Big Brother 13 Episode 23: Week 8 Nomination Show Tonight

Update: CBS didn’t reveal the nominations, or the Veto comp and Pandora’s Box outcome on tonight’s show. Click those spoilers links to find out what happened.

Big Brother 13

Big Brother 13 episode 23 arrives tonight and it should be a great one. Allegedly, we’ll get to see the big fight that happened just before the live show last week when Shelly was exposed for flipping over to support Daniele. After that we’ll get the late night HoH competition results along with the latest twist, Pandora’s Box, and finally the new HoH’s nominations. Yeah, tonight’s show should be pretty good.

If you can’t wait for Julie Chen and company to deliver the latest BB13 news then you can go ahead and take a peek at the HoH competition results and HoH nomination spoilers. Then there’s the whole Pandora’s Box twist to unravel if you’re curious. But wait, there’s more! The Power of Veto competition has already taken place and we’ve got those PoV spoilers too if you want all the latest Big Brother 13 spoilers.

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    • The best episode ever was when the classless, clueless Judas went to jury. Her speech was perfectly catty, bratty and ratty. BEST NIGHT OF BB EVER! GO RACHEL & BABY BOOKIE! F2 BITCHES!

      • I’ve mute the TV when fugly danielle was making her speech. and what was up with her eye makeup that night? geeez. I won’t be watching tonight’s episode. I don’t feel like listening to the DR of prokscha, cowlia, and loonyshelly. I’ll watch on Wednesday when Rachel has won POV. I’m not a Rachel fan. I’m just rooting for her and Jordan because the other’s were $%#%@.

  1. Team Rachel all the way! So sick of Porsche & Khalia! Shelly leaves this Thursday and Jordan needs to pull an HOH out of her butt. This way Rachel rides into the final three :)

    • Sorry, don’t agree. Jordan shouldn’t get to coast to the end AGAIN and win ANOTHER 500K. Because she would have the jury votes to win over Rachel.

      They need to get Shelly out this week and Jordan out next week.

      Rachel & Kalia (or Porsche) final 2. Rachel would win against either one those girls.

      Oh, I forgot about Adam?

      Adam Who???

      • A LOT of the people that post on these boards, obviously have not been watching Big Brother for very long.

        Different people have completely different strategies. One of the more commonly used, over the past 13 seasons, strategies has been “Social Game”.

        Shelley tried to come into the house and use that exact strategy, and we all see where that’s getting her.

        Jordon’s “social game” is perfect, as she is Loyal to those people that she is aligned with.

        I listened to Evel Dick on Thursday, curious as to his reaction to Daniele. He 100% believes that Dani blew her entire game by jumping off the Vet Alliance.

        He also discussed what a true floater was, according to some descriptions he had set up. Adam was the hands-down complete Floater. Then he went into who was NOT a floater; surprisingly, he said ONLY Jeff and Jordan, as they stayed completely true to the original alliance. And, he doesn’t particularly like Jeff or Jordon.

      • I disagree…I think rachel would beat jordan in F2 …people don’t want to give her another 500k especially when she’s “coasted” through, as in their minds….I think shelly also hold more jury votes than we think…if rachel makes it to F2 with Shelly where does that leave rachel? Jeff jordan and brendon voting for her to win and adam dani porsche and kalia voting for shelly to win… I dc…I wanna see rachel and jordan in the F2 so if rachel doesn’t win at least jordan wins.

      • I agree…social game is important. BUT… being able to compete and win comps that matter, esp when you’re on the block is equally as important.

        Jordan was mad at herself for not lasting longer in the veto comp. She knows she sucks at them, and the die-hard JJ fans know it too. Just admit it

        Kudoos to Jordan that her social game won her 500K last time, but these new HGs would be stupid to let her do it again by taking her to final 2

      • No offense, but Jordan did not coast to the end. She had to win several HoH comps in oder to get to the end. Sometimes you have to know when to hold’em and when to fold’em! She plays an excellent social game, and won the most important HoH comps to win the money! Go Rachel and Jordan!!!

      • Shelley won’t be there after Thursday.
        I honestly think if Jordan and Rachel were to make it to Final 2, I doubt Jordan would mind getting second place at all.

      • I highly doubt the “Newbies” will have a say who is in the Final 2. They (the Newbies) are already planning to THROW this weeks HoH. -> Dumb

      • Of course Jordan wouldn’t mind second place. Believe it or not I am a JJ fan (more last season than this one), but I hope someone else wins.

        Besides, even if they vote her out soon, America’s Sweethart will win America’s Choice. You know it’s going to be b/w her and Jeff. So Jordan can win AC for 25K and Jeff already has 15K. That’s good enough.

      • Yes, I agree that no player should be allowed to “coast” to the end. That said, I also agree that winning comps should be combined with social and strategic play. Just because a person opts to not win comps or cannot win comps, doesn’t minimize their choice to play the game from a different angle.

        I am just thrilled that Rachel has improved her social game play, if for no other reason than to have more of America on her side. It’s too late for the other houseguests. They are judgmental hypocrites. Shelly, Porsche, Dani and Khalia will all hopefully be in the Jury House, but none will vote for Rach if she makes it to final 2. They talk as if she is the most vile human being on the planet, all while decimating her character, stealing her belongings and saying the most hurtful things toward her. I give you this, Rach is absolutely annoying and allows her emotions to override her rational game play. However, she is also hardworking, competitive and clever. So very clever. She’s just as passionate about this game as anyone else and she DOES deserve to win!

        I really like Jordon, but I think it should be Adam and Rachel in the final 2. Adam has not contributed to half of the BS that has gone on this season and has played a great social game. He’s been privy to oh so many key meetings, but he has not gone around creating havoc like his pal Shelly. I love all that he did to become part of the cast and that he’s made it this far. I do wish he liked my girl Rachel, but hey, no one’s perfect.

        Rachel for BB13 Winner! Adam 2nd.

    • Evil Dick is completely right, and Jordan’s game is social and it works for her because she is not pretending to be nice she actually is and that is why people like her and vote for her. I do want Jordan and Rachel to be the final two left standing, but as much as I love Jordan I can actually see Rachel winning this time. I will be happy with either and Rachel cannot take one of the newbies with her to the end because that person could actually end up winning just for no other reason but these newbies would just not want a vet to win so Jordan and Rachel need to go to the finale together. GO JORDAN AND RACHEL!!!!

      • Well although jordan did not have to win “several HOH” comps…she did win the 2 she needed to in the end to make it to F2…jordan in my eyes, played the perfect balance of a social and competition game in her season. She got to choose who went into F2 with her…nobody took her there. And had she not won, she wouldn’t have been there, cause natalie and kevn were tight.

      • if jordan and rachel get to final 2. i could almost see jordan say let rachel win ill take 2nd

  2. Just curious…

    Is ANYBODY rooting for Adam??? lol

    I constantly read the Shelly hate, the loyal JJ fans, Rachel fans & haters, the K&P fans and haters…..

    But I haven’t read any posts from die-hard Adam…maybe (hopefully) they don’t exist

    Does he know he on Big Brother?
    I think Adam thinks he’s on vacation in a timeshare with a bunch a new roommates

    At this point I really don’t care who wins as long as it isn’t Adam. The only people I can see wanting him to win is his fam and friends from his home town

  3. Team Vegas!!! Come on people, Rachel is awesome!
    She’s back again! I knew that she wouldn’t be beaten!
    GO Rach and Jordo F2!

    • only because bb needed the drama she presented and whipped out this veto to save her. they knew if her and jordan were gone it wouldnt be as much fun because nobody knows the newbies due to editing and showcasing the vets. stupid bb i am tired of the pretend reality of the show

  4. BB has been a part of my summers for so long and I am so happy that Rachael won Veto to pull Jordan and herself off. This was gonna be the first year that I wasn’t gonna be pulling for anyone be the end of the show! So I got CPR and ready to start pulling for my new team! Go Rachel and Jordan!

  5. Go Team Rachel and Jordan …
    Suck it Porsche. Your greedy floating ass shouldnt open that Pandora’s box :p

      • She saw $10,000 right there on the screen. It’s instant money rather than standing in the bar and waiting for a customer to pick Porsche up… lol!!!

    • They give u a card to read..based on what the card says u have the opition of opening the box or not..Porsche chose to open it..They don’t make u open it..

    • really? cause i think its orchastrated by bb to make sure the drama stays there…. they keep changing the rules

    • I think they will vote for Rachel over Jordan, because the newbies don’t want Jordan to win twice. I don’t have a problem with someone winning twice. If Jodan makes it to the end she deserves just as much a chance at the money as anybody else. Go Rachel and Jordan!!!

      • Exactly Katie. I’m getting tired of people talking about Jordan not deserving it because she’s won once. If she actually makes it to the end again, and keep in mind she’ll have to win at least a little bit more to get there, to up her ‘productivity rating’ and lessen her ‘floater/coaster rating’, then she freaking deserves it. Separate the two seasons already, this isn’t BB11

      • Even though I want Rachel to win the whole thing, I would not mind if Jordan was 1 or 2. She deserves it for the emotional day on Thursday alone. I also liked how Adam stood up to Shelly on Thursday

  6. On live feeds,playback @1:30am Shelly is up to her BS with Jordan and i love her line,Jorden when you leave and watch the reruns you will see how honest i have been and that i have a lot of class.GRRRRRR!!! I want to regurgitate,she is the slime oozing out on my living room floor.

    • Steve, if you believe everything is “fixed” by production, why do you watch? There are standards and codes of ethics that are enforced by the FCC regarding televised game shows! Why don’t you spend your time examining that!

    • Jordan is truly one of the worst player in the history of the game, the producers fixed both of her seasons for her to win

      • I wouldn’t go that far Steve. Yes, Jordan should not win AGAIN based off social game alone. Win a competition that wasn’t handed to you already!!!

        I still think the worst player/move in BB History was when Marcellas didn’t use the POV on himself and got evicted.
        LOL, that was classic

      • Jordon WON her HoH! There were 6 or 7 players before her. Dominic and Kalia were the ONLY ones to even get the golf ball into a number, the both got 6’s.

        Jordan got up, scored a THREE. There were only TWO slim spots after the 3, the chance of either Jeff or Brendan scoring a TWO or a ONE was next to impossible. So, they threw it.

        Jordan WON.

      • JoeyLee is right. Stop acting like Brendon or Jeff putting a 1, 2, or 3 to tie was an automatic. That doesn’t make any sense, they’re not easy shots to make and nobody stood behind Jordan and guided her hands as she putted a 3. Enough already, it wasn’t handed to her, she won it herself

  7. Does Shelly not know that the jurors get to see clips of the show..??? They see clips while in the jury house and on the final show they are shown clips before the vote. Does she not realize this?? the woman is insnae..

    • The jurors only get to see the comps and the outcomes. But no diary room sessions.

      That stopped after BB2. That’s why Danielle didn’t win season 2 because CBS used to let all the evicted HGs see it everything. By doing so all the people she lied to a manipulated were pissed off and voted off emotions instead of her gameplay alone.

      • I agree…Danielle would have won had they not shown diary room sessions. She got cheated out of that win!

    • That’s what I’m saying!! This whole “couples veto” thing was a BS way to save Jordan and Rachel. It’s unfair to do this with six people left because the HoH doesn’t really get to pick replacement nominees if one of the two on the block wins, since that person can take both off. It should have been a normal veto. The game has definitely been manipulated a bit by producers in the past (ex: the convenient coup d’etat for Jeff in S11 and for Matt in S12 to get rid of useless Kathy), but this season, this one is completely blatant. Regardless of who you are a fan of, this kind of rule change is not really a “twist” because it came out of nowhere and completely favors those on the block. Why didn’t they do it last week when Kalia and Porsche were on the block? At least that way, the HoH would have some option of who to nominate in their place (among the remaining four).

      • I agree they manipulate the game…but in the end everyone has the opportunity to win the comps. Sometimes it goes our way, and sometimes it doesn’t. Jeff was supposed to win the POV, but had no idea he threw his shoe out. Therefore the wrong person went home. It’s all about the comps!!!

