Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 8 PoV Competition Results

Power of Veto

This week’s Power of Veto comes with a lot more than just the power to replace a nomination. Thanks to the return of Pandora’s Box on Friday the winner of the Veto will be able to remove both nominees and control the eviction votes. Lots at stake here.

Read on to find out who won and what that means for the game this week.

Big Brother 13 Week 8 Power of Veto results:

  • Rachel won the Veto.

Rachel won the Veto which makes Jordan safe as well. They both will come down off the block due to Pandora’s Box twist. The only options are for Adam and Shelly to go up on the block. Turn on your Live Feeds right now and watch the Newbies sulk.

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Since only six HGs remained, everyone played and due to the new twist everyone was paired up. Porsche & Kalia, Adam & Shelly, and Rachel & Jordan.

Sounds like it was an endurance comp. Jordan says she feels bad that she didn’t hang on longer. She told Rachel, “you won.” Rachel responded, “we won.” In the other room Kalia is getting bandaged up.

Adam fell off first. Jordan fell second. Porsche, Kalia, and Shelly fell somewhere in between while Rachel held on the longest. Some sort of endurance competition for sure, possibly hanging from how they’re talking. More info: they had to hang on to dummies, and no, it wasn’t the Regulators.

The Veto ceremony will be held on Monday. Stay close by and we’ll let you know as soon as that happens, but the real action will be the on the Live Feeds (Free Trial).

What do you think of the PoV Comp results?


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  1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    YAYYYYYYYYYYYY :) could not be happier..
    now time to move on with my night and get through irene

  2. Bye-Bye Shelly. It’s gonna be a straight ticket vote. The live feeds should be very interesting tonight. Meltdown city. Adam get some popcorn and watch the fireworks.

    • WOW! You just made my night. I had given up watching but now to see Shelly explode will brighten my life. Previously I thought a newbie should win but the only one I think now would be Adam because the girls are all potty mouths the way they have been talking about Rachael (not that she is an angel) but the tacky remarks about abortion, etc made me lose respect for them especially Porshe. After last year with Britney spewing garbage, I thought BB wouldn’t allow that kind of game play this year but it turns out the girls are worse now. Good luck to Rachael and Jordan.

      • BARB I totally agree with you the only ones that I think are at all deserving are Rachel, Jordan and even Adam. Previously sort of would not of been too mad if Kalia would of won but after the two of them made the comments about aborting and hitting Rachel in the stomach and saving her $400 do not think either of them are deserving, and thrilled that Shelly the lying backstabbing cheat stealing snake is going home and I get to go back to watching BB because I had stopped because could not stomach Shelly one minute longer. YAY!!!!!!!!!


    Bye Shelly you old hag!
    Now I hope Rachel/ Jordan or Adam wins HoH and evict Porsche or Kalia

  4. surprise, surprise. Who really didn’t think she was going to win? That comp and twist was geared for them to stay

    • Yes. We all knew they would win..If you guys have live feed, go back to 9:39 am 8/27/11 cam 1. They said then that POV comp was geared towards them to win. Straight from Jordan’s mouth. Duh…

    • That’s why I’m so disappointed with BB sometimes. I mean, basically, production has written a cheque to Jordan who’s done absolutely nothing all season, unless Jeff helped her. Utter bulls***!


    well fine, shelly goes home oh well. she didnt play good anyway.

    as long as rachel or jordan dont win this season i’ll be fine. rachel deserves it but her social game as long with her herself are AWFUL! but she deserves it. but i dont her or joran winning. jordan deserves nothing. not even that. SHE DOESNT EVEN DESERVE HER STIPEND HAHA!

    bye bye shelly. now u can go clean the jury house.

    • No possible way rachel gets anyone but brendons vote if she got to final 2.

      So theres that.

      I love jordan but she needs to go, I don’t think she even realizes shes playing a game, She is absent-minded.

      Rachel is wayy too emotional, Shes got an annoying laugh, Wont shut up about brendon.
      She gives vegas a bad rep (Trust me, None of us are like her here)

      Shelly played a good social game(Even if she had to be a total bitch to do so) But she won NOTHING. She needs to at least be able to win a PoV.

      Porsche surprised me, I think she played this game great so far, By Accident.
      She was on the vets side for the time they were in power, And got into a fight with rachel and switched sides RIGHT before the vets lost it all.

      And then, As soon as dani leaves, She wins 2 competitions in a row, After not winning any all season.

      Adam is the biggest idiot in the house. If dick was still here, Adam would be dicks puppet. (Dick puppet sounds really wrong btw) But he isnt, So he decided to follow jeff around instead.

      The sad thing is, Adam is sure to make final 4, Because shelly will go this week. K&P or J&R will control the house next week, And P&K will either get out jordan(which would be the smart thing to do) or rachel(The dumb thing to do) or vice-versa.

      • If Rachel gets to final 2 then, anything is possible. Worst case scenario is $50,000 which is not bad considering the odds she went against to win anything if she manages to get that far! Don’t be too sure. If it is Kalia, Porsche or Adam in final 2 with Rachel, Rachel might still win because she played a better game than the other newbies still in it! Against Jordan, Jordan will win it because the other women including Danielle, Kalia, Porsche, Shelly will not vote for Rachel.

      • I actually like Rachel’s chances of winning the game.

        If Jordan gets evicted before finale 2 and Rachel gets there. She will have at least 3 votes (Brendon, Jeff and Jordan).

        If Rachel is against Jordan, she might win. Yes, everyone but Brendon hates her, but i dont think that any HG is willing to give Jordan another 500K. If I were a jury member, i’d rather give 500K to Rachel than make Jordan a millionnaire. I think the others HGs problably feel the same.

        If Rachel gets to the finale 2 with Adam, i think she’ll win. No sane person would vote for Adam to win this game, unless if he starts winning comps, which doesnt seem likely to happen.

      • New to post. One question. How can you justify Jordan and Jeff being better players than Kalia? Kalia won 2 HOHs (no, not by accident) and 2 vetos. If anything, Jordan was the third biggest floater (behind Adam and Shelley). She even admits that Rachal and Brendon kept she and Jeff in the game. Personalities aside, because each player had issues, but I keep hearing all negatives about Kalia and no one has given her due credit. Hate her if you want, but let’s be fair. I personally hope Zingbot wins BB.

    • Rachel’s social game has gotten better. She started playing cards with everyone and laughing and joking. she has done better since Brendon left the second time. Even when Porsche won HOH Rachel still played cards with them while Jordan wanted to sulk and get over her shock. I am proud of Rachel when she pulled Jordan back from beating Shelly’s ass. Rachel said Jordan don’t do this this is not you. I said woa Rachel is actually realizing now. All the terrible and horrible jokes they made about Rachel and even Jordan when she wanted to cut Rachel loose, found she needed Rachel to win and win Rachel did. Even if u do not win this game, u atleast competed and got yourself an extra week. Rock it out Rachel yessssssssssss

      • uh no and no. rachel’s social game hasnt improved, she still goes out of her to be a betch. as evidence by thursday and afterwards

  6. YES!!!!! I am beyond happy! Finally the sociopathic lying nutcase will be out of the house! Jorchel for the final 2 I hope!

  7. Yes, yes!!! That is excellent. I am ready for Shelley to go…then Porshe. Now all Rachel and Jordan need is an HOH to seal their stance as a team on their way to being final two!

  8. Ooooommmmmmmggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s BACK BITCHES! LMAO…I KNEW she could do it! She is still a beast….guess what her or Jordan are gonna win HOH too….cannot. wait to see Adam and korsche kissin ass….lmao, hope. Shelly does too!!!!!!!!!


  10. Hopefully Rachel and Jordan will see that keeping Shelly would be a better choice. Because if either of them go up against her in the finals they will win. But Jordan and Rachel will be sourgrapes and evict Adam.

    • i want to see shelly go…but it is a good idea. but this way they can get adam on their side. (or are PK threatening them with “we threw it for you”)

  11. OMG!!! I’m so freakin’ happy!! This has been the longest day waiting for these results….Shelly is gone!!! I’m so proud of go girl!!

  12. This game is so rigged. So they are only doing duos for one week, because then adam will be alone next week, then what…they change the ruules again.

    • Oh, whatever. I am sure she still had to fight for it. It’s not like she’s not a great competitor. She’s the best female at comps in the house.

  13. yaaaay so happy rachel won veto, now shelly can go go go out the door. good bye shelly and hope 2 never see u again………

  14. im not saying its rigged. trust me. i have always defended the game. its not rigged. we all know however its…. massaged if u will.

    all im going to say is… this lined up pretty perfectly. like almost too perfectly. it seems like a case for scooby doo, it has suspect written all over it.

    IM JUST SAYIN. i’ll have to see the comp and here how it played out, but im NOT saying its rigged, im saying its pretty suspicious we randomly have pairs put BACK together when rachel and jordan are guaranteed to go home, and rachel wins.

    smells iffy. but as for now rachel won fair and square, she won it, and im not going to take anything away from her. congrats to her awful self for winning a veto to save her butt in the clutch.

    • Well if they’ve scripted the show this far….might as well script it to the end. Shelley is gone this week and it’ll turn into “Victory for Jeff and the Underdogs in Rachel and Jordan”…..

      • REMINDER PEOPLE…the pairs twist would NOT have happened if greedy PORCHA didn’t open pandoras box….so how can it be rigged???

      • but production knows, nobody would pass up pandora’s box. i wouldnt be surprised if u HAVE to open it. and i didnt say it was rigged. i said 4 times.

    • ME TOO!!!!!!! This is just perfect; now just let them win HOH and send Porsche with all of her hate filled comments directed at Rachel and everything will be right with the world AGAIN!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Porshe should be kissing Rachel’s backside! She wins HoH and thinks she’s won the game! If it wasn’t for Rachel she would have been gone that first week! Now she hates her?!?

      • The veterans kept Porsche safe for how many weeks and she goes on and pledges loyalty with Danielle after Danielle threatened her with eviction when Kalia won HOH! Porsche should realize that she needs the jury votes to win and while, Danielle and Shelly might vote for her, the veterans probably will not! She may also get evicted so, never make it to final 2!

    • Definitely. Rachel is a beautiful shining example of what all women wish they could be! Physically and psychologically! /sarcasm

  15. and it looks like the tide has turned. it looks like rachel is no longer a “antagonist”. seems like everyone loves rachel. i dont know if thats because she is the key for jordan to stay, but wow. didnt think it would change like that.

    • REMINDER PEOPLE…the pairs twist would NOT have happened if greedy PORCHA didn’t open pandoras box….so how can it be rigged???

      • The rigged complaints are silly, because they are exaggeration. BB doesn’t rig anything, but they do certainly set things up so there is greater opportunity for high ratings people to stay.

        This isn’t “cheering for a side”. Its “cheering for ratings”.

        All that said, no one has ever NOT opened the box. So saying its not trying to help JR because Porsche could have not opened it is silly.

