Big Brother 13 Episode 19: Week 6 Live Eviction Show Tonight

Big Brother 13

Big Brother is back tonight for another live eviction and HoH competition that looks like could end up being an endurance battle. The HGs have been on lockdown since yesterday afternoon which is your usual tell-tale sign. Keep in mind that the only place to watch endurance competitions is online with the Big Brother Live Feeds.

Tonight’s votes look like a lock so you can expect some tears and drama through the day like we saw yesterday as the Vets alliance crumbled away. Be sure to cast your vote in our eviction poll and share your thoughts on who becomes the first jury member.

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I’ll be here posting all the results live during the East coast broadcast and any other big news so keep checking back for the latest Big Brother 13 spoilers.

While we wait for tonight’s big results, be sure to check out BB12’s Matt Hoffman’s recap of last night’s Big Brother episode. Then grab your BB Live Feed Free Trial so you can watch the action online after tonight’s eviction and possible endurance comp.

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  1. Kind curious as to why they give them so little libations on BBAD.Usually just 5 beers and bottle of cheap wine. Hard to believe CBS can’t just spring for a case or even a 12 pack.

      • They are getting less libations since Rachel started taking medications, last time Brendon was voted out!!! I thought everyone notice it!! Bet they up her dose again!!! Sucks for everyone else in the house…..but she can’t help herself when its around…
        “swiping others red wine and adding coke to try and disguise it”…..they will get liquored up when she is voted out!!!

    • No kidding…maybe it would be less boring if they could drink more. I think there would be a lot more drama.

    • What do you want? A case of beer and three bottle of wine total or per player? It isnt an alcoholic show. They dont want people being so drunk or sick for competitions the next days. You need to watch another show.

    • Some sort of toy. Possibly Franklin from the start of the season. Can’t confirm which toy it was though, but how many toys does one guy bring in the first place?

      • It is a shame Porsha, Dani and Kalia want to be childish by taking items that don’t belong to them.

  2. Does anyone else think the show is fixed? And maybe they promised Brendon to make it to jury house at the least, because he was a vet returning and was good for their ratings? So maybe they just him back in so he can go to jury, but alligned everything perfect for his eviction this week, since he had already been evicted?

    • Agree 100%. I don’t believe for one second that America wanted Brandon back in the house. Hope he leaves tonight, for good. Outfit for Jordan fits her. She is cute, but she is one dumb chick.

      • I think it is very possible. I also don’t understand why some people think he is so entertaining. He does not entertain me.

      • A poster at another message board said that during a live feed Rachael stated that She and Brendan were guaranteed Jury in thier contracts. I also question how it is that one couple has been selected to play in every single veto competition. Just don’t think that could be coincidental at this point.

      • We had 30,000+ votes in our poll for which HG people wanted to return and he tied for first in that poll. CBS had no way to influence that. So yes, I believe he could have won that vote.

      • @ Matt in reference 2 brendon tieing 4 first, what about the voting that was done before Brendon was sent home? I myself voted for Dom before Brendon was even evicted. The 1st three evicted HG should have had some sort of lead, especially Dom. Voting started before Brendon’s name was even entered into the poll. Dom should have been in the lead because of the head start.

    • This whole rigging the show is absurd. They may tweak things but they don’t determine the outcome of things.

      NO one would be returning to the house if ED did not leave. Leaving 13 players.
      They needed to get that spot back, so they brought back an eliminated player.
      Soon there will be a double elimination…
      It’s just the way things work.
      It’s not rigged
      and in the words of Brenden “it’s not rocket science, do you need me to draw you a picture.” LOL

      • Rachel fan, do not get mee wrong. I do believe america. Voted brendon back in…I DO NOT beelieve the votes for that were rigged. And just like you said, ok maybe tweeked it, maybe there was only going to be a twist because brendon got voted out. And you are wrong about the whole evel dick thing, because the show never starts with as many as 14 people. And they are still going to have a dble eviction so how would that make sense? They didn’t NEED someone back. I also do not want brendon to go and don think he deserves to go, that’s why I think it just seemes a little rigged, that out of 5 people to be picked for veto..the only 2 who didn’t were the ones who really needed it.

