Big Brother Giveaway: Autographed Captain Kosher T-Shirts

While Big Brother 12 might not have been the best BB season it’s definitely been a record setter for us here at Big Brother Network and I have all of you to thank for it. As a my gift to you I’m offering up two autographed and completely free t-shirts (L) from this season’s evictee #3, Andrew Gordon or as you might know him better, Captain Kosher. Okay, you probably know him better as Andrew, but come on.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment right here on this post and then Saturday morning I’ll randomly pick two names for the winners. Of course, checking out our Survivor 2010 site and American Idol 2011 site won’t necessarily up your chances of winning, but it definitely won’t hurt either!

If you can’t wait for this weekend to find out if you won or you want to show your support for the man who gave us one hell of an eviction speech then check out his eBay auction for the very same, but un-autographed, Captain Kosher t-shirts.

P.S. Leaving a comment that you’re going to come after me but you’d still really like me to give you this shirt first probably won’t work. Probably.


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  1. PICK ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Andrew I wish you could have gone further in the game. I was just beginning to understand your ‘game’ when you left! You were a scream while you were there though!! Best of Luck to You!

  3. I want to thank you for your updates and for your kindness. This years show may not have been so wild like some of the past years, but it was good. The group of people selected made it interesting. Once again, thank you for your time and letting us know what is happening.

  4. Andrew will be talked about for many years. He made an Impression for us all. I would sport that shirt up on my wall. :P

  5. Andrew AKA “Captain Kosher” was the only one with some well “Kahoona’s”! He went out of the comfort zone and said what everyone else was thinking! This year most of the HG’s played it safe…….Grow some people! Have a backbone….. Pick me!!! :-D

  6. Good for you Andrew, or should I say Caption Kosher. Great idea! Andrew gave the best elimination speach ever. I was so happy he exposed Hayden and kristen. Thank you for giving us this chance to win a t-shirt. It will be so cool for the winner to have something from the 12th BB season. Also, thanks for this site. I did make good use of it, lol.

  7. My sister would very much enjoy one of these shirts. She can wear it during her upcoming chemo treatments!

  8. I haven’t been able to watch the live feeds cuz we’re hardly ever home but it’s been awesome getting my fix while reading the updates every day! Thanks so much for putting them out there. I love Captain Kosher, please pick me for a T(shirt).

  9. If this goes over will u offer something more current cant wait till survivor starts and boo to the bb production over screwing up the live feeds

  10. Please pick me. Captain Kosher was my favorite house guest on the show. So please pick me. Thank you. Sincerly, Linda

  11. Love yor website and use it exclusively on my iPhone for Big Brother updates. Even if you do not pick you have won a fan and I will be looking to your Survivor and Amazig Race sites as well as my exclusive update connection.

    Thanks again for all the hard work and insights,


  12. i would love to win that shirt i love big brother and i watch it when ever it comes on and i watch big brother after dark everynight

  13. Andrew! If Only YOU and a few others had stayed, this season may have been salvageable! I’d love to wear the Tee!!!

  14. I watch all 3 shows . Love them all. Had a brain tear in 2009 so retired now. Spend alot of time on computer . Read about big brother every day Everyone was good but Andrews speech was great.LMAO.

  15. Matt, If I wore this shirt I might get to much attention and then I would have to sign autograph’s like Britney at the mall! Lol
    awesome site! Keep up the good work :)
    p.s. Really would like the shirt….. Pick me

  16. How about a Matty T-Shirt Matt. I would be sure to win it cuz the demand would not be great :lol:

  17. Matt we love ya, t shirt or not. Thank your entire crew from us for your site. You guys deserve it. We definately didn’t make this year easy on ya.

  18. I have a brother in law who is also captain kosher. Would love to have the tee for his hannakha gift. Didn’t miss a minute of bb this year. Loved it all. Good luck to you. See u at the end.

  19. Hey captain Kosher, you were missed. When they voted you off, I was pissed. Can’t wait to see you once again. This time, you wont have to pretend. Tell the hg’s what you really think, That each and every one of them stink. I know you would have played this game. And gave yourself a better name. So here’s to you I tip my hat. Now go enjoy a day with Matt. And maybe you can tell the crew. They will never find a nicer you. Thank you Andrew, I’m a forever fan. If I am picked, my name is Joanne.

      • If I win Andrews shirt, It would be great advertisement for Big Brother, and I won’t have to go through withdraw, as much as I usually do each year. I get to have a conversation just by wearing my shirt and then bring more viewers to CBS for next years Big Brother 13.

      • Thanks Rico, but you and Chris the Great are the real entertainers of poetry. I have been writting poetry since I was 10yrs old. Had a ruff life

    • Matt, you did a great job on the site, as usual, but I sure did not enjoy BB his season. it sucked. Enzo is really at the top of my black list after last night’s BBAD. His S–T and F–K words were bad enough, but now he’s added M—-RF—-R. I will not listen to his filthy mouth anymore. He’s made a complete A$$ of himself on national TV, and it’s hard for me to admit that I did like him in the beginning. He’s a piece of trash and I hope he leaves soon.

      • agree. Enzo should have been sent packing in the beginning. I mean geez! Not liking the 3 left either. Hayden should win if any of them do cause at least he “befriended” all the house at times and then stabbed them in their backs like a typical bb year is like. but he does seem like he thinks he is all that. But by far Enzo is the worst ever! Send him packing and not make the final 2!

    • Bonnie, you are too funny, girlfriend. I also like Hayden. I think he’s really cute. Hope he wins the Big Bucks

    • My goodness!! They are gonna be able to make a fur coat out of Hayden’s hair when he finally gets it cut…

  20. I would love to be chosen to win this shirt! I never win anything, and who needs a lame ass lottery when you can get this shirt instead!!!!

    Pick me! :)

  21. I would Love to win your autographed T-Shirt..Can’t wait for Survivor 2010 to start and American Idol 2011 to start too..I’ve been waiting for all these show’s to start. I wish Big Brother wouldn’t end..

  22. I willtake a T- shirt. Andrew did not play smart–and I think he is smart. His go round with Annie was uncalled for at best!

  23. Andrew was by far,my most favorite!He played the game with civil feelinge for all and I appreciated his Faith more than anything.If i win a shirt or not..I am proud of Andrew. Thel

  24. Andrew gave us the most drama(with his speech)…except of course for Rachel but her voice was soooo annoying I stopped listening to her. This cast was VERY lame can’t wait for BB13 with hopes the CBS will pick it up a notch.

  25. Hey This is my first time ever watching bb this season and I AM HOOKED lol please pick me i will wear the shirt everyday till the next season of BB starts…. PLEASE PICK ME!!! give some love to MISS B <3

  26. I agree that this season has not been too exciting. I’m not thrilled w/ the final 3 either. Time for Enzo to GO! But I would certainly love an autographed Tshirt from Captain Kosher himself!

  27. Omg this shirt is fantastic! I’d love to walk around wearing that and having people stop me to ask who is that. Then I get to talk about BB 8D

    There should be a whole series of these. Brigade characters, Rachel as Ursala from little mermaid … fantastic!

