Big Brother 12: Week 7 Nominations Revealed – Spoilers

Last night on Big Brother 12 we saw power shift over to the last woman standing, Britney. Considering Brendon’s isolation in the house there were really no good options for him no matter who won, so tonight’s nomination results should come as no surprise. However, the pairing is what makes this interesting.

Read on to find out just who are Britney’s targets for next Thursday night.

Big Brother 12 Week 7 Nominations:

  • Enzo
  • Brendon

Jump on the live feeds right now to watch their reactions to being nominated. The Power of Veto competition will be held on Saturday, so stay close and keep checking in for those spoilers too. This is going to be a great Big Brother week!

Enzo and Brendon are commiserating together in the Have-Not room. Yeah, Enzo and Brendon are not only nominated this week but both are also Have-Nots along with Hayden. They’ll be eating beans and broccoli after today’s Food Comp.

Britney comes in and tells Enzo (alone) that he will not go home and that if Brendon wins the Veto that she’ll backdoor Matt, but that could be a lie.

What do you think of Britney’s nominations? Are they strategic noms or personal attacks for past events? No room for error at this stage.

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  1. I believe that Britneys move is personal- Brendon kept his part of his agreement, and he will probably keep any future deals. Then Enzo is clearly the pawn. If Britney were to be strategic, she could have put Hayden up, since he’s a stronger competitor.

    • Brenda made a deal with everyone in the house for goodness sakes. She did NOT stab him in the back. That’s his MO. Enzo is a disgusting human being. Did you see him wiht his hands down hhis pants lying on the ground the other night. He thinks America loves him. Is he in for a big shock when he gets out. I hope his wife has taped everything, especially the sounds effects while dining. Babe wasn’t that loud. He and Heyden deserve to be in the Have Not room. Everyone’s been in now but Lane.’Bout time. I would love to see Brenda to go up against Ragan like Rach did. Ragan will tear him a new one just like he did Rach. It was poetry. She was stunned at the end. She couldn’t even speak.
      Just think of what she did to him. Asking him about cookies when he was in the Have Not room. She’s cruel. The best is when she told Brenda that she flew on private jets for money. Hosted parties and woke up in tequila vomit and surrounded with $100 bills. He told her she was quite the entrepeneur. What an idiot. Wait til he really finds out what they call that job. LOL

  2. I would be happy to either of these nominees evicted, so it really doesn’t matter to me! I hope Britney makes it all the way!!!

  3. britney is pure evil….her and ragan are the biggest hypocrites…rachel and brendon never spoke abotu people as badly as the two of them do….it makes me sick that she has the power this week

      • where have you too been , thats all Rachal and Brendon did was talk about people , and back stab, its just Brittany does not try and bully people the way Rachal and Brendon have.

      • Were you sleeping when all Brendon and Rachel did was put people down. Look at the names Rachel called Ragan….Look at how Enzo has been throwing Britney under the bus all week to Brendon trying to get him to put Britney up instead of Matt. This is a game and there can only be one winner and quite honestly Matt has done more and won more that any of them and deserves to go to the final.

      • Terry you took the words right out of my mouth. Joe don’t make me even list ALL the bad things they have said over and over again. lol

      • Please this is for: Terry, Buddy, and rmneimee, I believe it’s you three that have been sleeping, Please tell about all the times that B/R sat in a room with monet and trashed the other HG’s, Or please when B/R sat up in the HOH and the kitchen, and played a stupid talk show game trashing the other HG’s, How about when B/R sat in the back yard and trashed the other HG’s, I could keep on going but you get the point, So please tell us, because we are all ears.

      • haha chris they cant tell you….cause they know they are dead wrong…brit is evil…ragan is evil….the two of them shud be disgusted with themselves…i am

    • Ditto i’m so hoping that somehow she gets backdoored in the 2nd eviction, b/c her HOH only lasts until the 1st person is gone! If matt EVER finds out britt is tellin’ enzo she plans to backdoor him (lie/truth) HE will put her up in a heart beat!

  4. no surprise here just like everything else on ths season,matt is such a waste ,cant stand watching brattney this week so I will get my info here thanks.

  5. Probably the best move since Kathy is gone now. Meow Meows never made an impact in the game, and I can’t see anyone in the Jury even letting him win even if he somehow made it to the final 2 as he’s pretty crap at every comp, if he would of won HoH this week, maybe I might have viewed him a “bit” more different but choosing between Brendon and Enzo, it’s hard to say which is better to keep.

    • enzo needs to leave if only to learn how to eat right. am i the only one who notice how loud enzo skacks with his mouth wide open…ugg

      • barb55 I to have noticed the way enzo smacks/chews yuck! I always hit the mute button on BBAD-exactly what I did for BB11 with Russel, Michelle, Jessie & NastyNat~ LOL BB should turn their mics down when they eat

      • barb55, No, you’re not the only one to notice. Enzo is so disgusting–in so many ways! I would love to see him go home–even more than Brendon. Go Britney!!!!!!!!!

  6. oooooh snap, is anyone really suprised though??? I called the nomination from teh second she won HOH. Lmfao I bet mr. meow meow is still acting cocky though. *sigh* oh well i guess its time for Brendon to go

  7. I hope Brendan wins the POV and I’ll laugh as Brit shrivels in a Holy sh!t mood. Can’t wait to hear her speech on how she betrayed Brendan.

  8. smart britney. very smart.

    she listened to matt, and didnt let that floater, that two timing backstabbing fool get to her.

    good. c’mon britney u gotta keep rollin. if brendon wins POV, good. he wont have anyone to deal with next week. hopefully enzo goes home.

    • britney did the same thing brendon did with matt and what he was planning to do with britney earlier in the game.

      plus lying and making false deals especially with ur rival is all part of the game.

      matt and britney are the best players this season. u cant say anyone else is.

      rachel? HA! which house is she in right now?
      brendon? HA! what house will he be in? plus he cant convince anyone to do shet he wants.

      matt is playing even parts of the BRIGADE and britney is winning alot. 4 wins.

      • Brittney is a lying little, whinning bitch. She is listening to others and not thinking for herself. Okay, so if Matt wins HOH who ewill he put up? Do you think he will put up the Brigade? Not!! He will nominate Brittney and Reagan and I can’t wait. However, I hope Brendon wins POV just to see who the replacement nom will be. They are all stupid, lying ass people that is working my last nerve.

      • you’re right they are both playing the best game … and Lane is floating along pretty well too and hopefully bitchney and Ratt will realize that taking Lane to the final 2 is pure suicide.

        and I too don’t think there is any ‘Nick”

      • Marcus you must dislike Brendon as much as I dislike Brit and Ragan. I think we both have our right to state our opinion and anyone who disagrees well who cares?

      • Brittney is a bitch. I didn’t say Rachel was or wasn’t nor Brandon for that matter, I just stated how I feel about Brittney. As a matter of fact they are all Bitches.

  9. Bitchney picking these two is both strategic and personal. testical free brendon is a real strong physical threat and could possibly win PoV. then bitchney would find herself in quite a pickle … lane would be exempt so it would be between the other house bitch and his cuddle buddy Ratt, thus exposing bitchney to choose either listening to the house bitch crying and whining every waking minute of the day or fearing what Ratt can do to her down the road if she is unsuccessful in evicting the Ratt.

    Like I told you earlier boys and girls, the fun now begins when they all start to turn on each other like the RATS ON A SHIP that they all are LOL!

  10. I think lane is the biggest threat to all of them. Even though I like lane.

    regan, matt, brittany would never vote him out over enzo, hayden or brendon and it’s the same the other way. If lane is in the final two he will win. Because nobody ever says anything bad about him.

    • you got that right. like his mom said, it isn’t like Lane to be so quiet. good strategy to silently and inoffensively FLOAT along with just enough muscle flexing to appear as if he is almost able to win something.

      • yea and brittany actually thinks lane is more committed to her, over enzo and hayden. the girl is blind.

    • I’ve been saying this for 2 weeks. You see it, I see it; why don’t they see it? Lane’s name is hardly mentioned at all, and he knows how to stay off camera and guard his tongue. He also speaks so low the mics don’t pick up on what he said. He has got to go if anyone else wants to win!

  11. Love it that Enzo, Hayden and Brendan are on slop this week. Finally they need to feel this part of the game that everyone else has felt, NO EATING except Broccoli and beans. And Finally Enzo is up and will be on edge all week. YEAH!!! Good move Britney.

    • Eileen C where have YOU been? This is Brendon’s third time on slop like it was for Ragan last week. He already knows how it feels so please get over yourself.

  12. Pretty predictable nominations. It will be interesting to see who gets the POV. The real fun begins Thursday when the hampsters hear about a double eviction. Just another jaw-dropper Thursday in the BB house!

    • Enzo will go..Matt will see to that..He would have went this week but Matt mistakenly believed that Kathy was the SAB so he help evict her..Keep watching..

  13. Brit played it safe…another HG playing safe…

    I can’t believe she asked Matt before going in DR, and he said No, No, No…

    She is the dummy!

  14. I hope brit is ready to eat crow, krama is a bitch she better make sure he doesnt win POV because she is gone next week

  15. Brittany is dumb

    7:04 PM Enzo saying they need to stick to plan (backdoor matt) and Brit agrees

    7:05 PM Britney saying Matt for sure is the replacement. Telling Enzo not to say anything NT

    Does this girl not kno if she is the only person left with brendon,lane,hayden and enzo she will get kicked out and not win.

    and why doesn’t anyone realize that everyone loves lane and never says anything bad about him? if they don’t figure that out he’s going to win.

    • Did you hear when Brittney sowre on Nick that Enzo would not go home this week. Did she not swera on Nick to Brendon that she would not nominate him if she won HOH? For those Brittney lovers who are about to say no she didn’t, yes she did. Brevdon specifically asked her if she swore on Nick and she said yes. Oh, ok, so what they all lie, right? Yeah so Enzo should really believe her right. BS!!

  16. Brittany just proved herself to be a non-player. Brendon is not a threat to her… she should be frying bigger fish, the boys are probably going to get her out next. Her only hope is if Ragan wins.

    • I think that’s exactly right. There’s been such precious little of smart strategy in this house. It’s all about who you like. Even last week, Brendon would have been smart to take Ragan’s offer of being a secret partner. Partners like that are never suspected and that’s the best kind.

    • well she thinks she has lane and matt and ragan, so its not a dumb move putting brendon and enzo up , who is going to win HOH matt or ragan , if brendon leaves it wont be him and heydon and lane wont play hard enough to win.

      • She’s delusional if she thinks she has Matt – and Lane has been non-comittal. Brendon swore he wouldn’t put her up… and Ragan first ally is Matt not her.

  17. i hope brendon wins pov and matt or butt buddy ragon are put up. next britney goes,she is gross

    • Pretty harsh words! And, as a Gay Man myself, it’s offensive and cruel!

      I am PROUD that Britney kept her word to Matt and Ragan.

      By now, that Bro-Gade is sinking fast, and the pairing up begins!

      Maybe Enzo just might have to break a sweat for a change, Meow! Meow!


  18. Come on people…you have to lie to get further in the game at this point. This is BIG BROTHER!

    • I know this sounds funny, but there’s a right and wrong way to lie in this game… Bitchney is not playing smart.

    • Agree, when did the objective of this GAME changed. Oh yeah the cutest should be the winner not the best player. Plueasee.

      • thing is though the cutest is the one with the best game, matt has carried the brigade, and brittany has matt and ragan and lane on her side, so basically thats should be the final 4

      • Right on, Britt and Matt are playing the best game right now the only thing is that the Brigade has the votes so B/M might be screwed.

  19. Bitchney needs to look long term in this game and stop playing personally. If she lies to the people she is putting out of the game, do you really think they’ll vote for her at the end? Come on now, be smart about the game.

    • I think the boat has sailed, Dave. everyone knows she’s, well, BITCHNEY. they all have seen her high school bad mouthing behind everyone’s back.

      smart money tho would be for someone to take her to the final 2. I only think theraganbitch would be the only one to lose to her at final 2.

      but you would have to put up with her for a few more weeks to attain that, and that would be the deal breaker of that scenario.

  20. Britney did what she had to do, but the girl could be in trouble. She’s really outnumbered. It might have been smarter for her to try to make a secret partnership of some kind. She’s likely to go out on Thursday in the double elim right along with either Brendon or Enzo.

    • She’s likely to go out on Thursday in the double elim right along with either Brendon or Enzo.

      one can hope.


