Big Brother 12 Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Ceremony, Eviction, and HoH Rumors

While the Big Brother 12 Live Feeds may be blacked out until tonight there were still people in attendance of yesterday’s taping for tonight’s special episode. Since we have neither seen these results first hand on the feeds or had them confirmed through broadcast you’ll have to take them as rumors.

Read on to find out what allegedly happened at the Veto meeting, who was evicted, and what sort of Final 3 endurance comp the remaining HGs faced.

Allegedly, and as expected, Hayden did not use the Power of Veto as the ceremony. This left Enzo as the sole voter and when the time came he evicted Britney from the game.

Following Britney’s eviction the three remaining HGs, Hayden, Lane, and Enzo, supposedly stepped outside to face a jungle theme endurance battle where they competed to see who would be the last man hanging from his vine.

That competition sounds very, very similar to a few seasons back so I’m not entirely convinced of that last part being true. The audience members wouldn’t have had a direct view of what was going on out there, but perhaps production flashed some scenes up on the screens for the audience.

We’ll have all of this confirmed later tonight, but is anyone actually surprised that Britney was evicted? Who do you think will win Round 1?


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  1. No surprise that Britney is gone. The writing was on the wall. Now the 3 stooges can battle it out and get their final moments in the sun. Personally, I will be happy when the sun sets on this group.

    • Agree totally. At least the last 3 stoges are not as horrible as the last two evictees at bashing and backstabbing. Some of their commnents about past Houseguests would leave me concerned if I met any of them in real life. I know I would never trust Britney as a gal pal and would probably stay totally clear of crazy Regan. They don’t show and this BBNetwork doesn’t tell half of the disgusting stuff they use to bash Rachel and former BB members with – and I don’t even watch the live feeds only occasionally watch Showtime. It must have been really bad to watch the feeds with these people.

    • lol the “three stooges” who beat out 11 bigger stooges to win your favorite tv show LMAO you BB fans are too funny

    • Yea Enzo – you have got to step forward and win this thing. You have had the best personality, the house loves you, and you know that the kitchen is disgusting. Unlike the other 3 who leave their dishes and food whereever, you are the only one who saw how disgusting the house is. Brit and Lane are so lazy.

      • Enzo should be used to DISGUSTING since he is the most vile DISGUSTING human being I have ever heard or seen. He was talking last night on BBAD which was taped earlier yesterday and his idea of cleaning was to just put all of the dirty dishes in the cabinets so no one could see them. His poor wifey is married to a pig. BTW why is it Britney’s job to clean up after these 3 dirty boys? Don’t some of you people know that times have changed and real men actually help around the house and have jobs. Enzo wouldn’t know anyting about that now whould he?

  2. I believe Enzo has a shot to win, due to his smaller frame. If he does win HOH I believe he will win. He’s a lot like Evil Dick minus the langue and teasing. He ran the game through others! He controlled this entire game. Only shot of him leaving is Lane! Lane will vote him out to take Hayden. Otherwise he’s got this wrapped up in my opinion. Unless Hayden has friendships and things us viewers didn’t see.

      • I agree. He is no where near the player Evil Dick was. At least he deserved to win. Enzo does not.

    • He controlled nothing, well nearly nothing. Most of the work was done by other people regardless if he was present or not.

    • Agree, Enzo can do this…it will be interesting to see who the final 2 are. I’m glad production has blacked out the show, now we can watch in suspense. For those of you who doubt that Enzo was a big part of the Brigade – sorry. It is true that he layed the groundwork.

      • Now Enzo can cheat all he wants and BB won’t have to worry about the live feeders and the BBAD people catching him and complaining to BB about it. They can hide it all they want be we have seen him cheat enough times on the show to know that if he somehow wins [which he won’t] he more than likely cheated his way there…GROSS GROSS BOY/MAN!!!

      • Lisa,
        I see that you are not a fan of Enzo’s. It’s okay to disagree. That’s what makes these discussions interesting. Agree?

    • Enzo sucks…the entire season he’s sucked! Go home Enzo – No one likes you anyway! Lane ALL THE WAY:):):)

      • Now that Britney is gone who cares who wins.

        Doesn’t anyone beside me think Enzo should have been gone a long time ago.

    • Sorry, but BBAD last night was pre-recorded from earlier on Tuesday after they blocked the live feeds but before the big events. I’m surprised they didn’t put that up on the screen that it was taped footage.

      • Well I don’t know what to tell you Stefany. Big Brother held a taped audience event last night and had an eviction. Unless they let the evictee return to the house that wouldn’t make much sense.

        We were also told earlier in the day that BBAD would be recording footage from inside the house and replaying it that night in lieu of live footage.

        Perhaps they recorded the same time of the AM as it would have been for the PM.

      • I believe it was pretaped bc I am watching it right now they are making shirts getting to paint on plain white tees and brit just said we got up so early I’m so tired they said we have to stay up for at least a few hours (so they would be awake for the taping) an they can nap later in the afternoon!! Then brit says I’m gonna wear a black dress on tonight episode!! I think stephany was watching a different show!! Damn I didn’t want brit to go now I’m hoping for hayden lane in second!!

      • Were all four of them there? Then either no one was evicted yet or it was pre-taped.

        If Lane was missing then they kept Backstabbing Mean girl Brit.

  3. I saw the same thing last night…..stayed up just to see if she was gone. Surely they did not tape that stuff from during the day and then play it last night to fool everyone!!!!

    I am glad Brit is gone and hoping that Enzo wins HOH!!!!

    • Yeah, BBAD was taped from earlier in the day so they could have content to play during those 3 hours. They really should have put an on-screen note about that.

      • No way that Enzo will win HOH because
        he can’t win nothing except win he
        won the POV but that was lucking
        that time if he didn’t jump over Ragan.

      • Agree! Enzo doesn’t win crap! He only one the POV because they were down to 2 people and he pushed Regan..ooooh he beat a gay guy. Enzo sucks and so does his accent! He’s needed to go home since day 1!!!

    • Enzo nor Hayden deserve to win. They skated along using Matt until they had to do something themselves.

  4. I look for Enzo to make another power move tonight and evict the Brit. He has been integral to all key evictions this summer and tonight should be no exception.

    Unlike most seasons, it will be great to have a Final Three in which ALL are deserving of the prize!

  5. Enzo doesn’t deserve anything, he has been floating all season and riding on the brigades coat toals. i wonder if they will tell everyone that Ragan was the second sabouteur?

  6. My vote is Enzo…..may have floated but never got into it with anyone and stayed true to the brigade…unlike Lane and Matt. Enzo and Hayden final 2. Everyone says he never did nothing, sometimes you don’t have to…..remember Jordan? Hopefully he gets a win here at the end.

      • After Matt was messing with Regan…I know you gotta keep everyone happy but they were 4 strong till Matt got all ” I’m the only one who wins” he’d probably still be hete.

