Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 8 Nominations Revealed

After Pandora’s Box returned to Big Brother 13 this afternoon all bets are off. This week’s nominations are practically pointless. All the power rests on the Veto comp tomorrow. But, you can’t have a week go by without this ceremony so lets get to it.

We watched some surprising discussions this afternoon in the lead up to the nomination ceremony. Just when things looked to be going in one direction they took another turn, but once the twist hit the choices for nomination were obvious.

Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Week 8 Nominations:

  • Jordan
  • Rachel

The Power of Veto competition should be held on Saturday and that is going to be absolutely critical. The Veto will save both noms. As soon as we know who won that comp we will probably know who is going home: Shelly or Rachel. Once those spoilers are out we’ll have them here on the site so stay close by on Facebook and on Twitter.

This is also the absolute best time to get the Live Feeds with the Free Trial. Drama has been everywhere and it’s only going to get better with this twist and all the backstabbing that’s sure to follow. Do not miss it or wait days and days to have CBS show you an edited to pieces rewrite of events. The only way to watch all this action is with the online, in-house cams on the Big Brother Live Feeds so get the Free Trial and join us!

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    • Go Rachel & Jordan! Send a newbee home. Gosh darn Judas for wrecking this season. She got hot pants fot the virgin boy Duminick and ruined the whole show! Oh well at least she is out of the money. Most over rated player in BB history! THANK YOU RACHEL FOR MAKING SUCH A FOOL OUT OF JUDAS! JUDAS THOUGHT RACHEL WAS GONNA SAVE HER! SO DID A LOT OF JUDAS FANS! lmfao… GO RACHEL!

      • Daniele(judas) is a better player than Rachel or any of those twits. She plyed the game and never made it personal. She initiated all the good moves.

      • Well,,, Rachel isn’t really out of the woods yet…?? She will not be in the final two… Trust me

      • dani is not a better player. the only thing shes good for is winning comps. her game play and strategy were horrible. made the wrong moves at the wrong time trying to get out of her daddys shadow. now becuz of her own stupidity Dom ended up leaving and a lame nooby might win this game instead of her or any of the other strong players lie jeff or even Dom and Cassie even!. smh at dani i had faith in her too. sooooo disapointed.

      • COME ON JORDAN and RACHEL!!!!!!! WIN, WIN!!! Shelly just needs to go because that woman is crazy and nuts and not sure what she may do to Jordan or Rachel if she stays in this house. She is a real threat to their safety I believe and cannot believe Porsche gets to stay after she apparently verbally threatened to harm Rachel. What happened to the BB that kicked the crazy people of the show when they showed a propensity to harm others?? Shelly and Porsche need to go.

      • Daniele definitely didn’t ruin the show. She was the main reason to watch it. She made it exciting. Jeff, Jordan and Rachel got too full of themselves. Hope Kalia or Porscha win. Definitely not Adam, the biggest wuss to ever play big brother, and definitely not Jordan or Rachel. Shelly is going to have a long few weeks. I’m so glad she voted Jeff out. I only wish Daniele could win.

      • The fan. What the show have u been watching??? Judas started it all out personal.!!! Like her own Dad said. She likes to get involved with one of the boys and she forgets shes there. To play a game. She just wants to lay around and rub each other down and when Rachel took this seasons boy toy away. Judas made it real personal!!! Thats why she focused on Brenden!

      • so danielle acting as villain and being opposition made the season bad? would you rather watch people sit around for 3 months doing nothing?

        cool logic, wayne.

      • LOL @TheFan saying Dani didn’t make it personal bahahah she was the one dragging her father into all, telling Adam he’d be his facebook friend (?!) if he voted for her; she’s cartoonishly damaged & horrible, I’m so glad she’s gone. Hopefully she’ll watch herself on TV and see what a pathetic immature child she is (she’s 25 but looks 100, a bad combination with immaturity). SO thrilled she’s gone. If only that man Shelley would join her next!!!

      • I wish Jeff wouldnt have never called Dani Judas.Ever post you post has Dani is Judas.Why do you call her Judas you think she a betrader?.As I remember in my bible Judas hung himself for betrading GOD/JESUS.Thats low to call anybody Judas .You dont know where her heart is.Only GOD does.

      • @Lori, What show are you watching? Jeff didn’t call Dani Judas. Maybe you can just guess who did!!!

      • Danielle let her showmance with Dominic cloud her judgment. Had she stuck with the veterans alliance, the newbies would have been in the jury house and all 5 of the veterans have a chance at that $500,000. Considering the stakes, Danielle effectively destroyed her alliance with the veterans and Jeff help her along by allowing Danielle to manipulate him and throw the POV competition to Adam!
        I give Jeff credit for evicting Danielle. That is still the best move. What was bad about Jeff is he threw Brendon out which cost his alliance one vote plus a good competitor which could have saved his ass when he needed it! Yes, Jeff also made some pretty bad moves. I will be rooting for Rachel being the underdog that she is! I hope she survives this week, wins HOH next week and then, she can go after Kalia and Porsche next week!

      • So why does Rachel deserve to go??? Portia,Shelly and Danielle have ruine# this season. Danielle with her spoiled little entitlement and vindictive bitch antics,Shelly with her psychward behaviour and porche just because shes a nasty lazy pig

      • OMG YESSSS!! SMR i so agree with u! ^^^ they have ruined the season by making everything personal instead of strategy. so ridiculus. and whoever said shellys move to frlip on jeff was a big game move is out of there mind cuz all shelly did was hang herself. by one move she lost 5 jury votes easy in case she actually made it to final 2.shw lost jeff,jordan,racheal,brendon and adam for flipping. these noobs are the stupidest players to ever play BB.

    • I missed spoke it was Brendon. Yes I did mean that traitor.I guess everybody cant walk on water like everybody sweet Jordan.

  1. If Shelly is evicted, Adam will recieve a golden key (because only duos can be nominated), so if Kalia does not win the next HOH, her and Porsche are automatically nominated because they are the only remaining couple.

    They already said that the duo twist is only for 2 weeks.

    • What if one of them wins veto then? Jordan is Rachel’s partner and Adam has a golden key…WTF happens then?

    • I like this twist. I’ve been routing for Rachel and Bookie all season. GO BIG RED! F2 WITH JORDAN! THIS TIME RACHEL WINS!

      • they better win cuz i honestly think production is tryin to help a bit. and if they still lose after that then they deserve to go home and ima jj fan for life but ill be dammed if they still drown after production throws them a life jacket. come on Racheal and Jordan! make ur men proud lol

  2. yessss! get shelly out of there! send jeff a present lol if the girls survive this week ima be so happy. racheal and jordan final !!! hopefully lol

      • KICK THAT LYING hypocrite, Shelly, out the door with boots a flying. Cannot stand that woman and she is killing Big Brother. She is a loon!!!

      • @Wayne Has Rachel been asking about her dog anymore. If not, and because Prod. told her to put Dani’s back, I think they want her to be the better person? I know she was asking Shelly last night and Shelly kept denying she has it. I still think Shelly should be made to give it back.

  3. Matt, don’t you think the j/j fans are getting a little crazy? I have seen numerous threats on facebook, it’s just a game right??

      • There is a site on facebook I dont know if Iam allowed to say the name but yeah it’s all about shelly haters and pretty soon after Porsha comment about throwing a ball to Rachel stomach so she will save $400 on abortion I will bet there is one for her 2

      • its war with shelly now! hopefully j/r win pov and vote her out to return the favor. now that would be some sweet revenge.

      • I appreciate good entertainment but I don’t want to see threats. they have a pic with casey anthony hugging shelly. i thought this was a game not personal attack

      • Thank goodness for production!! Pls Jordan and Rachel win the POV. Shelly gots to go :)

      • Really you want production to rig the game so JR can stay. And if they do then it’s down to four. What next another fix to bring it down to two.
        Not a game any more just a soap opera.

    • No they havent played yet jr r gonna play as a team I hope they can pull it off that would b great kpas will sh*t their pants especially sa

  4. Oh BB , that’s it , u get that thinking cap on and put Shelly on the slow boat to China, Jordan isn’t cut out for this shark infested crap … but just for GP, I’d love to see her win AGAIN ! Hahahahahahahahahahaha

  5. GO RACHEL & JORDAN!!!!! I hope they kick ass in the Veto & Shelly the lying hypocrite goes to the Jury!!!

  6. Pullin for Rachel and Jordon……..the rest are just pathetic!!! Shelly is a waste of space……Adam is floating in mid air and has all season……Porsche just is a poor excuse after the whole abortion commit…..and Khalia is so cocky she makes me wanna throw out!!! So Rachel its up to you girl to pull this veto off!!!

  7. @floater flotilla what do u mean its time for a vet to go home they been going home brenden dani jeff all gone I hope jr win the veto send shelly home cant stand her anymore so to faced I.kno u have to b in this game but she went over the top wit it lied more nd acted like a bitch more then she had to god I hope shes.gone!!!

  8. I use to not think this show was rigged bit just when devil Racheal and boohoo Jordan where down and out BB throws in a twist that could probably save them. WTF BB????? Should have just let it play out and let one of the crybabies go home!!! Three hours of listening to them feel sorry for themselves after being such witches to everyone before was enough to make me want to throw something threw my TV!!! It should be Racheal going home – I felt sorry for her at the beginning of the season but all she has done so far is prove that all the Racheal haters had it right all along. This twist sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Did u see how shelly nd everyone was actin towards them but its not ok for them to be upset its half a mil I would be upset to nd they have all ben really mean to r taking her stuff calling her all kind of names so why shouldnt she call them names back?

    • THIS TWIST IS THE GREATEST ESPECIALLY IF jordan and Rachel win. It will bring back a lot of viewers that CBS has lost this season. GO, GO, GO Jordan and Rachel!!!

    • we had to sit all through last week of Danny and kalia and Porsha whining now it’s ur turn

      • Agree Ella! Dani was head-mean- girl and now it’s time to send her wannabes to jury :/ smug bitches

    • But most people feel evil pranks r no better than self-pity whining! BTW, when sb’s keeping a stuffed-pet to an adult age when her mother gave her when she was a child, you can make a guess what had happened to that person, go to hell for a devil to take away sb’s precious gift as that!