  21. does Brattney get to play in the hoh after the first eviction or does she have to sit it out

  22. Final few weeks are pretty predictable in my mind: after Brendon leaves this week, the Brigade will take out Britany and Ragan back-to-back; then, I predict Enzo will follow since he likely won’t win HOH or POV and Lane, Hayden, and Matt would want to see him go anyway since he’s well- liked by every1; Matt will prove to be a great competitor once again and bring Hayden with him to the Final 2 (since Lane is also well-liked by every1). Matt vs. Hayden will guarantee Matt winning the $500k. Any1 agree? :)

    • no. good theory, well thought out.

      only work if Ratt can keep wining HOH and PoV from here on out cuz he has to viewed as a real threat, and when the rats start eating there own he should be gone at the first opportunity.

      ****what am I saying!****

      they don’t have the brains to figure my senario out LOL!

  23. final 2

    brendon vs lane = lane
    brittany vs lane = lane
    matt vs lane = lane
    regan vs lane = lane
    enzo vs lane = lane
    hayden vs lane = lane

    wake up hg’s lane’s going to win.

    • but will they realize that? and then when do you choose between Ratt and Lane? not a lot of time left for any error.

    • You probably have it right. Britney might be able to talk circles around Lane though if they were in F2 together.

    • Would you agree there’s No Way the jury would vote for Britany, Ragan, or Brendon to win the half mill?

      • brendon would have a chance, after all he’s stupid not a bully. HGs know it was all an act to save Rachel and that he basically is a nice man.

        a testicle free nice man.

        whereas, bitchney is, well, bitchney

      • I wouldn’t mind seeing Brendon win, but there’s no way Britany or Ragan would vote for him and the Brigade members in jury will stick together and vote for a fellow member to win.

      • brendon won’t win. i really believe none of them like him. and he pretty much was going to quit for rachel to stay.

        ragen won’t win.
        brittany could have a chance maybe against matt

  24. Bratney swore on her boyfriend, and everything else to Brendon,that she wouldn’t put him up, or backdoor him, if he didn’t put her up last week.
    So am I surprized by her actions? Hell no! That’s just the kind of person she is- a liar a cheat, and a complete scum bag! If I were Nick I would run fast and run far, before that Be-atch comes home.

  25. Britney is such a coward! obviuosly she nominated Brendon b/c she doesnt like him(for no reason other than he knows shes a disgusting, 2-faced backstabber and the grossest thing alive) and Enzo b/c he called her out on her lies about the saboteur and everything else. i hope hope hope hope she goes home next week! she talks about Brendon being a coward but shes taking the coward way out by nominating him instead of growing some balls and getting rid of someone else…like Ragan or Matt. shes lucky she won HOH this week b/c everybody in the house hates her and wants her gone along w/ America! i know Big Brother rates REALLY WENT DOWN this week! BRITNEY IS DISGUSTING!

    • what good will it do if brittany is left with lane,enzo,hayden and brendon. she will get voted out. lol

      it doesn’t matter she wont win

  26. Nope – no surprise at the Noms…or at a possible backdooring of Matt. I think Brit is too afraid of Matt to put him up so backdooring is the way to get him (for her game) and to let Matt think that Enzo will be the next target if Brendon wins POV. Matt won’t be yearning to win POV. “No one” is going to save Brendon. I don’t trust Brit to go thru with b/d’ing Matt but I have to respect her if she
    does. She’s a smart cookie and Matt is her biggest competitor for the half mil. She could get the votes even if she/Brendon ended up at F2 she thinks but against Matt – nope.
    But – if Brit follows thru (Brendon wins POV & Matt goes up), she is also removing one of Brendon’s biggest (well, more effective) enemies and even the alliances in the respect of pure numbers (not proven talent). If Matt doesn’t go this week, the game is his to lose. If Brendon is HoH next, puts up Matt & either Ragan or Britney, Matt stays. Enzo/Hayden are likely paranoid enough to take out Matt this week and Britney is the tiebreaking vote.

      • I still have a feeling that Hayden would be in more danger than Matt. She knows that Hayden and Enzo have been chummy with Brendon.. and at this point she still needs potential allies (votes for next elim). Good question though.

  27. Why did Brittney keep her word with Matt but not Brendon? He asked her several times and she promised on her and Nick’s relationship to keep her word. So good-bye Nick. You meant so much to Brittney! She just dumped you.

    • Because she doesn’t think. Brendon would have kept his word. Brit is so stupid. She still thinks she has friends in there when in fact she will be gone next week if she doesn’t win POV. What a crock of crap that one is.

  28. just as i thought brendon and enzo went up which is too sweet!!! now lane if he gets picked to play has to win or britney matt or ragan if they get picked they have to win anyone but brendon can win i just don’t know about enzo please please please let him get convinced by brit because brendon needs to go to the jury house and he’ll go back to be a school swim teacher and live on thr salary a school teacher gets and not the 500K.

    • No, Brendan will be attending UCLA to work on his PhD in Applied Physics. He will be just fine. He’ll definitely be bringing in six figures.

      • He won’t be making 6 figures for many years. He’s just starting his PhD program (Not applied Phys). Will take some years, and post-docs historically make notoriously low salaries. If he becomes a prof, we know they are low-payed, but his poor social skills suggest that teaching isn’t his thing.

  29. Well at least the damn game has FINALLY begun. This has been the dullest season by far that I can remember and I’ve watched all except BB1. All votes have been carefully crafted to be unanimous or nearly so.

    • ”carefully crafted to be unanimous…”

      nah. that would entail some actual brains.

      more like sheeple.



    6:51 PM Feeds back.


    6:52 PM Matt is not up
    Brit: I didn’t want to putt Matt up as a pawn but the pawn is so safe this week
    Brit: I went and asked him if he’d be okay and he said no, so I said ok
    Ragan: Brendon is soooo dispicable
    Brit: Who cares really, he’s up this is what everyone in the house wanted

    Feeds switch to Matt/Lane in SR

    6:52 PM Enzo and Brendan nominated

    6:55 PM matt and lane in SR – matt saying that brit asked him to go up as a pawn right b4 noms and he said no way

    6:57 PM Brendan just told Enzo he (Brendan) controls the “shunning”…

    6:59 PM enzo and brendon in HN – brendon saying hes going to get back at them by staying in the game. joking and laughing

    7:00 PM Matt and Lane in kitchen saying Brenchel is a match made in heaven because they both have something wrong mentally.

    7:01 PM hayden brendon and enzo in HN asking where everyone is and what people are saying.

    brendon saying that brit isnt trustworthy and that none of them should make a deal with her.

    talking about how bad HN is and dinner etc.

    7:01 PM Matt wondering why Lane isnt gaining weight since hes never a have not so he cant lose weight that way

    7:02 PM Brit and Enzo in HOH

    7:03 PM Brit says no matter what happens at POV she swears on Nick that Enzo will not go home

    7:03 PM Brit saying there is no way Enzo is going home this week

    7:03 PM Brit Enzo in HoH. She said in speech, “no matter what, Enzo is not going home.”

    7:04 PM Enzo seems to understand why Brit put him up saying hes never been on the block so he expected it NT

    7:04 PM Enzo saying they need to stick to plan (backdoor matt) and Brit agrees

    7:05 PM Britney saying Matt for sure is the replacement. Telling Enzo not to say anything

    7:05 PM Enzo makes Brit swear on her razorbacks that he will not go home

    7:06 PM Enzo telling Brit that Brendon is pissed that she went back on her word

    7:06 PM Enzo suggests to Brit that he will win POV, Bren will go home, and Matt will be their target next week

    7:06 PM brit calls enzo to HOH…
    B – i’m really really sorry. she said it in her speech, she says theres no way hes going home. he has her honest to god word. she felt bad and she approached matt right before noms and he said no. she doesnt want to lie to anyone, and she had already told him he wouldnt go up.
    E – its ok, honestly. i’m just gonna fight hard for POV
    B – i would love for you to win POV. if its a tiebreaker, theres no way i’m voting you out
    E – if brendon wins, we’ll just stick with the plan?
    B – ya lets keep it between us. i wont even tell them
    E – everything in the house, hes somehow involved. the monet thing….. we’ve always been honest with each other in this house
    B – swears on nick and her family that he wont be going home. asks if brendon is pissed
    E – says ya, he nicknamed him brendon the block

    talk about brendon and his late plea to britney and what if he stays?

    E – if matt stays we have a potential target for next week
    B – i wont say anything to anybody
    E – i love hayden and lane … i wont throw anyone under the bus who i like

    they hug

    enzo leave

    7:08 PM Britney is reading her letter by herself in the HOH

  31. Britney is such a coward! obviuosly she nominated Brendon b/c she doesnt like him(for no reason other than he knows shes a disgusting, 2-faced backstabber and the grossest thing alive) and Enzo b/c he called her out on her lies about the saboteur and everything else. she talks about Brendon being a coward but shes taking the coward way out by nominating him instead of growing some balls and getting rid of someone else…like Ragan or Matt. shes lucky she won HOH this week b/c everybody in the house hates her and wants her gone along w/ America! i know Big Brother rates REALLY WENT DOWN this week!

    • umm did u forget brendon has won 3 things and twice when his butt was on the line?

      he is a strong competitor, and i bet if someone said things to ur partner, or ur mother or brother or whoever u would hold that to them the following week.

      i mean it is a smart move to get him out, and the personal reasons makes it easier.

      and i also guess who forgot brendon and rachel personal attacks. its okay though. atleast ur honest. ….wait….

  32. WOWWWW

    brendon that punk ass talks all that junk about what he is going to do and say to matt and ragan. he talks all that trash.

    then he is in the kitchen alone with them or one of them and he aint got shet to say.

    • what’s he gonna say? it’s all for the cameras and they all know that each and everyone of them is a backstabbing liar.

      but they have to coexist in close proximity.

      too bad he can’t slap the shit out of raganbitch.

      and he really hasn’t talked that much trash, except his ham handed attempt to save rachel… or has he? I don’t want the live feeds.

  33. how is brendon not a threat? didnt he jus prove he can win an hoh if he really tries and i think if allowed to perticapate in the last one he coulda have won..u guys knw he studies. but still i hope matt wins the whole thing. enzo and hayden are disloyal chums and need to go and brendon n brit as well. matt and raegan f2.

  34. You can win this game with integrity,but talking shit non-stop about how disgusting someone is, or their funky looking toe, that aint game that’s personal.

  35. ugh im pissed that there trying to backdoor matt….they suck lol all need to gand on the genious

  36. Brit is such an idiot and so two faced….I dislike her game play…She’s always talking about someone’s physical appearance and she is crossed eyed, always biting her nails, picking scabs and pale like a ghost, and she wears those stinky boots with shorts in the summer. Not very attractive at all …. I hope Brandon wins Pov …May lady luck be with him..! I believe Brit was jealous of Rachel and there is no Nick but the imaginary one. Now that Rachel is gone Brit flirts with every one…Gimme a break!

  37. Good Eve BB Post-ers & Nifty 9 Crew :)

    Britt put up her amigos Enzo & Brendon, what a stunner, now if ONLY Bren can win POV so that my friend Britt can go home in the 2nd eviction! That’s right ppls’ i’m calling her GONE in the 2nd eviction! Don’t like her a’tall don’t care if her gram-papa is a deputy county sheriff, what the hell does that have to do with the BB game? Girl’s droppin’ all these hints about her fam like she has $, and I’m thinkin’ why is she even ON this show? Somehow I believe that pitney is spoilt with no REAL need for dem funds! She’d be getting $ anyway!

    • Gotta rate the chances so high that Brit will step out of the house on the same night that her HOH ends. Tough way to go. Matt was smart to throw the HOH comp.

      • and the 2nd eviction will come so fast, just like kathy she won’t have time to pack LOL!

      • True Dan but that would make for HIGH drama! and seein’ britt’s stunned face would be oh so priceless!

    • when bb interviewed britney’s mom last night, her family home didn’t seem at all extravagant to me. it was nice and – modestly furnished – but they certainly didn’t seem “rich” to me.
      just saying….

  38. Way to go Bitchney with your bad self. Now win the veto too to ensure that needle d*ck is evicted. But Brenda will be happy when he is evicted so he can go spend time with his skank.

  39. Dumb question: If Hayden wins POV and saves Enzo and Matt goes up against Brendon. Voters are Ragan, Lane, Enzo and Haydne – right? Hayden & Enzo get to vote since they are not on the block? I know Britney only votes (this week) if there is a tie to break. Just not sure if both Hayden (POV winner not on the block) and Enzo (saved Nom) get to vote. Thanks!

