Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 8 Saturday Highlights

Big Brother 13 presented a Saturday Veto competition day like we hadn’t seen yet in the game. With the introduction of Pandora’s Box on Friday there was a whole new level of stress. Remaining HGs were paired back up as duos and fighting for their mutual BB lives. The Veto wasn’t the only excitement though as one HG thought she found a way to bring the Fortune Teller to life and begged it for a Big Brother twist.

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 27, 2011:

9:30 AM BBT – Rachel and Jordan are giving each other pep talks to get ready for their big day.

11:00 AM BBT – Rachel goes upstairs and talks with Porsche. Rachel trying to make amends. Porsche point out all the things she felt Rachel has done wrong. Porsche returns Rachel’s toy duck, but not the puppy.

1:30 PM BBT – Newbies gathered in the HoH room. They’re cementing their alliance to go after the remaining Vets. Porsche says they were told to stay hydrated for the Veto comp and it would be delayed. HGs speculate the delay is due to the heat.

3:00 PM BBT – Shelly has discovered how to make the Fortune Teller come alive. The “Don’t Disturb” sign has been removed so she gets to disturbing it. Kalia comes by and they both inspect it for awhile. Shelly stays for hours and continues to poke and prod. She thinks it will give her the Veto.

5:45 PM BBT – Trivia kicks in as the HGs head out to compete for the Veto.

7:45 PM BBTLive Feeds are back. Rachel and Jordan are all smiles. Newbies sulking. Rachel won the Veto. Both Vets will be safe due to the twist. Jordan fell second and feels bad. Rachel assures her it’s okay and this was a win for both of them. Rachel is, kinda surprisingly, being very humble about her win. She says she wanted to celebrate, but instead told all HGs congratulations for getting to Final 6.

8:20 PM BBT – Kalia and Shelly try to get back in to the Lounge room with the Fortune Teller, but no luck. The code has been changed and they’re locked out.

9:15 PM BBT – Shelly asks Kalia to talk with Jordan and Rachel to try and keep her this week and evict Adam instead.

9:30 PM BBT – Kalia and Porsche considering throwing HoH comp to Rachel to keep her from competing the next week. Not a brain cell between these two.

1:30 AM BBT – Shelly and Jordan talk and talk and talk. Shelly apologizes. Jordan accepts. Talk ends with a hug, but is it enough to save Shelly from eviction?

Lots to figure out between now and Thursday. The Veto ceremony will be held on Monday, but we already know what will happen. Shelly and Adam will go up on the block. Kalia can vote on Thursday, but since Jordan and Rachel hold 2 of the 3 votes they’ll decide who goes to the Big Brother 13 Jury.

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  1. I think Shelly apologized to Jordan hoping Jordan will save her, I bet if R/J had not won veto no apology would have been forthcoming. I think BB production needs to make sure Shelly goes into the jury, and get her off the show for her own protection, the more she’s on, the more hate that comes her way. She may not realize howmany threats and hate are for her on the outside world, but her husband and daughter know and I feel for them.

    • Shelley has a LOT of nerve to even TRY to get Jordan and Rachel to save HER. What;s even worse, NO apology is going to get Jordan to trust her for a minute. I think it’s actually pretty pathetic to now, all of a sudden, want to “apologize” just because her neck is on the line. Jordan may be “simple”, but she in NO way stupid.

      As for the way people on the outside feel about Shelley; sorry but maybe she should have thought about that before screwing the TWO people (Jeff and Jordan) that have carried her throughout the entire summer.
      As for her Family, I can only imagine their reactions, especially when “Josie” made it clear, she does not like her Mother lying, as well as Josie wanting her Mother to “stick with Jeff and Jordan”.
      She’s a pretty smart kid and her Father deserves a LOT of credit!

      As for Kalia and Adam wanting to “throw” the HoH is absolutely ridiculous! But, hey, go for it! I’m surprised that Kalia and, at least Adam, don’t realize that the Veto next week is the MOST powerful competition, next to the HoH…

      It’s amazing how fast the ass-kissing switched after the Veto Comp… Bye Bye Kalia after Shelley..

      • I hope Jordan is smart enough to figure out that Shelly is going to say ANYTHING at this point to save her sorry ass. Hopefully Jordan realizes this this because she is a kind and forgiving soul so I just hope she sees the truth through all of this BS. God I can’t stand that woman. I use to dislike Rachel but Shelley takes the crown

      • I think Jordan deserves a lot more credit as far as “seeing through Shelley”. To Jordan, Shelley NOT only betrayed their friendship, but she holds Shelley 100% responsible for getting Jeff evicted.

      • The bottom line is Shelly has to live with herself, that is if she has a conscience, unless she is able to brush it off as a game. But, she still must be able to explain to her wise daughter the difference between real life and game play that looks like real life–good luck Shelly, parenting sometimes catches us on the spot!

    • Shelly made her chain smoking, back stabbing bed, now she can lay in it! I just can’t wait to see Jeff’s reaction when she gets to the jury house with her balls swinging behind her!

    • People are wrong stooping to Shelly’s level. Shelly has done so much damage and comments of wanting to hurt Rachel, and then egging the others on to do the same (all with lies mind you, saying rachel said this and that and there were no such conversations).

      As a woman, and person who works in the legal field, I’m am ticked off and will never forget or forgive that they wanted to kick Rachel in the stomach to end the pregnancy. Now I ask you, who is sicker these people making alleged threats (mind you they did not call in authorities and that is a good clue they could be just lies – maybe it runs in the family) or the ones who go around talking about kicking a woman in the stomach to end a pregnancy?

      Shelly’s lies about Rachel only served to possible get Rachel hurt. We’ve all known people who spread lies to get others to do their dirty work, and Shelly is one of those type of people. She has anger issues (going after Jordan right after Jeff was voted off, Jordan did not want to talk then but Shelly started screaming etc and shoving her finger in Jordan’s face (by the way Jordan you go girl for not backing down from that fight).

      Again, threats are wrong and on all sides. That includes the ones inside the bb house against Rachel.

      I’ve not watched this for a few years, but didn’t they used to have rules about that and remove hg’s who are cause this type of fighting?

  2. i couldn’t stand Rachel in her season or at the beginning of 13. but i’m starting to think it is all Brendon’s fault she is not liked very much. if he had never been cast for bb12, millions more people would love Rachel

    Rachel sure is a 1000x better without Brendon, she seems to be more focused without him berating her all the time(do this, don’t say that, sit here, no game talk). she did an amazing job keeping Jordan together after Jeff’s eviction.

      • She loves her man and she forgave him. We’ve all been in a relationship where we do stupid things for a guy. However, watching some feeds from bb12 I can tell he loves her too. Besides what guy would go on youtube and post an embarr apology like he did? Most guys treat the girl like crap and the girl ends up going back.

        I kind of hope they make it.

        Jeff/Jordan I don’t think really love each other as a couple. Just a feeling I get, they are probably really good friends but I don’t think they’ll be getting married.

    • I completely agree with you! I despised Rachel last summer but now I do like her. I wonder if maybe Brendon isn’t good for her! I hope he isn’t like that outside the house! Rachel really has been a good person towards Jordan and really is very likable! I could definitely see her in final 2 and probably winning the game!

      • I’m wondering if its not that she’s Brendon-less…..she COULD very well be pregnant. She hasn’t been drinking any alcohol the last couple of nights, yesterday she was telling Jordan she felt nauseated and she looks very pale and tired looking lately…..I dk I think she is….anyhow GO RACH, JORDAN, AND BABY BRENCHAL! LOL

      • I’m wondering if its not that she’s Brendon-less…..she COULD very well be pregnant. She hasn’t been drinking any alcohol the last couple of nights, yesterday she was telling Jordan she felt nauseated and shes very pale and tired looking lately…..I dk I think she is….anyhow GO RACH, JORDAN, AND BABY BRENCHAL! LOL!!

