Big Brother 13 Live Feeds: Week 7 Sunday Live Feeds

Things were pretty quiet in the Big Brother house tonight.  Things are looking pretty hopeless for Daniele who is the likely candidate to be the replacement nominee and the second member of the jury.  In other news, one girl in the house is two weeks late and needs a pregnancy test…

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Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – August 21, 2011:

9:50 AM BBT – Adam and Shelly are up for the day and talking about Dani.  Adam tells Shelly he will tell Jeff about his and Dani’s convo from last night.  Shelly says she can beat the other girls at endurance if Dani is gone.  Adam thinks his vast knowledge of BB puts a bigger target on his back.  I don’t think anyone is giving Adam at second thought.

11:10 AM BBT – Adam is in the HoH with Jeff discussing Dani.  Adam says she was laying it on pretty thick with him wanting to make sure she had his vote if she was the replacement nominee.  He told her he would think about it.  Jeff says she is dangerous and they figure out she has tried to make the same deal with both of them.  They say they should have flipped and kept Brendon in the house.
11:50 AM BBT – Shelly is worried, talking to Jordan about Adam.  She said Adam wants her gone but then hangs out with her and Dani knows how to work him.
12:30 PM BBT – BB starts making announcements for what is probably going to be a quiz for the HoH competition.  Saying things like there are 15 republics in the Soviet Union and 19 1/4 laps around the backyard equal a mile.
3:00 PM BBT – Porsche cuts Jeff’s hair and he asks who she would put up as HoH and she says Rachel even though she is in his alliance and either Adam or Shelly.  He wants to make sure he and Jordan are safe.
3:11 PM BBT – If you want to see a Rachel bikini malfunction check out the live feeds.
4:00 PM BBTLive Feeds go off for Dani’s bday party.
5:30 PM BBT – Kalia tells Adam she needs his vote to win so she can get a boob lift lol.  Dani says whoever goes to jury next needs to mess with Brendon and say Rach is late starting her period and is showing a baby bump.  I don’t think that’s such a good idea since she really is late and doesn’t use birth control.
6:00 PM BBT – Rach calls Dani a traitor and says she didn’t like her on her season cause she rode her dads coattails.
7:35 PM BBT – Dani says she wants BB to make Rachel take a pregnancy test.  Says it’s not good to compete or drink if she is pregnant.
10:40 PM BBT – Kalia is upstairs in the HoH with Jeff.  Tells him she and Jordan have a deal not to put each other up but Jeff says he is not a part of that and doesn’t know what he will do yet.
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  1. Craaaapp!!! I so hate that Dani will probably be going to jury this week. The only thing that will make me feel better is if Big Jeff goes with her.
    I know that is doubtful, because no one in house after Dani goes has any guts to go against him. Rachel is the only one who will even consider it.

    • Brendon I believe made a deal with Jeff before he left the house. Brendon mentioned that the deal is to keep Rachel safe and help her get further in the game as much as he can. My guess is Brendon might have promised Jeff in turn to vote for him or Jordan if they make it to the finals. So, that would be a smart move on Jeff’s part as Jeff and Jordan will get two votes from Brendon and Rachel should either of them make it all the way to the final 2!

    • Actually seeing Danis evil face leaving the house, is the only thing i was looking forward to this season. Now i will have nothing else to look forward to my wishes have come true.

      • Becky at the start of the season I was actually a Dani fan at believe or not..! but as the season progressed and her evil side came out i changed my opinion of her the other way.
        She is a bad person and worse then that she is proud of it.

  2. Jeff and Jordan are the ONLY decent ones there. SHELLY is disgusting. She’s such a liar. When are they going to realize she is playing all of them..lying through her fat lips! Her child has more brains than she does.

    • J and J are no better than anyone else in game. They have done their share of all the backstabbing, lying, whinning, gloating, etc.. Its just less obvious because they have so many people hopping around trying to please them.

    • Enough of this Shelly stuff. Many of you act like she is the first HG to cut deals with multiple people in the house.

      I wonder just how long some of you have been actually watching BB.

      • I dont think most people are calling Shelly out on lying for game play, its the fact that she tried to deny it even in DR and to America. Shelly is mad at Rachel because Rachel called her out on some stuff.

      • I agree Watching her yesterday going off on Rachel (R showed a lot of restraint)and then agreeing to a truce just to go back downstair and start on bashing her to everybody behind her back
        I understand the deals part of the game but she goes up and above that
        I guess it might be a good strategy so it keeps the target off her back but enough is enough I wish she would get caught and blasted in front of everybody She is very unpleasent

      • I just don’t like Shelly. She says Rach is a liar and how she hates her cause of her lies. It is all right to tell other HG’s that but when she tells America that and tries to make us believe it when we see what she says. The other night when she was talking behind Rachels back and tells them she is going up in HOH room to tell her that and then she did. Hello wasn’t she just talking about Rach for doing that

      • I believe Shelli is the best player in the house right now, she is really and truly playing the best game. She is so close to Jeff and Jordan, that they can’t see the forest abouve the trees. Shelli has the power to separate to two when the time comes.

