Big Brother 13 Episode 16: Week 5 Live Eviction Show Tonight

Big Brother 13

Big Brother is back tonight for another live eviction and exciting twist reveal when we find out who gets sent to battle at least one of the evicted HGs for a chance to come back in the game.

Right now Cassi continues to lead in our unofficial poll, but Brendon has leaped over Dominic in the past few days and taking a close second. If CBS’ poll is similar to ours then it looks like either Cassi or Brendon will have the chance to be back in the Big Brother 13 game tonight.

But what I’m really looking forward to seeing is when Daniele tries to flip the vote back to keeping Lawon but he still gets evicted. That could be the highlight of the season.

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I’ll be here posting all the results live during the East coast broadcast and any other big news so keep checking back for the latest Big Brother 13 spoilers.

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  1. Looking forward for tonights show. And I hope Cassie or Don comes back than maybe the house will start playing the game. Please someone on BB tell Rachal to STOP acting like a spoiled baby-if she couldn’t find a job last time she won’t find one now. I wouldn’t hire her I be to afraid she have a melt down if someone talked to her wrong. No am not picking on her I truly am worried about her state of mind.She needs help and so dose Brandon. I still can’t believe what he did and CBS let him back on the show. What kind of message are they trying to send?

      • Cassi or Brendon coming back huh? Boy that is just gonna crush that Marcus guy. Hope he doesn’t go off the deep end. Poor guy.

    • he didn’t to anything on BB. He went on the internet and showed his privates to some girls. hopefully they weren’t children. But according to R\B fans thats none of are bussiness. I say don’t let him back.

      • No matter what he did, he is a poor excuse for a human being. I can’t stand Rachel and him. I know there are a lot of fans of the two, but switch back to your MTV psycho drama and keep it out of Big Brother.

    • I love Jeff and Jordan they are my favorite I hope they win it all because they are so nice and they derive it. I hate Kleia and Danni some one needs to get them out of the bb house now!!!!i might like Brendon and Rachel if hey didn’t cry so much and weren’t so annoying!!!Brendon for such a smart person you are pretty stupid!!!! They need some meds. Or to be put in a mental institute!!!!I also like Shelly but she needs to pick a side!! I also like Adam he is such a sweet guy he should have kept his beard though I think he looks better with it!!!!! Kelia is such a puppy dog on a leash to Danni!!!She is going to do whatever Danni says then backstab her when she gets what she wants!!!!!!Lets go jeff and Jordan!!!

      • Both of them are babies. Making everyone confess over the backdoor plan and crying over having to eat slop, come one?

    • Just curious Wayne… do you visit the chat room?? If you don’t, you should. Its really fun.

      • I just found the link. I never noticed it before. There goes the rest of my day! I’m sure I’ll get on now that I know about it. Thanks!

      • lol.. I spend ALOT of time there. I will be looking for ya. Believe it or not, there are some B and R fans there, too. lol Just let my know your screen name so I can protect you from those that are vicious Brenchel haters. (Like you need it)

      • The vets came into the fame like they were going to roll over everyone. Brendon got his butt kicked and out the door he goes. Rachael freaked out shamelessly. Big jeff is going to cry next when he goes down.
        Well now it’s Friday am and we know what happened and it sucks. The last two weeks were for nothing. But it does show what creeps the veterans have become. Come on newsy wise up they are the enemy. No newby will win unless they all unite behind Danny. The rebel vet lol.

  2. just say if brenden comes back its production or cbs cause its not exciting everyone was glad he left and wanting racheal out now bam racheal gets her way her crying, being pyhco is driving prod crazy altho she has been a little better must of gave her meds thanks to there dr there

    • that is not true…being as bhow he is in a close second on an unofficial poll here, and is pretty much leading all the other unofficial polls on the web, your theory makes no sense…the small fraction of fans that come here and make comments, doesnt mean no one wants hime or rachel there…if anything I think most open-minded people see that they deserve to be there, they are the only people in BB history that have ever had to literally win everything in order to stay.

      • they are disguting people! I don’t like watching them and forget about being friends I like to be able to talk to my friends without them jumping down my throat.Also I said the sites I checked and I know their not CBS sites. I think all you R\B fans are like them nuts!!!!

      • I totally agree. They who hate Brendon and Rachel can always watch something else for that hour.

      • easy Ziggy….you cant call other people nuts, while you seem a little unstable yourself…it just doesnt work that way. It would be like Rachel calling all of you Brenchal haters nuts.

    • Just so you know, not everyone was glad Brendon got voted out. I certainly wasn’t!

      I am pulling for Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, and Jordan — and Shelly — because they are playing a good game in my opinion.

      • I totally agree. I’m not sure why bloggers/posters make some of the comments so hateful. They are just people like you and I. We can’t pass judgement unless we were in the same situation. Don’t know how you would react unless it were happening to you.

      • Isn’t it weird? you can totally see the difference in Brenchal haters/Brenchal lovers personalities. literally right through the screen. I will say MOST because I don’t want to insult people that have done nothing..but MOST Brenchal haters are like WOAH! where do they finde these people? lol, they fly off the handle if you like…they act like Brendon personally came ihn their house and f****** thier wife while Rachel made a way with their kids and their savings..and vice versa with the women Brenchal haters. I’m like get a grip people! and they also act like “all of America” consists of a small fraction of people who spend their days hating 2 people they never met.. I honestly think of the BB fans that watch the show, Brenchal haters are the minority.

