Big Brother 12: Week 7 Friday Live Feed Highlights

Nomination Day returned to the Big Brother 12 house and it was a fun one. It was Britney’s turn to make the nominations and despite fierce opposition from half the house she stuck to her guns and put up who she wanted.

Read on to find out what happened and be sure to stay close today because the Big Brother PoV Competition is set to take place Saturday afternoon.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 20, 2010:

11:15 AM BBT – The HGs begrudgingly get up and wander in to the gathering room for the Have-Nots / Food Comp. Britney comes out in a little blue dress, but says it’s not Little Bo Peep. Flashback to hear production telling the HGs that they need more enthusiasm so Britney has to go back out and do it again. When she comes back Matt cheers, “yeah! More starving!”

1:15 PM BBT – The HGs are back from their Food Comp. Brendon, Enzo, and Hayden are Have-Nots this week. They’ll be eating beans and broccoli. Yikes! Enzo’s going to be dropping grenades all week!

1:30 PM BBT – Britney is asking Matt for help to select (or reassure her selections) nominees and her speech. Matt doesn’t name names, but points out that someone hasn’t been on the block yet (Enzo). Britney says she’s ready to break her deal with Brendon.

2:00 PM BBT – Brendon is pushing Britney to stick to their deal. He tells her Matt and Ragan were trying to get her nominated last week. Oh, how convenient, Brendon. Your targets from last week are suddenly the very same Britney should target this week? Pretty transparent.

2:45 PM BBT – Enzo and Hayden are upset that Matt didn’t eliminate Britney with his DPOV. They want to put up Matt and Ragan next week if they can. If they can…

3:45 PM BBT – Brendon, Enzo, and Hayden talking about needing to get rid of Matt. Brendon doesn’t think his 24-hour vacation was comparable to Matt’s DPOV. He’s right, but production had to get rid of him so Rachel could return and breathe fire on the house.

5:30 PM BBT – As the Nom Ceremony approaches Lane, Enzo, and Hayden ambush Britney and tell her they want Matt up on the block. Britney runs to tell Matt and we get… Trivia! Time for the Noms.

6:55 PM BBT – Live Feeds are back (ahem, Free Trial, ahem) and immediately we’ve got Enzo and Brendon bitching in the Have-Nots room about being nominated.

7:10 PM BBT – Britney takes Enzo aside and promises him he’ll be safe this week (Don’t make promises you can’t guarantee!).

8:55 PM BBT – Britney has had enough of the stress and heads upstairs for a bubble bath. Oh la la. She stays there for close to an hour!

10:30 PM BBT – Hayden, Ragan, and Enzo are quizzing each other over past comps. Same thing Britney was doing earlier in the tub. Everyone is preparing for more quiz comps.

11:00 PM BBT – Matt and Ragan agree that if Brendon saves himself with the Veto that Hayden will go up in his place. They’re determined to win that Veto.

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Stay close by today and we’ll let you know the results of the Veto Comp as soon as we find out what happened. Be sure to have your live feeds up and running so you can see what happens in the house uncut and uncensored.

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  1. the way this season has been going, back and forth, drama drama drama, I wouldn’t be surprised if brendon won POV…

    lets just see

    • I’m praying Brendon does win POV… but then who do you think Brittney would put up? Hayden, huh? If that happens, then I think Enzo would be the one to go home.

      • she was talking about backdooring Matt but I doubt she has the guts or brains to do it. Even if Enzo went home, Hayden and Lane will still take it personally. She will be on the block next eviction no matter who wins HOH.

      • They’re gonna back door Matt. God I hope Matt goes home! If he wins I will be really pissed. His wife helped him in his game way back when he won the HOH by playing into his lie about her being sick with a life threatening disease in the letter she wrote him. BB allowed that to happen and I’m sorry but that’s against the rules of BB.

        Just saying….

      • If Matt wins I will be really pissed. His wife helped him in his game way back when he won the HOH by playing into his lie about her being sick with a life threatening disease in the letter she wrote him. BB allowed that to happen and I’m sorry but that’s against the rules of BB.

        Just saying….

  2. Oh gosh… so Matt knows that Lane, Enzo & Hayden wanted Brittney to put him up on the block?? Yikes… is the Brigade fractured now? I don’t like Matt and want Matt, Ragan and Brittney to all go home.

    • it’s weird, nothing the brigade says or does to Matt seems to sway him to out them and jump ship… is there something we’re missing?

    • No Matt doesn’t know the Brig turned. Britney believes the Brig. BS & will put up Matt as replacement. This sucks for me as a Matt fan

      • I agree Sandys, I am also a Matt fan and just wish he would see that the Brigade has turned on him.. I really would like to see him stay in the house! As far as the lie goes about his wife, who cares! This is a GAME and everyone LIES in the house!

    • Not a fan of Matt’s and think that his lie about his wife is despicable, but thats what the game is all about. And the question that the game answers is what will you do for money. For all those that talk about playing this game honorably I just want to vote them out immediately. Only losers play this game honorably and that is why we love this game and for that reason whether he wins it or not Matt is the Big Brother Winner this year and has played it better than anyone and deserves it more than anyone! And i am a Lane fan!!! I Love you Lane and I will marry you if you will have me!!!!

    • Ann, you may need to fight Brit for him… getting back to the Matt situation, when Matt/Lane were on the block when the DPoV came out and b4 the evict vote Enzo had the guts to tell Matty, i have to vote you out over Lane but i can still count on your vote from the jury, right?

      how can anyone say Matt doesn’t know he’s on the bottom of list w/Brigade, Enzo’s the ringleader?

  3. Brendon needs to go!!! and so does the very annoying, sickening, weasel Ragan. I don’t think I have ever disliked a houseguest as much as I have him. Go home Ragan, take your $20,000 and get some serious therapy so you can stop being such a victim. (in your mind anyway) So tiring,and so irritating, but I bet your students are loving a break from your class) (if you really are a professor), which I don’t believe for a second. Go Matt, hope you win it all.

      • I agree with everything you said Summer,except the last sentance Matt is one of the most vile characters ever.

    • If Matts wins, it will be because they rest of the HGs are stupid as hell. Lol! If they don’t see him as just of a bigger threat then Rachel or Brendon, then he deserves to win because he has played all of them like a game of chess. I would really hate to see any of the D’Gremlin alliance win.

      • Keep in mind EVEL DICK actually won as did Booger (NOT “Boogie” as he got his nickname “Booger” from always picking his boogers in the first BB he was in)

      • If Matt wins and the others find out his wife was allowed to play into his lie there’s gonna be hell to pay… Not a fair way to win a game by cheating…..

        Just saying….

      • Matt hasn’t really played them like a game of chess. He’s in two alliances, both of which don’t really want him to make it further (except for the delusional Ragan.) He hasn’t swayed the noms when Hayden, Brenchel or Brit were HOH. He hasn’t orchestrated any major strategic moves (because anybody who wasn’t Brenchel would have nominated both, not to mention it took him two tries.) The lie is the only strategic upper hand he has, and no one will want to be up against him, because that’s jury bait.

        Watching the feeds and BBAD, you can see that Hayden spends a lot of time thinking strategically while Matt spends it talking about real life with Ragan.

    • Summer – I disagree. Why do you he acts the way he does? It’s people like you who don’t understand the antecedent conditions to culture that contributes to certain human behavior that only reinforces behaviors like his. Gay people get hurt easily because they were told all their lives that they didn’t matter.

      Ragan played a smart game up until his blow up with Rachel, but she needed to be put in her place, and the production was hoping for that.

      I’m sure he wouldn’t want you as a student and if you were his student, you wouldn’t be saying the crap you’re saying. It sounds like you didn’t do your googling of him as a professor before you typed this comment so why don’t you go do that now and maybe you’ll come across one or two of his articles that show you how smart he is.

  4. I think brit ought to put up hayden in placce of veto winner if it happens. But i think brit matt and regan ought to team up and take it all………….. matt has played the game since day one and deserves 500 000

      • Regina certainly deserves to win over Brenda. He’s so much smarter than Brenda. Brenda was crying in the Have Not room last night talking out loud to Rach. Wearing a sleeping mask and he just had to turn the lights off. That’s how much in the dark he is. LOL Them he picked his nose while talking to Enzo. Britt was right. Brenda is such a “class act”.

      • Nobody in the history of BB has cried as much as Ragina. He needs to get some midol and go home. He doesn’t crap. Take your $20,000 that you barely deserve and kick rocks!

      • @rose I disagreee about ragan being the most to cry in big brother…do you not remember ivette crying and blaming everything on america…and for what?…because janelle was winning prizes.


    • Why Ragan? He hasn’t done anything important besides winning a veto comp (that two of three hardest competitors weren’t playing.) My rule is you should either be good at BB or entertaining, Ragan isn’t either of those.

      As a Brit fan, I’d like to see Hayden take her there, because they wouldn’t gie it to a floater.

      • I think Ragan is entertaining… him and Brit are awesome together, love it! I love their little show they do on the feeds!

  5. The Brat’s promises are worth nothing. Nobody should believe a damn word she says. She is just like Matt, will sell her soul for a buck if she could.

      • Sell her soul like Matt? Uh, yeah! The whole POINT of the GAME is to win money! It’s not about feelings and being a good person. It’s about winning…

      • The point I’m making is that, none of these people should trust anything she says. She will do any and everything to win. So, she would not be somebody I would want as an alliance.

      • the WHOLE point of Big Brother is to win by any means possible (short of threatening the other HG’s) While you may not like their image on TV how can you say these people are like this in real life? This is a reality TV show, there is $500,000 on the line. I would trade my first born for an opportunity to participate. The posters here need the therapy treatment not the HG’s.

      • And ROSE u think the rest of the HG’s are being honest and loyal??? What SHOW are u watching??? ACTUALLY I wanna know what SHOW alot of posters in here are watching. ALL the(REMAINING) HG’S ARE BACKSTABBING LYING SUCKING UP MAKING PROMISES AND DEALS THAT WON’T BE KEPT..I don’t understand why Brittney would be worse than Matt..or Brendon would be worse than Enzo or Hayden worse than Lane and so on and so forth…. They have “ALL” lied and backstabbed somebody..Why pick one person to be the bad ass..They all jerks and double dealers and liars.. SOME POST INDICATE that Regan would save Brittney..fat chance ..Regan threw Brittney under the bus when he was talking to Brendon and trying to save Matt’s ass..Matt & Regan have a plan to get Brittney out..Enzo & Hayden have a plan to get Matt out..Lane & Brittney made a non eviction deal..Matt has deals with “everybody”..Brendo thinks Enzo & Hayden got his back..”yeah right” SO POINT IS.. THEY ALL TWO FACED SMUCKS WHO CAN’T FIND THEIR RIGHT HAND WITH THEIR LEFT.

      • Well, I have to agree with you Graves. Good points made. But in my opinion, I think you can win and go far in this game without unnecessary backstabbing.

      • @ ajmidd12, we need therapy? but you say that you would sell your first born to participate? alrighty…

      • I believe we are seeing the true personalities of these people. No one can pretend for this long! Everyone keeps saying these people are not playing the game, well then why are they still in the house and the so called better players are kicked off?

      • rose is right right right and as for selling your first born…sure hope you never have any children if those are your values

    • Nobody should believe anything anyone says at this point in the game. If you remember correctly they all wanted to get rid of Britt the day before. Even Lane. What a guy!! Because they’re afraid she’ll beat them. Her IQ seems to be just a bit higher than all of theirs combined. They’re scared to death.