      • Katie, why do you think Jeff was suppose to win POV? Rachel found the first shoe in like 5 seconds. Why would CBS want to send Rachel home over Jeff? It is all subjective. GO RACHEL & BABY BOOKIE! F2!

      • @Steve and Joshua I hated the idea that the show that I have loved since S1 may be manipulated, but this season I am beginning to really wonder. The earlier twist with Brendon coming back caused the Dani alliance to have to get him out twice. It also helped Rachel who clearly had fallen apart. Now with this twist of going back to doubles during Porche’s HOH helped both Rachel and Jordan when they were going to clearly lose one of them. Instead both are safe. Yes, they all had a chance to win veto, but Porche and Kalia had just one HOH, a veto and another HOH. Adam and Shelly have not won a thing. No surprise there. Rachel had not won in so long even she was questioning what happened to her. She was due. I would be fine with Rachel winning and saving herself, but am just wondering why it seems to be so stacked against the newbies. Again, just my opinions.

    • Another ploy by CBS to stack the deck in favor of the vets.
      Bringing back Brendan was an epic Fail. All the polls I saw had Cassi far ahead of everybody then at the last minute Brendan was “chosen” by America. Now they are trying desparately to salvage this loser season by giving Brencel and Jeff & Jordan still another chance to win. Shame on you CBS. Shame on you. The Newbies never had a snowball’s chance in Hell of winning. Jeff got all the prize money except what Porsche just got and Jordan already has 500k from last year. Guess you are trying to give Brenchel their dream wedding. Why can’t they just get quicky wedding in Las Vegas and be happy until they can afford it? I am very dissappointed. Why not bring back Dani or Cassi? Oh that would not help the chosen couples. Rachel is such a poor choice to try and help. She has no admirable qualities. She is a poor sport, evil, coniving, phoney and unbalanced.

    • Next week’s twist is that Steven Tyler is going to make a special appearance and grant one week immunity (like on Survivor)to one player. Guess who? (Hint: she did a photo shoot with him)

  8. Evil Dick is right, Dani ruined herself when she tried to backdoor Jeff so early.She should have tried to get the newbies out and then the competition would have taken on a whole different game.They could have played and competed like the ultimate gamers they should be. Jordan is a wonderful lady and does play the game well as far as I am concerned, just because she has morals is not a reason for so many people on here to judge her in fact I think she should be used as a role model for others, namely Sheldon.
    I can hardly wait for tonight’s episode! Yay Jordan and Rachel …..

      • We don’t know why Dick left and we shouldn’t even presume to know why, it’s none of our business – he has a personal life.He was stating a fact!

      • Dick leaving HELPED Dani by giving her the key. Porsche begged to get a key & last night condemned Rachel for “getting Stuck” with a key. She has been such a loving daughter too. Dick was young & let his mother help him raise her. How terrible of him!!

  9. Never again should they put new bb playerz with vetz……of course everyone will faqvor the people that played already…i still think that next seaason should be the people from the last 13 seasonz who got voted out first…let them really get their game on……ive been for racheal since swhe 1st walked through the door……go racheal

  10. The situation is getting insane just read:

    TMZ is saying FBI will be called by Shelley’s family due to death threats to 8 yr old DAUGHTER.

    Come on people this is just a game!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Is this a joke? Presumably it’s from J/J fans because Shelly screwed them over, but honestly, I didn’t realize people would be THAT passionate about Big Brother.

    • That is not us on this site..We have called Shelly names and run her lying ass into the ground..But (to my knowledge) nobody has threatened to kill her or hurt her child..This site is not the one that is posting all that long as they leave it outta here we are good..I don’t think Matt would let em bring it in here..

      • You can thank BB for some of that, if they would stay out of it and let the game play out the HONEST way alot of this crap wouldn’t happen

      • I think there are a lot of wackos out there. Calling names, discussing game play (or lack thereof), and in general making fun of mannish tendencies is completely different than delivering threats. I think that when you sign up for Big Brother, you’re going to have people call you names and pick apart your faults and flaws. It’s just sad that some people think that threats and violence are okay. I feel bad for her family, especially her little girl. Shelly seems like a person who is delusional about the truth.

  11. Can anyone tell me how the flashbacks work? I can never find anything. Is the BBT the same as House time? I’m on the East coast and can’t figure it out.

    I’m team J&R. Let Rachel win this one and then have Jeff propose to Jordan at the finale!

  12. Shelly is sitting and plotting and planning this morning..This should be a good day to see hear her speel “if” she talks to Rachel about keeping her in the house..The house is trying to turn J&R against each other….but they are good about comparing notes ..soooo lets see what happens..

  13. I am so glad the Rachel won the veto, good bye shelly. i think the next one to leave is porsha, Go Rachel win bb13

  14. Ok.I’m just talking to myself here.Want to get something off my chest.IMO,I think the girls should get rid of floater Adam.Then they can fight it out amongst themselves.There have been 8 male winners and only 4 female winners on BB in 12 years.Mainly because the guys stick together and pick off the women.I think it’s time another woman wins.Also,I don’t think it was fair to have vets against newbies.The vets had their chance at the $500,000 and they blew it,(except Jordan,and she wouldn’t have gotten that without Jeff’s help).I really don’t care who wins this year,don’t care for any of them.They ALL played a bad game as far as I’m concerned.Ok,go ahead and let me have it.

    • I kind of agree with you…I really don’t care about the male vs female winners. That ratio just goes to show you that most of the females (i.e. Rachel) play so emotionally that it ultimately cost them their game.

      Have you noticed that now since Rachel has calmed down emotionally, she’s put herself in a great position to win the game

  15. How exciting are the feeds? Watching the HOH Porsha and her BFF do what they do best….

    Strategizing? No…… Making plans for the Final 5? No…… Studying for future comps? No…….. Working out to be ready for endurance or physical comps? No…… COmparing notes on who would be best for them to take to the Final 4 and Final 3? No……

    They are sleeping! Hooraay!!!!

      • This is the Real Leo…… What do you mean I lied about the Veto comp? The Veto aka POV was an endurance…. It only lasted 33 minutes with Rachel winning by hanging on for 33 minutes…. Kalia hung on for 32 minutes… Adam was the first off followed by Jordan, Shelly and then Porsha…

      • All Kalia and Porsha are good at is sleeping…. Even the Zingbot 3000 talked about how she is a sex blogger who knows more about sleeping than sex….. Zing!!!

    • Actually, if you would have spent the little extra for the subscription to superpass you would recognize that many commentators are full of bull, propagating their previously correct view. I watched Porsche and Kalia yesterday deliberate for what felt like hours on final three strategy.

  16. In the backyard, you have Adam huffing and puffing as he walks laps…. Rachel is running laps around him like it is nothing… Shelly is sitting on the couches looking like she is deep in thought… Jordfan is in and out of the house washing clothes… That is an update people. I will chat with you all later. Have a great day everyone!

    Go Team Rendan aka RJ

  17. I just watched the part where Jordan and She-Man Shelly talked.OMG she is really a compulsive liar she straight out lied to Jordan again what is wrong with this crazy lady!! She is the biggest manipulator(sp) she actually said all she does is stick up for people and dont lie lmao she really is crazy I really think that she is. She is tryin to mess with Jordan’s head, I pray she don’t fall for it. And she is obsessed with Rachel what did rachel do to her that bad for her to talk about her like she does. I cant wait for her to get kicked out and and see what people think of her lol. I would pay to see her face when she reads how much people hate her. PLEASE Jordan dont fall for her bullshit kick her ass out!

  18. Im really sick and tired about this people using other peoples name with the intention of causing trouble

  19. Reading your posts for weeks, speaks for itself. The “real” Leo who has been posting probably since the beginning is hardly for Team Shelly.

  20. I think everyone competes and let the chips fall where they may. I still believe it was outrageous for the producers to manipulate an opportunity for both Jordan and Rachel to stay. Rachel won fair and square and should be off the block but Jordan as the looser should remain in jeopardy and she would then go home and it would have been Rachel vs the remainder of the house. Sort of like Janell a few seasons back. Win and stay loose and go home. I believe the producers would have still implemented this ridiculous scheme even if Porsche haden’t taken the money. If she takes the money they use double veto as punishment , if she turned down the money then the double veto would have been a reward to HG’s. This season has been nothing but producers manipulation to the extreme. They know if either Jordan or Rachel got voted out the remainder of season would be borring and so they jammed the fans .

    • I agree with you Mark and Steve. I just don’t see what makes it any more interesting because they have saved the both of them and I don’t think it has been fair to the newbies at all. Just let everyone play without the manipulation. The whole concept of this season has been wrong IMO.

  21. Threat to Shelly’s daugter on TMZ …..
    Allison Grodner released a statement on Twitter ..

  22. The fact that Shelly and her daughter are receiving death threats goes to show that JeJo die-hard fans are just as crazy as Shelly.

    It’s a GAME people!!!! OMG

    Also, CBS needs to NEVER do another vets vs newbies. Because America has really invested themselves into the vets already, so the noobs never really had a chance to get a strong fan base.

    That’s why Brendan was voted back into the house. Even Julie said the votes weren’t even close. And that’s why America’s player will be a Vet (prob Jeff or Jordan or Dani). The newbies don’t stand a chance.

    CBS needs to do an all new cast or an All Stars season to keep it more fair

  23. I’ve been watching BB when they had real charactors playing. Not a bunch of whiners
    Remember when the Doctet stood a begged then to send him home they didn’t
    Now for the Players this year. I will agree that Jordan is a sweet person and she had the opportunity. Ride on self eclaimed big Jeff,s shirttail looking and acting hurt to have too vote somebody out!. Jordan is just about one half step above Adam who by the way is useless
    Rachel is a vile evil person. It you handled her you could get bite afterall she is a snake
    The rest of the BB guests are yepping idiots. Not a plan tim the bunch it would kill mr to see kalia even get close to the final 2

    • I started this season not wanting Rachel to go very far.But as the days in the house have pasted,i now have a change of heart.Rachel has played a good game,and i now hope that Rachel and Jordan are the final two.With Rachel winning of course.And i agree that Jordan will win AC hands down.Jordan is such a sweetheart,but with the situation of the phone call she gave Shelly,she was too good and taken advange of.Shelly came into the house saying she trys to be a good example for her daughter,i’ll bet her daughter isn’t so proud of her mother right now.Teaching her it’s ok to lie and stick your finger in peoples faces to get what you want.Bad example Shelly.And stealing from other HG’S to boot,explain that to your daughter Shelly.I

      • rachel played a horrible game… she is totally over the top and doesnt deserve a win. the meaness she shows is legend

  24. I think if Jordan is in the final 2 with a newbie, she wins again.

    Jeff, Rachel, Brendon and Shelly will vote for Jordan over Porsha, Kalia and Adam

  25. Jordan and Rachel are talking in the have not room about possibly getting rid of Adam and keeping Shelly….

  26. Nevermind, they were saying that as an option, but it sounds like Shellly is going to the jury….

    • who knows, its all scripted we never know what bb tells each of the hg when they go into the diary room… its far from being an actual reality show its edited to make people have strong reactions bad or good and really jordan is the ultimate floater

  27. Ok I have a thought. As much as I want Shelly gone I think it will be best to keep her around over Adam. And IF by any chance Jordan or Rachel wins the HOH this week then they definately need to evict Porsha out since right now she is somewhat the most fittest of her alliance. Shelly and Kahlia are not much of a competitor when it comes to any physical comps. If they do keep Adam and evict Shelly, I hope Porsha is in their radar to evict next!!! PEACE!!!

  28. from twitter – ‘Big Brother’ — Shelly’s Family Receiving Death Threats Over Jeff’s Eviction

    ” Big Brother” contestant Shelly Moore pissed off America when she voted to evict fan favorite Jeff Schroeder last week — and now TMZ has learned her family has been receiving death threats from deranged fans because of the move. Sources close to Shelly tell us … the reality star’s family has received multiple phone calls from people threatening violence … even making threats against Shelly’s 8-year-old daughter. We’re told Shelly’s employer has also been receiving harassing phone calls — demanding the company fire Shelly immediately because of the way she voted on the show. Sources tell us Shelly’s family is preparing to get the FBI involved — because they’re taking the threats VERY seriously. UPDATE: “Big Brother” Executive Producer Allison Grodner released a statement on Twitter … saying, “No matter how much you dislike an HG, this is wrong! True BB fans do not try to ruin lives. Please stop!”

