Big Brother 13: Final HoH Part 1 Endurance Competition Results

Here we go! It’s the final Big Brother 13 Endurance HoH Competition!

Big Brother 13 final endurance comp

The endurance competition is called “The Big Brother Mixer” and it’s set up with all HGs standing on a mixer prong of a giant mixer going through a buttery sauce. Last HG standing wins the first round and moves on to the third round.

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Big Brother 13 Final HoH Part 1 Endurance Comp Results:

  • 7:00 PM BBT – Waiting for the Live Feeds to return…
  • 7:06 PM BBT – Live Feeds are back. All HGs remain.
  • 7:10 PM BBT – All HGs remain. Lots of grunting from Adam.
  • 7:15 PM BBT – Adam is in a LOT of pain from the sound of it.
  • 7:20 PM BBT – Feeds cut away, possibly as Adam drops. We’ll see…
  • 7:25 PM BBT – Yep. That was it. Adam dropped out already. 2 remain.
  • 7:30 PM BBT – Mixer lifted in to the air. Porsche opens her eyes and gasps.
  • 7:32 PM BBT – This is a VIP-waitress-off, folks. Both women “classically” trained in the art of standing for hours on end. Whose skills will “serve” them best?
  • 7:35 PM BBT – Porsche seems to be scared. Asked Adam to help her not drown if she falls off.
  • 7:39 PM BBT – And that’s it, folks. Porsche dropped. Rachel wins round 1.
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Rachel has won Final HoH Round 1. She will face off against either Adam or Porsche in Round 3, depending on which one wins the skills comp in Round 2. Say, Porsche, any regrets on keeping a top endurance competitor tonight?

Big Brother 13 Rachel wins round 1

Not sure when the next round will be, but considering they’ll have to take down this comp and build the next one I’d guess it’s sometime Saturday. That’s just a guess. We’ll keep watching and post the results when it happens. Catch those spoiler updates by joining us on Facebook or by email alerts.

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Did you miss the competition? Rewind and watch it all on the Live Feeds’ Flashback.


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  1. I honestly think either of these three could win, And i think i might be giving adam more credit than hes worth.

    • Not to bash Adam, but he has been the first out in all the endurance comps (or did he fall right after Lawon for the skiing one?). Adam’s track history does not look good for tonight and he’s already grunting and crying out in pain after just 20 mins. He won’t last much longer.

      • Nope even lawon outlasted him in the ski comp lol. He literally lasts like 5 mins. This is by far his longest! I have a feeling all that working out rachel has done will help her while all the sleeping and eating may hurt porsche after all. Go figure it’d be an eating comp for porsches hungry ass.

      • Go Big Red!!
        That being said, you have to wonder, giving Adam’s and Porsche’s track record in comps why they would ever think that they could beat Rach making it to the F2?
        They were so worried about who they could beat when they made it to F2, when they should have been worried about getting past this comp…
        Seems to me if I were in either one’s shoes I would have felt ALOT better competeing against Jordan than Rach.

    • she is going to regret her decision to keep her she was thinking that adam and jordon would take each other but Jordon told Rachel she had to get rid of porche because then she will win

  2. From what I have seen, Rachel is in her zone and wont lose this part. Hang on, gal! Rach and Adam for F2!!

    • I agree. There is no way Adam or Porshe outlasts Rachel in an endurance comp, she is totally in the zone. She will rock this part of the comp. They might as well let go now.

      • You’re* And I know. What’s your point? Btw I didn’t see anything comical in mine or your comment, so I don’t know why you’re laughing.

      • I’m actually glad to know Porche has fans. Not that I’m one of them. The logical thing to assume is that she isn’t well liked, so good for her.

      • I like Porsche except for her nasty remak about Shelly. All the newbies went to the vets and the ones they did not want were cast aside and had to fight to stay. If Porsche wins the final HoH, she should take Adam because that way she will win #BB13. Votes:Porsche:K/D/S/R/B Adam: J/J

  3. YAUS!

    At long last, Floatzilla has been eliminated.

    Of course, none of the remaining players deserve to win, but that’s what you get with bad casting and worse twists. At least Jordan won’t win twice.

    • What do you mean no one deserves to win!! rachel has worked her ass off all season long to stay in the house adam woke up at day like 60 and porshe at like day 50 other wise they each did shit all only player that deserves it in this house is rachel!!
      GO RACHEL!!!!!

    • Rachel deserves to win. If she wins the final HOH she will have FOUR HOH’s and the record for all comps. She may be best of all time considering she was a top target since week one.

      • If Porsche wins the HoH, she has tied Rachel for most comps: 4 and should take Adam since Jeff gave him the one Veto comp and had only won 2 comps besides.

      • No paul rachel has 5 comps. Tieing janelle and danielle for the most in one season. now its 6!! More than anyone ever.

      • No kidding and being on the block all those times and surviving. Especially when Kalia was HOH when Lawon went. Even though I wanted Jordan in final 2 Rachel deserves to win and I think she will.

      • @smr
        Rachel will have one 6 comps if she wins final HOH, but Danielle earned seven comps in her season, and Janelle earned 9 in BB all stars.

    • You seem very invested in a season you can’t stand. What does that say about you? I can’t respect that.

      • And this has been the highest rated season in years, so apparently the only problem is just bad judgement on your part.

  4. It is funny that Porsha is complaining about her sore shoulder and telling Rachel she was serious when she asked for a massage realier…. Porsha wasn’t complaining about her shoulder when her, Rachel and Adam were playing cards last night….. Interesting timing huh? LMAO!!!

  5. I think Adam is doomed on this one, because he has a history of being TERRIBLE at the comps, especially the endurance ones…I think he has won the last couple of times out of sheer luck. I loved it on his goodbye message to Jordan that he was grateful to her and Jeff for having “shown him the ropes and how to play the game” – really, had Adam been “playing the game”? I think most of us thought he was just siding with whoever was in power at any given moment, he had NO game plan whatsoever from the looks of it!

    • He thanked them for teaching him how to play it honestly. IE not play it.

      But its just kissing up for jury votes anyway. He knows he has them against Porsche but is still trying to win her over if its him and Rachel (and failing)

    • Ashley Im with you.Who was crying the river tonight.You thought Rachel mom or dad had died the way she was acting.Is she afraid Brendon want ,want her if she looses. First things she said was Whats Brendon going to do if I loose.Brendon treats Rachel like a dog.Im really think Rachel is scared that Brendon leave her if she dont win. Rachel has played this game for Brendon not for her.Thats why she cries everytine she dont win.

    • She is the only remaining house guest that has been playing since day 1. She deserves to win over both of them and she will

  6. Rachel needs to GO HOME! Come on Porsche! Adam has rode coat tails all summer and doesn’t deserve final HOH.

    • Porsha hasn’t road coat tails? Evel Dick convinced the Vets to get her the golden jey…. Porsha was with Rachel when she was in power…. She was then with Dani when she was in power… She was with Kalia when she was in power…. THen she won a POV Jeff gave her because he wasn;t smart enough to look outside his box for the clown shoe…

      • Lmao Leo, it doesn’t count as “giving” if there the person doesn’t willingly and knowingly give it to the other person. Porsche has won 1 HoH and 2 vetos. That’s a pretty good record.

      • Tristin, do you understand that there is a huge difference between the HoH’s that Rachel won vs Porche?
        Porche woke up two weeks ago and won some competitions against a couple floaters, while Rachel won her HoH’s early, and competing against 12+ people, including many people who were later voted out because they were seen as threats.

      • Wasn’t smart enough to look outside his box…sorry but I don’t know how many people would think ‘Hm maybe I threw it out of the box myself’. It’s a big ball pit, they’d continue looking through it. You’re full of it if you think you’d immediately say ‘Oh wait what about OUTSIDE the box??’…that’s not where Big Brother hid the shoe so why think there…it was just bad luck, don’t pin it on smarts.

    • I so agree not a big fan of Porche but I would rather see her win as she doesn’t seen to think she is entitled!

    • So because she shows her emotions she doesn’t deserve to win? She has played one of the best games. She was a target since day one and Dani, Kalia and Porsche couldn’t get rid of her. She’s a fierce competitor and like her or not she deserves the money.

    • i was just thinking that when i was watching the show.. lol why would you raise your arms up to hold… either way i hope it’s a r/p f2.. i wouldn’t mind either of those 2 getting it.. i don’t think adam deserves it

    • Adam was doomed anyway. Big feet and lots of weight is a problem when you’ve got a 4 inch outcropping for your feet

    • Porsche slept and ate all season. She just woke up to weeks ago on day 55. Jordan said it best in her speech. Porsche all I know about you is you like to host and like to wear bikinis.

    • See Porsche’s family is back on her posting, but not getting her any fans. When you talk about killing unborn babies and deliberately tainting milk to make people sick you do not get fans. GO RACHEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Is there a bush in the yard right now for Rachel to go hide in and cry if she loses? It’s funny how she makes fun of anyone that cries after losing a competition, yet she does the SAME thing, except much worse. Yes, Rachel has just grown SO much this season. Ha, that’s a complete joke.

      • Oh really? Rachel was the one stalking Dani trying to annoy her. That is such ADULT behavior! You have got to be kidding me. We all know the real reason why so many people don’t like Daniele – because she broke off her alliance with Jeff and Jordan. BOOHOO, big deal, go cry about it. It’s a game.

      • Actually trinstan u dont know what ur talking about. Rachel did what she did to Dani because Dani and all of her little bitches were stalking and harrassing Rachel. I do believe Dani,Kalia and Porsche all did plenty of whining,crying and pouting. They were all visciously cruel to Rachek,just about the entire season. So u can stop ur crying and whining now,ur girls r done!!!!

    • Don’t worry tristen because RACHEL WILL NOT LOSE THIS comp. Maybe a bush where Porsche can go and whine and complain as to why she lost. HAHA

    • I’m a hater because I’m not rooting for the same person as you? That’s wonderful [: And lay off the chips? What is that even supposed to mean? Please make sure your insults make sense before posting. Thanks!

      • Tristen, Sorry your family member, Porsche, is losing and everyone dislikes her, but when your a total hateful Bitc* like POrsche has been that tends to happen. She should of been evicted weeks ago so just Go away and cry and whine just like Porsche does.

  8. Buh Bye Adam Now comes the fun maybe 45 minutes more of watchng the girls hang on and try to convince each other who’s gonna take who to the final 2

    • Rachel will not fall of for Porsha…. If they make a deal, Porsha will have to drop….. Porsha srewed herself when she outright told everyone her shoulder was already bothering her…..

  9. Porsha almost fell off

    Porsha is looking like she is inn agony because of her shoulder and looks like she is about to throw up

  10. Porsche might as well have handed Rachel the $500k check when she chose to evict Jordan and keep Rachel. Not sure what Porsche was thinking but we’ll take it…C’mon Big Red!!! You got this girl!!!

    • I think what Porsche was thinking was:

      1) I’d really hate to see someone win twice.

      2) I wonder if anyone has called my agent yet.

      3) Two people I can’t beat for the money, and the other I might not be able to. But with Jordan gone, 3 people might take me to the final, and with Rachel gone I’d have to win to go to the final.

      4) I came here to have fun and compete and I want to go head to head with Rachel.

  11. Every one wants to complain about rachel by calling her a cry baby but believe she has won more than both of them together

    • It doesn’t matter what she has won. The point is that whenever she doesn’t win, she goes and sobs uncontrollably and then proves herself to be a hypocrite when someone else cries for not winning a comp.

      • Wow seriously??!!! Thats getting really old. Rachel is a fierce competitor. Get over it ( Trinston!!! )Lol inside joke.

      • Tristin, have you not figured out yet that Rachel has fans and Porsche does not. Porsche is a mean hateful person who does not deserve anything but contempt from everyone. She has no moral compass or compassion and is just an evil person and has no fans whatsoever. She deserves to go and get over it no one can stand her!!!!

