Big Brother 13: Jeff Schroeder Interview

We caught up with Jeff Schroeder this weekend and got his thoughts on Daniele, the Big Brother 13 double eviction and his future plans with Jordan. 

Jeff Schroeder

Chloe:  Does it feel a little like deja vu right now?

Jeff: No because the double eviction is blindsiding.  The last time I left I had a week to come to terms with it.  This is what I feared most.  People only had to look me in the eyes for 30 seconds last night.  I have a lot of unfinished business in that house…at least I am in good spirits.

Chloe:  Do you think things would have turned out differently had you kept Daniele in the game?

Jeff: I could never trust Daniele after she tried to backdoor me.  Do I think she would have done it again? Yes.  My best move was getting rid of Daniele.

Chloe:  Who do you want sitting with Jordan  in the final two?

Jeff: Adam

Chloe:  Who do you want to see evicted next week?

Jeff: Shelly, Kalia or Porsche – any one of them would be great.

Chloe: Have you and Jordan  talked about marriage at all? Is that a possibility anytime soon?

Jeff: After this time on the show, we’ll need some time to decompress.  And then we’ll definitely start taking the next step…we’ll leave it at that.

Chloe: If you could change one move you made, what would it be? What does Jordan need to do to make it to the finals?

Jeff: I don’t know.  The way I play the game is opposite of all the remaining HG.  Maybe she will have to take more naps like everyone else in the house. I think Jordan  will do fine.  I’m out and she is in – she did it without me last time and she can do it again.



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  1. Cmon jeff just say it…throwing the corn hole comp was your down fall and we all know this.

    • I never saw that. You are right vet fan, that is where Jeff blew it. You gots to be loyal to your alliance till F4 or F5. Yeah, if he wins veto, BOOKIE stays and Jeff gets to F4. Good call vet fan. GO BABY BOOKIE!

      • Jeff had to throw the corn hole comp if he won B/R would have blown up when he would have had to explain that he could not use it because they would then put Jordan on the block. Do you all really think that he would have done that. With time to let emotions die down even B/R would have realized that. I bet if the position was reversed and Jeff was on the block Brendon would have done the same thing. Also, remember at the time he decided to throw it the only players left with him were Adam and Dani

      • Faye, you are wrong. If Jeff won veto and DID NOT use it, the nominations stay the same and adam or shelly goes home. SHELLY is the one who sent Jeff home. VET fan is 100% correct. That’s where Jeff blew his game.

      • @Faye

        You are way wrong on this one. Remember it was Adam and Shelly on the block. If Jeff did not use it, Brendon would not have been nominated as replacement by Danielle! By winning the POV, Jeff could have guaranteed his alliance’s safety. He could have lobbied then, to save Shelly instead of Adam. That would have been much easier for his alliance and would not have helped Danielle or her alliance.

      • So let’s say Shelly went home and Brendon stayed. In that same Fast-Forward vote count replace Shelly’s voting out Jeff with Brendon voting out Jeff because Brendon would never have voted to keep Jeff over Rachel.

        It’s an even swap on Shelly for Brendon in that voting round. Even flip it around and put Brendon up against Jeff. Rachel would have voted out Jeff over Brendon. You can’t say that vote would have gone any differently.

        You could try to argue Brendon might have won that HoH comp if you’d like and then Rachel and Jeff would not have been nominated.

      • @ faye…shelly and adam were on the block that week. Brendon and rachel were the only 2 not pulled to play the veto. (Well porsche hosted) brendon NEEDED jeff to win, so he would not be the replacement…instead jeff decided to throw it to Adam so Adam could take himself off the block. In turn brendon replaced Shelly and went home..if it had stayed shelly and adam, shelly would have been out and jeff would still be there now…..thanks wayne ; k

      • i disagree because after jeff told dani and adam that he would throw it dani also threw that comp as well. that was the only reason adam won because if jeff was like no im going to throw it dani would have won and took adam off and put brendon up anyway. so thats not his downfall. jeffs game was fine the only reason he left was because he lost the veto. point blank

      • I definitely think Jeff threw the veto to Adam blew his game. He backdoored his own alliance while enemies were still around. He thought Shelly an ally, while she was just floating. So, once he lost Brendon, he got nobody other than Rachel to fight in his team, plus Rachel can’t fight without her man, at least not for a while.

      • Your right I was thinking B was already on the block at that point Jeff trusted S for than B/R which was a mistake because he probably would have kept S over A

      • Matt (BBN) and shantel got it completely right. Sorry vet fan/wayne/richie that move wouldn’t have made a difference in Jeff’s game at all.

    • Definitely. That was something that Jeff could easily have avoided. Kept everyone in his alliance safe. What made it worst is Jeff kept Shelly instead of Brendon and not calling Adam out for not voting for Brendon. The same Adam who begged him to throw the POV so that, he can win it!

      • @ matt…as far as the went yes, however I feel the next couple of weeks would have went completely different as far as comps being won though. I know we can’t say it for sure, but its a pretty fair assumption.

    • evn if jeff wouldnt have thrown the comp. i dont think he wouldve won since dani was hitting the jack pot every single round and he only got the 3 point and dani wouldve won the veto save adam and backdoor brendon

      • How do you figure? Jeff went last and could have won, but he decided at the end he definitely will throw it…he purposely made it in the 8 and adam got the 7, so Adam won…dani was already out.

      • Danielle was the one who said Jeff was the very best in the corn hole toss and when Jeff was not even half trying with his half-assed tosses, you can see clearly Jeff wanted to lose! If he was really aiming for it and trying to win it, he might have won it! Danielle sure hit it flush with her toss but, no fair comparison when Jeff was not even giving his best! Could Danielle have won the corn hole toss, maybe. But, Jeff could have won it too! The fact is Jeff wanted to lose and deliberately lost it and was complicit in voting for Brendon’s eviction too! Also, he did not exert enough pressure on Adam to vote for Brendon too!