  29. Rachel, Jordan and Adam are in the Have Not room talking…. Jordan just told Adam about hour Kalia and Porsha made a final 4 deal with Jordan and Rachel.

      • Rachel and JJordan are reminding Adam if he stays it is because of them…… Jordan says she would not be happy with Adam if he chose to keep Porsha over Rachel or Jordan.

    • WWJD. The J doesn’t stand for Jesus or Jordan.The guy has a headache, he hasn’t had to make a decision for a while.

  30. Jordan and Rachel have just told Adam they are keeping him. Adam gave his word to themm, that he won’t ever turn on them. It is a done deal. Shelly will be evicted and if Jordan, Rachel or Adam win the HOH, Kalia and Porsha will be nominated. The three of them, Adam, Rachel and Kalia are a voting block of three.

    Go Team Rachel, Jordan and Adam aka team RJA!!!

      • I think Rachel will be favored in any endurence comp….. jordan is no slouch either in comps…. She won when it mattered during BB11.

  31. As much as I like j and j on the show, the lack of game play from the floaters left only 6 players to watch them play the game. The girls floating and sleeping were never doing anything to bring in more game. It was a little boring this year. So glad Danielle the obnoxious, rude, whiney “baby’s il” is gone.

  32. Rachel is a class act…. Even though Porsha turned on Rachel, trashes Rachel all the time with Dani, Kalia and Shelly, Rachel won’t thrash Porsha and says she still likes Porsha.

  33. As much as I like Jordan..why is she always putting everyone down who ‘hasn’t done anything all summer’??? What has she really done? Win HOH that Bren and Jeff let her win [golf]. She pouted around most of the summer not talking to hardly anyone until Jeff won HOH then she ‘came alive’. Shes sweet and could win…but wish she would admit she hasn’t done anything either! Okay..she didn’t sleep the summer away! LOL

    • I don’t necessarily agree that Brendon and Jeff let her win the golf game. They both made a show about throwing it. But, if they would have really tried to make it, they may or may not have made it. I was afraid at the time that it took away her credibility when they did that. I wish that if they would have thrown it, they would have been less obvious. LOL on the not sleeping the summer away!

      • You are correct TK regarding Bren and Jeff. I was a little harsh! I take it back and agree with you!!!!

    • Good choice. I wonder if Rach wants to take Jordan to the final. I think she’ll lose if she does. Jordan will have everyone else except Brendan. People say they won’t give it to her because she’s won already. Naw, I think they would do it to spite Rachel.

      • Jordan will take Rachel to the final 2.

        If Rachel wins the final HOH, she will take either Adam or whoever is left because she will have won nmore comps than anyone and won’t have to worry about everyone being enamered with Jordan.

  34. Shelly just told Jordan in the backyard that she will always look out for Jordan…… Too bad Shelly is leaving next right? LMAO!!!

  35. It looks like Shelly is getting all the press she wants. Her employer will probably move her up the food chain rather than dumping her. Those who are crazed enough to call and express death threats will only make others take pity on her. TMZ talks about the hate coming from dumping Jeff…I didn’t read anything about threats because of her dirty game play all along. Shelly will come out victorious. She will have more opportunities come to her because of the negativity. In my book, that’s not fair. She doesn’t deserve money and attention for her dirty moves in the game. But, this is America. And, America loves a good negative story.

  36. Shelly says: “I will tell you in front of God, my husband, my parents, and the world, I ABSOLUTELY will not go against the two of you. Despite everything that has gone on, I’ve been with you guys since the beginning.”

    What a pathetic ass. LOL!

    I’m sure God has better things to do, Shelly.

  37. @RachelsZits

    It was actually season 3 that Danielle should have won. Will won season 2.

  38. Rachel and Shelly talking about their favorite BB past HG’s of all time.

    Rachel says Janelle is her favorite HG of all time because she was a great competitor

    They discuss meeting Janelle, and Janelle being pregnane. Apparently Rachel has talked to Janelle on the phone a couple times. They talk about how Porsha only met Janelle once because she worked with Janelle

  39. ******* Guess ~ What? *******

    Shelly says if Rachel needs some influential contancts for getting a job in California, Rachel can always call Shelly for a refference and so Shelly can use her contacts to get Shelly a job

    @ things are wrong with this statement

    1) Shelly, you won’t have as many contacts after this season

    2) It is obvious, you are kissing Rachel’s a**, so she votes to keep you

    Shelly is saying how great Rachel is and would be best having a job working directly with people. Too bad Shelly doesn’t feel this way when she is bashing Rachel nonstop with Dani, Kalia and Porsha.

    Shelly, I thought you weren’t going to keep in touch with Rachel after the show. Now you want Rachel to call you, so you can hook her up with your friend and have all kinds of great things for Brendon and Rachel’s wedding via your friend who have casino connections? LMAO!!!

    • That woMAN has Balls!!!!! She never stops trying to manipulate people. She did the same with Jeff, a six-figure job, said Jeff was a “Diamond”!
      Shelley, Here’s a thought; Pray YOU still HAVE a job, and a Husband…. Not an OUNCE of pity for this Bitc*!

    • Shelly will be lucky to have any type of life when she gets out that house. She pretty well screwed her kid,husband,job,integrity,character, the list could go on and on and on, Porshe too will have no life, ask Rachel how she felt after getting out of the house last season, she said everybody in America hated her, Rachel this time you look like a angel in comparrison to those two. YIKES!!!

      • Rachel received death threats too last year and so did Brittany
        I dont want anybody jump down my throat but I guess it cames with some sort of fame
        Just like movie stars gets

    • According to Shelly’s family is getting death threats! Wow she sucks but that is not cool!

      • Don’t you think that with Shelly being as rich as she apparently is that she has an unlisted number and address so not sure I buy the death threat story as being factual, but if it is then it is horrible and wrong because as much as I cannot stand Shelly’s actions on the show her family is innocent and no one deserves that. I do think if they were that CBS would have to of told Shelly and as much as I dislike the woman’s actions she does seem to care and love her child and husband and am 100% positive that she would of already left the show to be with her family if this was indeed the case so not sure that it is the truth and certainly hope that it is not. Go JORDAN and RACHEL!!!

  40. Watch all the feeds from 5:05 PM BBT until 5:20 PM BBT…. This is entertaining watching Shelly give Rachel hickies on her a**… Shelly better be carefull before Brendon gets jealous. LMAO!!!

    • Wow, she has absolutly lost it. He exit interview is gonna be one pathetic sight. I really hope she gets the help she needs when she gets back home.

      • It you get the live feeds, go to google and type in superpass. There is a link that is giving people 14 day free trials to watch the feeds ok?

      • That will give you 14 days for free….. Check them out or wait until Thursday to wign up for free and have them for free for the rest of the season with 14 days ok Gene?

      • I’m probably just gonna get it tonight.It’s only 15 bucks didn’t know it was that cheap.

  41. I have to tell you guys that I haven’t been a fan of Rachel’s all season. I am actually beginning to cheer for her to win now. If I were in the house, I would definitely want to her in her alliance. She seems to me to be the most honest person in the house. Sure she acts immature and catty ( but don’t thay all) but all in all she seems to be a decent person. Even Jordan has lies from time to time and to Rachel. Rachel seems to be a lot stronger player with out her Bookie. I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but… GO RACHEL!

      • Leo, not Adam…anyone but Adam. lol

        It would be hilarious if he wins an HOH and goes to the final 2. Can you imagine his final speech to the jury house?

        Adam: “Uh, I played a clean game, never lied, manipulated, or back stabbed. Well, I guess I never did much of anything. The most exciting thing I did in the house was shave my beard. Oh, by the way, Jeff I love your hair. And if yal vote for me, I’ll throw a huge bacon party and we can all watch 90210 together!”

      • Don’t laugh Rachel, it could very well go down like that. I’d like to see rachel and Adam, Who would Dani vote for? That would be her worst nightmare

      • And see the look on his face when they vote for Rachel even though he’s been more loyal to that alliance than anyone.

      • Dani would be too pissed. lol. Maybe she could be the first player in BB history to refuse to vote and walk off.

        But if she had to, she would prob give it to Rachel because she never respected anyone who “floats” to the end. All she would have to do is ask Adam what big move or play did he do to earn her vote? And Adam would be silent

      • His answer would be” Uhhh, Uh, I cooked a lot of Bacon! Tell em Jeff!”
        Jeff-“Shut up monkey! I don’t know you!”

      • Was never a Rachel fan, but I am rooting for her and Jordan, Rachel is such a better person without Bookie, he makes her a bitch, when he’s not around she is likable.

      • I just think Rachel tries to hard when Brendon is around because she does not want to disappoint him, but I do not think it is necessary because it is so obvious that he loves her to death and would do anything for her. I think she just relaxes when he is not around and can just be herself. Go Team Jordan and Rachel. Really have gotten to like Rachel a lot since Brendon got evicted.

    • It takes a bunch of losers like ShellHe, Cowlia & Porkche to make you realize that Rachel is not that bad of a person.

      There are many worse ppl.

      • I am actually loving Rachel now. She does much better without Brendon in the house. I am really hoping that it comes down to Jordan and Rachel in the final two and as much as I love Jordan I really think Rachel deserves the $500,000 but want Jordan to have 1st place and for Jeff to win America’s Player. This would be a perfect ending to a really sorry summer of Big Brother 13.

      • R isn’t bad she is just an emotional player can read her like a book. Her comps are usually good but her social game lacks. Most of the other HG don’t like her.

      • I don’t like Rachel because she is with Jordan. I like her because she is so competitive and balanced in her version 2.0! Go Rachel! How about Shelly (who is playin a totally dark game) or floating Adam beside her

  42. If you observe Shelly and her game play, she chooses those to suck up to, who can move her ahead or keep her safe. Not that that particular game play is bad…they all do it. But, she’s kissing up to Rachel now with promises to help her career moves outside the house. Good going Shelly. Like you care about Rachel. You are so transparent. I hope Rachel and Jordan SEE what’s going on and give her the shaft come Thursday.

    • Jordan and Rachel already told Adam he is safe and they are evicting Shelly. They told Shelly not to turn on them. Adam promised!

  43. Shelly to Rachel

    Rachel, you are the best at the kind of comps we had for the POV. You looked so comfortable. You are just the best at those comps. How do you do it?

    Shelly is laying it on think huh? LMAO!!!

  44. Ha. It looks like Shelly’s transparency isn’t fooling R and J. Shelly, you are a dead man walking (no threat intended here! Only game play)

  45. Rachel let slip that every Friday whedn a hg joins the jury, the cameras are there. HG’s are told they are not allowed to talk about game play until finale night…. The feeds cut to we will be right back… L~O~L!!!

    You get to watch movies and order whatever groceries you want and when you first arrive to the jury house, you get a personalized basket like when you become the HOH. IIt will have a letter from your family and pictures just like when you win the HOH!

  46. Funny how she has to hang around Rachel and Jordan now. She wants to know what they’re talking about. You are a pathetic woman.

    • She can’t really hang out with Porsha and Kalia for 2 reasons

      She has to smoke outside (K & P are sleeping in the HOH all day)

      And neither K & P have the votes to keep her over Adam, so it won’t do her any good

  47. @ LEO If u are here??? Did u get all the conversation between Adam Jordon AND Rachel today?? Did ADAM spill his guts?? (TO LATE IF HE FINALLY DID) I was busy/in & out so I only caught parts of what was said..

    • Fly, yes he did…… Jordan and Rachel have decided they are going to keep Adam…. They told Adam, if they save him, he better save them and not choose Porsha or Kalia over them. Adam gave his word. Rachel and Jordan are just being corgial with Shelly now even though they are evicted Shelly on THursday.

      • Did Adam tell them everything (that he should have told Jeff) about Shelly’s deals and offers in short did he finally tell it all.. EVERYTHING?? Did he also tell them that Kalia & Porsche are trying get them to turn on each other??

