Big Brother 12: Week 7 PoV Ceremony Results – Spoilers

Power of Veto

The Power of Veto Ceremony is over in the Big Brother 12 house and arguments are sure to follow with the eviction just days away. Crank up your live feeds (New to the feeds? Free Trial is still available) and watch the HGs scramble to save themselves and secure votes. Keep reading to reveal Big Brother Spoilers for what happened today at the Veto Ceremony.

Brendon, the winner of this week’s PoV, obviously used the Veto. Britney named Matt as his replacement nomination. Either Matt or Enzo will be going to the Big Brother Jury House this Thursday and I’m thinking it’s the end for Matt.

If you turn on your live feeds (or try the free trial already) you can listen in and watch as the house reacts and prepares for the eviction. There is so much backstabbing going on right now that it’s insane. Everyone is turning on everyone at every chance. This is what makes this phase of the game the best!

Update: Ragan may now know that Matt was trying to get him nominated. Matt is trying to talk with Ragan but he doesn’t want to. This could spell Ragan D-R-A-M-A!

What do you think? Which of these two will be evicted on Thursday’s live show: Matt or Enzo? Now a different question: Who should be evicted?

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    • I think, between these two, Matt deserves to stay more (Enzo is completely worthless, as we all know). But, I’m sure Enzo will stay since Hayden and Lane are afraid of Matt.

      Keeping the weaker player (the weakest in the game, in fact) is probably in the voter’s best interest right now.

      • Rico, if there was a “like” button on this I would have hit it under your statement. LIKE… what you just said. LOL

    • Brit is so stupid! She lost ragan and matt as alliances and now she only has lane part-time(since he has the birgade and they r kicking her out next). How could she be so stupid as to trusting the people who are against her (enzo, brendon) and think they were really gonna watch her back! I am so pissed cuz matt is one of the only people really fighting. I hope that “all-talk” kitty kat gets evicted alongside shirtless maniac, hayden!

      PS everyone who says matt is slimy. Maybe he is in the house but THATS WHAT THE GAME IS! he is not the only one lying in the house right now! Now screw brit(even tho she is so hilarious!) for making a terrible desicion! and I hope ragan or brendon(the only fighters left) win the half mill!

      • I agree I would like to see either of those two win but brendon will probably share with rachel and I think she is a idiot

      • No, their alliance was broken when Matt went to Brit trying to throw Ragan under the bus. He sealed his own fate.

      • Please not Ragan. He crys too damn much. He thinks he’s funny in the DR room but can’t stand his dramazination of everything. His face in the shot comp looked hideous. He only got this far because of Matt. Too bad Matt got alittle too cocky and sure of himself towards the end cause that probably cost him the game. I thought he was a strategic player and shouldn’t have started that brigade right from the start.

    • Bye bye Matt. I don’t like Matt so I can’t wait to see him go. He’s way too cocky. If he really threw that HOH comp, he sealed his own fate since last Thursday.

      If I were basing who I wanted to see go based on game play, obviously Matt is a better competitor, but since I want what’s best for Brendon, Matt has to go because Brendon should be able to kick Enzo’s ass any day of the week in just about any comp.

      If Brendon makes it to final two he should most definately win because he has been a target since day 1 and has managed to keep himself in the game. Except for the one lapse in judgement when he tried to throw himself under the bus to save Rachel from eviction, his game has been on point. I like Rachel, but u can’t play this game in a showmance.

      Team Brendon!!

      • Matt went up into the HOH room and told Britney to put up Ragan. He also told the rest of the brigade to tell Britney to put Ragan.

      • But the rest of The Brigade didn’t do that, did they? They really screwed over Matt. I don’t feel sorry for him though. I would have had more respect for him if he had not thrown his pal Ragina under the bus. While I dislike Big Red atleast loyal to a fault Brendon did not do that. Hell he thrown himself under the bus for her. NOW although that was crazy and his loyalty is misguided concerning her I would rather have someone like Brendon on myside than any of those other back stabbers.

  1. Matt’s only play appears to out the Brigade and get Brendon and Brit to see the dangers of a 3-man alliance.

  2. game over for matt.

    Brendan, Ragan, Lane, and Hayden are voting.
    Brendan — EVICTS MATT
    Ragan — EVICTS ENZO
    Lane — EVICTS MATT
    Hayden — EVICTS MATT

    Sorry. Matt made the single greatest mistake of the game by not evicting Enzo when he used the DPOV. Instead, he wasted a potential game changer on KATHY.

    Matt lost my respect when he did that. I wanted him, Lane, Brit, and Ragan to move forward…

    So I guess I’ve got Brit and Lane to root for in the end?

    Matt, you got yourself here, sucks to be you. You can now look back and realize what your critical mistake was. YOU KNEW ENZO WOULD BE KICKING YOU OUT OF THE HOUSE. He told you 2h before veto!

    • only thing is brit is gone next week cuz there is no one to beat brendon for HOH now matt threw last one so he could compete this week but brit screwed that up.

      • I think Brit will be gone this week in double eviction. There is no way Brendon, Enzo, Hayden, or Lane will take her to the final.

    • I agree…Matt wasted the Diamond Veto on Kathy. He should have made a bolder move in the game instead of sitting back and making it easy.

    • I don’t think it is going to happen. Matt is definately not a pawn but he has three days to sway votes. The way matt plays I am sure he will get the votes and will stay in the house at least another round.

    • Anything can happen, but I definately think Matt is going on Thursday.

      Brendon, definately won’t keep him. Matt is Brendon’s biggest competitor and his target last week.
      Lane and Brendon, also know its best to get rid of Matt, they can’t beat him at the end.

      Side note: Hayden’s dumbest move in the game was telling Enzo and Lane he won the prizes. That will definately come out soon.

  3. Bye bye lie lie lies will not get u fair in the game!!! Yessss good bye Bitch Reagan can cry like a baby too loose his butt buddy!!!

    • Mary, did you proofread this before you posted it? I can’t understand a thing you’re saying.

  4. matt’s going – I am convinced that matt played a soft game until rachel was gone – he is now playing hard – he will win HOH and put up Ragan and Britney.

    People do not like Enzo and Hayden – but why – they allowed matt to play the bad buy and now he is gone- that is a game plan

    I truly want to see Ragan go next – I dislike Brit for her dishonesty, but I would want her next to me in the final 2 – she has no friends in the JH and never will

    • Bobby…. much of the dislike towards Enzo is the fact that he acts like he is such a competitor when he clearly is not. He acts like he is some kind of force to be reckoned with and that he is soooo smart for “figuring out” that Kathy was the saboteur, then he changes his mind and is now brilliant in “figuring out” that is was Matt. His cockiness and smack talk about things he can’t back up (or are completely wrong about) is what turns a lot of people off.
      Oh, also… he thinks he is sooooo loved by America and acts like he’s going on some kind of victory tour after BB (and possibly becoming a star!)…. he’s pulling up the rear in most popularity polls!
      These are the things that people tend to dislike.

  5. Considering Enzo has done NOTHING, he deserves to go….but unfortunatly for Matt, he is good at comps. and all that so he is a bigger threat, therfore he is going home! =( I hope not cause I like Matt a lot((Besides lying about his wife)), but im sure its the end of the road for him!!

  6. Brittney is a sponge!! She’ll soak up what anyone tells her and she’ll believe it! How can you be so clueless to think the brigade would keep her around?! So sad to know Matt is gonna go home :( brittney needs to be next!!!!

  7. i agree, matt outs the brogade to ragan, brendon, and brit and create a new 4 person alliance. let it be a tie with the votes on thur (lane & hayden vote out matt and brendon and ragan vote out enzo) then let brit break the tie by voting enzo out and a shift in power begins a new. ragan, matt, brendon and brit all win in competitions. they deserve to play this out longer than hayden/lane.

    • agree completely, but won’t happen. unfortunately Matt is going & they just gave the game to Brenchel!!

    • Thats never gonna happen.


      Seriously, Brendon not using an oppornity to take out Matt. The person who tried to separate him and Rachel. Are you mad?

    • Thats never gonna happen.


      Seriously, Brendon not using an opportunity to take out Matt. The person who tried to separate him and Rachel. Are you mad?

      • I just wished or maybe he does, I wish that Brendon plays everyone like they have been playing him. Yeah get Matt out and then Brit thinks she is safe. Then he wins the short HOH and puts up Ragina and Brit. Ragina is gone. Then Hayden or Enzo maybe win the NEXT HOH and put up Brendon and Brit, Brendon wins POV and the Princess goes home………..perfect to me.

  8. I can still see Lane Brit and Brendon forming an alliance – brit is still in the game – if Brendon, Hayden or Enzo wins HOH Ragan goes up with Brit and Ragan goes home

  9. I wanted Enzo Brandon & Matt up so I cannot have it all. I think it is time to clean house with all 3 & Maybe Hayden will do some thinking on his own. I hope Lane & Britney go all the way!!!!!!!!!

  10. and, that is what matt gets for blowing off the hoh comp. you are never safe in the bb house. this guy has too many lapses in his high IQ.

  11. WOW, Im going to have to say I am a bit surprised, I am sure Enzo is just all about how the Bri Gade – 1 now is still running the house, how him, Hayden and Lane have dominated the whole season and blah blah blah. Brit really needs to convince Lane to come over the the other side, allign with Brenden and take out those two. Thats IF Matt goes home.
    Im going to be really disgusted if Hayden or Enzo make it any further.
    IF Matt leaves Ragan will be useless and do nothing but cry the rest of the show. I cant take anymore of that either.
    GAWD please some one do something exciting and unpredictable and shake things up PLEASE!

  12. brit must win hoh and pov and put up waaaandon and ragan and waaaandon and send waaaandon to the jury house.

  13. Well she got outsmarted by 3 guys who aint done a Dam….n thing oh well the show suxs and I hope Brenden wins now cuz Britt just screwed the game up I think the people who win things and compete and get to the other side should win it suxs that Enzo will float thru this game and maybe even get to the end

  14. what was she thinking? now there will be no one to beat Brendon for HOH, and she will be gone.

    • Double Eviction – Thursday Night someone will be evicted (Matt) and someone will stay (Enzo). Right after , there will be a whole weeks worth of big brother rolled into one night. So instead of someone winning HOH on thursday and then waiting until Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday to watch the whole week pan out, we get to watch it all this thursday.

  15. Matt has played the best game so far :( Enzo has floated on the accomplishments of others. Now Matt will go home because of his 1 big mistake: not using his DPOV to get rid of Enzo last week. What a shame.

    • I hope so. I know Enzo hasn’t done anything but that guy cracks me up! He keeps me laughing. I have to admit the other night when Brit was handcuffed to Brendon I actually liked her then. She was nice and actually really funny. Too bad…..

  16. i hate you britney. i really don’t care what anybody else thinks but matt deserved to win this game now brendon, enzo, hayden and lane will be final four. none of them have done crap and i hope britney gets voted out thursday.

    • No, actually Brendon has done a lot to get to this point. He actually wins and refuses to go out without a fight.

    • Lance how can you say Brendon hasn’t done anything? Hell the man has been fighting for his life and has done more (except for Brit) than anyone in the house. 1 HOH and 3 POV’s and all by himself. Well some of those, when Big Red was in the house I do believe shd kinda gave him that one POV along with Andrew.

  17. damnitt brit!! and enzo and lane and hayden survive another week.

    she gotta win the second HOH or veto brit. she can do it.

    u too ragan.

    damn lane and enzo. assholes lol

  18. Matt should be evicted….FINALLY! He’s a snake, a liar and has a severe case of Napoleon complex!

    • Isn’t it amazing how the tide turns? Just last week Matt was so sure of himself because he knew he had the DPOV. He used it and Ragina and him and Brit were so happy. Now see how it turns on them? Don’t ever be too cocky and let others see. Brendon has had a much better game without Red and her being so cocky. When Red was there I noticed that things finally did not go their way when she got too cocky. Now he is playing for his life each time and it is paying off. Maybe now the house is not so much against Brendon as each other. About damn time.

  19. Get rid of Matt! Enzo is comic relief and a good guy who doesn’t lie about wife’s fake illness.
    Starting to think that Hayden is finally playing the game and thinking it through. Next week Ragan and Britney should be on the block – get ride of the biggest cry baby, gossip monger ever!!!

  20. bye bye matt, you friggin sawed-off twit . . . the whole house now knows that you’re played ’em all – – have fun with Kathy and Rachel

    Reagan’s next
    then Brit, Enzo and Lane
    leaving Brendon and Hayden

    • yes its a double eviction week. but after matt gets voted off, then they will have a new HOH comp, nomination, veto comp, and eviction back to back all on thurs night. Doesn’t mean that both matt and enzo is going home. Just means two people are going home.

      • You’d think this would be the perfect week for the guys to vote out Brit. She CAN NOT play for HOH. She’d only save herself winning the POV OR if Ragan wins HOH.


    she didnt lose ragan. ragan doesnt have anyone, or will have nobody BUT brit. she didnt lose him, however he prolly lost some confidence in her.

  22. Has Ragan stopped CRYING yet or will that continue thru the end of the game…or until he goes home….UGH!

  23. Ragen is a big corn dog {weenie} who needs to get the boot more so thn Matt. He thinks hes untouchable

  24. JayKay, You must not be an avid BB fan. I’ve watched it since season #1. First, when there’s a double eviction week, and after they evict 1 of the two put up this week (Matt), then they immediately do a quick HOH comp. Next, that person will quickly nominate two people. Once two peolple are nominated, they do a veto comp, and it’s used or not used. Then, another person will leave before the end of the show. I know it sounds crazy, but they call it a “Fast Forward Night”.

  25. I hope that it is a tie and brit breaks it by sending enzo home. He has not bothered to fight to win this game and it will be a better show with more drama if matt stays.

  26. ok heres my thought

    at HOH, anyone other than lane, should put up Ragen and Brit…period…I would NOT put brenden up…the reason being I think you want to take him as far as you can…hes not a threat to get jury votes..other than TWO…so its a guarenteed win

    if enzo wins hoh, he should keep brenden
    same with hayden

    I hope brenden just wins HOH and puts up ragen/brit and bye bye bye

  27. John – a double eviction means that on live eviction night after the first eviction (when Matt will probably be voted out) there will be an HOH comp, a POV comp, a POV ceremony and a second vote taken to evict a second person – like a whole week of stuff in one night.

    • ohhhh ok. Britney allowed herself to be bullied and now will pay the ultimate price. Unless Ragan wins HOH.

  28. ding dong the troll is gone! unless BB gives him another DPOV that he doesn’t deserve! I hope everyone backdoors Brit next or gets Reagan out! can wait for Thursday!