      • kerry nothing u said it this comment, or ur other one which was the same is relevant.

        second, it doesnt strike anybody strange what has happened in the last 48 hours? take ur emotion and love for rachel/jordan is u have it our, STEP BACK and look at what just happened.

        Jordan and Rachel were going to be put up. one of them was going home. and randomly OUT of nowhere with 6 ppl left and a re-pairing that doesnt even make alot of sense. OH AND the pairing lasts for only one week.

        it doesnt make sense because if anyone used a veto, THEY would go up. thats dumb.

        then rachel wins POV? that saves BOTH of them?

        dont give me that “well porsche didnt HAVE to open it” crap because thats crap.

        when u step back, with some perspective, take the emotion out, that smells so fraudulent.

      • take ur emotion and love for rachel/jordan is u have it our,

        should be read as “take ur emotion and love for rachel/jordan if u have it out,”

    • I have always loved Rachel even tho she has some bad moments on T.V.” Bitches i’m back”love it when she says that.

  16. I guess I have to find something else to watch.Til Sept 14.When survivor comes back on.I probably watch finally night just to hear everybodies thoughts .Cant stand Rachel or Jordan.This year just seem to fake to me.Everybody thinks Jordan this great player if it wasnt for Rachel she be leaving the house.

  17. Remember people the Fortune teller is out there still and I do not think Shelly would go to the jury house I bet she self terms and goes home…..

  18. WOW!! WEll if you didn’t think that CBS rigged big brother before this week. Seriously…. Their precious Jordan was left on an island and her alliance was not in power?? So what can we do?? hmmmmm lets pair her up with a competitor to get her through this week. This is TOTAL crap by CBS

    • I bet if the sociopath or the would be baby killer would have won, you would not be saying that it is rigged. Get real.

      • Yes I would be saying it.To much has happened this year that makes me think it rigged.Thats the reason this has been the worse season yet.I guess I will be watching project runway on wedensday true movie on thrusday.I have to find something for Sundays.

      • Whats wrong with this chat?People use all caps never get removed.People call Dani Judas never nothing happens.I tell people the same thing everybody else is saying the game is rigged.My post get removed funny to me it sounds like sours grapes.Maybe CBS dont want you to know there another show you watch on Wedensday beside BB.

    • Porsche was the cause of the duo veto comp. let us not forget. She did’t have to accept the money but she did because the decision wouldn’t affect her-at least not this week!

  19. As glad as I am to see Jordan and Rachel stay vs Shelly, this definitely seems rigged by production to keep the vets around. I suppose you have to get the ratings too!

    • Rigged is a huge understatement! The thing is when the fans favorite say Danielle was being the beneficiary of production moves to keep her, Danielle fans had not problem with it. Now, that Jordan and Rachel get the same treatment, they are apalled and shocked! It is called hypocrisy! For it to be 100% fair, production should not favor anyone but, since, production went up the slippery slope to try and save Danielle, they also had to do it for Rachel and Jordan which is just fair!
      Anyone who has a problem with that is a hypocrite! So, do not give us a lecture about
      fairness because you have no idea what you are talking about!

      • i dont usually watch reality shows because they are rigged… after watching bb this year it reafirms why

  20. ha ha yes!!! thats for all the dummies arguing with me the other day telling me shellys so great and shes going to be at least final 2….. he he bye bye shelly!!!

      • Adam would be a wiser choice for F2. I strongly dislike Shelly’s hypocrisy, but she still has a bit of mental game, while Adam’s dead weight.

      • Well, she may have been if it were just straight game play. Instead CBS waves it’s magic wand to save the beloved Jordan when she needs it most.

      • @Gina….How is it smart to NOT take someone to the final 2 who is hated by the house in a social game? Seriously….think about it and then comment again.

      • @ jimbob…said it before will say it again, porsche CHOSE to open the box…period point blank

      • @vet fan….you’re right she did….but pairs at the final 6? C’mon you would be up in arms if that went against Jordan and Rachel….just because it helped you can’t say it smells of a fix to save them…..let’s be real.

      • @ Curious, she is not the ONLY player that is hated, Kailia and Porsche spring to mind. Shelly needs a wake up call, and she is about to get it. Booo hooo

      • Boo hoo about what? I’m not a fan of anyone this season so that comment really doesn’t make sense….but I guess you don’t know what “neutral” means….so I’m arguing with a brick wall.

        But Kalia and Porsche would get votes unlike Shelley

      • actually thats what i said to everyone lol she would never win but they were saying so what she gets 50k now hmm no she goes home lol

      • Wow the worst person in the world….a bit much don’t you think….I mean she lied and backstabbed on a gameshow….you need to get out more if you think shes the worst person in the world

      • Oops!!! haha Maybe I should choose my words better!! She is the worst person on bb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is even believing her own lies …lol…and is totally infactuated with Rachel…wa wa wa come on old lady your more of a twit than Rachel and I didn like Rachel at first

      • agree…worst in the world is a bit much…compared to Ghadaffi, Assad terrorists….but as far as BB…you bet she is the worst!! and BYE BYE….go smoke in the jury house and reap the wrath of Jeff and Brendon!!

      • Way to go Rachel. Now that is how a great player competes. Everything that Judas wanted to be, Rachel is. What a study in grace and what a competitor. Go get it BIG RED! The 500K is gonna be yours. Thanks for saving the season Rachel! YOU ROCK!

      • And for your info this is my first time on this site!!!!!!!! how many times have you been here????????

      • @Rhonda…I didn’t know I had to give how many time I’ve been on the site

        @Wayne….Hate on Judas but un-like Rachel she at least made it to the finals but your Rachel has only ever made it to the jury so technically Dani is better…..and this is coming from a neutral

      • Was just CURIOUS that’s all considering I made an error on what I wanted to say and got told to get out more!

      • I’m sick of hearing that BB is fixed! It’s not! It was Pandora’s Box and Porsche was greedy enough to open it! I had a feeling the duos would come back later in the game as a Pandora twist. When things are going well for the HGs you like, its not fixed, but when things go well for the other side, it is? I’ve never heard so many accusations of it being fixed as I have this season.

      • Dear Bill: I am a neutral….I’ve stated this MANY times. Therefore when I call fixes its not for either side….its pointing out something fishy. Bringing pairs back at the Final 6? Seems a little fishy…considering they had a good chance to still make sure that Rachel and Jordan would’ve stayed BEFORE pairing people up again.

      • @Wayne….please read the comment above….I can’t be a sore loser if I’m not cheering for anyone….but with your logic I guess I can be….sorry for wanting to see good gameplay.

      • Hey curious do you realize how dumb that sounds…dani made it to the finals in HER SEAOSN SEASON 8 AND HER DAD CARRIED HER. Let’s judge based on the season they played together….oh wait yeah, that’s what I thought RACHEL is still here! That’s like saying natalie is better than anyone else who didn’t make it to F2..get outta here with that…saying your neutral. But doing nothing but rachel and jordan bashing doesn’t actually make you neutral…just makes you sound real dumb, that’s all.

      • Curious,

        I’m neutral as well. I thought it was fishy when Dani said that production helped set up her and Rachel’s meeting last week… I do think production may do minor manipulations, but they don’t make the HGs vote for who they want to go home, they probably throw out reasons FOR them to vote, etc…. who knows lol.

      • Well, I shouldn’t say I’m neutral as far as my favorites, of course I’m Team JR. But I was saying that even when people were saying the game was rigged for Porsche to win (LOL) because she won HoH and people saying Jeff only had one clown shoe, etc… those people saying that are likely just like me, a Vet fan. The people that are saying the game is rigged now that Rachel and Jordan are coming off the block are likely Dani fans. The accusers change from week to week, ha

    • @ Curious, for someone that claims to be neutral (yah right) you spend an inordinate amount of time defending your strategy. Hey if you are that great darlin, sign up for next season. Something tells me you would be the first to go. Check your attitude at the door. You’re ridiculous.

      • I have to defend my “strategy” because it is too complicated for you to understand. I’m glad you have confidence in me for being the first to go….but I’m not here to prove anything to you. You are the one who has the attitude…I have been calm about things and tried to debate intelligently you haven’t.

      • Probably because I do not think or act like a child. Why don’t you just go away, your comments are pointless, and your name calling is out of line. Time for the kiddies to be in bed.

      • Name calling? Didn’t you just do that to me? Thats ok I get hypocrites fill this board. Why don’t you do use a favor and go play in the hurricane…..

    • Rachael is pregnant, so it would be dumb for production to keep her in the game for health reasons

    • @Curious, no they wouldn’t, they are both lazy, do nothings, and lets not forget the house is stacked with Vets. Maybe you should leave the strategy to adults. Furthermore your comments are rude and childish. How old are you 12?

      • @Gina….do everyone a favor and die already I mean seriously….just do your family a favor and get it over with…if you don’t like my comments don’t reply simple as that you twat

      • @ Curious, you really need help, hopefully the people who support this forum realize you are here for nothing more than a fight. Go away child.

  21. SHOOOOOOOOKER!!! Way to go Rachel!!! Make a bold move and get the snake out the door!!! Shelly can’t slither any longer………………Get her gone!!!

    • have fun in the jury house shelly LATER it’s about damm time as shelly says from the DR room”kiss,kiss”

  22. Lets hope !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that Pandoras box don’t screw up sending that bitch packing. GREAT GOIN RACHEL

  23. YAY!!!!!! That a girl Rachel. I knew she wouldn’t give up. Shelly will be gone and then Rachel needs to win HOH!!

  24. This whole twist was geared towards helping out those two witches!!! Seriously BB what the hell!!!!! Just when everything was looking up for the newbies you go and save those two!!! This just confirms that the whole is rigged for me!!! I can’t stand Rachel and Jordan is really starting to get on my last nerve!! You would have thought someone had killed Jeff instead of just evicting him. This blows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • They’re still better than when Jesse was evicted and Lydia/Chima/Natalie just cried like idiots and wanted to avenge him. LOL.

    • You have to understand why Jordan was acting that way it wasn’t just because Jeff was evicted but because she risked everything for someone who turned around and stabbed her in the back. How would you feel in her shoes? Not very good. Plus shelly is a bitch, she needs to go home anyways.

      • LMAO what did she risk for Shelly? Dude the only reason they kept shelly around because she was their b!tch! You know it and I know it. Its like she was this huge competitor who they were helping/protecting she was just a loyal easy vote. She was expendable to them by final 4 or earlier they never gave a crap about her. Its a game! Shelly did what JJ did to Dani, voted Jeff out..why you ask? For her game! Jordan is acting like a little whiny brat because things didn’t go her way. I can’t stand Jordan calling everyone else floaters like shes done anything. Jordan won last time by accident this time it can’t happen again! Someone who’s a competitor needs to win this season

      • I don’t think even the advantage of numbers could of saved them they were kind of doomed, productions wanted to give JJBR as much limelight as possible.

      • @Matt… know as well as we do even with the numbers people would’ve flipped because they were in “awe” of the vets….a la Shelley, Adam

      • Matt has a point…the numbers should have helped them..but i think they were just too in awe of these vets…oh how i wish they would have thought things through!