      • Jordan and Shelly told Adam that Kalia told everyone about the final 2 deal with Adam and Kalia….. Rachel, Jordan and Adam are a solid 3….

      • ya RJ told adam about his deal and that they had a 4 person deal. Jordon is playing shelly and she telling her everything that KP are up to

  48. I don’t think bb is fixed at all, the only reason the people say that is because the show is not going your way , one more thing why are ther such rude com’s about the hg’s? GO rachel win bb13.I am so glad she won the veto.

    • I agree. She totally deserves to win. She’s had to put up with everyone’s crap for weeks, including “mama” Shelly.

      • Tonight’s taped show is one of the best ever. I think they should submit it for Emmy consideration. The pathos of Jordan and Shelly is almost Shakespearian. GO RACHEL & BOOKIE’S BABY! BIG RED IS BACK BITCHES!

    • Even if it is influenced (I think it is to create the most drama), I don’t think they can force an event to happen. I enjoy it anyway.

      • Jordan is crying because she felt betrayed by someone she trusted, I think youre a stupid bitch for your comment, obviously they have more class than you and they havent been evicted yet, so how do you know how’ll they behave once they are????

      • I know. These people make me laugh when the people they are dating leaves. They act like they died or something. It’s only for a week or so, seriously…anyway, they know what their in for so why all the drama…Geez, don’t play then. And Jeff didn’t seem upset at all. But he’s a jerk anyway !

      • why don’t we all see jordan got exposed by the newbies?? people r so in love with jordan but she showed her true colors when jeff exited the game. they only used shelly for info for their own gain hopefully jordan will soon join jeff at jury she deserves nothing but a pass back home

  49. W~O~W…. Brendon and Rachel had their own bedroom and bathrooms… They played video games and had parties every night in the jury house. That doesn’t sound too bad!

  50. This interesting…. HG’s in the Jury house have to be up and ready by 1 PM BBT because they is when the new jury member arrives…

    Rachel said Friday’s in the jury house are like Thursdays in the BB house. Rachel says Fridays are fun…

  51. At least Rachel and Jordan are playing basketball in the pool and Shelly is sun tanning and talking to Rachel and Jordan

    Porsha and Kalia are still sleeping in the HOH room and Adam is now sleeping in the Candy Room…. THe house would suck without Jordan and Rachel…

      • I don’t see how adam will win the 50k becasue unless he wins the final hoh nobody will take porche and kaliah will take each other and jordon and rachel will take each other. For him to win he has to win the HOH and if he does he probably take jordon he is not a fan of rachels the only reason he is working with her is he trust jordon

    • I don’t like Shelly neither, but when is it a crime to lie, back stab, and manipulate in this game?

      The people at my job lie, and back stab all the time, that’s life. Everybody is not all rainbows and unicorns like Jordan. Some people lie and cheat their way to the top. To each their own. But death threats from the JeJo cults out their are simply ridiculous!

  52. Shelly is exhibiting sociopathic behavior bigtime. I know because at one time I was married to a diagnosed sociopath. Her actions are a mirror image of my ex.

  53. Adam is in the backyard

    Rachel and Jordan told Adam everything Shelly told them about K & P using plato and making plans saying this is what Dani would and wouldn’t do… LMAO!!!

  54. Adam told Rachel and Jordan that Shelly flipped to Dani’s side when Dani ate dinner outside the Have Not room when Shelly was in solitary confinement for 24 hours to receive a phone call.

    • Crap I posted on the wrong page so I will post again
      It look Shelly is on her way out
      RJ have just shook hands to stick togheter which is better for Adam because with Shelly out there is 3 RJA vs the 2 PK
      I think he will keep is end of the deal and if he makes it to final 3 with them at least he will have a chance to fight for final 2
      I know everybody makes fun of him but you never know One of then needs to win HOH on thursday

    • If that’s actually true then Shelly is some kind of special dumbass. Ate dinner outside her door, wow…ok, eat food right beside her when Shelly can’t eat…but alright, I can see the nice part of it…but it’s so amazing that it’s flip-worthy? Moreso than Jordan giving her the damn call that she’d go against Jordan in favour of Dani? BS that wasn’t it, it was production pushing Shelly. I hate Shelly but I don’t believe she’s actually that stupid. Jeff was right to be upset that Shelly even mentioned Dani in her eviction speech alongside thanking Jordan when Jordan’s gesture was far greater

  55. Adam told Rachel and Jeff that he voted out Brendon because he didn’t want to have to compete against Brendon and Jeff at the same time

    He said that is the same reason he wanted Dani out and voted to evict her

  56. Jordan told Adam if Jeff, Brendon, Rachel and Jordan are in the jury, they would all vote for Adam to win. Adam jokes, I will go against you now then….. J/K!!! LMAO!!!

  57. To all the people saying Porsha didn’t have a choice when taking Pandora’s box…. That is not true

    Porsha has been apoligizing to Adam and Shelly…… Adam, says, Porsha did the right thing because anyone would open pandora’s box…

  58. Adam, says he never watched the live feeds because he could just read the recaps…….

    Rachel, Adam and Jordan, say there is not enough action to watch the feeds 24 hours a day….. They think if there are 10 million viewers that watch CBS, maybe 1 million use the live feeds.

  59. If HG’s say anything about being on Big Brother before they enter the house or any of their friends or relatives say anything, they will be disqualified from being on the show.

  60. The best alliance ever was Lane, Enzo, Matt, and Hayden. The best player is Jordan. She won HOH at the right moment and had the best social game.

    • Matt was the brains. One idiot playing with his junk every 30 minutes, A meathead rich kid and the pretty boy, but they did fool the house and for that I give them credit. But Most of it goes to Matt. 75%

  61. Rachel and Adam are talking about the spelling Veto comp…. Adam said at least no one spelled Technotronics because Rachel is being hard on herself for spelling moisterizer with a u…

  62. I am hoping that they still evict Shelly even though Jordan and Shelly made up. I hope Jordan is just doing that for a possible Jury vote!

    • Shelly is going home…. Rachel, Jordan and Adam are a solid 3 person alliance…. As solid as you can be in the Big brother house right? LMAO!!!

      • The problem of their alliance is their lack of ability to win comps, Sure i guess rachel can, but she hasnt in a while, Adam cant, Jordan cant

        Shelly cant either, But P&K both can.

  63. It is 4:56 PM BBT and Porsha and Kalia are still sleeping in the HOH room…. How patheitic is that…. Can you imagine a Final 3 withh them? @ HG’s sleep all day and the tird HG all alone being bored? WTF? That is worst case scenario folks…. LMAO!!!

    • so it is a for sure thing that ADAM IS WITH R&J???? He is not lying to them?? They must have convinced him that he was being used by SHELLY..if so it took long enough ..I’ll watch the flashback later..but wanna know some things now..The way K/P ARE TALKING RIGHT NOW I AM CONFUSED ABOUT ADAM and who he is loyal too

    • It is 100% set in stone because Adam knows if he takes out J or R, he will not make it past final 4 because K & P won’t take him either…

    • Wow, just stating opinion, I know it’s a game, but if you think she’s gonna go back to work all hunky dory, you are the fool. And not sociopaths automtically kill you fool, it just means her feelings are on the backburner.ME I think she played a great game, but she has mental issues. It is what it is.

  64. Kalia and Porsha are talking about Shelly. Kalia told Porsha that Shelly promised to vote to keep Kalia and she lied!

    Dani always talked about not talked gameplay to get people on your side but to talk about personal things which is why Shelly flipped to Dani’s side!

  65. I am happy BB is showing the big fights that hhappened before Thursday;s live show because the feeds didn’t show the 2 hours prior to the show…

    Tonight’s show is great!!!

    • Yep I’m glad they showed the fights we couldn’t see.

      Jeff was trying to bully Shelly into voting for him last minute. He was even bullying Adam. Does he not realize Adam had a man crush on him???

      Rachel: “Jordan has to win this HOH comp to save us!”

      Come on Rach, we are talking about Jordan here

  66. Shelly isn’t going to lose her job and screw up her child because of what she did on this show. Some Jeff and Jordan fans are just crazy obsessed and were upset to hear Shelly lied to them. Some of these fans are even sending death threats to Shelly’s family. What happens in the game should stay in the game no matter what happens. Even if something bad happens to America’s favorite player. It’s sad to hear people taking everything so seriously. Shelly will get evicted this week. THAT is what she deserves for playing a dirty, dirty game. She does not deserve death threats and a firing of her job all of which could ruin her life. If you legitimately believe she deserves death threats and her life to ruined you’re crazy.

    • She’s got mental problems chief. She’s gonna be out of job because of this real soon.At the least, she’s bipolar at the worst sociopathic.

      • Gene, if she was a sociopath she would have murdered Jeff not evicted him but bipolar people are depressed on some days and manic on others. She clearly has memory gaps which is likely caused by some problem but it isn’t enough to get her fired. People are highly over-reacting. All she did was lie and break promises; she didn’t kidnap their first child.

      • Get a grip Gene. It’s a TV show. A show intended that pits people against each other, just like Survivor. It’s based on deception. We know Jeff threw a comp and he flat out lied about it. He did that to gain a vote. Shelly did the right thing with her flip.The newbies only chance at the money is to get rid of the vets.

      • Yeah nita, only stupid people like you come back withnames and no facts. Lurker, she’s whacked in the head, sorry but it’s a fact. John I know She did tyhe right thing. I’ve noticed her behavior ever since she got rid of cassie, sorry dude, She’s has mental illness.

      • Did u read that in the post I wrote?? DID I WRITE THAT IN THE POST??? I have said before and will say again that the threats are not coming from this site. We may wanna slap Shelly or whoop her ass but nobody has said that they wanted her dead or her family hurt. Those of us that visit this site daily know about what is happening on other sites as to the threats. WE are not doing that stuff. #1 I do not think that Matt would permit it. #2 If u don’t like what what people are saying about Shelly go to the site where it is taking place and tell them. U come in here preaching to us about how wrong it is yet WE did not do it. All u accomplish when u bring the crap in here is an argument..and most of don’t want that either. Again go to the site that the threats are originating from and tell those guys. We are not in that mix..

      • You said “she ruined her own life.” All she did was play a game dirty. She is now getting death treats which are ruining her life so by you saying that she ruined her life it’s as though you see no problem with this. She is having her life ruined by crazed Jeff and Jordan fans. And also I never said “you” are doing it like you said in your post. I’m saying “people” are doing it. And yes people on THIS SITE are agreeing that she deserves to have her life ruined. Maybe they havent actually done these things, but they agree that they should be done. I keep seeing comments like “she is a horrible person” and “she needs to be fired.” That’s what’s going on here. And I have been posting on this site for awhile now. Back from probably week 2. I am just posting my opinion on a serious Big Brother-related issue right now. I’m just trying to make people aware of this issue and I don’t understand why you are so against me posting my anti-death threats to Shelly statements. NOBODY deserves to have their life or well being at risk because of their actions while playing a GAME.

      • There are sites that are being investigated as to the threats. As far as I know this site is not on their radar..but if people like u keep bringing it up and saying that YES it is happening on here then it will be looked into. Why do u wanna bring that kinda trouble in here?? Take ur complaints to the site where it is happening. Better yet let the matter die out.. When (if) Shelly gets evicted it will calm down..When the show is over Shelly will have to deal with whatever turmoil came from her being a HG on BB. I have put in a couple of post that she may not have a job when she gets home but I did not say that she needed to be fired. I said that she was making it hard on her husband and child but I made no threats toward them. If u have heard people in here make death threats and say that Shelly should be fired then u need to call those posters out by name or report them to Matt and let him handle it..

      • Fly….no one said you ruined her life….it was not stated on here that you were doing such things… why jump to the conclusion of that? Unless you have a guilty feeling in the pit of your stomach….I mean after all you did compare her to Casey Anthony.

    • @Lurker.

      Thanks for comment. People can be so selfish and cruel to others, what makes its worse in this case is that they are hating someone over a TV game show. All these hateful ppl really disgust me

      • Yeah I mean I can honestly say I’ve never HATED a reality TV show contestant. I have DISLIKED people but never hated.