      • vet fan: your right I shouldn’t called R\B fas nuts and for your information I don’t hate them. I just don’t understand why R\B fans think it’s ok for them to act crazy and spoil brats but when the other house guest to the same your down their throats and calling them bad players ect… Lrts just say I personally would not be their freind IF that is how they really act on the outside. now I will no longer talk about them.(I wouldn’t want to upset you)

      • No one is upset if you talk about them, the whole point was that everyone who dislikes them gets beyond upset at the people that do. Thiswas my point. You can talk about them all you want, it doesn’t bother me…just stop taking it so personally when people who do like them comment.

    • Not everyone is against Brendon and Rachel. Just those who wanna be and those that are jealous. Just check out the polls to see how many want him back and that doesn’t include the text message votes for him.

      • Jealous??? Sorry but there is NOTHING to be jealous of when it comes to Rachel. She is a lunatic and needs some serious help.

      • Judging by your personality, you must be just like Rachael and Brandon. You lack logic and are very annoying.

      • I am jealous, I must say, to be that stupid must be wonderful. To walk around like a self proclaimed god, and to get your way by acting like a toddler. Yes, ignorance truly must be bliss. I also notice a lot of you Brendon/Rachel fans have terrible grammar and should go back to school.

    • You are certainly correct Ruth. Brenda & Rachel are sad. Very. I don’t know why CBS would even let him be considered(in returning). He claimed he wanted/needed to go back to school, yea right. And if this is what he really wanted, it could have happened. Dick left for whatever reason; Brenda could have chosen not to be apart of returning. One thing that I do know is that if Brenda returns, then everyone should know that the so-called polls had nothing to do with. It’s purely the network doings. Maybe they ‘think’ that it will make for better t.v., but I think NOT. He was an arrogant,chauvinist,**** before he left and will certainly be even worst if he returns.

    • Not everyone is glad he left because I am a Rachel and Brendon fan and I want him back bad.

  3. Last nights episode, like this season, was so boring that i had to turn it off after 15 minutes

      • Yes, because we didn’t get enough dry humping, poor sportsmanship, whining, and Brendon going “Babe, babe, babe” every other second. Yes, what would Big Brother ever do without them?

    • I turned it off early too Roger. That’s one reason why I feel that they should let it be Dom who returns. This will shake up everyone and everything in the house, making it more interesting. It will even make up for some of the previous weeks of boredom from watching.

      • How can bringing Dominic back make the show exciting??? All he ever did was lay in bed with Dani and whisper. Talk about boring tv!!!

      • Well, people must like boring if they want Cassi to come back. Talk about boring and nothing upstairs. The only excitement we got from her was when she was evicted and that could have been missed with the blink of an eye. Who would vote Cassi back in?

  4. IMO if it can’t be Dom then I would want Cassi. Shelly will be thrilled (or will she) when Cassi comes back. I just don’t want it to be Brendon. People waiting to see the look on Dani or Kalia’s face if Lawon gets voted off will get their wish and people waiting to see the look on Rachel’s face when Cassi walks in will get their wish. I think Brenchel are better apart. I don’t like watching their showmance plastered all over tv. These are just my opinions as we all have our favorites.

    • I think it would be much more interesting to see the look on Kalia and Dani’s face if Brendon returned. They are both in la la land. Not that I am a Brenchel fan but it would be fun to watch the fireworks. I think Dani, Kalia and Rachael are all nasty pieces of work.

      • ND, I agree with you about Kahlia and Danielle being in la la land. On her own, without Danielle bossing her around, perhaps Kahlia could play a good game. I really don’t like the way Danielle has been talking to Kahlia since Kahlia won HOH. It isn’t Danielle’s place to tell her what decisions to make. Kahlia has to make the ones that will move her forward in her game.

  5. Actually neither one of Kalia’s nom should have stood up, she told Jeff straight out he was going up and she told racheal either than can tell or not, last year you made brendon choose another one cuz he told someone, so come thats not fair what you let kalia the whale get by with so lets get brendon back to make up for YOUR not paying attention we all saw and heard her say it TWO times

    • Rachel did it. Jordan did it. Neither of their nominations were nullified. Production does not appear to be enforcing that rule this year.

    • besides that, Dani got the golden key for absolutely no reason…..its someone elses turn to benefit from the show, shes had enough

      • I think Rachal and if Brandon comes back (CBS) that should tell you who they cbs wants to win. So if the show is fixed for one player i’d say Rachal.

      • boo hoo! Dani got a key for “no reason” Poor wittle J and J still have their partner there for back up and it looks like Rachel will too.
        Dani has benfited from nothing more than any other HG.

      • I think the Golden Key was stupid for whoever got it. It was like letting 4 players not be part of the game. Since CBS had the vets come in as couples and ED left would that have been fair to Dani or any of the vets who potentially could have lost a player?

      • I said it before and I’ll say it again. Everyone else has had their chance to evict people and split the couples up and they have all been to weak to do it. Dani did it out of pure spite for Domonic being gone. Dani also had a partner, it is not the rest of the houses problem that Dani’s partner left, they should have paired her with Porsche then. Did we ever think that this is the way BB wanted the season? everyon is like it wasnt fair for the vets to have people they trust as partners vs the newbies getting someone they didnt know. Dont you think CBS thought of that and did it for a reason? to see how people people would choose to allign..and if people who ddnt know eachother could stick together? every single one of the newbies turned on their partners instantly, so that was theiroen fault.
        @ Becky, I didn’t say poor wittle anyone, so please act like an adult when yo9u comment to me. I simply said Dani has already benefited..SHE AND ONLY SHE was the one who effed all of that up for herself, not anyone else. She wouldnt have even made it to jury without that golden key..clearly. As stated in my prior post.