      • It. Doesn’t matter if the noobs would have flipped that was their choice…you people need to get real…yeah there are little tweeks here and there but its all about the. CHOICES YOU MAKE… example.

        A:from the jump, just having to choose which duo to put up, so one could Get a golden key would have been tough.

        B: noobs had the numbers, vets had the power…vets were dominating the competitions, and it. Was actually the vets that took themselves out, newbies did nothing for that. Ie…. dani CHOOSING to fall for Dom and try and flip. Jeff CHOOSING to throw the corn-hole veto in which sent brendon home, but shelly would have been gone that week otherwise.

        C: kalias. HOH they knew there was a twist and someone could possibly stay or come back, but they CHOSE. To nominate and evict. Their own alliance member(rachel could. Have been gone that week)

        D: porsche CHOOSING to be greedy and open pbox…..

        E: Dani CHOOSING to focus soley on brenchal and forgetting other people were in the game….(ie the week brendon got evicted first, she could have gone after them later, had someone else been gone, dom would have most likely been the one to return)she only wanted to seek avengance for a boy she knew for 3 weeks.

        So you see what I mean…although some twists or comps may be geared one way or another its all about the CHOICES you made to get it to that point.

        Also don’t be mad that rachel is such a beast….4 comps and counting!

    • Ummm this is all on the the Nutty Professor Porche. She opened the box that caused the pairing. No pairing and still one of the vets go home. She F’d up.

      And….yes CBS added new twists but they needed to be cause the newbies are such boring contestants. They eat, sleep and pretend to do pilates. Well, Shelly massages her adam’s apple, but still, a boring set of contestants….instead of All Stars 2, they should have a Losers All Stars. All the contestants that left first.

    • I guess ill say it. To you too… matter what. PORSCHE CHOSE TO OPEN THE BOX!!!!!!!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!!!! GEESH COME UP OFF IT…CRY FIXED WHEN. IT DOESN’T GO YOUR WAY. IT MIGHT BE GEARED (AND HAS BEEN BOTH WAYS THIS SUMMER) but def not fixed….there’s NO. WAY. Cbs would have let jeff and dani go on the same night. I do believe the clown shoe veto was geared for jeff, and his shoe was even close to the top…but he flung it over the side.

      • We get it…Porsche opened it but the contents inside could’ve been something different like Jeff coming back for 24 hours….not bringing back the pairs.

    • fanbot, you’re so stupid. How could the game be rigged when each person has to win a comp. BB can’t decide who wins the comps. think about it…anyone of them could have won.

  25. As long as Jordan or Adam wins, I will be happy. I don’t care about the rest of them.

  26. Do you people who are Jordan fans really think she deserves to win? Do you people realize this is a game? A game that involves strategy and competitions,otherwise known as game play.

    She is nice, so what? I would rather see someone who did ANYTHING win this game than someone who just sat on their ass all summer, for a 2nd time, and be handed a check for nothing. I hate Rachel, but at least she played the game and deserves to win over her.

    If Jordan wins this game again, it’s a disgrace to the game of Big Brother. If someone who can do nothing and win $500k twice to me demeans the game and the spirit of competitive play.

    • Do not speak logic on here….it doesn’t work. Logic would say take Shelley to the final 2 because she wouldn’t win…..but this is why people commenting are on the show because they would do dumb moves like not taking her and then cry because they didn’t win.

      • Gina…..its physical/mental/social… as a social game you want the person who is HATED by the house to sit next to you so no one would vote for them. I know its hard to understand but it happens every year on every show…..

      • Kinda of like survivor, when the jury votes, why would they pick someone they dont like or respect to win money? Russell Hantz from survivor knows that!!!

      • Curios I agree with you that Shelly is hated by most and for that reason only she would be a good person to take to final two. However she is so manipulative she is a dangerous person to keep around. When 2 people are on the block you vote out the player who is the biggest threat. In this case it is Shelly. Shelly should go. And no I am not a JR fan. Just stating what is logical

      • @Kay…i agree you know you can’t trust her so you just don’t say anything to her. Its easy to know where someone stands who runs their mouth to everyone in the house.

      • I include social game as part of strategy. Because before you even go in the house you have to decide if your going to lay low and be friendly, or be outlandish, aggressive and in people’s faces.

        I give Jordan credit for social game because she is friendly with everyone. Everyone likes her, there really is no reason to dislike her. Except for the fact that if you don’t wake up and see that, like Shelly did, then your there to watch Jordan pick up a big fat check.

        If someone on here is going to tell me that she can formulate sentences to have game strategy, on her own, then I just laugh at that. She’s sweet but dumb as a post.

    • Not really because BB is about a lot more than just winning competitions. The people in the Jury have to like you because it is also a huge Social GAME not just a physical competition. Really like Jordan and Rachel and will be happy with either winning. Jordan has the Social Game and Rachel is great at the competitions. They actually make a really great pair!!

    • @ jombob…do YOU decide what stradegy is best…jordan won and HOH and no it wasn’t handed to her…we saw how many people. Before her? And she got it 3 slots further than anyone else, and we dk that jeff or brendon would have made it any closer than jordan. And she was very impressive in that luxury comp she won with david hasselhoff…nobody else woulda thought of. That. And part of game. Play. And stradegy is a social game which jordan always does well with…..oh hey one more thing….rachel is. On. Comp win # 4 one more. And she holds a tie to dani and janelle for most comps in one season……2 more and she takes the record home!!!!!

      • Please tell. Me what comp anyone threw to rachel? They try week in and week out to get rachel out buut they can’t tame the beast

      • @ curious…did dani and dick hop off their banana and go hold rachel up on theirs? No! And dani said rachel let’s deal…you know what that means right? You don’t deal to have fun…you deal cause you know your gonna drop and you. See that the person next to you is solid..and the veto!!!!!! Really? Cmon now we all know there was NO WAY porsche and keith were beating brenchal at that…period.

    • @ Curious, honestly, I do not need you to explain the game to me, and suspect that few here do. There are plenty of people that are hated, they can take their pick. Shelly needs to go, because of her sorry social skills and game play, plus her turning on her friends. Even though I did not care for Dani and thought she made stupid moves, at least she stayed true once she decided which side she was on, NO WAY Shelly could say the same.

      • Oh I forgot you are the master of these boards….you, vet fan, ellablue, and flyonthewall are the only ones to give your opinion. Sorry for being a neutral and tried to bring a sense of logic to these boards and not be a poster full of hate wishing harm on people they don’t know. If thats what I have to do on these boards to be able to post I’ll gladly be silent.

      • @ curious your far from nuetral your only here to bash rachel and comment on EVRYTHING anyone posts so we do the same to you….oh fyi rachel is a beast!

      • @ Curious, please be silent. You are neither neutral or logical. If you were either, you would realize that another foot will not fit inside your mouth.

      • @Curious I’m with you on this. Everyone on here jumps your ass if you say something good about kalia, porsche,shelly,or dani.

      • Post all you want. Just don’t take yourself so seriously. I and the people you named are here to have fun and blowoff steam. Who cares what we say about the HG’s? Also, you approve of the name Jiggaboo Jones? Punch it into Google and see what you get.

      • Did I say I approved of the name? Because I don’t but if you need it clarified then there you go…I don’t approve….happy?

  27. this has production written all over it … rigged for the vets this show is becoming so fake

    • Production was trying to keep Daniele (and thus help the newbs) last week, remember that… just because they failed doesn’t change that…

    • Production was trying to keep Daniele (and thus help the newbs) last week, remember that… just because Production did not manage to keep Daniele in the game doesn’t change that it goes both ways…

    • Stop saying she’s pregnant, youre not her Doctor, How the heck do you know? Because Porshe said so? PLeeeeeze!

      • That would be funny though if they did conceive in the BB house. Man, I would feel sorry for that kid. It would be tough for him/her to fill those furry boots.

  28. I am so glad Rachel won, this is awesome for Jordan/Rachel.

    What worries me though is that Shelly is smart/manipulative enough to convince Jordan/Rachel to keep her.

    If she can do that, then she deserves to win, but I am really hoping she goes home.

  29. FANTASTIC! I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT RACH!!!!!! You saved yourself and Jordan. I’m proud of you! You’ve shown them all and America that you are an excellent player and one to be reckoned with!!!

    • you realize this is the only big brother website that has Rachel and Jordan fans right? Go to any other big brother site and JR will not feel the love.

  30. bb is changing production helped rachel to win it is sooooooooooooooo not fare ….. why all the sudden change the game when they know jordan and rachel is going to be on the block … bb is so fake

  31. GUESS WHOS BACK BITCHES!!!!!! bahaha this is beyond belief GO RACHEL!!! <3 omg im so estatic i actually cant believe rahcel and jordan get to fight and stay for another week! go team JR! Thats what happens when you get between women and their man! byeee shelly cant wait to hear your good-bye messages! for all you rachel haters out there you cant argue with 2 HOH WINS and 2 VETO WINS! shes amazing i love Jordan/Rachel they deserve to win it!!!! SO ALL YOU HATERS OUT THERE TO JR! well looks like there in it to win it and there going to rock this house and take it all! bahaha Shel-lie looks like your bye-bye!

  32. Guess what. If Porsche didn’t open the box no pairs. Pandora’s Box is planned from the beginning. I bet we have one more Pandora’s box. It was 4 vs 2 and they lost. Shelly and Adam both suck and can’t win crap. Bye-bye Shelly. Go Rachel and Jordan

  33. Hmmmm – wonder how Porsche’s feeling now? Yesterday she said she didn’t care because either way Rachel was going home. I don’t know how she thought that was going to happen if Rachel or Jordan won the veto. Oh yeah, I guess she “arrogantly” thought that either the rules would change and they couldn’t use the veto on themselves OR they just assumed Rachel or Jordan wouldn’t win. I tell ya – you win a comp or two and all of a sudden you think you’ve got it all sewn up! For all the talk of Jeff being arrogant – which I never saw – Porsche and Kalia are the definition of arrogant!

      • @ JJewbarf (awful name) yea well im pretty sure jeff still deserves to be their unlike porsche and kalia who woke up on Day 55 yea guuuuuuuuuuuurl please porsche won a competition finding clown shoes like seriously hard… plz Brenchel and JeJo ROCK!

    • Umm, have you watched the show this year. Every time Rachel or her alliance wins she becomes the very definition of arrogant.

      Arrogant – 1. Having or displaying a sense of overbearing self-worth or self-importance.
      2. Marked by or arising from a feeling or assumption of one’s superiority toward others

      The only thing missing is her picture next to it. She also deserves another entry in the dictionary for the Rachel Pity Party when things don’t go her way. Honestly I don’t know what’s worse Rachel laughing or crying, both are fingernails on the chalkboard to me.

  34. but i thot the twist means that whoever choses to use the pov has to go up, does that apply to the two sacred cows?

  35. Good ole production, giving another chance to the vets. As if they didnt know that Porshe would open the stupid box just like everyone before her did. Rachel just said they got lucky, no Rachel there is a seventh player in the house..good ole production. If any newbie gets to the final they deserve the win because they played against the vets and good ole production.