    • Way to go Rachel.

      Rachel is far from a selfish witch..kinda strong dislike for someone you don’t even know. So sad.

      • She must of meant Porscha because we all know what a lying, hateful, evil and vile witch Porscha is. Wanting to kill an unborn baby and putting something in to taint milk which if someone had been allergic to something in it could of made them a lot more than just sick. Lets hope the wicked witch loses tomorrow and then Rachel puts the final nails in her game when she wins Q and A. Nasty human should of been sent packing and sent home and not to jury after the very first incident. Vile, VILE person Porscha.

  12. Porsha seems to be struggling a little bit….dont know if its a ploy or not.Rachel still in the zone. GO RACHEL!!!!

    • go rachel i dont really like rachel but she deserves it more than those two idiots one doesnt do anything to all the good players are gone the other sleeps all the time or puts stuff in peoples drink she should have been kicked out for that.

      • PORSCHA should of been kicked out for that definitely but then she talks about kicking someone in the stomach and killing an unborn child and she is still allowed to say. Makes me not think to highly of CBS for allowing that. She is a really sick puppy and should of been gone a long time ago.

      • I agree essie. Adam dropped real quick. Porche stayed on longer, and deserves to go to F2 more than Adam.

        So disappointed not by the outcome as much as the length of these people being able to stay on. I remember hours of comps. of endurance.

      • three. one hoh and two vetos. still, there are WAY more deserving people that should be there instead of porsche.

      • Sure, it’s much easier to win comps when you’re playing against fewer people….but bottom line is the 3 that are there are still standing so like it or not, they have all earned their keep to some extent. But Rachel has far been superior in comps and a target for weeks. She deserves to win!

      • Actually there aren’t more deserving people.

        No one on this cast deserves the money. The most deserving is probably Dick, because no one made any good moves after he left.

  13. Porsha just told Adam….. “I know you are sore, but don’t let me drown….. I am going to need your help…..” Sounds like she may be getting out soon…….

    • Hope Adam said you are on your own sink or swim does not matter to me. You have to want it to be in final 2.

  14. Why does it keep going to trivia its so annoying, I thought we were supposed to be able to see everything!!

  15. Rachel haters amuse me…… Like Porsha’s behavior has been better then Rachel’s this summer…. Porsha, Dani, Kalia and Shelly’s behavior have been childish and even vile this summer…..

    • come on rachel might be a witch at times but at least shes up front with hers and she never put anything in anyones drink or stole some ones property. i think when the game is over rachel should beat shelly and porsche but for they stuff they did to her it just wrong didnt there moms teach them morals.

      • I’m missing something :) I can’t stand freakin Porshe and maybe that’s why but what did she put in whos drink?

      • Never been a Rachel fan, but she’s my choice at this point. The other 2??? give me a freaking bread!! And NO — Porsche does’nt deserve to be there!!

      • She did it to try and make JOrdan sick and it did for 3 days and she should of been kicked off the show for it. Vile human being Porsche is.

    • porsche, dani, kalia and shelly dont call people cows in their good-bye messages. i love how people try and say she doesnt do anything wrong when she does

    • Rachel was a gang of one while the house that Dani built was a gang of four. Rachel stood up to this bunch the best way she could. They plotted and schemed to get her out and it didn’t happen. Whose got balls …Rachel. I only wish she wouldn’t take losing so damn hard …but then that’s her.

  16. Rachel is the ONLY one who deserves to win this!!! Go Rachel!! Who cares if she’s a little emotional…doesn’t take away from the fact that she’s rocked this game all summer!

    • you’re absolutely right rachel has rocked this summer. but id rather see her against porsche than adam but rachel will take adam cause she knows thats a guarantee win

    • I really agree Rachel really gave it her all to get this far, so what if she was on BB before. I think that either Rachel or Jordan should win the 500K!!!!!!!

  17. Porsche was an idiot for not getting rid of Rachel. She would’ve had a better chance of beating Jordan for the final HOH than Rachel. Rachel is a cry baby. I am sick of hearing…BRANDON, BRANDON, BRANDON!

      • Not sure when you heard BRANDON BRANDON BRANDON considering his name is Brendon and Rachel deserves to win. She has fought hard and overcame being hated by nearly every person in the house at one point or another. She has competed more than anyone in the house still standing and it would be a shame for a player that did nothing to win.

    • I think it is so funny and shows the maturity of people how they see and remember what they want.

      Seriously, Rachel is the crybaby…granted she is emotional, but have we forgotten how much Porscha cried the first week when she was nominated (and thensome)…like hello, you were being given the golden key.

      P-K-D have truly been like high school bitches who talk awful behind peoples backs. And the things they have done and said shows what kind of character they have and type of person they are.

      I don’t care if it’s a game, doesn’t mean you get to play dirty and cheat which is what I would call putting something in someone’s drink…poison or no poison, who cares, that’s just immature and cruel… it’s okay to do whatever it takes to win money right….money is more important than human decency and respect.

      That’s the problem with the world.

      GO Rachel!!

      • BB Fan you get it and yes that is the problem with the world and apparently that is the same problem with CBS and BB for allowing Porsche to stay in the house and keep playing BB Brother. CBS and BB should have to pay for potentially putting others lives in danger.

  18. If rach wins this does she get to pick who she takes with her? sorry started watching late dont know alot

    • no, there is part 2 or hoh where adam n porche compete,… then winner of that compete with rachel in part 3 of hoh… final winner chooses who to keep.

    • No now the other 2 play in a game of skill then the win who wins that faces off against Rachel in a quiz.

    • No this is just Part 1 of 3. If she wins tonight(which she just did) she automatically advance to round 3. Adam and Porsche will battle in Round 2 to go up against Rachel in Round 3. Whoever wins round 3 gets to decide who they want to take to the final with them

  19. Rachel lasted for 47 minutes….

    Porsha would hhave beat Jordan…. Thank you for keeping Rachel Porsha….. LMAO!!!

    • she will never know She is still playing Danny’s game : Do not hand over JJ a cheque for half a mill and thats OK give it to Racheal Go BIG RED

      • However, since the 19th century, the spelling cheque (from the French word chèque) has become standard for the financial instrument in the Commonwealth and Ireland, while check is used only for other meanings, thus distinguishing the two definitions in writing

    • Yeah, what was Porsche thinking? I’m so glad she kept Rachel! Really suprised though. RACHEL IS GONNA WIN FOR BOOKIE!

    • dumbe move porche but not surprised i have never watch another bb season where so many people made really dumb moves. The only thing i can think of is she thinks that rachel will take her to the F2

    • Way to go, Rachel! Yes, thank you Porsche for evicting Jordan. Agree with you Leo, Porsche would have definitely won against Jordan in Round 1.

  20. Adam will beat Porsha in Part 2 – skills comp

    Adam will beat Rachel in Part 3 – Q & A

    Adam will evict Porsha

    Rachel will win BB13 by a vote of 5-2

    Rachel will get

    Adam will get

    • i don’t think dani will vote for rachel she swore she would never vote for her no matter who she is up against

      • How could she vote for Adam? Judas said he’s the worst player EVER! Judas will vote for Porsche if she gets to F2. Otherwise, even Judas will vote for Rachel against Adam! I LOVE IT! GO BIG RED! WIN IT TO SPITE JUDAS AND GET HER VOTE!

      • She said she wouldn’t vote Adam at the time she entered the Jury, when Adam had only had one Veto, gifted to him by herself and Jeff. By the time the vote comes for the winner of this season, she’ll have to look at the fact he’s now won his own Veto and an HoH.

        I wouldn’t say it’s an automatic that Dani doesn’t vote for Adam.

      • The best thing that could happen is Dani voting for Rachel at the end then all those team Dani wanna bee’s will let out a collective “Oh No” as reality suddenly sets in.

  21. thats my girl, go kick some butt rachel, do it for brendon and jordan. lol its weird though, i miss shelly. her lying and stuff was just hilarious, i actually found her great. i liked most of the cats this season. but right now you might as well hand rachel a cheque for 500k. who would have though rachel would beat out all the vets, and hopefully will beat out everyone

      • I wanted Dani to win dont really like either but I despise Rachel walking around like they owned the house all summer she is the least deserving. \and besides Brendon is going to discover the cure for cancer they don’t need the money???? arrogant fools now thats something to laugh at LMAO . I would not let him care for my dog!

  22. Porsche says she was never good at reading comprehension in a comp where reading had nothing to do with it.

  23. Porsha asked Rachel if she was dizzy? Rachel said, no because she had her eyes closed and had her head leaned back…. Rachel could have lasted a lot longer…

    Porsha told Adam that if Part 2 of the HOH has to do with arms, them Adam will win because she can’t bend her arm due to her sore shoulder….

  24. Porsha is offering to bring Rachel a towel to the shower asking if she is thirsty…. Will probbably mention she brought Rachel to the FInal 2…. We were friends at the beginning….

  25. YEAH RACHEL!!!!!! She is absolutely the most deserving of those left. She has had to fight all summer long to remain in that house. Hope she wins part three and goes on to win the top prize. Voted for Jeff for America’s Fav…..hope he wins! Poor Jordan…the girl is a complete mess, but you have to love her. Was her time to go, she couldn’t pull it off for herself.

  26. Updates from the Live Feeds,

    Porsha asked Rachel if she was dizzy? Rachel said, no because she had her eyes closed and had her head leaned back…. Rachel could have lasted a lot longer…

    Porsha told Adam that if Part 2 of the HOH has to do with arms, them Adam will win because she can’t bend her arm due to her sore shoulder….

    Porsha is offering to bring Rachel a towel to the shower asking if she is thirsty…. Will probbably mention she brought Rachel to the FInal 2…. We were friends at the beginning….

  27. Rachel definitely deserves this! Congrats one the first part…Hope she pulls through in the 3rd part :)

    • I hope Rachel wins part 3, but I think Adam will win and vote to evict Porsha and take Rachel to the Final 2…..

      • I think i have a little more sense than that…if he wins and take Rachel he won’t get any votes against her. I think his chances are slip up agaisnt them both.

      • i don’t think adam would take rachel because even he knows that rachel has a reputation for being a good comp player and thus would get most of the votes.. he would have a better chance taking porsche to get the votes from BRJJ..

  28. I can’t wait to see Dani’s reaction and Kalia as well when they find out Porsha voted to evict Jordan and keep Rachel…

    Jeff will probbably be stunned and pissed and Brendon will be pleasantly surprised….

  29. Porsche is stupid. Getting rid of Rachel was the smart, big, and powerful move. She would have won endurance and Adam likely would have won putting them both in final 2. Go Rachel. Take Adam. She would likely have 3 votes.

    • ok let’s just say porsche kept jordan.. and porsche won the first hoh.. she STILL has to win the 2nd HOH game cuz if adam or jordan win it, they would take each other to f2..

      • @essie if P would of won part 1 she would not b competing in the 2 part. Whoever wins this 2 part then competes in the 3 part with the winner from round 1.

      • @essie

        Winner of round 1 doesn’t play in round 2, they skip to round 3. Winner of round 2 is the two losers of round 1 (Adam vs. Porsche) and that winner plays round 1’s winner in round 3.

        You said if Porsche kept Jordan and won the first part of HoH she still has to win part 2…just clarifying, not trying to be an ass lol

  30. Adam and Porsha are sore and complaining about being sore while Rachel is like, that was a nice little workout…

    Adam says when he fell, he was sore and looked at Rachel and she was up there relaxed like…. lalalalalalala…. LMAO!!!

      • I will say it again, Brendon and Rachel would only come back on the show if they got a guarntee. Brendon evicted twice, Rachel on the block four times. Porche picking her to stay. Everyone knows that was her biggest mistake even her. So why did she do it? BB had to have a hand in it for her to throw winning 500,000. Maybe keep Rachel and we will give you so much and you still have a chance of winning. BB has a wedding to pay for and more.