    • Enzo laid it all out when he told Brit about the Brigade. Obviously some of you bloggers missed that show. Haydon and Lane know what Enzo did and stated the entire scenario to Brit. Enzo played a great game! I loved this season.

      • gimme a break carol!!!! I saw that.Enzo was done if matt wasnt taking sleeping pills,or whatever prod was leaving him and katt in the storage room.Hay or enz shoulda went w the dpov!!! Done!!!

      • worst player ever…..wasnt even a fan untill he got selected for 1st vacation? Totally unworthy of a selection!!!

  7. Hurray the witch is going to the jh. Hope Rachel drives her crazy, and she cries the entire week lmao. pay backs are a B

    • yep..and about 3 weeks over due…maybe between her 10K, and the money she gets for hacking her now useless engagement ring, she can get her whole grill re-worked. Those Mr. Ed teeth need to go.

      She will get a much bigger rock from her new fiance, Lane, because he has some serious $$$ or his daddy does.

      wonder if the ceremony will be in Arkansas where bib overalls will be the suit of the day or in Texas, where everyone must wear a cowboy hat??

      either way, inbreeding and chewing tabacky are authorized…

      • I live in Tenn we prefer champange and wedding cake..I’m sure it would be the same in Arkansas..Please stop insulting those of us from the south..I mean really.. The north has Enzo as a representative…What does that tell u ???

      • New Joizey is the same as New Yawk…

        and there is a huge difference between Tennessee and Arkansas

        and I lived in Texas for years so I know how they are

        just like now being near West Virginia and even parts of this state, I wonder about “bloodlines”

      • I’m sure if we all went back to our true ancestory beginnings that we would all have reason to wonder..That inbreeding thing has been around awhile…

      • I don’t know what part of Texas you lived in, but that comment is ridiculous. Not everyone in Texas wears cowboy hats all the time. And bib overalls are not preferred attire for most people in Arkansas. Clearly, that is a stereotype…and an ignorant one at that.

      • There must be a reason why all movies involving certain stereotypes are filmed in the “South”..Deliverance and Wrong Turn come to mind.

        And why is The Chainsaw Massacre a Texas flick? There is no need to have a chainsaw in Texas..Mesquite brush can be cut without a power tool.

        and if Texans and Arkansans don’t wanna be stereotyped, then don’t have Lane/Brit and Kathy playing the role they are stereotyped for..

        ya hear?

      • No doubt – we had Matt from the ??North?? (not south, anyway) who did the most disgusting thing ever….faked a terrible illness of his wife.

        I’m so sick of people who ‘wrongly” bash the South – there are bad, backwards people EVERYWHERE

      • And remember, IGNORANCE KNOWS NO STATE LINES OR GEOGRAPHICAL BOUNDARIES – this could seriously apply to you.

      • @Tina – I wouldn’t waste my time with some of these ppl on here. It’s either their opnion and NO OTHERS apply. Some are DOING EXACTLY what they accuse the HG’s of doing.

      • Oh boy, you bloggers are really taking it to a low low level. You end up sounding stupid and crass. Grow up. Let’s discuss the game and not your silly impressions of what the south and east coast are like.

      • What excatly r u making fun of candy?
        Texas paid money to help california in the recession.
        Texans have family values
        Texans are hospitable
        And in what part exactly were Lane, Brit or Kathy playing the part u’re talking about? accent? cause Newyorkers have accent too u know..
        But i guess u’re just that type of person whose only way to feel good about themselves is to trash someone else..that’s really sad

      • Yikes…some serious jealousy issues going on here….may I suggest you get some help…AND SOON!!!!

      • Graves, yes. We left the cover off the hot tub one night and had a 300lb black bear in it the next morning. Just havin a soak.

  8. i have to say that YES, i was actually surprised that hayden didn’t use the veto on britney :(

    i was SURE that he would be the one to make the “power move” that this season has so DESPERATELY needed! – especially when he had such strong feelings that neither lane or enzo would take him to f2 if they win hoh…

    HAYDEN – BB 101:
    bb alliance (brigade) = using each other to get to final 4.
    bb final 4 = every man for HIMSELF!
    grrrrrr… WTF hayden?? i’m soooooo pissed at you right now!

    of well… hayden wising up turned out to be nothing more than ‘wishful thinking’ on my part. all i can say now is if he LOSES this game – he DESERVES it for being such an idiot!

    he will get NO SYMPATHY from me.

    GO LANE! – and take ENZO with you to f2 :)

      • EXACTLY graves.

        did you know that NOT ONE of the final 3 had ever WATCHED bb when they were selected for this show? everything they “know” about this game came from youtube or past season dvrs that they watched while sequestered in their hotel room before the show started.

        that’s a damn shame when there are THOUSANDS of TRUE FANS who would give their right arm to be chosen for this show :(


        i’m totally annoyed this morning… can ya tell ? lol

      • you have a right to be ANNOYED… BB has evolved, let me re-phrase that the Hg’s have evolved to the game but the BB game has not changed to give the unexpected.

        the only really good thing was the DPoV and Matt dropped the ball on that one… the Double Evicton was next but seems they saw it coming and nothing game breaking happened again.

        BB tweaked itself, here & there but nothing that made the Hg’s change their minds on their strategies.

        can’t wait until BB reveals the Life-Long-Friends… what a joke… another failure of the SAB feature injected into the game.

        future Hg’s will probably realize to ignore the SAB in the future. if BB is dumb enough to bring it back.

      • First everyone was complaining that BB does the same thing every year and now you’re complaining that the HG’s had not watched BB. That’s what makes the game fun to watch. I hope prdduction keeps looking for HG’s that are new to the game as well as some who follow the game. Interesting that the final 3 are those who never watched it. They came in with fresh thoughts. Good for production – cast was great this year.

      • @ CT..isn’t funny how they all talk about this and that in “BB HISTORY”..they know Zilch about BB history, Their “BB History” goes all the way back to season 11 lol

    • CT – it’s just more of the same old, same old. no one took a chance the whole season… it was disappointing.

      can we hope that BB will take note and make some changes for BB13?

      some type of scoring/reward system to award comp wins in future eviction votes, possibly a win removes 1 vote to evict… don’t know if this puts even more of a target on the hg’s back but it would be better than the way it is now!!!

      anything that would discourage floating would help… some of what gets thrown at the hg’s is predictable from prior seasons that definitely needs to change.

      • GREG.. i like the idea of your scoring/reward system. and YES – it would most likely result in more “targets” – but as this season had proven (look who’s in the f3 :(), TARGETS can be a good thing!.. people like enzo would NEVER survive! the hgs would be forced to work harder to stay in the game.

