Big Brother 12: Week 7 Monday Live Feed Highlights

The POV Ceremony took place Monday and with that the fate of one our players has been sealed.  Friendships and alliances have fallen apart while backstabbing and lies have become the norm in the Big Brother 12 house. 

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 23, 2010:

9:30 AM BBT – Matt wants  Brit to put up Ragan.  He says Ragan is his friend but he’s not playing the game with him and if she puts him up he won’t be mad.  But will you be mad when she puts you up Matty?

 10:15 AM BBT – Matt in the HoH with Brit and is asking why him.  She says someone took the hawaiian vacation and the 5 grand.  Matt says he’s walking out of the house with $1 that he’s played hard in every comp.  She says it’s hard and that she only has 4 to choose from.  She’s not backing down so Matt pretty much knows it’s over at this point.

11:07 AM BBT – Enzo now in the HoH with Brit. (Hayden and Bren have already been up) Brit doesn’t want Enzo to go and they both say awful it is that Matt threw Ragan under the bus.  What hyporcrites they both are but Enzo gets this prize this round. 

11:20 AM BBT –  Matt talking to Enzo who is tells him that they all dropped grenade after grenade in the HoH and that Brit is telling Ragan right now she is putting him up.  Hayden and Lane walked away so they were not part of the lies being to told to Matt.

12:25 PM BBT – Feeds return from PoV ceremony and shows Brit and Matt in the kitchen.  Matt is hanging his head down while Brit says she feels so bad for Enzo cause he hasn’t seen his wife and daughter in over a month.  Matt is now on the block.

1:15 PM BBT – Ragan talking to Brit now and said he understands why Matt threw him under the bus but that he would never do that to him.  He said after crying all last week he now looks soooo stupid.

2:25 PM BBT – Matt, Enzo and Hayden talk.  Matt says it sucks they are both up and Brit must have said something to Ragan about him trying to get him put up.  They are talking like normal which makes me wonder if Matt has any freaking clue that they are the reason he is on the block.

2:45 PM BBT – Lane tells Enzo and Matt about the phone call to his mom and the feeds cut out.

6:17 PM BBT – Matt and Ragan head to the hammock to talk.  Ragan tells him the first thing he hears this morning is how Matt went up there to try and get him nominated.  Matt is at a loss for words for a change and Ragan says he’s glad it happened because it opened his eyes and reminded him he was playing a game.

7:20 PM BBT – Matt asks Ragan if they are still cuddle buddies and if he’s breaking up with him and they both laugh it off.  Matt says he’s going to fight to stay.  He’s going to have to out the brigade and find out about Hayden winning the prizes.  That’s his ONLY shot to stay in the house.  Matt warns Ragan to watch out for Britney which is GREAT advice. 

10:05 PM BBT – Matt and Ragan talking about what would keep Matt in the game but Ragan says you are definitely going out Thursday. 

10:39 PM BBT – Ragan tells Matt he should have won but isn’t because of how he played the veto.  Exactly, Matt is leaving because he wussed out and didn’t put up Enzo last week.  He had a chance to make a power move but didn’t so Brit made the move.  He should have fought for the HoH as well.

1:37 AM BBT – All hg’s except Brendon outside bashing Rachel saying she should have been on Celebrity Rehab or Rock of Love.

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I’d say Matt has zero chance of remaining in the house Thursday regardless of what goes down during the week and I’m sure he’ll regret his decision of not sending Enzo to the jury house for the rest of his life.  Thursday can’t get here fast enough to see who will be joining him as evicted hg number two.  I’m expecting Matt to throw the brigade under the bus at some point because if he’ll do it to Ragan he should most definitely do it to the rest of them.

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    • The game is on now, Matt played his cards the wrong way, that’s what happens in the BB house. Who will be the next victim?

    • After his horrible performance on Thursday, Matt deserves to go too.

      If Matt had gotten rid of Enzo on Thursday, there would have been nothing but floaters left and he’d be running the house right now.

      Instead he throws his one loyal ally under the bus to protect his very unloyal allies.

      Goodbye Matt, you don’t deserve the win anymore than Rachel or Enzo does.

