Big Brother 13 Episode 23 recap: Jordan explodes, Pandora’s Box returns

Sunday’s episode of Big Brother 13 started off with what the show didn’t have time to edit for us last Thursday, so we got to see Shelly’s secrets all come out, “Big Jeff” shake his manhood at everyone and Rachel out-cry Jordan (because no one else is allowed to have the spotlight).

On the night before the eviction, we see Rachel in her furry boots ask Jeff if he threw the corn hole competition which ultimately send her “fiance” Brendon home. America’s always-honest superhero lies and says he didn’t throw it. Rachel tells Jeff Shelly told her that news so Jeff finally, after 50-some days, gets suspicious of Shelly.

The next day, just moments before the eviction, Jeff throws some passive aggression at Shelly, which she interprets (correctly) that the cat has been let out of the bag. Before she’s able to be confronted, Shelly lays into Jeff and Adam, finishing herself off. Jeff and Shelly yell a little at each other and I fantasize about Shelly and Jeff in a boxing ring, with Shelly whaling on “Big Jeff.” But I wake up, and it’s really just Shelly lying badly.

Adam wets his pants when he finally gets to be a part of a Big Brother argument, but like most things, he even sucks at that.

After all the stuff that happened before Thursday’s pre-show, we get a way-too-long recap of all the stuff we just saw Thursday. Did you know Daniele went home and Kalia won HoH? Oh, and Jeff went home too after Porsche won veto?

What we didn’t see Thursday, however, was Rachel still thinking everything is all about her and that she’s definitely going home over Jeff. Because the whole house (minus Adam) hasn’t been trying to split up Jeff and Jordan since about week three.

When we finally get to normal Sunday episode stuff, we watch Jeff leave the house and Rachel still out-cry Jordan despite just losing her boyfriend. Jordan tries to do some math about how people voted despite it being very obvious.

Fanboy Adam nearly commits suicide in the diary room because his beloved Jeff is gone. I hope at some point in his life, Adam realizes that he should have pushed aside his fandom and vet worship. It’s really embarrassing.

We also get to see just how upset Shelly is for what she had to do. Maybe I’m alone in this, but I do believe Shelly cares about Jeff and Jordan a lot. She just wants to win this game.

I’ve been rough on Shelly a lot of the summer, but I think she made one of the best moves in the house this past week. And I’m actually pretty disgusted at a lot of the things America is saying about Shelly. There are some Facebook groups saying some very slanderous and inhumane things about her. This is just a game and Shelly is (clearly) a compassionate person. At least she’s playing the game and has brought some much-needed drama to an otherwise snoozy season.

Anyway, back to the show. Shelly and Jordan get into a huge fight and Jordan says the F-word (God forgive her). It’s actually the best fight of the season. It would have been even better had Rachel not been the voice of reason (I know, crazy, right?) and pulled her away.

We finally get to the new HoH contest and there are (even more) snakes everywhere. The houseguests have to maneuver this snake eyeball down its body, trying to land it in its socket. If it falls, the HG gets whatever number of points the eye lands in. To absolutely NO ONE’S surprise, Adam is knocked out of the game first. Then Rachel. Then Shelly. Then Jordan. And Porsche wins! Just like Jeff said, she’s finally awake and in the game.

Rachel and Jordan cry some more. Jordan is ready to give up. Rachel doesn’t understand why she sucks at this game now. She says “I was so good at this game. I can’t do anything.” And that’s followed by a “I miss Brendon so much.” Gee, you think that’s why you suck now? Because you can’t function without your “fiance”?

Adam suddenly decides to team with the newbies (until something better comes along). Then Porsche opens Pandora’s Box. A new twist is thrown at the HGs that means Jordan and Rachel staying in the game longer. And that’s fine by me. I’d rather them both be there a week longer than Adam. In case you missed, the twist is that the duo rules are back for one week. So a pair has to be nominated together and if the veto is used on them they are both removed. So there are only two things that can happen this week.

If you can’t wait until Wednesday to find out who Porsche nominated and who wins veto, click those spoiler links to find out.

What did you think of this week’s Big Brother? Crazy, right?


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  1. I can’t seem to express this more- this is just a GAME and all of them signed up for the opportunity to win 1/2 a million.. It’s a scripted show- nothing more- nothing less!! And to see so many people get so passionate about this SHOW saddens me!!

    In a country where we have so many people going hungry/ poor education/ lack of medical assistance almost a complete meltdown- this ( show) is what gets people so fired up???
    As the kids say~ REALLY. Grow up people is a SHOW.
    Pop the corn, sit back and enjoy..

    • I have to respond

      1. If it bothers you so much that people have an opinion about a show and want to share it with others who watch then WHY ARE YOU ON HERE

      2. just because people are on here and are posting dont mean they are not moved by hunger, education, and the homeless

      • I could not agree more! Thank you. I agree that it’s a show, but, you do not HAVE to watch it, and you do not have to editorialize on the problems of America. It’s reality television, and people enjoy it.

        I second your movement on the fact that just because we enjoy the show does not mean we are not affected by other issues.

      • I agree with the points both LakotaWolf and Chance made. It’s a fun show that’s a diversion from life’s real problems. I have always compared it to let’s say a football game. People have their favorite team and discuss back and forth with other fans the pros and cons of participants. I see lots of people fired up during Superbowl season. Even betting hard earned money on the outcome. Relax yourself.

    • I would argue that the show is “scripted” – it is called a “reality show” for a reason I believe…I’m not saying that there isn’t some heavy editing going on which would cause the viewers who only follow the show as it’s being broadcast to have a skewed point of view of what’s going on, but it is not really “scripted”.

      Secondly, I’m not sure what the world’s problems have to do with Big Brother (or any other television show)…it is a nice bit of escapism from the world’s problems which we are all too aware of, I’m sure.

      I think what gets us worked up about the show is a reflection of real life – perhaps it is human nature to get angry at people who lie, cheat, then pretend like they’ve done nothing wrong (sounds like…Shelley maybe?).

    • I agree that this is just a show, but it concerns me with the kind of values that succeed on this show. Shelley has talked about how she wants to set an example for her daughter and yet, for money, she is willing to throw away all of her values. I think it sets a terrible example and I do not want to waste my time any more watching a show that encourages betrayal and the worship of the almighty dollar ahead of your morals and principles. To me, Shelley embodies all that is wrong with western civilization.