      • graves.. nope – no word on the endurance comp. with the live audience gone, there’s no one to report anything. (unless someone in production “leaks” it)?? not likely :)

        my guess is we’re probably stuck until the show tonite. :(

    • Oh, Yeah, and Hayden was sure that this foul-mouthed and backstabbing trash of a female would take HIM?! to the f2? And on what would he base this? Maybe on your wish to do so?

      • wow. got an attitude problem this a.m. svetlana? looks like i’m not the only one who’s having a bad day…

        the answer to your question is this:

        britney wanted to stay in the house REALLY bad. i think if hayden would have offered her THAT CHANCE in exchange for her evicting LANE – she WOULD have taken the deal.

        and then YES – if brit had won the final hoh, she would have definitely chosen hayden over enzo for f2.

        but none of that happened. so now we will see if hayden’s decision comes back to bite him on the ass.
        i think and HOPE it will.

      • i could be wrong… but i think most posters were thinking ANY of the guys would have preferred GOING to the F2 with Britney… not so much thinking she’d TAKE them to the F2, maybe Lane thought that could happen.

        she was against 2 in that last HoH w/Xmas tree, wait… i take that back 1 against 1, forgot Enzo was in it also.

        even with being the ball-dropper & ball-buster she admittedly was in that comp i believe she still beat Bozo.

        i can’t say it enough Enzo is a pathetic loser… for anyone that doesn’t agree i won’t argue but i will say “OH YES, HE IS!”. Big-time.

    • If hayden had used the veto on brit and she won hoh she would vote him out. she is the only one there that won comps like he did and she would not take him to the final. Neither one of them would take each other the vote would be to close with 2 people that won things. Hayden is playing smart. he needs to win hoh and take Enzo to the final!!! the house almost always votes by who played the hardest!!

      • Hold on CT, have you been hybernating all this time? Haven’t you been reading the posts, one or two of which were replies to your posts about
        this foul-mouthed, vile, and vicious female?
        My attitude toward her was consistent and it was based on her daily behaviour in the house. There
        is something pathologically wrong with her. The obsession that she has about Rachel is beyond bounds: her daily life and behaviour are coloured by this obsession. Talking about psychosis and psychotic behaviour and hatred toward somebody who has left the house weeks ago?! And CT, avoid sarcasm; it’s the verbal equivalent of grasping at straws.

      • @Svetlana… how about Rachel’s obsession “about everyone is after her man”? her obsession with proving she’s smart? her obsession with “i can do it but if someone else does it, it’s just wrong.”? her obsession with booze & big boobs?

        need i continue?

        okay, did anyone notice all her eviction or attempts to evict were emotional and really not strategic moves?

    • It doesn’t matter if haydon uses the pov or not, know one will take him to the end including brit.

  9. I like Hayden to win and Enzo second. Lane is too close to Britt…I wouldn’t want to see HER get any MORE money!

  10. Didn’t Enzo and Hayden have an outside alliance with Brandon? Because they were sure that Brandon would win the mext comp.Lane had no idea what was going on.That’s being loyal, or saving your butt?

    • That was all part of the brigade – they all wanted to befriend other hg’s to get info. That is why I keep saying Enzo truly played a great game.

  11. I think that if Hayden would have used the pov to save Britney and then sent lane or Enzo to the jh he could have lost thier vote for going against the bra-gade! Still hayden would have got more vote’s than Brit, not so sure against lane and Enzo

    • wouldn’t doubt Enzo/Hayden/Lane would have preferred going F2 with Brit but their going down with the ship that got them there… same-o same-o the whole game.

      no risk, no gain… here’s hoping the blow-hole Enzo doesn’t win this thing and goes out #3.

      can’t imagine whoever wins next HoH will be hearing a lot from the other two about why he should take them to F2.

      i can actually see Enzo crying like a little baby if he’s not picked… karma’s a bitch!!!

  12. I would love to see Hayden win…Enzo needs to go back to his wifey and family…maybe it’s not too late to teach him some manners and proper English. Makes the rest of us Italian-Americans look bad!!!

    • @ Mimi I know how you feel, Enzo has made us look terrible! He should be cast in the next GODFATHER movie and be the FIRST to get WACKEd, cause we wouldn’t be able to listen to him thru the whole movie! lol

    • HELL NO… then we’d have to hear him saying he was the star of the movie, we already know how humble he is. LOL!!!

      i’d prefer he’d just fade away and we’d never hear from him again. isn’t there a cement foundation being poured out there somewhere in Jersey?

  13. I wanna know what’s happening @ the JURY House! I hope Rachel finds out how Britney tore her Reputation apart.Britney deserves to get her A$$ kick. With Ragen & Britney in JH together it should put heat on the FIRE, they are a PAIR! lol

    • okay, if Rach WAS smart she’d be removing her hair extensions and sharpening her nails. her teeth already look like there ready.

      actually Brit was the only one (except maybe Kathy) that was nice to Rach face-to-face, though now she doesn’t need her jury vote so who knows.

  14. i disagree.

    brit had no sexual interest whatsoever in any of these 3 guys. they were friends – more like brothers to her than anything else.

    i guarantee you there are females on this very site who have close male friends that they wouldn’t think twice about running around half naked in front of with NO SEXUAL thoughts coming from either side.

    it’s a great thing when one can find that level of comfort in an opposite gender friendship… it’s NOT always about wanting to f*ck each other.

    get you mind out of the gutter. geez.

    • CT…The people that write post like the one above are possibly speaking from experience as to having cocked eyes, being lazy, or they have in time acted like a slut.. If the post is written by a man then he comes across as a low life slug and the only type of women that will associate with him are cockeyed lazy sluts picked up on a street corner…It all possibly goes back to inbreeding…

      • they seek the affections of opposite sex (maybe?) I dunno, cyber types to help them cope with their everyday boring lives…lol

      • … if that’s in reference to my #38 comment i take ‘acceptance’ to that remark and that’s probably how the 3 Stooges (Enzo/Hayden/Lane) would response.

        how about spoken like a true “red-blooded, breathing MALE”?

      • @letmeslapyou…if referring to comment #42…

        Look Slappy, who shook you’re cage… my ‘acceptance’ was a JOKE, i misused the word on purpose, sorry it was above your head… who’s the dimwit now, dimwit?

        i’m thinking it was the 3 Stooges that coined that misusage of term… but i could be wrong. maybe you can correct me on that one also. LOL!!!

      • GregH………Maybe ‘Slappy’ doesn’t recognize a paraprosdokian sentence when he see’s it.
        Anyone remember some of the classic scenes from the movie “Porky’s”?

      • yeah, whatever you said, CWO4.

        Porky’s that one of those love it or hate it! It had classic scenes?