      • brat is a whiney evil “mean girl” and deserves to be humiliated for the trouble she has caused and the vile comments she has made.

      • Brit seems to have the best chances at winning. She has Reagan on her side, and Hayden/Lane want her with them when it comes to the finals (why they do is beyond me.) Her only problems are Brendan (who may go out), Enzo (who can’t win anything) and Matt (who everybody else doesn’t want to stay.)

        Who the hell cares if she’s a mean girl? She entertains and actually wins comps, something most of the house (besides Rachel and possibly Matt) cannot do.

      • Really? So what do you think about Broke back Matt, Ragina or Enzo? I guess they are all stand up guys huh?

      • I have no problem with Matt or Ragan. Way to call him “Regina” because he’s gay. So what are you, gay basher than?

        I know Matt lied about his wife, but it’s a game. You can’t hate him for that. Both Matt and Ragan haven’t back stabbed anyone, while Brendon changes his mind every 5 minutes. First he wanted to team up with Brittney and now he’s going to Hayden and Enzo for help?

        Enzo is also the biggest snake in the house. He’ll throw Lane and Brittney under the bus right after “voting out” Matt and Brendon. If Lane doesn’t see this he’s stupid.

      • Gay basher?? Wow..your funny. People call Brendon, Brenda…I guess they are gay bashers too…oh wait, he’s not gay.

      • Brad, Ragina has earned his name. Whether he is straight or not has nothing to do with it. Rose’s comment wasn’t gay-bashing any more than you calling Brendon a douchebag, not to mention people calling him Brenda. But, the way you’re spelling his name is pronounced like Ruh-gene-uh. It’s Ragina, Ruh-jie-nah. See…. : )

      • Why does everybody play the damn gay card?

        He’s Ragina because 4/5 dentists agree he probably has a v@gina. He whines and cries like there’s no tomorrow. Maybe instead of prejudice, we can be accused of sexism.

      • @Brad D, are you delusional? How can you say Ragan and Matt haven’t stabbed anyone in the back? You must be watching another show. Hell even as close as last week Ragan was throwing Matt his “buddy” under the bus. Get over yourself. Ragan and Brit are by far the biggest douchbags this show has ever seen since Nat the Rat.

  6. Really Lane? Your one of my favorite players but dont even attempt to get against Matt. Your best bet is watching Brendon, Hayden, or Enzo going home this week (preferably Brendon than Hayden with double eviction) than jumping over to the final four: Brittney, Matt, Ragan, and now you Lane.

    Don’t mess up your chances at 500,000 dollars going with floater Hayden and “i’m bad at competitions, i’ll still backstab you” Enzo.

  7. Lmao at Ragina! He is so disgusting, he actually makes me want to vomit! Can someone please explain to him what tissues are for? He always has a runny nose and I am sorry but snot coming out of a grown mans nose 24/7 is just foul! Matt is annoying but I think he at least plays the game and is actually the only one deserving of winning. This season, aside from the Brenchel drama is pretty boring compared to seasons past.

    • It’s allergy season?

      Many “grown men” have allergies. Plus if he seems kind of womanish, maybe it’s that him being gay thing.

      -roll eyes-

      • Brad D why do you keep harping on the gay thing? Why does what anyone dare says agains Ragina make you say that? I think you read more into what is there or else you are being way too sensitive. Do you um have allergies too? Need a tissue? lol

    • I agree Jennifer.

      I don’t see where you said anything about him being womanish but maybe I’m overlooking something….lol. Just said the fool needs to use a kleenex.

  8. Please brendon win the pov the hoh so u can send home matt brittney and ragan I cant stand them they all make me sick u have fought so hard 2 stay in the game so fight harder and u will win this game 4 sure. this is a repeat of how they treated jordan and jeff it was just out right mean. these hgs have not given u a chance at all I myself could not have stay in the bbh this long being treated the way u have been treated just on that u deserve 2 win. U hold your head up high u have nothing to be ashamed of not like that trio ( matt ragan and brit) u are showing them how 2 play this game and they are scared and jealous of u. I wonder how brit ever made it in a pageant, she is such a bitch and pageant winners dont act that way or represent there state in this manner. she sucks

    • I agree with just about everything you said Joanne, up until the pageant thing. I’ve met some of those females and they have that same backstabbing, obnoxious twit quality about them. Will do or say anything to make themselves look golden and take down anybody that might make them look anything less than.

      • thanks rose my daughter was in pageants and in one of them she won miss cong. miss photo gen. and the title and never once did she act that way. now thats a winner 2 me your behavior is so important in this game u sow what u reap and britt will sow in the end. nice chatting and I agree with u also there are some girls like britt but not all the apples are sour

      • They’re scared of Brendon? It’s everyone versus Brendon! He’s going home this week unless he wins POV.

        Even Enzo and Hayden who “made a deal” with Brendon are talking about putting him up next week/back dooring him if he doesn’t get eliminated!

        He’s gone as far as i’m concerned.

      • did the brat actually win any pagants? knew she competed but just assumed she could never win anything with that disgusting personality her beauty(if you want to call it that) is definitely skin deep

    • Jordan and Jeff were likable, smart and never tried to go after someone publicly unless some serious stuff were happening (Jordan pushing Russel.)

      Brenchel are like a cocktail that’s been drugged. At first, Rachel entertains you and makes things wild (the cocktail) and then Brendon (the drug) puts you to sleep. They have terrible game play and deserve what they get. Jordan and Jeff lasted longer because they kept their tongues to themselves for a while and actually thought “Hey, if we try to make deals with the others, we might actually be able to make it!” but they thought a two person gig would work just fine. Brendon hasn’t fought the whole way. The only real decision he’s made is the Have-Nots last week, because Rachel may as well have nominated Matt.

      The Brigade, no matter how pathetic, got it right: strength in numbers. Britney and Ragan got it right: lay low near the beginning. In stead, they went in with guns a blazin’ but not much of a strategy to back it. I pray that Brendon goes out, only because there are too many Brenchel fans complaining of how Big Brother (expect the unexpected/trust no one) isn’t like a cheesy sitcom where the good guys win for being good.

  9. @CT: Stop copying and pasting copyrighted content from other sites. This is your warning. Next time you’re banned. – Matt

      • I think everyone enjoys CT’s updates but I realized they were probably from another site and doesn’t seem fair as obviously we are all on puters and can find out that info the same as he does so np Matt(BBN) wedon’t want you to get in a copyright problem are. People either watch live feed or get your info other ways than copy and paste from other sites. btw I love you CT and always look forward to ypur thoughts and posts just have to agree with Matt(BBN) on this point

    • Ct you rock, I come here before I get everything up and running. You tell us all what’s goin on, & I am able to jump on the feeds & just enjoy!!!

    • @MATT – ADMIN

      wow. was that nasty attitude really necessary, matt? asking me nicely would have been just as effective.

      i didn’t think about the copyright issue –
      i’m sorry – there was no harm intended.

  10. i was lmao at lane & enzo last night when they were “arguing” with the rubber duck that’s in the pool!
    these guys are losing it!! too funny :)

  11. Can i just say I LOVE YOU!!!! Is that appropiate? Well i do! I loooove this site, your fb page and everything I read. We have the same point of view on a lot of things! Keep em comin!!!

  12. hope bb has another pov and this time its platnum brendon wins it sends home 3 hg and they get 2 pick a box and in the box are jury members and they pick the box that brings back rachael what a show that would make lmao then the ragan matt and brit could feel real karma instead of laughing about it great t.v. dont u think keeping my fingers crossed its been the worst big brother crew since bb 1 they are disgusting Hope brendon wins he earned it all the way.

    • That’s absolutely the dumbest suggestion i’ve ever heard.

      I’m officially dumber for reading it. Please go watch another show.

    • Really? Eliminate 3 house guests and bring back Rachel?

      Anyone who agrees with that is ignorant. Sorry to be harsh, but it’s true.

      • i’m just saying it would make great t.v. and shut ragan matt and britt up i am so sick of what comes out of them ragan plays the gay card and cries constantly, matt is a liar saying his wife has a bone cancer and he needs the money 2 help her, and britt turns my stomach how she constantly backed stab rachael and bredon, after all the chances they gave her 2 stay in the game. I certainly would like there jaws 2 really drop if they ended up voting her 2 come back to finish her game and didnt know they were picking her lmao then whos crying miss britt matt and ragan boohoo

      • Brad D , here’s some Harsh, knothead, Rachel made the show. The ratings would skyrocket and there ould be some morality and fair game put back in the house. Not to mention it would be hillarius to watch ragina and bratney squirm like slugs with salt poring on them

      • Joanne the point of the game is to lie cheat steal your way to the top. Matt is playing very strategically and actually WINNING competitions, he knocked out two of the stronger competitors. Please if you are going to post at least use a spell checker. I lose IQ points every time I read one of your posts.

      • Hahahaha! I agree with the spell check advice. I am also amazed at how often then is used when it should be than, were for where, seen when it should be saw, etc. Drives me nuts!

    • bb production/CBS have already been grasping at straws to keep brendon in this house & on the air..
      ENUFF ALREADY. it’s time for them to let him go to jury – i’m sick of watching him pick his nose.

      personally i thought last year’s bb cast was AWESOME. it was a great mix of personalities with tough guy russell, queen chima, lydia the tattoo chick, muscleman jesse, liar natalie, fashion guru kevin, ronnie the geek, michelle the nerd, banana man casey, triple D laura and of course sweethearts jeff and jordan.
      ya never knew what to expect from this gang and bbad was GREAT when these guys were in the house…
      work-outs & playing pool has gotten old :(

      • I have to disagree CT. How are they grasping at straws to keep him in the house. He has kept his self in the game. He didn’t win a DPOV, Matt did. So how is production helping him? If he can fight it out then he deserves the chance. The other HGs are just starting to use their brain a lil, they know who is the biggest threat in the house, and its not Brendon.

      • hi rose.
        let’s just say i think production has interjected a sizeable level of “luck” into this game on brendon’s behalf to keep him (showmance topic) in the game.
        that’s not to say that i think they are trying to “choose” brendon as the winner of bb – i don’t think it matters to them who actually WINS the bb crown (although jordan DID WIN last year..???)
        CBS is a business – their only concern is to have the highest summer ratings during this time slot. don’t think for a second that they are above “doing what it takes” to make that happen.

      • CT everything you said about cbs i agree however I feel they have been even more “forgiving” where matt is concerned allowing his wife to help solidify his disgusting lie…the DPoV someone decides who gets it etc

    • A better suggestion is in stead of kicking out actual competitors (Britney and Matt), ask Brendan if he wants to switch with Rachel. She’s far more entertaining than Brendon (the most boring/annoying HG here, maybe second to Ragan) and she wants it more than him. Seeing Rachel, Brit, Matt, Ragan, Lane and Hayden (with Enzo leaving) would be far more entertaining.

    • By that I assume you mean Hayden, Enzo, or Brendon? You are correct.

      Brittney is too much friends with Matt, I don’t think she is concerned he’d put her up at all. Matt will give him his word, if someone uses POV on Brendon or Enzo Hayden will go up and go home. Except if it’s Brendon vs. Hayden.

      The fact is, Hayden is a dumb jock and Enzo doesn’t win anything. Brendon is the strongest competitor (never thought i’d say that) in that group of three. If Lane ditches them and it’s Lane, Matt, Brittney, and Ragan they WILL make the final four.

      • Please….Brat will do whatever Lane tells her to do. He has a certain amount of control over her even though he makes it plain that he would take Hayden to final 2 over her.