      • Allan, you have said exactly what was on my mind. EVerybody is saying that “this is a game”. So, for the sake of “a game”, one is going to let all their morality and honor go right out the door? There is no amount of money that would allow me to act in such a manner for all the world to see!! Let’s face it, Shelly’s actions will effect her life, her daughter’s life, etc. How anyone can do that without consideration, is beyond my understanding.

      • If you are so against this show why do you watch
        it stop watching if you don’t like it. Get off
        your high horse and stop acting like you wouldn’t
        play they game if it came down to it. You don’t
        know these people.

    • PLEASE! Your comparing people getting together to play with government issues WHY are you even on this site?Go back to your activist groups and leave us alone.

      • I agree with LakotaWolf and Chance. This is just a harmless diversion from lifes real problems. I would compare it to let’s say a football game. People have favorite teams and discuss the pros and cons of with other fans. I see people get fired up during Superbowl season. Even parting with hard earned money to bet on the outcome. I would suggest you relax, and don’t worry about the rest of us.

  2. Well, personally I cannot stand Shelly and thinks she is a liar and petty thief who is nothing more than a catty backstabbing bitch who uses her own family to excuse her disgraceful behaviour.

    Yes, this is a game. Yes, most people lie, blah, blah blah….but when you are ‘caught’ in obvious lies, it is immature and just sick to right-fight, start screaming and going in people’s faces, and to lie and deny and blame other people for it. How old are you Shelly, 5? Even your 8-year old is more mature than you – probably because like you said you haven’t been there much – it was your husband who has always been the stay at home dad.

    Now crazy people are doing sick things to innocent people…so sad. No excuse for that and nobody deserves that.

    Bet Shelly will wish she had listened to her daughter and STOP LYING AND PICK A SIDE.

    I don’t like the way SHelly stabbed Jeff in the back but play with some dignity and respect. You are a mother…do you really think people won’t judge you when you play a game like this….and that it won’t affect your family.

      • I’m sorry but there is no way Shelly
        can come near Jeff in bully techniques. He bullied his way through-
        out this game and had most of the house
        scared to death of him.

      • I am a huge JJ fan but do not condone the bad behavior towards Shelly on the personal level that it has become. This is a game they are agreed to play and she is playing the game. I just don’t like her tactics on how she is playing the game. They all lie and back stab to get further and that is just how it is played, but when you are caught just admit it and move on. Don’t go all self righteous and deny your game play. If Shelly makes it to the end she will most likely not win jury votes after they start comparing notes with each other. Shelly most defiantly will not win America’s favorite player after the way she has behaved towards Jordan either.

      • Did you watch the show at all because it is definitely Shelly who is the biggest bully in the house. Jeff was actually nice to Shelly but she was the little rat that was listening at doors and then outed herself to Jeff. Jeff maybe passionate but SHELLY IS THE BIGGEST BULLY in BB history and the biggest Liar who has stolen and cheated her way through this entire game. She even lies in the DR when that should be the one place she can at least be honest. Something seriously wrong with that woman.

      • I am with you on that I am glad Big Jeff got his
        butt evicted he did the exact same thing to
        Daniele that was done to him and Jordan saying
        that Porsche should use her veto on Jeff is bull
        he did not use his to save her but to get Daniele
        so he has not room to be pissed off. Can’t stand
        those that can dish but not take

    • Im so right with you Bbfan! I can’t stand hearing or even reading about shelly. She is a complete liar! I wish they would tell her about the death threats on her family so she would just leave!!! Sick sick sick of her…

    • Shelly was sneaky throughout the game. But is she really a theif? LOL. Who’s money did she steal? Jeff lied to Rachel and Brendon. He threw a competition so that he would not have to show his loyalties.

      Jeff lied to Dani. Dani lied to her alliance. Kalia lied to the newbies week one. Porche lied to the newbies and aligned with Brenchel and then with Dani/Kalia.

      They have ALL done it. Not one person in that house is innoncent. Not one.

      • Kevol,
        Jeff did not own up to his so he should be in the
        same boat of liars with Shelly, actually he is
        worse saying he is loyal to his alliance, his only
        alliance is him & Jordan and why should people
        keep them around to win again

  3. Wow Branden what game have you been watching….Shelly is far from compassionate…..jeff and Jordan question Shelly’s trust a while ago……..I agree adam is… words…..a ZOMBIE……..Shelly made the best moves of the season this week…… didnt know the best moves resulted in going to the jury house

      • Amy. it was Sighhhh that made the original comment. No problem, I posted my comment twice. Sorry for that.

  4. I love Rach… after Jeff gets voted out she is upset for Jordan because he wasn’t saved REALLY??? If they saved Jeff like the team wanted she would be leaving and the BR would have no chance of getting the money after it was Jeff who got Brandon out and saved SHELLY. At least both couples still have a fighting chance at the money why is everyone on that alliance trying to win for JJ and not themselves.

  5. im sooo happy! i am rooting for Rachel and Jordan! I cant stand shelly, cant wait till she is out! I would be fine with porche winning too, she is a cool chick.

    • Maybe you should rethink your definition of “cool chick”.

      Sleeping the summer away, stealing others belongings, inflating your own ego incessantly and dosing people with unnecessary amounts of fibre is anything but “cool”.

      Each to their own I guess…

      • Not to mention he disgraceful remarks about Rachel n her unborn child (if she is) shelly put her 2 cents in to what a shitty immature thing to say even if they were paid by bb to say it they can say no and walk out with some morals as a non reality personality

        It’s just plain wrong if ur willing to sell ur self n be that low then there’s other ways in the outside world to make a quick buck

      • Also, I can’t believe the remark she made to Adam about Rachel!!!!!! She said if a medicine ball hit her in the stomach, it would save her $400.00. Sick…

    • “cool chick”….someone who not only turned on her new friend who saved her during the golden key era but to jump ship to the dark side and join the Rachel-hate-train and take it to the max….even so far as to proclaim that BB should have a veto comp that involves medicine balls so they can throw them at Rachels stomach so she can save $400 for an abortion if she is pregnant….That is beyond the pale and standards of decency…and has no business in the GAME of BB. Rachel has always been Rachel – annoying at times, a poor loser (too competative), a sore winner, self-absorbed, immature. But – she is a daughter, a sister, a college grad, a friend, an animal lover and the way these people treat her is just beyond the scope of decency. Shelly decided to fan the flames of hate and actually makes things up saying “Rachel said blah blah….” and they all believe it and it was NEVER said. Shelly blows up at Rachel as having no integrity for “lying about a Brencel/Shelly final 3” when she actually DID go to them with that. Sure, this is a game and lying, backstabbing and cheating are all a part of it. I however am rooting for Rachel purely because of the way she is being treated by these people. Never thought I’d say it, but here it is.