      • @ faye it does not matter…the point is, jeff and adam wee the last 2 stadning and jeff could have not thrown it and got a low number, but her threw it, dani was already out, whether she threw it oor not to get out…she was out.

      • why is america in love with douche bag jeff??? This guy is a complete tool. Where in the rule book does it say you can not vote out Jeff? Lie, cheat, beg borow or steal to do what you have to do to win this GAME!!!

  2. I’m not a real big JJ fan, but I have to say that they seem to be as normal as any two BB house guests have ever been. That being said, GO BIG RED & BABY BOOKIE!

      • Rachel seems to be playing a lot better now when it counts. I am a Jeff/Jordan fan also but would love to see Rachel/Jordan in the finals together. I was really shocked when Shelly turned on J/J, but I guess most people would do anything for money and when all is said and done, that is why they wanted to be on BB.

    • that is NOT the reason, stop spreading lies…shelly is getting those threat bc she looked Jordan in the eyes said she was still with them, stabbed her in the back and THEN BLAMED JORDAN RIGHT AFTER Jeff LEFT! Shelly started a fight with Jordan UNPROVOKED and has been Jordan Basing ever since! Get it right or shut up! Shelly is a Judas and I have never been more shocked, disappointed and blindsided by any BB player like I have Shelly…hope they send her packing with her NO GLASS, NO INTEGRITY, NO LOYALTY self…AND ALL YOU IDIOTS OUT THERE MAKING DEATH THREATS AND CALLING SOCIAL SERVICES SAYING THAT SHELLY AND HER HUSBAND ARE MOLESTING JOSIE, GET A LIFE, GROW UP, IT’S A GAME…they choose ppl like Shelly to mix it up, cause trouble and act like a fool so STOP IT! If you don’t like what you’re watching, TURN THE CHANEL OR TURN IT OFF…YOU’RE INSANE IF YOU HAVE MADE ANY OF THESE THREATS AND YOU SHOULD BE MEDICATED AND PUT IN A PADDED ROOM AFTER YOU SPEND A FEW YEARS LOCKED UP IN PRISON…idiots ruin everything…

      • I’m not a big Shelly fan since she betrayed J/J, but it is so wrong that people are doing what they are doing. This IS just a game and these are REAL people with lives outside of BB and all this nonsense has gone way TOO far. The name calling and insults are reprehensible and it needs to stop. Why can’t people just comment without the personal attacks? And why take it a step further and literally attack a person by calling their employer, social services and whomever else is being brought into this? It’s unconscionable!

        This is a game and all the players have their fans. No one group is right OR wrong – it’s ALL a matter of opinion.

        Reality! Grip it!

      • Death threats under any circumstances are deplorable. But the reason isn’t because she voted Jeff out. It’s because she comes across as a dispicable human being. No one else that voted against Jeff is getting those threats. Last night in the have not room, Jordon apologized for being disrespectful. Shelly rewarded her with more lies. Shelly is in there right now telling Rachel and Jordon, to keep her because she doesn’t care if she wins, she only has their best interests at heart. In my opinion Shelly goes way beyond anything I accept as normal game lies. I would submit a good example of normal game lie would be Danielle. I am not a Danielle fan, but her scheming came across as game lies. I’m fairly sure after Shelly gets home she won’t reflect at all on her behavior. It comes easy to her.

      • ‘Big Brother’ — Shelly’s Family Receiving Death Threats Over Jeff’s Eviction

        ” Big Brother” contestant Shelly Moore pissed off America when she voted to evict fan favorite Jeff Schroeder last week — and now TMZ has learned her family has been receiving death threats from deranged fans because of the move. Sources close to Shelly tell us … the reality star’s family has received multiple phone calls from people threatening violence … even making threats against Shelly’s 8-year-old daughter. We’re told Shelly’s employer has also been receiving harassing phone calls — demanding the company fire Shelly immediately because of the way she voted on the show. Sources tell us Shelly’s family is preparing to get the FBI involved — because they’re taking the threats VERY seriously. UPDATE: “Big Brother” Executive Producer Allison Grodner released a statement on Twitter … saying, “No matter how much you dislike an HG, this is wrong! True BB fans do not try to ruin lives. Please stop!”

      • Yeah, that is really messed up even though I am so hoping she walks out that door this week. I have gotten to the point I can’t stand to look at her and her voice is even more annoying to me than Rachel’s ever could be. Go Jordan, Rachel and Adam!!!

      • @JC I totally agree with you. All these personal attacks regarding any of the players is deplorable.

      • I don’t agree with the threats, but you know karma is karma. I saw another more involved feed and these girls were talking about kicking Rachel in the stomach if she is pregnant to cause her to miscarry. That is a personal threat and any woman who can even say such a thing are losers and should be disbarred from the game. Sorry BB I know you want to make money, but this time around Shelly et al are making it purely personal. Stealing Rachels stuff, putting things of her in the toilet. Rachel has not done any of that stuff, and she does not talk personal stuff about them when talking game.

        Because the way these three woman Porche, Kalia and Shelley (and previously Dani) talked about Rachel and the crap they made up, they don’t belong there.

        Adam (does not play mean) Jordan (I’m proud of her not backing down when Shelly went off on her and up in her face) and Rachel (loved that she got scared enough to try and protect Jordan and pulled her across the house. Bet they don’t show that on this weeks national big bother. Why, well Shelly would really get death threats.

        I feel bad for Shelly’s daughter, she has to go to school and I’m sure she’s going to pay for her mothers actions. Pathological liar it putting it mildly.