  13. this is crazy brittney should stick wiht reagan, matt, & lane screw hayden and enzo they need to leave!

    • Thank you!!

      Someone has some common sense.

      Brendon is the only one in those three who can win anything, even though he can’t play the social part of the game.

      Enzo can’t win anything and just back stabs everyone

      Hayden is just a dumb jock who can’t do either. He just floats. He even made out with Kristen in front of Andrew. So much for a “secret showmance”

    • my wish is this, Matt & Lane get Ragan & Brit to join their “Brigade” and come out with the name to the other HGS & the 4 of them go to final 4. I would love to see Enzo cry that it was his name & that they stole it. Enzo & Hayden deserve Brenden & Rachel.

  14. …………………,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Here’s some punctuation to make the run-on sentences readable.

  15. OMG…that takes nerve Enzo/Hayden are upset Matt didn’t put up Brit with his DPoV, meanwhile plotting behind his back to get him out.

    maybe if they won something… oh no, get blood on their hands… work up a sweat… those 2 are bigger meow-meow’s than Bren, the meow-meow whipped one.

    these 2 are sickening… Frick & Frack, they’ve got to go.

    • LOL @ Matt winning the DPOV, he didnt earn it in any way it was complete BS. Had it been americas choice it would have been fine, but giving it to him a power like that for no real reason greatly changed the game and wasnt fair

      • WJ – I totally agree. Kathy didn’t have a chance to save herself in a comp, I hope she got paid for her time cause she was jipped. Matt’s DPOV doesn’t even begin the compare with the zilch Brendon got.Let’s see what they give the Brat & compare it to the next HOH – oh right, the next HOH gets zilch, too!

      • Witty, think about what you said… Kathy didn’t have a chance to save herself in a comp.

        Lets calculate the percentage of chance Kathy had… oh yeah, ZERO percent. LOL!

  16. I’m tired of hearing everyone complain about the backstabbing and lying! Have y’all not watch seasons past or something?!? This is not a game of honesty. You can’t play the game that way, look where it got Kathy, she was way too nice for the game. Brenden should go next because he’s A) an idiot and B) wanted to give up $500,000 for love….you signed up for the wrong show on the wrong television network if you were looking for love and not $$$!!!! I believe Matt is playing the game well, I didn’t agree with him lying about his wife being sick, but he is playing a great game. Britney is also playing well, she is catty, but she cracks me up and she wins competitions .

    • ONE THING I CAN’T AGREE WITH..Kathy was not nice..She was a backstabber and a liar right along with the rest of em..If anything she was the most two-faced person in the house evn tho she matched Enzo’s ass kisses kiss for kiss..She and Enzo were a great team..

      • Yea, you are right…I got to thinking how much of a backstabber Kathy was after I wrote it….she just sucked at the game lol. My bad, I retract my “nice” comment about Kathy….

    • i’m standing an applauding, well said Blah… only thing i would add to “Matt is playing the game well” is until he didn’t put up Enzo with the DPoV instead of Kathy.

      and i realize some may not agree with that but they’d be wrong. LOL!!!

      • Yeah, I was really expecting and hoping for Matt to make a power move in the game and put up Enzo, oh well, lol

      • if Matt had done that, even if it didn’t work and i believe it had a better chance of evicting Enzo than Lane, I’d be rooting for Matt to win but not now.

    • Great post, but you can’t try to change the die-hard Brendon fan’s minds. They are locked on every fantasy scenario where Brendan gets on is unicorn and transports Brit/Ragan/Matt to the jury house, marries Rachel and has children with degrees that aren’t put to use.

      • here’s reality… Bren & Rach will stay together to prove their love after BB12 EVEN though they HATE each other b/c each one of them can’t totally manipulate the other.

        Rach (w/pouty face on verge of fake tears): “Bren, you’d move to Vegas if you REALLY loved me!!!”.

        Oh man, these two deserve each other and Bren deserves a medal for maybe preventing Rachel preying on innocent others.

  17. I fell asleep during BBAD but I did see Brenden in bed with the thingy over his eyes talking to himself. Did they show more of that and was anything good said?

  18. I just want to know why nose pickers get so much camera time? Last year it was Jeff, this year Brendon.

  19. Brendens whole agenda is to get revenge on the house guests that have wronged his goil. Not winning the game… Time for it to go join his sack of ack.

    • You are so right, but he constantly whines about how everyone else should let go of things that have happened or been said in the past.

  20. Brendon needs to grab a life vest and float out the door. I love how he was all, “Me and Rach didn’t want any floaters in the house…” and he was a floater up until the HoH with the ropes that he won. I seriously don’t have any faith that he will win any competitions, he’s just not that good.

  21. Actually I do hope Brendon wins the POV cause one of the Brigade will be going home (Enzo). I also hope that Brendon gets really pissed at Brittney and lets her have it as to MATT REGAN LANE HAYDEN and ENZO trying to get her evicted..Brendon has told her “some” but not all of the scenerio..I want Brendon to wake up before the POV and realize that he has been taken in by Enzo & Hayden..But I guess the those things could only happen in a perfect BB House…

    • i’m missing it… how does Enzo/Hayden pull the wool over their eyes – Bren & Matt & maybe even Lane & Brit… i don’t get it… HOW HOW HOW, they got nothing.

    • Hayden and Lane were saying that they need Brendan and Matt out ASAP. They were considering between Ragan and Britt for final four last night.

  22. Now I haven’t read all of these so sorry if I’m repeating something, but it would be a shame if Hayden or Enzo won this game. They’ve talked so much crap and have done absolutely nothing that would make them deserving to win. At least everyone else is playing the game while those two clowns just tuck their tails between their legs and keep living in dreamland. Matt is a piece of garbage, but I at least rather see him win.

  23. Enzo bring up that there was that rope competition so it all kinda worked out. Brendon’s weaving some awesome mad conspiracy’s “they” knew that rachel was going so “they” planned the rope comp and “They” gave matt the power knowing that he would go after Brendon.

    If brendon and enzo can figure it out…………………………..

  24. Yeah I dont want Hayden or Gonzo to win BB, but for some reason Mensa Matt gets under my skin. He has an I’m smarter & better air about him thats sickening.

    • Keep watching..if the POV is not used bet u $5 that Enzo to evict..Matt Regan & Lane…If Brendon wins Hayden goes up and Enzo is still a gonner..keep watching..

    • No doubt, like he’s a playa,playa. He stated last night on BBAD that he was smarter than Brandon because Brandon reads books and Mensa has been doing that since the third grade!

  25. Yuck, Double chin Mensa matt is gross. Only small minded people put others down & harp on their so called intelligence. Insecure Much??

    • Even though I dislike Matt, it reminds me of when the noble good guy called the shorter guy a midget.

  26. First off I CAN NOT stand the way Enzo eats.. When I watch After dark I fast forward everytime Enzon starts eating cuz he sounds like a pig in a pig pen!! I hope brendon goes home and then enzo he is weak as hell doesn’t do good at anything but running his mouth and be a caniving lil snake!! I think its funny that they all were trying to throw Brit under the bus last week an now she’s HOH!! Ragan quit crying seriously.. I justcant believe all the HGs believe eachother when they make deals at this point I would make deals but I wouldn’t except any made to me ;-)

    • They all eat like pigs, but Enzo makes the most noise. Have You seen Ragan eat? YUCK. This is one ill mannered cast that could definately use etiquette lessons.

  27. does anyone know if there will be some kind of special power this week? Thought I heard Julie mention it on the live show thursday.

  28. I am soooo tired of seeing enzo playing with himself all the time this season is boring as hell

    • that’s all enzo has done while in the house playing w/himself, balding each day and losing every single competition. enzo is worthless, sadly he has a great chance to win

      • lol @ balding everyday. yea, its time to either shave or get some rogain. but i will admit the stuff that comes out of his mouth is hilarious sometimes, in a dumb, dumb, and dumber kinda way.

      • omg I would luv it if bb had 2 shows from now on I hate going through withdraw each yr. maybe they will do an all star season and bring back the best players who ever played bb since season 1

      • there is no doubt in my mind this season is by far the worst…I almost canceled my lf today…talked to some dude in india then found out they haven’t been charging me since jan…hahaha

  29. This season has been lackluster to say the least. I personally loved the year of the writers strike just because we had more bb. Really wish bb would do two seasons a year. One starting in december. The fan base is out there & let’s face it we watch bad casts & all.

  30. I want enzo safe and Brendan safe!!! One has to win pov I want out Regan or Matt out then next week with double eviction the bitchy witch Brittany out the door next!!!!

      • I hope Regan and Matt and that girl with the floater eye, lose!!! I could stomach a win from anyone else. The lies that are told sicken me, everything from work to illness. The show/game should not be based on the premise that lying will win you $500,000.00. There should be an added twist to the person who told the truth and played well – $1,000,000,000.00!

      • Seriously everyone, lying is all part of the game! If you want a show where everyone is supposed to be nice and tell the truth, go watch “True Beauty” or something. If everyone was nice and respectful to one another, the show wouldn’t be fun to watch–and you know it.

        With that said, I’m rooting for Matt to make it at least to the final 2 because, although he can get pretty cocky in more ways than one(hands down pants), he is playing the best game.

  31. The whole premise of this show is A LESSON IN HUMAN NATURE. They all come in with a plan, to win the big prize. Each with a different strategy or no strategy at all. Then they all make the same mistake.
    If you like someone, you should get rid of them. If you like them, perhaps they are likable. Keep the obnoxious HGs and you could make it to the final 2 with someone that has no chance of winning.
    That is in no way how I live my life, but it is how I would play the game.
    With that said…. could I stomach Ragan? Drowning Pool playing loudly in my head, every time he opened his mouth might help.

    • So true, which is why I question why haven’t they got rid of Lane (floating like a butterfly) and Hayden (like-able to all). We can see it; why can’t the HGs see it – if they sit next to you at voting, they win!

      • I think that if Matt/Britney are in jury while Hayden is in the finals they’ll call him out on doing terrible and kissing ass like no one else this season.

  32. Do we know whether or not Britney was just lying when she said she would backdoor Matt if Brendon won POV?

    • Uh Yabet, she decided to have morals now. Right , as if. She would screw a rattle snake if you held it down for her!!!

      • No, But I am hoping she doesn’t! that would be a very strategic move for her to stay with Matt, Regan and bring lane!

  33. The only good thing i can say about Brat nominating Brendon is that he at least gets to play for veto. If she wouldn’t have, he wouldn’t have been able to play in the veto competition because its 7 people in the house and only 6 people can compete. Which makes me question who will play? I know Brat will pick Lane for her pick.

  34. Wondering when the POV is going to be played. Hope Matt gets backdoored. I guess we will just have to see. Hope Britney goes home when double eviction happens.

  35. @rose,mary, & joanne: you three are the most spitful bitchest people that write on this site, I don’t know how old you are but grow up and quit spitting all that venom your no better then Britney.

  36. Yipes, I cannot believe Enzo’s delusions of grandeur! He is so self absorbed… boy would he feel stupid if he only knew what a joke Matt made of him when he butchered his hair cut. Seriously..take a look, I promise you a good laugh every time you see him after noticing that. It does seem to fit right in with his fondling himself and lovely eating mannerisms. I bet WIFEY is more than a little embarrassed, as are Lane’s relatives after his little self pleasuring shower incident shown on U TUBE!!!

