Big Brother 13 Episode 16: Week 5 Live Eviction Plus Twist and HoH Results

Tonight on Big Brother 13 episode 16, the results of the next live eviction will be revealed along with the results the big America’s Vote Twist and tonight’s HoH competition. While we wait for the results join us on Facebook and grab our free iPhone and Android mobile apps!

I can’t wait to see how tonight’s vote turns out. Daniele is still expecting to decide during the show whether or not she wants Rachel evicted. Little does she know those votes are no longer under her control. Then once that craziness is over we’ll get the big twist and a battle for an evicted HG to return. It won’t stop there though because we’re about to find out who will be the next HoH and the pressure is huge tonight.

I’ll be updating this post here with the live results as they’re revealed on the show. Have your Live Feeds (not signed up yet? Get the Free Trial) ready to go because as soon as the broadcast is over the Big Brother Feeds come back!

Meanwhile, join us in the Big Brother chat room as we watch tonight’s live show!

Big Brother 13 Week 5 Live Eviction voting:

  • Jordan: evict Lawon
  • Jeff: evict Lawon
  • Porsche: evict Lawon
  • Daniele: evict Lawon
  • That’s it. Lawon has been evicted just like we told you.

  • Shelly: evict Lawon
  • Adam: evict Lawon

By a vote of 6-0, Lawon has been evicted. Now we find out who he will battle!

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Big Brother 13 Twist – America’s Vote:

  • The evicted HG voted to possibly return: Brendon, with more than half the votes!

Big Brother 13 Twist Battle Competition:

  • Returning to the Big Brother game: Brendon, after defeating Lawon!

Whoa! This is insane! What do you think?

Big Brother 13 Week 6 HoH Competition – ‘TBD’:

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Big Brother 13 Brendon returns


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  1. thanks for keeping us updated….some of us can’t watch it until 2:30am because of the Cowboy/Broncos game…..

    • I wish there was a chiefs game on tonight because I would much rather watch that than big brother

    • That really stinks cuz I have the game and BB. That’s weird. Oddly they said on CBS local news to watch KTXA. I thought that was funny cuz its the news.

  2. WTF cbs and there shit channel, theres some foot ball game on.

    Update this quickly ………….

    • U have KTXA right? I don’t know what channel that would be for u but if ur able to het cbs should be able to get KTXA. Otherwise I’m sorry

  3. They are just recapping the week. I think we find out after commercial who wins america’s vote

  4. U guys I’m so sorry. Look at ur guide and fin KTXA. Don’t look for channel look for the call letters KTXA. Again, sorry if u can’t find it

  5. Jeff votes to evict lewon, Jordan votes to evict lewon and commercial again

  6. Did Daniele clap after Lawon’s speech? I saw Rachel clapping after I heard someone else clap … Maybe she was giving the signal?

    • I think they would have put the camera on her ..FOR SURE ..if she had clapped for that reason

  7. Of course the game is geared towards Brenchal and the vets. That’s what gets ratings. It’s how “reality” tv works.

  8. I can’t wait any longer!!!!!! I’m about to have a heart attack from all this excitement and anxiety!!!!!!

    Two things: (1) rachels face was PRICELESSSSsss! (2) as much as I never liked keith, I do feel bad that NOONE likes him either and he had like 1% of america’s vote, it just gives me this annoying sad feeling for some reason lol


    • It’s not that no one likes Keith, it’s that he was only there for a short period of time, therefor we didn’t get to know him.

  9. Do you think the winner of the battle will be HoH … ? Doesn’t look like there will be time for an HoH content after the battle.

    • Hell yeah! Now we might get to see Rachel crying more and Brendan trying to console her while sad music plays! It was so exciting the first time, I can’t wait to see it again! Leik Amirite?!1! *chews gum*

  10. that is BS plain and simple… all week long the voting was neck in neck with Cassi and Dom so how the hell does Brendon get it…. RIGGED

    • That was not cbs vote that was tbis website vote silly girl. None of us knew what the status of cbs poll was at all till tonight. What happens on yhese boards does not mean anything.

  11. Producers fixed this completely!!! Everyone I knew was excited when Brendon left…the majority of people did not vote for him.

      • i agree mandee this will no doubt be the last season. it had a nice run but all good things must come to an end unless the creative team at CBS comes up with something better to keep big brother going.

  12. Wow….how predictable was that. Sorry the Big Brother I know and love was never this predictable.

  13. Yet another return of the Brendan and Rachel show? No, thank you. I’m done with Big Brother 13. I’m sick of the 15-minute long sessions of more Brenchel drama.

  14. Haha, how much does that burn? Can’t wait to see Danielle and Kalhua crawl like the worms they are.

  15. This is Bull Shit! Oh well that Brendon is back, but Rachel should not have been allowed to yell the colors and crap out to him. The houseguests should not have been there to watch it. it should have been secret to them till the winner walked back in. CBS is really out for ratings.

  16. That was crap!!! CBS SUCKS!!! They allowed a total cheatfest there!!! It’s wrong!! nw we have more slutfesting between the two most horrid houseguests ever!

    • CBS sucks. They suck. This whole season sucks. I hope that when these people get voted off they go home with their tails between their legs. If I was them I wouldn’t even admit to being in the house.

  17. it’s official…KD deserve to be kicked out just cause they made the most stupidest game play ever!! I’m not a fan of B&R but now i’m cheering for them.

  18. How sad a predictable game. One of the vets has won a half a million dollars game over. Only half way through the season and the vets have one ugh.

  19. Im about done watching

    Why couldnt they have evicted rachel, A Brendon/rachel showdown would have been great.

    I really hope whoever wins HoH sends rachel home,

  20. I’m so sick of this. I swear CBS is fixing this entire year. Just happens that Brendon gets back in the house. Might as well evict everyone and call it the Psycho House so that Brendon and Rachel can play house. Bye Bye CBS….YOU SUCK.

  21. I’m not watching this show anymore! Totally rigged that Brendan comes back. Competition was geared for him to win and plus Rachel helped. Total BS!

  22. The sad thing is that CBS probably thinks this is going to cause higher ratings, when in fact Brenchal couldn’t be more of a damn turn-off for most Big Brother fans if they wanted it to be.

    • Gee Seven I remember you saying that over a week ago. How come your still talking about it???

  23. Arrrrgh! Really frustrated with BB right now. I definitely wanted Dom to come back into the game.

    What a wrench it throws into Dani’s game. I mean, she was the only one with the bollas to take on Rachel and Brendon.


  24. Dumb! These newbies deserve to go home! Should have been rachel against Brendan so she could go really insane and he could try to save her uggggg


    • I totally agree. A lot of websites had the same poll and had either Dom or Cassi as the front runners. Complete crap. CBS SUCKS!!!!! Reality TV is totally fixed. I’m done!!!!!!

  26. wow most stupididst thing ever in my life why him so unfair like why not dpminic or cassie people who just started olaying wtf why him but im hoping for porsche or danielle to win hoh i suspect they will tho, thye should have listen to danielle evict rachel forget the twist retarded

  27. I’m convinced this show is setup….every unofficial poll cassi was winning but when it comes to the actual one Brenden wins? Seems a little weird… wouldn’t be the first time a reality show was fixed

    • O so if Dom Or Cass won then it wouldn’t get fixed only when it comes down to B and R? Right?

  28. I’ll never watch another episode. This game is totally rigged and every house guest helping Brendon. FU CBS. The house guest should have never been anywhere near the contest. What a joke. FUCHING cheaters!!!!!

    • Total fix for Brenchel reunion and wedding/honey moon fund. You just know one of them is going to win now. I bet diary room totally influenced Rachel staying too. Ironically they both are in the house again.

  29. I got up to a hundred votes for brendon while people were voting on these websites i was voting on the real website yipeee!!! Go Brendon So happy

  30. The returning hg better not be HOH. I want Dani to win HOH and get rid of Brendon ASAP. I can’t stand him. Brendon coming back wasn’t a surprise at all. If they wanted to surprise us they should’ve brought keith back lol. Now that would’ve been hilarious.

  31. I LOVE how each and everyone of those people who called Brenchel poor sports, are not whining and crying. Shut up, take a dose of your own medicine. DON’T BE POOR SPORTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Thats it! i am convinced this show is fixed so I am not watching the season until brenchel is gone. I am only looking at this site for spoilers from now on

  33. Lawon looks so shocked to be going home. I kinda feel bad for him, but volunteering himself was stupid as hell.

    I am glad Brendon is back. I love the drama of big brother so i am excited about this week.

    • I know right! So pathetic that people are saying they arent going to watch! Even though they probably still will and read this site and still make their comments on here! lol

  34. This was so fixed! How can Cassie lead all week and then Brendan come from behind just today? BB is only concerned in screwing up the fans enjoyment of this game – at least mine!

  35. SOOO Funny that the alliance that started week 1 (Dom, Cassi, Keith & Lawon) are all out — none will likely be on jury. That may go down as the worst alliance in reality TV history. I bet Lawon, Danielle, and Kalia really regret their decision…
    Hope Brenchel or JJ wins HoH!