      • It sure is funny how vetfan wants to tell someone, me in this case, to act like an adult, when many of his/her posts seem somewhat childlike.

      • Trust me, Wayne.. Becky aint crying over your opinion or anyone’s for that matter. Folks that can dish it out, but cant take it, no wonder they are fans of certain people!!!! NEXT!!!

      • Becky oe whatever your reral name is, You’re a little sensitive and way too easy to upset today. Jumped right on that didn’t you? LMFAO…

      • Becky, people who refer to themselves in the third person make me think they use fake names. Is that you Marcus?

      • Hate to disapponit ya’s not Marcus.. Looks like you have another frienemy on this lovely commenting fun house!!! Of course, I jumped right on it..didnt wanna spoil your fun. Smooches, sweetie!

      • Don’t be so sensitive Becky or whatever your real name is. We are suppose to have fun here. VOTE FOR BOOKIE!

      • Wayne, I bet we would be buds in real are just so much fun, kiddo!!! BTW, I AM having fun! Aren’t you??

      • Ok Becky, I’ll bite. Yes I’m having fun. That’s why I’m on here 12 hours a day. If you wanna be buds, then let’s be buds. Have fun and enjoy.

      • YAY! Becky and Wayne are gonna be more famous than J and J and B and R put together!!! <3

      • I agree. Just because Evel Dick decided to leave was no reason for Dani to have gotten a golden key. My feeling about the golden key was that it made the show slow down which made it boring. It is much more fast paced when you don’t have people sitting around not being able to participate in the comps. I’ll bet CBS drops that golden key stuff next season.

      • Wayne you are hilarious! Marcus is getting so mad at you right now…she can barely contain herself lmao…

    • I dont really like Kalia but she is far from a whale. I know some ladies who would love to be her size and have her fashion sense. She is beautiful.

      I have heard from season to season the HOH telling the HG they will be on the block.
      All be it they were usually mad and yelling at the person but still the same thing.

      remember last year? “floaters better grab a life vest, KIRSTEN!” ~CLASSIC~

      Has a nom ever been nullified by telling them beforehand? Cause all the HG are always asking “it ain’t me right?” someones bound to just say “YES, it is you”

      In summary. Bring back Brenden either way.

      • I agree with the calling Kalia a whale, but not that she has good fashion sense..or is beautiful to be honest. But that doesnt matter I’m just saying, she is actually very avergae sized..most women are not 92 lbs like Daniele…and people think Daniele is such a beast at the endurance comps..well hello! how hard is it to hold yourself up on something all day long when you weigh absolutely nothing?

      • I agree about kalia. Camera adds10 pounds also. I was fat as a kid and I hate when people make fun of weight.

      • Actually a whale weighs, on average, 23-30 tons, Kalia probably weighs no more than 200 lbs. Also, whales are unable to survive outside of the water, so Kalia is not a whale

  6. I wonder why they aren’t on HOH lockdown yet. Could the one coming back automatically become the new HOH?

  7. EVERY poll i did (exept this one) said that Brendon will return so i think Brendon WILL return.

  8. I know Rachel is like someone scratching a chalkboard, but I can take her before Jeff. Strutting around like he’s king of the world. I’d like to see him knocked on his blank just once this year.

    • I agree, and I don’t understand the reason for the “strut”. This guy is like the Paris Hilton of Big Brother, famous for nothing..his only BB power move was by a hand out given to him my America because Jessie’s team was about the destroy him. That’s why if Brendon returns it will be bad for Danimal, but it weakens the entitled ones chances of winning this game.

      • so true!! While I pretty much dislike Brenchel together, I prefer them over J and J. I am also going to the dark side by rooting for Rachel, just a little bit.

      • Come on now, if you go after “Big Jeff” he will forgive but not forget. @blackgirl be prepared to be evicted.

        LOL… I think Jeff is funny.
        Him and Jordan work well together

        Tecnotronics for life… LOL

      • @Becky. Me too, I am a Danimal fan, but if she is evicted I think I will pull for least she doesn’t sit around playing with her hair and acting like BB is a retreat.

      • Rachel is the life of the party as weird as it may seem. Did you all see her dancing contest with Lawan the other night? I was on the floor crying!

      • I agree RachelFan.. I lover Jeff, I think he is hilarious and gorgeous. I am rooting for Rachel first, him second

      • @blackgirl, Who plays with there hair all day??? Oh yeah Dani…all she does is look angry and constantly pick at her split ends.

    • How is he strutting around like king of the world??? Just because he doesn’t walk around with a frown on his face all day like Dani. Just because he doesn’t act like a spoiled brat all day like Dani. Well if that makes him a king than go King Jeff and Queen Jordan!!!

    • I agree he is such a baby. Like him calling a meeting to see who was back dooring him. It’s like seriously, grow up! Then, him yelling at Kalia, when she was just using him as a pawn.

      • @Karen, I beleive we went thru this last week. You dont have to respond to my post nurse Karen..if you notice I ignore yours just to avoid a repeat of the last time you decide to be JJ attack dog. Good day Karen.

      • How did you ignore my post you just made a comment blackgirl. LMAO Oh and by the way I will comment on any post I feel like commenting on and if you don’t like it then don’t get on this site.

      • He called a meeting between his alliance. Wanted to find out who was the one backstabbing. Hopefully this bites Dani in the ass and she is out the door next.

  9. “Strutting around like he’s king of the world.” you actually just pin pointed Brenden there.