  9. Please production make it a veto comp that Jordan or Rachel can win. America would love you again. I sure hope it goes that way. Go Jorchel!!!

      • What a mature response Kathy. Such valuable input to the above comment. Looks like responses are remaining classy.

      • @Kathy I love your response to such a ridiculous request from a delusional JJBR fan. If you didn’t understand Kathy lemme help her say it again…SHUT UP LMAO

      • @Dudan, Thank You for understanding, Karens comment deserved the “shut up “, she has no idea if America would love if Jordan And Rachel won the veto, heck 1/2 the people on here wouldnt even like it much less America. Meant no disrespect.

      • Kathy why don’t you grow up and get a life. Oh sorry you’re Shelly’s mother. Find another site if you want to be such a bitch. And maybe you need to learn how to read because 90% of the comments on this site hate Shelly and want Jordan/Rachel in final 2.

      • @Karen…didn’t you hear what Kathy said? SHUT UP. How would you make such a ridiculous comment? You prefer for them to strip integrity from the game just so you fav’s win. That is extremely selfish of you…smh

      • Karen you are mad because I disagrere with you. Im entitled to voice my opinion just like you. My ” shut up pharse”, was used based on how you are able to say America wants Jordan and Rachel to win the veto, and that simply is just a LIE!!!

      • @Kathy…Im with you all they way. How selfish of her to assume all of America agrees with her

      • Thanks Dudan, Im done with Karens childish behavior, she is acting no better than the 2 people she seems to hate whick is Shelly and Porshe, cant argue with someone like her, she dont get it!

      • I hope the comp is not slanted toward
        JR. I just heard jordan once again pon-
        tificating about how honest she and
        Jeff have been throughout this game.
        Is she encapable of remembering how
        many times they, especially Jeff lied?
        Or is she someone who remembers just
        what she wants to remember. Even her
        comment about how JR and KP have all
        won the same amount of competitions was
        wrong. I think fans can get so fanatical that they fail to see things
        as they really are.

    • It might be the Zing Bot zingers. If that is the case, Rachel knows all by heart. The other night when they were studying, Rachel said that when she asked about a zinger, DR would not say the answer. So Rachel feels it is going to be a comp.

  10. They are trying to cheat the newbies once again.First they decide someone gets to come back when Brendon gets voted out and now with the newbies in complete control they are trying to flip the power back to Jordan and Rachel this is crap.If R or J wins pov this week I am done with this show no matter who wins.This is like beating a team in basketball by 20 points with a minute to go and at the last minute the ref puts in special 21 point shot.This is terrible.

    • Well then go because CBS is losing a lot more viewers if they go to Jury because everyone hates Shelly (I mean she is hated by all America), and they others are just boring to watch!!!! CMON RACHEL AND JORDAN!!!! EVICT THAT lying piece of crap SHELLY!!!!!!!!!!

      • Shelly isn’t hated by all of America—Shelly may very well win this game. With her mature business background, Shelly recognized she could never win the $500K against Jeff or Jordan and tried to explain that to dumba$$ Adam but he didn’t “get it.” She explained that they have to sytematically take out the favorites and go to the final three with folks who will not be assured to get the jury votes but Adam could not get past his man-crush on Jeff.

      • If Adam’s man-crush on Jeff was really that strong he would’ve done anything Jeff said, including voting to keep Brendon over Shelly, which he refused to do. Too bad because then this Shelly crap would already be over

  11. I hope Rachel & Jordan some how win. Or Porche & Kalia flip & join the two vets. The only person I want to lose is shelly.

    • Kalia has only proposed to Porsche that they make a deal with Rachel & Jordan. But it’s really only a cover in case R&J pull out the Veto win and stay.

      Interesting point to that deal would be that K&P would have to throw it to avoid winning and then not using it and exposing it was a lie. That might be getting ahead of Kalia and her typical self-imploding plans though.

  12. Shelly and Porsche are both such disgusting individuals. Shelly attacking Jordan last night and Porsche suggesting Rachel get hit in the stomach and it saving her $400. They both need to go so please Rachel and Jordan win POV and put Shelly on the block and be the one to chop her off. I can live with Shelly going this week but Porsche needs to go soon after especially after physically threatening Rachel. GO JORDAN AND RACHEL!!!!!

    • Completely agree. They both need to hit the jury. I hope, for their sakes, that the way they’ve been acting in the bb house is a result of being in there and not a reflection of their true personality.

  13. Wonder what E. Dick thinks of princess dani’s game play now ? Since she did help him win, did he share the money with her ?

      • A lot of people have accused Dani of hypocritical comments and actions, and while I can see where they’re coming from some of the time, it never really hit me as a major issue of hers. However, Dani has made it clear on BB8 as well as to an extent this season that she and her father had a pretty big rift between them, a bad history, etc. I understand it’s probably not as bad now, but Dani still holds clear resentment, talking about turning the house on her father if he had stayed. So at the end of the day, if she accepted a car and a trip to Europe and money for school, I can’t say for a second that these decisions are exempt from hypocrisy. Why would you want to accept so much from a father you made it sound at times like you never wanted. Unless Dani just thought she really was the only reason her dad won the game, which isn’t beyond her considering how highly she thinks of her own gameplay. (Albeit sometimes deservedly, I admit)

  14. Last night’s double eviction was the most exciting show this season. Glad Jeff is gone! He just bully the newbies the whole season and ran the household after Brandon was eliminated. He is a selfish ass and treats Jordon like a dumbie. The juryis out on that one. Seriously, I am hoping that Kalia or Porsche are the final two. And what is wrong with Jordon and Rachel acting like they can’t think or do anything without their men. What the hell!!

    • Considering you are rooting for Kalia and Porsche, one would think you will be happy that Rachel and Jordan being emotional which only hurts their game. If Jordan and Rachel can get rid of the crying and moping and focus on the competitions then, Kalia and Porsche could be booted out as well as Shelly. It may well be Adam, Jordan and Rachel for the final 3 so, you still want Rachel and Jordan to stop crying and regain their senses? Both of them can win HOH and POV is they regain their focus in the game!

  15. Thanks for the Pandora box Big brother. Hoping that Rachel and Jordan can get to stay for coming weeks. If Rachel goes, that is it for me watching BB. These girls have been so cruel to Rachel, no one deserves a comment like that if Rachel is pregnant and the names that they call her horrible. It is about time that the one that has been crucified wins this game.

  16. Alright guys.

    Put your personal rachel shit behind and hope that she pulls it through! And even if you still hate her as a person, put on a happy face till this week is over.

    Team brenchal and Team JeJo could finally come together and pray for both of them to pull through!

    Till duo’s are over, LETS GO JORCHEL, LETS GO.

  17. call me crazy but i think Shelly is going to need the money once she gets out of there to higher herself some bodyguards… I wonder what her child thinks of her now since when they interviewed her she was saying Mom stay loyal to JJ

    • it’s sad very sad for the child I love my kids but if I had to do what she is doing in order to win money I”ll choose my kids any time any day

      • i have 4 kids myself n i wouldnt want my kids to c me backstabbing n pretty much hit some1 when they r down. once again ppl do crazy stuff for money but if u r going to act that way it best that u dont let ur child c u on tv so she doesnt c ur actions.

      • It’s sad at the end of it Shelly if u r willing to let ur daughter see u that way in order to win money good luck kids are loving they are forgiving but they are also ur worst judges

      • @ellablue…Seriously it think it’s high time you stop bringing Shelly’s Family into the game. You can’t seem to get over the fact that she aided in giving your Boo and Idol (Jeff) the boot. Don’t hate player hate the game. Plus you weren’t this critical about her last week when you ppl controlled the house. Don’t give yourself a heart attack get over it Jeff is gone, R and J are next

      • I think u should take a chill pill relax I am expressing my opinion if u dont like it cool it’s fine no need to came after me :)

      • Wow Dudan, I think just like you, Ellablue get over Shelly’s kid, she’s not your responsibilty, she will have to deal with it when the show is over.

      • I’ll bet Shelly’s Husband is so proud of her…NOT. Just ask her Mom Kathy who blogs on this site. Shelly is going to need to buy herself some dignity when she gets out.

      • Karen are you the real one or the fake, have you asked Matt to delete the real Karen or the fake one. You always seem to fall back and get all defensive because someone disagrees with you. Tell us whick Karen are you playing now??

    • I hope Shelly is in need of money because she got “FIRED” for the way she has now represented her company.

      Maybe she can get a job as a cocktail waitress — and Rachel and Jordan win, split the money, Rachel goes to school and Jordan buys what that precious, self-less girl needs.

      • You want her to loose her job why? Since you seem to care about her daughter’s well being you shouldn’t wish bad for no matter what she’s done. You are extremely selfish to wish harm and evil to someone because of some idiots (JJ) you see on TV who don’t and would never care about. You truly disgust me…SMH

      • @ellablue
        Im not related 2 shelly, but I am at least compassionate enuff not to wish bad for her little daughter regardless of shelly does. You all seem to say you feel bad for her daughter and family… If you care so much about them why wish harm and suffering to her? You need to relax it’s a game Shelly deserves and has a good life outside the BB house. Don’t let you blind and misplaced love for jeff strip you of your humanity and compassion he aint worth it

      • I have never mentioned her daughter I have one 2 so I dont go there I only mentioned her actions

      • @Karen…I think you are Jeff stalker. Not to worry he will have a restraining order against your. When will your obsessed mind get the hint that he don’t want you…not now or ever

      • @ellablue…You might not have said anything bout her daughter, but you supported comments regarding her family (which her daughter is a part of). You guilty by association.

    • @Karen…I think you are Jeff stalker. Not to worry he will have a restraining order against your. When will your obsessed mind get the hint that he don’t want you…not now or ever

    • I hope she’s not, or porsche will throw a bal at her stomach and kill the baby. That’s what she said.

  18. First the golden key to make sure that a least 3 vets make it to final 10.

    Now this “twist” so we go from having a 90 plus percent chance of a vet going to jury to a 33 percent chance of both staying.