    • Rachel Absolutely deserve to win the season. She started off like the same Rachel from last season but in the last few weeks (after Bookie left)she has showed that she can check her emotion, win comps and has kept her loyalty to her alliance.

  31. Rachel just went in her bag and pulled out the stuffed dog Shelly hid and gave it a kiss….. She was probably thinking about Bookie aka Brendon!!!

    • OMG!!!! I’m so aggravated that Adam or Porsche are even there. Also I’ll say I’m not a big Rachel fan,But I believe she earned her way there… unlike the others.

      • I agree with you Deanna, I was not a huge Rachel fan but now I hope she wins the whole thing. Porsche and Adam do not belong there at all….they never really worked for anything….Rachel earned her way to the final 3…

      • Rachel is gonna win the Half-Million Dollars, she pretty much is a shoo-in. Jeff/Jordan/Brendan automatically and Dani could vote for her if it’s against Adam (likely will be)

    • You also knew that with Adam and Jordan you had to win the last comp, but with Adam and Rachal you might be final two no matter WHO wins the last comp.

      Also, by the format, she doesnt have to beat Rachel in the next stage, and the final stage is a crapshoot with no real skill involved.

      • Porsche really is the stupidest player in BB history, but thanks for being the idiot you are and keeping Rachel in the house. Now you can go and join your loser friends Dani, Shelly and Kalia in the jury.

  32. you guys want to talk about not making a huge move and a crucial one that would be P some of you were complaining earlier this week saying that A couldnt make a big move well neither can P she voted out J who is not good in endurance comp n who P would of had a much BETTER shot of making it to the F2 n a 50/50 shot of winning the $500k.. Talk about STUPID move.. Does P know what game she is playing? I’m routing for RACHEL now…

    • LIKE we have all said Porsche is not the brightest tool in the shed. DUMB MOVE PORSCHE but we love you RACHEL!!! Maybe if she had thought for herself than following Dani’s dumb advice she might of had a chance. When you get to jury tell Dani THANKS for costing me $500.000. LMAO right now! HAHA

    • if she kept jordan and won endurance.. she still needs to win the other 2 which are trivia that adam and jordan are better at… so if either adam or jordan won HOH they would take each other to the finals… by taking jordan out, she has a chance that either adam or rachel will take her.. i doubt adam would take rachel since she would get the votes for being such a strong comp player

    • My thinking is Porsche should have evicted Jordan because Jordan has good social skills. Everyone likes Jordan and if it was Jordan against anyone else in Final 2—-Jordan had a very good chance at winning $500,000 again! By evicting Jordan, Porsche is counting on the votes of Danielle, Kalia, Shelly and Adam if Adam gets evicted in Final 2. Rachel wants Adam in the Final 2 because Rachel knows she played the game better than Adam. Porsche in Final 2 with Rachel will get Danielle, Kalia, Shelly and maybe, Adam. Of course, if Adam sticks to Rachel then, Rachel wins it 4-3 which is good enough for the win!

      • Adam has already promised he will vote for Rachel if she gets to final 2 and he does not. PORSCHE LOSES even if she makes if to final two which I doubt she will no matter who she takes. HAHA

    • Evicting Rachel gives her a higher chance of winning the game (although still a pretty low one). Evicting Jordan gave her a way better chance at final two.

      Besides, if she evicted Rachel there would have been a Pandora’s box for Adam to win a lifetime supply of bacon prepared personally by Tori Spelling if he swapped spots with Rachel in the jury house. BB picked its winner, why fight it?

  33. You idiots that think Rachel is a great player because she wins a comp here or there must be new to BB. I remember Dr Will running the house and he won less than Adam. It’s a social game more than a physical. Always has been.

    • Dr. Will never won a comp, but there is no player that has ever played BB that has the social game and manipulation skills Dr. Will had…..

      • And one more think Leo because I agree with you about Dr. Will he had no problem telling everyone he was lying but you still loved him, PORSCHE has NO, NADA, NONE, NOTHING when it comes to SOCIAL SKILLS!!!!! Still laughing over that thought. TEAM RACHEL ALL THE WAY!!!

      • yeah there will never be another player like will he would cause drama between people and unlike shelly no one ever was the wiser he started it but to say rachel isn’t a great player would be wrong becasue she is. Janelle hads down one of the best players and won more comps then anyone in bb to date. Every game is different and in wills season the house wasn’t divided in half there were different groups so it was easy for him to cause conflict without anyone knowing it was him

      • I agree winning comps aren’t everything…

        There has never been a BB winner that won the most comps that season…. I repeat in 13 seasons, and 2 with janelle, the player who won the most comps in a season and even the second most that season has never won BB….

      • Maybe not everything and maybe the one with the most wins of that season hasn’t won, but Drew from season 5 won (if I’m not mistaken) 4 HoH’s and 1 Veto. Sounds like enough wins to put a target on your back, but he won the game anyway.

      • @Leo Really? There has never been a BB winner that won the most comps that season? You haven’t watched Big Brother 10 when Dan dominated the whole season, have you?

      • Hmm…actually Leo, I just checked. Drew with 5 competition wins in Season 5 was in fact the most that season. Nakomis had 4. You mentioned the person with the most wins or even second most wins has never won Big Brother. Drew has.

      • I agree with you, Kelvin. Dan won three HOH, two POV and a luxury competition. He started winning after he decided not to throw any more competitions.

      • MJ,

        Jun won BB4,

        Drew did not win the most comps that season… HOH and POV’s….

        Dan, may have won the most but I thought Memphis won more comps…. Dan won because he was the brains that kept Memphis…. That was when Dan had 2 alliances… Olly was in one and Memphis in the other…

      • MJ,

        Nakomis never won BB…. She started aka created the back door which she used to screw Jace, but she never won BB…. Remember, Cowboy voted to evict her?

      • MJ,

        Drew won because COwboy took him to nthe end…. That is why Cowboy ngets a hard time for making one of the dumbest desicions in BB history when he kept Drew….

      • Leo

        Are you feeling alright? I said BB5, I never talked about BB4. Drew and Nakomis were from the same season, BB5, and I was saying that Drew had 5 competition wins that year, Nakomis had 4. You said nobody ever wins the game after winning the most competitions in their season. Drew won BB5 and Drew’s 5 competition wins that season was more than anybody else in BB5. Michael’s bad decision to take him is irrelevant to the topic. Drew won the game, and he also won the most competitions that year.

        I also just double-checked on BB10. Dan won the game and he had 5 competition wins as well. Nobody else in BB10 had 5 wins.

      • I just watched BB8. Dani was hoh when she went on the Power of 10, she was hoh week 7 and week 9, she also won 4 vetos I believe.

      • hey leo… was pretty clear what MJ was saying the first time….and he/she’s right….

        drew won season 5. he also led the competition wins with 5

        dan won season 10. he also led the competition wins with 5.

        sounds like 2 people who won the most comps also went on to win the game…and you, repeat, in 13 seasons, were saying nobody’s ever done that….

    • Wow seriously!!! Chenbot??? U obviously have no idea what u r talking about. Rachel is actually the all time top champ in comps with 6 in one season beating out Danielle and Janelle who were tied for first with 5. And incidently Dani never won an hoh comp. Rachel is an awesome competitor and deserves to win!!!

      • Perhaps I mis-understood your post, Smr, but Daniele indeed has won TWO H.O.H. comps this season as well as two in her previous season. :)

      • You missed the point I was making. The game itself is about more than comps. There is a social aspect to it that people like Rachel don’t seem to grasp. Btw, didn’t dani win hoh twice this season?

      • Sorry jo, i was referring to her first season where she won 5 comps and none of them was hoh. And to chenbot. Rachel definitely changed her social game and has made herself very likable to most including people who couldnt stand her before

      • SMR,

        Rachel won 7 comps this season….

        However, Janalle is the all-time comps winner with 9 comps won during BB7 (5 Veto’s and 4 HOH’s)….

      • I truly hate to be argumentative but if you go to Wikipedia and type in ‘Big Brother 8 — U.S.’ and scroll down, it shows who won what that season and shows Daniele as having won TWO H.O.H. comps that season (and, yes, she also won two THIS season, as well). :)

      • Jo,

        Dani won 7 comps during BB8,

        But Dani has the all-time wins for 1 season… During BB7, Janelle won 5 POV’s and 4 HOH’s…..

      • Thanks, Leo. I was just addressing ‘Vet Fan’s’ comment who stated that Daniele didn’t win ANY H.O.H. comps that season, only Veto’s…

        My memory isn’t as good as others here-ha! I actually had to look it up and sure enough, it’s all there on Wiki. :)

      • Actually wikipedia is wrong she didnt win any hoh in her season. Also Dani only won 5 comps in her season not 7 also janelle won 9 between both seasons. Rachel has 6 alltime leader

      • Smr, may I ask how you know or remember all this from FOUR years ago without the aid of Wikipedia or another website that shows the stats of that season?

        I’m sure not everything is always accurate on Wiki but I’m struggling with accepting this as I can’t seem to find anything to the contrary…

      • I just Tweeted Evel Dick in the hopes that he can clear this up…

        ::Fingers crossed for a speedy response::

      • Thank you, Scott! FINALLY, the voice of reason.

        I’ve been sitting here wondering and asking myself: “How do they know?” Do they have all the seasons on DVD and have them memorized??”

        I figure if I can’t trust Wiki, all hope is lost-ha!

        Much thanks again, Scott.

      • Bummer. This is nail-biting, eh?

        By the way, Matt — since Adam was out-going H.O.H., I was surprised to read that he gets to compete for this weeks H.O.H. — has it always been like that for the final three? I can’t recall…

      • I appreciate it, Leo, thanks — I guess it was wishful thinking on my part that Rachel only had to compete against one houseguest during this comp-ha!

  34. You know what? I can’t root for any of these three, because I hate them all. Rachel has not changed from her last season, she is still a bitch and nobody likes her. Adam has been a floater the whole game and porsche has done more than adam, but thats not saying much.

    AWW screw it! I am still Team Dani! Hope she wins Americas fave :)

    • Porsha, Dani, Kalia and Shelly are all childish b****es and made Rachel look like an adult…. brendon has more of a chance to win AMerica’s vote than Dani…. Check Matt’s unofficial votes of 30,000

      Dani has no chance……

      • rachel isnt childish? come on. she gloated hard and walked all over people when she won, and pouted and called other people names when she lost. Rachel is more catty and mean spirited than anyone else in that house. You guys just like her because she was jeff and jordans friend.

      • Matt’s unofficial votes is counting for a little too much in your eyes. Remember when the unofficial polls had Dominic and Cassi leading the vote for returning houseguest then everyone was stunned when Brendon won it? Unless of course you still think that was fixed but don’t think there’ll be any ‘rigging’ for America’s Choice for $25,000.

      • MJ,

        Dani will be splitting votes with people who like DOminic

        Dominic will be splitting votes with people who like Cassi

        Jeff and Jordan will be splitting votes…

        Mark my words…

        Either Brendon or Jordan will win!!!

      • Leo,

        You just said Dani will split votes with Dominic and Dominic will split votes with Cassi…and that Jeff will split votes with Jordan…

        It’s clear you’re using vote-splitting as a reason why these HG’s won’t win America’s Choice…

        But you finish by saying either Brendon or Jordan will win? When according to you Jordan was splitting votes with Jeff…

      • because Rachel is a crying B*****.

        If Dani could have play in the beginning she would have beat R hands down. Atleast she didn’t throw a fit after losing.

      • Dani not throw a fit. All she did was walk around saying it’s not fair. All she did was complain and talk trash about everyone.

