Big Brother 12: Week 7 Monday Live Feed Highlights

The POV Ceremony took place Monday and with that the fate of one our players has been sealed.  Friendships and alliances have fallen apart while backstabbing and lies have become the norm in the Big Brother 12 house. 

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 23, 2010:

9:30 AM BBT – Matt wants  Brit to put up Ragan.  He says Ragan is his friend but he’s not playing the game with him and if she puts him up he won’t be mad.  But will you be mad when she puts you up Matty?

 10:15 AM BBT – Matt in the HoH with Brit and is asking why him.  She says someone took the hawaiian vacation and the 5 grand.  Matt says he’s walking out of the house with $1 that he’s played hard in every comp.  She says it’s hard and that she only has 4 to choose from.  She’s not backing down so Matt pretty much knows it’s over at this point.

11:07 AM BBT – Enzo now in the HoH with Brit. (Hayden and Bren have already been up) Brit doesn’t want Enzo to go and they both say awful it is that Matt threw Ragan under the bus.  What hyporcrites they both are but Enzo gets this prize this round. 

11:20 AM BBT –  Matt talking to Enzo who is tells him that they all dropped grenade after grenade in the HoH and that Brit is telling Ragan right now she is putting him up.  Hayden and Lane walked away so they were not part of the lies being to told to Matt.

12:25 PM BBT – Feeds return from PoV ceremony and shows Brit and Matt in the kitchen.  Matt is hanging his head down while Brit says she feels so bad for Enzo cause he hasn’t seen his wife and daughter in over a month.  Matt is now on the block.

1:15 PM BBT – Ragan talking to Brit now and said he understands why Matt threw him under the bus but that he would never do that to him.  He said after crying all last week he now looks soooo stupid.

2:25 PM BBT – Matt, Enzo and Hayden talk.  Matt says it sucks they are both up and Brit must have said something to Ragan about him trying to get him put up.  They are talking like normal which makes me wonder if Matt has any freaking clue that they are the reason he is on the block.

2:45 PM BBT – Lane tells Enzo and Matt about the phone call to his mom and the feeds cut out.

6:17 PM BBT – Matt and Ragan head to the hammock to talk.  Ragan tells him the first thing he hears this morning is how Matt went up there to try and get him nominated.  Matt is at a loss for words for a change and Ragan says he’s glad it happened because it opened his eyes and reminded him he was playing a game.

7:20 PM BBT – Matt asks Ragan if they are still cuddle buddies and if he’s breaking up with him and they both laugh it off.  Matt says he’s going to fight to stay.  He’s going to have to out the brigade and find out about Hayden winning the prizes.  That’s his ONLY shot to stay in the house.  Matt warns Ragan to watch out for Britney which is GREAT advice. 

10:05 PM BBT – Matt and Ragan talking about what would keep Matt in the game but Ragan says you are definitely going out Thursday. 

10:39 PM BBT – Ragan tells Matt he should have won but isn’t because of how he played the veto.  Exactly, Matt is leaving because he wussed out and didn’t put up Enzo last week.  He had a chance to make a power move but didn’t so Brit made the move.  He should have fought for the HoH as well.

1:37 AM BBT – All hg’s except Brendon outside bashing Rachel saying she should have been on Celebrity Rehab or Rock of Love.

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I’d say Matt has zero chance of remaining in the house Thursday regardless of what goes down during the week and I’m sure he’ll regret his decision of not sending Enzo to the jury house for the rest of his life.  Thursday can’t get here fast enough to see who will be joining him as evicted hg number two.  I’m expecting Matt to throw the brigade under the bus at some point because if he’ll do it to Ragan he should most definitely do it to the rest of them.

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