    Want to bet the veto is a three legged OTEV comp knowing that tied to Kalia, Porche will never get Kalia’s ass up the ramp; and, Shelley tied to Adam is toast becuase Adam will throw it. So, of course the vets are safe.

    • I don’t see how an OTEV competition would work with duos. I have a feeling they’re going to make it a team game, probably a puzzle they work on together, maybe even a timed one (shortest time wins after hitting a buzzer). But I’m sure OTEV is coming soon.

  19. At least Porsche will always be remembered for the nastiest/ugliest comment on this show. I’ve heard catty remarks, but never a detailed plan to kill a rival’s baby/abortion then rejoice like it was nothing. She wins.

      • What porsche said was horrible. But I doubt she ACTUALLY meant it. More like to upset Rachel.

      • You never bring up murder. Not even as a joke – whether she kean it or not, she publicly brought up murdering her baby. Only a psychotic person would do that.

      • BTW, this is not the first time Porsche brought up something violent Vs Rachel. She had plotted sth like pouring water on her head…

      • Porche also put benefiber in the protein powder to make them sick. Production had to step in. She should of been kicked out.

    • really what about Porsha wanting to throw a ball to her stomach so she would save $400 on abortion? How much respect does she get from you?

      • Yes, she pretty much said she would commit murder. I can’t believe she hasn’t had a major punishment for that.

      • Well since I’m a guy and I believe in pro-choice. Porsches comment was messed up to say the least.

  20. Shelly is sooo scared to be around Jordan, if your gonna be that kinda player, at least own it

      • oh yes she is she is not afraid of her as a person she is afraid of what she will say thats why she is going around talking crap about her saying she is calling her a bitch when it’s not true

      • I think she’s afraid Jordan will start fighting with her and all her duplicity will come out.

      • are you watching the feeds? Shelly been hiding in the HOH room and when Porsche came in she asked who is in the kitchen, Porsche told her everyone and she was very reluctant to go down there, she left and ran to her room. thats fear

  21. I hope Jordan and Rachel win this veto.

    Let it prove their guys that they can fight to the finish xD

  22. How could anyone have respect for Porsche as she makes her sick remarks about the life of a baby!!! That just shows the truly great person she is!!! NOT!!!!

    • Call me dumb but is Rachael PG? I am behind. I didnt hear the comment. Never did care for Porsche though.

      • Porsche said if Rachel was PG, she would throw a ball at her stomach and saver her the 400 on the abortion by doing it herself. She said she would murder Rachel’s baby!

      • People are crazy if they acutally think Porsche meant what she said. She said it to piss off and upset Rachel. Although I don’t think murder is a good strategy.

      • AnimalLarsen…I agree Porsche didn’t mean it, said it to piss Rachel off, etc. But there isn’t even a time and a place for something like that, you don’t say it even jokingly or to get a rise, anything. She has to pick her spots and she did a horrible job of that, she thought it was funny and it isn’t.

      • I never disliked Porsche until now. I wanted her to stay over Keith in week 1. As time has gone on she continued to do nothing but eat and float. Now the numbers have dwindled so she wins a thing or two and thinks she’s god’s gift to Big Brother. Contaminating others foods is crossing a line, and even ‘joking’ about forcing an abortion and killing a would-be human being is dancing across the line and ending up so far beyond it that the line is a dot to her. I really wish she was dumb enough to say ‘Oh but Jeff used his Veto on me so I’m going to use it on him’…too bad she does have half a brain after all.

  23. I can honest say that I hope someone beats the hell out of both Porsche and Shelly outside of the house. The way Shelly acts truly makes me ashamed that I am from Louisiana. And Porsche, well, words can not even describe how much I detest her for that comment that she made.

    • I would hate for Porsche to one day be pregnant and have a miscarriage or something. I’m going to make it clear right now that I am not wishing that upon her just for what she said, I never would, but it bothers me that she doesn’t think about ‘What if it was me?’ when she says things like that. Shameful

  24. looks like cbs is a rachel jordan fan… bet the veto comp is a mixture of saying words wrong and being obnoxious. rachel/jordan are shoe-ins

  25. It’s in the best interests of Porsche and Kalia to get rid of Rachel and Jordan ASAP.

    If either gets to the final two, they’d have a tough time beating either vet because Brendon, Jeff, and Rachel/Jordan would be three guaranteed votes for Rachel or Jordan. You can probably count Adam as a solid vote for the vets. If the final two don’t include any vets, the vets in the jury house will be forced to vote for a newbie.

      • I wonder what would happen if the vets refuse to vote and walk out. Is it part of their contract that they have to vote?

      • Yea I’m as sure as I can be for someone who doesn’t actually work behind the scenes when I say that it’s a contractual obligation that if they make it to final 9, they have to go to jury if evicted, if they go to jury they have to stay there sequestered until the end, and they have to appear on finale night and vote. If they didn’t go through with every term of the contract they’d be sued for breach of contract.

      • And I wish they’d hold onto the couples for one more week after this, make the HOH be a lone wolf and the other 4 pair up, re-assigned. Then whoever ends up on the block post-Veto…both evicted. Bam. How’s that for a twist? It’s almost September the show needs to end soon, speed it up. And let it be Kalia and Porsche on the block next week after hopefully Shelly is gone this week.

  26. Porsche’s comments show her to be the EVIL sl*tty b*tch she really is! Anyone who makes light of baby-killing is just plain psychotic and I like to think that Porsche will feel some repercussions from her vicious threats. For those who think Rachel is mean, I ask you to consider Porsche!

    The level of hatred expressed towards Rachel is almost pathological, I just don’t think she’s that much worse than many other BB players (present and past). I love Rachel, I know she is her own worse enemy and I wish she could just get and keep it together for her own sake…

    I really do NOT understand anyone hating Jordan – maybe she is not the smartest person out there, but she is probably one of the NICEST people out there, or at least she comes across that way.

    What I really don’t like about Kalia is that she does not ever show any CLASS, for example in the DR when she taped her goodbye message to Brendan she was just so vicious and not the least bit gracious like she could have been since she had gotten her way! It’s a horrifying thought that any of the newbies still in the house could win this game, clearly NONE of them deserve it! I especially cannot stomach Kalia winning it…I hope that Porsche and Shelley’s reputations are forever tarnished because of their true colors being shown on national television.

      • The kicker would be if production kicked Porche out for the comment she made. As for Shelly…WOW!!! the daughter must be hiding in shame.

    • Well said, Doug.

      Kalia is mean and selfish and manipulative — even if she’s not good.

      Porche — telling Shelly Jordan is a child, right a child-like innocence that Porche and Shelly do not possess.

      Rachel — what is her big sin?! Wearing her heart on her sleeve — also childlike (childish) but not malicious — that’s what sets her apart from the others.

      Dani WAS personal and acted like an entitled brat.

      Adam wouldn’t be a bad winner; he’s my third choice.

      • Awesome that I get to comment/reply to people who agree with me about Kalia. I also couldn’t bear the idea of her winning this thing, I’d even rather Shelly win it and I can’t stand her either. I find the two of them to be two of the biggest jokes BB has ever seen, but especially Kalia. I’d rather Porsche win than either of them and this is despite having a problem with Porsche’s actions and comments. Adam, Rachel and Jordan final three will help me move past Jeff leaving lol

      • I’m glad to know I am not the only one who feels the same way about Kalia and Porsche. I’m not too crazy about Shelley either, she is so two-faced, yet she continues to maintain that she is playing the game “with honesty and dignity” for her daughter’s sake! If she truly believes that, she needs some psychiatric help! She is beyond annoying, what is it with Shelley and making the cigarette gesture after she votes to evict someone in the DR? That is almost as bad as having to look at/listen to Adam’s heavy metal head banging gestures!

        Other than the veterans, this years houseguests pale in comparison to even last years – where’s the Regan, Brittany, Matt, and even Enzo? I even miss The Saboteur!

    • i think if adam is in the final two he will have the vote i think racheal will probbly be final three hopefully

      • THE VOTE:
        B for A
        D foe me
        J for A
        R for A
        J for A
        K for what was the question, who are the options, do you have any chip?

  27. Has anyone else heard that Jordan should have been HOH and not Kalia because BB/Julie got the answer to the last question wrong? It should have been “after” and not “before.”

      • wel if that is true they can’t shoved under the carpet They would heve to do it all over again with a different outcome Priceless

      • I give the same answer too! The last sentence Dom said before the hgs was asking the hgs to man-up, unles JulieChen was asking anything after he left the house.

    • thats actually funny cause i thought the answer was after and was all happy jordan was about to win then julie stuttered then said before and i wanted to cry lol… not sure though i forget what the question was to check it and i just erased it off my dvr tonight

      • The last sentence Dom said before the hgs was asking the hgs to man-up, unles JulieChen was asking anything after he left the house. So there should be nothing after.

    • “were jerky and jelly beans revealed as the have not food before or after houseguests stuffed their mouths with gum for the power of veto?”
      I don’t know what’s right, but I feel like something would have been said before if BB got it wrong.

      • i just did alot of reading and from what i gathered jerkey and jelly beans were the first thing america voted for and the bb candy store veto was day 14…… week 4 have not food was catfish and coconut and that was the 3rd thing america voted for so i think it might have even been the same week but just 1 say apart or so… but sadly i am pretty sure cbs didnt mess up

      • I was hoping they were wrong, too. I can’t stand Shelly or Porsche, I just hope it’s not them in the final two.

    • I thought the same thing. Does anyone really know if Julie got it wrong and it was after???

  28. Kalia and Porsche running to tell Shelly and Adam everything Jordan and Rachel talked with them about.

    It’s crazy….Kalia, Porsche and Shelly drive me insane.

    And Shelly saying what a liar Jordan is???? WOW

  29. Good Lord, Shelly just told ANOTHER LIE! When Rachel and Jordan were up in HOH talking to Pathetic Porsche and Kalia, something was said about people thinking that Rachel lies. Rachel and Jordan then went downstairs in kitchen, Rachel said Do people really think I lie, all Jordan did was shrug her shoulders, she DID NOT call Rachel a liar and she told Rachel that she would tell her why people thought that forward to Kalia running down and telling the whole conversation they just had upstairs with J and R to Slithering Shelly…Shelly said.when I came down past the kitchen I heard Jordan say to Rachel “You’re a liar!” This woman has got to stop this crap at some point. It is becoming unbearable.

