Big Brother 13 Episode 20: Week 7 Nomination Show Tonight

Big Brother 13

Big Brother 13 episode 20 arrives tonight where we’ll watch the results of the latest Head of Household comp and the nomination ceremony which might have a few surprises for those not following along online.

If you can’t wait for Julie Chen and company to deliver the latest BB13 news then you can go ahead and take a peek at the HoH endurance comp results and HoH nomination spoilers. But wait, there’s more! The Power of Veto competition has already taken place and we’ve got those PoV spoilers too if you want all the latest Big Brother 13 spoilers.

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  1. I TOLD YOU………
    Jeff saying he’s been getting influenced in the diary room to keep Daniele. Jeff saying no way is he going along with it.


    • Yes, we heard you the first time. No need to keep rubber stamping your comments across the site.

      If you’re really shocked that production is trying to keep drama/action/ratings going in the game then you must be new to the show. This happens every year. Production always tries to push players in a direction that will benefit the show. However, it remains up to the HGs to make their decisions.

      Really not the “scripted” conspiracy that you’d like it to be.

    • I mentioned previously that what the house guests say is scripted like the WWE, Jerry Springer, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette among others. There has to be something interesting to draw the viewers in. This is big business as far as advertisers go! Last season, Big Brother had its worst season and I stopped watching altogether, ratings dropped and that is probably the reason they
      brought in the veterans to make sure the house guests play to win otherwise, it becomes boring! Survivor is a huge hit because you do not need to coax people in playing the game. Big Brother needs some help as we saw Kalia when she was HOH could not even make her own decisions and left it to Danielle! So, prod the house guests. Jeff will still decide in the end.

      • Actually Richie last season got the highest ratings out of all the seasons. And the show is not scripted. Just because production makes suggestions to them does not mean it’s scripted. The house guests do what they want in the end.

      • @ richie..not trying to sound rude, but it seems you just have your opiiniions and try to throw them out on to everyone else like they are just facts or something. Perhaps you should start googling stuff first because last season did infact have the highest ratings ever

      • @ richie..not trying to sound rude, but it seems you just have your opiiniions and try to throw them out on to everyone else like they are just facts or something. Perhaps you should start googling stuff first because last season did infact have the highest ratings ever.

      • Do recall reading somewhere that the ratings went down. Now, don’t know exactly which article it was. That was like what, over a year ago? Anyway, I go to google and tried to find figures on the ratings. The only thing I can find is an article mentioning Big Brother 12 had 7.6 million viewers compared to 7.2 million viewers the previous season. So, I stand corrected.
        And yes, what I post is my opinion and nothing else and everyone is free to disagree as this is a public message board.

    • sparky speak ur mind! Judas needs 2 go home..I hope they back door her 4 sending my man home (Brendon) lol

      • Stop referring Dani to a biblical character. Judas backstabbed Jesus who is an significant person. Unlike Brendan. If Bookie was on fire, and there was no water, I wouldn’t even piss on him to put the flames out.

  2. I will be so disappointed to find out this show is rigged in any way. I feel they are steered but ultimately it’s their decision on whom to nominate and evict, but more and more it had become evident production is stepping in. The biggest act being bringing back Brendan. No one I know voted for him and yet there he was. It’s a shame they do that just for ratings. Why not let the players play as they see fit. Real loyal fans will still watch. And we won’t feel cheated. And if you want MORE drama, give them guns and other weapons. I’m sure by next week at least one of them will be ready to take out Rachel, maybe a bloodbath for Dani, too. Evel Dick would love to draw first blood, if only he were there still, sigh, miss him.

    • I voted for Brendon.

      I suppose it’s possible (probable?) that production feeds ideas in the DR, however, it is the house guests who make the decision in the end.

      I’m anxious to see Dani go, just like some were anxious to see Brendon go (though I was not one of them)– very anxious to see Dani go.

      To keep Dani almost spoils watching the rest of the season for me.

      To plan this game, production must find a combination of protagonists and and false protagonists. Dani and Brendon are false protagonists. Hehehe

      • America voted for BOOKIE! It’s not our fault that your friends voted for losers like Duminick or NOclassi. Thank God that Jeff isn’r stupid enough to trust JUDAS. GET JUDAS OUT!

    • Hi Oneill….we are all over at Survivor Fandom talking bout survivor already….come join us… :-)

      i hope u been enjoying BB….i think its been a fantastic season…i always love them all…im a Big J&J fan…. :-)

  3. I hope Jeff sticks to his guns and backdoors Dani. I think if that happens then while alot of you think that Rachel will join Porsche I think she will join Kali. They have been talking and comparing notes on B B A D so I think that might happen.

    • I can see Kalia and Porsche running to Rachael if Dani weren’t there. They are both super-floaters and seem to gravitate towards stronger women.

  4. I wonder, to solidify her position with JEJO, why Dani or Kalia don’t let it slip that when Brenden came back in, he and Rach came up to the HOH room and offered to throw JEJO under the bus if Team Dani and Brenchel could form and alliance together. It may not turn them into allies but it could possibly crack JEJO and Rach’s relationship….

    • That won’t happen because it will Dani’s desperate attempt to keel from being backdoored. Jeff knows he needs to get Dani out.

    • That coming from Danielle who has lied multiple times and back stabbed his alliance multiple times, who really would like to trust Danielle?

      • As if Rachael hasn’t lied and plotted against JEJO too? One is just as bad as the other on the trust level but Dani is so much more emotionally stable.

      • Gambit, you are kidding right? Dani blew up the vets alliance because BR got rid of Dominic. That was an emotional decision based on not getting her way. OLSON!

      • Compared to Rachael, yes Dani is stable. Rach goes off the deep end EVERY time things don’t go the EXACT way she thinks they should.

    • Dani already told jeff that, he. Says he. Doesn’t care as he shouldn’t. Being as how he and jordan did the same thing.

  5. Last night on B B A D I noticed that all that are have-not have been bitching and complaining how it is not fair. PLEASSSSE! This is your first time on slop so suck it up! Many others have been on slop alot longer than you three! He’ll Rachel was on for like 2 weeks and Shelly for 3. You three mean girls made fun of them just did it behind their back. Yes Rachel is making little dibs at Dani but atlrast she is doing it in her face. Some might think Rachel is being mean but come on Dani and her “gang”mortality have and are doing many mean things to Rachel. So get over it slready

    • Rachel is a childish player and Dani has more class and knowledge of the game than them all. Dani didn’t have a partner once her dad left so she had no choice but to play with the newbies. They are not her gang. Nobody is doing anything to Rachel, she does it all herself with her actions.

      • Hahaha, Danielle has class! You obviously meant to say crass. She’s a waste of human being, an insect that is days from getting stepped on.

      • Dani was safe for 4 weeks after her Dad left. She did not have to partner up with anyone at the time she did nor did she have to go against her alliance by trying to get Jeff backdoored!

    • Kalia is just mad she can’t eat what she wants when she wants 24/7. Guess we’ll be subjected to more singing and talking this week than chewing like a cow.

      • Kalia sets a bad example for hard working and intelligent black people like me. She’s so trifling and annoying.

