Big Brother 12: Week 7 Nominations Episode Tonight

Big Brother 12 returns tonight for its latest nominations episode where we’ll have confirmed for us who Britney, the new HoH, has nominated for eviction.

If you can’t wait for Julie Chen to deliver the news then you can go ahead and take a peek at the HoH nomination spoilers. It gets better though because the Power of Veto competition has already taken place leaving things even more up in the air. We’ve got the Big Brother 12 PoV spoilers for you too if you really want to get ahead.

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  1. Everybody was complaining at the beginning of the season how much it sucked, but I gotta say that that it hasn’t sucked so much lately. I def think that this is one of the best big brother seasons I’ve watched. Of course, I’ve only watched big brother since season 8.

    • My favourites have been Big Brother 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. I didn’t watch BB1, so I would only put this season above BB2 and BB9.

      • I’m liking it too. I don’t think it’s boring at all. Can’t wait to see Matt and Ragan go!!!

  2. Did I score first comment? Sweet! lol I think it will be Matt she puts up unless she hears about what Hayden won.

      • I agree. Will they announce it air that he got the money and what about the other prizes that were won yesterday. Do you thank matt may have the 5g’s. Maybe britney has it or maybe hayden is lieing about the vacation.If I were Britt I would put up Lane for not really playing and a phone call..How old is this man.Although we will be watching for the movie that Lane,Enzo,and Hayden plan to be offered.Yeah sure..I am sure Lanes family could finance it

      • Lane won a phone call. Enzo won that penguin suit he gets to wear. lol Brendon won all punishments but he did get the POV. Right now he is handcuffed to Brit for 24 hours and surprisely they are get along. Every hour Brendon with Brit has to get in a chum bath, which consist of fish bait. Those two are tired. Brendon also got to be a half-not for 3 weeks. I don’t know what the others got.

      • Thanks Brendonismycousin, I feel honored. I think I love Brendon as much as his family (you if you really are related).

      • Trish, I think Brendon gets a bad wrap too. He’s been fighting against the whole house from the start, while the worthless fab3 (in their own minds) Enzo, Hayden and Lane sit back and brag about how brilliant they are at working the house. When B has lost his cool, it’s understandable. How many of his detractors could stand up to the stress and not break. Hope he wins, although it seems improbable with most, if not all, of the house against him.

      • Saying Brenda has been fighting the whole time I don’t get. He was 1st targetd because of his crap with slut and then his mouth & then they wised up & his ability to win. He brought the house on him, guess he never watched before.

  3. I think the only ones that are worth winning the big brother final prize is Britney, Matt or Brendon. Everyone else are pretty much floaters. I’d really like to see Enzo leaving the house, and Ragan as well. Enzo is all about talking crap and getting everyone else to do the dirty work. Ragan is freaking annoying and quite disgusting, he’s got an old face with the body of an 18 year old and I can’t stand his laugh. And Hayden needs a freaking haircut! Lol

    • Niko I agree but disagree,I know this is a game of lieing cheating etc. Although hayden needs a hair cut and can’t win a thing I think he has a bit of class. Something most are lacking..I think Brandon would have gone so much futher if not for jumping in bed with rachel,which has indirectly caused most of his trouble.Bad move. I did like Ragen a lot but this mess with matt is driving me crazy. I didnot like the lie about his wife. I didn’t think guilt was part of the game,well yes but not that way.Enzo is irretating. I don’t know what he Matt and Lane are looking for in there pants but I do hope they find it soon,must be a pot of gold in ther or something lol Quite playing with yourselfs You are on T.V.

      • Ugh, not Matt at all, or Ragan. Gag. I agree with Blondell, Hayden does have class and Lane has a little bit too. I have not noticed Lane looking for a pot of gold but GEEZ Matt and Enzo sure are looking for something that ain’t there, lol!