  36. yippee…..brendon and rachel back together…now they can get rid of Danielle…..she turned her back on the veterans….love rachel and brendon….

  37. YEAH!!!!! I’m so happy that Brendon is back in the house! haha! I do feel sorry for Lawon. But I can’t wait to find out who wins HOH. I can’t believe some people on here are saying they are not going to watch anymore! How childish! The show has to go to the way you want it for you to watch it?! How pathetic!

    • I wish it was Porsha instead of Lawon…. Oh well….. @ people for Team JJ and Team BR and one less person for Team Dani…. Thanks Kalia, Dani and Porsha!!!

  38. SHelly is golden in my eyes….. Thanks to her playing Dani and Kalia, Team JJ and Team BR are in full force…… Jeff, Jordan, Brendon and Rachel in a physical or endurance comp against Dani and Porsha…. I choose Team JJ and Team BR over Team Dani anyday….. This won’t be some crappy comp to help little Dani again…. Hooray for Brendon and Rachel!!! Can’t wait until BB after dark now!

  39. How was that geared for Brandon? You roll a freakn ball up a ramp and you can see the colors you missed. Nice try.

    The newbies voting out of there own was idiotic. Would love to hear Evil Dick comment on Dani’s game plan now. She just sealed her fate.

  40. You can’t convince me that America voted Brendon should have a 2nd chance …… CBS had their minds made up long before they put that out for “America’s Vote”

    • I Agree that had to be rigged. I hate when they bring people back to begin with. Where is the HOH Competition.

      • I agree. BB was good entertainment when it first started. The house guests actually had minds of their own, voted the way they wanted to and nominated others without first asking their permission. It is now so scripted, there are no surprises. Pitiful1!!!!!

    • Since you do not like him then no one in America does? How conceited. Brendon has many fans and maybe even not fans of his who KNEW voting him back would make this game crazy. I and many others voted for him many many times.

    • i voted for brendon cause he plays a very good game i’m so happy he cames back, just to make the house up side down

      • What game does Brendan play other than a good door mat for Rachel to cry all over.

        He need a drug screening now. No real man would ever put up with a woman that is needy like Rachel. She cant even handle a few days away from him. She would never make it as a military wife for certain.

    • I am not a fan of Brendon but I voted for him. The newbies made big blunders that caused their eviction. Brendon’s eviction was a combination of revenge and because he is a strong player. I was actually hoping Rachel would be evicted and they would have to battle each other. I am watching to the bitter end because anything can happen in the BB House.

  41. I have watched big brother since the first year, and this was the first time, I actually changed the channel, and wont be watching it again. There is no way brendan got real votes to get back in, this is such a fix. How anyone would want to watch the cry baby and the wimp for the rest of the season.

    Then they do a challenge that is something he is good at, and gets help fron his gf.

    I hope the ratings now tank and they need to make it easier for people with a brain rather then brawn.

    • Why is it so hard to believe Brendon was actually voted back?? I voted 10 times for him, as did many other people I know. Maybe, just maybe, people wanted him back. What a shocker that would be!

    • I agree with Troy. All of the polls that I saw, Cassi was leading the votes. There is no way he beat her unless someone sent a million votes in on there own.

      I kinda think that having Brendon back won’t be all that bad, because he’s not all that hard to get out, and he will in turn be on the vets’ side. Hopefully, JJ and Shelly will make it to the end, and having Brendon here for awhile will only better that chance.

      Honestly though, there would have been much more dramma if a neutral player like Cassi came back into the game. Think about how everyone would have bombarded her to be on their side.

      • Those were not the CBS polls!!!Everyone grow up and get over it. If someone you wanted back in the house won then it wouldn’t of been rigged right???

    • one of these houseguests needs to file a lawsuit to challenge CBS on their actual proof of voting for Brendumb…..THey are saying he got one out every 2 votes. Absolute Bull$hit !!

  42. Do any of u really think cbs will lose ratings? NOPE! Do u really think cbs cares about ur bitter comments? NOPE! Do any of u think you are the ones playing BB? NOPE! Do any of u realize this is just a message board? NOPE! Quit crying people, its still just a freakin game. NOPE! YOU DON’T KNOW THAT EITHER DO U

    • Actually, yes I do think the ratings will go down if they spend 15 minutes of every show, on the soap opera of Brenchel. It’s not entertaining, and it’s not about the game. And I do know that the message boards are reviewed by staff.

      • Every show is concerned about ratings…..if they weren’t shows wouldn’t get a 2nd season or in this case a 13th

  43. How would over 1 million of the votes out of 2 million be for Brendan? Over Dominic? CBS decided. The fans didn’t. This show is really a huge let down this year.

      • It never would have. They’re betting on the vets, that Dani would have stayed with the vets and that the newbies wouldn’t win. At some point they had to put someone back in because of Dick’s leaving. They waited until a vet left, then created this “vote” which never really was a vote. Just an ego boost for Brenda.

    • I agree it’s rigged. I highly doubt that over 1 million people voted for brendon out of 2 million votes.

    • Ok let’s break this down for the math challenged. If there r 2 million votes and brendon got over 1 million then he got more than half. Is that simple enough? It’s pretty clear America was either team daniele or team brenchel. I guess people like people who r annoying as opposed to evil Dick wanna b’s

  44. I voted for Brendon. No surprise he got Americas vote and I don’t think it was rigged. If Cassi and Dom weren’t competing with each other for votes, one of them would have been back. All of you who didn’t want Brendon back should have picked one to vote for, but don’t say they rigged it.

    • I agree! I voted for Brendan to stay, so I was happy. I think where all of the Brenchal haters messed up was splitting their votes between Dom and Cassie. (I leave Keith out cause, well I don’t think even had a chance with being evicted so early) Anyway, had all the haters voted for one or the other of Dom or Cassie they would have had a chance. Vets all the way……woot woot! I’m sure a lot of people will disagree and that’s OK. This game is always up and down. So, I’m sure at some point I’ll be disappointed with the vote. In the meantime, back to celebrating.

  45. omg…….Big Brother is toooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much…..loved tonight. Can’t wait for the results of the HOH….

    Who besides me think that Lawon made the stupidest move/decision in BB history?

  46. I can’t believe the neander-Tal was voted by America. This has to be rigged. His ego will be so big now, I hope he trips on it during the HOH competition. The only thing that would have made this okay is if he had to battle Rachel to get back in…Will wait to see who wins HOH before I bail on 13…

  47. I’m done with this show…Really America? Bookie?? Lawon and Kalia are the dumbest players ever to play BB. They make me ashamed to be black in this country. Go Adam…Brendon and Rachel sucks.

    • i totally agree.i was disappointed the way all of this played out. kalia and shelly next .i hope dani can save herself because she has no one

  48. I can’t believe the newbies are this dumb. I thought Adam studied this game. Not too well. Back to war!! B & R and J & J should be the happiest people in the world right now.

    • I agree that it was so stupid not to get rid of Rachel. However, I think Dani wanted to but didn’t have the numbers because she is literally the only person that is not a jelly fish. What a waste of an HOH week. And Lawon’s move had to be just as dumb as Marcellas. Boo.

  49. I love this, but I have a feeling I am gonna regret saying this so much when I have to watch another 20min make out session of brenchel.
    Dani and Kalia have gotta go though.
    Vets have to win the next hoh and control the house!

    • I agree. It’s almost like we need to be careful what we wish for… So not looking forward to watching the makeout sessions but I’m totally looking forward to the upcoming drama. It should make for great TV. BBAD should be interesting tonight!

  50. Anyone think America voted Brendon thinking he would have to go up against Rachel? No one really knew the idiots would keep her, unless all of America read spoilers.

  51. Everyone needs to stop saying that Big Brother rigged the voting. Brendon was fairly close in many unofficial polls. Secondly, we have to put into consideration the one dollar per text vote. There must’ve been more people who were willing to pay a dollar per vote for Brendon to come back. So people need to stop saying its rigged, there is nothing you can do about it.

      • i am not saying that, but I am saying that Brendon voters must have been more dedicated into voting.

    • Do you know for a fact it wasn’t rigged? Are you behind the scenes, or working for CBS? I doubt it. CBS will do what they want to do, and rig what they want to rig. They don’t have to be sincere about a thing.

      • Of course, it is natural for people to complain and create excuses to why something did not go their way.

    • Voting via text cost $1 per vote.

      Voting online at didn’t cost anything but time. Max 10 votes per account.

    • Yeah, almost everyone I know used their 10 free votes online to vote for Brendan. I’m a fan but I’m not paying to vote. This is purely entertainment for me. Now, if you had a chance to win something by texting then maybe, but otherwise I’ll stick to voting online for free……

  52. Wtg CBS you have managed to ruin yet another great show and lose another viewer. I’m out all and have fun…..anyone know a good show on cable I watch? LOL

    • The power shifts constantly. You never know what will happen next week or the week after that. I’m rooting for the vets but they’ll all have to turn on each other eventually. Just view it as entertainment and as irritated as you are now just know things change at the drop of a hat. I was so mad when Daniele flipped on her alliance but I was happy this week. Anyway, don’t give up on the show. Something is bound to make you laugh soon.