  28. looool u’re funny Ashly…(does ass kissing give me a chance? if not then i’m gonna come after u and would like u to give me the shirt)

  29. Loved Andrew, wish he could of stayed in and been in an alliance with Brendan and Rachel–My three favs. Love the T-shirt. Pick me!!!!!

  30. Love this site and all of the updates as I don’t have the BB live feed myself!! Andrew was classic, he told it how it was!!! It was always so sweet in the diary room when at the beginning of each eviction, he would do the I love you sign for his family :-D. Btw yea for sure I would like the free T-shirt!!! YOU ROCK :)

  31. I totally love Big Brother Network! Why waste your time with other sites when you can get all of your info right here? I certainly wouldn’t. It’s almost as good as those ooey gooey yummy cookies! I mean as long as those cookies are kosher cookies!

  32. Oh! Oh! Pick me! I’d love to have a Captain Kosher shirt. Andrew is awesome, and had too short of a life on the show.
    And I’m Loving your mimic to Andrews speech at the end of the blog. lol.

  33. Great site!! I look forward to your email updates daily. Thanks for all you do for this BB addict.

  34. I look forward to your emails. I wish Andrew would have stayed longer in the house. I’d love to win the t-shirt! Please, please, please, pretty please with a cherry on top :)

  35. I would sooooo love to win this shirt. I am fan of andrew and would LOVE to wear this shirt in pride! I <3 bb!!!!! Thanks!

  36. Andrew played too hard too early, would have liked him to stay in the house a little longer! I agree that casting needs to step it up for next season!

  37. <3 Wished you stayed in the finals…Please pick me Andrew!! I will wear this in NYC and maybe get a free bagel out of this?! lol

  38. A free t-shirt!! How kewl would it be to be picked to win one?? I don’t know but will let you know if I do in fact win one…. So my only question is: if I win how do you know what size I am?

  39. Would love the Captain Kosher shirt…Andrew was a great person, but aligned with the wrong couple!

  40. I really liked Andrew. Wish he had more time in the house. Would LOVE to have the T-shirt. How Much you ask. Tickets to an Arkansas Razorback football game, $75.00. A ticket for speeding in Kathy’s home town, $125.00. T-shirt from Big Brother 12….PRICELESS!!!!

  41. Oh lord… this is really ridiculous… sorry… not trying to be ugly, but this is really grasping for straws…

  42. Thank you for reporting a wonderful season of Big Brother! I do hope that Enzo wins all as he has played the best social game and did not become involved in any shomance (whether it platonic or romantic) to win!

  43. Go big brigade come on Lane u can do this and about andrew he was pretty laid back guy he didnt bother anyone and about his name captain kosher enzo has names for everyone but i cant believe matt lied about his wife but he was a good player Lets go Lane…..

  44. LOVE BB… Would like to have a shirt to remember the season and to show my daughter what a nut case her Mommy reaLly is.

  45. Love BB been watching since 1st season and would love to have a BB tshirt please! Also love your emails everyday about 1:03… look forward to getting all the good scoopp!!!

  46. I think you should give me the t-shirt because I’m gaining weight watching BB on live feed. You see I get zero excercise because I am now a couch potato from watching BB live then BBAD so I need a xxl to cover my big belly. thank you Joycie


  48. I liked andrew and would have liked to see him and brendon go far in the game but that didnt happen to bad for that.

  49. We so much enjoyed Andrews aka Captain Kosher’s speech it was the best ever when you think about it.
    As sad as it is this really has been the most boring of all of the seasons.. we have had to deal with one constantly saying ‘me and my man’ I wanted to put my fist thru the tv so many times.
    I do give Andrew so much credit for how he kept with his religious values and everything during the game.
    Now we will wait and see as long as Enzo doesn’t win it will all be good.. I can’t stand him. He’s so fake not Jersey at all!!
    As for the contest for the shirt, it would be a wonderful collection to items that we collect from not on BB but also musical items as well.

  50. First,thank you for all your hard work on this site…loved it.
    Second, Poor Andrew probably would have been more exciting than Enzo…probably.

  51. Lame a$$ cast this season. Still, I eagerly await next year’s BB season. It HAS to be better! Please let this year’s cast know how annoying and boring they were, since they seem to think they’re the best yet!

  52. Andrew was voted off way too early! The other hgs should have brought him into their alliance, I think given even 1 more week he would have been a strong player

  53. How appropriate for you to offer a Captain Kosher T-shirt just in time for the Jewish New Year. What a way to start the year 5771!!

  54. I so wished Andrew had stayed to the end. He was my pick from the start to win the whole thing and when he left it got very boring… he brought life into that house and was not afraid to state his opinions. If they ever have another All Stars I hope he is in it.. Go Captain Kosher1

  55. Sure, I’d love some genuing BB swag…and a t-shirt would do nicely. I’ve really loved this season, the drama was some of the best. I hate to see it end, but the fact that I can immediately get into Survivor will make it a little easier with less withdrawal…lol.

  56. Andrew was my 1st choice to win from day 1. I was very disappointed when he was voted out so early in the game. I don’t feel he really had a chance in the game.

  57. Matt BB is almost over and have to thank you so much for this site. I don’t have livefeeds and am grateful for all the updates. You’ve done a great job.

  58. Please please please pick me!!! I would love to have a Kaptain Kosher shirt!!! I loved Andrew and he was out way too soon!
    Hope Gines

  59. PICK ME!! Huge BB fan……watched practically every season with my daughter, R.I.P., and now I am watching this season with my two daughters! I enjoyed watching Andrew as well as the other HG’s!!

  60. Pick me! Pick me! Pick me! Watched practically every season with my daughter, Rest her soul, and now I am watching this season with her younger sister and her daughter. I didn’t mind Andrew as well as the other HG’s, drama makes it even more interesting!

  61. Hey Matt, Please Please Please pick me for the Captain Kosher shirt giveaway! Andrew was awesome and his exit speech was hilarious. I’d love to wear that shirt and my husband would be So Jealous, seeing as how we are both BB fanatics!

  62. FINALLY something to look forward too…lol…BB was terrible this year but your emails were the BOMB!!! So much info that really kept me in the loop of what was going on in the house…since the feeds were hardly ever up…Thanks for keeping it interesting.

  63. AWWW Andrew, I felt so bad that you were out so early in the game. I guess the people in there were quick to judge you. you were alone in the house and for that I feel sad for you, but you have lots of fans out here in the real world. Good Luck to you in the future.

  64. I liked andrew from the start and wanted to see him last longer in the game. Now hayden will probally win.

    Also, I want a T-shirt!!

  65. A little “Captin Kosher” limerick, for the shirt giveaway…..

    Captain Kosher’s speech sure entertained us,
    Throwing H & K under the bus.
    Though BB’s ratings have grown,
    Would the Captain have known
    That this shirt giveaway would have caused such a fuss?

  66. I have watched every season of the show and this has been the worst. All we have left are the dumbest, least likeable people in the house. Britney made the biggest mistake voting for Ragan to be evicted. I hope she or Lane wins the POV and send Hayden home. If Enzo wins it will make a lot of people sick.

