Big Brother 13 Episode 28: Week 9.5 Live Eviction and HoH Results

Tonight on Big Brother 13 episode 28 we’ll have Adam’s nominations and the Veto competition followed by a live Veto ceremony and a live eviction. The nominations and Veto competition occurred yesterday in the Big Brother house, so if you can’t wait then sneak a peek at those spoilers. I’ll be updating this post here with all the results.

Now as far as the final HoH competition, it’s a little complicated if you’re new to Big Brother. There are three rounds spread out over a few days. First round is typically an endurance competition and since the HGs have said production has been building in the backyard for over a day I think we can expect that to be the case tonight. We should be able to watch that endurance competition on the Live Feeds, so get your Free Trial now and be ready to go. The second round should be a skill comp between the two HGs who did not win round 1. The winner of round 2 will face off against the round 1 winner in the third round, probably during next Wednesday’s finale, to decide the last HoH.

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Big Brother 13 Week 9.5 Nominations:

  • Adam has nominated Jordan & Porsche

Big Brother 13 Week 9.5 Veto competition:

  • Porsche won the Power of Veto

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Big Brother 13 Week 9.5 Veto ceremony:

  • Porsche uses the Veto on herself. Rachel is the renom.

Big Brother 13 Week 9.5 Live Eviction voting:

  • Porsche: evict Jordan

Jordan has been evicted from Big Brother 13.

If the first round of the final HoH comp is tonight and an endurance comp on the Feeds then we’ll be watching and recapping the results live until it’s over.

Big Brother 13 Final Endurance comp

Big Brother 13 Week 10 Final HoH Competition 1 of 3 – ‘The Big Brother Mixer’:

  • It’s endurance! HGs standing on a kitchen mixer device and are being dipped in a butter sauce. Last HG hanging on wins part 1. Get your Live Feeds ready.
  • Follow our live updated post for the endurance results.
  • The endurance comp is over. Find out who won HoH Round 1.

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The next episode will be Big Brother 13’s last when it returns next Wednesday at 9:30PM for the 90 minute season finale. Survivor South Pacific will be premiering at BB13’s regular time that night. If you’re interested, join us at Survivor Fandom, our Survivor fan site similar in style to this BB fan site. We hope to see all of you over there!

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  1. If round one is endurance (usually is) Rach will win..she is just too stubborn to give up especially now that the money is in sight.

    • Porsche is not bright enough to figure out by keeping Rachel, who I love, she is the next one in the JURY HOUSE. This girl could not get any dumber if you paid her. Rachel will win BB 13 and she needs to thank idiot Porsche in her acceptance speech. LOVE IT!!!

      • Porsche should not even still be in the house after the tainting milk and killing an unborn baby comments and stunts. BB should of kicked her out then and there if they had any kind of brains. Thankfully since she is not the brightest tack in the box she will keep Rachel tonight and Rachel will become the winner of BB 13 and dumbo Porsche will go home with nothing and be the next one in the Jury House. Wrong move CBS and BB condoning what Porsche did and said. It may well come back to haunt you in future seasons of BB.

      • I thought Porsche’s thinking process was a little off. Y keep rachel over jordan? not 2 bright. has jordan won any competition this season? i know she has not won any endurance competitions. come on. she was beaten a few times by Kaalia.

  2. I just thought I’d throw this out there. I’m waiting for the results of tonights show on here!! I think the last time I watched an episode was when Brendan was voted out the first time. When I read the spoiler here that “America” voted him back in, I lost interest. I’m sorry, but you can’t tell me that America voted him back in, there’s just no way, you will never convince me of that. There has to be so much more in the DR that we will never know! I just thoroughly enjoy keeping up with the shenanigans of the house via Matt here on the BBN. And this is where I will most likely find out who the winner is in the end.

    Thank you Matt for doing such a good job with the BBN, you’ve kept me a fan much longer than the TV has!!

    • You’re very welcome and thanks for being a reader!

      As far as the America’s vote, Brendon tied for first in our unofficial poll and that was with over 30 thousand votes. I find it very believable considering all Team Vet fans could focus their votes on to Brendon while Team Newbie fans split their votes between Cassie and Dominic. Plus anyone who didn’t like Daniele voted for Brendon because he was the only HG opposing her. I would easily wager there was no conspiracy at all.

      • Crush me down Matt!! LOL, but I still don’t get it. I was soooo a vet fan, except for Brenchal. I still, to this day, do not like them. I respect their physical game play only, but as people, that’s another story. I guess I’m just not used to so much drama in ones life. I still shake my head when I read posts from people who want Rachel to win. You know that if she does she’s just going to throw it back into all of our faces. She will not be grateful for it at all. But, I guess that’s why she’s there and I’m here!

      • @ amy- rachel has grown a lot you should have continued watching. Brendon left within a week of coming back. His second time leaving she became a new person it seemed. I have seen hundreds of comments of people who hated her, that now actually like her and are rooting for her. She deserves to win.

      • I promise I wasn’t trying to crush you at all. Just hoping to make you feel better about those results so you didn’t think the show was rigged.

        I know a lot of people were upset. If we didn’t have those poll results then I would have questioned it too.