      • @Lurker….I’m with you. Reality tv is becoming to real for people sitting at home. SOME people on here don’t realize that and when you try to talk to them about it they flip out on you because they feel guilty and are trying to defend their actions. I hope one day they never go through what Shelly will be going through when the show is off the air. So sad that this is what reality tv is coming too

      • @Dudan, Lurker and Waytogo I agree with all of your statements. Not only are many of the posters here hateful against the players in the game, but if you don’t agree with them or what they have posted they get angry when you are stating your own opinion. We all have a right to our opinions and I have been posting here from the beginning. I have stated many times that it is wrong to say cruel things about each and every player. Talk about gameplay, have your favorites, but it is not necessary to jump all over someone if they don’t share your opinion. It is fine to debate, but do so in a civil manner.

      • Im so sick of people saying Jeff is a bully. Please give me situation where he bullied. The only bullies were Shelly and Dani. Look at the way they hounded Adam. All the stupid shit Dani was saying to him. And the way she bullied Rachel ever since she got Dom out. Shelly bullies everyone.

  67. Can i make a special request for Matt from BB11 to do a special Sunday edition of his column this week?
    There was too much awesome stuff in this episode for him to comment on not to have one.

  68. That was impressive……. Porsha had to beat everyone to win the HOH….. To nad all she accomplished was to evict Shelly this week huh? LMAO!!!

  69. It is appalling to see this. The Newbies finally get a break and CBS production can’t even let them enjoy their victory. They choose to throw a bone to the 2 stupid dogs (R&J) in the house. Obviously production and the idiotic condescending vet fans think little of their fellow supposedly equal humans (the newbies)…SMH

    • you do realize that Porsha screwed herself by opening Pandora’s box, right?!?! Production didn’t make her be as selfish as she is; they just let her true colors fly.

    • Its their own fault.
      Porsche could have left pandora’s box closed.
      After all it’s called pandora’s box for a reason.
      You do know Pandora’s story don’t you?

    • I agree the newbies finally took control, and production gave the dogs another chance. I hate this season of BB but I am not going to quit, I hope next season is better.

    • It was a stupid newbie that got greedy and opened pandoras box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dudan,
      Aren’t you the same person that was just preaching to others about how cruel people are discusting?. Apparently, you only think that it is disgusting if they are cruel or comment on the newbies….

    • Dudan I agree with you again and also @captainobvious you are right Production did not make her do that, but they put that twist in. Ironic the twists only happened when newbies were HOH. Jeff did not have to throw the veto to Adam, but he did for the $5,000. He also jumped early off the ski comp. and ended up with $10,000. Jeff questioned himself after throwing the veto just as Porche is doing. Why does that make Porche a selfish person?

  70. Porsha did the most obnoxious celeabration after winning her first HOH….. Good job, now once Shelly is evicted, you can watch Kalia play against Jordan, Rachel and Adam for the next HOH…. How do you feel about that? LMAO!!!

  71. I love Rachel’s reaction…. “Oh my gosh!”

    Porsha, you and Kalia have something in common…. Your decisions have sent people from your own alliance out the door. You still think you are a great player? LMAO!!!

    • Dani sure was making a good game move when she recruited such incompetent disciples. HaHa

    • Yeah, Rachel is easily the best player this season. It isn’t even close. I’m working on a top 20 players list and I’m only including one of the two seasons of many players. Rachel this season I’ve put in at #17.

  72. Jeff and Brandon are the brain for Jordon and Rachel and they need to be with their man. I will be glad when they are put out. Shelly is playing to win and I don’t blame her. How can you say all those bad things about her when you didn’t feel that way about Jeff and Brandon. Shelly is playing to win. You go girl!

    • To bad your precious Shelly is gone on Thursday. Jordan and Rachel for the final 2!!!!!

  73. Wow…. big brother, more like big disappointment with this episode..

    Half of the episode was just recap of what we saw last thursday, Thank you cbs, for waisting 30 min of my time from something I had already seen. Guess with your ratings gone you need to fill up the episodes somehow.

    This weeks HoH competition was a huge pile of crap. One time would of have been fine and dont these contest usually only have one chance or a time limit. Sorry rachel but looks like someone is better at handling balls. Considering that she won both the PoV and HoH that had balls involved.

    I can say there was one good thing about this episode… Finally someone said it, Who gives a * if dani is evil D’s daughter. She will never be like her dad or come close.

  74. Before Im out for the night, what’s everyone’s take on this scenario: Adam and Kalia in the Final 2. I see Jeff and Jordan voting Adam and Daniele, Porsche, and Shelly voting Kalia. But how would Brendon and Rachel vote?

    • I think Adam and Cowlia have about as much of a chance to make it to the final two as Shelly does of not getting evicted.

      Jordan and Rachel for the final two!!!!!

    • Unfortunately brendon, rachel, jeff, and jordan all hold grudges to the max. So being that they do I think that it makes 4 easy votes for adam.

      See if they actually played to their whole ” floaters go home ” then we would see a completely house right now. But they are too busy with there grudges on each other.

      • Dani held the grudge to the max over Dom.
        Jeff couldn’t trust her ever again after she tried to have him backdoored
        She is the reason so many vets are in the jury instead of the floaters.

  75. Well I hope the Jeff fans are happy and proud of what they’ve caused…

    From TMZ….
    “Big Brother” contestant Shelly Moore pissed off America when she voted to evict fan favorite Jeff Schroeder last week — and now TMZ has learned her family has been receiving death threats from deranged fans because of the move.

    Sources close to Shelly tell us … the reality star’s family has received multiple phone calls from people threatening violence … even making threats against Shelly’s 8-year-old daughter.

    We’re told Shelly’s employer has also been receiving harassing phone calls — demanding the company fire Shelly immediately because of the way she voted on the show.

    Sources tell us Shelly’s family is preparing to get the FBI involved — because they’re taking the threats VERY seriously. ”

    Hope you guys and gals are proud at taken a reality game show into real life…..hope you guys can sleep at night.

    • If it was actually that life serious then why did TMZ come in and make a story. TMZ is only good for publicity.

      • TMZ is a site about celebrities and although I don’t agree with their ways of getting stories most of the time….I was browsing trying to find another story to show my partner and I came across that and was appalled. TMZ reported it because Shelly…like it or not….its now in the house of reality stars so TMZ would report something like that.

    • It’s a shame to see such senselessness on display by adults over a TV show that is obviously scripted. Jeff and jordan fans are an embodiment of the word idiot. If care is not taken we might have another charles manson in the making. All Jeff has to do is give the command and all his zombie followers will kill Shelly, her family or anyone who opposes him. Wise up and grown ppl

      • Maybe you shouldn’t generalize so much, it’s clear you think this of the stereotypical JJ fans but I’ve seen a lot of completely sensical comments from JJ fans as well. Some people, like me, like Jeff because he doesn’t cross anyone who’s ever crossed him and he’s a strong competitor. Not seeing how those are idiotic reasons to be a fan of a player in this game

      • wrong Jeff is not going to kill anyone or even have someone kill someone. its a game jeff knows this. Sorry jeff is no charles

    • I don’t think that those things are being posted on this page. I am a Jeff fan, and it sucks that he couldn’t win the veto to save himself, but I can’t fault Shelly for doing what she thinks she needs to do. I have been reading this site for a while and I haven’t seen any threats against Shelly. Maybe you should post this somewhere more relevant.

      • Well this is the main site that I’ve read and I’ve read some nasty things that people have said about ALL the HG’s and read some where they’ve compared Shelly to Casey Anthony. So that’s why I was posting it on here…..people really need to step back and realize its ‘reality’ tv and that no matter who gets voted out, who wins the money, who backdoored who….it doesn’t and shouldn’t affect the way they live. And if it does than maybe they should lay off the tv for a while and go for a nice hike

    • ok i like jeff and jordan. i even like rachel and adam but just because someone likes these people doesnt mean we caused are this crazy threats and stuff. yes there is crazy people out there that take things too serious. but just because im a fan doesnt mean i want someone harm or their job gone.

  76. Matt Hoffman said for 3/4 of the season he has been Team Rachel…. Matt from BB12 says he hopes Rachel will win and thinks she will win!

  77. Even James from BB6 & BB7 says Rachel should win…

    Matt and James say Rachel can beat anyone

    Evel Dick doesn’t think Rachel will beat Jordan

  78. Evel Dick asked James and Matt if Jeff will go down on Shelly when no one is around to get Shelly to vote for Jordan to win BBB13…. LMAO!!!

    It is on RTVZone . com live now

    • I want Rachel to win and Jordan to finish second. Can’t stand any of the newbees. Rachel was my pick early on. GO BIG RED!

      • Holy Crap, Wayne. I think I became Team Rachel tonight on show when she showed so much maturity pulling Jordon from that fight. Rachels words, “Stop, Jordon, this is not you” made me shed a tear. That chick has grown up a lot this summer.

      • One of them will win. I think at first the plan was for Rachael to win but now I think there is a possibility that they will give it to Jordan to diffuse the anger at Shelley.

    • Uh think about that bev. Big Jeff spoke his mind to Shelley and now he is out of the game. Maybe playing it cool is a better strategy.

      • It would not have mattered because Shelly had already allied herself with Danielle, Kalia, Porsche. She made that decision way before Jeff confronted her about it! She was exposed as she was trying to get Rachel to vote to evict Kalia instead of Danielle. I bet Kalia did not know that Danielle and Shelly threw her under the bus.

    • I liked Rachel last year and thought she got a bad rap. Could not stand the bashing Britney and Ragan did to her. I was happy to see her this year to change the way people see her. Unfortunately, once you are “labled” people feed off of it. This is what most of the people this year did. I want Rachel to win not because I do not like S/P/K. I want her to win because she deserves it.

  79. James from BB6 & BB7 says if Adam wins, they should bury the BB show forver

    Evel Dick says Adam should beat Jordan

    James and Matt don’t agree.

  80. without a doubt the most annoying and ugliest player this seaon is Porshe. Will someone please vote off so I can enjoy the rest of the season. Go Jordan and Rachel. Gotta love those two!

      • i agree they think racheal is ugly but she is very pretty but she needs to work on not whinning so nuch i love her and want her to win im watching my first big brother season so i new but i love how she act towards everyone halious and great tv

      • That explains it then, you never saw the mean, sore loser, liar, cry baby side of her. Fought with just about every player in the house. I guess that is your luck.

    • I think I get it now why they pick on her all the time
      As long as they do that they do not have to think how bad they are and it keeps a target on theirs back
      The paradox on that is that now alot of people are cheering for her
      They are on a mob mentality way
      Rachel I hope u have the last laugh

      • I agree….I hope Jordan and Rachel are final 2!!!
        Porshe and Kalia dont deserve to still be there after all Porshe all she has done the whole time is eat and sleep then at the beginning Rachel gave her gold key so she was safe now she is like she is all that cause she finally started playing but was boring the whole summer not doing nothing and Kalia did the same except she was Dani lap dog doing what Dani wanted the whole time Shelly omg enough said about her already be gone ……Rachel and Jordan to the end!!!

  81. LOL what I just found out after going to other big brother related sites is that EVERYONE hates Jordan and Rachel. This is the only site where people are cheering for them. SHOCKER! NOT!

      • Now that is funny; no site hates Jordan and Rachel. Most everyone is pulling for them to make it to the final 2, but you did give me a laugh for the day.

      • Apparently, you cannot read if you think most fans are not pulling for Jordan and Rachel. Go Rach and Jordan!!!!!!! America Loves both of You!!

      • Ella and vet… I am surprised at the nasty tone. Didnt get enough sleep Didnt take your happy pills Let a guy or gal have an opinion. Even if its different than yours! My choice has swung to various ones over the season.

    • Oh mad because your precious Jordan and Godzilla (Rachel if you couldn’t guess) aren’t feeling the love. lol

      • Whether they are feeling the love or not, they are still sending the sociopath out the house this week.

      • @ animal. Larsen…you are BEYOND an idiot..have been since you started coming here. Recently…guess what! One of jeff jordan rachel or brendon…WILL win Americas choice, I will promise you that…it will not be your beloved haggy Daniele. I think the site your talking about was probably made by Animal larsen, run by animal larsen and only memer: animal larsn…go play with your cats or something, your so annoying.