  67. Andrew should have taken Rachel’s place for the returing guest, great deal of respect Andrew,

  68. I love Big Brother!!! I watch every season, wish it came on more than once a year!!! Please pick me for Captain Kosher’s autograph tee!!!!!!

  69. All in all, there were some good moments, but without Bragan and Enzo, the funny moments would be few and far between…still love BB though!!!

  70. I have watched all the years and would love to win this so I can give it to my boss at work who absolutely LOVED this season. What a way for me to suck up and get a shirt!

  71. I honestly thought from the beginning that Andrew would win. I was disappointed to see him leave so early. He had his moments of drama, but didn’t they all? The most surprising part of the entire show is the 3 clowns (I am trying to be nice) still left standing!

  72. OMG I love it. That’s so cool. Someone should actually write a comic about the adventures of Captain Kosher and his secret identity Andrew Gordon. *LOL*….wow. I’d read that.

  73. Oooo pick me,me,me,me…Lol..

    I really liked Andrew. I think he was the only person in the house that was tryly honest and would have planned the game fair and square. I love how he didn’t jump on the “I hate B and R” bandwagon, which took courage. I also like how he had the courage (unlike Matt) to tell the truth about the game and give information to try and change the game and people’s mind in the house, unfortunately the HGs were too stupid to realize how helpful he could have been to them and instead isolated and threw him under the bus when he wasn’t even the target that week.

  74. It is a shame Andrew left so early, I think he could have stirred things up and made it a more interesting season.

  75. I would love to win a shirt!! I will be giving it to my 75 year old mother who loved Andrew!! I did too, but I know she would be beyond thrilled to have a signed shirt!!! She loves to watch BB. I copy/paste/print out live feed reports, stories, etc. for her to read. Thank you for this opportunity!

  76. I am still confused why Andrew even came on the show ;-) It really made him look bad as a person his caractor confused me. Then came his name Captain Kosher I felt bad for him because I just hate name calling but if he liked it more power to him. One thing that was a good thing for him being on the show I learned a little bit about being Jewish

    High Five Andrew

  77. Why pick me? You are the best twitter that I get, when I refresh and I see a new twitter update from you.. I get butterflies in my stomach…AND I made a contribution to you! :) I want to be the envy of my friends and YOU can make that possible

  78. I loved Andrew! I thought he was very comical while the other houseguests could not stand him. I laughed all the time at him. He was much missed once he was gone! I have watched BB since the beginning and look forward to your blog everyday! Thanks for giving us the updates!

  79. At my office, I’m considered a “JIT” (Jewish-in-training). I thought it was wonderful that BB finally had a very religious Jewish person on the show. Too bad he didn’t make it further. I would be pleased to wear the “Captain Kosher” tee-shirt.

    Thank you

  80. Oh I need a T-shirt …. to old (44) to play in the game so I guess I live it thought them. lol cause I would not want to be in the house at 44 being called old!

  81. Andrew was my favorite person to watch this season. Despite what some people say Andrew is kind hearted. I wish him the best for the future.

  82. Andrew should not have been evicted so early in the game.I would love to have the T-shirt but still think he should be in the game or at least on all stars.

  83. I myself have loved this season just as much as the others. And of course getting the news from this site!!
    I really cant wait for each one to start.
    I am Canadian so I understand if I’m not eligible for the prize but happy I could let you know how much I loved the show.

  84. I want to say a great BIG THANK YOU for keeping us up to date on everything going on. You have done a great job and I appreciate it very much. This year has been a really crazy season, but I have not enjoyed the houseguests as much as previous seasons. I love your comments that you make when you are giving us the updates asn you as saying exactly what I think.

    Thank you again for a great season.

  85. i would love to have seen andrew and brendon as the f2; were they really friends??? tell us andrew!!! answer it on my shirt lol

  86. I loved him on the show. I have to agree that the show would have been alot better if Andrew was still on.

  87. Oh! I would love a shirt… I watch all the Big Brother episodes! Those of you hating on BB today… Please, even if it wasn’t the best season .. YOU STILL WATCHED!!! Big Brother Rocks!!!

  88. Long live Captain Kosher!
    While bullets may bunch off his chest, knifes can still penetrate his back.

  89. I love Big Brother and have watched every season also. I am highly disappointed with this season.It used to be so unpredictable and it just is not anymore.BB needs to bring back players that have made it fairly far in the game from the jury house and give them the chance to compete again, like when Rachel came back she should have been able to stay, not just for 24 hrs.

  90. It has been a boring season for sure! Bring back the entertainment and quit worrying about how pretty or cute they are.

  91. This season has been pretty boring, but I think Hayden has done a great job playing the game. Keeping his alliance a secret, winning three HoH’s & being on the block twice is a great accomplishment. He deserves the money over Lane & Enzo any day. Awesome Captain Kosher shirt by the way!

  92. Best farewell speech I ever heard. Only wish Andrew had the credibility at that time to be believed. Would of loved to have seen him stay and think his alliance with Brendon, Rachel & Kristen would of been awesome.

  93. I had hoped Andrew could have stayed around longer. He was more amusing then these last three jokers..

  94. I am your oldest subscriber (I’ll bet you!) and I hate to see Britney go. Andrew was OK but he shot himself in the foot.

  95. I have been a follower of BB from the beginning and always look forward to the next season. I am proud of how Andrew played the game and seemed to let how the other HG’s treated him just roll off his shoulder. He was eliminated way to soon. You go Andrew! And thank you BB for another wonderful season!

  96. Captain Kosher a.k.a Andrew…LOL was one of the best BB HG’s ever. It’s evident that most people just couldn’t wrap their minds around a stand up righteous guy like him! I applaud him for an outstanding job that he did for as long as he did! I wish he had made it all the way! He may still get my America’s vote! Now give me that t-shirt! LOL

  97. yes, it would have been interesting to see Andrew still in the game. I am just happy they got rid of britney

  98. What an interesting t-shirt. What a way to get comments on here too. Very clever if I must say so myself.

  99. I liked Andrew he was on to Matt from the beginning about his lie. Also he gave the best eviction speech ever to be heard on BB.

  100. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if Andrew had stayed around a bit longer…………….probably would have made the Brachel alliance stronger!

  101. I don’t know if you people watched the same show as me…but this season was very exciting with Andrew and his eviction speech and with all the Rachel and Brendon stuff..what about all the fights that Rachel and Ragan had? The fights with Britany and Brendan? The fight with Rachel and Kristen? It goes on and on..I loved the show…great season!! Way to go again BB…can’t wait until BB 13!

  102. I would love one of the tshirts they made last night with all of the casts signatures on it..would be GREAT!!

  103. I just wanna win something,it’s been depressing hearing britney is gone,i really love this site though,if not for this place i wouldn’t have been hooked on bb and i would be missing out on this great reality show,so thanks bb network!

  104. andrew you were my favorite since day one when you left it really wasnt fun to watch it anymore i cant believe the three bra-bra-idiots are still there now we have a battle of the idiots to see which idiot is the smartest and boy it sure wont be enzo

  105. I say kudos to you i just wish that you stuck around longer & matt would have gotten rid of enzo long ago he’s such a jerk his poor wife got a good peaceful 3 months.RACHEL WAS A PAIN BUT NOT DULL LIKE ENZO!!!