      • Mary Jane I stand corrected, The search for that pot of gold is mostly in Enzo and matt’s pants. Good luck to them but I am like you..Don’t think it’s there Oh forgot about Regan and his search. You are so right..

  4. “If you can’t wait for Julie Chen to deliver the news…” – Julie never makes an appearance on Sunday night, does she?

    • Julie is just the host of the show in general. It’s a little easier to say than “if you can’t wait for the voiceless, faceless narrative of the episode to deliver the news…”

      • I’m sick of the repeat sections they show over & over again. Give me a break. With 24/7 camera coverage we should be able to see new things.

  5. Excellent! Now Brit needs to put up Hayden & get Enzo voted out. Next get Hayden out & we’ll start seeing people who really want to play the game. I agree that the game is getting better now.

      • Why would you rather see two players who WANT to play go rather than ones who’ll just drift along & do NOTHING!!

    • She needs to get Matt out
      Stratigicly its her best move because of the lye he told about his wife.
      The jury will lean in his favor because they think he needs the money for the operation .
      If she keeps Enzo nobody will vote for him because he has won Nothing

      • and that was Matt mistake he could have sent either Brittany r either Lane or Hyden Kathy was no threath to anybody

      • Lori I agree. if he does win I would not suggest he go to the party. If A vote was given to him because of that lie I would grab the money and run. Matt should go up He is A snake

      • Noone will even care about the lie in the end. It’s not the first time someone’s lied in big brother shows and it won’t be the last.

  6. QUESTION>>> I understand that the H/E/L (supposed TO HAVE) throwed the comps which meant Brit or Brendon to win..ok got that ..but why??? WHAT IS THE PLAN IN DOING THAT?? They don’t really need Brendon cause there’s 3 of them and 1 of him..Help me out on what I might of missed!!!!

    • I guess you wouldn’t call it throwing the game,they just went for the prizes which would make them loose.Lane was safe/phone call from home…REALLY.Hayden/Vacation.Enzo did O.K. Don’t know who got 5g’s/target. Brandon and Britt were playing the game. The worst they got the higher the number. Lane and Hayden did the worst.Enzo got his cloths taken and has to wear the pinguin suit. Lane is too lazy to play this game..Hayden wants a prize cause he dosen’t think he will win Took what he could get.

  7. I think that the final two should be Britney and Brendon. Brendon is much nice without Rachel around and he is trying to win and so is Britney. Matt is just using people; when did he last win somthing; Ragan is just mean and whiny; the rest of the Brigade is a waste. I go with Britney and Brendon—new alliance. Rachel will flip out!

    • If Rachel really loves him, it won’t make a difference. Do you always believe a story without hearing both sides? I didn’t hear “leech” in that interview. Mom said he wanted to change her daughter and was controlling. I thought it was disgusting to go on TV and bash someone in a situation where the other party had no chance to defend himself.

    • I agree Pat. Damn if this is the real Erika who I still don’t remember on BB then why are you so one minded? Like who would be an ex? Most are that for a reason and it isn’t just one sided. It was a low blow on CBS part, Brendon had no idea about it and didn’t get to defend himself.

    • Erika, I don’t agree that “the truth must be said” when talking with Julie.
      What was said was a personal opinion, not necessarily the truth. Unless I hear both sides, especially in a broken romanctic situation, I just take it at face value, just one person’s opinion not the gospel truth. Our legal system is based on hearing both sides of the argument.

      Still was not classy to go on TV to bash a former boyfriend. CBS has not tried to make any other HG look bad using such underhanded tactics. Might have an effect on being voted America’s favorite.

    • Well people change Erika…
      Who knows.. maybe those two really are made for each other and Rachel won’t give a damn about what that other chick said about “Her Man”!
      Damn that Rachel is something ;)

    • @Erika.. He was saving some cash. :D
      You do realize his jobs didn’t pay much and those Protein Supps cost shit loads of money.