      • I think the best that could happpen is that matt throws birgade under the bus at his pleading case, brendon is steamin and evicts enzo for lying to him, and brit is so pissed she sends enzo HOME! Best eviction ceromony eva in BB12! Then again, matt played his cards wrong…

      • But Enzo is also a floater actually, and perhaps the biggest one in the house. This is such a season of floaters, maybe partly because of Jordan’s victory last year.

      • I really can wait for Matt to get the boot. I agree with the comments.
        I wouldn’t mind if Brendon wins’
        ( if I had to choose one)

    • I do hope that if Matt leaves, he tells everybody about the Brigade, and also tells about Ragan winning the prize. Too bad he can’t tell them about Ragan being the saboteur too, but Ragan does need that money for some serious therapy. He is really a basket case. Nobody left for me to root for, so don’t know how much posting I will be doing. I have an awful feeling that Brendon is going to win, and that really makes me mad especially when he was such a wooos with the trickster and along with her, treated everybody in the house with such distain. Wait a minute, considering what is left, maybe I would have done the same thing. Hope that Britney is the next to go. Can’t stand that little, you-know-what, then I would like to see the little weasel gone, gone, gone. Ragan really ruined BBAD for me this season. Couldn’t stand to look at him or hear his whiny little voice. I could say more about him, but, it wouldn’t be nice, and I would probably be banned from the site, if I really told my feelings about that little twerp.

      • I agree with you on Ragan’s whiny voice, it totally gets on my nerves hearing him either mock someone or cry over and over and over. I thought Rachel cried a lot until last week. I think every shot of him on BBAD was him sniffing and wiping away tears, what a wuss!

    • Hayden will most likely win HOH and put up Ragan and Britney and hopefully Britney can pull her POV skills off and send Ragan home.

      • I still do not understand his reasoning for sending Kathy home. It in NO way was gonna help his game. Dumb, dumb move on his part.

      • Actually I think Ragan is due. And he’ll probably put the final coffin nail in the three stooges…err I mean “the Brigade”.

        But we’ll see.

      • Now that Ragan has seen the light, he may play his game differently now. Or at least play harder.

    • don’t see Hayden being a front runner here… he could not win if he was the only one playing. LOL!!!

      … maybe Ragan or Brendon.

  1. uhhh this is sad because matt has played the best game. just goes to show you that one move can change the course of the game and unfortunately by not putting enzo up last week matt paid and will go home this week. :(

    • Matt’s downfall was sticking with the brigade too long and not realizing that they were distancing themselves from him. He was loyal to a fault, and caused his own demise. Why take out Kathy who could not win anything and flip flops to whoever has the power? Makes no sense to me at all. If he took out Enzo, things would be different for him now.

      • I assume he took out Kathy to stay on everyone’s good side. Dumb move for someone who clains to be so smart. He already knew where he stood in the brigade (4th) so he should have just started picking them off then…not like they will win any comps anyway.

      • I agree
        I think is reasoning was I really want to put Brandon up but I cant so I”ll put Kathy up the brigade will be pleased (WHO’S the BIG DUMMY NOW?) and so will Britt and cry baby
        I mean com on Enzo and Hayden told u they are going to vote for u u had the bast excuse to send one home Hayden would have been perfect becouse everybody likes him and Enzo cannot win squat

    • Matt didn’t do crap but stand to win his HOH comps. Everyone else had to out smart the other hg or outplay them, Matt just stood there and waited for everyone else to fall. Not exaclty fighting very hard like the other had to do.

      • I’d love to see you stand for hours and hours on a moving surfboard in soaking wet clothing while cold water is being poured on you.

      • DUH!!!LOL..That was the point of the games..LAST MAN STANDING (duplicate post) was sent to wrong person 1st try

  2. Yeah Matty is a goner and it will be sad for me on Thursday cuz he is my fave. What would make me happy is to see Brenda go right after him cuz i cant stand her.

  3. I think that people are forgetting that matt has screwed up the entire game plan of the brigade from the start when he didn’t put up bren and rach…its very possible that the rest of the brigade are thinking that or they should be. Think of the series of events that would of went down if other people were still around.

