Big Brother 12: Week 9 Veto and Eviction Episode Tonight

Power of Veto

Tonight on Big Brother 12 we’ll see what happened in the latest PoV competition, witness the Veto Ceremony, the next eviction, and even watch at least part if not the entire first round of the final HoH.

The Live Feeds have been out since Tuesday morning as Big Brother has been pre-recording all those events. So while we usually know exactly what’s going on in the house when the episodes launch we’re currently completely in the dark. Of course, there are plenty of rumors circulating on what happened, and while believable, they are still rumors and won’t be confirmed until tonight’s show.

Sometime today the HGs should be competing in the second round of the HoH competition in preparation for Thursday’s final round with a live showdown where the winner will select who he wants to sit next to him at the Big Brother 12 Finale on September 15th. It’s going to be a crazy next couple of days, so stay close by for the latest news or get our free email updates and never miss a thing!

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  1. They Have their T-Shirts, this should be interresting. If Andrew and Kristen made it to Ebay with their costumes maybe The Brigades will do the same for those who are fans.

  2. I’m so happy to know that Big Brother will be on for two hours on September 15, Will this air at 9:00pm on the east coast?

  3. Wow Big brother is almost over can’t untill 2011. Britney needs to go and next. Lane win it all. And man Britney put off your pride you give us weman a bad name girl clean that kitcen its nasty to look at it stinks!

    • They had the veto ceremony yesterday in front of an audience. The live show tonight is taped. Hayden didn’t use the veto and Enzo evicted Britney. They also had the first HOH endurance comp. Don’t know who won that.

  4. I hope next year there is some Real diversity and they have a group coming in with guns blazing to win not to make BFF’s.

    • I believe THIS season had “real diversity”…. as for the next cast coming in with guns blazing… I agree!!

      • @KEmBrad

        What diversity was there?? A mixed girl. a Mexican. & a Jewish man who practiced his religion….oh there was a gay man who was bashed for his sexual orientation thrown in there too huh?! Can there be more thn one black person on a season? Can there be people who live their life completely different from the norm? I’d like to see a house with half white people, half black people or 4 people from each race black, white, Asian, Hispanic!! With people who are tattoed from head to toe with crazy piercings thrown in. Shake this up!!!

      • Since 2000 Big Brother has been pretty deversified when it cames to houseguests consisting of all nationalities, races and religions…Kayser the Moslem and this years Captain Kosher for example. If thay want real deversity, let’s good FULL CIRCLE by Big Brother having their first male to female Transgender in the house. I heard years back the British version of the show offered a T-girl who won it all in the end. Let it be our turn now. Who agrees?


    • It doesn’t take a whole lot of brains to swing from a vine and that is what the first competition was…

  6. Britt is evicted she had her five minutes of Fame.When Enzo said that he hope Oprah will have him on her T.V show. Britt had to let him know that Oprah is on ABC and not CBS.She told him that once this game is over he will be forgotten.At least she has accepted her defeat.

  7. What’s up with Britney’s a girl clean up… They were all pig’s, and BB should have it in the contract that they need to clean up after themselves. Should have been taught at home, but evidently only Andrew, Brenden and Kathy, were brought up that way

  8. Shouldn’t some one have told the guy’s how to spell brigade before they all wrote
    bra-gade on thier shirt’s last night?

    • They are absolute morons. Lane says he is playing dumb but this is taking it to the extreme. The 3 of them are pathetic. This may be my last chance so Enzo, please read this – you are a disgusting, filthy, unfunny poor excuse for a man who likes to berate women. Everything you say is neither brilliant nor funny, yo. Wonder how “wifey” feels about the words you used – or is she used to being called such things? If you think you are winning the Audience Fave, try – I know it’s difficult – to think again. You started out kind of OK but then you showed what you are. Also, do yourself a favor – look in a mirror when you are having a meal and see what we all see. Beyond gross.

      • Right on!!! Still can’t get past how he said over and over that Britney was a “little girl, only 23, she don’t deserve it.” So why is Hayden at 24 deserving? (although I want Hayden to win.) Enzo is sexist and and disgusting. I just hope that all of us who think so will vote for anyone else for America’s player!

      • The “America’s Player” bonus should go to Andrew “Capt. Kosher” Gordon hands down. Let’s face it…everybody loves him.

    • What is funny is no one caught it. They sure got on the ball cleaning up. Well Enzo and Lane did. I guess they were waiting for the maid..

  9. So if Bratney was evicted, I guess that means she won’t be on BBAD anymore like she was last night. Those remaining bozos are so dumb to misspell Brigage as Bragade. When I saw that on Enzo’s shirt I thought he spelled it wrong on purpose for some reason. I hope Hayden wins. He is the best of the worst. At least he won the most challenges. Lane and Enzo are useless and I hope Enzo finally realizes that he is a very disliked person and doesn’t deserve to win anything. I hope Brendon wins the America’s choice $25,000.00.