  10. I hope Brandon comes back and Lawon’s beats him now that would be funny!!! But I forgot he’s(Brandon) is the greatest BB player EVER. HAHA NOT! I guess we’ll all have to wait and see. Some will be happy and some won’t but we will still be watching BB so I would say the jokes on us.

    • That would be sad. BRENDEN or Bookie (For the Brenchel fans) is a great competitor and he mops the floor with almost everyone in the house.

      That being said, if it is Brenden who wins America’s Choice and loses to Lawon. it’s sad, but at least a weak player comes into the house. No gain, no Loss.

      I’m sure CBS wont let their “Twist” go to waste.

      • Brandon is not a good competitor I remember in the HOH, when Danielle won, he was the first to go down, after ten minutes. Then, the veto competition was so easy last time.

      • NOW c-pac don’t talk about brandon. His followers will get all upset and call you senitive and delusional they have a one tracked mind. But that’s ok everyone needs there heros

      • C-Pac Adam fell first, then Lawan, then Brendon, then Jeff, then Jordan, then Porsche, then Shelly, then Kalia, then Daniele? what doe that tell you? lets see if you can guess..

    • Yes I forgat Lawon when is evicted will be bestowed special power so yes I guess he stands a chanche against anybody

    • Ziggy, if you choose to continue to focus sooo mech on “Brandon” can you at least please call him his name…which is “Brendon”

      • Ziggy, it’s all gonna be okay. They probably won’t bring back Brendon cause it would just be way too cool. They will probably bring back Dom just to spite me, like the stock market is doing. And if it is BOOKIE, it’s not the end of the world. So, chin up, chest out and forward march!

      • wayne am on this site to forget about the stock market and I need a laugh from all of you. It is pretty crazy what everyone writes. My family is going to have me commetted soon. 2 more hr.until all of are questions are answers than maybe I can get something done around here. GOOD LUCK AND MAY YOUR FAV HOUSE GUEST COMES BACK!

    • That would be funny and great at the same time. Did I mention that that would be GREAT. We need something that would be shocking or at least interesting. I think that the obvious to all of us is that Brenda would return to the house & his booboo, resume being an a** and the two of them will win. It seems/sounds good(for some), but why would anyone really need to watch if its going to be just that simple(boring)?

      I’m for Dani & Dom all the way. S*** at this point, ‘Dani’ & Cassie or Porsche, Adam, Lawon or even crazy Kalia. lol

      • where is all this ‘bestowed special power’ crap coming from…julie never said that anyone will be bestowed with special power

      • he volounteer to be evicted because he believes he will come back with special powers didnt u hear him in the diary room I was being ironic

      • I would like Cassie to come back and team up with Dani-now that would upset the house and get it going.

  11. They should just forget the voting and Let Diane from season 5 into the house.
    She is my favorite of all time.

    Heck… get rid of the newbies and throw in
    Nakomis, Alison, Janelle, James, and Howie…

    Hope next year is another all stars…

  12. Do you guys remember Kalia’s “goodbye message” to Brendon? She said, “Obviously there are a lot of things that are easier than Rocket Science and one of them is getting you out of the Big Brother house!” So, how funny would it be for Brendon to come back and say, “Guess Rocket Science is a lot harder than you thought, huh Kalia!” or he could just say, “I’m back bi**ches!”

  13. I hope Brendon comes back in the house! I can’t wait for tonight yay! Not that I love Brendon and Rachel but they are competitors and will actually make a great stand in this game we LOVE so lets hope America and CBS voted for Brendon, and lets hope the house sticks with eviciting Lawon. Then we can get back to playing yay! :)

    • I agree, completely! Not that I would be besties with Brenchal in real life, but you have to admit they make for good entertainment! I hope they’re too scared of what Rachel might do if she were to be evicted and then return and they all vote to keep her in! I was such a huge huge huge fan of Evel Dick and wanted him and Daniele to go the distance this season. I just can’t believe how wrong Daniele has gone without her Dad. And, on another note, who doesn’t love Jeff and Jordan? I guess I’m with the Vets all the way.

  14. The only thing good about Brenden coming back into the house would be the look on Dani’s and Kalia faces. It would be a LOL moment. But when that moment is over, OMG! May God and CBS have mercy on us all.

  15. Why are people getting so mean? We all have our different opinions and it should not be personal. I am seeing comments against Wow and asking why she doesn’t stop posting. I believe she said if Brendon comes back she will be not watching and will cancel her feeds. That has not happened yet. If he does come back and she is done with the show that is her right. This is just a game with many of us having different favorites. It is always easier to play the game when watching. I know I personally could not do it. Just MHO.

    • You should have saw her other posts. making not nice comments and using homophobic slurs.
      She was terrorizing that posting page.
      I’m happy they gave WOW some of her own medicine.
      Now we can debate and be nice!

      • I am definitely against homophobic slurs. I thought she was just against Brendon coming back. I have to say I am also as I think Rachel is better without him there. Just my opinion, but don’t think that relationship is good. I don’t enjoy watching their showmance on the show. I know some think it is good tv, but not for me. I might have a better liking for them if they left that part out. Again, just my opinion.

      • i kind of agree.
        Last season was nice, their showmance was romantic and cute.
        This is not a Showmance anymore.
        They might be fine outside the house but inside, they are a bit high strung (Though when everyone is against you, it’s easy to see why)

        If Brendon comes back, i’m happy cause he will get my BIG RED further in the game

    • Go read WOW’s comments from WEEK 5 EVICTION PREDICTIONS that he/she posted today. She was mean to several posters. That is why she is getting the raspberries. Hey, it’s all in fun, right WOW?