      • Completely agree with you hear about Rachel. The only good thing about having those three mean girls plus the psychotic woman on the show is that Rachel has more than redeemed herself. But people please stop threatening shell’s family. That’s just so wrong. If you want to prove a point there are so many other ways to do it. How about the audience doesn’t clap when she’s evicted this week. No booing either, just absolute silence. I think that would send a pretty clear message. And do the same with kalia and porsche. Give Rachel a standing ovation when she comes through the door (though I’m hoping that won’t happen ).

      • Both Rachel and Brendon have borne the brunt of their housemates venom in their two seasons of Big Brother. Rachel has been displaying an amazing amount of restraint lately, for which I applaud her. I, too, would love for Rachel to win Big Brother.

      • I definitely want rachel to win and I would love if the audience gave her complete silence. no cheering. no hand shaking. no eye contact. no applause.

  6. Can’t agree about Shelly making one of the best moves…If she voted to keep Jeff , Shelly would probably be still in the game as it is she’s history. She was manipulated by Dani and it cost her.Shelly deserves all the hating she’s getting in my opinion.

      • People saying Shelly made the best move are obviously noobs. Like Danielle she backstabbed way too soon, while her new alliance will most likely vote to send her to jury. Good move? Hardly.

      • I think she did. Because Jeff has a record of going after you if you do him wrong. That’s the real reason they got rid of him,especially Kalia, they were scared of facing his wrath.

      • That’s true Gene. Not necessarily agreeing it was Shelly’s best move, I don’t think it was, but you’re right on with the other part. They were scared of facing his wrath because he’ll go after you if you cross him once.

      • Gene at that point Shelly hadn’t done Jeff wrong so she had no reason to be scared of facing his wrath. That is why it wasn’t a good move for her.

      • Rachel outed her at that point. CBS makes it sound like it all went down two hours before eviction when in fact they found out at 3am. Her goose was cooked no matter what. She voted that way because she thought Rach was gonna vote Dani to stay. They just confronted her at that point.CBS dropped the ball on this whole episode because Rach made it all happen in the middle of the night.

      • I rooted for Rachel. I know may viewers don’t like Adam that much, but I started to adore him more day by day. He might not be good at comp, but his vote counts, right. Plus, he is a loyal friend! Even had been trying to save himself from going onto the block, he tried his best to stick with his alliance. Not everybody’re a fighter in the real world, but he still means sth – integrity!

      • I think jeff threaten kalia because he knew she was lying to his face and that made him upset, thus threaten to come after her. But if kalia would have told him the truth I don’t think he would have been as upset as he was. Obviously he would still go after her cuz anyone who’s against you in BB is a threat but not as passionately as he had said.

      • Are you guys watching the same show Jeff is a big
        bully and is a jerk he was told by Kalia about
        putting him on the block as a pawn but he was
        safe but NO you can’t do that to him because he is
        Big Jerk I mean Jeff, so he reaps what he sowed as
        for Shellie she is flipping and flopping just like
        Adam but nobody thinks he is a backstabber that’s
        very hypocritical. Rachel win OMG I hope not she
        is the biggest baby and her and Brendan together
        I am so sick of hearing about my fianace I can’t
        wait until she goes.

    • At the time, it was a great game move, though I am no Shelly fan. It would have continued to be a great move, as Rachel or Jordon would have gone to jury this week had Porshe not opened Pandora’s Box, ensuring that Rachel and Jordan are both safe if they when the veto (which they did), therefore sending her home. That being said, I am so glad that she is going to jury. I’m sure Jeff will be delighted to see her!

    • Jeff will have plenty of time for regrets at the jury house for his decision to evict Brendon in order to keep Shelly.

      • Thats for sure. Since the beginning they should have stuck to their alliance no matter what. there was too much back and forth and I think that was costly to their game.

      • Shelly played him like he played Brendan to get
        further why is everyone getting on her and not
        seeing he did the same thing

  7. I am not a fan of Shelly’s at all, but the things people have been saying about her have been absolutely ridculous. Everyone keeps going on about how she is a mother, how she should be better than this, but think about how many worse mothers there are out there, mothers who hardly care about their children, where Shelly obviously cares very much for her daughter. And everyone should keep in mind that this is just a game and that we are seeing her in a skewed enviornment. We have no way of knowing how she is outside of the house. Making death threats against Shelly’s family is absurd and disappointing.

    I feel very bad for Adam. I truly believe that he wants to be in the Big Brother house more than anything. I heard he tried out for a couple of seasons and lost a lot of weight to get on the show. I feel that he was at a huge disadvantage with the cast this season. There really hasn’t been anyone for him to connect with and make a solid alliance with this season. I hope he steps it up and wins HOH this week.

    • yeah well Shelly should set a good example to her daughter by being true and appreciative on what jordan did for her. she gave up her time to speak to her family so shelly can talk to hers, i think that is worth more than anything. doesn’t shelly know her daughter is watching this show? she’s too young to understand why her mother did what she did to her friends.

      • Why is an 8 year old kid even watching BB? I don’t have kids but cmon, that show will warp a kids mind. That show is designed to show duplicity and underhanded tactics.

      • Why is it any difference in Shelly’s lies than any other houseguests…THEY HAVE ALL LIED!!!!I was mad at Shelly for flip flopping so much but I can’t hold her to different standards than any other..A Lie Is A Lie!!!

    • Agreed. I can’t stand Shelly or her lies or her gameplay (which has gone above and beyond “normal” BB game behavior), but to make threats against her family is just wrong. Those people need to get a life. Yes, I was unhappy she sent Jeff packing, but I would never threaten her life or her child’s life. That is just absurd.

      • Why is everyone so for Jeff he did the exact same
        lying as everyone else and yet he is not blamed he
        and Jordan only kept Shelly around because they
        thought she was a blind little puppy to do as they

  8. Well Shelly is pretty much gone ( Thank goodness). So I think the (not so hidden) secret houseguest will win it all. “Who’s that?” you ask? Porche’s Bah-dunk-adunk. If that thing gets any bigger with in the next few weeks, they’ll have to have another double eviction episode just to balance out the household.