    • MATTHATER- I can only disagree on one point with your post, those boys in the brigade (E/L/H) could not have a collective thought between them if he was handed to them.
      Lane seems to only want to go to the bar an beat up people.
      Hayden, Lord help the boy can he see past his hair to have a thought I look at him and see the bubble above his head with DUH I broke the pool cues look on his face. Poor guy.
      ENZO, (rolling my eyes) PLEASE just ship him back to Jersey to do all the pitiful things he does in ths house and talks about doing cause I am sure we are done with it.
      With all that said.. SEE YA MATT…

  4. Matt will be going home. I am soo happy. But I figure that he will out the brigade and either Hayden or Enzo will end up going home 2nd. I just hope Lane stays in. He is soo hot. I want Lane and Brenden in the finally two. Cause I think Lane would win.

  5. Matt still thinks he’s in good standing with the Brigade.

    I can’t believe he doesn’t grasp the concept of betrayal in this game. I don’t know how, after last week when they were ready to kick him to the curb (and he knew it!), he can come back to them thinking its all good. No harm, no foul….the Brigade lives on.

    His arrogance has made him delusional.

    • Matt knows..but Matt has some kind of plan..but this time unlike the others he is not revealing anything to the HG’s or us..I have been listening to his conversations with everybody but can’t quite figure out what he up too..and Lane may be having second thoughts on his backstabbing of Matt and or Brittney will watch him today to try and find out..

      • Hope you are right. Really want Matt to stay. Can you imagine the shocked faces, if he found a way to do that

      • Well, whatever his plan is, it will surely involve outing the Brigade.

        The thing is, Brendon benefits from keeping Matt here. Brendon is target #2 next to Matt, so you can bet that he is going to be seeing that nomination chair on Thursday unless he wins HoH.

  6. The little devil on my shoulder wants Brendon to win the next HOH. That would be hilarious to watch Britney’s jaw drop yet again.

  7. I love you! Just so you know that today! I love you and i love yr site! Your spoils RULE!!! XOXOXO!!

  8. It’s so good to see Matt squirm after his smug and cocky attitude and smirk he sported all of last week. Let’s send the Brat or the Whiney Professor after him!

  9. In watching a little bit of After Dark Britt, Hayden and Enzo were remembering who got evicted and who was on slop, who was HOH.Britt said this is suppose to be my Magic Team Enzo could not remember anything right.Then when Britt and Hayden met in the yard Hayden said that it didn’t go too well.These are the two that keep telling Britt you are not going home ’cause we got your back.

  10. This people missed the all point of the game
    U keep ur friends close and ur enemy closer
    Matt should have approached Brendon make an allaiance whit brend britt and reagan (He could have convinced them that was the best)
    Hayden would be going home
    2 brigade left with Enzo and Lane vs Matt Brandon and Regan for HOH Who stands the better chance????
    Next put the 2 remaining brigade up one goes home
    1 left preferably penguin boy
    Send him home next and the remaining 4 may the best one win
    Take ur emotions and likes and dislikes out of the equation and play with logic

    • Yes, yes, yes…if only Brendon & Ragan would talk to each other and let bygones be gone! Matt could get them together & form a new alliance,the Used & Abused, get Enzo on their side (you know he’d do anything not to get evicted) and pick off Lane 1st, then Brit, and that leaves Hayden as a pawn, since he likes to scurry around so much!

      • Oops, I forgot – it’s either Matt or Enzo who will leave on Thurs. Did you hear Lane say the plan was to convince Brendon “not to play/throw HOH comp (by lying to him again that he would be safe). Made me really mad and makes me wonder why anyone thinks he’s so great – gag me!

  11. Enzo, like Brendon, has played the game with dignity & honor. Matt & Ragan have not done the same. They need to go this week.

  12. I want Matt to tell Brendon & Britney that they are being used by Enzo Hayden and also Lane..(Regan is out of that scenerio even tho he proposed a final 4 with him MATT Enzo & Hayden). I don’t see Matt “not” comimg out with the Brigade info and their plan..He has nothing to lose if he is indeed going home..But he could bring it up in the final few hrs before the eviction which would create a 2/2 vote leaving Britney to break the tie possibly sending Enzo out the door..Brendon Regan & Britney would turn on Lane & Hayden in an instant..That is what should happen but it is BB so we have to just keep watching..

