Big Brother 12 Week 7 Veto Ceremony Decides the Fate of Matt

Update: Turn on your live feeds right now (or Flashback to 10AM BBT) to listen and watch as the HGs try to sway Britney in the lead up to the PoV Ceremony…

It’s going to be a big day in Big Brother 12 for Matt as his chance at survival hangs in the balance. Later this afternoon the HGs will gather and listen as the Veto holder removes himself from the block. What happens next will likely immediately decide who goes home in Round 1 of Thursday’s Double Eviction.

Britney hasn’t been handling the pressure of HoH particularly well. After making the noms she wanted things fell apart during the subsequent Veto Competition. Her immediate reaction was blame, blame, blame. The Boys (Enzo, Lane, and Hayden) didn’t win the Veto because they were chasing prizes. Matt didn’t win the Veto because he felt too secure in his promise of safety from Britney. Brendon did win because, well because everyone else let her down.

Outnumbered by his former alliance members, Matt has become the whipping boy for replacement nomination and his odds of staying in the game change with the wind. Saturday afternoon Britney was dead set on his role as renom. By Sunday evening Matt and Ragan had again convinced her that he was on her side, while Brendon, Enzo, and Hayden were not. Why would she get rid of someone going after them and not her, Britney wondered. Hayden had then become the new renom target and that lasted, ohh, about an hour or two. By the end of the night Enzo and Lane had worked their way inside her mind and convinced her that Matt had to be the renom. If that happens, he’ll be evicted.

Britney will have to make her decision by early afternoon and my guess is that whoever talks to her just before production calls her to the DR will get his way. Remember when Britney was 110% on board to save Kristen only to have her final conversation before the Veto meeting fall in to Rachel’s hands? Britney is easily swayed and that spoil will most likely go to the last voice in her ear.

Keep your live feeds running all day as we listen in to her conversations and debates in the build up to today’s Veto Ceremony. This is going to be an exciting week for Big Brother 12 and the only way to see it live & uncensored is online!



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    • it is a game of rats,…. and the rattiest of rats gets the cheese,…. just look at past winners,… Evil Richard ( who probably could not have dont it without stepping on his daughter on the way up) and who was that Dr. Will wannabe,….. you make friends and alliances that you WILL break before the end of the game

  1. Ok so I’m a little behind in the BB world. 2 people are going home this week yes? Can it be HOH Britney or Veto holder Brendon?

    • Yes, 2 are going home. In the first eviction, no Brit and Bren cannot go home, but the 2nd eviction will have a whole new HOH so the slate will be clean.

    • They will do the eviction this week like normal. Then everything will happen like a normal week with HoH comp but it all happens at once. So HoH doesn’t get their HoH room before another HoH comp takes place.

      At least that’s how I remember it from past seasons.

  2. Should be retitled “Big Brother 12 Week 7 Production saves Matt from eviction with the all new exclusive and flashy Double Platinum Veto” – this veto allows you to evict 5 HG’s at once!

    • Hey Moogie..there you are…I apologize for the reading comprehension comment. Bad day for me. BAD Day and you caught me off guard. Again I apologize. I respect your comments and this game just gets me sometimes.

  3. Brit is so two-faced, I don’t believe a word she says outside of the diary room. At this point I think she’s just telling people what she thinks they want to hear.

    • She literally looks like she fell on her face.

      As long as she doesn’t get rid of Matt or Ragan any time before the final four, i’m okay with her. If she does i’ll be looking forward to when all the other houseguests (especially in the Brigade) backstab Lane and Brittney.

      • Brit reagan matt and brendon get rid of the nastys ooooh the so called Brigade all talk no brain and no wins doesnt diserve anything

  4. just her mood when around matt and ragan on bbad last night tells me its hayden not matt going up and hopefully the “Bayone bore”goes to jury w the douche!!!!

    • Yeah. She looks too much of friends with Matt and Ragan to put them up. The only thing that is hampering on her mind is that Lane wants Matt gone. She should worry about herself though, she has a boyfriend outside of the house.

      • no doubt brad,the nick cant be happy w all the horseplay between his bride and ole texas tech………enzo is such a loser.

    • Britney is crazy. Matt is playing her and she can’t even see it. She tells everybody what they want to here. Matt has lied through the whole show. He should go home this week and Ragan is acting like a fool now and he should go home with Matt. But she will put up whoever Matt tells her to.

      • It’s a game. Every single person lies. Name one person in this game that hasn’t lied that’s in the house still?

        You obviously have never seen Big Brother or any other reality tv show before. Everybody lies. The only difference is that Matt is better at it.

        And he’s not using Brittney. They are actually friends, unlike the brigade who just made an alliance because they are the “four guys”. Matt trusts Ragan 100% from when he met him, Brittney probably 85% and slipping, and Enzo is probably 70%.

        If it makes it seem like he’s “playing the whole house” maybe it’s just because he’s going with who he trusts more.

    • Who was she nicer around? That tends to be the one she’s lying too. She’s only telling the truth when she’s ruthlessly mocking somebody behind their back.

  5. EITHER WAY I HOPE ENZO or MATT or HAYDEN go home its a win win win for me at doubles I hope Ragan or someone goes home and Brendon wins <3

    • I hope Brendon wins too. And I can’t wait until Matt goes home and everybody learns he has lied about his wife.

      • They will know but probably not till the final 2. Andrew was the only one Julie told Matt’s lie too. So when Julie questions the HG”s that are not on the Jury THAT is when I think Andrew will speak up but by then it will be too late if Matt is in the F2. I still can’t wait to see the shock expressions on everyone’s face, THAT will be priceless.

  6. If Brittney wants to go a little further in the game Hayden has to go up. She will have less to fear b/c it would be two against one Matt and Ragan against Brendon for HOH. Why put your fate in the hands of a group of guys who can’t win to save their lives.

    • I think that sums it up!! Hopefully she will see the forest thru the trees!! I think she will because she is friends w/Ragan and Matt. She would have to trust them more…. I would hope.

      This is a moment when I wish we could fly a banner above the house again since screaming at the screen isn’t too effective!!

  7. What time is the veto ceremony?

    All I know is that putting up Matt secures her an extra week while the rest of the guys gun for Ragan. For all we know she could win HoH during this week and secure herself a spot in the final 4. Her best shot is putting up Matt.

    Scenario #1 – She puts up Hayden and Enzo gets voted out. This forces an alliance between Hayden, Brendon, and Lane and has them furiously gunning for Brit. Her line is drawn in the sand. If either 3 win HoH, she will most likely get put up.

    Scenario #2 – She puts up Matt and he gets evicted. This leaves Ragan crying like a whiny baby. He’ll claim that she’s a backstabber and a liar yada yada yada “America will never forgive you for the Brittany!” This leaves Hayden, Enzo, Brendon, and Lane all gunning for Ragan.

    Seems to me like here best bet is to put up Matt and get him evicted. Anybody saying otherwise has posters of Matt above their bed.

    • the brigade (enzo,lane,hayden and brendon are already going to go after brit. they said on bbad that they would get brit out on double eviction so she is better off putting hayden up and getting rid of the meow meow

      • I agree, the brigade will go after Britney…right to the end. She needs to split up the brigade NOW! Even if she puts some of them up, she will have consequences either way…lose…lose. Matt seems to be the ring leader…get rid of him. Then Enzo, Hayden and Ragan are the only ones left to focus on. Brendon is a good guy. I hope Brit keeps her promise to Brendon. I would also put up Hayden. It will be an interesting show coming up this week!!!

    • You seriously think that Lane will go against Britney?? I don’t. But I don’t think Lane has made up his mind who he’s really aligned with until the end. Right now he’s trying to please Enzo/Hayden and Britney. Eventually he’ll have to make a choice.

      • You guys aren’t getting the point.

        She votes out Matt: Hayden and Enzo vote out Brendon. Than once brendon is gone Lane and Brittney are the targets. They’d be best off keeping Ragan because many people will just think he is a floater in the jury house except for Matt.

        So if she does decide to get rid of Matt she’ll leave before the final four. If she keeps him she’ll make the final four and actually have a shot.

      • I 100% agree with that. I do not want her to vote out Matt. It would be a dumb decision. I’ve made several other posts about the same senario. :) She has no chance to go anywhere in this game without Matt.

    • nice play by play,…as long as it plays out with the biggest cry baby in BB history -RAGEN- going home.

  8. I think Matt is starting to get the creepy eyes for Brittany. Just from what I can see on BBAD. I mean his wife is ugly and talks like a puppet so I’m sure Kathy looked like a playmate to Matt.

    • Im sure she is looking pretty good to all of them…. She is HOT for one and for two, SHE IS THE ONLY CHIC THERE!!

  9. And what about the smear campaign Ragan laid on Kathy last night? WOW. America’s favorite talking crap behind somebody’s back? NO WAY! I love how everytime he would say something bad about her he would follow it by “But I love Kathy” Yet he had nothing good to say about her. I really hope they show her that in the Jury House.

    • I hope they are seeing all this stuff in the jury house now. I am so sick of Ragan. He cries more than I do. He is a big cry baby. I don’t have that many tears in my body!!!

      • Hey no worries Marie. You didn’t have to explain yourself, but thanks nonetheless. I’m on some forums where what you said would be like a kiss on the cheek compared to what some of these mongers write…lol

        Hope you’re having a better day!