      • At least Rachel and Jordan dont talk hate about wanting to kill someones baby “Porshe” with kalia the “christian” Shelly the “saint” laughing there butts off thinking it was funny!! Not including all Dani remarks on it!!! and who is caddy? omg not that hard to figure out!!!! Rachel and Jordan made this summer worth watching!!!! If they werent on here I wouldnt be watching cause the cast of newbies sucked!!!! along with Dani!!!

  82. EVel Dick, James, Matt all agree that the BB competitions have all god worse since Big Brother All-Stars……. THey say BB should have more challenges like Survivor

    • Glad to know that im not the only one that thought the competitions have gotten worse and worse.

      • Not the only one at all. Some of the competitions have been so super weak it’s not even funny. What happened to comps like James had to do where it involved diving in the pool to do some puzzle stuff, jumping in and out, hitting the buzzer for the best time. I miss those. If Kalia tried that she’d be forced to forfeit from wheezing and then later claim she’s injured.

  83. Evel Dick, James and Matt all agree that CBS saved the season with Pandora’s box to save Rachel and Jordan this week…. BB’s most popular 3 playes gone within 7 days…. They say Allison Grodner didn;’t want Jeff to be evicted… THey say they should have had the cameras on Allison and Rich Meehan (BBProducers) to see there reaction when Jeff was evicted….

    • That would of been fun to see; bet their faces fell to the floor in horror. They know that when the vets are gone the show is done for. Good Call Pandora’s Box!

      • Pandora’s Box was great too…..Hope Jordan gets next hoh and she puts up Kalia and Porshe and she gets a Pandora box to share and in it is two vetos one for her and one for another player and she has to go downstars and pick someone and as she hands it over to Rachel watch Kalia and Porshe face up close now that would be funny!!!! Porshe voted out and then Rachel get next hoh putting up Kalia and Adam and then Kalia is out!!!! Then final three Rachel and Jordan and Adam are left….then adam is gone oh yeahhhh ok Im in my own dreamworld over here…but it is a good one!!!! Rachel and Jordan Final Two!!!!

  84. James and Matt only think Jordan can ebat Porsha…. They don’t think Jordann will beat anyone else even Rachel because no one wants to make Jordan the first 2 time winner and give her another $500,000 because it is like giving her and Jeff the money!

    • Im still for Jordan winning it all…Rachel coming in second!!!!!or Rachel coming in first and jordan second and plus winning americas choice!!! Just hope these two are in final two!!!!!

  85. this is my problem with Shelly
    Everytime she has to justify her action is because of her family
    Everytime she wants to make a deal she uses her family to swear on
    in order to stay in the game
    It bothers me I cant explain why but it’s not right

    • She talks about family to get the pity card from everyone. You can hear it in their voices. For most of the game, she’s tricked everyone. But now? Not so much.

    • It bothers me too, it’s a cop out and a way of trying to justify things to herself, when in fact it’s classless and immoral, and cowardly.

      • Thank u Im glad u understand
        That is way I dont like her
        Just play the game and leave your loved ones out of it

      • Exactly, it’s a game so why do you constantly involve your family, you know it’ll hit home just like Matt’s plan from last year, just to a lesser extent

    • I’m thinking maybe the rumor about HG getting 20k to vote to keep Dani might’ve been true, but I’m probably just being paranoid.

  86. A Dick at Night viewers asked who he thought would win BB13

    He (viewer) said Kalia

    James said Rachel

    Matt said Rachel

    Evel Dick said Rachel

  87. man i thought tonight’s episode would show a snippet of the jury house! i was looking forward to seeing brendon’s expression, then dani’s and jeff’s.. boo

  88. On tonite’s show, when I saw Shelly outside the purple room listening. I was yelling IT’S ABOUT TO GO DOWN! She thought little sweet Jordan is going to just sit there and take it! Oh poor delusional Shelly, when Jordan jumped up and got right back in her face I was extremely elated!

      • She literally listened outside the door, until she heard her name! Then jumped down her throat, cause she didn’t want to talk to her! She did look like a bully!

  89. RE:The Shelly TMZ story…my thoughts

    It’s a shame to see such senselessness on display by adults over a TV show that is obviously scripted. Jeff and jordan fans are an embodiment of the word idiot. If care is not taken we might have another charles manson in the making. All Jeff has to do is give the command and all his zombie followers will kill Shelly, her family or anyone who opposes him. Wise up and grown ppl

      • Jeff n Jordan have no control over the idiots making death threats. He’s not the godfather. Idiots are everywhere, just read these comment boards.

      • Your comments are equally insulting. But I choose not to be a cry baby like you. Typical Jeff fan, you feel you have a sense of entitlement to say what ever, but when someone addresses you, you throw tantrums.
        “Matt Take note I find here comments insulting too”

      • Are you seriously comparing Jeff to Charles Manson? That’s totally wacky. But seriously, it’s crazy to generalize and say that all Jeff and Jordan fans are idiots just because a handful of crazy people made death threats against Shelly. The majority of people can separate reality tv from real life and would never go so far as to threaten or try to ruin somebody’s life. You need to stop making blanket statements and post your comment on the sites that are making these threats.

      • @eileen
        I have heard horrible things said on this site about anyone who opposes Jeff and jordan alliance. I am addressing those fans. If you feel you are not one of them. Then you shouldn’t be concerned by my comments

      • To compare anyone to that butcher Charles Manson is one of the worst things that I have ever read on her, and that post should be deleted immediately and it has nothing to do with being a Jeff/Jordan/Rachel/Dani/Brendon or any type of fan. That comment is just pure evil.

      • @needs to be deleted
        Who are you to say what can and can’t be put on here. I really don’t care if you are hurt by my comparison of jeff with manson. Word of advise, next exercise your of censorship and not read or comment thing you don’t agree with

    • I do not believe the alleged death threats were because of Shelly’s vote to evict Jeff.

      NOR, do I believe it is right nor deserved to accuse Jeff/Jordan fans to be responsible for death threat(s).

      If you get one or ten death threats as a public figure, it almost seems par for the course, whether or not it is par for the course, it is the minority of sick people that would do such things NOT a majority of fans and viewers.

      Blame belongs one place and one place alone: the sick person(s) that made such threats.

      Even Shelly’s behavior — which I find deplorable and in stark contrast to her statement in the first week(s) that she doesn’t believe in lying or doing “things that hurt people–that’s just not how we live,” she said — is not deserving of death threats.

      • You made a reasonable comment, but the hostility on display here to first to Dani and now shelly all stem from them turning on Jeff and jordan alliance. So it is fair to assume it’s their crazed fans making such treats.

      • dudan~

        It is one thing to be disgusted with the twists and turns of alliances, it is quite another to take such disgust and jump to a conclusion that those same people made death threats — by this reasoning, innocent people are convicted of murder, and in Texas and Illinois those innocents have been put to death.

        This line of reasoning is reminiscent of many prejudices and vigilantism that our country has tried to lift itself above through education, logic, and compassion for humanity.

        Again, simply stated: don’t make such leaps, they aren’t logical and the accusations are undeserved.

      • My hostility is toward the crazy things people on here are saying over a TV show. It doesn’t make any sense, so I am doing my best to open their eyes. May be im too hard handed, but again that my approach

    • @eileen
      I have heard horrible things said on this site about anyone who opposes Jeff and jordan alliance. I am addressing those fans. If you feel you are not one of them. Then you shouldn’t be concerned by my comments

      • I haven’t read any comments actually threatening Shelly or her family (though I’m sure they exist), but wherever they are, they are completely unreasonable. I was just saying that it’s also a little extreme to call J/J fans idiots or compare Jeff to Charles Manson.

      • @elieen remember I said if care is not taken? I didn’t say with all certainty that he was charles manson. But come on the whole way the so called crazed fans are taking it resembles a cult like devotion to him.

      • Well I have heard of any Jonas Brothers fans…wishing harm on anyone yet. Mind you they have a way bigger fan base than jeff and yet they are still peaceful. So it is scary some jeff fans are taking things and you can see it from all the comments put on here

      • Dildoe oh I mean dudan you are nuts. If you dont like the show dont watch it and if you dont like what you read its a free country. Dont read it. Some people make death threats to stir up trouble. You obviously know nothing aboutCharles Manson if you would compare Jeff to him. Jeff did his own dirty work getting rid of Dani because she plotted against him. Manson had his followers kill people for him. Apples and oranges.

    • OMG!! People for the love of everything- have we become such idiots that can not disconnect what is real and what is scripted?

      This is a TV show!! A scripted TV show!! U would love riser this much passion over strangers that it would trickle down to food banks/ big brother- big sister program/ help the elderly/ homeless/ young mother!
      Nawwww let’s just wish and say hurtful things about a show that they( house guest ) SiGNED up for ?

    • Dont be so dramatic! Jeff called out a few people to save his game when they were going behind his back. Jeff never went has low as Shelly did! And hes not to blame for what fans say. I cant stand Shelly! She needs to know how we fill but I would never send no threats to her family. But she is crap!

    • Dont be so dramatic! Jeff called out a few people to save his game when they were going behind his back. Jeff never went has low as Shelly did! And hes not to blame for what fans say. I cant stand Shelly! She needs to know how we fill but I would never send no threats to her family.

    • @ dudan…you sound so stupid right nw. You sound like shelly, grasping at any little desperate attemot you can, to bash someone for liking someone you don’t… people sent death threats to matt (bb12)because of his lie about his wife…I suppose that was jejo fans as well right? I swear some people just don’t get it.

    • @ dudan…you sound so stupid right nw. You sound like shelly, grasping at any little desperate attemot you can, to bash someone for liking someone you don’t… people sent death threats to matt (bb12)because of his lie about his wife…I suppose that was jejo fans as well right? I swear some people just don’t get it…..

  90. I would like to see Jeff brought back to have another chance to win. (I did not want Brendon back prior to watch his Rachel mini saga, if Rachel ends up in the jury then another sickening saga…ugh.) Also, Shelly has nothing to cry about. She brought the wrath on herself by her manipulation of the truth. Twisting what she has done and lying in Adam’s face to Jeff & Jordan. Just watching her using them, and it was her that pushed getting rid of Jeff. Jordan is
    thoughtful to Shelly and Porsha, and Jeff using the veto on her should of meant some quid pro quo. Also, those making threats to those around Shelly need to stop! It is not right, even if you do not like what they say or do; don’t lower yourself.
    I am glad Rachel won the veto and saved Jordan, from the block now goodbye Shelly, your lies to Jeff sure got you to the top, (you win the money by getting jury votes).

  91. This is for you Shelly: Smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette
    Puff, puff, puff and if you smoke yourself to death
    Tell St. Peter at the Golden Gate
    That you hate to make him wait
    But you just gotta have another cigarette

      • cd~

        That is low, uncalled for, and in poor taste. It is sufficient to state your dislike of Shelly and how she plays the game. To go beyond that feeds fuel to the crazy-people-fire and makes you look like you’re one of them, so don’t go there.

      • Rachel and Brittany had death threats too it comes with the territories
        And I do not agree with that

    • Seriously? It’s a clever song written ages ago and sung by many artists. No threats involved. However, Shelly is an extreme example of a chain smoker. With her constant talk about how important her daughter is to her, she needs to figure out what being a good example means. So far, she gets a big F for lying, deceiving and yes, smoking like a crazy person.

  92. Evel Dick, James and Matt are taling Survivor now

    THey said Survivor screwed up with the race tribes

    They said Coach is nuts

    THey said Ozzie is a great competitor

    They said it is crazy that Russell’ Hantz nephew is going to be on this season

    Now they are promoting the RTVZone Fantasy Football tribe

    Evel Dick said he will be doing the Survivor Podcasts with former Survivor Castaways to discuss the new Survivor season on thhe Dick at Night show..

    Survivor Premiere will be airing the same night as the Big Brother 13 Finale on Wednesday, 09/15/2011

    • I LOVE Ozzie! I remember when he sauntered outta the jungle and casually states, “I caught a bird”, when his tribe was dieing of hunger! He’s awesome!