  6. @Gambit I don’t think NOW that Jeff would believe them. He would think that they are saying anything to stay. But like you said if they had done it earlier maybe it would have helped them. Not so much now.

  7. This will be the night that the mighty Lawon re-enters the house and takes control again. He will team up with Adam, and nothing will be able to stop them

      • Would’ve been nice to see Cassi come back in. Imagine the drama between her and Rachael as Cass teamed back up with Shelly, coming into the JEJO fold!

      • America’s vote is a scam. All of dumb votes did not matter. If people texted 10 times on their phones, they are more pathetic and stupid. They have more than enough money to pay for 3 winners, plus all the supplies and equipment for those crazy houseguests. Thats another stone on Julie’s ring. There people straving in Pakistan and in Ethiopia but no contributes. No. Bitches want to contribute to keep a dumb houseguest to break the eviction record. Shame on you all.

  8. Fly On The Wall, are you part of the production of this show? Very fishy stuff going on here on this site.

    • NOOO..lmao…I watch the feeds and BBAD..I try to relate the actual events as they occurr but not everybody sees the events the same way I do…

      • Don’t you fine bbad boring this year. I can’t seem to stay up until the end like I used to.

      • Yes and no…Personally I like to watch the secret meetings and talks about game play am not to much for card games and backyard weddings or big booty games..If there is no game play talks going on I will flip back and forth between stations..Although it can get interesting when Dani or Rachel gets

      • I like watching game play to but for some reason this year there really is nothing exciting on bbad. They all seem so bored.

    • “Very fish stuff going on here on this site.”

      Such as? This is a fan site, run by a fan (me), visited by other fans. What’s “fishy” about that?

      • Speaking of which, Matt, kudos to you and your staff as I find more entertainment and pleasure from BBN than I am getting from Big Brother this season. I love all the recaps and updates from you and your writers. I also enjoy reading fans comments-even from the dodos who are anti Dani. lol

      • Matt, you’re a joke. You deleted my comment because I took a shot at you. There are many people on here that use worse language than myself. But nothing happens to them. I’m appalled and outraged. I demand answers.

    • I so hope Jeff makes up his own mind and sticks to his guns about wanting to evict Dani. I think the ratings will be just fine if he gets rid of her because then we will have the dynamic playing out of what the newbies are going to do against J&J and R. Dani does not make me as eager to watch. I would like to see what the newbies do once their ringleader is gone. Dani was allowed to evict Brendon so why should DR try to interfere with Jeff’s chance to get rid of Dani?

      • Sorry, I replied to the wrong post. There is nothing fishy about this site. It is a great place for BB fans and I am glad it exists! Thanks, Matt.

      • I really think very few people are going to miss Judas. Her appeal and her performance are vastly over rated. She has a certain cult following but that’s it. Most of the seasoned BB fans I know can’t stand Judas.

    • BBAD makes me extra grateful for the dvr. The only nights I seem to watch BBAD live is after the Thursday shows. Last week SHO put it on at 1:00, and no way I could make it to the end IRT. The girls all look good on Thu when they still have their primetime make-up on. Time for the Sun pt show~peace out~B

    • It’s nothing but drunks, druggies, racists, bigots, and retarded people on here.

  9. Personally I don’t think I could babysit Rach. If and that’s a big IF, Rach could keep her whining, emotions and spoiled Brat BS in check she can be a decent comp player. Beyond that she is a liability. I would much prefer to have Dani with me in Rach’s place. One is just as trustworthy or non-trustworthy as the other but Dani’s just as capable at comps, if not better and doesn’t whine like a 6 year old.

    • Rachel is.more.reliable for JJ because Dani wants Jeff gone next especially after Jeff.won 2 Vetos and a HOH.

      • I think if Jeff decides to not use the veto and Cowlia is tossed on her lazy ass, Dani, having no allies remaining, could become useful to Team JEJO. But by then JEJO will have to decide if Rach can be counted on to hold it together or not.

      • I agree with you gamebit28365. They could make a one week deal with Dani. They are putting all their faith in Rachel for winning. J/J wants to get rid of Rachel at some point. Rachel knows that and may team up with newbies to get rid of J/J. It works both ways.

      • I would like Dani to stay and team up with Shelly and Adam because jj are using them- the only reason their keeping Rachel is they think they can bet her in the end.

      • Ziggy, Dani is using Kalia and Porsha….. Why would Adam and Shelly join her? It is not going to happen…. Dani cann team up with Brendon in the jury house. L~O~L!!!

    • Danielle is useless to anyone but, herself at this point. Her allies are deserting her like Porsche for instance. So, the stars are aligned for a Danielle eviction. If Jeff does not evict Danielle now, Danielle will put Jeff and Jordan on the block next week and it will be the biggest blunder in Big Brother history even worst than the Marcellas not using the veto to save himself!

  10. I see it happening dom/pt is coming back… yeah I’ll take some of that kool aid. Lol

    • Please refrain from the profanity you worthless and dirty scank. You are just as bad as Rachel. We all know whats going down. Keith or Lawon is coming back tonight!

  11. Stop hating on everyone in the house Let them play the game if you do not like it then stop watching B Brother Even if this show was scripted which I am not saying it is Your still watching it are you not. I am for team Shelly or Dani or Kali and Jeff is just Eye candy so I do not want him to leave either so there :)

  12. Well, I guess Jeff decided NOT to take the floaters out!! Hmmm?? Well I guess if Dani is out,, the only HGs we really got playing the game is JEJO and Rachel… Who else wins comps??… With Dani out,, it will get boring of course..the floaters will leave one by one with JEJO and Rachel left…

    • This season is the worst. Dani and Rachel together would storm that house. I wish they would team up and go for it. When Dani leaves the show is over. It will be like pros running over beginners. These people are making some dumb moves. I am over it once Dani leaves.

    • Actually, this gives the newbies a chance if they want to go for it! If they win HOH, anything can happen! Although, I agree that if the remaining veterans stick together, they will still be tough to beat! I believe Brendon has an agreement with Jeff to keep Rachel and help her as far as she can go! That is a plus for the Jeff and Jordan alliance as that is 2 votes in the jury pool if they get to the end! Adam could be the cook that spoils the broth if Danielle is evicted so, let us wait and see! He has pretty much floated around without being into any strong alliances although, he is close to Shelly. That could be a dangerous pair if they are able to win HOH or POV! Jeff and Jordan need Rachel and they know it!

    • Since, production decides the competition, it could be real easy like a multiple choice question type which even the newbies can win!
      Remember Kalia’s win? It is also a double eviction week so, you never know who will get evicted!

      • I agree with you Richie about the newbies and also Rachel knows that she would not win if J/J are in at the end. She just may go to the newbie side. Anything can happen.

      • I have a feeling Rachel will try to take Jeff out before he takes her out if and when she wins the HOH again.

      • It will most likely be one of those kinds of competitions with being in booths and answering questions, since it has to be relatively short.

  13. All season J & J don’t talk to anyone-esp Jordan. Now all of a sudden Jeff is in control and he is acting like a King and Jordan has said more in the last 24 hours than all season. I was team J&J until the last few weeks when Jordan was snippy and now how they are acting this week. Disappointed!