      • I don’t like S’s play not because she back stabs alot of players do that but she still claims in the DR to being playing an honest game. What a joke!!! Also some of her moves have not seemed very smart. She could have done alot of it without it being so obvious to the other HG. But no matter what she has done no one should be threating her or her family

      • I love BB as much as the next person, but threatening a HG who is playing a GAME is way over the top. Get a grip on reality, people.Jeff & Jordan would not like any of this.

      • OMG- it’s a freakin game!! Shame on all those who think that JJ are Jesus and not players who SIGNED up to be lied/ backstabbed/ and make FAKE friends … Pleaseeeee in the things that re going on in the word( lack of jobs/ hunger in the United State/ poor education – this GAME is what upsets us? No wonder this( my Country) is on the brink of meltdown!! As the kids say- REALLY??

      • Shelly’s behavior has been horrible!! Evel Dick says whatever he thinks to your face. Shelly took the kindness of Jordan and then went after Jordan (who Rachel grabbed and pulled away from Shelly) Yes people Rachel protected Jordan and didn’t get involved in the huge fights before and after Jeff left.

        Shelly better give Rachel back her stuffed animal. Shame on you Shelly.

    • Before all the angry, violence-filled responses start… realize that whoever makes threats against a contestant and their family has severe issues. Please don’t think the average J/J fan would do that, or think it is okay. I am a J/J fan & think the threats are awful and should be investigated.

      • You should read some of the things that J/J fans have said and threatened Shelly with they are disgusting. Some of their fans have truly lost touch with reality.

      • Amy, totally agree with you. You can disagree with what a person did without making threats. She does have an adorable little girl but I do think the husband must have had her, LOL..

      • Well what is ridiculous is you non jejo fans implying now that jejo fans are “crazy”. Just as Amy said its not the average jejo fan. I am 100% in the same boat…defenitely a jejo fan(especially jeff) and I think its absolutely insane any person would do such a thing when its just a game show. On the other hand (not saying all of you) but some of you, jejo dislikers are totally skipping the point of it and just simply using it to state that. Jejo fans are nuts, and yet have just another reason to bash jejo. They cannot control what happens and neither can any of us. I also feel that some people are taking shelly’s charactor personally, not the fact that she voted out Jeff(don’t get me wrong still in no way justifies anyone saying those things abouut her family andthreatening her) but its just like last year, matt also received death threats etc. For telling the lie he told about his wife. People are just crazy, jejo fans or not these people gotta be stopped cause nobody deserves that and eventually the show will be pulled off air because of it.

      • Well said vet fan. I think you know I’m no JJ fan, I know you are and I know that there are many like you that like them, but can see the game for what it is. The bashing is for those that put them on a pedestal and think they can do no wrong, which couldn’t be farther from the truth. They done some underhanded things this season, but that’s BB. You can admit it, I’m a recently converted Rachel fan(After Brendan left the first time- he got screwed) but I can call her out when she does something nasty. The blinders aren’t on. It’s too bad people forgot what the game is about. It’s about getting 500k anyway possible without beating someone up, if you make friends, good for you but if make enemies, it’s to be expected.

      • I was rooting for Jeff to win but it was the right move for S game to vote him out. It was all the play that she did leading up to that vote that was dumb. Wanting to keep D over K on that allience D was the stongest player that is the one you want out. Even when choosing between your own allience members at this point in the game you have to take out the stonger players that are more likely to win jury votes. She could have done that whole switch and blamed it all on A and J would have probably believed her if she hadn’t tryed to sway R’s vote. Just plain dumb play. But no one should threaten her or her family.

      • @ faye. Id have to disagree, shelly is most likely going. Home this week, I promise you one thing, if Jeff was there, there is NO WAY porschee would have won this HOH..wait till you see what it was. So shelly would have been in no danger of going. But now she is, I think it was a bad game move on her part.

  3. Jeff, Your whole game you used Shelly, Adam and to say you couldn’t trust Dani is crap. You threw a competition and that was your downfall. It’s a game buddy, and when it gets down to the end people have to do what they have to and you can’t blame Shelly. Adam was a pathetic player he had his nose up your you know what the whole game.

    • Dani threw that comp as well. Dani could not be trusted she had already showed her cards to Jeff with the back door plan. She could have gotten rid of Jeff instead of B but saw B as bigger threat at time. Either way her end would have probably been the same. Just as Jeff’s would have regardless if he sent K packing instead of D.

      • Daniele did throw that comp. She did that so she could have the opportunity to renom Brendon without having to use the Veto herself to do it. She knew Adam would definitely use it if he got it. That way she wouldn’t visibly break the deal she was breaking. She even said so on the show that week.

      • Faye Dani got rid of Brenden because she wanted to get back at Rachel for getting rid off Dom. Not because she felt he was a threat. She wasnt thinking about game. She was always afraid of jeff. But gunned for Brenden to spite Rachel.

    • Ok, makes sense. I must have been distracted by real life when that happened. Thanks Matt!

    • Does anyone else remember all the times RB where trying to throw JJ under the bus it just didn’t work and Dani never told anyone about it. But, she is not the only one to not protect the alliance.

      • I don’t consider it throwing under the bus when your alliance loses power you have to fight to keep yourself off the block which means making arguments for why it would be smarter to put other people in your alliance out before you. All the HG know that is going on they aren’t that dumb (at least I hope not) and most players are not going to honor any deals they make under those circumstances

  4. wow jeff never mentioned racheal why????and if jordan makes it to final 2 it would be because of racheal..jordan just wants to get out of there now …i am so hoping racheal will get something good out of this she has to work twice as hard to get her threw this…and adam cant fight his way out of a paper bag…he sucks he should be a shamed of his self….