      • whow for somebody that does not watch the show and only read the comments you have Rachel figure it out Good for u I think you should apply to be a contestant so we can see you been number 1 evictee

      • IMO Rachel is the only one that deserves to win I mean really look who is left.. Adam and Porsche. Rachel has really calmed down when Brendon left the second time. Yeah she’s annoying, but it’s crazy in the big brother house and when almost everyone is against you trying to get you out it’s a lot harder. I mean look at Rachel and Reagan he hated her and now they’re best friends. I do think Rachel is completely different outside of the big brother house it’s just her competitive side that kind of makes her crazy.

      • First off, ellablue, please let’s not go there. I already said “that’s why she’s there & I’m here.” Thank you everyone else for commenting, I have every single show on DVR and before finale night I will watch them and make my own decisions. I think though, that if Rachel is a different person with Brendon in the house as opposed to being out of the house, what does that really say? But, I’m not a marriage therapist, they will be fine. And I have always respected Rachels physical game play, I’ve said it! There is no doubt I wouldn’t want to compete against her. I just found so much of the drama to be over the top and unneccessary. Her social game in my eyes leaves a lot to be deserved. But, again, being that I haven’t watched in a while I will go back and see what’s changed. Thanks again everyone and please, going forward, lets keep it on BB and not on me…. I’m not worthy!!!

    • What for being evicted to the jury house? America’s Player is someone who knows how to play the game which means either Porsche, Rachel or Adam! None of the losers in the jury house deserve to be America’s player! America’s player should make it to the end which those in the jury house did not come close to reaching with the exception of Jordan because she was in Final 4!

      • Hell no not Porsche. Will not reward that evil creature with America’s Best Player unless it is for the biggest bit**. Reward her for what best for wanting to kill an unborn baby or for wanting to make people sick. No Way does Porkie deserve anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She should not even still be here because BB should of kicked her ass to the curb when she made the first comment or did the first incident.

    • Completely agree! She’s the only person in the house who stirred up things and made the season entertaining.
      Jeff is a close second, but he already won a lot of money this season so far, not getting my vote to win more for being such a sore loser!

      • I think Dani played awesome, she got rid of Brendon twice. Can you imagine how boring BB would be if all the players were ‘nice’ like Jordan and Adam? I’d rather watch paint dry!

      • I agree with the Jeff part he’s won 15k and if he gets America’s favorite that’s 45k.. almost second place.. give it to someone else.. But please not Porsche she is blah.. and she won 5 k and got that shopping spree same with Kalia.

  3. “The winner of round 2 will face off against the round 1 winner in the third round, probably during next Thursday’s finale, to decide the last HoH”

    ???? They are advertising the 14th as the finale…that’s Wednesday, not Thursday.

      • I totally understand that, Matt. It happens. I just wanted to make double sure since I’ve asked for that night off from work just to stay home and watch the finale live. Thanks so much for keeping us all up to date on the happenings, and for the chuckles from your personal comments, most of which I agree with! Keep up the good work!!

      • No worries. HGs keep talking about “next Thursday’s finale show” which isn’t helping me keep it straight. (Production must be keeping them in the dark.)

        Glad you enjoyed the site. Thanks for being a reader!

  4. Jordan doesn’t need to win i rather have Rachel or P win this whole game Jordan still has half of that money she won 2 years ago she’s just jeallo of P

    • No one is Jealous of P!! Nothing to be jealous of a sick, evil, vile, hate filled human like Porsche. Jordan has beauty and goodness unlike Porsche who is filled with pure hate and would not want to go to any bar that girl is a waitress at because she has already shown her true colors and would not trust that she would not put something in my drink because she has already shown that there is nothing that is beneath her for money. The bar she works out better watch her closely!!

    • i liked it, i found season 5 and 10 a drag they were way too boring. 12 wasnt that good either. i like 6,7,8 the best they were the good ones. and i liked 11 too and 9

      • I wish they would bring back to tough hoh competitions.. Like the ones from Dicks season.. they endurance comps are kind of lame now :(

  5. OMG….Rachel talked bad about K crying after she lost the veto last week. Now she cries because she lost. Rachel needs to go!!

    • I agree and was thinking the same thing. She really makes me sick w/her hypocritical ass! She needs to go

      • So agree Team Newbies and Stacy. Guess Rachel thinks only she is allowed to cry. What a fake person. Porsche doesn’t have a chance if Rachel or Adam wins. Adam wants to go head to head with Rachel. What’s he thinking? I see now why P took her chances with R as she thinks she may have a better shot than with Adam choosing her over Jordan for F2.

      • Adam has already said he will take Rachel to final two so once again Porsche loses, and no way she would win against Rachel. Rachel already has four guaranteed votes and that is all it takes to win. She has Jordan, Jeff, Brendon and Adam has already said he has his. PORSCHE LOSES should of thought for yourself instead of listening to DANI’S lame and stupid advice. BB 13 WINNER RACHEL!!!!!

    • Truly. Every time this season where Rachel or Brenchel lost a “must” win comp she fell apart crying and having a meltdown!