    • No doubt Matt could be in some danger in that scenario since they’ve gotten closer to Brendon. Brit might even put him out herself since she knows he’s big competition.

      • Yes, I think Enzo/Hayden feel solitary Brendon will be compelled to take them further than popular Matt. They (Enzo mostly) were/are a little wary of Matt’s loyalties and Matt told them last week to vote what was best for them. May not have mattered (in Matt’s mind) but I think Enzo, especially, will view that as a free ticket to backdoor Matt. Enzo, in particular, loathes Britney and Ragan and Brendon is gunning for both of them above all else. Get rid of the biggest competitor, Matt, and unleash Brendon next week to dispose of either Britney or Ragan. I think Enzo feels comfy “controlling” Brendon, Hayden and Lane with Matt out of the way.

    • if hayden wins pov, he won’t use it.

      it only takes matt, hayden & lane’s vote to save enzo.

      brendon will be evicted.

  40. I know it’s getting off the subject, But I remember reading something in the 3rd week spoilers that everyone was going to the jury house this year?What happened?

  41. if the final four are brendon. Enzo. Hayden and lane. I’m not going to be watching anymore.

      • Obviously that won’t happen. Since they are both on the block only one can get off via the POV. der…

      • Um Der I didn’t say it would happen I just said that would be my final four. Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

      • Yes it could happen. Brendon wins POV, Matt goes up and voted out. Final four Brendon, Enzo, Lane and Hayden…Der

      • Oh My God I wanted to post this and I will But I read tonights goings on. are you joking are we a 8th grade camp. poeple do you really wants this for 3-4 weeks. maybe you do, and it you do I’m sorry. anyway this is what I really wanted to post. Ok I’m Walking to the plate And pointing The bat at center field, and this ones going out of the park. Brendan wins POV, buts up Matt, Matt goes home. He wins HOH puts up Brit; she didn’t keep her word from Last week. She goes home. Then Somehow Regan gets the boot. There you go. BB Will love all the drama for the next 2 weeks. If it ends up Brendan goes this week then the drama is all over, the rest will just bore us to death. I would take my glove and ball and going home, I could not watch the snooze fest for the rest of the session. LOL everybody have a good night.

      • yo if the brigade makes it to the final four lane hayden and enzo r gonna drop some grenades on matty and send him packing and then the two undecleared leaders (hayden and enzo) r gonna target lane and its obvious enzo will win… hes the meow meow hahaha

  42. this has been a season for the nastiest people!…for example:Britney, Ragan, & Matt. i cant believe they would put such NASTY people on the show. Matts wife is just as trashy as him for helping in his stupid lie. im glad his school dropped him…i would be embarassed to have him represent my school too! it would be so funny if his whole family dropped him! Ragan is such a wimp…hes just skatin through on pleasuring Matt! i would much rather sit in a room for 48 hours and listen to Enzo smack his food than to have to even hear Britneys annoying voice, listen to Ragan cry and whine, or hear Matt talk about how big a genius he is. if hes a genius then im freakin albert einstein! theres no way that idiot is genius level…or no way Britney ever won a beauty pagent or no way Ragan ever got a date. nice picks Big Brother!

    • Yaaa and Rachel and Brandon were so nice to everyone. Rachel smack talked to everyone, ask people to “BRING IT ON”. “FLOATERS GET A LIFE VEST”

      Making fun of Regan being gay, very classy.

      • rachel was the loudmouth, not brendon.

        and guilt by association gets forgotten after about 2 weeks.

      • Talking smack is a fact of gameplay ( get in the head of your opponent etc…)She confronted on a game level… Not on a personal level. There IS a difference!

      • The entire house turn on Brenchel, that’s why Rachel is acting the way she is, but people are hating on her because of that?

        These people only know how to follow the majority, in stead of trying to think on their own.

        Don’t forget, she was pushed against the wall every week and yet she keeps winning competitions.

    • I rather listen to Britney talk any day rather than these big lugs-Hayden-Enzo-Lane who haven’t done anything – Go Britney!!!!!

      • so true. i wont even mind if Brendan wins POV and then they send Enzo home. He pisses me off SO MUCH! to be honest a lil more than Rachel did. he hasn’t done a damn thing all season. The Zingbot was right all he does is talk about dropping grenades but he’s the one bombing in the end.

      • Yeah, even if sometimes Brit is a hit and miss with her hilarious comments, it’s better than every time Brendan tries to fit in with his comments.

        It was funny when Enzo was saying that even if you hate Brit, you would still want to bang her.

  43. Brit may just be the dumbest player in the history of the game – her family forgot to tell her that the goal is to win the money – by putting up Brendon she now has lost three JH votes – could she be any more stupid.

    She should have done Matt and Enzo –

    dumb is as dumb does – I hope Brendon wins POV and then HOH and then nominates her in the second eviction this week –

    dumbest player in the history of teh game

    • How so? Brendon personally attacked her. She is not nice but Brendon is not a class act. Sure he was trying to save his hoe still he never attacked one of the big dudes but went after a small girl and a gay guy who also happens to be small. He is and was a bully. Everyone here acts like swearing on a loved one is a new lie as is saying a loved one has a disease if you stupid enough to fall for it then your stupid. Brendon should have known that he was still a target. I would have done it a bit differently however this move is too risky. I would have put up Enzo and Hayden. Then if Brendon wins Pov he will think Britney kept her word and never put her up. In this scenario enxo is voted out. Then lets say someone other than Brendon wins Pov. Use it take off Enzo put up Brandon get rid of him. As long as that idiot or Enzo goes its all good. Also she has lost no jury votes. She will get Kathy’s, Lane, Rache land Brendon ( If they honestly want a competitor to win she has won 4 challanges more than anyone) as well as Ragan’s vote. If she goes to finals with someone like Matt she wins.

      • I honestly think no matter who she is sitting next to she will win if they base it on game play and strategy!

      • Everyone talk about how Bren went after Brit and Regan and no one else could that be because they where the only ones that were nasty to them all the time before that.

      • OMG MARK “Brendon is not a class act.” Word by word from Britney.

        Rmb why he attacked Brit? he was acting. ACTING. to save Rachel from eviction. Can’t these people just use the brain their brain for a little bit?

      • Exactly, Liz. Ragen was nasty to Rachel first. People seem to be so forgiving when it comes to Ragen just coz he’s gay. (and im gay too)

    • You are right, the ONLY person she would win against is Reagan… and she prolly even wouldnt beat him

      • There is 3 people in there playing a game Brendon Matt and Birttney. She can be proud of at this point being the most succesfull at chalanges she did throw a couple HoH comps because she knew the POV is better as yo ukeep yourself same and dont make as many enemies. whoever she goes up against left except Brendon she will win. Lets say Her and Ragan are in the Finals. Everyone will vote Birttney except Matt. It owuld be a ^:1 vote. She goes up against matt if his lie is found out she wins against lane she might win against enzo she will win against hayden as well .All of them are floaters So as long as Matt and Brendon leave and she makes it to finals she will win. She is most deserving. Ironic first person to get injured in the season she gets taken out of 1st HoH comp. Now has 3 PoV and 1 HoH win.

    • It sounds more like she’s the dumbest because she might kick Brendan dearest out.

      How was Brendan a bad choice? She knows Lane, Hayden and Enzo wont win anything and that Ragan and Matt dont plan on getting her (or so she thinks.) Brendan can win AND wants her out. The personal effect is just a bonus.

  44. I don’t even care if matt lied about his wife. I don’t even kno him nor will i ever, so who care’s ? he should be embarrassed when they tell everyone at the end he lied about it. I think lying about his wife has hurt him more than it helping him. since everyone thinks if there up against him, he will get sympathy votes for it. but really he won’t cause im sure big brother will tell the jury about his lie if he makes it to the final 2.

    • I still enjoy watching Andrew’s reaction to Rachel’s goodbye message to him: “Ain’t nobody gettin between me and mah man Andrew, especially not another man” lol

  45. Cody Leigh says:
    August 20, 2010 at 10:48 pm

    this has been a season for the nastiest people!…for example:Britney, Ragan, & Matt. i cant believe they would put such NASTY people on the show. Matts wife is just as trashy as him for helping in his stupid lie. im glad his school dropped him…i would be embarassed to have him represent my school too! it would be so funny if his whole family dropped him! Ragan is such a wimp…hes just skatin through on pleasuring Matt! i would much rather sit in a room for 48 hours and listen to Enzo smack his food than to have to even hear Britneys annoying voice, listen to Ragan cry and whine, or hear Matt talk about how big a genius he is. if hes a genius then im freakin albert einstein! theres no way that idiot is genius level…or no way Britney ever won a beauty pagent or no way Ragan ever got a date. nice picks Big Brother!

    Patirck says:
    August 20, 2010 at 11:01 pm

    Yaaa and Rachel and Brandon were so nice to everyone. Rachel smack talked to everyone, ask people to “BRING IT ON”. “FLOATERS GET A LIFE VEST”

    Making fun of Regan being gay, very classy.

    • I have a clue you can buy for a $1.

      they didn’t make fun of him being gay, rather his being a whiny crying backstabbingbitch

    • Rachel told everyone to Bring It On because the WHOLE HOUSE WAS AGAINST HER.
      OMG y r the audience this year so dumb

  46. Wow Britney lie to Brendon…and put him on the block. So now Brendon will have to play for the POV…Britney better hope that Brendon don’t win and take himself off the block. Brendon told Britney if you put me on the block and i win the POV…and HOH next week he will put her on the block.

    • And I hope every bit of that comes true. I want Enzo to be so loud and out there this week that maybe they might think again about her choices. It really doesn’t matter if Brendon goes or not, Brit will be right behind him!

  47. I think that Brendon is not done with the game just yet. i think that Brendon will win Veto and Matt will go up. i just hope that happens.

    • I don’t think Brendon is done either. I have NOT seen him so fired up and so on his game, finally!!!! Hey I guess Brit forgot about the last time Brendon got fired up, he won that damn HOH which everyone said was the hardest challenge yet. Watch out dear Princess, your crown is about to tarnish……..and I can’t wait!!!!

  48. I’d like to see Russell Hanft from survivor play this game.

    that would be action packed.

    in fact, now that I think of it they should have the next survivor all star game played in the big brother house.

    ratings would go thru the roof!

    • Too bad immunity idols don’t exist, and there’s not another house to write nice letters with idols attached for him.

      JT’s letter is still one of my favourite things on television.

  49. I can not stand Brit and Ragan…This season has suckie people. Hope Brendon win pov and then next hoh and they get rid of Brit,Ragan and Matt…Please we need something to pull this season outta of toilet..

  50. i encourage everyone to go to CBS’s website for Big Brother season 12 and go to the bracket page.

    i started watching BB like season 8. and seeing old episodes and stuff is damn cool.

    like past twist and fights, and even jerry falling into the pool.

    i wish i could get these seasons on DVD

    • Marcus I loved that season and season 10. This season I don’t know what BB was thinking about. They don’t fight to win like in the old days, they just bitch and moan and poor me and crying and etc… is so darn frustrating I am going from blond to gray. Dang those stupid Hg’s this season.

  51. One way or the other, the fast-forward network show next Thursday should be a good one. Hopefully there’s not a stupid preseason football game in Texas to preempt BB!

  52. Patirck says:
    August 20, 2010 at 11:01 pm

    Yaaa and Rachel and Brandon were so nice to everyone. Rachel smack talked to everyone, ask people to “BRING IT ON”. “FLOATERS GET A LIFE VEST”

    Making fun of Regan being gay, very classy.

    letmeslapragan says:
    August 20, 2010 at 11:11 pm

    I have a clue you can buy for a $1.

    they didn’t make fun of him being gay, rather his being a whiny crying backstabbingbitch

    You should be in the house. You would fit right in.

  53. i hope they bring back the HOW BAD DO U WANT IT.

    this season is so good, and this would be another capper offer.

    i love this season. i love rachel only for the drama she cause but hate her as a person and think she needs to be ran over by a bus thats on fire haha.

    its been a good season. to me atleast.

    i love britney ragan lane and matt. playing great games right now.

    brendon idc bout, he BEEN needed to bounce.

    • rachel is gone, she lost, I wish people would stop talking about her, by saying her name everyone is doing what she wants.

      • It’s not our fault she’s the most entertaining thing in BB12.

        Also, I watch this for entertainment, not for the ‘good guys to win.’ Lane, Brittany, Rachel and formerly Enzo were the only ones to succeed at doing that.