    • hair looks like he has a disease maybe the “mange”…Wonder if Matt purposely did

  37. Bad ass Matt needs to STAY. He is bad azz cuz he got balls to get rid of Brenchel. He is the dragan slayer. So i say Matt you might not be the best looking but you ROCK as a BB playa. BB is not about who is the cutest but who plays the best game. GO MATT with you bad self.

    • umm… right. Matt got rid of do-nothing, no-chance to win Kathy instead of taking the opportunity to get rid of a power player. He’s a real bad ass.

      • Yeah and the only thing he is a playa, playing with is Ragina’s Ass , and that is a bad ass as he brags it’s been hit by over 200 Mensa’s

      • Speaking of that… I don’t have the live feeds of BBAD, do they sleep together? Didn’t Matt call Ragan his “cuddle buddy” Thursday night?

      • dcoop, don’t know if they are sleeping but they have definitely talked about the butt stuff and Ragina has talked about having Matt’s appendage in his mouth …Nice and this guy is a professor WOW!!! more like a traigen wreck

      • I have no problem with Regan being big deal…but his fixation on Matt is very warped and he does need to tone it down cause he is on a TV program watched by millions of people…He is making an ass of himself…And I think back tO what he told Rachel during their argument..”You will go back and look at the videos of this show and actually see what a total bitch u were and how u portrayed urself”..
        (not exact but along those lines) HIS WORDS MAY COOME BACK TO BITE HIM..

      • I don’t have anything against the gay stuff either seeing as how I’m a gay man, but I think Ragan is going to be MEGA embarrassed when he sees all of this back.

        He does make us look bad though because it makes it look like we can’t control ourselves. It kinda feeds that myth that all straight guys think we are going after them. Not the case.

    • Matt should stay he is playing the game like it should b played. Brendon is a big baby blaming everybody els y rachel is out of the game if he really wants to c her he should just get out n go to the jury house. Enzo needs to go home to he hasnt wont anything he is just another kathy, then lane need to go to he is just dead wate it should just play out like that.

      • Yeah knock his “gay” attachement to Ragan. cant attack his game so why not talk about something else. Matt is not Gay and even if he was what does that have to do with his game.

      • Who should Matt have nominated that would not come back to bite him. Please tell cuz if he had attacked the brigade first he would lose 3 jury votes . Getting out Kathy was perfect for HIS game.

      • He should have gotten rid of Enzo since Enzo tipped him off that he and Hayden would give their votes to Lane. The line was already drawn.

      • Wait a minute, this guy(Matt) came into BB with a preconceived , premeditated lie to take immediate advantage over everyone’s heartstrings and empathy. If that’s a sign of genius and master game play, we are all in trouble. The gay card did not need to be played however Matt is envious, because he sees how much empathy Ragina pulls with that card. At the end of the day Matt has played an OK game but it is all centered around dishonesty and manipulation. It doesn’t matter for he won’t get the jury votes anyway

      • Rico,
        I agree with you. Matt is one of the only HGs i enjoy having in the house because he is actually playing the game and not floating. Lying is all a part of the game and everyone needs to get over that.

    • @blackgirl … if you’ll read my first reply to you, I DID attack his (lack of) game. Let’s see… he hides behind a BIG lie, he put up Kathy and Britney when he was HOH, he got rid of a complete non-threat with his DPOV, where’s the “bad ass”??

    • It didn’t take balls. If any of the HGs besides Brendon, Rachel and Kathy won they would do the same. I’m sure the DPOV also helped him feel safe. Lest we forget it took him two tries to get rid of them.

  38. Are these people loosing it? [After Dark] Lane attacking a rubby ducky, now Lane and Enzo have found an insect with long legs they are laying on their stomachs saying the insect is in an attack move. We watched Brittney talk to the camera for an hour an shave with close-ups.Brandon talking and snoring. Lane told Enzo if he go on the block then his wife would get some airtime.Hayden is walking around in a bad mood. Looking at these people who first arrived then. And looking at them now, This game has change them

    • They have no TV and cannot even watch a movie. All but Lane have been on slop many more than once. They do not even have a deck of cards all they have is a pool table. Now add having to play this game with all the different personalities and stress and I would be batty too by now.

    • don’t mean to be rude but tina I hope english is not your first language if it isn’t then you deserve kudos for trying I could not post in another language. just curious

  39. I think Britney should try to make an alliance with Brendon, backdoor Matt, because he is a major player, then they should get the others out. Ragan has won a POV but the rest are floaters. She would have a better chance of winning the grand prize with Brendon.

    • I GET WHAT U SAYING..but BRENDON NEEDS TO TELL Britney that Enzo/Hayden/Regan have all voiced that they want her gone..I can’t add Lane OR Matt cause I have not heard them tell him that..They may have and I missed it..There can be no alliance if Brendon does not tell her everthing..He wants her to distrust Matt and Regan but she won’t believe him on that alone cause of his personal issues with them…BRENDON NEEDS TO GIVE HER ALL THE DETAILS NOT BITS AND PIECES..

      • This would be great, but I don’t think there ever been two people with dislike forming an alliance. Especially Brit, who hates when Brendon walks into the room and Brendon, who will avenge his girl.

  40. been entertaining myself by reading the whole board and making some inane replys. no need to bash me people I already did. It just seems a lil like the more the hg’s crack etc a lot of the posters seem to feel the need to turn on one another

    • iv’e learned not to post on thursday nights! It seems like the most of us who are here and “know” eachother know that the most “edumacated” people are here one night a week and blast the rest of us who are here 24/7!

  41. Well I’m not the least bit surprised Britney didn’t honor her deal with Brendon but really her noms r so predictable!! The only way I will interesting is if the pov is used. Otherwise yawn yawn Brendon is off to the jury and yeah boring week in bb.

  42. Matt did infact waste the DV on KATHY..KATHY WAS NOT VOTED OUT CAUSE SHE WAS A THREAT..Kathy was voted out because they thought she was the SAB..DUMB move on Matt’s part..Julie told them that the Sabatour’s Reign was what did it matter if he or she was still in the house?? Matt did not use the DV to his advantage..

    • agree completely graves…”obvi” none of them was ballsy enought to make a so called “power play” and just went with easy as usual

    • I thought he used it because he didn’t want to get a target (that he already has.) He’s not the chessmaster, he doesn’t take risks. I love Brittany, but he should have nommed her. She’s the only threat left after Brendon’s eviction.

      • Nope..It was either Kathy or Enzo going up..It appeared that Kathy was the SAB so MATT CHOSE HER..

      • Plus he gets a pat on his back from the guys and no blood on his hands, again. An easy out, like all the others. Boring.

    • that’s sad, b/c now the SAB’s job is over and the Hg’s will believe for sure that they were correct. and they were WRONG.

      maybe one of the hg will pull something to trick the others into thinking the SAB is still in the house… now that would be awesome.

      it could be a good strategy to get hg’s off the track & confused… might be a good idea for Matt to do something like that.

      • and Dylan, it’s all “a-boot” deception and how the “org-an-na-gat-ion” of hg’s function as a group.

        didn’t know i could speak Canadian, did ya?

        sorry, that was a weak attempt to talk Canadian, by the way how’s the Canadian loonie doing.

  43. First time in a while that all th brigade members will be competing in a competition, and on different sides this time. 10 bucks says Matt shows them up as usual…

  44. Whats with Britney ? Did any one watch last night on showtime after dark? Well if not missed a cookoo Britney in the tub babbling on four what seemed hrs. to no-one and even answering her own questions ? This girl is really wired strangely ?I sat in amazment wondering what was going through her BLONDE head ? Keep up the good work britney……

    • They’ve been in a house with no outside contact for almost 2 months. Some of the guys were yelling at a rubber duck earlier

      • I know it looked funny as all get-out, but actually it is a very effective learning method… You remember a lot more when you vocalize than if you simply “think” about it…

    • It’s something several of the HG’s are doing..not sure why but they all having conversations with “AIR”

    • She was going over every game every time and dates of what when on in the house. Big deal if she did it out loud maybe that is what helps her remember.

    • Not everyone has their soul mate (Matt/Ragan) to talk to, so Brittany talks to herself, Brendon talks to ‘Rachel’ and Enzo/Lane talk to rubber ducks.

    • she was preparing for the possibility that the veto would be a memory game. because they were not on lock down, they all assumed that it would be a quiz rather than obsticle. so she was going over everything since day 1. smart of her to work alone, since she is playing in survival mode now.

  45. Someone else posted as “Rico”
    Don’t want any confusion, you know
    Check the spelling and style
    You’ll know who’s who in a while
    Hopefully, he’s not a Sabo-TOE!

  46. I have been a huge Matt fan since day one, and britney as well. why? because they are playing the game and taking chances. the others arent doing anything, brendon is just acting smart/tough for rachael so she doesn’t see that he is weak. Rest are floaters.

    Go Britney and Matt <3

    • i agree.. i am team brit, layne, matt and ragean. enzo is all talk. been riding on matts game, same with hayden and layne. funny how they wanted him out this past week.. idiots! enzo needs to go, he is cracking this week. i am happy to see that! first time (i believe) on the block and a have not. then keeps begging to not be left alone with brenden!

    • Me too. I didn’t like Britney at first cuz she secluded herself with Monet kinda like B/R but once Monet left she really opened up. Matt is my favorite HG. I really do want Matt, Ragan, Britney, or Lane(if he ditches the Bro-gayed)to win.

  47. and another thing..couldn’t BB change up the bubble “music” I know there is a ton of music thats public domain…I get so tired of hitting the mute button and then checking back to see if pov is done or whatever it is they are doing at the time that is “secret till next live show” and about those bubbles and trivia there has to be a ton o trivia they could be asking in stead of the same ol sameol….now getting off soapbox

  48. Hope Brendon win pov otherwise the rest of the season will be boring!!!! Hate Brit,Ragan and Matt..They are so fake and boring..

  49. Matt or Bren will win POV the others are too stupid not that Matt or Bren are the brightest light bulbs, but they have a little more wattage than some of the other HG’s this season

  50. Go Brendon!! I’d love if he won I can’t stand Britney and Matt they’re nasty human beings lying and being dishonest

    • britney and matt have both said that they lie only for the purpose of it being a game!

      only reason Brendon is still here is because someone was their for him! Rachael was the one getting her hands dirty, thats why she is evicted and not him, if Brendon survives to live another day in the house it was because he had Haydon, Enzo and even Lane(by telling britt to backdoor matt)

      I could be wrong but I can’t see why he is such a strong competitor

  51. yea i agree i think if brendon wins and comes off…bye bye matty…then next week double eviction so you know britt or regan is going home too

      • IF it comes down to it, the guys will get rid of Ragan ASAP. Only Matt would use him till the end. The others aren’t going to tolerate the sniffling cry baby for long. (woe is me boo hoo, boo hoo)

  52. hO hum hO hUM..Sitting in front of PC on a Saturday afternoon posting on a BB forum and snacking on chips and laughing cow garlic and herb cheese (delicious) I HAVE (SERIOUSLY) GOT TO GET A LIFE….lmao

  53. What’s with Brit shaving on BBAD? Was that supposed to be soft porn? Then she babbles to herself. That and the guys with their hands in their pants all the time, eewwwwwww. This is BB at its worst!!!

    • 2 months of isolation…cmon your bound to get a little crazy

      lols got no problem with britt being in the tub

      • Yeah, well not everyone is on here day and night. Plus, some of the posts are messed up and not in order. Makes it hard to follow old ones.