      • off course she is she has to justify her actions hence pawn it on omebody else
        It worked for her before
        Shelly ur so sad and avery poor excuse as a player

  30. J&R = WINNING

    ***Shelly needs to go home and smoke her ass into oblivion*** Such a waste of space ion the house and those damn lips, must have to roll them up in comps so she don’t fall over them *lol*

    • Makes me want to go through the screen with a bar of soap. Her lies are getting so bad it’s almost impossible to listen to her talk.

    • It’s a shame you choose to keep up with your delusion (J&R=winning)…SMH, it seem you haven’t learnt anything after thursday night. Your delusional let you believe and trust shelly and look what happened?

      You better wakeup J&R=Jury House Vacation…LMAO

  31. past bb players just called Jordan the biggest floater of big brother history lol i couldnt agree more

      • funny thing is Jordan talks about how adam and shelly were carried through the whole game. yea Jordan you forgot jeff carried you to on both seasons..

        Jordan = wins the award for BIGGEST FLOATER ON BB HISTORY …..

    • Jordan is a floater. She hasn’t done anything this season but diminish her dignity.

      • jj have lost a lot of fans….bb11 they were so cute and nice people now jeff has a big head and jordan thinks she is the greatest player(calling house meeting when things dont go her way…calling other floaters lol)

      • Adam hasn’t done anything but perpetuate his man-crush on Jeff.
        Shelly stirred things up.
        Jeff criticised everyone else for doing the same exact things he actually did…lies, back-dooring Dani after he told her he would not put her up.

      • First of all she won 2 comps, second she gave a phone call to Shelly so she could talk to her daughter and your saying she lost her dignity. You must be related to that backstabbing, lying, snake with NO DIGNITY She-he-devil!!!

      • I find it hilarious how talks still continue about Jeff lying to Dani. She ONLY didn’t put him up the previous two times because she was fixated on Brendon, she said a few times Jeff was her next target. Gotta love how Dani said during a show ‘Get over yourself Jeff, you’re not my target’. Not at the moment maybe, but Jeff was A target of yours, Dani, so what kind of comment is that? Oh that’s right, an arrogant snotty one that you’re so good at making. What would you do if you’re Jeff and Dani’s asking if he’s gonna backdoor her? You almost have to say no, or she’s going to play even harder to win the Veto and Jeff wanted her gone. The same people going on and on about his lying are the same people defending Shelly for lying, if it’s all for the game, then enough already.

  32. I hope Rachel wins it. What she did in that house the night before evictions was a huge gamechanger. The only reason Shelly committed to flipping was Rachel suckered her into thinking she was gonna keep Dani. If Dani stayed, Jeff wouldn’t have left.She also outed Shelly to the entire house because of that. Too bad CBS didn’t really didn’t show the footage. I’m not a Rachel fan, but she’ impressed me for the past couple of weeks. This Pandora’s box is crap. It’s now obvious that CBS wants Jordan to win. They want Rach to carry her to the final now that Jeff can’t do it. If Rach doesn’t win, I wouldn’t mind seeing any newbie win. All the crap thrown at them and they still made it to the end. Even Shelly. Yeah she’s played a vicious game but that’s nothing. Go watch season four. That’s how you play the game. That season was a bloodbath. Jun and Alison were 10 times more ruthless than Shelly, but could win comps too. I give Dr. Will and ED props for thier seasons, but nobody ever mentions that season. That jury was so pissed that they had to chose between those two.BB went from the best gameplay to a popularity contest. Cmon BB get back to the old school BB.

  33. Jeff almost won the POV…he didn’t realize that he threw the other clown shoe to the side. He would have had it

    • no It was a black shoeit wasn’t the right color read Matt the mediators post he will confirm

      • no that is not true it was a yellow shoe for sure, i watched it 4 times with my husband and they show the yellow shoe fly out of jeffs thing of balls while he is throwing them and it lands next to his row of balls inbetween the wall to the house and the thing he is in digging….. i saw it and my hubby saw it for sure clearly a couple times (even an air view where you can see it laying there) watch the comp again on you will see it for sure promise….it kills me everytime i watch it

      • No it was a yellow shoe. I rewatched it and hit pause and it was yellow. I just wish after he got that first shoe he would of looked over to the side because he would of won if he would of spotted it.

      • It kills me too. I’m not going to sit here and say it wasn’t fair to Jeff, ‘unfair’ isn’t the right word since he inadvertently threw it out of the pit as he was going through the balls, but geeze his search was futile from the get go, the shoe wasn’t even in there…it just sucks, that’s all. I was and always will be a Jeff fan. I don’t care if I’m the only one

      • Mj ur not the only one!! Mtself and everyone i know loves Jeff and Jordon especiallt Jeff. He sticks with his alliance and he plays the game with heart. Tells it like it is. Danielle wasnt a part of his alliance. Therefore he owed her nothing. So as far as alliances lying to other alliances thats how the game is played right??? Dani lied through her teeth. to those not in her alliance. How is that different. Jeff was here # one target until rach got dom out. That sidetracked Danielle. Maybe she worry about the game instead of picking up the first guy she can and playing footsie. So all u all that hate JEFF.Jealousy us an ugly monster. I love u mj

  34. Jordan is not likely to win anything, unless it’s a total fluke. And Rache’s competition game play has been really bad lately. I want Shelly gone, but feel really pessimistic.

    • I wish bb would get a cast from all of u losers so we can see another set of pathetic monkeys. Lol

      • That is the best post I have seen on this BB board. Talk about a bunch of whiney cry babies aahahahah

    • First: Jordan made it to this part of the game once before, beat the hell out of Kevin and GNatalie, and Jordan WON.
      Jordan has one HoH so far. Her golf WIN was Her’s, Dominic and Kalia had golfed a 6, Jordan got a three. Jeff and Brendon were upnextt, the chance of either of them to beat Jordan’s 3 was minimal at best.

      Shelley has to LEAVE! Her betrayals in this game have made me physically ill. She has won nothing accept maybe, a Windex Award? Adam, need I say anything?

      • Can it really be true? Can somebody have finally seen it right? That Jordan won her HOH and it wasn’t handed to her because Jeff and Brendon putting 3, 2, or 1 was far from automatic? Thank you JoeyLee.

      • I agree, also. Everyone acts like this was given to Jordan. But, she had the score before the others went. They may or may not have made the shot. I remember the feigned “gooberish” way that Brendon hit the ball. I think he was just trying to be goofy, but even at the time, I thought that Jordan would lose credibility. Jeff and Brendon should have been a little more smooth, because people act like it was handed to Jordan. Now, we’ll never know. But, saying that the win was given to Jordan is absolutely wrong.

      • Seriously?
        Jeff & Brendon killed their shots, they didn’t even try. They gave that win to Jordan because at the time they were all aligned together and didn’t care who of their group was HOH. You can bet right now that if BR were together, Brendon would’ve tried a helluvalot harder to beat Jordan. I’m not trashing Jordan at all, I’m just saying there was no reason for Jeff/Brendon to try and win that competition.

      • Winning comps when most people are throwing them doesn’t mean much to me. When you are HOH, you have to nominate and you are definitely playing the game. If you want to criticize stupidity, go after Kalia & Dani for coming up with the worst HOH in history. Lawon should have been slapped for volunteering but Kalia and Dani were peeing in their pants because their evictee MIGHT have a chance to come back.

      • In practice Jeff & Brendon were getting a 1 or 2 everytime, so yes she possibly would have one but not likely

      • great point. Do not sleep on Jordan…Frankly I would not sleep on anyone in the house @ this point.

      • Re: Jordan’s golf win. Do ANY of you know how this game works? Jordan did well on the golf challenge. She scored better than anyone. OF COURSE Jeff and Brendon did not try to win – WHY – if one of them won HOH over Jordan THEY WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY IN THE NEXT HOH. Since Jordan smoked the others on the golf, they DIDNT HAVE TO WIN. So they SAVED THEMSELVES FOR THE NEXT HOH competition. Really, you watchers would not do well in this game at all, it is all about staying safe this week and setting yourself up for next week.

    • Shelly, I hope you see this…you are not a good example for your daughter! Hope you go home soon you loser!

      • Shelly the biggest backstabbing floater in BB history..I dont think anyone has floated more than she has

      • Shelly has repeatedly said she doesn’t think this game is representative of how she wants and expects her daughter to be. She has said she hopes Josie will understand this is not truly a real life example but a game where truth and honesty hurts you.

        As for floating. Sure Shelly has. BUT, everyone has! How is throwing comps not floating? How is lying low to stay off people’s radar not floating?


        Floating is the social game! You float from one HG to another. You get yourself close to everyone in the house trying to gain trust and confidence. Shelly, has almost literally had an “alliance” with everyone or at least a perceived “alliance”. By perceived I mean like Rachel make an alliance with Daniele and said she would keep Dani. She kept a peace in the house that wouldn’t have been there otherwise. (shocker!) Then Rachel of course, voted the other way. That would have been great “game” except for Rachel’s gloating made it petty. Shelly has told HG’s one thing, then done the opposite. But, consoles and isn’t a poor winner! Shelly hasn’t also lost and then cried and whined for days over it (Rachel).

        Shelly helped flip the house and almost keep Daniele and eventually help toss Jeff! OMG!!! About time! Shelly made some GREAT game moves at the PERFECT time to do it! It also bought cover and put her distinctly on the side of the numbers!

        Again, WHY IS FLOATING CONSIDERED A BAD THING? It’s a misused term!

      • The most relevant issue most people have with Shelly is – IN THE DIARY ROOM she still lies about her involvement in backroom deals. Of course everyone lies and breaks alliances during the game. But Shelly lies to herself in the diary room when no one is around to listen. THAT is what makes watchers hate her – I see her as more delusional than despicable.