    • Jeff didn’t mention Rachel because he know that Rachel is the only player in the house that might win against Jordan. He wants his girl to win again of course

    • I think jeff doesn’t want rachel in F2 with jordan cause he thinks she’ll win. At the end of the day people dislike rachel, but if she makes it to F2, its the very reason she deserves to win because that means she had to do a whole lot of winning comps to get there. So jordan probably would lose to rachel F2 cause they all think jordans a floater and will not want to hand her another 500k for “coasting” (not saying I feel that way). I think he wants Adam there because Adam has done NOTHING and NOBODY will vote for him to win. Plus he wouldn’t go with dani and porsches plan…and they were all saying they’d “never vote for adam” because he’s. The “ultimate floater”

      • I think it may be Jordan and Rachel final 2 but Rachel will win and JJ will b ok with that because they will still walk away with 50000 and Jeff’s winnings. It’s better than winning nothng at all!!

    • I don’t think Jeff mentioned R because he knows she would probably become target #1 for the D side of house. But I think if those girls have any smarts they would want to drag R to the end. They would have a good chance of winning against her. It would all come down to the jury vote of A

  5. The way I see it is cockiness and arrogance is why Big Jeff “got got”.. same reasons my girl Dani is gone. He did make a smart move for himself by getting rid of Dani as much as I hated it. Of his choices, she was the most likely to beat him at comps and to gun for him next. He was right to not trust her. Oh, well.. now both of them are gone.

    • I still wish Daniele had stayed true to her alliance. That is where she made the biggest mistake of the game and I am sure about right now she is rethinking her actions in the house, I know I would be if I were her.

    • @Becky I totally agree with you on that issue. What I don’t understand is why they only had twists during Dani, Kalia and now Porche’s HOH. I wonder if this particular twist happened because of the threats against Shelly. I only bring it up for this HOH because of all the attacks made against Shelly. I wonder if CBS is afraid of what might happen if Shelly made it to the end and possibly have a shot at winning.

      • Shelley was never going to makeit to the end. Threats or no threats. The female HG’s were going to see to that. She was definitely playing a man’s game. Jeff thought he had control of her. But she was playing the same backstabbing game Jeff was playing. Please do not think you can give Jeff the credit. THinking he is the HOH for the entire season just does not work. Especially when he only won it one time at the end.

      • Ifeel sorry for Shelly,she worries now if she,ll get the same applause coming out of the house, like Daniel got,boy will she be surprised, I,ve never heard so much hate talk, since president Obama was elected president. There is something seriously wrong with Americans.

  6. Jeff is not as smart as I thought he was. His downfall was not getting rid of the “floaters”. That is all he and Brendon complained about and instead of getting the floaters out they focus on Dani. As a matter of fact none of the vets are smart players. They all complained about floaters but every time they had a speech they would say they wanted to get rid of a strong player. Tell me where that makes sense when you want to start complaining about floaters??

    • the past two years everyone has been BRENCHELIZED into thinking that if you aren’t strong physically to win a veto or HOH or if you aren’t IN YOUR FACE type of game play then your a “floater!” BB is first and foremost a SOCIAL GAME and it’s about relationship and strategy! Everyone has a different strategy and tell me this, how many physically strong players, in your face players have ever WON BB? Right, none…the ONLY person to ever win BB by an all out IN YOUR FACE game strategy was Evel Dick and why did he win, everyone thought he wouldn’t so they dragged him along thinking if they were sitting beside him they would win! Well, when you win the HOH at the end, those you drag along will eventually beat you! Rachel is still in the game, not because she has outsmarted anyone or because she won things (until now, you go girl’s) it’s because she has the biggest target and those who “think” they are smart keep her so she will be in the line of fire to go before they do…Oh and for those in the house saying, “I’m not playing a ‘personal’ game,” are the biggest liars of all! If they weren’t playing it personally they would talk smack about everyone and to get someone over on their side, they wouldn’t do he said she said and demoralize them personally! I hate a 2faced person who mocks ppl behind their back! Talk about their attitude or game play, don’t mock or “hide” their belongings. (Grow up Shelly, miss I have class and integrity..NOT)
      Strategy is EVERYTHING in the BB house and if you don’t have the guts to go and talk about strategy with anyone then YOU’RE A FLOATER! Don’t get caught up in the Brenchel theory of if you don’t win a comp, you’re a floater BS~

    • Exactly ! They complained about floaters constantly, but he couldnt get rid of floaters because then Jordan would have had to be included with them. How would that have looked. Jeff what the hell does decompress your relationship with Jordan mean ?? Your stringing her along just long enough to use her winnings from BB11 then it’s bye bye Jordan. Jeff is to arrogant and in luv with himself for my taste. I never understand that relationship anyways. She’s so naive and takes all his crap. Jeff ‘s 33, she’s 24. No wonder he’s not married yet, he preys on the young and dumb.

      • If you really think what you said is correct, you are making judgements on people you don’t even know. I have a totally different take on Jordan. I’m also sick of everyone sayingshe doesn’t win anything. In season 11 her & Jeff were the last two standing when Jeff let her chose the HOH or prize. She still made it that far. She then went on to win 2 of3 comps in the finals. This year she had the highest score with in golf with only her 2 TEAMMATES left to go. It was in their best interest that SHE win. Maybe they wouldn’t have won over her.

      • Don’t forget BB11, they were in the honeymoon stage of their relationship. You can see that. And you can see the difference in their body language in season BB13. Jeff is just along for the ride as long as it lasts. DECOMPRESS = SPACE. SPACE = I will get back to you when it is convenient for me… Good luck Jordan. I am so you had to feel such hurt and betrayal. But it is one of life’s awful experiences. The hurt will be different with Jeff. And just as awful. I am not judging. It is life.