  3. On a more serious note. I still think some of the Shelly hate is getting out of hand. Many loyal JJ fans like them because the are pretty decent All American people. If you like them for that reason, take some of their positive morals and apply it to your life.
    This is in by no means to all JJ fans, just the extreme ones who are making threats to Shelly’s personal life and spewing severe hatred.
    Its a GAME, people! Shelly screwed Jeff over. Get over it and move on.
    Big Jeff is not my favorite person in the game, mainly because he got my girl Dani out of the house. I “got my revenge” by laughing when he was evicted. That’s it.
    I really do think Jeff and Jordon will forgive Shelly quicker for Shelly’s move quicker than some of their more crazed fans.

    • Ditto. Have been on the I hate Shelly facebook page & some of these people are CRAZY!!! It’s a game. And I liked Jeff, but it is a game.

      • Sorry but I disagree, because Shelly’s actions against Rachel are evil. It all started with Rachel repeated a conversation and Shelly like a dear in headlights, went nutsoooo. Ever since then she has been out to get the other BB girls to hate Rachel and there is not one moment she is not talking stuff about Rachel. None of her actions were game related, they are typical of a person who doesn’t want you to know how shady they are.

        Again, any threat of personal harm is wrong inside and outside of bb house.

    • Jordan would be ashamed and upset to read what these so called Jeff and Jordan fans are writing. Shame on you! Weren’t y’all taught better by your mommas?

    • Jordan would be ashamed and upset to read what these so called Jeff and Jordan fans are writing. Shame on you! Weren’t y’all taught better by your mommas? And she wouldn’t want you hating on an old woman like Shelly!

      • Oops. I apologize for it coming up twice. Still not used to these new fangled contraptions …..

    • @Matt.. in response to Jordon and Shelly talk, I think Jordon is probably sincere in her forgiveness to Shelly (although, I did not see this), but will still evict her.

      • Her forgiveness to Shelly? Lol…she went as far as being the one to apologize to Shelly…Shelly said “I accept your apology” I’m like oh my Lord this lady drives me nuts! But I think Jordan did it to just be the bigger person cause Jordan isn’t the same kind of person Shelly is….Shelly didn’t even apologize to her.

      • Becky – I agree with you. That’s why we love Jordan so much. She forgives but is no dummy – she will evict Shelly. Jordan had her figured out all along. Must admit, I never considered Shelly as that “old woman” – thanks Jor

      • Like I said vetfan, I didnt see the conversation. No matter who initiated it, who asked who to fogive, doesnt matter.

      • Does anyone remember Shelly going on and on about her so-called “integrity” and how “integrity” is something she will not stand for anyone attacking? This is one of the many reasons people can’t stand her! If she used that word one more time, I thought I would scream! She hasn”t won a damn thing, and deserves zilch! Adam also goes on about the veto JEFF threw! I too like Rachel sans Berndon, I think he’s a bit of a control freak! But it’s good to see Rachel get her MoJo back!

      • I also think that Jordan is smarter than many give her credit. Her demeanor is dumb blonde, but she is sincere and also sharp, it is just under the surface. She observes, listens, watches and figures out what is what without doing it the say Shelly does. Shelly is all mouth, Jordan observes quietly.

    • @Becky thank you for a great and very true post. I like you was a fan of Dani and the eviction of Jeff made up for Dani going. That said I could not believe all the people who made threats and were spewing severe hatred against Shelly. It is a game and I don’t understand how people can take this to the extremes some of them have. I also have to add the cruel comments made against Kalia and Porche are so uncalled for. People come in all sizes and has nothing to do with the game. Think of how you would feel if people made cruel comments against you and how much it would hurt. Even cruel comments made to other posters if they happened to like another person in the game. I cannot believe the hatred some fans have displayed.

      • Thanks Gail. I have poked fun of some of the HGs appearance, too. The majority of it from me and others is all in fun. Its just the extremists that bother me.

      • Who put the quarter in Becky today? :) Nobody is actually going to do anything to Shelly. The people who make threats like that are cowards. Cops know these threats are idol. Think about it, people are gonna kill Shelly, yet Casey Anthony comes and goes as she pleases? OJ did as he pleased for 11 years? Please, nobody is gonna do anything to Shelly except laugh at her. RACHEL & BABY BOOKIE F2!

      • @Wayne.. I had to smile at that for the simple fact that when I was a kid and had a strong opinion on something, my dad would tell me “If I wanted to hear anything out of you, I would put a quarter in you.” Wait, a minute.. Wayne, are you my daddy??? lol

      • I’m probably old enough to be your Daddy! God, I hope Shelly doesn’t lie her way out of this one. GO BIG RED!

      • BTW, Wayne, I have looked for you in the BBN chatroom. Have you still not been there or have I just missed you?

    • @ Becky & Gail

      I totally agree. I was/am a JJ fan, but all the Shelly hate is out of control. Soon she will be getting death threats. Get a life people!!! It’s a game! Yes, Shelly is delusional, a liar, back stabber, etc, but she’s not Satan.

      I laughed to when Jeff got evicted, cause he dug his own grave. No matter how well liked he is, he made a stupid move by not teaming up with Dani and getting some of the useless newbies out.

      I was a Dani & JJ fan, but now…I can’t believe I’m actually rooting for Rachel. I couldn’t stand her last year!

      • Just how do you “Team UP” with a lying, backstabbing, pyscho, mean girl wanna be? Trust Judas? Yeah right! GO RACHEL & BABY BOOKIE!

      • well if it makes anyone feel better i dislike porsha and adam (baby killers) a lot worse than shelly.

    • The problem I believe is some BB fans are reliving their lives thru the characters of the house guests in Big Brother 13. While, I hate Danielle for her nasty and meanness as well as her dirty take no prisoners way of playing, outside the big brother house, she could be a very nice person. The same goes for Shelly. Like it or not, these house guests play certain characters in the house that they would not be in real life! Production also coaches them I have no doubt on how to act in the Big Brother house to drive up ratings! They do get paid per episode I am sure. Those on Dancing with the Stars get paid like $25,000 per episode which goes higher the longer they survive the competition. I am sure they probably have something similar in Big Brother. Kevin Costner and John Travolta played villains in some of their movies and I hated their guts in the movies but, hey, it is all entertainment! Nothing of it is real! So, everyone chill and enjoy the show! This is just entertainment and nothing else!

      • I believe pay is somehow tied into the union minimums, perhaps based on the number of shows on air during a week. Obviously the longer you’re on the show the more you get paid. They’re not living in a converted warehouse eating CBS food and nothing else for 8 weeks.