      • Yes, vetfan, I too agree that there was something very suspicious about neither Brendon or Rachel getting picked to play POV. I realize Porsche never gets picked to compete either but….

      • Porsche hasn’t been on the block since week 1 neither has she been targeted. So, I guess in all honesty she really hasn’t needed to play in the POV comps. But I do agree that it is peculiar that BR didn’t get chosen to play in the POV. I don’t know if I think the show is fixed though. We may be reaching a bit.

    • Definitely Fixed.

      There is no way that “America” voted to have that milquetoast Brendan back. He is the most spineless jellyfish ever on BB>.

      • I think that they had the “twist” because brendon was evicted so soon. But I definitly america did vote. And did vote brendon in. A lot people actually like to see competitors. Not someone who says he is drowniing in this house because no one is doing shit..when he hasn’t either. The only people who are drowning in the house are brenchal and have been since day one, because everyone is so scared of facing them in F4 that they don’t even want to make it there with them. Trust me if jeff though he could beat brendon at anything, but still knew brendon was as good as he is…he would have no prob bringing him to f4

    • Keep in mind that a lot of the people voting only watch CBS. They don’t watch the feeds or BBAD, so they don’t know how Brenda Neander-Tal really acts, and what a tool he is. I also think that some of the votes were because America wanted to see Rachel evicted and “get between her and her man” getting back into the house…

    • I totally disagree. Big brother is not just a fixed show where cbs decides the winner every season. If it were, Jeff would have won season 11 and hayden wouldnt have won last season. And for the people saying that Brendon would have never been voted back are in la la land because Brendon was first and second on a lot of polls i saw.

  3. after tonite why watch esp BB after dark… BORING AFTER BRENDEN LEAVES even tho i dont like him it was good TV

    • Boring is right!I’m wondering if the house is in Alaska.Everyone walking around with blankets and saying how cold it is.Worst bunch of players i seen in years.

      • The house will not be boring w/o Brendon. Rachel will c 2 that and people srambling 2 get off the block making deals will c 2 that. The moment the house turns on JJ, Jeff is going to go balistic, oh there will b drama, trust and believe.

  4. wow someone eles has a chance to win a hoh danille will probley pee on her self she has never lost an inndurence challange without giving it up…. i hope you have to hang off something so kabocca doesnt have a chance either lol…

    • Thats right Dani cant play for the hoh, i dont think kalia will win it . Reachel is going to win this one ! OH i forgot to write one thing HA-HA-HA DAni cant play for HOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Who cares! Hopefully rachel wins and puts dani and jeff on the block..that way she doesn’t have to worry about dani playing that veto ticket cause she knows dani will. Be in the veto comp regardless and she can only use the veto to save herself and not her plus someone else..then if one of them wins the veto she can replace with’ll be what they deserve for evicting brendon.

      • Kalia win an endurance HOH? Did you see how fast she dropped during the first HOH when they Hung on bananas? Not a chance. L-O-L!!!

    • Hello Heather. Dani has lost an endurance comp. Remember the Final 3 during BB8 when she was the first person ot because she couldn’t deal with being cold? Evil Dick hung in for a couple more hours before Zack won!

    • Well watch their dust, those 2 girls get it done. Kalia can’t strategize but Dani can. As long as they don’t give Dani alchohol she can function. Alchohol is Dani’s kryptonite, lol.

  5. Shelly is STILL staring like a zombie…my gosh woman, isn’t there anything else you can do? Clean the house. You’re good at that. Continue to fly under the radar like you have been doing, no-one will notice all your lies.

  6. CBS couldn’t even spring for new pictures of the hg’s for this season. Dani is NOT BLONDE anymore.

  7. Dick has his internet show, so Danille did him one better and now has a show called The Danille Big Brother Show!
    What was that song ‘EVERY THINGS GOING MY WAY..
    Danille will win this year, because it is her show!
    Ask the DR room.
    What is your thought on this?

    • I hope not. But, I’d rather see her win than Shelly, Porsche, Adam or Kalia. They can float right out of the house.