      • @joey try reading the older posts, takes time but might be a wee bit informative…

        @graves lmao see he just validated you last post hO hum hO hUM..Sitting in front of PC on a Saturday afternoon posting on a BB forum and snacking on chips and laughing cow garlic and herb cheese (delicious) I HAVE (SERIOUSLY) GOT TO GET A LIFE guess he told us ;)

    • At least Brit is a hot girl in the tub. Nose picking and fondling are a lot less unsightly.

    • that is the reason why BB will try to keep Brit. Once the last female is gone, ratings go down the crapper.

      PLUS Brit has that “to catch a preditor” virgin look that brings in all sorts of viewers. So production will try to keep her as long as they can.

      her babble was stratigy. she was going over everything that has happened since day 1. alone, which is a good move for her, not to give away too much info to the others. kinda like how brenchel used to study together.

  54. Random Thought: Enzo repulses me and makes me want to vomit. Why do the hg’s keep saying everyone loves him. Where do they get that? Because he loves himself? He’s NOT funny. He’s irritating and a complete waste of space. Ugh. Also, the way he talks about women on BBAD is disgusting (“the train wrecks I’ve slept with”, calling Britney the worst names you could call a woman (I would expect more from a 40 year old man). Then he goes on and on about his own daughter, ‘wifey’, and mother. If I were them, I would disown him. He presents himself as lazy, ignorant, cocky and uneducated. As someone from NJ myself, he does not represent the majority of us. And when he talks with that exagerated and stupid accent, “Hey, yo, I gotta represent, NJ.” Hey, Enzo, please don’t.

      • from someone on the west coast, i totally agree with you! if I want to see “Jersey” I will watch MTV! LOL! He is a snake and hopefully soon will slither away!

      • My guess is that the only way Enzo goes home is: Brendon gets himself off the block by winning POV, then Brit puts up Hayden… Got to be another BOOR-GADE member, and she’ll never put up Lane; she could backdoor Matt… That would be sad, since most of us love to hate him and there goes the drama (other than poor, clueless Ragan crying for another week…) Matt’s problem is how to get the BOOR-GADE out without losing three jury votes… Gina, we’re on the same page with Enzo… Here’s hoping we’re about to see the last of him!

  55. Damm gotta go get some more Laughing Cow Cheese and chips..might pick up a six pack..looks like we gonna be waiting awhile..

  56. i think the majority of america like the meow meow…hes a jokester the funny guy, and yes when it comes down to comps he sucks i admit but hes flyin under the radar you gotta give him that…hes playin the game trust me….if i could fly under the radar why not, let everyone take themselves out first and then you come out its perfect

    • Yeah but in the last 2 weeks Enzo has run his mouth constantly and has jumped on any wagon that would let him ride..He is not trustworthy..

    • actually enzo is way down in the popularity polls, Brenden and Britney are the top two in the polls.

    • but why is it ok for him to play the same game as Kathy, but blast kathy for being lazy? kathy was flying under and throwing everything, it was working for her, and then she got out. Now hopefully they will see Enzo was playing the same game and get rid of his butt!

      • The diff is that Enzo got to play veto to save himself, whereas Kathy did not – not fair in my book. She never had a chance; she was the easy out. I wonder who she will vote for at the end; the one who didn’t talk about her behind her back. Oh, right – no one!

  57. Bren is finished no matter what happens. He could never get the votes even if he makes it to the final 2. Too many HG’s don’t like him. How could he win?

    • Maybe that is why he says he isn’t playing for the money, because it’s clear he can not win the game.

    • It doesn’t matter if they like him (or not), they are all using him to advance their own game plans. He’s easy to use cause he is so gullible, and they all know it!

      • That might not be true. I was read a live feed update site and I think it was Matt saying that if Bren made it to final 2 he would have to vote for him because he made it even when being the target from week 1 and the other person kinda agreed.

  58. i honestly think if brendon went to the final 2 he would win, i think everyone would look pass all the bs and see that sinnce day 1 he played and faught to stay in that house unlike alot of them….he makes it to the final 2 he deserves it

    • Unfortunately, these shows where the fellow contestants vote the winner have lost that sensibility… especially Survivor. They vote based on their personal feelings and not true game play and fortitude.

      I don’t think Brendon stands a chance in h double hockey sticks of winning, but one of those HGs should have figured that out and tried to take him along (Britney).

    • That might be the case in reality. This bunch of HG’s aren’t going to think like that. They don’t even like being around Bren.
      I don’t see them coming around after going to the JH. The JH is probably going to have more drama then the BB House soon. They should swith the show over there LOL

    • If he was against one of the brigades, he might. If it were Ragan, he would win. If it were Matt with his lie being known, he would win. If it were Matt or Britt, a fight can be put up.

      He’ll have one vote no matter what.

    • hard to believe in my part if you look back Brendon has been relying on somebody….Rachel in the beginning and now Enzo,Haydon and Lane are trying to keep him.

      probably the reason why I cant seem to see why he should be my fave.


      • Skate – Guess you don’t watch BBAD, cause they are using Brendon, especially when he had HOH, and then throw him under the bus at every given opportunity.

  59. hmmmmmmmmmmmm can’t decide if POV comp taking so long is a good thing or a bad thing as matt the ratt is so good with endurance comps..sure hope its bren or someone else, other than the brat of course, stayin in there …

  60. Bren missed his final chance in the BB House when Rachel was evicted he should have played the game instead of vowing revenge for her. It’s too late now. No turning back for him. He will be gone soon. If I was Matt I’d want Enzo gone. You can get Bren next and maybe have an alliance with him. The Bro-gade is going down the tubes. They are a stupid bunch cause only Matt every wins any comps. and they want to throw him under the bus. They are the biggest bunch of losers! Meow-give me a break.

    • How funny would it be if Matt figured out he needed to take Brendon, he and Brendon win all the comps, they get to the final 2, Matt’s lie is uncovered, everyone votes for Brendon? LOL!

      • When Matt’s lies are revealed (the Brigade & wife), I pray the camera is on Ragan’s face! Rag’s holier than thou attitude toward R&B and his worship of Matt is hard to stomach, and I look forward to the big reveal!

  61. this sucks. every move is so predictable. no matter how much BB tries to shake things up the HGs keep messing it. BB shouldn’t give anyone money Cause they ruined this show

    • I thought that after Rachel left. I was hoping the 1st one with her would be Lane – he would have had a conniption fit, & CBS would have shown it for the entertainment value.

  62. it maybe {each} has to figure out events has they happened in a certin amount of time and who ever has the best time win pov

  63. The most fun would be Ragan and Rachel and Kathy all by themselves in the JH. Now that is funny!! I think I’d want to evict Ragan just to send him over there

  64. Us BB junkies are a funny bunch we bitch and moan if are favorites are targeted but we laugh and do it to the others, but in reality we are just alike BB junkies we are, and in less than four weeks our show will be over for another year, and come six months down the road we will all be having BB withdrawels, SO IN ALL LOVE OR HATE WE ARE JUST ALIKE BB JUNKIES ARE WE!

    • Amen Torch, however after this sucky year I swear I am not gonna watch past the first few episodes and try my best to kick the BB habit.

    • Yeah but not many of us have favorites this year that we really care agout. (I think that is fair to say at this point)

    • is that not the trueth. still wondering if they will have rehab for us bb junkies. luckily matt has this great site that is up the entire year and i also think we should put the pressure on c b s to go with a winter season of bb

      • Is there a survivor site and if their is what is it. I tried to find a good one last season but couldn’t find one like this. I wounder the same thing for amazing race. Thank you for any sites.

  65. it would be fantastic if America could choose the 2nd eviction in the next live eviction. LOL.
    go home ragan!

  66. yes i wish there were 2 seasons a summer one and a winter one or somthing like that….i cant believe im 21 and i obsess over this show i nvr miss a bbad or sun,wed,thursday show

    • just a time passer …do any of you watch BB UK next week is the finale and unless bbc has changed their mind this is the last season over there. For me it is much more entertaining they are a hellof a lot more inventive with the comps etc…also many other countries do BB easy to watch on puter but for me UK is best cuz I speak the lingo..well sorta, its is hard to understand the HG’s from the high country etc, but not much arder than some of these accents

    • It would be great fun for the “Zingbot” to return and imitate Ragan.
      “Woe is me, Boo hoo, boo hoo, Woe is me” as the “Zingbot” crys into a tissue and chases Ragan around the BB yard.

      • Zingbot should slap Ragina across the face and say “Ra-gi-na, man up and quit be-ing such an emo-tion-al wreeeck. It’s ju-st Big Bro-ther! Ziiiing!”

  67. This competition is probably the one where they morph the three faces faces into one so it would take longer…just a guess!

  68. @ It’s only a game, I set day after day and read over and over again that it’s alright to throw away yur morals, and you integrity, to win, for what money, I’m sorry but I place my morals and integrity alot higher than that,

    We as people have to draw the line somewhere, that you will not cross, To say boy was ragan awesome the way he tlked to rachel, No-one should ever be talked to like that, You can tell a person that you don’t like them without going that low, If ragan was all that you say he is, He would have just said NO thank you.

    I grew up when a mans word was his bond and he would never go back on it, To say I swear on somthing is giving up your integrity, If you don’t plan keeping your word just say I promise.

    You can win without giving up are morals or integrity, If you say that you like someone because they talked to a person like they were a lower life form, or that they told a lie that was uncalled for, then we as a whole have a problem.

    I have always lived by three simple rules!

    1. I don’t talk too, nor do I allow someone to talk to me like They are, or I’m a lower life form.

    2. I treat people like I what to be treated.

    3. You don’t have to agree with the laws, you just have to obay them.

    I’m sorry but my morals and integrity are not for sale.

      • No, I’m trying, If I ever gone on, I would put my mouth were the money is, I would play the game my way, to show people that you can win, and keep your morals, and integrity, I have spent my life leaning how to read people. People will give themslef away with out knowing it, when asked a question which way do thier eyes move, when enzo was wrong about kathy being the (sab), the smile on ragns face.

        No you can win without sinking to thier level.

      • Sorry you fill that way, Somepeople can take it, some can’t. And sorry I has eggs his moring.

    • this is a game and they pick people who are just the opposite of you because drama sells.
      keep up your morals. you sound like a very kind person but as P Diddy once said “its all about the Benjamins Baby”

      • If thats how you fill about life, Then I fill sorry for you, Yes I can be nice, but on the other hand read rule 1. again

      • relax pal know ones atacking your character or morals and read my reply again does it say anything about my opinion on life……No it does not and im taking my compliment back

      • I’m sorry tommy, Did I say something about you, that up set you, You are right I don’t know you, Sorry for making a point the hard way, Please don’t read too much into a reply, We all tend to do that sometimes when it hits a nerve.

      • the only point you made is that some one pooped in your cerial this mourning. Thats my view on life

  69. If Brendon wins POV Matt goes home and Ragan goes off on Brit – this means Ragan will be the next to go in the second eviction if Brendon wins HOH – he will put up Brit and Ragan – the Lane will protect Brit which means Ragan goes home.

    If anyone else but Ragan wins, it will be Ragan and Brendon

    Then if Ragan wins it will be Brendon and Brit

    It seems like Lane will for sure be in the final two – Enzo and Hayden just do not seem to be able to win comps – so Lane will be the first to nom a former Brigade member

    • hmmmmm..Think that Hayden is scheduled to go up with Enzo..but plans may have changed..These people just jumping around all over the place..They have no certain thought process..