  13. Matt has to get Ragan, Britney, and Brendon in the same room, expose the Brigade, and repeat what Ragan suggested to him in private: that Lane, Enzo, and Hayden’s strategy seems to be a final 2 minus any 4 of them since they’re the 4 best competitors in the house (even though that’s not necessarily true for Ragan). If Brendon/Ragan/Brit really want the best competitors to remain, they should all join together and evict Enzo. Matt can only stay if he has Brendon and Ragan’s vote PLUS Britney’s to break the tie ANYWAY, since his alliance back-stabbed him already. Come on super genius, go for checkmate! :)

    • That’s what I for it Matt!!! BE THE SNAKE WE HAVE ALL COME TO LOATH AND HATE…

    • I agree, if he does not out the brigade and team up w/Brendon & Brit (and of course Ragan), he’s a fool.

    • There is really no one Brendon can trust in the house. If he does take that offer from Matt and Brit, I see it blowing up in his face. I would rather see Matt and Ragan leave. In my opinion, Brit was a little more bearable without having Ragan and Matt taint her thoughts and decisions consistently. They were fueling her hate for Brendon, it seems. Granted, I know everyone has been in her ear persuading her decisions but at least she has finally started to think about the game strategically instead of playing vindictively.

  14. Why all the hating on Enzo aka meow meow? All the he’s not playing right……well for not doing good at comps and having never been on the block minus right now he must of been doing something right. Oh, and I hope Matt gives the camera a nice little wink when he’s walking his azz out the door on Thurs!! Lol

  15. I did not say I hated Enzo but I do dislike his attitude of being a “player” when he is not..A player does not stand or sit around waiting for other peeps to do all the work then claim victory. Enzo is a slacker and to date his mouth is all that seems to be working…except of course when his hand is in his pants (in view of everybody) any where any time EVEN AT THE KITCHEN TABLE.. Enzo may be a swell guy outside the BB house..and if so that is where he needs to be ..outside.. Now I know that Matt also has a hands in pants problem but I have never seen him (tho he may have) play with hiself at the kitchen table and then eat without washing his hands..(Enzo has)..I believe that the 2 life long friends in the house are ENZO AND HIS HAND with Matt being a close second choice. Please note that I did mention both Matt & Enzo in this as not to get jumped for being bias..

    • you can tell more about a man playing a game in a few hours or days then you’ll ever learn about him in everyday life over years.

      Enzo is a lazy, conniving person who’s willing to let others do his dirty work or any work for that matter.

      He might be a swell guy outside to those that he’s fooled but he’s not fooling me.

      Bottom-line, Enzo is for Enzo… “Matty, I’m voting you out but I can still count on your vote from the jury, right?”

    • yeah, we can tell… are you getting between Rachel and her man? Shame on you… you home wrecker.

  16. I really used to like Lane, but not so much anymore. You can send Enzo, Hayden, and Ragan away SOON! P l e a s e !!! Final three: Brendon, Lane, Britney. Final two: Brendon, Lane

  17. I see Ragan winning HOH and putting up either Hayden/Enzo or Enzo/Britney…

    I think he has opened his eyes to who he needs to get out, and it seems like he is on vengance to get out the rest of the brigade…

    said so last night, that if ANY of the brigade 3 were up against even Brendon, he would vote for brendon…

    plus i think he may turn his back on britney too.

    I think it would be good if brit, bren and ragan teamed up..never thought I would say that, but I think that alliance would be good for all 3

    • I heard that, too. Made me change my mind about him. Another poster said he tainted Brit with the smack talk, but it is actually the other way. She is able to suck them in – and then spit them out. A recent poster put it best – “She had snark-fests with Monet, then snark-fests with Rachel, then snark-fests with Ragan in the hammock.” LOL

  18. Knowing that he threw his best ally under the bus who would (In their right mind) enter into any deals with matt?? and if he outs the brigade all that does is point out that matt carried the whole alliance that far by himself and probably would expedite his departure… just my opinion ppl

    • considered that also..But he still has nothing to lose..even tho H/E/L will still be in the game B/R/B will put up a major fight to get them out..They may join forces but then maybe not..either way Matt should tell them so they know what they up against..

      • i think Matt would tell out the Brigade to Brit and Ragan. But I think he hates Brendon to much to help him along in the game. He probably thinks Brendon is the mastermind behind the Brigade switching up on him.

  19. Has anyone forgotten about the 2 HGs that have known each other? Brit & Hayden have rarely been seen together alone. She chats with him soooo easily. Last night, she told him she would backdoor Lane. YES, LANE! He did not say anything to Lane about it. Also, didn’t that pic of her beau look fake? Maybe her beau is Hayden’s bro?