    • I agree I said that 2 on an earlier post its the Danimal Donato show I cant stand the smirk on her face anymore

      • at least adam is trying to win,albeit he needs jeffs help!now if it’s eating or sleeping in the comp k&p would win(unless it’s hotdogs).

    • I hope she doesn’t win; however, I tend to agree that everything seems to be going her way that is truly crucial to the game. It seems like the Brendon coming back episodes were fake as well as last night. It is almost as though CBS said well we will make Brendon come back and you won’t gain anything in the game but we will compensate you by not having any Brendon and Rachel chips in the bag so they can’t compete in the POV. Rachel had said something about someone knowing someone in production and I think she was referring to Dani and a final 3 with J&J. I think Dick leaving from the beginning was suspicious. And, Dani should not have received a gold key protecting her for weeks just because he decided to leave. When I start to think back on all of this crap, it makes me disgusted with the show.

      • Dani won’t make it to the end for the same reason Jqnnelle never did during her seasons on BB6 and BB7. No one will beat her (floaters) and she.will be q beast to get evicted in the final 3 (unless she goes useless like in the final 3 company during BB8)

    • For some reason, I can’t see Dani winning. Things may have gone her way recently, but I really think she is headed for a storm real soon. I could see Adam, Porsche, or Rachel in final 2.

  8. My remarks is to show that the show is fixed..
    To many things the other HG do or should I say do not do to win HOH, VETOS.

  9. without brandon reachal drama that house is dead, i believe cbs definately did something to make sure brandon goes home this week, they didn’t even get to play pov, and the whole house won something except them, jeff needs to go home because hes doing nothing except boss people around, then shelly is such a lair i cant believe a woman of that age could lie that much, i hate daniel but besides brandon reachel winning, shes one person who deserves it coz they have competed, they have participated in the game. am officially stopping to watch big brother tonight if brandon goes home, because its going to become BORING BORING BORING

    • what was the point in bringing him back?
      That show received the highest ratings?
      Nobody will miss Shelly. And why would Jeff make such a stupid decision he could totally have convinced Adam to keep Brendon
      This is BS

  10. I think its soo freaking funny how Brenchel and JJ people griping that the show is rigged. Where were your comments when everything was going Brenchel and JJs way???
    As long as they “fix it” for Dani, I am good!! lol

    • The show is not rigged. The cards fall where they may. Brenchel just wasn’t lucky this week.

      The only bad part is how JJ fans keep complaining Brenchel threw JJ under the bus.
      That is BS. I wish Brenchel would have worked with Danimal and backdoored Jeff in week 3.

      This is what you get for being loyal.
      JJ turns their back on Brenden for who?
      SHelly… The biggest liar in the house.
      They are not smart players.
      I would rather see Kaligula win over JJ.

      • Both couples have been throwing each other under the bus that’s what u have to do in this game I don’t blame j/j for not voting for brendon they need to Think of their game first and they can trust shelly to have her votes b/r will have no choice but to turn on j/j for their own game u can’t hate either couple for looking out for themselves and i don’t think they act this way out the house

      • I agree… People can get along outside of the house.

        Both Brenchel and JJ threw eachother under that bus. No one is innocent. It/’s to be expected.
        It’s stupid that JJ are not happy about it, when they did it too.

        If Brenden was my man i would throw JJ over the HOH room 2nd floor railing to keep him and I together.

    • totally agree! :D as long as dani is safe i dont care! BRING BACK THE COUP D’ETAT! give it to dani then she’s for sure safe for like 3 weeks ;D

      • if i was hoh this week brendon and rachel would be cool and jeff would be going home! he controlls the whole house! i love dani, but her mistake is taking brendon out now, she should be looking at who has the votes and numbers and that is for sure jeff and jordan!

      • Rachel was right in saying he is building his Jeff army.

        Brenchel would have stayed true to their word.

        I have a bad feeling Danimal made a huge mistake this week.

      • she did! and as much as i love her and love that she’s taking big game moves brendon is not that significant to the rest of the house, jeff on the other hand controlls jordan, shelly and adam.. numbers are huuuge in this game and you dont have anything without votes! if jeff was gone this week then jordan wouldnt have won to go after dani (all of jordans wins are down to luck) and brenchel would keep her safe! and with jeff and jordan gone shelly and adam will be on dani’s side not brenchels but i guess she doesnt see it that way :/

      • Dani made the right move. No way would the others vote Jeff out. If she had put Jeff up as replacement he would stay over Shelly. Maybe she should have put up Jeff and Brenda to start with, but whats done is done.

