Brendon Continues Down Path To Self-Destruction On Big Brother 12

One way or the other, Brenchel is going to be ripped apart this week come Thursday on Big Brother 12 and half of that duo is intent on controlling which way the wishbone breaks. Dead set on protecting his precious Rachel, Brendon is doing everything he can this week to infuriate the HGs and ostracize himself in hopes of garnering angry eviction votes. Try as he might, the decision will still come down to what the rest of the house really wants to see happen.

Brendon decided to put his plan in to action starting with Monday’s Veto Ceremony where he belittled Britney as a selfish brat while earning himself a “grow a pair” response. Not content with his verbal jab Brendon stepped it up Tuesday morning by cutting off a sleepy Britney and causing a walking collision. Her apology (despite it being his fault) only caused Brendon to laugh at her. Apparently Big Brother has gotten a little lazy in its rules enforcement…

Britney wasn’t the only target of Brendon’s games. On Tuesday afternoon Brendon trapped Ragan on his way to the backyard and after Ragan tried to sidestep his human obstacle Brendon accused him of stepping on his flip-flop. Seriously. Ragan recounted the story, which reminded him of high school bullying, to the other HGs who agreed that Brendon has gone off the deep end.

At this stage the house is sick of Brendon’s attitude and they’ve decided to let him believe they’re sending him home and keeping Rachel. But fear not, Team Anyone But Rachel, their true target remains bright red with cheap extensions.

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    • Brenda is a dick. A small one but a dick none the less. Picking on Ragan and Britney (the smallest people in the house)

  1. “Apparently Big Brother has gotten a little lazy in its rules enforcement…”
    What do you mean by that?

    After Rachel leaves the house it’s going to be so boring or more boring than it already is. XD

  2. I hope they send Rachel packing and then keep Brendon for like 2 more weeks to drive the pair CRAZY being apart!!

  3. if Brenden doesn’t watch it he will follow the paths of justin in season2 and scott in season4 in getting exspelled from the game.

  4. I wonder if Rachel will play Brendan too far where he does something really stupid to get himself kicked out on purpose?

  5. Hey Dany1.

    Yea Brendon is resorting to bizarre highschool bullying. Its really funny to watch, but outside of the house, that kind of behavior will get yo *** whipped with me. lol

  6. The deliberate contacts are something a brainless highschool jock would try to pull on the geeky string bean classmate. Just stupid.

  7. He is causing it so Rachel can stay. So he is doing little things, who cares? Poor little Ragan ran back to the safety of his “click” so he and Brit can continue to talk behind Brendan’s back. Give me a break, NOOONE is innocent here. NOONE!!!

  8. Torch I love you to death but it was Ragan who did that. Remember he is the SAB, and he will use that to make Brendan look worse than he is making himself.

  9. but there was no person to person contact like what Matt wrote up above of what bren did to Brit this morning. I’m just saying he needs to tone it down.

  10. Your welcome Dany1. I am so sick and tired of the bashing of Brachel online and in the feeds. When I see how disgusting the others are acting with a mob thinking it makes me so tired of watching. Play the freaking game people and stop bullying. I don’t care much for Rachel but crap those two have been targeted since day one. And Brendan is finally tired of it. I can’t wait till Rachel is gone and see how he really plays. If for some reason he doesn’t step his game up then all of that crap he did was for NOTHING.

  11. im sorry but britney and ragan are annoying the living puck out of me!! all they have done the last 24 hours is trash brendon and rachel…i cant wait for them to be on the block !!!

  12. u are my soulmate tonight!!! we are thinking the exact same thing word for word !!
    i agree with every single word u said ,my exact thoughts word for word !!

  13. I agree with you 100% Dany1. But oh no they are pissed that Brendan would actually say something to them? Please…..those two are making me want to puke also and it is causing me to stop watching the feeds.

  14. Hey, hey, hey now. I mean, everyone is in the wrong here. The HG are stupid.

    Brendon is walking around like a brainless oaf, thinking that if he acts like a d**k, he will get votede out and save his precious Ray-Ray.

    Rachel is almost killing herself trying to be nice to people who don’t like her, and who she doesn’t like. FAKE.

    Britt &Ragan are making fun of them behind their backs, (I would do it to their face. Hey, If I don’t like you why fake it. Even if there is alot of money at stake.) CHILDISH/HIGHSCHOOL

    The lazy a** brigade is standing around….doing nothing…which actually isnt a bad idea right about now. But, still

  15. I’m for Brenden stepping up his game but just stop the high school type bullying, stepping in front of someone so they will run into so childish.

  16. honestly the only fun part of the feeds is when the brigade are on….enzo and lane are growing on me….and no offense but what did the other hg do,that the brigade didnt?!no one,and i mean no one has done anything worth talking one..

  17. Britt is almost like the girl from that movie “Mean girls”…you know the head Queen bee. She would be the one I would have to punch in the throat. I can’t get down with people that narcassistic.

  18. I agree with you Dany1. Torch Brit can take care of herself. She is no innocent there. Last night in the pool tournment she kept making rude comments towards Brendan but he let them go. Maybe he is tired of the BS, I know I would! Hell I wish I could meet Brit in a dark alley, I do know she would come out with a different attitude!

  19. Kathy is a stupid woman. She keeps saying how she plays with integrity but she doesn’t. As soon as she talks with either Brendan or RAchel she runs back and tells the others. And she has added stuff they never said. I don’t get people who are hypocrites.

  20. @neicy ! i agree with you,plus i dont find her hot,she has the look and body of a 16 year old girl with good boobs ! not into that ……

  21. @I Hate Rache, your nic says it all. You are wrong there. Brit is the biggest bully so far. Brit has no heart, Rachel does. I know you won’t agree with me and I really don’t care.

  22. what ?!?!??! kathy is still in the bb house?!?! wow …could have fooled me !!!what a waste of a houseguest….

    • I agree Dany1. kathy has no personality and ever other words are “you know”. can’t stand her, you know! Ugh get her offf the show

  23. I find myself waiting for this season to be over…I mean the drama is kind of good, but I don’t have any favorites this season. I have something negative to say about all of them. I don’t think anyone really deserves to win the money. ugh.

    Side note* If Enzo continues to smack on his food like that…he should be put back on slop. I hate the sound of him eating. How can you smack on a drink…eww. lol

    • I have never seen people with such horrible eating manners. Hayden looks like a big ape when he chews, and do nothing Enzo with his smacking and chewing with his mouth open…. But Matt is the worst, eating after having his hand down his pants… Disgusting..anyone notice that he uses. Both hands he plays with it. Ewwwwwwwwww

  24. My dream would be that once that Rachel left that Brendan would become this awesome player and he won HOH, he put up Ragan and Brit, he wins the POV the nom stay. Then He wins POV the next week and so forth!!! All the way to the end……then when Rachel thinks she is getting some of that money he says um NO you can stay in Vegas……..LOL

  25. Dany1 I am tired of Ragan and Brit too. I refuse to watch the feeds when those two talk. I hate them more than I hated Nat last year and THAT IS SAYING ALOT!

  26. britney is a b*t*c she think she is perfect lets talk about hou ugly it is to pull your hair out of your legs and she talks sh** about everyone

  27. Wow… I’m sure glad to hear Brendon is taking on those BIG BULLIES Brit and Ragan. He’s a real he-man and becoming a bigger pu**y than i thought possible… which is fairly easy since he has NO B*LLS. That’s really why Rachel is peeved with him. Anyone remember Evel Dick wanting to be evicted and he went around the house while everyone was sleeping banging 2 frying pans together? Guess what it didn’t work. Now how did he win that BB, he was left up against his b*tch of a daughter, that everyone HATED more than him.

  28. Oh Brenda you are so manly trying to bully a girl and well two girls. Why not try it with someone like Lane or Hayden. All of this to protect your alcoholic stripper girlfriend. Pick on your own size b@tch boy.

  29. It is gross how Britt makes fun of how nasty Rachel is…yet Britt picks at various parts of her body constantly. *GAG*

    She either bites her nails, picks at her legs, picks with her hair on her head, then picks up a cup and drinks from it. *GAG AGAIN*

  30. u guys get it straight ,its ragan that stepped on brendon flip flop ! what dont u guys understand!!! how is brendon being a bully?? ragan probably did it on purpose also as a saboteur mission like to provoke a fight or something !!

  31. I would rather put a hot poker to my eye than have to watch Rachel and her extreme narcissistic behavior for another week. There was a time when I felt rather sorry for Brendon. Now, I just think that he deserves what he gets!

  32. I’m still trying to figure out who Brit’s bullied. She’s talked a lot of smack, but that’s not bullying – especially when it’s done in private.

    Boobzilla bullied people from the time she got the HoH key to the time she lost it.

  33. Hey Hey Hey now lol.

    Calm down Dany1. Brenda is such a girl. He is pulling b**ch moves, and so is Ragan.

  34. Good Eve FB Post-ers & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

    @dany1 – i know eh? collision? so EXTRA! they make it sound like they’re cars not ppls!
    that’s just a bump ppls! lol…should we call an insurance comp? oh wait they got enzo! get to work buddy! you got claims from britt AND ragan! oh now ya gotta work meow man mix! ;) lol.

    Bragan needs to go and i hope ragan gets voted out somehow and loses that $20K

    @torch – i know eh? he’s on thin ice, he just needs to chill! trish talk to the guy! :)

    @neicy – i know eh? no need fo rit! but desperate ppls’ take desperate measures…
    and brendan is one desperate hombre! (sigh)

    @trish – i dont’ care, brendon is so protective, it’s darn right cute! but i dont’ want him to get kicked out a la chima last yr! the brenchal bashing is on & off air, it never stops it seems!

    isn’t there ANY other topic to bring up? (#46) ah yes the REAL Brendon! :)

    Britt is doing domestic WORK! Yowzah that is promising for Nick, I mean he IS marrying her! *zing*

    brigade sure is slothful! its’ a “sin”. ;)
    Kath plays with integrity? What dictionary is she functioning from? Not Websters!
    All Sheriffs in the USA are vex with her right now, givin’ them a bad name!