  29. bitter sweet if Ragen and Matt both get the boot this week…then Ragen can go hang with Rach

  30. we all said it…matt was an idiot to get rid of kathy…she was no threat and brit was sitting there learning and preparing for the quiz…she had done this since rachel left…matt BLEW it…his hatred for brenden really messed him up on this one. the smart move is always to remove someone like brit who as I said was too close to lane AND your best pal ragen…dumb matt…not a super smart move.

    just a dumb one

    • This is why the choice was always matt – lane wants matt gone – Brit for now will do as Lane demands – she is such a fool of a player

      I know people do not like Brendon because of Rachel – but he seems to keep his word and he plays hard – especially now that Rachel is gone – based on the game play what has Brendon done wrong?

      • I agree…I would keep him, for the reason that hes loyal, and he wont get more than 2 votes because of this hate

      • Agree 100% about Brendon. He can be very loyal – just look at what he put up with from Red.

  31. Someone here, there or yon suggested in a post that whoever gets to the final 2 should take Enzo to the final 2 with him/her because they would be certain to win over Enzo. Not a bad plan, IMHO.

    • They should take Brendon first and foremost…Enzo as a possible backup. No one would pick Brendon for the fact it would let Rachel win too.

      • Yeah, you would think that, but there has been some talk in the house among the guys that they would vote for Brendon just because he’s fought so hard to win. Of course, that stuff can change on a dime in the BB house.

      • Yea but whoever gets to the Jury house is going to have to be with Rachel and we all know how guns blazing she is and how loved she is by the other houseguests…lol…it could turn out to be the worst thing for Brendon.

      • Brendon has come into his own since Red left the house. Wish he had never hooked up with her – she just stifled his game play!

      • I disagree. In the end there may be a Jury full of impressed evictees considering he stayed in for so long with so little to help him get through to the end. All season he has survived with one or no allies. I think that only the catty HGs (Brit, Ragan) would hold Rachel against him, especially considering they won’t forgive how rude Brendon was to them in defense of Rach.

    • karma for matt, lying about his wife having a disease, screw him and maybe one day his lie will become reality

      • i wish they would have evicted rachel and not annie….even though annie was the sab shes was soo dammmm hottt

      • That’s a horrible thing to wish upon someone. I would say lying about a disease is not nearly as bad as hoping someone gets it.

        Maybe you should look in the mirror before you continue criticizing other people.

      • agree rob, I was wondering why the hg’s called her “plain”…I thought she was the hottest HG

  32. BRENDON is in the perfect position! He wins when he has to and in the end,not anybody can say he played the game dirty. Enzo and Hayden have just rode this fake brigade all season and we’ll see if Lane ends up breaking Brits heart with him having to make a choice????

    • Not playing dirty? You must have missed the full week when him and Rachel were both on the block.

      • That wasn’t even dirty, to be perfectly honest. He was trying to save Rachel by getting himself evicted, but every HG saw through that, too. I would think that only Brit and Ragan would hold a grudge for that week, since they’re so catty.

      • thanks guys, he was not playing dirty, the guy was trying to evict himself. they didn’t let it happen. I say he wins the whole thing

      • I agree Brendon has not played dirty as so much stupid. Now that his bad influence is gone I think he has played a great game. He told Brit she wasn’t going on the block nor would he backdoor her and he didn’t. Yeah he thought about it but who wouldn’t, I think he had an inkling that Brit’s word was not trustworthy and he sure found out how true that was.

      • Thank you so much!! I wasn’t gonna say nothing but what a stupid ass to say brendon didn’t play dirty. What the hell u watching. BB on CBS dumb ass in case u didn’t know

  33. It may sound stupid but think matt threw away the HOH competition, when he was ”booted out” of the game he looked at the cameras with a smile and seemed happy. He could have done that because he would’ve tought he’d be safe with anyone winning since brendon was the target and he could’nt play…

    • He just didn’t want to do the dirty work. That’s why he threw the game. And I’m sure he felt he was safe.

  34. That just stinks!!!!!!! Why would you ever do that???? Terrible move Britany you just kissed your chances goodbye.

  35. i can’t wait for thursday.when that little dummy leaves.cry baby ragan is next.i never seen a man cry so much.

  36. If brendon rubs it in on Matt when the eviction comes he will look bad, but if he just lets it go I think he will be considered a respectable player who plays

      • no he wont do that….hasnt anyone noticed…even when matt says stuff, or brit in her pathetic nom speech, he takes it in…hes playing such a less emotional game with rachel out of the picture…even how he talks is lessannoying

      • I agree. He was only catty for one week, and all of it was an act to try to save Rachel from eviction at the expense of himself. Pretty honourable in the twisted world of Big Brother if you ask me.

  37. I hope Matt goes home. I don’t like Enzo that much either. The Brigade is going to break up if Matt doesn’t go!

  38. Bam! Backdoor this! Hayden for the win! Hell, Hayden for president! Hayden 2012 for the Loser/Moron Party!

    That guy is gonna end up winning everything because he is just a butthead!

    • I agree, I’ve been saying it for 3 weeks, Hayden will win on being a nice guy alone.. A horrible player but no one is going to evict him and no one is going to take someone else over him to the final 2.

  39. Matt sealed his fate this week. He didn’t use the DPOV the right way, he threw comps, and he backstabbed and threw Ragan (his only real ally) under the bus to save himself.I’m hoping Ragan goes out right behind him because if I couldn’t stand to hear him cry anymore. I guess lying don’t pay off all the time. Peace out Matty! :)

      • Well, if Ragan doesn’t get evicted during the 2nd eviction on Thursday, then he has a good chance of winning the following HoH because it will likely be an endurance competition, which he has excelled at.

        Britney is in big trouble though. She has basically played this week for the guys in the house (minus Ragan) and will likely go very soon.

      • I agre – would like to see Brendan in the final 2 – Don’t worry about Rachel – I don’t think that relationship will last. What will she do in LA while he is in school – Vegas is where she belongs and wants to be – She will be too mcuh for him to handle. I’m sure his family is not too crazy about her either. Even though he is a bit controlling, he knows what he wants his woman to be – at home with him. not out boozing with other guys.
        On another note – the drinking on this show is something else. None of them eat while drinking – they are always mixing their drinks – beer, wine – whatever. They probably all wake up with headaches that’s why the game is being, or not being played, with any sense.

      • No disrespect.. but its kinda funny how everyone knows what Brendon’s family thinks about Rachel or the “type of women” Brendon likes just by watching an interview of his ex.

    • I agree I don’t think any other player in BB history has ever cried as much as Ragoon

  40. Matt, you did this to yourself…if Ragan finds out that he threw him under the bus…which he could have already…then u might get no votes on thursday…Matt reminds of a cheating boyfriend right now…hahahaha…i say Ragan should dump his ass…OHH…BTW MATT, wrong move…never try to throw your closest ally under the bus…because the minute they find out…KARMA STRIKES and what goes around does come around…

      • but eviction isn’t until Thursday…. anything could happen, he will talk his way out of it with Ragen…. but his fait is still sealed, no one else is voting him to stay….

    • And everyone thinks its smart to play dirty. Look where his lies and backstabbing got him. The boot baby.

      • Matt confused playing “dirty” with being deceptive.
        You must be deceptive to be successful, but you don’t have to be “dirty”.

      • thats what i’ve been trying to get across for weeks now just took a lil longer than I thought

      • Matt was all over the map. He overstretched himself in this game — it’s a miracle that he’s lasted this long. He was stringing along alliances with pretty much everyone in the house, telling too many lies, winning too many competitions, making too many big plays.

  41. So I can’t remember, when does the competitio for the HoH after the fast forward show/double elim take place?

  42. HA,HA,HA, First Ratt then Ragina (and they better give him alot of kleenex and prozac til thursday) and hopefully the BRO-GADE anticipates the votes from the JH and sends the brat down the road too.
    BBAD will be great 2nite lmao lol…..

    • me too Don although i won’t hold my breath…but it seems as if once he can’t win no reason to keep his lie a secret..please production expose the snake

    • I think Ragan is going to be crushed his hero lied to everyone about this that was the start of the downfall of his game in mt opinion. Karma baby.

  43. I think Matt will be evicted, and I also think he and Enzo are both deserving of a trip to the jury house fo different reasons. Enzo simply because he refuses to really play the game. He is a floater that is not even floating very well. Matt deserves because I really dislike the way he is playing this game. Be confident in your gaming skills but he is beyond confident he is arrogant and shady(I am aware shady is a part of the game, but the lie about his wife and then using Regans feelings for him is just cruel IMO. There is just something about Matt that makes me itch he is just scuzzy IMO!

  44. Bye Bye Matt!!! He’s a liar. Can’t stand the fact that he lied about his wifes health. That’s just bad karma…It sounds like Enzo, Brendon and Brit are the only ones who really played for the Veto…but Matt needs to go…straight to the jury house*****

  45. BB is finally getting good! It has been kind of boring this season and I am so glad Matt is going home. Anyone who lies about there wife having a deadly disease just to get sympathy in the house, deserves to get the boot!! The only two that will be left who deserve to go to F2 is Brit and Brendon. They have won the most comps.

    • While Ragan was trying to keep Matt off the block, Matt was telling Brittney to nominate Ragan instead of Hayden (for some reason he’s still being loyal to the Brigade.. even though they are trying to get rid of him)

      • Matt is the only one loyal to the brigade and Enzo is an idiot, Hayden is too stupid to care, and Lane just doesn’t care….personally I think Lane will get rid of Brigade before Brittany….but he won’t have a choice as the double eviction we will most likely see her going to jury’s house

      • if you watch the live feeds, you will see that Lane only comforts britney because he has the hots for her, but he in no way, going to side with bratney before enzo/hayden.

    • He went to Brit telling her to put Ragen up instead of him. Saying he wasn’t close to Ragen, but Ragen thought he was.

    • i hope he doesn’t because then all the Brendon haters will have something more to hate him about even though it was said to him first. I hope he just continues to keep his composure and play hard. He has proved that he wants and deserves to be in this game.

      • i guess someone is angry that matt is going home. **shrugs** oh well, like spikemom said I hope he doesn’t stoop to Matt’s level…lol!

    • love the lil dummy remark after big dummy last week but why stoop to his level heehee pun intended

      • Short jokes are about as clever as fat jokes, except people can’t even help that they’re short.

  46. I don’t believe it, Matt is going home this week because of the diamond power of veto basically, if he never had that choice he would still have enzo on his side…so heres what I think…Brittany’s an idiot and going home on Thursday on the 2nd eviction ragen will vote to keep him, hayden will vote for him out, and Lane will betray Brittany’s word and get rid of Matt. Hands down I feel bad for Matt, on the block twice, after saving himself and now hes done this week. Once Brittany goes on the block the vote will go unanimous because unless ragen is on the block he’ll feel Brittany betrayed his only true friend in the house.

    • Matt through Ragan under the bus and apparently he knows about it so I doubt he will be that mad.

    • Matt would gave gone last week if he didnt use DPOV. It’s fair. Lol, he thought he is smart, and he has been used by Brigate from the begining. When he used the DPOV, he made mistake again, wrong replacement. Kathy never wanted to win anything if she had to, and even she wins, Matt is not her target.

  47. Enzo, Hayden, and Lane are still in this game because of Matt. Matt took out all the trash and went after everyone the Brigade needed gone, they call Matt a snake when really the only person that stood true to the Brigade was Matt. Without him the brigade would have been dismantled, the rest of the guy could win a POV or HOH if there lives depended on it and the only way they could get rid of Matt was to backdoor/backstab him.

    • I agree 10000% on everything you just said, after carrying the team and staying loyal = getting evicted….retarded!

      • in a way I think CBS screwed over Matt’s chances on winning….. so he gets looked at like he won something BIG….enzo and Hayden and Lane convinced to getting him out, Matt takes himself off the block, and Enzo was still ticked….and now Matt’s getting back doored because everyone now thinks of “a big snake” when they think of Matt…it’s quite sad when someone tries to save himself and they hate him for it

    • I don’t understand why Matt wouldn’t expose them to Britney. If he came clean and said that he’s been in a secret alliance with them but now they’re targeting him, she would definitely put one of them up.

  48. My heart sunk when I read this.

    Matt is going home and Brittney just blew her game. Good job you dumb blonde.

    • Once Britney and Ragan go, the game is Brendon’s to win. I must admit, I’ve gained a lot of respect for him with his veto win this week. He came back from a huge blow last week with the DPOV to secure both his safety and Matt’s downfall this week. I don’t like his personality, but his gameplay has been admirable as of late. Once the double eviction night is over and the 2nd HoH of the night is determined, if it’s Brendon and the Brigade left over, I’m predicting a final win for Brendon.

  49. MATT completely squandered his opportunity with the DPOV and this week, thinking he was still in good with the Brigade.

    MATT = Mensa member = certified genius = lacking common sense.

    • Your name is Poops McGee. I don’t think you should be saying anyone is or isn’t smart.

      • Your name is Brad D.

        I don’t think you should be telling me what opinions I can or can’t have.

        This is a comments section Brad D. I’m commenting, as I am allowed.
        Get over yourself Brad D.

      • I know poops if i have to hear him call himself a diabolical super genius one more time…………………

      • Umm?

        How can I take anyone seriously when they make their name Poops McGee? What are you 12 dude?

        I just find it really ironic your saying someone in Mensa is stupid and that basically you could do better, under the name Poops McGee. Maybe i’d take you seriously if you just put “Bill” or your name.

      • Its a silly name for a commenting section on a BB fansite. Maybe it’ll get a chuckle. What’s wrong with that? Others have silly names on here too. Nothing wrong with it.
        Besides, I did’t say he was STUPID, I said he was lacking common sense, and his gameplay has shown that.

      • Good post Popps! Obviously some people like attacking other posters when they don’t like what they read. Instead of having a healthy debate, they go for personal stabs. We all know its just a show and we are here to enjoy ourselves.

      • Oh and I saw your “Dumb Blonde” comment. You have no room to talk about how people comment on here.

        Like I said Brad D., get over yourself.

  50. id like to see matt out the brigade and turn brendon on them and vote enzo out would be a great game changer….but i still like the meow meow

    • I don’t care for Matt but you make a great point. I think he will definitively out the Brigade. He has nothing to loose. But since he threw Ragan under the bus(i hope it runs over him)he probably has lost his vote even if he outs the brigade. But that will be his last hope. He already said a few shows ago to Enzo that he will out them. Anybody with live feeds is Ragan having a complete meltdown again because things are not going his way? I cannot WAIT for him to go. How many times has he said. “I am a good judge of character” But it takes him ten minutes to say it.!!!