      • Wow, a little hard to keep up with ya all tonight!!
        I know, it’s me!! Interesting stuff!! (funny too)

      • lol greg.. you just read my mind!!

        i was thinking the same thing – but didn’t have the ‘balls’ to actually say it out loud!

        too funny…

        i’m outta here for now – gotta go to work.
        if you hear anything about the hoh comp, please post it!

        everyone enjoy your day:)

      • what is going on!! i keep putting this in as a “reply”.. and it keeps creating a new post!

        whatever. you guys get the point – right?

        i’m outta here.

        have a good day:)

    • CT… guess you’re too young for the movie “When Harry Met Sally…”?

      maybe Brit had NO SEXUAL thoughts… but i’m sure a Bro would have had a notion to nail something, especially a country boy or a baseball player. now a insurance adjuster idiot who knows.

      • sorry… meant this as a reply to CT #34…

        movie reference “When Harry… “:

        Harry: Because no man can be friends with a woman that he finds attractive. He always wants to have sex with her.

        Sally: So, you’re saying that a man can be friends with a woman he finds unattractive?

        Harry: No. You pretty much want to nail ’em too.

      • that’s not only a classic line, that was a classic scene and don’t count Crystal out of that scene, his reacting during it was classic also.

        okay… that’s when the guys fell for Meg, for sure!!!

        Meg Ryan was great in that movie, as Enzo would say: “youse gals understand the high maintenance deal now, right? for get it!”.

      • A man can be friends with attractive, And a man wouldn’t be a man if he din’t find her sexy, But if you are truly her friends, You don’t ruin your friendship by pushing the point, If she wants too, she will let you know, Friens are to hard to come by to lose one over something as stupid as sex.

      • Chris, you probably know my view on this, but:

        Lane does not think of Britney as his friend, the friendship with which should not be spoiled.

        In my view, he considers her “the one” and if he does not pursue her and get her away from Nick ASAP, he is going to regret it the rest of his life.

        If his life expectancy is 75, he has another 50 years during which he is going to be thinking about “what could have been” if he had won Britney over.

        Britney has been all over him and “ripe for the taking all season.” Far from a brute, I actually think Lane is too nice and gentlemanly. If it were me, I would have taken advantage of the 100+ opportunities to wrestle her to the floor or the bed and just start making out with her. She would not have resisted. How could he let these opportunities slip by?

        Nick is a disingenuous buffoon who has sought to blame Lane for flirting with her. A state of psychotic denial, if you ask me.

      • I agree 100%, I never thougth lane looked at britney like a sister, So yes he has to try, If he doesn’t he will play what if.

    • @CT, maybe you and Karzai should have a talk about it and come to an agreement. But no matter what, she was played and used by ENZO! royally and she had been had by Lane literally and played/used by him royally also. (she is a potential vote, after all)

    • Barb and CT, thanks for giving me an opening to get in the game today on my usual theme – the Lane and Britney affair. I was out at an all day seminar.

      Men and women can be friends, but Britney and Lane are not friends – they are in love.

      In the Monday night feeds, further evidence piled up for my position (and I do not think I need any more evidence at this point):

      1. If you saw Brit lathering Lane’s beard with browning solution, you saw her on her knees, between his spread legs. Nuff said on this.

      2. When he showered off the dye, she walked almost right up to the shower door, where he was showering, naked. “Friends” or “Big Brother game allies” do not walk up to a glass/opaque shower door when their “friend” or “ally” is showering naked. Especially when one of the two is engaged and especially when it is televised and the fiance in real life can look in on the activity.

      3. Lane has already told Brit he has feelings for her (the night of the revelation of the Brigade). Brit has not verbalized that same in response, but it is evident from the body language that she does. The idea that this is some platonic friendship is patently absurd and requires no further commentary.

      4. The BBAD on Monday night – we saw a lot of talk from Brit about what she would wear when she joins Lane (and the other boys) on the ski slopes at Steamboat. We did not hear a thing (and have not heard all season) about her ideal wedding dress, a wedding date, wedding plans, etc, with Nick.

      I am resting my case, although I am sure I still have not convinced my skeptics and will continue to get pushback from a lot of you in this chatroom.

  15. YEAH they all had quirks…Like the other nite when Enzo was in the bed on his stomach and run his hand down the back of shorts to dig in his but cheeks..NASTY HUH..Takes one to know one… DOESN’T IT???

  16. By the way I almost fell off the couch last night when I saw the guy’s all doing the dish’s on bbad! It actually looked really good in the kitchen when they were done:)

    • YEs that was a hoot washing the dishes.Enzo didn’t do them all, Lane did most of them. BB made them get out of bed @ 10:30 AM to clean up! Britt told them she heard 2 women were coming in to make a visit, she heard them talking.Enzo asked if it was Rachel’s voice, she said NO!

      • WOW! I thought they decided to clean on thier own! What a let down! How much allowance did bb give them :) that’s what my kid’s alway’s ask when I tell them get to cleaning

      • The other night Enzo said they were going to clean the house on Tuesday. Did you notice how Brit was one of the biggest slobs around. Brendon was right when he said she never did anything in the house. Boy does she have alot to learn before she gets married. Poor Nick!
        It was funny watching Enzo look around the house. He didn’t know what to do or how to start. Lane just laughed. Wonder what Lane’s house looks like.

      • What was really funny was when Enzo was looking at the mess on the counter, all he does is brush some crumbs into his hand’s, like that made a HUGE difference! Lol and then he say’s this is like living in the straight up ghetto! Hello clean to :o

  17. Someone on here last night said that the cop’s responded to the jh address yesterday and that he had a cop friend that he was going to ask to confirm rumor! It was on favorite hg poll board! Maybe ragan and Rachael!

    • totally plausible… an easy rumor to start and believe true for sure.

      if true, it would have to be Production that called the cops and it would have to be pretty bad… thought jury members could have staged that themselves to get more camera time.

      question… were Rachel tears fake or not?

  18. Kitchen FINALLY cleaned? Glad for that. Now we don’t have to listen to Bozo errrr Enzo whine on and on about how dirty the kitchen was and yet do nothing about it unless you consider his one syllable words of YO and F*CK action words. The biggest mess in the kitchen was probably food falling out of Bozo’s mouth as he chomped with his mouth wide open. Hope he does NOT win! Only person worse than Bozo is Ragan! Ewww. I won’t EVEN get into what a sociopath he is.

  19. 27.F2 says:
    September 8, 2010 at 10:35 am
    Kitchen FINALLY cleaned? Glad for that. Now we don’t have to listen to Bozo errrr Enzo whine on and on about how dirty the kitchen was and yet do nothing about it unless you consider his one syllable words of YO and F*CK action words. The biggest mess in the kitchen was probably food falling out of Bozo’s mouth as he chomped with his mouth wide open. Hope he does NOT win! Only person worse than Bozo is Ragan! Ewww. I won’t EVEN get into what a sociopath he is.