    • I don’t understand how anyone could possibly like rachel. the girl is a nightmare. I can’t tolerate her. dani was the best part of bb13.

      • I also think Dani is Americas player.

        I find it funny how P was covered in goo and R had only a few spots. Looks like someone was playing favorites.

      • LOL Dani cost Kalia her game… she taught Kalia everything she needs to know how to make it this far in this game, How to talk to people, how to get people on her side.. And where is Kalia now? Where is Dani? Oh they’re sitting in the jury house. And she’s the best player in BB? lol lol yeah righttttt!

      • I find the team dani fans to be more annoying than rachel. Rachel is actually still playing the game and Dani is …well…NOT.

      • Newbies just made made one of many stupid mistakes in this game! First mistake- Dani defecting from her alliance too soon and gettingt sucked into a “showmance” and exposing her plan to backdoor Jeff and show her hand too soon causing the demise of Dom. Second- Dom throwing a Veto comp., Third- Lawon fiascco, fourth- Porsche opening Pandora’s Box, even when she questioned herself over and over about it, Fifth- Shelly’s constant prolific lying and playing both sides of the house and turning on her alliance maybe prematurely sixth, Kalia voting Adam out , which really pissed him off, then constantly badgering him to keep her seventh- Porsche choosing Rachel over Jordan! The Vets were at a numbers disadvantage from the start, and the newbies didn’t have the brains or skill to really capitalize on it! Adam and Rachel are the final 2, Rachel wins, Jordan or Jeff get America’s Favorite Player- like it or not, people love them! Just my opinion. Go Rachel- I’m rooting for you girl, you deserve it!


      • P not a bad girl at heart? I guess putting benefiber in the muscle milk that the HG’s were drinking is ok. She should have received a penalty for that. Someone could have had a bad reaction.

      • @ zee…the non tears cy, but yet has make upp smearing allover her face? Yeah that makes sense. As far as porsche dani gave her tips for endurance comps-you see where that got her tonight right? As far as questions, you see where that got her in the ft comp right? If Dani was so amazin to where she could simply pass “tips” along to someone and they’d win, then she would still be there

    • ..still team dani …bwhahahahahah and Rachel has won over more people than anyone else even haters.

    • Danielle got eliminated. Why does she deserve to be America’s player? The same goes for Jeff, Shelly, Kalia, Brendon and Jordan. Danielle proved how not to play Big Brother which is a huge disappointment. I guess, without her father Evil Dick around, Danielle is not the player her fans give her credit for! None of the losers in the jury house deserve to be America’s player. That should go to the player that played the game best which is Rachel, Adam or Porsche. Of course, Rachel wins hands down against Porsche and Adam because Rachel played the game much, much better than Porsche or Adam!

    • Dude, you suck. Why are you always on here complaining all the time. You are the Kalia of BBN commenters.

  35. Porsha, Dani, Kalia and Shelly are all childish broads and made Rachel look like an adult…. brendon has more of a chance to win AMerica’s vote than Dani…. Check Matt’s unofficial votes of 30,000

    Dani has no chance……

      • DO you read the blog entries Matt puts on here?

        Brendon was tied for first place because the vets fans are voting for him…. Newbies fans are splitting that vote between Cassi and Dominic…. This was out of 30,000 votes……

  36. Awful, 40 minutes. BB couldn’t have made an easier endurance comp for Porche and Adam. Pathetic. Whomever had taken all that time to set this up should get to slap both Adam and Porche. I mean it’s only worth $50,000/$500,000 dollars.

    • Are you juts? Would you be saying they should have made it an easier comp for Jordan? Rachel did well because she works out all the time…

      • No. I said compared to prior seasons this endurance comp was as easy as Adam and Proche could hope for and they couldn’t last and hour. Read before you write.

      • Exactly. While Porsche was sleeping, Rachel was exercising and getting stronger. She’s proven that she’s in good physical shape to win this type of competition.

      • It is an endurance comp.;……

        Remember during BB3 when Dani, Jasin and Lisa had to hold onto a key for in a swimming pool while floating in a tibe and if they let go, they were out the comp… That lasted for hours…

        Remember the endurance during BB11 when Ryan, Adam and Shiela had to hold onto a surf board with water splashing against them for hours?

        This comp was a piece of cake compaqred to other endurance comps in the Final 3… Remember Part 2 whern Mike Boogie has to clinp that tower and go around it to beat Janelle…

        Would you like it to be a cookie eating endurance comp for Porsha or smoking comp for Adam for them to be able to win? LMAO!!!

      • Leo you’re missing the point they’re making. They’re just saying it was as easy a comp as Porsche and Adam could hope for and they still couldn’t win, and still couldn’t even last an hour. They aren’t asking for it to be easier and they’re not saying they wanted Porsche or Adam to win.

        PS: There was no Ryan, Sheila or Adam in BB11

    • This has been the shortest part 1 endurance in history of BB.. That tells u how good these f3 hg are.. I’m really sad to c P in the f3… it makes my stomach turn..

      • Do not even see P making it to final two. She does not deserve to even be in final 3. She should of been gone a long time ago and not in Jury just gone!! Sick of that hateful little girl. GO HOME!

  37. Remember when Kayser came back during BB6 that endurance comp lasted 17 hours… THat was when BB players had skills….

  38. I can’t help but think back to previous “Part 1” Final HOH comps…this was pretty lame. I don’t have encyclopedic memory of BB, but I will never forget Dick, trying so hard…he won me over that night.

    • Adam could not win his way out of a fast food paper sack! Por made, yet another mistake, by keeping rach! She is a competitor! Jordan, can not win squat! Way to go Por, you may have just played the worst move in history. Dork, dork, dork! I was actually pulling for her, until she kept rach. Por deserves to be beat. Adam deserves to be beat! I can not believe, I am actually pulling for Rach!!???

      • Adam will beat Porsha in Part 2 and the beat Rachel in Part 3

        Adam will evict Rachel… Skills and Q & A are Adam’s strengths

      • @leo I disagree I think in a skill game P will probably beat adam. and in part3 Q & A I believe R will win and she will probably take P

      • Rachel won’t take Porsha for the following reasons:

        Porsha will get


        Adam will be the deciding vote and will vote for Rachel to win…. He told Jordan he would vote for Rachel if Rachel evicts him… Adam said he would vote for Rachel if Poorsha evicts him )Matt BBN posted this)

        Rachel will be able to beat Adam easier…

      • Rachel fans should realize that Rachel would not even have been able to compete tonight if it was not for Porsche. She would have been gone. So you actually should be thanking her.

        Also, Porsche did not really have much of a choice. She knew how tight Adam was with Jordan. She may have just figured that she may have a better chance of Rachel picking her over Adam or Adam picking her since Jordan was gone.

      • We are thanking her for making the dumbest move in BB history, and I am sure Rachel will thank her even more when she wins BB 13 and the $500,000. Porsche needs to thank Dani for her excellent advice on keeping Rachel and costing Porsche the $500,000. You can’t fix STUPID!!

      • @Gail,

        What hurt Porsche’s game is her alliance with Danielle. Danielle was manipulating her and making her a puppet and she had no clue. The same goes for Kalia. If they used their heads instead of listening to Danielle,
        their chances would be better! The jury votes matter more than ever so,
        Porsche putting all her eggs in Danielle’s basket guaranteed she got scrambled eggs and nothing else! She even said that she was not using the POV on the week Jeff was evicted because that is what Danielle would have wanted! Porsche should be playing her game and not Danielle’s. Danielle is already out of it and cannot help her except of the votes.

  39. I hope Rachel wins the HOH and keeps Adam then it is a 50/50 for her or him so go Rachel go…..Dani made her big move to soon she should have taking jeff out first then maybe she would still be in the house oh well she out jeff out and Rachel in she has worked for it this time…

    • i’m a dani fan and i am not upset she’s out of the house.. why do ppl keep bringing it up that she made a mistake.. i applaud her! she brought game!

      • I agree with you Essie. I am a Dani fan also, but she made a big move that turned out to be a mistake. She was a great competitor and I appreciated her for that. Many of the people this mistake made huge mistakes in one way or another.

      • @essie Wish I could delete that comment – guess I need to start over. lol
        I am a Dani fan also. She made a mistake and is out of the game, but I still love her as a competitor and she was fierce not only in her comps. but in her knowledge of the game. She is gone. People need to stop talking bad about her. I will vote for her for America’s Player.

  40. Porsche and Adam are in the bathroom talking about the competition. Big Brother tells Rachel to put on her mic. Adam asks who is she talking to? Porsche says soon after it started she started feeling sick. They talk about the different ways they were trying to hold on. Rachel comes to the bathroom and Adam jokes about who she was talking to.. Adam says that if she is seeing people maybe she should just self evict and let him and Porsche go to the final two. Rachel laughs. Rachel leaves the bathroom and goes to the storage room. She grabs some bags and does a happy dance and yells YAY! Rachel then heads back to the bathroom. Adam tells her that she is making him sick that she is walking around without a care in the world and his is in so much pain. They give credit to Evel Dick who stayed on for hours and they couldn’t even last an hour. They talk about the 17hour endurance from season 6. Porsche finishes her shower and Adam gets in to take his shower.

  41. Winning comps aren’t everything…

    There has never been a BB winner that won the most comps that season…. I repeat in 13 seasons, and 2 with janelle, the player who won the most comps in a season and even the second most that season has never won BB….

    • Drew from Big Brother 5 and Dan from Big Brother 10. Both of them won their season and also had more competition wins than anyone from their respective season.

      Nobody in Big Brother 5 had more competition wins than Drew’s 5, and nobody in Big Brother 10 had more competition wins than Dan’s 5.

  42. BB13 is down for the count, ALISON/PRODUCTION has decided that “IF” Brandon is able to cure cancer then the following actions must take place:
    1st place – Rachel: Her budget for the wedding = A BB13 win.
    2nd place – Porsche: She wants to be the next Martha Stewart with a VIP cocktail tray.2nd should put a down payment to the VIP tray!!!!!
    3rd and forgotten Adam: He just wants to find his balls/backbone so he can win for Farrah!!!
    Sadly Farrah/balls/and backbone were not in Adams grasp… BUT he is still KOSHIER with BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. I have been TEAM RACHEL since day one!!!! She has really grown and matured as a person since last season. You could see that from the moment she came into the house. As humans we are all flawed and she has her flaws. But she has played the game well all summer, unlike flip flop Adam or sleeping beauty Porche. I get that it doesn’t take winning comps in order to play the game. In my opinion, Rachel not only won comps but managed to pull off a good social game as well.

    • Grown and matured? I don’t know what I missed, rachel is still the crying,trash talking,bitch from last season.

    • As I said above, there are plenty of us that LOVE Rachel. Like you, I’ve been pulling for her all this season. She more than anyone has been backstabbed and made fun of by most of the HG’s. Inspite of all that, she’s still alive and kicking and will hopefully win it ALL.

      • it’s very true that rachel’s just going to make an annoying comment if she wins, something like ‘that’s right bitches i rock’ or repeating ‘i always get what i want’ like she said earlier this season…but……..i want her to win. adam and porky don’t deserve it as much as her

  44. Go rachel yay happy for u out of who is left u r the only one who should win. Out of them other two u should get 1st and 2nd place they dont deserve either one

    • OH, that is good wonder if the jury can just give Rachel both 1st and 2nd because you are right neither Adam or Porsche (who should of been thrown out by BB long ago) deserve 2nd place either. GREAT IDEA!!!!!!!!!

  45. None of them deserve to be there they all were riding on each other coat tails. But I sure don’t want rachel to win so either of the other 2 would be fine with me.

    • lets just say that this BB season has the record of having the most hated or disliked HG in the history of BB

      • porshe isnt rude to anyone, wins comps, and has a good personality. unless youre jealous, what’s there to dislike?

