Big Brother 12: Week 5 Popularity Poll

The Big Brother 12 HGs often wonder what America (and the rest of you out there!) thinks of them, but we don’t have to wonder any longer with our handy-dandy BB12 popularity poll that’ll show us just where they stand.

Go ahead and pick your favorite Big Brother Houseguest for this week in the poll below. I’ll run this each week and we can keep track as HGs’ stock rises and falls. You can also check out where all the HGs ended up last week in the poll. Previously Britney took the top honors while Kathy brought up the rear, though Matt was in hot contention for the rank of last. Let’s see who wins this week!

Share your thoughts and tell us why you voted the way you did.



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  1. I hope bitchney can continue to bring the drama…

    All I hear from her anymore is blah blah blah, i hate rachel, and wah wah wah, i hate brendon…

  2. I didn’t vote, but for this week I’d have to say Matt is my favorite for putting Boobzilla on the block.

    Of course, anybody who put(s) Boobzilla on the block would be my favorite for the week.

    I am I Hate Rachel and I approved this message.

    Go Team ABR!


  3. This week my fave is Matt. After all this time with his hands in his pants he finally found the balls to put up

  4. I voted for Brendon. I think once Rachel is gone he’ll play a better game. But with that diamond veto, he might not last next week. I hope not. I’d really like to see how he’d play without her.

  5. This is the first year in forever that I turned the channel last night on After Dark. I can’t believe how boring and old the whole “I hate Brenchel” thing is getting. And those ridiculous interviews it was all I could take to see it the first time I changed it fast yesterday. This is getting really stupid and I’m not enjoying it. I am losing interest FAST!

  6. I’m starting to like Kathy. It will be fun to watch her as she bounces Rachel from the pov comp. I like how she doesn’t vote with the herd and also that she remains close to people even when it’s clear they are about to be evicted. Would love to see her shock the world and win an HoH!

  7. I am so disappointed that so many people would vote for Britney and Ragan. Their behavior is so cruel. They have no respect for fellow human beings. Ragan, where is your compassion? The world doesn’t need to encourage this cruelty.

  8. I’m really tired of the way Bratt-ney & Kat-y are making rude and uncalled for comments but then they have done it the whole game. Regan is just as bad, they all talk about the way Rachel & Brendon act, but this is a game and they talk about people and backstab more than any of the rest of them. Boo to all 3 of them

  9. Where is the love for my man Enzo?? Come on guys you know he is funny and could have his very own reality show if he wants to….love him. Brit is cute too and she is my 2nd favorite!

  10. Britt is Mean, how can people vote for that type of person?? Matt is onery for that mean and nasty lie about his wife. I will be glad to see him bounced out!!

  11. I voted for Lane again… I do like Lane and I think he’s funny but dont really have a Fav. Although I find Britney and Ragan to be hilarious together!! Cant stand Brenchel!!

    Go TEAM ABR!!!!

  12. I voted for brendon because he seems like the only one in the house with much sense. besides everyone else is constantly running rachal and brendon down just to have something to do. gets tiring!

  13. I think what is really mean with brit and ragan
    (brit starts in all always) that it is getting so darn right evil. calling rachal a ho and just running everything down about her. even when rachael is not doing anything. there is something wrong with brit’s mind. surely she can’t think she is perfect? or can she. maybe it is her that has the problem. why can’t the other hg’s see this????

  14. marcus, you are just looking at a pretty face and body and not seeing this girl for what she is.
    why does she even have to run people down when she has a nice shape and a pretty face.
    her evil mouth spoils the whole package.

  15. I really debated on even entering this poll but I did make the decision. even though I wanted to say none of the above.

  16. I like Britney best because she DOES have game despite what haters think or post. She is continually surrounding herself with people who can carry her furthest, winning POV’s, is very intelligent, and extremely funny when she hangs with the hg’s. I believe people have her pegged as a floater but is still there, week after week, with her poker face on! The proof’s in the pudding. What a riot! I hope she wins or makes it to final two.

  17. norma have you noticed that alot of these comps are being thrown by some of the players.
    come on, these guys can do better then that.

  18. so Pat in other words you support a female who’s job is to get freindly with a guy just to get him to buy you exspensive drinks and if you have l i v e f e e d s you would see how mean and crud Rachel and Brenden really are.

  19. I voted for Lane because I think he is watching more than people give him credit for. He also stated on the live feeds yesterday his concern over people thinking he is not playing the game. I think he is and is waiting for the right time to show his stuff.

  20. she is playing the game while most of the other are just floating. and are so mean behind her back and will not tell her face to face like the cowards that they are

  21. I love Enzo he is hilarious, he always comes up with these one liners, love his accent!! Yo Enzo/

  22. @18 Pat…In Rachel’s goodbye message to Kristen (on national tv), she called Kristen a whore.

  23. So tired of this season already. I dvr it and fast forward to see what I want. Better group next year please, not stupid immature crybabies. I like Hayden. Not a big Brit fan, don’t like Brachel at all but Brendan may be ok without her. Matt at least plays for himself most of the time; kathy, not so much. Reagon, idk yet. Not my favorite. Enzo, he will stab you in the back I believe. Lane is ok sometimes too. Go home Rachael! Please!!

  24. Brendon gets my vote this week..Trouble is he’s willing to fall on his sword to save Rachel..He must be nuts..!! Chivalry be damned!! She’ll drop him like a bad habit laughing her crazy laugh all the way..!!

  25. I’ve been a BB watcher for years, and I have to agree that this is the most boring season yet. I hate not having a HG to root for! How disappointing…

  26. I think they’re all lame. I didn’t vote.
    Rachel: Wins competitions but is somewhat dense. Probably going home this week.
    Brendon: Worthless
    Kathy: Floater
    Britney: Snotty and sarcastic
    Enzo: Complete ass
    Hayden: Looks like he’s getting ready to hit the disco floor with that mop of his…
    Lane: Unintelligent and doesn’t really play.
    Matt: Somewhat of a dick.
    Ragan: gay

  27. Didn’t Matt say someone had looked through his luggage. If it was Rachel, and we all think it was. Well most of us anyway. You know she saw the DVeto, and that would give her an unfair advantage if she stays. If she found it she definitely shared it with Brendan. I think on Thursday night, they should tell Brendan and Rachel, they were both going to be eliminated and for them to pick up their luggage, not speaking to any of the house guests on their way out.

  28. Rachel and Brendon are cute and i would have loved to see more of them..Rachel is not fake,she’s real,people should just accept her and warm up to her..well thats the game,but i don’t think Brit and Regan should be doing what they are doing cos Rachel does not do same behind their backs.

  29. out of all seasons i have watched bb this one is the lamest. even last ear they did not have as dirty mean players even though there were a lot of fights. kathy is lying about either her being a deputy sheriff or having cancer the way she smokes. the blonde bimbo has a potty mouth. the gay guy says he likes rachell but has a potty mouth also.

  30. pa how do yuo know it was rachel that went through matts stuff i wouldn’t trust annyone in the house in fact the supposed deputy sheriff might have more experence going through peoples stuff

  31. It will be interesting to see how Ragan handles things in the house. Kudos to him for taking on the Saboteur challenge. I think he will fool everyone.

  32. I just can’t see Rachel going to HOH room, going through Matts stuff and leaving HOH room without being seen…

    PLUS, her and Brendon are joined at the hip, if she did, he knows it…

    I doubt she did

  33. I think if there were going to be some big game changing event Thursday we will be told about it Wednesday night, there is a lot of speculation that either there wont be a live eviction or they will bring some one back, some one has to leave for that to happen and since they need to start the just house who knows.

    I agree there is more drama in the house with Rach good and bad, Im not a hater nor a fan of hers and not Id call what she does game play, she has won HOH’s yes, but when in power she goes WAY over board and wants everyone to kiss her rear and fear her, calls out any an all who she even thinks are after her an Bren, but when she isnt in power she turns on the tears and plays the victim and doesnt understand why they all are after her? Im sorry in my oppinion if you make your bed lay in it, if you gonna be gung ho and make a bold statement be ready to be hated and deal with it, if your not ready for that then play a little nicer. I am tried of hearing how she has had to fight to stay in the house everyday, ad can talk about ppl all she wants and SHE HAS, to their faces and behind their backs so its all fair in love an war.

    Brenden I liked and he is a nice guy I think over all but he has lost a lot of respect by more then just a few viewers and HG’s by being such a doormat, support your woman and all that but you went into the house to win and had some reasn for being there when you applied GET BACK TO THAT!

    Like her or not Brit has played just as well as Rach, she has managed to keep people thinking she isnt a threat and will vote with them all the while really doing what she thinks is best for HER she is there to win the money thats what the game is about, Matt is doing the same thing again whether we like it or not, or agree with their strategies, they are winning and are not targets.

    Even Kathy may have a strategy she never wins everyone tals that she should go but she’s managed to not be the real target, Nat did the same thing and made it all the way to the end so just goes to show we can love em or hate em but its going to be what the HG’s see that determines the games and its why we watch and spend hours on this and other sites LOL.. Face it as bad as we complain this season it we are all JUNKIES lol..

  34. Nobody should be feeling sorry for brenchle they are awful people and if you were trapped in a house with them all day you would also be a bitch about it, so why dont you all stop thinking that britney thinks she is better than everyone when she is just venting about two people who honestly dont deserve to live

  35. P.S. Good grief I should not type in a moving vehicle please forgive the typos in the above.

  36. Even though she is being mean again, I just have to give props to Britney for standing up to Rachel! She could have been weak and used the POV, but she is standing strong.

  37. From what I see, Kathy seems to be the least obnoxious of all those remaining. Britney & Rachel need to grow up. And lets not forget the flowing testosterone, way overloaded. Boys, you need to go.
    This group of houseguests are the worst.

  38. Rachael , because she and BRENDEN ARE THE ONLY non sociopaths ln the house. All others would slit your throat just for the pleasure, and laugh afterwards .

  39. Rachael , because she and BRENDEN ARE THE ONLY non sociopaths in the house. All others would slit your throat just for the pleasure, and laugh afterwards .