  8. Does anyone else find Britney’s game play confusing? She’s seems to be 100% aligned with and dependant on Lane even though he has never done anything to earn that trust such winning a competition when she needs him to. It’s also puzzling that she is so trusting of Lane when he treats her fairly poorly and appears to be the exact opposite of how she describes her fiancé.

    Britney also has a strong connection with Ragan yet she has decided to put her entire game in Lane’s hands. And her alliance with Lane is based entirely on words as where Matt didn’t use the DPOV on her last week so she should definitely trust him more. I would think it’s just a show to play both sides (especially since she was able to be so nice to Brendon) but, after seeing how easily and quickly Lane manipulated her yesterday in the HOH, I think he can talk her into or out of anything.

    Plus she complained at length last night about people taking prizes and/or not trying to win but she somehow fails to see that Lane is one of those people. Actually, she is excited about a final three deal with the two biggest floaters in the house- Lane and Hayden. Perhaps she feels that she can beat them in the final two because they aren’t competing but I think a jury with Rachel, Brendon, Enzo, and the Lane/Hayden loser would be a certain defeat for Britney. I believe she would have a better shot against Brendon, Matt, or Ragan.

    Britney gets bashed a lot for her catty behavior but it appears her downfall may be that she’s loyal to a fault. I think this is the week that she either becomes one of the best or worst players of the season.

      • Oh, I sooo agree. Please not Britney, Matt or Ragan as winners. On a different note I kind of like Britney and Lane as a couple after the show :)

    • Britney is also very young. She was raised in a really small town where I am your word really means your word. I would hope that good ole boy Lane really does keep his word to Britney, she really has covered his ass when he has needed it.

      • Don’t give me from a small town and your word means your word. I’m from a small town if you believe that your just naive.

      • @Summertoo, Britt is from a small towm.She is young,silly and thinks she is more savy then she really is. She is not the type to hang with good ole boy Lane. He has been endulged as much as she has. He is from a small town also. That dog won’t hunt. Her word means nothing in this game. She gets though life right now because her family takes care of her,Wait till she gets to the real world which she will probably never have to experience. Someone will take care of her. It will not be her..

    • At this point, no one has her best interest but her. I think she listens to Lane, but not to the point where he orders her. It did seems like she was willing to hate on the three not trying yesterday,but not Lane specifically.

      This is why her and Brendon would make a good alliance. They both play the game and have no one else to really trust.

    • This is BB. That’s what you do to play the game. It just wasn’t right about Matt’s wife’s letter. That’s the only part I didn’t think was “right”

    • Not until wednesday, tonight we will see britney put up Enzo, Brendon, then we will see the veto comp, and replacement, but if you stay here we will know tomorrow, who goes up.

  9. Brit is dumb. She should form an alliance with Matt, and Bren. Get Lane out of the house, then when they don’t need him anymore, (maybe even on the double evict) get rid of Matt. Then I would get rid of Hayden, Enzo and Ragan. I don’t think Ragan has the votes to win. As far as the show “getting better” it’s all about the RATINGS folks and BB isn’t stupid. I bet there was plenty of manipulation this week. Including the POV comps. This season still sucks overall.

    • Look at it from her perspective. You want her to keep the two other strong players around (competing), who she isn’t even fond of. Not only that, she should get rid of her semi-reliable friend who can’t win competitions. It makes sense to the viewers, not the HGs.

  10. If I was Matt, I’d get Bren on my team and turn on Brit and they become the final2 That would be a game changer and interesting. Plus, more than likely Matt would win.

      • Yeah well you gotta win and i’m sure if he’s the smart guy he says he is, you do what you gotta do to in the BB House to get to final2

      • 1. Hayden and Enzo were already talking about back stabbing Brendon. The rest of the house is just using him for a vote.

        2. Brendon will not “forgive the horrible thing Matt has done to him” voting out his shomance partner, Rachel. He is too stubborn too.