  35. to be honest the only ones in the house not trash talking others behind their backs are the fish.

  36. its so easy picking on brendon right now ! im sorry but im not down with that !the only ones doing b*tch a** moves are ragan and britney ..mostly with their mouths !!!

  37. HAHA Jadelle you tickle my funny bone.

    Yea All of the house guest are a train wreck this season. I hope they take the money away from who ever is the final two.

    “Sorry houseguest, you were all such a disappointment this season. We have decided to find a new cast and try this again.” lol

  38. this is my first post on here but i’ve been reading posts almost everyday as i’m not gonna pay to watch the live feeds like last year.

    even if brendon wins hoh on thursday and puts up ragan and brit…matt has the dpov and could change that…so not gonna be so easy to just get rid of whoever brendon wants.

  39. Brendon deserves to be evicted by CBS/BB and sent all the way home, then it will be weeks until the showmance can continue (which I doubt it will) because Fake Red Mullet will be in the Jury house and Brendon will be on Hollywood boulevard looking for tricks

  40. The so called game show (which was seen on AD last night) is such a lame attempt at the rest of the houseguests trying to get air time it is sickening. If you want air time PLAY at the game, do not sit around making fun of others. I have never seen a season full of floaters and haters.

  41. Brendon is not playing a good game, he’s creating a bigger target on his back by pissing everyone in the house off. so i hope his little plan to keep rachel in, backfires next week, right in his face. cause we all know rachel’s gone. and i hope a member of the brigade wins HOH next week. Cause if so, Brendon’s gone.

  42. Sorry dany1…and you know your one of my favorites…but…..

    All of the houseguests are idiots. Including Brendon. (sorry to Trish too I love you as well).

  43. i’m hoping cbs will actually show some of this drama so that we will know the “truth” as the producers want us to see it.

  44. @neicy – fa real! this yr is so boring, we’re making up our own commentaries just to get BY!
    sorry matt your site is great and providing us with endless opps to rant and rave! mostly ranting tho’…not much raving so far this yr! :) I agree Britt has been much, I wish she would just stop, it’s like she has verbal diarrhea!
    She repeats herself and contradicts herself constantly! I woulda smacked her already if I was nearby! *thwap!*

    @torch – the fish.. ;) swim swim, here fishie fishie! D’oh gotta float now the HOH comp is on!

    @steve – agreed! floaters & haters, but alas this is the bb12 plight this yr and we as viewers have no choice but to accept! (and rant & rave on this awesome site too!)

    @austin – bren’s checking out mentally he’s pretty frustrated it’s OBVI. he’s after everyone and for some reason wants Rach to say (hand to head – scratch scratch!) as IF they would not evict her the next week! not sure if the brigade (sans Matt) can win HOH since well that would require WORK! hmmm..whom do we see gearing up for that? Matt can’t play thank God, so let’s hope Bren wins it! :)

  45. You have any proof Internet tough guy? Did you see it yourself? Rather take what I read on the feed. You are on Brenda’s jock more than Rachel.

  46. @neicy,dont get me wrong ,i dont like brendon,but i love underdogs,and if u want things to spice up,u need to have brendon win hoh so it will be more interesting !!!for us viewers, its best case scenario……

  47. well I do not have the feeds, but I read the blog sites on and they pretty much tell you what happens verbatim (all the convo’s & pics) so it’s pretty close! it’s possible for both of you (dany & chris) to see the same feed info & pics and come up with 2 completely different rationales! :) not sure why tho’….but still it’s possible!

    • I agree absolutely. Having said that, this thread is directly linked to the feed saying Brenda is acting out trying to initiate trouble. Dany1 can say whatever he likes…he is entitled to believe what he wants. But to insult others for not buying his bs…oh well.

  48. The people that hate Rachel are so ignorant it gets pretty annoying. The people that hate Brendon are ignorant enough they truthfully shouldn’t even exist. Your article made me throw up in my mouth just like everyone else does. You can be another of the people that watch the live feeds and hate Rachel, but I can tell you that your wasting your money. Not only is this season boring as Kristen, but you are persuaded by opinion, not fact. That is what makes you and your article ignorant. For you to make the comments with the personality you did almost striking down Brendon for being a “bully” is absolutely unbearable. Your just like a racist that treated someone like ****! and now that that person is standing up for himself it’s his fault. You blame the bad guy all on Brendon & Rachel when the actual antagonists of this story is standing right in front of you. For people to treat Brendon the way he does…and the reasons being he is socially awkward? SERIOUSLY!!!!! And you want to talk about F***ing bullying? Who cooks their food? Who cleans up for them? Who says thank you for taking out a trash that belongs to 12 other house guests? For some good evidence of the what I call “the black boy not being invited in the white household situation” on Friday night of AD, you can see how the real victim of this is? I really do feel sorry for Brendon because he’s one of the nicest guys in this whole entire country and he gets walked over by scum s*** like you!

  49. oooh *zing’ers @chris & @dany* lol y’all watch ya selves! it’s all good! remember them commenting rules @ chris! just debate with a smile!

  50. I’ll ask again…please play nice. There is no need for personal attacks over a GAME.

    I agree with Jadelle #83.

  51. “But fear not, Team Anyone But Rachel, their true target remains bright red with cheap extensions”.

    Oh, don’t forget cheap fake glue covered lashes.

  52. Everyone is acting very high school this week. Rachel is playing the trashy victim, Brendon is playing the jock bully, and Ragan and Britney are playing the role of the gossiping Queen Bees.

    I love listening to Regan and Britney dish it out on Brendon and Rachel, because they can say some pretty hilarious things. I love listening to their bitchiness.

    I think that Brendon is entirely too whiny. I’m not entirely convinced that he is biologically a man.

    As for Rachel… I’ll be happy to see her leave this week.

  53. lot’s of hard work the other night. let’s not mess it up like rachel has for her and her man.

  54. Do you have video showing Ragan purposefully trying to hurt Brendas sandal? (a little sarcasm) Or maybe the attached feed we are debating about is correct? Maybe?

  55. Lol @ Dany. You’re a mess. :)

    Kristi….thank you :)

    Nothing much except Brendon and Ragan running into each other and blameing each other. lmao

  56. I think Ragan the Saboteur should take the billiard balls and place them on the table with HG’s initials next to them, in order 1,2,3,etc.

  57. Geeze, personal attacks on other posters are really not needed.

    After all, don’t we have enough to say about the HG’s?

    I am I Hate Rachel and I approved this message. The best part is, I don’t give (or take, for that matter) a flying fig whether you like it or not. Your personal attacks are non-productive to the conversation.

    Go Team ABR!


  58. hes not, hes just taking ragan’s word for it !!!
    cause ragan went running to the other hg telling them his “version” of what happend

  59. OK, now guys outta da BB Sandbox! :P that whole incident was blown outta hand! I mean it was NO collision by any means! It was the wording that made some compare it to Evil when he did that burnt cig thing – not cool fyi – remember feeds can be deceiving, the cams only show you what they want you to see, dont’ get it twisted!**

    @kristi – gee girl ya missed nada lol..

    • Dude…I am chill…lol. Dany1 started the “name calling” but I understand things can get heated.

  60. Loving the comments about Enzo’s smacking. Did anyone hear him chewing those sunflower seeds on After Dark? I had to fast-forward through the whole thing because it was so annoying. Turn his mic off!

  61. Hello everyone, I really luv reading all the comments. I have the live feeds but have been working so much I haven’t had the chance to watch much. I live for my spoilers and the show of course. Just wanted to say hi,and how much I enjoy reading these…but now I feel like I’m missing so much gonna try to get on the feeds more. After just seeing that comment about Nat from last season I had to say did I dislike that girl. I didn’t like Brit too much in the begining but my dislike for Rachel is so big I barely notice I just wish they’d have voted her out in that first week. What a different show this season wouldve been!!!

  62. i agree beebo, i don’t want to hear enzo smack his food…yuck. he can say some funny stuff but that sound is just gross to me.

  63. Where are the mods? There’s blatant censor bypassing and generally uncivil conversation gone rampant in this forum.

    I don’t know how people can defend Rachel. She was the first to openly identify as part of an alliance — target on her back. She was the second HOH winner — target on her back. She made a huge deal about how powerful she is — target on her back. She won another HOH, and made an even bigger deal about how powerful she is — target on her back. Brendon himself admitted that she has no sense of diplomacy. That fact, combined with her competitive ability and the fact that she is in a tight alliance, makes her the biggest target in the house.

    As much as people don’t like the Brigade, they really have been pulling the strings in the House. Matt has Ragan on his side, and Lane has Britney (to a lesser extent). Enzo is good with everyone, and Hayden had Kristen. They have an entire network of influence that has spanned across the whole house and has allowed them to control the flow of the game.

    Big Brother history shows that the strongest, most open alliances tend to break up about halfway through the game (Chill Town S2, Four Horsemen, S6 from All Stars) while the most secretive ones go very far (Dani and Jason). It’s just rare that the strongest alliance is a pair and the secret alliance is made up of 4 guys.

  64. @Team ABR – that message was so warranted! lol.
    Once again I applaud your post! (top part anyways). There are enough comments to post about HG’s…I know we’re all frustrated with the lack of PURPOSE for this yr’s BB12 but let’s hope the SAB has something to shake things up!

    @chris – Ragan told a diff version to everyone else than what really happened, b/c on the other sites, they’re saying Ragan stretched the truth b/c well he wants Bren outta da house. I can give you sites if you want to know..