      • I don’t think she’s faking tears lol remember when they interviewed Reagan and Matt they said “Rachel is the only one that can be that upset and not show any tears and she’s genuinely upset right now” You all say she’s bad mouthed and back stabbed but almost every single person this season has bad mouthed and who did Rachel back door? I must have missed an episode…

    • I AGREE Rachel is a hypocrite. She has back-stabbed, bad-mouthed, lied, cried & cried & cried, always acting as though she is entitled to the win and acted truly certifiable IMO at times. I got soooooooooooo tired of she and Brendon and their lovey-dovey chit-chat.
      Please BB don’t bring B/R or J/J back. EVER
      Jordan didn’t do much except socialize and very little of that in the past couple of weeks. Yeah, I know, she won a couple of comps early on. Jeff has really showed his true colors this season. What a poor sport and really bad loser. I felt Shelly told him straight last night as to why so voted for him to leave. Weather you like her game or not, she stood her ground and acted like a lady. Jeff is a bully.

      • SHELLY DID NOTHING BUT LIE again last night to all of them and must of been hard for Jeff to just sit there and look at that lying backstabbing thief. Shelly does not know the meaning of the word TRUTH!! I truly believe that Shelly is a sociopath.

    • I have said the same thing about her for a long time…(and I cannot stand her Brendan references, or even when she says his name). Rachel encourages my lunch to come forward everytime she speaks…Annoying, whinny, hypocritical…boo hoo…boo hoo…aaaa boo hoo hoo. If she wins…her and Brendan (who exposed his private parts..however tiny..on the internet) will have some trainwreck TV Reality show and will never go away….If she loses, it may FINALLY be the end of them for TV! YES!!!!!!

  6. i agree, but i hated season 12, 9 and even 11 more than this season. Season 10 ( loved the fact there’s was no twist, and dan really made that season) , 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 are my favourites.

  7. omg this is way too intense. i love jordan but i love rachel more. rachel has played her butt of this season, she has had triple the target jeff or jordan or anyone else for that matter has had. she came to win, and if she survivies tonight, i think she might just do that. Go Rachel, Love you Jordan

    • i feel awful for jordan, but my girl rachel needs to pull this out and snatch that cheque for 500k!!! GOOOOOO RACHELLL

    • It made me quite emotional to see Jordan leave. I adore both her and Rachel and really wanted the both of them in the final two. I can only hope now that Rachel takes this final HoH and wins the 500K

      • I agree! I am at work right now, so I will not be able to watch until later : ( I am very sad to know Jordan is gone, but. I really want Rachel to win. It. Was the same for me when Jeff went.

      • Jordan was really gracious and fair I was sad to see her go over Porsha
        Sorry cannot get that girl she was supposed to be the first one out
        How ironic

  8. hope rachael is the winner of this yrs show now jorden is gone,can’t stand the 2 floaters left in the running.

    • stupid floaters…2 in the F3. those dumb floaters are going to win w/o the advantage of a season of BB and being couples outside the BB House. you are right, floaters cant play……LOL

    • Porsche is not a floater, she has remained committed to her side for quite a while now.

      The definition of a floater is Adam, he practically switched sides every week!!

      • She did float from the newbies to the vets to Dani. So yes she is a floater but worse than being a floater she is just a bad human being and hope she is the next Jury member.

    • Adam never switched sides but once and then he came right back. Adam is a nice guy and glad he made it to final 3.

  9. Miss Lard Ass just made a $500,000 mistake by evicting Jordan. If she was smart she would have evicted Rachel. Fatal mistake. EPIC FAIL. Go Rachel.

    • She’s been screwing up for a while now. Rachel has been on the block 4 or 5 times now. If she wins, it’s their fault for keeping her.

  10. Doubt rachel will win even if she gets to final 2. She has gotten way to much blood on her hands, and she has left mean goodbye messages.

    Shes playing for second.

  11. I am glad Porsha wasn’t smart enough to keep Jordan…… Even Jordan told Rachel she wll win if she gets to the Final 2…… Jordan is such a sweetheart…. I am going to vote for Jordan and Brendon as my America’s favorites votes….

  12. Porsche has gotten to be THE MOST STUPID PLAYER OF ALL TIMES!!Why wouldn’t you vote out Racheal….She is gonna cream those 2 idiots……GO RACHEAL(you truly deserve to win against those two)!!!!

      • No, Jordan did not. Rachel and Adam both have the votes to win. Porsche was just plain stupid not to vote Rachel out but so happy that she did not because it was a $500,000 mistake. HAHA

    • OF COURSE SHE IS STUPID!!! I think she is as close to the stupidest and meanest player in BB history. I would even put her up higher than Natalie in the disgusting and hate filled category. She and Shelly should of been in jury together with that slug Dani.

      • Danielle told her to keep Rachel until the end. Porsche’s is still playing Danielle’s game. Oh well…

      • y does rachel automatically win? saying youre a competetor over and over dosent make you one…

      • VERY Easy to see. RACHEL GETS Jordan, Jeff, Brendon and Adam’s vote because he already told Jordan he would vote for Rachel. RACHEL WINS and Stupid Porsche has Dani to thank for it. Dani and Porsche are both IDIOTS!!!!!!

  13. idc who wins as long as Adam doesn’t win he’s the definition of Floater i hope he goes home next i dont want him to win even though i dont really like Rachel i rather have her win than Adam and she needs it for her Wedding

  14. I want Rachel to win! Voted for her as well for America’s choice. She has grown SO much as a person and I loved her goodbye speech to Jordan. I’m glad they became friends.