  20. Last night Rico asked if anyone heard about the COPS going to JH something to do with RAGAN & RACHAL! I hope RACHAL B*TCH slapped him! LOL

  21. I watch last night till 2:am something was going on Britt was so lazy , she let the boys clean the kitchen they most be glad to get a slop out, she is very sloppy and does not pick up after herself , but she has time to put tons of make up she just puts more and more on does she take the old make up off? How could she talk about Rachel she is not uneducated, wow never seen someone like that, on national tv. sorry but……9/8/10

    • dam…the “BOYS” were evicting Brittney…I would have said..PISS ON U..U WANT IT TO BE UR HOUSE THEN U CLEAN IT UP..

  22. I’m confused… last night there was BB After Dark and all 4 were still in the house. The guys were playing Jenga and Britney was still in the house.

  23. So, Big Brother Afterdark fool us last night, that is a very bad thing to do. I never knew thst Big Brother would do a thing like this to everyone. This is my first year on a Big Brother forum to comment about the houseguest week after week til the end, so i never knew that Big Brother would fool us like this. I have read that Britney has been voted out. I never would have knew this til Wednesday night if i had never been on this forum. They should have not told us anything until tonight show. Why would Big Brother cut a live feed, then let us know things after the fact?

  24. @ Graves, Britney didn’t help the boys clean the kitchen, She sat at the table and polished her nails! lol

  25. I think if I were ever on BB, I would not read online comments like the ones here, after the show. Much of this is just a back and forth version of “I like her” “I hate him” but with fangs and broader references to insult people (either from that part of the U.S. or insult another poster).
    It’s an entertaining show, that’s all. Good for you if you find your social group online here and spread some love. As for ‘hands down pants’ comments, Rachel/Britney slamming, etc, meh – you could do better on national tv? I seriously doubt it, and hope BB sticks with its current casting methods.

    • Completely agree with this statement. The HG’s are put under a spotlight for over 2 months, they aren’t perfect. Stop with the petty insults and enjoy the show. I hate when people get so defensive over one HG, who said you had to pick a favorite? Just watch the interactions and chill out. It’s just a tv show and the HG’s are only human.

  26. Of the three, Hayden deserves to win the $500,000. Of the other two doesn’t matter if Lane or Enzo wins, their both losers. Tire of Enzo always having his hands down his pants, and chomping on his food, plus always repeating everything he says at least two times, if not more.Lane has no respect for women, you can tell by the stories he tells, also about that story of him killing the cats in a bag. not a nice guy. Hayden deserves it, he was saying he want to start a bussiness, selling skies, or something like that, but at least he’s putting his money to good use. Hayden to the end.

  27. “YALL” need a good laugh??? I called to cancel my subscription to the live feeds…The guy wanted to know why I wanted to cancell..I proceeded to explain about the show being a flop this season and I wasted my money (so on n’ so forth) When I am done He says..”Yes MAM I totally agree with you”….sooo even those guys know it was a bust of a season..

    • Excuse my ignorance here, but you have to call to cancel the subscription? Do they not just stop billing you once big bro is over? This is my first time having the live feed and sorry I did, just want to make sure I dont pay for longer than I have too!!! Thanks for your help in advance!

  28. Carol, if you think that these comments are not worth anything why are you reading them??? My comments are made so that I would hope others do not act like Enzo whether on National TV or in every day life.

    • The thing is, Enzo’s not acting like that in everyday life, he’s acting like that in the BB house which has been like a prison over the past 2 months. So stop judging the guy. If you don’t like it, don’t watch the feeds! Find a new show that doesn’t follow people around 24/7 watching their every move, whether it be a butt-pick or a burp or a fart. You are just as much to blame for watching the poor guy and criticizing him. Would love to stick a camera in your house, lock all the doors and cut off your phone and cable and see how youre doing in two months LMAO Enzo would probably look like a saint!

      • Have to disagree with you there, Dick! There is no possible way that someone can adapt/change their personailty that fast. Just look how easily he swears and disrespects women… Not to mention his hand constantly down his pants. He is obviously comfortable with himself doing all this. Ii think he truly is the repulsive person that is shown on BBAD!!!

  29. OK posters..This seems to be one of those rare times that if u post it will not go where u intended..My post are going all evenpertaining to the subject they landing no offense’s not me it’s the

  30. Tonight is the first night of Rosh Hashonah, one of the jewish high holy days. Since Julie Chen’s husband Les Moonves is jewish, could this be the reason they had to tape yesterday and air tonight because she could not appear tonight?

  31. I think Hayden will, although I am hoping Lane does~

    I just don’t want Enzo to, he hasn’t done a single thing thru out the whole season !

  32. I def think that Hayden is going to win the first part of the HOH comp…and he will win the 3rd part of the HOH comp….He will win the $500,000….and I think the AFP is going to be Brendon

  33. Hope Lane & Hayden win & get slacker Enzo out of the game & out of the $ that he doesn’t deserve riding their coattails all in the name of the Brigade. If Hayden wins will he take Enzo…hope not. Hayden is closer to Enzo than Lane so he will take Hayden. Hopefully Britney will beat out aggravating Rachel for the most liked HG. We’ll see. This season has been boring & long & drawn out showing little of nothing & wasting time showing what happened on the prior show. They have 24-7 feeds they can’t find more entertaining stuff for the hour show.I record & fast forward through the show because there is little to actually see in between the numerous commercials.

  34. hi- Enzo’s family must be from southern Italy . I don’t think his family are from the North. southern Italy mafia country watch out for the black hand I hope Hayden wins the 500,00 he deserved it for winning the most comp. Lane never even came close on any quizes like Enzo . Didn’t
    Enzo clean the corner of the counter really nice

  35. no i’m not surprised that brit got evicted although i’m sad to see her go but she’s won 10k and will probably win 50k if hayden wins.

  36. Hi- Enzo family must be from southern Italy . I don’t think his family are from the North. southern Italy mafia country watch out for the black hand I hope Hayden wins the 500,00 he deserved it for winning the most comp. Lane never even came close on any questions like Enzo . Didn’t
    Enzo clean the corner of the counter really nice

  37. Random thoughts:
    – It was not a power move for Enzo to evict Brit. It was the expected move.
    – Matt didn’t change the game with his DPOV, a power move in DPOV would have been to put Enzo instead of Kathy..that was so expected and weak and it cost him the game.
    – Enzo and Lane both won only 1 competition so Lane is actually not better than Enzo, he was smart by having a side alliance with Brit but Enzo was smart in other moves as well like starting the brigades, voting out Matt and befriending Brendon.
    – There r no lifelong friends…that was a saboteur lie
    – Lane’s family having money has nothing to do with Lane deserving the money. This is not a charity based game..this is a game where the last person standing is the winner..if Lane is this person, then he deserves to win.
    – Whoever stays in this game at this point deserves to win..being confined in a house for 3 months where ur room mates r ur competitors and thus ur targets is enough to drive anybody insane…if they’re still here it means they have done something right.
    – Backstabbing. cheating and lying are the tools for the BB game…u can’t go far in this game if u don’t do it AND expect it. Plus it’s this stuff that makes the drama and the drama makes us watch.
    – I find it funny when people say they’re glad it’s almost over..i mean seriously nobody is forcing u to watch…this is TV, u’re not in an island where u’re held prisinor and ur sentence is to watch 3 months of BB..just use ur remote!!!