  9. I have to say Thursday’s episode was the best all season.I haven’t like shelley back and forth routine. I hate how she acts as those when people are talking about her actions they are in the wrong to talk about her and come to her face when she is doing the same thing. Can’t stand porshe and kalia. I do like how rachel and Jordan have been there for each other. Was so proud of my jordan for going off on shelly for all her bs. I hope Jordan and rachel make it to the final. My predictions is shelly goes home this week and hopefully j&r take Adam to final 3. Yes Adam hasn’t really done anything but I think he is more loyal to JR then KP.

  10. I am sorry but you are wrong about Rachel. I am shocked that she kept her cool and helped Jordan out when she needed it. It is true that Shelly made a good move, but it is the way she did it that is causing all this backlash. Even if she makes it thru this week, (which she wont)there is no way she will win after the way it all went down.

    • I agree that he is off about Rachel.
      And Shelly has lost any jury votes she might have ever had. She is a bully.

      • Rachel has been so much more tolerable lately and I hope she’s getting some mojo back with this Veto win because I actually do think she’ll stick with Jordan. I can’t see why else she’d keep her cool like that to help Jordan in that situation so calmly. I think she really does want Jordan and Jeff at her wedding lol

    • You don’t further yourself in the game by losing any chance at jury votes. Unless her plan was just to make F2 and get $50K. Even with that the team she decided to go with to the end already have a F2 deal and she is not included. Her move was a bad one I think. She just voted herself right out of the house, now how did that further her chances? BTW, I am very upset that she and Porsh made a comment they would like to hit Rach in the stomach and kill her baby. What kind of people say that!!! Isn’t that a death threat. Anyway. Go Jordan, Rachel, Adam. Fight it out in the end and win!!!

      • Her move wasn’t bad. At the time she made it, it was a good move. She can’t win competitions and she was nothing but a manipulated Jeff vote. Jeff was using her like he used Adam. Porche’ poor Pandora choice has completely turned the game upside down and that is what hurt Shelley. The newbies could have gone to the end. But that’s what makes watching these types of shows so fun. The choices these folks make.

  11. 1. When has anyone claimed that Jeff is always honest?

    Jeff is always loyal to his alliance members who stay loyal to him but when someone betrays him like Dani did he leaves that loyalty behind. Even if he had kept Brendon and left Adam and Shelly on the block that week he would only have accomplished replacing Shelly’s vote with Brendon’s and he was on the block with Rachel so Brendon still would have voted to evict Jeff and it stiil would have been a tie and Kalia still would have evicted Jeff.

    2. Shelly could have gotten to final five if she had just stuck with Jeff, Jordan, Adam, and Rachel but because of her stupid mistake she is going out in 6th place.

    3. Rachel’s game in comps has suffered since Brendon left but she may have her mojo back now as she just won a Veto to save herself and Jordan this week. This is why Jordan and Rachel are staying in the game longer (and because Porsche got greedy and opened PANDORA’S BOX Hello its called pandora’s box for a reason stupid). And Rachel’s social game has really improved a lot since Brendon left and Jeff took her under his wing.

    4. Shelly is going home this week not Adam. Adam will prob make final 3 with Rachel and Jordan.

      • I hear what your saying. But you have to admit, if Jeff didn’t throw Brendan under the bus and he really did throw him under the bus, Brendan would have stayed and they could have controlled Dani right then and there. Dani would have benn scared crapless if all four of them stuck together and said we coming after you, and with Adam Shelly and porshe on board, she would have been gone a long time ago. It was when they let Brendan go, it was the beginning of the end for Jeff. Brendan would have had his back. Like him or hate him, he sticks to a deal.

      • I see where you’re coming from Gene, but I don’t think Jeff had a lot of choice for reasons Johnny mentioned about swapping Shelly’s vote with Brendon’s this week. But you do make a good case for sure. Jeff talked about wanting to keep Brendon and wanting to work with him and believe me I wanted that too. He tried to sway Adam’s vote but he couldn’t, Adam wouldn’t budge. When Jeff realized at best he was only going to force a tie and Dani would’ve evicted Brendon anyway, then deciding not to vote in futility wasn’t a bad call. This way he took a shot at building a slight bit more trust from Daniele that he voted to her liking that week. At the time gaining any bit of her trust was a smart thought as he hadn’t quite won HOH yet…

      • Gene don’t forget that both Dani and Jeff threw the comp to Adam. If Jeff had said no Adam i am not going to throw it and tried to save Brendon then Dani wouldn’t have thrown the comp either. She would have played hard and if her past performance in that comp was any indication she probably would have won. Then she would have completed her plan to backdoor brendon. (She could have even flipped her target to Jeff and backdoored him that week if he hadn’t made the deal in the middle of the comp with her.

      • And yes, exactly what Johnny said about how Dani could’ve flipped her target. Jeff didn’t feel safe until he talked to her during the competition. And also during the competition while sitting on a haystack Dani said ‘I just made up my mind, I want Brendon gone’ to Kalia, then asked ‘Are you cool with that?’ Kalia saying yes. If Jeff didn’t agree to throw it Jeff might’ve gone up. We all know Dani’s not unlikely to change her mind for the sake of a ‘big move’

      • It’s not that. It’s just alot of people think Jeff and Jordan can do no wrong and it couldn’t be farther from the truth. Do I hate them for it? No it’s BB and that’s what you have to do. But he shouldn’t get angry he got booted because he made bad mistakes in order not to get his hands”Bloody”.

      • Gene how can you say he shouldn’t get angry he got evicted? Every house guest should get angry they get evicted. Dani got mad when she got evicted and nobody ran to the boards saying she shouldn’t be mad because of all the horrible game decisions she made like trying to have jeff backdoored when they were in an alliance together and betraying her alliance for a newb because she was obsessed with having her own partner.