    • Yes, Its a game and yes, I think some of the hating has gone over the top….but…..pot call kettle!! Shelly is making up blatant lies about Rachel in the attempt to keep the hate-Rachel train chugging along…even Adam has hopped on it and she has done NOTHING to him at all. Sure, she is annoying with all her “fiance” “I love Brendon” “fiance” …but she is 25 and a bit immature 25 emotionally for whatever reason. But this is a girl who is smart, a college graduate, a sister, a daughter, a “fiance”, and consiering Ragan now adores her I would venture to say she is very likable outside of this game. However, Shelly fuels the flames day in day out and talks hate and how she should get no money and Dani took it to the most vile personal level with her lapdogs in tow. After the veto yesterday Rachel tried to be nice and not snarky yet Shelly told the hate train that she made horrible comments in the house afterward while arm in arm with Jordan….THAT NEVER HAPPENED…I have also heard other things these last few weeks that Rachel never said or took out of context to make her “evil” — so Shelly has decided to make Rachel the wicked one and she is Glenda good witch saving the day what with her “integrity” and “never lied” bs. Last night they were saying if indeed Rachel is pregnant they feel sorry for the baby….that is just downright pathetic…for Shelly to say “wait til you see what I did when you get home”…she knows damn well things she said that are unkind – not about Jordan – but overall — and she will not look good. Porsches comment about the veto could be with medicine balls they could throw at Rachels stomach so they could save her the $400 for the abortion…totally disgusting and beneath CBS to put people on that could be that way without so much as a peep about decorum. Like I said–no matter who it is – they all have people who love them outside of that house and the snarky things said should not be said. Its ok to be mad, not like someone but to talk about her as a liar and throwing people under the bus as if her playing the game is not ok but them playing is ok is just not right. Why they can hide her sentimental puppy and upset her while she tries to retaliate but is told precious Dani’s unicorn cannot be hidden is just not right.

      I know I am a broken record defending Rachel but the way she is being treated is not game. Its mean. Its disgusting. Its deplorable.

      Rachel is not innocent of many things and she says many stupid and insensitive things…but she does NOT stoop to this level of meanness and as of late she is listening to others and trying to change her game behavior…with success. I am wiling to bet out of the game she is a fun girl with a big heart and just wants to have “her man” and move forward.

      Just my 2 cents!

      • Thank you for such a well thought out post.

        I’ve been upset for weeks now about this same issue, but the comment about possibly hitting any in the stomach to end a pregnancy was too much for me. I was livid and I hope Rachel watches these afterwards and never forgives any of them.

        As for Shelly, her up in your face to Jordan the other day was also unforgivable. Rachel was so scared she pulled Jordan clear across the room, while the vampire Shelly was following screaming. Shelly is the typical bully.

        Thank you for sticking up for Rachel. :-)

    • from tmz and twitter… ‘Big Brother’ — Shelly’s Family Receiving Death Threats Over Jeff’s Eviction

      ” Big Brother” contestant Shelly Moore pissed off America when she voted to evict fan favorite Jeff Schroeder last week — and now TMZ has learned her family has been receiving death threats from deranged fans because of the move. Sources close to Shelly tell us … the reality star’s family has received multiple phone calls from people threatening violence … even making threats against Shelly’s 8-year-old daughter. We’re told Shelly’s employer has also been receiving harassing phone calls — demanding the company fire Shelly immediately because of the way she voted on the show. Sources tell us Shelly’s family is preparing to get the FBI involved — because they’re taking the threats VERY seriously. UPDATE: “Big Brother” Executive Producer Allison Grodner released a statement on Twitter … saying, “No matter how much you dislike an HG, this is wrong! True BB fans do not try to ruin lives. Please stop!”

  4. SHELLEY NEEDS TO GO! she is the ultimate floater… she flips flops all the time and shes a backstabbing bimbo. At least Jordan knows what sides shes on and is honest to her alliance, bye bye Shelley have fun in the jury and GO JORDAN AND RACHEL


  5. I hope Jordan pretends she’ll save Shelly and stab her in the back just like Shelly did to Jeff. I can’t wait to see Jeff’s face when Shelly walks into the jury house!!

    • Oh yes, wouldn’t that be just awesome!!! Love it. Get a taste of her own medicine. As they say it’s a game so hopefully Jordan will bring it on.

  6. Shelly has to go. There is no good game play from her. All she has done so far is back stab everyone. What a nasty liar. Kalia waffles to much and Porsche doesn’t know what she is doing. Adam ? Rachel is the ONLY one playing the game. Jordan is too soft hearted.

  7. I’m just glad this game got exciting again. I thought for sure it was going to be easily called vote off and we would know who the final four were. Thanks CBS for making it interesting. GO JORDAN AND RACHEL (and I didn’t even like Rachel)

  8. Oh Shelly, who’s the fool now? Lie lie and more lies to Jordan. 100 PERCENT you are a dirty player Shelly.

    • Why pick on Jordan? First Shelly makes her cry and then she does a big fat false apology with a hug. Oh pleeeeease! Granted – its a game – but why pick on Jordan in such a manner? Shelly is such a horrible person, not even human.

    • Exactly, thank you that the production threw in something interesting and we have some actual players in the game again, go Rachael and Jordan, and good bye Shelly, don’t let the door hit you on the way out of the house, make you family proud, oh no, you didn’t did you..

  9. so after the gift rachel and jordo got, looks like shelly is going home.

    it sucks, u have ppl who actually play the game successfully, work their butt off, stress like hell, fight like hell to earn the right to send ppl home, then over some B.S. production keeps ppl just because they are more favorable or something. like why are kalia/porsche even playing?

    hopefully rachel doesnt win HOH next week then rachel and jordan can just go up. no twist, no B.S., they just go up and one of them GOES HOME.

    but i doubt kalia will beat rachel in a THIRD HOH.

    speaking of kalia, the problem with her game is, she puts too much, and i stress TOO much trust in her enemies.

    she thinks just because she made a “deal” with jordan and rachel that jordan and rachel will stick to it. first off a final 4 deal with 6 ppl soon to be 5 in the house doesnt even add up.

    plus, kalia would turn on the deal just as fast as rachel or jordan would. its whoever gets the power first.

    and i doubt rachel/jordan would try to get rid of adam. i’d take him to final 2 because he’s easy to beat, and u could easily have him on ur side.

    i would take jordan to final 2 in a heartbeat. u keep that 4th vote out of the sore losers (jeff, brendon, rachel) hands, and u have 4 votes swinging ur way because nobody would let jordan get 500 again after she didnt deserve it the first time.

    • Why did Porsche open Pandoras box? It was HER CHOICE. We all know what pbox is all about, that was all on her. Just like Jeff, he threw the corn hole veto to take 5k and it ended up getting Brendon sent home. Had he not thrown tha veto, Shelly would have been gone and Jeff would still be here….see how it works both ways? Its all about the choices you make, greed will get you everytime. And, Porsche Kalia Shelly Adam Rachel and Jordan all had a fair chance at winning that veto. Rachel is just to much of a beast for them.

      • @vet fan but u have to open it. u cant NOT open it. its why its always been opened. dont give that b.s.

      • @ marcus…why do you comment when you don’t watch the show? Because clearly you nothing about it…you absoluutely 100% DO NOT have to open it, if you do not choose to. That is why they ttemp you with things..cmon now you need to get it together before you get all angry at the show, its clear you don’t even know how it works.

      • its been said by kevin they basically tell u have to open it. i think even ragan said it last year on twitter.

        yes its clear i dont watch the show. its clear i know nothing about the show. matter of fact, how do i even know this site exist?

        thats a great excuse to use when ur wrong “well u dont even watch the show” yea okay lol

      • How the hell would reagan know? Lmao he never won HOH and NO that’s why you say “basically” because you have no clue. You can say no…period. people just don’t cause They’re tempted by the greed. And to me yes, its clear your very behind on. How things actually work.

      • how would ragan know? oh i dont know, i mean its not like HE WAS ON THE SHOW.

        hahaha yea because once houseguest get out of the house, they dont talk to each other. ragan is actually very good friends with rachel.