  16. hi i think it’ll be cassi or dom in the 24th hour because i think CBS’s poll has closed and hopefully waaaandon will be (ool) out of luck but he put up a good fight but if he is the one he’ll get beat by lawon and he’ll come back in and does that mean waaaandon will go to the jury house i hope not.

  17. can anyone go into CBS’s big brother poll and see the final result or we all just have to wait?

      • Bosco, as big a fan of BR as I am, I would give just about anything I have to see Kieth come back. But they would have to give him a four week golden key or he wouldn’t last till midnight. VOTE BOOKIE!

  18. Welcome back Brendon! now let us continue the darn game…it has been quite boring the past two weeks!!

  19. is it just me or is this the most boring bb ever,whine mope yell(for a moment)jeff and jordan are the nicest bb competitors but they have changed the game and made it more subdued,this is probably the last game for bb no ratings and keep up i dont watch it I just look on line to see who won what then next.

    • Interesting enough for you to join us.
      I agree the newbis (most of them) are boring.

      I personally love this Rachel vs Danimal thing.

      You know Dani is so jealous because Rachel is know to be one of the best competitors in BB history. Danimal even proved her it in her DR on last nights show.

      Danimal just wants to show Rachel up and even if Red gets the boot tonight she will always be better than Dani at comps.

    • Having watched from Season 1, I agree with you. I didn’t like the whole concept with the Vets and newbies or The Golden Key. I would have much preferred an All Star and really see how good these Vets are. They have chosen a cast of newbies that clearly do not know how to play. A lot of Brendon and Rachel fans think they are the best in BB history. That may or may not be true, but would have preferred to see them compete against all Vets. Then if they won they would deserve those bragging rights. They would not be the only targets. Every Vet would be a target.

      • Far to many youngsters playing big brother, get an aged cast. They have life experience and really now how to be cut throat.

      • Bosco Bob I really like that idea. Let the children stay home and the adults play for once. CBS are you listening?

    • I think the ratings are actually pretty good this year. I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that they were winning their time slot last week.

    • I think it was a mistake to bring back the Vets, especially so many of them. The numbers and experience they collectively own, not to mention how manipulative they can be, again because of their experience with past BB’s gives them the advantage off the hop.
      Also, having won in prior BB’s should in my opinion put you automatically out of contention. Had the Newbies been the only HG’s, I think you would have seen a little more game play by everyone, not so much “riding on Vets coat-tails”.
      This season has not been the most interesting, and from what I can see, everyone has pretty much had their fill of Brendon and Rachel. Please make BB14 more
      interesting and a more even-keeled.

  20. I live in Massachusetts there is an exhibition Patriots game tonight CBS when will Big Brother’s tonight show be on? Anyone know?

    • Watching the patriots would be a complete waste of time, I hope you fine the bb time slot.

      • Tune in after the game is done, and it should play. If not go to and watch the full episode there. I hope you get to watch it!

      • I also live in Massachusetts. BB will be on at the regular time. Try channel 12 If not definetly channel 38.

  21. Forget all the Cassi vs Dom vs Brendon stuff, the worst thing that could happen tonight would be if Lawon managed to actually win the competition. How big a letdown would that be?

  22. i live in mass and just like every other year bb will be on channel 14 same time same place… hope its a good one and worth missing the PATS for i hope it will be

  23. I hope Kalia and Dani (who think they are controlling the votes) switch to evict Rachel and when Lawon goes home and Brendon comes back the look on both there faces will be priceless!!! Dani said last night if Rachel stays and Brendon comes back she will self evict. LOL Then Jeff wins HOH. Watch two of the biggest meltdowns in BB history.

    • I hope Rachel stays. I really think when it comes down to it, Dani and Kalia will go home soon. Brendon is most likely to come back and I can’t wait to see Dani and Kalias face when he does walk back into the house. AND the fact that Dani and Kalia want to just walk out if he does, good. Walk out. They are two years old and they talk about Rachel being bad sport, well so are they. Worse really.

  24. @Antiobama – BB is winning it’s time slot every week. It has the highest ratings on network TV.

  25. I am sorry, but the voting thing on here about what houseguest is going to come back, and how people think it’s going to be cassi! Are you guys smoking something? Cassi is not coming back, so there for Brendon will be returning to the game. I really don’t think many people are going to vote on their phones to bring back Cassi. More people who don’t read sites about what is really going on, and people who just watch tv and read nothing/watch nothing else would like Brendon/Rachel Jeff/Jordan there for, they’d want Brendon back to help Jeff and Jordan. They are a bigger target.

  26. I can’t wait until this post is thinned out when Rachel goes, and someone besides Brendon come back. Tune back into MTV!

    • do you think CBS is gonna say oh no you will be pissed so we wont bring him back come on now…. thats something rachael would say…lmaooo

    • Danimal hot? Maybe in a Vampira kind of way. She kinda looks like a man in the face. You know the strong jaw and hint of an adams apple.

  27. Matt, I heard that rachel might not have enough votes to stay in the house. and that some ppl think that it will be tied vote of 3-3. So that means kalia might vote to evict rachel. is all of this true?

  28. @vetfan, You are absolutely right, Jeff is so funny and gorgeous to look at, those ice blue eyes, I could watch and listen to him all the time, Love him. He tells it like it is and doesn’t BS anyone like everyone else in the house does, well except for Jordan. Love Jeff Schroeder.