  40. emilie@43 Don’t you think saying B/R “don’t deserve to live” is a little strong? Who made you God?

  41. dang em how old are u? they deserve to live just as much as u do. they are playing a game this isn’t real life in the real world.she isnt running the country just playing a game to the best of her ability.we don’t have to like her or her game play but she does deserve to live. your words were a wee bit harsh

  42. Brit isn’t mean, she just says what everyone is thinking but is too polite and wimpy to say it.

  43. On the live feed R & B are talking. Mr B is up to something and Ms R doesn’t want him to lay low. I protect a blow up later today. Brendon is going to the DR before he goes into action. I am not sure what he is up to but it should be entertaining.

  44. Britney is smart and playing the game very well. Don’t be surprised if she wins the whole thing. Another thing, what’s going with Britney and Lane? Are they friends, lovers, relatives? There is something going on there – I personally thing Lane is her fiance.

  45. I voted for Lane. He seems to be the one that is less interested in talking about people behind their backs. Notice that almost everytime (high school) Brittney starts to talk about other HGs he usually walks away from the group. I think he will take a dig every now and then to make it seem as though he agrees with the group, however I do not remember a time that he started a conversation downgrading another HGs. I am mostly disappointed in Regan with him being a college Professor and allowing Brittney to pull him into these childish “let’s see who we can degrade now” conversations. I am not a Brittney “hater” (whatever this means) but I am a good judge of character and she has not shown to be someone with good character. Beauty is skin deep and she has truly proven that.

  46. I like Brendon. Britney is like a monkey always picking on herself. I can’t watch showtime any more because of her picking and bad mouthing everyone else!

  47. Has anyone figured out who the life long friends are. I would not be surprised if Brittney is engaged to Lane (notice how she can often be seen wearing his jacket) or if Kathy is her mother. I originally thought it could be Matt and Regan because of how well they get along. Oh well, we may find out someday.

  48. I think thet are all playing in secret pairs, here are the pairs: brendon and andrew step bro’s, britt and lane are a real couple, kathy is monets mom, rachel and enzo longtime friends, hayden and kristen are twins, confirmed on google(kristen and hayden moss), matt and ragan step brothers.

  49. It’s weird I do not like any of them – they all are being smug and I do not like it.

    But Matt I think is playing the brigade for fools – he also does not like the fact he has to carry the day and in effect carry the target which comes with HOH –

    I think Matt and Lane are going to break off with Brit and ragan and leave Enzo and Hayden behind

    we shall see

    Bobby WC

  50. Ha! Bitchney TRIED to start talking bad about Brendon again, and she got shot down!!

    “Let me just say one more time how sick I am of Brendon…when he found out that he had to eat baby food, he was such a bad sport…” (something like that)

    and Ragan came back and said, “Oh, I hated that we had baby food” and just talked about how upset he was…

    Bitchney, I think everyone is tired of hearing your rants about brendon…or hearing your rants period…

  51. I voted for lane…because unlike anyone else in the house, he is a rugged man. he works on an oil rig and puts in life in danager every day he goes to work. Unlike boobzilla who goes to work and does nothing but strip or whatever it is that she calls a job!! I really hope that they evict her and Brendan this week and next. I have a feeling though that they might just not let anyone leave this time. Have it be a suprise Thurday night. I seen something about it on….I’m sure its just rumors as well.

  52. Britney is the most despicable person I have ever seen and the worst example of a human being. She is a sociopathic personality whose only pure joy in life is to rip other people apart on a constant basis. The fact that she has fans astounds me! Tell me would you want her as your fake friend, ripping you apart as soon as you walk away??? Think about it. She is the meanest and the most self absorbed person in that house, bar none! AND infects like the disease that she is everyone that spends time with her, causing them to become just like her. They should be ashamed of themselves. If she wins America’s Choice then there is something seriously wrong with our judgement. Just some food for thought.

  53. Brittany seems to be popular one. well she not much more ballsy then anyone else in house.She may not be hoh but she has had power to mess with house and i havnt seen her do much either.

  54. brittany is not that bad. she is just saying what most americans are thinking about boobzilla. brittany is just a typical 20s female. now for boobzilla, she is annoying. nobody can stand that laugh. i have had to just put my tv on slience to not have to listen to her but still get to see the show. she is soo annoying and needs to go. let others in the house have the chance to shine and get the boobzilla out!!

    I am a fan of ABR!!!

  55. I voted for Rachel. I know there is not very many people who like her but I think that she is playing the game the best. It makes it exciting to watch them hate her like they do. If R&B both go then its gonna be a lame show. Not as interesting.

  56. Appears someone(Ms R?) went into Matt’s luggage and now R&B want to hold a house meeting. Explosion about to occur!!!!

  57. If Matt wants to keep the diamond POV safe, he needs to put it down his pants; no one will dare stael it, because his hand is always there!

  58. lane and brit
    they both seem like brother and sister:)
    they both play the game and take in every second in to their game
    ok so maybe they had not won a hoh but they know how to keep themselves safe in this game

  59. lane and brit
    they both seem like brother and sister:)
    they both play the game and take in every second in to their game
    ok so maybe they had not won a hoh but they know how to keep themselves safe in this game
    go brit asnd lane

  60. #16 Pat Thank you for the laugh today! If Brendon had any sense he would ask for a doctor and some antibotics immediately.

  61. I have always been for Rachel and Brendan. I do think they should have gotten to know the other people in the house but do you see any of the other houseguests trying to get to know them. No. Also the very beginning Brittney and Monet were calling Rachel names like “whore” and to me those girls don’t even know her. Thats awful. Those two don’t have a chance. And why is it alright for the “Bridgade” to stab Rachel and Brenden in the back but its not ok for them to do the same. Once Rachel and Brenden are off the show the show will die. There will be no drama?

  62. 1 brit knows how to play the game without getting herself in the cross fire
    2 lane knows how to have alliance to do his dirty work
    3 ragen great sab no one knows:)
    4 enzo stop talking to bren
    5 hayden better without kris
    6 matt finally putting up rach/ bren
    7 brendon good thing rach leaving you havea less chance of catching siomething
    8 kathy play the game
    9 rach who cares you are leaving
    go brit and lane

  63. RC #73 I totally agree with you. Brit thinks Brendan has a social disorder because he is always putting people down well the disgusting things coming out of her mouth must make her family feel so proud.

  64. as far as rachel looking in matts bag its all fair there is no rule u cannt do that matt is a liar and a backstabber if it gets out he has i if rachel is smart she should call a housemeeting and confornt him saying u only got a 1.00 but they released the sabautor wrong whats that diamond veto in ur bag then then we can say let the games begin lol

  65. I believe it is in the BB rule book you may not got through any other house guest personal belongings. A suit case is considered personal belongings.

  66. You really need to watch Big Bro after dark on SHO, you can really see how backstabbing Brittney & Ragan are, they are just terrible. Both were acking as if Rachel was there best friend the last two weeks and then turn around and talk “crap”…….Rachel is at least “playing” the game, everyone else just walks around talking crap and doing NOTHING!! Brenden is just a “nice” guy and that’s why everyone talks crap about him!! At least they are staying true to who they are, everyone is just FAKE !!

  67. I am sooo ready for rach and bren to leave the game. And I can’t wait to see everyone else start turning on each other after those two are gone.

    My fav for this week is matt because he is playing the game. I can forgive him for the lie he told about his sick wife because he did say it was not terminal.

  68. @81 I got on the live feed 1 PM PT and Matt/Ragan were discussing how Matt luggage was messed with. I than switched to another view outside and everyone else is freaking about the situation and how R&B want a house meeting. So far R&B are out of site. Stuff is going to happen I predict sometime today.

  69. @Bobby # 90– i think its funny you say all HGs are fake except B&R…. Rachel is the totally fake one literally!!! Fake hair, fake boobs, fake laughs, fake cries…. funny choice of words there, considering!!

  70. I hope the sab a.k.a Ragan has to lock the doors on Thursday so Brenchal gets to stay. I dont want Brenchel to win but im tired of Brit, Ragan talking trash. They are no better than Brenchal.

  71. I voted for Britney strictly for her game play…she’s three steps ahead of everybody and even Enzo has been saying we need to get her out…Britney is being buddy buddy with Lane for protection since she has no alliance

  72. “you got busted, you got busted” you said that before Brendan at the last house meeting and Mensa Man made you and skanky look the fool. Well Brenchel is due for another of their house meetings (brilliant gameplay btw, not)so it never hurts to try try until you succeed.

  73. #93, you “don’t” get it do you!@!@ I am talking about “who” they are, yes Rachel dies her hair and is WAY out there, but that’s who she is!! Brit & Ragan seem “jealous” and Kathy does as well….If you have to talk crap about everyone every second of the day (behind their back), that to me is a “fake” person!! Without Rachel, you have a very “lame” BB….SO WAKE UP !!

  74. I know this isn’t popular but I love Rachel. She just cracks me up….but I agree with so many others that this is the most uninteresting bunch I’ve ever seen on the show.

  75. All the HG except Kathy are sitting outside waiting for R & B to bring it on! Enzo stated start the WAR.

  76. Matt, NO ONE wants to see you “fondle” your self anymore, get a life!! You stick your hands in your pants and then sniff you fingers, it’s disgusting!!!!! AND the fact you are made a “lie” about your wife being sick, that’s just not good!!!!!

  77. I need to hear more about Rachel finding the DPOV!! And if B&R are going to call a house meeting??!

  78. Bobby~ i agree with you. Im tired of all mighty Brit and Ragan talking about everyone all the time. Brenchel do make in very interesting so thats why i voted for ragan to do something to keep them in the game.

  79. @ 105 Me too….I am watching the live feed listening to the guys freaking out and exchanging idea’s on if R or K are the Sab. They want R& B to start the meeting.

  80. I voted for britney. She’s been playing the game the whole time, she would really be smart if she teams up with her buddy Lane. Ragan and her are hilarious they should have their own comedy skit! I’m so over Rachel and Brenden’s sweet talks(evict them already).