  54. Enzo deserves to be on the block. All he does is talk and never backs it up. He orders hayden and lane to turn on the only person in the brigade winning anything. Other than this weeks hoh competition he didn’t come close to winning any and this should definitely make him play harder. Big brother isn’t about integrity and honesty cause if we wanted that then we might as well have some cheesy 7th heaven version of it. You do what you can do get the half million dollars and leave the personal things at the door. Matt’s playing strategically no matter how dirty and underhanded it may be. But what I like about matt is he’s won two hoh’s and isn’t playing this personally. Getting rid of rachel and brenden was a good thing because they’re basically one person so if one is targeting you then the other will two. Brit’s won three pov’s and an hoh so don’t hate on her too much. And btw, rachel antagonized ragan and even if his words came out harsh he was only trying to give her a taste of her own medecine. Had rachel not attacked people and acted all high and mighty ragan wouldn’t have had to go that far.

    • Grave says:
      August 20, 2010 at 11:24 pm

      then we might as well have some cheesy 7th heaven version of it.

      cheese and crackers, I just spewed all over my monitor. that was good!

      I’m nominating you next week!

      • Finally someone with sense in here every one is so stuck on talking about how disgusting and vile some of the cast members are especially Ragan for “supposedly” lowing himself down to Rachel level…but to be quite honest i guess im Vile and distigusting b/c i was standing up clapping when he went off on her and put her in her place! and i too totally think the meow meow has to go b/c he aint done a thing in this game!

      • Me too i am vile and digusting cuz i luv Britt and Ragan not to mention my fave Matt. BTW Graves i will be borrowing the 7th Heaven line. Its perfect.

      • YES!! finally someone who likes Matt and Ragan…Last night was my first night on here ever and EVERYONE thought Ragan and matt very disgusting and my fav fav is Ragan, yet everyone thought he went to low with Rachel, but to me thats actually what made me like him even more!!!

      • Not eveyone, only the Brenchel lovers. Ragan was awesome and she deserved every thing she got and more.

      • BG you are NOT vile. LOL So you like people in the house who are, that in no way reflects on you. I just might let you borrow my reading glasses though… JK girl.

      • For the record, Matt is disgusting. That’s only because his hand seems to be surgically attached to the inside of his waistband.

    • Again, why do people keep forgetting, the rest of the house turn on Rachel (and Brendon) first. They targeted them, rightfully, for being a couple, but you can’t say Rachel’s wrong for antagonizing the other house guests. They wronged her first.

  55. I think her picks were great b/c i cant stand either one. Also i hope none of them win POV!!! i would much rather prefer for ENZO to go home b/c at least Brendon has won something.

  56. Horrible season so dissapointed actually after dark is so boring!!! Rachael at least kept it interesting,,,,Cant stand Britney and Ragan im tired of them talking smack about everyone,,,Ragan makes me sick ewwwwwww

  57. She better not backdoor Matt, but it wouldn’t suprise me is she did because she backstabs everyone.

  58. If Brendon & Matt go here will be no one in the house worth watching. No one else can win anything. Ragan whines & crys, Britney sucks up & lies ( no alliance there– nice on the “promise not to put you up or back door you- liar). Enzo & Lane — duh???? Hayden– hello in there are you alive???
    What a bunch of crap– what is next – a sing song around the camp fire. Why not draw straws to see who is HOH– besides Brendon & Matt- the rest could not compete their way out of a wet paper bag!

    • Brendon: 1 HOH 2 Veto
      Matt: 2 HOH 0 Veto
      Britney: 1 HOH 3 Veto

      Yeah, I guess those two really are the only winners in here. Boo hoo, this is Big Brother- you lie, steal and pillage if you have to. If you honestly think the show isn’t worth watching when someone backstabs, then what does entertain you? Brendan winning a comp, saying “this for you baby” and then trying to fit in with the kiss asses Hayden and Enzo? I’m sorry to go so hard, but people keep on spewing out ridiculous posts about integrity and how disgusting it is to be mean. Look at your politicians, your neighbours and yourself; all of those people have gone on their word, it’s human nature. Survival of the fittest, Brittany did what it took. Also, Brendon never said that Britney’s deal was what stopped him from nominating her. It was his owner spelling the answer for him in pretzels. With that, I am done, and I apologise if I hurt any feelings.

  59. See I really don’t mind Brendon. He competes and is actually able to win something. Matt and Enzo think they’re running the house and they’re not! Enzo hasn’t won anything and of the times Matt has won HOH thinks have gone the way he wanted them to like once! They need to go. I hope Brendon wins POV

  60. @Marcus, It’s time you put up or shut up, You are alwasy talking about how BAD B/R talked about people, and trashed them, and backed stabbed HG’s, So here’s your chance.

    1. When did B/R sit up in the HOH and trash the other HG’s while playing a stupid game show?

    2. When did they lay in the CR and trash HG’s?

    3. When did B/R sit in the back yard and trash the HG’s?

    4. when did B/R talk to an0other HG’s and then run to the other HG’s and trash them?

    5. When did B/R sit in the HNR and trash the other HG’s?

    6. When did B/R ever call the other HG’s the NAME that Britney and Ragan have used?

    I will wait for your reply!!

      • Hey Marcus i know you like to throw it down, but dont go there dude cuz some just come here looking for a fight.

      • No fight Blackgirl, All I asked was when, were, and what, all then points I made where true, and we all know that it was britney and company that did all that, So how is asking, trying to start a fight?

      • Trish I just dont want to see Marcus get banned. I enjoy reading his comments even though I might not agree with him all the time. BBD now so later peeps.

    • the problem with BRENCHEL lovers is they refuse to see that the vegas hoe and the nutless wonder are just as mean and nasty as everyone else in the house!

      • OK Homer, You are doing the same call people name, people you know no-thing about, All I asked was HOW, WHEN, It seem to me that you are the ones running people down, with out backing it up!

      • Chris the Great, while I agree with how you think asking everyone to back it up is not going to do it. I can say how I feel about things said in the house but that doesn’t mean I can tell you what time it was said, or what date. You can’t always back up everything you say because it just might be an opinion or how one feels at that time. Just saying…..

      • I don’t think they are as nasty as Brit or Ragan, and I’m a Britt fan. Their problems are that Rachel tried pretty hard at making a fight where it wasn’t and that Brendon’s so boring, the fish on the live feeds are more entertaining (and less cheesy.)

        Although none of them are saints, Brit and Ragan are worse (which is why I vote for Britney.)

    • Hey trish, I’m not asking for everyone to backup everything and verytime, Night after night I read the same thing over and over, B/R are the worse people on earth, I agree with you on when, but what and where, they should be able to answer that,

      I also would not like it if Marcus got banded, I think Marcus is an intelligent and bright person, besides that he lives in SD, I also know that he can hold his ground in a debate.

  61. @Blackgirl, Thank you for coming up wdith right Letter combo for Britney and Matt, BM is just right for them,

  62. and what about Matt saying hes tired of carrying the brigade?…puhhhhlease! the only reason he won HOH those 2 times were b/c his cuddle buddy gave em to him. the brigade dont even like his disgusting butt…they know hes just as 2-faced and backstabbing and as big a coward as his little fairy squad. he cant win crap on his own…trying to pretend he threw last nights HOH…yeah okay Matt! who in their right mind wouldnt want to win HOH at this point in the game! hes so stupid!

    • I can’t stand Matt but he has been carrying alot. What have the others won? Hayden one HOH. Enzo, nuttin, Lane, nuttin. Although I think Lane is playing the best game in the house. If he makes the final 2 he will win.

      • you know trish I hope your boy brenden wins the pov so that two brigade will be on the block.

  63. I’m sick to death of Ragan. All his talk about morals and integrity. Wait til he finds out that his man-crush, Matt, has been lying about his “sick” wife. Will Ragan go off on him the way he went off on Rachel? Ragan and Matt both act like they are entitled to be there and to win. Hello!!! This is a game. Someone needs to stir it up. I hope Brenden wins POV and Matt goes up, just so the house will finally divide and some excitement will give me reason to enjoy the show again instead of it being boring and predictable.

    • While I wonder about that I think Ragan just might surprise us and forgive Matt. I sometimes think Matt regrets lying about it now. Don’t get me wrong I don’t care for his gameplay but I watch him sometimes and I think he really cares for Ragan. In what way I have no inkling and don’t care to.

      • I’m not really sure, but didn’t he mention Stacy and how hard it was recently? I might be producing my own memories, but I’m pretty sure he did that.

        As for Ragan, he does walk like his poop smells like roses and everybody else should just lethim through. I want to see him be speechless when Matt reveals that he fooled that sucker.

      • Okay….I am most definately not a regan/bitchney/matt fan, but I have a hard time hearing the Rachel/brendon fans doing the same thing to the terrible trio. I do, however, notice that those who got so upset for asking him if he was bitchy b/c he was gay.. Don’t seem to notice that calling matt brokeback matt is worse. Why does each side have to attack on a personal nature always relating to sex? I’ve heard/read horrible names for Rachel, brendon, and now regan and matt. It is just disappointing that society deems sexual practice something negative or derogatory.

  64. Ragan is a poor excuse for a college professor the way he conducted himself was unacceptable his behavior was appalling from someone in his position with his students watching I’m sure ..He speaks well but… geeze and all the crying “woe is me” behavior was sickening…I agree with rachel he sucks st being gay …lol

    • Does anyone remember the day on BBAD (during week 2) when Brendon, Rachel, Kathy, Kristen, Ragan, and (partially) Andrew were talking game in the HOH room, leaving the Brigade, Britany, and Monet, who were outside, thinking the house had finally split? How different the game would be if the house became the former 6 vs. the latter 6. Instead it turned out to be the House vs. Bren. & Rach.

      • If only Matt went out for trying to lie to the house in week two. Then the DPOV wouldn’t be in such filthy hands. (Seriously, the producers know where his hands are, they probably burnt that thing.)

    • rachel & brendon set it up that way.

      and then bb production/CBS MADE SURE they became the “showmance America loves to hate”.

      let’s all say it together:

      RATINGS!! :)

  65. and i wasnt talking about ragan being gay…who cares if hes gay…i just said i was tired of seeing the boy cry.

  66. BB is bad this year. I think the producers want Matt in the game. It will really be boring without him. Think about it. Ragan needs to go soon. He’s just a sniffling cry baby. I would have nominated Matt, but like I said, the game would be boring for us viewers, but if your playing the game as a HG, Matt should go. I’d get rid on Enzo now that he is nominated. Bren can go at anytime. The POV will be important this week. If Matt survives this week, he’s gonna want to win the HOH for sure.

  67. I am so glad Enzo is up on the block, he is just as bad as Kathy was at competitions, the best cat is a dead cat, he needs to go!

  68. As far as Ragan crying. I’d love the “Zingbot” to come back and cry. Say, “Woe is me, boo hoo, Woe is me, boo hoo.” and imitate Ragan LOL Now that would be FUNNY!

  69. Great now we get to watch Brit in the HOH bathtub shaving and talking to herself? Time to watch someone else and turn off the live feed. Ewwwwwwwwwww.

    • It’s so funny, cause Brit is the first to make fun of everyone else. Doesn’t she get it that America thinks she’s a space cadet? Earth to Brittany!!! LOL

      • Hi Trish! Maybe brittles will accidentally open her mouth and swallow some bubbles!! It could happen!!

      • LMAO TRISH, our poor Mich boy and a good friend of mine whom seems to have fallen under the brit spell are loosing it right now seeing her do that whilst the rest of us are laughing our rears off. I am glad I missed it. Nemo was way more entertaining hahaha

      • That’s the best thing about Britney. She’s here to win some cash…she doesn’t give a crap what anyone thinks!
        At least she’s making fun of people she actually knows…

      • True Kimmy. But why would BB have the camera on her shaving? Was it supposed to be sexy or something?

  70. i love reading these posts!

    think about how easy it is for us to sit at our computers and talk about what WE would do if we were in the bb house right now. how we would NEVER be THAT stupid – NEVER trust so & so… NEVER fall into THAT trap!

    NOW think how the hgs would probably do the EXACT SAME THING if they KNEW as much about everything that’s REALLY going on in the house as WE KNOW!!

    we’re so funny – gotta love it :)

    • LOL CT – To right.. and yet even we dont know EVERYTHING that goes on we get the edited versions as well.. HMMMMM

    • I don’t base my play on what we know, cause I base it on what happened on the show as shown on CBS. Matt should go cause he’s playing the best game. I would think that if I was in the house. The trouble with these HG’s are they are NOT playing the game with the knowledge that they have. They are not smart BB players.