  106. This is the best BB site on the web. Keep up the great job. Looking forward to Survivor site now.

  107. i loved andrew and was rooting for him! just wish he would have spill the beans earlier. I would also like to know what he thought about Matt’s lie and why he didnt follow his instincts about it! Please let us know!


  109. I liked Andrew. I think he was misunderstood. The houseguests didn’t really try to get to know him. On the other hand, I am so sick of Enzo, the smacking when he eats to the 5 or so “F” bombs per sentence. Seriously, get over yourself, I sure have.

  110. C’mon!! Captain Kosher needs that avatar/icon/symbol/hero on his chest
    because he so badly needs a mentor daily… secondly… by the moment… a truly nice guy! loved him and wished he stayed… give me a shirt; please…I assure you that it will be ‘well loved’….. from a ‘fan’!

  111. i keep saying every year that big brother should use older people,they have more things of substance to talk about,and are not influenced by peer pressure and not some wrapped up in their looks and won’t be whores always in bed. so boring watching smooching every year, older people will say what they feel and their discussions will be more would be a hit ,like golden girls was for years, cause every year big brother is same old same thing. more like a good live sitcom,i’m telling you please try it..

  112. hope they do a new approach,using older generation of would get some real complainers and nit picking houseguests, and more laughs..

  113. Andrew,I really admired you and your devotion to your faith, and your “Good-bye” speech wasn’t that bad either. Wish you luck in life!

  114. I really feel Hayden deserves to win. Such a nice young man and loves his Mother and family.

  115. I thought I would try what you said by leaving a comment that I am going to come after you but I’d still really like you to give you this shirt first probably won’t work. But I gotta try it

  116. Omg i would abs love a tee! Ive watched all season & andrew was honestly my favorite! I loved him!!

    • If Hayden did not use the power of Veto, he is the biggest loser of all time. Does he really think Enzo will take him to the final two?? Enzo is the most repulsive, biggoted person, on the show. I hope he doesn’t win a dime. He thinks he is going to be a celebrity, Ha. If I was his wife I would be so embarrased and meet him with divorce papers at the final show. Boy, does he have a reality check coming.

      • Enzo makes the show fun to watch. Without him, it would be boring. All the characters put on acts, his is just a little crazier! Come on, give the guy a break! If he becomes famous, so be it.

      • Hayden knew Bratteney was not going to take him to Final 2.

        Hayden knew from Brendon that Bratteney was a LIAR so not to use the POV on her is BRILLIANT!!!

        Please get over Bratteney….She is the biggest liar and sorest loser in the history of BB!

      • Enzo a bigot? Really? I never saw that. Not saying your wrong just saying I never saw it. How was he like that? All I saw on the live feed were him being funny. I think he is an act. What is hiliarious is that he thinks he will be the next big thing to come out of BB12. Who knows he could be right.

  117. This season hasn’t been the most popular…I think we all got spoiled with the Evil Dick and Danielle duo and the Jeff and Jordan duo from last year…but its BB and I loved it! I will always be a BB fan no matter how exciting or boring the future seasons may be. I just hope CBS will continue the show for many many more seasons to come! BB is my favorite show of the year!

  118. Andrew’s eviction speech was so refreshing. It was first time in BB history someone actually had the Guts to actually tell the TRUTH. I was in my living room & jumped up & said YES

  119. would love a shirt by Captain Kosher. He left a lasting impression for the short time he was on.

  120. Looking forward to the finale, although I’m not crazy about any of the remaining players. Kudos to Andrew for speaking his mind!

  121. Although this was a crappy season, it left us all wondering what the heck is next. Come on Hayden, your the only one left who deserve to win. Enzo, wake up, your not that great.

  122. Ok What the heck!!!!! If my predictions are true ( which they have not been all season ), I will win this Tee shirt lol I guess go Hayden ….. Brit is gone :(

  123. I love Big Brother!!! I watch it every Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday!!!! + I DVR it so I never miss anything!!!
    Go Captain Kosher!!!

  124. lol captain kosher shirts are funny but enzo will still win bb cuz he’s such a schmuck people will give him there vote over hayden or lane!

  125. Andrew : I will make easy and fast I really need two t-shirts.Thanks
    Have a good jewish holiday this week and next.

  126. not crazy about this season, they were acting for the money, real sad about it. Enzo was disgusting at times. I got showtime just for BB. Watched it for years, dissapointing for sure. Hope lane takes it all. Capt Kosher, yeah, you said it all.
    I will frame the t-shirt…

  127. I haven’t seen any BB seasons that were bad. They have ALL been good. Wish you could have gone to the jury house Andrew!

  128. I LOVE BIG BROTHER!! If it has to be a Brigade member to win, I want Lane to win!
    I had been hoping Ragan would win!!

  129. Since Brendan can’t win it, I hope it is Lane. And I hope Meow Meow (throwing up now)goes home next.

    • I want Hayden to win. That poor college guy needs that money. I don’t know if Lane is rich or not but I want him to come in second. Here is wishing that Meow Meow goes out the door and does NOT win the 25Gs. Brendon is who I think deserves that.

  130. I really want the 13th season of Big Brother to be on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays starting in the Summer of 2011. I really want the season premiere date of Big Brother 13 to start on Monday night, July 4th, 2011. Big Brother will no longer be on Thursdays, Sundays or Tuesdays anymore. I want eviction night to be every Monday night on the 11th,18th and 25th of July 2011, 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th of August 2011 and the 5th, 9th and 12th of September 2011 and I really want finale night to be on Friday night, September 16th, 2011.

  131. I really like Big Brother. To me each year is the best because you never know what will happend.

  132. This is the first full season of BB that I have watched and I was grateful that I came across your website. It really added to the experience of BB. I also loved the chats too. :) I would love to be entered to with the Captain Kosher t-shirt.

  133. was not the best season…you are right…but definately not the worst…I just got hooked a couple of years ago on Big Brother…thanks and I really hope that Enzo does not win LOL

  134. Pick me, pick me!!! Thank you for all your spoilers!! Have really enjoyed reading your blog this season.

  135. not going to beg for a t-shirt…not going to say stuff that I think will make you want to give me a t-shirt…just gonna say it like it is….BIG BROTHER IS THE BEST THING ON IN THE SUMMER TIME!!!!!

  136. Too bad Andrew didn’t play the game like he ended it – would have been great. I also would love a t-shirt.

  137. Oy Vey. Andrew should have tried to “blend in” a little more, I’m Jewish as well, but in the BB house, it’s best to not standout, as he learned.

    • I see how Brendan and Andrew were friends, they both are social newbies. After watching on the live feed the rerun of BBAD from the beginning I now see how those two click. They both are awkward in social gatherings. I saw them talking to each other and whispering. I never saw that when I watched it live. Goes to show how much you miss. And Annie, boy does that girl turn on you like a dime. It was funny seeing the first week again and how everyone loved Rachel THEN. Wonder what changed? lol

  138. The t-shirt is a bonus, this site is the prize. LOL Yep Yep buttering up should count for something??? LOL

  139. i agree that andrew had guts to give that speech. but he had nothing else to lose. he knew he was leaving. now hopefully i’ll get that shirt!