  53. cbs told hg not to evict rachael they would be bringing brendon back in ..what a joke im done with this show

    • that is not true at all. you are just mad at the simple truth of brendon being back in the house.

      • Dude seriously stfu. This show has been rigged for a while. You have no clue that brenden vote wasn’t rigged, but there’s enough indication to say that it was.

  54. If over 2 million votes were casted, and Brendon supposedly received over 1 million, how was the vote even close???

    Brendon 1,000,000?
    DOM 700,000?
    CASS 300,000?

    • OVER 2 million…how much over?? 2 500 000? 2 999 999? Maybe Brendan got 1 000 001 and Dom got 999 999 and Cassi got 800 000 and Keith got, well, 10. That’s still “over 2 million” and allows for a close race. I am team nobody…I just love the drama either way! Haha!!! Shocked faces across the room tonight!!!

    • Over 2 million could of been 2.8, 2.2 or anything over 2 million

      Brendon – over 1 million
      Domain – 900 thousand
      Cassi – 400 thousand
      Keith – 300 thousand.

      See over 2 million votes Brendon and Dominic close. It could be a number of possibilities don’t mean it’s rigged

  55. people need to stop complain about brenchel being together. Kalia and Dani could’ve stopped this from coming by getting rachel out but they unfortunately chose to vote someone out of their own alliance.

  56. Ew, I like Rachel but cannot stand Brendon. Probably not going to bother with the season anymore, cause after Daniele is gone it will be SO boring.

  57. I hate Brendon, but you must be an idiot if you thought America wasnt voting him back. The other houseguest were completely irrelevant.

  58. Oh, God — okay, all you Rachel mini-me’s: “Boo-hoo-hoo, I didn’t get my way so I’m not going to watch anymore! Nobody loves me.”

    Get over it. Don’t get over it. But enough with the threats. CBS and ‘Big Brother’ will still be thriving with or without your viewership.

    • I said the same thing when Jeff got voted out
      and I still watcht it it’s the heat of the moment

  59. Its just a joke that some pervert who treats his fiance like crap can have a 3rd chance at winning 500,000$ when cassie, Who is actually playing for a worthy cause (her family) Gets taken out.

    Id like the vets more if they werent such bullies to all the newbies.

    Brendon is alright, But i cant stand rachel. I really hope a newbie wins HoH.

    • I think someone playing for their family would be Jordan. I thought Cassi was already a model, dated a famous country singer, and has been in several country videos.

  60. Complain all you want. The fact is KD keep Rachel. They could have sent her packing. And given there were 2 million votes, I am pretty sure losing the 25+ posters who said they are leaving, CBS could give 2 craps about losing.

  61. I am sooo convinced now that BB is rigged. There is no way in hell that we voted Brendon back into the house!! I used all of my votes on Dominic!! It just doesn’t seem right. Sorry

  62. I don’t understand how Brendan could get half the votes… kinda shocked… don’t know if I can keep watching. I wanted a good season with good strategy and new faces – not a soap opera. Oh, and good job at not isolating Brendan and Lawon during the competition from the rest of the houseguests…

    • You act like everyone does not like Brendon. There are people who love Brendon and Rachel and it so happens that Rachel and Brendon supporters prevailed in voting him to come back

      • I don’t believe that half of Big Brother viewers would pick Brendan as their favorite out of the four, or that Brendan would get as many votes as the other three commbined, especially with the way he was portrayed on television. However, I can see how the 1 dollar text message fee and the voting system (multiple votes per person, voluntary sample, voting between four houseguests instead of just two, Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem, etc.) could change things.

    • I agree. It was supposed to be a competition between two people, not the whole house. Having Rachel’s ear drum breaking voice in the back round was too much of an advantage for him.

      • Rachel standing there yelling what color ball Brendon needed to collect next was certainly a cheat and help for him. Her noisy mouth is by far a major distraction and annoyance!

  63. Ok to those who think this was fixed, there are very strict laws about cheating when it comes to games shows so I am sure they have an independent party to verify the results are accurate. You can’t change what happened so either watch or don’t.

    • Big Brother is not a game show. It is categorized as a Reality Show. It’s looking like the independent party is probably the same as the ones counting the American Idol votes.

  64. By saying you’ll stop watching you’re just making the show more popular! The ratings will keep going up, and, guess what? You’ll be watching still!!! CBS truly knows their stuff.

    Now, let us watch Dumb-nielle and Cow-lhua grovel for mercy like insects.

  65. Good job CBS…..You just took it to a good show to crap, I will tell everyone I Know not to watch it or bye anything that you put on commercials.

  66. This was ridiculous….how convenient!!! I can’t stand Rachel and brenden!!!! It was not fair that she helPed him win that comp at all…no one helped poor lawon….

  67. done. i can stand rachel but I cant stand brendon. he is a creep that likes web cams too much and has to tear down rachel to make himself feel better. if someone wins that will put the 2 of them up, ill keep watching, otherwise, I dont need to continue to watch this rigged trash

  68. YES! Thank you America!

    Saw that loser Matt from Big brother 12 too. I had forgotten what a loser he is. Ragan should take his virginity already. It is obvious how bad he wants it.

    So is everyone who is left in the house now guaranteed a spot in the jury? Or do they have to get rid of one more person first?

    And do they have to have a double eviction week? Or is the finale far enough away they can just evict one person each week?

  69. This is the most set up, scripted, rigged show i have ever seen in my life. Bring Brendon back? You got to be fkin kidding me!!! CBS brought Brendon back so that him & that dirty skank Ratchel could be on the jury together. Prove me wrong CBS & post the Text Bill for americas voting! Which you won’t do.

    • Of course this show was some scripting to it, just about all reality shows do… But if you look through all the forums, there are more brenden fans that you think.

  70. I am rewatching the compy between Brendon and Lawon…. Kalia is bitching to Shelly before it starts with Shelly shaking her head in disbelief and Dani is fuming…. L~O~L!!!

  71. I voted for him too but it wasn’t cause I liked him. I was hoping Rachel went this week and they had to compete against each other but I had voted before jeff won the hoh and it was too late to change the votes.

  72. Personally I could do with out the Brenchal love feast and the crying..yada yada yada but the fact is KD got played and allowed this to happen. They could have voted Rachel out. If they did Brenchal would have battled it out with one of them going home. But KD took the bait. Unless Dani wins HOH she will be heading home. Blame America Blame CBS but the real blame should go the two dopes

  73. I’m done. CBS is officially the worst network ever. They just ruined another high rated show. Anyone know a good cable show to recommend? Have fun everyone as it has been nice but sorry I just can’t support such crap any longer. Peace out and farewell!

  74. I honestly no longer want to watch this season. I thought last season was bad, but this one was awful. I’ve been watching Big Brother since the beginning.

    There better be another twist involving Evel Dick. If not, CBS, you better say bye bye to a large chunk of your viewers.

    • So many people are saying they are going to leave. Well leave CBS isn’t going to lose their viewers to many people like the drama.

    • You just said your not going to watch anymore now your saying there better be another twist. Kind of contradicting yourself aren’t you?

  75. hope Dani wins and puts up B&R again. If one of them wins Veto…put up Jeff. Hey Adam u moron…..u are now #6 again on the totem pole with your alliance !!

    Morons !!

  76. Of course since it isnt who “you” wanted to return its “rigged” I know many people; including myself that voted numerous of times for Brendon. Not to mention he was leading in almost every poll I voted in, not at first but this coming week many people have switched & made the smart decision get over it.

    • I voted online n through text for Brandon. He is a great competitor n what he did for Rachel says a lot about the guy. Yes they are too dramatic but let’s face it they deserve to play because they play one hell of a game.

    • Even if it was rigged, dani and khalia could have put someone else up other than lawon. Typically bad play results in bad outcomes. Also, deserve has nothing to do with anything.

  77. I think the HOH is being held later because there is another twist….new pairings??? Finale is Sept 14…



      • You’ve got it backwards…the children will be off to bed and the grown-ups can continue to blog on this site without a bunch of brats that don’t get there way!!!

  79. Of course, had Dom or Cassie won, no one would have said anything. It must really burn to know that people actually wanted Brendon back. These posters are more bitter than Dum-nielle!

    • of course they wanted bren back in.they wanted him and the witch to play against each other.Did CBS pay off kailia to make the biggest blunder of all time? As soon as jeff went off on her she should have cooled his jets by telling him that if he acted that way jordon was the renom!!! aahahahahah

    • Oh shut it you’ve been using that one all night. You know why it was so close between brenden and Dom? Because for everyone voting for brendump there was someone voting for Dom. You have no clue if they rigged it or not but unbelievable circumstances and odds say that they did. BB has they’re own way of evening the odds trust me, you think there’s never been a little “help” in a game show before? If you do you’re more clueless then a thought.