  81. well I like brenndon the best and I hope he wins the game. I don’t like his girlfriend and Matt or Hayden. I think those 3 should be gone from BB. Kathy is okay and Brittany is a cry baby. Lane well he is not to bad if you could get him away from Matt. Thanks!!

  82. Wouldn’t it be not a big deal if they did tell the other HG’s about the DPV because I thought he is not allowed to tell about what was in Pandora’s box or am I wrong and he was allowed to tell. Either way everyone else would have done the exact same thing Matt did so in my opinion who cares. To me it looks worse that B@R went through someone else’s personal stuff.

  83. If britney is just saying what most americans are thinking then we as americans are in a lot of trouble, I guess that I’m one of the americans that don’t think that way, she just a 20s girl so that makes it ok, God help us!!!

  84. At #93 and you know this about rachel how? just thought I’d ask you, do you know? friend of the family?

  85. Well I guess if production is willing to risk the ligitimacy of the game by interacting with the HG’s then I guess im ready to put up my BB shoes for good…Ive watched every season from the start and its always played out as the players chose…this ruins the game for me…Just imagine the HG’s when they find out that theyve been played by production and really the winners have pretty much been picked from the first episode…lame CBS…

  86. @110 Matt was not allowed to tell anyone about the DPV. I am wondering if the luggage invasion was really done by the Sab. Maybe the R&B house meeting is about something else. I can’t wait to watch the action! :)

  87. Britney continues to be the “mean girl” by gossiping with everyone. She comes up these theories and they are always wrong. Ragan is another gossip and trouble maker. Starting to be impressed with Hayden. Matt is disgusting and now he’s got the diamond veto, ugh!!!! go home Matt, Britney and Ragan,

  88. So I guess that when Matt and britney went up the HOH room when rachel was HOH and went thru rachel stuff and put her hair pieces on and make fun her was wrong, Right, alot of people thought that was funny and great, can’t have it both ways!

  89. If you do not have Showtime Big Brother After Dark you are missing who these HGs truly are. I was dead set on Rachel and Brendan playing the game better and how much they needed to move on in the game and then as I have watched BBAD it all changed. Rachel has been playing the game, however she is treating Brendan (or better yet he is allowing her to treat him) badly. She talks down to and demeans him. She threw down the gauntlet for everyone to “BRING IT” and now that they have brought it she does not understand why people want her out.

    Brittney and Regan (only recently) are awful for the way that they talk about people. I will say that Brittney is a beautiful girl and all of that gets lost because of the way she is towards other people. I thought it was very poetic when she and Regan were talking and Regan said that the most disgusting water in the world was Rachel’s bath water. This was poetic because each time Rachel won HOH Brittney was right there taking bubble baths and putting on their mud faces. So was he taking a dig at Brittney??

    BBAD will change the way you feel about the person you are rooting for.

  90. @ 116 Chris – I agree and this is a good point. If they did go through Matt’s luggage then turn around is fair play. Rachel took it as a joke so why can’t Matt take it as a joke?

  91. They didnt go through rach’s luggage…they were out remember the feeds…they just put them on, there was no rumaging of any kind…its obvious they were directed in that direction…”production”…nice play CBS…shes exactly what we want our youth looking up to every nite during prime time…

  92. Big Red made two bonehead moves in the game first starting a showmance even though she said showmance couples are never final two… second she should have backdoored Matt last week instead of going after a weak game player(kristen)

  93. @119 I do watch BBAD and i still say Brit is the mean girl. She was talking bad about ppl when Monet was on. I dont want Brenchel to win but at least its interesting with them in the house. The brigade is boring.

  94. scnovr79 #122….Yes they did “open” the top part of some sort of luggage or bag in Rachel’s HOH room and took the hair pieces out, that I remember, and NO Rachel is not someone our youth should look up to, neither is Brit or Regan or Matt, just about no one to look up to, you really need to watch the live feed or BBAD to see how “horrible” these people are…….

  95. Bring on the house meeting Skanky. Its so funny that Brenchel is the only ones playing the game get they are almost out the door. Go Mensa man you Brenchel slayer.

  96. i think britnay should be out the door cause even in the 24 hr live feed she just talks smack about everyone else…

  97. @123 R&B woke up and are outside 10/15 minutes apart. HG in the pool looked as they came outside. Kathy sleeping….Matt/Ragan inside eating. R&B talking trash with the only person on the couch…Enzo. When the fire works start I will note the LF time. Later!! :)

  98. Brenchel talking trash you said LEB. It can’t be they don’t bash other HGs only mean Bitchney does that.

  99. I love Britney, she’s really hilarious. She won’t win, but she played a good game. I think Kathy is a good person, and in her small town has never had to deal with people like this. I mean even Otis puts himself in the cell when he’s too drunk, and those of you not from the south…we really do have towns like Mayberry.

  100. I don’t know why people think this game is about who is nice. I want Britney to win. Why should she be nice to people she doesn’t like. I bet everyone males fun of other people. I know I do. I’m just not on TV. Go Britney!!

  101. Not a fan at all of Britney…She reminds me of a Caddy highschool girl with no back bone.

  102. I think Brit has as decent chance of winning as do any of the rest that will be in the house after Brenchal is evicted.

    Maybe more. She’s already shown she can scheme and play people very well. The Brigade hasn’t done much of that.

    The F2 might very well be Brit and Ragan.

  103. I like Brit and Regan before the past 5 days of watching after dark on Showtime. They talk so much crap about everyone…but Rachel and Brendon. I can understand some of the mean comments the HG make about them but Brit and Regan comments are personal and lies. I am done watching after this week.

  104. Britney is playing the game where I can enjoy watching the program. Can’t say that about other houseguests.

  105. Question…. Matt… does he not remind us of a OLD MAN, with his hand down his pants, or Al Bundy from Married with Children? Is he looking for something or just wants to make sure he has not lost something?..

  106. I found something interesting about Rachel today and I want to share. This came up after watching Sun BBAD

  107. I have been completely on the ” Let’s rag on Rachel” train for the last 3 weeks I admit. And I know that to some of you this will sound like frickin’ bedwetting touchy/feely psychobabble. But tonight on BBAD I truly felt genuine pity for Rachel. She is obviously a severely damaged person who I strongly suspect was sexually abused as a child. She is showing all the classic signs. Each and every day she reveals more of her inner child and her horrendous arrested development. She behaves as an 11 year old child would which is probably about the time something may have happened.
    Her need to be the object of desire is pathetic; first she was satisfied with Brendon’s infatuation. LOVE ME! LOVE ME! Now she is bored with that and is actually passively trying to drive him away by regaling the whole house with raunchy tales of her true self in Vegas. She needs alcohol constantly to remove what little good sense she may have so she can(literally) let it all hang out. Tonight things really hit less than zero with her borderline personality. I had enjoyed laughing at her PLENTY this season, but after tonight I feel like making fun of her is like making fun of a special needs child. Lord someone get her help. Dr. Phil, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Gloria Allred or any one of you media loving quacks… I truly think she might attempt suicide when she sees herself and/or discovers that she became the joke of the summer. No one, not even typically testosterone driven men under 40 find her attractive. She is the reigning “America’s Top Skank “.
    And as for her lap puppy with his own serious issues, I read that Brendon hoped to use some of his winnings to help clean up his brother who is an addict. So apart from the sexual attraction he may feel for Rachel. he is programmed to be the “rescuer” of the lost souls of people he loves. He is as attracted to her for her borderline personality disorder as he is to her big breasts. I now do believe she does escort in the sense of being heavily “tipped” for appearing on the arm of some older loser type guy.
    If she was molested that behavior just reinforces her own self hatred and shame at having been “used” by a man for less than wholesome reasons.
    OK I’ll shut up and I do not mean to judge anyone’s desire to enjoy the show that is Rachel. But just remember she is someone’s daughter and that mother must be in a lot of pain seeing her daughter unravel on national television.
    Paging Dr. Drew, Dr. Ablow even Dr. Phil! HELP.

  108. Kathy may be safe this week and the next when they get out bren/rach. She’d sure better figure out how she’s going to win a comp after that to save her butt. The brigade will get her out before brit.

  109. House meeting in doubt now…. R&B discussing how that action caused Andrew exit. Lane/Enzo told Brendon they had to vote with the house. Brendon is and I quote going to act like S— with Ragan/Brit and told Rachel to be NICE and social with the HG. Tonight should be interesting.

  110. I bet Ragan will have to do many silly things to the houseguest next week. I just hope he will not have to kiss one of the men in the house or have to tell them a story about how he is in love with him. I wonder what America will choose for Ragan first task?

  111. So I’ve read all the comments about Rachel going home, I’m definitely NOT a fan of hers, BUT when she goes home this will be the most boring BB ever,who will cause the drama then? who will Brit/Rag talk about? They will continue to talk about them two the rest of the season, so why not keep her there a lil longer to make it interesting?

  112. I cannot believe what a bunch of whiners post on here. Rachel and Brendon suck! They are annoying as hell and Britney is HILARIOUS! I’m rooting for Brit or Enzo.

  113. Well the reason I voted for Rachel is she has been playing the game. She has won HOH and works hard at trying to play.

  114. Enzo was my favorite this week because he did not enter into the nasty comments brittney @ ra
    -gon kept talking about referring to rachel @
    brandon. They were downright nasty @ kept getting the other housemates to join in. i wish
    cbs would stop such lewd descriptions on your show. I am almost ready to stop watching it!

    rachel aint play shet. she has won, and is a competitor but nips that in the butt with her actions towards the houseguest.

  116. because he walks like James Caan as Sonny Corleone & if you close your eyes, sounds like Christopher Walken. What’s NOT to love?

  117. This is by far the worse group to play the game. From day one they have not been interesting. I don’t even watch it much anymore. I have never looked at this site before or watched after hours but from what everyone is saying it is all the same and boring.
    Rachel is not my favorite but she does fight hard. The bragade is a joke!!!

