of the lockdowns, CBS was smart enough to throw out the contaminated drink. They are not stupid, they know if they didn’t do something they could open themselves up to a lawsuit.

  19. Joooooordaan……I like Jeff but forget about him..I have never been married and would seriously think about marrying you ……LOL! I come from good genes and great parents who have been married for 53.5 years so if you happen to read this you are for sure the Classiest person on BB ever maybe the most Genuine person on TV ever also……..Love ya Girl….

  20. I really do like Jordan. I was surprised when she freaked on Shelly for making a game move…sneaky moves are the game. it’s not a friendly game premis. anyway, i really loved J & J but he got to me more this season, showing more of his true colours. Jordan is a class act saying that of course she will not hold a grudge out of the house, and Jeff obviously took more than five minutes because he is still treating Shelly horribly in the jury house. Jordan was also the only one who didn’t act like she was the be all and end all because she was a vet and not a newbie. i would take a million Jeff and Jordans over one Brenden and Rachel…

  21. I just had to skip the Jordo love fest and make a quick comment …. Since when did Shelley “BETRAY” Jordan???? HAs nobody ever watched these “lie-athons” bfore?!? EVERYBODY lies and cheats … AND they are ALL in it to win the money!!!!!!! SInce when are sweet J’s feelings any more important than any of the other celebrity wanna be’s? Shelly was right … There was NO WAY Jeff would have taken her to the finals. It was not a duo’s game any longer, so if Jordan didn’t want to get screwed by anybody, then maybe she should have gotten out of Jeff’s rear end and actually played her own game. Her and Jeff’s self righteous attitudes this season were very much a turn off.

    • Tx.The thing about Shelly was as everyone has stated before,When she voted Jeff out,she more or less hung herself.The other girls Porsche and kalia were not going to take her to the final 3 or 4.If she would do that to her alliance,then they thought she would have done it to them too.She would have done better sticking with JJ at least a little longer and they could have gotten Kalia and Porsche out earlier and then she would have had a better chance for final 3.Anything can happen in final comps.Bottom line,Shelly had a way better chance making it to final 3 and have a chance a slim one but 3rd place is way better than 6th place.You can’t win from 6th lol.

  22. And, how do any of us really know how nice any of these people really are? We see them for a few hours, editied by BB to their pleasure … We don’t know any of these people.

    • live feeds get to the heart of their souls, I know for a fact Jordumbo is just a stupid receptionist who spent all her prize winnings foolishly

      • HE, Jokers Updates exit interview, as Jordan had stated after her bb11 win, she & her mom were living in an apt & sharing a bed. She bought a house for her mom & brother with that money. She & Jeff came back to try to win money for their future & spend the summer together.
        She also explains how Jeff has is loud & people mistake that as being mean when “that’s just Jeff”.
        It’s one of many great exit interviews by Jordan. They only get about 3 minutes per interview, so check them all out…they’re very enlightening :)

      • @He, I think you have your facts wrong. Jordan bought a house for her Mother and brother. Don’t think that was foolish. But maybe you could care less about your mother.

  23. You know, Jordan is technically just as good as dr.will playing the game. DrWill won BB2 but finished 4th in AllStars. Jordan won BB11 but finished 4th in BB13.

  24. Jordan’s sweetness and kindness shined through the craziness of that BB house yet again this year. I loved seeing how she matured into a more serious, disciplined and focused young woman from 2 years ago. She worked out every day & studied her heart out. Winning competitions is not easy and as a viewer it was hard to see her come so close to first place so many times. She should take pride in how she prepared for those competitions. She was a graceful and humble winner 2 years ago and equally graceful and humble sitting on Julie’s couch.

    Although some may criticize, I commend Jordan on not “campaigning” to Porshe. Given the quality of person Porshe is no amount of money would be worth giving her the satisfaction of those discussions. Integrity has no price point. Jordan’s ability to see through people was spot-on with many in the house and with Porshe specifically she listened to her instincts.

    My hope is Jordan and Jeff maintain their positive outlook and both walk away from all that is Big Brother to live out their lives however makes them happy and content.

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