        3. If it comes down to Matt, Someone else besides Ragan, and Brendon this is the only way Matt would take Brendon to the final 2.

  11. Lane doesn’t deserve to win, but is powerful in that he probably can get enough JH votes to win. So, get rid of him. Next would be Matt, then Hayden. Enzo and Ragan can go at any time, they won’t win. If I was the others, I’d want out Brit, Bren, Lane, Matt in that order. That would leave Ragan, Enso, and Hayden. Hayden would win with him and Enzo final2.

  12. If Matt goes home this week this show will lose alot of ratings, most definitley. He is by far my favorite houseguest and the best player in the game.

    If it turns out that someone like Hayden or Enzo wins this season I will not be looking forward to next season as I was this season. I’ll be rooting for Ragan or Lane to win if Matt gets voted out this week. No respect for floats like Hayden and Enzo, no respect for pansys like Brendon who can’t make decisions on his own, and have 50/50 respect for Brittney.

    If Brittney goes against Matt and he is voted out this week along with Ragan, the rest of the house will evict her. Lane and Brittney will be the new “Brendon and Rachel” (let’s not kid ourselves, that’s not love guys. Says all the 30 year old single women on the Big Brother comment sections) and one of the pair will leave.

    Bad move for Brittney if Matt goes home. He is the key for the final four to her, without the key she is locked out.

    • I can agree on some of this, but most favourite? A large portion of viewers still despise his lie, and a sizable amount are tired of his fondling.

      Ragan and Lane are floaters too. They dont use strategy and they don’t win.

    • I do believe it is rigged to a degree for the ratings. You know they tell them how to act ie Britt.I pick up on certain things on feed although they try to silence it when they can.

    • Ragan, the BEST player? You are misguided, possibly even blind and deaf? That thing (Ragan) has done very little all season. Had I placed 2nd in ANYTHING, I surely would not draw attention to my (failure) self. You impress no one, darling~ I’m laughing: “all you viewers” and what are you???

  13. I’m not sure if Britney really know who she will put on the block now that Brendon has won the POV. I think it would be a good ideal to put Hayden on the block with Enzo then the rest of the houseguest vote who will go to the jury house Thursday night. I think that Enzo should go to the jury house first. It is still too soon to see who will be the new HOH next Thursday.

  14. If this chick has any sense left(Doubtful) she’ll put Matt as the replacement and he’ll go home, leaving her tight enough with the remaining Brigade to ensure Ragen is next on the double eviction. Then she just better hope for PoV because she would definitely be next, followed by Brendon, then Enzo, leaving it down to Lane and Hayden for the win. The problem is, these people lack all common sense, so she’ll do something to screw it up. They need to toss Matt and Ragen above all others. Their little show-bro-romance is annoying, and Ragen needs to get out of the house. He’s only taking up useful oxygen space at the moment, thinking anyone at all cares what he has to say about EVERYTHING.

    • What? No.

      That is exactly what I just said not to do. If she puts up Matt this week and he goes home, Brendon will go home next week. Than Ragan will go. Than it will be final four, first one evicted?

      Brittney. Than Lane.

      What if she keeps Matt?:

      Hayden goes home. Enzo tries to hold on with Brendon and is angry at Brittney. Lane will go along with Brittney no matter what decision she makes. Who wins HOH?

      More than likely it’ll be either Matt, Ragan, Lane, or Brendon. Enzo really isn’t even in the discussion.

      Matt: Brendon + Enzo is nominated

      Ragan: Same as Matt

      Lane: Brendon + Enzo is nominated, Lane realizes Brittney won’t go against Matt until final four

      Brendon: Matt + Ragan nominated

      See what I did there? Out of 5 people playing, 3/5 would evict Brendon. Brendon would be going home. Enzo would be the outcast and unless he won HOH or veto he would be gone.

      Final four: Lane, Brittney, Matt, Ragan. Brittney has a ten times better shot versus Matt and Ragan than Hayden and Enzo, especially if it’s a physical HOH (more than likely).