  118. Although I don’t think I’d be a friend of Rachel, as far as BB goes, you need to keep her in the house. There is no one else with enough character to keep this season going. I am sorry that Brendon got so wrapped up in her that he forgot his gamplay in the first five minutes but he can’t recover. At least with with Rachel, she’s hated and good for TV. The boys of the brigade will control the house without some opposition and all the rest of the players – Kathy, Brit,Ragan will be picked off. It doesn’t make for much of a finale especially when three of the brigade members have done absolutely nothing to deserve the win and are relying on Matt to do the dirty work and I guarantee he’ll be the first one they dump out of the final four.

  119. I CAN’T TAKE BRITNEY AND RAGAN ANYMORE! OMG, all those two do is talk about Rachel and Brendon. And it’s so malicious and disgusting what they say. No game play at all. Britney is toxic! Can’t wait til they get kicked off!! I don’t think it’s funny at all. Sometimes it’s hard to listen to Britney and Ragan. And the stupid Brigade–they’re a bunch of cocky idiots. All they talk about is what they’re gonna do when the show is over– touring and becoming celebrities! Think what you want about Rachel and Brendon, but at least they’ve been trying to play the game, have proven they can win competitions and have other shit to talk about than just the other house guests. Some find them a little annoying, but they lighten up the show and are not negative or malicious. The show is really gonna suck when they leave! It’ll be a boring, cruel, arrogant bunch who lack creativity with their time in the house. I’m disappointed with many of these BB house guests. Sigh.

  120. I dont think the “SAB” will have to do stupid stuff like “America’s Player”did. I hope he throws the pool sticks over the wall,or get rid of all of the cups in the house!

  121. Anything happening yet?? Did Rachel find the diamond pov? Did she tell everyone?? I only watch bbad cuz I don’t have a comp and u can’t get it on IPhone!!! I already tried lol

  122. I think Enzo is hilarious! he is always cracking jokes and making funny faces. love his jersey accent too. not sure why everyone seems to love britney though…i find her annoying and can not stand her! she is constantly making fun of rachel (not a rachel fan, but still). it’s getting old; move onto something different already!

  123. Britney is a very negative person. Does not have anything nice to say about anyone. She thinks she is in. She needs to go out that door

  124. Nicole I agree, Brit needs to quit already!! I used to really like her and wanted her to win but not now!! She is being very highscoolish and down right cruel!

  125. @164 Read 115 and 150 to get updated. :) I am still watching the LF like a HAWK. Back soon when the fireworks start!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. @29(penny) i so agree with you on your opinions of these BB houseguests. I actually think less of Brit that you do. She’s so mean and caddy towards some of the others, that a don’t believe a word she says. And her remarks in the diary room aren’t funny at all. Just mean…When her and Monet where together they made a perfect couple because they were two of a kind. Although Hayden seems to be doing absolutely nothing, i sincerely think he and Lane are the most considerate in the house.

  127. I love Ragan!!! He’s so positive and finds the best in everyone. Not to mention he’s BRILLIANT!! He can read people and uses this skill to his advantage.

  128. Good Eve, FB Post-ers & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

    I’m not happy about Brit & Ragan’s tirade against B&R, dont’ they know the more they do that, the more it’s likely Brenchel will NOT go home? I mean if 2 ppls can bring about so much chat & back talk , why on earth would you get rid of them if you could save them?! I mean really now, they’re a ratings jauggernaut! Forget the bring back Rachel, just have the door NOT open! lol.
    That would be pure jokes!

    Team ABR at it again! Your consistency is amazing! :)

    @terry – what secret do you think that is? (britt & kathy have i mean)
    my fave HG is NONE of the above!

  129. @jb – it’s true i mean the parents of these HG’s must be beside themselves, not only Rachel’s and Brendon’s but Brittney’s, she’s sunk as LOW as few have online.
    Saying on the feeds that Rachel’s laced the pasta with herpes….:S. I dont’ think her fiancee is liking this! It’s funny in the beginning but it’s so OLD news now, move ON!
    you know what they say? ppl’s who tear down others do so to HIDE their insecurities about themselves! Obviously Britt has self-ESTEEM issues! Poor ting, she might want to resolve dem isues prior to getting married! *zing*

    @x-tina (40) i don’t think rachel would do that either, i mean that could warrant an auto evictiction forget warning! that’s beyond chima territory! no rach no! just let CBS save u! lol ;)

    @kristy with #’s – hollaz :) – i agree rachel is a good player skill wise but when she had the HOH both times she went on these power trips! it really hurt her game!

  130. @kristy281 – you hit the nail on da head, arm, foot & hand girl! lol :)
    Voted for Lane b/c there wasn’t an option to vote for NONE!

    @abby2 (103) – seriously? 3 tricks a week buddy, WHAT have u done so far? Ragan stop da dang talk show with Britt and GIT THEE to work!

    @chris (117) you have a point! Ragan, Matt & Britt DID go thru Rachels’s things when she was HOH, they got her extensions and started playin’ with them, so if she did the same to Matt just b/c this time it’s something of WORTH doesnt’ mean it’s unfair! Can’t have it both ways indeed! Forgot about that!

  131. dont’ have online cams, those who have the feeds, what’s good? seems to be a slow night..

  132. I hope Thursday after they vote to eviction the door locks and sabator says. Thanks matt for open ing the panda box !! Or tells the nominations have been changed take the big smack talker Brittany & kathy

  133. @175 Read 115 and 150 to get updated. So far no fireworks. I am noticing the Rachel is begining to think that MAYBE her staying in the house is NOT a done deal.

  134. even though I haven’t been too crazy about him, at least mat is playing the game,not sitting on the sidelines letting everyone else do the work especially enzo all talk no do

  135. Ragan doesn’t like being catty with Brit. He says “he doesn’t like being nasty & doesn’t want to be that way since he wouldn’t do it in real life. Yet he needs the release. But what has caused him to turn against them is their (R&B) sportsmanship, calling ppl names during competitions, being mad when they lose, over celebrating when they win, throwing bowling balls when they lose etc. He wants to clear the air since there is so much tension.”
    Maybe he should stay away from Brit for a while, or talk to her about how negative they have become. He is a communications professor, you would think he could come up with other things to talk about…

  136. I have the feeds..but tonite I noticed that when Rachel was on these little darts there are kiss smacking lips and possibly water ballons appearing..what

  137. most delightful to hear – thanks for da update @ torch! wassup? :)

    @sue – i agree, matt has not been sittin on da sides, which boggles da mind why he would align with those who DO? i mean when push comes to shove, there will be no ‘shoving’ lol, b/c hey they are ‘relaxed’ not ‘workin’ honeybees! this hive is floatin’ on a dream! the bro-gade dream! ;)

  138. @laura – ragan is a communications PROF? yowzah, wonder what his students are thinkin’?! he needs to work more with britt to become less neg, i know it’s funny and all but remem, what you say will 4eva be on, bb websites & youtube, can’t take it back, and I have a feeling Britt’s going to get some serious backlash when she gets home! There’s amusingly funny and then there is epidermal LOW!

  139. I am not a lawyer but I would suggest that Rachel sue each HG that said she has herpes. Regardless of what you think of someone you cannot say things that are not true. She has a good case (if she is clean) for Defamation Of Character. Regan and Brittney, mostly, have repeatedly said she has herpes and this could damage her in her line of work whether we/they agree as to how she carries herself.

  140. That’s funny..Rachel is a paid escort and somebody thinks that it will damage her career if words gets around that she has herepes..That is frigging funny..

  141. I am not trying to be harsh and even though I don’t care for Rachel…I am feeling a bite sorry for her. When she return to Vegas and watch the tapes she will be hit with how bad she played out on BB12. :(

  142. @connie – i think he has a pt, britt’s comments were under the belt, even ragan said on the feeds that he’s worried being aligned with britt will hurt him when he leaves, b/c britt’s getting out of bounds…plus i heard that ragan & britt were DR’ed today…britt’s gettin’ in trouble….

  143. RACHEL is paid escort and supposedly works for an upscale club in Vegas. Escort services have their employees checked often for medical problems or STD’s if u wanna bottom line it. It would not be unusual or out of the ordinary if RACHEL did contact herpes crabs lice or one of the many other diseases a female might get in her line of work…

  144. Watching LF and Rachel is conveying the signs that “she knows” things are not looking that good for her staying.

  145. i like brendon his willing to give up any money or prizes to have rachal stay his a gentleman. he make kathys bed in the havenot room he makes her sweet tea he makes slop for kathy he cooks food for the whole house even when he was on slop. he cleans the kitchen he should get the money

  146. Britney hates Brenchel because they are both, in her true words, “despicable.” I’d add “insufferable” too. Rachel’s entitlement issues and Brendon’s know-it-all attitude have put them where they are in the house. Britney just calls it like she sees it — they’re annoying, and she has to look at them 24/7. Plus, her insults are comedic, which is nice considering how many of these effing HGs lack any sort of sense of humor. Ragan, I’m sorry, but he’s completely annoying. Half the time he’s doing that loud, high-pitched voice, and the other half he’s cocking his head and being completely neurotic. UGH. Matt is just an overconfident weasel who needs a dressing down. And does he seriously think those pajamas are anything but creepy? He’s totally the Natalie of the season, in regards to inflated ego and total lack of self-awareness. Hayden’s cute but kinda worthless. Lane, I believe has studied the game. I wish he and Britney truly were an alliance and that the Brigade would crumble. Think how boring the final weeks will be if it’s just the Brigade playing pool. I hope to God BB doesn’t allow a deck of cards into the house. Then it’s bye bye After Dark. OK, enough rambling. Lane and Britney all the way. And Kathy for HOH!

  147. @200 That too! I guess the TOE is hurting Brendon’s skills.
    Attitude was Rachel’s downfall!!!!

  148. I watched the live feed last night and was appalled by the talk about Rachael and Brendon. It was disgusting how Britney and the rest talked about them. Are they still in high school?

  149. I was appalled by the talk about Rachael and Brendon last night behind their backs from the rest of the group. Especially Britney she is so cruel and high school.