  140. I absolutely LOVE big brother!!! i watch every single episode and if i am not home i DVR it show i can watch it later!! i REALLY hope i win the Tshirt PLEASE!! :)

  141. I am definitely going to be sad to see this come to an end. With no tv, not having enough down time sometimes to watch it on the internet. Because I was either working, going to college and everything else in between. This site was the only way I could get my Big Brother fix!

    Thanks a Million!
    Captain Kosher definitely rocks my socks:)

  142. Love Andrew on the show. I was kinda sad that he got evicted so fast. I love the speech he gave when he left that mentioned stuff about everyone and revealed the secret show-mance between Kristen and Hayden. I hope I win the shirt.

  143. I really think Andrew got a raw deal. Of the final four, I’m rooting for Hayden. Go all the way Baby!!

  144. This hasn’t been the best season but this is the best BB website and who wouldnt love a Captain Kosher SHIRT!!!!

  145. This hasn’t been the best season but this is the best BB website and who wouldnt love a Captain Kosher SHIRT!!!

  146. Man this site has been totally dead the last couple of days, almost no one posting anything, suddenly there are a couple of free T-shirts up for grabs and the posters are coming out of the woodwork, I love it. ;-)

  147. Oh, Big Brother what went wrong,that Brigrade it stood Strong! ..BB Fans at the gate,Rico,Q,and Chris the great!..They made a song or did a Rhyme,for each HG Conviction every time!…Annie was the Saboteur, she was the first one out the door!…Monique she was gone to fast, with a pocket filled with cash!…Andrew in the house he’s praying,they didn’t listen to what he’s saying…Kathy Kathy, Please apologize, see the tears in Rachal’s eyes!…Kristin,our girl she’s from PHILLY,wearing Psychedelic, Oh that’s so silly!…Rachal said Don’t mess with my man,In the Jury House she did land!…Matt what did you say, that Lie will Haunt you every day!…Brendon worked until the end, America’s Player will help him mend!…Ragen Stop it! You won’t Teach me, Give your Lessons to Britney…Oh Britney, what can we say about YOU? Karma struct back and now your Blue!…Lane we watched you play with Britney, Nick screams out “No way, she’s with me!…Enzo, YO YO! We don’t want to bash, cause then we’ll be hearing all that TRASH!…Haydon hid behind his hair, Sorry Brogade, the Grand Prize he won’t share!…Julie you are Sweet as Pie, all the Fans wave Good-bye!…BB Fans, Don’t you fear, BB will be back next year!…BB12 here and gone, THANK YOU Matt(BBN), I say so long! :)

  148. I would so love to have that shirt! And thank you from us lame people who cannot afford the live feeds for keeping us up to date on the daily happenings in the BB house. It is greatly appreciated!

  149. He gave the best exit speech in BB history! He managed to stir things up big time and get Kristen evicted. Great site by the way!

  150. omg I love Andrew, he was my fav houseguest, and he left with such a great bang, he rocks!

  151. WOW Andrew has only sold 12 shirts on Ebay, he should try selling autographed shirts, he might sell more.

  152. Andrew was great but had trouble finding loyality among the people he considered friends. so thats why he was evicted.

  153. I have never missed BB, or Survivor since they aired. They are two of my favorite shows and tape them when I can’t see them but I say this BB12 did not pan out like I wanted it to, but may the best man win.

  154. How do you mend a broken heart? You give me a shirt right from the start. Big Brother is, about to end, I’ll go, through withdraw with my friends. There’s Clare, Rico, Trish, Tisha and even Chris-The Great. Who hung out on line every night and filled our plate. They made us laugh and yes even wear depends. Everytime the show would end. So if you find it in your heart, please give our friends a real head start. They each deserve a shirt from you, Please if they don’t get one, I’ll really be blue. I am honest, and sincere, I wanted Rachel or Brendon in there. But as fate should have it, the house guest were mean, always trying to cause a scene. So I will leave it up to you, I’ll cross my finger’s, and read what you do.

      • Trish hoping you all get one first!!!! You all made my time so much fun and you all certainly deserve it. Got such a kick out of all of you lmao every day. thanks for the fun and the memories.

  155. I would love one of those T-shirts. I would also like Meow-Meows big screen 3-d television with his autograph on it because he might be a huge movie star pretty soon. Does Andrew give pap smear tests at his office? Just wondering.How about a Big Brother season in the winter again? (:

    • Your killing me with that comment Pap Smear Test OMG lmao lmao he is a foot Doctor

      LMAO but I bet he loves to pretend to do pap smears. Did you really beleive anne when she said that

    • OMG…… would really be weird if Andrew, a Foot Doctor gave a pap smear on a discount? Bundle discount? Like cable does? OMG………so freaking funny! Thanks for the laugh!

  156. i love this show!! i have been watching it since day 1.i got my 17yr old daughter into it,we watch together.i wish it didn’t have to end,i look forward to it.why did it change from tuesdays to wednesday anyway? will i hope i win i will wear the shirt with pride.can wait until next year.maybe u could do another one before then….BEST SHOW EVER BIG BROTHER!!!!!!!!!

  157. Love the “Captain Kosher” t-shirt!
    IMO Andrew was undervalued, he left too soon.

    The end is near for Brit…we’re from Arkansas and not too thrilled with her picking, picking and more picking habits!!! Hoping her bf gets a eye full of this!

    Lane is being a great player…working his ways on the final three!
    BBAD t-shirts last night…what a riot.
    Enzo mispelled Brigade…so Hayden copied it too??? Strange…
    Britney’s shirt will be a big hit tonight!!

    The boys need more games…Scrabble, Monopoly..Mr. Potato Head..(tee hee)

  158. I would love an Autographed Captain Kosher T-Shirt. I have not missed an episode of BB ever. when it started in 2000. I am the biggest fan, And besides, I thought you played an honest game Andrew.
    Thanks for the t-shirt

  159. absolutely love the show! i’ve been watching it since day 1 and have slowly turned all of my family into bb-believers! :)

  160. We thought Captain Kosher was great! My husband especially liked him because he is always making up super hero names, himself. I think guys never grow up, but that’s okay because I think it is cute! This has been a weird season. We are split, hubby says Lane is going to win, and I say Hayden is going to win.

  161. Andrew gave a geat eviction speech. He was a good competitor. The people who are left in the final 4 (except for Britney)managed to slide through the game while the people who really played hard to stay in the house are unfortunately evicted. It’s a dull ending.

  162. I am a total Big Brother Fan – I love this season and am preasently living in the South and trying to keep Kosher – a Captain Kosher T-shirt may help – Please send to me

  163. Love BB! Andrew was my fav til he got evicted then i switched to Lane. Hope he can manage to win it :)

  164. I hated seeing Andrew take that long walk to Julie. I’d sure love to proudly wear a Captain Kosher T-Shirt!

  165. i really like andrew. i think he is great to still be religious in the big brother house. captain kosher is awesome.