    • well, technically, lane hasn’t won anything, hayden won one hoh. I can see hayden beating lane in trivia and maybe certain physical comps. Enzo can’t win crap.

      • you are right Sara, but I suspect Brendon held off winning until he had to and the same for Lane – we shall see

    • Lane hasn’t had to win anything. He’s been hiding behind the Brat and the Ape Brigade – just floating along and making no enemies!

    • U need to take in the mentalities of the people that are playing in the comp..that speaks for itself..

      • lol. THAT is funny! Dats a lot of trivia still! gee those poor brain cells are goin’ to implode 2day!

  70. Now that Britney has put up Brendon and Enzo on the block.she just better hope that Brendon will not win the POV or she will be put on the block next week if he won HOH. Next week on Thursday will be such a big night, two housegust will leave the house. Is anyone for sure if Britney would backdoor Matt or Ragan to save Enzo? When the last few weeks of Big Brother is here will be the most talk about who will be in the final 3.

    • this week is the double eviction week! :) Mat BBN explained how it will work on a previous topic on the homepage.

  71. brendon must go to the jury house and i hope it’s rigged that way because it seems that it was rigged that way when hoh was alternating between the what was then the brigade and brenchel or i like to call it “retchel”…you know retch as in vomit you get it.

    • my only worry about brenchel being in the jury house together, they will manipulate everyone and brainwash everyone.. like what we are seeing brenden doing with the enzo, layne and hayden.

      • hes playung the game alot more respectable then others hope him gives them a run 4 the money

    • I really dont get you Bren bashers hes one person!!And btw you have to have a brain in order to be brainwashed

  72. No surprise here – Britney broke her deal w/Brendon – I never liked or trusted her at all in this game. Matt is the biggest threat. Ragan needs to go. Brendon needs to win POV. When the Zing-bot told Matt to tell the hobbits hello, he looked upset – the only one who didn’t take it like an adult like the rest did – although the getting engaged to her brother did make Britney wince a bit!

  73. I noticed people who are on team Brendon! are complaining that he didn’t get a great prize for opening pandoras box. Well remember when Kevin from last season opened pandora’s box, it was a trap in releasing money in the backyard and Kevin was locked in! the second pandoras box is always a trap soooo there’s your answer for brendon not getting the best prize! Also that was the second pandora box opened that season!!

    • I am really not on any team…As to Brendon his main problem seems to be in communication. He never gets the true point across or tells the entire tale..He knows the game and he sees what has to be done or who is a threat but he has a hard time making things clear in a conversation..He can’t stay on topic sometimes ..he kinda loses his train of thought…Strange cause he’s a “teacher”

      • I just love how Ragan is so sure that America just loves him and think he’s such a stand up guy. I can’t wait until he finds out how much people can’t stand him. He seems like he’ll really take that to hart.

  74. As far as I’m concerned, Matt has cheated. His wife helped him out with his lie. Imagine a HG who was really a lawyer saying they just got laid off from the local sugar plant. Then the wife wrote a letter expressing how tough times were and how they were scraping to get by. Bull.

    • The sad part is, all future HG’s will probably now try something like this and eventually BB will ban this type of play as it is obvious cheating. But it will be too late, Matt will still cash in on the lie this year. The lie is fine, but having the outside influence from his wife is not fair play. Anybody trying to compare Rachel’s pretzel message is just spun out of their mind.

      • When you win HOH, you get a letter. The person sending that letter has the right to say whatever they want. I’m Canadian but as far as I know the US has free speech and Mrs Hoffman is not contractually obliged to BB in any way, and can write whatever she wants. In summary: Get over it. It’s not cheating.

    • far as I am concerned Rachel cheated when she left the “pretzel message” for Brendon…50/50 deal.. no win situation

      • You have got to be kidding me. You must be one of those “I hate Rachel and can’t stand he wretched voice” type of people. The situations are so far apart it’s not even funny. And how does Matt’s outside help, which helps him vs the entire house compare to Rachel’s message that was only vs Matt.

        You need to stop looking at it as The house vs Brenchel. Matt’s help is going to help him beat the entire house and win the money. All Rachel’s message did was tell Brendon to put up Matt. That does not help Brendon winn $500,000.

        You can stop pretending it’s 50/50 now. Thanks. Get your head out of the clouds. Brendon could very well be gone this week, but Matt’s outside help will still continue vs all the remaining HG’s and all the way to the finale. This isn’t a comparison of Brendon vs Matt.

      • don’t agree graves rachel was a player in the game ratts wife wasn’t and rach could have just asked kathey to tell him matt she gave her the key..AND no one knows for sure it was rach(although i believe it was) but it coulda been kathy she had the key or production for that matter they have def done other shady business whilst ratts wife was perpetuating a lie and was never directly involved in the game ..apples and oranges to me.

      • When people try to compare Rachel’s message to Matt’s wife helping him from the outside. They are obviously trying to even out for what they know is a blatant cheat to the house.

        Had Rachel left a message revealing something about the whole house, and something that would help Brendon to the 500K then yes that would be comparable. But right now you’re just reaching Graves. This is common sense. I’m not trying to have a debate with a guy who throws darts and Brendon and Rachel’s face before he goes to bed.

      • Be nice Moogie….actually my head isn’t in the clouds and I’m stating my opinion that I thought it wasn’t fair of Rachel to leave Brendon the pretzel message because she was OUT of the game. Did I mention Matt or compare the two situations….reading comprehension not your strong suit I guess.

      • Graves you really need to get over your hatred of Brachel and look at the big picture. What Rachel did in no way compares to what Matt and his wife did.

      • I thought the note from his wife just said dont worry about me im fine . did it even mention her having a disease

      • Other than his cuddle buddy’s admiration, it really has no impact. It’s not like everyone is trying to get him to the end to give him the prize money. He’s just sleazier than the rest.

      • Matt’s wife did not confirm her disease in the letter. She only said that she was fine or something like that. I thought the disease lie was going a little too far though. It is too bad because even without the lie Mat is the best player (not that it is sayting too much with this year’s boneheads).

      • Yeah but the problem from Matt’s wife’s letter is that Andrew was already suspecting that Matt was lying. So the letter basically ended any suspicions Andrew had. Which in my eyes constitutes “outside influence”

        Matt wife actually never mentioned the illness, but made it sound like she was being taken care of and doing fine etc… She confirmed in Matt’s hometown profile that she worded the letter to help Matt’s lie.

      • All his wife said was that everything was going ok for her and for him not to worry. their friends were bringing them food etc.. how is that her helping him cheat? I am sure Enzo’s wife is getting help too from friends and family. The HG’s took it as her being sick (yes he stated it from the beginning) but they are the ones who read into the letter too deep, and he went along with it. BB would not have allowed cheating within a letter from home. everything HAS to be approved.

        As for the pretzel message, I hope they sent Rachel packing and Kathy showed up to an empty house this week. But Julie said “You will be joining Rachel..” so that did not happen.

        Matt said on the live feeds that production did know it happened, and that since he had the DPOV, he and production knew he was using it, so it was a moot point. If not for the DPOV, then BB production would have done something about it.

        It was not Kathy who spelled Matt, it was Rachel.

      • well to answer both of you production from BB TOLD Rachel to leave him a message, so what’s she gonna do, say NO?

      • Jennifer, Matt’s wife admitted on the hometown profile that she worded the letter to help Matt’s lie. Like I said Is there anybody who approves of Matt’s lie or outside influence that isn’t a Rachel hater?

      • Rachel is still in the game. Maybe not in the house but she has to stay at the jury house and she is in the game in that she is one of the jury members that decides the winner. It was part of the game that she was able to come back for the day and she had to abide by BB rules so she IS still in the game. Just on a different capacity!

    • I think it will somehow be revealed … just like Natalie’s lie about her age. I’m sure the powers that be are trying to figure out some way to “accidentally” make it known.

      I just hope he makes it to the final 2 by the time it’s revealed (like perhaps in jury Q&A?).

      I think if that happened, no mater WHO he was up against … even Brendon … would win.

      • Well don’t they let the HG’s who got eliminated but didn’t make jury house back to grill the finalists? It will definitely come out then.

        It’s also ironic how most of the house wants to oust Matt now because they believe his lie will be enough for the jury to vote for him. So his lie has definitely put a target on his back. Not bad for a diabolical genius.

      • They do, but I think when Ronnie let Jordan know about Natalie’s lie about her age, the jury members already knew it and had already voted. Jesse had spilled the beans and they tripped her up in jury Q&A.

        Of course the non-jury members can let everyone know, but I think it will be after the vote… thus too late.

      • dcoop is right, the eliminated hg’s will not get to ask questions of the final two. They can reveal things after the final vote. Matt’s wife did not say she had a disease. She said not to worry about her that she had people checking on her.

      • Come no Ashli Rae, She said “Not to worry, That she was doing alright and that she had people checking on her,
        Then on live TV she addmitted that she did that to help him, with his lie.

      • his wife actually admitted she tried to help him with the lie in her letter on a BB episode they interviwed har about it. She did say she was not happy about it but since he had said it she would support him

  75. the music plays as the restless natives await the results of a three hour plus comp. oh the horrors of being a BB JUNKIE!

  76. It kind of sucks that they got a bunch of HG’s for this season that all came here to find friendship. I mean what’s with all the unanimous votes? Give me a break. I mean Ragan constantly going on about how much he loves everyone and this is more than a game. Shoot me please. Can BB start giving this guy some regulation sized shorts when he sits in the hammock too pleasE?

    • They need to start selecting HG’s the way jury duty is selected. No more fans as contestants please. I mean this should be titled Big Brother 12: Groupies

  77. You know for being a professor–ragan doesn’t know whow to eat without chewing his food like a cow chewing its cud–ew!!!

  78. And what is with Lane always looking in the mirror? lol Buddy thinks he’s a Redneck Clooney or something?

    • my feeds had a glitch, so it looked like it was coming back on… still going.. sorry for getting everyone antsy again!

      • doncha hate if you are afk and the music stops makes you think lf is back drives me nuts lastime it happened I was taking a pee no way to hurry that up at my age

  79. thank you all for keeping me entertained for the last couple hours! i don’t have the live feeds or BBAD, so it’s great to go on here and find out what’s actually happening in the house.

  80. Yes Ragan chews like he has never eating before and so does Enzo. Enzo smacks so loud in his mic I have to change channels until they move on to another view or something. It is sooo annoying watching either of them eat.

  81. After Big Brother show is over for the season…i watch the Big Brother show all over again…it’s so fun to see them suffer again…slop..I have many past season of Big Brother too, they are so much fun to watch when you miss Big Brother show…Yes i’m a Big Brother junkie and proud of it..

      • bb junkies unite! we need our annual fix! this yr tho’ tings are a wee bit more desperate! lol.

      • go to surf the and do a search for big brother and you can watch different comps from all over the world if they want more info start with big brother UK

  82. I am really surprised at not only the hg, but the blogs. Has anybody figured the riddle here? If Britney were smart, (she isn’t), she would be wise to take Brendon to the finals with her. Can you imagine on the last show, Rachel screams from the jury house “NO ONE WILL GET BETWEEN ME AND MY MAN.” At that point, trust me, no one in the jury will vote for Brendon. The hg hate Rachel so much, they will vote opposite her, Brendon has no shot at winning this game. The only vote he will get is from Rachel. If these hg had any clue, they would keep him.

    • I agree with you. If they were playing strategically, then it would be a ‘no brainer’ to take Brendon to the final 2, with the knowledge that everyone in the house dislikes both Brendon and Rachel, but unfortunately, these people are playing with personal vendetta’s and with a false sense of social popularity!