      • Marcus, the only sore loser in the jury house is Judas. When are you gonna realize that you backed a sad little silly loser? You said RACHEL was gonna SAVE JUDAS! YOU WENT OUT ON A LIMB AND PREDICTED IT! You are so silly! lmao…

    • actually Kalia was going over scenarios on BBAD last night with Porsche. They were going over ‘what if’s’ with the bendaroo markers. She says she did not have a final 3 deal with Jordan so she can vote her out. They are thinking of throwing the HOH next time so that Rachel wins and she cant play in the HOH the following week … But … isn’t there a week where EVERYONE can play including the reighning HOH? Kalia thinks she is running everything. Watch her when she gets the markers out … uh … she drives me crazy! Her and Porsche almost got caught with the markers by Rachel last night, when she came up for nail polish! Kalia and Porsche are looking at final 3 with Adam or Rachel … Kalia promised Adam final 3 so she wants to stay in good with him in case he goes to jury house …

      • Here’s where their messing up…the important part of (not this coming HOH that Kalia “plans to. Throw” like Rachel can’t just beat her straight up) but the nest one, when it comes down to only 4 people being there, there is only 1 vote…jordan and rachel have a better chance of both of them making itt Through that week NOT being HOH as well as kalia and Porsche. The important thing to win when there are 4 is the Veto. Think about it:

        Porsche wins HOH: puts Rachel and Jordan on the block, leaves only Kalia to be the replacement if Jordan or Rachel win Veto. .Whichever one does basically gets to pick who Goes home.

        With Rachel or Jordan at HOH….they’ll nominsate kalia or porsche…if kalia or porsche win Veto, the remainder of Jordan and Rachel are screwed..the only important power that week is the veto. That is why these 2 girls are so stupid lol.

      • she overthinks the game and keeps going on and on and she is confusing herselfand vet fan u r right she missed that that veto is the most important to win

    • Wow Marcus, I don’t know where you saw Shelly stessing out and working hard in this game.Her lame apology didn’t look like too much work. She’s only seeing stress now because she knows her butt is out hopefully this week. Wow you are saying then that Kalia or Porsche should be in the final two because of all their hard work over the last several weeks?? Give me a break!!!

      • i didnt mean shelly cause shelly didnt win anything. i didnt says shelly either. im talking about porsche and kalia.

      • thats crap. thats a crap argument. its been said that u do in fact HAVE to open it, which idk, maybe it is, maybe its not. but production, u, and i both know it will always be opened. i honestly wouldnt open it because of what can happen, but it has ALWAYS been opened.

      • Marcus, your comments continually make no sense. I’ve been reading them on this site and I always am entertained by your complete lack of knowledge regarding this game. Keep it up ,though, because it does amuse me! P.S. Lay off the caffeine maybe!

    • Don’t be too sure. Jordan is too likable even for Danielle so, if it was Jordan against anyone else including Rachel—-I think Jordan will win hands down! Now, if it was Rachel against Kalia, then, Kalia might win it because Team Danielle meaning Danielle, Shelly, Porsche, Adam will all vote for Kalia and have majority vote if they wind up in the jury. The best scenario if Rachel were to reach the end is pick up Adam for Final 2. Adam has done nothing in the big brother house essentially. If Team Danielle votes for Adam to win it all then, there would a huge ruckus and backlash against Big Brother because a lot of fans saw the game play and Adam did nothing! My guess is one from Team Dani will peel off and vote for Rachel if it happens so, Rachel can win if Adam is in the final 2!

  10. Not a big fan of Rachel, but I am starting to really like her as a person, I always knew she was a great game player, Shelly the snake must go, Jordan and Rachel final two

  11. oooooh..Anybody with feeds u gotta watch the talk that Jordon and Shelly had…ooooh..That dam Shelly is such a 2 faced bitch..I cannot comprehend this womans self rightous behavior..Everything she is saying is a frigging lie..Unbeliveable…She’s playing on Jordon’s family loyalty and kind heart..She is total slime…She is trying to justify all her wrongs…She does tell some truth but very little..but the little truth that she is telling does not outweigh stabbing Jordon in the back…Oh she is so full of it..hmmmm hmmm “There but for the grace of God go I”..thank God it ain’t me telling all that crap..

    • if u wanted to stay, wouldnt u do that? its called playing the game. if u want to stay, u will say anything, play on emotions, and anything u can. ur going to tell that person WHATEVER they want to hear. as dani said, if jff hates toast, i hate toast.

      everyone lies. this is the game where… EVERYONE HAS TO LIE to win. just sayin.

    • And not only that but Jordan apologized to her!!!!!!!!!!!! So dissapointing…maybe Jordan is just trying to take the “akward” out of the week cause she knows she’s gonna send her out… shelly is working on Jordan not trusting Rachel and the rest are working on Rachel not trusting Jordan….I hope both of these 2 see this as last acts of desperation and continue to stick it out together.

      • I keep hearing how Shelly stabbed Jordan in the back by voting Jeff out.
        At this point in the game every strong
        player has tripled the chance of being
        voted out. She made a GAME move. Jeff
        stayed far longer than he could have
        and they as a couple stayed together
        far longer than any other duo. Jeff blew his stack at Shelly at the wrong
        time in the game and paid for it. He
        is not blameless. And yes, Jordan has
        done her fair share of lying in this
        game,but won’t ever take credit for
        her own actions when it comes to the

    • Let’s hope it doesn’t get that much to Jordan to the point of keeping her
      Plus she was saying as well to her to be careful of Rachel, is she for real?
      All the house are trying to flip them against each other and I hope it won’t work

    • All she talks about is being a good example to her daughter! She told her never to lie, to maintain her “integrity” at all times! Really! Good example Shelly! she uses her back problems as an excuse for losing every competition! All the flip did was get her packing- had she stayed with JJ, she maybe could have left with some shred of “integrity”!

  12. Please don’t fall for the hype Jordo! Forgive but don’t forget! I also believe that Brendan is the main reason Rachel is disliked so much! I have never been a Rachel fan however, let’s recap why she is such a threat! Rachel has been put up 3 times, I may be wrong, but isn’t that more than any houseguest this season. Brendan won the veto used it on her, double eviction Jeff was sent packing, her and Jordo up on the block she wins the PoV. If she makes it to the finally 2 with anyone beside Jordo, she’ll win the 500k!

      • He’s tied with her though right now, he’s a tough one to crack! IDK if he’s sucking at comps on purpose or he really must suck! Thanx for clarifying Vetfan.

      • Apparently the reason Jeff was mad at Adam when he left is because Adam threw the hoh comp This I read on another site
        Shelly got him out to further her game however if she leaves thie week it was all for nothing JJ would have kept her longer maybe just a week but longer

  13. This is the most boring BB !! I could care less who
    wins! And Shelly,when you look back at the show
    count how many times you lied and said
    “I am not a liar” DELUSIONAL !!

    • If Big Brother is trying to keep Jordan then why did they save Rachael’s butt twice? They are trying to keep Rachael in the game.

  14. I hope.Kalia does throw the HOH to.Rachel so either Porsha or Kalia are.evicted. I would prefer to see Porsha leave. P and K must be banking kn the final 4 deal with R and J. How funny is that? LMAO!

    • I want Kalia out shes neck in neck with Rachel for thier wins I wouldnt want to see Rachel win second to kalia

    • I hope kalia fights her heart out for that HOH and when Rachel still beats her, she’ll realize she is not better than Rach like she thinks. I hate these girls so fricken cocky. Rachel has won the same amount of comps this season as a single person, that these 2 have won put together.

    • yes what I dont understand is that they PK have no intention whats so ever to keep their word BUT they are assuming RJ would Are u serious they would be stupid to do that why can they get that into their heads?

  15. big brother is determined to give this to jordan
    she has already won give someone else a chance
    now all of a sudden jordan is safe very shady bb

    • I can’t even believe anyone in that house tries anymore ..CBS wants Jordon to win they knew she would not win in the veto so lets team them up ..why were J&R on the same team…CBS you are being very obvious….are you trying to drive fans away…….