    • TF I agree. J/J were always my favorites before. This season they are different. I don’t like Jeff acting like a bully and I thought the same way about Jordan. She has not been herself either. She use to talk a lot and be friendly with everyone. Even though Kalia may be anoying both of them have never forgiven Kalia for putting Jeff on the block. They are both holding such a grudge against her. I wish they had not changed as I would be rooting for them, but am not.

    • Well when DANI held the title of queen..Kalia was her chamber maid…When Kaila held the title of (wanna be) queen she was still Dani’s chamber maid…go each his own verison of events..

      • I re-read mine and don’t see any thing regarding jealousy?? Sorry Karen..not jealous here= just made a comment like flyonthewall.

  14. To BB production would it not be nice to have jeff Dani AND Rachel in the last 3 and may the best one win.

    • Even better wouuld have been Brendon, Jeff, Rachel, Jeff and Jordan in the final 5 with JJ and BR trying to get Dani to side with them…. Too bad Dani messed it up, so now Dani can go to the Jury House as well!

      • Yeah Leo, Judas tried to show how smart she is without daddy and it blew up in her face. lol…great player? Not so much…GOODBYE JUDAS!

      • Jeff and Adam discussed how all Dani’s big moves backfired….. Even the last plan last week could have been prevented had they decided to keep Brendon over Shelly.

  15. BB is giving out facts to the hg’s over the house speakers…..

    1) It takes 19 laps to run a mile in the backyard

    2) The former Soviet Union had 15 republics

  16. Dani is complaining about getting nominee treatment in the backyard because the cameras are following her….. Whaa whaa whaa!!! You are going to be nominated ok Dani? LMAO!!! Happy Birthday!

    • Yeah, it’s Judas’s birthday! This is so great. It’s going to be fun to watch the real Judas come out! Whaa whaa! Cry me a river Judas. Cry me a river!

      • Happy 25th Birthday Dani…. You get to eat slop and be a have not during your Birthday week before you are backdoored and evicted ok? LMAO!

  17. IF DANI GOES it will boring.To bad.
    Jeff will rule unless the newbies
    join forces.Only way one of them can win.

  18. Dani, Kaila& porcha, thought it was funny when the other hg’s were havenots.Now that they are havenots they dont think it funny anymore, byebye Dani .

  19. I’ve heard a lot of people say it should have been all vets. and that they have an advantage over the newbees. I don’t think so. The big turn was when the newbees couldn’t stick together from the beginning. They could have had control with the numbers. The other big thing is that they selected a group of newbees that are uncoordinated. Just look at the physical ability of each side. After Dani leaves, I hope they clean out the newbees,, only because none of them can organize or lead. NONE OF THEM.

    • Rachel may try to get Porsha and Kalia to take.out JJ and Shelly as well as.get Adam to.flip. just a scenario. You never jnow right? Rachel knows Team JJ will tame her out after Team Dani is evicted!

  20. i think they should back door dani then the double elimation take out kaila and shelly selly is a lair so is racheal but she says stuff but she wouldnt back door any one even if she says that she will say anything to keep herself save for one more week but she will not backdoor jj

  21. not saying that dani is running the big brother house but if you realize it there are only 3 key players left in the house and that’s dani, rachel and jeff. all the rest are houseguest that are boring, floaters, that don’t want to win any competions, hide behind peoples shadows, don’t want to make any decisions for themselves, and don’t have any game or game play including jordan who already won bb. although she has been stepping out of the shadows of jeff and speaking her mind lately and cute and nice as can be she’s still a floater now and then. i can see why they the production staff would want to keep dani from getting evicted. dani and rachel bring alot of energy to bb. dani plays game with her brains which has proven to be not so good at times and rachel plays game with her emotions causing her to lash out at people which brings excitement to the show. if the newbies don’t come together and form a secret alliance and get rid of the vets they will all be plucked off one by one. and the show will become predictable.

  22. Shelly is still throwing stones at Rachel….. Shelly, Dani, Kalia and Porsha must be envious of Rachel because they can’t keep Rachel’s name out of her mouth!

  23. the show will never be prdictable if racheal is the house with dani in there i just knew what would happen

  24. W~O~W!!! Rachel’s name was picked out the box first and Jordan’s key was pulled out 2 from last. Great way to say F-you to everyone to quote Porsha and Kalia discussing it now… Interesting huh? LMAO!

  25. When Dani is gone, Kalia and Porsha will be kissing Rachel’s a** especially if she wins the H~O~H!!! Shelly would want a piece of Rachel’s a** to kiss as well!

    • There is alot of skin and fat on the a$$ to kiss. She will not win anything, really what has she won this year? I know one HOH.

    • Learn how to count, use facts and then we can talk….

      Rachel had 2 HOH’s

      Jeff has one HOH and 2 Vetos

      Brendon had 2 Vetos and won a huge comp to reenter the BB house

      Dani has 2 HOH’s and 1 Veto

      Dani is in the same boat as the other vets, but she just made dumber moves by alligning with Kalia and Porsha and screwing her original alliance because Dominic was evicted.

  26. I’ve been reading these comments from day one and offen wonder what Show 80% of the posters are watching. Rachel is not a “Key Player” she has won one HOH, making her on line with Kaila. Jeff is a super Floater that has done zero until this week, or has he. Only time will tell if he backdoor’s Dani. This season is pretty much like watching paint dry, Dani is the only one wrothy of winning anything.

    • Are you sure you are talking about Big Brother 13?

      Rachel has won 2 HOH’s

      Jeff has won 2 Vetos and an HOH and threw a Veto comp to Adam

      Dani has won 2 HOH’s and one Veto

      • Sorry she has won two, Jeff did throw the Veto, he did it because he has no balls. He was floating, remember “no blood on his hands”

      • key player meaning they brought her back as a veteran player because she’s a good player, knows how to stir up the house and when competitons.

      • Doug, that is what Dani is trying to do with Kalia and Porsha…. She wanted one of them to win the HOH, so they could evict Jeff….. Just to avoid getting blood on her hands….. Do you have a problem with Dani doing that? If not, you are being a hypocrite!

    • Sorry I was on the idea the Key people win, She just starts Drama, she is not a good player.

      • Your stance is flawed….. Rachel has won just as many HOH’s as Dani….. Jeff had won more POV’s than Dani….. Dani got rid of a stronger player in Brendon which is ironically the same reason Jeff is getting rid of her.

      • Yes Leo your are right, I am wrong. Rachel should win now and then CBS could wrap this S show up early and cover the wedding of the century, if someone is not to busy on Skype.

      • See the difference betwene me and you is that I don’t care what the players do outside the BB house…. I watch them play in the house….

      • Rachel’s emotional temper tantrums hurt her and Brendon more than anyone else! If she was her usual self, confident and ready to compete—-she could have done better! Although, berated by other BB fans, Rachel is as much a competitor if she can pull herself out of her self pity. There is still a lot of weeks remaining and Rachel may still surprise us. Let us wait and see!