      • I agree! This doesn’t seem like the most strategic group of folks. Love, love, love the image of Rachel screaming that at the end, and it’s totally possible. This would definitely be a feather in the cap of the person sitting across from him in Final Two. Wish the HGs would think of that; this could make the game a little more interesting. Snooze, snooze, yawn!!! But, even Ragina’s annoying crying is still better than looking at Nat the Rat!! Anyone else agree?

    • True talk…everyone plays so personal. One might get upset because maybe Brendon hurt there feelings by not saying Good morning that day. So any non-ass kis$ing event that goes on in the house is a target.

    • I agree Craig. I was really hoping I would get up today and see that she wised up. But no.

      Brit has two chances of winning … 1) be sitting next to Brendon. 2) make it to final two with Matt, his lie is exposed prior to voting.

      Brendon has one chance to win… 1) be sitting next to Matt and Matt’s lie is exposed prior to voting.

      They are all absolute fools that they can’t figure out they need to be sitting next to Brendon.

  83. This BB was lackluster like most of you guys are saying but I’m hanging in there). Does anyone watch or get feeds 2 BB in other countries?

  84. So did Brendon win the POV comp? I hope so bc Matt needs to go with his cocky little ass and the way he deliberately thru the HOH last week.

  85. G’Day BB Post-ers & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

    Can’t believe they’re still swamped in trivia?!
    So does anyone think Britt will give Matt a heads up about OBM? If she backstabs on Lane it is OVA!
    We’ll see where her loyalties lie! Matt is sitting pretty b/c he has alliances with both sides of the house as at stands (everyone BUT Brendon). really want Bren, Enzo to win b/c at least for sure that means SOMEone will have to go up as a replacement! Not sure if push comes to shove if Hay/Lane will use it if they win it…

    • I read that she did go running to Matt as soon as the trio told her to backdoor Matt. That was before they went to trivia…

  86. I’ll say this one more time, BB has a big problem, if they let matt because of the lie he told.

    1. Every HG’s from now on will do it.

    2. The jury members that voted of matt, because they think his wife is ill, will be pissed.

    3. There will be alot of BB fans up set.

    So if matt wins because of the lie, then if I make it to the BB house I’ coming in with a walker, tell everone that I need the money, tosave my mother who’s on life support, and need an operantion.

    • Yeah, and then just have your mother write you a letter stating how she’s doing great and people are feeding her via a spoon and how the headaches aren’t as frequent as they used to be. And how she’s finally having a good nights sleep. As long as she doesn’t mention the lie it’s ok – at least according to some of the lemmings on this board.

      • No, no one will be able to lie about diseases in future shows because no one will believe them. Even people who have sick loved ones will need to keep it quiet because everyone will think it is a lie. If Matt does win he will have to give most of it to charity or people on the street will be giving him hell forever.

    • See, I see it different. Doesn’t make it right.. But I am dying a slow painful death daily, in front of my kids. I am not offencded that he lied, they ALL are lying about something. It is a GAME!

  87. Green> I know, I have to change channel too. I wanted the sab to hide the billard balls. Now for my vote… please brendon win!

  88. The house dweebs keep talking about the Sabatour or however you spell it. Julie said the whole sab thing is over with. I wish they would be too.

      • Tee, you don’t understand, now that rach and kathy are gone and they think brendon will be soon, they have nothing to talk about, All they have had from day one was B/R then kathy. If they aren’t trash someone they have nothing to say.

    • People hate Matt’s smirk. I do not want to see the smirk on Brendon’s face if he wins the POV and then he will go around shouting that this one is for the love of his life, Rachel. The length of time that their relationship will last will make the Bachelor/Bachelorette shows look like long-time romances. I think Rachel is smarter than Brendon (not saying much) and it will be bye, bye. How is he going to be taken seriously as a swim coach????

  89. here’s my idea – we get to to the final two and Julie announces a double elimination….nobody wins…and the 500k gets distributed to all of us as a small compensation for all the time we lost watching this trainwreck. it could happen!! :)

      • I am going to go and feed the dog, if the results are not up yet well…..I will just have to watch my ass get wider sitting in front of this damn computer and keep waiting. : )

    • Save the receipt for the Oreo’s. You can ask for damages from CBS for stress etc. from being hooked on BB. Just get a lawyer. Probably we can all get on and file a class action suit! Any other joiners? You feel like you’ve been injured by watching BB?

      • Im on board…but to all the females don’t get Gloria Allred 2 represent you. (Shhh shes a celeb. whore pass it down)

      • lol count me in and I agree re: Gloria Allred who apparantly has passed that mantle to her daughter Lisa Bloom

  90. if they take brendan to f2 then thats only 1 vote hes getting 4 sure they are stupid but maybe the jh will remember how nasty they were to him and how hard he had to fight to win the game he has it hands down. not only that he still wins if its f2 he gets money either way and rachael, hes a winner to me he will at least done his best and got the girl most of the others wont get much

    • still waiting for pov results did they even play or is bb playing with us come on matt fill us in pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  91. There won’t be a winter season of BB. They show it in the summer when there are re-runs of everything else. CBS is not going to take three hours a week and do a Big Brother anytime but in the summer right before they premiere their “Fall” schedule. The ratings and sales of advertising are geared toward the regular shows and they have to produce. The only reason they really like reality shows, is they are cheap to produce. No stars to pay, no expenses for anything but the production, and the food the pigs in the BB House eat. Minus the slop.

  92. this is killing me not having a winner yet. i really do hope brenden wins this cuz we really need something that would put everyone on the edge of there seats (finally). this season has been very boring no one is really making any bold moves in there they are all playing it safe. i really thought possibly matt would have made it fun but he put an X on that one.

  93. omg we are prolly gonna go to a page four full of waiting and jibberrish whilst we wait for lf to come back…this is a record for me anyway..

    • Maybe it IS an endurance comp and Brendon and Matt are battling it out for once. Don’t they all usually last about 30 minutes in endurance? Buncha wusses.

      • dcoop, they don’t usually do endurance veto competitions though. Brendon and Matt battled it out in the last two endurances (only Rachel sat out of those) and Matt easily won, so I really don’t know why this is taking so long.

    • Duh (lol) It’s rigged for smaller people so Brendon wouldnt win! Or Layne & Enzo only Brit and matt would have a chance. That is what Bren cries about.. its not fair.. blah blah blah… :)

    • interesting facts from the article:

      52 cameras, 95 microphones, 119 ‘windows’ which are really 2-way mirrors, production staff of 250…..and slop tastes like oatmeal

      • Seems like whenever a board hits a fourth page, the posts start acting funny.

        New ones tonight are showing up right before Kiki’s microphone post, and replies to the ones after that show up as “new” ones at the end.

    • Exactly. I’m so tired and all I want to do is take a nap, but I won’t go to sleep until I find out who won veto. I’m such a loser. :)

  94. @ all big brother lovers:

    We have an update on the Veto Comp.

    No-thing has happened!!!

    We willet you know, if there is any more updates!!!

  95. Flash!!! the updater can’t type, and thier still is nothing happening!!!

    Now back to being Bored!!!

    • you call ALL this mindless jibber jabber boring???? Oh I guess your bored o meter just broke couldn’t go any higher

  96. All star match ups… janelle vs. Rachel. Will vs. Matt. Boogie vs. Ragan (because they both fight for the real brain). Erika vs. Britt. brody(?)vs.hayden and shannon vs. All the wenches from this season combined. I think shannon could take them

  97. As for the talk of Matt’s lie getting exposed, if we all remember back to the season where Allison was in the final 2, bb showed clips to the jury members about what was said behind each other’s backs. This got pretty ugly because I can remember one hg got exposed for racial comments. Believe me that night, there were a lot of “wet underwears” sitting there, each one was called on the carpet. I have a feeling bb could do that this year, because there are too many friendships in this house, bb will shake things up.

    • Was it Allison and June F2? June won, right? or are you talking about another time? It seems like I remember that.

      I think BB would be in iffy territory if they just flat out reveal Matt’s DR.

      I think the only thing they can do is get him to slip up on his own.

  98. Dumb question: what are people in the jury house allowed to see about what goes on inside the house after they are booted? Just the broadcast TV show? Live feeds? Nothing? What do they base their votes on?

  99. RESPONSE # 9…Trish I said nothing about hating Brendon or Rachel..where did u get that??? I made an observation it had nothing to do with my like or dislike of any HG. WHERE DID U COME UP WITH THAT IN A SIMPLE STATEMENT??? I said nothing like that and it totally pisses me off that u insinuated it. You need to stop reading things into people’s post that are not there. (The letter) Matt’s wife went along with the OH SOOO BAD LIE THAT MATT TOLD.. Matt told the lie in hopes of getting farther in the game…(The only one referring to the lie as of late is Regan..) Rachel left a message so that Brendon could hopefully shorten Matt’s game..I don’t care that Matt’s wife was not in the game..Rachel was just a visitor to the house ..she was no longer competing….What Matt’s wife did is no worse than what Rachel did..Matts wife was trying to help him stay but Rachel was trying to get him out..BB allowed Matt to get the letter knowing what it said..BB allowed Rachel to leave Brendon a message..Take the matter up with BB and ask Production why either event was allowed. DOUBLE STANDARDS do apply here..

    • Wow, all I did was state my opinion, maybe YOU read more into what I said than there was there. I wasn’t going by one post Graves I read everything you write. Your many post about the subject made me think this not just ONE post. Yeah Double Standards should apply here because there is sure alot of it. Get mad at what I say, it doesn’t matter to me. I won’t back down in what I see and if it is wrong so be it. I don’t get mad at your post, I just STRONGLY disagree with them. Wow, are you PMSINF???

      • Should be PMSING….dang. AND yes I am too so…….lol

        Man calm down… is just one person’s opinion….I am sure I am not the first to disagree with you.

      • Yeah Chris The Great it seems I am. Dang out of all the responses Grave got for his post and my little one is the one that made me write that above? I mean moonpie wrote alot more things than I did but I am the one to get that reply. Funny……

      • I do not appreciate my post being taken out of context or added too by u or anybody else…I did not say that I hated Matt his wife or Brendon or Rachel. I give opinions as to “ALL” the HG’s game play. Just an opinion nothing more. I do not call them names or make demeaning comments. I may say they were dumb or stupid at a given time..but I have not said I hated any one em..What do u mean “My many post on the subject”?? I did not bring the matter up another poster did. I may or may not comment on that subject when another poster brings it up.. I don’t beat dead horses… I don’t consider the “messages” will be a deciding factor in who wins or loses the game. You do have ur opinion and I have mine.. thing is I don’t perceive to tell u that u hating on somebody because u posted something that I did not agree with. I either agree or disagree with a poster but I don’t insinuate things into their post that are not there. Opinions are like a$$holes everybody got one…. especially in here..You write alot of stuff that I don’t agree with but I don’t jump up and say OH DAM U ON THE HATE WAGON TODAY?? U would not appreciate my doing that to u..Now would u?? I will end the matter here as I have a sick child that needs my attention. She is more important than BB or an argument with u.

    • Ok, maybe it was the HATRED that did it. Ok I will concide that point. MAYBE I shouldn’t have used such a strong word……how about dislike? Is that ok to say Graves?

      • I see we are in the same boat today. Some guy took me on cuz i said Matt is a bad azz IMO. I dont cuss people out if i dont like what they so and i expect the same. so frustrating.