  16. and i hated shelly to. i thought she was just going to hide behind jeff and jordan, barely play the game, and get to final 3, sign the check to america’s couple and be good with it.

    then my feeligns changed when she stood up and made a move. she tried to get votes for dani, didnt work, she broke up/got broken up (alliance) by jeff. she turned on him as she or ANYONE should have, and got him out.

    it seems some of u now hate shelly because she helped get jeff out. like is he off-limits? is he not aloud to get got as he would say? i think this type of thing happened when he got out his season. everyone hates the person who got out or helped evict jeff like he/she committed a crime.

    rachel and jordan came in there with they’re boyfriends, and acted like none of them could be evicted.

    like if one of the four go evicted, im the worse person ever because im trying to break up a relationship.

    dani was a terrible person because apparently, the only reason she wanted brendon out was to breakup an engaged couple and what jordan and rachel say “because she’s never had a boyfriend that loves her”. jeez that has brat written all over it lol.

    its a game. first and foremost.

    • Thank you are exactly right…it ‘s so fixed..CBS is making this game up as they go……

    • U guys r ridiculous!!! First of all why would cbs fix it ??? Why would they prefer one over the other??? Jordon is still there because she plays a great social game!!! And she can win comps. Which is how she won last year. Rachel is there because wins. As we all know most people dont like strong competitve people who win because they are jealous. To sit and think that. The network fixes it is ridiculous. If thats ur philosiphy then they are all in on it. So everyone threw it so Rachel would win??? Uuummm sure because Porsche wasnt capable ofwinning??? And why did kalia come in second?? Because. everyone just agreed thats how it would go. If everything was going Danis way would u be sayig all of this ? No! And Dani never won 9 comps in one season. U should have your facts straight before u. spew!!! Paranoid much???

  17. is bb a fixed competition
    how convenient to go back to duos now that jordan is in jepordy of getting voted off

    • its fixed when it needs to be as revealed in the last 48 hours. and it sucks because jordan has done nothing and since brendon left the first time, rachel has done nothing.

      they randomly put pairs together, its a system where it doesnt even make sense because the veto rules were broke where it doesnt even make sense. like if kalia and porsche won veto, they couldnt use it because THEY would go up.

      it just all worked too quickly, too perfectly. and now pairs are done so it was only for a week.

      thats so obvious.

      • Marcus. Rachel won the veto yesterday, fair and square, she beat out the other 5 ok? So saying Rachel can’t win without Brendon there is no longer a valid argument. Rachel has won a total of 4 comps this season, that’s the same as kalia and porsche together. If she wins one more. This season, she will be tied with your beloved Dani and Janelle for first. 2 more and she holed the record for most. Comps won in a single season. Rachel is a beast and we all know it, and you can say what you want about ALL of rachels wins being thrown to her…that’s just you being in denial that she’s good.

      • rachel has 3 WINS! and u know what, yes she won it fair and square. but just like u havent seen the comp, just like i havent seen it, u cant make the claim till after u see the comp.

        honestly we wont know but vetfan dont sit there and tell me none of this is suspicious. like it “just happened” this way. its a load of crap.

        nobody said rachel cant win with brendon, her chances are just way lower. thats not a stabb at rachel, she;s a good competitor when brendon is there.

      • ive never said anything about rachel’s wins being thrown to her. maybe except yesterday. rachel NOT jordan is a good competitor. DUH. however she isnt kalia.

        this season kalia has won HOH twice when she needed to in the absolute clutch.

        rachel isnt THAT tight. she aint no daniele who’s won 9 comps in 1 season and 3-4 weeks. THATS beast.

        9 COMPS IN 1 SEASON AND 4 WEEKS of being eligible to compete?!?!

        im stripping lane of his nickname, daniele’s THE BEAST haha

      • @ marcus like I stated before… clearly don’t watch, Rachel now has 2 Vetos and2 HOH’s on the season…its just a poor excuse, period…we all know rachel is good and she deserves to win, you dislikng her is not the same as her not being good without Brendon.

      • whats clear is u dont watch, and u CLEARLY dont read. im giving rachel her credit. even for the win yesterday because i havent seen it yet. ive always given her credit. if she had a social game, she would be truly great.

        but ur taking ur love for rachel so far, brendon would even tell u to calm it down.

      • But Marcus if the game is fixed then Kalia did not bust anything in winning HOH Right?
        or is it fixed when u want it to be fixed? Which way is it?

      • i said its fixed when it “needs” to be fixed. nothing is getting thrown kalia’s way because she isnt a favorite. but when a favorite is in trouble, they get thrown some help.

        jordan knows this, she knows and have said that she knows she coming off nice which would lock up america’s player for her.


        she said yesterday morning the comp (veto) will probably be tailored towards her and rachel.

        the game structurally isnt fixed, but production makes things happen that is extremely unfair and always helps one side rather than both.

      • well she sucks in comps too lets not forget. im saying it was more than likely favored towards rachel. wasting ur time trying to favor a comp for jordan is exactly that, wasting time. u cant bet she’ll win anything. she doesnt.

    • I agree. I think it’s too convenient to not be fixed. The duo twist was supposed to be a “bad thing” for the house, because Porsche got the good thing, but it was the best thing for Rachel and Jordan. Everyone, including production, knew Rachel and Jordan were being targeted this week. And besides that, an endurance competition for the power of veto, the same type of competition Rachel won the beginning of the season? When do they ever do endurance veto competitions?

      • @ speculator….is this your first season? That’s NOT how the pandoras box works…if it was., then there would be no question as to whether or not the HOH would open it up. Think about what you just said, Porsche opens the box, gets 5k which she knew she would get, so that’s a blessing, then the house got a blessing as well. Its not, hey poresche open this box you get a blessing and then the house gets a curse so you end up actually getting 2 blessings. No, she got a blessing at the risk of a curse to her! That is the whole idea of risking the opening of the box.

      • EXACTLY! great point. WHEN DO THEY EVER DO ENDURANCE COMPS IN THE HEAT OF A SUMMER DAY? i know it was postponed till it cooled off but still.

        it also says something about how much rachel especially jordan sucks. as soon as they get in a tight spot, production gives them this.

        and its not like we havent been down this road before with B/R and ESPECIALLY JJ.

        brendon coming back, rachel coming back on her season to screw alliances and lies up.

        jeff getting that RIDICULOUS coup de’ tat. i mean tis all obvious and at this point JJ fans shouldnt even be that proud. like its obvious they’re getting huge help. they cant do it on they;re own.

      • not really vetfan. even going back to kevin’s pandora’s box from season 11, its always a curse and a blessing but never both. kevin got his hand stuck while everyone else got money, natelie got to see her boyfriend, and something bad happened.

        same with brendon’s pandora’s box, brittney’s, lane’s. its always a combination of both.

      • @ marcus….so how about this, Rachel won the Veto, period. Even without the twist, she’d be safe the block would then consist of Adam and Jordan, Shelly has been fighting tooth and nail, even before the veto, to get people to not trust Adam. So who is to say Shelly wouldn’t have votes Adam out? Cause we all know Rachel would have too….no. matter what, rachel won the veto..your such a sore loser, like your idol Dani…always here poutting when it doesn’t go your way.