    • I’m rooting too for Rachel for Final 2 and hopefully, the big prize of $500,000. She deserves it because she played her heart out.
      Hopefully, her good karma rewards her when it counts!

  15. Damn. Rachel is really from those movies huh? Just when you think she’s DONE she comes back stronger than ever. I haven’t really let myself believe in the possibility but she just might win it all. Wow…just wow. Not that I’m complaining -I’m such a a Rachel fangurl lol- it’s just that this girl has had a target on her back since day 1 and the price is just 2 competitions away from her now

  16. While I’m glad that Porsche sent Jordan packing and kept Rachel (as she promised), I’m sad to see her go. Luckily for her, Jeff is waiting…

  17. WTG Porsche!!!

    Good choice to wearing the hoodie!! That should help with the splattering and other downpour events. Looks like you watched prior finals comp’s!!

    • i hope that porche wins but rachel is really good at these kind of games so she will probably win this round

      • No way Porsche will win against Rachel and Adam. Rachel will win endurance because she is like the energizer bunny and does not give up and Adam or Rachel will win Q and A and giving Rachel the win in skill, but even if Porschdumb wins and takes either Rachel or Adam to final two she still loses because Adam will beat her hands down because all vets except Dani vote for Adam and that will give him four votes so Porscdumb loses, and with Rachel she loses again because J/J/B/A will all vote for Rachel so she loses again. Adam has already told Jordan he will vote for Rachel. Porsche is and idiot for listening to Dani but then again Dani is stupid for turning on her alliance because would almost bet she would of made at least final four if she had not. Both not the brightest tools in the box. GO RACHEL!!!!!!!

  18. Screw you, Porsche! SCREW YOU!

    I’m so sad that Jordan left. Well, I can’t believe I’m saying this…but I now want Rachel to win.

      • Lol

        But in all seriousness, I don’t respect Porsche at all. And Adam…he’s a horrible player. He was such a floater and didn’t do anything in the game until recently. Other people carried him to where he is now.

        Jordan is a genuinely nice person who had a great social game.

    • She deserves the half million for being a cry baby & a sore loser??
      Out of the 3, the only person deserving of that money is Porsche…Adam laid around like a rug the entire season and should not win at all!

      • Sorry, but that vile person Porsche does not even deserve to still be in the BB house. She deserves to of been thrown out on her ass for making Jordan sick by giving her tainted milk and for making comments about wanting to save Brendon $400 by killing an unborn child. Evil, Evil, Evil are the only words I have that describe Porsche and her actions. Should of been gone a long time ago. GO RACHEL AND ADAM and finally give Porsche what BB should of a long time ago a shoe up her butt as she goes out the door!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I will never watch BB again if they do another season like this one. It was so fixed. I think that JJ has been around RB too much because this season they act just like RB. It is too bad the four of them are such sore losers and such cry babies. They act as if they should win because they are the only deserving ones. Them being on a season before was really not very fair to the newbies. I think Adam does not deserve to win.

      • I won’t watch BB again not because I think it was rigged but because they kept such a person in the house as Porsche after the things that she did and said and apparently CBS condoned her actions, and I have watched BB since it began and have like some seasons more than others but this one just became all about hate. The other ones were fun to watch with your family and they had a lot of laughs and even though you liked some house guests more than others you never really hated any of them, however, that has not apparently been the case this year. I have never seen anyone as truly vile, evil and cruel as Shelly and Porsche. It used to be CBS and BB would of never condoned that type of behavior but this season they did and seemed to encourage it. I would much prefer Adam to win as at least he seems to be a very kind individual, but my heart is with Rachel and if she makes it to final TWO she wins!!

  20. By the way, don’t forget what some of the losers who post here will bring up next week:

    If Adam or Porsche win next Wednesday – They deserved it, good for them.

    If Rachel wins – RIGGED!

    Pathetic. But..Rachel has the last laugh! (And the half million too!)

    • i dont know if adam deserves to win but u do have to admit he knew floating would get him to the end and it did. i am no fan of rachels but she played a good competitive game social game not so much but she did play a little better the second time brendon was evicted and i like porche if dani couldnt win it i really hope porche does

    • Why are you calling those of us posting here “losers”? Admin is gonna get you for that!

      Remember the commenting rules. “…Debate intelligently. Insulting the author, Big Brother Network, or other commentators will result in comment removal and possible ban.”…

    • Its a game gee wizz I think now a floater is Shelley who didnt win a thing everyone else who won something played the game HEY MATT doesnt everyone of the players who make it to the jury house get some kinda bonus (MONEY)

  21. that a girl racheal i knew she would make it she is goin to win this first part of the hoh and win the whole thing you go girl

  22. Part one of the Final HOH is what I call an awesome endurance comp!!!! Nice choice BB producers!!! Go Rachel!!!

  23. Safe to say Adam should have fallen by now (probably 3 mins into the competition)… Part 1 of this HOH is definitely going to either of the ladies!

  24. Jordan-the only person I would have preferred to not win is now out. I can now not care about the results lol.

  25. Wow prosha…… Worst game move ever……..

    Well I guess rachel just won this season….. See you all next season.

