Big Brother 13 Episode 20 recap: Big Jeff gets revenge as Shelly’s dislike for Rachel grows

Note: This blog is written in real-time, presuming some readers actually do not know what has played out on the Live Feeds.

Sunday’s episode of Big Brother 13 opened with the continuation of the Head of Household competition and after what seemed like three hours of people running back and forth in foam, Jeff wins.

So, in other words, things aren’t looking good for Daniele, Kalia and Porsche. But once again, Adam gets to float on by.

Rachel is happy someone in her alliance won since her winning streak is still on hiatus. She also makes fun of Daniele, Kalia and Porsche for being what she thinks are sore losers. Even though I noticed nothing of the sort from any of them. Sure they looked disappointed, but who wouldn’t? I guess Rachel forgot about the time she ran off and cried under a tree after losing something. Or the HoH contest where she refused to cheer for Daniele or Kalia.

We’re reminded that Jeff and Daniele kind of (sort of) made a deal that they’d not go after each other, but we’re also quickly reminded that Jeff hasn’t forgotten Daniele’s earlier deception. If you ask me, Big Jeff needs to get over it and realize Daniele could be a good ally again and target floaters.

We learn more and more that Rachel wasn’t a victim of bad editing last summer. Shelly even hates Rachel. Of course Shelly’s not allowed to “hate” because her mommy and daddy said not to hate anyone, but she dislikes Rachel a lot. So if Shelly dislikes Rachel that much, then there’s a problem. I’d like to see Shelly punch Rachel once or twice. That would be good TV. But for some reason, Rachel decides to bite her tongue when Shelly tells Rachel to stop making evil eyes at her. Bor-ing.

While we’re on the subject of Shelly, CBS finally decided to feature something I mentioned weeks ago. And that’s that Shelly has somehow lived 40-some years only eating peanut butter and jelly. Who doesn’t know what a pear is? Seriously. And what is “gwak-a-mol,” Shelly? I’m embarrassed for you. I hope your kid knows what vegetables are. Poor child.

It’s a good thing Shelly’s not a have-not this week because she probably had no idea you could hard-boil an egg and she probably doesn’t know what a jal-uh-peen-yo is. Daniele, Porsche and Kalia are handpicked by HoH Jeff to eat the eggs and jalapenos for the week.

I think Kalia and Porsche tried to talk Jeff into not nominating them for eviction, but all I heard were crickets and Rachel’s laughter somewhere far off in the distance. It’s pretty obvious at least one of them will go up. Especially considering Jeff promised Kalia weeks ago, he’d get revenge on her for putting him up. We also get to see Jeff no longer playing with his precious integrity as he lies to Daniele’s face by telling her she’s 100 percent safe. He even tells her he won’t backdoor her. That’s the first time anyone has said this season without intentions of sticking to it. So it’s pretty clear what Jeff’s plan is.

So with NO surprise, Jeff nominates Kalia and Porsche with all intentions of back-dooring Daniele. And if that happens, Daniele will 100 percent go home. And the rest of this season will 100 percent suck. I hope all the Daniele haters out there are ready for several weeks of Adam’s annoying dancing, Shelly’s constant smoking and Jordan’s infantile “fuss-trations” because that’s all we’ll get. Where’s the drama going to come from? Rachel and Shelly? They’re in the same freaking alliance. For this show to continue being good, Daniele and, as much as I dislike her, Rachel need to make it to the Top 4. Bottom line. Otherwise it’ll be as boring as last season when only Enzo, Lane and Hayden were left.

What are your thoughts on the nominations? If you can’t wait until Wednesday to find out who played in the veto competition and who won, we have the results here. Find out if Jeff changes the nominations later tomorrow.


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    • So much annoying bias in this update- it’s ridiculous no offense. Danielle is a MUCH WORSE ALLY than Rachel. One, because she wants Jeff out next, and since Jeff can’t play HOH next, he would be a goner. Two, it’s a good thing Rachel is hated because then he has a target before him. Think people think.

      • I tend to agree. I just started coming to this site, but there’s a lot of bias in a few of the posts. I guess it’s because the majority of people here and a lot of places don’t like Rachel.. so of course, they gotta please the majority.

      • Well actually rachelle will go argued Jeff also so either both are bad but dani is way better and Jeff should go home he already won some money and his girlfriend won bb already so they should both get evicted it would be the best dani should win she is the best competitor and deserves it all Jeff is too much about himself its stupid how he calls himself big Jeff

      • I agree with Jena, but I do like the way Branden wrote the article, with honest opinion and humour. I do however, wonder if Branden truly thinks Jeff should try to ally-up with Daniele, because I think it’s pretty clear that Daniele, “deal” or no deal, is going for Jeff in some form next week if she stays and wins HOH, or if her cronies win it. I don’t see any chance of her not doing that. Who else would she go after? Rachel maybe but not before Jeff, Jeff’s emerged as the competitor he was thought to be, and Dani still thinks Rachel’s weak without Brendon. That and Dani wants all guys gone to better her chances of winning competitions, and I don’t think Adam strikes her as a threat.