  80. This isnt even a game anymore!!! It’s the Brendan and Rachel love show….it’s gross…atleast Jeff and Jordan act normal but Brendan and Rachel are all about themselves…since we have to deal with these two again I hope jj turns on them and kicks them out!!!

  81. Rigged so done with this show. Noone would be dumb enough to vote that moron back in. So pissed……..

    • yeah i voted for brendon to, its funny if dom would of won they wouldnt be saying it was rigged then. Just stop watching like you all promised so we dont have to see your stuppied comments!! goo vets and go home dani kalia and porsha!!! to bad for porsha she would of been sitting good but she showd her true colors way too soon! see ya later porsha!

      • We woudln’t be saying its rigged because it wouldn’t have been. How does Brendon get over 1 million votes out of 2 million?

  82. I have been watching Big Brother for 5 years but after tonight i wont be watching this season anymore. Dom or Cassie deserved it so much more ,I feel really bad for Dani. It does not matter who went this week Brendon would of came back unless it was Jeff battling him. Hopefully next season will be a lot better.

  83. I dont think it was rigged, alot of people I saw and know were voting Brendan. So what about what you saw in the polls? LOVES DRAMAA

  84. I am so dissapointed with this vote… The only reason I could imagine to vote Brendon back in would be to shut rachel up. I dont know if this was fixed or American made a dumb decision but I do know this will probably ruin the season as it will be between JJ and Brachel

  85. I too voted for Brendon. I didn’t put my vote on an online message board either, so I think people really should take that into account. There are plenty of other people in America who aren’t on this board. Plus the Lawon idea wasn’t even shown on TV until Wednesday, so all the people who voted before then could have assumed Rachel would be voted out. So many possibilities that doesn’t involve CBS cheating. Even if they did I am sure they got numbers from somewhere. Dani and Kalia are going to be pissed.

  86. YALL CAN SAY WHAT U WANNA SAY..but>>> I would guess that when the voting first began that Dom and Cassie (the 2 pretty people) were in the lead BUT..When people realized that the vote was about “game play” the votes starting falling to Brendon..and as for Lawon he put hiself in the postion of being evicted…And at the comp if u listened closely there were HG’s in the backround encouraging him and trying to help him..We can bitch moan and groan but “it is what it is” AND WE HAVE TO SUFFER THROUGH..

  87. Oh my!!! Brendon is back! Watch out Dani&Kalia, they are coming after u guys! Be prepare :) veterans need to control the house next week&Shelly stop floating around& spying on the other group.Just stay w/your alliance,Jeff&Jordan. Dani.u should listen to your dad( Evil Dick),be wise&smart on this game!

  88. CBS should just declare the winner right now. What a horrible season. I hope the ratings plummet

  89. Hahaha, I can’t wait to post how the ratings went UP because of this. And then the bitter ones will say CBS’s ratings are rigged too, haha!

      • Dumb? Really Josh? Is that the best that you can come up with as an insult. You are just a bitter human being because who you wanted back in did not get the votes.

    • It’s Brenchel, not Brenchal.

      The combination of Brendon and Rachel takes the BREN from Brendon and from Rachel the CHEL. Then, combine them forming BRENCHEL! Not Brenchal.

      Having to explain that to you answers so much about your point of view! Josh was right, but more so about you. You are dumb. LOL That forum name is now dead!

  90. Good acting Rachel,you found away to get your man back on the show.Maybe if Daniele starts crying and pouting she could’ve gotten Dominic back. DUMB MOVE KALHUA!!!

  91. It’s easy for Brendon to get the votes when the old ladies on here vote 80+ times making it not Americas fav but rigged. Until CBS fixes the voting system this crap will continue just like last year

  92. OMG so tired of the brenchel team think i will stop watching big brother this year is bill shit why do u bring the old people back in the show its not like you cant find people to play this game i know people who would die to get in the house .they are boring.. showtime after dark is so boring i stopped watching you are killing the show bring the old big brother back new people that are singel thay have more fun after dark

  93. I used all of my votes on Brendon. Liked him and Rachel last season and can not wait to see them take over this season. Everyone who is saying that it was rigged is just being a sore loser that the B/R fans outnumbered you. Do you really think CBS gives a damn if you stop watching? No, not at all.

      • Now on to hoping that one of the two win HoH, so they can send either Dani or Kaliah packing. Do not care which goes, as long as one does.

  94. I agree that the newbies should have kept eye on ball and sent Rachel packing so that she could face Brendon that way the Brenchal couple would be split for a longer period. Rachel has way to much baggage for any real man to ever want to deal with.

    Now would be good is if Shelly wins HOH and flips the house on its ear by putting Brenchal back on the block. Such sweet poetic justice.

    But based on what I have read here..
    CBS may not allow that to ever happen…

    Good luck all…

  95. I hope they ban all those “rigged” comments. Reading how much it burns to these losers is getting pathetic.

  96. Team Regulators with Keith, Cassi, Dominic and Lawon have to be the first alliance in history to have all their members evicted before the jury!!!

    • Lol, I couldn’t even remember who the fourth Regulator was. I was trying to figure it out earlier in the week and no one was coming to mind, if that says anything.

  97. TOTAL…BBBUUUUULLLLLLSSHHIIIITTTTTT…CASSIE was leading all the polls…..I don’t care who came back in as long as it wasn’t rigged

  98. Well I’m getting my normal phone bill + $1 this month cuz I voted for Brendon. I thought of making it +$10 but I’m saving up for the iPhone 5 so….it would have been so worth it thought. Can’t wait for Sunday

  99. I can not believe this.. This is the stupidest thing ever…. … i am veryyyy disappointed and sad. and yes now i dont want to watch this game either.. maybe it was rigged … I cant believe how people would want to watch the cry annoying show… its a headache not a drama… though i do think newbies are stupid …. they had a perfect chance to get rid of one of the vets.

  100. some of us americans got it all wrong i for one I couldn’t cast my vote because the CBS website would only let people register and you didn’t have to do that before. for that reason is really unbelievely stupid and i can now see that yes CBS does well in the ratings in some programs and not a constant force like ABC and NBC and hell even FOX just you wait CBS will be at the bottom and giving them a… well… bigger black eye HA HA HA like that because the logo for CBS is an eye with CBS in the middle but it will have a shade of purple i’ll watch the rest of the way but until bretchel is voted out and skanking up the jury house it wont be fun and i will be praying my butt off that dani wins HoH.

  101. I think someone with nothing better to do and money to burn should sue CBS to make the voting records public. Was an accounting firm involved to verify the results? Looks like a fraudulent setup to me.

    I wonder how many suckers wasted their money texting votes in (thinking it would actually make a difference) for a poll that was so blatantly rigged to produce the outcome it did.

    CBS = See BS

      • But, it’s not a game! It’s a television show disguised as a game to generate revenue from advertisers on the CBS television network.

        Don’t be so naive to think it’s just a game!

        If you don’t think Allison Grodner and CBS don’t “massage” the games outcome, you’re out of your ever lovin’ mind!!

  102. Well at least we now know how the rest of this season is going to go. Unless someone other than Danielle decides to make a big move that can shake this house.

  103. I am honestly very disappointed. I used to regard Danielle as one of the better players in BB history, but this never should have happened when her alliance was in power. If she gets evicted within the next two weeks I will no longer think of her as a great player. She’ll still be an above average player in my book as per her performance in her season, but she should not have let herself lose what was essentially 2 players. Now I have to watch The Brenchel Show starring Brendon the bully and Rachel the whiner for three hours a week for six more weeks. I can only hope Dani or a newbie wins HoH. And please don’t sit here and comment on me saying I’m bitter and what not. People on here take this GAME way too seriously. The show is for entertainment. Who cares what players people are rooting for. Post your opinions are the show and don’t get personal.

    • I agree. I enjoy seeing all of the strategies. I do NOT enjoying seeing the behavior of these two. It is NOT enjoyable.

  104. This is not surprising. This entire season has been the Brenden/Rachel hour. The ONLY thing CBS gives us is Brenchel. I cannot stomach any more. I watch the show as an escape NOT to see grown ups act like that. Last season was iffy for me. This season is done for me.

  105. Don’t despair Brendon/Rachel haters ..The HOH comp is coming up and it may be geared for Dani to win or one of the other Newbies…It all evens out in the end…just keep hope alive..

  106. People saying they’re done with Big Brother.

    I don’t want you negatively poisoning my Big Brother experience. Do all of us loyal, non-sore loser BB watchers a favor and GTFO!

  107. I’m so glad Brendon is back! Now we can get back to Rachel being a rude to people for no reason, and Brendon blindly defending her by verbally assaulting them, throwing all logic out the window. Welcome back Big Brother 13!