  36. Rachel just won the pov :-) Shelly must be Sh*tting her pants right now. LOVE IT.

    I had a thought about strategy – if it was me, I would keep Shelly as one of the last two (don’t want her winning any money) but she’d be a sure bet to NOT win the final game. She has burned everyone in the Jury and if they’re seeing any of what we’re seeing then she’s toast. If that is the case, I would bring her along knowing I would win.

    Other than that Hate Shelly and she needs to goooooooooooo I read her bio and what she said about herself is so not true

  37. Yea….so happy JR won…..back at you Porsia, Kalia, Adam and Shelly……shouldnt have stayed up drinking….woo hoo….

    • Judas is gonna be mad when Shelly tells her what Rachel did! Judas is SOOOO jealous of Rachel! God I love this!

  38. I could not be more happy! Even if BigBro producers are fixing this, I’m thrilled – they understand what America wants. See ya Shelly! Let’s see how proud your family is. Nice example for your daughter you lying scum!! At least Porsche and Kalia have been true to their Alliance (even though they picked the wrong person to align with…)… Shelly has never won anything, never done anything but lied her ass off. Go Jordan and Rachel (I can’t believe I’m rooting for Rachel!!)

    • Big Brother is a game! Jeff and Jordan stated on several occasions that they just came to spend the summer together, therefore in MY eyes, they are not playing to win, but by default because of the group they aligned with, inadvertently pushed them into the Power couple that no one saw as a threat. Shelly, who I wasn’t a fan of before, just made a game move to further herself in the game. I don’t care how much you love J/J, but if you were in a battle to win half a million dollars, and you KNOW 2 of the people that you are aligned with will not take YOU to the end, but take each other, I’m sure you wouldn’t hate on Shelly so much anymore. Let’s face it. Shelly would have gotten ANYthing, and J/J were smooth sailing to $550,000….better luck next time.

      • Actually, BigBrother is not a game… its a TV Show. All about ratings. America decides who wins – has been this way every season. I always say, whenever America votes they HGs should pay close attention. That is who America wants to win. When Brendan won America’s vote to get back into the house, that should have been a big eye opener to the HGs…. And to all those hating on Jordan… she has won this game once and is still there a second time. She obviously knows something about winning. Her game is about being quiet, honest, non-threatening and aligning herself with the right people. That is a strategy and works successfully for her – not everyone could pull that off. The person who said she is a floater does not understand this game. She is clearly on a side. She had an emotional breakdown this week. Not so much because Jeff left but she was devastated by the extent of Shelly’s lies. It will be great to see Shelly go. I don’t think one person will shake her hand or hug her. I know I wouldn’t!

  39. I am so excited over Rachel winning the POV. I can imagine the disbelief in the house, especially since Porscha (dumb bitch) opened Pandoras box, knowing there would be a consequence. She screwed them over royally and I love it. Newbies are the dumbest players in BB history.

    • Won’t matter. Shelly is gone. Rachel hates her and Rachel needs Jordan on her side. Rachel is also loyal and won’t let Jordan down. Shelly is going to go see her god Judas. I think my girl Rachel is gonna win it all.

  40. Dani will be pleased to finally have congenial company in the jury house. I imagine she’s been pretty lonely as it must suck to be stuck in a place where no one cares about your whining.

    • or to be stuck with a annoying creepy socially retard douche nicknamed Bookie and a wannabe thug bully big headed loser nicknamed Big Jeff, yeah that must SUCK.

      • @ Leanne seriously dude? you must be kidding me Dani is sooo bad she’ll always live in her fathers shadow and jsyk jeff and brendon are amazing!!!! if dani was soo great why isnt she still there?

  41. SHOCKER why do you think production came up with this twist so jordan and rachel both can be safe ….. the vets are getting sooooo much help its part of their contract even jordan said it on the feeds production is helping them…. people are stupid if they think rachel won that game

    • You can’t “rig” holding on to a rope for 3 hours dummy. Either you can or can’t.

    • seriously? does insulting other people make you feel better about yourself? i understand everybody has their own opinion, but being rude won’t prove anything.

  42. I LOVE IT> I cannot wait for BB after Dark tonite. I will love watching Shelly sniffle away. I feel not one bit sorry for that JUDAS. She is a rotten friend and nothing about her is becoming. Sorry old girl – go back to Louisiana.

      • Knew that I loved Louisiana even her own state does not want her back. HAHAHA Poor Louisiana!!!

      • The wicked witch from Lou. is coming home, so batten down the hatches! I just hope there is never a Hurricane named Shelly, would be much worse than Katrina..

      • Sad to say that I only live about 30 minutes from her town. She needs to go back to Ohio, but they do not want her back either.

    • You guys are pathetic old hags. Shelly played the game and apparently better than Big Jeff which something your moronic minds can’t comprehend. Seriously JJ fans are the most brainwashed people on earth.

  43. He’ll to the yeah!!!! I am so freaking happy!!!! W T G RACHEL!!!! Send that crazy bitch to the nut house!!!!

  44. It’s not rigged, this was Porches’ doing fir opening pandora’s box! If it wasn’t for that one if them would be going home.

  45. You all must have forgot how the game is played by now everyone in that house has lied at least once. Shelly played hell of a game. She was right, she couldnt win with jj. Also someone needs to google chicken face and there you will see a pic of rachel

    • Everyone DOES lie, that’s for sure but NO ONE in all the BB series has taken advantage of ppl like Shelly. That man will have a LOT of sentences to write when she guts home.

  46. Last year Rachel was hated by America for being so loud, annoying and catty. CBS did an AMAZING job at finding human scum – such evil, horrible people that we are all now cheering for Rachel, who knew?

  47. I love the results!!!!!

    Last night A D dahlia & porch boasted they would win everything. They both had incredibly strong legs for endurance comps. They could out compete and outwit Adam & Sh. And since poor R & J were without their men they would fall apart. I don’t know the competition, but I hope dahlia & porch were spanked / thrashed.

      • If the competition was squashing ballons with your arse, then Kalia and Porshe would win…Pie eatting they win…endurance no shot. Their fake workouts just dont cut it

    • yeahh and if the competition was who can give the best Blowjobs Rachel would win hands down, she has a lot of experience in that department. Or if the comp was a cookie dough eating contest or who can sit the longest Jordan would smoke the competition.

  48. I totally agree that Big Brother rigged this to help the vets! They knew they needed help or one of them was out the door! Jordan does not deserve to be in the final two! I am so disappointed with production over this!!!!

    • I think they are protecting Shelly, they need to get her out of the house to keep her safe, she continues in this game some nut job will actually carry of the threats.

    • I knoww Jordan should have been sent home LOONG time ago i’m sick of hearing her annoying voice and her “i’m ditzy but cute” attitude has worn out its welcome!

  49. All the hatred these women have showed for Rachel has made her this year’s underdog! crazy!

    • Nooo, Rachel is still most definetly hated and I hope you didnt forget how she personally targeted Cassi? Rachel is still the same insecure b!tch from season 12.

      • I’ve gotta agree with Caligirl on this one. Rachel is still the biggest bitch probably ever to play this game. Her goodbye speech to Danielle was sad and uncalled for. Danielle evicted Brendon, she didn’t kill him, he’s still alive, but you wouldn’t have known that by Rachel’s reaction.

        Unlike others in here who think BB is real life, I’m not going to claim to know what type of person she is in real life. Maybe she really is nice, who knows. On tv though her Rachel persona is that of a massively insecure bitch who is threatened by anyone not on her side, male or female.

  50. Well of course… This game once again have proved that it is rigged.. I left the live feeds alone after I heard about the pandora crap!! This whole POV and new shift in the game was only put in place to help the vets… If you pay close attention to the feeds and BBAD you’ll see that!!!.. No questions to ask… Why couple up with only six people in the house!! That’s so stupid.. BB production need to do better next season… Once again like I said earlier this is the most rigged craziest season ever!! … I think everyone should just root for Rachel and Jordan and BB production wouldn’t come up with sooo many twist!! I’m glad I just read than watch the show now.

    • There was nothing to watch, dummy. They didn’t show it. Wait until Wednesday to see it on TV – oh wait, don’t watch it, they might rig it again!


  51. Way to go Rachel! Now they can take the house back. Maybe Kalia will shut her motor mouth. Let’s hope the fortune teller doesn’t throw a wrench in the game and god forbid Shelly gets some power from it. I would stop watching if that happens.

  52. Some of the comments i read are simply stupid. Like several people said, this is a game, a special game.

    I am not a huge fan of Rachael, Brendon is a better player by far. What i like is ability to play through defying all the ods. Rachael has done it so far. Last season she was not liked by anyone, except Bredon of course. Same this year. Without real friends/alliances and freaking out like crazy half the time, she is still here. So, give her credit.

    At this time, from everyone left, Rachel and Shelly are the only people that have played above the rest. You can comment who you dont like because of their personalities, but give credit where its due.

  53. How can you “rig” a person holding onto a rope for hours? Unless CBS had people holding Rachel, she won this herself.

    • Rachel may prove to be the best BB player ever. She already is so much better than Judas. Rachel ROCKS! GO BIG RED! CAN’T WAIT FOR THE FINAL 2!

      • Rachel is NOT better than Janelle or James or Dr. Will or Nakomis and a list of others….top 15 maybe but not the best by a long shot.

      • Rachel is not better then Dani, sorry. Dani actually made it to the final two. I wouldn’t put her even close to top 10, maybe top 20 but, that would be pushing it. The biggest mistake happened under Kalia’s HoH when she got worried about the twist. Rachel is trash and sucks at big brother. She’s in a house of people that can barely win anything. Her only competition is Kalia now and anything physical, Rachel will dominate. Jordan will win again this season.

      • Rachel isn’t in the top 10 BB HG’s of all time but she is better than Dani

        Go Team JJ / Team BR aka Team RJ

      • If she wins the 500K after everything she went through this season, she will be the best ever! Yeah I said it. RACHEL AND BOOKIE FOREVER!

      • I agree…she has won 4 comps this season…one more and she’s tied for most…2 more(which is very likely) and shell hold the record…and she doesn’t have daddy there to protect her when she doesn’t win the comps.

      • I think Rachel is a GREAT BB player!!!! She is definitely the best from this season. That girl has heart, and she is there to win, plus she is loyal to her alliance!

  54. Don’t forget about the fortune teller!! What power is that going to give and to whom?! I just wonder

  55. I don’t even care it’s rigged I rather watch them then the other irritating idiots I can’t stand shelly and hope they finally get rid of her

    • Iknow, Shelly needs to GO!! I just wish Jeff could’ve seen something before he got voted out… she’s playing a dang good game but I can’t stand her!!

      • What game. Shelly has floated along. She is like a gnat you can’t get rid of. She just flits around who ever is in power and pretends she is on their side. She then runs to everyone else to find out what they are planning and then tells anyone who will listen. She has gotta go. Someone get a fly swatter – splat she’s outta here.