  10. Matt deserves to stay, cant stand him because he is so aragant but hes better than the weasels Enzo and Hayden!

    • At least Enzo and Hayden don’t lie that their “Wife” is sick. Matt should just play the game without mentioning that his wife is sick…that is sick and disrespectful to anyone that is truly fighting for their lives on this earth. There are other ways to play the game. What a cheap way for him to start off in the game. Remember the Survivor year when that guy lied that his Grandma died or something like that??? Many people still remember that one. It reflects on a person’s character…playing a game or not.

      • I agree Regina. He really didn’t need to do that. He wins comps and has a certain amount of mind control over the HGs, the lie was stupid and uncalled for.

  11. ohh when matt goes home ( i hope he does soon) hes gonna be in alot of crap because he lied about the wife and i remember kathy talking about ” i think its just sick when people lie about illnesses”

      • Money talks and bull s… walks. When it comes down to the nitty gritty what would u do. Worry about no. 1`–you!!! Your playing the game for you not the other guy. You want to help him/her win 500k? I doubt it. i sure wouldn’t. That’s why it it’s a game. May the best player win. GO Brendon. He deserves it. He has fought from the beginning and u can’t say he hasn’t. One hell of a guy he is.

  12. Pleeeeeaaaassssee saaavvveee maaaaatt!!!!! Britney will be stupid if she doesn’t put up Hayden. They will evict her before Brendon. Matt ragan and possibly lane are better to be with than the bull-gade. Why do you think Matt left them. I have been rooting for Matt since day 1 and It would such if he gets seventh place. If he makes it to top 6 that’s okay because he outlasted over half of the houseguests. Matt, please talk to Brittany today, pllllllleeeeeeeaaaaassssee!!!!!

  13. Matt should win because he’s only doing what all the best winners have done – play the game. Remember Dr. Will? The Brigade would not have gotten as far as they have without him. He’s the most deserving.

    • Ragan threw the comp x2 so Matt would win. He cheats. Read his Bio. He says it there. They all do. Want the link????

  14. Can’t stand Matt, but I hope he stays. I want him to get a whiff of the money right before his game crashes when his lie is exposed.

    I know a lot of people say everybody lies in these reality game shows… and that’s true. But to me, it’s okay if they are lying about themselves. Bringing in an outside person as their lie (ala Jonny Fairplay) is pretty disgusting.

    • I agree. Matt should never have said his wife was sick with a bad illness. That is just wrong. He could have lied about himself.

    • Matt lied. Whoopie do! The only person that I believe is allowed to be upset about this lie are the people he’s lying to and about. And his wife tried to help him out with it. IF the other house guests find out, sucks for Matt, but that’s a chance he took. Personally, I think if production has anything to do with the other HG’s finding out before he gets evicted or before they all vote for the winner, that’s shit. And if production does someone let everyone know, every single lie in the house should be outted.

  15. This season still is lacking the excitment of past shows, lets get some things happening.

    1 – Bring Rachel back for a few mini visits to shake things up…not just verbalize Ragan. How much more do we need to see him cry.

    2- What is the real relationship with Matt and Ragan, is Matt really married?????

    3 – What happened to the new sabotoor that was suppose to appear?

    4 – If Ragen stays any longer, he’ll need meds.

    • He will need more than meds!! They will have to empty the pool so he will have somewhere to go and cry.

      • Wow.

        Again another person who doesn’t watch Big Brother

        1. She already got burned by Ragan, did you not see her “i dont have anything else to say to you” face? She got a taste of her own medicine. She wouldn’t want to come back in the house for another day if they asked her to.

        2. Matt is married, Ragan is gay. They are both website designers, which you could argue that they are the “rumored pair”.

        3. First saboteur was Annie, voted out week 1. Second was Ragan, he already won 20 grand.

        4. Not sure why you stopped at four and also don’t know what your talking about.

        The amount of ignorant people on this board is shocking.

      • The only reason why I wouldn’t want Rachel to come back is because the thought of having to watch another show where 30 mins is dedicated to Ragan argue like a woman, makes me sick. He needs to man up and stop crying so much. And no I’m not gay bashing, even the gay people on this site has said the same thing. Rachel and Ragan will have more than enough time to tear each other to shreds in the JH.

      • So Ragan is a college professor and a web designer? Any man that is truly straight would not be in the cozy positions Matt gets into with Ragan. Something is very wrong. Matt is playing both sides and it is going to blow up in his face–I can’t wait to see him blindsided. Now, if only Lane can convince Brittany to put Matt up on the block to replace Brendon.

      • Did we all miss Matt’s repeated comments about having dreams about “shitrless Hayden”? He then apologised ti his wife and said the house made him semi gay or something.

      • Brad…um….Pretty sure Ragan’s not a web designer but a professor…don’t talk crap about people not watching BB when you don’t even know the facts.

      • lol@ ignorant people

        what show are ya’ll talking about on this site?? lmaooooooooooooooo

      • Ragan is a college professor /w a phd. Matt has not been married for very long. Matt is only out 4 the money, but he would have to still face the jury….Remember the words of Rachel just before she left the house after her short visit and she is a chemistry grad.

      • I (the queen of typo’s today) didn’t mean to imply that ppl were commenting w/o watching. Just wondering how much attention was being paid to Matt’s homoerotic personality.

    • I think they should separate Matt, Ragan, Enzo for 2 days…they cannot talk to each other…the only time that they can talk is when they want to talk to Brittany or whomever…but Brittany can’t relay the conversations back to anyone. As for Ragan…let him sit and cry in his own room for a day or two. All of that psychological dynamic will discombobble them all and they won’t know who to trust or know what to do. Then, Brendon and Britt can talk…Ragan can sit back and watch and it will drive him nuts!!! Ragan won’t be able to talk to the Brigade…’cause there won’t be one for abit!

    • When u watch the show get all u need before it starts, like food, drinks, cigs, etc. Go to the bathroom and let the dogs out beforehand. Thats what I do. Then noone bothers me for an hour. Turn the volume up, especially when they whisper and pay attention. Facial expressions tell a lot so watch Matt’s eyes and see how shifty he is. Listen how he turns things around and tries to be real cool about it but yet he’s a wreck about being put up, so he uses Ragan as his patsy, his go-between. And Ragan sucks it up, the wimpy cry baby. Then Ragan can’t wait to hear what all r saying so he can tell Matt. And calling Rachel all those names r childish. Who cares?? Come on u r adults. She is a very inteligent person. U just don’t get a PHD in chemistry being stupid. Pat attention 2 the game show. The 3 stooges need to go.Brit, Matt and Ragan..all of the worst cheaters, troublemakers n liers. I hope Bren wins HOH next time.

  16. Last night matt was telling the BG that they should tell brit to put up ragan! He doesnt care about making any friends…thats how you play big brother!

    • Matt is up early and telling the guys he wants to wake up brit and tell ber “the plan”

  17. The only two that I see that is winning and playing the game is Brenden and Matt. They deserve to be the final two, even though not my favorite, but it is about who plays the game. Brenden has had everyone against him since pretty much the beginning and he is still there. What does that tell you. Then you have Lane, Enzo and Hayden who cannot win pov or HOH, ok Hayden won hoh the first week. I cannot stand Regan. Brit gets on my nervous but she is better then Enzo, Hayden and Lane.

  18. Just curious…

    When Ragan finds out Matt’s lie, do y’all think it will have any bearing? Or is he just so infatuated that it won’t make any difference.

    I would be SOOO embarrassed if I had been spouting about how “noble” Matt is and what a “stand up” man he is.

    And like Rose said, this is not gay bashing, just curious. I’m a gay man by the way and I’m embarrassed for Ragan. I just have to keep telling myself that the straight world doesn’t consider Ragan as representing how all the gay world is … just like I don’t think all straight people are like Enzo.

    • I think Ragan will be hurt for awhile, but eventually will understand. Or just be hurt… and that’s it. It would be amusing to see Ragan when he find out and see if he goes off like he did on Rachel about things. lol. I wonder if during the after show (after they vote for who wins) if Julie will tell everyone about the lie and what the responses will be.

    • Big Brother does put the cast together, in part, as a representation of stereotypes. The straight world may not think Ragan represents all gays, but it is obvious that a certain stereotype is being perpetuated. Comparing to Enzo representing all straight people isn’t really apples to apples because that is not the stereotype BB put him in there to represent. He is representing the NY/East Coast/Italian stereotype, so a more proper comparison would be to say you don’t think “all East Coast people are like Enzo”.
      Virtually everyone in the house is supposed to be some kind of stereotype… Lane = “dumb jock”, Hayden = “pretty boy”, Rachel = “Vegas skank”, etc.

      It is all done on purpose by BB from the beginning, and we all need to realize that NONE of them represent any group…. they only represent themselves.

      • I agree Rico. They do represent themselves. I’ve been seeing a lot of posts insulting people from NJ and the North/east coast. Which is not right because I don’t even know anyone in real life who acts like Enzo and I’m from New Jersey. But it just goes to show how powerful the media can be in creating and enforcing stereotypes.

      • <<used to be from Jersey…loved it until they got those homely yellow license plates with the black letters

        bring back the blue plates and yellow letters and Christie Whitman

      • RICO – you are not allowed to go missing in action again ahaha. You had people going crazy looking for you. And BRAVO at your comment, we have no idea what these ppl are like. I was listening to the interview with ED and he made that comment production said Kathy was nothing like she was on the show, so who knows.

      • im from nc and thats very far from jersey but on east coast and i am no way shape or form like enzo. rach is from nc and so is jordan…not like either of them either, i love science but again im not like rach. just because evel dik is a man doesnt mean they are all a$$e$ or as smart. like on jersey shore snookie….im sure rose isn’t like snookie

  19. What was with Matts comment he is in a gay shomance but i love my wife then his late nite comment “i have my own wife i don’t care if Ragan leaves” IS SOMEONE IN DENIAL OVER SEXUALITY?????