  108. I Love It! I am still waiting to watch this. Although always have to see the SPOILERS first…I can care less if it is rigged. This is just CLassic! BB13 is Toxic..In such a good way. So wrong on so many levels. Ha ha Ha..Enjoy people! It’s just a Game. Cheers to everyone!

  109. I hope B&R goes up on block again.. I hope someone else has the guts to make that move again.. i reallyy hope Danielle wins again…..

  110. If Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, Jordan, Shelly or Adam win, Dani, Porsha and Kalia are screwed. If Dani isn’t put straight up, she will be backdoored. I think Dani and Porsha will be put up, so they can’t save each other….. Team Dani is toast and done playing like Team Regulators!!!

    ***** Go Team JJ and Team BR *****

  111. I hope CBS has more twists coming up. They need to keep this game unpredictable to make it interesting. At this point CBS can really make this game a nail bitter if they think strategically. Come on CBS I have ideas and so should you.

  112. People saying they’re done with Big Brother.

    I don’t want you negatively poisoning my Big Brother experience. Do all of us loyal, non-sore loser BB watchers a favor and GTFO please and thank you!

    • nice talk its a predictable game at this point. Same old Same old. CBS needs to keep it moving.

    • Wow. With an attitude like yours I can see why you like the nastiness of Brenden and Rachel. Just because people don’t enjoy the theatrics of Brenchel does NOT make us B****es nor haters. Chill. It’s a game.

  113. A physical or endurance comp….. I put my money of Brendon, Rachel and Jeff over Dani and Porsha any day!!!

  114. Even the houseguests that are in the house now believe that the game is rigged. I.e., after the skiing HOH, Brendon and the rest of the Vets discussed how they thought the game was rigged because the competition favored shorter people like Daniele and people who were a little plump like Kalia. Its all about ratings and CBS will do whatever it takes to keep us tuned in.

  115. I totally understand why Brendon won and it is clear when the stupid D/K alliance put Lawon up who wants those two controlling the BB house. I mean that is the dumbest move in BB history and we all wanted to see Dani act have a tantrum and fit like I am sure she will. Dick was right the dumbest move she ever made was screwing her alliance over too early. Hope either D or K go home this week and do not care either. Might be fun to watch Dani have some more fits in the house next week too. LOVE THIS SEASON!!!!!!

    • That was a really stupid move. :/ Still don’t like Brenden and Rachel, buuuuut I’d like to see Jeff and Jordan make it. Yes, I know they already won once before, but between Brenden and Rachel and Jeff and Jordan, I’d definitely like to see one of those two win.

      Out of the newbies? I’d say Adam, but I kind of doubt that the newbies will go anywhere. The newbies had power for one week and they screwed it up.

    • There is no question now that BR are the greatest couple in the history of BB! THANK YOU FOR VOTING FOR BOOKIE!

    • Was Brendon America’s Choice – no, he was Big Brother’s Choice. Could have predicted this outcome with my eyes closed. Wonder how dumb, Kalia and Lawon are feeling right now? What a stupid move by both of them. Big Brother is so dumb this year that I don’t watch it like I have in the past. I even fall asleep for BB AD. Doubt BB will return next year, cause I think they have lost a lot of their fans. Tonight was so RIGGED.

      • lol…see who r the sore loosers and cry babies NOW …LOL…all crying because brendan is BACK.

      • Sharon, this year is great, the ratings are way up and Brendon was my vote as well as the rest of America. Now B and R can stir up the pot. How can you say it was rigged? What are you smoking? Bet you wanted Dom back in just cause you think he is good looking? You sound like a sore loser.

      • Hey, Sharon!

        You and your “Let’s be bullies” clan can stop hating on Brenchel, cause baby, they aren’t going anywhere – but the top. You need to also notify your clan of sore losers, that even if BB production twisted the votes in favor of Brendon; It should not be anything new, as they did it before with Jeff and Jordan. Done, did. You guys were telling Brenchel, not to be sore losers? Ha. I beg to differ, it’s you guys who are sore losers.

    • Our worst Fears and our Greatest Expectations are seldom realized. Well tonight, which ever side of the house you happen to be on, your worst Fear or Greatest Expectation was realized.

      Thank-you (and you know who you are) for VOTING FOR BOOKIE!

    • You know Brendan and Rachel are the best competitors. Dani is a straight backstabber but people love he hateful ways. What she fell I’m love after 3 weeks and turned on her alliance and Brendan and Rachel risked their kneck for J + J but know one give them credit for creating the drama and never winning anything….Dani screwed Dominic over for self agenda so wake Jo and give credit where it’s do because they win competitions so floaters get a life boat and Dani screw you and goodbye….Lmao …….,, ps Kalia is a real honest player and she deserves to stay!!!!!$!$!$!$!$

  116. Where are my vet fans!!!!! lmao, like I said! I knew it would happen. FOR ALL OF YOU saying it was rigged, at the end of the day Brendon was leading every single unofficial poll on the internet! did they all rig their polls too??? no! Everyone just realized BRENDON was the only COMPETITOR out of all of them.

      • The sad part is that I used to actually like Dani back in season 8. Seeing her again this season has just made me realize what a spoiled brat she really is.

      • Vet fan, Kenny, TeamBrenchel,
        Thank-you for VOTING FOR BOOKIE!
        This is just too good. I swear I’m gonna bust!

      • yay! i voted ten times online. this is all too great. i knew that it would come down to P.T and Brendon. soooo happy it’s Brendon, i hate Dani this season! Can’t wait to see her face! MUAHAHAHA.

      • I know right! I swear from the minute the twist was revealed, I kept saying there would be a huge chance that not only would Rachel stay but we might even see a Brenchal re-unite!!! I’m so happy it turned out that way lol! this was like the super bowl of BB! I also knew that the Brenchal haters were actualy the minority…not the lovers!

    • Its always a conspiracy theory when people dont get their way. Whats new. The spoiled sports come out of the woodwork.

    • Thats what Im sayin… til Kalia made that stupid move Brendon was behind Cassi and Dom on every poll. After the move, people started votin Brendon and he moved to 2nd place by Tuesday to lead the polls by Wed morning… SO HAPPY!!!!!!

    • Brendon deserved to win. All the haters need to chill out. It is no conspiracy. I voted for Brendon and mostly everyone I know voted for him. So, because you didn’t get your way, the show has to be rigged. Well quit watching then, I’m sure Big Brother has a ton of other people that will keep watching.

    • I never voted for anything on tv n I voted for brendon to come back brenchel r hilarious so I don’t think it was rigged

    • That’s right because all afternoon I was going to all different BB sites and Brendon had taken the lead on all I saw except this one. I voted my 10 times with 4 e-mail addresses from my computer and got people to vote who don’t watch the show.
      I hated the way it played out last year but am lovin this season. Go Jeff and Jordan!

  117. The Americas vote must be favored by production like Jeff was saying a few nights ago on after dark. There is no way that America would favor Brendon over Dominic. In all honesty I wouldn’t mind if this twist would have happened last season and BB let Matt back in the house.
    Yet I don’t understand why are brendon and Rachel are in this season. If they would have asked America Matt and Regan would be in the house. Just my opinion.

  118. I’m happy with tonight’s show. People are being a little dramatic and over the top. Can’t we just enjoy the show for what it is? Any way, I’m definitely looking forward to the HOH comp!

    • ah, poor baby. You sound like Rachel, boo hoo. Thank you America, you made the right choice.

  119. FIXED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    No way im watching anymore

    • L~O~L!!!!

      **** Go Team JJ and Team BR*****

      We did it Wayne….. Way to go Brendon fans…

      Out of over 2 millions votes, Brendon received 1 million.

      • Yupp… Brendan fans came through on this one, and proved that most of america loves to see brendon in bb

      • Leo, Kenny, look at all the fake Waynes that are being posted! This is too great! I almost can’t stand it. THANKS FOR VOTING BOOKIE!

      • Kenny, Leo, Vet fan, Team Brenchal, This is the REAL Wayne, I’m LMFAO! THANK YOU FOR VOTING FOR BOOKIE!

    • Yes Leo we did it! As I said, in Chicago we vote early and we vote often. We always hold back a few wards just in case, but we get the job done. THANK-YOU FOR VOTING FOR BOOKIE!

  120. I voted for Dom, he is cute and fun to watch bit my hubby and son were rooting for Brendon. I like Brendon and Rachel and did last year as well. They bring drama, emotion and color to the house. They are a real couple. Jeff and Jordan are not affectionate with each other and I think it is sad. They are also very boring. The most emotion I have seen from them was this week when Jeff was put on the block. I hope Rachel or Brendon will and get their dream wedding afterall, they deserve it.

  121. To all those saying they “are done”: You know what they say’, don’t let the door hit’cha…….

      • It wasn’t a literal term but being that you are a Kalia, Dani and Porsha fan, I guess you aren’t bright enough to realize that. Don’t call users on this sight names because you ate crow along with all other Team Dani fans!