    • Well said Sandra! When bb is over we won’t be able to watch again till season 13 which sound’s like a long way away! I’ve rooted for Hayden all along but would still watch even if he had left b/c I like the show(bbad)! If people don’t like this season why are you still posting on this site

  38. None of these three are who I wanted to be left standing but since they are I’m hoping Enzo the clown makes a quick exit. Out of the three I’d rather see Lane or Hayden as the last two.

    • Liz the site is messing up, I just posted a msg taht should have been post #36, But it posted #14 at 2:52pm and post #15 was posted at 10:20am, Your have to look for it.


      • I think she was acting like regan when she was put on the block with lane. I think those are who should of been put on the block but it would be funny if lane went home even though I can’t stand britney!!!!!!!Lane doesn’t need that money.

    • The afterdark was pretaped. They were showing what was happening in the morning…it wasnt live. They were eating breakfast and making their shirts for the show.

  40. I hope Brit was evicted. She is a spoiled brat little rich girl. I hope Hayden or Enzo win the whole thing. I don’t understand how Brit stayed in so long anyway. I wonder if her Mom was still proud of her after her 2 year old fit she threw in the HOH room? Go Enzo and Hayden!

    • I love how people say she is a spoiled little rich girl, she’s not rich her parents are rich there is a difference.

      • …But not much different. The difference between having your name on the bank account, and the one who empties it.

      • Why do people say that she’s rich or her parents r rich as if it is a bad thing?
        if u don’t like her character then u don’t like her character, being rich or not doesn’t reall matter

    • I love how everyone says she’s rich too. She says her bedroom furniture in her apartment is from her moms house when she was a kid and the living room furniture is from her stepdad before he and her mom got married. That doesn’t scream rich to me. Just saying

      • Completelty agree. She isn’t rich at all. She may look that profile but she isn’t it. People are just jealous of her. She’s a great girl.

    • Wow–I can’t believe all the Britney-bashing! When she leaves, the house will be simply boring. As for her being rich, that’s your opinion. Just because she travels with her Mom, doesn’t make her rich. She also stated that she has always worked–even in college. My opinion is: Enzo is the one that should not still be in the house. Not only is he cruel, but is downright gross. He also is a big-time floater. His wife deserves a HUGE award for putting up with him. We love u Britney and will miss u!!!!!!!!!!

      • I agree with you. I like Britty I think shes sweet. If she is rich, so what, who cares? Lane is in the oil business and admits he has a nothing job, he smoozes clients by taking them golfing. I wish Enzo was the one gone, what a joke he is. Always had someone else do everything. He admitted he was a floater and seemed proud of it. His poor wifey must be humiliated by now. He is gross and disgusting. He was never even punished for all the times he cheated, like eating pizza when he was a have-not. It’s starting to look like production is giving enzit lol the game. That would be sad. I guess I have to root for Hayden now that Brittany is gonna be gone. It would be hilarious if they used the veto and put enzo up and booted his butt lol. Wishful thinking on my part. Thanks for letting me ramble lol.

      • I TOTALLY agree he is discusting. When I am watching the feeds I have to turn it off when he eats as he makes my gag reflexes kick in with his open mouth smacking…someone should have taught him manners

    • Oh my god are you serious??? ENZO!???????? What in the hell this whole season has he done??? EXACTLY! Nothing…. He shouldn’t get one penny at the end of this… I hope it is Hayden and Lane and Lane I want to win because he has played a good game and has not one time to me looked like a douche in the game….. I can’t believe you would even mention Enzo winning…. BB should be disappointed if he wins.. His ass thinks he will be famous when he gets out… Are you kidding me? He is gonna have more haters than he already had coming into the game…….

    • I find it funny that people are envious of someone else who has financial status. Be smart with your money, we live in America not a third world country….stop making excuses for your own decisions.

  41. I am so glad they finally evicted Britney. She was beyond annoying, especially with her fixation on Rachel and Brendon.

    • Brit was truly annoying with all of the nail biting. I’m surprised she had any thing left. And her habit of always checking her hair for split ends…if you have that many split ends then you should get a hair cut and do your roots. I didn’t get the tri-color roots, not flattering.

      Would like to see Enzo go. I can’t take any more of his boasting – he thinks he’s going to be in movies. He needs to learn how to chew his food without smacking it and he should have learned to stop grabbing his genital area by the time he was 5 yr.old. He’s too old to be doing that in public.

  42. I think Haydan will win HOH and he has a chance
    to win everything he is the best player Lane don’t
    need the money or Enzo either.

  43. So the F3 were swinging from vines…well, I guess all they needed to make that set complete was to give them each a banana!!

    • Heather I’ll be posting a poem later to night, Thanking you and all the others for jumping on adam yesterday.

      Say hi to your daughter in korea for me, I was there for 3 years, great country and people.

  44. I hope that Lane wins the first round…he was my favorite this season!! I want him to go all the way..he really played the game I think..he just needs to step it up now or he deserves to go home!

  45. Here’s my thought: Enzo was right, The three stooges did make BB history, They are the only HG’s that had to be told to clean up thier pig stye, Thier the only HG’s that got the live feeds turned off, and the live eviction, pre-recorded.

    If you noticed Hayden the HOH was sleeping down stairs, I think that they got themself thrown out of the house early. Yes they made BB History alright.

  46. What I am wondering,”Is Why Does Big Brother Not have ever a Big Brother for Seniors?we love Big Brother also and we stay up for the live show on Showtime. it does not seem fair that we are not represented.Bill and I would actually love to be on Big brother.Try us, you may like us!”Ok guys and Gals…let me hear from you on this. I will be checking back.By the way… we actually love Brit and Lane.. and am hoping that Hayden wins…he is a good kid,Enzo is the mafia protim! We do not like him or his smacks..or his F—‘s or the disrespect he shows women.Not kosha! Thanks…..Thel

    • You go Thel…I agree….would be fun with seniors. They probably would not be as bored as these young kids were…LOL

      • I also think that Hayden would be the best to win..he was a tough competitor and I think he was in it as a “game” and out to win. Enzo thought he was going to get a movie deal out of it…???? I don’t know what Lane is doing there….I think Brittney just went along for the ride at the end….

    • I agree!!!! I’m 55 and could in no way compete in some of the games but they could be geared for our age. I would love to be on the show. So guys, I’m with ya on this one lol good luck.