      • The point is not who she would have gotten out. shelly, Jeff or Jordan.

        Brenchel would have stayed true and kept her safe.
        Now she has to rely on Kaligula.
        I think Porsha will turn on her when the situation benefits her.

        So Dani made the wrong move in not working with Brenchel.
        Now JJ overwhelmingly has the numbers.

      • Brenchel stay true to there word. LOL Now that’s funny. Do you watch live feeds or BBAD? All Brenchel talk about is J/J and how Rachel is putting Jeff up if she gets HOH. If J/J tried to keep Brendon then Brenchel would of worked with Dani. That’s how true to there word they are. Glad Brendon is gone tonight.

    • I am not a BR and or JJ fan and I think it is rigged. It was just to convenient that Dick left and Dani got a free pass for 4 weeks. The golden key was for when your partner was evicted not when they leave of their own accord. As Dick left so early in the game BB could have brought in another former player to be Dani’s partner. If Dani wins this season you will never convince me it was not rigged. And I like Dani. I really do not have a favorite! So your theory is wrong it is not only JJ and BR fans who feel it is rigged.

      • It it was “rigged” for Dani to win, CBS has enough sense to know that ED being in the house would be much better for her than a key for 4 weeks. So, there goes that theory of yours.
        Also, my original post is FACT, not theory seeing that I didnt say that was ONLY BR and JJ fans. I justthink its funny when THEY say it.
        There was no former player that had been sequestered for them to bring back to play with Dani. The HGs had been in the house for a couple of weeks before ED left.

      • Sorry you are wring Evel Dick left Prior to the first eviction. And if he had stayed and he and Dani were put up she would have veen evicted not him.

  11. All want to be actors.
    It is like watching days of our lives soap with games added. Great
    It is good for ratings and money for the network.
    We can write all the comments we want about the show, but it will not change the cbs”s out come of the show. It is there money to give to the winner they want.

  12. I totally agree! It was very suspicious when Evil Dick left the show enuring that dani would get the 1st golden Key. And it seems funny that Beandon and Rachel didn’t even get to play in the Veto. But Dani will get to play regardless in the next veto ensuring that if she is on the block she will play. And we all know it seems like if it is a question game, production is given her the answers in her ear! Dani is the Bully of the cast, or she is the spoiled little girl that gets her way! This is the first season where it is so totally scripted! And after last night on BBAD I will not waste my time watching it!

    • just because things aren’t going the way you’d like you cant just make assumptions saying it’s rigged, dont watch it then! dani’s an amazing player so calm down.

      • I know. Whats up with these people.

        I think the damn show is RIGGED…
        I wanted Keith to win
        I wanted Keith to get his Angels
        Kaligula, Shelly, and Adam
        CBS you ruined this season for me.
        I will never watch again!!!! LOL

      • hell yeah i love dani fans! <3 thank god she's definately playing in the veto next week! cause i doubt kalooja or porche will get the hoh :/ i hope they do and omg if they do i will be screaming with joy!

      • They only fighters are Brenchel, that’s why they are the targets. Danimal can bulldoze over the rest and manipulate them.
        It’s Rachel all the way for me and Danimal a close second.

        Danimal better wise up and realize that taking Rachel to the final 2 will win her 500gs

      • Rachel is coming in a close 2nd for my faves. Yes, she is a total nut job, but she is growing on me like a fungus.
        @RachelFan..Dani is having to fight, too.. She was public enemy number one for a few weeks and is managing to turn it around.

      • That’s what i mean. The only fighters are her and Brenchel. The rest just chill and relax.
        Lie Lie Lie
        and backstab

      • @Becky and Charli I’m with you and totally a Dani fan. She is not afraid to make bold moves. Even in this past veto comp – did you see see how she nailed those bags in the hole until she told Jeff he was safe? She then didn’t try any longer for the next shot and then Jeff let Adam win. Jeff and Adam play corn hole all the time. I am thrilled that she will get to play in the veto this week. Go Dani. People can say what they want about Dani, but she is a competitor. There is no denying that.