  150. I could hardly wait for big brother to start. But now I just do not like to watch it at all. All the players are extremely lame and boring. There is not one single event that attracted my attention.

  151. A ot are saying this is the lamest BB yet. I feel just the opposite. I think they cast too many smart players this season. Usually by this time in previous seasons those that tried to play the game too hard were eventually knocked off and those that were the smarter players then went on to battle it to the end. I think once the house gets down to 7 players the game play is going to picked up big time and take us to one of the better finishes yet.

  152. Jerry, I hope you are right. Right now, all we see is rachel/branden. I am fed up with them. I do not understand why the network is giving them so much air time.They are not even likable people.

  153. Enzo will get down and dirty and out fox himself.
    Lane will be the silent killer.
    Matt will play the DPV and then watch who to connect with.
    Britney will end up talking herself out the door.
    Ragan will continue to be objective and a key player.
    Lane will be the friendly player who get’s the $500K.
    Kathy will be in the running for second place.
    R&B will have wished they never have played the love card!!!!!

  154. I voted for Lane just because he is the nice friendly guy that hasn’t made me mad (other than Ragan). I just loved Brendon from the beginning until the lies with Kristen, back stabbing her, even though I didn’t like her. Kathy, last, she’s lazy, does nothing. I still think she is Britney’s mother.

  155. @ LEB You are a sweet man for worrying about our little rake. She will be fine! She is and will continue to milk all of this for A LONG TIME TO COME! She will keep on scopin’ out the whip boys and then do what she does best,nothing!

  156. I do have to add that as much as Rachel gets on my nerves, she has played the best including HoH twice. Brenden-nothing. Am I the only one that thinks Hayden looks like the “good guy” on the last 2 survivors? I can’t think of his name, the country boy. I think he won 2 games ago. This last one was good against bad. Hayden has turned out to be nothing like him and I hate that. I already had him picked out to win but not now. MATT is going to hell for the big lie about his wife! unbelievable! I wonder if it would even bother him if she did get some bad disease now after him doing that? Probably not! I wish he was leaving this week!!!

  157. If I was Britney fiancee, after the show Id tell her to stop being such a *it**, she embarrassing everyone that know her.

  158. @210 No sex change YET… Just a person who doesn’t want Rachel to feel life’s pain. :(
    But it might be a good thing… cause she needs a reality check on her life style.

  159. After Rachel leaves, the house is going to be so boring. Who wants to see peole all happy getting along playing pool. Bring back Evil Dick. This season sucks.

  160. Stupid Brendon can’t find Rachel (who had been talking to Ragan until she got mad and walded off) and then stomps outside to come yell at Ragan and Brit for saying crap to her. (Ragan was only trying to explain to her that he doesn’t like her poor sportsmanship, and give her examples because she didn’t believe him.) He had NO clue what they were talking about, just assumed a bunch of crap, and then attacked Brit’s relationship with Nick, saying that he’s cheating on her with a bunch of girls while she’s on BB.

  161. Brit has been attacking B/R relationship for days. She has been caddy and a bit.. and deserved some smack and of course Lane was there to pick her up. The game is going to be boring with out B/R drama! America should ask saboteur to saboteur B/R going home and send His new best friend Brit home! Now that would make for a great show.

  162. LF @ 10:53 PM PT Rachel is starting to turn the Ragan Convesation to Brendon. Of course Brendon believes Ms R.

  163. Ragan & Brit are horrible people!! Ragan just sat there while Rachel was trying to talk and he talked her “down” the whole time!! He is a smug a** and thinks he is all that. He and Brit are the two biggest back stabbers in the house and need TO GO!! They both have “no class”

  164. What a joke this season of BB has become. Brittany is a as low class as I have ever seen. Her family must be very ashamed of her. I do not like Rachel either but Brittany has made a fool of herself. I would never vote for her, Ragan, Matt( God may punish him for lying)Enzo or Kathy. Looks Like Lane or Brendon for me. Keep hanging yourself Guys. Looks like preschool to me.

  165. It’s really funny how the HG just keep talking about the same stuff over and over. Get over it already and play the game like you want to win it!! Every person in that house is a “person” first, and should play the game with integrity. On BBAD they have shown America their true colors. Yes R & B are hard to take at times because they are a couple, but it seems like the reactions of the other HG is that they are just jealous!!

  166. Enzo is the only one that I would be friends with.Everyone else is crazy and attack like a pet bulls.Does anybody have a mind of there own?Where’s the game play?

  167. I really can not stand this years houseguests. I really can not stand Ragan, Brittany, Lane and Hayden and Kathy is a two faced beast! These people need to grow up, this may be the last season i watch. Brittan and Ragen are so negative!!!! LOOSERS!!!!!!!!! Get a life go home

  168. Well, this is the last night for me!! Just the sound of Ragan’s voice is now hurting my ears. Nothing nice seems to come from his mouth anymore and Brit is a lost cause. I hope some of the other HG would start to play the game for real now! When it’s all said and done they will all go home, watch the tapes and hopefully go to church and ask God for his forgiveness. Very childish words that they have to say behind everyone’s backs is just not “game play” and has gotten way out of hand!

  169. I about turned showtime off~why people like Brit and raegan is beyond me! They don’t tell it like it was and totally evil. Funny it isn’t. Kathy is disappointing too. Lane ~he hates women. Talks terrible. Enzo at least realizes Rac/Bren are going to the JURY. I sure wouldn’t be trying to be mean to those 2! If this keeps up I won’t be watching After dark!

  170. I loved Brit and Ragan in the beginning but now they feed off each other with such hatred for Rachel and Brendon. I would think Ragan of all people would know how it feels to be ridiculed for being different. I’m so sick of Ragan’s screeching and Brit’s attitude of “I’m rich, I’m beautiful, I’m the best.” Just remember, we all put our pants on the exact same way and money does not make a person. If you have an ugly personality Money can’t buy you a new one. You get what you give.

  171. The only people actually playing the game is B and R. Brit and Ragan can’t quit talking about Rachel’s private parts. I agree with above, Brit’s family must be extremely embarrassed by her mouth. I first thought Ragan and Rach were the life long friends, guess I was wrong. Come on America vote for Ragan to sabotage getting R and B out. He would have to eat some s… and it would be ha lar ious!

  172. I dont know why the house guest hated rachel and brandon.first of all rachel play the game the best than anyone in this big brother 12.the rest is sucks especially britney the bitch and slot try to make a deal with rachel last week.lane and britney should go to the room and make out and fuck britney the slot pale face whoe trying to be the floters.britney go back to your place where you live coz your not smart enough yet a lot britney from the big brother 12.this is a game stupid ragan,stupid lane who doesnt play the game,only ride along with stupid tatto matt who’s grows body disgusting matt.aahh…big brother 12 is boring excep rachel is the snmartest in this episod.rachel is the entertainer in this show.i hope she’s going to make it in the allstar coz she’s a good heart pretty most of all funny.i love her in this episod.britney the bitch we do not like her and matt and lane.

  173. britney is the loooser,ragan is the stupid looser who attack rachel tonight.rachel said sorry manny times and ragan wont accep it.god can forgive all of us and he’s only a person who cannot accep rachel’s appology,i was watching and heart he attack her and wont accept her appology and i was crying for rachel i was heart too.what he did is wrong he not smart.

  174. Why is Kathy si low? She needs the money more than anyone. My 2 fav’s are Ragan and Kathy! Ragan and Kathy have such great hearts and Kathy is the ONLY one who stays true to herself and doesnt vote with the pack. She is def no “cookie-cutter”. Why dont people like her? and Ragn has a great heart too! Beitney (with the highest votes) is shallow, feeds off making fun of people (dont get me wrong I HATE Rachel) but her and Monet were so so mean and only wanted to talk about others ALL day long (I have the feeeds) and she is so mean and so egotistical.!!! I wish more people (americans… as I am canandian) cared about kindness and personality!!!!

  175. I cant understand someone as mean and superficial as Britney can get the mose votes. She has said some of the most vile and disgusting insults from the very beginning, proving herself to be extremely self centered, very cruel, very face, and a big liar. How her family and boyfriend love her, shocks me, they must be a bunch of southern idiots, she needs her mouth washed with soap, and her parents to be chastisized for raising her to be this horrible human being. Not a kind bone in her.

  176. this season is boring so far. Brendon needs to think with his big head and not his little one. Its a game not supposed to throw yourself under the bus. I think Lane is the sleeper in this game he is just waiting for the right time to make his move. I HOPE.

  177. after reading all these comments i have lost my faith in the human race.
    Love the gamers who want to win and who love the bb game and dont take everything so personal.

    matt gets my vote best game player

  178. Its ironic how the same stragedy that got andrew evicted is the same stragedy thats getting Brendon to stay. I can’t wait to see the pure look of shock on Rachel nasty prositute face when she’s evicted and Brendon’s look of knowing hes going to have no one next week since he fought with most ppl.

  179. I’m getting tired of Matt sticking his hands down his pants and Enzo smelling his fingers after he removes his hands from his pants. The brigade is getting really old and they are really Cocky about the celebrity thing!

  180. I voted for Rachel because yes she is spoiled however she is at attempting to play the game and shaking it up a bit. And obviously the household sees her as favorite cause she is thier only topic every SINGLE day. Rachel talks game, stragety, topics of her life, etc. When does the real BIG BROTHER start. Ready to drop off this Big Brother 12.

  181. Although I have never been a fan of Rachel or Brendon, I believe the Brittney and Ragan have gone too far with their personal shots against Brendon and Rachel and the way they look. It is one thing to play the game and discuss each player but I don’t recall a season such as this with such cruelty including on-going personal attacks. This should not be. It has gone too far and needs to stop.

  182. Fav this week is Rach; yep she is a bit immature at times, but she came in wanting to play the game. What I hear is: Floaters out! Lets bring on the strong players and go toe to toe. Dont see nothing wrong with that. Really tried of seeing weak yes-man players. Spineless BB players. Most borest BB game ever. Well lets see what happens this week and hopefully there is a big twist or else I am wasting my time on this group of high school bullies. Bring on the real BB Players!