  166. I love captain Koser, I really respect the fact that you stayed true to your beliefs.But I have to go with Hayden now.

  167. Don’t get me wrong, I love BB, but this season was quite the disappointment. I’ve always had a fave in the final three, but at this point I could care less who wins. No drama, no battling to the death, no fun?

  168. I am a long time big brother fan. Have to say this is the best bb site on the web! I am not just saying this because I want the Captain Kosher T-shirt either.
    Pick me :)

  169. Matt—-I have watched every episode of Big Brother since season one but this is my first year following the game on your web site—it has really spiced up a dull season! P.S.—make my t-shirt a 4x.

  170. I love this season of BB! I laughed so hard at them dancing last week. Lane and Hayden were hysterical.

  171. The mix of this yers house kept me amused and entertained all season from Saprno cast want a be Enzo,to Red Neck Lane to the 2 southern bells even though Britney thought NORTH Carolins was a northern state Brandon and Rachel Nasa rejects and of course Capt Kosher who no one understood no he is not a NINJA (a comment of Lane)and to be respected Regan prob the smartest but way to emotional but very entertaining..can’t wait to see who wins the Hotty or the Saprano…(I would love the T shirt)

  172. ohhhhh ya luv bb may the jury house vote on play not personalities and survivor 2010 can’t wait as for american idol 2011 who are the new judges thats what i would like to hear

  173. Well “Captain Kosher”, you should have made it a lot farther in the game. I LOVED your exit speach…

  174. Big Brother is my comfort show, long story. I have been thru alot in the past 2 years & haven’t got to watch much tv, but I have recorded every episode of Big Brother since the first season! I could not go without seeing it. It is my all time favorite show & I smile & get very excited when I know it’s time for it. Keep it up Big Brother, but we need another evil Dick, Janelle, or maybe Dr. Will. Lol. Thanks!

  175. Captain Kosher (Andrew) was my double pointer in a BB pool. I thought for sure he would go further.

    Just a victim of circumstances or Matt’s dumb play.

    Anyways, love the shirt

    And your posts have made this a great season of BB for me.


  176. Captain Kosher, I respect how you played the game and maintain your religious beliefs. You sent a message to all the viewers.
    Thank you,


  177. I absolutely, positively loved, loved, loved Andrew’s final speech! I wish they would have given him about 5 more minutes to talk & turn that house upside down. It was great…

  178. Wow, I’ve been on this site every day this season and haven’t left any comments until now! The captian kosher shirt is awesome.!!! Andrew was one of my favs.

  179. Captain Kosher should be the winner of the $25,000 America’s Favorite bonus…hands down.

  180. I thought it was hilarious that you brought your own pot to the bb house. and that you were worried about the slop being kosher. You were great. I would be proud to wear your shirt!

  181. Loved Captian Kosher dedication and he was a strong player! I wish that he could have stayed longer in the BB House!

  182. Captain Kocher had a couple of opportunities to keep himself in the house and missed out on them. I have to agree with one of the main writers – this has been a somewhat boring season. The drama all seemed to leave when Rachael left the house. Who would have thought it would have been more fun in the house with her in there. This season almost reminded me of how slow Season 1 dragged on.

    I must admit having a signed Captain Koscher would make a nice additional to my clothing collection. Here’s hoping..X-large please!

  183. Big Brother is my all time favorite show. I’ve rescheduled moving & even paid for Showtime when I wasnt employed because I love it so much. I’ve never missed an episode since BB1 but now with DVR it is a lot easier on me. My dream is to be in the studio audience someday and I would be thrilled to be the winner of a T-shirt.

  184. Awww Captain Kosher!! I am a BB fein :P I watch every episode, BBAD & Live Feed and to not be able to watch BBAD or Live feeds ummm yup I am withdrawing LOL Kosher was a cool doooood, it was a bummer to see him go cause he woulda been interesting to watch.

  185. Please summit my name!! Captain Kosher all the wayy!!! Can`t wait to see him on Finale night to tell all the guest about all their backstabbing theyve did..

  186. just got home from work to THIS pleasant surprise :)

    THANKS MATT BBN – you rock!!
    @ ANDREW…

    you taught me a valuable lesson when you were on bb… until i ‘met’ you, i had no idea that podiatrists gave PAP SMEARS! good to know… lol

  187. Sorry, hit the wrong key. I am a sixty five year old nearly blind senile old lady. I didn’t get the point of big brother until I started reading your posts. WOW did it open it up for me but on the other hand I am so addicted that I can not miss a show. If they offer more people like Captain Kosher I will pay for the live feed and stay on the computer watching but I will still need you to keep me understanding what is going on. I will be on your survivor and AI sites as I need all the help I can get and will wear my T-shirt while I read……..thanks..

  188. Captain Kosher,
    “you rock” I would love a t-shirt……….. My Grandson does not miss an episode……. T-Shirt would be awesome.

  189. I love BB12 especially Brendon and Rachel . The are a great couple. Also enjoyed Andrew please send me a TShirt.

  190. Andrew, I think you’re the only one who truly played with honor this season… I would be proud to wear your shirt!

  191. Captain Kosher T-Shirt please.

    I agree that this is definitely NOT a good season for BB. I will check out the 2011 BB site too!

  192. That shirt rocks!! My boss is Jewish, and I would love to wear this for my work meetings! I think he would get a kick out of it!
    Hope all is well with you, Andrew! :)

  193. I thought Andrew was very smart and unique. It is a shame he didn’t make it further. I loved the way he outed Kristen and Hayden.

  194. andrew i respect the game you played with all your values and respect for your was just that you kept to yourself to much.i think you could have gone on to win this whole thing had you just got closer to a few other houseguests.good luck in all you do

  195. Captain Kosher, the best exit speech in the history of Big Brother. A huge topic of conversation at work with everyone smiling and slapping high fives. None of us had ever heard a better speech.

  196. I wish Andrew would have made it further in the game would have made things much more exciting … good luck in the future.

  197. I am not Jewish however I admire the way you stood up for your religion. Not enough people do that these days.

  198. im a ninja. and ninjas should win. cause ninjas are kosher. and andrew is the most common name among to ninja community.

  199. Captain Kosher..he’s my hero..he got evicted 8 to zero but it dosen’t matter cause he’s captain Kosherrrrrrrrrr.!

  200. Hi ! Love all the news bits ! I tease my hubby about all the things taking/going to take place , he hates that ! We’re devoted BB fans, haven’t missed a moment. I’m very impressed at how strong Andrew’s convictions are/were. Kudos to him !

  201. You played a good game and I admire someone who lets nothing come in their way of their religion.

  202. Too bad Captain Kosher didn’t hang out a while longer. The house could have used a bit more spice!

  203. R, Captain,I am glad you didn’t hold back on those idiots because you “socked it to them” in the verbal sense!!! Rock on Man!!!

  204. Captain Kosher (Andrew) was the most fascinating person! I wish he lasted longer than these bone heads. To think Enzo could take it makes me Sick-:(

  205. Oy vey, we are Jewish BB fanatics, we screamed in joy when Jordan won BB 11, we religiously watch every episode, every season and on Rosh Hashanah would be grateful to win the Captain Kosher shirt to wear with pride! Love your website-thanks for keeping us updated.

