Big Brother 12: Week 4 Popularity Poll

The Big Brother 12 HGs often wonder what America (and the rest of you out there!) thinks of them, but we don’t have to wonder any longer with our handy-dandy BB12 popularity poll that’ll show us just where they stand.

Go ahead and pick your favorite Big Brother Houseguest for this week in the poll below. I’ll run this each week and we can keep track as HGs’ stock rises and falls. You can also check out where all the HGs ended up last week in the poll.

Share your thoughts and tell us why you voted the way you did.


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  1. Lane is hilarious! He is not mean spirited and calling names, he is just fun to watch! When they did the movie game, watching him pull the other along was so good!

  2. Brit with me too, surprisingly. I couldn’t stand her cattiness at first, but she is hilarious in the DR, and now her cattiness is the only thing I look forward to. My second was Lane…

    Again, it’s easier to answer who I can’t stand the most.

  3. This week is going to be magical when Kristen goes – I think if Brendon wins HOH the house will realign and Lane will go with Brendon –

    is it me or is Brendon beginning to see rachel as too difficult of a person to really want to be with her?

  4. It’s Brit Brit all though way…..Go Brit Brit Go!!!!!! She’s hillarious and the realest of real!

  5. No one will genuinely align with Brenchel unless you are playing for 3rd. If one goes then the chance of an alliance is a possibility. As much I can’t stand Rachel, I hope the pencil d**k leaves before her. What a wuss.

  6. I think as the house realigns Brendon is going to dump Rachel – he really is not happy with her and sees her as a lost cause – sex aside

  7. I think he playing everyone and thats how to play the game. Rachel NEEDS TO PUT SO CLOTHES ON and watch her potty mouth

  8. i like everyone except for brendon, ragan, and that pathetic excuse kathy.

    but how come i cant vote for Old Britney?
    she has a place too damnitt!! lol

  9. Rachel: “Brendon, I am Vegas!!?
    Brendon: “Rachel, I am just getting so sick and tired of hearing you plug Vegas over and over and over!”
    Rachel: But, Brendon, that is who I am!”
    Brendon: “Well, maybe you are not ready to leave Vegas.”

    Oh, Dear Lord, I know these are not exact quotes but if I had to watch one more second of that on BBAD, I would vomit! And if you notice, she always knows where the camera is, she makes those little suttle glances all the time. She is not ever going to leave Vegas, her boobs make her too much money!!!

  10. I voted for Lane, he just seems like an honestly cool person. My second would be Ragan. I think he’s hilarious! And he’s pretty darn good at staying under the radar.

  11. Who’s my favorite this week?

    ABR of course! ANYBODY BUT RACHEL!

    I am I Hate Rachel and I approved this message.

    Go Team ABR!

  12. LOL I voted for Brit this week too, I love her DR and she is just to funny. She is playing to game for her right now and she has everyone believing she is with them. Priceless, I dont like to wish ill on anyone, but I am to the point I think it would be some what entertaining for Bren to drop Rach, so she could accuse HIM of getting between her and her man (FAME) LMAO.. OK that maybe a little far fetched, but he does need to take his ummm “jewels” out of her purse and tell her she is about to be playing on her own. (doubt it)

  13. Kristy281 LMAO “Bren to drop Rach, so she could accuse HIM of getting between her and her man” Too funny.

  14. I think Britney is playing the game well. She always has a dumb look on her face, as if she doesn’t know what’s going on… but inside, I think the wheels are continually turning.