        Of course the unprovoked attack on Jordan (done on the live feeds and probably will be part of Sunday’s broadcast) while she was still upset about Jeff being booted was just MEAN. Especially on Jordan – just because Jordan did not want to talk to her RIGHT AFTER JEFF WAS EVICTED by Shelly’s deciding vote no less. What a BULLY.

    • I Hope Kalia win it all. SHE PLAYING THE BEST OUT OF EVERYONE IN THE HOUSE. She is and was partnered with the right people Dani and Porsh. She made a name for herself in the game early by becomin the first newbie to become HOH. She also came in second when Dani won her first HOH. Racheal GONE, Kalia win HOH next week Adam GONE. Porsh wins HOH Jordon ( that dummy ) will be GONE and the final 3 are Kalia, Shelly, Porsh. Porsh wins part 1, Kalia will win part 2. Shelly GONE, the final 2 Kalia and Porsh with Kalia winning it all based on game play. Incrediable, can’t wait.

      • I’d agree with you 100% if I did not despise her so much for one reason, and one reason only: SHUT UP ALREADY!!

      • Kalia got lucky…she only sided with Dani after Dani won HoH. At this point she had no choice but to stay with Dani because she burned her bridge with the others…She is only in this position because things have gone in favor of her alliance. She would have tried to flop back over had someone else had won HoH. She was spending more time with Jordan when Jeff won HoH.

      • Before you call someone a dummy, may I suggest you do it with proper spelling and grammar! Jeez!

      • Kalia…She really didn’t play “her” game because she doesn’t have the brains to,Dani did it all. So she won some HOH comp. Who couldn’t Sure hope that SHE does not Win ” Big FLOATER “…..Kalia vs Jordan….Hands down Jordan Why because it would realy Piss Off Kalia big time. Porsh..Another Big Loser very bitchy because she won 5g’s greedy greedy. Adam..would Love for him to win and piss off everyone. Rachael…tries way to hard and made big mistakes. Shelly might want to learn how to be a true Friend because friends don’t do what she did to Jordan. She keeps saying that she made a play move and doesn’t need the money so why kick a GOOD friend when she is down. BECAUSE SHE REALLY WASN’T A FRIEND TO BEGIN WITH..Another really BIG LOSER. Jordan,well she stood her ground good for you. Sorry about Shelly but you don’t need her in your life acting like that. I know that you really didn’t want to be there. Yes you could have tried harder but you were honest to a fault Good Job with that. Hope Jordan WINS AGAIN !!!! CAN’T WAIT!!

    • Poor Jordan!!! She had a really hard day yesterday. When CBS could not stand her being upset and the rules were changed again. Jordan was up dressed and trying to make a deal with Porshe . Hoping to get her own way again. Of course she should try!!!!! I thought it was amazing how she perked up when she thought she would be in control.
      If Porshe goes for that it will be over. I think the check is going to be written to jordan no matter what!!!!

    • If Jordan wins every competition from now on you’re gonna call all of those a fluke. Cut her some slack.

    • Porsha opened Pandora’s box

      Porsha and Kalia won $5,000

      There are three teams of 2

      Porsha and Kalia

      Adam and Shelly

      Rachel and Shelly

      Rachel and Jordan are nominatted

      If either Jordan or Rachel win the POV, they are both safe….

      Since Porsha is the HOHH and Kalia is her partner, they can;t go up as replacements which means Shelly and Adam will be renomed…. Shelly will be evicted in that case!!!

      • As a 48 year old woman, who has NOT been a Rachel fan, Rachel has been very calm. Then you have a woman ALMOST old enough to be her Mom ( Shelly) acting soooooo poorly. I can ONLY pray Rachel & Jordan win the veto, Shelly goes up and This sad role model of a grown woman and Mother GOES HOME.

        I have 2 kids, 29 and 26. I could never act like Shelly. YES it is a game, but Jordan’s action (being as young as she is) has been more heart felt then anyone else’s. Everyone is worried Jordan will win, I will bet she doesn’t. The other HG’s keep saying Jordan will win if she’s in the final 2. Now ask yourself WHY is that? EVERYONE likes her. She isn’t perfect, but she has a kind heart. That’s why everyone worries about her.

        Shame on you Shelly!! I wish cameras would follow Shelly home as she watches the show and the 3 deal she did make with Rachel & Brendon outside…When Shelly freaked out lost her mind saying they were such liars. I wonder what her daughter will say to her? Josie didn’t have any problems telling America her Mom needed to quit lying and pick a side. Josie also said her mom would be writing a lot of sentences for all her lies.

        That’s going to be something when Josie tells her Mom how disappointed she is with all the lies

      • Good points Breezin, but remember, that house does strange things to people. They’ve been totally isolated from everything but themselves for about 2 months now. What was once normal, is not any longer.

      • @leo better check your glasses!! Shelly thinks she.s a good player, but not enough to be on two teams, much less ONE!!

  35. With the Teams back in place this week, Rachel and Jordan have a chance to make it threw this week…. Go Rachel and Jordan for the win in the POV!

  36. i just want to know Jordan fans …do you honestly believe she should win this game.. bb is about game play not about who is the nicest in the house she already won half a million dollars

    Eveldick even said Jordan was the biggest floater and that she should be evicted asap

      • OK who really is to say that her type of game play isn’t a legitmate type of game play, how many winners have we had in the past few years have been so called ‘floaters’ seems to work for some players, so enough of this BS ‘game players’ talk, if you are in the house and make it to final 6 5 or 4 then hell you have to have had some sort of ‘game play’ agressive or passive

    • I understand that he played and won this game, but why should viewers care or adopt his view as their own when deciding who to cheer for in this game? Just because he says it is so does not mean that it actually is.

    • I dont think it matters that she has already won. I think that her winning in her season, and making it to the end in this season against all of these odds makes her perfectly eligible and deserving of the prize.

    • WRONG! I watched Evel Dick after Thursday’s disaster. Dick said, Jeff and Jordan are the ONLY ones to NOT float since week one.

      If anyone here watched season 11, Kevin and GNatalie though Jordan was nothing. Um, well, Jordan won 2 out of 3 in her final HoH. She chose to bring the Gnat to final two; Jordan won hands down!!

      Shelley needs to leave this game, she’s the most VILE human (?), I’ve ever watched. She’s done NOTHING but clean windows…. and, make me SICK!

    • Actually, Evel Dick said Jordan was NOT a floater. A floater is a person who changes their loyalty from HOH to HOH, who ever is in power. Jordan has been true to her alliance since day one, therefore not a floater. If you want to call out floaters… can you say Adam?

    • First of all. Who cares what evil Dick says??? Second of all theres a social game that several houseguests over the year have played. Jordon didnt float anywhere! She stuck with her alliance just like she did last time. When she had to she won comps and then the money! In case you didnt know ,a floater is someone whom floats from alliance to alliance. Watch her win this veto! Then what???????

    • Jordan won because she got lucky in the end (all winners get lucky in the end) and was NOT a vindictive lying malcontent that alienated everyone who ended up in the jury. Evil Dick only won because no one wanted to give it to Danielle (and probably to further push her down because it was her estranged father who “took” the money away from her).

      And Jordan did not float at all in her first Big Brother season or in this season – she stuck/will stick with the few that were close to her all the way to the end. When she won it was because no one feared her competition skills (oh, Jordan won’t win any competitions) but she did win in the end. Everyone should be so successful in their “game play”.

  37. hate her or not Shelly had a major impact on the game

    these are the people that have been evicted because of her action


      • yeah..I agree..Rach took it up a notch which pretty much saved her backside. She saw an opening and took it. I think Rachel got out Keith, I will give dominic to shelly but really it was a group effort..and adam was floating his ass off at that easy pick…lawon..that was his stupidity…shelly was double dipping but that was just a no brainer..if anything give it to Jeff for barking kaliah down…and jeff goes to shelly but major assist from dani…

  38. i cant wait unitl the final when Dani sees Jeff walking in 5 min after her she is going to say

    • I want to see the footage of Brendan pissing himself laughing when Dani walked in, then crapping himself laughing when Jeff walked in then giong to bed laughing himself to sleep.

    • I wish they had camera in the jury house…. Survivor has footage of the castaways when they are voted out and going to sequester for the jury members… You hear that BB? Get your act togetehr and show us a 3-4 minute clip of jury members entering the jury!

      • They do that, but not until the next eviction episode. Plus until yesterday there was nothing to show, no one wants to see Brendan by himself. also, I’ve never seen any footage of the Survivor jury house. They don’t watch footage, they just get to sit in on all the tribal councils.

      • No u r wrong u can go to CBS click on Ponderosa and u will see all of the jury action from voted out to next ceremony

      • ok, so wait for Thursday and they’ll show the exact same type of footage of the Big Brother jury members entering the house…and with a video of the last week’s highlights.

  39. Worst casting in bb history

    bb should have kept the Stars for all season and not mixed them with new players

    • They should have been paired with a newbie. All hell would’ve broke loose after the first comp.

    • This season should have either been all All-Stars or All Newbies. Mixing them both has been a disaster. I thought next season would be an All-Stars season since season 7 was All-Stars. I thought they might do it again after another 6 seasons had passed so as to get 12-14 people to play.

      I really hope next year they go back on format and bring 14 strangers in so we get to see some original game play. This year the newbs were in too in awe of their BB idols and the game suffered for it.

      • I think they should bring back all of the 3rd place players from the start of the show let them compete…..see who floats then

    • Couldn’t agree more & if not for those stupid golden keys we wouldn’t be looking at some if these losers.. Everyone should have to compete.. Vets let me say it again should have let dani keep Dom & stuck together to final 6.. Boston Rob from survivor could give u a lesson on that.. A million dollar one!!

    • I agree. I don’t think the newbies had an equal playing field and were a bit intimidated which was why we didn’t see much game play from them earlier on. Since the BB fans tended to be loyal to their favorite vets, the newbies didn’t have much of a chance to create their own bonds with them.