    • @ becky…actually no dani hasn’t really had to fight. She was an enemy but had.A golden key to protect her for no good reason. Then after that, her winning that first hoh was. The only thing she had to fight for because she even admitted this last one was pure luck for her…she doesn’t have to worry about her allys coming after her as well. Jejo has proved to be horrible allys. The minute there is any sign of a possibilty of removing b or r frm the game they jump on it and help. So not only does b/r have to worry about their enemies but they also have their own allys coming after them.

      • If Dani hadnt won that last HoH.. luck or not, her butt would be on the block, so yes, she has had to “fight.” Any of those competing, with the exception of Porsche would have put her up.

      • that’s right poor r\b everyone’s after them. They brought this on themself for being POOR sports. Every time they had power it went to their heads and when they weren’t in power it was fixed or unfair.

      • I wasn’t finished. Becky Dani didn’t ask for the golden key so why bring it up! She’s played hard in every game she was allowed to play in. I think if she gets to the final 2 she should win. as for her father he should be a shamed of his self for not supporting her. His in it for his 5 minutes of fame.

      • Becky and Ziggy 1 again I totally agree with both of you. Dani did not ask for the Golden Key, it was given to her. I thought that whole idea was stupid. I think Dani would have much preferred playing. If people say it was just luck that she won the last one and that even Dani said it – what about Rachel’s first HOH. ED made a deal with her so they dropped – ED decision. Rachel’s 2nd HOH people threw it because they were told to and wanted protection. Rachel’s POV puzzle – Porche was with Rachel at that time and had no intention of trying to win it with Keith. J/J again gave it Brenchel to win. The only real comp won by Brendon was the one where he took Rachel off the block and even that was debateable as Dom threw it. I have never seen such a season with people throwing comps. When Dani played and had to win she did just that. Ziggy you are so right about Brenchel being poor sports and letting it go to their heads. If they had not done that they might not be in the position that they got themselves into.

      • Jeff and Jordan are playing badly and not using their heads! Why would anyone listen to Danielle knowing full well that she is out to take all the veterans out? Super dumb move of Jeff to throw the POV to Adam and then, vote for Shelly instead of Brendon! If Kalia or Porsche win HOH then, Jeff and Jordan will be on the block. Even if Danielle is not playing, she decides what happens with Porsche and Kalia being her puppets! Rachel will also put Jeff and Jordan on the block because of this dumb move!

  13. Can not wait for tonights eviction!! Hoping to see Brendon walk out the door, never to return. Wasnt to happy to see him come back. Rachel more than likely start her water works. Brendons had a lot on his plate keep her in check this week, LOL She will be losing it soon-alot of drama brewing. Gezzzzz, everyone better get ready. HOH comp will be interesting, hope the power stays the same, but if not, Dani will have it covered. She is very go at this game!

    • There is not much to do in that house. I am a stress eater and she is probably stressing big time.

      It’s a comfort thing. Plus it’s all free…

      Eat up Kaligula… How else can she release the stress

      • Yeah Becky, this is just sour grape on the vet fans part. Sut back and enjoy the ride. The vets had a chance to go after competitors and make things happen and did’nt. The victor goes the spoils. Dani took them on 4 to one and won, you gotta love that girl- stop hatin! She told Rachel it would b on if she took out her alliance. She’s just following thru. You people were all for it when your people were winning. Now that Dani is wiping the floor with them and all by her self I might add, u all are griping. That little Italian has spartan warrior blood in her and you gotta respect it whether u hate her or not. She has neutralized Brenchel and her fans can’t take it. well 2 bad. GO DANI!!!