  26. I love Jordan, but wasn’t surprised to see her go. I was happy to see her admit that Rachel carried her in competitions and that she had a good social game. It kind of puts a damper on those who were hating on her as if she didn’t realize she didn’t do a good job in competitions. I am quite impressed with Rachel and thought that her goodbye message to Jordan was sweet and sincere. On that note…go Rachel and Adam!

    • I agree with you !!! But Im going with Adam. Still don’t care much for rachael and her I’m better then you attitude when she wins and boo hoo hoo attitude when she doesn’t win.

  27. ok i can admit when i’m totally wrong, i can’t believe she took Rachel. i really don’t agree with it, but i hope Porsche gained some respect from people by doing the “right thing” and taking the best competitor to F3, usual the person would take the weaker player, to increase chances of winning.

    GO Porsche

    • Porsche gained no respect she lost any anyone ever had for her if they did the minute she suggested killing an unborn baby and tainting milk to make someone sick. Just the kind of person that I want to be my waitress: NOT. Would not want her getting me a drink or anything else. Porsche is not trustworthy at all!

  28. I see this comp lastiung an hour or two…. Rachel for the win and Adam shocking everyone coming in second in this comp

    • i agree that Rachel will win, but no Adam is coming in 2nd. he is already starting to crumble, he’s be down in a couple minutes

      • you act like she said something wrong. she never said she didnt like her she said she never got a chance to really talk to her or get to know her and that they werent as close as porche and racheal. whats disgusting about that? its the truth. they didnt bond.

    • i’m a Porsche fan, but i didn’t think there was anything wrong with Jordan’s comments. they were just generic and impersonal that’s all.

    • I think she was just being honest. It’s not like she said “Hey Porksha you’re a worthless piece of crap who likes to wear bikinis…”

    • I loved Jordan’s comment. It was so true. And I really don’t think Jordan meant it in a mean way.

  29. Is it me or does Rachel look like she’s in the zone? She hasn’t moved yet, as far as I can tell. And she looks pretty clean, still. Porsche appears to be covered in the stuff all ready.

  30. Crybaby or’s normal emotions when so much $$$ is at stake along with her dreams for her & Brendon.
    Rachel is BY FAR the best competetor, she doesnt try to throw so as not to get the blood on her hands and she’s def. not hanging onto someone elses coattails.
    It’s Rachel all the way I hope as she well deserves it.
    (can’t help bgut wonder how “emotionless” some of her critics would be in her place?)
    Go Rachel..Ya dun great gurl!!!!

    • Well, for all those Jordan haters and ones that don’t believe she deserved to win her first season, she showed why tonight. She’s one class act! Sweet, caring, kind, and smart in her own inimitable. She bowed out gracefully to Rachel, her friend and ally, and readily admitted Rachel’s right to go to final 3 based on performance. Thankful, and classy. Funny and kind. That’s the American sweetheart we all fell in love with, and we were not disappointed.

      You go, girl! Have fun with Jeff in the jury house, and be proud of yourself! Hope Jeff is man enough to appreciate a precious jewel like you!

      Rachel, good for you! You have proven yourself to be a star BB contestant, and an awesome competitor! Thank God mean girl Porsche made the mistake of her life and voted for you to stay! One right (though stupid)thing she’s done right for another person! I hope she did this because she feels remorse for the unacceptable way she has behaved toward you earlier in this game. However, knowing her and her smug, arrogant proven herself to be, she probably thinks she can beat you! Huh! She’s probably already regretting it!

      So, now I only have one problem. Who to vote America’s Choice. Rachel, because she gave us a season to remember, Jordan, because of her class act little self, and because she was Rachel’s angel. Maybe Adam, because he stayed true to his alliance and played the game with dignity and humor. I don’t know. I think I’ll throw all of them a vote, and leave it to up to fate!

      Now, who will win the next stage of the HOH? What will? My guess is with Adam. I hope its Adam, as a matter of fact. I don’t want Porsche to have the opportunity to have other’s fate in her hands again. Once is more than she deserved!

      Again, BB, please penalize Porsche for her bad behavior earlier this summer!



    • this show is so fixed.rachel needs the money to get that nose job she need, and some dieting.

  31. Ok peeps when Im wrong Im wrong.All season long I have said I didnt really like Jordan that good because I thought she was fake.But Jordan is one classy woman ,Im sorry she couldnt at least went to the finally three.I still say she didnt need to win she won one time and thats more than most can say.But she went out like a very classy person.I give her praise.GOD BLESS YOU JORDAN

  32. Porsha is saying her shoulder hurts already and Adam is saying his legs are killing him…. Porsha is telling Rachel she was serious about needing a massage for her shoulder earlier…. Porsha is saying she may hurl because she ate so much oatmale and cereal today….

    Rachel is looking relaxed and comfortable

  33. On Cameras 1 & 4 Adam is struggling saying GOD Da**it

    On Camera 2 Porsha is struggling but not as much giving Adam words of encouragement

    On Camera 3 Rachel is in a zone

    Adam won’t make it much longer in this challenge…. I was wrong about my prediction of him coming in second in this comp…. SHOCKER!!!