  40. sorry i just watched that one comp over and over cause people were saying so much about it and they need to get a bigger screen maybe (mines 42″ maybe that helps i dont know) but im just saying matt must have been looking at a diffrent objoct not the one i saw cause a yellow shoe is just there lol

    • Me too! My hubby hates BB but was watching with the kids and I and said “Jeff just threw out his shoe!” I rewinded on dvr and sure enough he did! Then afterwards You can see it laying on top of the balls left side of Jeff’s bin. I have a 52 in screen too.

  41. I have been reading all the blogs and the twist today, which = PRODUCTION attempting to SAVE BB13 from being known as the season that bombed!!!

    RIP BB13!!!!!

    The remaining players = lack luster players.
    VETS =
    Jordan – sadly the facade is gone and her true self is showing,….. temper and “F” word shooting out of her mouth. Her family should love that!!! Sweet Jordan has left the BB13 house.

    Rachel – is showing her insecurity issues. Her actions with other is what I call, a bad case of personality “uglies”.

    Adam – decided to play without his balls & backbone!

    Porsha – needs to get her ego back in check, and remember that the game/production is still “IN CHARGE”, with the last “POWER”.

    Kalia – if only she could talk “LESS”, and think more before she opens her mouth.

    Shelley – I truly do not understand how she went from being “the MOM”, to being the least like person in BB13!!! Rather sad as I thought Keith had that title. I hope she wins VETO on Saturday, but, alas that might put her back in the game but will not save the image.

    • If this was old school BB they would have done the duos, but the teams would’ve been J/S R/K and A/P

    • If you followed the feeds at all it is pretty evident why Shelley earned her “most hated” title. Keith wasn’t reallly around long enough to get a truly accurate vision of his personality although what little I saw of him made me want to throw up. I think even less of Shelley and feel bad for her poor little daughter who has to hear all the negative criticism of her mother.

    • Just because Jordan flipped out once after Shelly PROVOKED her, while Jordan was CRYING in agony of her boyfriend and ally leaving, does not mean ”sweet Jordan” left, as if her nice southern girl personality was an act.

      Get over yourself. Everyone flips out once in a while.

    • leb you say that rachel is showing her insecurity issues. Her actions with other is what I call, a bad case of personality “uglies”.
      Just one thing How would you like it if someone to a doll of yours and put a noose around it’s neck. well thats what the so called houseguest did to rachel and I don’t think that is the kind of behavior I want to see on these shows. It’s in bad taste and so is your comment.

  42. I know jeff regret backdooring Dani funny part is this is the same game move that got him kicked out season 11

    what a loser

    He was yelling when he left sore loser

    • Julie asked Jeff if he had regrets about evicting Dani. He said not at all. I also agree with Jeff. Everyone was coming to him to put Dani out. They wanted him to do the dirt work. Then after he did it, seemed like he started loosing support.

      • It just proves my point that he’s a meathead. If , If he didn’t backdoor her, Kalia would’ve been gone and she wouldn’t have won the HOH that kicked his dumbass to the curb. Even if Dani won HOH Rachel would’ve been sent packing.

      • I agree with jlf. And I have no idea how anyone can think Jeff would do anything other than yell after what happened. Not many get evicted like that, with that much of a blindside from somebody who was clearly alligned with you like Shelly was supposed to be. Dani getting it from Jeff isn’t nearly the same, they were never clear allies. That being said I wish Jeff refrained from some of what he did, but I for one can actually remember he’s a human being who gets passionate and has emotions, not a robot. Dani may have hidden it better but like ellablue said, she wasn’t a happy loser either.

      • Jeff did this to himself and Jordan. If he was not dumb enough to listen to Danielle who was the biggest liar and backstabber yet, he allowed her to send Brendon to the jury house and was complicity in his eviction both times is just plain dumb! He lost a valuable ally that can compete and an extra vote just when he needed it!

  43. So another pointless week, either rachel or shelly go.

    Hey hers an idea…. since this season died yesterday. Why dont we just skip the reaming bull episodes and just have production hand pick the final 3 already and get this over with already.

    • The thing is.

      You’re the only person who feels that way. So it wouldn’t work out.

      You’re the minority sir. Get used to it or stop watching.

      • How am I the only one that feels this way. Open your eyes, With another production set up to favor their favorites, its a no briner to know what is going to happen. Either rachel or shelly are out that door this week. The game is too predictable now, and production has show who they want to win.

        Minority…. So stating MY opinion on the situation automatically makes me part of a group. Wow what a retard, Like you haven’t stated an opinion of yours, that everyone liked. Thats why they are called OPINIONS. Also the reason that anyone can come and post there thoughts about the show

        So you get used to reading different opinions. No one is shoving a gun to your head to agree with my statement or anyone else.

      • Gotta agree with Noir chief, They’re trying to hand this one to Jordan. Rach has been picked this week to help carry her to the end now that meathead is gone. Lotta other people feel the same.

    • Well if everyone in the house thinks Jordan would win, it would be a smarter game play move to evict jordan not Rachel. That being said I am team Jordan/Rachel.

  44. I really don’t care what happens but I just CANNOT stand shelly. The crying, the lying, the blowing kisses constantly & the macho dude walk. She’s a mess. She needs to go!

  45. Watching BBAD First Shelly said when Jordan came outside, she called Rachel a liar. Then Rachel asked does anyone want to play cards. Shelly complained that she wasn’t going to play because she was not invited. Kalia said Rachel said Does anyone want to play poker. Shelly walked off and did not play. Sounds like play ground stuff. Shelly is being the green -eyed monster.

    • Smart girl, she’s playing for jury votes.Meathead is gonna make Shelly’s life hell when she hits the jury house.

  46. Does anyone know if the rumors about Rachel getting pregnant (during this season) are true?

  47. I don’t understand why production would turn for the most part an individual game, into a duo game again at this late stage of the competition. I’ve tried not to buy into the whole conspiracy theories this year, but it’s hard not to after something like this.

    Why not have a diamond POV or just simply cash like they have in the past? They seem really intent on dictating who wins this game this season. Why. I don’t know? Why not just let the game play out and let the best player win, without all the tricks and BS. Otherwise why even have a show? Just write Jordan another $500k cheque and stop changing the game as you go along.

  48. Those pathetic slugs Kalia,Porshe,and Shelley, are totally under-estimating Rachel,and Jordan,and that will be their downfall!

    • Kalia makes me sick and Shelly is really a guy..They keep saying Rachel doesnt derseve to be there..Rachel has won 2 HOH and Kalia only won one and what has Shelly won?? Except for Father of the year

      • Kalia has won 2 HOH, my friend !

        And Shelly won the award for “Best Liar in a Reality Show/Comedy/Drama/Sci-fi/Sitcom/Movie/Life”

  49. Well i had claimed i was never gonna watch Big Brother after the show i witnessed Thursday. I even unliked sites on Facebook and twitter. But for some reason i got the email from Big Brother Network and i did see Pandora’s Box. I was curious so i read it. Thank you Big Brother, You gave me a glimmer of hope. I will watch at least until the Veto game. I hate to say tho, If Jordan/Rachael do not win it, I can not watch the rest of the season. But at least you gave me hope on my favorite Site!!

    • Funny how BB emailed people to tell them the Vets are still in the game. This shit is more rigged than any other reality show I have ever seen. What a crock of crap. Teaming up the players when there are only six left…hahaha…can we say FIXED! BB has done everything it can to get these Vets to end. Tell me one twist that went the newbies way? You cant, there are none. Every time the Vets have a bump in the road BB does something to try and get them out of it. They are the ones that keep blowing it. I hope anyone except for a Vet wins but in reality they have already written out the check in Jordan or Rachals name.

  50. I have never disliked a contestant on big brother as much as I HATE Shelley. If she wins I swear I will never watch Big Brother again. The only thing that kept me watching this season was Jeff, Jordan, Brendan and yes even Rachel.

    Where did they dig up the other losers? They must have scraped the bottom of the barrel because they usually pick attractive (or half decent) people. I must say this is the most unattractive group to date (minus the returning house guests).

    Everything is crossed here for Jordan or Rachel to win the veto. I really don’t want any of the other people in the house to make it to the end.

    Just my two cents. I had to get it off my chest :)

    • Well said, I don’t want anyone else to make it to the end either. The new cast this year wasn’t well picked. Kalia disgusts me in every way possible and Shelly’s gameplay bothers the hell out of me. I can say I’ve never disliked players as much as them in the history of watching this show.

      • I Liked Shelley up until what she did to Jordan! She can try to spin this anyway she wants, but she went beyond game play! Everyone has to bluff at some point if they want to win, but Jordan told Shelley if it was between her n jeff she wld take jeff to the end (obviously) but otherwise I think she would have taken shelley. I think Jordan really cared about her…not sure she will after this..not now.

  51. I hope that Rachel or Jordan win the veto to show that they can win without their other halfs. They need to show the newbies what is up. Along the lines of Shelly she needs to lose this game and go to Jury house. I was all for her winning until she done that to Jordan. And Jordan was nice enough to give away her prize to her because she has a heart and showed how much she cares about people and their feelings and then Shelly done that to her. That is when my opinion changed about her.


  53. In Dante’s Inferno, he created a special place for people like Shelly. He loathed them so much that he put them on the outer ring where they would forever chase an unreachable banner and be stung by wasps and hornets so that their festering wounds would be food for worms and maggots. That’s where Shelly belongs. In the ring of noncommittals – those who flip sides and loyalties to gain their own advantage.

    • Damn Christie!!!

      You have just banished everyone who has EVER played Big Brother to the outer rings of Hell!

  54. Why doesn’t BB just hand JJ or Brenchal the money and cancel this season altogether. They seem so hellbent on giving the vets chance after chance to win that it’s no longer a fair game. These folks have had their season, give someone else a chance to shine and play for heaven’s sake or do an “all vets” season so we don’t have to watch this one-sided bs.

    I have no favourites, but I can tell you, Dani was right when she said she and her alliance were the only ones not there to write Jeff or Jordan a check.

    I get that a lot of folks don’t like Kalia, Shelly, and Porche, but the fact of the matter is they aren’t doing anything the vets didn’t do and they are winning comps and playing strategically (and yes, that includes some lying which the vets are ALSO guilty of). This is the POINT of being on BB, so if they are going to be hated for this and the rules changed on a whim to give the vets every advantage, somebody please tell me what was the point of this season at all?