    • I think he was being sarcastic about the gay showmance… earlier when he was talking alone with Britney she said something along the lines of him and Ragan being the Brendon and Rachel in the house now, regarding how close they are. And when he made the showmance comment it was back to Britney.

      • Im Mat’s very first HOH blog he stated that his wife asked him to be friends and align with the gay guy in the house…. this is most likey why they started their friendship and it has turned into a real friendship, just because matt is comfortable with his sexuality does not make him gay.

      • I thought he made the gay showmance comment in the diary room……and then kinda laughed it off with a smile and a I love my wife.

    • LMAO Beth, thanks for the lemonade all over my screen. I think he just may be in COMPLETE denial there. First he tells then guys he had a dream about Hayden with no shirt, then he openly admits to loving his wife but having a gay showmance. I have MANY gay friends and even they are embarrassed for Ragan, (shaking my head) I am also curious as to the reaction the houseguest have IF it is revealed to them that Matt’s wife is perfectly healthy.
      I am not one that cared he lied whatever but as a HG’s if I had gave him my vote based on the info then Id have to say Id be a little mad not just at him but at myself. We shall see come finale night

      • Hey Kristy, I do believe the lie about Matt’s wife will be told. Just too late for anyone. If he makes it to the F2 or even if he doesn’t after all the votes have been counted I think that Julie will go to the HG’s that didn’t make it to the Jury like they do every year and let them talk about what they have seen in the BB house that the others don’t know about. Since I believe (I may be wrong) that Andrew is the only HG that Julie told Matt’s lie too I believe he will tell everyone Matt’s lie. And if everyone voted for Matt (if he is in the F2) because of his lie (which I think they will do) they will be very pissed off and felt used. I mean wouldn’t YOU? Hell if Hayden in a talk with Brit last night said that if Matt is renom that if he wins or Ragina wins or even Brit that they would all help Matt out with the prize money. I don’t think any of them will after learning about the lie. And I would have forgotten he told that lie except once again he brought that up to Brit so she wouldn’t put him up. NOW that is carrying it too far Matt.

    • well, in baseball, we call them “switch hitters”

      maybe he flips a coin daily…

      Heads Ragan

      Tails Wife

      • maybe he and Ragan are brothers they favor and their familiar enough for Matt to swat him on rear. their is history there and they look like same size bodies etc

    • i about croaked when ragan was pretending to be production and said “ragan please remove matt’s di** from your mouth” that was baddddd

      • OMG…….I missed that one. That Ragina does give Gay’s a bad name. Oh wow…….carrying it too far there Ragina. I have one gay best friend and he is very upset with Ragan (he gets mad when I say Ragina when using his name) and the way he has been acting. He still loves Ragan the player but he dos NOT like how Ragan has been acting. He tells me that Ragan does tend to over dramatic and says sometimes he is more a drama queen than Red was. Really best friend? LOL

  20. That scank bratney better put the ratt up! He is truly only playing for himself. He don’t give a rat’s ass about anyone in that house. What total morons, that includes anyone that thinks ratt is a good guy. Come on! Just the fact that he wouldn’t use the DPOV on anyone but himself proves what a scank he is, disgusting! While boo hoo boy will do anything for ratt, ratt wouldn’t give rag-an the time of day if it meant that it might ruin his game in some way. Rag-an you are so damn stupid! Yeah, poor ratt’s wife, boo hoo, it’s a lie you moron! Ratt boy should most definitely be booted out! I so hope to watch him walk out that door! Please! The perfect show would be to watch ratt boy and rag-an walk out the door Thursday night.

    • Misty-
      I am not a Matt supporter but ummmm the whole concept of the show in to PLAY TO WIN for yourself. It would be pretty moronic to play for some one else. Anyone would have used the DPOV to save themselves if they were on the block, which he was would have been dumb to take Lane down an risk himself going on Marcellas did that already. If he hadnt of been nominated then maybe he would maybe he wouldnt have used it we dont know. The morons are the people that forget EVERYONE in that house is there to win 500k, and think they are making friends who will let them win.

    • wow..tell em Misty
      I have to agree

      Don’t let Enzo see your name, he might think your his spouse and wanna shower with ya

      (just kidding )

      • Lol, do people actually believe what they are writing sometimes?

        Why would he use it on Lane? Not only are you not making sense, your talking out of your rear end. Next time read over your post.

      • I am a kind and generous person and I WOULD HAVE SAVED IT FOR MYSELF. Kind of the point of BB, isn’t it?

  21. SHe shouldnt have out up Brenden to begin with. From what I have seen with him is that once he says something he means it and he would have been loyal to her. No one else but maybe Lane will be loyal to her. Brit, Lane and Brenden should have made an alliance. Even though I dont like Lane. I just hope she puts Matt up and he goes. I cant stand him. I liked him at first but he just so damn cocky I cant stand it.

  22. ooh… live feeds just came on… and the brigade is now aligned again? and they’re all trying to get Ragan out?!?!?! Maybe I missed some stuff last night.

    • I am wondering if they brigade is just bullshitting Matt trying to make him feel okay ’til he gets evicted. I really want to see what happens when they all try and convince Britney.

  23. I’ve read all the comments and it could be that matt will be safe and i love, love, love it because the rest have to join forces and get rid of waaaandon by any means necessary!!!

    • I think the rest of the HGs have finally wised up to see that having Brendon around actually will benefit them in the long run. This isn’t the “Get Brendon out” show, its BB. And Matt is a far worse threat than Brendon. That is plain obvious to everyone in the house. They would be stupid to keep him around too much longer. Brendon would take anybody but Matt or Ragan to final 2. I’m so happy they are finally looking at all their options instead of using Brendon as a scapegoat to avoid the inevitable.

      • Has Brit figured that out yet though? If so, she did it a few days too late. I guess I was giving her too much credit thinking that she would come to that realization prior to noms.

      • I think she has but she is both too scared and easily persuaded. She will not make any bold moves because she is not sure of herself and doesn’t know who is telling the truth and so forth. She really has no true allies in the house. Ragan will take Matt over her, Matt will take the Brigade and/or Ragan over her, The Brigade have each other. She is disposable to them.

  24. How can you play Big Brother for anyone else but yourself???? You don’t play to LOSE…you play to WIN. Matt is not the first player to be sneaky and underhanded, nor will he be the last.

    • Exactly. Every HG who wants to win the game has to lie. Matt is just better at it than others.

    • Hands down his pants, hands down his pants. Looking like a fool with his hands down his pants.

  25. Bye bye Matt! Ragina will be joining you two seconds later!!! lol :) I’d keep enzo, because whoever keeps enzo to final two is going to win undoubtedly!

  26. eeryone out side except for Brenbitch who is fixing tea. It could be immediate lock down with BB not allowing access to Britchild.
    Brendon heads outside with a tray of tea.
    Britney is in HoH putting her face on.
    Matt leaves and and the remaining guys discuss Matt’s plan and some seem in favor of Ratt’s plan, but they still want Ratt put up and will continue to work Britney to accomplish that goal.
    Around and Around we go, where we stop only BB knows.

  27. lunch time on the east coast, so I figured what to do besides read over some notes and chow down…..


    post # 18 and Rosa with her Matt and Ragan “cozy positions” comment

    lunch over….

  28. Here is what I think will happen at the replacement ceremony. The last one in Brits ear will have say who goes up. Not Lane or Matt or anyone in the house. It will be BB because it is their game and and they will keep the tension in the house.I have watched every show for 12 seasons and I always told my wife that its BB game.

    • That’s true. It’s funny how they seem to have their minds made up, then all of the sudden they do something totally unexpected. like them talking about putting Ragan up, when did that happen?

    • Answer this— If they can’t sing or write anything, then when Ragan went into the DR room who wrote the note ‘I know your secret’ S. BB???

  29. If Brittany really wanted to make it a move…it would be to put up Matt. If we break down everything it makes sense.

    Brittany, Brendon, Matt – only ones left who have won a HoH Comp…not counting Hayden’s first HoH cuz that was luck of the flying hotdog. So get Matt out and you take a huge threat out of the house. Besides it seems like he’s the only one playing the game logically and not emotionally so you probably wouldn’t lose a vote.

    Brendon has no friends in the house so not a threat and would have only 1 sure vote come the jury house. Does anyone really think Brendon would get 4 votes against anyone? You take Brendon to the finals and bam you won 6-1 maybe 5-2 and you have $500,000.

    As a disclaimer…I really don’t have a fan fav this season…it’s been pretty dull.

    • But the brigade said they wil consider giving Brenda their votes if he made it to the end so taking him is not a done deal.

      • I really only think Enzo would be the other vote…he’s a bit pissy right now so of course he would say that. Can’t see Lane voting for him and I doubt Hayden would.

      • Yeah things change so quickly in the house so who knows.

        Enzo is the least deserving of any money or prizes. He is completely inept except for his mouth.

  30. Matt is a Mensa Moron…he is disgusting and i hope he goes…he will win any endurance comp they put out there and he is proven unpredictable in the house…it really should be a question of whether or not to put him up….who cares about getting Ragan mad..hes a prissy baby who has won one thing….get over it and grow a pair Brit

  31. does any one know if brattney replaced the nomin. for brendan yet? hate this waiting hope its matt or ragan thats a power move for her

    • Are you crazy? Matt and Ragan are the only sure votes she has to stay. Although I like the whole Lane and Britany Duo, he would turn on a second with her. Enzo has done nothing but talk trash about getting her out and Hayden is Enzo’s yes man. If she replaces Brendan with Matt then she just threw her game out the window, and made a dumb dumb dumb move.