      • I’m a Jeff fan and I’ll be up front about that, but I can definitely see and admit to things he didn’t do so well in the game. There are things I said ‘Come on dude, no…’ to, but unbiasedly speaking, I don’t think he made a lot of really bad mistakes. Even as he left, that veto should not have been an absolute must win scenario for him, he should have had the votes if his ‘alliance’ stayed the course. That being said it’s not like he didn’t try hard for it just to be sure, he did, his stupid clown shoe fell out the side lol. He was in a decent position regardless and he was blindsided by someone who’s been allied with him all along, and someone who swore on several things ‘of importance to her’ that she’d never turn on him.

        That being said, I know a lot of JJ fans do in fact talk like they think they can do no wrong, but I’m not one of those fans. I didn’t like his exit speech too much as one example…(but I loved his veto ceremony speech to Daniele, don’t care if I’m the only one)

    • You’re jumping the gun a lot. First of all, Jeff isn’t always honest. That was seen today’s episode when he told Rachel he did not throw the cornhole competition. Secondly, you don’t know that scenario because in the event that Brendon was still there he could have won the HoH or veto. Also, lets say he was in the house but doesn’t win veto or HoH. Why would Kalia put up Rachel and Jeff and not Brendon and Jeff? Logic fail. Moreover, in the event that this situation occured and they were both up, it’d be obvious that Kalia would of gotten rid of Brendon over Jeff.

      • You make good points, but for one, Jeff I believe lies or withholds the truth when there’s really no other choice. For example Dani asking if he’s going to backdoor her, is there any case where it’s a good idea to say yes I am? Or even yes I might? It’s honest but it’s not smart. I never claimed he’s always honest and I think Johnny was saying the same, by saying ‘when has anyone ever claimed he is’. In this case saying yes Rachel I threw the POV would be a bad idea because they’re both still in the game and they’re allies at the time. Maybe it’ll be seen as flawed in hindsight because Jeff’s now gone, but at the time he was in a tough spot, win the veto, leave the nominations the same to save Brendon (even though Adam and Shelly are also allies and both on the block, so leaving them there hurts his relationship with them) or save one of them and Brendon goes up…or, let Adam win so he comes off and try to rally votes for Brendon, which Jeff did try to do…my support of Johnny’s case mostly refers to that week of gameplay and how I can see what Jeff was thinking and I don’t think it was a bad mentality to have at the time. Hindsight is 20/20.

      • I know Jeff isn’t always honest. The writer of the article said Jeff is always honest and i was asking him who said that or where he got that from because its a ridiculous statement

        Come on Brendon win a quiz comp? That would never have happened.

        And if he didn’t throw it to Adam then Adam would have been evicted and wouldn’t have been there to cast his vote for Jeff and force the tie. Or if shelly was evicted instead then Adam would still have lost trust in Jeff because he didn’t throw the comp to him so he prob would have voted Jeff out.

      • The writer of the article seems to be tired of the lovefest for Jeff and thus I think writes with at least a little bias against him

      • @ mj….nooooooo your way off. The writer of this article is in love with Dani, so since week one it has been nothing but a dani lovefest/ brenchal, jejo bash fest is all. I’m just being honest.

    • @ mj….nooooooo your way off. The writer of this article is in love with Dani, so since week one it has been nothing but a dani lovefest/ brenchal, jejo bash fest is all. I’m just being honest…

  12. Did Shelly have the nerve to ask Rachel if she found her dog. Someone will give it to her after Shelly leaves

  13. This season once again is getting a lot of slack from the viewers but guess what. We are still watching even if we are complaining. BB has a way of pulling at every emotion. The house guests we love & the house guests love to hate. Let’s just hope next year BB view with all newbies or all vets. One way or the other. Until next season I’m happy with a vet winning. Atleast this year those have nots have not cheated like Enzo. Back stabbed yes, lied yes, floated yes, production try to interfere yes. Isn’t this the reason we watch bb? Oh no it’s because of the game that is BB & will always be the game we love to hate but still watch. I loooove Big Brother!!

  14. I usually agree with Branden, but dude…I’ll even lay off your defense of Shelly, I don’t agree but I respect your opinion about her being compassionate. I even agree that on some level she cares about Jeff and Jordan, but I gotta say it definitely has been a while, at least a week if not a little more that Jeff had started to become suspicious of Shelly. Not all of a sudden by any stretch and not after 50-some days…other than that though, enjoyed the article.

    • After watching the fight how can anyone say Shelly is compassionate? Shelly went from being Jordans substitute mom to screaming in her face, wagging her finger of shame. She’s lucky Jordan didn’t clock her.

      • I agree, it was ridiculous to be the one to instigate that fight after what she did. Jordan had every right to instigate but she didn’t and only yelled at all in yelling back to stand up for herself (good!) I don’t consider Shelly compassionate.

  15. Avid fan. Not sure if I have posted here before. I think Shelly DID make the right move voting out Jeff. However, she tries to portray herself as someone else….unlike Evil Dick and Dr. Will. Is she trying to convince herself? Liked Danielle…but she pulled her moves to early. Rooting for Kaila, Porsche, or Rach. They all have reasons to win. It would be interesting who would explain their case best. They all have a case. But for the love of God, please put the “rigged” and I will not watch BB anymore to rest. Yes, you will watch….and noone complained when E. Dick was saved. He should have been a goner too.

  16. I cannot even finish reading your blog…I’m sorry I mean no direspect, your blogs are just horrible…you might as well end them all with I hate everyone in the BB house besides Dani…oh no wait, she’s in jury….oh and btw, shellys “great game move” is what will have her ass there on Thursday too…lol, I’m just saying. Next.

    • Shelly would have made final five if she had kept Jeff. After that stupid move she is now going out 6th instead.

      • Yep…it’s pretty clear the ones who think it was such a great move are just people who wanted Jeff gone…but hey that’s fair, it’s human nature. I want Kalia gone more than I want my next vacation but the logic in me says voting her out over Dani would’ve been a bad game move…but because of how bad I want her gone, I may have written on these boards how it was an awesome move just because of how glad I was that she’s gone…just sayin

      • It would not have mattered. She was gone no matter what. She ran out of room no matter how it played out. Either way, Thursday’s her last day. Jeff would’ve went after her. It would’ve been Dani part 2.