  65. Merci beaucoup Ashli Rae :)

    @matt b – true still, that bro-gade won’t likely last long, esp if the recent feed info is true, apparently lane & britt had a tiff, uh OH!
    and lane now says he’s after britt & ragan! what a 180?! hmmm….

  66. oh i would like bbad to show another sabotuer video, just to actually show ragan has been doing something, since he is suppose to do three things a week. and i havent really heard of one so far…or did i miss something?

  67. @jadelle thank you !! ,finally someone backing me up !! (worst part is i wouldnt be surprised if ragan did that on purpose to create a fight)

  68. BB needs to bring back Lydia from last season. Have her put the move on Brendumb and watch Boobzilla go bonkers ’cause she tried to come between her and her “man”.

  69. I haven’t been on the feeds enough to get a feel for whats all been going. just everyone trash talking each other at some level.

  70. @SkinnyMinne & Beebo #44. I cannot stand the way Enzo eats. It kills my soul to listen to him smack on….well everything.

  71. Jadelle – I have no doubt that they will turn on each other. An alliance of four can only last so long before at least a couple people start thinking “I better do something before they do something to me”.

    The mentalities of Lane and Enzo is to let Matt do all of the work, put a target on his own back, and get himself evicted so that they don’t have to openly turn on him. Hayden I think is just kind of lost in the house. Matt knows that the other members are either waiting for him to get evicted or biding their time for the right opportunity to strike, so he might make a bold move and form a stronger alliance with Ragan.

    So many possibilities! People really don’t appreciate all of the various strategical decisions that can be made when there is a strong, secret 4 person alliance in a house that will have only 8 people after the eviction on Thursday. It’s exciting!

  72. dany I agree about ragan, but he did step in front of a half asleep britney so that she would run into him.

  73. Oh, and I’m calling it right now — regardless of who gets evicted on Thursday, Rachel is going to bring out the “between me and my man” line somehow.

  74. that’s just not right. “reagon” needs to back off, he’s about ready to have a melt down. the dodge ball fight didn’t do well. matt said he is more bruised up than any real comp. just read that.

  75. ok, girls don’t worry these guys (dany1, chris, torch maybe?) just need to burn off some testosterone then they’ll all be bff’s. Maybe Brendum could use some of that stuff… like the patch ones, just stick a whole box of them all over his body. I’m sure there’s a few of you gals that might volunteer for that job. Just watch out for the red bOObzilla that might come flying at you for getting between her and her man.

  76. This is so stupid of Brendon, he must be crazy in his head to get the houseguest to vote him out of the house. Rachel must have Brendon wrap around her little finger to have him leave the house. What is this guy thinking right now.

  77. I just thought of a possible scenario for next week.

    Lane, Hayden or Enzo wins HoH. They put up Britney and Ragan. Veto is won by a brigade member. Before eviction night, Matt spills the truth about the Brigade in secret to the other members of the House. On eviction night, he surprises everybody by using he Diamond Veto, pulls off Ragan and puts up a Brigade member. The voters at that point will be Matt, Ragan, Kathy, and the other Brigade member, so Britney will surely stay. Matt can make a final-2 agreement with Ragan, and effectively turn both Ragan and Britney (strong competitors) against the remaining two Brigade members.

    Could happen…

  78. But if Brendon manages to get himself evicted, Rachel could very well win HOH next week. There’s no telling who she would put up.

  79. When the houseguest vote for Rachel to leave the house on Thursday night, Brendon better hope he win HOH or he will be kick out next. What a big fool Brendon is right now. I bet Rachel think it funny to see Brendon act this way in the house, she really hope that he will be voted out of the house. Rachel is like a black widow spider, spinning her web of posion on him.

  80. 8:40pmBBT: Bren and Enzo talk. Bren asks Enzo to vote him out. Ezno tells Bren to start so crap with Brit and Ragan and make them want to vote you out.

    So even as recent as 20 min ago, Bren is still tryin’ to keep Rachel here! Meow Man Mix is practically eggin’ Bren on to create drama & fireworks! :( – oh trish what do we do?

  81. WOW, Aloha ya all! I have come to the conclusion that our wonderful “Matt the Moderator” has taken a little R and R from you folks! I love it! This better than the show! When rake leaves we can -itch about enzoanoyme! I thought of that all by myself! Oh, wait we can -itch about brittles too! Tee hee

  82. Are you kidding me ?? From reading all the comments about the live feeds, it sounds more like a kindergarten class than a bunch of supposedly adults. Although it seems like Hayden isn’t doing much, i think Lane and him are possibly the most considerate in the house, Really don’t talk caddy and as immature as Ragen, Britney, Rachel, Brendon, Kathy (wow ?? almost forget she was Really have no take on Enzo and Matt (but atleast it seems Matt is playing the game if not only for himself)

  83. Ashli’s here she’s posted a few times on da site os post-ers know they gotta behave! :) Some hot to trot debates on here! lol. Scroll up & your eyes will spin! Hollaz tishe

  84. hay torch, you are so right Bren needs to get some blood back into the right head and wish up, I can’t believe that he’s acting like he’s in jr. high. Britney is getting what she’s been asking for, hope Bren kepts it up

  85. Hi Jadelle, who was this youpeopleareidiots? Darn, I am not offended! Neicy25 Torch and where the heck is Sterling? Please tell me rake will be leaving us? I am convinced that all the HGS are 5 cans short of a six pack. No worries. I really have to get a life,

  86. Hey all!! i gotta say today BB has worn me out…. ive grown tired of it all… hopefully thurs. will renew my zest!

  87. ola steph! yeah sterling is missin 2nite, oh that guy who posted “upplrids” he was crazy! he just went off on everyone on the previous bbn board. i think it was purposely done b/w u & moi!

    @Team ABR – just da top! lol. ;)

    @chris – YES! the live feed blog site is sayin’ that somethin’ goin on with Matt & the D-Veto, it’s not clear though…still checking for updates! can ANYone see anything?

  88. @rmne- if he told someone about it, but there was lots of buzz that rach or someone else went thru MATT’s things and perhaps found it? lol. i dont’ believe it for a sec! who’d have da NERVE?

  89. there has been talk of DR sessions about the suitcase invasion… but nothing clear. i would think that BB would say ‘stop that’ if rach was doing it….

  90. I was just watching BBAD, Ragan, Britney, Enzo, Rachel, and hayden,

    Ragan is picking his fingers

    Britney ios biting her fingers

    Enzo is laying there falling asleep

    hayden is just laying there

    Rach is making them all try to think of something to take about

    I could hardly control myself!!!

  91. apparently Enzo was rappin’ on the feeds.. lol..

    Enzo: From my chest hairs to my ball fro..
    Hayden: What’s the name of our company?
    Enzo: Sprechen zie D*ck… Bros before Hos..
    Hayden: Worldwide.
    Enzo: hehe, yeah, Worldwide…
    Hayden: Worldwide Entertainment.
    Enzo: When I come, I come a quikr (?). The Nina, The Pinta, The Santa Maria… I’ll do ya in the bottom when I’m drippin’ Sangria.
    Brendon: hehe

  92. I Need Thursday! I Never Will Be Vegas! Question? If rake botox’s the lips, how come they pencil dick thin? Just wonderin,wow I wonder if this will get thru?

  93. I thought Jeff & Jordan were to visit the house yesterday or today? What happened with that?? Or did I misunderstand the DAY they are to visit the HG’s???

  94. and apparently they all or most of them think Rach is the SAB! lol. Rach thinks it’s Lane..NO one thinks it’s Ragan which I find utterly fascinating! ;) (not!)

    Nifty 9 is here yo yo yo! lol

  95. Hey can anyone tell me what Enzo is doing? Is he playing bothe sides? I thought he was all about the brigay?? I like enzo I hope he does not get on Brendons side!!

  96. Late last night, Rachel came up with some very key questions about Pandora’s Box and the Saboteur, that she asked DR about. It seems she got the answers she wanted, but could not reveal them to anyone, including Brendon who repeatedly asked her. Enzo and Hayden, upon her urging, also went to DR to asked the same questions; they however said that they got no clear answers. Truth or lie? We won’t know until it’s revealed by them or by production in one of the shows.

  97. lol Jadelle… YO!!
    im soooo sick of brendon i will be glad to see him go, hes such a whiner.
    makes you wonder how they are going to feel when they get out of the house, will he realize hes a douche, and will rach see how skanky she has portrayed herself???

  98. Enzo tells Matt about Rachel going to DR to ask about Matt’s dollar bill being fake. Matt says he asked DR too, and they said they could go through his bags… (Hmm)

  99. Jadelle i am reading the other sites, and they are quite rife with loads of intell. Nifty-9 is up and running Jadelle.

  100. Kinda wish matt (bb network)would keep his personal feelings out of the article. Reading the anti rachel argument is getting annoying…

  101. Rachel: “I am like so like bummed that I might like be going home, that I think I’m going to have to, like, fake cry…”
    Brednon: “I’ll do anything to help you stay, schmoopie schmoopie. Maybe I should be a random jerk and start bumping into people… would that be a smart, scientific thing to do?”
    Rachel: “Like, yes. But it like may not be enough.”
    Britney: “Maybe you should take a ‘Hayden Dump’ on the kitchen table… that’s the only thing that you haven’t annoyed me with yet.”
    Ragan: [farts]
    Kathy: “Wow, Ragan, that one woke me up! What did I miss the last 8 days I’ve been asleep? I heard a rumor that someone is Vegas?”
    Enzo: “Yeah, and I am hard core East Coast… meow.”
    Lane: “Meow??? WTH is that? In Texas, when we hear that, we randomly shoot the source, skin it, and string it up on our enemy’s porch.”
    Enzo: “Oh, sorry, I see what you mean… that sounded a little weird for a guy to say. What I meant to say was ‘meow, meow!'”
    Matt: “Could you all please hold it down a little? I’ve got a party going on in my pants and my hand is getting distracted by all the noise!”
    Production: “Houseguests…. please stop that!”