  10. Actually I hope Enzo wins and I cannot stand him. However, I dislike Hayden even more. Hayden has used everyone he has been around and then started rumors . Then he pulls that sweet act. He is by far the most devious of all of them. He used Kristen, took the trips and blamed them on Matt a member of his own alliance. He drug Enzo along to back him up and Now Enzo could win and Hayden would be payed back. Enzo’s little girl would have a college fun. Lane is just lazy and has no motivation to do anything but drink and fight.

      • And maybe he can invest in Hooked on Phonics and learn that there are more words to the English language than “Yo” and “f**k”…

  11. I hope Enzo dosen’t win. I think he is a very disgusting, male chovenistic, uneducated jerk. How he go on the bb to begin with baffles me. Lane doesn’t have much sense either. Hayden looks good but 5 big ones? I don’t think so. Brit or Regan should have won in my opinion. As far as house cleaning. Pigs all of them. That should be a condition for all. Shame on them. Enzo should get a veil to wear when he eats. Hope that is not a habit his baby learns.

  12. Hayden and lane opening thier New burger house.

    Hi I’m Lane and I’m Hayden, together we’re the Bar-gade, And we would like you yall to come to the grand opening of the bra-gade bugger,

    Try one are new Enzo buggers
    Or one of are meatly Lane buggers

    So you all come

    • OMG NO more BURGERs for Me, not if Enzo is mixing the ground meat! Yuck ;( I got a better job for Enzo, he can where The HAM-burger SUIT! :)

  13. On another page it says that Ragan was furious with Matt over his lie, they got into a huge argument and that Matt punched Ragan several times and the police were called… Does anyone out there have any information on this at all? Hard to believe it would be Matt and Ragan fighting but I guess wierder things have happened!! Please let me know, dying to hear something soon.

    • Not when you think about it, When you don’t like someone and you get into an argument, it doesn’t always come to blows, Also brendon is there,

      But with Matt, Ragan was in love with Matt, Ragan let matt win 2 HOH’s because of the lie, He also watched is back, Matts just a user, So yes I could see a fight between ragan and Matt

    • That’s got to be BULLSH*T…if there were any indication there was a fist-fight in the J-house with the cops involved…we the viewers would have heard about it first hand on on the show or the CBS Nightly News w/Katie Curic…guaranteed.

      • @aoyam… i haven’t heard, nor do i see, anything ANYWHERE about matt being sent to a hotel or the police being called to the jury house. i would think if any of it is true, there would be “tweets” about it or it would be on facebook…??

        not saying it isn’t true – but if it IS, CBS is doing a fabulous job of keeping it under wraps!!

    • Jenny I think someone was just making that up I really can’t see Regan hitting anyone.. another post said that it was Rachel and her man I don’t believe any of it. Poor lane he didn’t get any of the matches on the game..Surprise..NO

  14. last BBAD till feeds come back on. they shoulda showed like all-stars season. who’s dumbfugg idea was it to show BBAD…. from this season?

  15. Hi Chris the great, My sister & I are looking forward to seeing your post tonight! I wrote my first BB Ryhmn on the T-shirt site pg6 #15 please be honest, I hope you get a laugh out of mine! If I win the T- shirt I will give it to you! I am going to be sad, when BB is over,but I just want to say THANK YOU so much for all the laughs you guys gave me & I love the BB FANS! Gonna miss everybody, but Enzo ! :)

  16. well.. it’s almost time for the show!

    we know hayden won pov – didn’t use it – brit was evicted.

    the only unanswered question is:

    who won hoh part 1 – endurance comp..

    my guess is hayden (even though he’s NOT my choice!)

    see ya back here at 9 p.m…
    enjoy the show :)

  17. LOL no shout out to Nick!!! She said hi to everyone in her family and her friends but said nothing to Nick!!! Nick you are a loser LOL!!!!!

  18. This is for all BB fans:

    Weasted days and weasted night
    I left the real world behind
    Big Brother is too boring for me
    I wish I was somewhere else

    Why should I keep watching you
    When nothing is all you do
    They say Big Brother is just a game
    So your the blame for making me blue

    I remember the day
    When they started to play
    You were so sharp, Then you fell apart

    Why should I keep watch you
    When nothing is all you do
    They say Big Brother is just a game
    So your the blame for making me blue

    I remember the day
    When you started to play
    You were off like a flash, Then you turned to trash

    Why should I keep watching you
    When nothing is all you do
    They say Big Brother is just a game
    So you to blame for making me blue

    Freddie fender: Weasted days and weasted nights

  19. Last one for tonight

    A poster named Adam, Said I wasn’t smart
    So all friends jumped on him, Taking up my part
    They didn’t pull any punches, They hit him to and fo
    They said it wasn’t smart to jump on me, And where he could go

    This happened all so fast, Before I took up my pen
    And if he ever comes back, they would do it again
    We all have alot in common, And that’s a very good start
    I couldn’t ask for better friends, I love ya with all my heart

    Friends are hard to come by, I have very few
    People want to know how I pick them, If they only knew
    They look at me in wonder, And this is what I say
    When you first meet them, You know it right away

    There only opinions, Please show that you have class
    But if you don’t, My friends and I will kick you in the a$$
    Here’s to my friends, And my two beauty’s from philly
    You better watch what you say, Or they will slap you silly

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