      • Definitely had strong potential for Dani part 2 but I do think he would’ve saved her, broken the final three off with her for sure, intending to bring Adam now instead, but I do think cooler heads would prevail with Jeff (not often I can say that because he’s vengeful) and he would’ve still stuck to targeting Kalia and Porsche first who have now won something, even if not much or even if by fluke, whatever, it’s more than Shelly’s done and ever will do and Jeff knew that. Take out Shelly’s ‘new friends’ first and let Shelly sit alone crying by herself until put out of her misery……damnit it would’ve been so nice

      • cry me a river you Jeffnatics! It was the perfect time for shelly to strike. He was the biggest threat in the house! A blind man can see that plus I think she realized that as long as Rachel and Adam was in the house, she could only settle for fifth place

      • @ treesquared…nobody is crying were simply statng our opinion. Get over yourself, who cares f it was “the perfect time” for shelly, the point is, that she’s going to the jury house Thursday because of it. And no, she wouldn’t have been gone regardless, jeff would have gotten rid of kalia and porsche had he been there. Not shelly yet. I’m sorry if that offends you lol..geesh get a grip

  17. I don’t like Shelley (nor Adam either for the same reason) because she changes alliances depending on which one happens to be in control of the house. That reflects a complete lack of loyalty on her part, yes I realize it’s a game, but I’m not sure that that excuses ANY kind of bad behavior. Say what you will about Rachel, she has not flip-flopped all over the place like some of the others have done…like her or not, what you see is what you get with Rachel! Same with Jordan too…

    I hope there is some truth to what I’ve read of Kalia and Porsche thinking they should go final four with Jordan and Rachel so that if Jordan or Rachel win HOH they can go ahead and get rid of either Kalia or Porsche (preferably Kalia, I think Porsche is dumb enough to be easily manipulated without having Kalia dictate her every move). I mean how dumb can someone be like Porsche who based her not taking Jeff off the block decision on what Dani would have wanted her do when a: Dani is not even in the house and b: Dani was only using the little twit!

    • I agree Doug, Porsche even saying that just makes me sick. Who are you playing the game for, Dani? Or your f***ing self?! Stupid puppet, just like Kalia

  18. I guarantee that the PBox was thrown in last minute to save one of the vets, because they knew they were both going up, and if one of them won Veto the other would go home. That’s why the Veto competition had nothing to do with duos, because they hadn’t planned for the twist.

    I’m sure if Kalia or Adam win HOH next Thursday and it’s obvious that Jordan or Rachel are going home, then there will be another PBox, or maybe the fortuneteller will help the vets win again.

    One things for sure, Jordan and Adam definitely don’t deserve to win.

      • Pandora’s box could have worked the other way,too. If Rachael or Jordan won HOH and put up Kalia and Porche,but probably Shelly and Kalia, It would have been to their advantage,too. I want to know what’s going on with the fortune teller. I think the next HOH will have a Pandora’s box also. They usually come in two’s. And that is when we find out about the fortune teller. I bet it will be a luxury comp. Too bad Shelly won’t be able to

    • i dont deny that they are making things happen to keep them in the game……….but reality is

      Shelly is probably the most hated player in game history

      Adam is a bonefide zombie

      Porsche and Kahlia….Tweedle dee and tweedle dum… was these two who have stated taking adam out next and blowing the next HOH comp

      that leaves them two for a legitimate winner that will make the game look good……..i truly doubt that whoever interviewed the newbies will continue in that role

    • Its the newbs own fault for opening Pandora’s box.
      Porsche got greedy and it cost her.
      Its called Pandora’s box for a reason.

    • It doesn’t matter, that is part of the game. Nobody forced. Porsch to opeen it. You see she a blessing right? She took the bait. That is the point. Yeah who cars if the duo twist was obviously there to beneift the vets, that’s the whole point, she ttook the bait and she got cursed for it…cmon people do .you watch BB???

  19. I dont think Rachel was making everything about her. I think she was supporting Jordan and cried with her. Did anyone complain about Porche celebrating? NO. But if that were Rachel all would be she is in there face etc. etc. I would feel like celebrating too. But let everyone be judged fairly. Good or bad.

    • Actually Jordan and Rachel complained about Porsche and Kalia celebrating on the live feeds/Thursday’s BBAD.

      • I meant on this blog. I dont mind if they complain they are in the show. In the heat of the moment. I just dont think Rachels celebrating was any different is all. Just a double standard when it comes to her for some reason.

  20. Man you j/j fans r sic really deaththreats to a little girl bcs her mama woke up and ds not to lay down and hand j/j another 500gs and she would be sittin pretty this week but she got bit by the pdbox that’s the way game go people key word game just a game were u can lie backdoor backstabe to win when did jeff become charles manson with these sic cult followers all yall catladies get out the house whut yall go do nextpush a pregnet woman infront of a car bcs she don’t like j/j I was a huge j/jfan till they started actin they were the only ones who could play the game I hope kawalabear wins the whole thing just to piss yall off j/j fans yall make r/b fans look sane both are p.o.s

    • @ cycotyco…your name. Fits you. Perfectly…see it is people like you I was refering to yesterday with this: DO NOT come to this site saying “all you j/j fans” because there ain’t no j/j fans on this site, who are making death threats to Shelly or her family. So please go visit another site, when you actually find someone doing this, then tell them directly how crazy they are. You are just as pathetic as you are using this horrible siuation just as another way to try and bash j/j fans and j/j themselves. You are very offensive in your post and you clearly just think you sound funny, but you sound super sad. Jeff and jordan cannot conttrol what other crazy people do in the world and neither can the rest of the jeff and jordan fans
      who are normal people. Oh and btw, its posche kalia and adam who keep joking about tripping rachel down the stairs, and throwing balls at her stomach becase they think she’s pregnant….soooo whoops, maybe you should have looked into that one further before posting…becauuse that’s not even their fans, tthats them, themselves saying it.

  21. No matter what this season is way much better than last. Last one was ghastly. Will there be All-Stars next year?

  22. BB is Physiological mind games. Players sign up to be LOCKED UP for 3 months.
    The result =
    Manuplation of other players
    Lies to meet the means

    Winner = the BEST RAT WINS!!!!!!!!

    This should be just based on outcome of the strongest mind and not personnal towards any of the players.

    Think about how you would perform in a BOX/House for three months?

    • I agree. I gave Shelly a lot of flack for most of the game because she flip-flopped and played all sides. But splitting up Jeff and Jordan was the best game move because why hand JJ $550k because Jordan gave her a phone call? If you came to the BB house, play the game.

      I was upset at Kalia also, for voting against the newbie alliance the first week. And voting out Lawon instead of Rachel was a dumb move.