  15. i like lane a lot. If Brendon finally dumps rachel and the house realigns I see Lane, Brit, Ragan and Brendon – Brendon is in it to win – he knows rachel is a lost cause –

    I just hope Kristen goes out in a psycho bomb and exposed the brigade thereby forcing a realignment

  16. If Kristen gets the boot this week will she still be in her wig and unitard? B/c that would be awesome! Almost as funny as Casey leaving in the banana suit

  17. well we know one thing. britney will have the chance to be the next sab.

    that announcer guy why does the outro of Big Brother, like who sets up the next episode. it would be funny if he was like;

    will britney open up pandora’s box and become the next Big Brother saboteur? will the showmance between rachel and brendon continue? AND, who will be nominated for eviction this week for the first spot in the jury house?

    all these questions will be answered ………right now!

    yes, no, and brendon and rachel

  18. lol yea Rach does accuse everyone of getting between her and her man- i love her tho she’s fierce

  19. @ BG # 22 LOL I couldnt help myself I cant see another good bye message with that statement in it. I think it would be hilarious if WHEN she does leave the HG’s all tell her in their good bye message they just had to get between her an her man. Id be laughing my self to tears. While she sit there with the open mouth gawk she does next to JC (Julie Chen) Oh Gawd she will probable accuse her of getting between her an her man too…. PLEASE GAWD STOP THE INSANITY…

  20. LMAO @ Marcus I hope Im not telling my age here but reading that I had a “Soap” flashback.

  21. I vote Enzo as my favorite houseguest this week because he makes me laugh and seems to have a genuine heart. Of course, he’s playing the game to win big bucks, but his humour is real, unlike ‘certain’ others who crave camera time for self promotion when they (hopefully soon) get booted from the game!

  22. This is probably the final week that I have a chance to vote for KRISTIN :) Brains, Beauty, Personality :) :) :)

  23. I vote for Kathy. Only 1% voted for her. Kathy is a good person, she really know how to play the game better then some of the other houseguest. Kathy is pretty and smart, so why is only a few voted for her?

    • kathy is horrible. She should not have clamied to be part of law enforcement because she is an emabarassment. Obstacle courses are a staple of academy training. If that is how she represents cops, then no thanks.

    • william z, I used to like kristen til she opened her mouth (to speak). Brit is definitely smarter and cuter. She’s a great little package.

  24. This has been the worst BB season ever. Most of the cast can not even be themselves for whatever reason. Your showmance between Rachel and Brendon is a joke but most of all I have not been watching it live I fast foward thru the parts with them 2. I truley believe once Rachel is gone the show will take on and entertain us like it use to for some reason she sucks the life out of it. All of us on the live feed have had it we use to always get up in the morning and stay on all day. Getting nothing done in our personal lives. This year everyone is saying how boring it is and are fed up with the Rachel & Brendon Show. It’s sad alot of us feel we wasted our money on live feed and for me I also ordered showtime like i always did but am canceling it now. We are hoping the doors are locked this week and nxt week a double evict with at least Rachel going…sorry but shes taking your show to Vegas and not the good side of

  25. My vote was for Enzo. I think he’s funny, he makes me laugh. Must be an east coast thing, he’s a jersey boy.

  26. brit or rachel – – ok, let’s get one thing clear, kristen is not very cute (at all!!!). if there’s anyone in doubt, take a look at her with the wig on, eeewwwwwwwwww

  27. I think Brit is probably just catty and mean in real life. She and Monet started in on day 1. I don’t see why she was so in love with Monet. Also can’t understand why no one catches on that she is so two-faced. Maybe they all think that she is just a dumb blonde.

    Lane sure is a convincing liar. I’m sure he convinced Kristen that she has his vote. LOL

  28. I love britney and Enzo and Lane. Matt is weak, and coniving and hayden should have shook up the house a long time ago and not voted out Monet. that would have sapped the power away from his competiters.

  29. Britney has game and she does not forget!! Reagon is a floater who needs to go because he has told Brendon and Rachel what to do and who to vote out for to long

  30. I choose Lane bc the little bit of screen time he does get he makes me laugh.

    Enzo was a close 2nd.

  31. I agree Marcy, those two together are a good team, funny, entertaining , what more could a reality show want?? :)

  32. Ragan is figuring out the Brigade alliance… BUT, he is telling Rachel about it, and telling her to watch out who Hayden seems to be gravitating towards, and that those folks will be there to support each other…
    Sounds like the house could flip the vote or at least make it a 3-4 vote that will be pretty revealing that the brigade alliance exists…
    see, this season isn’t boring if you consider how much thinking and conspiring goes on.