      • What’s there to dislike about Porkche? A lot. Let’s start with how she, along with D/S/K bashed R 24/7, she participated in hiding/stealing stuff, spiked drinks with benefiber (prank or not, that’s just really childish) — and no, I’m not jealous (seriously? this girl don’t even know where her shoulder is), and no, I’m not an R/J fan but I am definitely rooting for R! Better R than P/A. Go Rachel!

      • @ Lena u think P has a good personality? r u kidding? Saying that they should throw a ball at R stomach to have her miscarry n safe Branden $400. that is having a nice personality? Putting stuff in ppl food n making them sick is not being rude? the list goes on n on n on

      • @TheWitchIsDead I think you can thank Porsche for Rachel still being in the game. She could have kept Jordan and Rachel would have been gone.

        In fact all you talking bad about Porsche should stop and think of that.

        They were counting comps won in comps played. Rachel has 7 in 21 played. Porsche has 5 in 19 played. Adam has 5 in 27 played. What does that tell you? Porche had the Golden Key through no fault of her own.

      • Sorry, but Porsche is one of the most disgusting and despicable persons that has ever played BB besides being one that made on the stupidest game moves in BB history by keeping Rachel over Jordan. Grateful it did because it will cost her $500,000 that Rachel will win. Putting stuff in drinks to make people sick and not knowing if something she put in it could be something that someone is allergic to and could of had very serious complications if they were is just not childish or a prank but it is sick and she should of been sent home as soon as BB found out she did it and suggesting hitting someone in the stomach and killing an unborn child is just pure evil. She may actually tie Shelly as one of the most hated persons in BB history.

      • @Gail: And did you stop to think that Rachel could’ve evicted Porkche instead of Cowlia but didn’t? YOU can thank Rachel that Porkche is still in the game.

    • Danielle is the meanest and nastiest player this season and will still be when the season is over. Majority of fans hate her which is why nobody cared that she got evicted. Actually, more people cheered that she got evicted! In contrast, when Jordan left the Big Brother House last night, the fans outside the house erupted in applause and cheers! Jordan is a class act obviously.

  46. So incredibly tired of Porsche droning on and on incessantly about ‘needing’ an all-newbie final. What the hell does that matter at this point in the game? Then Adam goes and talks about it being a good thing to have another newbie in the final three…ugh.

    • At this point they have to talk that way. After all, Rachel won the 1st round.

      I do agree that all this Newbie talk is fairly stupid.

      • Yea that’s all I’m saying, the newbie talk is stupid because at this point labels mean nothing. It hasn’t meant anything for several weeks now. Everyone is just a player, look at it as Rachel won round 1, not ‘a vet won round 1’. Or is Porsche going to go and make excuses now about how she won the round because of her unfair advantage of being a vet? Please. Like that makes any sense right now.

      • Porsche also made a comment about how she wants a newbie final two because then the vets will have to vote for a newbie to win…who cares, genius. She acts like a newbie win is a higher payout or something. It just doesn’t matter at this point, go play the game as Porsche, not ‘Newbie Porsche’.

      • If Porshe really wanted a newbie final two then she should have evicted Rachael. F2 will be Rachael and which ever newbie she chooses to take. They could have easily taken Jordan out in the final 3 but they choose to keep Rachael who they have very little chance of beating.

      • That’s stupid. That’s like saying the Packers shouldn’t go to the Super Bowl this year b/c they won last year.

      • NO, vote for JORDAN for America’s Favorite. Whether she won before or not she is the only player that went out with class and grace, and had a great social game and convincing Kalia to vote Adam out was a great game move. JORDAN FOR AMERICA’S FAVORITE>

  47. GO RACHEL…Hit the finish line BECAUSE YOU TRULY DESERVES TO WIN…AND I hope you win AMERICA’s VOTE AS WELL!!! GOOD JOB!!! AND I hope Adam come in second place…and I HOPE Porsche goes to the jury house where she belongs…

  48. I can’t believe Adam and Porsha just said Jordan is one of the best BB players ever because she was able to win her 1st seaqson and come in 4th her second like Dr. Will his 2nd season…


    Dr. Will played with Alll-Stars… Dr. WIll is the best player ever

    I like Jordann but she is no Dr. Will…. Jeff carried her season 11!

    Jeff and Rachel carried her this season!

    • I like Jordan but I agree, you can’t compare Will to her. Will would’ve ended up at least 2nd (since Boogie won the final HOH) during All-Stars but they (chilltown) got careless during F4. They forgot to monitor their showmances and the girls ended up comparing notes. Busted! :))

    • hard to imagine that a ‘super mastermind’ like will just ‘forgot’ to monitor his showmance in all-stars…don’t get me wrong i like will, but nobody wants to point out a game-costing mistake like that? he’s a great player, an all-timer, for sure. but call a spade a spade. dan from season 10 won comps AND mind-messed his opponents. if he got another season to boost his resume, i bet he’d have a real shot at dethroning dr.will

  49. Porsha and Rachel talking about how they can’t believe they made friends in the BB house… Rachel said she didn’t have any friends in thhe BB12 house…

    Porsha, you are Rachel’s friend? Did you forget about the crap you talked behind Rachel’s back for close to 5 weeks with Dani, Kalia and Shelly? LMAO!!! What a friend huh people?

    • i was really confused about this because rachel was saying she’s friends with porsche? i always thought they disliked each other since porsche was on team dani and rachel with team jeff

      • Rachel always liked Porsha and thought Porsha would come back to her when Dani left… Porsha was the 2 faced lame who talked bad about Rachel and Rachel never talked bad about her…

      • Don’t worry that friendship will come to a halt quickly as soon as Rachel sees the show and sees Porsch talking about hitting Rachel with a medicine ball and killing an unborn child.

      • Jordan told Rachel last night that she would be evicted and that Rachel should campaign for the vote to stay. She also told Rachel she would vote for her and she will win it! If Rachel wins HOH, she will probably take Adam which is the best choice.

  50. Ok, say R & P are final 2, vote goes 3R(B,J,J), 3P(K,S,D), Adam the deciding vote? R or P?

    Say R&A final 2, vote goes R 4-3, 5-2 or 6-1. R sure to get BJJ, and either P,S and/or D.

    Say P&A, P gets K,S,D would A get B,J,J,R?

    • I don’t think votes are so set just based on ‘who was with who’ during the game. For example I don’t see the vets automatically voting for Rachel, nor the newbies automatically voting for Porsche.

      The only automatic vote here really is Brendon for Rachel. No matter who is up against Porsche, Jeff will vote for them, Adam or Rachel over Porsche anyday, and Jordan probably follows. Kalia plays emotionally whether she admits it or not, so I see her voting for Porsche. If it’s Adam and Rachel final two, I can’t say who she’d vote for, one she hated and the other “didn’t save her” (wah). I’ve seen jurors in the past vote somewhat unexpectedly, or at least not with the obvious choice, and I don’t see why many are throwing away the idea that regardless of personal feelings, some people will vote based solely on game factors.

      Dani said she wouldn’t vote for Adam at the time of her eviction, but at that point Adam only had one Veto that she assisted in him winning. At the time of the Jury voting, she’ll see he won a Veto all by himself and an HoH, and pending parts 2 and 3 of the final HoH, maybe wins the biggest HoH of the season. Dani may vote for him based on all of this, especially if he’s up against Rachel.

      Bottom line, I for one am not ready to align votes with in-show alliances. It’s not always that black and white.

      • NO sorry but yes Jordan, Jeff and Brendon and Dani if Rachel is against Adam will all vote for Rachel to win. Dani has said she would never ever vote for Adam and probably Porsche as well would vote for Rachel as well as Kalia who will not vote for Adam. Rachel against Porsche the vets. JOrdan, Jeff and Brendon, will all vote for Rachel and Adam has already said he will vote for Rachel period!!! Most of the vets respect game play and face it Adam and POrsche pretty well stink!! RACHEL WINS and yes the VETS will all VOTE FOR Rachel!!! They all hate POrsche and even though they like Adam a lot they will all vote for Rachel because JOrdan and Rachel became so close. No win situation for Porsche which is what she deserves.

      • sheri I think you missed the part where I was saying that despite what Dani said, she said it at the time of eviction where Adam had won nothing. By the end of the game, Dani will see Adam has a few wins. That has the potential to change her vote. I still think she’d vote for Rachel because she’s been adamant that she hated that last year Rachel voted for Lane just to make it a 4-3 ‘close win’ because it was ‘good TV’.

        I agree Porsche isn’t looking too good right now, only chance she possibly has to win will be on a 4-3 vote, and even that she has very little chance at no matter who she’s up against. I was just saying in regards to other votes, in past seasons we’ve definitely seen someone vote the not so obvious way. No reason to think it’s out of the realm of possibility this season.

  51. Yay! Rachel is going to take this whole thing, she is a better player without Brendon having to carry her. She deserves to win hopefully Porsche is gone so Rachel takes first place.

    • i know she is going to take the whole thing and she will get have a wedding and the will aways like each other

    • definitely a better player without brendon. but those saying that brendon wont want her if she doesnt win…thats just crap and people need to think before they talk. rachel didnt win bb12 and brendon didnt fall out of love with her, did he

  52. Rachel fans stop getting your hopes up. there is a BIG chance she might come 3rd because adam or porsha will NEVER take Rachel to final 2

    • Except that Adam already told Jordan he’s afraid to not take Rachel because of losing Jury votes

      Don’t get me started on how his math is faulty there, but that’s what he believes.

  53. BB13 is down for the count, ALISON/PRODUCTION has decided that “IF” Brandon is able to cure cancer then the following actions must take place:
    1st place – Rachel: Her budget for the wedding = A BB13 win.
    2nd place – Porsche: She wants to be the next Martha Stewart with a VIP cocktail tray.2nd should put a down payment to the VIP tray!!!!!
    3rd and forgotten Adam: He just wants to find his balls/backbone so he can win for Farrah!!!
    Sadly Farrah/balls/and backbone were not in Adams grasp… BUT he is still KOSHIER with BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • adam didnt need “balls”. saving kalia or porsche wouldntve been smart, no matter what team dani fans try to push on everyone else. other than that hes had no other times where he was a position to need “balls”…he won HOH right after and porsche won veto, he didnt have to make any decisions, and he may never have to again depending on how the final week plays out

  54. i think that Rachel is going to win the hole thing i like Rachel from big brother 12 and i am team Rachel and Brendon

    • I bet Rachel would’ve hung on for hours if she had to! She’s been working out all summer, and has won every endurance comp she was in. She’s been an awesome competitor, and deserves to win BB13, by far the best, most entertaining player, and top 3 all star, along with Dr. Will, and Janelle.

      Porsche, along with the other ‘mean girls’, Dani, Shelley, and Kalia, has been the most low life player I have seen in the 13 season I’ve been a fan of BB. Why she’s still around, and has not been seriously penalized for her behavior is beyond my comprehension. The fact that she is sitting there pretending to be Rachel’s ‘friend’ when she threatened to kick her in the stomach when they thought she was pregnant is beyond my comprehension. That lack of conscience should not be tolerated. It’s one thing to backstab and lie to people as part of your game when necessary, but that kind of trash talk, to actually say you are going to kick a pregnant woman in the stomach, is beyond acceptable, and should not be tolerated, in or out of the BB house.

      As far as I am concerned, although I was pretty neutral as far as Rachel was concerned last year and earlier this season, she has earned my respect and my support. She’s made this season infinitely entertaining, has been a warrior! My hats off to her!


      YOU GO GIRL!

  55. I want Rachel to win. I am team Rachel but I really think people are being unfairly harsh about Porsche’s decision.

    I mean from Porsche’s point of view if she picked Jordan and Jordan won the final competition, she’d take Adam 100%.

    If Adam won he may have taken Jordan and he might not take Rachel.

    If Rachel wins she might take Porsche or Adam.