    • Dani was a clown and should of put Jeff and Brendon, then renon Jordon or Rachel but she didn’t. I think that stupid move and cost her the game, cut and dry. I really hope she goes home for it and looks like she will. Leo you rock!!

      • Doug, it looks like you need to grow some balls and post under your own name. You and your buddy Mike are pathetic losers!

  27. they bring back certain key players for ratings as in keyser, mike, will, jordan, jeff, dani, evil dick, brendan and rachel all made good tv twist and ratings when there seasons were on even though only 4 of the above actually won.

  28. jordan would make a wonderful haidresse rwith her sweet personality. i went back at 39 and i loved it there is real good money in it.done a great job on rachels hair. jeff looks like george clooney. he needs to get in movies.

  29. i,m hooked on the live feeds, if you don,t have it you don,t know what you missing. its better than my soap operas i wish big brothers would come on more than once a year.

  30. Comment deleted. User banned for derogatory comments, posting under multiple names, and posing as other readers. – Admin

    • Thats a good point, at this point JEJO have not done alot of anything. Dani missed the chance and will now pay for her stupid move.

      • Again, people know how I talk, so people need to grow up and post under their name and not mine.

    • will see all i want is for the newbies to step up to the plate dig deep play the game and win the hoh and send jeff or jordan packing.

      • If production want drama it would be best to leave noms the same and maintain the D and R rift.
        Also they indicated a surprise tonight.. is that announcing the double eviction or something else?

  31. As long as that skank Rachel doesn’t win HOH. Maybe Porsha should go this week so Brendan can have some fun.

    • Everyone knows that I (Leo) am a huge Team JJ and Team BR fan and wouldn’t/talk about Rachel like this…. You say Jeff needs to grow balls right? Why don’t you grow balls and post under your own name clown? You are a oathetic loser who needs to post under other users names!

  32. Matt (moderator)

    Will you see if this Doug character is posting things using my name and put a hault to that? Thanks!

  33. Talk or type? hmmmm intresting. Anyways if dani goes this week, Brendan still has a chance to hook up. Jury would be a pretty sweet go, they still get paid.

  34. Jeff is talking to Porsha…… Jeff said “as long as you don’t nominate me or Jordan, I am cool”… Porsha said she would nominate Rachel and Shelly or maybe even Adam…. Jeff sounds like he is going to use the Veto on Porsha and backdoor Dani!

    • Yes that is going to be shocking, Wonder if Rachel is going to care that her man will be alone with Dani?

      • I was wondering the same thing, Leo…

        To the tune of “Blue” by Patsy Cline and Leanne Rimes:

        Oh, so loathesome for you
        Dani, your summer’s as screwed as it can be

        Oh, so loathsome for you
        It’s off to the jury house with Bookie

        3 o’clock in the mornin’, Rachel cries
        Dani’s playin’ with Bookie, he no longer needs Skype

        Oh, so loathesome for you
        Who knows what things Brendon will see

        Now that it’s over, you realize
        Only Dick could have saved you, from Jeff’s sneaky lies

        Oh, so loathesome for you
        Dani, your summer’s as screwed as it can be
        Dani, your summer’s as screwed as it can be

      • Hey Leo just start typing team J/J after your posts and everyone will know it’s the real you. Even though I can tell by the fakes ignorant comments.

  35. @ Matt BBN, “DougDryhole” is just like some of the poeple from last season, All they wanted to do was start a fight on the site, It didn’t matter what you said or how you said it they just came back saying you were arong or didn’t know what you where talking about. So everyone just don’t answer DougDryhole, He’ll go away.

    • CtG, Doug is posting under my name which is annnoying…. I am going to just ignore him…. I hope Matt (BBN) emails him to tel him to stop or bans him.

  36. At 3:11 PM BBT Rachel had a ward drobe malfunction. HHer top fell down as she tried to tie it flashing the camera for a few seconds.

    • Seriously, dude.. chill! This is crazy. I dont care much for THE REAL LEO’s posts and comments since he is against my girl, Dani, but this is getting way past silly. Us disagreeing and commenting on the HGs is all in fun, so lets keep in about that.

      • Jiggaboo, no people using other peoples user names are pricks and those users who can’t articulate a fact based argument are just cluesless…. Which one are you? LMAO!

    • Oooooookaay…That’s just gross. I have nothing against gay people (aside from the fact that it’s naturally and evolutionarily unnatural), but to offer your services to brendon? That’s where I have to draw the line. He’s unfit for a woman (yes, even Rachel) let alone another man. Leo, you need to holster that magic stick of yours and let the rest of us actually keep our food down.

      Anyway, on with the show…this week was the first week I found myself actually interested in the game. It felt less rigged and was actually enjoyable. Jeff’s noms were expected and the prospect of dani being backdoored is actually appealing. She’s not that great of a player. Actually, none of them are. But I digress. Floaters shouldn’t be allowed to float through the game and not feel the wrath of the nom seats. It’s the previous HOHs faults for not seeing Jordan as a primo floater. I know that America likes her southern belle charm, but a floater is a floater is a floater. Shelly is a floater plus a flipper. And her collagen lips are hidious. Kalia and porshe will only win the veto competition only if they have to sit on their asses during the entire comp…and it would be a close finish at that. Now I know that Jeff has already won the veto, so pointless to share my thoughts on him. Adam is also as worthless as the trinkets on the mantle. Dani needs her dad to be in the show to even look like she’s smart at this game.

      All in all…boring season full of rigged games and false claims that America actually affected the game in any way. For those of you who voted and felt that you contributed, see my statement above about Adam being as worthless as the trinkets on the mantle. Your votes were worthless and will always be that way.

  37. .
    To the tune of “Rainy Days and Mondays” by The Carpenters:

    Don’t know why I turn the TV on
    Sometimes I wish they’d show
    Something I didn’t know

    Don’t need the sound
    Events already bound
    Tape delays on Sundays always get me down

    What we see is more like deja vu
    Diary Room session blues
    Feel like the only news

    Don’t need the sound
    Events already bound
    Tape delays on Sundays always get me down

    Funny but it seems I always wind up tuning in
    Big Brother knows they’ll never bore me
    Funny but although I know the houseguests that will win
    I run and find the channel for me

    What we see has come and gone before
    No need to talk it out
    We know what it’s all about

    Don’t need the sound
    Events already bound
    Tape delays on Sundays always get me down

  38. Rico or Rico I know you have been asked before
    You have been asked about a 1,000 times or more
    The answer to the question is one you know
    So please just answer it, And don’t be a bore

    “Will Matt use the D/veto on you know who?”

    Just when you thought is was save to go back into the water.

      • Glad to see you are still here. Just got back from play in the sand about two weeks ago, was really hoping that everyone from last year would be back, guess things change in over a year, but there is Bev “what’s going on” “read what Matt has said is going on”

    • on thursday they will start right away to vote and as soon as the first eviction is done they will do HOH and right after that Veto and then voting and the second person leaves

      • and then I think they will do another HOH which will probably be an endurance one In 1 way who ever gets the firdt HOH it’s kind of cheated out because they dont get the HOH room and stuff
        I think it goes like that

      • wow thank you I do like Danie she is not a bad person and she had a rough life , hope she gets a chance to win something, but Jeff he is really horrid he even called Jordan stupid , his not very nice to women, but everyone likes him looks is not all in a man or a woman for that matter.