    • This show is so not rigged. That would be so dumb. This is just how it works out. I would want Rachel and Jordan to win before any of the other ones.

      • This makes you wonder if this is rigged. How convenient for Rachel and the do nothing Jordan to win. I don’t know why everyone hates Shelly she has played a pretty good game. Did all of Jeff and Jordan’s dirty work by infiltrating the others and kept her cover on. Then when it was necessary she got rid of the rat who did not play the game with integrity as he so stated. More like a big bully, but Adam and Shelly helped him to lay low.

      • it comes down to who wants it more
        Jordan and Rachel had their life on the line they went for it ang got it
        Shelly injured? Yea sure give me an excuse why I didnt win Kalia same

      • link, Jeff and Jordan never asked Shelly to do that. That was her game plan and her idea. She is a slime — two-faced, liar, who has no loyalty to anyone on this show and would not keep her word if her life depended on it. Shelly’s game play needs to never be repeated on this show again. She is a backstabbing liar who made people think she was their friend and then she turned on them. MY ABSOLUTE LEAST FAVORITE PLAYER EVER ON BB.

      • Thank you Ellen… Wish people knew that it is against the law to rig a game with prize money.

      • to ellen I was talking about the POV not the allover game I know everybody is there to win

  56. This is the only time you are gonna see all this love for Rachel. But remember, She’s not gonna take Jordan to the final, she still has a score to settle with her for throwing Brendan under the bus twice.

  57. Shocker!!!!!!! Rachel and Jordan won.

    Americas sweetheart was the second out. She did not even know she was safe. When she found out the first thing she said was Jeff is going to Kill Shelly.

    • Jordan is a moron! She knows Jeff though he is a bully! And she comes in second. When everything goes Jordan’s way she is bubbly and cool the minute things get rough she falls apart. Those two deserve each other.
      Damn! Rachel just might win this whole thing. She sure has survived despite herself.

      • Link, if Jordon is bad, what about Dani, she was the BEST example of a Passive/Agressive personality….but in a mean, hateful spirit. At least gets quiet, and doesn’t try to pick people apart. Duh Kalia didn’t even know that Dani was “downing” her life crazy…DUH….I would rather be around a sweet Jordon, that a witchy Dani any day…Mostly because I hate Smart Mouths….

      • Although I have read about Jordan’s going off on Shelly and I will say “Way to go Jordan!!!” I really think Jordan truly is one of the sweetest, nicest people who has ever been on this show. I watche BBAD from Friday night, and it seemed to me one of the reasons Jordan was so upset was because of the treachery of Shelly. Jordan said Jeff was the one who wanted to be on BB again, that he really wanted to win, and that was the reason she came back. Jordan is really a good, sweet, young lady. She seems to be genuinely compassionate toward people. I think that is the reason she gave the phone call to Shelly — and then what thanks did Shelly show — she stabbed her in the back!!!

  58. Since, the choice is between Adam and Shelly and Rachel and Jordan control the votes with only Kalia being able to vote if Adam and Shelly get on the block then, this is the best opportunity to get revenge and evict Shelly! Now, the veterans are in a more even keel and if Rachel or Jordan win HOH then, Kalia and Porsche will be on the block! Strategy counts in this game so that, people peeling off too soon and saying they are the only ones playing the game as Danielle and Jeff say is just plain stupid! Stick to your alliance then, you can fight amongst yourselves because you are much closer to the prize and each of you atleast, have a shot at that $500,000!
    Betraying your alliance so early in the game like Danielle and Jeff did has serious consequences to them as well as their alliance but, they think they can go all the way without anyone backdooring them given the chance! Very stupid assumption!

      • I have said that 2 people like last year Brigade I did not like them but their strategy worked People want to make big moves but there is a time to do that take the inch to inch approach it might get u farther in the game

      • I disagree. Adam hasn’t done anything wrong during this game except not play.
        Bringing Shelley to the end will guarantee the other finalist a win because everyone is angry at Shelley. If they are smart they will get rid of Adam.

    • Jeff didn’t betray his alliance. His alliance with Dani was over the minute he found out she tried to jet BR to backdoor him. If anyone believes that Dani would have honored any deal she tried to make to stay in the game you are living in fantasy land. Jeff knew better than to trust her. She had already proven she couldn’t be trusted. That was Dani’s downfall. I agree all the vets would have to turn on each other eventually but she did it way too soon. She was in a panic when she lost her dad as partner and was deperate to replace him with Dom and the vets were gunning for Dom. She tried to save him and didn’t have enough newbie numbers with her at that point. I think this would have been a much better ending had she stayed with the vets longer.

  59. The cleaning crew is moving to the jury house? Gee who will do the cleaning now?

  60. Can’t wait to see Shelly cry. HE played the whole house and caused so many others to cry now it’s HIS turn.

  61. Sorry Shameful Shelly, not like Evil Dick and Dr. Will, you won’t win a thing on Big Brother 13. You may go down in history as the worst player and betrayer of all time.

    • Right. I hate her game play. Liked her at first but man when she would run around to everyone and cry saying I never lie. OMG don’t stand too close or the lightning might getcha. I guess she forgot her daughter was watching after all.

  62. jordan just said the veto comp was OTEV…

    i know it was endurance, but i don’t recall how it’s played.

    can anyone describe the details?


      • i must have misunderstood jordan.

        you’re right, this veto involved hanging onto a rope and that’s NOT OTEV! thanks

      • Shocker!!! Rigged again, BB knew that Rachel won the banana comp so of course it would entail the same thing. Just give Jordan or Rachel the money already…..just what CBS wanted all along!

    • No she said she knew it WOULDN’T be otev…it was not was endurance rachel was the last to fall, she said she could have hung on all night.

  63. Seems like a few people got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning…..sheesh….it’s a game !!!!

  64. You are all forgetting about the fortune teller. Can someone tell me if the fortune teller can save Shelly??? How has it been used in past seasons???????

    • God, I hope not!

      I don’t remember the fortune teller playing any significant role in prior seasons. Anyone else know?

    • The fortune Teller was on UK BB … check out

      In the eleventh and final series of Big Brother (UK) and the Ultimate Big Brother series, a fortune teller machine named Bob Righter (an anagram of Big Brother), was present in the main living area of the house. In the first few weeks of the series, after a eviction, the machine would tell a good or bad fortune to one of the current housemates. However, in a twist it was actually the evicted housemate who decided who would receive the good or bad fortune.

    • BB Guest. The FT might be a factor next week. That won’t help Shelly. She will be going to see her god Judas. BYE BYE DUDE!

  65. Intellectually the move would be to say goodbye to Adam… but after what “the EVIL one” did to Jordan when Jordan didn’t want to talk to her I hope they vote with their emotions. Nothing would make Jeff happier in the jury house. ;-)

    • Anyone who takes Shelley to the final 2 is almost guaranteed the $500k. If Adam stays, it just shows that the brains of JJ and BR are already in the Jury. “Shocker”

    • What did Shelley do to Jordan? I think Shelley is evil incarnate. She’s all over the place. She is absolutely NOT playing a good game.

  66. O than go to youtube and enter peanut. There you see Brendens skype video. With the caption
    its so small he ps on his nuts

  67. Last season, I couldn’t stand Rachel, but this year, I’m team Rachel all the way! The fact that she will be in final 5 after having such a huge target on her back since day 1, is the best indicator that she deserves to win. Jordan & Rachel for final 2! :)

  68. Jordan is great! She deserves to win because she is so darn loveable!!!

    Shelly – bad, evil
    Porshe – annoying
    Kalia – loves to eat
    Adam – who???
    Rachel – better than before

      • the one u call names said and i quote:
        ”Jordan says she feels bad that she didn’t hang on longer. She told Rachel, “you won.” Rachel responded, “WE won.”
        how’s that for being what u accuse her of being???

  69. I am through with this stupid BB it is so riged, I knew that these two whinning and cry babies would get saved some how. The show is not the same without Daniele anyway. I hope that JR neither one wins. Go Porsia!!!!!

  70. JJ should tell Adam to make a deal to no vote for him this week, so they can have the numbers again for next week.

    • Numbers aren’t going to matter anymore you have to win. They would be smarter to get rid of A because no one is going to vote for S to win this game. Neither side respects the way she has played. Obviously she is no threat in comps.

    • Rach will beat her in the final 2 if she gets there.. Jordan has already won the game, so they wouldnt give her the money again

      • And, out of the two of them, Rachel does deserve to win at this point in time. If Jordan wins the next HOH she might have a shot. We all know they each have at least one jury vote.

    • Why not?? they did with Evil Dick! They manipulated the game for him, several times…I was so disgusted, Dani whining and hiding under the covers, him, acting like he was something “special”….it was the Skank Family, and I quit watching before they both finished first and second….

  71. Fine time 4 Pandora’s box…CBS great game play 2 save 2 1 the sore loser of the house and the so-called nice, CBS u couldn’t have wrote a better script..Ya’ll SUCK

      • Yeah, If Porsche doesn’t open it, Rachel would be off the block and Adam likely would go on. Shelly and Kalia would have sent Jordan home. RACHEL EARNED THE RIGHT TO STAY. PRODUCTION SAVED JORDAN NOT RACHEL!

  72. i am sooo glad rachel won omg yes now eat crow porsha and your lil stinking side kick hahaha i hope they give a peek into the jury house must be on fire there with danni and brendon and jeff hopefully they will talk and get to the bottom of shelly lies she has told through out this whole game she is a lazy piece of poop

  73. I love who people say its rigged. Porche opened the box causing the pairing. Yes, everyone opens that box (you think they would learn from previous seasion) but they still had 4-2 in terms of competitors. The fact is 3 fatties and a tranny could not outlast Rachael. How is that rigged? Do you want a food competition so Team Fatty can win. If CBS really wanted to keep ratings they would have found a way to keep Dani and Jeff and sent the floaters home.

    • Plus, Rachel held onto that rope longer than anyone, with no help. How does someone rig that?

      • Some people may suggest that this particular comp was chosen because it played to Rachel’s strengths. I was hoping that would be the case so I’m pretty happy about the outcome. Maybe this will put the brakes on Porshe’s self-admiring mouth.

      • i think the only other one who could have beaten Rachel was Porka. She seems to know her way around a stripper pole i think! ;)

      • @ suzet…they had told hold on. To “dummies” of their old partners lol…I am shocked porka(I like that) didn’t win being as how that was the only chance shed get some play from keith.

    • Right, but I think people are more convinced that the twist itself was rigged in favor of the vets, not the comp. Considering that everyone opens Pandora’s box, it could have easily been used as a means for production to save Rachel and Jordan. Two veterans left, and then out of nowhere, they’re back in pairs and playing for a veto that will save two people? That’s pretty convenient, to say the least.

      • Then you’ve never watched BB before. Pandora’s box has one bad thing and one good thing for the person who opens it and for the house. When Porsche got 5K , something bad was given to her alliance. It was her choice to open it – that’s why it is called Pandora’s box. You open it and it will have a consequence.