      • Danielle cannot be trusted and she will put up Jeff and Jordan in a nano second. So, how is Danielle trustworthy as an ally? She has already betrayed her alliance, went after them with a gusto like Brendon, lied multiple times, manipulated the newbies and tried to strike an alliance with everyone! Everyone is ragging on Shelly but, Danielle is way worst on her game play with her take no prisoners approach. So, Danielle needs to go. As for being boring, if a newbie such as Kalia or Adam win HOH, do you think they will not put up Jeff or Jordan when they are the biggest threat with Danielle gone? The newbies have an opening if they take it! If they don’t then, whose fault is it?

      • i dont see jeff or anyone else bashing their father she a nasty girl no to ways about it she cant talk s…it about rachael when she does the very same thing i dont see rachael contaminating food like porche did or theaten to cut up their animals get real people cowleeea and porche an dani are worse . rachaels does kid stuff she doesnt do thing to people to harm their body.

      • The bias is fine when the writer is talking about the HGs. However, when he uses his bias to suggest the worst strategy ever (Jeff keeping Dani around), then I have to question the writing. Dani would not doubt turn on Jeff and vote him out next week. I will agree that the house will be kind of boring without Dani, but to suggest that Jeff should keep her is one of the dumbest things I have ever read. Otherwise, I like the blog.

    • It’s not bias, it’s opinion. Who wants to read a straight recap when most people JUST watched the show themselves. That’s just kind of how blogs do things.

      • I was meaning any offense Branden, and I agree a straight recap would be quite boring. So, I apologize :-)

      • The game could very well take an entertainment hit if Dani leaves, but the bottom line is it’s the best game move for Jeff and crew. Sorry, ratings.

      • 1st perry-dom is the one that gave “big”jeff. 2nd all the hg’s say “big” in front of their name. Most important though-jeff competed for & won that money & if dani is as great as u think- she could have took the 10,000 & let kalia have hoh that week. Dani has been outplayed & made dumb moves. Starting when she tried 2 bd jeff when she didn’t have power.she showed her cards too early. She isn’t a true ally 2 cause she threw kalia under the bus & told jejo that she tried to getkalia E nom. Somebody else. With “friend” like that who needs enemies? She brags about a close friend that works in the “box”(knows outside the house) so before u say who deserve to win-u need to make sure u have the info. Beside’s it don’t matter if jordan has one before-dani won 2nd place & they knew it could happen again but choose to stay in the if ed was still in the house, would u still think that? Remember bb is expect the unexpected!

      • Branden, the problem is many of the readers on this site become annoyed when it appears to them that the author’s favorite is not the same as theirs. Some have even gone so far as to insist that the writer should not even show a hint of their personal feelings (let alone express them) in their blog which is totally ridiculous. For the record, I enjoyed your article.

    • It’s just like you and I come here and express our opinions on who we like or don’t like. This site is not affiliated with cbs or big brother. Why should they not be allowed to have their opinions.

      • Yeah, I agree with you now, chick. Noticed you’re from Louisiana, I’m from south AR, myself…lol

      • This is for Chick from Louisiana: Do you not have golden pears, avocados, or guacamole in Louisiana? Is Shelly the norm there? I’ve never heard of coconut water either, but I wouldn’t flip out about it because there are tons of flavored waters on the market. My whole family was shocked at Shelly’s comments and at how scary tan she was!

    • Personally, I never got the whole Judas attraction. Glad she is leaving. She added very little to the mix.

    • Why do people hate danielle so much? And why do ppl want to see Jeff and Jordan win? They already won. This season sucks, they should never have brought back past winners. Secondly way too man vets returned. Thirdrly, too many golden keys were handed out,causing floaters to float on by. I don’t think any of these people are playing well enough to win. But I just dont understand how Jeff and Jordan deserve to win just because they are “nice”. This game is not about being “nice”. They are sore losers. They get mad when anyone nominates them. Why do they feel as if they are untouchable? Its a game. Why participate then?

      • First of all, Jordan has already won, not Jeff. That would be like saying Dani has already won since her dad won. Second, Jeff deserves to win the same as anyone on the show simply because they’re on the show.
        I think people dislike Dani so much because she is not genuine. Did you see how outright disgusted she was acting last night toward Kalia, her best friend and closest ally in the house? At least Jeff and Jordon show some sincere emotion. They seem like people who could be your friend outside of the house.

      • Well said Nik.@ LoveJordon – I think she’s referring to Jeff winning the money in that comp 2 weeks ago. ppl on here just luv to pick on every little thing. Dani’s at least playing the GAME. Isn’t that what it’s all about. making alliances so early in the game like JJ did with BR gets to be boring. Wouldn’t that be consider floating except Jeff and Rachel and Brendan do compete at competitions with the exception of Jordon who just counts on Jeff to keep her safe. Hope she dosent win on that alone like she did the first time. Jeff’s too predictable with his nominations. Someone needs to shake this house a bit and the only one to be doing that somewhat is Dani. Shelly is evil. Porche is boring. Kalia is a stick on to Dani and Adam is like a piece of furniture just hanging in there.