  32. I don’t care for Britney, but if she could get with Brendon and make him trust her she just might win. She was nice to him while being handcuffed. Suck it up girl. It would be nice to see a girl win, I have no favorite this season, and that would be a good reason to vote for someone.

    • I really think that would have been her best shot, but I think she blew that chance when she went back on her word and put him up this week. I don’t think Bren will be able to trust her going forward.

      • I agree
        I ve being saying that all along
        If she kept her word (She could have told everybody that she’ll back door him and if she didn’t put him up he would not work hard at POV)and he offcourse workes hard for it that her nons stay the same one goes home and nobody think she in with Brendan just that her plan did not go their way and she has nor dirtied her hands and looks great because she kept her word
        And I agrre to that now Brendon does not trust her and shouldnt
        I think she lost anychance of winning

  33. Even if Britney put up Matt [dumb ideal ] on the block, Matt will do everything he can to stay in the house. Matt would tell one lie after another just to stay in the game. Britney should put up Hayden on the block next to Enzo, then Enzo can go to the jury house. Thursday will be a big day in the Big Brother house and it is too soon to tell who will be the new HOH and who will be put on the block.

    • At first I didn’t want Britney to choose Matt, but now I’m thinking if she does it will provoke Matt to oust the Brigade, possibly in his eviction speech. I would love to everyone’s reaction!

      • Oh my, I hadn’t thought of that. Do you think he’d do it, or just tell Brit and/or Ragan to give them an advantage (sneakier)?

      • Matt, had his chance to out the Bro gade when he used the DPOV but he didnt because he thought it would still work to his advantage MAYBE it was, who knows but he wont out them yet till he KNOWS for sure he has the votes to do so. He’s stupid if he doesnt do it soon KNOWING they will vote him out first.

      • I agree, DD. This is what I’ve been waiting for– Matt to ‘out’ the brigade. Especialy since (lies or not) he IS the reason they are still there. I am prety sure he will. Seems that Enzo, Hayden and Lane don’t seemed the least bit worried about that either. These guys need to be knocked down a few pegs.

  34. she was only nice cause shes scared hes gonna win hoh and put her up and get her out she has stab him over and over again hes not as dumb as she thinks he has a bigger target then her to deal with

  35. The biggest BB loser this year was Kristen. She has a showmance with Hayden which caused her real life boyfriend to dump her. Meanwhile, after voting her out Hayden goes into the back room with the Brigade stooges, they high five and shout “Bros before Hos”!!! How’d you like to be called a “Ho” on national TV??? Poor girl.

      • Who was the girl a few years back that said her biggest mistake was throwing away a shot at $500 K for a “stupid showmance”? Seems to be a lot of THAT going around… If someone ever publishes a “Just a Tip… for BB Dummies” that should be maybe #1…”

  36. Matt should be put up and Brendon should win. I think that they should bring Rachel back into the
    house and let her be HoH and let her get rid of Ragan. He is such a winer.

  37. if Matt gets evicted, Brenden is going to win this game.Enzo needs to go, he wants Matt to vote for him to win”you still want a brigade member to win right Matt” but he would rather let Brenden & Rachel win the money than a brigade member. He makes me sick!!!

  38. The fact that Matt is going to tell Brit to put up Ragan should be a clue to Brit that she needs to backdoor him this week because its only a matter of time before he throws her lil ass under the bus. I hope she thinks about all the scenarios. I don’t like her but I would rather see her there out of Matt and Ragan.

    • If Matt leaves…who is the strongest player after Brendon?…..BRIT!!!!! she needs Matt until Brendon leaves….but I can already tell that Brit is about to commit BB suicide….if Matt goes up they will both be gone on Thursday….Brendon is talking final 2 with Brit because he says it will be fair for both of them because they have both won….if Matt leaves….BRIT YOU’RE NEXT!!! This is why I dont like any of the HGs because they are all really stupid!!!

      • Brendon is way more forgiving. He even said that on the feedbacks. Matt will sell her out at any given moment. He doesn’t care who stays or leaves. The only two things he has set in stone is getting Brendon out and making final 2. He doesn’t care about the Brigade, Ragan, or Brit. Which is why she needs to give him the boot and do some damage control with Brendon. It will be the ultimate gift to him, to out his #1 enemy. Then Ragan will be his next target.

  39. at this point i dont feel great about any of theme winning! they all get on my nerves now lol.

  40. if matt goes up,he has to out the brigade. His main point should be that he could have put up enzo or hayden vs lane,but honored his brigade w kathy going home.Now they turn on him? HG’s who do u want a 3 man alliance to go against or keep me and i’ll get them out.America is done w the brigade anyway,matty’s the only producer anyway.

    • It could go that way, but would Bren and Brit believe him? There seems to be no limit of dumb moves in this game… Once he gets on the block he’s going to need Bren and Regan’s vote, plus Brit for the tie breaker… Brit would believe it, but right now the Bozo-gade has Bren under control…

  41. Yes it is a game and they all lie.. BUT all lies are not equal. There are “game” lies and then there are ” ugly nasty” lies. BRITNEY is an ugly , ugly nasty liar!. I hope she goes home next .- Is one of her eyes larger than the other?. BB SHOULD DO AWAY WITH golden Veto because they cheat and give it to whom they wish!.. I am for Brendon!

  42. MAtt should have never put Kathy on the block. He knew the brigade was going to dump him. Enzo and Hayden told him. The brigade would have been down to 2 and he Brit and Ragan could have gone to final 3.

  43. I didn’t think I could dislike someone as much as I did Rachel, but I do. Matt has taken Rachels place. I think I dislike him even more than Rachel. Everytime he comes on the tv, I want to smack him. His nasty self. He has more ego than Rachel. Also, Regan if not far behind him. Maybe you have to have a big ego to get on BB.
    I can’t beleive I’m starting to like Brandon. I like Lane too.

    • With you talking like this about Matt, you should know that production is going to keep him in the game. They have to keep the ones that cause the most friction. The ratings, you know.

  44. Wild flight of fantasy, just for the heck of it:

    1st eviction, Enzo is out…

    2nd eviction, Matt goes…

    BBAD: Libations are doubled and in one corner is what remains of theBozo-gade sobbing over what a great guy Enzo was… In another corner, Ragan curled up with his own bottle of red wine sobbing over how honorable Matt was… Brit and Bren looking on, clutching their sides and laughing out loud!

      • i think that’s the point. Why continue to hold grudges when you can form an alliance and take down the whole house? Without Matt, neither the Brigade or Ragan is worth crap.

    • More lemonade on my screen, hahaha that was hilarious and I would LOVE to see that, and not so far fetched Ragan would for sure would be doing that.

  45. Personally, I don’t like stabbing people in the back…it ios cowardly and un-warranted.

    I prefer to look you in the eyes as I stab you…so I can see what you are feeling in there…and you know where the dagger came from.

    • sarcastic, or not too hip to how the game is played?

      you back stab so they don’t have time to react.

    • Uh, its a GAAAME. Not life. Stab em in the back, talk smack to their face, (as brittany siad) give em your first born! now if we were on Survivor, THAAAt would be different….

      • why is lying on one game any different than another?? If u lie, cheat and steal, it’s the same, whether in BB or in Gabon, Pearl Islands, Nicaragua or wherever the he** Survivor is at that time

  46. Matt will need to stay in the Big Brother house this week. When Thursday get here then we will all see who will be the new HOH.

    • Matt deserves to go home. He is too full of himself and his “power plays” have sucked majorly. He is obviously the true “big dummy”.

      • This. Matt is good at endurance challenges and lucked into a DPOV, thats it. Guy botched his 1st HOH completely and is not liked by his own group. Yet thinks he controls the house…

  47. So Matt is say for Ragan to go up now, apparently?

    I think Brittney is still going to put up Hayden and Matt is just saying to tell the Brigade to put up Ragan to heal some wounds between them just incase one wins next HOH. To “show his loyalty”, although ultimately I think Enzo or Hayden will be going home.

    • I have to say that is consistent with the way Matt has played the game so far. He knows he can’t trust the brigade. So he needs to appear to be on board with them.

    • I hope you’re right about it being Enzo or Hayden. In fact I hope it’s both of them going home this week.

      • Fantasy aside, I think she’ll put up Hayden. Unless Brendon wins HOH he’ll be the second to go; if he does, Brittany (unless he believes yet another lie from her).

  48. well rose,dcoop, and rose you couldn’t be so wrong if it hit you straight in the middle of your eyes. matt needs to stay because everybody hates waaandon and if he doesn’t win he will go off and we need to get a pair of cement shoes and let him swim with the fishes in the ocean. we are on the west coast right it would be the perfect scenario “dateline Los Angeles big brother jury member that was kidnapped before going to the jury house was found at the bottom of the ocean he was found by a dive team sources say”

    • OK….Josh. please don’t place my name in your posts anymore especially when you talk ignorant like that. If you think someone should die because of a game then you really need help. ASAP! And I don’t think everyone hates him just you. I think people dislike him. I dislike some of the HGs but I don’t say I hate them and wish they die. Maybe you should stop watching for awhile if it makes you so intense. SMDH.

    • your ignorance is appalling.

      everybody doesn’t hate brendon, just he retards ragan, matt and brittany who have all let personal bs get in the way of strategy.

      lane enzo heyden don’t hate brendon but rather realize he is a very competitive threat, especially for those 3 slackers.