      • ur pathetic. im not pouting and dani didnt either when she lost.

        but all the stars lined up correctly in someone’s favor which usually doesnt happen. maybe if u watched the show, u’d know that

        u act rachel is so automatic, she would have won either way. its not really HER winning, its the fact that it saves BOTH her AND jordan when jordan didnt do anything to save HERself.

        pay attention.

        when things didnt go dani’s way, what did she do? be upset about ti for 2 hours or w/e then moved on to play.

        so now we see what u are. ur just a rachel fan that has too much emotion in and not enough perspective

      • @ marcus…oh my lord do you even read before you. Write? That is what I just said….I NEVER said the HOH gets a blessing automatically…I just clearly stated there is a blessing and a. Curse… the HOH ain’t gonna just receive 2 blessings and the rest of the house a curse…that is the point that I. Just made…porsche got 5k and gave 5k to Kalia by choosing ger…so that is a BLESSING to them…so they got a curse in return…duos…get it. Now?

      • @ marcus- THE MORE YOU TALK, THE MORE CLEAR IT IS THATT YOU ARE AN IDIOT. And YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE SHOW. Dani won 5 vetos in her season before and NO hoh’s. She won 2 comps this season…so please tell me how she won 9 compps in one season? You CLEARLY are new to the show, you spout a lot of dumb things that you have no idea about, your quite the charactor. You must be having Dani confused with Janelle…who. won A TOTAL OF 9 COMPS IN BOTH OF HER SEASONS. 4 hoh’s and 5 vetos….her and Dani are tied for most comps won in a SINGLE season with FIVE!….so as I’ve stated Rachel has won 4 comps…2 hoh’s and 2 vetos…if she wins yet another, which I’M POSITIVE SHE WILL she’ll be tied at first with 5. And if she wins 2 more SHE’D BE IN FIRST. WITH 6….get it. Got it? Good….before you respond. Please at least GOOGLE your response before you Spout Out more CRAP that doesn’t even exist….lol thank you for confirming your an absolute joke.

      • @ marcus…so was it fixed. When “all the stars lined up correctly” and brendon and rachel were. The. Onlyy 2 not pikced to play in the veto they needed to win the most? Was it fixed when Jordan was. The ONLY 1 not picked to play in this veto where jeff was sent home? Was it just a coincidence that all of that happened oh so perfectly? Did production pull rachel/brendon/jordans chips out of the bag those weeks? Yeah? Oh ok that’s what I thoug…all of that “lined up perfectly” for the dani-alliance” but were your crying it was fixed at those times? Hell no!…did it. Seem like cbs. Was gearing it toward the vets at those. Times? Hell no…it goes back and forth, so get real you. Just cry when things you dislike happens

      • @ marcus…so was it fixed. When “all the stars lined up correctly” and brendon and rachel were. The. Onlyy 2 not pikced to play in the veto they needed to win the most? Was it fixed when Jordan was. The ONLY 1 not picked to play in this veto where jeff was sent home? Was it just a coincidence that all of that happened oh so perfectly? Did production pull rachel/brendon/jordans chips out of the bag those weeks? Yeah? Oh ok that’s what I thoug…all of that “lined up perfectly” for the dani-alliance” but were your crying it was fixed at those times? Hell no!…did it. Seem like cbs. Was gearing it toward the vets at those. Times? Hell no…it goes back and forth, so get real you. You Just cry when things you dislike happens

      • yes im crying. cant u just hear right now? haha ur pathetic. ur comments are false, and ur statements are absurd.

        im fine with dani out. she’s my favorite, but she had to go really.

        if im ANYONE in that house, dani had to, HAD TO go. it was a perfect move for jeff to back door her.

        learn from me, take emotion out, and go grab ya-self some perspective.

      • Vet fan why do you let this idiot get to you? His stupidity doesn’t even deserve a response! Nothing Marcus has spouted on this site has ever made sense! Best not to respond!

      • @ roxie 2…I know this already lol…thanks, but I just really was so sick of his 5 minute long posts that were completely inaccurate and absurd. He clearly is very new to the show and I was just so sick of reading all the “false facts” coming from him.

      • Vet Fan, I’ve been continually reading Marcus’ comments for pure entertainmet! He obviously drinks alot of caffeine or ingests other things that may have fried his brain! Nothing I’ve read from him makes any sense, and you’re right, he can’t respond to you properly because he KNOWS NOTHING about this game! All your facts are completely dead on and that is why he has to ramble. It is amusing, though!

      • Well I’m glad your here to confimr that lol. At least I can say I taugght him some stuff about big brother today. : )

      • LolWell I’m glad your here to confimr that lol. At least I can say I taugght him some stuff about big brother today. : )

  18. It would male more sense for Rachel and Jordan to keep Shelly over Adam because Shelly will be easiet to best in the HOH and Veto comps.

    • It would make more sense your right, but then again is Adam really much of a threat at all? Adam fell off the dummies first yesterday, and hasn’t won anything but a “thrown” veto. Even that was pathetic, Jeff tried to hit a high number so Adam could win and Adam hits only 1 number lower…lol. I think its just time for shelly to go….she’s gotta get out of there.

    • It would make more sense your right, but then again is Adam really much of a threat at all? Adam fell off the dummies first yesterday, and hasn’t won anything but a “thrown” veto. Even that was pathetic, Jeff tried to hit a high number so Adam could win and Adam hits only 1 number lower…lol. I think its just time for shelly to go….she’s gotta get out of there. I’m sick of hearing all this crap she tries to feed everyone.

    • It would make more sense your right, but then again is Adam really much of a threat at all? Adam fell off the dummies first yesterday, and hasn’t won anything but a “thrown” veto. Even that was pathetic, Jeff tried to hit a high number so Adam could win and Adam hits only 1 number lower…lol. I think its just time for shelly to go….she’s gotta get out of there. I’m sick of hearing all this crap she tries to feed everyone. Especially jordan.

      • Did it even occur to any of you that A may have thrown the veto comp on purpose. The girls are all playing so emotionaly that he probably assumes S would go over him. If it were me I would be wanting to take S to the final 2 with me. I don’t even think she can win against R. It would be a good move for JR to keep her over A.

  19. I hope Adams friends and family are OK in Hoboken. Watched the news this AM and lots of flooding and destruction. I wonder if they’ll tell him. After 9-11 they informed one lady one of her family members was missing. Hope they can keep up with it for him.
    As for Rachel, I too was never a fan but we are seeing the good side lately. Brendon is not the guy for her. She can do better. He’s a pig.
    Shelly surprised me with her betrayal and it made me sad.
    I’ll just be glad when this season is over, huge let down and just teased us with Evel Dick, game changer.

    Ready for Survivor!!!!

  20. I wonder why it is so hard for the people who actually like Rachel to admit that they are actually liking her. Well, I’m guilty of that. I don’t know! I just appreciate her for being herself — she might be hated, but at least it is for sure that the people who like her are loving her for who she is not. :) Rachel and Jordan for the win! :)

    • *loving her for who she is! Sorry! As the saying goes, it’s better to be hated for who we are than to be loved for who we are not! :) Like Shelly, she is loved by other houseguests thinking that she is like so good when she is really not!

  21. kalia only wins if it doesn’t involve moving. i don’t hate shelly but have no respect for her. same with “porches”. adam is still trying to figure out if he’s a “dude”. I’m a Rachel fan because she tries her hardest, hasn’t stole from anyone, threatened violence or turned her back on Jordan. can’t say the same for the “mean girls”

  22. I’m not buying that any of this bs towards Shelly is coming from loyal JJ fans. I love JJ & have rooted for Jeff all season bc of the way they play. I knew that everyone in their alliance would have to split them (JJ) up in the end to have any chance at F2…common sense. I didn’t fault Shelly for a second for voting out the biggest competitor when the chance came The personal attack on Jordan was uncalled for & I still can’t comprehend why some players get petty & mean (stealing Rachel’s dog? and kicking Jordan when she was already down), but it seems to have been almost a requirement for one of the alliances this season & maybe Shelly thought it would prove her loyalty to the dark side. Who knows? But…this is BB & everyone plays differently, obviously. I read a lot of tweets at both the #BB13 & #CBSBigBrother & it was being said that this horrible stuff was actually hackers. That makes more sense (since they thrive on evil doings) than it being a true BB fan…I truly hope that’s the case.
    Rant over, thanks for bearing with me…it’s just been awful thinking anyone would threaten a player’s family over a game but especially someone who loves Jordan.
    Go Jordan & Rachel! So glad Porsche opened Pandora’s box.
    What do ya’ll think of that old Fortune Teller finally sparking to life? Her tweets have always said that only a golden key holder could benefit from her box …

    • I am so glad you wrote that. I didn’t know
      about this info, but have been really disturbed by all the hatred. Feel better to
      know it might have been hackers trying to
      start trouble rather than BB fans.