  102. JJ I kinda agree with you, Personally I would feel more embarrassed to know Britney then anyone else in the house, just because there seems to be very hypocritical and seems to be herself most when she making fun of other people. Not quite the best personality trait to have

  103. My vision on the players and outcome of BB12:
    Enzo will get down and dirty and out fox himself.
    Lane will be the silent killer.
    Matt will play the DPV and then watch who to connect with.
    Britney will end up talking herself out the door.
    Ragan will continue to be objective and a key player.
    Lane will be the friendly player who get’s the $500K.
    Kathy will be in the running for second place.
    R&B will have wished they never have played the love card!!!!!

  104. Scene: Brendan and Rachel laying in bed trying to figure out their plan to save themselves…

    Brendan: (Thinking to himself)
    “The other houseguests might harm her;
    I’ll be her knight in shining armor.”

    (To Rachel)
    “I love you, do you love me too?
    I’ll do anything for you.
    I’m at your command,
    But what I don’t understand
    Is what you want me to do.”

    “What’s with the attitude?
    Well I don’t want to be rude,
    Though you’re fun in the sack,
    The one thing you lack
    Is testicular fortitude.”

  105. You can’t avoid getting ‘trapped’ with these two. Brendan and this madness about voting Rachel out anyway would be mailicious. Just push the exit button Brendan!! Wouldn’t you rather win?

  106. @ Q! Okay ya all, this is funny stuff! Where do ya all put this together? Production should get with you folks first, then tell the gamers what to do! MO Better Stuff Here!

  107. I don’t get the hate on Rachel. She is having a natural reaction to being harassed every week for no reason other than falling for Brendon. She really had no option but to win those HoHs as if she didn’t she’d have been put out. If she hadn’t hooked up with Brendon she’d likely have been friends with Kristen and flew under the radar for most of the game.

  108. Going through Matts bag is probably why Rachel JUST asked Matt if she could use his bathroom in the HoH room….Maybe she found it? Although he may hid it else where because he also said his HoH room is always open to Anyone.

    Ragan & Brittney just mentioned Jeff & Jordan’s visit and said it would air tomorrow night…Thanks Neicy25

  109. I thought that Ragan had to do three thing a week to win the 20.000, Does anyone know if he has done anythink yet????

  110. Nic, Ol’ brenda has his jock strap on way tooooo tight! He doesn’t know WAZ UP from his big feet!

  111. Ragan: I want to have a conversation with you about the future, but not too specifically. This is a turning point in the game.
    Matt: I would say so.
    Ragan: That said, I love everyone in the 6. There are people I trust more than others. Do you feel the same way without being specific.
    Matt: Yeah. I would say so.
    Ragan: In every challenge there are people you don’t want to see win. Who would I be most concerned about in competitions.
    Matt: Anyone I pick, will be strategy not personal.

    (**This seems a pointless conversation without specifics.)

    Matt: Cause if he does win HoH, next week.
    Ragan: It will be me and you.
    Matt: Yeah with Britney as a renom which throws out the Final 3. (**When did they make a final 3 deal?)

    They speculate that a lot of people will be complacent about winning HoH next week because they know they won’t be on the block. Matt says that Ragan and Britney will need to win HoH. Matt tells him not to be nervous. Ragan wants to bring Britney upstairs so they can talk. (**oh lovely!)Matt reiterates that Ragan shouldn’t be nervous.

    @chris – um NO, that’s what i was sayin’ earlier, 3 tricks/wk, what has he done? savin’ it all for thurs? lol

  112. This BBAD conversation is cracking me up…. Brit is just sitting there thinking “Awwwwkk-ward”

  113. @ Cris, nothing yet, ask again in a bit. @ blah,rake will never worm under a radar and she didn’t fall for whip boy, she is using him!

  114. Hey everyone, I know a lot of people don’t like Brendon and Rachel but imagine how crazy the house would be if they both stayed. We should write to CBS and tell them to lock the front door this week so that there is no eviction and the saboteur could come on and say that it was his doing! It would make for great TV. I personally don’t like Rachel or Brendon and I would love to see them go, but I am excited to see what kind of drama would ensue if they both stayed another week. Imagine the possibilities!

  115. WOW! Ragan just absolutely crushed Rachel…. listing a bunch of houseguests (6, I think) that have been in an argument and how she is the common denominator in all of them….

  116. Hi – yall. Some really good posts tonight (and few fireworks!) but right now I’m trying to figure out what Regan is talking about with Rach right now. Is this a sab thing (You must pick a fight with Rachel – but you may not use any logic)?

  117. @Q (184) now THAT should be copyrighted! lol, that was hilarious! best post of the night! bar none! props indeed! :)

  118. hollaz stering!
    tish you’re on the network right? lol
    ragan couldnt’ avoid rachel for long eh?

  119. it is fooooooo funny to watch all the other HG’s just sitting around trying to think of something to say because B/R are, So after a time thier one by one go outside so they can take trash but then B/R come out and they have to start thinking again, the looks on thier faces a great, you can see that they are trying real hard to think of anything to say

  120. Scene: Britney is lounging in the pool, thinking about her position in the game…

    Britney: (To herself)
    “A few weeks to make Final Four…
    First Rachel, then more!
    While Matt has his hands down his pants,
    The houseguests will all do a dance
    When they show that whore the door!”

  121. Okay. Maybe the girl should get her Botox and Juvaderm. I’m just gonna say it: Michael Myers. The mask from the Halloween movies. She is looking tired.

  122. Did anyone else notice brendon is quoting the hulk now? ” These people have never seen me angry.” (They won’t like me angry.)

  123. @ slyfox326. OH YEAH! What a wonderfricken idea. Here is a better one. They both end up in jury and have to actually live with each other W/O the camera! Their votes are not going to count, cuz no one , no one will listen! Wait, I take that back, I forget about the Einsteins they are leaving behind!

  124. I heard it last night and I’ll type it again! @slyfox! I hope they do it! It will t-off like EVERYone (except brenchel fans) but it would make all the HG’s sit up & take notice, and realize just b/c the ducks all line up in a row (ie. rachel being evicted) doesn’t automatically mean it’ll happen!

    scenario: ***rachel tries to open the door to the studio audience and it’s LOCKED! – and she goes back to da house, their jaws all DROP to da ground, and next week is double eviction!
    ahhh yes the possibilities are freakin’ endless!

  125. OUCH.. Ragan just said Rahel is not a good sport/player… now Rachel is starting to cry and walking away… BECAUSE facts hurts!!!!!!!

  126. WOW!! Rachel is just….WOW…watching BBAD. She IS a POOR Sport!!! Now Brendon is going after Ragan!!! WOW….

    Brendan needs to lose Rachel and be himself. Brendan is making a TOTAL idiot if himself. OMG, BB has become unreal

  127. @Jadelle, that would be a great idea, they most likely will do a double eviction so why not keep both people this week, I want to see more drama in the house, who are they going to fight with once Rachel leaves.

  128. @tishe – sorry scratch that i mixed u up with trish! lol. los sientos! i hear rachel is cryin’ or fake cryin’ ….brendon & ragan again? (sigh) rinse, lather & repeat!

  129. I. LOVE. IT.

    Britney’s Brendon walk right in front of his face was PERFECT. He needs to go HOME.

  130. Oh my – that one might have put Brendon in the cross hairs – he may have just pushed them over the top… and for what? To let Rach stay another week by herself? Why?

  131. @ Sterling Where ya been? Do you have any true live updates? I can’t tell fact from fiction anymore! When in doubt ask th “kewl kids”

  132. MODED!!!!!!!!!11 brendon just got owned by ragan and britney hahahaha

    i hate him. its gunna be a great night.

    he cant even argue for his girl hahaha.

    why is britney crying, u killed him

    “u know what britney, why dont u get nick’s balls out of ur purse”

    britney- “oh ur one to talk” haha classic!

    then he goes to the diary room and big brother god goes “the diary room is temporarily not available” hahaha

    but dang britney u cant cry afterwards. u ripped him!

  133. Hey tishe – no I’m just watching BBAD – so I’m just reactin to the Showtime fun. Why none of the big boys came to Brits defense is a mystery – maybe they enjoy the drama too!

  134. Brendon is a Neander-“TALL”
    He makes fun of Britney being small
    His arguments are lame
    He’s got absolutely no game
    And Rachel’s got him by the ball

    (yes, he only has one)

  135. Who is Brendan talking to?? he is in the Living Room? Looks like he is talking to the wall???? it doesn’t show anyone else…Unless my eyes are REALLY bad…

    Rachel needs to leave….more drama will come. I am just tired of watching her behavior. I doubt Brendan outside of the house acts this way

    Brendan needs a call from his Family to tell him to act normal. And rachel needs to Phone Home (ET) She is from another planet..

    BB Give us a break…PLEEEAAASSE!!!

  136. You go Ragan! Brendon needs to get a life. Big Red has some major issues. Go Ragan and Brit
    Brendon is talking to the cameras, get a life

  137. @rico – he he! keep da limericks comin’!
    2nite’s board is a blast! too funNY! hee*

    @Q – you workin’ on another rhyme! can’t wait!

  138. dun noe cbs & bb are lovin’ this brendon crazyiness! it’ll SO be on da show tm!
    wonder how they’ll edit it? awwwh his poor parents! britt too, she really needs to shimmer down, she’s gettin’ ridONKulous!

  139. I think Ragan can take it as well as dish it out. He’s a smart and very well spoken. He did not crack.

  140. I do think that BB slowly turns the HG’s minds to mush. It’s amazing how semi normal people can just go off the deep end in 4 or 5 weeks. It’s like a cult – a good, thorough mind washing, brain busting stream of stress, boredom and sensory depravation.

  141. so is this the real brendon? gosh i sure hope not! cbs pls let him stay, he’s just um stressed you know all that hydrocortisone shootin’ thru ya veins all at once, makes you do crazy things!