  33. Excuse me, while I go puke on Rachel, oh & Brandon. Either one is going to win. Mark my word. Rachel well be going to the ” Funny Farm ” after the show is done. She really thinks she is ” All That & More ” News Break Rachel ” only a few creaps like you. !!!

  34. I’m glad Britney is the favorite, but what sucks is that she is going to inevitably get screwed over by Lane and Enzo eventually if Brendon doesn’t win HOH next week. As badly as I hate to admit it. Lane, Enzo, and Hayden are too obsessed with their so-called “Brigade.” The alliance that doesn’t do crap.

  35. Britney is proving herself to be a strong competitor. She’s also hilarious in those DR sessions, so my vote goes to Britney. I would like to see her take home the grand prize.

  36. Not sure about that ! Brit’s a lot smarter then they ” Bridage ” think’s she is. I think they think she is a dizzy blond ” boy they have a wake-up call.

  37. I use to believe that Kathy was my favorite houseguest hoping that she would win…but like Sheila Kennedy from BB9…Kathy doesn’t seem to do anything by way of trying to win competitions…or help within the house…like cook, wash dishes or sweep up…All she does is seem to lay around in beds or sofas as though she was depressed and forget her meds.
    Ragan on the other hand, to me, is the life of the entire house…he’s funny…loves to offer strategy insite…does his share of chean up and is an all around uplifting person…all he needs to do now is win a few competitions.

  38. Rachel – A Venus Fly Trap (at best!)

    Brendon – Thinks himself a Horse Fly, but is really just a (captured) House fly

    Britney – Ineffectual and spineless

    Enzo – I think he’s a misogynist. He has been attempting to rid the Big Brother House of all women since Day 1. Also, he controls nothing. He is the ultimate floater.

    Hayden – Has the intelligence of a Pet Rock

    Kathy – Cunning, but if a good, smart way. I doubt she will last until the end, but don’t count her down and out. “It ain’t over ’til its over.”

    Kristen – Another of Rachel’s victims for no particular reason (e.g., Monet). I haven’t seen her actually do anything to anybody to warrant the vicious attacks spewed against her.

    Lane – Has yet to show any negativity (from what I’ve seen)

    Matt — Patholgically duplicitous

    Ragan – Seems thoughtful. Has yet to show any true colors. Appears to hide his insecurities with his “in your face” radical gayness. He needs to relax and not be concerned about what anyone thinks about his sexuality.

  39. I think Brit is playing “the game” far better than anyone else at this point. She has everyone fooled….thinking she is a dumb blonde (no offense to anyone blonde). Everyone else is just riding on the coat tails of the B/R saga, too afraid to rock the boat or put a target on their own back. Someone needs to rock something to kickstart this year into competitive BB action. I think Ragan is starting that kickstart and if anyone really starts to listen to him, things may finally get interesting.

  40. I vote for Britney, because she is delightfully humorous, and has great observations about her other HGs. And she’s cute as a button, and has a beautiful body! I can’t figure out why a couple of the guys haven’t hit on her yet. At the beginning, I swore she and Kathy were daughter and mother. When they sit together, they look so much alike it’s amazing. But Kathy is as dumb as a rock, and Britney is as sharp as a razor. And events simply do not support my supposition about their relationship.

  41. I voted Britney! Monet leaving was actually good for her. You have to love her!

    Last night between B/R was too funny! For a moment, when Rachel was almost out the door, she looked up at the camera and I thought it might be staged.

    Her evil pout. Why didn’t Brendon just leave the room?

  42. Nobody with a functioning brain would want to support rachel. She’s a retarded bitch who and can’t even form a sentence. I’m so sick of her saying “Brendon and I” at the END of sentences. I am rooting for just about everyone else at this point just as long as she goes home soon.