      • i’m sorry joey – but that’s bs. there’s NO WAY that spoilers & update information has no affect on your own personal “game play” strategy/opinions.

        that’s simply impossible.

      • It doesn’t affect my play. I said that if I was Matt I would have gone to the HOH Room and tried to influence Brit and then send Lane up there to back me up. That came from just my own startegy. Nothing on here. I like to know who was on the block ahead of the show, but it doesn’t influence what I would do. You believe what u want.

  71. Wow. well first off let me PRETEND to be surprised for a moment… Ok Im done.. Brenden/Enzo on the block we sure didnt see that one comming. WTH ever. You know Im not going to be another on this season sux poster, but this is the first season I havent been able to pick a fav an stick it out with them to the end. That bites and even I am sick of hearing or seeing rather me type that.
    I do however feel like IF you played the game and fought to be in there then you deserve it soooo with that said I hope like hell that Brenden wins POV this week, THEN wins HOH OR POV next week and has a hand in taking out ENZO and Hayden or Ragan next. I have flipped so many times this year quite frankly Im dizzy.
    At this stage Matt, Brit, and Brenden have played, the most anyways Ragan shows some signs of playing but kept throwing to his secret crush Matt. I am now bored with I dont want to be the bad guy, I dont want the blood on my hands antics. QUIT talking about who and what you can or would do an DO IT. SHUT UP OR PUT UP in a sense.
    Its down to the wire no more nicey nice if you are in that house to win 500k then GET IT DONE.
    I have watched week after week and picked who ever played the hardest that week to support and now I want to see those ppl stop playing the safe BS and play to WIN. Yes you have to consider the Jury House votes, and yes you still have to stay in the house BUT good Lord Please start playing the game like you WANT the money.

    • Yeah, I don’t think Ragan will ever be a major player. He’s unstable and has never caught on to anything.

    • i feel ur frustration, kristy.

      i find myself not giving a rat’s ass who wins this season – just PLEASE let it come to an end so i can move on with my life!
      i’m soooo f*cking ADDICTED to this show that i CAN’T just stop watching it! i continue to torture myself everyday by HAVING to know EVERYTHING that’s going on ALL THE TIME…

      i’m sooooo pathetic. :( ROFLMAO

      OMG – i’m missing BBAF!! bye

  72. @ Joey, I don’t think it would be boring w/o Matt. I am tired of looking at him!! What’s up with hoodie half unzipped all the time? Blech!!Phewie!! Gross! I won’t even start on his hand down his shorts!! I think this game will be fine w/o the boy!

    • I think Matt has to cover one of his tats. I saw what I think is a devil on his upper left chest by his shoulder. Another poster says it’s not a devil. I think it is. I think the producers told him to cover it up.

    • Just wondering. why is Hayden always shirtless and shouting incessantly like he is light headed in the DR.. do they turn the heating up when he is about to enter inside??

  73. The one thing that has been bugging me the most about the people is where did these people learn now to eat? Enzo and Ragan mostly they eat like they are chewing cud. It is GROSS, just plain nasty. They need to learn how to eat like normal people. I could never be near them when they eat.

    • I love my man Brendon but he eats like he is afraid someone will take his food. Enzo eats like that plus he smacks……man.

    • It’s hard to eat normal when you have a crappy mic hooked to your chest!! They do eat like a couple of pigs rollin’ in the trough!! I so agree!!

      • Almost everyone with LF comments on their eating habits. These HG’s are the biggest slobs in the world. Not only are they dumb, they are slobs to boot. I can’t believe when Andrew was on the block he didn’t say, “If you evict me, who is going to clean up after you pigs?”

  74. Poor Brendon is in the half-not room talking to himself and trying to get hope. Poor guy……

      • OH, YEA! Big laughter!! That was a Excellent one Torch!! I am still laughing, where do you come up with this stuff?? Scenario, Brenda finally grows two balls! Rake back at the JH, yanked them away and is cupping them in her hands.. She is yelling down at them “No one (or two) comes between me and my man!” Camera back to Brenda at BB house yelling “rachael, where are you, can I please have them back!” OK, lame, it is the best I have tonight!!

      • LOL Torch I told you Ragan took all the guys ” jewels” his 2 weeks as the sab . LMAO JK Trish..

  75. These houseguests are idiots, save one.
    They don’t know the definition of “shun”.
    I can’t get inspired,
    Of Enzo’s smacking, I’m tired.
    I may as well look for a gun.

  76. Hey Trish, tishe here, I had to go a friends “I am Divorced party” I wasn’t going to go cuz it was Thursday night! I am addicted to BB! She said we could watch it, so I went!! Did we all say bye to our Kathy the sloth??

    • Yes we did. On her exit interview with Ashli Rae Kathy actually thought she had a chance to stay had she had time to talk and save herself. Idiot woman. Aganist Lane? Noone would win against him.

      • It is official, I am pulling for my eye candy, Lane!! I know, I know, you like your own eye candy! What was his name?? Thank you for saying bye to the sloth!! I read the interview!! What a laugh!! I have to remember her! NOT!

    • If Ragan doesn’t win HOH and Britany doesn’t win the POV on Double Eviction day (this Thursday), she is 100% leaving the house.

  77. so brendon is in the havenot room crying lol omg this season contestants are overly emotional.

  78. Good grief!!! Brittany talking to herself while shaving her legs, she never shuts up!!! Between her and Matt it’s a constant ego trip. Matt is nasty, hand in pants. Brittany is as shallow as a shot glass. She always trash talks everyone, like junior high kids. UGH!

  79. Matt/Ragan not in the BY. Enzo starts going off.I’m sorry I can’t be like past Hgs. I’m sorry I can’t be like Gerry and I’m my own character.

    Says this is the new bra-gade…Matty isn’t there…he’s in there (I missed a lot here…hope someone can fill in the gaps)..says he’s always with Ragan…Calls him Brokeback Matty.

    lol just because u hangout with a gay guy doesn’t mean ur gay lol geez i hope enzo goes home

    • Ha ha! “Brokeback Matty!” That is funny!! You guys, come on, there is funny stuff here!! I am not saying nada about gays, but that is funny!!! Yes?

    • Does anyone know if he has confronted Britany at all since nominations? (like he said he would do)

      • Meow could start a cat fight. So far he’s been a big whimp! Not even a respectful alley cat, let alone a tiger or lion

  80. 9:25 PM Brendon in Have Not room….crying.I know you won competitions..Didn’t you tell me that if I got scared, that deep down you knew I could do it.

    (Something about day 4) I love you and I miss you ,I can’t wait to see you.

    I know you don’t want me to go home too early.I’ve been fighting for you baby..

    I love you.It’s not because I don’t want to see you…I do…It’s getting harder

    brendons losing it

    • The ONLY way he could win is to give up trying to get revenge for Rachel. But I think it’s way way too late now. He’s gone. (His old GF and her family really made him look lame. It’s really not fair of the producers to put down the HG’s like that. But we all LOVE IT)

  81. enzo says this

    I’m sorry I can’t be like past Hgs. I’m sorry I can’t be like Gerry and I’m my own character. I don’t have to be characters from BB8 or BB10. I got my own personality. I got my own fans. I’m sorry we don’t have anything in common because i don’t do impressions.

    I’m going to fight the shun.

    what does he mean?

    • He means….

      “I am an idiot. I talk a lot of smack. In fact, I just plain smack a lot. And I could never back up anything I say because I am horrible at all competitions. Anything requiring intelligence, I will fail. Physical competitions… I couldn’t even beat Kathy in the last one – that should tell you something. But, I’ll still talk like I’m some kind of force to be reckoned with.
      I don’t know the real definition of shun, but I’ll say it over and over until, hopefully, it catches on and I won’t look so stupid….
      Now, time for me to end my monologue like the real man I am….. meow.”

  82. Marcus came out with a left and a right
    But blackgirl said Marcus please don’t fight
    All I asked was, when, where and why
    Didn’t want to fight, just had some fish to fry

    Blackgril said he wants to start a fight
    I asked a question, thought it would be alright
    They say bad thing and called people names
    All I asked, was for them to back up thier claims

    Marcus I’m waiting, I’ll wait all night
    Just want an answer, not a fight
    Brendon and rachel, sure they talked smack
    But to people faces, not to thier backs

    Now britney’s in her HOH, talking to air
    Shaving her legs, to remove the hair
    Britney is smiling, because she has it made
    until next week, when julie throw’s a grenade

    Brendon told britney, me you can trust
    He promise not to throw her under the bus
    As britney walks to door with head up high
    Matts standing behind her, waving goobye

  83. Matt is gloating and rubbing it in now – bashing Brendon – I cannot stand these jerks, they are really mean spirited people.

    • IF you liked the HG’s no one would watch. It is the worst year for BB they are disrespectful, dumb, ill mannered, and what everyone likes about BB.

      • Usually there is a mix, I agree some evil is necessary, these people are boring, dull and have no guts to actually play the game. Matt is playing the game, but he is revolting. Brendon is trying, but he is too distracted by Rachel.

      • And your point is Alex… these people are not playing the game, they are all floating around, noone is making bold moves. My opinion seems to bother you… are you aware its BB, or should I clarify for you Alex?


    • It’s always amazing that obnoxious people like Ragan almost always make it far in BB. You would think the other HG’s would want them out ASAP, but they always seem to put up with the whiners till they do them in near the end. I would hate for Ragan to be in the final 2. I would quit watching for sure.

      • Huh, I think she’s a space cadet. America probably “loves her” cause she’s so freaking dumb!

      • Im guessing that pink shorts and brown boots combo is pretty darn powerful ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Last poll I saw Brendon was the favourite.. now she is bashing BR by herself in the tub… she is really ugly on the inside.

      • Thats your opinion Alex, you need to relax, I can have my opinion just like you, if you like scank ugly potty mouth Britt, go ahead. How’s that for relaxing?

      • do you notice how she comes off as this sweet little girl on Thursday nights. BB never shows the real Brit Brat. Can not stand her

  85. I can’t imagine these HG’s going on after BB and going about their regular jobs and life. After this, what do you think their friends (if they have any) and family think about them? I would think being on BB can lead to some problems. They should do a Dr. Phil Show with old BB HG’s. Call it “Life after Big Brother” LOL

    • Blond wilma… Nuff said.. HAHAHAH… Just kidding all you Brit fans it was just to easy….

      • hey Kristy girl don’t forget our Trish girl is blonde, and brenden is doing the self chat also had he talks to himself and then answers himself and he has dark hair.

      • Torch you trying to start something with me? Leave my man alone. Don’t come between me and my man! har har har har……lol

      • Plus Torch poor Brendon has every right to talk to himself. That man has been under such stress and noone to comfort him. I bet YOU would crack if you were there alone and noone liked you. I will comfort you my baby Brendon, just wait for me. LOL

      • Tishe I am but you do know I am joking on here, right? It is a standing joke between me and Torch, he has his brit I have my Brendon. It is all in fun.

    • She’s going over all the events that have taken place in the house. Probably getting herself ready for a trivia competition. She also seems to be rehearsing a speech/thinking aloud.

      It doesn’t mean you’re crazy if you talk to yourself, when you start answering yourself is when you have a problem :P

    • Hi wilma, she is losing it cuz she is shaving her legs and talking at the same time?? The girl can not multi-task!! idk?

  86. @ Chris-the great, Pretty dang good, you are up against some tough peeps! Ya all know who you are, the Battle of the Rap, is under way!!

  87. I can’t wait until Brit goes home in the double elim. Ba bye. Who wants to see Rachel in the jury hooooouuuusssssse?


    • How can you be so sure that she will? If Ragan wins HOH, I doubt he’ll put her up. But even if she does get nominated, she can still win POV to save herself.

  88. First Off Matt thro the HOH Because he’s safe no matter what, and doesnt really care. If the bg wins he’s safe if his alliance with brit,and Ragan wins He’s safe all he has to do is follow the flow.

  89. brat is embarrassing to all women…she is representing and I am resentin…she will never speak for me

    • 100% agree. Showtime is on and I am not watching. Will fast forward so I do not have to listen to Brit-Brat, Regan, Matt…. I sure hope Brendon wins POV, then HOH. I also think anyone would go off if your back is against the wall for forty something days

      • Sea-son 12
        Ev’ry one
        Gossips, gripes, and drains our fun
        With a Brit-Brat, Ragan, Matt,
        Give Rachel a bone –
        Your man Brendon’s com-ing home!