  142. brendon is a bitch hahahaha

    he give himself a diary room session in the living room, and then when britney comes in, he starts whispering. hahaha

    britney should just walk in their and yell in his ear

    “whoooooooooooo pig sooie!”

    but that comment about his family was nice. ITS GOING TO BE A GREAT 2 DAYS


  143. Brendan’s officially gone insane. I was sure Rachel would be the first, but I love being proved wrong.

  144. Sterling, I think you must be correct. From out here, though, it sure doesn’t look like it would be that bad. But people sure seem to go off the deep end. (people who, I must assume, are otherwise normal folks)

  145. @Sterling Showtime Yea! I think our little brittles got herself in this little mess, but her mouth needs to be pulled up over her forehead and then she needs to snap out of it! My kids told me that! I may have got the exact quote wrong, but the thought is SO there! @ Rico FUNNY STUFF, do you write for ABC? I mean it, good poetic BB. They should look all of ya up! Dang better than what I watch on the boob tube

  146. why do they let Brendan go on with his personel and direct attack on people[production Rachel does not own up to anything that she has done

  147. Scene: (Enzo is in DR talking to camera about Brendan never winning HOH)

    “Who needs Head of Household
    When you’re gettin’ head from da house ho?
    Brendan is lame,
    He ain’t got no game–
    Just a ticket home from Enzo, YO!

  148. I get what Brendan is trying to do, but he went too big. I can see if he picked on one of the other guys instead of picking on people a third his weight.

  149. I’m also not 100% sure Brit was all that messed up by her encounter with Brendan – but it did give her a big opportunity to bond more with Lane. She needed a hug afterwards and he was more than happy to oblige.

  150. @sterlin’ – i’ll bet lane was willing to oblige! the guy is crushing on her easily! britt shouldn’t be cryin’ i mean she acts like she’s the “ish” talkin’ crap and back-talkin’ and a few words from bren and she cracks? lol, glass houses britt! did u use YOUR windex 2day?

  151. Kathy is trying to win a Jury vote right now – good for her. But Brendan trying to hike off with the bottle opener?? That’ll get him smacked down for sure. And what Rach needs is some serious wine – she’s so much more coherent when she has had a few drinks. Maybe she’ll take her clothes off again.

    Now Brendan is relating how he defended her honor… he has so much guilt for losing the hoh – it’s eating him alive.

  152. Okay, how did Ragan, especially Britney, “personally attack” Rachel in their conversation with her. They pointed out what she had done, and all Britney did was say what she heard and asked if she needed to leave. Rachel and Brendan are so delusional!!

  153. Scene: (Brendan and Rachel together in bedroom. Brendan explains his blowup at Ragan and Britney to Rachel)

    “Putting us in the block isn’t fair.
    You know what? I really don’t care.
    I don’t mean to be testy,
    But I just found my testes–
    You might say I just grew a pair.”

  154. Brendon: “Baby, I’m finally your knight in shining armor! I really came to your defense and fixed everything.”
    Rachel: “Oh, baby that’s great! So now, I’m going to be able to win the game?”
    Brendon: “Well, no. But I love you, forever.”
    Rachel: “That’s great. Does it mean that at least you get to win, and then you can give the money to me or buy me a $2000 bottle of tequila?”
    Brendon: “Uh… no. I can’t win either.”
    Rachel: “Why not, schmoopie?”
    Brendon: “Because this game is rigged, obvi. Only people with a foot size below 13 are allowed to win. Duh.”

  155. agree @ sterling! the delusion continues!

    @ Q -ahh you dont’ dissapoint! love it!

    @ rico – on point guy! hee* rofl

  156. Here’s my attempt
    I’ll conduct my DR in the hall
    Like a roidraged NeanderTALL
    Then you know what I’ll do
    I’ll steal their corkscrew
    Then they won’t have any wine at all

  157. ** IDEA ** Bring Back Evil Dick!! Throw him in the house. At least he was what seemed to be himself….CBS–Offer ED some Cash and put him in the House!!

  158. Right on Rico – another good one Q. See this year’s BB is turning out to fun afterall. And the quality of the posts is the best ever.

    It’s so sweet to see B&R sit there and stroke each other’s….. egos.

  159. I can not do this any more. Ya all have me hooked! Q, Rico, Sterling, my darling, thank you and please keep the rest of us, the folks out there that are hooked! Jadelle, what is the Network? Did ya all find a sight that where you can have freedom of speech??? I am an old hippie but I am new! Have to get paid to think manana. Night ya all! Oh, what is the nifty nine? Torch, hmmm? Neicy25@ Nite, take care, my kids were right, this is fun!

  160. @sterling – how sweet it IS (the posts not the B/R stroking) ummm no. lol.

    @breezin’ – if ONLY, but CBS is making nuff cash off brenchel with high ratings…it’s like they want the hg’s to discombobulate! :O

  161. The whole house talks about nothing else except R&B…freeze them out, make fun of them, mock them, denigrate them…no let up! You’d crack too. Bren can’t express what he’s feeling, and they continue to mock him. This is the sorriest bunch of ppl, & it all started with Brit being “cute”, then RagOn joined in, and Kathy jumped on their bandwagon. While Lane sits back and watches everthing like a vulture, and Hayd his little lapdog. Enzo is the only 1 who has shown any compassion, and that’s not saying a whole hell of a lot.

  162. and now from the Big Brother 12 House from the CBS lot in North Los Angeles, CA.

    its time forrrrr




    and the HOH himself: matt.

    tonight’s show is sponsored by;

    Tuff Actin’ TOE Nactin

    and by


    hereeeeee’s ur host, HAYDEN

  163. regan disected that drunk with perfection.He nailed her to the point of leaving her no choice but to walk away like a 3 yr old ,sniffling and whiney. Awesome Rag’s……long overdue.

  164. @marcus – wow! oh mylanta divine! geez louise , crackers & gouda cheese! what has this BB house become?… what’s with all the TOE references? That one I missed from a while back…

  165. Scene: (Lane is consoling Britney after the blowup with Brendan. He is hugging her, gently stroking her hair, fantasizing…)

    Lane: (To himself)

    “What a babe! It would be great…
    Blonde bombshell Britney rates.
    Her loins I’d be plunderin’…
    The one thing I’m wonderin’,
    If her carpet matches her drapes?…”

  166. They went to a commercial at the best part of the talk show! What the crap?!

    and Q, you’re my idol. like really. they should have you make a guest appearance on Just the Tip!

  167. rotflmao Q – very good.

    @cynmatty – you do have a point, it has been two against the house, pretty much from day one. Of course, the “two” sort of set themselves up for it – and they have been “sore winners” most of the time… but you do have to wonder when the B&R are gone who is going to crack first and start to move the focus from the easy targets to more difficult ones.

  168. omg Q that was insane! you are THE level of mad hilarities! tres bien mon ami! g’night bb post-ers! :0 sterling, Q, Rico, lataz!

  169. Ragan is a complete loser. “Rachel, there have been no other conflicts…” besides Kristen and Andrew and Hayden throwing a tantrum. He has not listened to her at all when she was trying to be open and honest with them and he just blew her off. Of course she’s going to be upset. And then when Brendon went to confront him, he called him a Neanderthal to try to make like he’s superior, and Brendon pointing that he pronounced the word wrong shows how stupid Ragan is.

    And Britney has done nothing but rip on people. How anyone can like her is beyond me.

    The rest of the people in the house, outside of Matt, Rachel, and Brendon are pretty much scum in my opinion.

  170. I Must Say….BB has had me Hooked for YEARS, and NOW this site has SUPER funny and creative people posting!! This is GREAT!!

  171. @Blah

    Matt lied about his wife’s illness…. how is he not scum like the others?? Brendan yells at women, how is he not scum?? Rachel said she woke up one morning covered in vomit and 100 dollar bills… how is she not scum??

    Anyway, Kathy’s comment about Brendan made me love her. “And I never say that.” Hahahaha.

  172. Does it look like BLRMHE are tiptoeing around the house a bit – safety in numbers I guess but I think they are all a little freaked out by the Brendan show?

  173. @297 not sure what BB12 you are watching. But R&B used the love card and will be going home. Rachel back to VIP Cocktail waitress and Brendon to ?????

  174. @Davis

    Matt lying was pretty much pure game to give him an advantage and wasn’t hurtful towards to someone.

    Yelling at a Woman. Sorry I’m not a sexist and I’ll yell at anyone. Regardless of gender.

    Rachel waking up in vomit in 100 dollar bills. If someone wants to damage their own body that is on them.

    Lying maliciously, putting people down, condescending to people, these are all things that make people scum.

  175. The one thing I will agree with Regan on is that Rachel wants to take no responsibility for any of her actions in the house. Every time Regan pointed out something she would say “I’m sorry” instead of admitting she was wrong and how she will correct it and move forward. I am a firm believer that when someone says “I’m sorry” all the time they do not mean it. Saying I’m sorry is as bad as asking someone “how are you doing” and then not waiting to hear the response. Anyways I am going back to fast forward through BBAD to see what else I may have missed.


  177. @Helbell215

    The problem with that is. Noone is telling her what she did wrong, if anything. Ragan said “it’s not my place to tell you…” If you’re upset over it yes it is.your responsibility. Otherwise you have no place to talk.

  178. Brendon is totally # 1 dumbest poor jerk walking.. Sitting and talking to the wall???? stupid…Rachel says he is defending her honor?? What honor?? Rachel is a high priced call girl.. She is setting the scenes for all the confrontations and Brendon is bitting..She ain’t worth 500,000 bucks nooooo way…SHE IS TOTAL SLIME in treating the poor sleph like that and if Brendon walks out or gets ejected HOW DOES SHE THINK THAT IS GONNA HELP HER.?? The ignorant pea brain is still on the block. Brendon should receive the trophy “BOWL” for being the biggest sucker in BB history.