    • Shelly has been doing the dirty work actually for Jeff and Jordan. She has been a double agent which all serves Shelly’s game play. So,
      Shelly has alliances with everyone and feeds information to Jeff and Jordan so, you can see that she is allied to Jeff and Jordan. She is also allied with Danielle and Kalia and is using them as her hedge or insurance if Jeff and Jordan dump her! She has turned nasty and mean lately stealing Rachel’s beanie baby stuffed animal which is childish
      and immature for an adult to do! Porsche also stole a toy from Brendon and put benefiber in the other house guests food. Both should have been evicted for stealing and putting anything on another person’s food! That should not be allowed by Big Brother as that crosses the line.

      • Yes she even ask production if she cut it (the stuffed animal) will she get in trouble
        And now Danny starting the rumor about Rachel being pregnent this is not game play it’s personal

    • Wow- I had to stop and think am I watching the same boring show as you.. Big head Jeff and Jordumb ( huge floater ) are just as catty as rest of the cast. Loved them during their season- but this one I can not stand them. Would rather have Rach and Bren on then those two- and I have to take to drink a glass of wine go deal with them.

    • Wow- I had to stop and think am I watching the same boring show as you.. Big head Jeff and Jordumb ( huge floater ) are just as catty as rest of the cast. Loved them during their season- but this one I can not stand them. Would rather have Rach and Bren on then those two- and I have to take to drink to deal with them.

    • omg!! thank you, you said a mouthful there, every time she opens her mouth is to tell and lie and then has the nerve to get mad when she gets put on the spot, be glad when she is gone,even her daughter said she needs to stop lying so much lol

  3. I can tell already,,, this season is going to get even more boring!!!Zzzzz.. What is going on with the Floaters… who will be floating to the end… JeJo will make the final two,,, sooo preditable… I’m ready for next season of BB,,, this one is sort of weird… No real competition..

  4. how many time are they going to give jeff and jordan, they are one in the same the money. lets face it yes they are nice people but who is the biggest floaters, jordan. at least dani has the guts to go against people in the house without her this game is over for me it will be so boring.

    • Jordan won hoh and a lux comp. Floaters float between sides and Jordan doesn’t do that

      • Jordan is not a floater but her HOH was thrown to her. Don’t even get me started on her luxury comp how the F@ck do you get DAVID HASSLEHOFF from those clues!!She’s not a competitor she gets by on good looks and sheer stupidity

      • NO her HOH was not thrown to her…Jordon was holding the club when she hit the ball in the 3 spot. Jeff and Brendon threw their turns as they were after Jordon. Dom threw his chance at veto..Jeff threw a veto so Adam could win…ED and Dani made a deal with Rachel to not be nominated so she became HOH…You folks need to learn exactly what throwing a comp really means..

      • This reply is for John: During the comp, Jordan had figured out it was ‘Mitch from Baywatch’ but she did not know the actor’s name, and she asked Jeff “Who played Mitch on Baywatch” and it was Jeff who gave her the answer. That is how she got the right answer.

  5. I understand Rachel is a handful and can be too much at times — but cmon – between the hateful personal comments (especially Britney) last season and now the crap this season — It is hard to watch. I pull for Rachel just because of this behavior by the HG in both seasons. She is not perfect and at times makes you want to pull your hair out but the HG complain about her almost 24/7 – they are the reason it becomes the Brenchel Show. I also like JJ but c’mon — Jordan does NOTHING – just like her season — and because she is sweet w/ the southern accent she gets to float all the way to the end. If Kalia/Porsche were smart (cough) they would hook up with Rachel this week and cook up an alliance to get rid of JJ and Shelly. Tho Adam in a F2 is dangerous.

    • Jordan is a great social game player. Social play is important in the BB house. The whole point is she doesn’t have to win comps because everyone likes her. Even though she is not my fave or my pick for the win, you gotta give her that much.