  43. I voted for Kristen this week. I know she is going home, but she has been the only person bold enough to get in Rachel’s face and go toe to toe with her without backing down, and when Rachel offered her the “olive branch”, Kristen snapped it in two and threw it right back in her face….. LOVE IT!!

  44. PS: Brit is not a blonde. so she’s just “dumb”. Rachel “is” playing the game. She is a dark blonde, but not dumb. lost her way by hooking up with El Stupido. Kristen (scary eyes) lost my vote when she went all “jerry springer” on Rachel. she should have kept her cool. And come on..We all need money!!!

  45. Ps; please don’t use derogatory slang terms for the are making yourself look dumb!

  46. Lane he is a Texan with game that knows Bullshit. Brendon and his fake as red head Rachale. Make me sick.Soap Opras or a thing of the past and they need to be too.

  47. predictions: Rachel will dump pansey pants (she doesnt need a wet blanket) and She will win this comp. bet ya

  48. My vote is for Lane… but I would have to say my Favorite would have to be a combo of Lane and Brit… Those 2 crack me up and make a great duo!!

  49. I have no favorite. But, for those of you who wonder why people just don’t like Brendon and Rachel….did you watch last nights BBAD? If you didn’t, then you missed the answer to your question.

  50. omfg!!!!! bbad wad soooo like a poorly directed indy movie,”bren i am vegas” i almost puked!!!! bren isnt lost if he can grow a set and dump her lifted ass.i was hoping kris would stay,but the brigade will once again make a poor choice…..Lane rules!!!!

  51. Britany sucks. She seems all fake to me. I like Ragan, but Rachel is still my favorite when she doesn’t stupid crap like “you ain’t gonna steal my man”. She is so much smarter than that. Anyway, I wish Brittany and all of the Brigade would go away! :)

  52. @67 I will bet you Rach does not win this game. I think we will all be suprised at who does…but guaranteed Rach won’t be the one..I will apologize to you if you are right…not saying that I am, but I truly believe Rach will piss everyone off enough that even Bren turns on her.

  53. @ Ahunt, THAT WOULD BE EPIC !! the only downfall I see to that would be sending B/R to jury house TOGETHER ALONE for a week. UMMM Im pretty sure Im not alone in saying, if I were the one following them in there Id make dang sure the ENTIRE house had been disinfected before I bathed, slept, sat, or ate anywhere in that place. Extreme I know, but I mean we have seen what they are willing to do with cameras on them, Im afraid to know what happens with privacy.

  54. I love Brit & Lane! I like Enzo too but they never show him. He’s hilarious! But Britney cracks me up! and when she’s together with Lane – it’s on & crackin! LOL! ;)

  55. @ AnnieT, Im with you, BUT I have flashbacks to BB8 and Evil Dick, no one liked him, he was rude and mean to everyone in the house and yet they handed him the money. I think the mind set is going to be if we take Rach to the end the Jury house with not vote for her cause they hate her. Sadly seasons past have proven thats not the case, just like the use of “pawns” on the block things backfire in bad ways. Unless they get her out NOW I can almost see her making it to the end and SOME how getting it. I hope Im wrong but.. it should be out there.

  56. Rachael=Proactive…can she even see her toes?
    I wonder if she has named it yat..pig OMG she gives Vegas a bad name

  57. what a bunch of haters. is it really that hard to say nice things about others. this is as nauseating as BBAD

  58. Plus on BBAD the guilt trip she gives Brenden. Hes not allowed to not agree with her…really? I dont know ..He really needs to get a grip. He seems he might be an ok person but to fall for her BS he almost seems desprite.

  59. Rachel & Brendan are the power house!!! I. Hope that Brendan wins hog this week and breaks up the 4 Guy’s! ! Go Go Rachel & Brendan all the way to fine 2!!! Good luck u two

  60. #81 Im ss but some of the group(Rach) its hard to say a good thing about her being im a native from Vegas.

