Big Brother 12: Kathy Hillis Interview

I spoke with Kathy via email about her time in the Big Brother 12 house, seeing Rachel and her jury vote.

AR:  How shocked are you to be out of the house and did you think it was possible that someone was going to use a special power?

KH:  I was totally shocked and I did not think that the power was going to be used this week.

AR:  Do you think if you had been given time to campaign it would have saved you?

 KH:  Yes – I absolutely do! That was a big downfall.

AR:  How do you feel about spending a week alone in the jury house with Rachel?

 KH:  If anybody were going to the jury house to be alone with Rachel, it would probably need to be me because I can calm her down a lot. It will be a long week but I can handle it. I can handle anything.

AR:  Did you come into the house with the strategy of being a floater or did it just kind of work into that?

 KH:  I came into the house with the strategy of being low key (not necessarily a floater), but I was scared that with me being a deputy sheriff they would see me as a threat. So, my strategy was to not show them how strong I was until I needed to. I absolutely didn’t want to be a floater; I just didn’t want to show my strength upfront. I thought that would be a downfall.

AR:  What was your biggest move in the game?

KH:   The biggest move in the game was getting Rachel out in the Power of Veto bowling competition. I had to step up my game at that point to show the other houseguests that I was working with them instead of laying low. I wanted to let them know that I would be myself and stick with my morals.

AR:  You were never really aligned with anyone.  Why didn’t you try to make deals for final four or final two and did that hurt your game by not having a deal?

 KH:  I did not think that it was the right time for that. It was too early in the game to align yourself with anyone. It was just too early to align yourself until you could pick the ones that you could really trust. I would have tried to start to align with someone this week.

AR:  Who do you want to see evicted from the game next week?

 KH:  Wow – that is hard to say. I don’t know. I would hate to see anybody leave. I don’t have any personal reasons to want anyone out.

AR:  What are you basing your jury vote on?

 KH:  I am going to be basing my jury vote on who I think was playing the game honestly and with integrity. Also, I’m basing it on the personal relationships that I formed in the house and how people conducted themselves as a person in this game. You can play the game and still keep your integrity. To me the game is not based strictly on competitions, the game is based on principles of life and how you treat others.

 What do you feel about basing the vote on personal relationships instead of game play?

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  1. I agree…Integrity is important…but I also think that game play is ultimately what gets the money! I hate that Matt lied about his wife, but I would never hold that against him in the end. He did what he thought he needed to do to get further in the game…I just believe that sometimes when you say things like that, it can come back and bite you in the butt! Glad Kathy is out though…need to see some people that really try to play this game in the house…

  2. She’s outta her mind! She could have campaigned for 2 weeks and it wouldn’t have mattered! She seems like a nice lady and cool cop for sure! Lol..its pretty bad though when her biggest move in the game is knocking someone out of a comp! That kinda says all about her game in general!

    • she is prob a cool cop cause she can’t do much else as a cop…I loved how she would say “I never had to things like this in the academy.” Well, being from AK, most of her training probably consisted of busting down meth houses.

    • I just think Kathy was thinking if she was weak she could sail right on, be nice and make people like her..just like Maggie did, and in the end she was hoping that it would of been her and Brenden or Matt, and again a floater would take home the money..there have been so many floaters in this game year after year..I hope that someone who played the game hard and loved the game win’s..Rachel would of been my pick like her or not the girl was playing..Getting involved with Brendon and all her drama was her down fall..would of liked to seen her go farther in the game..I only hope that Hayden or Lane even though Lane is a sweet guy don’e make it Enzo either..there just pure lazy..and done nothing but talk and ride on coat tails..

  3. Kathy was boring. She just lounged around until it was time to kiss up to the new Head of Household. Good riddance.

  4. i agree, i don’t think campaigning would have helped her against anyone except brendon…

    her fate was sealed

  5. Kathy is a nice lady but was totally worthless in the game. And trying to play the sympathy card to get people to give you the money is pretty pathetic. No big loss that she was voted out.

  6. I think that Kathy is right about everything she just said in her interview. I just know that when Kathy vote for the final two that her vote will show how the game should have been played.

    • i agree….it is a GAME and does not have to be played DIRTY. I wouldn’t vote for MATT for the lie that he told about his wife. He had SUCH an advantage….everybody being so civil with him because of her. That is more than a LIE…that is taking advantage of the basic goodness of people.

  7. Okay Kathy seems like a sweet lady but my goodness she actually believes had she been able to fight she would have a chance lol..Poor girl is literally clue less.

  8. Kathy. Kathy. Kathy. Integrity is a joke. Why do you think the people with all the integrity are poor in the real world. It’s all about who’s got the killer instinct to get to the top of the mountain and stay there.

  9. Kathy you have no morals or integrity, you gave that way when sat up in the HOH room and then again in the back yard, and trashed B/R behind thier backs so you could filt in with the low life HG’s taht were trashing B/R behind thier backs.

    • She has said it so much she actually believes it. Whoever was HOH she was up there talking and acting like she was with them. Then she would go outside and do the same thing. Did she forget about Kathy’s corner. She also played Rachel big time when she came back with the pretzel thing. She had so much fun with her and helped then went and told a couple of people. Rachel said to her make sure noone comes up here she does not want anyone to know and she said OK. She also told Brendon she was the only one who walked Rachel to the door like she did it to be nice. She trashed her the minute she left. I don’t give a crap about any of it just stop saying how you have integrity. Sorry but when you lie and act nice to someone’s face and then talk about them behind their back I don’t think that is integrity. That is why I don’t like Brat and Ragan they both take it to far. But they still can’t stop talking about them. Please, Please don’t let her or him win.