    This season is awful, not because of the newbies or their lack of gameplay, but because the Vets totally outshined and bullied the newbies and there was basically nothing to watch. And now that a few Newbies have stepped up to the plate, they still can’t win. They’re damned if they float and follow the vets, and damned if they actually play the game. What a ridiculous season!

    Let me be clear, putting JJ or any popular vet couple back in the house with a group of folks nobody has heard of is automatically unfair and will sway public opinion. Compiling that with “twists” that miraculously appear anytime the vets are down makes for a totally pointless season. Unless luck is on the newbies side, we can all gather that a vet will win… because it is clearly what production wants. I say, hand them a check already and end this torture!

    • YOU absolutely NAILED this!

      Of ALL the seasons this is the season it has been easiest to miss the actual TV show nights. At least we were able to choose other channels with new reality shows. :D

      • Cheers Screwed, and precisely. Things got a bit interesting when tables began to turn and personalities emerged, but I can see now it’s all for nothing and almost completely pointless. It’s a good thing there are other shows to watch! Better luck next season eh…

    • No you r absolutely wrong. The newbies had and have an equal shot. Production is not going to sit around and gear this so that their so called”favorite” wins. Brenden got voted back in because hes a hard competitor!!! He deserved to win. The reason this season has been so aggravating is because production made bad choices for newbies and Letting Dani come back!!! Shelly is vile and nuts and she is the bully. Right along with Dani. All she did was bully Rachel the entire time. Why ?? because Rachel got Dom out. Like evil Dick said, Dani needs to play the game , not hook up with the boy she is attracted to and lay around. She went after Brenden because her boytoy got the boot!!! Period! It wasnt game play at all. Lets face it the problem isnt the mix if the cast. Its the new morons they brought in. Porsche is an idiot and a nasty person. Shelly is psycho and. Went beyond game play, adam is too infatuted with show itself to do anything. The first three voted out . Well. Need i say more? The only newbie that i wouldnt mind seeing win is kalia. This season is so messed up because of. Dani. and her selfish sickening and immature behaviour and crazy shelly spewing nothing but vile filth from her mouth and then actually bawling. Her eyes out in the diary room acting like shes an innocent victim. Production must have been thinking. This woman is nuts!!

    • I agree 100% Nikki. They just need to cut Jordan the 500k check and get it over with. The newbies don’t stand a chance and didn’t from the start. They should have renamed it the “JJ and BR Show”. It’s not even a game anymore. I’m just waiting on the twist that puts “Big Jeff” back in the game. This season sucks!

      • That will be next… A “special twist” that allows yet another (or perhaps 2 individuals) back in the house. Wait for it…

        I say, cut the free-loading vets a check so we can see some fresh meat. I would’ve been happy with an all vet alliance, but mixing them with newbies has proven disasterous. Folks seem to think that just because someone has already been on the show they’re somehow entitled. So dumb.

      • Sorry, meant to say, I would’ve been happy with an all vets SEASON. Otherwise, seasons are best when we meet entirely new characters.

  55. Well it looks like CBS has thrown J & R a lifeline – all they have to do is win the veto which I assume will be as geared towards their (so-far hidden) strengths as possible.

    I wonder if Shelley will feel it was worth it when the game is over. She has absolutely no chance of winning and her poor little daughter will have witnessed first-hand all the hatred directed at her mother (aka America’s Most Hated Player). Nice going, Shel!

    • Shelly deserves the wrath. I understand this is a game, so she has every right to backstab lie and play the game. HOWEVER, the reason Jordan is so upset is valid – to know that she conspired with all the things she meshed with game talk about them personally – it puts every nice thing she did – that she probly meant at the time personally – in question. Also, to call out Rachel as a liar when she knows damn well she did not lie and then degrading Rachel as a person in the name of her integrity – and going so far as to hide her stuffed puppy that she has made clear has sentimental value — that is not “classy” – when one doth protest too much that the have played the game with “honor” and “integrity” and has “never lied” they are the first ones that the rest should vote out the door. The vets totally blew it — Danielle is the one who totally blew it for them. Danielle one-handed a victory to a newbie all because she wanted to “outplay” her dad and that is just something that could never happen. Her daddy issues cost us a truly good season of BB for this season of boredom, non stop yapping by the annoying Kalia, Adam-who is just so happy to be there to say he was there (celebrety stalker type) and the 24/7 mean-spirited bashing of Rachel. Of course, bringing back Rachel was not too smooth because she needs to get her life together – and all she got was probly knocked up in the BB house for it!!

      • Ok, not that I want to start a “back & forth”, but in Rachel’s original season, she absolutely hid personal items from folks she disliked and she is not the only one – not a new tactic. Likewise, both couples; Brenchal and JJ are guilty of blatantly lying and backstabbing. In regards to personal attacks… I reckon the footage speaks for itself – Jordan calling Dani a whore out of jealousy was especially charming… There are no angels in this game and I reckon it’s time for folks to grow up already.

      • I totally agree with you doni. Regardless of the comments already made, the tactics of the 3 MEAN girls + old leather neck against (especially)Rachel are mean spirited. Rachel is fodder to them. It’s interesting how Shelly has changed more than anyone else. The 3 backbiting meanies are the same. Shelly however, “Mr. Clean” sans the bald know, Ms Integrity?? perhaps has poisoned her brain with all her smokes and deceit. She is something else. One can hope that she’ll eat garbage humble pie when the jurors pass her over to win. Better yet, toss her bag o bones now to the sharks in the jury house. They’ll have at her!

    • Yes, case in point, if the vets behave like jerks it’s ok, but if a newbie does it, it’s completely unacceptable…

      The game is rigged from the start.

  56. And I’d also like to say for the record that, while I am not fond of Shelly, by no means has anything she done made her a horrible mother. This is 2011 for heaven’s sake and she’s on a gameshow to win money. The POINT of the game is to outwit, outplay, and outlast. A few lies told along the way should not be cause for someone to be labeled an awful parent, and her daughter has every right to be proud. I see no one directing that ridiculous argument to JJ who regularly lie, backstab, and bully.

  57. Shelly will always regrett that choice.If she doesnt, something is seriously wrong with her.

    • It’s a game. I’m sure she’ll get over not handing JJ a check and doing the best she can to advance herself lol.

      • yea .. Nikk, because she cannot win anything on her own.. why not backstab the people that saved your butt to begin with.. nobody is handing anybody a check.. win a comp.. and earn it loser.

    • Tim I reckon you’re missing the point entirely. I’m simply pointing out that she’s not doing anything anyone else isn’t doing yet everyone has clearly drank the JJ kool-aide and for what. JJ don’t care about anyone but themselves and are as ruthless as they come.

      I could give a fart about Shelly, but I fail to see where she’s an evil person over a BB game. Grow up folks!

  58. i’m gald i’m not the only one who don’t like shelly. she about to make me hate big brother. i know it’s a game but all i heard her talk about is you should not LIE and be a good person,and her dauther watching her do all the things she told her not to,who is she fooling.

  59. I bet Jeff is kicking himself in the azz now for voting out Brenden and saving that piece of crap Shelly.. I knew she was a low life.. like Adam or not.. he stays loyal and said he would rather go with someone he trusts and battle in comps and loose to them than get stabbed in the back or back doored… teams that stuck together made it to the end .. the ones who start going off on their own are always the downfall of the team.. point in fact.. like them or not..Brigade made it… Will and Mike boogie made it, the vetrans..Nope ! thanks Dani… JeJo,Adam,Shelly,Rachel…Nope ! thanks Shelly.. just a bunch of dumbazzes.. cause their own downfall.. Brenden was right when he told Dani.. If we continue this way, We will all just take each other out and one of these idiots will win ! Foolish Mortals….

    • I agree. That is what happened where most of the newbies sat back and watched as the vets picked each other off. Even if Dani deserted the alliance, Jeff and Jordan, especially Jeff, were the ones who didn’t stay true and started working with the disgusting Shelly.

  60. It sounds like Pandora’s Box gave Porsche $10k and she had to share it and gave $5k to Kalia. Am I correct in assuming that if either Jordan or Rachael win veto, both come off the block? If so, does Jordan and Rachael know that?

  61. I am again confused. If Jordan and Rachel are up for eviction and they win the Veto Comp how could it be Shelly or Rachel going home? That is what it says above: “we will know if it is Shelly or Rachel going home”? I am confused. If Jordan or Rachel win the Veto Comp then they are off the block right? Then Adam and Shelly would go up?

    • I’ve been wondering the same thing. Makes no sense if they’re both safe. Hopefully, “Matt” will explain it better.

      • I’m sure this new twist is CBS’s way of giving both Jordan and Rachel a chance to stay in the game. If it was just a regular veto comp one of them would definitely be going home. As it stands now, I’m sure the veto comp will be one at which one or both of them excelled at in previous comps so they will both be able to come off the block. Since Porsche is HOH, neither she nor her partner, Kalia, can be put up so Adam and Shelley are the only option to go up if Rachel and Jordan are successful in winning the veto. They will have control of the vote and should send Adam packing but since they are both pretty emotional right now it will be Shelley who will running into Dani’s open arms. Of course, if they fail to win the veto, all of CBS’s efforts will have been for naught. Personally, I think if they really wanted to keep them both in the house they should have dropped the DPOV into one of their hands.

    • rachel & jordon win the veto. adam &shelly go up , rachel & jordon evict i hope rachel & jordon win the veto!!!1

      • I truly hope that is the way it goes down. I will watch on Sunday night. then i may have to stop watching again. I cannot stand Shelly lies.

    • Since Rachel and Jordon will be on the block. If they win the veto they take themselves down. The only. Other choice to go up is adam and Shelly. Shelly will go. If they dont win, The newbies want Rachel out so she will be gone. Hopefully yhat doesnt happen and Shelly goes.