    • if there had been lifelong friends the chenbot would have been teasing us non stop every thursdayabout it when she shows up to get her fat paycheck (must be nice to be married to the boss LOL)

  20. you’re right bill … there is NO UPSIDE to exposing the floating brigade.

    ”gee matt, you were aligned with all these losers? wow, what a stupid chioce. see ya!”

    • ok try this scenerio…Matt is talking to both Lane and Hayden for a vote (kinda of ignoring Enzo)CAUSE ALL HE NEEDS IS 1 AS HE HAS REGANS.. He has always put trust in Lane so that is who I believe he will talk to the most..And Lane is still Brit’s friend (for right now..oK suppose he gets Lane on his side (for certain) and they both go to BRITNEY with a deal..or possibly some of the backstabbing that has been going on with ENZO & HAYDEN (minus their involvement)BRIT IS THE TIE BREAKER VOTE TO KEEP Matt..That might work but he will not do it if he does not trust Lane 100%….Just an idea of what he could do..

      • Remember the b-stabbing was going on when they had to make a choice between Lane & Matt, not knowing about the DPOV (& Matt couldn’t tell them). Again, Hayden does NOT trust Enzo. He only spoke up about prize$ when Lane came into the cabana and he looked to Lane for advice! I think Lane is the guiding force now, so he could sway Brit & Hayden. Lane also thinks he’s got Brendon in his back pocket.

    • Brendon thinks he’s got a final 3 deal with Hayden & Enzo. Brit thinks that she can get to final 3 with Lane & Hayden/Enzo. None of this seems to be true from what I’ve seen on feeds. They all want Brendon out & Lane will toss Brit to get to Final 3 with Hayden & Enzo. If that is exposed (along with the prize winning that Hayden did, if Matt can figure that out), Brit/Brendon/Matt/Ragan could team up against the remaining Brigade members … just a thought.

      • brendon really doesn’t need any of thefloating brigade, as he most likely will win HoH and PoV.

        brendon is a determined man with the abilities to win.

        lane is, to use a texan term, all hat and no cattle, and heyden while a nice guy is introverted and can’t really come up with a win.

        I’m glad all the horny chicks here think lane is so dreamy, but he ain’t gonna do squat.

        how these clowns, the floating brigade, think that they can just ‘turn it on’ right now and start winning is mind boggling LOL!

      • Well that would not take alot of smarts to figure it out..Matt wanted no prizes..Enzo lost his clothes ..Brendon shaved his head.. Lane got phone call..Brit got nothing?? (I think) sooo that leaves Hayden with a trip plus $5 g’s…If they would just do the deductions they could “possibly” figure it out..but then again consider the mentalities of the people involved…

      • Do you think if Enzo went home this week and Matt stayed (1st eviction), someone will quickly go home for the 2nd eviction – maybe Haydon (if 4Play: Bren-Brit-Ra-Matt) buy the story enough to evict Enzo, they will likely win HoH and evict Hayden right behind him. I think in such case they should agree that Lane goes after Enzo this week; otherwise, Lane can get to Brit again and possibly Matt-Ra – too risky. Agreement (for 4Play’s best interest) is to save Hayden to pick off last. Double eviction week is the only way they can truly terminate the Brigade cause, like it or not, they have mad social skills and if they get any life support, they will regenerate.

        Would Bren-Brit-Ra trust that if they saved Matt this week he wouldn’t go back with Lane/Hayden? Double eviction to send Enzo Plus One (Brig) to JH is only way I see Bren-Brit-Ra trusting Matt enough to keep him. The double E of the BG would obliterate their vote control and at that point, I don’t see Matt even acting like he is going to team with Hayden. Enzo’s blood is on Brit’s hands & Lane’s is on Ra’s or Bren’s, so Matt has Brig votes in the JH.