  93. EVel Dick, James and Matt are all fed up with CBS twists….. THey raid Pandora’s box sucks

    James and Matt both say Rachel will win

    • I agree wholeheartedly with them about Pandora’s box and all the other twists this season. Just let them play. It makes the whole thing seem so scripted as to who CBS wants to win. The player who gets to the end on their own with no twists deserves to win.

      • From the outset of this show I already knew I’d be cheering for JeJo/Brenchel, despite Rachel’s tendency to annoy me, and comments like ‘I always get what I want’ when Cassi went on the block, as well as suggesting to Dani to team up and go after JeJo…but I know and saw it as time went on that Rachel’s being asked to portray a character for the show, ‘the villain’, because I not only tolerate her on After Dark, I actually kind of like her, she’s normal and nice and not annoying (minus the occasional laugh). I didn’t think I’d be flat out wanting her to win but here I am saying if Jordan can’t then I want it to be her. Adam places 3rd by default because I can’t stand the remaining 3, especially Kalia and Shelly, but I wouldn’t want Adam to win over Rachel or Jordan because he refuses to do anything in this game.

        Go RaJor lol

      • Agree !! They first tried with the bring back Brendan thing but that didn’t work, so now they had to rely on Pondora’s Box thing. Geez…thats why I like Survivor better. They really can’t do any of this nonsense.

      • I agree with them too. While twists are sometimes fun, I’d rather just let players play, and that’s how I’d want it if I was in the house. James was one of my faves and he was someone who would’ve benefited from a concept like this, just letting players play

  94. They said the producers need to stya out of it and let playersd play and stop interfering with the game.,..

  95. hmmm hmmm little tidbit..Isn’t it awful how Shelly Kalia and Porsche reacted to the news that Rachel might be pregnant…There was talk between the 3 that the kid needed to be aborted.. One of them wanted to make her trip when she was going down the stairs.. One of them suggested hitting her in the stomach during a comp …hmmmm hmmm Does that sound like the thoughts of rational people??? But remember folks it’s just remarks made by 3 female contestants on a reality TV show …so lets pretend we didn’t hear it and move on..But when the show is over and Rachel watches the tapes she’s gonna see them and hear what they said…..YEP..THREATENING LITTLE UNBORN BABIES AN 8 YEAR OLD KIDS IS NOT A GOOD THING….but it happens…

    • Shelly is bringing bad karma her families way…. It is real mature of a older mother to wish harm upon an unborn child…. Kalia and Porsha are just ignorant b****es!

    • Are you serious? Are those three actually caught on the live feeds saying that Rachel’s (possible) baby needs to be aborted? Can anyone else confirm they’ve heard this? (I don’t subscribe.)

      I am utterly appalled. If this is true, those three are subhuman.

      • It is true…. Even when Dani was still in the house, Dani, Kalia, Porsha and Shelly were talking about tripping Rachel and making her fall down thhe stairs…

        I have the live feeds, so I am speaking on events I have seen and reported on….

      • I haven’t heard it myself as I also don’t subscribe, but several people are talking about it so it doesn’t make sense to think all of them made it up. Believe it’s true, Porsche thinks she’s funny when she’s not, like the Benefibre situation (which I know is true)

      • The point is that while Shelly is making threats on BB reguarding Rachels(possible) unborn child..Unknowing to Shelly her child is being threatened on the outside of the house…U reap what u sow…Karma is a bitch…2 wrongs don’t make a right..Do They??

      • True fly, but as we know classless games and comments are who Shelly is, hiding a belonging, a stuffed animal and threatening to destroy it when she herself is holding her daughter’s stuffed animal. Now making stupid ‘jokes’/comments about an unborn child when she’s a mother herself and that really should be against her moral code now. It’s amazing isn’t it. My mom has told me a lot changes when you become a parent, you can’t see things the same way ever again, and she refers to things involving how you view children in general, let alone just your own, and I’m sure several mothers agree with mine. Game is game, but Shelly with actions and comments like these goes way beyond it, even says most of these things on live feeds when she’s hanging out ‘being herself’ because there’s no need to NOT be yourself when just hanging out, and thus she is a living joke. Glad that this Thursday she’ll get got

  96. Kalia is trying to make sure Jordan knows she will never nominate her…… Kalia is a fool if she thinks Jordan will turn on Rachel for Kalia or Porsha…. LMAO!!!

    • Kalia is a piece of work — very controlling. She puts a bug in everyone’s ear when she wants something and sit by to be the babysitter. When she’s done, she talks crap about the very same person, only to return with more “orders”.

      Jordan is innocent, but not stupid. Being dumb and being uneducated are not the same thing. Jordan is far from dumb or stupid. Hopefully, she’ll see Kalia for exactly who she is, nod and smile, then boot her to the door while managing to get Kalia to say “Thanks for that kick in that @ss, I needed that, and you’ve got my vote!”

      • I hope the same damn thing, Dan. Kalia’s a total joke. It’s gotten so bad for me that if she (heaven forbid) makes the final 2, I don’t even think I can watch the finale in fear of witnessing her potentially win. I don’t think I’d ever recover from that lol

  97. HAHA Shelly! Jeff and Adam caught ya! You’re going home on Thursday to Josie! JOSIE JOSIE JOSIE! You alays talk about her! Now you can go see her! Thats what ya get for goin against Jeff and and Jordan!

    • BANG ON.

      I can’t believe what I saw tonight on the show. Shelley is busted and she has the audacity to: 1. deny it; 2. try to play dumb.; 3. suggest everyone’s doing it so it’s ok.

      And then, the clincher: when Jordan’s in mourning for Jeff’s eviction, she confronts Jordan and starts yelling at her as if she (Shelley) is the victim. My god.

      Repulsive isn’t strong enough a word.

      • Yeah! And Adam just decides to speak up now. And i am starting to like him! Im rooting for him if Jordan and Rachel get kicked out.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words. I am here in Virginia and Ireneeeee took down a big Oak in back yard that landed on our garage. What a mess, now I have to deal with the Insurance people, ahhhhhhhhh!!!!
      No one hurt no damage to main house – Thank Goodness. So just got power, elec, cable, and internet. I Love Power. I love to watch BB – .

      • i from indiana so i have no idea what its like and what you are going threw but you will be in my prayers tonight stay safe and take care.

  98. Are Jordan and Rachel committed to voting Shelly out?? They don’t know how the outside world is reacting to all of this…

    • Jordan and Rachel told Adam they are evicting Shelly. They don’t want arguing and craziness going on, so Adam said he doesn’t care if they act like they are keeping Shelly because he knows he is safe…

      • Dude I would freaking love it if they made Shelly feel as safe as Adam should feel. Let her be totally blindsided like Jeff was because of her.

      • oooo I so hope you’re right Gene…don’t toy with my emotions lol…now I’m excited I can’t wait to see this…

      • Oh I know she will Leo…I just meant I really badly want to see Rachel and Jordan make Shelly feel super safe so that she feels extra blindsided on Thursday…now that’s good television!

  99. Just got power – elec and all. What is happening? Last I know is Porshe just became HOH Hmmmmmm How did that happen?

      • Oh! I love jelly beans, but be real shy around clowns.. they are kind of freaky. I love the show being shaken up by amybody even BB. Of course BB has the ultimate control.

  100. Wow, most of the comments here are sooooo hateful. This is a show, a reality show. Shelly is playing the game like so many in the past. Shall we all have a moment for a few flash backs? This is get down, dirty, lying, back stabbing game. It has been that way since season ONE!! We all pick our favs, we all pick our hate-ons!! Way to go BB!! Ratings must be sky high!!!

  101. Soooo tired of reading how everyone is hateful. It’s all in good fun folks…”let me live my life” ..sound familiar?

  102. Adam is such a bully.
    Did you hear all the emotion in his voice when he was talking to Shelly during the big fight with Jeff and Jordan?

    • shelly was trying to throw him under the bus and was blaming him for what she did. he was sticking up for himself i wouldnt call him a bully.

      • Just like Jeff was trying to stand up for himself but everyone got on here screaming about what a bully he was. Come on people

  103. The first reality show I remember watching was “The Nelson Family” Ricky was not always strait with his mother about what was happening down at the soda shop. You have to sensor things to get what you want and need. That may mean blindsiding someone like your brother. With the economoy falling, hmmmmm people, don’t we all have a price?

  104. Poor Adam, going back and forth. Someone give the blockhead his Charlie brown shirt and get it over with. CBS still didn’t show how Rachel damaged the house the night before evictions. PUNKS!!!

    • That is why I am happy I have the live feeds… They are probably trying to leave Rachel doing that out to make Rachel have a better overall image amongst the millions of users whom don’t use the live feeds or go on spoiler sites…

      • What did Rachel do to damage the house? Could it have been any worse than Porsche putting something in the slop???

      • Not property damage, we are talking about how Rachel got Jeff, Jrdan and Adam to turn on Shelly and had Shelly, Dani and Porsha believing she would vote to keep Dani in the house the night / early morning hours Dani was evicted….

  105. Shelly is telling Rachel and Jordan in that half of the country probably loves me and half of the country probably hates me. She is close but more than half of the country hates her.

  106. Bullying is a problem in today’s society. People have posted on here that Jeff uses bullying techniques. In my opinion, no one quite tops Shelly when it comes to bullying. Within the past week I have seen her leave a room to confront Porsche and Kahlia for talking about her; enter a room where Jeff and Adam are talking to confront them about things they have said about her; and enter a room where Jordan and Rachel are talking to confront them about talking about her. And yet, Shelly has continuously talked to each of the house guests about the others. I guess it is okay for her to talk about people in the house; but not okay for others. I have watched BB for about 4 years now and Shelly is by far the worst bully ever — and she doesn’t even try to win the competitions. She is the poorest player I have yet to see — followed by Porsche and Kahlia.

    • Thank you gabelle, nice to see someone not pinning Jeff as a bully for once. I don’t even mind if you think he is one, but just not as bad as Shelly, it’s still nice to read your comment. I for one unbiasedly didn’t see Jeff as a bully, and I’d laugh if the same people calling him one were Dick fans, which it seemed like that was the case for at least some people.

  107. The guy the makes the loud speaker announcements made a comment to Dani, “I know the english language is hard to understand, but no still means no”……. It was the night the chess pieces were stolen…

    • Leo,

      I missed that. What was the “no means no” referring to? What was Dani doing, or attempting to do?

    • They were reffering to Dani, Kalia and Porsha playing lookout putting fiber in food and just being obnoxious.

      • And the straight-shooter Shelly lied to Rachel’s face when confronted about hiding her dog. Cruel Shelly, but then you’ve been very consistent with your lies all along.

      • Shelly and Dani were talking about the stuffed dog the day before Dani was evicted.Shelly asked Dani if she wanted it and Dani said no.

  108. When Shelly walks (like a man) in to the jury house the look on Jeffs face will be ..PRICELESS!!!!

    • I know…but the best part is when they ask her who voted her out?? When she says Rachel & Jordon Jeff will crack up and so will 3/4 of

  109. After watching tonight’s show, I kinda understand why there were threats against the Snake. (not said that I agree with the threats) Wow, the fact that she threw Adam under the bus and blamed it all on him after she got caught. Acting like she was the victim. Yes, it is a game but this is beyond disgusting.

    And Wow, Rachel was great tonight too. Keeping out of the argument and helping Jordan when she needed it. Really rooting for her now. JRA for the final 3. I dont care who wins out of the three.

    • I also would like to see a Jordan/Rachel/Adam final three. I don’t think i care which one wins. Just not Porsche and Kalia that’s for sure.

      • Me tooo…
        I believe if Rachel, Jordan and Adam are final 3, Jordan would only get in the Final 2 is if she wins and she would probably take Rachel to the Final 2….. I think Adam and Rachel would take Jordan because they wouldn;t feel like they would beat Jordan!