  179. Come ON!! Brittney standing outside Rachel & Brendan’s room listening and all he is talking about is a Book….Come On Brittney, you’re just TRYING to hear ANYTHING to run outside and tell everyone. Since B is only talking about a book he read I wonder what she can report to the others outside….insane…If she wants to stir the pot be ready to handle what comes out of it

  180. R&B really got the House animated tonite! They can’t stop talking about R&B, going on & on & on. Finally, Lane is showing some emotion, and the rest can’t sit still, going on & on & on about R&B. This is way better than the Brat & RagOn Show.

  181. “Q” is “King of the Verse”
    Entertaining us must feel like a curse
    You may say I flatter
    And kiss butt, for that matter
    But “Brenchel-love” is much, much, much worse!

  182. @Helbell215 so glad to read that someones else see’s Rachel “sorry” action are so fake.



  185. MATT is conning and conniving hoping that Brittney or Regan will hang in to win the HOH..Cause he is running out of non alliance members to put up.. But Brittney was skeptical by the look on her face..If one of those get HOH he gets no blood on his hands if one of the Brigade goes up or out the door…But when the idea was told tl

  186. Wow Kathy, right to their faces (R&B). She is trying to secure their jury votes for herself. I bet she goes right back outside and tells e-body what R&B said and exagerates it for laughs. The HG who finally gets a set and says “enough is enough” is the 1 who gets my vote!

  187. @307 Blah – Regan specifically told her that she was the common denominator with each argument (Monet, Kristen, Kathy, Matt) except the one between Andrew and Kristen and instead of owning it she tried to explain it away and I’m sorry her way out. I could not believe that she could not see that. This is what happens when people are used to getting things their way.

    @313 LEB – thanks.

    Brendan has got to get a grip on reality (no pun intended). He is name calling and trying to verbally rough house people without getting the whole story. I understand defending your woman and backing her up, however whatever he is smelling is not allowing him to be rational.

  188. Rachel keeps saying she has apologized for her “gameplay”. As the great Woody Hayes has said after being fired, saying I’m sorry doesn’t make it right. A real man (or woman) takes responsibility for his/her actions and asks for forgiveness of those whom they wronged.

  189. Scene: (Matt is in HOH room, laying on the bed,talking to himself.)

    “The Brigade is in full control.
    Rachel and Brendan will go home.
    America,I’m such a genius…
    Hands down my pants-left holds my penis,
    The right holds the diamond veto.”

  190. @303 Blah-

    I guess it all really boils down to personal opinion, but I think the way Brendan handles situations with Brendan is a little over the top. Brendan is just as an emotional train wreck as any of the other HGs. Honestly, no one in the house has a moral compass that points directly North, but I just enjoy Britney because she’s entertaining. And my personal opinion on people that use an illness as a lie is that they are, in fact, scum- whether it’s gameplay or not.

    Well, I’m going to bed. Goodnight, friendly people!

  191. Brenon is so weak. He takes the time to audition for the show, away from family/friends (if any) and to throw it away for her? He didn’t have game play from day one. The poor sap’s only on the show to meet someone. Rach should make this weak guy move to Vegas. Go Rach, play this clown.

  192. @Helbell215

    He listed off saying “Here are all the arguments that happened in the house… YOU caused them all.” He left out other fights and pretty much said that other peoples’ outbursts are ok but yours are not.

    The whole entire conversation was directed at “we’re all normal and you’re a freak and a trouble maker.”

    The reason the guys haven’t got into it is cuz they are all in an alliance. No other reason.

    Also the whole “cursing” thing is stupid. There is nothing wrong with cursing and to dismiss someone based on that is idiotic.

    As far as Britney claiming “he personally attacked me” Does she have selective memory or something? She has done nothing but personally attack people.

  193. just watching the live feeds… this is my first time posting… This is random but here we go.

    The big brother time is approximately 2350. I have never laughed so hard watching the feeds. Thanks trial.

    1. Brenchel makes me die. I admit, Britney and Ragan are mean, but so are Brenchel. They are hateful, despicable people.

    2. I see this as a destructive relationship re: Brenchel. They are truly embarrassing themselves.

    3. I see a strong alliance starting to form very organically between Matt, Britney, and Ragan. I could see something coming from this in the next few weeks if Enzo finds himself in hot water for not having won anything.

    4. Even though Kathy has won diddly, she is definitely moving forward in the right direction in the game. She is not on anyone’s radar because they see her as a fun vote. I will be watching Kathy’s game more carefully in the coming weeks.

    5. As always, this week’s HOH is going to be critical. I love it.

    I hope everyone is enjoying the show. Have fun on the boards. Don’t say rude things! We all know Tits McGee is going next :P

  194. @Davis

    Yes, notice I haven’t really been defending Brendon. He’s a gump. He handles things wrong and is an auto d-bag just based on the fact he doesn’t need to be in the house if what he has said about his educational position is true.

    As far as Matt lying about his illness. That’s game and outside of the house, that’s something I would find scummy. Inside the house, it’s a matter of advantage. Going out of your way pretty much to just screw someone over and talking trash about someone else is a whole other thing.

    Its the difference of intention… Matt, Brendon, and Rachel are pretty much the only people that aren’t doing things that are malicious and there is no need for that.

  195. Darn I’m close to throwing away 40 bucks man. I’ve never watched this show and I’m hooked. Hopefully no one gets kicked out after knocking Brendan out.

    Rachel won’t even tell the story right – like she was being attacked, when she was being on another fing planet. I can’t wait for her exit, and Brendon having to stick around.

    If Kathy gets HOH – which will be classic , we will see how he saunters up to kiss up. Gives UCLA a bad name!! *takes two beers and out the emergency exit*

  196. Yes, poor little Bratney, “he attacked me”, insert boo hoo here; Lane consoles with long hug; 2 mins later, Bratney can’t shut up about R&B. Rachel still believing what the wuck-ups are telling her. Maybe she did bring some of this on, but come on ppl, has anything like this happened before? I think Brit’s toxicity spreads to whoever she is chummy with at the moment – 1st Monet, then Kristen, then Ragan, & now Kathy. Lane seems to be the only 1 who can control Brit, but I bet if anyone attacks “his Brit”, he will blow up!

  197. Ok Ragan has a list from us the viewers and what we want him to do as sab. He has to do them, right? So far he hasn’t done much of anything…..I don’t think he should get to keep that 20,000 if he stays after next week.

  198. btw…has anyone noticed that the theme of the cast is pretty much: Brains vs Salesman

    Brains: Rachel, Brendon, Ragan, Andrew, Hayden, Matt

    Between: Kathy

    Salesman: Monet, Lane, Annie, Britney, Enzo, Kristen

  199. I would have thought people would have suspected Ragan during the first sabetour event. Its just a bunch of pranks that he would do, nothing that changes the game.

  200. What has the world come to when the game has crossed the line into malicous nonsense and posters here think it is fun to watch and entertaining? I dont’ get it!

  201. who is Nick by the way Brendon kept mentioning him to Britney? I think I missed that part

  202. Rachel is so annoying she is in denial and everyone knows that. She acts like an innocent little puppy when she’s evil. Look at the way she’s treating Brendon and everyone else. She was so cocky when she was HOH and she said she doesn’t play on a personal level but she does ! that’s all she does, and she gets mad when others do it. She broke Hayden and Kristin up and now she’s upset that she’s up against Brendon? Okay really…

  203. @Trish

    Well you know what they say, lions and swords may eat me but words are only used by barbarians.

    but seriously, they can’t even remember why Rachel is even being targeted. Their whole original goal was to get Brendon out for the last 6 weeks and Rachel just got thrown in there with them because of the romance thing, but they think they put up Brendon and Rachel and then they got together v.v Get a memory upgrade people…

  204. there is some much i need to cath up on. using the flash feature. the one day out of the house and there’s some action. MATT or someone, can you give me the short of it. to many hours to watch. i did what bba d and realy sick of the brechel bashing. for a group of people who talk about class all the time and they shoe none at all. i understand that they thing they are makig t v history. but realy i think the rest of us are just bored with. i can’t wait til tomorrow and we get to see what brendon did before/during/after the pov cer. ther were some great posts tonight. q i think you had a great night.

  205. Is Brendon serious on BBAD????? Talk about a hypocrite!!! But more thn that WHO is he talking to??? Us? LOL get off my tv with this b*tch boy rant.

    1. Ragan talked to Rachel like an adult!! When you’re dealing with someone who has NO concept of owning up to the things you do….what can you do??? It’s like having a convo with a 4 year old abt why they put crayons in a light socket & telling you no they didn’t do it but you know they did. Except this is a grown ass woman!! Whn you do certain things with no conviction or remorse abt doing it thn you need to own up to it!!

    2. Brendon wants to be superman & I get it, that’s his girl he’s standing up for his girl but when you don’t know what is going on STFU. Has he not realized yet that Rachel is a drama queen?? Of course he does bc they fight over it every other day. Like he is truly an idiot. Then to talk abt people and their comments thn say something abt Britneys fiancé Nick….once again DELUSIONAL!!!

    3. As much as I love Britney, for somebody who is as catty as she is….she cried right after Brendon yelled at her!! If you’re gonna dish is thn you better be able to take it. Lost alot of respect for her.

  206. @Shortaay

    Kristen and Hayden attacked them and had been since day 1. And one of the big things they were targeting and still are is the whole “shomance” thing. When Hayden and Kristen were revealed heck yeah the proper move is to do the same thing back to them.

  207. One can ONLY Hope that once B is out of the BB House and he watches the show at Home he learns a lot about himself…wowee

  208. shortaay – “nick” is the fiancee Brit talks about. If there is a secret in the house, I think it’s Lane & Brit..just the looks they exchange, the intimate gestures, especially with no one else around. Just my opinion!