      • Aww Rico!! Excellent! Rico, my man
        but do not give her a bone
        we know what she has shown,
        don’t come between and my man!
        Okay, it’s lame!! crap, I tried

  90. My favorite contestant out of all seasons is Danielle from season 3.

    I also liked will from season 2. Janelle and james from season 6. and Jen from season 8. I haven’t watched big brother since season 8. I never even been on these forms before.. but i’m starting to wonder if this show is really rigged by the producers.

    • I agree- these were game players, they made the game exciting. Sneaky, but they were likeable at the same time. This season’s HG don’t have those same qualities.

  91. Watching Brit on BBAD, and it just occured to her that this week is double elim. Ba bye Brit. She is delusional to think they will keep her. She might as well hold hands with Brendon on his way out if he doesn’t win POV.

    • Drat! I was hoping they wouldn’t figure that out… Was waiting to see some jaws drop… Here’s hoping Enzo will be the first one out the door on Thursday.

  92. OMG! I can NOT stand listening to the ohhh soo Nasal Bratney. It’s more annoying to me then Enzo’s eating. And WE ALL Know his eating is horrible to be subjected to. WHY would Production torture us?

    Also bratney Trying to use big words and sound smart??? UGH

    I don’t want to see her back doored I want to see her upset All week. She deserves it as much as Rachel, if not more. Rachel is out of the house and Bratney has nothing better to do then still bust on her. In a Very Immature manner

    • Hey, Breezin, wouldn’t it be a yuk, yuk, if those two wanna bees ended up in a cat fight in the jury house??

      • Yep,yup,I know,BUT there is a lot “worse” out there! I am a Kathy “wanna be” Just sloth my way threw games, life, whatever!! I could actually pull it off!! I do need to pay a little more attention to Britt, tho. need to learn the whiny baby stuff!! Aww crap, I will continue to get the “BEST STUFF” from ya all!!

  93. I first started watching BBAD when Natalie, Mattie, Chelsea were on. Remember the nudity at the pool. Now it seems like it is chop chop and of course boring. how delayed is it? I can not stand to keep turning my tv volume up and down because of the whispering. At least Jessie’s first BB they played games at night (then go fight) least it was entertaining. Agree?

    • jif, yep Agree! I can think of at least 9 BB seasons that were a tad better than this one! This game has become a huge success! We the Fans made it that way! It is a addiction!! I may have to go cold “Turkey” next season, if they copy-cat this season!! Oh well, as Torch says “SURVIVOR”

  94. Why would Hayden or Lane NOT use the POV should they win it and take Enzo off? Why risk it? You never know what happens in the game? If it’s a sure thing (you having the veto) then save the person in your aliiance!

    • Jadelle, Enzo left the alliance a long time ago?? Wait, maybe not, that might have been the episode where we couldn’t hear anything over his chewing cud?? Hi Jadelle!!

      • sounds like lane and hayden want to take brit to the final three now. and in reality the brigade is basicaly all done

      • Wow Torch, I know this is a game, but, I would be very worried if any of these people were in the same fox-hole with me!! I would need to keep my “eye in the sky” on the money, and Lane! tee-hee

  95. Wow…since when did Matt become the target after Brendon (likely) leaves this week? Britany, Enzo, Hayden, and Lane all want him out on double eviction day!

    • enzo and hayden had always wanted him out since rachel left. and lane jumped on the bandwagon, and brittany does whatever lane says even though he would screw her over for enzo and hayden.

      Still can’t figure out why no one knows that lane has the greatest chance to win.

      • Yeah I couldn’t believe Hayden said he wants Lane with him in final 2. Is he for real, Lane wins hands down!

      • hey this ss I agree Lane has been putting the pieces in place to win just like he builds those candy castles

  96. how did they figure out double eviction did BB tell them during one of the bubbles episodes?

      • @ PC Britt knows how to do math?? Wow, like, she should inform the unemployed chemist! Oh yeah, she and rakael, will be bosom buddies in 1 week!

    • they know when finalie night is sept 15 and they have one to many for all just single eliminations

      • Nah uh, Torch, this means that our HGS may actually have some smarts?? Well, Lane already does and he already knows!!

  97. yupp everyone loves lane. i really don’t think anyones said a nasty thing about him. he’s just sitting pretty.

  98. has anyone else noticed the fact that bratney seems to annoy lane anymore? last night on BBAD he looked so anooyed to be around her after she got into the HOH room. now she’s pretty much putting it out into the air that she’d throw him under the bus to be a have-not if she got the chance because he hasn’t been a have-not at all and he doesnt look to happy…looks to me like the honeymoons over!

  99. and I don’t think its an accident or by chance Lane has had game since the get go just more subtle than the rest

  100. well she should of realized that. even if its just her hayden enzo lane and brendon. there going to vote her out. none of them are loyal to her.

  101. Imagine the Brigade having never been formed … Would any results in the past 6 weeks be different?(Matt still probably would have had Brendon & Rachel as his two targets for his 2 HOH’s). Makes me wonder :)

    • i really don’t think so, i don’t think he ever viewed them as huge threats, i honestly think he thought kathy was a bigger threat, he always talked about getting her out..but i think somehow brendan and enzo are gonna pull out of this this week and come back and screw over the house..i really think enzo trusts brendan which is the smartest move because he’d win against him in the votes. i don’t think enzo is as dumb as what everyone thinks he is.

  102. He has some wicked glares…and what about earlier when he was teasing her about saying bad things about Nick to get her riled….or was that just a beard? hmmmm

  103. since Brendon is a have not, my question is who is going to cook and wash the dishes. These people are are so dirty and lazy it is pathetic. You would think production would get on them

    • Wouldn’t it be funny if Brendon (not winning the POV) decided to make the house a complete mess since he’s leaving anyway, more than it already is. The other hg’s don’t clean at all so it’ll look like a bomb exploded.

    • production could care less. The mess only adds to the stress of it all. The color scheme, the bright lights all to accelerate the stress level. Hoping for explosions that WE love to watch.

  104. 11:03 PM Lane & Hayden in BY playing pool talking with Britney. Less…

    Hayden says he would rather play against Brendon than Matty, just my opinion he says. He smiles at Britney and Lane and tells them not to say anything to Matt. Britney says she doesn’t tell Matty anything he says, but she will tell Matty everything that Lane says..jokingly. Lane says he won’t believe you, He believes me over you. Just before Britney walks up to pool game with Lane & Hayden, Hayden was saying to Lane how he wants Britney out of the game.

    yea that seems about right. they want britt out after matt this week and possibly brendon. she’s so stupid.

  105. Britney’s up stairs talking in space
    Because all the HG’s ran out of the place
    Rachel did this, Brendon’s a fool
    The ber-egg is in the back play pool

    I stab him once, I stabed him again
    with a smile on her face, she shaved her chin
    I’m the best ther is, at talk and run
    I giggle with glee, because it’s so much fun

    Brendon told britney as honest as can be
    Matt will stab you in the back, take it from me
    NO, NO, I got him wrapped around my you know what
    If matt stabs me, I’ll kiss your butt

    Kiss my butt, said brendon, sounds like fun
    But I’m in love with rachel, got to run
    Matt is talking to the ber-egg you know
    After brendon, then britney must go

    Now it’s thursday, and it’s eviction night
    Brendon is going, there won’t be a fight
    The HG’s are jumpping into each others arms
    But wait, It’s julie, Dropping DA BOMB

  106. Nick is as FAKE as Matt’s so-called wife’s illness!
    Just b/c his name is Nick and he’s in pics with Britt does NOT mean he’s the fiancee? He could easily be her best friend, remem when they talked to her mom? NO mention at ALL about Nick, she only said well Britney seems to like Lane, so I’ll support her whatever she does. Very VAGUE! Father said NADA! I found that to be odd! So her swearing on her relationship with Nick means NADA as well! That ring she coulda bought herself straight outta an AVON catalogue yo! :P as IF! :)

    • Why would she lie about having a fiancee? Just curious since I’ve heard others saying that also.

      • 1 avoid game crippling showmance, 2 have a figurative body to swear on, 3 AND MY FAVORITE to boost low self esteem cuz constant ranking of others is just a tempurary fix

  107. Lane plays his way just because he is lay back they think they are not playing the game . Well if you try hard you get kick out.

    • i honestly think he’s gonna get backdoored this week and lane, hayden, and brendan will vote matt while ragan votes enzo.

    • @ Wartortle, WHY?? It must be genetic?? Just curious, why would you want Matt”dork for brains” to win? I agree with Mr. Bean!

  108. Brendon had the opportunity to backdoor Britt last week but because he didn’t do so now he will be going home. That’s what he gets for listening to Rachels prestzel message. Haha!

  109. it seems like matt and regan don’t have a care in the world right now,, lol are they not getting any vibes from britt that shes going to backdoor matt with the rest of the guys

  110. I like the nominations. Enzo’s been cozying up to Brendon lately anyway, so this is a good opportunity to watch them throw each other under the bus. Unless he wins the POV, Brendon will most likely go to the jury house Thursday – unless someone removes him from the block. And then it’s pretty much a free-for-all. Who’s next to go? Brit? Matt? Ragan? Or one of the brigade? Could be anybody!

  111. and i wonder what brendon would think if he found out his buddies enzo and hayden call him ND behind his back. and that they had and have a alliance with matt. that they pushed for rachel to go him. also that matt actually has blood on his hands for enzo, hayden and lane. plus what happens when hayden realizes matt never pushed for his girl kristen to go home. man i want everyones bs secrets out in the open. and have it be a dog fight.

  112. Did I just hear Hayden and Lane talk about keeping Brendon and getting rid of Matt & Ragan on Double Eviction Day? I would never think they would even consider that.

    BTW, when they call Brendon “ND” is that for “neanderthal”?

  113. what big brother should do is have america choose one fact about the contestants left. for example

    enzo – is in a secret alliance called the brigade. with lane. hayden and matt.

    and each fact would be about what the contestants are saying about someone or what their true motives are.

    and when america decides what they want the contestants to kno about eachother. before the live eviction julie will lite up the screen stating facts about whats really going on. and if that happens people will kno whats up and everyone in the house will be out for blood.

  114. I think brendan would have way more fans if he wasnt with Rachel. It would have made him go further in the game. Enzo needs to leave he is so lazy. I wonder who is doing the chores since kathy is gone. Sorry i dont have live feeds.

    • Katie, yea! The boy would most certainly be a fav. He made his bed, he has to lay in it!! Snicker, snicker! I am so curious, is this boy really that deep-end over “finger nails scratching down a chalk board? Hmmm!

  115. @ DD Did you just hear that?? Where?? They do want matt out, they secretly have been discussing ragan. We thought Enzo was out on his ars too! I don’t know if ND stands for that, but I LOVE it!!Kinda describes whip boy to a tee!!

    • Tishe come on girl you got to give that a rest. Isn’t there anyone else for all of ya to rag on? Like Gremlin and his hand in pants thing? LOL

      • HI Trish, there you are! I knew that would eventually get ya!! Yes, I will give it a rest! Did ya hear the new one for Gremlin?? Broke Back Mattie! Do not go high school on me! I didn’t think of it. I thought it was kinda funny!!

      • NOW that is funny. Thanks for the time out on the Brendon thing. I know he deserves some of what he gets but dang I hate to see him get the blunt of it when there are so many more delicious ones in there to rag on. Enzo and his mouth and eating habits for one. Ragan and his crybaby ways. I won’t touch Brit, she does it on her own like Brendon. lol

      • @tishe…where did u see broke back mattie? Thats hilarious and fitting for his showmance with ragina. Lol!

      • I think it might have been enzo on lf late lastnight that came up with broke back mattie

  116. Brendon tells Enzo that the reason he wants to stay in the game now is not to win $500,000 but to get out 3 people (Matt, Ragan, Brit)

    if thats the CASE BRENDON U DONT DESERVE TO BE IN THE GAME. that bitch boy wanted to quit. then because rachel left, wanted to avenge her departure. but when matt calls him out for not having a mind of his own. he says thats BS? and mate needs to say sorry. but he can say behind close doors he doesn’t even want the money. get the f*Uck OUTTa here. this season sucks.

  117. @ thisseasonsucks, I have it! What is P.D.? Think about it now, I am describing Matty! I give up!! It is still funny!!

  118. they should get rid of brendon. and if they need to get rid of matt nxt. dont eliminate a player thats actually playing a game and wants the money. brendon deserves to leave.