  122. Brendens just a bully who thinks hes smart just because she has a PhD. She’s gonna get voted out the first week

  123. There were 2 million votes cast…But nobody said that Brendon got a million or more…to my knowledge anyway..

    • Flyonthewall, JC said that over 2 millions votes were cast and announced Brendon received more than a million votes before she told Brendon he won the vote. You could hear and see Shelly’s reaction when JC announced over 2 million votes were cast.

    • Me toooooooooooooo!!! I like Dani she was the one who made the bold move putting the game in action.

      • Did you catch the look on Danimals face right at the end of the TV episode! SHE WAS SO SHOCKED! I LOVE IT. She is such a fraud, so overrated!

  124. Oh boy a couple of my friends have deleted the taping of BB and After Dark. I hope they are not sorry.

  125. By the way, everyone I know gave all 10 of their votes to Brendon so this is definitely NOT fixed. Please no whining. . . ;-)

  126. This had to be riggggged!!!! America didn’t make that decision CBS did! If that is the case than bring back evil dick,or throw another twist where there is an immediate evition following HOH competition. Rachel and Brendon I can’t take no more. Now I hope they are satitfied because I am done with this show!!!!

  127. Hate Brandan and Rachal!!!!!!!!! Do not want to watch the show anymore after this happened. We know that one of the vets will win now, just as I figured from the first show. Stupid. Newbies never had a chance.

  128. I’m glad Brendens back because I, like most people, love for half the show to be consisted of Rachel and Brendan crying together

  129. Im sorry, but no way America voted to bring Brendon back over Dom! I always thought this show might be rigged and this has confirmed it without a doubt in my mind.

    • Totally agree… I am really dissapointed in the outcome of the show. I really dislike all of the whinning and crying that Rachel and Brendon do. I hope they do not win, even though I think it is rigged and they will win the money for their wedding.

  130. List floaters
    1. Porsche
    2. Adam
    3. Shelley
    4. Jeff
    5. Jordan
    6. Brendan
    7. Kalia
    8. Danielle
    9. Rachel

    • Your list is flawed….. Brendon won 2 Vetos and this comp tonight…. Jeff won a Veto, Jordan won a HOH….

      They are by no means bigger floaters than Kalia or Danielle who are both floaters who won 1 HOH this season…… Dani had a free ride to the top 10 and Kalia floated where the power was until Dani won and she got lucky and won……

      • Sebastian honey tell me something.Sinc you know Dani so well. Knowing her do you really think she would have just “let Rachel win” hell no! she knew Rachel was rock solid and wasn’t fallin off that Banana, the peron who agrees to the deal and drops…IS ALWAYS the person who was gonna fall anyway, thats why the deal.

  131. If u guys are gonna complain to someone do it to Kalia for puttin up Lawon, and to Danny and Porsche for votin Lawon out! They were the stupid ones. If they would have voted the right person in their minds then only one of team Branchel wouldve come back.
    I am ecstatic as hell, Ive been nervous all week about Rachel been voted out, and trust me, after Kalia’s stupid move TONS of people started to vote hardcore for Brendon to come back becoz these stupid people deserve it.

  132. lol…see who r the sore loosers and cry babies NOW …LOL…all crying because brendan is BACK.

  133. There’s no point of watching this season. It’s obviously rigged and seriously whoever wants to watch the Brenchel show needs a mental evaluation.
    Rachel is a pathetic excuse of a player. I mean what kind of player can’t play as a single like everyone else? Of course she says whatever she wants and acts like a b word she has brenda there to bully everyone for her and win her vetos for her. Brenda doesn’t deserve a second chance however Dom and Cassie did. This is straight bullshit. This season is going down the drain..

  134. Can somebody tell me, without being immature or taking it personally, why people are liking Brendon and Rachel? I honestly just do not get it at all. This is how I see them each week:
    -Rachel fights with random houseguest
    -Rachel and Brendon fight
    -Rachel cries
    -Brendon reluctantly bullies person who Rachel fought with
    -Both win various competitions to secure their victory and act like they are better than everyone else or both lose and act like people going against them is a personal move based solely on hatred towards them
    What am I missing? Please tell me so at least I can be somewhat enlightened.

    • I will just simply say that I liked them last year and this year because they are a power couple. They know how to play the game and they play it well.

      • Tell me why people actually like Dani who screwed herself by trying to backdoor Jeff, screwed Dominic, now screwed Lawon. Kalia and Porsha are a waste of space and Team Dani as well as Team Regulators are the worst alliances in BB history… Much like Kalia and Porsha, Team Dani’s fans seem to be clueless and probably won’t comprehend this message…

        To answer your question, Brendon (won 2 vetos and tonights comp), Rachel won 2 hoh’s) and that is just this season. That is more than Team Dani and Team Regulators combined…. People watch BB to watch great competitors with is exactly what Brendon and Rachel are!

        ******* Go team JJ and Team BR *******

      • This is a reply to Leo, but I can’t rply to him for some reason so I am replying here. Why is it that you had to respond as though I was talking badly about you. “Team Dani’s fans seem to be clueless and probably won’t understand this message…” It’s just a TV show. Relax. Thanks to those who answered maturely. And I now see that it’s because of the number of competitions they win. I’m one to root for the underdog so I still will not enjoy watching Rachel and Brendon. I prefer to watch people strategize not people winning competitions. Thanks for the answers though.

      • exactly! Shelly strategized and got Kalia to put up Lawon, she is a mastermind! I love her too!

      • Lurker, I was answering in general to why people like Brendon and Rachel…. That was not targeted at you ok? I just put that under your question, so everyone could understand why people like Team BR. I by no means was attacking you ok? I apoligize if you tookm it that way.

    • If you evaluate the personalities of everyone else in the season, they are rather boring, don’t you think? Rachel and Brendon add a lot more excitement to the show because America loves conflict. Also, with the recent patheticness that Kalia just exhibited, it makes me (and I noticed a lot of other people saying the same thing) want them out of the house because they are terrible players and the quickest way for that to happen is for the vets to get them out.

    • I do not like Brendon and Rachel as “people” but they do play the game..”It’s a game”… I wanna see people play the game..I could care less about a showmance or petty jealous bitches fighting about who is the better woman or the like…I want game play and despite their idiot actions Brendon and Rachel do play…

      • Actually, compared to the Team Dani fans, my statement was very mature and civilized. Have you been reading the Team Dani fans posts? I am sure you are smart enough to be able to differentiate the mature and childish and obnoxious messages right?

    • I like them because they’re always the underdog, yet so powerful. They’re always target number one and a lot of the time they step up and do what they need to do. Sometimes they get lucky – Lawon – but most of the they save themselves. It also pisses everyone off, which makes for funny tv. I find the relationship drama and crying annoying, but you can’t deny they’re good players.IMO.

    • Well Lurker, in response to your questions here is why I like Rachel and Brendon.

      Some of your issues with them is that Rachel cries and that Brendon is a bully. Well my question to you is doesn’t Jordan, Kalia, and Shelly cry? Also isn’t Jeff also a bully? So, in my opinion you let certain people get away with doing the same thing Brenchel does, but when Brenchel does it, it is a problem.

      The reason I like Brenchel is because they are real. They say what they want to say with no fear. They tell you to your face what they think instead of talking behind your back all day. They put their heart into this game and that’s why they get emotional and take it personal when someone puts them on the block. They don’t understand how people can see their passion for this game and put them on the block when there are other people in the house that don’t do shit but sit on their ass all day.

      Brenchel fight every week to stay in the house. I have never seen anything like it in Big Brother history. They are always a target and they have so much passion for this game. No matter if you like them or hate them, you have to see that they are definitely a power couple of Big Brother.

    • Lurker, part of why we like them is because at heart we are rebels. UP THE ESTABLISMENT! ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE! FREE HUEY! (well now we could say FREE LAWON)! The other part is that they are great competitors and you just can’t keep them down. Like BB12 Ragan said in the TV show, you can cut off her head, burn her up, bash her face in, and she just keeps coming at you!

  135. I hope they have one more major twist before the night is over because that was no twist we seen it comin

  136. I hope Dani wins HOH and puts up R/B again hahaaha, then yet again Brendon will win veto and give it to Rachel and go back out the house again.. that would be the most HILARIOUS thing ever. Rachel would have to see her “bookie” go home for the second time.

    • Its gonna be kalia and dani on the block… if dani wins pov, porcha goes on the block… bye bye kalia

      • Even Adam and Shelly are talking about getting rid of Dani nefore Brendon…. Little do they know that Dani plans on making a deal with Brendon and Rachel if she wins HOH!

  137. Lawon’s game was very underwhelming,
    I was hoping he’d be amazing at at least this competition.
    Oh well, he wasn’t that memorable anyways, I kept on forgetting he was in the BB house.

    • Yeah, evicting Lawon was like the best thing that could of happened for Brendon. I mean no offense to the ladies, but he couldn’t of beaten any of the girls, let alone Brendon! Boy doesn’t Danimal look like one of the biggest BB chumps ever! THIS IS TOO GOOD!