    • If Rachel hadn’t left the pretzel message, Matt would never have been forced to play the DPOV… It was obvious that he would ONLY play it to save himself… Putting up Kathy was the only way he could save himself without putting a target on his own back… Now please, are we going to have to wait till BBAD to find out who won the POV?

      • I agree Sister, he protected himself this week by sending Kathy home. It is not the sexy choice but its the best one for his game.

      • Didn’t Brendon say he was torn between putting up Matt or Britney as the replacement? So it was a 50/50 chance Matt was going up anyway. Britney had promised not to put up Brendon this week, which isn’t worth much but I think Brendon would have put up Matt pretzel message or no pretzel message.

  100. I just purchased the BB feed, but not able to see live feed!! What is the problem, 24/7 coverage correct???

  101. Flash!!!! A live report from the back yead.

    Britney is once again talking to thin air

    Enzo and matt have thier hands in thier pants and it looks a the race is neck to neck

    Ragan is talking to BB cam’s saying america loves me

    hayden and lane are again playing pool

    brendon is just standing there saying this is for you babe

    Now to are program ” As the Stomach Turns”

    where Enzo was saying to britney “why you pu me up

  102. LOL I enjoy reading all the comments of fellow BB lovers. Last year Ross Mathews did live interviews with each evicted house guest, does anyone know if someone else is doing it this year and if not, I think we should let CBS know how much fun he was last year. That brings up something else–Has there ever been a season where so many made it apperant that they were playing to the cameras? Do they think they will get an offer for a movie? I am so tired of Enzos nasty mouth, I wouldn’t want to see him on anything else!!! vomit I hope these disk are distroyed before his daughter grows up and sees him in this light.

    • Do they think they will get an offer for a movie? Well they saw Jeff and Jordon get on The Amazing Race and see Jeff with that web show. I am sure many of them are thinking about what the future might hold for them.

  103. I wonder if someone would ever produce and package “Big Brother Slop” to market as a novelty item? Would make a great gag gift for Christmas stockings!

  104. As of 3:22pm BBT
    *Still* Trivia
    I wonder if Skippy would respond to a highly inappropriate offer…
    Whaddya say, Skip?

  105. And the winner is………………….drumroll pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! __________________ you guessed it! (sigh)..

    • Hay jadelle, I’m reporting the blow by blow veto comp, trying to take my job, Ok on second thought you can have it, love ya

      • yes fellow J girl we ARE! arrrrgh!
        grrrrrrrr! lol, we’re all like on pins & needles (in our comfy seats at home that is)….the waiting is killin’ me, gonna play a game! collapse? uno? text twist?

  106. maybe the competetion is an endurance, is that even possible?

    … and am I the only one that thinks Britney is HOT!

  107. Okay, I think I seen it discussed breifly but is there anyone else besides me who honestly cannot stand Enzo and how he chews?! And why of all things does production think we would want to watch this day in and day out on BBAD?! or am I seriously the only one who is hearing the slap slap slap slip slurp that Enzo does when he eats?!

      • I thought the disgusting thing about Enzo was the way his hand always travels south.

        Meanwhile, Enzo, through the whole convo, like every other, can’t stop playing with himself. At least Matt only sticks his hand there, he doesn’t actively, you know…. I mean seriously, EVERY TIME…-

      • Yes, but the nastiest one of all is LANE for blasting off in the shower. Then he looks at his hand. EWWWWWWW.

      • Every guy on the show seems to have a problem with shoving their hands in their pants! Talk about sexually frustrated…

    • probably :P.. as long as Matt LOSES! He cannot win this one, b/c well he needs to go! Same w/Britt I think she will snitch on Lane so dont’ need her winning either, want to force her hand in renom’ing….

  108. I swear to God I was on the phone with superpass this morning and was gonna cancel lf…imagine I would have missed all this!!! Glad the supervisor talked me out of it…NOT!! but then again just looked down and noticed I am not chained to puter and the off button still works..what sort of a fool does that make me?

  109. This is my first season I have watched BB. My mother-in-law has got me hooked. I love all of ya’lls msgs they are halarious!!:) Cant wait to find out who won POV then I have to go to my mother-on-law and pass the word on to her.

  110. CTG, any updates? if you say someone won, I’ll believe u yo! ;) we still talkin’ about marketing that slop for the holidays?

  111. My boy Matt will be in trouble if Brenda wins the POV so i am praying that he doesnt win. I am also worried if Hairden is the winner.

    • Hey, Matt’s MY boy! Lol. Anyway, I agree. I hope Britney wins so that she keeps nominations the same. If anyone else wins, it could spell disaster for Matt or Ragan.

  112. Britney is the most funniest of them all. Her dr comments are hilarious. I hope she wins… Go Brendon win that POV!

  113. I’m so glad I’m prego and have an excuse to lay here eating fruit and refresh my droid constantly.

  114. dam the suspense is killing me, like seriously if brendon dnt win pov im really gonna have a shitty day

  115. Remember the year that the POV competition had the hg’s searching and trashing the house for hours looking for it??? lol I wonder if they’re doing that again…???

    • Could this be true? I have to get the live feeds. Waiting for someone to blog the winner is excrutiating!!

  116. Brit, Ragen and Matt are in the HOH room.. they guys are saying Matt wone everything. very pissed and bitter in the have not room and brenden is BALD! LMMFAO!!

  117. lane gets a phon…OMG they think matt won but video of those haters sure doesn’t look like it

  118. im not positive, but if the fact that brit matt and ragina look depressed, I’d say Bren, or enzo won pov, not sure yet

    • How far would you go to win the POV, maybe he shaved his hair off in the comp! I am sooooooooooo HAPPY BRENDEN WON! :) HE is so focused on the GAME now!

  119. The veto game has just begun
    It looked like so much fun
    The veto was about “what you know”
    With the ring of a bell, away we go

    Hayden and lane were playing pool
    I won, no you won, what a pair of fools
    Enzo and Matt you could see at a glance
    Where just standing artound, with thier hand in they pants

    The BB junkies were waiting with anticipation
    Because BB had blacked out the station
    Two hours ago by, and the tree
    I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to go “P”

    Now britney is crying with head in hand
    Ragan and Matt are saying, I can’t believe it man
    Now the veto game is over and everyones stuned
    Because OMG believe it or not, Brendon has won

      • matt might go home because she sees that matt and everyone in the house has been using her to do the dirty work, she has blood on her hands by p!ss!ng ppl off and now she realizes she’s not going to get jury votes. and who’s the cause of that ?? MATT! so, yes, she just might put him up instead but she’s too angry right now to think about it yet. she’s mad too, that bren won and now she doesnt knwo what to do. she just knows she’s not going to win BB12

  120. my how the worm has turned the loathsome threesome are saying the game is rigged hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • Of course they will say that. When they win I hate to say I thought the same thing for them. I guess I can’t say that no more.

  121. I know some of yall like Brendon, but I dont and think BB rigged the game for him to win. Sucks now. Only my opinion though.

    • Does that mean the other 70% of the time when the people you like were in power, the game was rigged for them to win?

      Total pet peeve of mine that every time someone they don’t want to win does, people start shouting BB CHEATS!!!

      • i know, it’s crap, I don’t think anything is rigged. if that’s the case, it’s pretty freakin even right now, between matt being given a dpov and rachel being allowed to use pretzels as a message

  122. Bren/H/E scheming on what to tell Brit to get her to nom MattBren says he chained himself to Brit (part of the comp?)

    Bren says he will tell Brit that he won’t put her up if she puts up Matt. H/E tell him to promise her anything she wants. E says that tell her she’s safe for one week. Bren says cuz she’ll know who his target his next week [Ragan] anyway.

    • yea and promise her he will name his kid hes gonna have with rachael after her thats hes not putting her up and then do the same to her put her up like she did him

  123. omg i am sooooo happy BRENDAN won!!! he deserves to win the 500k he is all alone, and working soo hard to stay!!! he is fighting for his life, and he deserves to win

    • me too, hopefully hes able to force bratney to put up matt or if bren wins hoh next week, he will put her up if she doesnt put matt up now

      • Remember,It’s a double eviction this Thursday.Going to be an interesting week in the BB house.

      • yes, but there will be one eviction, then a short lived HOH and another POV to eliminate again

  124. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I cant believe sasquatch won! CBS has most definitely rigged this game. Absolutely positively rigged this game!

    • I made your day? (from earlier post). You must be having a pretty boring day Brandy. My comment was about CBS ” fixing ” the game to attempt to make this show finally have some kind of entertainment value this season. There is really no need to make personal jabs on this feed, unless of course this feed is your life lol. But…if that were the case I would think you would at least know how to spell congrats and Brendon. ;)

  125. i will do anything for anyone if they’ll post what’s going on in the comp. i think a fight could’ve broken out. or wahndon lost and lost it and just let loose on the house. but i need to know as do the rest of us who don’t have the feeds. i have a suggestion why not next year make the feeds free for all.

  126. Britney is pissed because the children formerly known as the “brigade” threw the competiion in order to get prizes, since they wanted Matt up anyway. She’s bawling and feeling used…

  127. omg thank u so much hurray brendan won the pov now send the rat home if your as smart as u are a smart ass brattney

  128. she got nada zilch nothing heeehee she just swore on her lil bro’s life…not nick the phantom hmmmm

  129. it’s about time she realizes that she wasn’t thinking about jury votes and ppl were using her!!!!

  130. Brit will be chained to Brendon for 24 hrs. and she is upset because she didn’t win anything and thinks that Brendon will be coming after her next!

    • Torch calm down. Brit may be a female but she is not better. When Brendon did attack her in the yard he walked away and SHE came after him still. Like she was begging him to hit her. I know you like her but I am sorry she didn’t deserve that attack by him but she does deserve everything else. She should have kept her word and maybe backdoor him. What goes around comes around. Brendon is getting the shun by everyone and he is lonely, Brit is backstabbing and talking smack and it looks like it will come back now to bite her in her azz.

    • DITTO ! BITCH BRIT cry me a river,:( still don’t feel sorry for you! OH my, now whatta you gonna do:)

  131. hey, torch and blackgirl, if you want to know who won go to #13, Answer me this I think I herd julie say something, just a little hint about maybe this veto could havew something special about it, just before she talked about the double veto on thursday.

    • i cant wait.. you never know. they could become the next bff’s! and you know this would give a chance for the brigade to have some alone time and self destruct!

    • so are you guys saying Brit is between Rach and her man?

      Oh, oh… hope that shows on the next dvd that goes to the j-house.

      not that i want that to stir things up.

    • OMG I didn’t know that part! OMG……poor Brendon…….LOL OH you know Rachel will be mad…….;)

    • lol i know, and brit said bren CHOSE to be handcuffed to her for the next 24hours! that’s awesome! try to weasle deals now bratney, matt and ragina!

      • Torch baby in your dreams. Brit won’t do nothing but cry and try to plead with Brendon not to put her up if he wins HOH. Come on now you are getting scary here……lol

      • Now we really get to see her acting skills. I can’t stop laughing. If it was a game of “how far will you go”, Bren took the ultimate sacrifice, being chained to the one person who loathes him.

  132. I really don’t think that Britney will put up Matt or Ragan..maybe Hayden will go on the block. I’m not sure if she will put up Lane..but he call her a tramp the other day, Britney said she should had put up Lane.

    • Lane is talking to Brit and she has agreed to put Matt on the block on Monday, well that is what she is saying right now!

      • that’s what she’s said so far, but doesn’t want to deal with matt from now until thursday