  110. just seen the cbs sunday show…let me just say, Shelly said jeff was bullying her…and Adam was rallying for Dani too…She was caught and tried directing the drama on everyone else…Shelly is one of those people who yell at someone who is being very quiet, and then say”why are you yelling at me”…delusional…these people really believe the quiet person is yelling. thats what shelly did to jeff in the room before voting

  111. Everyone is in the backyard……. Rachel asked Jordan what should she do with the Veto? Jordan said save us? LMAO I guess the Veto meeting will be held at 11:00 AM BBT…

    Jordan just said she realizes how Rachel feels without Brendon after he was evicted…

  112. Gabelle…You said it all I agree with you 100 percent. I Loved Jeff and Brendon. They played a exceptionally good game. To me they kept the game exciting with all their chess play moves and all their drama. Shelly attitude STINKS! I TRULY believe Shelly is like this in real life. I don’t believe she cares if she hurt anyone. And I believe she will lie, cheat, steal, and kill just to get her way. I TRULY HOPE SHELLY DOES NOT WIN!!! The only positive thing I have to say about Shelly is that she has a smart and beautiful daughter. I LOVE JORDAN…Jordan plays a decent game and she is a sweetheart but don’t get on her bad side. I would like to see Jordan win just to get even with Shelly. RACHEL….even though she cries alot Rachel is smart and she is a good game player and is not afraid to speak her mind sort of like me (smile) and Rachel kept the game exciting too. I would love to see Rachel win just to get even with all of them..She did the most work….GO RACHEL AND JORDAN!!! As far as this group goes and these three was the final three I would pick in this order to win…Adam first place…Kalia second place…and Porsche last place. I really don’t like Porsche stand off attitude either. I will be glad when I find out who won power of veto on Wednesday night….One final thought LEO I agree with you 100 percent too.

  113. Get your feeds everyone…. The next week will be full of excitement with Shelly in full pledged campaign mode with Porsha and Kalia helping her….. I will love seeing Jordan and Rachel toy with them and think there is hope when we all know (Adam included) Shelly is going to be evicted,….

  114. Everyone in the backyard agrees that Dominic and Adam had tghe easiest have not week with Jelly Beans and Beef Jerky as the have not food….

  115. It is funny how Porsha lays around with the bible…. Didn’t Porsha want to rip pages out of the bible and Dani had to tell her not to because that would be terrible…

  116. Porsche is still diverting every conversation back to a place where she can talk about her HOH…we get it girl you won an hoh…”you didn’t get a pandora’s box during your hoh”…eeewwww you know dag well they didnt ….

  117. Everyone talking about the week before they entered the BB house… brendon and Rachel had a room together…. Jeff and Jordan didn’t want a room together because they thought they would kill each other by the end of the week. Jordan says after 2 days, she wished Jeff would come to her room… LMAO…. I guess they (BB Production) sneaked the hg’s to the hotel rooms that they stayed in for a week. It sounds like everyone else had their own motel rooms!

  118. The HG’s are playing the card game bull sh** in the backyard…. Shelly isn;t doing good…. She has most of the cards…. LMAO!!!

  119. A pathological liar is usually defined as someone who lies incessantly to get their way and does so with little concern for others. Pathological lying is often viewed as coping mechanism developed in early childhood and it is often associated with some other type of mental health disorder. A pathological liar is often goal-oriented (i.e., lying is focused – it is done to get one’s way). Pathological liars have little regard or respect for the rights and feelings of others. A pathological liar often comes across as being manipulative, cunning and self-centered. They often believe the lie or place blame on others. It’s Shelly

    • Proof…Shelly knelt down at Jeff’s knees and said(while crying)” i”ve been with you 100%”…she lied and broke out into tears because she truely believed her own lie

      • BB is Physiological mind games. Players sign up to be LOCKED UP for 3 months.
        The result =
        Manuplation of other players
        Lies to meet the means

        Winner = the BEST RAT WINS!!!!!!!!

        This should be just based on outcome of the strongest mind and not personnal towards any of the players.

        Think about how you would perform in a BOX/House for three months?

  120. P.. Everyone (Jordan, Rachel, Adam, Kalia, Porsha and Shelly) are all getting along very well during their card game (Bull Sh**) in the backyard on the couches…..

    • He said he didn’t know how it could hurt so bad, just holding that thing for 5 minutes…production said “that’s what she said” lol

  121. It sounds like Adam only Hung on during the last POV COMP for 5 minutes. Adam apparently asked how can his back hurt after only holding onto that thing for 5 minutes and the BB announcer responded, “that’s what she said”. To Adam’s dismay he responded thanks for making him sound like a pervert with 5 ladies in the house. LMAO!!!

  122. I didn’t see ANY DANI FANS/NEWBIE FANS here crying “fixed” when rachel and brendon were the only 2 people not picked in that veto they oh. So desperately needed to win. I also didn’t see ANY DANI. FANS/NEWBIE FANS here crying “fixed” when jordan was the ONLY ONE who couldn’t play in the veto that jeff went home off of…so you guys need to get over yourselves. All of use jejo brencahl fans could have said “oh, production took their chips out of the bag” but did we? No! Let’s be real…. obviously, as far as the comps and different twists…certain things are geared certain ways, but ultimately its about the choices you make in the Dani, had she not been so focused on getting Brendon out for avengance because of Dominic(who she knew for. 3 weeks) then she could. Have played smart, got rid of someone else and Dom would have been the one to return by Americas vote most likely. Or, even if everything stayed the same, and. Brendon went and came back, then at. Least it would have been Brendon OR Rachel gone…but now they had to get rid of both of them again, because they were stupid and CHOSE to evict Lawan. Or like yesterday, Porsche CHOSE to open pbox, she wanted money, knowing that She got a blessing, there was a very large possibility there would be curse….yeah CBS knew that Porsche wanted rachel or jordan out…that’s the whole point, its no secret that the “twist” was geared toward rachel and jordan, but that was Porsche’s bad, Porsche got a curse cause she chose the blessing…its all about the choices you make, period.

    • Yea I love how so many people got on Keith’s case for playing with the wrong head, too fixed on trying to get in Porsche’s pants, teaming with her immediately, etc…but absolutely nobody got on Dani for playing with her you know what…turned on her entire alliance because of one guy, that early in the game…and she says she did it because she was bored? Please…should’ve stuck with your original reasoning, that you were the odd one out of the group of 5, except with that reasoning you still did it too early…and whyyy did you do it too early? Dominic…who, like vet fan just said, you knew for three weeks…guess that’s why you’re “donunzio”. ‘Shocker!’ “Awkwaaaaard”…later (and yes I know I borrowed the end of my comment from Jeff)

      • Kieth had everyone in that house figured out on the first day. Shame he didn’t stay longer, I think he would have been pretty scary.

      • Yea he definitely would’ve been…it feels so weird to think I wanted Porsche to stay over him at the time…now I just want Porsche gone…but I can’t say I’m unhappy that Keith left when he did, I really don’t think he was ever going to work with my faves lol

      • Yea I could see that too and I’ve never been an ED fan…I was happy he left the game until I learned that it was for personal matters, at which point I hoped everything was ok for him. Without ED though, with Porsche gone if Keith stayed, maybe he would’ve teamed with who he thought was the next hottest…or ED’s evil spawn, Dani…or who knows maybe even Brendon and Jeff for team alpha male

  123. I’m a parent with 3 kids in school. I know what a bully is…and Jeff is no bully!
    C’mon people!
    The 3 veteren pairs were: Most Loved-J&J, Most Hated-R&B and the Scariest-D&D. I doubt America would vote in a bully, especially when there are several other vets who could fit that bill.
    Shelly…she’s gonna need to get that little girl at home LOTS of therapy. So sad.
    Parents should do their best to lead by example.

    • Exactly, if Jeff was a bully he would’ve bullied Adam to vote for Brendon that week. He tried to sway him but realized he couldn’t and said ‘ok guess I won’t have the votes now’. Doesn’t sound like bullying

  124. I’m a parent with 3 kids in school. I know what a bully is…and Jeff is no bully!
    C’mon people!
    The 3 veteren pairs were: Most Loved-J&J, Most Hated-R&B and the Scariest-D&D. I doubt America would vote in a bully, especially when there are several other vets who could fit that bill.
    Shelly…she’s gonna need to get that little girl at home LOTS of therapy. So sad.
    Parents should do their best to lead by example.

    • When a person elects to become part of the BB Game then they buy off to the good & bad. This is not just a game but reality TV. Look what happened with Bravo’s BH Housewifes inwhich a husband kills himself.
      The players signed to join.

      Hate or like Shelly … she is playing the game in a box cage for $500K…. GIVE HER AND THE Remaining 5 a BREAK!!!!!

      When Shelly goes home she will realize the backlash. Lets be kinder.

  125. Sitting here watching morning news and amazed that they reported that shelly and her family are receiving death threats. Boy there is alot of idiots that dont have a life. I feel sorry for them. Gotta live your life through tv. What a bunch of losers. Threating a eight year old girl. Guess everyones gonna want to be on next season. Hope cbs pays for protection.

  126. I hope that the news regarding the threats on Shelly and her family do not turn everyone against Jeff and Jordon. Everyone following the show knows the truth about this issue. However, some people out there are as twisted as she has been on the show. I hope nothing happens to Shelly or her family. We really live in a messed up time when this could happen because of a television show. I do not comment much, but I read the discussions on this site daily and have never seen anyone make any death threats against anyone. I believe if the HG knew what was happening in the news, they would be as disgusted as we all are. Big Brother show may suffer the consequences of this and that would be a shame if the show was canceled.

  127. Come on people this is just a tv show, not real thats why it is called a reality show, yes it all looks real but it’s a game. There are alot of twisted people in this world , hope Shelly and her family stay safe!!

  128. Shelly knew her final 3 deal with Jeff & Jordan wasn’t true after learning of their final deal with Brenchel and Dani…..she also knew they promised Adam something also… yes she is justified in turning on them…..the best she could have done with them continuing hanging with them was a top 4 or 5, but definitely not a top 2 or 3…..for Jeff or anyone in the house dragging Rachel to the end is the wiser decision…..Kudos to you Shelly for recognizing this and not letting a tyrant and his girlfriend phone call keep you from attempting to win this game.

  129. Rachel is sooo annoying, one minute she is laughing that god awful laugh, then she is crying and pouting like a kid when she doesn’t get her way.

    Jordan the coatailer, not much to say.

    Adam, he is only there to. Wait, why is he still there?

    Kalia, I am rooting for her because she took out the BULLY HOMOPHOBIC ARROGANT little jeff

    Porsche, her ass excempts her from any mistakes because it is so dam fine to look at.

    Shelly, she lied, backstabbed, screamed, and went delusional in this game. Great tv :)

    JR fans and JJ fans are nutcases, threating the lives of a family because of a game show. If anyone is crazy around here it is the JJ and JR fans, Shocker! not :P

    Team Dani all the way bitches

  130. Why is it that we have to explain to these so call adults that this is just a game. Now grow up before we send you to your room like little children. By the way if you think this is real I have a bridge to sell you and I guess the Easter Bunny is real and the tooth fairy, come on it’s just a show on T.V (you know not real).

    Get real People

  131. Tonight Wednesday 31 August after watching the Big Brother show I must say that I was a little pissed at Jordan. I was with Jordan and Rachel all the way BUT Jordan showed a different side to her tonight. She acted more of a enemy to Rachel than a partner. She acted like her BUTT wasn’t on the line. In the Veto competition she dropped down second and she acted like she wasn’t trying to help Rachel win at all. I wanted Jordan and Rachel to be the final two but I have changed my mind NOW I would rather see Rachel and Kalia as the final two. RACHEL DESERVES TO WIN she played a real good game. Yeah Rachel cried alot but didn’t they all. Rachel is not stupid as some people make her out to be she is smart and I saw tonight that she is a forgiving person. I don’t understand why Jordan was acting kind of cool with Rachel like she had other friends in the house. I heard Porsche say that she was going to evict Jordan. Rachel is Jordan only hope and if she blow this she deserve to go home and if it wasn’t for Rachel winning the veto competition she would have been gone. I would NOW rather see Rachel and Kalia as the final two BUT I HOPE RACHEL WIN THE GAME!!! One other thing GOODBYE SHELLY I WILL BE SO GLAD TO SEE YOU GO!!!

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