      • That person who wins Big Brother 13 deserves those monies because they played the game the best! Whoever it is I could not care less! Why should the prizes be awarded to anyone who gets evicted? That does not make sense. You award the money to the losers? That is not going to happen in real life and it is not going to happen in Big Brother. If anyone wants that money bad enough then, they should play their hearts out. Strategy counts too and the fact that Danielle made bad decisions early in the game is her own fault and nobody elses! If Danielle loses, it is because she made some very bad moves so early in the game! So, whose fault is that?

      • Ppl like jeff and jordan because they r straight up. They don’t run to hoh & tell things they heard just to save themselves. As a matter of fact jejo didn’t even want to talk to kalia, she had to send shelly after them. As far as already winning. Sweetie-jeff didn’t win. Jordan did but so did dani! If the hg didn’t think it was fair they should have hit that big red button! Btw-america like jeff & jordan because they don’t sit and bash ppl for breathing. Dani secluded herself while dom was in the house & was so jealous of cassi that she made her a target as for getting mad when they r nominated- don’t think so cause jordan took it well & jeff did get mad but that’s because kalia was supposed to been allies w/jejo.u don’t see jejo telling ppl to steal or destroy other hg stuff, or to hide the wine. Besides dani put jordan on the block& she could have put nebody else! Dani fans r mad because things r bad 4 them now. Well, karma is a lot sweeter than humble pie!

    • @Perry p- I’m so over people using previous money won as a reason an individual should not continue in the competition. Why don’t we just take a look at all the remaining contestants finances, see who is the poorest, and award them the prize! That’s what it’s all about, right? There are many strategies to make it to the end of BB, and I say if the one you employ will get you all the way, then you deserve to win. Period.

      • I agree, DeeDee. Who cares how much someone has won in the past?? Not a JJ fan, but if they fight to end and win both prizes, they “deserve” it as much as the next person.
        I stated in a post a few days ago, “How would you feel if your employer said, ‘yes, I know you worked hard this week, but you dont deserve any more money because you got paid last week.'”

      • Why haven’t there been any alliances, that agreed to share the money between the group….the winner gets the majority, but has to share it with his other members of the group. IF you win, you don’t get it all, but if you don’t….you will at least get a good share….just thinking…

    • Chick from louisiana and to the update I agree with the writeup completely and I am a fan of Dani. This season will suck more once Dani is gone and I said the said thing Dani will make a much better ally in the end. I think a floater will win. I will watch, but not the live feeds and I will not watch or fast forward BBAD. Just get any updates here.

    • I can’t wait to see Dani gone!! Then we will find out where the rest of the house runs to

    • Well Dani is probably going to jury house this week.I bet she hates she carried that water to Jeff when he was choking.I have always heard no good deed go unpunished.If nothing else I would gave Dani a break for helping him win the HOH .He started slowing down when that bubble got in his throat.Dani thought he was being honest with her about not getting her out this week.Bad Jeff I no longer like you at all.Bring Matt from survivor at least he plays a fare game .Even in a game you cant cheat your way to the top. Oh I take that Boston Rob did win survivor last year.I guess the more you cheat the better you are in these games.GOD BLESS

    • I totally agree. Who wants to watch Jordan let Jeff do the dirty work so she can win and be sweet? I am sooo sick of BB bringing back players. it was much better before with all new casts. All the vets are running it so why have newbies?

  1. Jeff is not/ can not backdoor dani, cause she played in the veto… backdoor is only wen u re-nom someone who didn’t play in the veto… like wat dani did to brendan last week.

      • Sorry Kenny, any HG is fair game except the PoV holder. If none of the HGs that played in the veto challenge were eligible as a renom, then who’d go up as a replacement once everyone plays in the veto? If Dani had won the veto, she’d be safe. The HoH cannot backdoor the PoV winner because if they could, then the PoV would never be used except for if the winner was on the block for fear that they’d be nominated in retaliation. Dani is fair game, and will be backdoored tomorrow when Jeff removes Porsche from the block. Bank on it…

    • Sorry Kenny, but Jeff can nominate anyone he wants – only if Dani won the veto would she be safe.

      Dani is getting what she deserves for awful game play. Bottom line is she is a terrible player – her dad even agrees. Doesn’t mean she’s a bad person…just not the best game player…good at winning competitions but she turned on her alliance too soon and it went downhill from there…no stratgy at all.

      • that’s not what he means. You can only get backdoored if you get re-nommed and not play in the veto. that’s the definition of a backdoor (see: BB5 Jase).

        I dont care about dani’s bad game. without her, its gonna be super boring.