      • sorry don’t like Danny that much and I think the stupid thing it’s something that is between JJ I hope it goes my way and D gets out but if it doesn’t happened then u will be happy

      • Hey trish, CTG, & Rico… Long time no see!
        (I was out of the country and missed out on the first few weeks… Been trying to get caught up ever since I got back…)

        Glad you haven’t lost your touch…
        I was missin’ it way too much…
        Got to brush up on the songs
        Hope to see another before long!

      • Hey trish and sister J, good to know you are still here with rico, Just gat back about two weeks ago myself.

        Kalia and Dani don’t be blue, and don’t be mad
        It’s just when it comes to playiong BB your both really bad
        Kalia had rachel on the block, She was ready to walk
        But didn’t send her home, Because of shelly’s talk

        Brendon going a packing, was the only thing on dani’s mind
        She couldn’t see, Jeff was after her all the time
        So say Hi to Brendon, and don’t make a fuss
        Because it was you, who thru you under the bus

        So as you walk out of the dorr and say goodbye
        It well only be Kalia, She’ll have to run and hide
        Dani don’t be sad, And think I’ll be all alone
        Because Kalia will be following you to the jury home

        When you and Kalia are together and singing the blues
        You can think just how both of you came to lose
        So when you get to the jury house, Brendon you’ll face
        I hope he say’s I told you so, And stay’s on your case

  39. In Tri-state area, freaking pre-season football is on until 10 on CBS… What gives?????? I want to watch Big Brother!!!!!

    • Just one more reason to hate the Bungles. They stink and yet we pay for that stadium only used a handful of times a year. Oh the humanity!!!!

  40. Production is at it again!!! Jeff says when he was in the DR, production suggested he should talk to Dani!!! He said he ignored Production suggestions last time that’s why Kevin and Nat was able to trick him…..Why the f…production just don’t allow the house guests to play the game by themselves!!!

  41. This show is gonna get MIGHTY boring when Dani gets evicted. The rest of the season is gonna be boring and scripted.

      • Scripted in the fact of you can guess what’s gonna happen from week to week yes. And seeing as I have not made any claims to who I am a fan of….its really dumb ellablue to assume that I am a Dani fan

  42. Shelly is such a weasel… notice how she is cutting up Rachel to the HG (Dani, Kahlia, etc)… she is too stupid to know that she is proving herself a snake.

    • Shelly has become my least favorite player because she lies — and lies to people’s faces. I know there are always schemes, etc., but I think Shelly has taken it too far and especially the things she says about Rachel and the lies she has told people about Rachel. I really do hope Shelly goes home SOON!

  43. I cannot understand Shelly’s behaviour I detested Natalie but right now Shellys actions are bad I do not know how is she going to explain it to her kid her dislike of Rachel is absurd
    she was just in HOH room saying lets put it behind us but she doesn’t stop Please somebody get her out of there she doesn’t know what a pear is ???

    • I just watched tonight’s show, and they did not show the rest of that segment. First Shelly was badmouthing Rach. She said she was going to go upstairs and “light” her up. Then they had that conversation (which afterwards Jeff did not like what Shelly did to Rachel). Then Shelly left the HOH room and went downstairs and talked bad about Rachel and hasn’t stopped since.

      • I am so glad Rachel didn’t say anything back to Shelly. She really played it smart and got on Jeff’s good side and made Shelly look like the liar she is. Rachel talking about her behind her back? Oh boy, that woman is a real piece of work. I can’t wait until she goes.

      • To be honest….I don’t….nor do I care. You shouldn’t make fun of someone and how they pronounce words when you can’t spell.

        Its spelled Parmesan not Parmisan

      • Actually it’s not it is Parmigiano cheese U just do not spell it right or say it right

      • My apologizes that I spelt it the non-italian way. And congratulations for speaking it and teaching it. And seeing as you’ve never heard me say it you can’t say I don’t know how to say it.

      • All the over cheese?!


        *shakes head in disappointment*
        *throws hands in air with an Italian accent*


        *shakes head again*
        *wipes tears from eyes*

      • Also, she said avacad instead of Avacado. She’s really annoying and thinks she’s all that or something. Kalia is right behind her. Jeff warned her about putting him up but she thought she was smarter and guess what Kalia, you aren’t. I like Jeff and all but Jordon riding his coat tails AGAIN is rather quite boring. She’s sweet and kind but as dumb as a tack pin.

  44. I would have LOVED LOVED LOVED to see Jeff put up Rachel and Daniele. That would have been the intensest veto ever.

  45. So sorry Dani is going home xshe. Rings competitiveness to the house. Jeff has such a big head and Jordan just a tag along. Too bad Adam and sheely don’t add spice and quit being up jeff’s —

    • oh and when Danny had the power she did not (including her minions) have a big Head?
      It’s a 2way street it’s a game for half a million $$$$ and it changes every week Danny played her hand and it back fired simple as that

  46. It would be totally WRONG if Shelly makes it to the final two. She is the worst liar of them all. She’s malicioius and vile, especially when it comes to Rachel. Once out of the house, they’ll all know just how horrible she was.

    • yeah wish he would back door her on double eviction get rid of dani know kaila shelly then porcha adam isnt much of a threat final three will be jeff jordon and racheal

      • cd I have watched BBAD and the woman (Shelly) is unbelivable she gets under my skin What is she going to do and say to her daughter when she sees her self she is I dont even know what to call what she is.

    • ellablue…I wonder that too, what will Shelly say to her young daughter about her lies and super harsh backbiting, especially towards Rachel. Rachel has her own quirks and immature nature, but she is not mean-spirited like Shelly. Shelly is hard-core and obviously is pitting everyone against each other to make it to the end. I’ve said this over and over, she has NO integrity. Not one tiny ounce!

    • At this point, I doubt Jordan will be targeted yet. With that said, I also don’t think that the houseguests will let her get to the final two again by not thinking she’s a threat.

  47. During the show tonight, Dani said being on slop ruins her gameplay and her attitude. So funny how things change. When Jordan was on slop aka a have not for 2 weeks in a row, D, K and P questioned her wanting to be in the game right? Now Dani is a have not for 2 days, she is miserable!

      • wow since when did you guys decide how Karma comes to people….if you people decided on karma for people I would weep for the world

      • thats is what Danieele said to Brendon the first time she evicted him so no it wasn’t us it was her

      • You keep saying how Karma should be handled….sorry but last time I checked Karma wasn’t a blogger on a big brother site

      • Bye bye judas? Um ok. But Im not Team Dani so it really doesn’t apply to me. Thanks anyways though

      • Karma is a figure of speech… Curious, I am going to nassume you are smart enough to realize that ok? Karma is what goes around comes around…. Dani is getting what she deserves and worse. She backdoored Brendon, now she will be backdoored except she is on slop as a have not and it is her Birthday week. Now that my friend is a piece of karma. Get it?