  183. I can’t wait until RAGAN and BRITNEY are on the block and CRYING!!!!!! Both of them are back-stabbers. Ragan is a pompous jerk who thinks he’s better than everyone. Britney is annoying and doesn’t seem to have a CLUE that those guys will turn the tables on her as soon as the have the chance. BOTH of them pretended to be Rachel’s friend then turned on her…NO DIGNITY! They both deserve to go!

  184. I picked Matt because he just sits back and watches everyone argue. All the drama is happening around him while he sits back and relax, yeah! He is to smart to say anything when it comes to people getting their underwear in a bunch, lol.

  185. For all the college and IQ stat’s in the house, Enzo is the only one intelligent enough to realize that the jury will vote. And the only one with the class to treat people respectfully especially when the chips are down. For all his one-liners and sometimes nasty talk, his genuine consideration in listening and comiserating with the people on the block, even if “we” know it isn’t real makes him by far the classiest player this season. I thought Jordan proved last season that playing the game doesn’t mean you have to be a back-stabbing Natalie and Chema, (Brit and Ragan!) Enzo you do the East Coast proud.

  186. Brendon is truly a decent guy who is trying to protect the one he loves. He’s a good guy who is playing a bad game (right now). Hopefully he will cause a lot of havoc one Rachel leaves and prove to be an outstanding competitor. Cannot stand Ragan and Britney because they are too immature to play the game without personal attacks. Hope these girls are taught a lesson.

  187. I think Brendan is by far the most decent person in the house. He is a naturally good and smart man. His current “act” is done solely to try and save Rachel, the girl he loves. I also love Rachel. She too is a naturally good-hearted, fun-loving and very intelligent young woman. Both she and Brendan are far more substantive people than evil little Britney and that soon-to-be-psychopath Lane. RE: Lane, what kind of person/people get into a pick-up truck and drive around fields in the dark killing anything with eyes? Apparently Lane does – or so he says. I guess it’s just that loving Texas culture that spawns people into killers. Texas, the wackiest, least educated place in the western world! I just hope, for Brendan’s sake, that Rachel returns as much love to him as he has given to her. The bottom line is that when they leave the house, the house becomes far less interesting. Hayden and Lane? These people are incredibly non-engaging. Totally uninteresting. If/when Braden and Rachel leave, I become an Enzo fan.

  188. I believe Hayden has quite a bit of common sense. I am not proud of his showmance being so intimate for viewer viewing. Maybe they could have curtailed it some.
    He also appeared to be a good looser.

  189. im with jj24, i mean it’s just a game. there is no reason to get so wrapped up in it all, i think that ragan is really sweet but it all depends on who’s side u r on. he certainly is the right pick for the sabotour, he definitlt has the right to because most of the house guests are just plain rude to him. most of the hg’s are just immature and whiney especially rachel, she is so emotional that it’s getting annoying. i mean people are going to play dirty but it has reached a ridiculous high this summer. it’s a GAME for crying out loud! BB has lost it’s touch.

  190. I have a question for all you folks – what and how would each of you handle it when everybody in the house was out to get you. No matter what you did – EVERYONE is out for you. You would play your heart out and win just like Rachel and remember Janelle – she depended on no one but herself. I feel bad for Rachel – I wish she could handle it a little better.

  191. How does that foul mouth, back stabbing Brit get the votes. She is a floater, her bio says her strategy is to get out all the women and she does not like other women, why then is she all over Ragan? I think Lane has had enough of her, I know I have. Fir the third time, I think America or BB should make Ragan the Sabateur align with Rach and Brend to keep them in the house! How funny would that be? He has trashed them so bad, now make him align with them, don’t know if B/R would go for it but that would be a great BB twist. Life at BB will be boring with Rach and Bren gone, that’s when I stop watching. If it comes down to the brigade they will have to turn on each other even though they don’t know Matt is playing his own game. Bren call that meeting and bring up The good/bad thing with Pandora’s box. I vote Rach, Bren and Enzo

  192. I continue to be disgusted by the hypocrisy of brittney @ ragan. rachael sincerely went to ragan to apologise if she has done or said anything to upset him.he responded by saying deeply personal things to rachael that were very traumatic. britney waited till almost the end of the verbal attack @ twisted almost everything rachael was saying. briefly the essence of the verbal attack was that last weekrachael came out of the dr looking at him, laughing frantically. rachael said she was laughing at something said in the dr @ ragan wasn’t on her mind. Britney then popped up @ said to everyone outside “He didn” even say a thing. she then explained that this was someone in the dr that she was talking about. She then apologised to ragan if he misunderstood. He did not believe her @ called her the ‘drama queen of the house. this was said by the biggest drama queen ever on bb.A few more jabs were thrown at rachael. she was beginning to get upset @ apologised again to ragan “for being the person who was making his life in the bb house miserable,etc,etc.She talked with a weepy voice,but did not cry hysterically. she got up, @very dignified, walked to the dr was there for over an hour. As soon as she left, ragan @ brittney started laughing, @ twisted the story to all the hg.Brenden exploided,but I ‘ll let someone elsediscuss that. I am still upset at the way ragan, britney,@ now kathy are so disguisting in the way they talk to @ about rachael. i am not a big fan of racheal@ brenden,but they aren’t lewd when they talk about the hg. i just can’t wait to see how they are verbally attacked after rachel@brenden are gone!


  193. I really think all the house HG lack this season, it has been a little boring. Britney acts like a 5 year old, she should at least not mock and say what she means. Brendon and Rach at least win stuff. Matt is so full of himself and he was the one i thought i would like. I find that the HGs are spoiled little children they are the worse of what the states have to offer as people.

  194. Brendon is acting so immature by lusting for a fake haired escort he knows a month….wait til he checks out her youtube videos!!! Hopefully they marry each other and are miserable together for decades to come

  195. kgrocconi I agree wholeheartedly!!! How can Ragan and Britney get votes for most popular??? I have been reading the blogs and I don’t see much support for their behaviors. So what’s up? Is it like “vote for the worst” in Americal Idol?

  196. Wow after reading alot of the comments on here, i take back what i said, it seems that the HG are a perfect cross section of what is out there! Herpes??? how old are you guys? Are you related to Britney? So very sad! I am embrassed that i even posted here now.

  197. Ragan has shown great restraint, class, and patience dealing with Brendon and Rachel. Last night on BB After Dark, he calmly and rationally explained to Rachel why other houseguests view her as a poor sport with a bad attitude. His remarks were absolutely true. She ran off crying, causing Ragan, Britney, and Matt to incur the wrath of Brendon. He must want off the show really badly. (Poor dumb guy.) Unfortunately, everyone has had enough of Miss Rachel, and she needs to leave. Also, I love the talk show that Britney, Ragan, and Matt have been doing. I literally laugh out loud; they are so spot on with their commentaries. Keep it up, guys. Next week will be soon enough to say goodbye to Brendon.

  198. Wow, Britney is a big piece of crap..she sits there and laughs in Brendens face and interjects herself into Reagen and his confrontation….so when it turns to her and she gets just what she deserves…then she’s the victim a crying sniveling little piece of crap….he told it like it was…they are cock roaches..last week up in the HOH room and was their best friend…this week she is right there with Matt and Reagen….and she’s their best week she will scatter when the light comes on to the next safe place….(HOH winner and be their best friend)

  199. We all see what kind of person mary is..people like that must have been the two-faced mean people making fun of people behind their backs.. that have no good character growing up or today…what a shame.

  200. I can not wait to see Reagan and Britney on the block,then lets see how “COMPOSED” they are.Britney is the most two faced person and Reagan is self rightous.I can not stand either one of them,they are both very imature.I agree with timmy one hundred percent.

  201. Ragan has only tried to keep the house open and honest. However, he is the “Sab” and without even trying, he is playing the game and using Miss Brit to help him with the dirty work! Hatechel & Brendumb have reached the end of the line. They had a great opportunity back in weeks 3-4 to solicit alliances, but they were too busy smooching! Now look where they are. Sorrry! I do like Enzo and hope he’ll stop scratching and smelling and then eating with the same hand!

  202. This is the worse season EVER actually none of the guests are good and deserving to be there.
    I cannot stand Brenden or Rachel and if he gives up his place in the house for a pig like Rachel I think BB should send him home.
    He is there to play the game not to snuggle under the sheets as he has been doing he is such a wimp I cannot stand either one of them and Bri, Matt, Lane, are just as bad…Enzo is the best and Hayden comes close and Ragan last.

  203. I agree with Mary in Tampa. Ragan by far is my favorite this week because rather than just back-biting, he had the intestinal fortitude to very politely tell Rachel what a bad sport, fake, crybaby bitch she is.

  204. mary in tampa how were you raised that you agree with how anyone who puts down people are the best. britt and gay boy will get there’s when they met there maker and are sent to the fires

  205. Kathy stood up to Rachel when Rachel was behaving like the baby she is. The show is called Big Brother not Big Baby(Rachel)! Let’s see the rest of the houseguests… PLEASE, I’m so over the Rachel show!

  206. This is the worse year yet. I have stopped watching the after dark shows. I am sick of hearing Bribich run her mouth and anyone that can tell a lie about your wife begin sick is not right in the head. BIG Brother YOUR show sucks

  207. Ragan and Britney are so immature, hypocrites and downright nasty and mean. Wanted to like you Ragan but not anymore. You are a disappointment. People voted you as the sabateour early in week 4 before your true colors came out…what a shame, your not a favorite anymore. Britney is young and dumb…..had more hope Ragan, a game or not, shame on you.

  208. wouldn’t it be a nice twist to elect another sabatour, and have them both working against each other without the other knowing? Ragan thinks he’s all that and that America loves him, but I think we voted him the Sab because we recognized the evil sleeze he is. Please BB let us vote in another Sab to work against him. Ahh my guess would be Snitey.

  209. I voted for Kathy just because she is the first person on the show to stand up to Rachel. I can not wait till Rachel is out of the house. Hate her.