      • I agree, she probably is really cool outside the house, but she’s been a little cocky this season. And yes, I know the J/Js and R/B have had their moments, but Dani and her two minions just trash and bash so much…no excuse for that kind of extreme meanness, especially when Porsche tainted the Muscle Milk with Benefiber… that could have caused problems for anyone drinking that stuff because during a competition, one may being getting cramps and needing to desperately go to the bathroom which would take their mind off the task at hand.

    • Thank you, Kenny. At lease someone else is using the vocabulay correctly! Whoever wrote this article sounds like they have a lot of hate build up. Not very objective. More one-sided. Whatever happened to objective journalism where it was left up to the individual to form their own opinion from information presenting both sides?

      • I’m also writing this blog with the presumption that people haven’t read spoilers… and they do not know that Daniele played in the POV and DID NOT WIN. Just trying to keep people from being spoiled. But whatever.

      • @ Branden I don’t care if you wrote it not to ruin the spoilers, but I totally agree with it and I know the spoilers. I agree completely with you, except I like Dani and her game play. I don’t care what ED says about Dani. What a way to support your daughter. I wonder if he would have won without her. Give the girl some credit. If that is the way he is in real life no wonder she has no relationship with him.

    • There isn’t such a thing as “backdooring” to be had anymore since they took away the players ability to pick the actual players for the veto comp. The new version of “backdooring” is basically hoping that the person needed to be voted out aren’t nominated for eviction and don’t get to play for veto.

      • Thank you!!!!! Everyone seems to think that backdooring is simply replacing a nominee after veto. As you mentioned, the Backdoor gameplay is actually obsolete now since names are pulled from the bag. Its the luck of the draw, pretty much.

    • ONLY the winner of the veto can’t be a renom. Jeff won so he can put Dani up and would be a FOOL not to. I personally think Jeff is a cutie..

      Imagine Dani gone—now the newbies have a more level playing ground ( playing BB for the first time) and Jeff can’t play for HoH..that leaves Jordan and Rachelle to be the only vet competitors left in this double eviction week. There are those who feel it was UNfair to bring past HG’s back into the game. It’s BB, it was a Twist. I Just WISH Evel would have been able to stay in the game.

      They ALL are equally behaving poorly. I assume the house really to even the most stable people. “Darkside Dani” has done nothing but whine about slop–Porsche has been fine (but then again as long as she is eating/cooking she’s upbeat) Kalia is doing well on slop also…ONLY Dani is crying about it.

      So, back to Jeff being cute =o)
      Wish he was older ;o)

  2. That’s so not true Kenny. LOL

    CORRECTION: That is true, Kenny. While I was trying to keep spoilers directly out of the post, I misread what you were saying. I just thought you meant Daniele couldn’t be re-nominated, period. I have not been with Big Brother since season 5 so I did NOT know that “backdoor” had a specific definition based from a specific instance. I apologize to the die-hards who leave no room for mistakes.

    • you help run this site and you dont know what a backdoor is??? lawd have mercy. a backdoor is when a player doesnt play for the veto and gets re-nommed (BB5 Jase) meaning they had no chance whatsoever in staying in the house. Dani played in the veto, so she had the chance to save herself; something a true backdoor doesnt provide.

      • You post on this site and have no manners??? Lawd have mercy. ( Yes, that’s me mocking you. ) As someone else has stated the whole “backdoor” strategy is obsolete since BB took away the power to pick who plays in the Veto. Now it’s luck. So the high and mighty attitude is amusing to say the least.

      • @Scott: +1 Bingo! Since BB took away handpicking Veto players there’s no control and no chance of the infamous Six-Fingered Plan.

        All you can do now is have the intent to backdoor and then pray for the best.

  3. LMAO- gwak-a-mol. Ok just to clarify, that’s not a louisiana thing. And we know what pears are

  4. Dude if you put me on hard boiled eggs and jalapenos for a week, I’d come out of it like Bubba from Forrest Gump. Hard boiled eggs, jalapenos and ketchup, hard boiled eggs, jalapenos and gravy, hard boiled eggs, jalapenos and nacho cheese, hard boiled eggs, jalapenos stir fryed, hard boiled eggs, jalapenos menudo, hard boiled eggs jalapenos and chili, hard boiled eggs jalapenos and kim chi. then I would find some cash and invest it in toilet companies, toilet paper companies and plungers.

  5. LOL Kenny are you sure you watch Big Brother lol.. I think he will backdoor Dani and he still can..Guess we will see later on tonight :)

  6. Dani looks like she is leaving, but I have to admit it is going to stink not having the drama or another fierce competitor….

  7. Adam and Rachel will keep it going. Bacon boy’s gonna make his move after the double eviction and rachel’s gonna break up JJ before she gets the boot. Meathead and fencepost (JJ) have to realize thier time is up. Brendan leaving was huge and it will be looked at as the beginning of the end for the vets.