  138. I do not care that Brendon was voted to return; this was a foregone conclusion.

    I do not care that Rachel and others helped Brendon win; no rule against it.

    I do not care that Lawon went home; he deserved to go ( haven’t seen such a pathetic performance since Natalie got smoked by Jordan in a similiar comp).

    I do care that we did not get to see the goodbye messages to Lawon; all of which started with “you idiot” and ended with “you idiot.”

    I really care that we did not have the HOH comp while everyone was in shock; what fun that would have been watching some HGs playing on tilt.

    When is the HOH comp?

    • Julie is suppose to interview lawon on tonight. maybe they will show the other HG messages to him.

  139. Team Brenchal- They social game is horrendous, and they’ve won a few comps here and there. Please tell me how they’re playing well Brendon was evicted and Rachel was a huge mess. If Kalia wasn’t a fat vegetable with a peanut for a brain Ratress would be going home too. Their game sucks.

  140. There have been over 2 million votes casted, and with over 1 million votes, America has decided that I will no longer be watching this show

      • People you cannot take any of what happened tonight or anytime seriously. CBS is in the business of selling ad time and making money. They will do what they need to maximize their profits.

        BB is more of soap opera(scripted and all) than a true reality show(with the occasional “fake” audience participation. Enjoy or don’t enjoy it for what it is.


    • I agree, Survivor has always been, still is and always will be a better show than Survivor because producers can manipulate the show…. BB rigged the game when they set Dani up with that B.S. comp she won that favored her….

    • They should remove Kathys comment because it is in all caps! THANK YOU FOR VOTING FOR BOOKIE!

  142. Guess what Team Dani fans…. Dani said she may make a deal with Brendon and Rachel if she wins HOH…….

      • Dani will make a deal to protect BR if they protect DK but that won’t matter because D won’t beat BR in a physical or endurance comp again!!!

      • Danimal better win HOH POV or she is out. Danimal will be evicted the first week she does not have HOH or the POV. I really hope it’s a backdoor! That little snot deserves the backdoor! Who is she to try to take away our Rachel & Brendon! BYE BYE DANIMAL!

  143. America decided not CBS, GET OVER IT DANI Wannabes!!! “Its not faiiiiiiiiiiiiiiir!!!!”

    • Dani Team fans sound like Dani… It isn’t fair… Brendon heard are mean good-bye messages and now he is back.,,,, Who is being a cry baby now? Dani was crying when she was jealous of JJ and BR because she was all alone.. Dani is a cry baby as well!

    • Totally agree. Gosh, why all the hate? Brendon won fair and square. Since he had most of the votes, I don’t think CBS will care if you stop watching because you are simply not the majority. Since you’re probably Team Dani and Kalia and are as dumb as they are. I will repeat myself, CBS will not care if you stop watching because YOU ARE SIMPLY NOT THE MAJORITY.

  144. This season was full of sad pathetic houseguests with not an ounce of self respect and dignity who let the Vets bully and intimidate them into doing anything. No one is playing to win for THEMSELVES. Shelly wants to get JJ to the end, Adam wants to get shelly and JJ to the end. Even though Julie tries to make each episode seem interesting or that one houseguest will vote against majority..NEVER happens. The weird thing is.. why vote with the majority when you know in your gut its bad for your own specific game. Like keeping Rachel screwed Adam, Kalia, Lawon,Dani and yet they did it. I don’t think its fair that Brendon got to come back and play he lost fair and square lets keep it that. Plus it really doesnt shake anything up. Even with him gone it wasn’t an even playing field. Now with him back, wants the point of watching they are literally going to pick everyone off one by one by one..

  145. I have been a big brother fan ,since it started, this has to be the worst season ever, do away with the” has beens” if brendon marries rachel, he is in for a life time of being her slave, she is such a “poor old me ,no one likes me”………..

  146. I want all the guest out of the house now…they all need to be evicted now and lets start all over with all new guest

    • Hey, you forgot about me….. Go Team JJ and Team BR….

      What do Dni and Dominic have in common? They were leaders of the two most pathetic alliances in BB history…. Team Regulators (Dominic) and Team Dani!!!

  147. I don’t understand how people find tonight’s show so “exciting” and “good TV”. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out before the show even started tonight how it was going to go down. It was clear that Brendon, for whatever reason, was going to win the vote. It was obvious from the get-go that Brendon would beat Lawon if it had anything to do with being physical esp. if he’d be allowed to have help the entire way through. It was also obvious that as soon as he was declared back into the house that Rachel would run and jump up on him as if he just came back from war. On Sunday I bet we’ll see them smooching and praising themselves while doing things to people they’d otherwise complain about others doing.

    Also, Jeff said earlier in the season that he doesn’t flirt/fool around with Jordan because they’re in the house. Just because Brachel are willing to have make-out sessions and such in the house doesn’t mean they’re more “in love” or some how a better match than J/J – it just means they don’t care that millions of people, including their family, can wastch them molest each other.

      • They knew it was over in about 2 seconds. They didn’t want to pee off the king and queen of BB. BOOKIE! BOOKIE! BOOKIE!

  148. This is the worst Big Brother ever. Im done watching Big Brother. Brendon and Rachel are idiots. Shelly is such a two faced person, she shouldnt even be there she owns half of her town. I hope she dosent get the money. Im done with Big Brother this season. The Brendon coming back was fixed. Im done.

    • Oh No!!!!To bad…See you next season…I am very happy how everything turned out. I hope Shelly makes it to the Final three, either with JJ or BR. Oh well cant make everybody happy.

      • Sorry Leo I thought you were directing that at me. Both ends of the spectrum are being immature I think though. Team Dani fans are saying the whole thing was rigged and Team Brenchel fans are being sore winners towards Team Dani fans. I was a Team Dani fan until this whole Kalia escapade this week. Now I suddenly don’t want to root for anyone. I guess I’m on Team Adam lol. Here’s how I see the Jury half of the show ending up:
        8th-Brendon again
        I wouldn’t be disappointed. Shelly is playing the best game out of everyone there. If she can not get caught playing both sides I think she can win the whole thing.

    • Lurker, I left you a message on the preceding page. I hope you read it. It is sincere. BOOKIE! BOOKIE! BOOKIE!

  149. I predicted this outcome ever since I found out what the twist was. Brendan would be voted in and he would win against the houseguest who was evicted. This year’s big brother is full of stupidness and idiocy. Especially Dani’s strategy. As we heard from her father, she is trying to be like him and it is backfiring on her because she isn’t as evil as evel Dick can be. I don’t understand why anyone would follow her, cause she will bring them down. Dani needs to go next week.

  150. “The Brenchel Show” – some random thoughts….

    –All the HG’s knew about the “twist” was that the evicted nominee had a chance to return. They didn’t know how it would play out. That being said, Lawon just sacrificed himself for what he thought MIGHT be some “superpowers”. That’s like playing scratch-off lotto tickets. Usually, you lose.

    –Kalia made a big mistake trying to deal with Rachel…or did she? If somehow Kalia makes it to the end, she has to count on the jury voting against Rachel. Before her deal, that might have worked. Now, she’s screwed.

    –The mix of previous players as duos with newbies who had to choose a partner on the spot put them at a big disadvantage. However, if the newbies had stuck together and not freaked out, they had the numbers to oust all the vets from the get-go. I think this format sucked, just like it did on Survivor. Enough of this CBS! Let’s have a clean seaon with all new players. And how about some more variety in the ages of the HG’s?

    –What have Adam and Porsche done in the game? I guess wearing bacon shirts and looking pretty has carried them this far. They will get picked off one by one.

    –Does BB rig the game? At times it sure seems like it. However, even if it were true, they don’t control how the HG’s perfom. Lawon looked pitiful in the comp tonight. Slow, deliberate. Of course, you didn’t hear anyone cheering for him or helping him. Rachel was yelling things to Brendan. Lawon got some enouragement after it was clear Brendan had already won.

    –Why was there no HOH comp tonight? They spent so much time with the week’s drama. So that means this week’s HOH will have a shortened week, being that the comp is on Sunday.

    • HOH competition will be televised on Sunday, but will probably be tonite or tomorrow morning

    • The HOH comp will be played tomorrow most likely. The viewing CBS audience won’t get to see it until Sunday. So what the new HOH gets 1 day less. No biggie! During double eviction week the HOH gets an hour!

    • But the newbies couldn’t have stuck together. The first HOH was won by a Vet. Therefore, one of the newbies was screwed. Since, there was a “Regulators” alliance, it would have been Porsche, Shelly, Kalia, or Adam. Therefore, Porsche made a smart move. However, now I realize these newbies are like bugs that follow the light.

    • Why didn’t Lawon play?? Well, if it’s rigged(which it often appears to be), he could have easily been pulled into the DR, and the producers offer him a deal to throw himself on the chopping block AND throw the competition.

      He wasn’t doing anything at all to stay in the game. He was so sure of himself when he offered himself as a re-nom.