  48. Jeff has won all the money and he and Jordan had a chance on amazing race. I think it is odd he and Jordan live so far away. I think it is creepy he refers to Jordan as a cute little girl he is 30 something I would think respecting her as a women. He seems to like her dumb yuck

    • WHoever wins the Veto that week gets the only vote and send whoever they want to the jury house.

      • then the final three will definatly be racheal jeff and jordon because the jury votes who wins big brother right

      • The jury does votes…. However, Adam, Kalia, Shelly and Porsha could mess up a final 3 if any of them win especially if JJ keep trusting Adam and Shelly

  49. Dani is such a childish little b****….. She is telling Adam and Kalia that whoeber goes to the jury house should lie to Brendon and tell him that Rachel is 3 weeks late for her period and pregnant. They know Brendon doesn’t want to have kids now, so this would mess with his head. WTF? Grow the f*** up you little ignorant b****…. I am glad Dani is being evicted this week!

    • Wow….not a fan of jokes are you? You really think they would actually do it? I bet if it was Dani they were going to do it too you would be all for it….le sigh

      • i wouldnt you dont joke around about that stuff there is a differences then being mean to play a game and just being mean to be mean thats just heart less

      • No beacause THEY will never do it
        Playing on somebody else emotions is not right stick to the gasme and leave ur personal feelings out of it

      • Like I said if that was anyone saying they would do that to Dani this entire site would think its the funniest thing but because Dani made a joke about it everyone is taking the “moral highroad”….give me a break

    • ACtually, Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and most adults wouldn’t play or call it what it is, lie like that. Brendon is not in the game. This is no way to lie. I am watching the live feeds. Are you? Dani was serious as hell….. Dani needs to act her age (25) and not her shoe size (6)!

    • wow i have no words…. she’s not even a person you will ever meet in your life… nor brendon or rachel.. not sure why you get so riled up..

      • People admit Shelly’s lies are pathetic, but Dani has crossed the line trying to have people lie to Brendon about non game related issues.

    • Curious,

      1) Are you watching the feeds?

      2) Are you an adult?

      3) it is one thing to make up vicious lies for game play. It is another to lie about people’s lives outside the game. Dani specificall said, “I know Brendon doesn’t want kids at this time in his life. Telling him Rachel is pregnant would mess up his head”. This isn’t a game. This is Rachel and Brendon’s life

      4) Dani needs to grow the f*** up.

      5) Like I stated, I support Team JJ and Team BR. Jeff, Jordan and Rachel as well as any other houseguest wouldn’t play like that. Shelly lies alot, but she knows where to draw the line.

      5) As adult Dani should know better,and you should know the difference between an appropriate joke and a childish lie that effects people negativley.

      • 1) No I chose to not subscribe to the feeds this year due to moving costs of my job because I am moving overseas next month.

        2) Yes I am an adult. In fact 27 on Wednesday.

        3) I’ve heard far worse throughout the years than that…and BB has seen far worse than that.

        4) So does Rachel and Brendon and you for getting so worked up.

        5) Congratulations….I support no one this year because it has been a boring year.

        6) Thank you for telling me how a joke should be told. I’ve read a lot of your post and you are just as nasty and mean most of the things you say so telling someone how they should act when you are just as nasty is a bit hypocritical don’t you think?

      • Cruious,

        2 things,

        1) the previous response is some clown posting under my name because they don’t have the balls to use their own name.

        2) As a 27 year old, you should know the difference between appropriate and inappropriate jokes. Ask your nparents if this still consuses you ok?

      • I know the difference between the two. Has she said anything to Brendon yet? No. So therefore getting pissed at her for something she hasn’t done yet is pointless. Second, talking down to people like you are trying to do to me isn’t going to work. You get more respect if you can debate like an adult, not talk like a child. You are getting mad at something Dani said about your beloved Brenchel. Its cool….but remember they don’t know you and you don’t know them. Nothing has happened yet and nothing probably will. I don’t think its THAT inappropriate….but I have a different opinion than you…..does it make it right or wrong? No. But getting pissed at someone for a difference of opinion shows how sophomoric you are.

      • Cueious,

        I am not getting mad. I am laughing at a 27 year old who can’t understand why people criticize Dani’s childish a** joke. You are funny dude. I have no need to get angry. You show try to understand that my posts are simply pointing out my opinions in a matter that has more than just the basic vocabulary that you may be used to. I am what people call verbally jabbing people who make illogical points and using verbal judo to deffend my points… Let me know if I lose you with this statement, and I will draw a picture to explain it ok? LMAO!

      • Sorry to disappoint you ella but I don’t. Although I bet living in a box must get you through life pretty well

      • Leo, everyone is getting tired of your constant whining and Dani hatred. You talk about how she is childish but you are no better, sitting there cussing at her and other members.

        You’re creating such a bad atmosphere around here, it’s just a game, get over it.

    • Seriously, Leo. You seem intelligent enough, despite being a Dani hater, to know she is being goofy and sarcastic. Quit nitpicking.

  50. I have a question. Why is Dani allowed to talk about the guy in the DR and not get into trouble? At first I thought it was a producer. Now by the way Por. and her were talking it sounds like a cameraman. I have heard Dani talk about this guy with Por,Kalia and Shelly. At no time has she been told to stop.

    • That is a good question. No wonder why production wants Dani to stay too bad…. It will be that much sweeter when Dani is evicted for all us Team JJ and Team BR fans!!!

      ******* R.I.P. Team Dani on BB 13 *******

      • I didn’t get it at first but I think I do Know now and this is only me it’s a mob mentality as long as u target somebody else u r safe and Rachel for some reason unfortunatly makes the perfect target I do not agree with it and I have watch BBAD and Rachel as been very nice towards everybody and not Danielle she evicted Brandon so yeah I think she has the right to be not

  51. Almost all of the HG’s have been doing things they should not. Shelly, Pors, Rachel, and Dani are the worst.

    • SHelly claiming she doesn’t lie when BB shows her making deals during the shows are hillarious.

      Porsha stealing people’s items and putting fiber in hg’s food is pathetic.

      Dani lying for game reasons and personal reasons just because is childish as hell.

      Rachel hasn’t done anything that can be compared to these three.

    • Tim,

      Dani doesn’t cry?

      It is no fair my dad won BB8…. I was screwed

      It is no fair BR and JJ have each other and I am by myself

      It is no fair Brendon came back in the game and not Dominick

      It is no fair Brendon got to see my good bye message.

      It is no fair Jeff got to pick the have and have nots.

      It is not fair my HOH’s sucked.

      It is not fair, I don’t get to eat on my birthday.

      It is not fair I am a have not for my birthday.

      It is not fair i am getting backdoored.

      Is that enough crying for you Tim?

  52. ahhh I paid for feeds to watch DANI to lay on the sofa and contemplate where she went wrong…Move the camera guys’s our money paying u!!!!!!

      • U r very annoying and just trying to stir up things
        If u dont care one way or the other stop egging everybody
        Sorry to tell u u r not funny

      • I never said the Zombie comment was funny. But thanks for trying to put that into my original comment and Ella my dear, I have not tried to be funny I was pointing something out and I’m sorry that you cannot see nor read that. But I have a right to post her and post my opinions so if you don’t like what I write please by all means skip over my comments. Thanks

      • Ellablue, who? THe guy posting under my name or under the name curios? It is probably the same loser…. I bet some lame Team Dani fan is using these names and doesn’t have the bballs to use their own name anymore… What do you think Ella? L~O~L!