  210. I was just so happy when Kathy stood up to Rachel after the POV competition and refused to lower herself to Rachel’s level. Rachel is such a cry baby and drama queen! She’s got one set of rules for her own behavoir, and a whole different set of rules for the other people in the house (and for the rest world too probably).

  211. Here we go again,same crap again tonight. Who will they bash when the showmance is in jury house.Can’t wait to see who is next. BORING!!!!

  212. While Rachel shows a lack of class and obviously has a drinking problem and Brendon is possibly the most pw guy I have ever seen, Ragan and Britney behave far worse with the personal attacks and constant bashing just making themselves look like the total losers they really are. Especially given Raga’s profession and how he was bullied as a child you would think he would at least know better. Lane has my vote because you rarely he him say something bad about someone unless he is cornered so he is not embarrassing himself. Btitneys needs to grow up she had become less classy then Rachel and I did not think that was possible. Kathy is perhaps the most 2 faced person in the house.

  213. Those idiots and their talk show are so disgusting! I can’t believe just how mean and vindictive thay all are. Brittany can’t open her filthy mouth without being a rude B*^#@. And Ragan isn’t any better. Kathy is a big two faced witch. And Hayden, Enzo, Matt and Lane are just on another planet! Rachel and Brendon are not perfect that’s for sure but at least they are upfront and tell people like it is. ALL of the rest don’t have the guts to say stuff to the others! I can’t believe Brittany told Brendon he should tell everyone in front of their face what he says about them behind their back! She and Ragan do that better than anyone I have ever seen. What a skank….

  214. i agree with everything you say sherry these people are so lame i think i am done with bb this year hopefully they have better people next year or i will give it up forever

  215. Brit/Ragan/Matt are probably the most vile people I’ve ever seen on this show, and I remember Dickless and the Season 8 version of this bash-a-thon (with Jen as the target of Sniggering Eric and the Late Night losers). Bitchney’s obsession with finding random things to bash Brendon for is just pathetic and when Matt aand Ragan took a flirty suggestion Rachel made to Brendon (about him licking tequila off of her) and went on a rip about “herpes” and “pustules” and “that’s her vagina!” and such, I wanted to strangle them all.

    Matt is a hell of a person to talk about hygiene, given that he’s spent the whole summer with his hand on his genitals. Then again, given how tiny Mr. Mensa’s package likely is, he’s probably just checking to be sure they’re still there.

    Rachel is trashy and Brendon is whiny…and they’re head and shoulders above the other seven idiots in this household. (Kathy’s a horrible bitch, Enzo offers “friendship” as a way to get the thrill of toying with desperate houseguests [it’s not about jury votes, he did it with Annie in Week 1] and manages to whine angrily [“What issssssss this??” It’s me wanting to kill you, that’s what it is, jerk], Lane only communicates through violence, and Hayden is giddily hoping Brendon has a nervous breakdown on Rachel’s eviction). Horrible, horrible casting.

    The only joy is knowing that Bitchy and Ragan the Judgmental Sneerer are both such idiots they don’t know the Bro-gade is coming for them. (Kathy isn’t even attempting gameplay, so there’s less unearned hubris there.)

  216. Brit is clever in her dealings..she’s also quick-witted in dealing with the Rach and Brendan pair.

  217. I West and Janice, wow…you don’t have a don’t have to be brenden and racheal fans to realize that Britney is Satan’s daughter…spawn from the depths of Hell…and she will be going back there when she has to face god and answer for her actions….its one thing to be a cry baby and a poor sport..but its another to be a down right nasty evil human being…and thats the bottom line….

  218. each night the lf gets more degrading. i can’tunderstand why some people adore brittney’ ragan @ now kathy. i’m not a big fan of rachael@ brendon,but at least they don’t speak of hgs in such an ugly way. now the hgs have a nightly talk show (are they hoping someone in la will start a reality show with them as the stars/) whose main topic is to talk so disgustingly leud about rachael @ brendon. last night i turned off the tv when brittney
    and ragan had their turn. I wanted to vomit when britney spoke of the “big topic of the day”about her (brit) going to the hoh bathroom and sayng there4 were “skid marks on the toilet with a rachael hair hanging on the seat”. the fact is that water spray from the sink travels 20 feet and the hair could have fallen if she was brushing it. the skid marks probaly were matts as he so loves to keep his hands in his pants to make sure everything is still there. this is info we all could have done without! brittney, iknow your family are so proud of how well you use your potty mouth. also,ragan got his turn and began the usual leud descriptions of rachael and brendon. 99% of what he says about them is ugly and totally false. i want to throw up if i see him anymore make that grotesque face, move his hands and fingers around like a bendable doll,and talk like a horse. Lastly, I am so sickened by kathy. she is the biggesthypocrit on bb! shame shame on all 3 of them, and shame on the rest of the hg for supporting their despicable, leud ugly mouths! i voted for enzo this week because he seems to stay out of it more than the other hgs, but not all the time. the hgs keep saying this is the best bb of all time. wrong. bb#12 so far has been boring, lame, @ the most disgusting show of all of the bb’s.



    2 brendon

  219. BB production has failed us again…It sucks that Ragan is the sabatour,however, production only gives him things to choose from to do…
    Hmmm…lets see, Do something that really turns the house upside down…or Do something to Brenden and Racheal, (whom he hates)…all three choices he had was something to do with brenden and racheal…nothing to do with actual game play…those suggestions suck and BB production need to give him a real task or take back the deal…he does not deserve 20 thousand for doing nothing…
    America made a bad choice (Ragan) and BB production is letting us down with the lame task choices he’s given.

  220. Ragan is still my choice! He’s tried several times to make sense of this whole corrupt household. The vulgarity and lack of respect for some HGs is very demeaning and painful to watch. Sorry, BB this is a sad group you’ve chosen this season. Please help us viewers out by ending this season with everyone being kicked off!! You’re pretty resourceful, you can do anything! Thank you.

  221. i am a big fan (was) of bb until they went to the bottom of the barrel to find the rottenest,dirtiest,most foul humans(if that is what they are)you have two people playing to win and they want to get one out because everyone is scared of her and cannot outplay her so get rid of one of the two that came to play the game i would not give 2 cents for all the floaters who it seems have the biggest and dirtiest mouths ever on bb they make shema look like an angel and evil dick was not even that bad.

  222. This week I pick Lane since he seems to be the least objectionable. I don’t like the way Hayden yells at us when he is reporting in the diary room, Matt is too cocky, Enzo rides on too many coattails, Ragan and Britney (even though I find them both amusing) tend to be a bit rude for my taste, Kathy is too stupid (giving mercy votes is going to backfire on her one of these days) and Brenchel … well, I have nothing good to say about them – both of them supposedly professional people behaving the way they do … they should be ashamed of themselves.

  223. I feel really bad for Rachel; when she watch the BB and see how horrible Britney and Reagan spoke about her and most everyone else jumping in on the band wagon. I loved Evil-Dick because he planned the game and his stragety was to be mean and shake everyone up esp if they were after him. He did not back stabb he stood up and faught. He planned the game. This season! What is up? High-school mean girls trying to be funny at someone else expense(and dont have to do that cause they have a sense of humor, guess they trying to fit in). Matt has a fake dying wife (but he’s playing his own game). Sooooo, would that suppose to be a fake symphany vote from the jury. Kathy the low key yes-man sherif. For real, is she a sherif? Hummmm, Reagan and Lane are both from Texas I think, are they the friends (or I trying to fit Lane in somewhere). Maybe I missed something. LOL Enzo playing his own game, being the most likable.

  224. the things that really amaze me most;how a college prof. can act like a 9 year old; how so many cruel sociopaths can be in one house; how so many people like ragen and brit.;how so many other people can’t see who the floaters,and poor game players are,and why big brother helps the pack, example (suggestion for ragens sabatage) and their are others.

  225. Well done HGs you did it. Rac-hell and Brendumb are finally apart. The poor HGs will have hell to pay now. So let the games begin and may the best one win!

  226. BB12 games have started!!!!!!!!!!! HOH will come out swinging to avenge Maiden (notice I didn’t say madam) Rachel.

  227. Kathy is in a good position as she has played right down the middle. Kind to all and the house mother.

  228. i don’t see where kathy the strip o gram sheriff is good to anyone but her foul mouthed daughter brit and anyone else who she can kiss a$$ and float farther into the game the cig smoking fake who is faking to have cancer to get symphony

  229. Very thrilled about last nite’s HOH winner-Brendon. Now that Rachael is evicted, he will revert to his own self, @ concentrate on the game. I hope he will play a big part in breaking up the brigade, even though he doesn’t know about it. Ragan feels remorseful for the hurtful things he said@ has been crying. Boo-Hoo!Miss Britt feels no remorse for her hurtful commemts. In fact, she seems not to remember any of her vile comments,@ continues to hate Brenden for his comment about her fiance, Nick.The way to be forgiven by anyone, even the Lord is to fess up,be remorseful,@ forgive yourself,@ say you are sorry. The under 30 group on BB has a lot of growing up to do. They act like high school bullies!


  230. time to feel the wrath of brendon for all the mean hurtful ways they used to make his love cry go bren don’t let the strip-o-gram fool you and flop to you now that you have the power she floated long enough brit must really be hungry already the way she is going at her fingers

  231. Its great watching ragan cry and call unfair…
    he deserves everything he gets after showing his true colors…he is a terrible person and needs to get put out and loose any chance at 20,000 dollars, after he watches himself on the show and afterdark…they will need to put him on 24 hour suicide watch…everyone knows who he really is now…

  232. Timmyz88 — I agree with you. The way he ridiculed Rachel for crying, ha! Look at him ball. I love it. Karma is working. He also makes sures that the BBAD cameras are on him by talking to the lenses, I mean himself. The way he talks about Matt, I wouldn’t be surprised is they are a two-some and Matt’s wife is just a friend.