    Rachel winning part 1 does not mean that she is automatically in F2. Porsche can still beat Rachel in the part 3 or Adam can and then take Porsche to F2.

    I don’t think Rachel in F2 is certain at this point.

    I really don’t know who would take who to the F2 at this point.

    Still rooting for Rachel to win it all!!!!

  56. Porksche must be the DUMBEST player in BB history.

    Don’t get me wrong for I can’t stand that bitch but I didn’t think she was that stupid.

    Any regrets, Porky?

  57. whoever wins should take Adam if they plan to win, but 2nd place gets money too so it would depend I guess on whether you would be ok with coming in 2nd suppose :|

  58. Rachel asks if Adam and Porsha thinks they have a lot of fans?

    Adam and Porsha says yes…. Adam thinks this is the most popular BB season ever because it is like a fans vs favorites season…..

    Adam, Porsha and Rachel are dellusional if they believe this… LMAO!!!

      • LOL. Are they porkche’s fans or relatives? I’d say relatives judging by all the “she has GREAT personality, never talked bad about anybody, great player, yada yada”. By great personality/payer they mean spiking drinks with benefiber, bashing another person 24/7 and just start playing after more than half of the HGs are gone, then….

      • Didn’t you listen to what Adam said the other night. He thinks he’s the star of the show. Give me a break. Maybe the joke of the show is more like it.

      • Is Adam serious, he just said that he thinks Brendan would for him against Rachel if he won the last HOH.

      • Is Adam serious, he just said that he thinks Brendan would vote for him against Rachel if he won the last HOH.

    • I can’t stand Adam , such an idiot.
      And roachel is how old? 9?
      Porche should win!!! Go porche !!!! !!!!

  59. Porsha actually did Rachel a favor….. Porsha got the blood on her hands by evicting Jordan, so Rachel wouldn;t have to decide to evict Jordan and keep Adam to the Final 2 because Jordan would have be the hardest HG for her to beat!!!

    • I totally agree with you Leo! You keep it sane, and you keep it classy! I think Rachel would have stayed loyal to Jordan to the end, and would’ve taken her to the end, no matter whether or not she thought she could beat her.
      By the way, I think Rachel will win no matter who’s sitting next to her in F2. She’s earned it and I think those players will know it. She’s certainly been a warrior, and has made the season entertaining, even when she behaved like a spoiled, petulant child. She never stooped as low as the ‘mean girls’, and her emotional outbursts stayed in the realm of BB gameplay. Much more justified than Dani,Shelley,Kalia and Porsche. They were hard to watch!

      I am voting for Jordan for America’s Choice. I might throw Brendon a vote, but I think Jordan’s classy departure from the house earned her the America’s Choice prize. Got to reward those who have dignity and play a great social game. Jordan kept Rachel in the house and like she said in her interview, she and Rachel made a great team, complimenting each other’s weaknesses and strengths.

      Adam has earned his way to no longer being considered a floater. He’s won several comps last couple of weeks, and has played as honestly and with dignity for the most part. He did what he had to survive, and that’s commendable. He deserves second place.

      GO RACHEL!

      • Lennie i totally agree with you as usual. I have been saying the same thing. I believe the other players will feel that Rachel deserves to win.

      • Jordan doesn’t play a great social game. She’s just being her likeable self.

        “Playing a great social game” implies a thought-strategy or some degree of calculation.

        If the point of Big Brother was to simply award the money to the nicest person in the house, why bother having the full season? Just let everyone spend a week or two together and then vote for the nicest person in the house.

        Sound ridiculous? So is awarding Jordan money for simply being a nice person.

      • In general Rachel deserves to win for her comps rigged or not. Thing is that voice and attitude doesn’t drive nobody crazy? Nobody?

      • @Lennie,

        Your posts are always great as well..

        I agree that Rachel will win against either Adam or Porsha

        Rachel Vs Adam

        Rachel gets


        Rachel vs Porsha

        Rachel gets


      • Rachel would never of evicted Jordan, but Porsche did do Rachel a favor by guaranteeing her that she wins BB 13!!!

      • @Leo, don’t agree with your vote counts.

        I don’t think that Kalia votes for Rachel over Adam, especially in light of the “cow” comment on the taped farewell. Dani could very well vote for Adam as well.

        Adam probably lost any chance of getting Jeff or Jordan’s vote after putting Jordan up on the block.

        (Rachel’s poor social game and self-sabotaging farewell video comments may outweigh her comp wins for some jury members).

        Meanwhile, if it’s Rachel vs. Porsche, maybe Adam ends up voting for Porsche. His loyalty seemed to be to Jeff/Jordan, not Rachel. And if he had no problem putting Jordan up on the block, why would you assume that he’d automatically vote for Rachel?

        Votes don’t always go the way you expect. Who would have thought that Jessie & Lydia would have ended up awarding the money to Jordan simply because Natalie c**kblocked them?

        Either Adam or Porsche can make a compelling speech to the jury (or handle questions in right way) and make the point that without a the protection of a significant other in the house, they managed to fly under the radar and stay in the house by following, rather than leading, and holding back in comps…and then finally turning it on and winning comps when they had to.

        Either can also make the case against Rachel that they played a better social game than Rachel by not being argumentative and insulting in the house.

        I don’t think that Porsche is savvy enough to make that case, but I’d fully expect Adam to make a compelling case for himself.

      • Could not have said it better myself….but since this is a blog I will add that although Rachel said some “mean” things about the evil ones and considering they were all heading to jury, dumb mean things in her messages — it WAS all game response and nothing personal (except calling Dani a bitch, yet I think she meant it more in the game but it did not come off that way) I believe Porsche took Rachel and would take Rachel to F2 its because she assumes she has votes from “her posse” of Dani, Kalia, Shelly and I think she thinks she’d have Adam’s vote. I think Dani would vote Rachel over her just due to game play and the fact that Rachel would have made it to the end. I think Adam would beat Porsche with all 4 vets voting for him, and I think he knows that. So I do NOT want Adam to get the choice as I think he’d take P. I would like to see R vs P in the final so R wins outright. If it was R vs A I think she would get every single vote.

      • @doni,
        You have logic all wrong. Dani, Kalia and Shelly would not vote for rachel if she in the final 2 with Porsha. She only get their vote if she is in da finals with Adam. And by the way Porsha didn’t do her favor, she simply saved herself becoz they she would been sent home if she didn’t win veto.

      • I so agree with you Lennie that she toughed it out even when she did act like a spoiled brat and cried and kicked like my kids use to ha ha!

    • I had this same thought, Leo! Then I also considered that Jordan may have been the best to stand with at the end. Even though she’s probably the most loved BB HG, would the jury really have voted for her to win? Consideration that she’s previously won and she didn’t have a lot of competition victories this season, would she have won? I agree with Lennie, IMHO Rachel deserves to win this season. Even though, at times, she made my head numb with irritation ;)

      • @ the people thinking rachel wouldn’t win- she will win against porsche or adam. Idc what anyone says if you don’t think that then you’ve never watched the show before. It is RARE that people vote perrsonally in the end.

    • @Leo you are very correct about Porsche doing Rachel a very big favor. Rachel would be sitting in jury right now.

      They were doing a comp. win count last night. R had 7 comp wins in 21 played. A had 5 in 27 played. P had 5 in 19 played. They were counting lux. comps. as well.

      I don’t think Rachel is the beast everyone thinks she is. Like her or not P is not that far behind R and that is from a newbie.

      • @Gail, Adam has only won 3 and same with Porsche. They were getting ahead of themselves and counting the final 2 parts of the HOH. Can’t say you’ve won 5 when you haven’t yet. They are dreaming!!!

  60. Matt (BBN),

    Doesn’t BB usually have a porph comp? Is there any chance there will be one for the Final 2 HOH since they didn;t have one this season?

    • Part 2 I believe could be just that, a time-sensitive face-morph competition. However I can also see them going a season without it. It’s not a must, but it is funny to see merged faces.

      • People study the faces so obsessively now that BB really should mix it up and skip them.

        Just like they need to be less predictable with double evictions, timing of before/after, etc. Come up with some new comps, people.

      • I agree Mark, the competition thinker-uppers have slacked off this season. I miss comps like in BB6 when James won (I believe a Veto) by having to jump in and out of the pool, solving a puzzle against the clock, that actually took something to win and it was creative. Also, it wasn’t two long ago (in fact I think it was Season 11 and Jordan won it, part 2 of the final HoH) where they were suspended on harnesses and had to direct lasers a certain way to solve a puzzle. That one goes down as one of the all-time coolest to me.

        Where’s the imagination gone this year? My fave this year was the shark-themed OTEV, but OTEV isn’t original either it’s been used many times…

      • Actually the lazer arrangement on harnesses was part two of BB& All Stars, Janelle VS Mike Boogie. They had to arrange the lazers to point the previous bb winners in order. Boogie was a grand am solstice and round two, facing erika in the third part … the rest as they say, is history.

      • @Vet Fan,

        Thanks for that info

        Who do you think will win the morph comp? Adam or Porsha? I think Adam will win….

      • Yw leo. And for your question…I dk I’m so torn. I honestly think Porsche has a slight edge over Adam only because she has done will in skill comps. I am nervous! Lol I DO NOT want to see porsche in F2 . I honestly hope porsche will win the skill round because she sucks at questions. However the one thing I hate is that those questions are always just a 50/50 guess

      • funny how MJ said basically the same thing, in direct response to leo’s original question…but leo doesn’t respond to that he responds to vet fan….not like it’s a problem, just sayin’. maybe he missed it or something.

  61. Go Rachel! So glad you got this one girl! I am stunned that this comp only lasted 39 minutes. I mean, Jordan lasted longer in the first hoh final in BB11. This is just sad.

      • Rachel has only won one comp but she doesn’t have to win two more like you says. She only has to win one more.

        As it stands now Porsche has to win 2 more. If Porsche had kept Jordan instead of rachel then Porsche would have won tonight and she would only have one more comp to win.

        Again Porsche had a better chance of beating Jordan and she made a stupid move. She had jury votes against jordan because Jordan already won. She doesn’t have jury votes against Rachel because Rachel hasn’t won before and is a fierce competitor

      • I even think Jordan would of beaten Porsche in this endurance. Porsche is just a nasty person and hope she is next in the Jury. She deserves nothing but everyone’s contempt. GO Rachel!!!

      • johnnyd > getting jordan out would prevent adam and jordan taking each other to f2.. adam would probably throw it

        it is not set in stone whether rachel will take adam over porsche or adam taking rachel

  62. Well.

    Hopefully, and most likely it will happen, Porsche wins the skill competition, and battles it out with Rachel on finale night with the Q/A. We all know how sucky Porsche is at such competitions, so then Rachel wins HOH and evicts PORSCHE. Barely anyone will vote for Adam, including Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, Danielle and Kalia.

    However if Adam wins the skill competition, Rachels fate lies in Adam’s hands, because he WILL win the Q/A competition. Her best argument might be how much everyone hates her.

    • I am not sure that Adam would beat Rachel in Q and A because she was great in remembering everything the fortune teller said and was really helping Jordan and remember Jordan came in second. Rachel is very good at Q and A. Adam has said over and over again that he wants to go to the end with a vet so he will take Rachel to final 2 even if he loses the $500,000. Adam will take Rachel and also believe Rachel will take Adam. Rachel will win but believe Adam will be happy with the $50,000.

      • the Q and A in part 3 is always a crapshoot anyway, it’s 50/50 and ‘what do you think your fellow houseguest said’…it could go anyone’s way, even porsche who “sucks at questions”…..i’ve never liked that. the final part of the final competition should be harder to win, require more skill, require less luck, etc. but no, they want something where you have to have gotten to know your housemates well….whole point of the “social experiment” i guess…

  63. Rachel and her tears. Wasnt she laughing when K was crying? Oh and Adam saying P and J needed to earn their right to be there.