      • @Jackie,

        House guests make dumb moves on this game. Danielle made some bad moves early and now, Jeff is doing the exact same thing! Give Danielle credit but, I still do not like her game play. I will be rooting for Rachel to boot out Jeff and or Jordan and if Rachel gets evicted, I will be rooting for Danielle to finish off Jeff or Jordan whoever remains in the house. Then, I will be rooting for Shelly, Porsche, Kalia and Adam to take out Danielle in the end. After all, when all the veterans are gone—-Danielle is fair game to everyone! I do not think for one minute Danielle is going to win. Not even close. For one, if those 4 veterans get evicted, there are going to be 4 hostile votes against Danielle in the jury house. Two, the newbies are going to go after Danielle when the other veterans are gone because she is the only threat and between them and that $500,000! This game just
        got interesting. I will be very happy when the veterans all lose! That should teach them a very expensive $500,000 lesson.

  14. well the fact that they’re not playing doesnt that make them lousy competitors? they are all playing but they’re all just good at one or two parts of the game but you need to be good at all parts! jordan has a great social game but is crap at comps, same with adam and shelly, rachel and brendon are good at comps but have crap social game, kalia and porche just go with the power to be honest and jeff and dani are the best players because they have good social and are both good at comps! people always see a threat as a physical player, NO the social players always do the best! REMEMBER.. a threat to no one is a threat to EVERYONE!

  15. OMG..GET BRENDON OUT OF THE HOUSE.. his wify should be next,,watch her winny a– and then get her out .. dANNIE is very good at this game.. wish someone would tell dani about shell and her back stabbing ways….go go go go danni pick one off one at a time… wish this was on everynight,go danni…..

    • @kissable.
      WHy all the Brenchel hate?

      I figured from your name you would like to see them making out all day long.
      Maybe your screen name is a sign and Dani will hook up with Porsha. I’m sure Porsha would be happy. LOL

    • Good luck with that. Rachel ain’t gonna lay down and die this time, she’ll win hoh and dani will be cringing.

      • Dani will cringe but i think Rachel will work with her.
        She can’t beat JJ and they already turned on her. She will probably nominate Jeff and Shelly.

        Every HOH should nominate JEFF, so he can’t throw Veto comps. A fun game made stupid by Big Jeff.

      • I agree RachelFan.. they will HATE working with each other, but I think they will do it. They will take out a couple of people and then go guns blazing against each other.

      • If Rachel wins HOH why would she make more enemies by nominating J/J??? Then not only would Shelly, Adam, Porche, Kalia and maybe Dani be after her but also Jeff and Jordan. That would be the entire house after her and next week she wouldn’t be playing for HOH.

      • Rachel will not put dani straight up. Dani has an automatic veto play and if she is on the block and wins veto, Rachel will be screwed. She will put up shelly and Adam, and if Dani doesn’t win veto, possibly backdoor her.

      • Anyone who wins this week can get rid of one good veteran player. I am referring to Jeff, Jordan and Danielle. Regardless of what they do, if two of them are on the block and one gets off—-nominate the other veteran in place. That guarantees a good veteran player goes home! Rachel can very well do it! And I am rooting for Rachel payback Danielle, Jeff and Jordan for their treacherous ways!

  16. Ok I thought this through, and although I will be soooo pissed that jejo will vote out brendon and rachel should be too. it actually wouldn’t be in her best interest to go after jejo..yet. if she gets rid of jeff or jordan this week.which btw is almost a 100% guarantee because all she needs to do is put them on the block together, then if one of them wins veto and comes down she can replace with adam. That leaves dani porsche. And kalia as the majority vote, whoever is left of jejo will be screwed. Anyway, if she wins hoh, she should nominate dani and kalia, then replace with porsche if need be, because dani will really have the numbers otherwise.

    • What Rachel should do if she wins HOH is nominate Jeff and Danielle to make sure Danielle uses her veto card. She will be playing for POV so, that card is rendered worthless. Also, if Jeff or Danielle get off thru POV then, nominate Jordan and one of the three will go to the jury pool! Rachel will be a target no matter what so, she should go out and try to get Jeff, Jordan and Danielle out if she can. If not, try and evict one or two!