  34. OMG! YES, Rachel is still ALIVE and in the mix for the $500k. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I would not have believed it. Porsche had the power to get rid of Rachel, her biggest competition and she kept her. Stupid, stupid move on Porsche’s part but great for Rachel:)

    • Porsche whines to get attention and make everyone think sh isnt doing very good fight until the end girls

  35. On Cameras 1 & 4 Adam is struggling saying cursing in his irritated state

    On Camera 2 Porsha is struggling but not as much giving Adam words of encouragement

    On Camera 3 Rachel is in a zone

    Adam won’t make it much longer in this challenge…. I was wrong about my prediction of him coming in second in this comp…. SHOCKER!!!

  36. oh my..Adam said he wanted to go head to head with RACHEL.. he is squirming…CAREFUL WHAT U WISH FOR ADAM.

  37. Rachel and Porsche are just chillin’ up there. Adam on the other hand is way out of his league

  38. I don`t know why everyone keeps saying Porsche is a floater. She never commited to a side up until she aligned with Danielle and Kalia. If anyhthing she is just not the smartest player. Adam on the other hand is by far the biggest floater in the house, I have never seen someone flip back and forth so much in my life. Rachel is my bias right now, I think she`s played the best competitive game and she`s been loyal to her alliance. To be honest I`m not upset jordan left, if Jorchel were to make it to F2 I seriously doubt Rachel would win. She has a lot of enemies in the jury.

    I just hope Rachel can win two out of the three competitions.

  39. Wow! What was Porshe thinking keeping Rachel?? If she kept Jordan she could have won against both Adam and Jordan… Good for Rachel. She played an excellent competitive game. She is gonna win this.. I can feel it!!

  40. It will be R&P!!! The best VIP cocktail waitress to represent their game playing standards to the worst BB season…
    Alison and Production bow your head.

  41. You know the saying “never get involved in a land war in asia”? Well, only slightly less popular is the saying “never take on Rachel Reilly in an endurance competition”. Rachel is now smiling and saying “now this is big brother” while Porsche is crying and looking very much like she will puke.

    • Porche is probably faking. She can’t win honestly so she puts things in their food to make them weak and fakes pains to try to get them to feel sorry for her and fake them out. I have no respect for Big Brother allowing her to do what she did.

      • Thanks worthybutt! Finally, somebody who agrees with me. I’ve been protesting this Porsche situation for days now! Protest with me, please! Maybe all us fans together can force BB and CBS to do the right thing and have them properly reprimand Porsche and change the regulations to prevent anybody to get away with the kind of offensive behavior Porsche has this season.


        GO GO GO RACHEL!

  42. hopefully rachel wins this comp gets two the final two to get 50k at least and get americas vote everyone vote for rachel americas vote to win 25k

    • We don’t want Rachel to come in second , we want her to win. Why should a cheater or a floater win. It would be a disgrace to the whole game.

      • BRAVO WORTHYBUTT! In total agreement with you! Except I think Adam’s been a fairly good player, a stand up guy and entertaining to watch! He’s been pretty consistently in the Jeff/Jordan and whoever they were aligned with team. I hope he gets 2nd place for sure!


    • She could still win the next part against Adam.

      Adam could win the final HOH and take Porsche, I really think he will.

      If Jordan had been there, Adam most likely would have taken her to be loyal.

      I don’t think she shoudl rgret it just yet. I hope Rachel wins and there is some regret to be had there btu still.

  43. Rachel won, but what a disappointment of a comp. They barely stayed on. What happened to the way contestants really hung on.

  44. Congratulations, Rachel, on winning Part One of the Final HOH Competition.

    Now Porsche and Adam will compete against each other in Part Two. The winner of Part Two will go up against Rachel in Part Three in the Live Finale on Wednesday night.

    Okay, now that I’ve stated the obvious, here’s something of a prediction. Part Two should be the Photo Meshup. This is why they all study the memory wall, but Big Brother always picks a theme in order to distort the pictures with even further, so you really do need a keen eye and memory to win this competition. Good luck, Adam and Porsche.

  45. So the beat goes on with the final players goals:
    Rachel: Her budget for the wedding = A BB13 win.
    Porsche: She wants to be the next Martha Stewart with a VIP cocktail tray.
    Adam: He just wants to find his balls/backbone so he can win for Farrah!!!

  46. I am glad Porsche kept Rachel.

    I am really rooting for Rachel to win, but I don’t think it’s fair to say that Porsche made a really crappy move.

    She has beaten Rachel in several comps at this comp. The ones I can remember

    – Final POV
    – HOH with the snake thingy
    – POV with the pies (she didn’t win but she beat Rachel).

    Porsche can beat Rachel at some times. Rachel might win endurance, and then lose out in the game to pick the F2 against Porsche.

    What I am wondering is who would take who to the final 2

    Rachel would take Porsche or Adam? I am leaning toward Porsche, and that would probably hurt her win because against Adam, Dani would vote for Rachel.

    Porsche would take Adam or Rachel? Probably Adam so she can maybe get some vet votes, instead of having the 3 (Jordan/Brendon/Jeff) vote for Rachel.

    Adam would probably take Porsche over Rachel, and he’d right to because he’d have ALL the vet votes.

  47. Yeah! Rachel deserves to win BB. She is the best competitor. Porche and Adam gave it a good try, but was out played by the Vets.