      • @Laynee, Are you a relationship expert? I guess you don’t watch the feeds where Jordan and Jeff were talking about her moving and where they will live. Also about having money to star THERE family. Maybe you’re just a little jealous.

      • The only reason Jordan won BB11 was because Jeff AGAIN carried her all the way. She was in the F3 with Natalie (who no one liked) and Kevin who was also a floater like Jordan. So all they had to do was pick which floater they liked better, who turned put to be Jordan. So your comparing one golf game to an entire season of BB. @Karen – I find it very strange to be in a relationship with someone for two years and still live in different States unless it’s job related and that doesn’t seem to be the case here. Every time Jeff is asked about marriage he never gives a direct answer. Even Jordan made the comment on live t.v. (no i I don’t get the feeds) they NEVER talk about marriage so she didn’t have any idea what is going to happen.

      • @Eimee, they have been very busy the last 2yrs and she is not going to move in the very beginning when they are first dating. And yes they have talked about marriage. Also you don’t tell someone you love them on national TV if it is not real. Sounds like you’re another one jealous of Jeff and Jordan. Sorry you don’t have a healthy relationship but no need to hate on them.

    • Being a floater is NOT i repeat NOT about whether or not you win competitions. A floater is someone who declares loyalty to an alliance that is in power and then when the other side of the house wins HOH they float on over to that side of the house. Jordan stayed loyal to the alliance from the beginning all the way to the end. She is not a floater.

  7. What a drama Queen he is. Dani Talked about backdooring him. She couldn’t do it because Shelly ratted her out to JJ. Funny when she was a snake for doing that everyone loved her. But when she stopped playing the house for JJ, everyone hated her. This guy is a meathead. You shouldn’t have screwed Brendan twice meathead, you know your “alliance member”? over two newbies.But I did love how Shelly went Single White Female on JJ when she realized she wasn’t the number one pet anymore when Meathead told her to make nice with Rach.

    • I agree totally. I think BB13 has been great TV. We have seen human behavior at its worst. But now we can all see what money will do to you. And it is not pretty. All HG’s go in knowing they will do whatever it takes to WIN a half a million dollars.

  8. The way I see it, Jeff is in the JH but he knew that might happen. He played his game & now it is over with one exception, who “he” votes for in final 2. It’s still a but too early for my prediction in that. My heart wants a vet because the newbies just woke up & started playing the game. Brendon, Dani & Jeff all played the game. Yes it sent the to the JH but they all played.

      • I think one of the newbies ought to win. It shows this is a game. And the vets can be played by the newbies. Because the vets went in knowing they could win. But that is not the way BB is set up. Every seaon is different. You have totally different personalities playing. Who ever said there was a set of rules for this game.

  9. MORE OF SHELLY’S LIES: Shelly – I have no desire to flip on you guys, I know you are the biggest target Rachel, I’m just offering my protection. I will not flip, I am saying to the world, in front of my daughter, I WILL NOT. I’d like to stay and play with you guys. I have no belief that I’m going to the final 2, so I’d rather just get through this and help you guys. I understand if you guys go with them, I will be respectful of that. Whatever I can do to make you two feel comfortable, let me know. You guys have complete control this week. If it comes to an HOH comp and it’s you guys up against me, I will drop for you.

    • Who can you really trust in this game. NO ONE. That is the way it is. Everyone lies in this game. It is just the way the HG’s perceive the severity of the lie. This is deinitely not a TRUSt game.

    • She said those exact words to Jeff and Jordan. I just want you two to make it to the final. I’ll help you guys. When Shelly was saying that to Jordan and Rachel, Jordan should of said I heard those words before Shelly.

  10. i loved how after the veto ceremony jeff was being all cocky in the DR and felt so good about what was gonna happen. and then not even 15 minutes after dani gets out.. he gets out too!!! his down fall was clearly going back on his deal with her then blatantly lying about it to everyone that asked

    • Jalen thank for telling it like it really is.
      Jeff’s dicgo got in the way of his little brain of common sense. Ehatever that is in this game.

  11. Its kind of funny that Jeff is so pissed at being blindsided by Shelley but didn’t he do the same thing to his buddy Brendan when he threw the competiton knowing that Brendan would be back doored. Shelley is not the only who back stabbed allies.

  12. Here goes Shelly again telling Rachel that she will swear on her daughter and her husband (but not On the bible) that she will work with RJ if they keep her that she is an adult that she has not a final deal with anybody (lie because she made a final 4 with KPAS) that she will show them with her actions that she is is working with them
    I don’t get this women at all

    • She’s really dumb if she thinks she can sucker Rachel. She’s gone. She isn’t working with anyone, she’s a mercenary.

    • Shelley is definitely loosing it. Why would she think Jordan would save her. Jordan has shown her true self. This is going to be great. Sweet Jordan yah right.

      • It’s about time Jordan stuck up for herself. Can’t wait for Shellhe to walk out the door.

      • I think Shelly is def loosing it. Although I was elated when she went against Jeff and sent his sorry ass out. But it kinda of reminds me of a double personality type of thing. These reality shows sometimes take a toll on people. But I do enjoy watching them.

  13. This doucebag is gone thank g!d. Now I hope the police find the hags who have been threatening to murder shelley’s daughter. F!cking psyco stans.

  14. I really don’t see what people saw in this guy. And obviously there was something for Shelly’s family to be getting death threats because Shelly screwed him over in a game. that is seriously twisted, especially to her 8 year old daughter. Some of you Jeff fans are really mental cases. That is so not right!!!