      • Actually I have no need to post under any other name….so please don’t bring me into your name switching drama

    • I agree…. THis is getting annoying!!! THere are 7 other people in the house BB…. Have 2 of the cameras focus on them.

      • Actually I have no need to post under any other name….so please don’t bring me into your name switching drama

      • Curious,

        The loser doesn;t have the balls to own up…. I am just asking because you curious, have never posted on this site under the name curious before… It is curious timing to say the least! You do appreciate that perspective right?

      • I understand and stated I have no reason to switch names. I have posted on this site before….not just tonight. So like I asked do not bring me in your name switching drama

  53. ******* Everyone *******

    As you can see, there is a lame posting under my name. I actually have a vocabulary, so you will be able to tell when I post ok? The coward posting under my name is too incoherent to put together a well rounded sentence with their limited vocabulary. LMAO!!!

    • Don’t worry, hopefully all of us can tell the difference between something on topic and a desperate attempt by a troll for attention.

      • Alice, I am sure you will be able to tell the difference… Thanks for pointing that out ok? LMAO!

    • Wow, this is some craziness. Posters stealing names and arguing with other people, lol Leo, have you talked to administrator to have this joker banned? :)

    • See, this clown isn’t smart enough to put toogether a coherent sentence. THis is how you know it is the fake Leo ok everyone?

      • King, the fake Leo, must have some issues with having a thing for other guys because he is obsessed with my name…. I guess he wants to be me. LMAO!!!

  54. I am going to CBS website and leave a message that I want my money’s worth on these dam feeds. I know there are other HG’s besides Dani in the house.This is total crap…

  55. JORDAN IS THE BIGGEST FLOATER OF THEM ALL..she’s riding jeff’s tail.all she does is hang out in the hot tub,and eat.oh and play with her stupid hair.i hope ADAM wins

      • Sparky, It looks like King was posting under my name…. His comment where he said I was gay and wanted Brendon and Jeff was deleted and his name was put in place of my name…..

  56. Flyonthewall,

    You know how I post…. The first response under my name, wasn;t my. It is some jack a** posting under my name. L~O~L!!! How lame is that?

  57. LEO..At the very bottom of the home page there is the contact info line…Hit that and Matt has a mail addy on there…Not sure he will receive it today and read it but u can try..

    • Flyonethewall, I didn’t post the first comment because I use full sentences…. I did email Matt though, so he will be able to deal with the person posting under my name. I guess they can’t read either… The BBN rules clearly stated adding intelligent and respectful commentary to the convos on here. LMAO!

  58. Leo, imitation is th sincerest form of flattery. The red head scank that you love so much Rachel said that last year on the show. Take a chill pill man.

  59. Leo, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. The red head scank that you love so much Rachel said that last year on the show. Take a chill pill man.

  60. Leo, you really need to STOP, it’s ok, you’re allowed to have your own opinions, but people are getting so fed up of your disgusting attitude and language that they’re obviously pretending to be you to try and get the real you off the site. Whenever you see someone who’s rooting for Dani, you get all “ASBFHDFHUDSFUSDFBHUDSFHUSD SHES A DIRTY CHILDISH B**** RIP DANI RIP DANI HAHAHAHAHA”, seriously, relax, it’s a game.

    Anyways, hope Dani stays this week :D

    • Jesse,

      Matt (BBN) modorator can see what I post and can tell when people post under my name…. Get your facts straight and make sure you know who is saying what….

      • Uhm, there are REAL posts by you (before fake posts started) where you’re attacking members who are rooting for Daniele.

        I have the BBN app and I read every comment on every post …

      • considering none of the above replies which you stated weren’t yours are still there.. it seems like you were using some as an excuse to be able to type rude comments.. i agree with jesse the atmosphere totally changed..

    • Jesse,

      Another thing I want to point out, is the fact that I have not disrespected anyone besides the idiot posting nonsense under my name….

  61. okay then, this has been interesting reading? Is it just me or has Rachel tamed down a tad since last season????

  62. Shelly, Dani, Kalia and Porsha are being childish again talking crap behind Rachel’s back…. These girls need to grow up and act like women.

    • They are trying to push her buttons and make her self destruct. Only problem is it is not working, so they keep doing it. What really surprises me is Shelly. A 40 plus year old acting like a 15 year old

    • Agree !! Last year was fun to post on here. This year the fighting with one another is as childish as the BB house guests.

  63. @All: Keep your comments on the topic of Big Brother or you’ll be blocked. Negative comments directed at other readers will result in removal and banning.

    • Thank u for coming in to check on us…lol..It was getting a little hairy there for a few

    • I hope that applies to all comments because some of the people who have commented to attack personally more often than not. So I hope the people who post the most don’t get much slack because they post often

  64. Shelly, Dani, Porsche and Kalia. You 4 are pathetic. Those who make fun of others show their own insecurities.

  65. Jeff and Jordan discussing how Dani, Kalia, Porsha and Kalia are all blaming things on Rachel even though JJ know it isn’t always her fault or has to do with her!

  66. let them say whatever they know what racheal does and they know they need her for alittle while longer so it doesnt matter waht they say

    • I agree. I bet D, P and S will all be kissing Rachel’s a** if she wins the HOH after the double eviction….. P will try to be Rachel’s best friend again for the entire week.

  67. I can’t wait to see Dani evicted on Thursday night…

    I hope Jordan wins the HOHH and then nominates Kalia and Porsha and Kalia is evicted next!

      • Yes, the person that was posting under my name was that person who called themselves King…. L~O~L!!! Matt banned them.

      • Good. It’s funny I thought that guy was a goof and suspected him of posting under my name! Glad they got him!

      • Wayne, I think he is using another email to post under my name now. No worries, I reported in to Matt (BBN Moderator)

  68. I don’t want Dani out, but Kalia could go at any time. Her rambling is way past annoying. Shelly could go too in my opinion

    • What do you think about D, K, P and S telling Brrndon that Rachel is pregnant when it isn’t true to mess with him?

      • That’s not cool. I missed that on the feeds. But I think that is crossing the line.

      • He should know it is a lie. First because who it is coming from. Second, as I recall she was on her period last week when he was there

      • I know. That’s exactly the kind of thing Judas would do. It’s amazing that anyone on this site can stomach Judas. What a creep.

  69. Comment deleted. User banned for derogatory comments, posting under multiple names, and posing as other readers. – Admin

    • Whoever you are, you will be banned next and this comment will be deleted…. Have fun while you can ok? LMAO!

      • Comment deleted. User banned for derogatory comments, posting under multiple names, and posing as other readers. – Admin

      • Trust me, I am talking game and don’t have time to play with people who want to post nonsense under my name.

      • Leo, u can’t blame the other Leo for making such comments. U are always on here professing your undying love for Jeff. May be if you start appreciating the game play of others in the house…people will respect you more.