      • Goodness, boy, you’ve really thought into this! You’re absolutely right though. I hope Britney also realizes that keeping Matt and getting rid of Hayden or Enzo is her best option in the long-run. (And I swear I’m not just saying that because I’m a Matt fan.)

      • Yeah. If Brittney would just think over her options she’d realize that getting rid of Matt will seal her game and she won’t make the final 2.

        The reason people like Ragan and Brittney aren’t gone yet is because of Matt. He could’ve easily gotten rid of her last week and kept Kathy who says she “doesn’t win anything on purpose”, yeah okay. What are you waiting until the last episode to win something?

        Matt in the beginning was loyal to the Brigade. Than when he made friends with the other house guests the brigade got jealous, so they target him.

        It’s kind of like being in a relationship with someone and getting jealous because they actually talk to other people. What do you expec them to do, only interact with you?

      • I said in the beginning of this season, “Matt and Ragan are the only smart ones. Maybe Brittney, she is a wild card. Lane is entertaining but I don’t think he is a competitor. The rest of the houseguests are pretty slow, makes me wish I got picked for Big Brother”.

        Looks like my prediction was right all along. From the houseguests perspective, Brittney would be alot better off with Matt, Ragan, and Lane. From America’s point, Matt and Ragan are the smartest people in the house. They both are website designers (which makes me think they could be “the rumored pair”?). Matt is in Mensa and Ragan is a College Professor.

        The reason your seeing people go “get rid of Matt and Ragan!” is because they are the smartest houseguests. Matt has showed some of his cards, unlike Ragan who has alot up his sleeve.

        The difference between Matt and Ragan, and Enzo and Hayden, is the fact Matt and Ragan won’t backstab you. They’ll take you to the final four. I’m not sure Enzo and Hayden will even do that with how many times they’ve backstabbed people.

      • What show are you guys watching? Brittney will be next on Matts list if he stays after Brendon. Matt is so stupid he will be loyal to the Brickheads, I am Brigade. I believe he would go against Reagan for one of the Brigades.

    • All I can say is I was hoping Regan would choke on that shot. His behind needs to go. I can’t freakin stand him. I can’t believe he can hold a job as a teacher. His family should be so embarassed.

  15. I really hope Britney puts up Hayden as the replacement and sends Enzo home. She might not realize it right now, but Hayden and Enzo are definitely gunning for her and even if they don’t win HOH and nominate her, they have the power of numbers to evict her. If one of those two goes home this week, the whole Brigade will be broken up and it’ll be a lot better for Britney.

    • that’s the problem, Brit doesn’t know and Lane is leading her to put up Matty.

      If Lane knew Enzo/Hayden were plotting to be F2 he might switch to promoting Hayden.

      With Hayden winning whose prizes Brit might be vindictive enough to put up Surfer-Dude, she was livid when the bros let Bren win.

      Did Matt lay down during PoV comp? if he did that was ultimate stupidity.

  16. all of you that are harping about what is ‘right’ and what is ‘fair’ really demonstrate that you have absolutely no clue whatsoever what this game is about or how it is played.

    • you’re correct, this game ain’t meant to be ‘right or fair’ if you want to win.

      it’s meant to be who’s ‘clever’, ‘social’, ‘best liar – not getting caught”, ‘smart strategist’, these traits seem to get you furthest in the game.

      and you need to be lucky, but you can make you’re own luck depending on who you align with… prime example Jordan with Jeff in BB11.

      it helps to keep a covert alliance, that’s what has gotten the Brigade, where they are. how it stayed hidden i don’t know, it’s like the other hg’s were always looking the other way.

      kristen was the only one i remember that figured out the bro-alliance when Hayden showed no concern when she & him were on the block.

      and ragan brushed it off when she told him her suspicion, did he already know about it from Matty?

      • spot on greg!