      • Exactly – I guess she has morals when she thinks you worth that treatment.. that makes her a snake.

      • I so agree with you I wanted the producers to call Brittany and Regan in the DR and tell them to shut up because now they are getting personal. But when Brendon, won both of them were crying like babies.

  10. Kathy is by far the biggest liar this season she has been playing both sides of the house from the beginning. Maybe you guy forgot but just 2 weeks ago she was in the HoH room doing Kathy’s Corner talking bad about Brenchal and she came down stairs and was giving hugs to them . So that whole playing with integrity act your trying to say you played with and basing you jury vote on is a COMPLETE LIE.

  11. If anyone knows can you please answer this question. Last year there was a lie about age. Everyone in the jury found out about it. So if Matt is such a big BB fan why isn’t he afraid the same thing would happen to him? If the jury won’t find out how come? Her lying about her age cost her the game. Thank God. I wish she didn’t win any money.

    • how the jury would learn about matt’s lie:

      matt would have to tell someone in the house that he lied about his wife’s illness and that person would then tell the others when he/she was sent to the jury house.
      this is the ONLY way the jury would find out.

      what happened last year w/ natalie’s lie:

      nat told jessie (in confidence, of course)that she was was 24 yrs old, not 18.

      when jeff used the coup d’tat and sent jessie to the jury house, he then told the jury about natalie’s lie.

    • here’s the irony… if Matt finds out why the Brigade is wanting to backdoor him b/c the wife-liar will win BB12 for him, HE’LL have to tell them it’s a lie.

      it’s the proverbial “bite in the ass” deal. he screwed up, it was a bad strategy from the get go.

      his claim to fame… so sad, too bad, it’s great to see someone get what’s coming to him and even better when they are acting so smug.

      i lost all respect for Matty when he didn’t put up Enzo and it put up Kathy with the DPoV. and it was waning before that b/c of the wife-lie.

  12. i think kathy’s biggest downfall in this game was her delusion that people in general are fair & honest.
    not her fault though… maybe that’s the way things are in small-town arkansas. a little east coast living before she went in the bb house would have been VERY beneficial!!

    • guess she saw a sweet gal, Jordan win the last BB and figured she could do that too.

      only diff was Jordan could win a comp on occasion.

  13. I’m glad that Kathy is out. She was a waste of space and was annoying anyway. If I were a jury member, I would probably vote on who played the game the best. There aren’t rules that say you can’t lie, cheat, or steal to get to the end. I don’t think that acting like an immoral person in a game means you are like that in real life. I think it just means you would do anything to win and that makes the best game player. People who get to emotional in BB lose focus and eventually make bad decisions.

  14. Her big bowling move (LOLOLOL) got her squat. The other HG were thrilled to vote her out. BB should make sure they cast people who want to play, not just put on makeup and claim to be “nice”. She talked plenty of dirt about BR and was nice to their face.

  15. Please hand over your life vest to the attendant on your way out! Thank you for riding the Big Brother adventure ride. Im sorry but… REALLY ??????? So you just pretending to NOT be able to make it out of the carmel so as to NOT intimidate the other houseguest. Does OVERPLAYED mean anything to you ? I can not even beleive I read all that.. I am almost as bad as she is. I wanted to like you Kathy I REALLY did, but week after week there was just no spark there. I hope you had a great summer vacation. Say HI to Rach for us all (GAG)

    • Hi Kristi 281 Yea! I would like to see her and the rake together in the JH ! Kathy said she would be able to calm her down!! (rake) Ya, I think I would crawl in a corner and take a small nap!! I think Kathy and rake will do each others toenails!

      • that a funny picture, them doing their toenails and having women’s talk… if Rach can get along w/Kathy she can’t get along with anyone female.

        i think Kathy should DEMAND an apology from Rach… she disrespected her picking her to bowl against her indicating that Kathy was the weakest player. LOL!!!

  16. Matt isn’t still in this game because he told a fib about his wife and they feel sorry for him. These people are there playing as individuals and none of them are going to give it away to somebody because they have a story or life issue or problem, etc (well cept for Brendon, he’d give it away for Rachel). Matt isn’t my favorite player – he’s still there because he’s won comps and made good moves for himself in the game.

    As for Kathy I’m sure she is a nice lady – but no chance in the world would have saved her from the boot this week, only if she had been up against Brendon.

  17. Do you guys remember that Matt’s wife also said that she had to write the letter so that it would help his lie. What a couple…..

    • you sure she said that and not that she didn’t want to hurt Matt’s chances and out his lie.

      i don’t recall it was “to help his lie”… i could be wrong, i don’t have total recall by any means.

  18. She did play the game with integrity, but she should have aligned herself with someone.

    It’s time that Hayden and Enzo hit the road. They have done NOTHING all season. Hayden looks like a complete lost soul and Enzo isn’t exactly the sharpest knife in the draw. The strength of the Brigade is Matt and he is the strongest player in the game, period.

  19. Think back, there is supposed 2 players who are connected. I think Lane and Britney are cousins because Lane’s brother looks like Britney’s dad or they are half brother and sister.

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