    • I think Jeff is a pompous bully who tries to ride roughshod over anyone who doesn’t agree with him, but I guess that’s part of the game. Rachel needs to grow up. What a whiny excuse for a woman. J/J and B/R both are lying couples – and then get upset when someone lies to them!! Adam is doing well to lay low and fly under the radar, which will keep him in the game for a while yet. The best player, I believe, is Shelly.

  29. I too would like to see Cassie come back, Hopefully beating Rachel in the reenty comp. This then would create 4 teams in the house. Jeff and Jordon, Shelly and Cassie, Lawon and Adam, Kahlia and Dani.

  30. What would be better than to have Cassie back in the house. She could really raddle Dani with statement that her and Dom really hooked up in the sequestor house.

  31. Good Lord, Did anyone else just watch Rachel devour that plate of catfish? She sticks that tongue out and shoves food in her mouth, it is disgusting to watch. Don’t think I will anymore. Oh, by the way, GO CASSI!

    • I didn’t notice today, However when she was eating jelly beans it was very strange.

    • I just don’t understand why it matters? nothing like Kalia lifting her women parts in the air to shave them…that was disturbing lol

      • The Rachel haters can’t stoop low enough, can they? Kaligula was yuck! and they pick on poor rachel!

  32. what would be priceless is that Rachael gets voted out and she has to go against Brendon to get back in…ah, another heartwarming, nauseating scene where Brendon falls on his pathetic sword for the woman, ah…thing he loves.

    • Thats not priceless it for CBS it would cost them alot of ratings lol. Brendon back is BY FAR the highest chance for better ratings….by far. A battle between Rachel and Brendon will last seconds and then the drama is over. Bringing Dom back in the house means him and Dani lay around in bed all day, boring…Bringing Casie back means that she’ll be chewed up and spit out by Rachel again and gone by next Thursday. So the only real, long-term conclusion would be to bring Brendon back. Then they would all be gunning for eachother, and then we’d most likey have to see the 2 couples face off against eacother in the F4…thats entertainment value

  33. Over three more hours to see the look on Dani’s and Kalia’s faces when Brendon walks in….I can’t wait!!!! Go Rachel!!! Go Brendon!!!

  34. told you all brendon is comming back
    and still viewers do not believe
    yes lawton gets the boot
    brendon comes back into the game
    jeff wins hoh
    now what do you want to do
    same ol’ same
    and still the people do not believe

  35. I think Jeff will be a little upset though when he sees Brendon…..he can’t win any competitions with Brendon there….cbs polls…Brendon wins!!!

    • Well night before last on BBAD Jeff Jordan and Rachel were all talking aboutthe possibility of that, and Jeff and Jordan both thought it would be awesome(and obviously Rachel did too)

  36. I am glad to see Brendon is beating Dominic in the poll now. I am feeling good that with a little push (CBS), Brendon will be back. If not, I hope Lwon beats Cassi in the faceoff because Cassi is a pretty face with no game.

    ***** Go Team BB / Team BR *****

  37. How can you Brenchel fans be called fans when you call them BOOKIE? That’s offensive to Brenden remember? That’s supposed to be a pet name between Rachel and Brenden…Ya’ll are actually offending him and can’t really call yourselves FANS when you are constantly calling him bookie. More accurate to call them the “bully” and “Bimbo” of Big Brother :) – That last sentence didn’t come from me…that was straight out of my hubby’s mouth…ROFL

  38. Why do people keep saying that Brendon coming back will be so predictable…him and Rachel will make it to F2 or at least F4 and it will be boring. But then at the same time say that they are horrible players? It doesn’t go both ways. The only reason people don’t want Brendon back is because they know that means the end of the game for Dani, that much is predictable, but watching the whole thing go down over the next few weeks is great entertainment value…starting tonight! especially if she claps and then Lawan still goes! that HAS to happen..

    • clap on clap off yes it would be worth it
      maybe next they ll make chia pets heads of them for christmas gifts

  39. Brendon is crazy why people would want him back is beyond me…

    Cassi is a scrub and she will go back in the house and do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! So you people must really enjoy watching the great Adam or Porsche because Cassi would be the same way.


  40. tell me people when your ready to know who wins this season
    it is already in the books
    and still they will watch each week–ooo my the sheep the sheep

  41. I want you all to leave Kalia alone….she made the smartest move I’ve ever seen…lol…she’s keeping Rachel and getting back Brendon for us….I hope she gets one week reprieve for this from Rachel and Brendon. She’s such a matchmaker…she brought them back together again. Go Brendon!!!

  42. And come on…if you guys don’t see that Brenden is a bully and Rachel is a bimbo you are obviously BLIND…yah gotta give me that much. It’s the truth. Brenden is mean to everyone including his fiancé. And Rachel…I really think there is only air up there. Jordan at least makes being dumb cute…Rachel…not so much.

  43. Well…it’s better than being on the Brenchel show…that’s for sure Ms. ellablue or should I say Ms. Sensitive. You can all have your opinions…that’s fine with me. But I’m allowed to have mine too without being ridiculed or having people take shots at my man.

  44. Why do those that want Dom back think that he will automatically pair back up with Dani? She screwed him over the last time he was in the house. If Dom got back in tonight it would be in his best interest to play the game solo. Thoughts?

    • I agree, but oddly, considering he claims to be a virgin, he seems to do most of his thinking with his little head. He is doomed to have a pathetic, platonic, sort of a showmance with Danimal. I think CBS knows this and that’s why he won’t be back.

  45. Brendon and Rachel are the best!!! who the heck wants to watch a show when everyone is nice????? talk about boooorrrriiinnngg!!!