      These newbies never took advantage of the power of numbers. But Kalia redeemed herself by getting Jeff out. He was a bully. I am rooting for ANY newbie to win because the vets had their chance. If Jordan wins a second time, I will shake my head at the entire cast because it would have seemed like a big waste of time. Adam is the only newbie who I am iffy about, because he seems fearful to make bold moves. He’s a palm tree, and floats where the wind takes him.

      Out of everyone there, Kalia angers me the most, yet I am the most impressed with her ability to bounce back. Shelly, if she can manage to stay has played the best social game. Porche might be the sleeper who takes it all. The best move Porche ever made was to leave the Brenchal alliance and move over to Kalia.

      I am rooting for Kalia or Shelly. I love to root for the underdog who keeps on fighting, despite the odds.

      • Like you, I too root for a decisive player.
        Adam, alas, does not fall into that category.
        The other five players are neck in neck to win BB13.
        Just saying…..

      • LoveBB I love your commentary! Finally a level headed post minus the obvious fanaticism! Oh and I agree wholeheartedly!

  23. I agree Sighhhh! It’s a show! It is scripted, that’s why you’re not allowed to talk about your DR sessions!! Production steps in & makes competitions to favor certain ppl to keep them in the game. Its all about rating, & if the game kept going the way it was suppose to (w/ the newbie in control along w/ Dani) they would have wiped out the vets a long time ago. BUT, rating would have gone down, & production couldn’t have that…a fair game! Shelly is playing game, this is her game. She knows she can’t be a contender in the comps, so she had to figure out another way to get to the end. And as far as the vets are concerned….its their fault there’s “floaters” in the house! They were the ones who kept them just for their votes & now they are pissed bcuz they (vets) are out (all but 2) & there’s more newbies in the house! Really?? Now I hear on FB ( that Shelly’s family lives are being threatened bcuz she flipped & got out Jeff…America’s Player?? Seriously Ppl??? Grow up! I hope to hell police catch these ppl & they put them in jail for whatever. This is so wrong. I guess those same ppl aren’t Survivor fans, bcuz I couldn’t imagine the threats Russell would have received!! Those HG that say they play Honest (Jeff) is a bunch of BS!! Everyone has lied in that game, & only if your brave enough to win HOH, could you possible backstab/backdoor someone. So What!!! These BB fans this year have really pissed me off! You all act like you’re in the game. OMGosh…relax & like it was said…pop some popcorn & enjoy!!

    • I know right! Whomever it is thats making those threats should get a LIFE and in a hurry. Losers! It’s just a game! Good grief!

      • I’ll said it again Rachel and Brittany to got death threats last year this is not happening because she voted Jeff out it’s happening because there are loony people out there that take their dislike of a person to an other level.

  24. Oh yes…forgot…kuddos to Dani, Kalia & now Shelly for the BIGGEST game moves in BB!!! They had the balls to step up & make the show interesting!! Everyone should be thanking them!! lol

    • Adam might have been part of the team but elected to leave his BALLs at home in case he had to play with the big kids (He was afraid the “B” might get damaged)!!!!!!!!

      • I expected this metalhead, tough exterior dude to PLAY. But he is a softie teddybear. I can’t even bring myself to dislike him.

        His strategy to just coast and ping pong between alliances may get him $50k but definitely not $500k.

    • ARE YOU KIDDING ME MICHELLE!!!!!??????????Dani. Made a cluster-fu** of HORRIBLE moves that ultimately ended her game for her….by the HAND OF JEFF, which wasn’t a big game move? Oh I see because you like Dani it wasn’t. All the moves Dani made got her sent home. Jeff evicting Dani. DID NOT get him sent home. Dani would have been coming after him had she stayed anyway. JEFF made the biggest game move….all you people talk about them being there to hande jejo a check, that is 100% ridiculous…it is ok to have an alliance in the bb house and stick to it..its all about your game skill in the end, its not different than the brigade last year, enzo was odd man out and he knew it…you’d rather make it to. F3 and ttry to win HOH than get booted out with 5 people left because of your “bold” decision right? Or how about jordan in her season. Same thing, natali and. Kevin were tthe closest in the house, but Jordan WON. Everyone was just scared of Jeff, that was the only problem, including Daniele. So hey at the end of the day….kudo to you Dani and Shelly for making the “biggest” moves in the game, that got your asses sent Packin…lol

    • ARE YOU KIDDING ME MICHELLE!!!!!??????????Dani. Made a cluster-fu** of HORRIBLE moves that ultimately ended her game for her….by the HAND OF JEFF, which wasn’t a big game move? Oh I see because you like Dani it wasn’t. All the moves Dani made got her sent home. Jeff evicting Dani. DID NOT get him sent home. Dani would have been coming after him had she stayed anyway. JEFF made the biggest game move….all you people talk about them being there to hande jejo a check, that is 100% ridiculous…it is ok to have an alliance in the bb house and stick to it..its all about your game skill in the end, its not different than the brigade last year, enzo was odd man out and he knew it…you’d rather make it to. F3 and ttry to win HOH than get booted out with 5 people left because of your “bold” decision right? Or how about jordan in her season. Same thing, natali and. Kevin were tthe closest in the house, but Jordan WON. Everyone was just scared of Jeff, that was the only problem, including Daniele. So hey at the end of the day….kudo to you Dani and Shelly for making the “biggest” moves in the game, that got your asses sent Packin…lol!!!!!

  25. Dani made a move, now shes gone. Jeff made a move, now hes gone. Shelly made a move, she WILL be gone. New lesson in BB..dont make any moves.

    • Dani was a fierce competitor and even had a knack for persuading weaklings to do her bidding. Her downfall was overplaying her hand way too early on in the game. She had a golden key that kept her safe for weeks and an alliance with strong vets like Brenchel and Jeff. I don’t consider Jordan as a strong competitor.

      Jeff was a bully. Rachel caught him in a lie (about throwing the POV comp that sent Brenden home). Yet he was shocked that Shelly lied to him. Everyone knew Shelly was playing all sides.

      Shelly finally made a move that made sense. Why go to the end with JJ? They’re a couple. They’d squeeze Shelly out in a heartbeat in the final 3. That was smart. I never understood why any of the newbies trusted the vets. The only vet that worth aligning with was Dani, because she was running solo with Dick gone.