      • But the “bad thing” for the house is actually a good thing for Rachel and Jordan. Pandora’s box doesn’t usually give both a good thing and a bad thing to both the house AND the person who opens it. Last season, Britney got locked in a room with Jessie when she opened pandora’s box, while the rest of the house got a barbeque. Britney didn’t get BOTH a good thing and a bad thing, nor did the house. She and the house got either/or. So why is it that Porsche got a good thing (5k), while Rachel and Jordan got a good thing as well (the chance to save both of them)? There is no definite proof that production is influencing the game, but it should be noted that both the twists this season screwed up two of the newbie HOH’s and either brought a vet back or helped them stay. Even Jordan said earlier on the feeds that the twist was intended to save them. (Which was just her opinion, but still.)

  74. How nasty of a human being do you have to be to have America cheer for Rachel? Hope baby killer gets what she deserves.

  75. If Rachel gets to F2 she will totally deserve to win it….but to do that she needs 4 votes – she would have 2 (or 3 if Jordan gets 3rd place) in the jury…The newbies have such a hatred for Rachel would they vote for anyone else out of spite? I tend to think so. I would think Dani would vote for Rachel if she makes it there – if she is the game lover she claims to be she would know Rachel in F2 when she was the main target from week 3 onward. Shelly can go f herself and Rachel could care less about her vote. Adam Porsche and Kalia hate Rachel and love to bash her since Dani started the engine of the hate train so they probly would not vote for her…..and can I just say that Rachel has been very well behaved the past few weeks but the aholes say its becuase she has been baby sat…she has worked at being better behaved.

    • It could be like Season 4. Jun played the better game but they gave it Alison out of disgust. And they really didn’t like aAlison either.

    • Well adam said he’d vote for her depending on if she continued to win comps to get there…so if jordan goes out…shed have jordan brendon jeff and possibly Adam. I think rachel actually has a good shot to win in F2…even if she’s there with jordan…I think dani hated her so much that she really rubbed off on the noobs..but she’s not there to do that anymore…in my opinion get shelly out this week, and then win HOH and try to get porsche out next.

  76. I think Adam is an underestimated threat when it comes to a jury vote. It might be better to vote out Adam and keep Shelly.

    • I disagree. We know Shelly is scum, but the HG’s won’t know the details until they’re out of there. Right now, they might think she’s a strong loyal honest woman, and not the scum of the earth.

      • Well, actually they will know most of it remember Jeff he knows what shelly did and by now he must have told dani and brendon. I don’t think JR will be thinking game i think this will be personal and after what she did to jeff i am sure they just want her gone so they will vote her out.

    • Nah…no one will vote for Adam to win the game if he makes it there with no comp wins…(except the thrown veto)

  77. I wasn’t going to watch BBAD tonight because last night was SO boring…. think it might be fun watch tonight!

    • Ha ha dis Shelly actually say that? Well, don’t worry Shelly, I won’t mope around for you — I will celebrate when you leave the house!!!! It would be so bad if someone won BB who played such a totally deceitful game. Yes, I know they fib and lie and stretch the truth to get ahead — but Shelly took this to a total LOW LEVEL. BB does not need to allow this type of play to ever happen again.

  78. I think it is stupid for people to say that the game is fixed. Porsche didnt have to open pandora’s box, she chose to do it. No one held Rachel up with a wire so she could win. Rachel, Kalia, Porsche had the best chance to win in the house as all three have won 2 comps each. Either go with the ups and downs of the game or just stop watching.

  79. Why are some of you dimwits saying production had something to do with this? Rachel simply hung on longer than anyone else. Furthermore, if the current HOH (Porscha) had declined the offer from Pandoras box, one of them would still be going home. Seems to me the newbie fans have no one to blame but Porscha.

  80. You know it is what it is way to funny, and yes it makes for good tv. However these other girls (adam) are just bad players. And yes Rachael drives me nuts, but she is not pretending who she is. I can’t wait to see Shelly go home and please someone teach her how to walk. However I am a little disappointed in Jordan. She needs to get busy. Love me some bb.

  81. Go Team RJ….if they did not win Rachel wld be going home… if its endurance its rigged for Rachel but question comps aren’t rigged for Kalia…thats the 2 Hoh she won

  82. Rigged… Not Rigged…. WHO GIVES A CRAP!!! We are addicted and love it! I hope Shelly walking out the door will ease JJ fans feelings as Jeff leaving did mine. I still cant decide who I want to win, but I KNOW its NOT Shelly or Porsche.
    I really like Jordon and sometimes I like Rachel. I just cant stand the thoughts of Brendan or Jeff getting their hands on any money their girl may win. As of right now, though, whoever wins besides Shelly or Porsche I am good with.

    • It won’t ease their feelings……they are wishing harm to Shelley and her family….and will when the game is over…..its sad really that a gameshow can affect people who aren’t even a part of it that seriously but I guess thats life

  83. Exactly! They waved Pandoras Box in front of Porche and her nasty self fell for it. Duh! Don’t you think she would have been smart enough to avoid twist causing scenarios at a crucial point in her game? I am so happy Rachel won veto, she would have come off the block regardless of the twist. Go RJ!!! Everyone else sucks Shelly’s balls.

  84. Can someone tell me if Shelly is crying my bandwidth is almost done don’t need to waste it on boring stuff.

  85. Shelly saying she didnt win b/c she didnt want to mess up her back. Talking about how its more improant to be able to pick up –
    her kid and be mobile, etc. Porsche says she feels bad for Shelly. Shelly says don’t worry about it, she’s not upset

    Are you kidding me…..

    • But, but, Shelly said in the DR last week she NEEDED the money.

      Yeah, sure. You saw her house and she has a good job.

      She must be in debt buying female hormones.

    • Shelly will obviously lie about anything and everything. I am beginning to wonder if that is actually her child!!!

    • really? is this her excuse?
      earlier before it started she was saying that she will kill herself to win

    • i hope j&r team up with Adam to take out the other two. a&j need to step up and win something to save themselves! j&r do NOT team up with K&P and get out Adam. get K&P out first!

  86. Hallelujah!!! Maybe this BB can be saved. I hope Shelly will be kicked out next — but sure hate she is getting to stay in the jury house, then Porsche, then Kahlia. I would love for Adam, Jordan, and Rachel to be the final three. I know — Adam hasn’t won any competition; but, at least he hasn’t been nasty to anyone.

    People criticize Rachel and even though there are some things about Rachel that I would like to change, after watching this show both seasons that she is on, I actually believe she has a good heart, and is loyal to her alliance. There were situations where she talked with Dani, but actually her actions never turned against Jeff or Jordan. I want Rachel to win, to be rewarded for her game play, for her competitiveness, and also for her loyalty to her alliance.

    • My wife feels exactly like you do.

      I think Rachel is misunderstood. I mean she’s done a few goofy things but she not evil like Dani’s group. Those are mean ppl.

      Kalia would buy $500,000 worth of potato chips if she won.

      • Rachel is immature and emotional. she must’ve been bullied hardcore earlier in her life, because she gets really defensive when she feels threatened and she is perceived as annoying and negative, when in reality she’s just not grown up yet – but you can tell she is good hearted. The Danielle group on the other hand are evil, horrible, nasty people – no wonder they hate rachel, she’s a much better person. I’m glad that it is showing.

      • Because I have liked Rachel from the get go, I believe I have looked at her from a different perspective. I believe part of her problem is maybe a lack of self esteem. I don’t know why she would be that way because she has so many things going for her. She is DEFNINITELY the smartest person in the house this season – maybe even more so than Brendon. And, she does really have a good heart. GO RACHEL!!!! Girl I am pulling for you to win it all this year. You deserve it.

      • db I definitely agree with you — Rachel is not an evil person.

        Dani, Kahlia, and Porsche are evil.

        And Shelly — well she is just as low as you can go. Her game play was the meanest, and most cruel I have ever seen.

  87. I dont know how people can say it’s rigged. I dont see it. The vets are stronger players, they have played the game before. The newbies didnt really make any great alliances and that’s their down fall. They havent played a good game at all. I dont know why Shelly is getting so much crap. Besides she flipped a little bit like everyone else. I really like Rachel, she’s true to herself and her Brendon. She’s on a mission. I dont see Jordan playing a good game at all. Good for Rachel.

    • Rachael has been carried throught this game by big brother. 2 out 3 twists was thrown in when Rachael was on her way out the door. Rachael is not a good player she had an alliance with Big Brother from the get go. If not for Big Brother’s intervention she would have been gone long ago.

      • Rachel could have been evicted by the newbies 3 times now! If anything, it’s their own fault for keeping her.

  88. Way to go Rachel, a few weeks ago I would never have been rooting for you but with Jordan’s help you’ve held it together this last week. Stick with Jordan, please, don’t worry if you think she’ll beat you in the end. Be a real friend and not just a competitor. I am so relieved they are off the block.

  89. the next week or so should be interesting in the jury house: Dani sees Jeff, then Jeff sees Shelly(hopefully)

  90. Shelly just said that she has her dignity and grace and she is proud of what she has done in this game. She loves how she played the game. That is what is killing me. Own that you played dirty and that would be fine but to say that you played this game with dignity and grace. Wooooowzas!!!!

    • She actually THINKS that she’s played an honorable game. That’s the best part.

      She’s delusional.

      • Seriously. She wouldn’t drive me as crazy if she just had some remorse for her actions. But to think she played a classy game…she is delusional.

    • I agree with you! Nothing wrong with many of Shellys moves as far as game play.. Just dont piss on our legs and say its raining.

      • Love that! :) & she actually thinks she can convince you that it IS raining!!! Don’t you see it?

      • Becky, I love the saying you used. I have never heard that before.

        By the way, in my mind, there was NOTHING CLASSY about Shelly’s game play!!!!




        The lowest player I have ever seen on BB.

        How could she have tricked Jordan the way she did? That was really bad. Then to go to Jordan, get down in her face, point her finger at Jordan, and criticize Jordan. . . . . . I do not understand at all Shelly’s thinking.

        I do feel very sorry for her daughter — as well as her husband.

  91. From another site
    Kalia says she feels bad about Shelly leaving. Shelly: Dont feel bad. I’m not going to stoop to Rachel’s level. I’m fine NT

    Stoop to Rachel’s level honey you couldnt reach up to Rachel’s level she won this comp.

  92. People that say the duos twist was a rigged production move to keep JR in the house are idiots. Porsche CHOSE herself to open that Pandora’s box. She is the only person to blame.

    • And the Pandora’s box happened to appear when Rachael was on her way out the door just like the twist that brought Brendan back into the house. Rachael was on her way out when Lawan suddenly volunteers to go up on the block saving Rachael at the same time the twist was put into play that brought Brendon back. What do you think happens in the DR? Big brother makes deals with the houseguests to drive the game their way. I have no doubt that they paid Lawon to volunteer to go up and loose to Brendan. I heard that Rachael during a live feed stated that it was in thier contracts that they were guaranteed Jury. They had to bring Brendan back because he got the boot too early. Also both Jordan and Jeff stated that big brother was trying to get them to keep Dani in the house. Jeffs worse move was not going along with big brother on that one. Big Brother controls this game.