  46. Erica I don’t think we even need to go there. We all know Brendon is coming back into the house.

    • Yep. I’m sure CBS had a little bit to do with it too. But ya’ll should be happy and excited to see him walk back into the house tonight. Rachel will be ecstatic. She’ll smile, run and jump into his arms…then later they will make woopie for the world to see. Enjoy! :)

      • You sound bitter WOW! Just relax. I think it’s in CBS’s best interest for Brendon NOT to come back. I actually wouldn’t mind Brendon coming back, but CBS would not want him back. If CBS does interfere with the votes (which they might, Brendon will not be the Houseguest that is returning.

      • justthink…you are so backward lol. at WOW, don’t you see that Brendon has led all of the unofficial web polls, and now he’s leading this one…But yet CBS is still gonna be the one deciding right? I think either way you cut the cookie, Brednon would be back. I think CBS wants him back and enough of America as well.

    • how do you know this? every time I looked a site everyone said it was wrong because cbs was the only site and they won’t tell you.

      • thas absolutely true, but he is winning every single unofficial poll, so why not lead the official poll as well?

      • the polls I’ve seen Cssie is in the lead by alittle so I don’t know what polls your’re looking at. But I agree brandon will come back because that’s what cbs wants.

  47. On all the live feeds it seems like Adam and Porche are deciding who to vote for, but I thought Adam was all in to keep Rachel. Does anyone know if he is just acting like he is having trouble deciding or is he really not sure who to keep?

    • Like I said yesterday. If Adam crosses Jeff and votes for Lawon, Jeff is gonna make Bacon Boy squeal like a pig. Adam will vote right.

    • I think DR told him to act like that for suspense. And even Porsche said she was gonna give Rachel a pity, everyone just might vote Lawan

  48. Boy do I ever need to get a life. I just read most of these postings and some of them are out of this world. LOL

  49. Bring Brendon back! It will cause less meltdowns by R and B can babysit instead of Jordon, who really needs a break from the drama!
    Plus it will make the show interesting again.
    This season has been somuch better than last season!

  50. I dont see why anyone wants brendon back, The vets pretty much run the house, Bully EVERYBODY. Jeff’s homophobic comments are absolutely ridiculous, Brendon treats rachel like S#@T and rachel acts like shes 7 years old. Dick would be bullying everyone if he was still here. Jordan is sweet, And Danielle atleast works with the newbies. but come on america, You really want to vote back a HIGH SCHOOL swim coach, that has sent nude pictures of himself to a girl he met online, While he was still dating rachel. You really want to give a man who treats his fiancee like crap ANOTHER chance to win 500,000$? Cassi is competing for her family, She deserves to come back.

    • I just think it’s hysterical that he calls him BOOKIE and thinks that makes him a super fan. Brendon would FLIP OUT if he knew everyone was calling him that.

      • WOW- I cant believe that is the best come back you have against Wayne..thats pretty much the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.. Wayne-10 Wow-0

  51. Thinkaboutit…it’s true hun. They already admitted to the other house guests that they “make woopie” 4 times a day. So I’m sure live feeds pick that up. I’m not bitter at all. I don’t really care. I just find it funny that Rachel feels like oh poor me my bookie isn’t here when Shelly, Kalia, Dani, Adam & Lawon don’t have anyone in the house. All their loved ones are at home…so why would they care she doesn’t have her bookie by her side? There are some mental issues there at hopefully the doctor is addressing.

    • Exactly, Shelly is a mother who is missing out on her daughter first day of school, Adam hasnt seen his girlfriend, and Kalia hasnt seen her boyfriend. But rachel hasnt seen her fiance in a week, So shes freaking out.

      • Totally agree with your comment. I guess she thinks she is the only one who has somebody to miss. She has the same reaction when she loses a comp. She freaks out. She throws it in everyone else’s face when she or Brendon win. Brendon makes excuses when he doesn’t win. His feet are big, etc. He made the rude comment about how the ski comp was made for muffin top Kalia and Dani. I just can’t stand that part of them. Everyone says they can’t wait to see the looks on Dani and Kalia’s face if they don’t have the votes. Do you really think the other’s want to see Brendon back? I think they won’t want him back either. Again, just my opinion.

  52. It would be cool if they did a 5-way battle to get back into the house. Rather than having america vote.

    • But then they wouldn’t get all those dollar bills from the cell phone voting would they?

      • then they would also not be able to control the voting polls! Not that i’m saying anything, I am just saying……

      • why do we care…Brendon would come out ahead anyway! lol…I wish they would do that too, so we’d b 100% sure he’s returning

  53. Not fair that Brendon is coming bk and Rachel is staying ,and shell is still cruising if Brandea comes bk is my last night it is fixed,and Shell is just the last straw.

  54. @Wayne, I don’t hate Rachel, I can actually tolerate her this year more than last year, Don’t judge because of a comment I made about her eating habits, she eats like there is no tomorrow…I just don’t enjoy watching her or Brendon when it comes to them eating.

      • If brendon ( sorry BOOKIE) comes back I’m blaming you. LMAO All that campaigning you’ve been doing might really pay off. That sucks. LOL Enjoy your victory.

  55. It is hillarious that Dani is trying to get Shelly to flip her vote to evict Rachel. She thinks A, P will vote R out…… I can’t wait to see her face when Lawon is evicted. D will have a breakdown if Brendon returns to the BB house!

  56. So, will this mystery person (Brendon) be coming back tonight? All the cbs site says is tune in thursday to find out how America voted. It doesn’t really say that the comp. for that happens tonight. Anyone know?