    • i agree with you i am 68 and not as boring as the hg they had this year put us older people on the show if you want rateings

  47. what I am wondering after watching last nights showtime,why does Big Brother not have a senior citizen Big Brother?Bill and I are faithful to watch every episode and stay up for the late showtime,going to bed at 3:00am here in Florida.We love it… I do not like the way Brit was booted out and we were not aware of it but I think she was on to production for something last night. She sure was on top of the game..for sure.I love her and Lane..Hope they get together…I hope Hayden wins the game..he deserves too but not the mafia acting Enzo.His filthy mouth has got to a lot of people…he is not deserving..Hayden and Lane..all the way now that Brit is gone..Please..production, think about us seniors…we would love to be on Big brother………..Good luck..everyone…Thel

    • Thanks..Mimi…my first post did not go through at first but now,i see it did.. I actually repeated myself almost the same. way in my second post… I think you are right… a few seniors could liven the show up a bit.. I know, I love it and have enjoyed the antics of all….. I readwhere the law was called to jury house last night…just wondering if Rachel and Ragen got into it and Brendon had to get involved…somehow,I think we will all hear that rachel will dump Brendon when and if he wins America’s player… she will get the money and it will be so goodbye to Brendon…Thanks..everyone…think about us Seniors,Now! lol……….Thel

      • Well Thel, as another senior, I need to go take a nap…LOL…I too have been watching BBAD and am looking for some kind of action, but all I see is the boys working out and Brittney picking her nails. Not getting too much info today

  48. With the “all caps” screaming at everyone, the poor grammar, lousy spelling and total lack of knowledge of the meaning of words or at least the proper usage of words this had been a very irritating group of posts. Did anyone here go to school and pay attention?

      • You sound like an extreme snob. Just saying!!! Why be such a b—h when people are just having a fun time. Lighten up, or life will bring you straight down and you will deserve it.

      • I sound like a snob because I went to school, paid attention and actually learned something? I’m not a snob, but I am very proud of my intelligence and my ability to read, write and speak the English language properly. That is certainly a better option than being proud of being an idiot.

      • Thank you Dawn, you and I must be the only ones here who went to school and graduated; or at least gradutated with something higher than a D-.

      • Sara/Dawn:
        I agree completely with your assessment of the grammar and spelling on these posts. I too, attended and graduated from NYU/Albany after attending undergraduate training in the jungles of ‘Nam, Cambodia, and Laos.
        A failing grade in the jungle permitted you to return home early…… a body bag.

    • For someone complaining about proper usage of words I think you used the words (this had been a very irritating group of posts). I think that should be (has been). We all make mistakes. Sorry

  49. How have any of the brigade (lamest of names) staked a claim to winning this thing. They all are devoid of personality. Without the accent Enzo is just boring. If Brit goes tonight, it will be my last night watching as no one else has done anything except bore me.

    • These guys essentially floated from beginning to end, when 4 guys are voting the exact same way for each week—-that is not game play but, just floating and riding on the majority. It is unfair if you think about it because the other players do not have a chance. The only threat was Rachel and Brendon but, both did not think clearly to vote out the brigade members. If they did, the results might be different. Human nature will probably preclude one from playing like a robot and not make mistakes however, with the brigade, it is impossible to win essentially.

  50. My friends sister was there and in the audience like in front of where Julie stands theres a big wall and there are people from production standing there and there is a big TV and sometimes of the TV it says “applause” and when someone is evicted it says “cheer” and she saw the HOH comp and she said Britney got evicted and she was crying like crazy and they showed the Jury house and Ragan totally cussed out matt!!!

    • So does anyone know…were the police called? I would love to see what goes on in that jury house after Ragan and Brittney get there!!

  51. What I really want to know is if the police were actually called or is it just a rumor to keep people interested in what’s going on..anyone know???

  52. Who cares witch of those three dumb —-s win Enzo is sooooo stupid he thinks he’s going to be famous why don’t they all get a real job in life instead of looking for a hand out

    • I don’t like Enzo, but nowadays TV does make celebrities out of many untalented people …So, I think that it is not beyond the realm of possibility that Enzo could end up on one of the other reality shows…He probably could make a very comical contestant on “Dancing with the Stars.”

  53. I think men and women can be friends. Just because you are friends, doesn’t mean you can’t think your friend is really hot. But that doesn’t mean you do anything about it. Good friends are hard to find these days.

    I hate the final three. I think they rode on coat tails all the way until it was just them and Brit left. They had to win then. At least Brit has been playing and as much as I didn’t like her, I would rather have seen her win that one of these three losers.

    To me, it doesn’t matter who needs the money. This is a game and they all came to play for different reasons. If it were need based, why have anyone playing that doesn’t need the money. And besides, who doesn’t need money. Even the rich always think they need more.

    Sure is going to be a boring show now. Let’s see the jury house instead from now on. Gotta be better than these three idiots. I guess I will pull for Lane as the lesser of 3 evils. At least he was a little tolerable. Just please don’t let Enzo win. He is the most useless person ever on BB! Cannot stand him.

    • I sooooo agree with you, enzo is 100% useless. He cheated, he is disrespectful, he’s gross and he has no clue what the word shun actually means lol. I have no real interest in who wins now because the final 3 are bums.I dont care about how much money any of them have, thats not a point. The game is just that a game!!!! They havent played, all they did was play others. Oh well its almost over and we can only hope next season is better. I am so tired of hearing enzo say they are the greatest players in BB history. Sheesh what a bufoon.

  54. OMFG! My friend said that when she was in the audience they showed Jury and she couldn’t hear or see much because Julie’s back and the small TV was not facing to her but she said in the preview at the beginning of the jury house they show cop cars and apparently Matt and Ragan had a huge fight and there was a lot of screaming at the jury house and some things broke and then all the houseguests teamed up on Matt and Matt tried to walk out of Jury and they sent him to a different location for sequester and Ragan called him out for being a coward and running away and apparently said something about his wife and Matt punched Ragan in the face twice and Ragan was hurt and there was damage and the police came and Matt was sent to a different location FOR SEQUESTER and then they told the houseguests and also cut the live feeds for this reason.

    My friend is named Melissa and she was in the live studio audience for the veto eviction and she was there for the 2nd eviction when Monet was evicted too!!!

  55. AAAAAAAAAAND also she was in the audience she was sitting to the left and she posted pictures she quietly took of the studio, the big brother house is not a house at all, it is a studio with a door that leads to the Big Brother house, the show is not live because they did like 4 takes of every thing, and when Britney was evicted she didn’t come out for like 15 minutes and they had like a break and they were doing Julies makeup and stuff then there was a loud speaker that said 3, 2, 1, and as soon as it said 1 the door opened and Britney walked out.