    • Some of these post are too funny, I love the one when they say, this person lied but it wasn’t bad. A lie is a lie deciet is deciet. They were loving Shelly when she was a lock vote for JJ. If hadn’t been “the Snake” that everyone now calls her and ratted out Dani, Jeffy would been gone a long time ago.She’s playing the game, it’s BB not some hippie lovefest.

      • LOL, I don’t think I’ve ever seen people get so upset over someone getting evicted. I think people have forgotten that this is a game. The object of the game is to get rid of people and make it to the end for money. Someone had to evict him sooner or later. I mean seriously, this is craziness.

    • This is not us and this is not JJ fault there are some people out there that are simply crazy I agree u dont go all ballistic because of something like That it’s a game she made the move that was best for her at the time
      But she is the one that keeps bringin her family into this when she is swearing on them that she will keep her word leave them out of this
      I dont like shellys actions but to go after her family is wrong

      • Did Matt Hoffman get death threats last year when he walked into the house saying his wife was sick? It wasn’t right, part of me thought it was funny, but it’s the game.You do what you have to to get that 500k. That’s what makes it great.Why can’t people see that? This game was not set up to be moral, if you rise above it, good for you and i’ll be there to pat you on the back, this game was designed to see how low people will go for 500k. Shelly just going lower that’s all. Take out the emotion, she’s [playing a good game. People only got mad at her when she went Single White Female on JJ.

    • The alleged threats are because she voted off America’s choice to return Brendan, not Jeff

    • @chick, Just because were Jeff and Jordan fans does not mean we are mental cases. I and probably all the J/J fans on this site do not agree with all those threats. I think it is awful for her family to have to deal with that. Especially and innocent little girl. Please watch who you direct your comments to. You sound almost as bad by calling people mental cases!!!

  15. Jeff is my favorite player, he is the Best, and what i like the most is he is a GREAT person

    • Agree he knows its a game I know a lot of people think that he was livid when he left but thats the reaction of that moment and I think I would have been pissed to
      And sorry where is the arrogance that some people see in this interview?

  16. I am glad to see Jeff go by a so call sleeper!He did not deserve to win at all…. Carma!!! You say Dani was not to be truested nor was the team of J & J. It’s a game… You play the good card only when it suits you but man you are a sanke!!!

    • I am just curious,because it seemed like Jeff’s interview was up like the next day and they were evicted the same night, so why isn’t there one for her anywhere?

      • “It seemed like Jeff’s interview was up like the next day.” Really? Today is Sunday. Jeff was evicted on Thursday. You’re commenting on Jeff’s interview post which just went up 2 hours ago.

        Daniele’s interview posted yesterday afternoon. It was on the front of the site for a full day and is now the top post on the second page. It’s definitely on the site. Scrolling might not be your thing. :)

        Here is the link:

      • Don’t you know how to read chick??? It has been on this site since yesterday. You sure sound a little angry. Maybe you’re blinded over your jealousy of Jeff.

    • At Matt BBn- I didn’t mean here (on bbn) the next day, but the extended interview was up on cbs the next day. I read it there. Sorry, it was no disrespect towards you or your site, all I was asking was if anyone else knew about Danielle’s interview, and if there was one anywhere to read. I apologize if it came off like that.

      • Oh not at all. I was just teasing you about it being here, but not found. I was kinda hoping you meant the CBS interview, but then you mentioned asking “on this site?” so I started thinking you meant ours.

  17. I do not care for shelly but also do not want threats on her or her family. With that said I think BB Allison Grodner should be telling Porche to lay of all the threats she throws Rachels way. Shelly too. Tonya Harding (hit he in the shin) Medicine ball to kill her baby. She has control of this crap and lets it go on. Plus all the stealing. No wonder it fuels the nuts out there. She is a hypocrite too (allison)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Porshe doesn’t mean what she says. What people don’t get is that when you’re cut off from the world(no newpaper, tv, phone calls)confined in one place and youo have to see the same people day in and day out, you lose a couple of scruples. I don’t care who you are, you are gonna start saying and doing some off the wall things. the smallest things will have you laughing. Look at Shelly, she just cracked.

      • Why is she still keeping her dog? That really gets alot of laughs from me (not). What in the heck did Rachel do to her? I guess I didnt see it.

      • Let her keep that dog. It’s fueling Rachel. The mean girl tatics are only making her stronger. Those same idiots are wondering where did this come from?

  18. Everyone should calm down now — forget about Jeff and Dani and concentrate on what’s gonna happen next. Jeff and Dani are gone!!

  19. Jeff’s “sack” got him evicted, too much testosterone…he tossed one of the shoes out of the ball pit. Check the photos I posted on my twitter account and rewatch the episode, Jeff sealed his eviction himself!

  20. hey rig your show some more and have julie vote tobreak a tie good thing survivor producers are not idiots and dont let you win immunity twice in a row but hey thats a fair show and hey leave shelly alone i dont care for her either but jeff was a complete puke

    • Julie said the first night that keys could be both good & bad or something to that extent. I’ve been waiting for something to come out about the keys for weeks.

  21. Last year both Rachel and Brittany had death threats made to them about 2000 of them
    There is a lot of sick people out there

  22. We hope Adam is booted out next! We miss you Adam! It just doesn’t feel the same without you…..

      • Nita Bea you are so right. Did he really think he could continue to treat the female HG’s that way. THe dude Shelley was definitely going to turn on him at some point. That is not the way she allows men to treat women…Give it up JEFF. You are OUT.

      • I agree Jeff thought he ran the house. He had no respect for anyone in that house not even Jordan. Just because they don’t air all the times he’s told her to “shut up” or “sit down and eat” you guys thinks he’s a cool guy.