  93. If productions want them to win…just give them the money now & have the wedding/party. This game is fixed.

  94. For all of you saying rachel is pregnant: how does it feel to know it was an endurance comp and she still tore it up….while pregnant lmao! Go Rach!

    • It has not been confirmed to us if she is pregnant or not. I’m thinking that she is not because they wouldn’t allow her to compete in these types of competitions because there would be a legal liability of something happened to the baby.

  95. Some bloggers say if Rach and Jordan were smart they would keep SheIhe and evict Adam, but don’t forget, SheIhe would never consider teaming up with Rach and Jordan, but Adam might either team up with them or vote with them.

    All they have to say is: If you, Adam, don’t do this (whatever “this” may be), you will not get our four votes in the jury.

    Adam would summarily acquiesce.

    • Easier than that, they can tell him they’re thinking to vote him out this week. That way, he can agree to work with them.

      • I agree! she is so rude.. she is all about not being a liar in this game but she is not far from it at all. i hate her so rude.. and then she goes and crys she is so fake. i hate her.

    • YES! I find it highly comical shelly is talking about class right now!! LMAO! I wonder what she will say when she sees her own behavior! She’s so crazy, she probably won’t think anything of it or will convince herself with lies.

      • OMG I am so happy this is the best news. Shelly needs to go. I realize this is a game with a cash prize but that is all shelly cares about! She forgets u need votes in the end and u have to be careful how many bridges u burn

      • Do not put Dr. Will and Shelly in the same sentence. Dr. Will owned his lying and that is why is still well liked; Shelly is a snake in the grass that blames everyone else. She really is a sociopath.

      • Shelly claims go be the most loyal and trustworthy person in the house. She was busted by Rachel and she got so mean and defensive because she was called out

      • Now I don’t have to look at her stupid OMG Kissing smoke signal OMG I hate that so annoying LOL!

  96. yayyyyyyy! i’m soooo happy for rachel and jordan. now they can send shelly’s lying, backstabbing ass to jury!! whoo-hoo!!! karma is a bitch!

  97. Shelly to kalia on leaving: ” I’m not mad or sad or anything, I have my DIGNITY, GRACE, RESPECT AND REPUTATION”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH LORD….could this lady get any more delusional…she’s gonna go home, watch this and be like who the F is this lady???? I need counceling.

    • I wonder what the ppl who deal with her company think? This woman is beyond even being near honest or truthful.

      • That company knew what she was about. She made them alot money so they let her get away with it.

      • Apparently no if they have already taken her photo down from their website. I guess that company has principles whereas Shelly does not.

      • Let me clue you in on something, you don’t get to be an executive in a company by playing nice.

      • you may not get to be an executive by playing nice but there is that unwritten rule that says we dont show this aspect of ourselves……..companies first and foremost are about reputation……which truly if she followed that principle she wouldve been dangerous in this game……she truly is more of a liability

    • She’s DELUSIONAL! Going home with her dignity… the sewer! Her daughter will be ashamed! I knew Rachel would pull it off! She’s do it for her Fi_an-ce! I’ll tell you about class….her telling Jordan ‘we won’ instead of taking all the credit herself. She stayed loyal to her original alliance. Hope Rachel holds on to win! That will get Brendon and her a great wedding, a honeymoon, and a little extra so Brendon can finish school. AWESOME!

    • 1. If you think it is such a joke, why are you on here reading about it.
      2. I don’t think people “here” jokes…they HEAR them.

  98. I have never been a fan of Rachels but I find myself rooting for her. Or Jodan but I doubt Jordan will win. Rachel will probably take Adam to final 2.

      • Agree, rachel would be smart to take rachel because Jordan even though I adore her she has already won and she does not want to give the newbies a chance to vote for one of their own. Rachel and Jordan to the end!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. Can someone who monitors this forum do something about Curious? Telling people to die, and name calling does not fall under the “Keep it Civil” guidelines. Whoever it is needs to be banned.

  100. Rachel you did it! You are by far my favorite person on BB! now, you take yourself off & send Shelly or Adam home! it would be smart to send Adam home, because he is more dangerous than Shelly, but Shelly does need to go! you have proved that you are the best BB player EVER! you were the most hated this year, & somehow you willed your way to now the final five! you proved week after week that you were not going down with out a fight, you’ve been on the block all but once since the singles, & you still manage to stay here, despite you being hated! way to go Rachel! stick with Jordan, win HOH next week, & send Kalia packing! ♥

    • Rachel the skank is NOT nor EVER will be the best big brother player! She wouldnt even be in the top 5. The only award she wins is Skank of the century. She got lucky it happens to everyone so often in life.

  101. I am having a difficult listening to Rachel talk about how well she plays the game and the other’s haven’t hate to break it to ya Rachel and Jordan your alliance did it to themselves! I just wanna tell them to get over themselves. all of them!

    • There alliance did themselves in because of dani. She was infatuated with Dom just like she was with Nick in her first season. She hid behind her father in her first season and when she actually had to make her own decisions they were terrible. You have to give Rachel credit she has been a target and when dani had the chance to get rid of her Rachel was able to get danis vote against all odds!

  102. okokok..Rachel wins…Shelly sux..BUT IF YOU ARE A GAMER…taking a hated person makes your “ODDS” better!..I want a newclasser to win personaly..but this is a game…and twist and turns make it interesting…so at this point lets hope ppl use ALL their abilities and win it.
    side drove me crazy last year and it still does..if Rachel has to be there do we have to watch her EAT! Im srry but her eating mechanics KILL ME!

  103. Well everyone have fun….I’m done posting on these boards….obviously you can’t discuss anything here….it’s just all about personal attacks and hatred. Love the site have used it for years but i’m done. I don’t come on here to read the hatred and I thought there were people who could discuss the game but apparently you can’t and the minute you do you get jumped on for being on the wrong “team” or being a neutral.

  104. shelly talking class is making me laugh….these idiots are so obsessed with hating Rachel that they might just help her get to F2….they say rachel lies, backstabs, etc….WHAT DO THEY THINK THEY DO??? Its just comical. They say rachel is making snide comments when she really isn’t…she is actually behaving ….its them making the most hateful comments at her- 24/7.

    • Rachel’s actually been good since her meltdown after Brendon left the first time! She has stayed true to her alliance, and has actually been pretty decent to everyone, except perhaps Dani the first day Brendon went home when he was backdoored. That’s understandable! Her behavior, even then, was nowhere near as offensive and mean-spirited as Dani, Shelly and Porsche! They have said and done things that they should have gotten thrown out for. Stealing/destroying others property and spiking the shake powder was totally out of line. BB should be more proactive about controlling that kind of behavior.

      I don’t remember any other season when the production staff was so involved in the Houseguests chat, and or the constant announcer having to say ‘you must not talk about production’ or ‘you must not talk about your diary room session’. This group of houseguests have really brought the way the game is really produced to the awareness of the fans. In some ways its good, in others it spoils the illusion of ‘reality life’ from it. Oh well. You’d think the manipulation of the games would be regulated by some rules and regulations, like game shows are.

  105. Adam, Jordan and Rachel are talking about the POV in the purple room. Adam csaid parachutes where invoolved. It sounds like former houseguests were shaped as the things they where hanging from on a parachute…. There was one the looked like Brendon that I guess Racehl hung on.

    • I knew Rach was gonna step it up. She’s one of those people you just can’t keep down. She needs to realize it.

  106. Shelly said when she leaves the house her reputation will be intact but Rachel’s won’t be.
    Shelly is delusional, obviously has some issues and I couldn’t be happier she is leaving !!!!!!!!

    • She also told Kalia yesterday that Jordan and Rachel lied to K/P. When they were in the HOH strategizing.

  107. It sounds like Kalia finished 2nd in this comp….. I am shocked Kalia lasted longer than Porsha…

  108. Shelly is now saying she’s a class act and Rachel is trash and everyone sees that.

    I’d pay big money to see her reaction when she knows all of America thinks she’s human scum.

    • It will be telling when she comes out Thursday for the interview with Julie. I think she will be booed real bad! Hope she cries Julie a river!

      • Shelly is in for a real shock to see how hated she is by America. Reputation is in shreds and in the trash. Class ACT now that is funny!!! She is going to be in for heartbreak when she sees that even her own daughter is very ashamed of her.

  109. I do not make a habit of judging people but looking at shelly from a childs point of view i have to remember how i viewed my mom wen i was 8 yrs old ,she was always someone to look up to,and shelly constantly bashing rachel is not cool an has nothing to do with game play,her daughter seems like a smart little girl an i feel sorry for her that she has to be embarrassed by of her mother in front of america ,i have come to the conclusion that shelly is dealing with mental problems a little bit,she believed herself in the diary room wen she said she doesnt lie an hates lieing,casey anthony came to mind with all her lies its like its a disease or something,u lie so much u start to frickin believe it an quite frankly its a lil freaky that someone so unstable is on a reality show that underwent psyciatric evaluation,i would so want to sit an watch shellys face wen she watches this season,she will probly stick to the lies an say cbs is lieing even tho its rite in front of her,im so glad she is not my mother i would truly be humiliated,its bad

    • She’s completly mental. I really don’t want to see her exit interview. That’s gonna be a pathetic site.

      • She really does as you say I believe have mental problems. She is a text book case for the definition of a sociopath, and I too remember as looking up to my mom as my role model and so sad that Josie will not have that in her mom anymore. I hope you mean she needs psychiatric counseling and a lot of it.

      • I am with yiou Leo. Rachel and Jordan ROCK! I don’t care for Kalia’s gameplay, whatsoever. She is dreadful. The only thing she could accomplish was getting Lewon out. HAHA.

  110. Shelly: Ill never vote for Rach to win. And i’ll be influential in the jury house. Thats what I do for a living

  111. cant wait to c jeff face in jury when Shelly walks in.. but lets not get ahead of ourself cuz u never know with this season being a rollercoaster ride anything is possible..

  112. I don’t really care so much who goes but I just didn’t want to see Rachel in that house another week.

      • Yep Rachel’s winning it. The house should have been scared when she started keeping her mouth shut.Look what went down this past week, She was the reason it went down the way it did.

      • the moves that have been made to push a winner that they would be more happier with appears to be more of the case that of all the years this season seems to be more nasty and mean spirited behavior than any of the others

  113. and to think someone could have sex with that beast Rachel? that is disgusting. it looks like jordan had her period on Rachels head lol. Rachels face omg excuse me I just vomited a little.

    Jordan sucking on everyones dick in the house to stay alive what a joke

    Adam, who the hell is Adam?

    Porsche is sexy as hell, dam her ass makes me want to smack it. Glad she won HOH :)

    Kalia is somone I want to win big brother, she won HOH when she needed to and was Dani’s second in command

    Shelly oh Shelly backstabbing Jeffy like that made my night. You’re awsome shelly!

    vetfan and wayne can suck my dick :)

  114. Not lie Kalia? You ain’t telling the truth woman. You’ve lied just like everyone else. Boo hoo. You’re out of power now. Go cry me a river.