        ”and ragan brushed it off when she told him her suspicion, did he already know about it from Matty?”

        nah, he’s so arrogant that if he didn’t ‘discover’ the brogade alliance then it must not exist.

        man, I wish I could walk down the professor’s classroom hallway with pointy, jabbing, smacking elbows LOL!

      • Or they could be a secret pair and Matt told Ragan about it so Ragan will vote the way the Brigade wants to.

        He could’ve told him anyways in case of the Brigade turning on him later in the game, which is what is happening.

      • yeah Brad, i’ll go with that too, secret, secret is smart, not using the DPoV smartly will be Matty’s downfall.

        but still possible that his *secret* alliance with Ragan could save him if somehow they could get Brit & Lane with them… but it appears Lane is going to be loyal to Bro-gade and an influence on Brit.

  17. I hope she puts up Matt and Matt goes home! Then at double eviction I hope ANYONE but Brendon win HOH and put up Brendon and a brigade member, but Brendon wins POV and another Brigade member goes up and the brigade falls apart, then when there is the OTHER HOH comp (which is usually long endurance), I hope Brendon wins and evicts ANOTHER brigade member, then wins the next Veto, etc etc, and takes a weak player to the finals and wins!!!

      • I’m a girl and I definitely don’t think that Brendon is hot. He’s way too muscular and cave man-ish, but even if he was physically attractive, his disgusting personality and horrible taste in women would ruin it for me.

      • @ Brad D, You keep saying that brendon is feminine, and you know this all by watching BB, So I guess that makes you a man’s man, right, So what military service are you in?

    • Erika, aren’t you the one predicting Ragan winning BB12? Does not Abby have the right to predict also, it’s the thing we ALL do on the board.

      I wish you good luck with your Ragan prediction. NOT!!! And i’m not hoping for Bren to win either.

  18. ATTENTION Sara aka h8s Ragina&Matt,

    i found this message on one of my timeline posts yesterday afternoon around 2:30ish:

    @CT: Stop copying and pasting copyrighted content from other sites. This is your warning. Next time you’re banned. – Matt


    who knew!! personally, this is the first website where this has ever been an issue for me, but whatever…

    anyway – last night (around 7-7:30) i saw some timelines you put up and i didn’t want Matt to jump on you like he did me – so i thought i would NICELY :) let you know not to do it anymore. i think you & i are the only 2 on here who have done this, but if there are others – hopefully they will see this post.

    have fun!

    • Who knew it wasn’t okay to steal content from other people and pass it off as your own? It’s called “copyrighted material” for a good reason. You couldn’t do it in school, you can’t do it in the office, and you shouldn’t be doing it online either. No mystery here about taking something that belongs to someone else.

      • hi matt. i want you to know that i told everyone here i WAS NOT the author of the timelines i was posting, so NO – i don’t consider that ‘stealing’.
        i have done this numerous times on other sites with the author actually being FLATTERED that their material was worth repeating!

        anyway, readers here seemed to enjoy the minute by minute recaps and that’s all there was to it. i NEVER meant to cause you any problems. i apologize – it won’t happen again.


      • MattBB, sorry to say that you are way of base with this one, CT never said it was her’s, all she said was that she was passing it on so people could stay up with what was going on, She also made it clear trhat it wasn’t her’s she was JUST trying to help.

        That’s OK CT we still love ya

    • yeah CT, don’t copy it word for word, you’ve got to change it up here & there.

      actually that’s not a good idea either… never-mind.

      • CT, I would NEVER hang you out there, if it was copy/paste from another site i’d have warned you.

        though, where’s the problem if you were not getting paid and it didn’t decrease income the other site was making or put them out of business.

        safest thing to do… don’t do it!!!

      • CT, i keep forgetting to ask are you the CT from Real World, the guy from Boston.

        Or a guy from Connecticut? Or Christopher Timothy or what?

        curious minds want to know?

        any aspirations to being a Hg in the BBHouse?