    • HMMMM Dani Kalia Shelly and Porsche just might be handing Rachel $25,000.00 if America thinks she is deserving all because of the way those 4 treated her….Rachel would have the last laugh on that

      • u got a point I would vote for her at this point the 4 of them only talk about her like there is no other topic in the house It’s like she cant do anything right
        From the way she looks talks cooks laughs
        On BBAD Rachel as being behaving good but the other 4 they go on and on

      • Porsh is talking about putting up Rach if she wins HOH. bad move people need to break up the couple or they will be sorry

    • Jordon is also people smart…She listens when u think shes not listening..She is also good at strategy..She’s actually very smart.. if u ever watch the feeds or BBAD u will see..Cause TV always wants to portray her as ditzzy…

  6. Dani has won $50,000.00 so lets boot her out..She don’t deserve the money..If u gonna complain about one winning money complain about the others. Had Evel Dick stayed he was a $500,000.00 winner so he had no business playing again either. When u call one of thr HG’s a liar call the rest of liars. They have all lied at some point or other..they have all trashed the guy/girl standing next to em at one point or another..It’s called “playing the game”….If u gonna trash one trash em all..cause they all guilty of something..

    • OMG! That is alot of what I have been trying to point out. So many people will justify their faves actions while bashing others. (I have seen both sides do this) Every single person in that house has done some jacked up stuff, from dumb moves to personal bashing.
      Previous winnings from Jordons $500k, Dani’s $50 and however much Jeff has won should play no part in decisions in who deserves to win or not.

  7. Matt, how could you have skipped the fact that Shelly looks like she has been roasted on a BBQ for 6 hours?! That woman is like a walking skin cancer…

  8. I have to say this season of BB is really a stange one. there is so much controversy abt R/B.,J/J and Dani. I dont post much on here but I do read all the posts every day.I hav watched BB since day 1.every one forgets that this is just another GAME. it is not real life.that these HG were hand picked over 1,000 of ppl to be in BB13. dontcha think that CBS wanted the drama? the high ratings? of course they did. and that is why the most hated couple of BB history came back, the sweet couple, and the couple that everyone feared. J/J is Americas sweethearts,Jordan won half a million on her season. B/R R is a B**** and B is a bully. most hated couple on both seasons, had a target on their backs since day1, Dani, rode her daddys coat tails all the way to the end,and won 50,000 yes she won comps, but it was always w daddy there w her. did he let her win? who better to take to the end? so the Vets had targets on their backs from day1.. then the newbies.Keith was an idiot thought he could hav Keiths Angels? please! Cassie just choose the wrong allanice to go with. Dominic thought he could sweet talk his way to Dani which he did, and look where he is now.Lawon was an idiot for agreeing to be the pawn, I will come back w special powers! please havent you watched BB b4? hello!Adam is a floater and he will go w whoever is winning. Porsche same way.Kalia hooked up w Dani and thinking that they could do all look where they are now.Shelly I dont know what to say, I really like her at first, and wanted her to win, but now that I have seen how she is I hope she goes nect. I hav watched the live feeds and Sho2after dark and some of the stuff she says and does wow. she says she doesnt lie, or do anything wrong.please, I have been watching the live feeds and SHO2 and let me tell u some of the stuff she has said and done to R is crazy. and I dont mean to say that none of the others havent they hav too. just not as bad as Shelly. I dont really care who wins this year. I hope for the next years season that they re-vamp some of the stuff and come back with a great show. it gets boring with the same old stuff. they need to rewatch some of the seasons and do something dofferent. I dont mind that they bring back HG from other seasons, but I dont want them to bring in ppl that hav already won lots of $$$$. let the losers hav a chance at winning the money. this is just my opinion. thanks for letting me vent my thoughts. K

    • my point exactly….Game trash talk is fine. But Rachel brings out the hate in these people. They trash her personally, hateful, mean, awful things. Yes, she gets under your skin. Yes, she is a sore loser and a sore winner – too competative. Yes, she can be very immature. But the horrible things said about her as a human being is NOT game, not nice, not worthy of a gamer. Dani knew her a bit outside of the house and should be mature enough to know that she is this way in BB — if Ragan can be BBF’s with her now that should tell all BB fans something – I hated things he said last year as well but she did do some gay bashing so for him I give a bit of a pass. Shelly is a horrible toward Rachel who really has done nothing to her but call her out and I think Shelly knows R is on to her – so she joined to hate train with the others. Porsche is an embarrassment as she loved R at first and my oh my how she switched. Sick Sick Sick.

      • I think this has been a boring season overall. I think it will get crazy when dani gets put up today. Rachel will probably taunt her. God.

      • While I am not a Rachel fan I hope she does… cause DANI WILL BE MORE THAN DESERVING OF WHATEVER Rachel dishes out to her..Dani is a snotty little bitch…U can’t be nice to a person like DANI..It’s sad to say but Dani is worse than Rachel in her treatment of people…I said this earlier..Rachel is an in ur face bitch..But Dani is a backstabbing bitch….U can fight off a knife if u see it coming but the stab in the back is the one that hurts..

      • Maybe Dani will UFC Rachel, and throw Jordan through the wall. Kick down Jeff HOH door and pull a Rachel and fake cry.