      Boy, oh, boy…I cannot believe what I’m about to type but I sure do wish Dick would’ve stayed. He would’ve made that game so much more juicier.

  26. Someone needs to put a sock in Kalias mouth,That witch cant stop running her mouth ,and her little candy game with Porshe ,someone needs to hide them also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I hope there both gone soon,and THANK GOD Shelley is gone Thursday!

    • yeah I have to fast forward the pvr when they are playing that game the funny part is they think they got every angle covered and they completly miss the most impotant move the POV for the week nexr to this one they are focusing on HOH forgetting that whoever wins that veto controls who goes home

  27. I was so sick of Jordan and Rachel crying – it was the most irritating thing I think I’ve ever seen on the show! Adam is the biggest tool ever to attempt to play the game. I don’t know what was so bad that Evil Dick would have left the game – he would have eatin’ these dummies alive. And I’m sick of people talking about Porche and Kalia sleeping the summer away. What did Jordan do besides follow Jeff around and allow him to insult her constantly telling her to go and eat something. Jordan does not deserve to win any more than she did the last time. Rachel is stupid and insulent as well as hateful and insecure, can’t stad the bitch and besides JJ and Brendon, I don’t see where she could get anymore votes. I’m team Kalia and Porche.

    • YEAH..Kalia and Porsche ..Playing a game upstairs .trying to decide what is the best way to hurt Rachel and make her have a miscarriage (if she is pregnant)..TOTALLY ABOVE AVERAGE BITCHES..don’t u think????

      • Kalia and Porche have an awesome game plan by eating the house of food!!! LOL the rest of the house guests will be to weak to compete!! LOL

  28. So shelly goes home this week. If Jordan/Rachel win HOH Kalia/Porsche go up on the block. if Kalia wins then its Jordan/Rachel on the block part 2. I’m still a Kalia fan. I had love for Porsche til she made the dumb mistake of opening Pandora’s box. DUMB DUMB DUMB move lol

    • Porche is there to look cute. No wonder she has been almost nonexistent in the game. Just when I started to root for the Kalia, Porche alliance…she handicapps the newbies again. But I suspect the production would’ve added the duo twist regardless of a Pandora Box. It seems like this season is geared to push the newbie vs vet conflict all the way to the end.

  29. i just want to say that everyone in the bb house lies, crys, and go with the one that has the power, . after shelly leaves porsha & kaila will be out numbered again.porsha or kaila will be the next to leave. GO rachel win bb13.

  30. People get killed for way less than $500,000 or even $50,000. These people throw their reputations away for the chance to win the money. They risk their relationships and their health. Just a game? No way!

  31. i just want to say that porche or Kalia have won HOH grand prize all ready!!!! All those two do is eat!! When I see them on BBAD they are always eating!! The food costs for these two house guests for the time they have spent in the house is probaly in the low hundreds of thousands of dollars. It was amazing that porche could have won the veto competiton involving physical competion due to the extra weight that she has put on. I predict if either Kalia or Porche happen to win BB, that they will buy a grocery store in order to be able to keep eating at the pace they eaten on BB13.

    • I would like to mention that kalia would need to save few thousand dollars of her winnings in order to buy a bed, so when she is done eating she can sleep!!!!! LOL

    • Heard through the grapevine that BB needed to visit the local food pantry to keep porche and kalia stocked with food

  32. People comment about Kalia being a weak player who hasn’t done anything. Although she has made dumb moves (keeping Rachel and voting out Lawon). But she is the only newbie to kick out the strongest HGs, Brendon and Jeff.

    Jordan hasn’t done nada. She did not win her HOH…it was thrown to her. C’mon. Every other HOH has had to fight to get it. Jordan is adorable and sweet, but I wouldn’t hand her $500k twice.

  33. Glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks Jordan doesn’t deserve win or even 2nd place. It’s easy to play sweet and innocent and play the moral highground when you have a bully partner allowing you to ride his coat tails. Adam: you are spineless. Kalia, you allowed 2 newbies to leave early when you had chance to axe a vet… but you keep coming back with guts.. so I have mixed feelings about you.. Rachael- like Jordan, your partner has weakened you , and Porsche…greed will never get you far.. only misery. Like others,I kinda want Dick back now…they did say he’d be back didnt’ they? but when?

  34. Could Pandora’s box still have another appearance in the BB13 game? This game needs to be stirred up again. LF is boring. I have maybe watched 20 minutes since R/J won Veto.

    • Leb, I was thinking the same thing. After Dark is so boring there is absolutely nothing going on in the house. I think I’ll just watch the finale, because to much scripting now.

  35. No one should ever threaten some one for playing a game on a reality show…But on this show Shelly turned out to be a…..traitor/liar/backstabber/theif/low down snake/…..She has no integrity, in the game & she did promise them she would do final 3 but Dani got in her shows she’s a low down “RAT”…Bastard…actually Bitch…for what she did & I would not want to be her friend outside the house because of these reasons….SHE CAN’T BE TRUSTED….She showed that & her true colors just playing a game….. (yea it’s a game but come on “DANI” would’nt even do that!)

  36. This year sucks I saw a picture of the final 8 & this was the position they were sitting around the table at the time..Kalia ( who slept most of the game… thinks she’s the shi* for putting “BIG” Jeff on the block & having him voted out…Shelly the snake did the dirty work not you), Jeff aka..”BIG Jeff” (who helped the floaters & fence riders make it to the end…sorry Dude but they “VOTED” you out), Jordan ( to nice of a person to be playing this game…should have watched your back & …Jeffs, cause the knife is still in it), Adam (said from the begining he know’s the game…sure did he jumped the fence too often then fell off, such a dorky “DUMBASS”), DANI aka.. Skeletor (played her true self especally the week of her B-day, wined, cried, bullied, bitched, sulked etc…She played a good game yea right..sitting alone & staring at the walls in the kitchen for a week)…Porche (should have been voted off 1st eviction but was saved…after that she rode skirt tales under the radar to where she is now..OH I forgot how she ate the whole way there wearing her same “pink sweatsuit” because she couldent wear anything eles she bought), Shelly (plain ol pond skum, even “BLEACH” won’t clean the mess she made in this game), Rachel ( crazy…but we knew that last season…) NOW DOWN TO FINAL 6…’EVIL DICK’ is madder than “HELL” he had this game since day one…& look who is left due to “STUPIDITY!!! What a shame………

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