  51. I hope Enzo goes, he’s really done nothing to the brigade, yet Matt won 2 HOH’s to keep the brigade safe, but I predict a collapse of the brigade next week. I hope it’s Enzo, then Hayden follows him, then Matt or Brendon the week after.

    • matt has NEVER played for the BORgade! Matt has ONLY played for himself :) The first HOH got him in some heat with the 3 stooges for NOT nominationg brenchel, and that wasn’t what was best for the Borgade, he did it to save his own butt and not get blood on his hands. Everything Matt does is to not get blood on his hands, but it’s too late for him now, because even his own allies see him for the snake that throws ppl under that bus, that he is.

      • Matt might have been for himself, but the Brigade is a bunch of losers. Even more so without him. He probably helped them stay in the game this long. Think about it. He did. They can’t win nothing! The Beast, Meow Meow and the College Boy. All losers!

      • the point of this game is for one person to win the prize. he’s not the only snake. his strategy was working until he threw the last comp.

      • the only thing they’ve done to keep themselves there is VOTE together, but Matt only looks out for himself, all he did was secure the fact that he had 3 others voting the same as him

  52. I’m sorry. Call me mean. But I’m so happy that both Ragan and Brit got to see what kind of snake he truly is. He made Brit’s decision easy at the end when it really counted, why would she keep him after he betrayed his closest ally? I’m all smiles right now. Woo Hoo!

      • #47 sara aka whatever, were you not 86’ed? OOPs am I bad? Need to look at the time zone!! Funny one BB!!

    • The final straw in what had become a series of mistakes by Matt. It was a shame, as he showed some really admirable gameplay skills throughout the game. Now, he has only paved the way for floaters to sneak in.

      It’s interesting how floaters have evolved. The original floater, in a sense, was Will in S2, who threw every competition (except for the second to last one). Now, floaters are so painful to watch because they lack the diplomacy that made Will a winner.

      • All Matt really has done is win HOH 2 times, and he never has been able to make the hard decisions. He should have put Hayden up this week, Brendon and Rachael with his first HOH win. Saying his wife is sick may get him the big win if he were in the final 2, but it also makes it so others won’t take him to the final 2 because of that. Briteny and Brendon have really been the one true players no matter how much we dislike them.

      • Will was so NOT a floater. Floaters don’t know how to play, just skate by under the radar and do nothing. Will purposely threw competitions because that was his strategy, but he was the smartest, most manipulative player of all time. He pulled the strings of just about everyone in his season, by starting “showmances” (he was the original by the way) and lying to everyone. He was the best player ever on BB! And not a floater in any sense.

  53. This really sucks. Matt is my favorite character. I don’t care how many people hate on me for it. Brendon looks like a monkey; and Enzo and Hayden are absolutely worthless. Sure, I’m not a big fan of the lie Matt told about his wife but he was still playing a pretty descent game and I just enjoyed watching him on the show. Its a sad day for me now that his fate is pretty much official.

    • Agree 150%

      Matt played the best game, and now he’s the next Jeff. I will puke at the thought of someone like Enzo or Lane winning. they both think they don’t ‘need’ to win comps. The college boy is pretty pathetic too.

    • Matt made too many mistakes and he have the big picture all the time. But he kept doing wrong even he knew it’s wrong.

    • Matt lost the information game. Big Brother is like war; you can have the biggest guns, the smartest strategists, or even the best position, but without good intelligence, you’re basically walking onto the battlefield blind folded.

      If he was more aware of the Brigade’s intentions, he would have made a stronger play last week with the DPOV. That way, he could have built a stronger alliance with Britney, which would have secured his safety this week and kept the target on the rest of the house.

      Considering both Britney and Ragan are likely to go this week (barring some HoH/PoV magic from either of them), it’s Brendon’s game to win. He has completely turned his game around, and an underdog win would be a nice change for Big Brother.

    • Is that all you got is that Brendon looks like a monkey? If that’s true, what does Matt look like? A wet Rat? An old one at that.

  54. Matt was a complete idiot to throw Ragen under the bus to Britney.

    That was the dumbest thing he could have done.

    He still though he had a chance in the Brigade…….what a loony.

  55. Yes!!! Just say bye ratt boy! So glad to see ya go! There ya go genius, I thought you were totally controlling the game? looks like they’re not a bunch of idiots under your control.looks like your the main idiot in the house, lol. Well, genius, don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out! Too bad you can’t go tend to your sick wife, lmao! Hope your little boo hoo baby goes with you to the jury house, Rag-an or bratney leaving too would be so cool!

    • define who was the leader of the brigade? and why!…because clearly who actually won stuff after week 1…..Matt TWICE…Lane nope, Hayden nadda, Enzo……o he gotta penguin suit…..but no power so Clearly he was running the house, and now its better to be on the low side of the house in order to win

    • boo hoo baby Love it!! I wish Matt wouldn’t have thrown him under the bus so we could have watched the meltdown. He will still be crying but he will be more mad then sad.

  56. Bren just wants matty out. Once he’s gone, Bren will gladly go to the Jury House and be with his Rachel

    • Don’t see that happening – there’s still Ragan and Britney in that house to deal with…

  57. The reason I don’t like Brendon is because I find it extremely annoying that everything he does is for/about Rachel. He just needs to get over it. She’s gone and he needs to play for himself.

    • Who gives a rat’s behind what he is playing for…Matt is playing for his fake sick wife. The point is that he is a fighter.

      • matt is a fighter too. He’s been fighting this whole game. Brendon has no strategy and He will never win this game.

      • In my humble opinion he has just as much of chance to win as anyone else. Especially since Matt will be gone thurs, and hopefully Ragan right afterward. Matt having a strategy didn’t work for him so I guess that doesn’t guarantee anything.

      • In response to Rose:

        Firstly, I think it’s obvious that we care who or what he is playing for. Brendon has the potential to be a likable house guest, but he continues to tie everything he does to one of the most unlikable house guests the game has ever seen (for many people, at least — I’m sure you’ll disagree). I have found a new admiration for his survivability in this house, but his constant alluding to Rachel is very annoying. I’m reminded of Will in Season 2, making the odd reference to Shannon. I found that annoying, and Will did it once per episode at the most, usually only once per week if I recall correctly. Regardless, Brendon presents an odd combination of strength (surviving in the house) and weakness (being Rachel’s slave, essentially).

        As for your second post, if Britney or Ragan go this week, Brendon is the likely front runner to win it all. The Brigade have shown zero ability to win anything, and I don’t buy that they’re throwing it all, based on their diary room commentary.

    • How can you no matter how much you hate Brendon not cheer for an underdog. Personally I like him and would love it if he won. He is the nicest guy out of all of them. I know your gonna say how he acted when him and Rachel were on the block he was an asshole. Who wouldn’t be. It was everyone against them. They pushed him to the limit. He obviously cares for Rachel and it pissed him off. Like her or not. When him and Brat were handcuffed he was way to nice to her. She was having a fit about the veto comp. because no one tried and they were handcuffed at the time. I would have tore her a new one but Brendon kept calm and didn’t say a word. It’s about time the summer fest is changing. Poor Ragan his summer vacation is over. He told Rachel she was delusional and the next sentence out of his mouth was he wanted everyone to get along and hang out and have harmony in the house. I couldn’t help but think after that comment who was really delusional. She oh I mean he is to emotional to play this game. He goes from super highs to the lowest of lows. He’s mean spirited and very catty. Last night on BBAD he was so cocky. Look at him now. Well I can’t I don’t have the live feeds. I kinda wish I did. Matt can go hen the two bitches. Brat and little boo hoo baby!!!

  58. Dummies! Lane should be evicted. He can win. Brit and Bren can’t win. Ragan is a cry baby, him and Enzo need to go, but not before Lane. Lane is gonna win if the HG’s don’t get him out soon. Mark my word. He should be enemy number 1. They should get him out now on the double elimination if they can. Him and Enzo. Then I would go after Hayden then Ragan the cry baby.

    • I agree that Lane should go, because he will win this game if made to final two WITH ANYONE. But, if Lane were gone, I’d totally take Enzo to final two. He can’t win anything, and he’s all talk. I think that would be an easy win for Bren, imo just because I want him to win. Bratney has no jury votes, maybe Ragina’s.

      • who will win depends on how CBS will design the games. If they want to Britney win, she can beat Breden and Lane in Final3. Just like last year.

  59. they’re studying for the morph-o-matic competition! i love that comp!

  60. As a Britt / Ragan fan and a friend of someone who knows Matt personally, this sucks. lol. Now all three of them are headed home. Silly Brittney thinking with her vagina and not her head. :) Oh well, as long as Brendon doesn’t win. I can live with the others. Guess it’s time to go back to being a brigade fan and the meow meow/Hayden

  61. Wow… first smart move from Britney so far in this game.

    Too little, too late though – ‘don’t see how she can survive next Thursday.

    • Brit is just plain dumb. She has no strategy and she can’t think for herself. I’m surprized she can decide what to eat and doesn’t starve to death while deciding! Really, ahe is an immature piece of work!

  62. Hide the ropes! When the “little dummy” walks out the door, the crying professor will need to be put on suicide watch.

  63. I actually don’t have a problem with matt (except his lie about his wife, karma is gonna get him..) going because thats one threat on brendons game going home. Ragan is gonna cry,cry, cry when matt is gone cuz thats what he does best. Lane honestly doesnt deserve to win because he has done nothing except by aligning himself with the brigade. Brendon is the hardest working HG. Hes been the target and threat all season and he has pulled through and saved himself again and again. Hopefully he will win HOH on thursday! :)

    • Ragina is p.o.’d at Matt right now for throwing him under the bus, he won’t be crying over matty anymore

      • NO no no, he’s too revengeful. He will probably yell at him just like he did at Rachel. “How could you do this to me. America Loves ME” NOT RAGAN. We all can’t wait for you to GO!!!

    • I do agree! except I do have a problem with ratt. Come on Brendon, win HOH! Then he can put bratney up and pay her back for putting him up after swearing on her engagement that she wouldn’t. Hopefully, bratney or rag-an will keep ratt boy company in the jury house right away.

    • Nope.

      Which means if Hayden, Brendon, or Ragan wins Brittney is gone. Hayden might think about putting up Brendon and Ragan, but not sure.

      As long as Brendon, Enzo, or Hayden doesn’t win this year I don’t care. I was rooting for the smartest and best competitor (Matt) so if he leaves i’ll be rooting for the second smartest (Ragan/Lane). I was actually gaining respect for Brittney until she ruined her game.

      • Brendon is pretty competitive! I hope he wins. I could care less about all the other HG’s. And come on LANE? he is soo not smart nor competitive!

  64. Thanks for this info about Ragen finding out about Matt- I do not have live feed and I depend on this site to get my fix of BB

    • Ragan and Britney are still in that house, so I don’t see Brendon going anywhere for a while…

    • Yes, Ragan found out, but they had a long talk last nite (Matt lied to him again & told the guys what was said), and Ragan said he knows there is something going on between the 3 guys, Lane, Hayd & Enzo, they don’t deserve to be here, (he’d) vote for Brendon rather than any of them. It was a revealing night. I’d say don’t count Matt out as of yet.

    • he’s mad at himself for being such a crybaby when Matt’s never been a true ally to him, lol.

      • yup, and regan is gonna go home as well, i kind of dnt want brendon to win hoh this week because if he does when he goes to the final 5 he wont be able to play and im sure he will be going home, and i want brend to win the whole thing

      • OMG- I just posted I bet Ragan was mad for being “taken in” by Matt. I’m starting to think like Ragan!!! OMG That is SCARY LOL

  65. Wait till Ragan finds out Matts wife isn’t ill.

    Im sure Bratney figured if Matt would throw his ‘cuddle bug’ under the bus, than Matt certainly would come after her…as she was being told by others

    • Ragan won’t care about Matt now. He’s fickle and Matt wronged him. End of story. He probably will just sulk about being taken in, but in the end he will just forget Matt and of course, not vote for him in the JH.

  66. Good bye Matt…….and will someone please give cry baby a Ragan a kleenex . Bottle and a teddy bear the little whimp

    • I couldn’t agree with you more. I thought matt was straight? If he is why is he cuddling with another man? I can’t wait to see Eagan have a hissy fit when matt leaves LOL

  67. Is everyone sure that there are no secret vetos out there ??? Matt is a slippery little S&*t. and when Matt leaves can BB expose his lie about his wife since it can no longer affect his game ???

    • Matt could go up to Lane and Brendon and be like, who do you think Enzo and Hayden are gonna take with them at the final two? Of course, I’m not sure if Matt notices Enzo and Hayden’s closeness. Matt could also talk about how Enzo doesn’t deserve to win BB.

      • Agree with Brad D… She shouldn’t be able to play for HOH after the 1st (Enzo vs. Matt) eviction; that HOH will not even see the HOH room. But she will be able to play for POV after that, and will be able to play for HOH after the 2nd eviction. Of course there could be another “fine tuning” surprise power out there.

  68. Oh yea and Regan If he dont take his crying bitchy butt home too. Who get that happy for someone else not getting sent home if you arent sleeping with them or something funnies going on.

    • Who indeed… Maybe an idealist who misguidedly trusts too much, thus leaving himself open to manipulation and heartbreak… He may have annoyed us, amused us, offended us, and possibly been the worst saboteur in BB history, but I believe he will be remembered…

  69. I forgot how childish and petty people are who watch the feeds. Hahaha. Grow up people. You don’t know any of the people in the house, they haven’t done anything to you. LOL @ people hating on people they don’t know.

    • Wrong. It’s for discussion not

      “I hate Ragan because he’s gay what a whiny bitch!”

      “I hate Matt because he lied!”

      although true:

      “I hate Brendon because he is a little girl and can’t make his own decisions. It’s like having Brett Favre (even though he is cool) in the house.”

      • uh, brendon seems to have made some good decisions w/out rachel … afterall he’s still here and on the verge of winning the game

      • #27 Brad D—-oh God forbid Matt lied in BB! Not a good move but I guess once he started it he felt he was stuck with it.
        If yuo’re goona hate–why not the losers who did NOTHING?

      • Brad u r a AZZ hole..and that’s the hate someone cause there gay..shame on u…

      • So being gay is a bad thing??
        I am gay and I despise Regan because not all of us are like that he whines more than my 4 year old niece. He’s not whinny b/c he is gay he just never grew any balls. Brendon should be gay..I think he is just not coming out anytime soon.

      • Kazam I agree with you 110% Brendon is in the closet! I have never seen anyone so scared of a gay person, unless they are gay themselves! Layne even admits that in TX they dont do certin things or say certin things, but has never come out like Bren and Rachel and bashed him up right and left, calling him out and being rude.