  209. I am OVER Enzo!!! I really liked him at the beginning bc he was no nonsense but he has literally become the most fake of every person in that house!!

  210. DomQ – I disagree. I didn’t like Enzo at first but he is keeping himself out of the fray and securing R&B’s jury votes. I just hope he sees what Laane is up to.

  211. Maybe Hayden attacked them, but Kristin didn’t? Did she? And Rachel lied about Kristin wanting to put them two up if she won HOH… Kristin said she didn’t know but clearly Rachel would rather listen to other people’s lies than accept the truth. Rachel’s target was Kristin not Hayden, when Hayden was the one who targeted Rachel and Brendon in the beginning.. Rachel’s clearly a jealous b****.

  212. When the whole House is lying to you, who are you supposed to believe when they swear they are telling you the truth! It would be very hard to keep track of everyone’s lies! Then be accused for their lies!

  213. @ihaterachel. She is the only person who has really played the game. Her and brendon have kept safe all of these weeks with everyone hating them. Your entitled to your opinion but honestly all britney does is make fun of brenchel, gossip, and do nothing with her pov. Sooo I HATE BRITNEY! (:

  214. Everybody hates Brendon and Rachel but they are the true players. The rest of them are sorry haters! Win something and then talk. Brechel is playing the game.

  215. @Cynmatty I get what he’s doing and I understand it BUT peoples mistake in this house is that whn it comes to being 2 faced it all comes out in jury. Enzo can butter thm up all he wants while they are still in this house but everything gets exposed in the jury house & people are no longer quiet abt convos & deals that were made. If it came down to Ragan & Enzo– they’re going to vote for Ragan to win bc at least he addressed them while they were still in that game. Rachel is against floaters, Brendon likes genuine people. Enzo is a floater, though he has an alliance with the 3 guys he’s still manipulating everyone else. And whn Brendon & Rachel are in that jury house & Kathy or Britney or Ragan join them his front tht he’s put on is gonna be exposed. SUMMARY: stand up for how you really feel, think long term bc I think people forget that every person you send out is gonna be in jury comparing notes with the other people. EXAMPLE: Natalie. She just knew she had tht half million in the bag. Every person she had an alliance with voted for Jordan bc you’d much rather see somebody who was against you in the house win over someone who smiled in your face & thn threw you under the bus. Mark my words if Enzo makes it to final 2, he will not win!

  216. Too bad no one really understands that the whole show centers around Rachel and Berendon. They are marvelous players. Their downfall was to allow the Kristin thing to become persopnal. Rachel went off the deep end. Otherwise, she has shown real class in the way she has dealt with the constant pressure.

  217. From a socio-emothional perspective, this case is truly interesting. Here you ghave three very smart and highly educated players participating with some very common people. Ragan has stepped above the fray; Rachel allowed hubris and paranoia eventually to take her down. Brendon trying to show Rachel that he is playing for her. They need more seasoning and experience to be successful at the game of life.

  218. I keep seeing that only brendon and racheal are the only ones playing the game. It seems to me you have not been paying watching matt. Matt is the only one that has been playing since day one. I understand that most people dislike the lie about his wife. I get that but outside of that he is plsying a great game. He plays the brigrade like a fiddle. He has the mean girls in his back pocket. Even brendon and racheal just don’t understand his game but they are glad he is not attacking them personally. Matt is going to win this season weather you like it or not.

  219. @afuturecontestant #325 – pretty perceptive of you… I agree… except you MAY, no you’re DEFINITELY giving Kathy too much credit… her game is lame to say the least. Her game is mainly “I love everyone” and “I think it’s time to sit on my a** and smoke a cig, I’m tried of chasing criminals”. Oh, btw while you keep an eye of her don’t fall asleep. LOL!!!

  220. The most interesting facet of all of this is to see how pathologies manifest themselves when participants are placed in artificial, stressful circumstances. It allows the personal foibles to be revealed in a raw fashion, and offers constructive lessons for the viewers, if they are willing to learn from them, concerning social interaction in normal daily life. Things normally hidden become magnified and surfaced in this forum. How many people in the daily arena have not struggled with the same kind of foolish power trips we witness on this show? Too bad that the players will have to live with their own sordid responses to the artificial envoironment in which they have been placed.

  221. @green earth #250. Earth to Green Earth… you said “Rachel went off the deep end. Otherwise, she has shown real class in the way she has dealt with the constant pressure.” REAL CLASS… maybe REAL ASS would be more correct. What have you been watching or should I say smoking?

  222. sorry i meant green earth #350 not #250 in #355… now for #354 you said something like “The most interesting facet… pathologies manifest… participants are placed in artificial, stressful circumstances… allows the personal foibles to be revealed in a raw fashion… constructive lessons for the viewers… willing to learn from them, concerning social interaction in normal daily life… Things normally hidden become magnified… many people in the daily arena have not struggled with the same kind of foolish power trips… the players will have to live with their own sordid responses to the artificial envoironment (sic)…”. NOW THAT, I totally see and agree with, REALLY!!! Here it’s your hit now.

  223. I haven’t read through all the comments, but i did catch BBAD…

    Bitchney is such a baby…”why did brandon have to get so personal with his attacks” Please, you are such a two faced biotch!! she was trying to do a Jordan by getting in brendons face…Bitchney, you are FAR from being a Jordan!!

    and Brendon is hispanic, so maybe that is why he pronounced cockroaches the way he did…no reason to be made fun, LOSERS!!

    I hope Brendon picks up his game after Rachel leaves…I hope he doesn’t do anything stupid, like walk out with her…if he does that, he won’t make jury.

  224. I am sooooo tired of the Rachel and Brendon bashing. I remember when Rachel was stroking Ragan’s arm trying to comfort him. And now he can’t say anything nice about her and in fact is talking very maliciously about her. What will they talk about after R&B are gone??

  225. Rachel put a target on herself the moment she walked in the door. She has no game and has been playing personal rather than strategic. Is it just me or is Brenda like the stalker ex-boyfriend that you can’t get rid of!!

  226. I used to like both Ragan and Britney but enough is enough!! Also, I wasn’t a fan of the brigade but I have a new level of admiration for them. I can’t believe that they still have a SECRET alliance. I don’t see how they can be defeated. And I am looking forward to Brit and Ragan being on the block.

  227. It is not strange how several thousand people can be watching the same TV show and all have a different verison of what was said and or what happened. Amazing…

  228. This is by far the worst season ever of BB. Rachel and Matt are the only ones playing the game. The rest of the players are just weak. Ragan, Brittney, Kathy, and Hayden spent a couple hours acting like they were 14 year old girls making fun of Brenchel. Then Brittney standing outside there door trying to listen to them talk. All I want to see is some real players. I want the Evil Dicks and Dr. Will’s to play the game again. Those were real players.

  229. Rachel is not the b*tch in the Ho-mance. Its b*tch boy for getting physical with a girl. Bash is stupid azz Bitchney and Ragan for the pansy tool that he is. Hey Brenda go try it with Lane since you are a bad azz b*tch.

  230. GL2814 I agree about who is playing the game. I can’t believe that no one else has made alliances. Do they really think that they can go the whole game without an alliance? I can see that the rest of the non-brigade people are going to be picked off one by one.

  231. Just watching BBAD from last night and Matt, Ragan, Britney and Hayden are making fun of Rachel for wanting to use the HOH bathroom and then changing her mind when Matt said it was OK. WTF? Can’t someone change their minds about going to the bathroom. Why does it have to turn into a chance to bash her? I must sound like a Rachel lover but rather I am more of a hater of all of the school house antics!

  232. I don’t have the live feeds and I don’t have a lot of time to watch BBAD but I really think that Brendon is trying to really help Rachel and he thinks that he is doing the right thing. I don’t think he is going about it the wrong way. I can’t figure out what he sees in Rachel but you have to respect that it is his choice and it seems like he really cares about her. Very Chivalrous!

  233. @362…BB has gotten to be a game of personal issues.. Rachel’s personal issues were the reason for her nominations not game play..YOU CANNOT PUT PERSONAL FEELINGS AVOVE GAME PLAY AND EXPECT TO WIN..IT COMES BACK TO BITE U.. The same with Survivor..Russell was the best.. most evil most conniving..most self serving player I can recall on that show. He played the game to the hilt but he lost because of personal issues not game play. I am all for the “game” players and at this point I have to give it to MATT cause he setting up the all of the Brigade boys Brittney and Regan in no certain order to be eliminated without his being HOH. Kathy of course is at this point no threat..Just watch he is setting em all up.

  234. Jeff and Jordan will be on BB Wed.Before Annie was evicted wasn’t she after Britney? And after every woman was evicted Rachel tells them ” NO ONE COMES BETWEEN ME AND MY MAN” and yet she says this not personal. If Brandon is trying to get Rachel votes to stay the house will make her life miserable. Brandon claim the games did not fit him, with the paint game Lane stayed longer than Brandon. Lane and Hayden feels that Ezon might win. Just like a house of cards they[ the Brigard] will fall.

  235. I agree with you Connie. Matt seems to be “the player” of the game. I just hate that he used the disease as a way to further his game. He really doesn’t need to use any ploys. He is doing great on his own.

  236. @370 The disease thing is actually a mute point as his wife is going along with it..Matt is exceptional at using people to his advantage..He is plotting and planning each move with such cunning..He is actually making the Brigade Boys Brittney and Regan think that they are making their own decisions..He is planting the seeds of the move “HE” wants made and either one or two of the 5 will go through it. Pay close attention u can see it. While all the others are stuck on maybe the next 10 days His mind is on the future .Not to say he is gonna win it all but playing as he is he will get close..

  237. So many differing opinions on everything! That’s what happens when you throw all these posters in one room together talking about all those HG in one house together!