      • dudan,

        Are you serious? I always post I am for Team JJ and Team BR…. Tell be where inn that statement am I professing my love for Jeff? Just because I don’t respect Dani’s game or Team Dani doesn’t mean I don’t respect the game. Get the facts straight before you post untrue statements!

      • I am happy Dani will be evicted and if all Team Dani fans keep their word, they can stop watching on coming on this site.

      • Dani played hard and still scorn at her game play why? I can’t think of any reasonable explanation other than the fact that she turned on Jeff. Please tell me if im wrong

      • Brendon and Rachel told Dani last week that is she evicts Brendon, she (Dani) would be the biggest target and would be done next if Kalia or Porsha didn’t win the HOH…

    • Seriously dude, why are you here? This is not a playground, and I think you should be over the legal age to be here. You are ruining this site with your dumba$$ self.

      • Chick from la,

        Ask Matt the moderator…. King was posing under my name and was banned. That s why Matt posted on here about people being banned for not talking game and disrespecting other users….. I sent Matt an email and those comments will be deleted with whoever is using it being banned as well…..

        People need to grow up and post under thheir own name.

      • You want to cry foul, maybe stay on topic, what does someone using the same name Leo, have to do with anything BB? Do you own the rights to the name? Maybe that person is named Leo as well. Freedom hater. Starting to think the Adam is going to float his bacon loving a$$ to 500.000 grand, yep pretty sad.

    • Commenting Rules: Keep the conversation civil and on topic. If your comment does not add to the conversation, it will be removed. Debate intelligently. Insulting the author, Big Brother Network, or other commentators will result in comment removal and possible ban. Any comments with links or flagged words will go into moderation before approval. Anything we deem as spam will not be approved. Comments left in ALL-CAPS will be deleted regardless of content

      See you in court. Talk game not your name problem. Kieth should still be in the game!

      • Comment deleted. User banned for derogatory comments, posting under multiple names, and posing as other readers. – Admin

      • If you want to be disrespectful, why don’t you use your real name?

        Matt (BBN Moderator) will know it isn’t me based on your IP address and will delete those comments and ban you! Grow up already…

      • Again Leo you are close to getting a ticket, read the rules,

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    • TeamJEJO,

      That isn’t me….. I won’t use derogatory terms which are in the previous post or use homophobic terms…. I guess the person who was banned posted my name decided to use a different email. Matt will ban them as well.

      • You have been warned, the rules clearly state:

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  71. I’m actually suprised at the way Rachel took Shelly yelling at her on today’s show. The Rachel from a week ago would have been yelling right back at her than hold her tongue.

    • Give her another week, she’ll be back to her old self, lol. I must say though, I was shocked too.

    • You are all gonna be shocked when Rachel wins the 500K too. She’s that good. Gonna make Judas look like a piker.

      • LMAO- I missed you Wayne. Seriously though, I wouldn’t be surprised if she won it. I just don’t want her to. LOl

      • IMO, after my girl leaves, Rachel is the only one who is doing anything for herself and by herself. I still think she is a big nut case, but there are no rules that a whackadoo cant win BB. Go Rachel!

    • Maybe, Rachel is regaining her focus on the game which will be good for her! She can win HOH and POV so, it is wasted when she is crying and moping instead of competing! Hopefully, she is over the crying part.

  72. Jordan will really have to pick up her game, now that they will have the “biggest power” target on their backs.

      • OK, Jordan gets HOH puts up Kalia and Porsha, one wins VETO and comes down. Who would Jordan renom? List is getting short.

      • I would hope Jeff, Jordan or Rachel win and keep the noms the same…. Either Kalia or Porsha could get lucky, but I would rather see Porsha get evicted because she is more lilely to win a comp before Kalia wins again.

      • I think if that happened and veto got used, Adam would probably be renom. I don’t think she would put up shelly or Rachel. Plus they were already talking about how they don’t completely trust Adam.

  73. When the second HOH of the night is won, who would mess up everyones plans the most by winning? Who could cause the most trouble with a VETO win?

    • I think if Kalia or Porsha wins they would screw everything up. They would nominate either Rachel and Jeff or Jeff or Jordan…. If either Jeff or Jeff won, the house would evict Jeff or Rachel…

    • My guess is one of the newbies might be bold for once, and do the unthinkable and go after Jeff and Jordan. And Adam probably will be the guy that does it. I say so only because he has an independent streak and although, he begged Jeff for his life with getting the POV, he would not return the favor of voting for Brendon when Jeff asked him. That speaks volumes. Do not trust Adam as he might be the one among the newbies to go after Jeff and Jordan if he wins HOH!

  74. Wasn’t today the Veto ceremony? Did Jeff use it? And if so who did he put up?

    I am on dial up, so live feeds don’t work for me. I rely on you all for the info


    • I just read someone else asked too about the veto meeting…so it must be tomorrow…

      If Jeff takes Kaila off I believe she will go team JJ. Porche will go after Jeff. Porche said in one of her DR’s that was her plan since he put her up and nominated her.

  75. All I know is JJ better watch thier back. Rachel biting her tounge with Shelly tells me that she has the wheels turning in her head and it’s gonna get real ugly in the the next couple of weeks. She’s gonna get the house to turn against them.

    • I have a feeling that Rachel may want Jeff out before the Final 5 as well to make her the best competitor in the house. She may try to get Porsha out this week because Porsha is doing better in comps than Kalia.

      • It might be Brendon, Dani and Jeff all sitting in the Jury House asking how Jordan and Rachel lasted longer with Adam, Kalia, Shelly and Porsha in the house still?

      • Porche would be my guess as one competitor on the newbies side. Who knows what Adam will do. I seen Jordan saying Adam and Porche are tight. And Jordan didn’t think Adam would vote out Porche

        Sorry–Kaila and Porche I don’t know how to spell ( as everyone can see )

      • Leo if that happens, that’ll be classic. The three Alphas scratching thier heads asking that question. I think Adam is the scariest player right now. That guy get more invisible everytime they put him on the block. The bacon god is looking out for him.

      • Gene, remember Kevin from BB11? He was a so called floater until he won a POV and then he won the HOH in the final 5 to evict Jeff as well as part 1 of the HOH in the final 3…. Adam from BB9 also flew under the radar and turned it on at the end to win that season.

        Adam may surprise people and end up winning some comps… Remember that Adam waqnts an all newbies final 4…

    • Leo- spot on. Adam has just been bidding his time and he knows his moment is at the door knocking. He’s played a pretty good game and has not stepped on any toes. He will be hard to beat if he makes it to the final two. Nobody has a bad thing to say about him personally and that will be the ace up his sleeve.

  76. What will be funny is if all the vets keep voting each other out and end up letting the newbies (floaters) make it to the final two.Im very upset about Dani getting backdoored.Which is a smart game move but big brother is nit going to be the same who wants to watch Shelly,Adam,Kalia???

    • Agree ! At least last year Hayden. Lane, and (sometimes) Enzo were funny. The clip where Hayden and Lane gave Enzo a haircut was hilarious !

  77. Leo you are a sack, Dani is gone, but Brendan will be happy to share the jury house with her. Rachel will blow it.

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