      • Jennifer, if he is in the closet(brenda) he should stay in the closet , the BB closet!! Stay in there brenda!!!

      • Graves, let us see if you get this in a time zone that will be acceptable, or better yet, on the same page!! Funny you should ask about his “appearance on kissing” looked a little lame to me! Take into consideration, tho, what he was kissing!! In my humble opinion!

      • I don’t wanna get the Brendon lovers drawers in a wad..but now that somebody mentioned it..he could be..Jesse was I guess Brendon could be too..who knows..and I did not write this cause I hate Brendon..the subject was brought up in another post..

      • and do u know what else ??? The night they were supposed to have sex for the first time (not sure on the details) he (so I heard other people talking about) could not complete the act or did not know what he was doing so she took the lead. I did not go back and see it on the feeds (did not care too) but after he failed her he apologized. That is all I know….lol

      • U ppl are f*cked up the hg sexual preferance has nothing to do with the game. Ragan put his out there and flaunts and brags about being an emotional gay man. What diff does it make if Brendon is in the closet.

      • do u have to be gay to not like gay people?. some people dont like them because of culture or religion. just as we say to allow gays their right to love someone of their own sex then we have to allow others the right to love their religion or culture. am just saying. live and let live on both sides.

      • @ Sugarland, HI, what does that have to do with the game?? Don’t bring all the important (NOT) questions in to this game!

      • OMG kazam! you think ANOTHER MAN could come between RACHEL & HER MAN??

        i’d pay good money to see THAT happen!! lmao :)

      • CT wants going on, I typed two post around #114, and 115 and when I hit submit, they went to posts #37 and #38 Whats up

      • to Chris-the-great at 12:01 AM

        I thought I was in the Twilight Zone, but I seem to have strayed into Borg territory… Resistance is Futile… Gonna give it up and settle for BBAD… ‘Bye y’all…

      • Hi Chris, it is 10:12 here! Let us see what time you get this and on what page!!
        @ CT What twilight zone are you in?? With all the money that BBN has, you would think they could stay on top of this!! NO, it is not because of the # of posts we are doing! Someone has “oops, am I bad” Do not tell me that the computer is smarter than BBN!!

      • hey chris.. there must a glinch in the system or something.
        all i know is i’m very confused right now with these posts… EVERYTHING is screwed up :(


      • I so agree. Initially I had Regan as my favorite but have grown to despise him. Unfortunately he gives gay men a bad image but that is that is what he is all about, shock & awe. Just like Rachel Riley is over the top with her Vegas personae, Regan is over the top with his poor performance of a “stereotypical” gay guy. Both are bad actors. Unfortunately Dr. Fox prefers to spend a great deal of his time perpetuating the myth that if one objects to his shock & awe then you must be homophobic. His podcast in a testement to his philosophy. I must say biologically I don’t understand his mood swings, crying etc. With women it is blamed on hormones during monthly cycles or menopause. What causes him to act like he does? I’ve never seen a man, gay or straight act like Regan does. It must br a poor attempt at acting

      • That’s sad u not liking someone cause they gay. All that says to people is yo ass in da closet because u wanting people to think u 100% straight while u watching boys do they thing. Lmfao dis is so funny. U might wanna find out yo sexuality nigga

      • You should not hate him because he is GAY, what a stupid remark. Dislike him because he is annoying and whiney yes but remove the gay slander , it makes you look like an idiot!

      • Thats a hateful thing to say I am not gay
        my sister is but I don’t hate her maybe if
        Ragan met you you would feel the same way too.

      • I don’t think that Ragan is whiny bitch he
        cares about people and I o agreed that Matt
        lied and throw Ragan under the bus.

    • Wow…once again Brad D has found a way to play the gay card. I have never read a comment like that but I guess people will read into things and make up their own little theory. I also agree that if you can’t stand the heat, stay out the kitchen. People who know the HGs personally probably shouldn’t read these comments because its a guarantee they will read something they don’t like. This site is for discussing BB and for cheering for your fav HG. If it wasn’t I’m sure Matt would say so.

    • pot meet kettle Brad D, read your own posts

      Brad D. says:
      August 23, 2010 at 4:52 pm
      It’s a game stfu. (when someone states their own opinion)

      and you don’t seem to have any problems mentioning that Ragina is a crying whiny baby because he’s gay…

      Not sure why there is so much hate for Matt and Ragan. Sure, Matt lied about his wife and Ragan can be overdramatic sometimes (Hint: He’s gay) but at least they succeed in the game.

    • I’m with Brad. I go into the season liking every person in the game and then I pick a favorite or an alliance and hope those who might oppose it go home.
      Everyone else picks petty reasons to not like people then hate on them and decide at the end who they don’t hate as much. That can’t be fun. That’s as bad as “don’t try to come between me and my man” being logical.

    • @Hilton. read all of Brad’s post. He is doing the exact same thing that he is so against. Being a complete bully and personally attacking the posters when they write something he doesn’t like.

      • What are you talking about? If you don’t what the convo was about please mind your business. The posts are screwed up and out of order so the entire convo doesn’t appear right.

      • @tishe…NO, I was talking to Greg. He told me to stop harassing the guy B.D and I wasn’t. I was defending myself and several others who were being harassed and personally attacked anytime we said something about a HG that he likes. Its one thing to debate its another to tell someone to stfu, attack their intelligence, etc… You can’t tell what the convo was about anymore because Sara was erased and the whole post is screwed up. But Greg felt the need to defend someone who has been accusing people of gay bashing just because we don’t like Ragan, which if you read through the posts you will see even the gay posters don’t like Ragan…lol. Anyway I don’t really care anymore.

    • looks @Hilto are just trying to start trouble cuz your posts are did say you knew ratt so maybe it really is a case of birds of a feather

      • then hilto as one who agrees with Rose I too think maybe you should take the time to read all the posts before you start throwing out judgments

    • @Brad D.: so don’t hate on anyone, except for Brandon?

      Spectacular show of hypocrisy, buddy… you’re really a sad person.

      • I’d like to see him bitten in half by a giant Anaconda lol lol lmao
        Oh *%@$ i’m late for my anger management class!!! lol lmao

      • Is it just me or is something goofy going on with the posting? like it’s hanging up or delaying???

      • i thought it was me Bro having trouble following the posta and I haven’t even been drinking this time

      • me too. i could care less that he’s gay. but he talks about getting teased and bullied all his life and does the same shit. on bbad night after night him and brat laid in the hammock attacking everything about rachel. they went overboard. even after she was gone. it just got old.then matt would join in. to me that is not game play. personally i don’t give a shit about matt’s lie. it’s a game show. some people will do and say anything to win. money makes people crazy. that’s alot of money to win. i wouldn’t do it. i would never even apply to be on one of these shows. it’s like when johhny fairplay had his friend say his grandma on survivor. it’s funny how these contestants plan so much in advance. i don’t like matt because i think he’s to cocky and he blew it last week with the dpov. I want Brendon to win. bit from where i stand IMO you have to lay low and win some comps and hope there is always someone else as the target. then the further you go in the game. i don’t care for hayden, enzo or lane especially but if any of them make it to the finals then they deserve to win. i don’t like it but that’s what it’s about. surving as long as you can. floater or not. last year so many people were pissed because jordon won and thought she was a floater. so what she kept herself safe won when she needed to and bam she won. so she deserved it. she never got voted out. thank you for listening. HS for prez!!!!!

      • i didn’t finish my sentence. johnny fairplay had his friend say that his grandma had died.

      • now this comment post 55 does not make sense because what i posted before that is awaiting moderation and i don’t know why. i didn’t even say anything bad. things that make ya go hmmm

      • Nope.

        Here are my favorite houseguests in order. I like houseguests that actually play the game and are good competitors, but aren’t also total douchebags most of the time aka Brendon.

        1. Matt (probably evicted)
        2. Ragan (smarter than most people think)
        3. Lane (same as Enzo except not backstab 24/7)
        4. Brittney (swayed too easily)
        5. Hayden (typical jock)
        6. Enzo (doesn’t win nething yet full of himself)
        7. Brendon (he acts like a little girl, can’t make decisions on his own)

        To me this season has been there is one competitor sort of like a Dan (Matt), one wannabe couple (Brendon and Rachel), some jersey shore wannabe who was cast by the crew as the bad guy even though he’s not intimidating (Enzo), one jock who tries to keep a showmance a secret but fails miserably (Hayden), one preppy at first glance but can be a total bitch (Brittney), one gay guy (Ragan), and the houseguest that is clearly the smartest (Matt).

        For those who are talking shit to me, congratulations your exactly like the BB houseguests! By that I mean, you have the whole mentality of “your smart i’m not listening to you because I don’t want to say your right”.

        Some people are just so ignorant.

      • I’d like to know how matt is the smartest. What has matt really done besides winning 2 migit comps.

        If he is the smartest why would he get so close to his “side”alliance. To me that’s a dumb play in the game, he should have done it how lane is doing it with brit. And that its a side alliance and the brigade is the real alliance.

        Ya bren is a whimp when it comes to rach but since rach has been gone bren is the man of the house winning either hoh or pov, enzo lane and hay are useless.

      • Maybe some think he is smart because he says he is a genius. Actions speak louder than words to me,but he must believe his own hype because he threw last HOH and smiled at the camera after doing it.

      • The Brigade was bound to unfold at some point, and Matt was the obvious target. He did not properly evaluate the situation last week with the DPOV. Putting up Kathy and voicing his opposition to Brendon was an attempt to play the middle, to stay on good terms with both Ragan and the Brigade. Unfortunately, he underestimated how badly the Brigade wanted him gone. He could have made a major play against the Brigade last week and possibly garnered support to remain safe this week.

      • He was probably trying to avoid 3 jury votes against him (H-E-L)… The art of playing both sides involves knowing when to jump one way or the other… Guess he waited too long. Any word on Ragan and the lockdown?

      • This was supposed to be a reply to someone wondering why Matt didn’t use the DPOV to better advantage… After I submitted the post I ended up on page 3… Did someone mention the Twilight Zone?

      • to Tishe at 10:45

        Thanks, it’s nice to know I’m not alone here…
        No music because “Production” said STOP SINGING….

      • True, he did underestimate that the Brigade wanted him gone that much.

        It doesn’t make him cocky though (not saying you are saying that, other people did so). It’s easy to watch the show on TV and see that the brigade is turning against Matt, in the house it’s a whole different story.

      • I was thinking of when he used the DPOV last week that he should of put up Enzo instead. Guess I was right. I don’t really like that Britney put up Matt, but I can’t be that mad at her because Matt is the biggest competitor in the game now.

        And, I pretty much agree with that household list above except I like Britney more than Lane and Ragan. Britney competes more than Lane and Ragan do and her personality is entertaining to me.

        I’ll be happy if either Britney, Lane, or Ragan win (and obviously, Matt but he is pretty much going bye bye now). I hope Britney wins the most though.

        And, I’ll be pissed if the final two consisted between Brendon, Enzo, and Hayden. The worst two would be Brendon and Enzo. Those two don’t deserve shit.

      • Matt shouldn’t have been so pompous when throwing the comp, he’d still be in the house. And he should if put Wnzo instead of Kathy… Why take out a person who is in no way at all, a threat to you?! Not very smart for a self proclaimed (lol) genius. Brendon and Bratney are the only competitors left in the house, and as much as I don’t like anyone left except Bren, I hope him and Bratney make it to the final two so that way the most deserving of who’s left is going for the money.
        Ragina is a whiny hypocrit who isn’t a competitor at all, and wishes he was as smart as some people give him credit for. Enzo is a complete loser, who at this point doesn’t provide that much entertainment value. Lame is a psychotic moron who’s a raptist/murderer waiting to happen! Andd Hairden… He’s completely worthless in the game, and clearly got lucky in winning that first HoH comp b/c he hasn’t been able to do shit afterwards, and after we see him trying his hardest, has the nerve to say he threw the comp! Bro, you aren’t that good!

      • Totally agree Lynn! Especially the comments about ragina. He is obnoxious. What a professor.

      • Matt is the only one of the Brigade who ever wins… Enzo, nothing, Lane, nothing, Hayden, week one, since then Not a…. The Brigade is the dumbest of any alliance BB has ever had….

      • to Brad D—-sorry i misread your post. i thought you were the one hating matt so much. reading further i see your and my order of favs are the same.

      • I pretty much agree with the order of that list but would put Enzo last….. I think Brendan can be a wuss but he’s a good player.

        On BB after dark, Enzo was being a brat about being nominated and was saying he’d punch someone in the face if voted out. What a player! I despise his voice and all his crotch grabbing and his ‘meow meow’ BS. Gonna be a shock for him when he realizes he’s not as popular as he thinks!!

      • This Thursday. An eviction, followed by an HoH, a Veto Comp., another eviction, and then another HoH will begin (but unlikely finish before the episode ends).

      • Do the HG’s know this or are they assuming it’s next week? Are you sure it’s this week?

      • I don’t think they have any idea it’s this Thursday, which will make it interesting. Hopefully in all the confusion if Brendon doesn’t win he goes to the jury house.

        I’ll have to feel bad for Matt though if he gets evicted this week and is stuck with Kathy, Rachel, and Brendon for a whole week. That would drive me insane.

      • Brendon has two competitions to guarantee his safety. I get the feeling, given his recent streak of success, he will make it through Thursday.

      • Great post…. I think he’s so dellusional that any mention of him, negative or otherwise will be good in his mind.

      • nah, you’re just a stupid azz. I could pick apart ‘your’ synopsis in my sleep but you aren’t worth my time.

        but you are a douchebag LOL!

      • People who disagree with you are ignorants…
        Man. I truly, TRULY pity your parents.

      • Mighty mad I so am smiling!! “Pity the Parents” Did you forget to take your happy pill again?? YOU, my friend, make me smile!! Mattie is going to get the boot on his ars!!

      • well put MM and you know we don’t agree about our game faves but much prefer to agree to disagree than to attack those with diff opinions

  70. Not sure why there is so much hate for Matt and Ragan. Sure, Matt lied about his wife and Ragan can be overdramatic sometimes (Hint: He’s gay) but at least they succeed in the game.

    The fact that there is a dumb jock, a jersey shore wannabe who doesn’t win anything but just back stabs everyone in control is sad. Will and Boogie, you could say they were douchebags like Hayden and Enzo but at least they had strategy.

    I for one will root for the smartest competitor which is why I like Matt this season and why I liked Dan two seasons ago. The reason almost any guy who watches this show doesn’t like Brendon is not just because he acts like a woman, is because HE CAN’T MAKE DECISIONS ON HIS OWN.