    • Not sure I really understand what you’re saying. Isn’t it good game strategy to KEEP the one that everybody hates to ensure you win? That’s why the whole bunch is so stupid to be focused on getting him out.

      • dude (dscoop) half the peeps here are clue free about how this game is played LOL!

      • Well … it’s good to keep the one everybody hates if you’re near the end. But if you keep big-time contest-winners like Brendon, Matt, and Brittany, you probably won’t get near the end.

    • Does anyone actually HATE these ppl? Or really want them dead???

      NO – it’s called getting a rise( and not from ur pants ppl) These guys are just trying to get to you,,,, seriously… don’t be so serious.

  49. @Kristy281… sorry I was M.I.A. for a little while. Nice to be missed! :)
    I’ve got a couple of new small businesses starting up and have been a little busy.
    Hopefully, I’ll be able to check in here tonight (and some each day going forward!). I love to see everyone’s posts…
    What’s your take on the best move for Brit today?

    • her best move is to admit her engagement is a save her ex-fiance the grief and humiliation

      then do Lane while she still has the HOH room unless the dullard locks herself out again

      then put herself on the block and go home or drink some drano…either way, I am happy with that outcome

    • @ Rico- Well, sadly I dont think its really going to matter who she goes after, logic would say to keep the target smaller is put up Enzo, he cant and wont do anything. I know the rest are threats but her days are numbered regardless of what she does her best move is to win POV and HOH the rest of the season but we shall see.
      Im not going to say its boys against girl but she doesnt have any true alliances even Ragan will sell her out so. I feel like whatever she does, Enzo is just the lesser of 2 evils.

      • I pretty much agree.
        She is going to be betrayed by anyone she keeps around. It’s just a question of when. Some will do it later than others. So, keeping Matt and Ragan will probably get her one step closer before she just has to win everything.

    • so what if he rats out the brigade … they can just deny it and say ratt is talking smack

      • I’m not even sure they have to deny it. At this point isn’t it pretty obvious that Lane, Hayden, and Enzo are stuck together.

    • Torch – They’ve done the POV already? I know she has a big day I just hope some one keeps thier word to her and they take out more brigade members and Ragan. LOL.. But you know my feelings LMAO

      • Kristy it’s going on right now I beleive and she did make a secret deal with Brenden, LETS HOPE IT STICKS, but last confirmed idea was matt goes up.

      • Torch, talk to your girl then hopefully she keeps her word this time just to keep her in the game a little longer, I really think her days are numbers the boys are going to stick together some how. Sorry I know its hard to hear LOL. but you got us other girls :P

  50. i love me some britney and i love me some matt. they are the best players in this house bar-none no question.

    i can only hope so bad that britney puts up hayden. DAMN LANE AND DAME ENZO. 2 punk bitches. however thats the game/role their playing and their not in danger, well enzo if hayden goes up.

    i just wish i can tell brit like “if u put up matt, ur might as well walk out the house now”

    if she puts up hayden, she will even the sides. it will be the saints (brit, matt, ragan) and the raidaaaass (hayden, lane, and brendon)

    but that damn lane. idk how she cant see right through him. i know i would he never has anything to say, and never gives her straight answers, and at times he makes it so obvious he is lying.

    i hope matt or ragan were the last ones to talk. hayden, enzo or lane do not, i repeat DO NOT deserve to be here. period.

    maybe hayden but thats a stretch.

    c’mon brit, make the best move.

    • ”idk how she cant see right through him.”

      uh, she’s not only shallow but stupid for $400 alex

  51. I’ve come to the conclusion that some of what is wrong with both the show and this board is a result of the ‘everybody is a winner, nobody is a loser therefore we don’t keep score’ mentality.

    • Yet another mindless post that actually has no relevance to the show or the board at all, only that we dont ALL think like you do, or agree with YOUR ideas. Amusing to me how many people miss the bottom section that says ” debate intelligently” not post out of no where insults to the board posters in general because some of them think your wrong. Maybe if we kept score there would be a lot less insulting post, and we could vote off those that off those who offer no logical debates or intelligent input. JMO of course.

      (SORRY MATT)

      • there is an old saying

        Whatever you compete in, you stand a 50% chance of losing

        so with your asanine suggestion (IMO), 50% of us are winners, and 50% are losers

        Based on what I have vseen, I will put Kristy in the winner category and I will keep you company in the loser bracket…
        fair enough???

      • glad to see my post flew right over your head.

        my what a surprise.

        read half the drivel here and you might figure it out.

      • I’ve read your posts, so I guess you would in fact know about losers and you don’t seem to know much about this game at all from what you have posted.

      • no..the difference is, I dont need to make names about reality gerbils on TV that I dislike and come in here and call people losers and all

        guess maybe you need a hug

        I watch the show but since it has yet to pay my bills in 12 seasons, I dont let it control my life.

        I see it for what it is, us “fans” watching the value of caging up animals in a house..some sort of lab experiment

        but keep the faith…you are well on your way

      • NEC: your not a loser, just dont play with drano. :P thats not nice.

        And I know Im about to be a target from the grammar brigade, not really caring, I dont go off on here, but something got the best of me today.

        My appologies again to the Admins I promise to be a good girl now.

        Im just hoping to see Brit take the lesser of 2 evils, SOME ONE out the brigade ALL The way regardless of them denying it or not. Ive never had the popular vote, of the houseguest left Brit, Bren, and Matt have played the game, competed and won.
        I dont agree with the ways they did sometimes but it beats the heck out of sitting there like Ragan, Lane, Hayden and Enzo have done. But again thats my take I want the people who played to stay and the rest to walk.

      • gee, did I hit a nerve Kristy?

        it was just an observation, but it must have really hit home for you to bother typing so many words.

        and show me where any relation to the post has anything to do with half and half 50% this 50% that.

        hint: it was about winning and losing based on, well, winning and losing not some abstract of so and so is a better person therefore they deserve to win blah blah blah

  52. by observing some of these gerbils this season, I am convinced that either the “gene pool” has a lot of urine in it and in need of some chlorine


    some of the family trees lineage here goes straight up and down…with no branches

    I thought inbreeding was limited to a few states mainly in the SouthEast but I guess not

  53. I’ve always liked Brendan, but now I kinda like Lane too, he’s says some really dumb things but it’s kinda entertaining. He keeps things kinda lite and doesn’t seem to take things so seriously. He can say he’s mad but he never really looks mad. Go Brendan and Lane!

    • Just watch him grind his teeth & you can see him clenching his jaw to keep his mouth shut! Maybe this is his strategy, stay quiet, lay low, to make him look like the Good Guy, but I’m not buying it!

  54. Matt is so stupid why didnt he tell brit about the brigade that would have turned the house upside down

  55. Are the houseguests aware there will be a “double eviction”? (I missed that)


    Any word yet on who the replacement nominee is yet….from the live feeds?

    • PIXIE, they will post it as soon as they know, and no the HG’s will not know about the double evict till that night.

    • they know theres going to be a double eviction but they dont know when.

      no word yet on the replacement yet. sure hope its matt

  56. Oh Brendan can’t win…he for sure would split the $$$ with Rachel – and that would be UGH disgusting. I’m hoping the final four are Matt, Brit, Ragen and Lane. I think Matt has been the best player so far (yes, the lie was bad but oh well) and Lane is just funny!

    • I agree Pixie!! Those are my fav four! I liked the bro-gade only because of Matt but as soon as Enzo switched out I jumped off the wagon. I have always liked Britt I sure hope she makes the right decision.

      I have always liked Lane (esp. his looks) but the humor helps too! Even my hubbie said last night that he would be cool to hang with!

      I’m hoping someone answers your questions soon cause that’s exactly what I’m wondering too!!

  57. The Live Feeds were cut at 11:32am BBT. Trivia Screens started ten minutes later. The Replacement Nomination is underway. Matt looks like a definite sure thing . . .

  58. I agree with Pixie. Brit, Ragen, Lane & Matt would be the best Final Four in the house. Brendon has to go, and Enzo and Hayden are useless. Someone needs to check if Hayden even has a pulse.

    • I think it’s funny to watch Hayden scramble after whoever has the power. He runs to that person, agrees with e-thing they say, keeps some of it to himself, tells some to BG, and makes himself likable, sorta like – see, I’m not a threat. It happens everytime the power changes!

  59. I dont mind brendan splitting the money after all rachael is the one who carried him in the begining of the game, thats how he got where he is and what made him fight harder to win bb. she was the brains behind it all for both of them. goooooo brendan win hoh and get rid of everyone who treated u and rachael so nasty. I hope everyone feels bad at the end of the game and gives you the money you certainly earned it.

    • If by slim chance he does win…. slim slim slim… I hope he does split the money with her.

      Then when she drops him like a fly he will land even harder for being soooo stupid to have gotten involved with her to begin with.

      Rachel is nasty. He may know enough to get a chemistry degree (book smarts/memory) but you are right about one thing…. he is no brain!!

    • Just glad to see somebody here knows how the
      games is played. Bren has played the game
      with honesty and weather or not he splits
      the money or not he (as of now) should win
      he has played the hardest..

      • It depends on how you define ‘hard’ I suppose. Remember this a ‘social game’, I think Smart beats Hard. Guess we will find out soon enough.

        If he actually does end up as final 2 I will then give him credit. Rachel can hold her breath while we wait and see.

  60. Do anyone think that Matt and Britney are long life friends or brother & sisters. OR could it be Matt and Ragan are brothers, or gay lovers…

    • I think Matt and Ragan are related. The gay shomance comment was meant to throw people off that fact.