    • It would be better for Rachel to win HOH and then, nominate both Danielle and Jeff. Danielle uses her veto card because it is worthless as she is playing regardless and if Danielle or Jeff get off, put in Jordan. Let the other houseguests vote out who they want to vote out! Rachel will not be able to play for HOH the following week and she should try and win POV. If she survives, she can go after Jeff, Jordan or Danielle whoever is left in the house. She should do what Danielle is doing is to instill fear in her enemies that they quiver like Jeff was scared of Danielle. Then, manipulate them by making them think you are agreeing to them then, backdoor them! Even if Rachel is evicted, she can do enormous damage to Jeff and Jordan and Danielle if she wins HOH and POV! Stop crying and focus on winning HOH and POV and watch Jeff, Jordan and even Danielle quiver in fear!

  17. Did no one notice Jeff calling Jordan Stupid?

    “Cute as a stupid little button”

    I guess the Humilitard fits her.

    But she is just so darn nice a likable

      • I was making a joke. She is just so lovable that she can act stupid and she is still likable.
        it fits her
        Plus Jeff calls her stupid and dumb all the time.

        Are those B’s in your name standing for Big Butt Head?
        Wow! Just wow.

    • I noticed, thats y I said Jeff was not really into Jordan. Did u also c him ask Adam if he would b more upset if he screwed Farah or Tori Spelling? The camera zoomed in on Jordan’s face and she just set there twirling her hair. I would have done a what would u rather of my own to let him c was he was making me feel. I’m telling u Jeff knows the effect he has on those women, if Jordan goes and he is left there on his own he is going to get hit on big time. His ego will b out of control and he may make bad decisions, as men are prone to do in those kind of situations. They may even foolishly keep him there for eye candy and he could win.

      • THEIR BORED!! I can’t believe how people can read into conversations sooo wrong. Jordon dosen’t react because she knows it’s just talk-nothing more. STOP trying to make more out of nothing.

  18. Last time Brendon was evicted I was glad to see him go. This time, it’s going to be bittersweet to see him go and Shelly stay. Shelly lies about everything! Jeff or Jordan will probably get HOH this week, probably put up Shelly and Kalia. I hope they get Shelly out, if she ends up winning this show, it will be a damn shame.

    • If Shelly wins i swear i will never watch big brother again
      I will hang myself!!!! LOL
      That would be outrageous

    • I hope you are right Cole and Jeff or Jordan win HOH this week. I am sooooo sick of Shelly. I hope they do put her up and she goes home. I am sick of her whining, crying and lying.

      • Jeff and Jordan chose Shelly over Brendon, remember? Shelly could go over the other side if it suits her! That would serve dumb Jeff a very expensive lesson!

  19. I read in a previous post that if Brendon is evicted Rachel and Dani agreed to work together. Is this “agreement” still on or was it just all talk?

  20. Eat, sleep and gossip. That’s all they do. What a wasted life inside the BB house. I guess it’s all worth the chance to make a half mil.

    • It’s going to ben an endurance comp so we won’t find out who wins tonight….but I sure hope Jeff wins!!

      • u dont have showtime after dark? i will come back to this #24 and update you @ 1205am east coast time ,ok?

      • I will be way asleep by the time it’s over so I won’t know til in the morning. LOL! But, thank you!

      • Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t..he seems he really can’t win much. And he says he “thre” that veto. We dk for sure..maybe he sucked at it and said he threw it to cover up

      • I don’t think he threw it. He didn’t want to be in the position to be able to take Brendon off the block and have the house upset with him.

      • vetfan, thats what I was thinking, too. That he just didnt win, plain and simple and is trying to act all big shot about it.

      • Karen’s right. Jeff and Adam spent alot of time tossing bean bags. that particuliar comp was geared towards Big Jeff,lol. Jeff is very good at bean bag toss in the back yard. He and Dani threw it. They did not want bllod on their hands in case Rachel won hoh. They want to b able to say I had no choice, if they have to explain themselves to her.

      • that’s right the only person that can win any comp. is Rachel NOT!!!! It’s anyones game – it just depends who whats it more.

  21. I sure hope Rachel wins HOH tonight. If she does, she needs to put Shelly and Kalia on the block. I say these two because I think she can still salvage her relationship with Porsche and since Porsche is in good with Adam, she should not put him up either. After POV, she should backdoor Dani, if D doesn’t win. Rachel should try to get in good with the people she doesn’t put on the block and she should tell them that she chose not to put them up because she wants to show that she wants to salvage their relationships. Rachel is in a good position after B leaves, she really needs to own it and think intelligently about her next steps. She needs to also be confident in herself, that’s the only way she can get through the next few weeks. Come on Rachel, you can do it!