      • To be honest, that would make me feel so much better about it. Not about her being hated on, but that its not JJ fans who are upset and is someone with nothing better to do than stir up crap among BB fans.

  23. Haha, I love how Shelly is now kissing Jordan butt. Now that Shelly knows she going on the block. She is so fake.

  24. You know I think Rachel is a MUCH better person in the house without Brendan in it. Look how nice and humble and kind she’s being to the est of the HGs and Jordan. Think about it, she was sympathizing with Jordan that Shelly DIDN’T vote RACHEL out.

    • Brendan last year was better 2 without Rachel
      Maybr they are not a good combination togheter to play a game

  25. After P won HoH no one would even go near R&J! Now that they have the PoV, they’re up their butts! WTF! Come on Rach and Jordo don’t fall for they’re crap! Stick together!

      • I don’t have the Live Feeds Sherry, on BBAD and it was just Rach and Jordo, by themselves! I might have missed it! Thanx for clarfying!

  26. I always wanted Brendon and Rachel to make it to jury and i def wanted Brendon to go out before Rachel but i never wanted her to make it to final 4 or anything like that. But now for some weird reason i am pulling for her to make final 4 or final three even.
    And i def did not want jordan to make it to final 4 either since she already won half a million. If anything i thought Jeff would make final four. Again i just hoped JJ would make it to jury. Now for some odd reason i find myself pulling for Jordan to win it all again and be the first person ever to win two seasons of BB.

  27. It seems like the POV competition was tailored to Rachel as well. By what they were describing they had to hang on to something for as long as they could just like the banana competition in the beginning that Rachel won. Come on BB, I’m okay with comps geared towards certain players – they still have to win it, but when you throw in the duos and it saving Jordan as well. Well, I think that sucks and I’m someone who just loves Jordan.

      • They said that but Dani admitted she was about to go down anyway and Rachel could have stayed up there all night.

  28. Is Shelly for real?
    This is some of her conversation with Jordan
    And I quote: ” Shelly says that they took Adam’s word and started shouting at Shelly and he never gave her a chance to explain and that it was an accident that she told Rachel that Jeff threw veto and Rachel used that to make a deal with Dani. ”
    ” Shelly says that she never wanted to follow Dani. Shelly says that she doesn’t hang out with them, she has been alone, doesn’t do things with them, doesn’t listen to them, she’s been locked in the house all this time and all she wanted to do was to get to Jordan but she respected that she needed her space. ”
    “Shelly warns Jordan that Rachel will poison her with the thing she has said. Shelly tells Jordan that she needs to protect herself against Rachel as well as push herself further. Jordan apologizes again and they hug again and leave the havenot room.”
    OMG hope Jordan won’t fall for this
    Such an hypocrite OMG doesn’t she get tired of lying??!!!

  29. Rachel is a physical competiter, not a social. Thats why she and brandon got evicted last season. Rachel will never be liked no matter how many competitions she wins.She is a whinny cry baby bitch and acts like a little kid when she doesn’t get her way. Jordan is nice but she coatailed her jeff her season and this season. The only competition she won on her own was the final HOH and she was up against Kevin (love him) and natalie. Kalia or Shelly The Snake deserves to win far more than Jordan and Rachel. Big Brother forced Porsche to open the box, cut the bullshit about her CHOSING to open the box, because Big Brother would not let her NOT open it. I recall in Jordans season that Production would not let Kevin decline to open the box. This season was so rigged no matter who wins -_-

    • I like Rachel because she has never pretended to be someone she is not. I would rather see real raw emotions than the fake ones.

      Not one of us has been on the show to know exactly what and how things are done, so why bother fussing over something that does not go the way we want it to? For the ppl that say they know/knew somebody that was on the show, how do you know that they were not fibbing to make themselves look better.

      This is a GAME and entertainment, so if you do not like what is going on than do not watch it!

  30. Is Shelly for real?
    This is some of her conversation with Jordan
    And I quote: ” Shelly says that they took Adam’s word and started shouting at Shelly and he never gave her a chance to explain and that it was an accident that she told Rachel that Jeff threw veto and Rachel used that to make a deal with Dani. ”
    ” Shelly says that she never wanted to follow Dani. Shelly says that she doesn’t hang out with them, she has been alone, doesn’t do things with them, doesn’t listen to them, she’s been locked in the house all this time and all she wanted to do was to get to Jordan but she respected that she needed her space. ”
    “Shelly warns Jordan that Rachel will poison her with the thing she has said. Shelly tells Jordan that she needs to protect herself against Rachel as well as push herself further. Jordan apologizes again and they hug again and leave the havenot room.”
    OMG hope Jordan won’t fall for this
    Such an hypocrite OMG doesn’t she get tired of lying??!!!

  31. Don’t we all hope that Jordan will see through Shelly’s bs and lies. If she lies like this in the house for all these weeks, you’ve got to know that she is a liar and deceiver on the outside.

    • yes it should be
      no one can switch modes like that, either u are a liar or not
      and everybody out there including myself lie from time to time when needed but her lies has gone way over

  32. On BBAD Shelly said when she gets evicted she better get a huge round of applause because of how great she played in the house. I hope she hears crickets .. Shelly so sad. I think she will be devistated when she sees herself on tv and how she acted.

    • Yeah didnt she say that she will kick Rachel in the shin on her way out? That I will live my integraty at the door and kick her in the shin
      I guess she will have to go and find it first

      • @Ellablue yes Shelly did say she would kick Rachael in the shins on her way out. What Shelly says is Not game play. Pure nastiness is Shelly

      • And people wonder why Shelly’s family is being threatened. I think it’s out of pure frustration because of how evil Shelly is towards Rachel and even Jordan. Shelly threatens and talks in the most vile way about Rachel and it’s always personal. Nothing game wise, just pure lies.

        I’ve had it with her threatening to do things to Rachel. Rachel is more of a protector, and would make a better mother than Shelly (own daughter told her to stop lying), why well Rachel has not lied about people (other than game play and that’s allowed), she has not stolen personal items (again person and funny how to two blondes acted the same way). Rachel’s action to remove Jordan from an explosive situation with Shelly was really nice. I think she was scared that Shelly would hurt Jordan.

        Now taking all that into account, Shelly acts and comments about doing something physical against Rachel is no different then what people are doing.

        Personally I would not threaten her family, I might call her employer and ask them if they’re watching this woman actions. She is NOT professional in any way shape or form and she would not work at my company.

        If I ran into her I would just smile and say Karma is going to bite her in the but for how she treated Rachel.

        Sorry but my defenses get up when I see someone being treated unfairly by anyone. Rachel/Jordan do not know this stuff is going Rachel’s dog and Adam does and he asked Shelly to put it back and she said no.

        To the ones out there threatening any family of any person they don’t like, is a no no. If it’s true (still think it’s a ploy by her family to get sympathy after all the actions of nasty Shelly) then stop it. Don’t go down to Shelly’s level.