  23. Hope to never see your azz again Jeff, but I am sure you will show up in the next allstar BB.

    As for calling Dani JUDAS, so does that make Brendan JESUS.

    • It look she is no her way out
      RJ have just shook hands to stick togheter which is better for Adam because with Shelly out there is 3 RJA vs the 2 PK
      I think he will keep is end of the deal and if he makes it to final 3 with them at least he will have a chance to fight for final 2
      I know everybody makes fun of him but you never know One of then needs to win HOH on thursday

    • Shelly is playing the game get over it. Yes its sad to see your favorite go, but stop attacking poor Shelly. She did it to get herself further in the game as Jeff backstabbed Dani. Its called Big brother. you’re welcome!

  24. Seriously, it does not matter why Shelly’s family is getting death threats; the fact is, they’re getting them and that is not cool. Regardless of karma, what was said/done, what wasn’t said/done, IT’S A GAME!!! Nothing more. The people doing this are sick jerks and they need to grow the hell up and get a real life. You would think Shelly had committed murder or was in a drug cartel. It’s television!

  25. I love Rachel & Jordan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Jordan & Shelly have been talking today – apologized to each other – and are moving on. Hopefully JJ fans will get wind of this and do the same, because God forbid some IDIOT would actually follow through on these threats…

    can u imagine??

    Guaranteed Jeff & Jordan WOULD NOT want to see any harm come to Shelly or her family in any way, shape or form….

    if something DOES happen – no doubt that would be THE END of Big Brother.

    • Shelley has no one to blame but herself for how reviled she is by the public at large. Obviously, criminal behaviour is intolerable and inexcusable. But did Shelley really think she could act the way she has – all the cruelty, mendacity, shamelessness – and not suffer any consequences? I’m sure the “threats” are just idiot uber-fans acting foolishly.

      But when Shelley hears about all this later, will she finally realize how awful a person she’s been? Will she accept responsibility for her deplorable actions? (I have seen nothing on the show so far to indicate she even acknowledges her Judas type behaviour.) Her lack of insight is what’s truly enraging to me.

      • Were you calling her a Judas when she was backstabbing everyone for JJ, or when she went Single White Female on JJ?

      • @Jonesy… believe me – i totally agree with you.

        shelly has played this game with the same ruthless tactics that helped her reach the corporate executive level she holds at her job! so being that she is a corporate whore – and knowing how the majority of them operate – it is my belief that lying & backstabbing are “a way of life” for her in the real world.

        what she failed to realize is that BB IS NOT ‘corporate america’, so it all backfired on her in this game. hopefully seeing how she has been perceived will be a wake-up for her when she gets back home, but i doubt it!

        anyway, i just don’t want to see some lunatic fan go out and do something that will cause us to lose BB…
        i LOVE this show :)

      • What’s truly aggravating (and frightening) about Shelley is that she doesn’t seem to acknowledge – EVER – what she’s done or that it’s slimy. Contrast this to Dr. Will (Season 2? All stars?) when he would laugh about it in the Diary Room. Sure, it was shameless, but he admitted what he was doing and wasn’t acting all ‘holier than thou’ about it. In fact, he was quite charming BECAUSE he admitted it.

        But Shelley, acting like she’s on a mission from God to do this for her daughter, and this somehow justifies her actions… or actually elevates them onto a higher plane… THIS is what is driving me insane.

        Just admit what you’ve done and admit it when you’re caught!!!

      • @Jonesy, i know exactly what you mean!

        but think about the actions of corporate execs that caused the recession – especially wall street & the bankers. NONE of them have EVER taken responsibily for the part they played (and are STILL playing) in that whole fiasco.

        shelly reminds me of them…..

    • It will not be the end of BB. It is a GAME with no rules. THe only rule is no physical contact. Viewers get to emotional watch human behavior play out on live TV. The back stabbing may bring out the anger in many viewers because they have experienced the same hurt and pain. That is the REALITY part of BB. Human beings do not like watching the same pain and hurt brought on another human being.

      • @Layneee. i’m not referring to what shelly is doing in the BB house.

        if a fan of this show ACTUALLY followed thru with a death threat against shelly’s family, CBS would be in a REALLY bad position.

        i’m just sayin i wouldn’t be surprised if they cancelled BB.

    • I don’t get why everyone can’t let it go that Shelly evicted Jeff. Yes she lied to him but everyone has to its big brother. You have to get yourself further by any means neccessary lieing, backstabbing included. I love how it was fine when Jeff broke his deal with Daniele even when she kept her end because again it is a game deal or no deal you need to do what you have to do. Jeff lied to Dani’s face to get himself further now that Shelly did the same everyone hates her for it. If this was in regular everyday life and someone backstabbed their close friend I would understand the anger but it is BIG BROTHER. Please stop ragging on Shelly for playing the game.

    • @ Jonesy “admit what you’ve done and when you’re caught” Oh you mean like Jeff did when Rachel confronted him about throwing the veto. He lied straight to her face, why because he had to. Lieing is a type of strategy in Big Brother and no Jeff isn’t the only person who can use it. It is what it is, you have to lie to get yourself ahead in the game like Jeff did. If he had been honest when he got like you suggested Rachel would of turned Dani would of stayed and Jeff would be screwed. So don’t condone Jeff’s lieing and then go around and say its wrong for Shelly to do the same. At the end of the day she’s here to win the prize for herself/family not for JJ. Don’t expect everyone to protect them and let them win for a second time.

  27. Shelly did not get jeff evicted…she assisted…but unless you were watching a different show than I..KALIA got jeff evicted when she broke the tie.

    Jeff lied to Rachel when she confronted him about throwing the cornhole game..everyone lied in this game..Shelly is getting the brunt of everything that everyone else has done.