  8. I’m repulsed by Shelly.. She eats walks and talks like a Man.. Someone should Duck Tape her Mouth and pull her pants down and reveal her Cock she’s got tucked away.
    I don’t care for Rachel myself but Shelly is only pissed off at Rachel because she blew Shelly’s lies in the house.
    It was ok for everyone else but Shelly cannot stand that someone called her out.. Now she’s spitting venom. By being Loud and Manly she thinks that makes her right. Jordan of all people figured Shelly out.
    This week I hope Dani is OUT and because it’s a Dbl Eviction I don’t know who will when the 2nd HOH in the hour and POV but I hope Jeff can at least win the POV since he cannot win the HOH due to being HOH now. I just hope it’s his allies that win. Preferably Rachal..I think she will keep Jeff & Jordan Safe on the Dbl Eviction..Then in the end of the hour another HOH is played. Going to be a fun night Thursday :-)

    • I agree….Shelly makes me sick. Did anyone see how she stole Rachel’s stuffed animal that she sleeps with and Rachel was looking for it and Shelly pretended she knew nothing about it.

      Shelly is a liar and a thief…stealing someone’s personal belongings is downright sick.

      • Dani & Kalia STILL haven’t put the chess pieces back. I think that is mean, mean, mean.

    • JJ will have only Shelly as an ally if she survives the double eviction. Their time is up.

      • jeff and jordon actually trust rachel more than shelly now. jeff caught on to shelly act awhile back. hopefully rachel wins the hoh next time when its double eviction and she can take shelly out

    • Yeah, I have to agree…one day, she will come out of the closet. SHe is built like a guy, talks like one, and her fake boobs are more than obvious.

  9. Dani leaving would put J/J in a good spot. Replace Porche w/Dani and get Dani out. Best move Big Jeff can make. Brendin will be surprised. Shelly isn’t into Mexican food. As much as she runs behind Dani, Kalia, Porche she might as well eat slop with them. Don’t trust Shelly the snake. T

  10. Zzzzzzzzzz who wrote this crap? Apparently they do not get the live feeds. Of course he is going to backdoor Dani, he would be completely stupid not too, remember she can beat him in competitions and people like her….that is NOT someone you want to take to the end. Are you sure you watch this program? Your love affair with Dani,Kailia and Porsche makes me want to puke!

    • envision a house without another side. sounds drama filled and action packed, doesnt it. (thats sarcasm).

      I hope danielle stays, just so there is point in watching the show. if one side has no opposition, whats the point?

      • Ah…but there’s Shelly, the flipper flopper of the house. She’s two-sided. Two-faced. She provides plenty of opposition.

      • if shelly is the main opposition (no comp wins, up j/js asshole), the remainder of this season is going to be boring.

      • I think Rachel will branch off and pick up Dani’s strays if Dani is back doored. If Jeff doesn’t back door Dani it will be a move he regrets the rest of the game. She will stab in as soon as she can

      • There is opposition in the house if the newbies take it! Adam or Porsche or Kalia can win HOH and nominate Jeff and Jordan! You think that is not possible? There is $500,000 on the line mind you and all the house guests want it! What do you think the house guests are there for? To find new romantic love interest? To make new friends and nothing else? If the newbies win HOH and do not take their shots when they have it—-they deserve to lose and it is on them!

      • @ Gina…wow, really?! I see not one good thing about anyone on the other side either. If you don’t like the opinion of the writer perhaps you should go elsewhere and keep your opinion to yourself. Branden you are doing a great job!!

      • @Gina you obviously have no manners. Branden I agree with you and appreciate the great job you are doing. We are all entitled to our opinions, but Gina you don’t have to be nasty to Branden because you don’t agree with him.

  11. Shelly is a big ole snake she the biggest flip flopper…….she is only out for herself!! She just pretends to align with other HG”s!! She will do whatever it takes no matter what… she don’t need to talk smack on Rachel!!!

  12. @Branden: « I guess Rachel forgot about the time she ran off and cried under a tree after losing something. Or the HoH contest where she refused to cheer for Daniele or Kalia. What a complete crazy person Rachel is. »

    Uh, what the?? Rachel ran off and cried under bushes after Jeff yelled at her for making a comment, it had NOTHING to do with her losing something. And no, Rachel didn’t cheer for Dani or Kalia, but did Dani cheer for Jeff and Rachel in this week’s HoH comp? Absolutely not, therefore your point is not valid and makes no sense.

    Oh, and sure – What a “complete crazy person” Rachel is, for being happy that her enemies didn’t win HoH this week. Right!

    • The point that he was making on that comment that rachel and others are calling D, K and P sore losers when they have done it themselves.

      • Becky I agree. It is not one sided at all. They are all guilty – I don’t care what side you are on.

  13. Shelly makes me sick. Did anyone see how she stole Rachel’s stuffed animal that she sleeps with and Rachel was looking for it and Shelly pretended she knew nothing about it.

    Shelly is a liar and a thief…stealing someone’s personal belongings is downright sick.

    • They all play the BB game with the intent to lie their way to the top. But, when it comes down to severe personal attacks like Shelly does to and behind Rachel’s back, it shows her TRUE character!