    I hate Rachel for being fake and full of herself, but she was the one making decisions in that pair.

    • That will be Brendon’s downfall is first he let Rachel make all his decisions (even Matt was still Rachel’s decision), and now he’s letting the brigade do it. Problem is he could trust Rachel, the brigade is only keeping him around until they don’t need him.

      • I wanted Matt to win, he is the only smart one in the house! Who cares if he lied? Send Enzo packing! Go Matty!

    • Woah woah woah, don’t even start with the Chill Town comparisons. Chill Town was an open alliance that manipulated the entire house and made it to the final four (with one player winning). The Brigade was just a secret voting bloc with one member winning a couple HoH’s and making his own decisions. Not to mention the fact that Chill Town was absolutely hilarious — the DR phone calls? Funniest BB has ever been.

      • Well MattB Look we actually agree on something, on a Monday even (looks to see if its snowing in Hell) LMAO Im kidding. But I agree CHILL TOWN is Epic never to be repeated and the lil boys in this house cant even polish WIll and Boogie’s shoes. Note to Matt – Diabolic super genious See Dr Will..

      • Indeed! Whenever he referred to himself as a diabolical genius, all I could think was “that title is taken, and he actually won BB”.

        But Kristy, I don’t think you and I have been on the opposite side of the fence as often as you claim. Clearly, if we share an appreciation for Chill Town then we must agree on SOME things this season!

    • With you on this, Brad D. Enzo & Hayden are much larger snakes than Matt will ever be. In the end, Matt showed his true loyalty, which unfortunately was to the Brigaffe. People are up-in-arms about him throwing his bromance under the bus, but if they’d put they’re blind hatred aside for a moment, they’d recall his first and actual allegiance was to hay-enzo-lane.

      About the “bromance”…. I’m sure he genuinely likes & respects Regan, but again, we know for certain where his loyalty lay…. and it’s a gaaame.

      BTW… I’m not concerned w/the infamous “wife lie”. His wife, though she “appeared” surprised about the lie didn’t seem ultra concerned about it either. Even went as far as to aid it w/confirmation in Matt’s HOH letter. Not implying at all that I agree w/it, but I don’t totally disagree w/it, in this case. Again, it is a Gaaame. Hey, he may be a better husband than most… no one knows. People need to let it go or stop watching The View. ;)

  71. LOL @ people who think Matt going home helps Brittney’s cause. She’s outnumbered in the house 4-2 now. My babygirl is goin home. Only way it possibly helps any is if the brigade continues to not be able to win competitions. But last season shows that even the worse competitors will get lucky and win if you keep them around (see Natalie and Jordan)

      • Britney knew her game was over after the POV reward comp. She even said she would rather just be voted out next week because she realized that Matt and everyone else in the house doesn’t play to win, because they think they’re safe, and that she’s the one with all the blood on her hands. She knows she wont win BB and that she doesn’t have the jury votes

      • @Sara Guess that means Brittney pulled a chima and gave up a chance to win for her friend Ragan.

      • True. They do tailor competitions to people and who knows what kind of psychological tests they put them through before the show starts cause everytime they talk about it the voice says stop. But for the sake of pretending the game is completely fair, we’ll say luck.

    • EVen if she stayed with Matt and Ragan, in the long run, she would be screwed.

      She may not realize it yet, but there’s no way to the final 2 for that girl…

      • brendon is a jerkoff…hes the last player that should win….rachel is not vegas rachel is a hosebag and im guessing so are the two of you if you like bremdon so much ..and let me tell you guys if brendon dont win .rachel wont come near him because all she is is a goldigging hosebag and brendon is a douchbag ..i guess they are perfect for eachother but to bad rachel wont be with him when hes kicked out ….they are both disgusting and should have both been gone a long time ago ….if brendon somehow makes it to the end …I then will think bb is fixed ..just like that bullshit season 8 with dick and his slutty hosebag daughter as final 2….big fix there ill ll be mad at bb if its fixed…..because no way should brendon make it to final 2 no effing way …also enzo lane and hayden ar pieces of shit for turning on matt they won no competitions ..matt kept them in game he won hoh twice and did not put them up ..they should kiss his ass….lane hayden and enzo were riding matts coattails this whole time ….matt is great player and so has ragan been both playing smart the others are lazy and enzo is laziest #1..he like yo im in dat effin hoh competition in duh mud untieing those ropes i dont wanna get effin dirty meow meow is a clean guy f dat f dat mud mann..enzo is lazy and sucked at every competiton…ureal.hope enzo goes this week…was was a brigade fan.but turning on matt is messed up!!!

      • my ideal final 4 at this point would be matt ragen britt and lane its the only one that makes sense..if enzo lane brendon and hayden are final four thats rediculous and it just proves bb is fixed..i see as of now maybe britt and lane final 2 or would be nice but i dont think so woould be ragen and matty…gl matty hoe enzo goes…hes a lavy paranoid backstabber

    • I must say, I don’t quite understand the logic of these “karma” types. You condemn him for his lie, and yet you wish harm to come to him? This post did not wish for anything specific, but I have seen some reprehensible posts here. Telling a lie is not nearly as bad as wishing harm unto someone.

      That being said, his lie was both a brilliant game move, despite the obvious moral qualms surrounding it. His pledge to make a charitable donation, in a sense, balances out the negativity surrounding the lie. If he were to have won, then he would have raised awareness for the disease and raised money to support research for it.

    • Would everyone stop whining about the “lie” by Matt. It was part of his game not his true persona. Every person in the house had a game plan. That was his. It would be like crying to the cops because someone passed you on the highway but was speeding. GET OVER IT ALREADY!!!!!!!

      Just because your favorite player is weak stop crying. Yes Britt is catty, Regan is hyper emotional, Brendan can’t make a decision without consulting, Enzo is weak and can’t seem to keep his hands off his junk, Hayden hasn’t done ANYTHING, and Lane has been floating along with them. It is a game!

  72. Matt actually trusted the Brigade, who not only rode on his coattail the whole game but Blatantly turned on him last week. Should have broke off with/expose the Brigade, align with Britney and Ragan, and use the DPOV to re-nominate Enzo and send him home instead of ?Kathy?!!! Adios “genius”!

    • That was the beginning of the end for Matt.
      He had a good game going too. Its a shame he let his arrogance and blind faith to the “Briagde” get in the way.

    • His decision to nominate Kathy was an attempt to take the target off of his back. Matt knew that his loyalty was being questioned by everyone in the house, which is why he gave the speech that he did as well. He wanted to tell the house that he’s not going for anyone but Brendon. Unfortunately, he should have committed to one side or the other, as his insistence on playing it down the middle left him stranded in no-man’s land.

  73. Nobody here can honestly say they would not lie about a sick family member if it helped them win half a million dollars.

    It might not be the totally right thing to do, and Matt realizes this, but it definitley helped him get farther in the game (see Enzo saying the first thing he thought about was his wife).

    • Lie is strategy. I didnt see Matt’s lie helped him. He is smart and a good competitor, and has strategy, big picture, and are clear with all the relationships than any others. However, he has been manipulated by his allianes and keeping made mistakes and thinks he is genius(apparently he is not).

      • I actually can honestly say i wouldn’t lie about a sick illness. – I really don’t see the point, you can win BB without having to make up a horrible lie.

      • From YOUR and AMERICAS viewpoint he made a mistake.

        In the house, he did not know the brigade was teaming up with Brendon to get rid of Matt. In the house, he did not know Lane is that close with Brittney and was persuading her to get rid of Matt.

        That is the reason why Kathy went home last week and not Hayden or Enzo.

      • i would never NEVER lie about a family member being sick…for money!!! get your priorities straight!! Your entitled to your opinions but please don’t make it sound as if you are speaking for all of us

      • he knew that Enzo and heyden would evict him rather than Lane, at that point what would you put relacement.and You had Ragan, Britney(Likely), and Kathy(likely) only not Brendon. Remeber if he put Enzo or Heyden, Brigate would be a part.

      • first of all, Bren is the only one who thinks enzo/hay have his back, enzo/hay were and still are using Bren. Second of all, Bratney may think Lane’s got her back, but Lane has, and will always have enzo/hay’s back. Lane didn’t have to persuade her to put up Matt, all the guys did that only after Bren won pov and because Enzo knew he had to kiss a s s to matt to make it seem like they’re ok. Britney knew since the pov comp that Matt didn’t have her back, and told that to Lane.And kathy went home because Matt didn’t have enough balls or numbers, to against the brigade, matt always stays low, but all of this has blown up in his face now.

      • Half a million dollars is worth a white lie. It’s what separates the strong from the weak. The willingness to take changes and work in grey areas to get ahead.

      • Nothing is worth lieing about a family member with a severe illness or the Johnny Fairplay dead grandma. Nothing! Period!

    • I don’t remember but do you know whether any other HG in any other BB season used this type of lie before? I think that Matt’s lie about his wife’s grave illness is as despicable as it gets. Wait until the scatology prof finds out about it; cry me a river, some more…and more…

      • @ Svetlana Matt never said his wife was gravely ill. He just said she had a degenerative bone disease and had trouble getting around. His wife does not have a problem with it why do you?

      • Tahnks Jay for the clarification. What is his wife going to do? Say how pissed off she is at him on TV for everybody to hear/see? But wait until he gets home!! And without money?! Let me ask you something: Why don’t you have problems with it? I find what he said despicable and deplorable and reprehensible. I did not say that you or anybody else should think the same.

      • Exactly! It is a GAME, but you were bothered by my opinion enough to cause you to make an issue of it. Your disdain should be for you only; you’ve earned it with your idiotic question to me.

    • It’s interesting to read the judgments of Matt’s decision here, as people don’t elaborate too much on their moral interpretations of his lie.

      From a consequentialist perspective, his lie was moral. Firstly, lying within the game of Big Brother is not immoral by any means, as it is a part of the game, just as winning competitions and forming alliances are. Secondly, his lie both raised awareness and, should he have won, would have resulted in a charitable donation to help people with the disease.

      From a deontological perspective, his lie was wrong because it extended beyond the realm of the game and into “serious business”, for lack of a better term. While a deontologist could accept the lies within the game, this lie cannot merely be attributed to the game as it affects people beyond the gameplay.

      • @ Matt B, WOW, I Have been magically sent to this page!! You probably won’t read this, after that speech, you are very tired!! Heck, I got tired just lookin’ up all those big words!! You, sir, are full of cow pie.

      • and you are the guy that jumped my but for saying matt was bullied in High school… REALLY ??

  74. Matt and Ragan in the Kitchen. Ragan asks Matt if he is ok. Matt says he talked to brit before, mostly about Ragan. Ragan asks what they talked about Less…
    (Ragan seems upset) Matt says that they talked about how Ragan and Matt are a pair and that they are really good friends, Matt pointed out Lane and Brit are also a pair, and that Matt wanted to get Hayden up on the block.

    Ragan says he is going to go listen to music. Matt asks him if he is ok? he seems mad at Matt, Ragan says he is fine and goes up stairs.

    Matt goes to the bathroom then outside

    c’mon Ragina, tell him how you really feel lol

  75. Double eviction week, Matt and his showmance lover will both be gone this week…..If Brendon wins HOH and goes after Britney, since he is a bit on the slow side she will use the backdooring Matt excuse or whatever. Matt is a better competitor than Enzo, since Enzo is useless but everyone knoes hes useless so keep him and no juror will give them thier vote, he has done nothing.

  76. Matt was true to the Brigade for the most part. He won the comps and if not, some of them might be gone already. He did control the three votes, so it kept them in the game. Matt played the game, I don’t care about his lie about his wife. It’s part of the game. BB is full of lies. I keep saying, get rid of Lane he’s the danger in the BB House.

  77. Enzo deserves to go home because he hasn’t won anything, but Matt is a jerk, soo….

  78. I’m so glad matts on the block, I cant imagine what he would do if he got home and his wife was sick because of his lie. How much could he love her to say that about her to win money. Theres not enough money in the world to replace a love one if u really love that person. She should get a divorce from him and then he can marry ragan and they can cry happily ever after. he makes me sick. Maybe he should have tried out for survior instead, thats the kind of game they play on there. bb fans want to see the person who fought the hardest and played the best game win, not a liar who lies about an illness his wife doesnt have. Bye Bye matt u snake it looks like u cut your own head off all by yourself. woder how ragan feels now that u through him under the bus

    • Name one winner of Big Brother that didn’t tell a lie.

      Your analysis is a little shallow.

      • It’s not that he lied, apparently everyone on BB lies, bit the type of lie he told. A lot of people find that offensive. That is why his wife is getting hate mail for playing along with his lie,

      • Jordan of BB11! Proves to me that you can keep your morals and still wins big brother! Just saying. Oh by the way, did Brendon ever lied or backstabbed anyone? Aside from his Rachel’s craziness, I think he has done nothing to upset anyone?!

      • Krissy: “did Brendon ever lied or backstabbed anyone?”

        Yes. Brendon, along with Rachel, promised that when it was decided that Matt would go up beside Monet that they would keep it a secret. Despite learning that Matt was playing the other side, they still broke their end of the deal.

        As an individual, though, Brendon has been relatively clean in terms of deception.

        Saying that Jordan didn’t lie is being disingenuous. She played a part in the the ousting of Russell. While it was Jeff making the moves, the two of them were a pair, so she was part of the deception.

        I understand that Matt’s lie is different, but my comment was contending the relatively shallow analysis done in the original comment, as I stated.

  79. rags is coming out and talking to everyone, gaining a wee bit of my respect back for him. Even if what he is saying is ludicrous. But the baby does try.

  80. Matt threw the HOH, threw the Veto and uses his power on Kathy. 3 huge mistakes in a row. On gameplay alone he deserves to go this week.

    • Oh. And threw his #1 ally under the bus. No hope for you now, don’t expect many facebook ads post-game either.

      • Can’t imagine him not exposing the bozo-gade before going home… Tossing his strongest ally under the bus was the straw that broke this camel’s back…

        On the sick wife lie: I think he put that out there knowing that he planned to be a strong competitor, and needed the “pity factor” to deflect the target that would be on his back.

        Cannot imagine his not having a plan B…

        Not sure I’m going to be able to stomach the Enzo-Hayden-Lane bozo-gade doing a happy dance and patting themselves on the backs for having such a brilliant strategy, but if it plays out the way it seems to be going, all that is left is for them to vote the rest out, one by one… Yuck!

      • Too funny. Too true. I liked the idea of keeping Matt in the game, but after these last few decisions….

