While the Big Brother 12 Live Feeds may be blacked out until tonight there were still people in attendance of yesterday’s taping for tonight’s special episode. Since we have neither seen these results first hand on the feeds or had them confirmed through broadcast you’ll have to take them as rumors.

Read on to find out what allegedly happened at the Veto meeting, who was evicted, and what sort of Final 3 endurance comp the remaining HGs faced.

Allegedly, and as expected, Hayden did not use the Power of Veto as the ceremony. This left Enzo as the sole voter and when the time came he evicted Britney from the game.

Following Britney’s eviction the three remaining HGs, Hayden, Lane, and Enzo, supposedly stepped outside to face a jungle theme endurance battle where they competed to see who would be the last man hanging from his vine.

That competition sounds very, very similar to a few seasons back so I’m not entirely convinced of that last part being true. The audience members wouldn’t have had a direct view of what was going on out there, but perhaps production flashed some scenes up on the screens for the audience.

We’ll have all of this confirmed later tonight, but is anyone actually surprised that Britney was evicted? Who do you think will win Round 1?


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