    • I’m just getting plain tired of watching Shelly. It bothered me what she did with Rachel’s toy but now everything about her is starting to bother me. Watching tonight’s show she walks in saying ‘Isn’t Jeff so funny, he’s awesome’ blah blah in front of Rachel’s face. That wasn’t clever, it wasn’t anything, it was annoying to even watch. And you idiot you’re actually making Jeff look bad in the process. Way to backhandedly slap a close ally. Even her walk is starting to bug me, why the hell can’t she walk straight/properly?

      • I am not defending Shelly, but believe she has steel rods in her back. Having steel rods in my own back I have sympathy for her there.

  14. This whole show is BS ,Jeff doesn’t have the balls to back door Rachel, he is the same like Brendon a cry baby just why Danielle wanted him to get out ,get over it be a man and not a pu..y

    • Rachel is his ally. They are working together so why would he get rid of her at this point? Getting rid of Dani is his best option b/c she isn’t planning on keeping the deal either.

    • I hate to say it, but Dani IS his biggest threat right now. Hell, she is his only threat. Everyone else is laying down and letting JJ do what they want.

  15. Who writes this stuff anyway?? Seriously. Someone who is so biased for Daniele. Its totally ok for her to lie to everyone, but not ok for Jeff to do it?? You know darn well had she or Kalia won HoH, Jeff would be walking out that door this week. Since Dani played for the Veto, she had the opportunity to save herself by winning the POV. Therefore, this IS NOT A BACKDOOR SITUATION.

      • Who are you referring to as an idiot? When you create your own post, not replying to anyone.
        It looks as if you are calling yourself an idiot.
        This may be the case because only an idiot needs to bash and attack people on a Big brother blog.

      • You probably shouldn’t call people AN idiot..when you sound like one sayin A idiot. The point is, you see much more people saying they want dani to go than stay…so why? Why will the ratings plummit? And this blog is exactly that, an opionion…that’s why its. Such a turn-off, because its like the writes believes they are stating facts…more so trying to force opinions than share them.

      • Yea I don’t see the need to call anyone an idiot, I’ve read a lot of comments I’ve disagreed with, thought were crazy, laughed at, etc, that’s just being honest, but never thought ‘This person’s an idiot’…as mentioned, it’s a Big Brother fan site, take it easy

      • its a game guenter and that’s how you play?? It”s not YOUR backyard….lighten up and maybe find a friend.

    • Donnie she did keep her deal with Jeff last week that he was completely safe even at the veto comp with Jeff throwing it to Adam. That allowed Jeff to walk away with another $5,000. Jeff said to Dani’s face that she was safe this week. I think Jeff is getting rid of to many of the vets and just my opinion but the floaters will turn on him. I think if Rachel gets her chance she would rather be up against one of them than Jeff or Jordan at the end.

  16. Branden, don’t even bother. These are diehard JJ fans. JJ can do no wrong. Everybody else in the house is flawed but them, even though they’re not a real couple. You’re fighting an uphill battle

    • How do you figure they aren’t a real couple? Is it because they respect themselves to not show public displays of affection? Would you rather watch Brenchel plowing?

  17. Branden…I’m sorry but who even let you write on this site? to me your blogs are never more than a brendon rachel bashing fest. Do you not have anything better to talk about? Oh and btw, dani (if she stays, which she won’t) would be the worst “ally” being as how she has been talking non stop about getting jeff out. This story is pure delusion

    • The site isn’t affiliated with CBS or Big Brother, it’s a blog. Do you even know what that means? I doubt it, since I’ve read some of your “posts” and I use that term loosely. You have an opinion, he has an opinion, I have an opinion…everyone has the right to be heard, even if they contribute little more than constant double posting hate-filled replies.

  18. Oh god who wrote this? I personally cannot STAND: Shelly, Dani, Porshe, and Kaila. Wtf is Shelly’s problem? Calling Rachel a “bitch” you’re setting a real good example for your daughter! I want Dani and Shelly out ASAP. Shelly’s the one talking behind Rachel’s back. And Rachel has every right to be pissed about Brendon leaving. i just want Shelly-the-man out next. And stop being so biased on Dani. There ARE some Rachel fans out there.

  19. Wow all the Brandon bashing. He is entitled to his opinion.
    He never said we have to like it.
    I support your opinion Brando even though i don’t agree with some of it.

    I do agree Rachel and Danimal need to stay to keep things stirred up but even if Danimal goes this week it will be great to see Kaligula and Porsha forced to side with Rachel and get JJ and Shelly out of the house.

    • Brandons whole post is based on opinions. Much more opinion than me it just discredits the site, sorry. Miles different than matt and chloes posts.

  20. What is up with all the bitching? Lol Seriously though Matt has explained that the blogs are written by fans for fans. I love Rachel and I don’t care for Dani and even I find the blog funny. If we all agreed life would be so boring!!!!