      My thoughts are that this season, like a lot, is rigged. They’re playing by how people like /dislike the show.

      • im gonna quit watching it and i do believe it is rigged. no way brendon got the is a good show and a shame it has to be rigged and blow it for everyone else.

  151. Of course brendan was coming back in the house way he got more votes than cassie or dom but it is what it girl dani has to pull through if not things are going to get boring real fast.
    Bbad is just a complete bore this done with that.

  152. haters get over it!!! Kalia and Dani did this to themselves!!! They had the power to put up someone else beside Rachel, and vote Rachel out. But they did the stupidest move in BB History!!! LUVIN EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!

    • Kalia did what she felt best to stay safe. Danielle is the big target right now! If she does not win HOH, she will be on the block. Hope they get rid of her! It would be no big loss! There is enough drama with the remaining house guests! Lawon was just dumb to volunteer to be put up and evicted. LOL

    • I agree. Kahlia and Danielle did a terrible job as HoH — actually Danielle did the terrible job because she wouldn’t leave Kahlia alone to make up her own mind. Poor Kahlia, when they were alone Danielle kept criticizing her and telling her not to talk so much. I wish Kahlia had put Danielle up!

  153. I don’t have it recorded but I thought Julie said over 2 million votes. I have a hard time believing exactly 2 million people voted.

    • What’s so hard to believe? I’m pretty sure most people voted 10 times like they’re allowed to (maybe even more with multiple e-mail addresses).

      So if you divide 2,000,000 by 10 that would be approximately 200,000 people voting. That’s actually not a lot if you think about it.

  154. This game is so rigged, i’m done watching.
    EFF Big brother period. They’ve rigged the show soo much that its actually to the point you can predict every aspect even their pathetic little twists.

    • Hey, Brendon did fall on the sword for Rachel I’m sure many fans felt bad and made sure to vote late in the voting to confuse the out come.Even so the drama makes for tv so either watch or zip it

  155. This season is FIXED! So sick of Brendon and Rachel… Used to like Jeff and Jordan and now they annoy the crap outta me. BORING already…

    • Totally disagree! It’s finally getting good. I looked forward to the episode last night and I majorly looked forward to tonight’s episode. It was boring now I think it’s getting interesting.

  156. I actually voted for Cassi because I think Brendon and Rachel both are better players on their own… Together they are too co-dependent and self-involved. Am not unhappy to see him back, though. Wondering how long it will take for the inevitable split in the “super couples” alliance… Will be interesting to see how long Kalia’s fake happy face stays in place. Let the back stabbing continue. On second thought, judging by the look on Dani’s face, maybe they’d better hide the silverware and bring in plastic!

  157. BOOKIE COMES BACK… I will admit it I was part of America that actually voted for him back… now my favorite two Jeff and Jordan have their alliance completely back and they can make it to the end

    • And the perfect time to send Danielle home!
      That would be perfect! Danielle has been the nastiest house guest this season with multiple back stabbing, lies and manipulation of the newbies!

    • Right there with you. I voted for him to come back and it was perfect. I justed loved Dani’s and Kalia look. Can’t wait until Sunday!!

    • I actually feel really bad for lawon he never had a chance. Comps werent his thing and I bet if it were anyone Shelly, Jordan, Adam, Kalia they all would have lost to Brendon. Again this comp was geared for people with “big feet” soo its great for sasquatches like Brendon.

    • I do to a degree, though I was let down when it appeared from the beginning of the comp that he wasn’t trying that hard. But it could’ve been because he knew the odds were stacked against him and the fact that no one in the house was *really* cheering for him. You couldn’t even hear anyone cheering for him that much ’til the end when it was clear that he had no chance of winning. The house pretty much threw him under the bus during the comp, I mean Dani & Kalia could’ve cheered more or hell even helped him cheat like Rachel did. So either the house is full of followers (so they helped cheer on Brendon to appease Rachel) or they’re liars and didn’t care either way if he was evicted.

    • I feel more embarrassed for him – the guy finally decides to make a move in the game and ends up making a huge error in judgment. He seemed pretty dazed at the end and I did feel a bit sorry for him at that point.

    • I do feel sorry for him for looking stupid on tv… he’ll be remember through out bb history

    • I don’t. He volunteered to be kicked out. He was so sure of himself that he would come right back in with “more power”.

      I liked the guy early in the season but after a few weeks it was pretty obvious he had no game plan. He deserves to go.

    • I do feel bad for him. He really thought something special would happen to him if he left and came back. Bless his heart! I just wonder if he had ever watched the game before.

  158. now i know all you brenchel fans are gonna get all offened by this, but this was so rigged its not even funny. but forget about that the real problem is that kalia is the worst hoh ever shes is scared of the veterans and thats why she wouldnt put jordan up and if she did at least one veteran would be gone for sure

    • You are right the show is rigged but kalia is the dumbest bb player in history from day one she was kissing the vets butts i keep trying to like her but cant.imagine they werent even talking to her at one point but she like a fool are making decisions trying to please jejo.Thats what i dislike about this season people were starstruck early on and the sad thing is the only person who weren’t are out of this house.

    • I love how Kalia said she was standing up to them because that’s how she was raised. I hate when people get the “holier-than-thou-that’s-how-i-was-raised” attitude. Because they always go against everyTHING they say they believe in.

  159. I can’t believe America actually voted Brendan in according to almost everyone I know they all voted for Dom or Cassie. Most people despise Brenchel and for good reason. With that being said this game is so clearly rigged, I can’t stand to watch. Why is it everytime I watch BB brenchel have the most air time they’re on like 24/7 anyone who enjoys watching that is absolutely disturbed, seek psychiatric help ASAP.

    • Thanks for the advice! I’m glad I’ve officially been diagnosed! Such animosity! It’s a game full of twists and turns. How could this game have been rigged? You had to roll a ball up a ramp and get it in the hole. You had to know your colors and if you didn’t know your colors then you had to read the volleyball with the names on it. We got to see everything that was going on. It was pretty straightforward. Lawon even got 22 seconds to continue working b/c Brendon’s buzzer didn’t work to stop the game and Julie never called the game until the time ran out.

      • They’re talking about the votes being rigged to bring more drama into the house, not the competition.

      • Let’s be real. How many people truly believe that Lawon could win anything? You could have given him a 2 minute head start and he still would have lost.

        We all know that Lawon could never win BB. I did feel sorry for him though. He looked surprised because he thought that he was going to come back as the new HOH. I kinda felt as though he should go home simply because that idea actually entered his head.

      • Not sure why it’s so hard for some to believe that there are a lot of fans that want to see good competitors in the game. I’m tired of people that are boring and taking up space in the house. Most importantly I’m annoyed by stupid game play. So goodbye Lawon! Hopefully Kalia will follow you out!

      • because guys…we know how these fans are…if you like Brenchal you are scum of the earth. And there is nooo possible way in hell that someone could actually like who they hate…GO BRENCHAL! as i said before, he won ALL of the unofficial polls on ALL of the random websites. How the hell would it be so hard to believe he won that one too?

      • peope saying they are annoyed by stupid gameplay and yet they vote back brendon who is an idiotic big brother player…man i wish i was in this house this cast is pretty pathetic =/

    • same here, I actually wanted Cassi over Brendon but I wasn’t sure if Cassi could actually win the competition to return so my votes went for Brendon.

  160. lol team Brenchel again!
    I’m guessing that Dani is in trouble right now.. (and i really don’t care)

    Let’s gooo Brenchel!

  161. I was lucky to be in the audience today for the taping and IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!! I hope Dani “self evicts” as she said she would.

  162. Everyone I know voted for Dom. Every poll I looked at showed Brendon in 3rd place just in front of Keith. WTF doesn’t add up!

  163. bookie has many people voted for [his fans and j/j fans],my self and ma friends voted for brendon,please people stop whining like 3 yeare old who lose comp,this is just a game,anyway bookie fans,j/j we are very happy for the returns of B,lol

    • People are gonna be super pissed just like you’re super happy. That’s just how things work. I think most people find Brendon’s return fishy cuz all this season he has been made to look like the villain along with Rachel.

      • Duh! Every good show needs a villain or 2. It’s not fishy! This is BB! It’s happened numerous times before when a twist has helped stir the pot again or even brought someone back. It’s not like Brendon is the only HG in BB history to ever return to the game.

  164. The first comp Rachel won because Evel and Dani gave it to her, the POV comp that B/R won was because it was being thrown by everyone else except Jordan and she had no clue what to do. The POV that Brendan won on his own (to spell) he used the same word as last season (real creative) As for tonight a dog could have beat Lawon at the shooting game. I don’t give them that much credit. Yes Dani should have voted out Rachel, but if you think about it would they have the votes to back them up? Porche maybe? Kalia couldn’t, Shelly no and Adam I doubt it.

    Lets hope it’s an endurance and Dani will kill it.

    • And what about the other HoH that R won? and the fact that B didn’t try so Jd could be HoH. Is it a requirement that you have to be narcissistic like Dani to be a fan