  48. Jordan proven herself to be one class act all us fans always knew she is! Rachel’s been an amazing competitor, but Jordan’s been her backbone and her angel in the house. She may not be your typical kind of smart, but she’s infinitely intelligent in her own quirky kind of way! She realize astutely the role she played in her alliance with Rachel, and bowed out gracefully, like the sweet, kind, Southern belle she was raised to be! Her family should be proud of her. The way she played the game, with dignity and kindness, and because of the person that is she is I thank you for a great season, Jor-Dan!

    As far as Rachel is concerned? Definitely going down as an all time all star player in my book! She’s earned my respect and I have thoroughly enjoyed watching her, when she’s good and when she’s her spoiled, emotional self. At least she never stooped as low as the mean girls! What the mean girls, specifically, Dani, Shelley, and Porsche did this summer was disturbing! Over and above normal, BB bad behavior! Hate to harp on it, but it angers me that BB apparently has no rules in place for hurtful, sabotaging behavior that was exhibited by these women. Shame!

    Adam has been a surprising player. He’s a legitimately nice guy. People have called him a floater most of the season, but I believe he’s earned the respect of the fans these last couple of weeks. He’s been a stand up guy, entertaining to watch, lied and backstabbed minimally, and generally true to his Jeff/Jordan alliance and whoever they were with.

    I have to say, I think he deserves to go to final 2, for the Newbies side.

    What can I say about Rachel? JUST YOU GO GIRL!


    • Lennie — very nicely put!!! I agree with you ….99%….( I’m pulling for Adam to win though). ;-)

      • WTG Lennie you nailed it! I loved Jordan’s interveiw with Julie, I hope She get’s the peoples vote. Rachel and Adam in the F2. Porche would never have the votes from the Jury.

      • Lennie you put in words my thoughts completely. I hope Jorden gets the fan vote. She deserves it. P makes me sick looking at her. GO RACHEL!!!!!!!

    • I am just wondering ~ does it not disturb you or anyone else that Rachel would tell her fiance that Jeff made advances at her sexually……. there was no real reason within the game itself to so that. It appears to be a manipulation of her fiance for his attention. I just find that to be telling that a marriage might be based on manipulations and even worse accusing someone else of such actions that is not even true.

    • @Lennie.. great comments all during the series! Totally agree with you! Rachel has been the best player in the house all season!! She had to put up with Cowlia, Porksha and Dani did she not?

      Rock on Rachel!!!

    • I do agree with you about Rachel… But reading the spoilers earlier concerns me. They said Rachel talking to Porshe and it seems Porshe’s feeding her with a bunch of bull implying that Jordan was too close to Adam and was not true to their alliance and that Jeff threw the veto comp that evicted Brendan. Just making Rachel doubt Jordan and their friendship. Rachel even implied that Jordan would vote for Adam if it was between her and Adam. They need to take out Porshe!!!

  49. Whoa! I cannot believe this comp only lasted 39 minutes!?!? All good since my girl Rachel won! Take it all the way girl!

    • I agree, Porshe handed Rachel the win. She was better off keeping Jordan as she would have been the strongest competitor. Now it comes down to Porshe and Adam, I hope Adam wins and porshe is sent packing.

      A final 2 of Adam and Rachel would be interesting. Who would the newbie jurors vote for? And what will Jeff and Jordan do since they were also in a final deal with Adam?

      We know what Rachel has done, but Adam has manage to dodge the gossip, lying, and played an honest game. Sure he floated to the end, but that can also be considered strategic game play as he had deals with both alliances. Adam has managed to keep both alliances happy and keep dirt off his hands. Congrat to him for playing a very clean game.

      Go Rachel!!!

      • hmm I really don’t see JJ voting for Adam or Porscha. Of course Rachael has Brendan’s vote So If its a F2 of R & A I think Rachael wins w/votes from BJJD. I don’t think Dani will ever give Adam her vote. If its a F2 of R & P I think Rachael still wins as Adam says he would vote for Rachael. I think Adam realizes he is playing for 2nd place if he doesn’t win the next 2 comps. Also he would be really dumb if he took Rachael to F2, although for some reason he has become convinced he can beat Rachael in votes. We’ll see.

  50. tonight was the first time i saw any commercials for apps for next year. I am so happy they are doing it again.
    I wonder what kind of tape you have to make to get them to notice you.

  51. I hope Porsche’s decision to evict Jordan comes back to bite her in that big butt of hers. Go Rachel!!!

  52. guess who wins big brother
    yes rachel does
    ok matt —-now try as you might
    but no words you can say will help
    puffff—–let big brother die as soon as possible
    —how does that sound –little matt—
    everything i have posted was done–and yet little matt tryed to keep the sleep watching—-
    ok mat say it brother—-let big brother die a fast death ——————-you know you want to–but do you have the guts to say it

  53. I am pulling for Rachel! Porsche was stupid to evict jordon but, im glad rachel is still in the game! ive been a rachel fan since season 12, on the first day!!! i hope its porche and rachel at the end because i think rachel will win!!!!

      • Rachel will win on game ALONE if infact she is in the final two. 7/0
        If Porshe wins the third compitition and takes Adam it will be a travisty. RACHAEL deserves to win this game!!!