  21. matt still thinks the BRIGADE is 100% loyal. he has NO IDEA they screwed him. he will not out the BRIGADE for that fact and keeps saying if he could go back, he would have put up britney

    • True. If he had put up Brit, she wouldn’t have won HoH but Enzo would (WTH???) and Matt still goes up or gets backdoored..since he wouldn’t have tried for the POV with all his might (but Matt hates being a pawn). Brit leaving last week wouldn’t have saved him long term. But like they say, can’t play the “What If” game in BB…

    • And I agree that by Matt saying not putting up Brit was his mistake, that he still doesn’t get that the BG was aiming for him the whole time. Even Ragan told Matt that Lane/Hay/Enzo are together & Matt is cut out. Matt doesn’t believe it, I don’t think.

    • He knows they are backstabbers especially Enzo..Matt does have options and 72 hours to put one in play..JUST HAVE TO KEEP WATCHING…

      • oh no, that’s B.S.; you can’t say something like that and not tell us… that’s just RUDE, this is a spoiler site, we want spoilers. SPOIL US, PLEASE!!!

    • Matt choices were Kathy & Enzo..Kathy was portrayed as the SAB…Enzo told Matt that he and Hayden were not gonna vote for him.. Enzo was the choice until the SAB thing came into Kathy went..Matt is telling people what they wanna hear as to his evicting Brittney..that would not have happened cause he needed her on his side to help get Brendon out..Think about it..Do u really believe Matt was counting on 3 slow ass dimwitted idiots to back him up?? He knew Brittney would fight to win and put Brendon up..MATT knows how to play the game but putting the right plan into action can be tricky ..It is Big Brother and even the best of plans can go wrong..

      • his plan went wrong putting Kathy up instead of Enzo, Enzo or Lane gone, the Bro-gade blown-up… Matt blew it… bad, Bad, BAD Move… so long, good-bye Matt.

  22. Matt will go down as the biggest fool in BB history if he doesn’t try to save himself by exposing the brigade. Once that is out, all of the faux alliances will be exposed as well such as Brendan in final three, Britney in final three, etc. Exposing it at live eviction is too late as hg’s already have their minds made up and there is not enough time to process whether info is true. Regarding post suggesting Hayden is Brit’s beau, I doubt it because she would not have taken his pursuit of Kristen very well. I really don’t care who wins at this point. Enzo, Lane and Hayden have done very little to deserve the win and the rest of them, including Brendan, have played so stupidly, they don’t deserve to win. I still can’t figure out why Rachel didn’t put Hayden up for eviction the first time she won HOH since he had put her and Brendan up the first week. Instead, they tried to make an ally out of him. That was a ridiculous strategy as the game could have gone very differently.

    • Because Hayden was feeding her the BroGade lies, and everybody, and I mean everybody, in the whole house were lying to Rachel & Brendon from the get go!

  23. Possibly BB production will guide Matt on how to proceed, as keeping him in the game would certainly help ratings. If he is evicted, only 1/2 the remaining houseguests even have a clue on how this game should be played.

  24. I am really confused, “cuddle buddies”???? Is Matt coming out of the closet? His wife has a lot to think about. lol

    • I was thinking the same thing. who knows what REALLY happens “after dark”…for Matt to even say “cuddle buddies”, a str8 guy wouldn’t say that, at least, I wouldnt.

  25. I think Brit and Brendon should secretly team up for a final two…! It’s too late for Matt and everyone thinks they’re enemies!! It would be perfect. Brendon would win in a landslide, though

    • Yes Trish. That is what I have been saying the pass couple of days. It makes sense. But, it won’t work if she doesn’t put the hate aside. He has already proven trustworthy. But the downside is that Lane persuades her too much and when he feels its time for Brendon to go, she will jump on board even though he has made no solid alliance with her. He has basically told her that he will pick Hayden over her in final 3. She should play all her cards and Brendon should realize that the brigade needs to be broken up because they vote together and can talk anybody into anything without getting their hands dirty.

    • problem is… why should he trust her? after promising him, if he didn’t put her on the block she would not put him up or backdoor him if she won HoH.

      • If he convinced her that they need to get Ragan out first, then the floaters she may bite, especially if it meant it would take her to the end. It probably won’t work out as you said since she’s already stabbed him in the back but it was a thought!

        I just don’t want to see two floaters in the final two again!

      • he’s convincing her? my point is why should he trust her? she needs to be convincing him, he can trust her.

        fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

  26. Enzo might have eaten some of the Have’s food and could get a penalty vote for that! Matt might have a chance!

    • Has that ever happened before? And where did you see he got caught, because he has done it before and gotten away with it.