  115. Okay here’s the deal…. I am having a hard time swallowing Rachel being this far…. She is hateful, bitter, and antagonistic. Yes there have been things said by all of them, but none have been as hateful and as bitter as Rachel and she proves it time and time again! Sorry that chick has some serious problems!

    • Maybe so but she’s an amateur compared to Shelly. Look up “vile” in the dictionary and you’ll see a picture of Shelly.

    • Apparentley I am watching a different version of the show then the rest of you. Not only is Rachel hateful, bitter, antagonistic, but she is also childish lord help that kid if she really is pregnant!

      • I never liked Rachel on her season but next to fugly danielle, cowlia, porkscha, and loony-shelly, Rachel comes off as a saint. fugly said before that Rachel is obsessed with her. With all the Rachel-bashing, it looks like they’re the one obsessed with Rachel. It’s one thing to lie because it’s part of the game. But to say that you never lied inside the house (especially in the DR), then that person has got some serious mental issues *cough*fugly*cow*pork*loony*

      • yes off course she is the one stealing other HG belongings she spiked food she wanted to throw a ball to save her self $400 in abortion fees and the only topic of conversation she ever had was bashing Shelly

  116. Hard core leather woman won’t quit with her Rachel bashing. What is she, jealous of her? They all must be. No-one will leave her alone. You left high school 100 years ago Shelly. Grow up.

    • I dont understand it unless it’s her tactic to keep the attention on Rachel rather then her self

  117. There is a God! I am so glad Rachel won, Now they can send lying Shelly home! Next will be Kalia then Porsche! I hope Rachel wins HOH next. Yes, Shelly karma is a bitch!

  118. I can’t believe some of the stuff that Shelley has been saying -here are a few of them.

    “I could beat Porsche, Adam, Rachel and Jordan in the final two, but not Kalia”.

    “I’m fine with going home. I have my dignity, grace, reputation and integrity”.

    “I’ll be influential in the jury house. That’s what I do for a living”.

      • to say that loony-shelly is delusional is an understatement. that she-man needs to be institutionalized. can’t wait when loony-shelly is finally out the door!

  119. i like how all you guys say kalia porsche and shelly are backstabbers, ok shelly is a backstabber. but porshce and kalia are definetly not backstabbers they have their own side and racheal, jordan and who knows who’s side that dummy adam is on have their own.

    • Porsche and Kalia are followers and don’t mind taking cheap shots when they’re on the winning side. They are much nastier than Adam, Rachel and Jordan.

      • I agree all three of them need to be evicted because those are threats of physical harm to someone. Psychotic is the word for all three Kalia, Porsche and Shelly.

    • Don’t kid yourself. If you have watched at all, you’ll know full-well that Kalia and Porsche totally are backstabbers, right along with their Queen, Dani. No even to mention Shelly! She’s the QUEEN of MEAN. They’re backstabbing right now in the HOH room!!! Oh and Kalia lied to Adam about having a deal to the end, together. Sure. So trustworthy. Hillarious.

  120. America will cheer that you’re GONE Shelly. Not because you’re a great player. You’re a very dirty player. I hope you never get asked to play again. You don’t deserve the air time OR prize money.

  121. Shelly needs to get herself checked out when she watches this shell see it’s so disgusting that she prides herself for being a woman true to her word when she is just a no strategy lying transwoman.

    • Boy, Shelly has a lot of hate mail to look forward to. I bet her husband is already overloaded with it.

  122. In the end, I would like to see:

    Jordan win the $500K
    Rachel win the $50K
    Brendon win America’s favorite for $100k


    Rachel win the $500k
    Jordan win the $50k
    Jeff win America’s favorite.

    Either option is fine by me.

    IF that doesn’t work,


    Rachel $500k (or Jordan)
    Adam $50K
    and Jordan $100k (or Rachel)

  123. I find it funny how the ones who state they have so much class Shelly, Kaila, Porche, are the ones that acted like childish kids when they won HOH BUT…. Now are being very quiet and still bad mouthing Jorchel…

    • I didn’t see how they act when they won HOH except Kaila when she won HOH the first time.

      Which I did not see anything childish, when she won the first one, and I even do not like Kaila. What did she do when she won HOH exactly? Matter of fact what did Porche do exactly when she won HOH that act “childish?”

  124. SHELLY is saying that she hopes people applaude her when she comes out the door..She better hope nobody shoots her..cause ther are some crazy fans out there wanting to do her actual harm..I bet they have body guards everywhere..

      • somebody do the jj/br fans a favor and throw a rotten tomato/egg to loony-shelly. that would’ve been an awesome wake-up call to this she-man

    • She is also saying that Jordan is going to be ashamed for the way she treated her when the game is over and she watches the show.

      • On BBAD Jeff was talking about calling Shelly out for lying and Jordan told him to be nice because she did not want Josie to see someone yelling at her Mom. Shelly is crazy to think that anyone will side with her over Jordan.

  125. Last comment on Shelly… If she was so concerned about her daughter she would not have mentioned her daughters name in the house or that she had one.

    • That may be your last comment on that skank but not mine. :)

      And I agree with what you’ve said.

  126. The only person in that house that has shown any class this season is Adam. Bless his dumb butt-kissing heart. All the rest have been liars, backstabbers and scumbags to a certain degree, Some more than others.

    • I don’t think Jordon is gonna talk to Shelly..Or taht is what she told Rachel earlier..

      • good good good for her
        why would she want to speak to her
        she can’t stop making stories and stuff about her and especially Rachel
        isn’t it thursday yet so she can leave in peace???

  127. No bitches allowed to make dumbass comments. I’m talking about Leo, Wayne, Curious and the rest of the retarded bastards. Go Adam.

  128. Awww, poor LeShelly. “I didn’t get to host a single competition.” You didn’t win anything either…do you truly believe you deserve to be in that house…ummm no.

    • Production will tell the live audience to clap but I hope somebody will boo her. I hope Julie will make it known to her that she’s in the running for most “HATED” BB Player award…if there ever was one.

      • Julie probably will, but in Shelly style, she’ll smile and laugh it off! It’s all a game! Regardless, she probably is America’s most hated BB player.

      • If Julie does not like will be obivious…She did not like Nasty Natty and she let it be known..

  129. If Rachel’s loyal, she’ll take Jordan to F2- but I don’t think she can, since Jordan would likely win. She dislikes Kalia and Porsche, so taking Adam may be her best bet. Adam has just floated, though he’s known how not to rock the boat. He gets credit for that.

    • You mean the same type of loyalty Jordan showed Rachel by pawning herself to get Brendan evicted?

      • They didn’t want to get Brendan evicted. Now they are together because they both had their boyfriend evicted and seem to have a bond.

  130. oh production. good thing you got your hands all over this week… good lord. let the game play out…

    • Because RACHEL herself said she thinks she is pregnant from having sex with Brendon in the big brother HOH room, WITHOUT using any birth control.

    • Funny how people have labeled Jeff a bully lol !!!!!! I know many of you prefer to talk garbage behind a persons back but how bout Manning up and say it face to face ? by the way Kalia’s may wanna try that gauze wrap around thigh,torso other arms and MOUTH not bitter just been watchin

    • Couple nights ago on BBAD, Dani was saying that Rachael asked the DR ppl to get her a preg test because she was 3 weeks late.

    • Shelly loved getting the attention and being the needed vote between the warring veteran alliances. If she had played the game straight and not flipped to Team Dani, she would have had an easy ride to final 3 with jejo, and would have made final 3 with kalia and porshe. She put target on her back but was reliant on someone else to win comps. All Adam has to do is stay out of the way and let the others eliminate themselves.

  131. The bad thing about Shelly leaving is she will be able to lie lie lie lie and lie some more to the jury house..I ain’t sure who will bite but they may show some of the tape of the fight.. But is gonna thrill Jeff and Brendon to know that Rachel and Jordon put her skank ass outta the house. They may not get the truth for a couple of weeks but when they get hear it..Jeff is gonna off on Shelly like a rocket…especially when he sees her jumping Jordon..hmmm hmm they will need guards at the jury house..

      • Yep, won’t matter. The votes are already settled. The only one that could flip (and will) is Adam if he gets evicted.

    • don’t the evicted take a tape of the week with him and they watch it?
      that’s what i’ve heard some say, so if that’s the case then they will know how bad she is

      • The evicted HG takes a tape of the week’s highlights to the jury house. DR confessions (as seen by the public on TV) are not seen by jury members. Having lost EvilDick, 4 regulators, 3 vets, and in a few days: She-man….can we fast forward to Finale night? It doesn’t matter who gets the 500k. This season sucks.

  132. Someone called Rachel a “lying b#tch.” A b#tch she may be (still rockin’ good a BB though) but she is far less of a liar than the majority of other players. Have you noticed that when people are outraged at Rachel saying harsh things to people, they ignore that other HGs say the same kind of things, just unlike Rachel they rarely have the guts to say them to peoples’ faces

  133. I like taking pot shots at people like anyone else, but leave Shelly alone. She’s got some serious mental issues. If anything you should be a little scared because her attitude is very pervasive at the executive level in corporate America, which she’s a part of.

    • I agree she has serious mental issues but if you are going to dish it out then you better be able to take it. I have a funny feeling that after corporate America has seen Shelly in action that is why her picture is no longer on their website. Hoping she gets the help that she needs.

      • So would I and I think the company has probably figured that out and that is why her photo is down. They want no association with her whatsoever. The do not want her actions affecting their bottom line and that mean they will do whatever they have to do to keep stockholders happy.

  134. Why does everyone act like Jordan is so useless and being carried…she has won Hoh this year…and she’s the only one that has previously won the game….she’s a lot smarter and more capable than they give her credit for.

    • People forget that BB is a social game and that is the one thing that Jordan has that a lot of the other players do not. She actually likes people and people respond to that. She may not rock at the competitions this year but her social game is very good.

      • Also she is never given credit for winning comps when did win. Her season she beat everyone but Jeff & THEN he gave her HOH but she got to end. Her HOH this year SHE beat everyone but the two on her team. They may not have been able to beat her. SDhe also won 2 out of 3 comps in last years finale.

    • Remember it was Jordo who did most of the talking in the HOH room with P/K/R and she did great GO J/R

    • She is useless. Jeff n brendan let her win that hoh. She hasnt won anything else. She doesnt play the game. She just follows jeffs orders

      • Cristy maybe you didnt read the above comments correctly, jordan plays a social game which is just as important. just casue her game isnt as obvious doesnt make it nonexistent. and she can think on her own despite what some of america might like to think.. she probably has more brains than you

  135. not fair
    only rachel should be safe…not jordan
    jordan does not deserve to stay in the house
    she should be gone

  136. Shelly sux. All she does is suck up to whoever has power. What a classy liar. I hope her daughter is proud of her liar mother.

  137. Wow, I’m shocked by all the love that Rachel and Jordan get here on this board. I’m just curious, but please tell me why they have your adulation?