  81. I hope now that matt is up on the block he turns on the brigade and tells Britney,brandon, and Ragan everything and let the games begin on equal playing field! Would love to see both matt and haydon gone this week, matt because of lying about wife and haydon lying about the luxuries he won!

    • The brigade is goin to out itself. Enzo said so last night. He said “f it we could tell everybody tomorrow. Once Matty’s gone ain’t nothing they can do about it.”

    • I agree, but it would be better if he gets all three of them together in the HOH room and tells them together so they all have the same story to go back to the three stooges with. What does he really have to lose, he’s probably going to the JH Thursday night anyway.

  82. So apparently some views think this is an eye candy contest or something.

    Who cares if a houseguest is nice to look at? Kristen is hot, but she’s not a strong competitor or smart so she had to go in my opinion. If your honestly rooting for someone because they are “super hawt and I like to see their muscles” than you shouldn’t be watching Big Brother.

    Sorry, but some of you piss me off. It seems like i’m the only not middle age woman who sits on my couch and stares at Brendon and Lane.

      • I know half the pettiness in BB websites comes from middle aged women hating on people because they threaten the eye candy. That’s why I no longer participate in feed chat. It’s all old maids talking about how sexy Je..I mean Brendon is.

      • I”m not looking at the eye candy,I’m rooting for the two who are doing their hardest to win the game. Britney & Brenden deserve to be FINAL 2 ! Lane, Enzo, Hayden suck as BB players, they really never try to win the comps. The only games they won so far is the POOL games and the POCKET-BALL they play in their pants! LANE is always making sexual remarks to BRITNEY! He is disgusting to me!

      • Now this is hysterical!
        Let see we have one mad and telling us why we should be watching BB. Good stuff there..
        Another who agrees with the above because, well that was probably just the easier thing to do. Even More funny.
        AND saving the best for last, One who stands self rightous about the “pettiness” of the BB websites and ” no longer participates in feed chat” Guess what Posting IS participation. (rolling my eyes).

        Here is a idea, if you dont like it dont come here, dont read what “WE” have to say and dont bother posting replies if you are all above that.
        This and the other sites are for all to post our views of the show, who we like an dont like. REGARDLESS of our reasons why, let me guess if the show had a bunch of over weight, middle age, unattractive people on there you would still be watching right? LMAO WHATEVER..

        Thinking post like those are the reasons they have shows like Real World, and Jersey Shore so the kids have something to watch.

    • Clearly this comment was specifically written for my comment early. First, relax. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, if you are so easily pissed off , then why bother go on this site? My comment earlier shouldn’t of been taken seriously. Just because i wrote that Lane is attracted isn’t the only reason why I think he should stick around, i think he could have great potential winning BB. Everyone in the BB house right now know it’s time to start actually playing the game, and when they do, I believe Lane will succeed in the physical tasks. So for you to just assume that that’s the only reason i like Lane then, you should really start to grow up.

      • Kayla, when you submit your opinion to an open forum, you acknowledge that it can be criticized. You’re being redundant in claiming that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

        However, I will come to your aid in this one. I find Britney to be incredibly attractive, not just because she is smoking hot, but because she is hilarious. I love sarcasm, and she clearly has an appreciate for irony, as I do.

        Being attracted to house guests is part of the Big Brother experience!

      • Now MattB,
        Careful there saying “Being attracted to house guests is part of the Big Brother experience”!
        will get you classified as middle aged woman ( since he didnt mention men) who sits on her couch and watches for only that reason. (sarcasm) {I am pretty confident you are far from that}

      • MattB – HAHA you are correct my friend I am sure we have agreeded more then once and havent the others thats what makes for good debate. But I HAD no idea thats Matt was a common name for that thank you for enlightening me and umm want kick in for replacing my monitor since I spit coffee all over it after reading that Thanks :P

  83. I am tired of the poor matt posts. The self proclaimed “diobolical super Genius” once again got used by the “Jocks” at least this time he didn’t have to do their home work or get swirlies like ih High school… you’d think he would have learned from the past. and as far as the wife thing goes … he’ll have to face that again later you can bet on that. Though I do have to say he did play a good game.. he just didn’t think it all the way through

    • It’s a shame that you would disrespect the millions of people that have been victims to physical bullying in high school. Perhaps you should take a look in the mirror before you continue to criticize other people.

      • how did you get there ??? these so called millions of bullied people already know they were bullied ..I simply implied that he (Matt) was one as well.and I apologize if I reminded of your High School experience. and as for the Mirror comment I like me and for the record I was the kid that protected the awkward kids in school so you should thank me!!!

      • And yet you would ridicule Matt for experiencing bullying? You are clearly not sympathetic to those who were victims of it.

        I was not a victim in the manner that you described, but I was not immune to bullying in school.

        If you’re going to insult a house guest, do it based off of what you see on TV. There’s no need to draw all of this extra nonsense into effect.

      • Bro !!! I am not going to debate the evils of bullying. what I see on the show is a guy that thought he was too smart for everyone but got used and thrown under the bus. not to mention he willingly threw his own wife under the bus for the sole purpose of sympathy votes in a game. what those people that are really dying??? bullying is obviously a sore spot for you and I am truly sorry for whatever your experience was. Matt is a D.bag and my picking on him about high school was just him not every kid ever to be bullied…. Let it go Dude

  84. i hate that i like MATT but i know that he will be going home this week but it really does not matter who goes home, i want BRANDON to win if he does not than enzo

  85. This season has been painfully boring. The players have been stupid for not recognizing and breaking up the brigade. Matt blew his chance to win by not putting up Enzo or Hayden once he knew the brigade was set to vote him out. Kathy was no threat to anyone in the house. Brittany blew her chance by putting Matt up instead of Hayden. Once Matt goes, the pecking order will be Brendan whenever possible, Ragan, Brittany, Enzo. Lane and Hayden will be final two and Lane will win.

    • That’s what I think. Lane has played the best game so far in terms of social gameplay. Nobody has a problem with him. Not even the fans.

    • Yea! Go Lane!! I agree with you, others out there ,of course, will not. Isn’t it wonderfrickenful?

  86. matts a snake I’m sure he will let the meow meow outta the bag, he threatened meow last night with telling about the brigade. thats all he has left now that he trough his showmance under the bus. wonder how ragan is coping now mighty pissed i’m sure lmao. hope to see them show lots tonight of ragan and matt having a lovers quarrel lets see if the rat can stand up to the cry baby like rachael did. lol

    • Is Matt any more of a snake than the meow meow or Hayden? I think not. Recall, his first allegiance was to the Brigade, and he was keeping to that. So he made a friendship/bromance with Regan… who I believe he actually respects, but in the END this iiis a game. This certainly proves his Loyalty… which was, again, with the Brigade…. Unfortunately. BTW, I’m not concerned w/his lie about his wife… she didn’t really appear to be. Even played along w/it in the HOH letter. Not saying it was right but it’s not the end of the world. Guy may a better husband than most… noone knows, let it go.

      • Yep,yup! I will let it go as long as he is let go from the game!! I agree, he may be a peach of a hubbie!! Gag with me with a shot of “hot damn”

  87. I don’t like brendon at all. He is the one who said he wants strong competitors in the house but votes them out to team up with the ones who suck at everything. HELLO! what an idiot. As for all the lying. everyone does in this game. their professions, thier fam. Matt with his wife. Brit swore on her relationship. If you play this game without lying cheating or backstabbing you would be out the door first thing. Ragan has had to back stab as well to benefit himself as did the rest. Enzo was my fav at first now when he gets some paranoia he throws everyone under the bus. I hope Britney knows what she’s doing becuase unless Ragan wins she will follow Matt

  88. Well i WAS a hugh matt fan. He played the game better than anyone i thought but now i hope Brendon takes it all. Brittney ( whom i also liked ) is a witch for putting matt up and a dumb witch at that . Enzo deserves NOTHING nor lane nor Hayden. Brendon has tried lately and i hope he wins it all now Bitch deserves to go home NEXT

    • Looks like brendon didnt have strategy, he did at the begining, he misled the house and made him the NO1 target. His allian was the strongest, (Brendon, Rachel, Andrew,Anne). After everyone was gone, he tried team with Britney, which is the right move. Now, he is by totally himself, he have to win HOH or POV every time, otherwise he would be gone if there is no luck

    • Britt is dumb. Does she not get the clue that this is a numbers game? Shoulda put up Hayden

  89. LOL! @12:46 BB time, Brit: “That praying mantis is insane!” Hay: “He’s on the palm tree right there.” Brit: “You guys Less…
    let him go?
    Lane: Yeah, we felt bad for him.
    Enzo: Yeah, he was Shunned for a little bit!

    Lane: He flew into the water! He like, tried to– kill himself! I had to get him out & then he started drinking water.
    An’ then he went up on that ball thinking it was a real tree & I was tryin’ to to tell him it’s a prop but, he didn’t he didn’t understand me ’cause he speaks Spanish.”

    • Britney is really playing well except how she treated Brendon. I think she knows the Brigate after Kristen told her and Regan(Regan was scared and didnt want to believe it, we can tell from his DR talk). Britney believed and that’s why she never mention anything, she has been trying to use them (Lane) to further her game. Also she kept wining.

    • lol beware, the MATTPOLICE aka Brad D will read this, piss himself mad, and accuse you of being an idiot for thinking that… :)

      • Beware, if you say you like Ragan the gay basher Sara will “attempt” to tell you why she hates Ragan, which is really for no reason.

        Or how it is “morally incorrect” what Matt did even though it is still a game.

      • I don’t know who you’re confusing me with, but I have never attempted to tell people why I don’t like Ragina or tell people to stfu if they don’t agree with me. And I know I’ve never even used the phrase ‘morally incorrect’ on this site, lol. Please, figure out who you’re talking about first before you attempt to post something :)

      • You really are just ignorant, aren’t you?

        I’ve heard you and a couple of people talk about how Ragan acts like such a girl and cries, how you think he’s basically a “pansy”.

        By the morally incorrect I mean, you and others have stated many times that you have an issue with the lie. No problem with me. But when others and myself comment and say

        “It’s just a game. You obviously haven’t watched Big Brother that much, they lie almost every single day of the week”

        and get a

        (NOT your exact words, but basically what you and others have been saying)

        “How can you actually say this is okay? What is wrong with you? You don’t have to lie to win Big Brother (Wrong), he deserves to go home because he is a rat!”

        You see, there is a difference.

        Matt: told one lie that people have a problem with, that’s okay. I think it’s just a game and even he said many people will be angry at him, but it’s just Big Brother.

        Enzo: compulsive liar, aka rat. He would backstab Lane, Brittney, Hayden, or anyone else he is associated with.

        Like I said, if you or anyone else can’t take it that this is a GAME and are that butt sore about it stop watching the show. I swear you are all like a bunch of Brendons.

      • Brad Brad Brad, lol. Please don’t assume that because I’ve agreed with one person’s post, that I agree with EVERYTHING they say, THAT is ignorance.. Just because I said I don’t like Ragina, I call him pansy, not in a derogatory sense that you have ASSumed… but because he acts like a childish boy, and frankly, he cries too much. That’s not an opinion, that’s a fact.
        And I have disliked Matt’s lie because of the hate mail that his wife and family received for telling that lie. I don’t have a problem with ppl lying in the game, again, an ASSumption you have made. Everyone lies in BB.
        And not to burst your lil bubble about your idol Matt, but he has told more than one lie in this game, be honest with yourself here, that’s laughable that you think he’s only told ONE lie lol. I am not acting like a ‘Brendon’, whatever that means, it just completely goes against your own story long post about stereotypes… In truth, people often get upset when they’re in denial :) Just accept the fact that Matt’s going home and quit being so hostile :)

    • lol.. exactly sara. I think Brad is Matt’s little buddy outside the game, he is hypersensitive to every Matt put down like its a personal assault or something.

  90. Hope Brandon wins the whole thing=matt goodbye
    can not take any more of regans sobs
    brittany at least tries to win -final two for a real contest Brandon and Lane

  91. I think Enzo should be elimated because he hasn’t really done anything in the game except shoot his mouth off.

  92. Britney made a very stupid move to have put Matt on the block. I’m very sure now that he will be going to the jury house now. This Thursday i hope that Britney will also join Matt to the jury house too. Enzo or Hayden should have been going to the jury house this week, they both do nothing and yet Matt will be sent to the jury house. The houseguest don’t know that Matt told a lie about his wife. Brendon now think that he is the boss of the Big Brother house.

  93. Britney is a complete idiot!! WTF is she thinking??? She just sealed her eviction on Thursday at the double eviction!! So stupid to think Lane. Enzo. Brendon & Hayden have her back….STUPID STUPID STUPID. And I hope she does go home, I liked her but clearly she can’t think for herself

    • But Matt had her back, right?…

      She was screwed the minute she became HoH and Brendon won the POV. There were absolutely no way out of this one for her…

      • I would say she needs to get with Brendon and do some damage control if that’s possible..

  94. for the past few minutes Brit and Ragan have been in the HoH discussing everything, How last week Matt was for sure gonethat Hayden and Enzo were not going to split there votes. How Matt had ragans back only if it benefited him and that he didnt have Brits back etc…

  95. Bye bye, Matt. You, Rachel and Kathy can have fun in the Jury House. You sank your own battleship!! Not sorry to see you go, either!

  96. Someone commented earlier that lane had done nothing wrong which may or may not be true , however I did question some personality traits that were kinda screwed up on BBAD, like all the talk about getting drunk,findin a perty girl and kickin her boyfriends ass , the first time he was put on the block by brandon. I’m just saying he is no Saint. oh ya don’t forget about the story about the Australian…Yuk

  97. Matt will be voted off by Brenden, Lane, and Hayden which will be enough votes to get him evicted.

    Enzo may be voted off by Reagan, if Reagan and Matt are civil, but this vote really wont matter.

    So, I think Matt will be gone on THR.

  98. If I was playing the game right now of course i would get rid of Matt as he is much more of a threat than Enzo, although Enzo is the one who organized the Brigade. He may not be strong in competitions but he is obviously playing the game better than those in the JH.

    Matt is nothing great!!

  99. Yea! Time to get rid of Matt then Ragen. I am so done and over those two people. I hope Bren wins the HOH!!!! Matt was not a nice player. I think most people do not like the “sympathy card” being played.

    • I second that, Matt and Reagan be gone. I am mixed on Brendon winning HOH. Maybe he shouldn’t win this HOH since it will last all of underan hour. He needs to win POV instead so that he will be able to win the next HOH.