      • hey Greg, i HONESTLY didn’t think there was a copyright issue in what i was doing.

        my understanding is that on sites where PUBLIC discussions/comments are the main attraction, their revenue comes from “advertisng clicks”, NOT the content of the site. actually, they don’t WANT to be responsible for what others say, so they don’t include that material in their copyright status.

        i was involved in a HUGE scam site a few years ago where the company we were dissing tried to sue the website owner because our complaints to the BBB, FTC & Attorney’s General offices in 5 different states had caused them to lose business. the company couldn’t touch the website owner because the posted material was NOT HIS – they would have had to sue each one of US (roughly 25 people) individually, which didn’t happen. it was a very interesting legal lesson in the way websites run & operate.

        i really don’t think i was causing any trouble for Matt, but if he doesn’t want this kind of activity on HIS website – i will respect his wishes – no problem. :)

      • @GregH

        it seems that most people here think i’m a GUY! why is that? lol

        truth is i’m a female who lives in Connecticut – originally from the midwest.

        and YES – i would love to DO bb! ;)

        would YOU?

      • CT… actually you know more about the copyright stuff than i do… i’m a programmer and know from that arena you can’t steal code and use it / or modify it as your own.

        not a slight to females, maybe you’re mistaken as male b/c you’re logical and not as emotional as some of the obvious female named posters.

        that’s weird i’m from the Midwest (MO) and sometimes will use StL in a name.

        have no idea the process of applying for BB and really don’t have the urge to go through it.

        plus not sure i would like my flaws on display to millions of viewers.

        it’s fun enough for me to just watch, critique and make fun of BB. oh yeah and complain.

  19. did anyone else see Ragan(who wasnt crying for a minute)talking about how upset he was that an honorable man like matt may be going home this week when the others would still be in the house!!!!!!!how honest,honorable and trustworthy will he thinks he is after he finds out about the big lie.

    • i think ragan will be HUGELY disappointed in matt, but at the end of the day – grateful that his wife isn’t really sick.

    • I hope Ragan still likes Matt even after he finds out about the lie. They have such a unique friendship that I don’t want to see go to waste. Hopefully Ragan realizes that it was just a strategic move on Matt’s part and that Matt is still the great person that he has always been.

      • “Matt is still the great person that he always has been” Okay, you base this on watching approx. 3 minutes of “Matt” footage two or three times per week? Watching and listening to Matt over the last several weeks leads me to believe, scratch that, KNOW, that Matt is anything but a good guy. He suffers the ill fate of most midget men in thinking he’s somehow more important, influential and infallible. I hope we see him leave with egg on his face (and a whole lot more!) I loathe that troll.

  20. I dont get the Matt is a great person Alex,but whatever.Regan is way more invested in this relationship than Matt,hes just playing the game.

  21. I wish Annie hadn’t been the saboteur and had lasted longer in the game. I think she would’ve been a very strong competitor. Plus, she was nice eye candy. I was also sad to see Monet leave early in the game.

  22. I think Matt should be evicted next. Britney needs to think about what’s best for her. Everyone knows Matt is a strong competitor and it’s in her best interest to get the strong players out while she still can.

    Hopefully Matt and Ragan leave this week.

  23. it’s only 1:30 p.m., but it looks like the handcuffs have been taken off britney & brendon – i thought it was supposed to be for 24 hrs??

    brendon only completed 16 chum baths thoughout the night & morning and just got out of the shower – is now laying on the living room couch.

    britney is at the kitchen table with hayden.

  24. on bbad last night, when the hgs were finally able to go outside, the pool tournament TROPHY BOWL was missing from the backyard…

    hgs couldn’t find it anywhere.

    does anyone know what happened to it?