  233. Uh, oh Brit got caught in her own devious lie! Or did she mispeak again? Hmmm. No tears will save her now! I also noted that Redchell came for a visit and the HGs are turned on each other. So, she gets retribution before going back to JH and without Brendumb! Stop crying Ragan, I am getting sick of the water flow! You wanted to play the game, there are consequences to getting what you want, like $20K?? Getting interesting now!

  234. i called it down the line and love to watch the hg squirm and kissa$$ with brendon get the two devil kids ouut of there now even though we can’t get crybaby out this week we can get his sister out by-by brit

  235. I think Matt should win!!!! He has been playing a great game! Enzo is a turncoat and lazy. Kick matt out of the brigade??? Enxo is a paranoid back stabbing etc. I can’t wait till Matt uses his Diamond Veto!!!!!!!!!

  236. I don’t think it is great watching anybody cry, or dogs yelp.
    Reagan had REAL tears, Rachoid did not (maybe a tear)

  237. erika i agree with you but there are others who need to step up also like enzo,britnee,the crybaby,andthe soo called tough cowboy who should be used to wallowing in mud and hay there are only three people playing the game the rest are all leaches and gossips they should evict them all except the three playing no one else deserves the money as for matt he will get paid back for his lies when something actually happenes with his family

  238. over on chat on the feeds, someone said that ragan caught a glimpse of the dpov and that now matt can’t use it – can anybody confirm that?

    • No, I hsve not read anything about the Dpov. I’ll keep looking on other BB updts. That would have a profound affect on the game.

  239. I still think Ragan, Matt and Brendumb are play-ing the game well. I sincerely have doubts about Enzo and Hayden. they’re displaying certain two-faced attributes that make me distrust them, especially, when “nothing” was to break up the brigade, which I thought included making other alliances outside of the “brigrade”! Hmmm.

  240. Trisha wants Matt to win,I guess its ok to lie about your wife dying…must be an admirable trait in your book…great judge of character..
    oh yea, FYI..reachel did not deserve all the crap ragan did to her…she was crying and he deserves all the things he got and will get, including answering for all the mean and nasty things he says about everyone….once he see’s how he has acted when he gets out…he will be on 24/7 suicide watch….are you sure your watching the same show as everyone else….WOW

  241. has anyone got an update on wether or not regan saw the dpov which would make it useless which would turn this game upside down and great

    • I don’t know about that but be careful what you read in here about things…last week they were writing that racheal searched matt suitcase and found it and it became useless…which turned out to be a bunch of bunk…some poeple in here need to have their facts in place before they get us all excited…where I would love that to be true
      nothing on after dark confirms any of this.

  242. Watching Kathy just amazes me…every time I think she is ok, she goes right back to being so two faced…I cannot stand how she smiles and laughs with one person and then goes over to other HG’s and says so much crap and B/S … and I just cannot get past the fact that she had cancer and survived…get a second chance and can sit there and suck on those ciggaretts.. what a smack in the face… foolish mortal

    • Yes, I agree.That really bugs me.She said she wanted the money for her son,she’s afraid of getting cancer again.DAH!!Try not smoking dumbass.

  243. I can remember on a previous BB that a houseguest lied about their profession, so lying is acceptable and used as part of their strategy to further their stay in the game. I hate that it happens so frequently, but that’s all part of the game. I think when it’s not done maliciously, we can deal with it better.

  244. thanks timmy i know what you mean some of these people think they are in the game and start acting like the players to start something you got to remember that those playing are selling there integerity for money

  245. Quite the night on after dark.. Hayden missed a pool shot and swung his pool stick striking 3 others leaning on the (Tournament Trophy) and shattered all 4 sticks into pieces…it was an accident for sure..everyone was standing there with their mouth hanging open. Parts of pool sticks flew all the way accross the yard almost hitting the windows. It wasn’t long before the others inside the house came out to see “what the heck” was going on. Britney made sure she got a small piece and let everyone know “this will be going on E-Bay for sure, I bet I can get at least 20 dollars for it.” For someone who wants Brendon out so bad and cannot stand him, Kathy was all over him last night, even went up to his room to hang out with Brenden, Hayden, and Enzo to study for upcoming comps…Britney was wondering..”why is everyone up there with him.? ” Duh ! your days are numbered…what will Matt do tonight…
    I think he will take the easy way out and throw Kathy up…but I hope its Britney.

  246. i don’t think he will put up britney because him,britney and regan are a$$hole buddies scemeing to stay in together so he will put up cathy no matter what the bro gard sayes

  247. I have gay friends and they’re pissed that Ragen is on T.V giving gay peaple a bad name.His crying and bitchyness is out of control.This is NOT how they act.In fact they would love to hang out with Rachel she’s just crazy enough to have a good time…

  248. Trisha #5: I agree with you. Matt should win it all. He managed to keep his cool until tonight! The game is beginning to get interesting now!!

  249. Trisha wants Matt to win,I guess its ok to lie about your wife dying…must be an admirable trait in your book…great judge of character..
    I think he is a low person, and he acts like such a weasel. He deserves nothing but a map to the jury house with his little cuddle buddy ragan and his little princess britney…If he had any stones at all he would have put britney or enzo up tonight…but the coward took the easy way out and threw Kathy under the bus. Matt should win it all…BAH,…gimme a break, what a joke

  250. now everyone will a lying witch britney i because she promised not to put brendon up or backdoor him but you know she won’t put her a$$hole buddies up,she is afraid to put any of the others except enzo so we know she is going against her word and putting up brendon and enzo

  251. Part of playing the game is to get as far as you can. Everyone in the house has lied about something, or gossiped behind someone’s back, so why are we not upset with all the HGs? Each one has been deceitful, and ALL have been backbitting players, Brit, Ragan, Lane, Brendon, Enzo, Hayden and Matt(don’t forget the “brigade”, they have to lie to keep it going without anyone knowing their plan!) I enjoy watching BBAD, just to see how far they will go with a lie!!

    • lying ain’t bad its the downright mean hateful foul mouthed things that brit and ragen and matt are saying and i hope everything they say comes back at them

      • I agree. Point well taken, however, I believe it includes them ALL! Payback can be hell and I can’t wait to see what’s coming down shortly.

  252. Well, Well…as predicted Britney put Brenden up after swearing on her realationship with Nick and promising, Oh I will not put you up or back door you Brenden..I want to stay in the house…so He didn’t put her up..even though I told him to…he just cannot hear me yelling at the television I guess…so he put up Matt…bad move cause you knew he didn’t have the stones to play the game and would just throw Kathy up as a sacrificial lamb when he played the DPOV..if brenden put britney up, I don’t think he would have played it at all…Anyway sorry got side tracked…So now she put Brenden Up and now he has the POV..and she’s screwed…she has to put up one of the group against enzo..everyone is saying Matt..she should put up ragan…but I don’t think she can hear me either…But if, and I know its a big if, Brenden gets HOH…she is going up with her pal ragan or matt…should have kept your word..bea-och

  253. i agree and look how nice she is to brndon since he won pov because she knows she screwed up by putting him on the block and when he wins hoh she knows he will not believe her again dumb playing on her end go brendon beat the odds

  254. Well…Well, Matt is on the block…and now he is second guessing his replacing himself with Kathy and sending her home when he should have put up britney last week…well buddy, you had no stones and took the easy way out and now its bit you in the butt, he is bumming.a half million dollar screw-up….and I almost want to run in front of a car every time ragan opens his mouth….its worse than nails on a chalkboard…I am hoping he follows matt out of the house..I know its wishful thinking but he is the most annoying,over the top,mouthy person I have ever seen on this show..I dislike him greatly…even the gay community hates the way he is portraying them..good luck to all the other house guest on the HOH comp to get him out…

  255. Lying is acceptable ? since when ?. Where I come from,, lying, and going back on your word is Not ACCEPTABLE! A man (or woman) is only as good as his word.So Brittney,and Matt are trash.

    • i agree with every word you said but this is only a game and most of them will forgive once they are done with the game every one of them have lied in the game

  256. Matt is showing alot of class so far since being put up for eviction… as much as I think his game play has warrented his exit from the game, I have to give him props (so far) for not being a jerk to everyone and making the house avoid him.
    I have been one who has said matt needs to go and what a weazle he is…so its only fair that I say he is being a man about it when the table is turned….so far

    • Yes, I believe you’re correct, “so far” are the operative words. I almost feel sorry for him (almost), because he made a bad choice and now has to live with it. Had he put up Hayden or Enzo things might have turned out different. However, he believed in the “lying brigade”!

    he called rachel a bully, but him and britney are snaring personal remarks about rachel.
    she acted so nice to rachel in the house, on rachel’s eviction vid, brit acted like a insensitive bitch mocking Rachel about her tequila comment

  258. tonight sucked…where it was fitting that matt got evicted…ragan avoided his just deserts…then the brigade kept britney over brenden…I hope this comes back and bites them all in the ass…they will be sorry for that move.
    she will beat all of them ….her and ragan will team up and destroy the 3 brigade members…
    brenden fought a hard fight, every one against him..I would have thought Enzo and Hayden would have had his back over the 2 ( lying I will be your friend as long as you are HOH cockroaches). It will surely cost them the game…dummasses
    God…I hate everybody in the house…I don’t even want to watch it anymore..sadly the only joy will be watching them turn on each other and lie and backstab each other… Lane is my Pony…but I think he is the deer in the headlights sometimes just waiting to get picked off…but he is funny

    • this is the worst final 5 ever all the people that don’t play the game 2 never won anything two that just kiss a$$ with whoever has the power and none off them can be trusted

  259. well my friends..after dark has lost me as a showed ragan sitting there talking to himself for hours it seemed…going over everything and everybody..Really..?? !!! you have nothing else. this is the worse season ever..and I am sure your ratings are showing that…it will suck if this season gets you cancelled from a next season because your casting team truly stinks….you need to start letting america vote them out again if you can’t get it right… I am so disappointed because this was one of my favorite shows…and I wait so long for it to come on and the product was not worth the wait…now I have to hope you have a better season next time…if there is a next time.
    shame on you Big Brother…see ya (maybe) next year.

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