  100. Matt was gifted a power move 2 weeks ago & just made a safe move with it so goodbye Matt. Brenden is a good player now that Rach is gone. He deserved winning pov cause he proved he would do anything to PLAY the game. Everyone else had same chance. If they wanted him out so bad they should have tried harder. Matt really thought he was safe?? He should have never trusted such a backstabbing two faced Britany. I really don’t know if she would know truth if it hit her in face

  101. Comment deleted. Do NOT copy and paste content from other sites. That’s stealing and is not tolerated here. This is your only warning. Next time you will be banned. – Matt

  102. Let’s quit acting like Matt played this great game. He won some comps and butchered his nominations.

    If he hadn’t put Andrew & Kathy up in week 3 none of this would be happening to him.

  103. If any of you here never knew that Matt told a lie about his wife being sick, then how would all of you feel about him? If…Matt told eveyone that his wife was sick and he was in need of money, how would you feel about him going on the block? Just because we all know that Matt lie to us, the Big Brother houseguest really don’t know and yet Britney put him on the block. Everyone should know by now that Enzo or Hayden should go to the jury house. Lane should be the winner of Big Brother but Matt should be next to Lane because he is the best player in the game. Brendon, Britney, Enzo, Hayden, Ragan all need to go to the jury house.

  104. Diamond POV saved Matt but eventually will lead him to his downfall-since nobody trust him and like their chances better without him in the game …Way to go little Britney you slayed the Diabolical Big Brother Super Genius

  105. I think Enzo is disgusting and I hope he goes. I’m sick of him in every way. I hope Britney wins as she’s been playing the game better than anyone.

  106. Send Enzo to the jury house, he doesn’t do anything but talk, talk, talk…… big talk no action spells “get out” to me!

    • Enzo,…. floater ?,…. Ragan is the Queen of floaters and his ship is sinking on one end and burning on the other.

      • I think Enzo is worse… by a looong shot. Didn’t even want to get dirty in the HOH comp’… COMPLAINED about it, in fact. Who does that? He knew his ass wasn’t on the line & could care less… floater.

  107. Thanks for the updates Sara aka h8s Ragina and matt. Kepum coming They are very informative!!!

    • Thursday night will be the defining night for the season. If Britney or Ragan go home after Matt, you can bank on Brendon going the distance.

      • Bren can’t win. He won’t have the votes in the JH. I think Matt would vote for him maybe because Matt may feel he “played a good game” Depends on who would be the other one in final2. I can’t see the others voting for him except for Rachel.

      • If Brittany or Ragan go home along with Matt and that is a big if, then Brendon will win Big Brother 12. He has clearly beaten the rest in the endurance competitions. What I am thinking is whomever Brittany is with at the end, she will put the waterworks to good use. I cant stand her the friggen drama queen!

      • yeah, Matty is going home on Thursday. I don’t think Bratney can convince Lane to vote off the cat. If Enzo wins HOH, Bratney and Ragina go up. If Ragan wins, it’s Enzo and Brendon. If any of the brigade wins, it’s bratney and ragan… I think it’s a no-brainer to take Brenda to the final two, since he wont have the votes in the JH.

    • I agree. Brendan has had the hardest time in the house and still survives. Get rid of obviously evil Matt. Ragan lives in his own world.

    • If Matt does go to the Jury House Thursday night, he has two ways to play kingmaker: Exposing the alliance in the BB House, then exposing it to the Jury and paving the way to nullify the Bozo-Gades votes in the JH… Hmmm…

    • i dont think brendon played good game ..i think he treated people shitty and allowed rachel do act like she did to the hg’s. he supported her behavior..brendon is a jerkoff…hes the last player that should win….rachel is not vegas rachel is a hosebag..if brendon dont win .rachel wont come near him because all she is is a goldigging the reunion show youll see she used that dummy the whole time!!no way will she have a relationship with him unless he wins!!

  108. I am so sad that she put up Matt…He’s told some lies but has not really done that much backstabbing, and don’t recall him ever throwing ragan under bus…Enzo should go home, he’s done nothing and he’s managed to poison everyones minds…don’t think it will happen though..sadly

  109. Yes folks, it’s a game. Those who want “eye candy” and want Lane, well, he’s done nothing to deserve it. Matt furthered the Brogade, and they threw him under the bus. I said again and again, I’d get rid of Lane, then Matt. If I was Matt, I’d still get rid of Lane then Enzo. The other dummies can go one at a time. The only ones playing the game now are Matt and maybe Bren. Bren could have won BB if he didn’t want “revenge” for Rachel. It’s too late now. Brit is a dump immature none player. No strategy. I think Meow Meow was picked by the producers to as a knock off of “Jersey Shore”. He’s a do nothing, and the same for Hayden. As far as Ragan, he’s too over the top to even mention. I want him gone, but he isn’t a threat now.

  110. Well brittany is as stupid as she looks. I guess she’ll be leaving next week.

  111. Karen, I agree Brendon has played well (since Rachel left especially) and deserves to be there, but so does Matt for sure….Enzo should be out of there, I hope they all wake up!!!!

    • Yes Matt has played a great game. Brendon is the only one still in the game who has fought to stay in The game since day 1. I respect his play.

  112. Matt goes this week (despite the DPOV,)BB never liked him;

    Then, Ragan cries all week right up until he wins HOH;

    Then, Ragan puts up Brendon and Hayden/Enzo;

    Then, Brendon wins POV and Hayden and Enzo are on the block;

    Then, Enzo goes home;

    Then, Brit/Brendan win HOH;

    Then, Brit/Brendan wins POV;

    Then, Ragan, Hayden or Lane goes home;

    Then, Brit/Brendan wins HOH;

    Then, Brit/Brendan wins POV;

    Then, rinse and repeat;

    Then, Brit and Brendan in final two.

    Read the script people!!!!!!

    • once Matt’s gone, Ragan doesn’t have a week to cry he has to win HoH immediately then turn around an nom 2 hg’s and see one evicted. i think, i could be wrong.

      then from that point on is Ragan crying so much he can’t win another comp, maybe b/c Brit and Bren take tursn winning the comps. is that what the script is?

      oh, let me think about this…. NO, ain’t happening.

      the fact you have no Bro-gade bro winning is the only thing plausible… though you almost have to give them one of those comps, won by pure luck.

      heck, Enzo almost won the last one with Brit and he admitted he guessed on every question… probably he just put the opposite answer to what he thought it was.

      • Except for the fact the rest of the house will ignore Ragan.

        I think everybody but:

        Hayden and Enzo

        Brittney and Lane

        Will go for themselves if Matt is evicted. Hayden and Enzo will start breaking the ties with Lane and Brittney but will look to kick out Brendon first.

  113. Last night on BBAD, Lane was saying alot of sexual remarks to BRITNEY and his STARE, looked like he was peeling her dress off. I thought his next GAME move, would be his HAND IN PANTS ! lol :)

    • she keeps her engagement ring in laynes face to keep him off of her he seems to think hes the man, but she toys w him like hes a little girl!!! LOL layne

    • i have been watching their strange chemistry for weeks, they HAVE to be engaged. their facial expressions give it away everytime!

  114. Looks like Matt is on the way out but it’s only Monday – plenty of time before Thursday’s vote to stir up mischief: Expect the unexpected.
    Will be interesting (well, not really) to see how Ragan interacts with the rest of the house and just what he learns/believes (in the way of Matt trying to persuade Britney to put up Ragan). Unless Ragan wins the 2nd HoH, I think he is a bigger target than Britney for the others. I think they consider him/Britney on equal footing re: ability but they just don’t like Ragan as much as Brit. BUT – Enzo & Brendon may struggle with not naming her Public Enemy #1 since she so recently jacked them. For that to happen, Brendon (or a Brig member) has to win HoH against Ragan. If Ragan wins POV, then I think Brit is in mortal danger this week. I just think Ragan will be the #1 target. Lane/Hayden will want Brit to stay over Ragan for sure. After Ragan is gone I think Lane will be ready to cut Brendon out so he & the last standing competitor dosey-do to the finals, “easily” knocking out Enzo/Hayden.
    Enzo/Hayden might wanna think it over before letting Brit take out Brendon. Brendon is their best chance of the finals.

  115. I thought that brit/ragan/matt were tight? What happened? She’s really stupid if she thinks Lane is gonna carry her ass anywhere. He can’t even take care of his own. Those 3 idiots (hayden/enzo/lane) are the dumbest alliance in BB history.

    • Matt campaigned this morning to have Ragina put on the block instead of himself. Brit told Ragina this, he’s po’d at Matt right now, but hasn’t ripped into him yet that he knows about that. Britney and Matt have basically never had ragina’s back, Britney was mad when Bren told her that ragina/matt came to him to put you up on the block when he was hoh. Lane just wants Brit, and you’re right, will not side with her over enzo/hayden.

      • WOW- I have missed a lot. I would’ve never thought Matt would’ve turned on Ragan. Especially after the dumbass brigade pretty much threw him under the bus last week. Thanx for the info

      • Just when I was beginning to like Matt. I guess I’ll have to start rooting for Brendon (Rachel’s whipping boy)

      • wel the im pretty sure Howie, Janelle and Kaysar get teh award for dumbest aliance ever. in bb7 they allied themselves with the guy taht betrayed them last season and screwed kaysar over twice. Then he did it again with chilltown.

  116. I hope Ragan wins HOH, puts up Hayden and Enzo (they couldnt win a POV to save their life) Then the bully Enzo goes home!He ratted out his brigade bro Matty, to save his life. Truth be told, Matt tried playing both sides of the fence and he got caught up!!!!!

  117. Lane and Brendon would be a good Final 2. Lane would win if this is the case. Actually, Lane would probably defeat any of the remaining houseguests if he makes it to the end.

    • Lane is a big DOFUSS, I don’t think he’ll be quick enought to answer the questions that maybe one of the comps will be for HOH. Brenden is more intelligent, Don’t you agree?

    • Against all current beliefs the hg do tend to vote for the player that best played the game. Lane may not win because he has not won anything. “Yo a$$ is in a sling, if you ain’t won a thing” boop boop du boop.

      • Oh come on, Doctor will won and his whole deal was he threw every comp he could, even veto comps when he was on the block. Lane could easily win from spite votes alone from jurry members who didnt like the other finalist.

  118. I would like to see ENZO walk out to JULIE with that SUIT on! :) LMAO everytime I see him!

  119. Matt is a Ratt
    He relied on the Brat
    She listened to his pleas
    he was down on his knees
    With Raegan buy his side
    Matt could not run and hide
    He’s now on the block
    no more of Raegan’s expletive
    so it’s off to the jury house
    the ratt’s now a mouse

      • Yes, but he has a LOT to tell the jury! Eventually the Bozo-Gade will have only one or two votes in the JH, if Matt is successful in properly poisoning the well… and why would he not?

  120. i don’t understand how people think Brandon can’t win? he has fought for weeks now by himself. if that ain’t game then i don’t know what is! we all have our favorites but i think once they are down to the final two, all the hgs need to look at the player and what they did to get there. you have to respect Brendon for being honest and not breaking his word. he did not keep his game a secret or ride anyone’s coattails. Brandon, BRit and Matt are the only ones who played the game. i do see the brigade voting for him in the end because of how tough he was and he did it with no allies after Rachel left.

      • Team Brendon! He fights everyday since Annie ratted his degree out. It’s time for Matt to go and then either Brit or Ragan.

      • Brendon allll the way it hurts me everytime i see them plot to get rid of him when he’s the only one playing the game to the fullest,after Matt leaves Enzo and yay needs to go

      • lol… I love it how everyone spells my bro’s name differently. Keep the love coming folks! :) Go Team Brendon!

  121. There is a few more days til Thursday night, Maybe Matt will be able to stay in the house. The real reason Britney put Matt on the block was cause she knew that Enzo and Hayden are not able to do anything right in the game. Britney know that Matt is good in playing the game. If Matt is voted out then the only one other houseguest i like is Ragan and when he leave the Big Brother house i will not have no other favorite houseguest.

  122. Pretty in Pink, I’m with you up until “Lane” deserving to be there. He’s turned out to be almost as bad as Enzo & Hayden who are the absolute WORST, in my book… even if they didn’t tell a lie about a sick family member. ;) Lazy & conniving…. and guess what, Matt was loyal to them after-all considering he was willing to allow his little buddy Regan to go to jury. Won’t be happy to see him leaving this week.

    • I have been a little lazy in not watching Big Brother Afterdark so i’m not really know what Lane is doing in the house that is why so many people that don’t watch the show afterdark they really don’t know all the houseguest that well.

  123. i want Lane,Britney, Raegan, and Hayden to be finale 4. Matt and Enzo can both leave this week.

  124. For now im rooting for lane even though he hasnt won anything, britney even though she talk about people behind their backs and Brendon because he has proved he’s a stron competitor.

    • Ageed only way she stays past this week is if she wins the PoV on Thursday. No one else wants her. Im hoping Matt can get Ragan’s Lanes and Brendons votes. He has to expose the Brigade. If he does that then Enzo wil lget voted out 2 votes Enzo ( Ragan and Brendon) 2 votes Matt ( Lane and Hayden) that would be good.

  125. That is true. I think what is going to happen is Ragan and Matt or maybe just Matt is going to be “sweating” Brendon for his vote. If Brendon falls for any lies of their he is one dumb pretty boy. Wow I can’t believe the Blonde actually did it. Wow. I missed the part about Ragina finding out about Matt wanting to put him up. Who told him? HOw pissed is he at everyone? I wouldn’t be surprised if Ragina and Brendon and Brit don’t form an alliance if they see what is happening with The Brigade. Does anyone know about The Brigade yet?

    • It would be simply shocking to see Brendon NOT voting to evict Matt, given that he was the one would try to get him out last week. But then again, we’re talking about Bren here. Yes, his games got better, for sure, but he still has to prove himself to be something else than a complete moron.

      ‘Really hope he can do it – it’s seriously a no-brainer.

      • I believe if Matt tells Brendon how the 3 slimos are using him that Brendon would consider a vote for Matt.

    • i don’t see how matt can stay unless…. he has to get someone, either hayden(no way would he vote to evict meow meow) lane or Brandon to swith their vote. Brandon, no way in hell! he wants to avenge his woman! so that leaves Lane. IF Brit can sway Lane to vote for Enzo (which i don’t think he will), there is a tie vote 2 for Enzo and 2 for Matt, and Brit breaks the tie so bye bye meow meow. that is the only way Matt can stay if there is a tie vote. He needs just one player to come to his side with Regan.

      • another reason Matt neds to tell about the Brigade..HE IS GONNA BE STUPID NOT TO TELL IT..

    • Knowing Brendon.. he would definitely vote Matt out.. unless Matt can conjure a story that Enzo was the main guy behind Rachel getting the boot. He knows that Matt is the strongest player by far and is pretty slimy.