    However, it’ll all come down to Finale Night. My prediction is that Brenchel and the Brigade (with the possible exception of Matt) will be out of the house by then. But you never know in BB!

    So, I suppose I’m saying the F4 will be Brit, Ragan, Matt, Kathy.

    I just can’t see how whichever one of Brenchel is left this week can stay in the house past next week. And when push comes to shove, Matt’s going to turn on the Brigade – with a vengeance. He’ll partner with the others (in secret!) to work on getting Lane, Enzo and Hayden out.

    I am I Hate Rachel and I approved this message.

    Go Team ABR!


  238. Still watching BBAD, I am at the point where Britney is crying about what Brendon said about Nick. “Why does he have to get personal?” How hypocritical! Everything she says about Brendon and Rachel is personal. What the heck!

  239. @ i hate rachel #372. you could be right, a lot is riding on who wins the next HoH. My moneys on Kathy… NOT!!! Unless it’s a comp of who can suck down the most cigs in 1 hour.

    What’s “Go Team ABR!”???

    I agree… CYA bOObzilla. she may need to be fitted for a straight jacket because of no attention for a whole week in the jury house… $10 says she’s DRUNK the whole time, damn that would be easy money. It would behoove BB to take all sharp objects, knives and belts out of the house.

  240. Bonjour BB Post-ers & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

    @blah (331) good breakdown! didn’t notice that

    @kristi – 4AM? girl you the niftiest night owl fa real!

    you & nic are good! :P

    @dom – crayons in the light socket?! rolf *zing!* love dat one!
    you’re right brendon wants to be the superhero in rach’s comic book

    britt went down a few notches in my book (though she’s been pretty low for the past week,
    when she cried i was like, girl, you need to put up or SHUT up! why be in the kitchen if you can’t take the heat you’re bringin’ on others! get OUT!

    @cynmatty – i agree, lane &brit look super cozy, hand on back (lane to britt); hand on thigh (britt to lane) i mean if he’s NOT her secret fiancee or friend, dang the real NICK will be P.O’ed watching this, you can only ignore the OBVI (re: kristen’s hot BF from PA) for so long!

    @short – kristen told hay that she would put up rachel & bren is she won HOH, she said this many times! rach wasn’t lying, she was ON spot with dat one..

  241. @afuturecon – welcome to bbn boards! :) (belated since u posted like 7 hrs ago!)
    Kathy is moving somewhere lol…

    @earth – rachel did say to Bren (w/Hay present) last night that one of her biggest mistakes was getting rid of Kris! (she stated didn’t apologise lol)

    @greg h – yeah i agree, no way is Kathy even IF she makes it far down to the finale will get ANY votes, she betta win something and FAST! you have to be LIKED a wee bit or at least ADMIRED to win that 1/2mil, pretty sure she’s only TOLERATED

    @sunny – i know eh? (sigh) it will never stop tho’ even when & if they leave the BB house…
    really it won’t! they’re the most NOTORIOUS BB couple ever! Didn’t think I could say that but it’s pretty true now, they’re massively popular online! love ’em or hate’em!

    @team ABR = yup! that F4 looks solid, course i

    hope raggity ragan is evicted wayyy before that!replace with enzo! not doing much but hey
    it’s BB house coaster edition rightt?

    and yeah matt will SO turn on that bro-gade (hands in pants crew ;)

  242. Gosh I cannot stand looking at Britney and Ragan anymore with their bashing. Stop it already. And this Late Night Letterman-type show is a joke. Play the game and stop being 8th graders bashing people. I am sorry to see Rachel (in your face character) go, what a great player not that I love her but admire her playing. Oh well it will be boring when their gone.

  243. Tess, I’m with you 100%!!! I don’t even want to watch any longer because of Ragan and Britney!

  244. By the way, did Ragan last night pull out “The Sabateur”. Was he told to start a fight?
    going after Rachel and all?

  245. @Jadelle I def don’t think Lane & Brit are a couple…maybe the lifelong friends if that’s even the truth. I’m pretty sure if tht wasn’t a lie from Annie we would have gotten the back story by now. Doesn’t make sense tht they haven’t told us. I really don’t believe there is a pair personally but I could be wrong

  246. The biggest mistake in the game thus far… Rachel hooking up with Brendon.

    Rachel should have formed an alliance with Kristen as soon as that fight they had went down. If they would have put aside their petty nonsense Kristen, Rachel, and Britney would have made an awesome alliance that noone would have expected. They could have play exactly as they are but flub the votes….and really you should always form alliances, once you get to the 5th week with the people you hate the most as they are the least likely to be considered a team.

    Unfortunately women are generally vindictive and won’t put aside personal feelings completely, so an alliance like that, that would work, would totally fall apart almost instantly.

  247. @Tess

    The problem with Ragan being the saboteur is that he has nothing to saboteur unless he votes for Rachel to stay. He is not involved with anyone to saboteur anyone or any alliance. This probably the worst season for this “twist”

    I think it’d be funny if Matt could play the D-veto without anyone knowing if he took Rachel down and put up one of the brigade.

  248. Good one Blah…

    It would be funny if Matt used the D-veto that way. As far as Ragan goes I wish he would saboteur Britney (gosh she is annoying).

  249. BLAH – I made reference to that myself, wonder how shocked the house would be to see Matt use the DPOV to remove one or both of the next 2 nominated HG’s then put up brigade members.. Commit the “ULTIMATE BETRAYAL” that might help him live up to his self proclaimed diabolic genious rep HAHA

  250. This is the most boring BB ever. With Brendon or Rachel gone, it’s going to be un-watchable. The producers keep making the show worse…it should be done by now anyway.

  251. @kristy with #’s! oh that would be DY-NA-MITE!
    :) Woo-hoo! Repeat that on the new post board girl! I’m sure ppls’ will agree that would go down as the ULTIMATE knife in the back!

  252. Wasn’t it evil Dick that poured ice tea on someones head, the gal that wore the body suit?
    Brittany has been constantly bad mouthing people, not much good comes out of her mouth. So has Ragan lately, what’s up with him?
    Brenchel have been under attack since week one, that’s got to be hard. Brittany was a mess when she went on the block, crying etc. and the mean girl came out and hasn’t left yet. She is so hypocritical, thinks it’s awful if someone does to her what she has been doing constantly.
    I think Brenden is right, the HOH’s that Matt won were geared for shorter, smaller people, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that one, Brittany, Matt and Ragan were some of the last ones left on, and Brittany’sarms were not as strong as Ragan
    and Matt, they have both been working out, Matt even thanked lane for getting him in
    shape as it helped him stay on and have more stamina.
    As for Rachel, she has watched BB enough to know you should not do most every thing she does. Being a poor loser and winner, U don’t rub it in their faces and shout out a hallange, calling the meeting SO DUMB,keep your mouth shut or OPEN MOUTH INSERT FOOT.
    As for what Brendon is doing now STOP IT!
    Matt is making some BIG mistakes, so far they aren’t hurting him.

  253. Help me understand something.
    What is the big deal with being the SAB?
    Isn’t he suppose to be doing things that are
    out of character?
    Does he just have the title and then get the
    money reward? I haven’t seen anything? I thought the title thing was for only two weeks?
    Please explain…..Thanks.

  254. Blah #382
    I don’t think Kristen would have made an alliance with Rachel as it was personal to her also, she kept telling Rachel and Brendon she wouldn’t put them up, and the next thing out of her mouth to Hayden was I’ll put Rachel and Brendon up if I get HOH.
    It’s rare for there to be an all girl alliance, most are just too catty. Even in Survivor, although there was one that worked where they talked a buy into giving up his Immunity Idol to one of them, and then he got voted out right after that,SAD! He was a very naive young man.

  255. Oooooops! That was supposed to be “she talked a GUY into giving up his Immunity Idol.
    on roseo1919 #392


  257. I think that Rachel needs to go .and leave Brandon in there so that he can be the next target . its true that Rachel has been carring him and herself throughout the whole game .. They need to make sure that when it comes up again for HoH that Brandon doesn’t get it and that he goes up for eviction too then .

  258. I wish that there was a place so that we could cast our votes as to who stays and who goes in the eviction now … they need to include that when they show this again .I would have surely have voted to evict Rachel the first time around .

  259. OK…Brenchel is annoying…that being said, how stupid is the rest of the house? I mean geez do they not realize Brenchel will be 2 votes that determine who gets the money at the end? Yeah, let’s piss off 2 votes early in the jury. It’s one thing to vote someone out for strategic reasons it’s another to to just be plain bitchy like Britney and Ragan and Kathy and Matt. So far Lane is the only one who has not bad mouthed anyone. Even Enzo is starting to get catty.

  260. Hey I’ve been hearing a lot that Brittany and Regan were saying really messed up things in the pool about them? What did they say?

    Whether you like brenchal or not, the only way the other houseguests will wake up and actually start paying the game will be if they get rid of Brendan and Rachel.

  261. Well, this season is going downhill, as far as the drama. It’s the best season. But the attacks on Brandon & Rachel are so petty. It’s a game! I think people forget that. This house is definitely filled with hypocrites.

  262. Last years drama was way better everyone was crazy Ronnie Russell Lydia Chima Casey, etc. this years pretty much everyones boring because they’re all playing together except for brendan and rachel.

  263. Brendon is my favourite HG, with Rachel being my second, but she offers more than him in terms of drama and being good at comps, so she needs to stay!

    I hope he is succesful, shame they have to split, but glad they got to the jury house.

  264. Devyn #399
    I agree about the hypocrites, Enzo keeps saying it’s a game, but when anyone does anything to the “Brigade” or him he’s going to get them. Same with Heyden when he and Kristen got put on the block. Pretty much they all forget “it’s a game” when something happens to them.

  265. voting rachel off can’t come too soon!! please let her audition (fake crying etc.) be over soon!!!!!!!!!! If you watch her she is always watching the camera and “acting” for the camera.

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