    • What would really be funny if Brendon and Britney best friends or brother and sister and just playing like they hate each other.

      • I thought earlier that brendon and kirsten were related, they both have a similar jawline and other features

      • Rose, I think you are correct as does the other 5000 plus posts on numberous other threads and boards, I think she should get some kind of prize for not only fooling the house but the viewing audience as well thats been the biggest talked about matter all season. IF it were true Juile Chen would be talking about it every show and telling the evicted houseguest. (SMDH)

      • You are right on Rose, and Kristy just solidified it with exactly why.

        Annie gets points for fooling us all!

  61. Yeah what happened to that “life-long friends” or whatever thing…haven’t heard much about it lately or maybe I haven’t paid attention….

  62. Lane is just as useless as Enzo and Hayden. With Enzo’s inability to win anything and how he keeps running his mouth and not backing it up, I’d take Enzo to final two, it’s a guarantee win right there. Britney has NO votes in the jury or anyone that goes to the jury to win, she’s said that herself, I want to see Bren in final two with Enzo.

    • Geez, Lane has not had to do anything cause he has always had the numbers to keep him safe. The HGs need to put him on their radar cause he is going to coast to the end if they’re not careful!

      • Yea, Lane is a LOCK for final 2. No one would put him up. The main targets after Matt goes are Brenden and Britt.

      • except play a great social game. There is a reason he’s not on the radar. Everybody likes him,,, and listens to his opinion. He has been twisting Britt’s ear pretty good.

        Even though I don’t agree with him on putting up Matt (only cause I’m a Matt fan), it is a better game play for him. We know he’s holding back on comps (which is irritating in itself) maybe Thursday will change that!

        I think EVERYONE will actually try for HOH this week! It would be a nice change!!

  63. I thought maybe lane and brittney are dating in real life they have the same accent and they are always flirting. And as for matt and ragan I think matt has the hots for ragan

    • No, Britney has a fiance that she loves and he is NOT Lane. The way they interact does seem like flirting, but I think it’s really a friendly teasing, more like a brother-sister situation than a boyfriend-girlfriend thing.

      And Matt does NOT “have the hots” for Ragan. Those two are just good friends and (like Lane and Britney) they playfully flirt with each other. It’s harmless and Matt is definitely not leaving his wife for Ragan.

      • can’t prove NICK really exists (that photo could be anyone) and the telling part was bitchney’s mom falling all over Lane and no mention of Nick.

        and ragan definately has the HOTS for matt

      • i wonder if her fiance will find it ok to see his gf ‘playfully flirting’ all over national television.. I thought Kristen was evicted??? lol

      • How do you know that Matt has a wife, that could be all of a lie… Since the whole story with is wife being sick is a lie!!!

      • Think Matt could be a HOMO since he had dreams of Hayden with is shirt off and hanging with his parents, kinda of a weird dream if you ask me… Something sounds fishy about him….

      • Kevin, I think Lane had it right…. it’s not that men don’t have those weird dreams,,, they just rarely admitt it!!

  64. Stabbing people while looking them in the eye? Cement shoes? Drinking Drano? I thought I was on the BB Network, not the Dexter Blog… Lighten up, people… It’s a GAME…

    • I will say the stabbing people while looking em in the eye and drinking Drano were made in jest….

      geezus, some people have no humor take things in the context of how said…it was an attempt to offer a chuckle from the mundane rants of people who want to cyber control these lab rats

      just enjoy their ignorance..I do…makes the show worth watching

  65. How is Brendan not one of the best players in the house? Matt and Britt I can understand but Lane and Regan – these two have done nothing with the exception of Regan winning a POV to save himself. Brendan has been enemy #1 since the beginning of the show and he has survived with and without Rachel. Remember the first week when he approched Hayden and all but demanded he remove him from the block and Hayden caved? That was a ballsy move and he is still standing. They wanted Brendan out the week after Rachel and what did he do, win the HOH. They wanted him out the next week and what does he do – wins the POV. Who else has had their back against the wall like this and continues to survive. Matt, the self proclaimed genius, is where at this point after calling Brendan a “Big Dummy” on eviction night – begging (along with Regan crying) to stay in the house.

    • This is for thos saying that Matt, Brittney, Lane and Regan deserves to be in the final 4. I did not mention Hayden and Enzo for obvious reasons.

      • HELL,
        Im just going to turn on the applaud sign now for you. That has been my point all along I do not like nor dislike ANY of the HG’s this year.
        I have decided the best thing to do is hope the ones that have played the game, not thrown comps, or been afraid to get blood on their hands, and so something other then sit around and talk about what they COULD, WOULD, or SHOULD have done. I said it once and will say it again. PUT UP or SHUT UP and go home.

      • the only thing matt deserves credit for is getting bratney to do the dirty work. I don’t see how he’s this incredible player else wise, if he was that great, he would’ve been smarter with his DPOV and had big enough balls not to purposely throw comps because guess what? Everyone knows Matt’s throwing comps to look good and Brendon’s been trying to tell people that! Bren deserves to win over Matt, better game play from Bren, period.

      • correction, the only person who doesn’t know matt’s throwing comps is Ragina!

    • brendon is a great player and if he goes final2 he wins.

      all he has to do is get HoH after 2nd elim and he is golden.

    • Good points. But if only Brendan wasn’t so joined at the hip with Rachel – he would be more likable. She spoils it for him. Matt deserves the in the final because like Brendan, he’s been a good player of the game. Brit, Ragen and Lane don’t necessarily deserve to be there, but over Hayden & Enzo.

      • nah, out of sight out of mind. rachel is old news and brendon has excelled since she left.

    • Throwing comps and not getting blood on your hands is part of the game. It’s smart in certain situations.

      • you are right, but being perceived as a floater is dangerous come votin’ time LOL!

      • Regan for Matt has been the only “thrown” comps, I believe. I just think the other HGs not winning is getting their a$$ handed to them. That always seems like part of someones game after they lose.

      • Yeah, Matt threw the HOH comp that could potentially the reason he’s going home this week. Bad move! If you wanna stay in the game, try to win every single competition you “big
        dummy”. I like Matt and Ragan on the first 4 weeks after that, I dislike them
        so much specially when Matt’s powertripping and Ragan’s whining!!! Untolerable already. Lane made me laugh out loud, Enzo and Lane can leave anytime, both waste of space. Brendon, working his tail off to stay in the game, I’d rather see him win it all than Britney. Britney stop bitching, not
        necessary to further yourself in the game. Her best bet would have been to listen to Brendon but apparently she’s not that smart of a player.

  66. ”the “gene pool” has a lot of urine in it ”

    ”some of the family trees lineage here goes straight up and down…with no branches”

    ”I thought inbreeding was limited to a few states mainly in the SouthEast ”

    those would be classified as judgemental statements.

  67. i cant stand brandon and rachel’s showmance, but brandon definitely deserves to make it to final 2. he fought for it. as for the brigade…they just suck – they need to do little less talking, lol.

    • I agree with you – He is the only one playing truthfully – nevr lies – but he is hated by them all –
      ANY INFO ON THE DECISION TODAY? I am dying to know who the cross eyed wench puts up. If she puts up anyone other than Matt she will lose for sure

  68. I think that production controls a lot more than we know. Seems like the feeds are continually cut tbecause hg start to mention something that production said in dr. Brittney started a comment that prod said to keep Matt longer—feeds cut.

  69. Say what you will about Brendon, but he deserves to win it all. He has been everyone’s target from day one, and when he’s had to win he has.Brendon is now bald, and he did the hourly chum dunks, while chained up to of all people Bratney. He’s had to put up with all the childish crap from all the HG’s the entire time. The brigade is lame,and the rest of them are all snakes.

    • Brendon is a tool, who should trade in his tiara for big boy pants, playing a game for a chick he just met and oh well ya win it all sucker as you will only loose it to the drag queen you call your g/f
      This is a show ok real people, but by the end of it all they will be on each others facebooks and attending Brendon and Rachels marriage.

  70. Can someone please tell me what is going on with the POV I haven’t been able to see or read anything all day. Just wanted to know if it was Matt up in Brenden’s place???

  71. @Pixie
    No the house guests will not know there is a double eviction untill it happens. If they have the ability to remember from one Thursday to the next, they might get suspicious when things happen faster than normal, because they have to get everything in that show.
    I think they will tell everyone to pack a bag like they did 2 weeks ago, in case Matt used the DPOV then. Last week I was surprised they did not repeat the packing for everyone. If they have them all pack before Thursdays show, it will be their first hint of a double.

    • Yeah, but most of the HGs have already figured out that there HAS to be a double eviction this week because there’s not enough weeks left in the show to eliminate everyone normally. So pretty much everyone expects it this Thursday, even though they’ve never been told of it.

    • 1) they strongly believe there will be a 2nd elim this thursday cuz there always is one and they are running out of time.

      2) I did not have everyone pack their bags, as that would have tipped them off and kathy walked out without her bag.

    • I apoligize, I misread your post.

      ”I think they will tell everyone to pack a bag like they did 2 weeks ago, in case Matt used the DPOV then.”

      did they have everyone pack then? I must have missed that.

  72. @ Kitty kat paws
    I agree the production seems to really be getting in the middle this season. Maybe because the players are all so lame, but it seems when someone has a secret like the other showmance, there was Julie practically telling everyone before Andrew could even m,ake his speach. They also have been hinting to the players in the DR about a secret guys alliance.
    It’s a shame because secrets are part of the game.

  73. In my opinion:
    Matt has had a pretty consistent strategy and has been the best player this season alongside Rachael. Rachael and Matt were the only two who did the dirty work around the house. Everyone else just wants to play it safe.