    • Nope but I do remember Enzo saying last night he needed to take a shower because he hadn’t had in 2 or 3 day’s, he couldn’t remember which one. Ewwww

    • if that’s what happened, erika – it sucks!! those guys worked really hard on that trophy!

      as for the pool sticks – they are still only playing with one. if hayden wins HOH though, i expect he will get some from home :)

  25. Can some please tell me why I can’t read all the posts??? I can only read up to post #27. It has been happening ever since the network switched over to the new system.

    • your post was #28 lisa, so it appears that you ARE seeing all of them..

      are u aware that the number of “responses” at the top of the page – i.e. “117 Responses” – are INCLUDED as replies under each original post?

      for example:

      if post #1 has 4 reply comments, it will be counted as 5 of the “117 Responses”.

      does that make sense?

  26. DO Brandon and Britt get anything for being handcuff together? Wasn’t Jesse the one who did not like Laura? Now Matt can let Britt know that it wasn’t him who won the trip and the money. Enzo AND Hayden are keeping that a secret but Ragan knows. Inspite of Britt and Brandon bondage will he still put her on the block if he wins HOH?

    • If Brandon wins HOH he will put up Ragan and Britt. Once Ragan leaves than Brandon or Britt is gone.

  27. picture this:

    enzo has the penguin suit on and hayden is about to paint “meow-meow” on it with nail polish when bb yells “STOP THAT”!!!

    poor enzo… stuck in this suit and can’t even personlize it! too funny:)

  28. WOah.. did u guys just see what Bitchney said on the live feeds!? Maybe I misheard but did any1 hear what I tink she said!!!!!

  29. Almost show time. Lane and Matt should go first, right now they are the strongest players, then Bren and Brit that leaves the clowns. If Bren and Brit are in charge then it should be Lane Matt Hayden Ragan, then Brit gets rid of Bren and she wins.

  30. “I’ll be otta the moon happy” … When Ragan goes to the JH house LOL What a stupid jerk he is. Like a “Forty year old woman watching Oprah” LOL
    Cry baby!!!

  31. Ragen is the biggest wiener ive ever seen!..He called out Rach for getting attitude when she was safe and then crying when she was not. What do you think he does but way worse! Ball Park. hebrew national dont have a chance aganst his weenie a$$!

  32. I wish they would have more gay/lesbians, black, asian and hispanics. Seems like they are always just the tokens. Maybe they should mix it up and add some really old farts on the show as well. I think it would be much more controversial. Maybe some hard core right and left wingers? Make it so not one person has anything in common with the on another. They need to think out of the box instead of having mostly A&F models.

  33. on tonite’s episode of bb:

    “Welcome to LANE’S Diary Room Sessions”!!

    man he was on A LOT tonite! but i’m okay with that… i LOVE lane – he cracks me up. lol

  34. Get rid of Enzo…he is the biggest “floater”. He does apsolutly nothing, except wack off with his hands down his pants, and then smell them..LOL. He talks about Matt and how he said all of that too him last wk. Now he is back-tracking, saying Matt needs to go because he is sneakey. Enzo is the one that is sneakey. He is complaining about going on the blk. Well, everyone else has, it’s his turn. He shouldn’t be angry at Britney. I think Hayden should go up against him. Hayden won 1 thing. Matt wins a lot and at least battles for things. I say get rid of the Meow penguin and move on. Grow up Enzo. I would say “get some balls, but your hands are already there”…LOL Just my opinion.

    • The only thing Hayden “won” was 1st HOH, and that only cause his team needed him to be last to get the girls across on the weiner, so they wouldn’t have to be a have-not! He’s just like all the other guys, throwing comps, etc., cause he knows with his alliance he is safe to a certain point.

  35. Get rid of Matt because he is playing both sides and Britney is sooooo blind, then she cries like a big baby. Where do these players come from and howcome there’s no action. It is not like the last bb when they had evil Dick boy, he sure did put on a show. It just get more boring and I do not want to watch anymore but the blah, blah, blah that the meow, meow says along with his so call gang.

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