    • I whole heartedly agree. Everyone expects Shelly to just sit there and play the game. In big brother you go with whoever or whatever will get you further be it a week or more. If she kept Jeff she would be going home final 5 or 4. They would never take her to final 3. She knew she had to find a different route, its nothing personal just game play. That’s what everyone fails to understand!

      • She’s stupid, now instead of making final 3 and a possible final 2 she’s going out 6th. Bye Shellhe!!!

  28. Is anyone else annoyed with Kalia ending every sentence with the inflection of a question mark, where they shouldn’t be any? Isn’t that a bit childish Kalia? I thought you were ed you cated.

    • I agree 100%. Kalia comes across as sophomoric to say the least. She also seems to have difficulty owning up to her actions at times as well. I don’t care for her, but she doesn’t disgust me like Shelley.

      Oh, and in fairness to Kalia, she comes across as a philosopher queen compared to Porsche!

    • Oh he is, sad that he doesn’t have reason to be. He thought he ran everything and look where he is now! What a joke.

    • I don’t remember who Kalia was going on about (I think it was Rachel) and calling her disgusting, etc. — I don’t remember why, but it seemed petty and fictitious, but what I DO remember was thinking “Who are you to be going on about being clean when, on LIVE feeds, you use the toiled, let water ‘trickle’ over your fingers, then wipe them on a towel and put the towel back in the cabinet.”

      Kalia is disgusting — no doubt about it. No class. No morals. No character. No good habits. No working out. Nothing inspiring about her. The only thing she offers is hypocrisy, criticism, dirty hands, and dirty hand towels.

    • Jeff’s mistake is being arrongant and a bully!! He can be whatever he wants and he can still be America’s sweetheart.

    • Jeff could kill all the houseguests and his JJ fans would make up all kinds of crazy excuses for him. “it was all an accident, I think.. I mean I know!”. Face it, Jeff was an arrogant bully you got what was coming to him and now he’s sitting in Jury like a fool.

      • Get real Mandy, you sound like all those people threatening Shelly’s family. I think you’re another bitter, jealous person.

  29. I loved Jeff statement Shelly: you r acting like a 5 years old
    Jeff: A five years old goes back and forth

    • Jeff is a complete tool. He expects Shelly to let him get to final 3 with Jordan, wake up and smell the coffee Jeff! It’s game you can be voted out just like everyone else.

  30. Hey Jeff: Seeeeeeeeee Yaaaaaaaaaah!
    Watching him walk out the door was my favorite part of this season so far.
    I hope your idiot girlfriend follows soon.

  31. You all gotta know something : Jeff is gay (he’s still in the closet) and he makes gay community ashamed with his arrogance and cockyness.
    Him and Jordan are a faked couple just for TV… I am glad that he is gone

    • Totally agree!!! I don’t know why America loves him!! Nobody can lie, throw competition, threat,… but according to America, he can!!! Whatever!

      • I know, what sick sick people these JJ fans are. They are so deluted its not even funny. As much as I don’t like Jeff he definetly got his biggest threat out Dani. Yes he made a deal and yes she kept her end but at the end it is Big brother. A game of lying cheating basically whatever you have to do to win that money. I was sad to see Dani go but I didn’t call Jeff a backstabber or a liar ( which by the way he did do ) I knew it was part of the game. Shelly did the same exact thing and all these JJ fans are calling her a bitch and throwing names around and threatening her family its disgusting. Not one JJ fan can admit she did it to get herself further and that had she not evicted Jeff she would be out by final 4. Like seriously they all wished Shelly was a sitting duck handing JJ the money.

      • @lisalee, you’re so smart…instead of Shellhe being out 3 or 4 and possibly making it final 2 she is out sixth. Yep she really got a lot farther. Wake up!

  32. this season doesn’t seem real…it is like the producer is telling people what to do. People this is a game! Not one person in there has not lied or backstabbed. The newbies should have gotten the vets out right at the first and then played the game between themselves. It is alright for Dani to be backstabbed but not Jeff..boohoo who cares! It is a game!!!

  33. Perhaps all of these acts of threatened violence
    will lead BB to reconsider ever having vets back
    on for any season. They accumulate fanatics from
    their notariety and that is when is becomes dan-
    gerous for anyone who goes against their idols. No
    one should have to worry about the safety of their
    family members if they come on a game show.

  34. Jeff’s downfall was when he threw that veto comp. If he ended up winning he would have saved Brendan. One of them would have gotten Dani out either way, keeping shelly was a complete waste. And if Brendon was still in the game he would have been the #1 target not Jeff.

  35. TMZ have it wrong!! Any threats would not be because of her would be because of her going after Jordan, knowing Jordan is so kind hearted, NOT aggresive at all and then you have a huge A type personality coming on to her without anyone there to protect mousey (not in a bad way) Jordan.

    This has NOTHING to do with her vote. Its about Shelly acting like she did to Jordan. Pointing her finger at her, hovering over her as Jordan was laying in the purple room.

  36. I love Rach… after Jeff gets voted out she is upset for Jordan because he wasn’t saved REALLY??? If they saved Jeff like the team wanted she would be leaving and the BR would have no chance of getting the money after it was Jeff who got Brandon out and saved SHELLY. At least both couples still have a fighting chance at the money why is everyone on that alliance trying to win for JJ and not themselves.

  37. why Jeff even took Porsche off the block, even to get Danielle out was beyond me, she may have been out by now

  38. *spits out drink* ADAM AND JORDAN? WHAT?!?!

    Jordan, fine, because he’s biased since she’s his girlfriend and he doesn’t realize all she does is ride coattails and…lose? BUT ADAM TOO? He wants the two biggest floaters left to collectively get $550,000?

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