    Brendon has been the only person who has truly fought to stay in the game (my favorite player in the game).

    Brittany just kind of goes along with what the rest of the house wants.

    Lane is funny as hell, but game-wise, has done nothing.

    Reagan is an emotional wreck and needs to stop with all the weird faces (although, he’s one of the other most entertaining house guests.)

    Enzo is a freaking seating duck…hasn’t won anything…was competing to beat Kathy (yeah, Kathy) the last HOH.

    Now Hayden…I don’t even know what is up with Hayden..after his first HOH…it’s been all down-hill and no real game play from him.

    In conclusion: This season is not as good as I hoped it would be…what happened to players like Dr. Will, Evil Dick, and Janelle? Anyways, just thought I’d put my two cents in.

    • After veto comp, were Hayd took 2 prizes, & listening to Enzo gripe out it on & on, Lane comes in & suddenly Hayd telling him about prizes, like he didn’t open up to E, but feels safe with Lane, like he looks up to him. If there is a duo, maybe they could be step-brothers; they both have small beady eyes; maybe that’s why Hayd kept his hair so long,covering his face; and he trusts Lane more than anyone. You never know!

  74. Think Matt could be a HOMO since he had dreams of Hayden with is shirt off and hanging with his parents, kinda of a weird dream if you ask me… Something sounds fishy about him….

    • Why is everybody so sure it’s Matt; couldn’t things turn and it’s Enzo gone! I don’t think the 3 mousketeers are all that steady anymore, and depending on what’s said from here to Thursday, who knows what could happen.

  75. if MATT is up, then I’m impressed with brit really playing the game now.

    it all now depends on who gets to put up brendon or brit from here on out.

    • Britt at least had a chance of final 3 w/Matt and Ragan. Now she will be nxt if Matt goes home.

      Talk about a snake – I think it sounds more like a meow this season.

  76. It will be interesting to see if Matt outs the brigade trying to get Brendens vote to stay.

    • matt knows there’s not a chance in h e ll for that. he knows bren’s gunning for him, ragina, and brit, and Bren won’t even listen to matt

    • outing the brigade wouldn’t do much for matts credibility, afterall, he ws part of it too

    • yeah that is what i think will happen, Matt will get Brendons vote after telling him about the Brigade, then either Lane or Britney will keep Matt in the game. Anything can happen!!!!!

      • lol matt will get brendon’s vote the day rachel is allowed back in the game. never gonna happen!

      • yeah but Brendon against Matt in the final, Brendon will easily win, it be smart to keep Matt around…

      • bren agains’t enzo would be a sure win, i don’t know about him being up against matt. That depends on how much of a grudge e/l/h/brat have towards Matt in the jury house..

      • The longer Brenden is away from Rachel, the better he plays. If Matt can get Brenden to see that there is an alliance of 3 left from the first week, Brenden has to vote to keep Matt or he loses. Brigade will be in control. Brenden not likley to be HOH and POV winner every week.

      • nice idea, but somehow I don’t think brendon is too afraid of the floating brigade suddenly becoming powerful

      • i don’t see matt dominating anymore, he’s going home thursday on the first eviction.

  77. The Brigade is a joke, they keep saying let’s just get to the final 4, and then we can “battle” (LOL).That’s why they want Brendon out before then,because they can’t beat him in competitions, or anyone else for that matter. They figure the only way they can win, is in a competition against each other.In a battle of losers, someone has got to win,but then again were talking about the lame Brigade!

    • john, could you imagine just how boring it would be to see the floating brigade ‘battle’ it out LOL!

      • i don’t even consider them the BORgade anymore… to me, they’re officially the three stooges…

  78. E/H/L outside, they say they need to Win HoH. All three agree to put up Brendon and Ragan and then they neef to stop Ragan from winning PoV

    lmao i love how these three stooges keep saying “gee, we really need to win something” and they can’t! hahahaahahah

    • nice idea, but somehow I don’t think brendon is too afraid of the floating brigade suddenly becoming powerful

      • brendon knows the 3 stooges cant and wont win anything, he’s not afraid of them, he’s afraid of the actual winners, matt, bratney and MAYBE ragina, only because he’s link with matt the closest

  79. I hope it Brendon till the end! And yes you can fall in love at first sight! My finance and I met he told me he loved me 2 days after we met! We are now engaged have been 2gether for 3 1/2 years!

    • yeah, but I bet you weren’t a bar ho wha and your man isn’t a testicle free control freak.

      and I like brendon and rach, but still …

  80. So Obviously Brittney being handcuffed to Brendon sparked something..(not in the sense of don’t come between me and my man) but alliance speaking. So Final 4 -Lane, Britney, Brandon,Enzo
    Send Regan home what was the faces and crying about in the have/not thing…Seriously and Matt well Karma just kicked your ass for saying your wife was dying. Hayden well I think all the hair products have affected your brain, Lane you have muscles PUT them to USE…Enzo if things don’t work out I hear Barney is looking for another character to come on his show (penguin) LOL
    I think Brit will have a chance in the jury house over Brendon as the hg’s know that Rachel will be spending Brendon’s money…

    • bren is not in any alliance with brit. they were handcuffed for 24 hours and he made sure to tell her that ragina/matt were throwing her under the bus and matt is making her do all the dirty work. Bren said he wont ever trust a word she says since she nom’d him and she said she wouldn’t. If bren wins HOH next week, it will be bratney and ragina on the block, those are his targets.

  81. Though I hate to admit it, britney has played better recently. However I still think ragan is a hypocrite. He calls rachael, whom I don’t like, a slut but he bragged about sleeping with 200 guys. Does looking or sounding respectable make the std less itchy??? Things that make you say hmm… not implying anyone has one…

  82. Lordy, this keeps the BroGag safe again, with Brendon’s unknowing help. You can see Lane’s fingerprints all over it! Unless it’s a subterfuge to actually get Enzo out. Hayden will do what Lane tells him to do, and Brendon will end up the only one voting for Matt – Diabolical Genius at work!

  83. So glad Matty is going out this week! Hope he takes Brattney with him — Say hello to Rach! Hopefully Ragina joins them next week.

    • I agree 100% !

      Because of the DE whoever goes out behind Matt won’t have a week to cry and worry. Which is part of being on the block. After all the nasty things said between Ragina and Bratney it would have been nice to see them suffer a week. I think Ragina being as smart as he is should be the one to suffer all week. Even though I don’t care for Bratney.

      • totally agree with you. i want brat and ragan to go, but i want to see them sweat it out since they made fun of anyone who has been on the block. i am at the point where i don’t care who wins as long as those two don’t.

  84. I think Matt will be voted out. Voted out by Brendon, Hayden, Lane and….Regan too will vote him out.

  85. I hope brit puts Matt or Ragon up as a poud and dies of shock when she finds out theres a double evictoin and Brenden wins POV and puts Brit up HAHAHA!!!!!

    • Brendon has won the POV and Matt and Enzo are on the block say goodbye to Matt.

  86. matts up!!!! he now has to out the bg to have any hope of staying….enzo is such a tool!!!

      • So true Richie, he is so stupid, Enzo, excuse me Meow Meow. I have to laugh everytime I hear him refer to himself as that.

    • Sorry for sounding stupid, but is Matt the replacement nominee for Brendan? It’s kind of hard to follow some of these postings. Thanks!

  87. Crazy, crazy, crazy, my wedding anniversary today, # 47, so going to ” Red Lobster “. Hope all goes well in the bb house. Matt’s gotta go, then Enzo, then Brandan. I,m pulling for ya Britt.

  88. Did anyone notice BB call Matt a SELF PROCLAIMED GENUS. I LOL at that comment. Give the BOY a booster seat and a step stool as departing gifts.
    BYE (BIG MOUTH) Matt not so cocky now.

  89. Love him or hate him, Matt has played since week one. Brenden cowarded behind Rachel and didnt win anything until she was voted out. Enzo is a waste of space, Haydens unable to form his own opinion and Lane, although cool, isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Ragan is the most annoying of any house quests, past or present. Who does that leave? Britney? She is way too wishy washy, why is she even listening to Enzo and his halfwitted sidekick? Which leads us back to Matt….. its not that hard being diabolical when the rest of the guests are mentally handicapped… whew….all in one breath..

      • Yeah Come on PeteH, Brendon won equal as much if not more than Matt in the game. Matt’s just been lucky. Brendon actually tried.

      • With all due respect, Ariella, how do you know that Matthew wasn’t actually trying? Just curious…

    • Bendon won 2 POV’s before Rachel left. He has been under the gun since day 1. Give him some credit.

      • Brendon’s playing has become much better without rachel. One thing going for him, if he makes a promise he keeps it. But that too could be his downfall, he believes others who make promises.

        Matt being so cocky threw this last HoH so him going home is really due to his own actions at the Comp. And he was SOOO happy to lose. How happy is he now?

        Bottom line: Matt did it to himself

    • Ragan could have won 2 that he GAVE Matt!! Brendon has won all his with no help he has played this game since day one! Some of you people think that Matt has played since day one no he hasn’t! I can’t stand this nasty rat! Go Brendon all the way!

    • brenden and rachel were totally equals. brenden wasn’t hiding behind her. matt’s been hiding behind the brigade, until they kicked him out because he was playing both sides.

  90. I can’t stand Brit and Ragon the says smak about Rachel butthey aren’t any better how much have they lied in this game and called people things behind their back

  91. OK – Here is how it should play out. Enzo is going home for throwing Matt under the bus. Matt was put up as a pawn to make Brendan think Matt is going home. Lane’s aaliance is going to come through with Britt, Matt and possibly Brendan. Lane has read the writing on the wall and realize that his bet bet is to be aligned with people who have actually won something and not those who are big talkers and have yet to win anything.