  62. In uk our bb is a social game – the audience vote so it’s more like a popularity contest. Maybe this is why I like jordan’s game?! Also think Porche is daft for nominating rachel and jordan this week; if eviction is reliant on PoV surely it’d be safer to nominate Adam and Shelley leaving open the possibility to ‘backdoor’ Rachel or Jordan?

  63. If anyone thinks that Shelly’s confrontation with Jordan was by accident, think again. I have been to all of the corporate training courses she has. Like one of the things they teach is to raise the height of your chair in your office so that you are looking down on anyone setting opposite you intimidating them and giving the person the feeling that you have authority over them. That is why the bed in the HOH room is raised on a platform. Everyone in the house knows that if Jordan makes it to the finally two. The jury will give her the money. Shelly knew this was an opportunity to make Jordan look bad and shift the attention from her. The same reason Shelly is stealing Rachael’s personal items. Shelly knows it will rattle Rachael get her to concentrate on something else than game play and throw her off her game. This is the only game play Shelly has.

  64. Ok matt. Why is it that. Everytime i try to post something it keeps saying message failed. I retry several times and it still doesnt go. Wtf???

  65. Shelly has avoided eye contact with Jordon. In bbad she is hiding in her bed. Bad girl Shelly looks like your punishing yourself. . Body language speaks volumes.

  66. Simply put if Rachel orJo dont win this 8)en they dont deserve to play I like this twist because it forceps the players to really try hard in a com to Manny have been thrown this year

  67. No unfortunately they did not mess up. The Jerky n jelly beans was on week 1 and the gum chew veto that dom won was on week 2. I went to to double check.

  68. First off, I do not believe the show is rigged to benefit any particular player but to keep the viewers watching. I am sure they read these boards to get info on what we want to see, like or do not like! Shelley, is not likable and not easy on the eyes. Portia, has not exposed her self to the audience and now that she is, she turns out to be just a mean girl! Kalia, is just annoying and won’t shut up. So really, that leaves Adam…boring! Do we really want three weeks of watching just them?

  69. Jordan is a rat incarnate, dislike her so much she is a real Phony cant cook chicken a girl from the south .it s all for Jeff so that he will cook for her hate women that don’t even try , she even told Rachel y she does so much for Brandon.

  70. Just want to clarify the abortion comment. The newbies were talking about what kind of POV it might be, and Adam said maybe it will be one where you have to throw a medicine ball in the stomach, and Porsche said that would save Rachel $400. It wasn’t said to upset Rachel, as she and Jordan were inside. It was said out of meanness, pure and simple. The other day, Kalia said they won’t be thought of as mean because America hates Rachel. Time for a reality check…

    • Amen to that!

      Kalia is delusional. She actually thinks America is rooting for her and Porsche because she thinks everyone hates Rachel. On BBAD the other day she and Porsche were discussing the applause when she broke the tie to evict Jeff. She said the applause was really loud – meaning America agreed with her and was happy Jeff was voted out – and they were trying to remember if the applause was louder for Dani or Jeff when they went out the door. I hope they read all the comments after they get out to see that all of America does not worship them. I know they have their share of fans/followers, but they aren’t as “loved” as they think.

      And as for Shelly, she complains that her daughter has to hear her mother being called a bitch on the feeds – why is her daughter watching the feeds unattended?? – then she will really flip if Josie finds out what a lot of America really thinks of her mother!

  71. Mj. Ur not the only one!! Myself and everyone i know loves Jeff and jordon. Jeff especially!!! Hes a strong and smart player. True to his alliance and tells it like it is. Dani wasnt a part of his alliance. Therefor he owed her nothing. He just had a little bad luck with the shoe and they evicted him because they were scared of him as a player. On the other hand Dani got evicted because she was a. vindictive backstabbing beeaaatch! Just as shelly is about to do.

  72. To: Jordan wins again! says:
    August 27, 2011 at 9:27 am

    Before you call someone a dummy, may I suggest you do it with proper spelling and grammar! Jeez!

    if you only can talk about people who spell bad, than i feel sorrry for youuuu, that your life is that boring, sitting around looking for bad spellerrrs. this forum is so much more, you should try just reading the commments, and if you have nothing nice to say, I say don`t say it. theres so much more in this world then picking out 1 misspelled word.
    have a happy and beautifullll dayyyy

  73. They need to send shelly packing she can’t win a thing she gripes co cleaning how does she think her little girl feels about her lying

  74. WHoooo HaHaHa Rachel hope you dont win the veto Cause You need too go home Rachel And Kalia And Porche Needa Win and get the Prizes

  75. Lol I’m imagining the funniest thing ever!!! Ok, so Dani is in the jury house, giggling at Brendan for sucking so hard when Jeff walks in. Then she starts laughing at them both, and when Rachel walks in, she starts pointing and laughing hysterically. Then Adam walks in, and she laughing on the floor. Then, Jordan walks in, and she’s laughing harder than ever. And every few minutes, she’ll stare at one of them for a few seconds and start laughing again! lol
    All the while their sitting around a table glaring at her.

  76. Not sure why she would be laughing, she is in there with them, in that case I would be crying. I love all of the vets, but listening to Rachael saying nobody gets in the way of my man. lol that would make anyone cry. However all of the vets screwed up starting with Danni. They should of stuck to there game plan. But that is what is great about big brother expect the unexpected. love it!

  77. Trash mouth Shelly. For a 41 year old, she’s certainly a big piece of garbage. If she makes any money in this game, shame on those who vote for her or keep her around. She is the worst person of any season I’ve seen, to talk total trash about Rachel everytime she opens her mouth. Does she actually believe that America loves her?

    • Absolutely agree with you, I can’t stand the way she acts, the way she talks, or the way she looks!!!Absolutely a horrendous person, I hated watching her chase Porsche and Kalia around the house after Porche won HOH, what a suckup!!! disgusting display of disloyalty to Jeff & Jordan, I hope she goes real soon and has to explain to her young daughter what a piece of garbage she is, after that, explain it to your business associates, they’ll never look at her the same again,and never trust her in business.

  78. It looks like Rachel is sitting in the purple room reading, while Queen of Lies Shelly, slams her over and over to the newbeens. Clever game play? Lies are one thing, but to continually degrade others for no reason, makes for a sick soul.

    • Now, if the HG’s would wise up and send BOTH Shelly and Kalia packing!!! What a wonderful world it would be for poor, poor Dani!! She would have all of her “buddies” together again!! All losers!! ROCK ON, CD!!!

      • I can’t imagine having this woman for a boss.I wonder how much respect she will have after this.I don’t see how anyone could trust her again.

  79. What happens to the person in the duo that is not voted out? Do they get a golden key to the final three since there are three groups? ie Adam and Shelly go up (plzplzplzplzzzz) Shekel/Hyde gets the boot. What happens to Adam for the rest since they play in duos from here on out?

  80. I can’t believe what I have been reading. Shelly is absolutely sick. In the beginning I remember her telling Jordan that she swore on her family (Josie) she would never vote out Jeff or Jordan. She has no integrity, morals, honesty or honor. She may not even have a family when she gets out. She blames the other kids for picking on Josie (if they do) when she is the biggest liar. I double if any of her clients will believe anything that comes out of her mouth now. Serves her right. Maybe Tony has already contacted a lawyer as he is finding out exactly what and who Shelly is. Sure am glad she is not my daughter. Only my opinion, which I believe I am entitled to.

  81. I am ashamed that such an evil person comes from my home state. Playing the game is one thing, but intentionly being cruel is another. Shelley has stepped over the line and I feel so sorry for her husband and daughter because you can’t justify her actions as game play.

  82. ok jeff has a big head and go;s around bullying ever one he is not nice.does the same in real all remeber this is just a game for 500,gs.and amy think they would do a better job.feel out a app.and will see you next year.

  83. THis is “MY” opinion….Jeff may be a bit different, but he does play a great game…..Rachel is calming down, and I am beginning to like her…………she is a GREAT game player………..Brendon can play the game too….Dani can only play with her dad…Hope they bring Dick back in the future…he is fun to watch on here……………….and Jordon, can’t help but like her……………and Kalia, well, what a Bitch this one is…..I feel sorry for her boyfriend or is he that way too……..she has got to go and Portia, well, talk about a Bitch..the girl think’s sheis hot to trot….NOT!………..Love the way it is going again…..Yeah Rachel and Jordon………………I really wish Adam could come in Second…I really like that guy…he is like Jordon, just a likely pair…………………

  84. Shelly turned out to be the least likeable person on Big Brother. Constantly lying and making trouble is just plain mean. She has been terrible in all the competition and should not even be in the game anymore.

  85. doesn’t anyone remember that Shelley voted for Kalia does Kalia know? How could she now side with Shelley?

  86. i cant believe im saying this but i hope rachel makes it through this week so she can kick some ass next week and help jordan. yall keep sayin jordans not a threat, thats exactly what makes her a threat. i hope she makes it to the final two cause nobody could beat her. id be okay with rachel winning. id like to c a vet win. shelly is a complete parasite and im almost convinced she use to be a man. kalia is nothing more than a fat drama queen. she should start offering to be a have not at least every other week and at least show the world shes putting some effort into it. porshe is a complete floater…remember when her and rachel were friends? if jordan and rachel go home next id like to see adam win. i feel like he is one of the worst players ever. hes made all the wrong moves but somehow stayed cool with the house. lord knows jordan aint the brightest crayon in the box but shes the nicest by far i think she deserves to win again. go on jordan kick shelly in the sack!

  87. i think shelly was smart for voting off jeff bcuz if she did make it to the final three with jeff and jorda she would for sure b kicked off bcuz jeff and jordan would have gone all the way together so i think it was a good game move.

    • But Dani would never have taken Shelly to the final two either. Dani would have taken Kalia, so Shelly broke her word for nothing. I don’t think Shelly thought that thru enough before doing what she did.

    • When a person elects to become part of the BB Game then they buy off to the good & bad. This is not just a game but reality TV. Look what happened with Bravo’s BH Housewifes inwhich a husband kills himself.
      The players signed to join.

      Hate or like Shelly … she is playing the game in a box cage for $500K…. GIVE HER AND THE Remaining 5 a BREAK!!!!!

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