  119. Did anyone else think it was funny that Matt guessed everybody but Brendon and Brittany as fan favourites?

    • Hey Manda, Yep, yup, but why was it funny? Matt is a different kind of a guy. He is looking pretty tired. I guess telling lies and cheating, wears one down! Not one of the HGS even bother really looking at him! He rolls his eyes at all of them! I miss the game half the time, what I get is from the site and from ya all! He does, and will always give me the “wibbie jibbies” Good night ya all, Thank you for putting up with me!

  120. Enzo looks at the cam and says “We’re gonna out brain the Brain, were gonna out gremlin the gremlin. I created him”

  121. matt is pretty clever..i was trying to figure out why he threw the hoh. pretty risky since he has to make sure he win pov. not sure if he put into account that brit might be forced to backdoor him if he doesnt win it since it will make her look good to the boys, as well as brenchel. but back to matt, assuming he wins pov, it simplifies brit’s position, then he will have a chance for next week’s hoh which he is prolly anticipating a double elimination. so he either wins it, or if it comes down to him and ragan, throw it to ragan so he knows he is safe..after all, he has ragan under his fingertips. this way, he doesn’t get his hands dirty and leave that to ragan, he will keep the jury brigade votes, and still have the following week for a chance for hoh. but it all starts with bren and enz not winning pov this week.

    • Matt bet on Britney’s stupidity… and, sure enough, he won!

      ‘Don’t like him, but, seriously, he should win this season.

  122. She bitch will never put Matt up!!! Oh, how I love to see it and Matt go’s bye. Bye but, believe it when I see it.. enzo will go home…

    • well, it will be a real turning point in the game if bitchney doesn’t take ADVANTAGE of the opportunity to take out Ratt cuz he is a strong player and she may never get another chance to have him gone.

      so we’ll see if she really knows how to play the game.

      HAHAHAHAHA! then we watch her get back doored in the 2nd elimination with no time to pack her bags.

  123. Brendan may go home this week. Lane will convince britney not to go after enzo. Matt is playing the game well, but the lie about his wife’s medical “issue” will come back to bite him in the cameltoe.

  124. the chance for bitchney to take out matt, to strike when the striking is good will only present itself this week.

    I can’t remember player names, but every season when the opportunity to ‘take out a power player’ is within someone’s grasp they usually seem to chicken out and it comes back to bite them on the ass big time.

    making nominations personal and not strategic is deadly, and it’s not having the cojones (not kahunas LOL!) to take out a ‘friend’ that is powerful is what limits some players from advancing.

    bitchney doesn’t have the balls to backdoor matt.

    • Reason they’re so hot on getting Matt, is they figure you can’t beat him in the F2, b/c of his sick wife story.

      So thankfully that lie will bite Matt in the ass very deservedly and poetically. I’m happy about that.

      She’s got BALLS and I’m not talking about Ragan, here’s hoping Bren wins PoV and takes himself off, Enzo has a snowballs chance in hell of doing it.

      Otherwise it bye-bye Bren, say hi to Rach. She’s waiting with open legs, ooops, i mean open arms.

      • Yeah, that was really ballsy for her to put Brendon up…
        It’s just as ballsy as a FOX News pundit badmouthing a democrat – such courage!

      • it was ballsy to put up Bren, what are you talking about?

        it takes balls to go against your word… her word was on nick and her 1st born… still don’t think they exist…

        or maybe she had her fingers crossed.

  125. IT’s HOW BAD do all those HG really want the POV. I hope BB has a comp where they have to eat CHOCOLATE DIP ROACHES and whoever eats the most in certain time frame will win the POV! lol Just a thought :)

  126. GOTTA KEEP BRENDEN in the house or there won’t be any DRAMA :) Love you BRENDEN. I’m hoping and praying you win that POV !

      • me three he has been through so much he deserves 2 win if america’s vote counts he has mine 4 sure. hold your head up brendan u are the only 1 who doesnt make me sick to my stomach.

    • They said no drama if Rachel left, we have drama and we will when Bren leaves. They turn on each other and get nasty.

    • He’s the only one left to get the mean girl group out of the house. I hope he gets Ragan and Bratney the fastest,hate the way they act and play the game. I’m on Brenden’s side just because they are all so against him. Anybody but Bratney,Ragan,and Matt…..please!

  127. Britt, wont back door matt… she’ll try taking him to the end because he wont have the votes!!

    • think again… oh, Matt of sick wife infamy, can’t lose in F2, at least that’s what the remaining Hg’s feel.

      she’s more likely to take Lane to F2 but unfortunately she ain’t making no F2 cause she’s probably going out in the famed dbl eviction unless it’s Bren that bites it.

  128. Ragan, please go home so that I can start watching BBAD again. Your voice, your mannerisms are so annoying that I have to turn off the TV and watch something else. I do not believe that he is a college professor. That is just too absurd for words. No college would ever hire a fruitcake like him. To me, he is the most annoying houseguest EVER. It will be good to see Brendon go home this week. Now him and Rachel can be kissie, lovie, dovie again and out of the view of all of us long suffering BB fans.

    • it amazes me this season, the opposite feelings for each hg’s this season…

      here the great Erika Landin of BB fame posting on this very board said – Ragan’s her fav, he’ll win it all and next year her, Buggie (sic) and Ragan will team up to rule on the All Star BB.

      That’s a 180 of your opinion, Summer. Go figure, it’s a strange season.

      • if Bren goes you definitely will be viewing the lovie dovies again… bet my house on it.

      • I bet Rachel and Brendon are broken up before we get to the final 2. Wait and see. I think Rachel will get mad about something. Remember, several times she acted like they were not a “couple” when she was on the block. I think she’s very fickle. When Bren gets to the JH I bet she blames him for them not winning!

      • yeah, after she ‘somethings’ his eyes out… the sad part is they’ll probably stay together after BB12 just to prove their love… even if they hate each other by then.

        i don’t think Bren can live up to Rach’s expectations of him… noway, nohow. it could get ugly.

  129. Man, everyone in this is house is SO PREDICTABLE.

    Expect the next coming days to become more and more boring… :(

  130. IF Brit backdoors Matt this week (BIG IF), she would redeem herself tremendously…

    Even after all the crap she said, she would become my favorite!

    • No way she has the courage to do this – she would be way too scare of Ragan’s reaction if Matt’s leaving!

      • she shouldn’t be afraid of Ragina. He will be too busy crying to win anything if Matt leaves. He is relying on Matt to carry him to the final 2 so they can be the new Jeff and Jordan. Lol!

      • i’m pretty sure she’s closer to lane then ragan. even though she has us all thinking not, but lane has her under his thumb and he and hayden DO NOT what matt in any longer, so if brendan does get the POV matt will go up, she’s too timid to put up anyone else. the replacement would be the sacrifice pon while enzo would stay. even though the brigade is done if they have the oportunity to keep the “trustworthy” ones in they would just to keep the power.

  131. Those who keep posting that Lane will win, remember one thing, he can’t win any comps.! He maybe “loved” by all the HG’s, he gotta be able to win HOH or POV to stay in the game as it goes into the final 2. He also doesn’t seem to have a game plan, at least not one we know about. It is true that the HG who is the most “quiet and laid back” seems to go far. That is Lane, but he gotta produce to stay in the BB House.

    • The way things are going so far this season, I would actually say that Lane could win it all. I mean, the only people that won anything so far this seaon are TREMENDOUSLY HEINOUS INDIVIDUALS, so whoever end up in a F2 next to Lane look bad in comparaison, especially since Lane never throw any comps!
      Such is BB12, you really don’t win to do anything to win it all… :(

      • Yes, but to stay in the game, you have to win some comps, especially at the end. Otherwise the others control the game and you find yourself in the JH quick.

      • OK, let me rephrase my last statement:

        Such is BB12, you really don’t NEED to do anything to win it all…

        Yeah, that makes more sense! :)

      • i think even if the most evil person goes up, ultimately this bunch of morons will look at it as who played the game the best, not would made the least enemies. matt even with his lie has a strong chance of winning because it was a strategy. other then brendan, matt, and since he won sab ragan, no one else has had a gam impacting strategy. yes popularity plays a big role in votes but so does overall game play.

  132. If Britney lied to Enzo about backdooring Matt if Brendon won the Veto (and that’s a pretty small ‘if’ – I would bet everything I own that she would put Hayden ahead just to not have Ragan on her bad side), how can she not be the sole target next week? Man, that dumb girl may not realize it yet, but she’s right now in a similar positin that Brendon was last week: HoH today, yet next one to go to the JH!

  133. I’ll post this again: I wish the “Zingbot” would return and make fun of Ragan. It could say:

    “Woe is me, boo hoo, Woe is me, boo hoo”

    Now that would be FUNNY!!

  134. Britt won’t put up Matt, it should be Ragan. If those two were the last two in the house Regan would get the votes.

    • Matt should be put up by anyone at this point. He’s the strongest player and should go now. I doubt it will happen cause these HG’s are DUMB

  135. Brit’s on a slippery slope. Unless she makes this a strategic move – and known to Brandon – to get someone else out, she just lost 2 precious votes – and possibly the win – should she make it to the final 2.

    She may have anyway just by nominating him.

    • The more you think about it, the more you realize that Matt really did the right thing by throwing away this comp… maybe he is a genius after all! Who knew?!

      • I definitely think you are right. I don’t like Matt at all, but he was very smart if he indeed threw the HOH and let Brit get the blood on her hands while his stayed clean. The thing is though, he can’t get through the entire game without getting some blood on his hands… and then there’s that little lie. It will be interesting to see how that comes to light — you know it has to.

      • @ dscoop…that aftermath of the lie will definitely entertaining. I wonder if they will get to find out in the JH or on finals night (if he makes it that far).

      • @Rose… I don’t know, but I would think that it has GOT to come to light somehow… even if BB Prods orchestrated it – but ONLY if Matt makes final 2. If he doesn’t, they probably won’t tell everyone til after it’s all over.

      • Sure she would have. If she had honored her word to Brendon, she would have Brendon, Rachel, Ragan and Kathy. If she ended up NEXT to Brendon, she would win period.

      • … Well, she didn’t honoured her word to Brendon, didn’t she? Right now, she’s already done – no snowball chance to win it all.

      • Rachel would do whatever Brendon tells her to do. If he told her that Brit honored her word to him, Rachel would vote for her …. who else do you think Rachel would vote for if Brendon is not in the final 2 Joey?

      • LISTEN CAREFULLY. BB will NOT tell the jury members that Matt lied until after the vote. Andrew is not in the Jury House and cannot tell anyone. if Matt makes it to the final 2 they will vote with the belief that his wife is sick. It’s a good plan on Matt’s part except for the huge target it puts on his back as someone people don’t want sitting next to them at the finals.

  136. I hope Brendan wins POV and then HOH and sends Brittney home..I DON’T like her..she is playing personal not strategic..and she is a little backstabber..and I can’t wait to see her leave!!

    • brendons also playing personal. he said he doesn’t even care about getting the money. he just wants to send home britt, ragen and matt.

      • Brendon is talking out of anger. He actually trust that lil winch (don’t ask me why) because he kept his word to her.

        She will have a rude awakening though. Broke back matt will take Ragina over her. Also Lane will take Hayden over her. She is going to look back at her actions and wish she thought more with her own head instead of everyone else’s. Once Rachel was gone, that powerful alliance was broken so she should have readjusted her game plan but instead she is dead set on getting someone out who has no clear alliances and if she took to final 2 would have no chance of winning the money.

      • Actually in Brendans, pre-interview before entering the house, he stated he wasn’t interested in the money, but was looking for a social experience for the summer, before going back to school.

      • Couldn’t agree more with Rose. I’m just really disappointed to get up and read who Brit nominated. I really don’t like any of them, but she finally had a chance to make a smart, strategic move for HER game and not for everyone else’s as she did.

  137. brittany won’t be afraid to backdoor matt. why? because she’s under lanes spell. Matt’s going home.

    • Lets hope Brittany, is smart enough to backdoor Matt, if either B or E win veto..because if Matt wins hoh next he will definately take her out, because she’s his competition..personally I don’t think shes got the balls too.

      • If she was smart she would also talk with Brendon and tell him thats its strategy to backdoor Matt. So if he takes himself off the block, she will be safe if he wins HOH next week. But knowing her she will continue to act like a witch. She plays just as emotional as Rachel. She just has a sneakier way of doing it.