  54. Jordan is a true winner in everyway, I respect her playing a clean game, I have also changed my mind about Racheal, she has always been the strongest player in my eyes and I think Jordan did calm her down alot this season and we got to see another side to her(more likeable)Adam, I feel sorry for him, he really didn’t have a choice as far as being a floater. Everyone else had their set teams, he was left to fend for himself and who can blame him for flipping when he needed to. They used him just as much as he used them, but I think he was faithful to Jeff and Jordan . I think Racheal deserves to win but I wouldn’t be disappointed if Adam won.

    • Jordan did not play such a clean game. I like Jordan, but it upset me to know she and Jeff voted against Brendan because he did not have the vote. Where’s was their loyality to their alliance? Why would they do the same thing they accuse Kalia and the other Dani zombies of doing? That really showed their true color as Rachel would have never given her vote to the house vote when a alliance member is in trouble. To make matters worst, Jeff had the never to have an attitude about it.

      Jordan only calmed Rachel down because she needed her (votes). To make matter worst, the 1st couple of weeks Jeff and Jordan were seen discussing back dooring Rachel who was a member of their newly formed alliance. Jordan’s game clean; hardly, unless you are comparing it to Shelly and Dani.

      • And what? Team Brenchel were clean? Weren’t they just making a backdoor deal with Dani to turn on Team JeJo just before she evicted Brendon the 2nd time?

        It swings both ways.

      • And as far as not voting “with the House”, see how that actually bit Kalia in the ass when she voted against the house and voted Adam off, only to later need his vote to stay.

  55. Same here! I was sad to see her go last year and even sadder this season when she siad no one liked her last year. I wanted her or Brendan to win so bad last year I stopped watching when they were voted out. Thank goodness she is still in, because I am not sure if I could have survived another BB protest.

    Go Rachel!

  56. Finally Jordan is gone.She was the biggest floater in the house everybody has won more than her even Adam.Porsh made a stupid move keeping Rachel she is alot better at comps Jordan could not win if it depended on her life.I believe if Rachel makes to the final 2 the deciding vote will be who ever goes home next between Adam and Porsh.Brendon Jordan and Jeff will vote for Rachel.Dani Kalia and Shelley will vote for anybody but Rachel.So if Rachel is in the final 2 Adam or Porsh will decide the winner.Rachel would be stupid to keep Adam if she wins because he has a chance to take JEJO vote away from her if she takes Porsh she will have 3 votes fore sure and just have to sway 1 other person to vote for her.

  57. A floater is someone who goes to whatever side has power that week, ie Adam (he admitted this).

    Jordan is a coaster. someone who stays with one alliance but does nothing to earn their keep and coasts to the end.

  58. Wow! I didn’t know that about Porsche! I knew from the lice feeds her horrible comment toward Rachel and the theoretical baby…what a bitch! I love (more like hate) how kalia Porsche and shelly always talked about rachel yet her behavior was always within gameplay. PSK made several personal attacks on her.

    Did Porsche really “spike” peoples drinks w/out them knowing??! THAT IS DRUGGING THEM. just bc this is BB doesn’t make that behavior okay.

  59. People seriously need to grow up. If you’re one of the sad people who call Kalia ‘Cowlia’ and Porsche ‘Porksha’…I must give you a round of applause. You tried to make a funny and an insult by adding ‘Cow’ and ‘Pork’ to their names. Wow. My 9 year old Nephew could do that when he was 5. Unless you happen to be 5? but I seriously doubt it.

    Porsche deserves to be in that House and she also deserves to make it to the final two. She has won competitions when it matters the most. Like the final VETO..Jordan barely tried. That’s why she went home. Can’t win the VETO, Time to go. She was also carried by Jeff and Rachel.

    The only smart move Adam has EVER made was when he nominated Jordan. But it’s so funny. Shelly had an alliance with Jordan and Jeff but when she votes to evict Jeff, she is known as a liar and a backstabber and a MAN but here Adam is..One week telling Rachel and Jordan it’s the three of them to the end because they have been saving Adam week after week but then! Tells Jordan that he has no idea what he’s gonna do and pretty much tells her to her face that he was gonna take Rachel to the end. Does anyone hate Adam for turning on his alliance member? I don’t think so. You people are just so immature and have no life, so you gotta put down someone who’s been on TV just to make sure you sleep a little better at night.


  60. ALSO!
    You all act like Porsche spiked people’s drink with drugs and alcohol. It was benefibre!
    How was she supposed it would make Jordan have to run to the washroom every 5 minutes?
    And if it was really that BIG of a deal The BB producers would have had Porsche removed from the house but she’s still there. SO THEREFORE, I DON’T THINK THEY COULD CARE LESS ABOUT IT. SO WHY SHOULD ALL OF YOU?

    I personally think it was gameplay.

  61. Omg !!
    Everyone needs to stop with the name calling and judging people !! It is childish and beyond stupid for all of you people !
    I am pretty sure that I or other people could say a lot of mean and judgmental comments about you because everyone has a bad characteristic of some kind. And all you people making fun of peoples looks are the UGLIEST and most DISCUSTING people alive ! People cannot help the way they look so just move on and grow up !!

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