    • when adam said that my eyes went round.. OMG can’t believe he tried to be like jeff when he is far from it

      • I agree with all of you. Especially when Adam hated Rachel so much and Jordan was the one who begged him to let Rachel stay. Then he has the nerve to say that to Jordan. I mean come on. I would have thought he would have kept Jordan to show Jeff his loyalty. MJ you are so right too many hypocritical comments this season.

  64. Ok, who wants to bet that Janelle or Dani told Porsche to make sure all the answers are correct before putting things together like that! I know she didn’t come up with that herself, she doesn’t have enough brain cells.

  65. I love watching big brother, I am just so tired of watching rachel freaking cry and whine all the time, How old is she Grow up and stop acting like a baby It’s so irritating.

    • I think some of you are forgetting when Rachel didn’t win a comp. or when Brendon left. Nobody beats Rachel in that department. I agree Nonna. I think people have selective memory on here.

      • remember Rachel crying under the tree…. she always made fun of everyone else when they were crying but if she lost, such drama!

  66. Rachel and her tears Wasnt she laughing when K was crying? Oh and Adam saying P and J needed to earn their right to be there.

    • kalia wasnt there when rachel absolutely lost it in crying fits when brendon left the first time…so too bad kalia. go cry some more that its not fair….dumbass

  67. Did Rachel really just blow her nose during her close up in the DR? And did she really just “dry cry” when she lost the veto comp? Oy vey!!

    • She was so phony it was rediculous. she really had to work to actually make herself cry. Rachael knew she wasn’t going anywhere. She is such a phony.

      • I know so many are digging Rachel, but I hope Porsche wins second round and goes against her in 3rd round and wins. I wud rather see her and Porsche in the final 2. Whatever they say..Porsche played from the day she realized Keith was playin’ her and she didn’t have “BOOKIE BREAKDOWNS” or dry cry or tantrum throwing. Rachel only started being responsible for herself when Brendan left second time. I know some folks will want to hang me upside down by my b****, but I cannot stand a whiner and shez just that. As for being a liar and wrong doer….in a game where 500K is at stake, all the folks mad at what they have seen may be boatin’ down the same canal if they were REALLY playing. Beat it Rachel and cry Brendan a river when u do!!

      • Porsche does not deserve to even still be in the BB house and do not want her to win any final competitions. Rachel and Adam all the way to final 2, and Rachel winning in the end. I think she was crying when she did not win Veto because she realized Jordan was going to Jury because she had already made a deal to stay with Porsche.GO RACHEL!!

      • @BigBroFan and @herself. I totally agree with you and everything you said. I certainly would not hang you upside down as everything you said is very true even if Rachel fans can’t see it. They think she is a beast who never loses. The only reason she is still there is because of all the chances she has been given including the one she just received when Porsche did her a favor and kept her in the game. They always talk about Rachel being able to save herself. She didn’t save herself when Porsche played the last POV against R, J and A. This has been so setup for R to win it’s not even funny anymore.

      • Whatever, flip through a fashion magazine, her dress was hot and I bet you will see something similar on a celeb at some event. It was black with sequins, not too revealing, and fit her perfectly.

  68. Hope people vote for Jordan to win America’s Choice. She earned it with her gracious bowing out of the final 3, and for her classy eviction departure and interview. She’s a class act. You go girl! Your parents did raised you to have dignity and kindness, and should be very proud of the human being you are.

    Dani certainly did not earn America’s Choice. She was mean, childish, and downright unlikable this season. Her arrogance constantly claiming she was the person who most wanted to win, and knows the game best was annoying. Her claims the BB production team would leave if she was evicted, and depressing behavior the last week before her eviction were unbelievably immature. Her dad should put her over his knee and give her a good spanking. Or time out!

    Rachel has earned the win, and should beyond a doubt consider herself an all star player, up there with Janelle, and dare I say, it King Dr. Will! If Rachel wins, she will have accomplished what Janelle couldn’t, so kudos she should be really proud of herself. She will have achieved her goal.


    How about asking Brendon and Rachel to be on Amazing Race? They are infinitely entertaining, and I guarantee they are gonna be great competitors!



    • Comparing Rachel to Dr. Will? Blasphemy!! In Season 2, Dr. Will managed to lie, manipulate, and control the house while being charming and pleasant.

      It takes real skill to clear the house of other houseguests over the course of a season while remaining friendly with everyone house and avoiding argument and conflict.

      Rachel couldn’t do that if her life depended upon it.

      • Already voting for Jordan!!! The only contestant that had any class and grace in the entire house this year and with this season of hateful people, i.e. Dani, Shelly, Porsche and Kalia, that was not an easy thing to do. Agree Dani deserves a swift kick in the pants as do the other three. All four are evil, evil, evil people.

      • Sorry, I did give him his ‘King’ title if you notice! Dr. Will is the best player in BB history! Janelle, and Rachel close 2nd and third.

      • Dr Will was a great player as he lied to ur face and then told you he lied. that is the only thing Dr Will did.. at least Rachel played the comps and won the comps and veto’s Dr Will didnt do any thing! they both will be remembered in BB history. Dr Will for lying . and Rachel for her crying, B****Y attirude but also her winning so many HOH’s, Comps, and vetos.only one close to her would be Janelle just saying……

      • I agree TW and putting her in the same category of some of the best players ever is ridiculous. Rachel couldn’t hold a candle to Janelle. Janelle did not have all these chances given to her that Rachel has this season including this last one given to her by Porsche a newbie or she would be sitting in jury along with the rest of them. Rachel did not win the most powerful POV and she only played against P, A and J. I would have rather seen Rachel come back against Janelle and other great players to see just how well she would be able to do. If she won that type of show I would give her props, but she has had so many problems with winning against newbies I don’t think she is as good a competitor as she or her fans think she is.

        If Rachel and Brendon were to go on The Amazing Race I don’t think I could stand it. They put Jeff and Jordan on that show and that was when I still liked Jeff and was cheering them on, but they did terrible. Besides what about Brendon and going for his PhD so he can find a cure for athlete’s foot.

        Since you would like to see Brendon and Rachel so much maybe you will get lucky and they could have a Reality TV program like Tori Spelling and her husband or just about everyone else these days have.

      • voting for jeff. he played the best all around game. yea yea hes gone hes out of the game blah blah. his overall game was the soundest strategy. he got duped by someone who by all means was a close friend and ally because she was delusional with her ‘big move’ dreams.

    • Different seasons call for different game play. Would Dr.Will be so successful in a house full of vets or even newbies that are wise to his game play now. In a word …no. Could Dr.Will compete against Rachel in comps …not if his life depended on it.

  69. I’ve just got to say, that it was no surprise that Jordan was the first person to leave the Big Brother house this season with total class! Now that big Jeff, and Jordan are gone it’s up to you Rachel to win it all.
    Go Rachel!

    • @John.R, if you’re a fan of “total class,” how can you root for Rachel. She’s the most insulting and argumentative person in the house.

      Seen any of her taped video farewells?

      • So, TW, who do you think has class? Rachel, despite her playful idiosyncracies, has a heck of alot more class than the rest of the girls in the house, except of course, for her angel, Jordan! Give me a break! Rachel is a saint compared with the ‘mean girls’!

        GO RACHEL!!!!

      • @TW Rachel does have “total class” over any of the other BB houseguests. Don’t you see that it’s all an act and she is very, very good at that. She should win it all!!! Go Rachel!! oh, and by the way, her taped interviews are great!!!

  70. I’ve read all the comments, and some of them are really sad. Of course Rachel deserves to win, Jordan was my girl but she wasn’t good at the comps, you have to admit she helped Rachel stay alot calmer and and kept her on track, so Rachel should win this. Just so sorry to see all the bad mouthing of really sweet girl.

    • I agree, I think Jordan is fantastic person, and definitely a good role model for young ladies.

    • Well said, jill. I’m tired of it too. I’ve heard people go as low as attacking her hair saying she has greasy bangs or knocking her because she’s always running her hands through her hair. Really? This is the best they could come up with? Real nitpicking then just to try to find a flaw in a clearly great girl.

      • I completely agree with you! I think Jordan is a sweetie, and she has really helped Rachel in so many ways. I really think their relationship was the best thing for Rachel, she calmed down, was cool and collected, and really never stooped to the mean girls level, when she could have easily retaliated and done the same back.

        Rachel was the type that would do snide things in front of some peoples faces, but at least she never went below the belt, like the mean girls did. It was usually calling someone out, or rolling her eyes, at worst opening someone elses beer.

        Rachel by far deserves to win this, and again I really think that Jordan and Rachel carried each other through to the end. Jordan deserves to win america’s favorite, Rachel deserves to win it all!

        GO Rachel!

      • Yep… Rachel and Jordan need to hangout with each other after BB. As friends they would both be really good for each other.

  71. Watching it on TV made me feel bad about Jordan being evicted. She is a class act when she told Rachel to campaign and throw her under the bus. Also, she told Rachel she will win if she gets to Final 2. Rachel also taped a nice goodbye message for Jordan. I’ll be rooting for Rachel and hope she and Adam make it to Final 2.

      • Vote for Jordan to win America’s Choice! She deserves it! We fans should send a message that class deserves to be rewarded and good sportsmanship is inspiring and worthy of a prize!

        Thank you, Jor-dan for restoring my faith in women power! Gracious and kind. Sweet and quirky smart! You go girl! No wonder you are BB’s sweetheart! Jeff is right when he says you have a pure heart. I hope he appreciates how lucky he is to have a great girl like you. He may not have won BB, but he won the best thing a person could aspire to, the love of great human being!


      • I totally agree Lennie. Jordan is a class act and is my pick for America’s choice. Even though I really disliked Rachel in the beginning, I now want her to win. Adam thinks he is the greatest player and Porche is just down right unbeiliveable

      • I totally agree Lennie. Jordan is a class act and is my pick for
        America’s choice. Even though I really disliked Rachel in the beginning, I now want her to win. Adam thinks he is the greatest player and Porche is just down right
        unbelievable for the things she did all season. So everyone please vote for Jordan as AC.

    • I agree Richie. Jordan was very classy during her eviction. Even talking in the DR and to Julie she said Rachel deserved to be in there over her because Rachel was winning and saved them more than once. It was also true though how she said her and Rachel balanced each other out and made a good team. Jordan more social and Rachel more competitive. Hope Rachel wins.

    • jordan’s just adorable, and i rarely ever use that word. i usually just stick to cute. and i don’t just mean her looks i mean everything about her.

  72. Adam’s speech during the nominations tonight made me want to throw up. If you want to be in final 3 you have to earn it. I won POV and saved myself now you have to do it. Yea right after J/J and B/R carried you all season you finally win something and think you’re this great player. GO RACHEL!!!

      • Exactly John.R, and THAT was exactly what Adam was talking about when he said he had to do it, win the Veto to pull himself off the block…the one that was thrown to him. His OTEV Veto win was his own, but he wasn’t on the block.

        That’s why the speech was head-shake worthy, don’t use an argument like that considering the circumstances.

    • Adam , during Porsche HOH sit up in her room and told her thathe won that Veto Fair and square. She tried to convince him that Jeff threw it to him. He was having no part of that. In his mind he actually thinks he won it. It was THROWN !!! he did not earn it. Adam is too high on Bacon to realize he did not win haha

  73. Out come of BB13 is down for the count, ALISON/PRODUCTION has decided that “IF” Brandon is able to cure cancer then the following actions must take place:
    1st place – Rachel: Her budget for the wedding = A BB13 win.
    2nd place – Porsche: She wants to be the next Martha Stewart with a VIP cocktail tray.2nd should put a down payment to the VIP tray!!!!!
    3rd and forgotten Adam: He just wants to find his balls/backbone so he can win for Farrah!!!
    Sadly Farrah/balls/and backbone were not in Adams grasp… BUT he is still KOSHIER with BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • What is he on and where can I get some? WHY would somebody buy a tray, what are you talking about?