  126. Ok MightyMad just answered my question about The Brigade. I bet Matt does call them out if he leaves.

  127. hey ya’ll…im a newbie on here but have been reading the updates and of course watching the show..this question may have been asked but can anyone tell me how the double eviction will work? will the HG’s vote someone out (hopefully enzo) and then immediately put up another HG or are the 2 on the block both going at once? Thanks in advance for your help!

    • Hey bamagirl! Here’s how it will go down on Thursday (based on all the previous Double-Eviction Thursday):

      – First, the Eviction Ceremony will take place quite early in the show (so we’ll see Matt leave in the first 15 minutes or so);

      – then the HoH competition will take place;

      – immediately after winning, the new HoH will nominate two HGs for eviction;

      – After a commercial break, the POV competition will take place;

      – immediately after the comp, the POV winner will either use or not use the Veto power;

      – after yet another commmercial break, the two nominees will do their final speech, than the live voting will take place;

      – another HG is sent to the Jury House and go talk to Julie before joining Rachel, Kathy and Matt… END OF THE EPISODE.

      The next HoH comp will probably take place this weekend… Hope that answered your question! ;)

      • Thankyou sooo much mightymad…wow…that will be quite a nite! I wish i had the live feed but this is the next best thing..i told myself i wouldnt peek at the spoilers but as isuspected i couldnt wait…but man are they worth it!

  128. i think everone already has an idea about the brigade. Kristen tried to tell thm before she left and how long ago was that! maybe brenduh doesn’t know. sometines he’s not too sharp!

    • why does everyone hate on Brendon. He is the strongest competitor in this game…maybe because he HAS to be. He is a smart and stong guy. I hope he wins the whole thing just to piss people off.

      • i am not hating on Brendan but sometimes he’s too trusting and doesn’t catch on. don’t get all defensive! i gave him props earlier. see the preivious threads!

    • Remember in the good-bye message Brendon told her noone was going to fall for her lie to stay in the house. I’m pretty sure he meant about H/E/L&/M having alliance.

  129. I just wonder how it would affect the game if Matt blowed the lid off by telling Britney Brendon and Regan about the Brigade. He needs to tell Britney and Brendon how they are being used by Enzo Lane and Hayden..Matt has nothing lose if he does it.. Lokk at how they have treated Matt ..he owes those guys nothing..not a dam thing..

      • don’t see Bren changing his mind about the ratt as far as exposing the brogade i would hope brat and especially rags would feel even more betrayed by the ratt for not telling them b4. rags thought the were bff.and all the time he had another alliance and do you think the others l, h,e aren’t gonna have plenty to say about things the ratt has said and done….seems to me the ratt wouldn’t have the votes either way

      • I did not say it would save him but it will totally destroy the other 3’s game plan..Enzo Hayden and Lane will be exposed and will not even be able to depend on each other..

      • point well taken graves actually I was replying to my friend SummerToo
        whom i many times agree with

    • I agree matt should tell the rest of the clueless hgs about lame brigade. He a few days shy fron getting the boot – why not?

      • He needs to mend fences with his cuddle buddy Ragan to make sure he gets THREE votes… And if he does manage to dodge the first eviction, he’d better win the quick HOH to get Lane or Hayden out (probably Hayden, since Brit is still under the illusion that Lane has her back…)

  130. Enzo really needs to leave…all he has is his mouth, which has nothing but useless talk coming out. The Brigade is lame and Brit, Matt and Brendon need to win!!

  131. matt should go. i dont care for people who brags about
    being the smartest one. he claims hes leading
    everyone around and controling the rest of the
    house. ihope brendan is the winner. hes old
    enough to be my son. pat

  132. 3:22 PM BBT Matt is talking to Lane for his vote right now. Mentions his wife. Says he is a good….competitor and would never go against the brigade, even for Ragan. Asks lane to do some heavy thinking about keeping him in the game. Lane said he would, and would talk to Hayden to see where Hayden’s head is. Matt thanks him.

  133. i think everyone knows how storng a player Matt has been and to keep him in the game would be a bad idea for all. anyone up against Matt in the final 2 would lose to him. Not only does he have the worst lie ever in his favor, but he played the game. the combo of the two make a solid BB win for him if he gets to the final 2.

    • he needs to *out* brigade – only way to anger berndon and britney enough to keep him and put tickle me enzo in the jersey house

  134. why does everyone hate enzo so much??? he playing a good game i actually hope enzo wins the whole game. nd he will if he makes it to the final 2. there must be something wrong with u if the only reason u hate him is because he’s annyoing. as for not winning coms. maybe that’s part of his strategy. did ya ever think of that??? SO enzo is confident… would u rather wach people cry 24/7 like monet.. uggh that was a horrible

    so shame to all enzo haters!!!!

    • its seems there are many hgs content to sit back and have everyone else do the work and hope to ride to the final. Hayden, Lane, Enzo and Regan. they all let everyone else fight it out. Sometimes that strategy works, sometimes it doesn’t. the four of them have to hope that Brit, Brendon, or Matt do not go to the final 2 because they fought every week to get to the final and i can see any of the 3 for them winning. I don’t think i ever saw Brandon or Brit throw a competition or let others do their dirty work for them.

    • enzo does nothing YET acts like he works hard at manipulating the game.

      that is why he has no respect here.

    • Did you not watch the last HOH comp. He was struggling to guess the answers. Why do you think Julie kept saying “I need an answer Enzo”

      • i dont think ud do any better and enzo almost won that comp unlike all the other players. noone targets enzo thats a good game… & yes i have seen bren nd brit throw comps. bren the paintcan comp and brit the surfboard comp. y get blood on ur hands wen u can sit preety and go by. i think ones he needs to win he will try and win but for now he doest try to win because he doesnt need to

      • Enzo gets my last nerve. I’ve got no respect for him…..If thinks he’s cocky and thinks he’s getting a movie deal when he gets out… But, yes. He can’t even win an easy game- answering questions…. That was a struggle for him.

  135. Brit “The Puppet”. There have been some stupid moves in this game over the years. And, this move is right up there with one of the worst. The best part of this move is the backlash it will create. I can’t wait until Brit finally realizes she got played like a bar slut. The next few days may be actually worth watching.

  136. What I do not understand is if the hg’s really think Brendon does not have the jury votes then why not take him to the final 2. Having said that I do believe he does have the votes cuz his game play( especially since Rachel left ) has been very respectful. He is a gentleman and is able to hold his own even when being all alone in the house

    • You are right Karen but the HG’s can’t get past how Brendon acted WHEN Red was in the house. Plus it would be on my mind if I were there so it might be on theirs that if Brendon does win that Red would take some of it and YOU know they don’t want that to happen.

      • I think Brendon is changing their minds – I mean, even Britney seems to like him now!

        The biggest factor against Brendon winning it all, though: the factor that Rachel is IN THE JURY! I wish that girl would just shut up and let the rest of them decide whatever they want to decide, but I already know that she won’t STFU about HER MAN, so it’s a done deal… Brendon is not winning if Rachel is cheering for him!

      • I disagree with karen.

        out of sight out of mind, 1) rachel has been gone long enough and 2) everyone knows brendon was being an azz ONLY to save rachel and that is not how he really is, nor how he has been since rachel left.

        it was guilt by association, but time heals all wounds.

        brendon seems to be a nice guy, only bitchney and ragyna display their immaturity by constant non stop bad mouthing brendon behind his back and it’s got to be getting old to the others by now.

    • I’m with you Karen – OF COURSE he has the vote, especially if Matt leaves the house on Thursday. Like him or not, nobody can disregard the fact that he fought hard in every comp he ever been in. Plus, Rachel not being there REALLY help his game. And, for bonus, HE STOP CRYING!

      I still don’t like him, but the fact is that, if he manages to get to final two against any of the lame ducks from the Brigade, he could win this thing, no doubt about it. Against Ragan and Britney, however… that’s another story.

      • I think that L/E/H have to be just sick of listening to bitchney and ragyna’s constant spewing, and it will backfire on bitchney and ragyn by getting brendon votes

  137. I’m a little disappointed she put up Matt. Matt played a good game and personally I don’t believe he should leave. She would have had a better chance of staying if she kept Matt since it’s highly un likely Brendon will keep her safe since she nominated him.

    • matt would throw her under the bus faster than you can say throw her under the bus.

  138. The only way Matt can make Brit Regan and Brendon believe him is if he tells the Brigade story in front of the other 3.. and he has guts enough to do it..Kinda like a house meeting but worse..let ENZO HAYDEN and even Lane try to deny what he says..I would love to see that happen…

    • Matt is not stupid. he may do that to save his game. but i thin it maybe too late for him. he is too strong and would beat anyone in the final 2.

      • I agree, Matt may try to “out” the brigade but it’s too late for him, he is a strong player and I think they all want him out this week. No one wants to go to the final 2 with Matt.

      • It may not save him..but it sure won’t help the other 3.. his telling it would sure divide the house..brendon/brit/regan aginst enzo/hayden/lane..

  139. @ MightyMad… Matt put the lie out there for gaming purposes, so why not continue to use it? :)

    • I get that… but it still despicable.

      Then again, I myself wouldn’t have put out such a lie in the first place, so seeing anyone using something like that just rub me the wrong way.

      I respect Matt as a player, and I truly despise the person that he is.

      • The house was idiots to even to believe it. #1)… he always had this same look kinda half smile and leaned to side and hands in pocket when he told… #2) what part of very rare,(better odds winning lottery) to have it…..#3)Matt the itty bitty rat you don’t have to be a mensa member to figure out

  140. does anyone know if being handcuffed for 24 hrs changed Brit’s mind about Brendon and vica versa? anyone see an allicance with them and regan if the brigade is exposed?

  141. i think that matt should GO! he has not played the best game and the lie he told was not necessary to stay in the house. i think that enzo should go next, because he brings absolutley nothing to the table except, comic relief! it’s okay to stay under the radar when necessary, however, it is not okay to ride all the way to the end doing absolutely nothing. ragan should be next, because why is it necessary to play the i have better morals than you do game? i think that once enzo, matt and ragan are gone the real competition begins, because then Hayden who I think is a thoughtful and physical player will emerge. Britany, the guys let you win…you need to go to!

  142. i hope brendon wins this thingi was hoping for one of the brigade members in the beginning but after i saw how the hgs were treatin bren and rachel i wanted them to go the distance….i always go for the underdogs

    • Rob they are worse than Underdogs. They are dirty UNDERwear. I like the underdog to but they totaly suck at being human.

    • If they were thinking at all, they would all WANT to take Brendan to the final 2, after all, he’s the most hated person in the house and he would probably only get Rachel’s vote anyway.

      • Hated for being a winner, nothing new there. Jealousy is an evil, awful emotion; especially when you have next to nothing going for you (Matt and Ragan fans). Brendon has already won, he IS a winner – Ph’D, good looks (great bone structure), manners, heart, reserved nature, intelligence, I could go on and on.

      • Yes if Brit thinks straight she will make an allance with Brendon. He is better than all of them put together. Lane is useless, Regan is a baby, Enzo is just plain stupid and Hayden just looks good. This is the worst season ever.

  143. I hope Matt goes out the door while Ragan falls to his knees weeping. I’m sooo sick of watching Matt wink and smile into the cameras. What an EGO! No DPOV up your butt this week matt;)

    • I agree, and I think throwing Ragan under the bus sealed his fate more than anything else he did right or wrong!

  144. I’m starting to hate Lane. All he does is talking about how manly he is and all that crap! Uggh!

    • I very like Lane. He is my kind of guy. I would love to be his girlfriend. He could take me out in the woods. He can come Missouri. I wonder if he has a girlfriend? I would love be in the house with Lane because he wouldn’t be sleeping by himself because I would try like hell to be in bed with him

    • I like Lane very much. He is my kind of guy. I would love to be his girlfriend. He could take me out in the woods. He can come Missouri. I wonder if he has a girlfriend? I would love be in the house with Lane because he wouldn’t be sleeping by himself because I would try like hell to be in bed with him.

    • Amen to that!!! Anyone that lies about his wife having a chronic illness is a jerk and his EGO needs to go!

  145. I AM SO GLAD Brendan won.. Matt is disgusting! He lied about his wife having an AWFUL disease.. cancer.. not funny.. I think he’s a snake and I HOPE he goes!

      • maybe we wouldn’t do it. and don’t get me wrong i don’t want matt to win but it’s just part of his strategy. so far no one has found out so it hasn’t come back and bit him in the ass. so what if he still does it. it just goes to show how far people will go to win money. that is what all these reality shows are about. it’s entertainment.

      • OK we know that the game is about lies n anything goes, but to say that a love one is ill not funny so see ya Matt,,

      • no it’s not funny. it was just something he did for strategy. i don’t agree with it but he said it thinking it would help him in the game. they all bought the lie. i want him to go thursday buthe is not gonna go burn in hell for lying about his wife. trust me it will come out and the rest of them will i should have done that. it’s all about game play and money of course. regan even said the other night on bbad that if it were him and matt on the block he would want matt to win. now that is really stupid

    • OK, people really need to get over the lying issue, that is what this game is about! They are ENCOURAGED to lie and fight and backstab.

      •’s all mind games. and money. if you understand the premise of these shows, and were on one, being who you are in real life will probably not get you to far in the game. some people just push the envelope more then others.

      • Exactly…everyone on here who thinks that this game is based on integrity should read the book “1984” by George Orwell! That is what this game is based on! Look it up on Wikipedia to read the summary!

      • OK…lying and backstabbing in the house for the sake of the game is one thing, but to make up a story about a family member having a disease whether it’s teatable/cureable or not is beyond low. That is a line no one should cross. Karma has a way of coming back and biting you in the rear. Make up that your wife has a hideous one disease to get sympathy in the game…BAM!!! She just might get diagnosed with some hideous disease for real!

  146. While most posters agree that this season has been disappointing, we may be in store for some nice fireworks over the next few days. But, with this group, they may just decide to hold hands, sing songs and forgive each other for all of their past sins in the game.

    • Oh PLEEEEEEEASE don’t let that happen! The Boobzilla/Ragina fight was ruined during the “apology” session!

      I loved it when Kristen rejected Rachel’s apology and Kathy refused to apologize to Boobzilla. Now thats what BB is all about.

  147. does anyone have any updates on live feed pertaining to ragan finding out about matt throwing him under the bus? Is he fighting with him like he did rachael? and is matt throwing the brigade under the bus? I think if he can throw ragan away like trash he will do that to his brigade buddies. Also whats going on with brittney and brendan lane and hayden oh yea and meow ? so need an update