  206. I am soo sad to see BB getting ready to come to an end :( I cant wait to see what they have next season!!!!

  207. Andrew was the most honest player. wish he’d made it all the way. he should have let the cat out of the bag about Matt’s lie. Andrew knew or suspected.
    Please don’t let Enzo ride that seat all the way thru the rain forest!!!

  208. I think andrew was an awsome player. I really hated he got evicted. but i am voting Andrew as america’s favorite player.I would be very proud to wear his t-shirt.

  209. Woo hoo go captain kosher! I sure do miss him in the house, and I sure do want that t-shirt too! :)

  210. I love it!! Please pick me!! Big Brother is the best show I’ve watched it since day one but this season was by far the worst! I want hayden to win! My fav part this year is the pillow fight brit started! I would love this shirt I will cherish it 4 ever!! Muah!!:o)

  211. I liked the way Andrew was so dedicated to his religion and how he would pray and observe the Jewish Days. If I won the t-shirt, I would let my grandson wear it as his name is Andrew as well. He would love it! Thank you very much for giving us a place to comment and to compare opinions on this website. As the game comes to a close soon,,,,I will be looking forward to next years Big brother 13. To all the commenters, I have enjoyed reading your posts and it was never boring. Different people..different personalities and different opinions. If all the commenters here could be on a big brother show…that would be a top of the line show. It would be sooooooo interesting. I would love for my son to be like Andrew..Captain Kosher and that he was and then some.

  212. Being a Jewish guy myself, I thought Andrew left too early. But when he left he made us proud with keeping his character. And the speech he delivered when he left was awesome and the best of the season!

  213. I was def a big Captain Kosher fan at the beginning of season….I think he would have done better with different housemates, this season needed more characters like C.K. :)
    Love to have the shirt ;)

  214. Awesome contest!! LOVE Captain Kosher!!! :) :)
    And im loving your posts!! – I always read on here to see what happens early before BB airs on the west coast!! HAHA!! Thanks!!! :D :D

  215. I love BB and have since BB 1. I feel like a kid in a candy store each year waiting for the show to start!!

  216. These t-shirts rival the Super Jew shirts from Funny People. Our tribe should wear this one with pride. I’d wear this one almost as often as I’d wear an ‘I don’t dig on swine’ t-shirt.

  217. Team Andrew (Captian Kosher) all the way! He may be out of the house, but he is still one of the best players and might I add religious players of Big Brother!!!!!!! :)

  218. I am not Kosher but I love Kosher Dill Pickles and would love to have the T shirt in a large as I know they will be 100 percent cotton and might shrink…pick me pick me please

  219. Have really enjoyed the helpful info that your site provides I have been coming to it for the past 2 seasons! Thanks alot keep up the good work!!

  220. captain kosher rocks! I wish he would have lasted longer. Getting one of those shirts would make his biggest fan here happy. I hope Im lucky enough to be chosen. Love this web site. I spend about 80 hours a week just on big brother its crazy. Between the after dark and the regular shows and then this web site my full time job is big brother!

  221. Kaptin kosher! I’m a jew and I’m proud of it! I’m going to get you! But it. Would be very nice of u to give me this shirt :c)

  222. I think this has been the nicest group of people ever on Big Brother with one exception. It has been great not to really have a lot of fighting and see people get along so well! I have enjoyed it!

  223. Andrew..a great guy, even if he was kind of sketchy..he still didn’t deserve the negativity he received.

  224. i love getting the spoilers before it happens on tv. it makes watching it that much more awesome. i started watching big brother the night monet got voted off and have been watching it ever since. the show is getting addicted. although i hope reagan tells them he was the sabeutor #2. annie told them when she got voted off.

  225. Andrew… enjoyed watching you. I felt you weren’t given much of a chance but you handled yourself well.

  226. Thank you Big Brother Network for another good year!! Shout to CBS you folks have us all wanting to know who won, good job there it worked for me anyways!!! But for the cast… now they on the other hand this year….. was very different…. Andrew gave us the best evicition speech in BB history… as for the rest the bunch they were very boring, they whined to much, never cleaned da house, 1st sabotuer was voted out the first week, 2nd Sabotuer cried way to much, HG’s throwing comps too NOT win HoHs, pandora’s box da hand puppets, da dancing anywhere, NO s/f/k/c, diamond power of veto, rachel coming into house for 24 hrs, da money tree to name but a few! Da bra-gade on the other hand was a good move if it could last, and we know now it kinda lasted, 3 guys standing! Enzo made the show this year he had me crackin up all the time, my family in other room would yell at me and ask, what you laughing at? Hayden is good hearted and a really nice guy not a showboater! Lane is very smart in real life, but i think he played the doetoe to the max LOL! I think Britney went out on a HIGH note with class, wtg to her!!! All in all, I think the final 4 Houseguests gave way to much infro and not really caring about production and CBS and gave da live feeders all we wanted to know at this point, so wtg to CBS for blocking us all, kept me wanting more! So we will soon find out the results of comp!!GL HG’s GOOO ENZO LOLOLOL

  227. captain kosher was an awesome attribute to this season of big brother! i really hoped he would’ve gone further than he did …
    Anyway, his legacy of trying to make being different in the big brother house will live on.. (:

  228. The BEST speech ever in BB history. Andrew was silent but deadly!! He had a lot to do with Kristen’s eviction and I want to personally say Thanks!!! Also, thanks for the great posts!!

  229. Been a BB fan since day one, some have been absolutely horrible, some so-so but this one was the very best. I liked the fact that the family could sit down and watch together, my grandchildren love to watch and pick their favorites usually by epsiode 2. Yes, there was alot of whinning but I prefer that to all the sex and foul mouths. Just must be an “old” grandma….LOL

  230. I have never been so obsessed with a tv show before. I mean really, three days a week should be enough for anyone but not me. Thank god for the internet!!!(lol) Andrew, what an awesome way to go out!

  231. my three year old grandson laughed for days about andrew eating baby food.I would love to give him that shirt.

  232. Im thinking Kosher doesnt Float because no mater what happens a Floater is going to win this year If you did well and fought hard in Compatitions you left and nothing but floaters and freakin Ken Dolls are gunna be left

  233. Hello Big Brother Network all the way from Canada!!! I sure would like the Cpt. Kosher shirt please!!!

      • whole season could have been better. like it when you mix up the old and the young people. not just a group of know it all/lazy young ppl who don’t want to work for their money.

  234. A nice little jewish guy could come in handy…oh wait…you mean i dont get whats inside the shirt too? Well i guess theres something to be said when a guy will give you the shirt off his back. It says he’s now a naked jewish guy….now THAT’S kosher!!

  235. Another reason to bash Britney. She was the mastermind in getting him out of the house because he knew that she was a snake. I couldn’t believe how early Andrew left. He was pure comedy! Britney couldn’t use her skank powers on him like she did with Lane, so she found no use for him.