      • The precedence comes from Season 8 with Jen. She was a Have-Not, ate an apple, was already on the block that week, and was given a Penalty Vote as a result. It’s pretty clear cut on what BB has to do.

        I’ve got a post going up on this later this evening.

      • Now if that happens then that will be BB rigging the show, And I for one will stop watching BB al together

      • Wow, I didn’t know that was punishable since they didn’t pick up on it earlier.

        Is it on a flashback feed where we can watch?


      • thanx for jogging my memory… i had a nagging feeling this had happened but could not recall it.

  27. Matt was too cocky and just didn’t play right when he was in power. Brendon has earned his way to where he is with playing the right way, dominating competitions and not back-stabbing. He’s not so smart when it comes to trusting, like with Britney, but what choice does he have? He has no allies. I think he’s playing smarter than anyone, and I really hope the remaining Brigade members join with him and get rid of stupid Britney and disgusting Regan. I am so sick of them, and Regan’s performance in the have/have not competition made me want to vomit!!

  28. I’ve noted when Matt & Lane are together, they are both very aware of when the cameras are on them – you can see them track with their eyes; who knows what they say to each other when they know the camera is on someone else. Anyone else pick up on this?

  29. Matt missed his chance last week. He should have kept Kathy. She could have gone at anytime. Now Enzo “Meow-Meow”..Pussy is there for the duration. If I see him playing with himself one more time, I am going to ask Ragan to take care of him. Gosh, even Ragan would have better standards. Ragan is a crybaby, but at least he has endurance. Pussywillow has done nothing but run him goofy Mouth. And the Penguin suit..LOVE IT. Shame it isn’t a Rat coustume. It amazes me how fast the “Brigade” collapsed after they threw one of their own under the bus, and took on Brachel. He is a wimp, and his body is so funny looking. I think Britney is a good player & like Jordon, last yr. I hope she kicks their butts. Big talkers, that’s all they are. I love Lane, but he is usless also, he needs to step up instead of sitting around with the rest of them, bad mouthing Matt. Why did they turn on him so quick, because he talked to someone other than them. Ragan might be a crybaby, but he does have a bit of brains. Jelosy, that’s all it is, and back stabbing. Just my opinion.

    • I agree with you almost completely. I’m sick of seeing Enzo (and also Matt) with their hands down their pants all the time. Ragan can get on your nerves, but he seems to have the best feel for what’s happening in the house. He can read people (except for Matt) pretty well and knows who is truly aligned.

  30. If Matt is smart, his speech on Thursday will go something like this…

    “During the first week of the game, a four person alliance was formed called the Brigade: Enzo, Hayden, Lane, and me. The other three have backstabbed me and they’ll do the same to you.

    They will not take anyone else beyond the final four and will go after you as soon as possible.

    Brendon and Ragan, if you vote to evict Enzo, we’ll have a tie which you can break when you vote out Enzo, Brittany.

    Then the four of us can get rid of Hayden and Lane and all go to final four.

    Enzo, Hayden, and Lane will not help you get to the final two or three.”

    I doubt, however, that Matt will be sharp enough to make those points during the speech and he’ll probably go to the jury house.

    If you keep

    • No… if Matt were smart he would have put Enzo up instead of Kathy with the DPoV.

      And before the eviction Enzo tells him “sorry bro i’m voting you out in favor of Lane, but i can still count on your jury vote, right,bro?”

      • You’re right, it would have been smart to do that last week. My suggestion for Matt’s speech was something he could still do going forward.

  31. I kinda like Matt, I hope he and Brendan are final 2, then we all know who will win…GO BRACHEL!!!

  32. ok first off let me say this season has been a hot mess full of floaters lol. matt is the only true player in the game in my opinion, but just messed up by trusting enzo or w.e. anyway if he goes home, this season will be like super boring. i dont have anyone i want to win cus nobody is a good gameplayer…they shouldve just brought back rachel permanently cus honestly i dont think i could watch this show if matty is gone. idk, its just too much

  33. BB tell me your are going to play this GAME FAIR and give ENZO a penalty for eating food,while being a HAVE-NOT!!!! Oh,by the way BIG BROTHER how do you like the way LAME LANE mocks you all the time too? I don’t think he is funny when he does that.Looks like the BROGADE is MARCHING over you to the FINALS:)

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