      • Also said that if Brendon finds a cure for cancer then they’ll decide to give Rachel the $500 grand…?

        If Brendon finds a cure I think money comes with that…

        Why am I trying to decipher this? It doesn’t make sense and it’s not going to

      • Uh…what? I was agreeing with you dudansux…agreeing that leb’s comment isn’t making sense…I don’t know what CTFU means but I would assume it’s similar to STFU…why? Again, I was agreeing with you, and with BeachMama and stacie…

      • Words written = my preception of the final three and in jest.
        1st place – Rachel: Her budget for the wedding = A BB13 win.
        2nd place – Porsche: She wants to be the next Martha Stewart.
        3rd and forgotten Adam: He just wants to find his balls/backbone so he can win for Farrah!!!
        Sadly Farrah/balls/and backbone were not in Adams grasp… BUT he is still KOSHIER with BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Yeah, sorry, still a pretty unclear post, and I’ve read it a few times and I’m not stupid. Just wants to find his balls so he can win for Fara? Fara/balls/backbone not in his grasp but he’s still kosher with bacon? It makes sense because yeah, it’s English, but other than that it’s not coherent, and not funny.

        I don’t mean any disrespect, sorry if it came across that way.

      • @MJ.. My words:
        3rd and forgotten Adam: He just wants to find his balls/backbone so he can win for Farrah!!!
        Sadly Farrah/balls/and backbone were not in Adams grasp… BUT he is still KOSHIER with BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!

        meant: Adam lacks balls and backbone, but, he wants to win BB13 for Farrah.
        But the outcome is not within Adams reach.
        It appears that writing on blogs needs to improve or LEB will = to readers sooo confuse.

      • “LEB will = to readers sooo confuse”…that kind of sums up my point, right there. That’s what makes your posts not the easiest to read. (Again, I’m not exactly a simpleton, I don’t need things ‘simplified’ just to understand, so don’t think that).

        Either way, at least now I get what you’re saying. So we’re good. Thanks

      • Hello leb, we understood it the first time, the whole point of all of this has gone completely over your head. Just my preception.

      • @dudansux…… Appears it was over my head. Blogging can be harsh as you have displayed. If being cruel was your objective than you have met that goal.
        No more response will be made.

    • Very good analogy!! Too bad she didn’t go earlier! The action in the jury house with Cowlia and Dani might have been even better than the actual BB!! I wish Rachel the BEST!!

  74. I knew Adam would be the first to drop when I saw how he had grabbed the board. While Rachel and Porsche wisely wrapped their arms around the board at waist level, Adam bought himself extra discomfort by grabbing the board the way he did.

    • Yeah,I thought so too.I was saying Adam you will not have any blood going up to your arms if you keep them high like that,causing them to get tired faster.

  75. Go Rachel. Despite whT anyone says about her as a person she stayed true to her alliance even though Jeff and Jordan flopped by keeping shelly over Brendan. I think that was the mistake that ultimately put Jeff out of the house. Rachel is a warrior last season and this season she deserves it the most. I still consider Adam a floater so he won a couple comps recently who cares he still went back and forth with whoever was in power all season and Porshe just woke up a few days ago and has done nothing but be a mean girl rolling eyes looking in the mirror at herself every chance she gets. Newsflash hunny u r not as good as u think u are

  76. Maybe,they will use the comp where you have to throw a ball in a board showing who won the HOH in order,like they have done in the past.

  77. I am just getting home from work and watching tonights episode. I am so glad to see there are still people like Jordan in this world. She is a very selfless person, it is no wonder why Jeff is with her.

  78. Bam…I’m so good I knew I was right, porsche figured rachel or adam will take her. Gotta think about making it to final 2 before you can think about jury votes

    • Hopefully Rachel takes Adam and Adam takes Rachel if they win part 3. If Porsche wins part 3 then sorry Rachel but she’ll take Adam. She already said she wants 2 newbies in the end. So Rachel and Porsche can stop sucking up to each other.

      • I agree leo and I’m saying in P’s mind. @ Karen, I disagree, I think Porsche wants to be in F2 with rachel, shee thinks no one likes rachel and no one will vote for her to win. I also think there isn’t room for 2 newbies in the final. Think of it from Porsches mind, taking Adam would be a close draw. I think she thinks only brendon would vote for Rachel and maybe Jordan.

      • @vet fan, I disagree, I think Porsche knows that Rachel will at least get three votes. She will take Adam but I doubt that it would be a close draw as Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, Jordan and Danielle will definitely vote for Porsche.

      • @ kelvin..I did not say that is who I think will vote for who, I said tha is what I think porsche thinks. I think porsche is playing for nothing better than 2nd place no matter who she faces. But all you need is 4, and I think she believe she’ll have dani shelly kalia and adam if shef she is there wwith Rachel.

      • If Adam is against Porsche in the final two I definitely think Jeff and Jordan’s votes go to Adam. Dani’s and Kalia’s go to Porsche. At 2-2, Brendon, Rachel and Shelly could go either way. Flaky/intelligence-lacking Shelly for all we know could completely go rogue on her vote just to try to make an impact that she couldn’t make in the house.

      • Kelvin, do not know what you have been drinking but if Adam and Porsche end up in final four Adam will win because Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel will all vote for ADAM. They will not vote for Porsche.

    • @vet fan don’t forget to thank Porsche for taking Rachel as she would be in jury right now. Rachel didn’t win the most important POV you mentioned, so I guess Rachel is lucky she is even in the F3.

  79. Now Porsche is filling Rachels head with crap about Jeff and Rachel is saying Jeff was mean to her all season. Come on Rachel really??? She thinks Jeff screwed Brendon. Rachel if you only knew that Jeff tried for 2 days to get Adam to vote Shelly out. And if Adam would have then Brendon and Jeff would of been in the house with Shelly gone first in jury and who knows how the game would of played out.

    • Karen,

      Jeff did screw Brendon…. He would never had to of campaigned to get Adam to keep Brendon, if Jeff didn’t throw the damn POV….. Jeff f’ed up and new it from after it happened…. Jeff asked Dani if she was targeting Brendon and Rachel and when she confirmed this, Jeff said screw it and let Adam win….

      • Yes, that’s totally true. I was surprised Jeff chose to play that way. I guess he wanted that money more than he wanted a friend. I wonder that now that he sees how classy Jordan has been during her eviction, he’ll see the error of his ways, and apologize for his choices. Jordan is not given the credit she deserves. She’s influential in the ways it really matters in life, as an outstanding human being. Heart of gold!

      • Because if Jeff wins he has to pick between allies. Don’t use the Veto and Adam says ‘wtf, thought we were allies’, use the Veto and Brendon says the same thing. Jeff was in a no-win situation and probably thought since Adam was aligned with him that he could convince him to vote to keep Brendon, which is what he tried to do but Adam wouldn’t budge. Jeff wanted to work with Brendon, he made it clear he wanted a teammate who could actually win a competition when he couldn’t.

      • Does nobody see my point that it was a no-win situation for Jeff? He would’ve had to pick between allies. His best chance was to leave it and then try to sway votes to keep the other, which is what he did, it didn’t work because Adam decided to have a mind of his own. “Shocker”…damn I need to stop using Dani’s catch phrases, even sarcastically, all 2-3 of them annoy me…

      • @ mj I see the point, but really, they could have easily just let shelly go. And had jeff not thrown that veto Shelly would have been gone and jeff would probably still be here.

      • Why do you say if Jeff wins that Veto Shelly is definitely gone? At that point in the game Shelly hadn’t been completely exposed with all her lies yet, so why so sure that Adam wouldnt’ve been evicted instead? (If Jeff wins Veto and leaves the nominations the same)

      • Also, it wasn’t just Jeff having to choose allies in not using the Veto (saving Brendon) or using the Veto (saving Adam), it was also using the Veto on Adam vs. using it on Shelly. Both were his allies, neither had screwed him yet, and he wanted Shelly in the final three with him…

      • I’m with MJ on this one. Jeff was probably thinking he doesn’t have to choose whether or not to use the veto. He’ll just work on getting Adam to not evict Brendon. He wasn’t expecting Adam to be so set in his ways.

      • No, I still agree with leo. Jeff was just worrried about him and jordan having to go head to head. With brenchal. He even said it himself. Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE JEFF and I definitely want him to win AC iif Rachel makes it t F2. But to me that was all his greed, at that point he had to make a choice between which side of his alliance he could trust more, he absoolutely made the wrong choice because he did noot need to use the veto if he won it to save adam, they only needed 4 votes that week to save someone, jeff and jordan would have voted to save adam and that was the week shelly got called out by rachel, surely rachel and brendon would have also voted to keep Adam. Therefor shelly would have been gone. Done and done. Also I thoughtt it was a little funny that jeff was openlyy yelling at shelly in juury for doing what she did, while talking about “the final 4” deal of her adam him and jordan. Meanwhile brendon is standing right there, probably thinking “I thought the F4 deal was me you rachel and jorrdan” so jeff was yellingg at shelly for basically doing the same thing he did to brendon, he was just more descrete about it.I’m just sayin..althoough shelly was a scummy snake.

      • Shelly got called out by Rachel, exactly…Rachel. Why is Jeff to believe everything out of Rachel, especially at that point in the game? Rachel also claimed Jeff was mean to her and came onto her (I know Jeff didn’t know about this, just pointing out Rachel isn’t unlikely to make things up). To Jeff, Shelly was as much an ally as Adam, and he wanted Shelly in final three, so I don’t think his and Jordan’s votes were definitely for Adam. Brendon’s and Rachel’s maybe…

        However, I definitely see your points, you make good ones. And I’m agreeing to some of them even as a Jeff fan, but from what I remember, Shelly brought up the point in the Jury about it being her, Adam, Jordan and Jeff, and then used it in her argument, and at that point what choice does Jeff have but to talk about it? Even with Brendon sitting right there. Brendon also understands the concept of side-alliances and Brendon knows he was trying to team up with Daniele and go against Jeff and Jordan.

      • And btw, believe me, I wish those noms stayed the same and Shelly was evicted, but a lot of this just seems like hindsight talk and we have to remember mindsets at the time of incident. In Jeff’s position at the time of that Veto competition, I really don’t believe you can fault his logic. Winning that thing puts him in a really tough position.

  80. Nice….

    Rachel had an hour alone with Porsha to talk game when Adam was in the DR………

    Now Rachel gets some alone time with Adam to talk game…..

    • Rachel’s fate is in her hands! She’s a warrior! She’ll be in the final 2! And I can’t imagine anyone who values the BB game won’t vote for her. She’s by far the most deserving competitor this season. Fought for survival every single week. No week was easy!

      GO RACHEL!

    • Ikr! I think its a good thing that Rachel is studying the wall with Porsche. I know you don’t think so, but I hope porsche wins round 2 and has to face big red in part 3

      • if you dont want porsche to win you shouldnt be hoping she wins any part. i can understand wanting rachel to be final HOH and wanting her to have a better chance to win part 3, and you think she has a better chance vs porsche, but adam vs rachel is less nerve wracking for you. adam likely takes rachel to avoid losing 4 vet votes because he still thinks this is “vet vs newbie” world (stupid)…..also, round 3 of HOH is how well do you know your housemates, and its guessing, 50/50 shot, ‘end this sentence’ and you pick which one they said…even porsche could win that

      • @ tml. I just think that I want rachel to win more than I don’t wante porsche in the F2. I realllllyyy do not want to see porsche in the F2, but I also understand that if adam wins HOH there’s a big possibility he could take porsche. I think in the question rounds rachel has a better shot against porsche for winning FHOH