  138. Ragen is a college professor at CSULB. Cal State University at Long Beach. He was voted most popular teacher and apparently is doing quite well. I was amazed how long he went on with Rachael. Rachael came into the house for 24hrs with a chip on her shoulder and Ragan went on and on, barely stopping for air. CBS chooses to show various sides of these personalities. It was just a few weeks ago when most of the houseguests voted Ragan as “under the radar”. I prefer to watch (on what on see on tv) and wonder how I would come off on tv…but I would never do this show.

    • Ragan thinks he is so popular and he and brat are gonna be celebrities when they get out…….News Flash!!! you better get a body guard cause people hate you both.

    • I am appalled that a college professor who is a member of Mensa and supposed to have a high level of intelligence would stoop to the depths of iniquity as displayed when he continued to attack, berate and humiliate Rachel. I am not a Rachel fan, but I don’t believe anyone should be belittled and embarrassed on national TV the way the Ragan did to her. He is supposed to lead by example and all he has successfully done is to show how classless he truly is. I wouldn’t want my children to be taught by this draconian monster!

      • 1. Matt is a member of mensa, not Ragan.
        2. I am unsure of why you called Ragan draconian, because he was not attempting to impose unreasonable laws or dictoms on anyone.
        3. Ragan shouldn’t be leading anybody. Leaders don’t last long.
        4. Although Ragan attacked Rachel rather ferociusly, he did attempt to disengage on multiple occasions. Rahcel also made a rather purposely homophobic comment about Ragan. Ragan, being gay, obviously took offense at that.
        5. Rachel had made fun of Ragan while she was still in the house, long before the conflict.
        6. Rachel instigated the conflict.

  139. As I suspected….Brit is a LITTLE LIAR!!!!!!! Her tears and promises to Brendon all fake….her word is worth DIRT!

    • he is the only one that has kept her safe to this point. the very ones she trust is the ones that’s going to betray her big time. she should have listen to brendon i know sometimes he seems to be spaced at least he has been loyal to her up to now it would be priceless to see matt’s face when he is backdoored let’s keep our finger’s cross that it happens that way.

  140. RAGAN gives the gay population a bad name…he had no reason to hit below the belt with Rachel..everything he said was PERSONAL…that’s quite a “lesson” to his students!!!!!

    • So true. Ragan is a disaster for the whole gay community. Put’s the cause back a hundred years for anyone who is watching. He looks like such a vindictive cry baby, what a bad example.

  141. Well, I guess bratney doesn’t give a good crap for her engagement seeing she swore on it that she would not put Brendon up! Lying little scank! I so hope it works out that Brendon wins POV and Ratt boy ( matt does look like a rodent, doesn’t he, lmao) is back doored. I would love to see his mousy face when he is voted out!!! PLease!

  142. if if brendon wins pov or hayden,or enzo brit can backdoor matt and take out the strongest player. It’s coming down to the wire if brendon or brit don’t take out these guys together neither one will make it to final 2. hayden is the only one that thinks long term. matt needs to go then regan,enzo. brendon never lied to brit those guys are planning to take her and brendon out next game. now that there is going to a double eviction lane is not going to save brit over hayden if it comes down to it.

  143. First,I hope that the HG’s all get to see a replay of their season and comments made about them. Especially, Bratney! She is so dumb. She is not playing the game with any logic at all. If she gets rid of Brendon and then backdoors Matt this week they are both gone. Stupid girl then has 4 jury house vote against her. What a boring game it will be with the bumbling idiots and a bitch left. Bratney needs to go.

  144. You know, the mystery of who is lifelong friends has never been revealed. I think it is Lane and Britney the bitch. Wouldn’t it be great TV if Big Brother put camera’s in the jury house after Bratney and Ragan end up in their. What a action drama that would be.

  145. This season is Horrible! The Brigade is a joke. Matt, the Genius, lol, and Ragan and Brittany just sit around and talk behind everyones backs and make fun of them. Like they’re something special? Funny, very funny. They all think that America loves them. From what I read and everyone I talk to – its just the opposite. I am so glad I didn’t waste my money this season and pay for the live feeds. Every once in awhile I’ll watch a little of Showtime and watching paint dry is more exiting. Worse season ever. I am very disappointed because I was so looking forward to Big Brother. Well, there is always next year.

  146. if brits backdoors matt she’s dumber then i thought. that will be 4 jury votes down the drain? and she will have no way of making it to final 2 lol raegan will be gunning for her and the other guys so she will be gone nxt week if she does it.

  147. and hayden and enzo are idiots. if they backdoor matt he will expose the brigade. i know for sure he gets raegens vote and if he puts the brigade out there might get brendas vote and brit will do tiebraker. im glad enzo is on the block i dislike him more then rachel now and hayden should have left instead of kristen……its a sasuage fest

  148. pretty good nominations..
    enzo is useless

    although she did ‘promise’ brendon that if she were to become hoh that she wouldnt put him up… could screw her over in the end!

    • I have lost respect for Brendon acting like a 12 yr old in “love” – but I hope he wins POV just to knock out Britney for making fun of him and since this will be a double eviciton week – maybe they can get out Regan – I am sick of his crying spells. He is a terrible example to his “students” and all the gay people in the world- These people could play the game strategically instead of so personal and dirty. I agree that Enzo is useless – all bark and no bite.

  149. Used to stay up every night to watch Showtime but his year it is so dirty and boring. Britney had my vote until she started playing personal and hitting below the belt – someone should cut her down to size. Also thought Regan was a smart player until he started with all those crying bouts (sickening) and he also played too personal and dirty. Who does he think he is? The show this year is pretty pathetic.
    As far as I am concerned, I think Hayden and Lane should be the final two with Hayden winning.

  150. At this point, Lane maybe able to win cause he ticked off the fewest number of HG’s so far. I’m just not sure he can go the distance without winning something like HOH or POV soon. This year the BB House is full of dummies, misfits, and to some extent, downright wierdos!

  151. Matt is going for the sympathy vote in the finals based on his lie about his wife’s phony illness….hence backdoor his lying ass……next get Ragina and put an end to his boring diatribe about Brenchal….

    • I agree 100% – What was the reason Matt claimed his wife was sick anyway? Did he expect everyone to throw the game so he could win because of it – if I was his wife I would be ashamed of what he said. If it wasn’t for that – he would have my respect as a player but he screwed that up.

      • he did it for sympathy votes by jurors, not competitors during the game.

        playing on the jurors emotions if the voting were to be close between him and another HG in final 2.

      • When Matt won HOH, his wife was interviewed. SHe said, “She was not upset with Matt for saying what he said.’ ‘Whatever it takes for him to win.” I think he definitely needs to go for the lie about his wife, if nothing else. HG are going not going to honor their promises, we are talking about $500K.

  152. are u kidden me bb I have 2 sit and watch the bitch take a bath shaving her legs 4 at least 1 hr. and bashing brendan and rachael doesnt she not think they are 2 votes she needs 2 win this game. what a bitch and then theres enzo just when I was eating a snack of ice cream there he goes again playing with himself ugh. no ice cream 4 me after that. matt and ragan need 2 get over the dopv night, its done move on and play the game. stop playing the gay card ragan and matt did u forget your wife is watching how close u hand was 2 ragans ass.luv 2 be a fly on your bedroom wall when u get home and she reminds u shes your wife not ragan, u surely will be going through withdraw of your new profound lover. and where do u three think (matt ragan and britt) that u have the votes 2 win the game it isnt over yet, so stop the crap play the game and hopefully bendan wins it all and lane comes in 2nd. oh yea dont forget the players sent 2 jury get 2 watch things u have said about them in the game shame on u

    • Joanne, did you notice that Britt never really said she loved her fiance. All she talked about how he was such a good person and all he does for her…
      Her eyes were not as happy as they are when she sees Lane.

  153. I HOPE BRENDEN WINS THE POV! :) Sorry for the caps but I’m shouting loud because I’m a true fan to BRENDEN, his loyal CHEER LEADER.:)

  154. Regan only attacked Rachel A F T E R she/rachel started verbally attacking Regan.
    I am glad that Regan stood up for himself. Rachel is not a good person…that was heatless how she attacked Regan

    • yea i dont like rachael how she demands apologys and i do like brendon and when they we saw his ex girl she is really pretty and rachael her ways make her ugly go brendon

  155. I could not come up with better nominations good for you Britney. I hope she doesn’t backdoor Matt, I hope she gets rid of mouth smacking, no manners ENZO. When ever they show him eating I have to change channels.

    • Don’t be sorry, that’s great news, they now can back door matt, then bren wins hoh and put up brit and regan and send brit to the jury.

      That be a great double eviction, sending matt and brit to jury.

      Mat would be so pissed at brit for the back door, the jury house would be interesting.

  156. Why is Brendon and Britny handcuffed together?
    What about his shaved head and Enzo’s penguin suit??

      • Yes, he’s serious. Britney has to be handcuffed to the person she nominated and broke her promise to for 24 hours. Brendon has to take a bath in ”chum” every hour of the hour, and Britney has to be there with him EACH time. And Enzo lost almost all of his clothes(possibly for the whole season) and has to wear that penguin suit for the entire week.

  157. I am so tired of Reagan pouting and crying. He has not done anything in the game to prove himself. I fnd this bunch to be boring. This year has not been exciting except for Rachel. I think they should have a show with the villians and the favorites playing each other. I bet you would see a lot of action and arguing.! WHat do you think?

    • It was definately more exciting with Rachel. She may have been a “B: but we all know she stirred the pot and got things going. Not like of the rest of these dead beets that sit/laying in the wierd bed with others and just look at each other when something happens.

      Bring back a real player of the game…Rachel

      • Lori, I agree with that! Rachel really did keep everyone on their toes, although when she did come back, I didn’t like the gay remark she made to Ragan (who I am not a fan of), not a very intelligent remark.


  158. It’s amazing, whenever we think Brendon is out, he comes back faster & harder…I guess he’s earning his keep!! Go Brendon!!! I’m also sick of Ragan crying & pouting, what a whinebag!! Also, I WOULD NOT be disappointed if Matt got evicted.

    • I would love to see Matt go. If you think about it, there are a few that have not played the game. Haydon has done nothing, Lane has done nothing, Ragen has done nothing. At least Enzo is trying. He really tried for that phone call from home. I think it should be Hayden, Lane, or Reagon and Matt because he seems two faced during the whole game.

      • Let’s hopse that when Matt finally get evicted Ragan doesn’t find out how much of a liar he is, if Ragan finds out he’ll whine for the rest of the season. I would like anyone but Britney, Ragan and Matt to win BB12.

  159. Puleeze get rid of Matt! He is a little tiny green snake. Such a liar – beyond the pale to say that your wife has a horrible disease. Brendon is just plain nutso! I am hoping these two get the boot and then I don’t really care who wins. Poor old Ragan…is going to be so deflated when he finds out what a little snake Matt really is.

    • Here is hoping Matt stays and Britney puts Hayden up. The brigade is going after Brendon and Britney next. And it is a double evection so the end game is near. Matt has played the best game but sending Kathy home may be his undoing.

      • I completely agree with you Vic, Matt may have lied about his wife being sick, but who has won all the HOH for the brigade? Enzo and Hayden allow matt to win throwing the games so he will have the blood on his hand and than they want to kick him out? They are the true floaters in the house, Enzo is no better than Natalie from BB11, and Hayden is Enzos, “Kevin BB11.” Everyone who plays BB is a snake in their own way. And Kudos to Ragan for winning the $20,000. To be honest i’d be scared to stay in the house with someone as nuts as Brendon, he’s a lil too crazy.

  160. Oh yes, I forgot to say something about Rachel. That was such a desperate comment “you are not good at being gay”…..huh? Really, is that the best she could do? Would love to know where in the heck she buys those clothes. Personally, I think they are from a thrift store sale. She can not be a VIP waitress and have those pink “stensions”. Those women make good money. Maybe she serves drinks in one of the downtown cheaper clubs. She is sad actually!

  161. Whattt!!..
    Noooo. Matt Should Win Big Brother.. He’s The Only One Playing The Gamee.. He Always Wins HoH Competionss.. & He Dosent Try To Backdoor Anybody Like The Brigade And Brendon..

  162. Go Brendon! Cannot wait for the double-eviction. My great hope is that Matt and Britney are sent to the jury house this week.

  163. I’m gay, and I totally have to agree with Rachel when she says that Ragan makes a ‘bad gay guy’. Personally, I’m totally embarassed by his catty hateful behavior (that DID start before Rachel got upset with him). He plays to ever negative gay sterotype we deal with. Now he just plays the fool to Matt. Embarassing.

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