  236. I must say that whoever designed the Captain Kosher T-shirts obviously were blind. They’re the ugliest T-shirts ever made, and I wouldn’t wear it out in public. However, it still is free and would be good to be an extra shirt just in case you need to do the laundry!

  237. I agree on shirt artwork. Sorry graphics guy. It should have been a pickle with a Yamaka. No disrespect to the Jewish faith, but wasn’t Andrew a Have Not like all the time? I think they were allowed to eat pickles…kosher of course.

  238. Captain Kosher shirt ? Way to funny … I would love to win one ;@) I live in s tiny Southern Baptist town and this would def turn heads lmfbo please pick me and I am In Fl so good for him lol

  239. Andrew, I was really sorry to see you leave. You should have networked better, but your goodbye speech was the best ever. Captain Kosher lives on!!!!!!!

  240. Captain Kosher shirt is a great idea and i would love to wear one im a 2 xl and like in a jewish district so it would go over great.And i’m also a big survivor fan can’t wait.Will be glad to see andrew again at finale he was my favorite.

  241. camptain kosher had no chance against the bra-gade!..this cast had the best rating ever in the bb12 compound..enzo made things so funny:)

  242. You have done a great job on updates but this season was terrible. I hope Enzo is gone next.

  243. Love this site and love the show. I was rooting for Brittney. Now i’m not so sure…as long as Enzo doesnt win!

  244. i think the funniest thing is the fact that the brigade has spent the last week sayinf how popular they will be when they get out but really…people are more annoyed withy them than anything…what makes them think they are gonna be rock starts?? And now, Andrew has a tshirt people want! I love it!!!!

  245. I would love to have a “Captain Kosher” T-shirt (L)! Andrew is so funny, I really missed him keeping us entertained. His speech was one we will never forget…it will surely go down in “Big Brother” history!!!!

  246. Since Britt is gone….go Lane….Andrews speech was the shit…most memorable eviction speech in history…I love this site…so will you please use the veto on me…I mean will you please give me the t-shirt…size large…want to use as a gown…thanx…love ya..mean it…

  247. I’d really like to win one and give it to my girlfriend as a surprise. She’d really appreciate it and so would I.

  248. I would love a Captain Kosher T shirt. I am a huge Big Brother Fan and I actually felt a little sorry for Andrew….I think he was misunderstood….but a good guy anyway…just not a very good player of the game.

  249. I still don’t understand why dippy Enzo is still in this competition when he broke have not rules and also cheated on wearing his chicken outfit. He is a total LOOSER.

  250. Hayden and Lane are the two biggest cowards for not taking Brit to the final 3 instead of Enzo. She is the true winner of this game.

    • She was played!!! She thought that she could be all sweet and make it to the final. Wake up call !!!!!! She lost !!!!

  251. Please pick me! I’m a super loyal fan, and I’m always on the chatroom and commenting on your posts. I love Big Brother, and Andrew was my favorite from this season!

  252. In retrospect, many of the best players were eliminated too early. I really don’t care who wins but I’d love to win the T-shirt. I have a huge collection of T-shirts and I need MORE>

    Love your board. :-)
    (Did I kiss up enough?)

  253. Iam a bb12 fan and would be honored by a captaon kosher shirt,thanks for the gift BB fan forever


  254. I absolutely adore “Captain Kosher” and would love to Represent BIG BROTHER in the State of Wyoming. I’d really like to win

    • oh yeah…thought of what I could do with the tshirt…Id go to Bayonne and camp out at the Meow Meows house to rub it in his face…then again Captain Imagination should be in Hollywood checking out all of his offers. right? LOL

  255. I loved BB this season! It is sad to see it come to an end though. I will be having withdrawl systems! Bravo to Britney for getting as far as she did against the brigade. she was my favorite!

  256. I like Matt!! he was my favorite and i wish he would’ve made it further! but now that Matt is gone, I think I want Hayden to win cuz he seems to be fighting harder than the others

  257. Andrew, I loved your exit speech. It was awesome. And, isn’t that what BB is all about? Good for you. Congrats!!

  258. I want Hayden to win because he has played the best but I like Layne’s attitude and he is good hearted.

  259. I actually liked Hayden from the start, I just hope he wins, he soooo well deserves to, he’s playing the game as the others just don’t seem to care, there more worried about being famous than focusing on the game…

  260. andrew i held out hope that you would be able to stay on bb. it is not often that some one will play with integrity the way that you did, we all applaud you here!!!!!

  261. ok, i never win anything and I really LOVED Andrew’s speech, it was the best BB eviction speech ever! Please give me the shirt, I want it, I need it, I love it! And I promise to follow you to the Survivor and American Idol sites, I’ve been your loyal BB follower all summer…..

  262. ENZO gets my vote…never a funnier guy on BB. The entertainment value of him alone is worth the vote….

  263. he was my favorite houseguest and he stood for what he believed in even inside the house.

    someone we should look up to!

  264. Happy and healthy new year to andrew….he was robbed, that’s for sure….i wish he had at least made it to the jury house…all the best…

  265. There is more drama in the jury house than at bbhouse. I don’t like Rachel calling Ragan names because of his sexual preference. I am not gay nor do I have gay friends or family members that are gay. Rachel is still so hateful and she needs to respect oter cultures,other races and gay people. I hope Hayden or Lane wins HOH. I remember when Brittany was dancing in the hall way after she vote another player out. Brittany what happened, I didn’t see you dancing when you got evicted.

  266. Andrew, I applude you for mantaining your relgious values and stands in the game. You speech that you gave should have been a wake up call to the rest of the house but as the saying goes, “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink”! I think this year’s house was filled with some of the most naive people I have ever see in all of the season of Big Brother. I think you would be a great candiate for Survivor!

  267. Did I Win?……Did I WIN?….I’m So excited and I’m about to loose control because I know I’ll like it. Big Brother & Captain Kosher Thank you for another great season. Now what will I do without you?

  268. Agree about wanting to see Layne take the whole thing! Captain Kosher rocks…those tshits are awesome!!!

  269. yay Captain Kosher t-shirts! Too bad aligning with Brendon & Rachel wasn’t too kosher.. sent a good player packing much ealier than he should’ve.

  270. i loved andrew and thought he should have stayed longer ! i love the t-shirts that is awesome !

  271. Congrats on whomever won the T-shirts. I am happy for you. Wear them proudly. Andrew did have an excellent speech. The speech was precise and to the point. Matt, (on the bb show) what a complete let down. Matt had the time to out the Brigade and chose not to do it. On the other hand, maybe that is a good sign of integrity on Matt’s behalf and it shows he is a loyal friend. Dichotomy, dichotomy, dichotomy!

  272. I think Andrew and some others got a raw deal. I personally would have liked to have seen how far annie would have gone

  273. Loving the Meow-Meow Enzo !!! Some people are just gifted to make followers out people that really think they are leaders. He made the decision and allowed others to make it happen!! Strategy is what its all about!

  274. love the shirt..would like to have seen how things played out if andrew rachel and brenden had stayed..

  275. go Lane – I wish Rachel was in the final but Lane is the best one left in the bunch

    kudos to Andrew for staying himself and I did enjoy his speech – way to put it out there

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