    • Don’t think so, Brit has said if Matt stayed in the house to the end he would win. That same comment has been said by others, besides Jersey Jerk has Haydens, vote and will convince Lane to vote along with Brendans vote BYE Matt

    • I think so, too. Bren will vote for Matt; Hayden will do what Lane tells him to do; Brit is following Lane’s lead, who might just be in cahoots with Matt, who controls Ragan’s lead! That leaves Brendon looking the fool & they can all have a good laugh at his expense, like they always do! OMG, Brendon, open your eyes & ears and pay attention to what’s really going on around you, and think for yourself – you’re gonna get snookered if you don’t.

      • I didn’t like team Rachel & Brendon. BUT, I do like how honest Brendon is being with any deals he makes…as I said his innocence/ignorance will be his biggest downfall (aside from rachel)

        Since rachel has been out, Brendon is playing more for himself. He doesn’t have to worry about keeping rachel’s drinking,rantings, and drama under control. He is someone who could get away with saying…

        “Can’t We All Just Get A Long” lol

    • seriously? who would vote for matt other then ragan? hayden? no he kicked matt outta the brigade, remember? brenden? i think not. Lane? i think enzo and hayden can convince him otherwise. so how can matt not go home. enzo has the votes.

  92. Matt will use the wife being sick until the end
    and want a feel sorry for my wife ploy to try
    and get the vote to turn around.. I only hope
    that he doesn’t prevale on it. Bren will not
    be able to beat the house although he has played
    the best in the past 3 weeks..

  93. I cannot wait for Ragan to find out Matt has been lying about his wife. Ragan thinks Matt has so much integrity….NOT.
    Matt needs to go!!!
    I hope Brendon wins HOH and gets rid of Ragan in the double eviction. Ragan should be ashamed of himself the way he has treated and the things he has said about Rachel & Brendon.

    • I agree here too.. speaking of Ragina’s integrity,…what was he doing last night on BBAD? While doing “Just The Tip” Ragina sits on the bed doing ‘rachel posses’ as he calls it….WOW, She is Gone, he is a grown man, WHY continue to make yourself look like the biggest idiot??? He is already looking like one for believing Matts lies about his wife and everything else that has come out Matts mouth.

      Fast forward to October: After watching the BB 12 season Ragan is MORTIFIED (as he should be) and then will see how America seen him behaving. our thoughts and feelings..I bet his arms grow very large to hold all the emotions he will be going through

      • I can’t wait till the houseguest find out that Matt has been lying about his wife’s “sickness”…which I feel is totally wrong to even use. I just hope he gets voted off and doesn’t make it to the final two. I’d hate to see him win because of a lie he’s told from the very beginning.

  94. HELP—–I missed some. What 2 people r on the BLOCK as I write this. I hope it’s who I think it is. Can anyone tell me plz. Just give me 2 NAMES. Thanks…..Carol

  95. I also noticed that Brandon is No.1 in popular votes. To bad Brit. Time is closing in on everything. I think we all need nerve pills or a stiff drink. HA HA just kidding. I think it’s getting more exciting. How about u guys out there? Anybody from the sunshine state?????

  96. Ragan is a boneless wuss and attatched to Matt’s tail. What is this I hear about Matt. Can someone plz. let me know something. Why is Ragan mad and at whom???

    • @Carol, I believe Ragan was told by bratney that Matt was wanting her to put Ragan on the block as brendon’s replacement. But from what I understand he didn’t say it only to bratney..

      • Thanks. I was looking for an earlier post that relayed the conversation between Brit & Ragan, but I can’t find it (it was right after M#47, page 2, I think. Thanks again for all the heads yp notices!

      • @Oz
        “This is a show ok real people, but by the end of it all they will be on each others facebooks and attending Brendon and Rachels marriage.” You couldn’t be more dead on!
        Lie, scheme, cheat…that’s regular life for me hahaha, Did you notice if Rachel had an atoms apple or not..just saying, Brendon can’t wear his big boy pants Rachel has them.

      • Go Britney, I will give you my vote being the only “real” female to still be in the house, Use that to your advantage…Yes I am suggesting that sex sells…:P
        Wrap them around your finger!

    • Ya go Brendan, he’s the only one making the game intresting. I would have stopped watching or I should say I will stop watching when he leaves.

  97. Well MATT, hate to say this but, RACHAEL as a server or a waitress would say,” YOUR 86 ” no more in the house! SORRY Genius but its BYE BYE for you,unless you tell Britney, Ragan & Brenden about that stupid BRO-GADE you’ve been doing all the work for to get them to the FINAL 4 ! :)

  98. does anyone else notice that whenever Matt is lying down he has his hand down his PANTS. Is that not discusting or not. makes me sick cannot wait for him to go……

      • matts disturbed man,they goof on brens toe…ever see matts bitten down toenails…..the bayone bore has been playin pocket-pool as well!!!!

  99. Will Brenden get er done, Britney wake up and smell the coffee. Nick sorry about your gal brit. Only took her 20 days to fall in love with no brain Lane. Dont worry Nick its only a game.ha ha.

  100. If BRENDON wins the HOH all well n good. He not only deserves it, they will all wet their pants ha ha ha. The brigade are lost in the sauce. I could go 4 some cheese cake.Mmmmmmm

  101. All of the hgs are hypocritical and narcissitic for that matter – it’s the nature of the game. But I have one big issue… Can production please tell Matt to keep his shirt on and to stand up straight. To watch him with his shirt off or hoodie unzipped is equivalent to listening to fingernails on a chalkboard. No offense to Matt, but it’s not pretty.

  102. the self-proclaimed genius intentionaly threw HOH on thurs,giving america 2 thumbs up.Cocky idiot who cant keep his fingers outta his mouth or his hand from going inside his pants.Bye-bye Nepolian !!!!

  103. Lala land here…Brandon and Brittney are playing the game I think they came to some kind of agreement when they were handcuffed to each other.
    Matt’s days are numbered, And someone please put Regan out of his misery, Lane–You might be a red neck if…Come on bud you have these muscles put them to use, Hayden dude your hair products are seeping in your brain, and Meow Meow Try the disney channel maybe they could use a penguin.
    My guess for final 2 is Brit and Brendon

  104. Lane–You would think that your muscles would be god for something, endurance competitions should be your forte–

  105. Brendon is a tool, who should trade in his tiara for big boy pants, playing a game for a chick he just met and oh well ya win it all sucker as you will only loose it to the drag queen you call your g/f
    This is a show ok real people, but by the end of it all they will be on each others facebooks and attending Brendon and Rachels marriage. Team Jacob or Team whatever that vampires name is…I am just saying, why do some people take this so personal? We express how we feel, you may not like it but it’s a comment and an opinion…I honestly can not stand Brendon or Regan. Britney is the last girl standing that should say something…Rachel was more manly than Regan and Brandon put together.

  106. Big Mac—-Rachel came from the JH in a limo. blindfolded so she couldn’t see where she was going. She goes back the same way too, blindfolded and in a limo. She is not permited to see anything around her. BB is very strict about certain things, like writing, singing, etc. I hope u got this note.

  107. @ name
    Are you sure you want your vote to go to a woman who can not think for her self?? Do not tar and feather me, it is only a humble opinion.

  108. I waited for this summer show filled with anticipation. Iam sooooooooooo disappointed! Tacky cast. No true umpf! A dud!!!!!!!!!!!!

  109. @letmeslapragan, Why are you so mean??? Geez lighten up! I have been reading your post thru out the day and night!! I know, you forgot to take your happy pill! Again!! Enzo is going home! Had to make this post related to the game!!

  110. This is a bold move for Brit,could change the entire game. I think with Lane and Brit already bff’s and Brendon added to the mix they can make it to the end. Ragan is next out the door,that is obvious. I am not so po’d anymore,just wanted Matt and Ragan gone.

  111. I hope Matt goes Thursday, then Britney or Ragan. Ragan is more of a girl then Brit. big brother needs a masculine gay man. speak as a masculine gay man myself. iam sick of them only bring in flaming queens, its complete crap. come on big b. we need real men. I want HAYDEN TO WIN, then he could afford a real haircut. or LANE, he needs to be able to buy a razor and shave. Its true though things in Texas are bigger. Iam not sure who i want to win but I WANT ENZO OUT. iam sick of this meow meow crap. he aint no cat and UGLY too. his wife must be a dog too then. GO HAYDEN

  112. I would never put my family out there to feel sorry to get $$$ because it always comes back later to bite you in the ass. It’s like wishing a illness on someone. Hope Matt goes Thurs, than Ragan on his shirt tail. Then let the rest of them fight it out. Brendon does deserve to win. He is the only one fighting for it. So much for the little club they has going.

  113. Tuesday, @1;06 p/m, this is coming down to a shocker ! Butt I pray Matt go’s , after that , let it play out. I hope Brandon stay’s far away from the whore, he is heading for ” Heart Brake ” with Rachel the whore. Let her explain years down the road her action’s to her children & look them in the face !!!

  114. I agree that Matt should go..and then Britney, Enzo, Lane, ,as someone said BRATNEY…cant stand fake !!! I think it should be Brendon and Ragan at the end..they both have proven to be good competitors.Can hardly wait for the double eveiction !!!

  115. Time to go Matt…Brittaney should go too, she is a fake and liar !!! Way to go Brendon ! Can hardly wait for the Double eviction!!!

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