  22. I hope Rachel wins the HOH and locks herself up in the room and not let anyone in. She will be alone in the house and no alliance with anyone since both groups showed that they cannot be trusted. Once Rachel gets the HOH, everyone will be sh*ttin their pants. For her to lock herself in the house means no on is safe and no one can make a fake offer to her!!!

  23. I’m rooting for Rachel to go far since she will be alone in the house. I think when she wins HOH (which I really hope so) Danimals crew will try their best to make her join the group since they are outnumbered by Jeff’s Army 4 to 3…….Play it smart Rachel and if you do win HOH try your best to win the Veto too and keep the nomination the same!!!

  24. Strong players should keep strong players around to stay hidden. The strongest players left are Brendon, Daniele, and Jeff. With Brendon gone everyone will be after Jeff or Daniele depending what side you are on. With Brendon still there everyone would still be after him. After Jeff and Jordan showed true colors to Brendon and the fight. Daniele,Kalia,Porche,Brendon, and Rachel should form a five-person alliance. Why? Daniele cannot compete as HOH and there is no way Kalia or Porche will win; especially if endurance. Brendon and Rachel are desperate and are angry with Jeff/Jordan. Brendon/Rachel right Adam and Shelly are following whatever Jeff wants. This would be the biggest move in Big Brother history. Will it happen? Probably not. Strong always goes after strong and forget their strength shows they should be target. I predict in the next 3 evictions Jeff or Jordan and Daniele are gone. Final 3 is Adam,Porche,and Shelly. Only a run on HOH/Veto will change this.

  25. Tonight’s HOH is big for the HGs. But it is also big for BB and CBS. CBS can finally put to rest the speculation that the game is rigged in favor of a particular houseguest.

    If the HOH is a straight forward endurance contest(eg., everyone sitting on a swing going round getting hit by a giant hand; or having to fill a large bottle with some type of liquid using only a teaspoon and making hundreds of trips) then it is not rigged for anyone.

    But, if it is the untie the knot thing again (favors Jeff) or stand on a small platform where the tiny footed have an advantage (favors the little women), then the controversy will never end.

  26. Reachel needs to win hoh tonight and put up Je&Jo and if they win the veto she can put up one ofDani’s crew

    • I would rather see Rachel put Jeff and Dani up. If Jeff wins, then replace him with Jordan or Kalia…. If Dani wins, replace her with Kalia.

  27. Evel Dick responsed to Shelly saying “Rachel & Brendon would give up their first born to win BB”..ED’s response..” Who in their right mind would want Rosemary’s Baby”???.
    ED’s thoughts on Dani getting drunk..”She got drunk and made deals with everybody and the toaster”…Just gotta love ED…

    • Evil Dick should be on BBAll-Stars Season 2…. Maybe they (BB) should take a page out of Survivors book and do a BB season of Heros vs Villians from the first 13 seasons?

  28. To all you conspiracy theorist, I feel some of your points are valid in theory. But at the same time CBS only plays a part in working with what they are given. Utimatly CBS’s only concern is to keep the ratings high because BB does take prime air three nights a week. So I understand your concern for you favorite HG getting screwed over. But if ratings fall the alternative is that the show will get canceled. Case in point, if Rachel had been evited instead of Lawon, Brendon probably would have not won the voting poll as who would have wanted to watch Brendon lay down and let Rachel win. Just my opinion

    • Jeff and Jordan fans voted for Brendon to win, so he could help Jeff and Jordan. He would have beat Cassi and Keith or Dominic anyways.

  29. BigBrotherLeak Julie Chen just announced that next Thursday will be a Double Eviction episode! #BB13

  30. why does shelly keep lying in the diary room and makes herself out to be the victim? Well isnt it obvious she know that if she doesnt win bb then there could be a special price like they did with britney America’s Choice they gave her money, so she is playing us people if there is such a thing this season do not give her anything unless if its a one way ticket to hell.

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