  9. As for boring if Dani leaves..noooo it will not guess is that we will have 2 new villians to entertain us..Adam and Porsche will try to turn the house against J&J…LETS WATCH AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS..

      • I agree, JJ are very stuck up and never talked game to anyone not in their click. They are not the same couple that people fell in love with last time.

    • As for Porsha yea I loved what Jeff said to her last night: we have being in the house for 49 days and this is the first time you have talked to me about game
      Adam I dont know is a pussy so far but I wouldn’t be surprise if he got rid of Jeff on DE that way he would be out the door and gone
      I hope not but you never know

      • If u saw that Ella did u also hear that Porsche said that she had MADE A DEAL and shook hands with Jeff Brendon and Rachel in HOH at some point early in the game??Do u recall that happening..Hand shakes are very rare on BB unless u going out the u ever hear or see that on feeds or BBAD???

      • I found it odd that Jeff was talking about Por not coming to him for however long when he never went to her either. That is one of the main reasons I disrespect Jeff and his game. Big Jeff needs to realize he isnt the flipping house god and whats good for the goose is good for the gander. He needs to get over himself.

      • I understand that people don’t like Kalia/Porsche. It’s your opinion. Me, I wish one of them would win. However, calling them floaters is grossly inaccurate. Kalia has always been with Dani, and Porsche used to be Rachel until Rachel started ignoring her, so she flipped, and has been working with Dani for three weeks now. They are NOT floaters. Adam and Shelly are floaters, so if jeff has such a HUGE problem with floaters, he should have nominated Adam & Shelly. Instead, he decided to be an idiot and go against his word.

      • sorry Zach he didnt go against his word remember he told Kaila he would go after her if she came after him. and what has Por done nothing so far. so far she has floated.

  10. I haven’t watched bbad from last night. Did anything good happen or should I just skip it? Thanks guys!

  11. Porsche did not associate with anybody till she hooked up with DANI…And even then she only hung with Dani and Kalia…It was not just Jeff she didn’t talk to it was everybody in the house except for the couple of weeks when she played big buddy with Rachel..AND..I do hope that when Porsche goes to Rachel to ask for her vote that Rachel says..NOOOO “I don’t think I can vote for u as I don’t see how it will benifit me if u stay in the house”…I would love it…lmao..

  12. Shelly, over the hill sleeze bag has no class and looks like a heavy drug boozer in real life.She is so full of sh@t and no class.

  13. Cracks me up that Rachel actually said she tried so hard last year and this year to keep from exposing herself. Surely she knows all her nasty junk is always falling out and is all over the web. Everything from those tether ball titties to her cursty crotch has been up in a camera more times than any of us care to count. Thanks to her, we have seen more of her than her Gyno has. YUCK! YUCK! YUCK!

  14. rachel acts more concerned about when the booze will get there than dinner….. and hogs more than her share… cut her off…

  15. I’m watching bbad and Shelley is smoking and eating at the same time! Now I smoke and that is just gross. She makes me want to quit!

  16. Jeff stepped up to be the biggest bully in the house..I hope Dani does not get evicted because she is the only thing standing between him and a free pass to do what ever he pleases ..after Dani is gone the show will be one big joke.I hate it because this is one of my favorite shows.Rachel is just one big mess,and shelly has ruined what do we have left? jorgoody2shoes? I don`t think she has a brain left.adam and porsh, what a mess if Dani goes..

  17. Cant wait for dani to leave, and i will take rachel over shelly now omg she is more than annoying!!!!

  18. I like Shelly. She is playing both sides as long as she can to get further in the game. I think she is dedicated to JJ however.

  19. Jeff must feel like a winner beating 6 girls at an athletic HOH competition! Congrats Jeff

  20. Hey ladies-you know what its like to live with a group of girls. Maybe Rachel is syncing up and that’s why she’s late? God, I hope so anyway…

  21. But then again I remember her talking about being on her period when she took that two week slop pass. That was only what four weeks ago? How can she be TWO WEEKS late? Two days maybe..

  22. @2:17PM It is falling…… Shelley/Adam/Porsche discussing keeping DANI and turning on J/J!!!!!!!!

    Shelly was driving the conversation.

  23. @2:43-Shelley asked when are we splitting J/J?
    Adam/Shelly are playing different scenerios on the “What if.. Kalia or Dani.”

  24. Concersation stopped as Jeff just went into the pool.
    The next three days is going to be CRAZZZZZZY!!!!!


  26. You all crack me up by comparing who is lying and who isn’t. That is how you win this G-A-M-E. You have to lie your way into everyone’s good side, stab ’em in the back. The more conniving you are, the better player you are. Duh. Honesty and truth will get you out real fast.

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