  33. I understand that some feel that Shelly’s lies were just “game”, but in my opinion she took it to a new low with her daily testimonials of how “truthful” and loyal she would be to J & J. And I don’t know about anyone else but I’m sick of her excuses on why she doesn’t win anything. “I’m old.” “my back is bad.” “I am not going to take a chance of not walking to win a stupid game!” (my personal fav) Shelly, why are you in the game? It’s not like you didn’t know some of the comp were physical? Why did you go on the show and take up space for someone that can maybe really play? Oh yeah, I almost forgot, turning a block left or right to indicate “before” or “after” or answering questions is really hard on your back. I guess that’s why you didn’t win any of those comps either. Face it. You are a self righteous, back stabbing, waste of BB space.

  34. While I am not a fan of Shelly at all and I don’t think she deserves to win, I am so happy that she chose to evict Jeff. Backtabbing and lying are part of the game and people need to suck it up. Yes Shelley has been completely useless this entire season but Jeff was a big threat that needed to go. As a fan of Danielle, it was very satisfying to see Jeff go right after her. Him and Jordan were all smiles when they talked about backdooring Danielle, and yet when Jeff gets evicted everyone thinks Shelly is a huge backstabber and a terrible person. Everyone lies in this game, get used to it. And yes, I know Danielle was the first to start the backstabbing but “good people” like Jeff and Jordan shouldn’t stoop down to her level right? It seems to me that when people backstab the “bad guy” it’s alright. Lying is lying no matter who you are.

    Also, I am sick and tired of Jordan complaining about floaters who have done nothing when all she has done is ride on Jeff’s coattails. If Jeff was never in this game, she would have been considered a floater herself. Her HOH was handed to her, and the only reason she won in her season was because people thought she was sweet as pie.

    Anywho, everyone in this house has been taking things way too personal. Shelly didn’t evict Jeff because she’s vindictive and wanted to see Jordan upset, she did it because she thought it would further her in this game. People need to relax. Shelly is not going to win Big Brother.

  35. Sheesh…all this anti-Shelly-ism… If I was Shelly, I probably would have done the same thing. Did she murder Jeff and Jordan’s first born child? No. So why is everyone SO upset that she did what was necessary if she ever wanted to win (which she wont anyways but still). If she kept Jeff and Jordan around til the end…why would she even ponder that actually? They would send her packing in a heartbeat. This is a GAME for MONEY. Did she kill Jeff? No. Did she make a GAME MOVE in order to advance herself? Yes. If you were Shelly, would you honestly keep Jeff around forever like Adam would’ve done? Shelly is doomed this week I’ll say however, because I feel like this veto twist really is just to prevent the veterans from ALL dying out like the dinosaurs. Yes Shelly took the low road, but who doesn’t in Big Brother? Especially if they want to get anywhere…

  36. TMZ is saying FBI will be called by Shelley’s family due to death threats to 8 yr old DAUGHTER.

    Come on people this is just a game!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Yes. I would have kept Jeff. I would have stuck to my alliance and when it was down to the final 3, worked my butt off to earn a spot in the final 2. If I made it to the final 2 and lost to Jeff because he was a better competitor than me… then I lose. Sticking with her alliance would have possibly gotten her to third. I know, no money, but no death threats either. As it stands now, Shelly’s 6th and America’s most hated. AND if you really think of Shelly’s choice, did she actually think she would do better with K & P. The two of them were most certainly gonna stick together, so she would have been a distant third anyway. So where’s the genius in her game play? What big move? At least when Kevin made his move in BB 11 I could see that as a good game move for him (and he was on the “opposite” side of the house the entire time so Jeff’s trust in him was clearly his own fault) but Shelly’s move was just dumb at this point. But I guess if you can’t win comps and you are inherently mean your choices are limited.

  38. Never thought I would say this but Rach is way better off without BRAN….he is way to controlling…..and I remember last year they interviewed one of Brans Ex’s and she even said that on national TV…..I still think Rach can have a mean Evil side to her thou when she don’t get her way….but she is likable right now….WOW SLAP myself did I just say that…..LOL

  39. I can’t understand why CBS had newbies play vets this season–so unfair. If they wanted the vets to play they should had an “All-Star” game. Yet they unfairly placed the new houseguests with seasoned players. What was CBS thinking. Oh, I forgot, only good ratings. Anyone with common sense can see production is determined to continuously keep competition between the newbies and vets. It would be so unfair if Jordan wins again. BB, you’re losing the purpose of what the game is all about. What a shame!

  40. I despise Shelley but this is obviously horrible news. That being said, perhaps one day when Shelley hears about all this she’ll realize how repulsive she was to the general viewing public and why. Then again, her lack of introspection and intelligence leads me to believe she’ll never really get it.

  41. i.m so happy jeff is gone,when they were running the house everything was cool,he had shelly doing all his dirty work,all of them should know its just a game,someone will win,and someone will lose,just as long as jeff is out the house it made my year.but all of them are backstabbers

  42. i.m so happy jeff is gone,when they were running the house everything was cool,he had shelly doing all his dirty work,all of them should know its just a game,someone will win,and someone will lose,just as long as jeff is out the house it made my year.but all of them are backstabbers,but jeff is a bully,shame on you

  43. Producers u have won by making sure Rachel or Jordan will win BB. now CBS can finalize that Brendon And Rachel wedding show u all had planned form the begining. They had nine lives and u only have to give them three for good measure. Someone will expose this cheating soon!!

    • You couldn’t be more correct. The voting is a joke and the show is guided by the producers as it goes. How could anyone root for a Vet to win? Rachel is everything that is wrong about America, how could anyone vote for that mess?

  44. It may be heavily controlled by producers, but BB is my summer dirty pleasure! It’s so great to see the drama. I love Jordan! She deserves nothing but the best, she’s so kind and giving and you can see that through and through.

    I am not a huge Rachel fan, but for the first time EVER, she has been humble and REAL (INWO DANI ((SHOCKER!!!!)). So I can’t wait for this week!

    • I agree with both statements. I love Jordan. She may be backwork, some people call dumb, but she’s real. I am also very impressed with Rachael and how she’s now acting and I think Jordan is good for her. I hope she stays true to Jordan tho’.

  45. I’m sorry there were threats on Shelly’s family. That is crazy. This is a game and only a game. I’m glad Rachel won the veto and hope to see her in the end.I do think Shelly should be the next to go and Adam should stay, just because he stayed true to Jordan.

  46. Whether the voting is controlled by the producers or not, its TV folks and take it for what it is, a TV show for entertainment. I wasn’t a Rachel fan but she is so better without Brendan around. I hope jordan and Rachel make it to the end.

  47. I don’t think the voting is controled or it would have leaked out sooner than this. I do however believe they push things a certain way for “good television”. The Pandora twist was just what Rachael and Jordan needed and Kalia said that production suggested they keep a pro in because of the votes in the jury. I don’t think they should help the players with game moves, it should just be the players moves, right, wrong, or indifferent. I can’t wait to see Jeff’s face when Shelly comes walking into jury and finds out Jordan and Rachael sent her packing.

    • This is just a game. We need to remember that. We are all cheering for certain player to win. I say, may the best player win. Jordan is not an angel. Jeff is not a leader. They have already won money and gifts. Let someone else win a little something. The veterans have already had a chance to prove themselves and if they did not, oh well!!! Kalia, Porsche, Shelly, and Adam do your best to win. Also, Kalia and Porsche have great stage presence and personality. Rachael plays the part to keep you interesting. Jordan is boring. Please stop pulling on your hair. It appears she does not know what to say very often. Does she have memory loss? Check it out – girl.

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