    • Abbbylicous r u serious I couldn’t believe it when I saw post 10:30 this morning I have repeated it every since and u r first response thank you I wanted to know soooo BAD

      • didnt Matt get arrested for assualt and battery? and it serves ragan right he carrys things to far get over it. what Matt did is terrible I lost my father and younger brother to cancer but life goes on and he has to realize its a game no matter what. Deffinately do not want him for a teacher he is vulgar

  56. Enzo organized the Brigade, named the Brigade, directed the brigade. The others did the dirty work. Enzo knows he can’t win anything so he used his social game. You cannot say he did nothing. The brigade would not exist without him and they are the final three. Nuff said. I still want Hayden to win though.

    • I agree and if they were silly enough to keep him around then that is on him but he has stayed true to them. Lane in the other hand has flipped flopped from britney to the brigade and at the begining not everybody was caring there weight until they had too and it has hasn’t been like enzo hasn’t tried when the rest stepped it up. people don’t like hime because of how he talks or like someone better. what ever.

  57. I have been wondering from the beginning if there really is a Nick? I think that Brit and Lane are really together. The way they look at each other sometimes when they think no one is watching and he was really worried about her when Hayden told her he wasn’t going to use the veto to save her. Lane wanted to go and console her. They are together !

    • Colette, I have to agree with you..I think there is no Nick and that Lane and Brit are the “friends”, I even think they are the ones that are engaged. When they interviewed Brit’s family her mother never once mentioned Nick. Plus why wasn’t Nick there to say hello to her?

  58. I still don’t understand why Enzo was not punished for repeatedly eating food while he was on slop and taking off his penguine suit when he wasn’t actually swimming. During past seasons, there were substantial penalities for far less crimes!

    • because it wasn’t enough to make change the vote. from what I was reading and it might not been this website I was reading it on.

  59. was there really a fight in the jury house or is this just idol gossip?? I am searching the web for info, but cant find anything.. Does anyone know for sure if anything actually happened in the Jury house requiring the police to show up????

  60. OMG I AM 100% serious the jury was messed UP the cops went there and they just questioned people and then they were like ok matt u need to leave then ALLISON GRODNER CAME IN A HELICOPTER (because Jury was far far away) and she told everyone that Matt is being sent to a hotel until the season is over and everyone will be compensated!!!

    OMG and Britney would NOT STOP CRYING when she was evicted, she was crying soooooo much and Julie couldnt even interview her she was crying like crazy and she almost fainted!

    • Didnt she say she took acting lessons? Anything for attention Bitchney. Your a has been accept it and go home finally. You are no better then a cockroach just like brendon said so give it up we had enough of your drama to last a life time Bye Bye sissy lala

      • I have a friend at LAPD and he has not found anyting about a disturbance at the JH. ABBY, from your command of the English language you sound like you are like 14.

  61. Dawn has a right to her opinion just as we all do.Sometimes,Dawn, we do make mistakes in our typing and not because we are uneducated… but simple is ok to point this out to us but please do use a little tact.I am 72years of age and i make mistakes all the time.Another thing, I am still “BEING EDUCATED” as my life goes on and pleased to say this.I learn something new this not wonderful?I have learned a lot from big brother and enjoyed it with all you guys and gals.Thankfully, some people agree with me that as seniors,we also should be on BB.I am so glad we are “AMERCANS” so we get the right to state our opinions…I am so sure I make typo mistakes but thankfully, there is always someone to point this out to me.I also have a degree.I taught School… and this was after I finished School with my older son!I was a young wife and a young mother and did not finish School until I was in my 40’s. Guess that makes me a “Dummy”.????? Mimi,I hope you read about the reasons why the cops were called to the jury house.. I found it also…someone had knowledge of it and passed it on to us through these blogs.Hey.. hope everyone has a good night. Maybe we seniors will get our chance and meet in the bb brother later.. Thel

    • Thel thank you for coming to our defense with the typos…I graduated from high school 45 years ago, raised three daughters and am now a Pharmacy Technician…I am not a dummy….there is an old saying that “If everyone swept in front of their own house the whole world would be clean” Yes, and I did read what was said about the fight. I really feel sorry for Ragan…I think his problem was he took the game too much to heart and got emotional about it. I feel tht Matt took advantage of the fact that Ragan really liked him.

      • And you are right, everyday is a learning experience. I was told a long time ago that you should learn something new every day! Unfortunately these young kids think that because they went to school and college that there is nothing more to be learned..the only thing I can say is shame on them, they will find out as they get older what life is really about.

  62. Does anyone know for sure what the hell happened in the jury house and why Matt has been sent to a seperate hotel…

    • All rumors at this time. Nothing in the daily call logs, unless they have benn redacted. Highly unlikely.

  63. I’ve tried to read the posts via phone and here – what a mess… lol so was it posted who “might” have won Round 1? I’m hoping Lane.

  64. Actually they should have left Bitchney in the house…who ever goes up against her in the final two will win by default…she pissed off so many people, would she really get any votes?

    • Of course Hayden and Lane are players (competitors)! Enzo’s a floater. The only bright idea he had was to form a 4 man alliance.

      • Anyone know what is going on? I am so BBAD going to be live tonight? I have to work in the morning so I cannot stay up and watch it. Can someone please give me some kind of insight into what is going on….

  65. Amazing one of the floaters will win the grand
    prize. By Big Brother producers condoning Enzo’s
    cheating as far as the food is concerned and
    allowing 4 people to form an alliance and float
    from beginning to end essentially, that will
    make that the very obvious way to play Big Brother
    from here on in! So, does anyone really want to
    watch a show when you already know the ending?
    Big Brother should take a clue from Survivor
    where alliances can break thru various ways of
    twists and turns. It is in Big Brothers interest
    to make sure that 4 person alliances are discouraged by giving additional penalties like
    not being able to play one HOH if there is a 3
    person alliance for all alliance members and a ban
    of 2 HOH if house guests decide to form a 4 person
    alliance. Viewership has already fallen because of this and will fall further next season if no
    changes are made to prevent this sham from happening again!

  66. did we ever hear anymore about the cops to the jury house b4 britney was there?

    plus what about Brit’s face when Julie mentioned going to the jury house… FUNNY!!!

    i still think Brit was misunderstood but i did not get LF’s but i did see a few BBAD’s and she did trash Rachel but isn’t that what most girls do to each other when they’re not friends.

    come on we know you girls can be vicious, so you’re not telling us anything we don’t already know.

    this was a game for 1/2 million Brit still wanted Rach’s vote, that’s why it was behind her back… plus be real, Rachel brought it on herself. Plus it was her way to entertain the other Hg’s, get votes, be one of them… they were against Rachel too.


  68. Go Hayden- Win it all.He played the game to win by holding back at the start of the game to stay in the house and now showing how strong he is. Sooooo glad crazy eye-nail picker-hair looker-face scratcher Shitney went to jury house. Get her Rachel.

  69. All right can anyone tell me , how two and what two characters on big brother knew each other before the show

  70. can you let me know what and who are the to characters are were related or how they new each other?
    Sorry if this just went through

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