  57. quickly here’s what will go down before the show they will do a recap of what went on in the house leading up to tonight then have the eviction votes have lawon fight for the right to come back in then they’ll have the HoH comp which i hope dani wins and keeps her off the block.

  58. If Porshe or Adam messed this up…I’m not a violent person, but I’m going to grab them through the screen and drop kick and bitch slap them. They’ve yet to do something momentous in the house…come on, they can redeem themselves by voting Rachel in. At least they would be good for something finally.

  59. whenever you would roll it up, sometimes it wouldn’t go all the way up to the top like i planned, it would kinda just go … back down. That was a little fussrating.

  60. I’m really shocked in Adam, him and Jeff are head to head, he`s doing such a great job, and as of right now he`s got more“ Balls “ …… yeeeh oohhhhhhh

  61. Damn! Wayne and Ellablue need to get a life. Just because someone does not like B or R does not give you a right to rip on them. You two have way to much time on your hands. Plus you are on here all day so obviously this is your life. Get over yourself and leave people’s opinions alone.

    • I`m just like… really upset it just gets so hard… Its hard without Brendan… Ì feel like I can`t even stand up for his memory.

  62. Why would ANYONE want not to get Killea or dani out?? Where would K be if it was not 4 Dani?? Also where will Dani be without Killia? Both r a joke I hope it’s B tonight only cuz I want to see the look on Dani’s face..If not o well Cassi and r could team up and get the fox and the hound out! Keeping my fingers crossed! PS..Chargers 2 nite!

  63. I`m just like… really upset it just gets so hard… Its hard without Brendan… Ì feel like I can`t even stand up for his memory.

  64. Brendan`s Coming racheal… wait up for bookie… hump him right when he gets inside the house

  65. Saw that guy matt from big brother 12 on there last night. I had forgotten what a loser he was. Ragan should just go ahead and take his virginity already. Its obvious how bad he wants it.

  66. Brendon Comes Back… Bookie Lovers Celebrate… Dani Lovers Start Bitchin About CBS Cheated

  67. I think the episode was fix tonight so Brendon could return to the house. Will not watch it any longer. Such a shame to have such two hateful people in the houde

  68. So now is everyone who is left in the house guaranteed a spot in the jury?
    Or do they need to get one more person out before the jury starts?
    And do they have to have a double eviction week?
    Or is the finale far enough away they can just evict one a week?
    I think we are gonna see a double eviction week now that they have replaced Dick with Brendon.

  69. It’s offical! It’s fixed. Goodbye to the lamest show of the summer. I’m done this year. Maybe next year will be better. Thanks CBS now I don’t have to choose and I can watch all the Phiilies games.

  70. I am a J/J fan so i didnt care who was evicted or who came back. As far as people saying it was fixed, well this is a TV show, they want the best ratings they can get so they can get top dollar advertising rates, so was it fixed? You can bet they have a lot of people meet everyday to discuss where the game needs to go next just to keep thier fans at a frenzy. I would say its working. Hmmm I wonder how they are going to fix the next HOH?

  71. CBS just ruined a great summer show. I will not watch it anymore. you were doing sooo good and i always looked forward to watching BB but not any more. THanks for ruining it CBS

  72. After last nights RIGGED show by voting Brenden back in has turned me off to Big Brother. Among many of my friends we will not be watching such a fake and predictable show any longer. Sorry Big Brother you lose this season!!!!!

  73. This show belongs in the toilet. I am sorry but the producers made a major mistake bringing back the veterans. Now this new twist, bringing back Brendan was even more stupid. Rachel is a nut and does not deserve to be on the show, all the crying is foolish. Jeff i used to respect but not this time. His hollering is for the birds. He is not an adult at all. I think the producers need to think long and hard about the future of this show. It was an okay show, but i think they need to forget anymore veterans vs newbies. It is just not fair. I apologize for being direct, but as a viewer, there are so many reality shows on that I can choose another one.

  74. I would like to see more of Julie Chen having more interaction with the players. I don’t think once a week is enough. I get tired of seeing so much talking. Why doesn’t Julie oversee the games instead of the players? If you want to do a veterans, then do all veterans, no newbies. Bring back Boogie, four horsemen, some of those early ones, put them up against these latest ones. Tell Jeff to grow up, and act like a leader he could be. He and Jordan are not a couple. She is acting so childish. Make this show number 1, not number 100.

    • now since they had 13 seasons maybe next year get all the winners from each season or at least the runner ups if not then go back to all new people having some new some vets just its really making that good of a season

      • Thanks for reply. I was just so tired of seeing Rachel cry or lack of crying all the time. I don’t know how Brendan could marry such a loose cannon. I feel they need all newbies, no more vets unless they do a separate show with all vets. The mixing is not a ratings winner. As I stated before, Jordan was a good player, however this time, she has become annoying. I don’tlike adult ladies talking like babies. Grow up talk like an adult. Jeff really needs to be spoken to about his attitude. I don’t know if the show is encouraging this or not. If they are , they need their heads examined. There are so many reality shows on television and frankly this one, needs an overhaul or cancelled. I hope somebody other than Rachel, Jordan, Jeff, and Brendan wins the game. Rachel, sign up for a emotional, mental health class. You need it.

  75. I Know who is hoh and the nom’s are just comment if u want to know and i can tell u what website its in so u can know whats happening and who is hoh and the nom’s so u dont have to come to me and just comment and i will tell u i will check back at 4:00pm in florida and i will tell everyone who commented and i check tomorrow same time.

    • sorry im only 10 so i might have mised spelled or left some stuff out and im sorry if i did.

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