  21. Also, please tell me how the season will suck? dani is that interesting that we like to watch her walk are or lay in the bed silent. The only time she opens her mouth is to talk shit about rachel or to talk about how the slop is hurting her. She doesn’t do anything! See porsche and kalia out there..there both on the block right now and they’re still mingling. On another note, danis game play has been HORRIBLE, she was involed in 2 of the dumbest moves this summer and THE #1 DUMBEST MOVE EVER IN BB HISTORY(LAWAN, NEEDLESS TO SAY). She has only won 2 comps. That’s 1 less than jeff and rachel. And only 1 more than jordan and kalia and adam. So, please tell me wth makes dani so amazing? She’s not a social player, she’s boring beyond belief and she is THAT good at this game. SHE’S GOTTA GO!

  22. Shelly hates Rachel because Rachel told Porsche/Jordan about her offer for final 3 with Brendon which she claims are ‘lies’ when theyre not. Dont drift from the truth because of your dislike for Rachel.. Shelly is in the wrong and I for 1 have gone off her for exactly this!

  23. so far as this season goes I find it a real mixed bags of tricks in the house guests. I like Dani and also Shelly..Jordan is in my opinion a true floater. she rides the coat tails of her boyfriend. who is an arrogant and disrespectful young man and only wish he had gotten voted out .
    What in heck is Adam doing besides yapping to his Farah…and rachel well she is just plain trailer and brenden a real porfessional student…as for kalia she and Porsche are also floaters and should have been gone ages ago….so am sure looking forward to seeing the rest of the season and find which one of this bunch of knot heads wins

  24. I really dont think Jeff has the guts to backdoor Danielle to be honest. It would be his best move but at the same time being on her side could also be in his best interest. She kept him safe for the 2 weeks she was HOH (personally I will never understand why) buuut we’ll see. My guess he’s not doing anything with that POV and kalia is out da door.

    I liked this blog I don’t see what was wrong with it :)

    • I agree plus keeping the D and R rift is good tv
      I think J and d have a deal; and would be a solid team

    • Dani kept Jeff safe for two weeks because she had to evict Brendon twice. If it weren’t for that Jeff would have been history. She just had a bigger target, she wasn’t being nice. He has to get rid of Dani because she will get him next time. Jeff is Dani’s number on target now that Brendon is gone. And if not Jeff then Jordan. She plans on breaking up the couple.

    • dani didn’t keep him safe, if brendon hadn’t been there jeff would of been the target. jeff not letting this chance go by and give her another chance to take him out. best move of the season

  25. Branden, love that you respond to comments! I know there is a big chance of Dani going home and I’m not happy about it =( I hope jeff gets sent home during the double eviction =)

  26. I have replied several times to anothers post; usually the ones I agree with; and so have never recieved a reply myself. So here goes.. J is giong to leave the nomination the same. He is honoring his deal with D, and she will also honor that deal and K will go home. J and D will become a team and will be in the borrom three with Adam.

    • jeff is putting dani up sorry. no way will jeff be a team player with dani again. he knows that if her side would of won he would be going home this week. there are not such things has deals in bb. can’t wait to see her face today when she goes up lol

    • Just trying to make u feel better by replying…lol..jk
      It sounds good to me, except I like this better.
      Jeff honors deal with Dani and keeps noms the same. Kalia goes. Dani wins HoH and puts JJ on block. Neither wins veto and Jeff goes to jury. My girl Dani is still in game.. she pairs with Rachel.. wipes out the house and them in final two.
      I pretty much know thats not what will happen, but its fun to dream.

  27. i would rather watch shelly smoke and adam dance than to watch and hear dani keep bashing rachel all day long. it gets real old after awhile of hearing it. dani must have one boring life on the outside cause she has nothing to talk about but rachel. she has played a bad game from the beginning how did she expect to get to the end with kalia? lol she getting exactly what she deserves. dani plan was to get jeff out this week if her side would of won. lucky jeff not that dumb and let this chance slide by without putting dani up. go jeff

  28. get rid of Danielle and Kalia…with their “literally” in every sentence they say. they “literally” say the word “literally” in every sentence. so they literally need to go…literally…

    • yes go rachel win b.b 13 to shut everyone up you r a true player and deserve to win it all,people r just haters of rachel, how well would u haters of her do,not so good i will bet on it

  29. I like Dani, but I don’t really understand how the blogger thinks this season will suck once Dani is gone. I mean Dani is very pleasing to look at and she does have some interesting conversations on the live feeds as well as being a good competitor, but I definitely don’t think she is the only interesting person on the show. I love Jeff and Dani but if I have to pick between the two, then its Big Jeff all the way. Besides, Jeff would be stupid to leave Dani in the house. She is a huge threat and would target Jeff the second she got the power to do so.

  30. I must be a real old lady because i really like jeff and jordon but i cant believe in big brother from 9 to 12 how jeff cant say one sentence without using the f bomb.i still hope they win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. I don’t like rachel but I would prefer her winning over jeff. With dani gone Everyone else is going to fold & Go along with whatever he wants.

  32. Jeff backdooring Dani is a smart move for his game but a bad move for TV. I hope it doesnt happen but if I were Jeff I would.

    I get annoyed at people bitching about floaters. It is a good strategy. Not to mention that Jordan is the biggest floater in the house. Yes, she has an alliance but she hasnt won jack and has floated on other’s wins.

    If the house was smart they would turn on Jeff and Jordan. They are the only true alliance left. If Rachel had any sense she would flip on them and team up with Dani.

  33. It means something if Shelly doesn’t like you? She’s a hypocrite and annoying as hell. And she lies, and I don’t think she even has any idea herself that she does.

  34. I can’t understand all the rude comments. I am a Dani fan, but don’t understand why Dani is the only one guilty of talking behind other people’s backs. They are all guilty of it. Every single one of them. Dani, Rachel, Shelly, Jeff, Jordan, Kalia, Porche, Brendon (when he was there). I guess I would have to say Adam is the only one who has not been as guilty as the others.

    • so true Gail.. Some people claim to not like Dani (and Rachel)because she has done some sneaky and mean girl stuff. Yet, they adore Jeff and Jordon–I dont get the logic at all.

  35. Wow! Excellent write-up! Well said.

    I’m very disappointed that Daniele is about to go home (I’m pretty confident that it will happen) and with that it will be boring. Ugh! I guess all we have to look forward to will be the Vet alliance turning on each other in two-week’s time, ugh. I’m tired of Adam’s floating, Shelly lying constantly to everyone, Rachel’s whining and ridiculous smirk when she intentionally wants to piss someone off, how Jeff treats Jordan and Jordan’s air-headed self. Ha ha!

    Wished Dick was still in the house. Wake me when it’s over.

  36. I am a Dani fan. In fact, she is the only reason I am watching BB. When she is gone, so am I. J&J seem to think they are more deserving to win than anyone else. I whole-heartedly disagree. My personal opinion is that Jeff is a bully, who gets a little too excited about Jordan looking like a little girl in her humilitard. Why? Because he truly enjoys seeing people humiliated? Or, something else? Personally, I do not enjoy looking at Jordan. When I see her, I also see rebel flags and people in white sheets. When she opens her mouth, I hear dueling bangoes. When she speaks, I hear Forrest Gump. But, this is just my personal opinion, not a statement of fact. I truly do not intend to offend anyone. But, I sincerely hope that J&J do not win.

  37. I have been watching Big Brother since its inception. Although Rachel and Brendon were both getting on my nerve (her with her crying and her really bad play since she seems to be unable to keep her feelings to herself and him with his wishy-washy way), I really wanted one of the returnees to win. Maybe Jeff since Jordan is a little too goody-goody for me. Forget Danielle, if only she would have stuck with her alliance in the beginning instead of backstabbing everyone from the get-go. I cannot wait for her to get kicked of. I’m not too crazy about Shelly either because I feel that she really can’t be trusted either. Although I’m really glad that Danielle got backdoored, I feel that this is not fair to the person getting backdoored (like Brendon) because they are unable to try to get out of it like the two people who are nomintaed.

  38. Does anyone think much older jeff made a comment Jordan was so cute alittle girl. Yuck. Hey you are sleeping with her she should be your equal just thought it odd he seems to love her dumb. So shallow

  39. I found karma has miraculously found her way into the BB twists. The newbies has all their chance to win this game from its start. However, for their own greed and duplicities, Porsche, Kevin (bragging to kick Porsche out and threaten the other newbies), Kalia and Shelly; one after another backdoored their alliances. Why rachel is still in this game is because BR stuck to their alliance all along. Even when BR smelled sth not right when they were not nom by Jordan to enjoy the sushi fest, BR still kept up with their part of the deal. Brendon actually was voted out in a good way. Rachel, the first time in BB not being the target #1. So, hopefully, Rachel can go to the final 2, I believe everyone will vote for her, seriously.

  40. Agreed, Dani leaving season = boring. But I mean it’s Big Brother for dear lord :P Rachel, gunna snap any moment. Well I’m hoping she does (x I mean who knows ^^” it’s unpredictable.

  41. i have to say if jeff dosent get dani out this week this will be his downfall,and next it has to be kalia shes not a true player and does what is is told by dani,so theres two danis in the house.

  42. Why not play a luxury competition or something so Danny can win the special power of Vito and pull off her and Porche and put up Jeff and Jordan, I am so sick of the JJ’s they are so boring, all Jordan does is play with her hair and Jeff treats her like crap. Danny is the only exciting one in the game, without her it won’t be worth watching.

  43. All of sudden Little Jeff is now scare of Danny. Danielle had two chances to put him up but didn’t cause she wanted to make up for the almost backstab. She beats him easy in her both HOHs, and now that she can’t play he tells her she not going up and still puts her up, Jeff is now a little scare B@#%H.

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