  61. I’m on the last hr of BBAD and I’m about to puke. Drunkzilla and titty baby brenden are making me nauseous. “I fell in love with you…” “Love is unconditional” OMFG are you kidding me. Vegas is part of my soul…in the words of Britney no Monet she is a scientist. LMFAO No she makes her money right here” circles her chest. Guess someone lied on their application.

  62. @ 81 – In regard to “is it really that hard to say nice things about others” Refer to YOUR own post in which you referred to the “others” as the below
    #67 Bren- Pansy Pants
    #64 Bren- El Stupido
    Brit- Dumb
    Kris- Scary eyes
    Unless your use of the term “others” only includes Rachel Please refrain from throwing rocks from a glass house. People are passionate about their likes and dislikes of ALL the houseguest. If you are only sickened by the negative comments about Rach please feel free to skip over those post.

  63. If Brendon stood up to rachel she MIGHT straighten up. Instead watching him TRYING to talk to her on BBAD was AWFUL…..OMG!! He should walk out of the HoH room and she might change her behavior…lord

  64. Britney is intelligent and funny. She seems more level-headed than most of the others. She seems to have a game plan in place and she is not committed to an alliance, which hopefully will be a good thing for her.

  65. 1) Britney!- Smart, cute, funny! And alligned with almost everybody in the house.

    2)Lane- You can’t dislike Lane, he’s like a big Southern teddy bear.

    3)Kathy- I don’t know why I like her so much, but she was smart when she got put up on the block, and she’s socially smart too. I’d like to think she’s successfully holding back on the comps, not just week.

    3)Hayden- Alligned well, and he’s the only member of the house to have tried anything at all against Brenchel.

    4)Ragan- His dry humour and sarcasm are funny, even if they’re all homosexually based. I think that makes em even funnier. Fun to watch.

    5)Enzo- I’d say he’s the real brains behind the Brigade. If he gets it together, and stops being so annoying, he could make them a strong group.

    6)Rachel- I saw it on here, a Venus Fly Trap. She’s coniving, at least, and she’s definately wearing the pants in the relationship. I respect some of her gameplay, but hate that she’s taking out my favourites. Or at least threatening them.

    7) Matt- Seriously dude? For a smart guy, he plays DUMB! He had a primo chance to get out Brenchel, and he didn’t.

    8)Brendon- Delusional, and stupid. Cocky, and irritating. God I dislike Brendon…

    I didn’t bother rating Kristen, cause she’s leaving. But she’s have been 3rd.

  66. someone posted something that still has me cracking up laughing. If they were all smart they would give all their “libations” to cletus (to those of u who know he was the drunk one on Andy Griffith) and she would be wasted and hungover ALL the time, she would screw up her game and then she wouldn’t know if she were screwing Brendon or Hayden’s sock monkey

  67. In my perfect dream on BB, Britney will win as the sab have 2 weeks to use her powers and decide to use it this week, take Hayden down put Titty Baby up and send him home and then the best TV on earth with be Drunkzilla making her sour lemon face for the next 7 days!!! That will surely make up for the snooze fest we have had to endure the last 4 weeks!!

  68. I understand in this house you make deals with the devil, but I somehow believe you still must have a moral compass, so that you must be careful at the deals you need to make so you can be true to them …
    sook here goes:
    Britney – amusing, fun but totally no integrity about lying, using and backstabbing rachel and then wanting brenchals vote????
    Kathy – sucked up to the power, then alternates between biting and feeding off the power
    Hayden slick,very slick, but again no integrity about making deals and shaking hands with no intention of fulfillment
    Lane – funny, funny, not sure about what kind of deal he made, and whether he would betray his deal
    Matt – no moral compass at all, would lie, con and backstab
    Enzo – not sure if he would break his word, might just have to blow the HOH so he doesnt break his word…
    Regan – me thinks he has a conscience and would not put up rachel because of repricosity for atleast one week
    Kristin – complex character
    Brendon – a bit wimpy at times, but probably the nicest person in the house, I believe he has about as much integrity as anyone who has played this game
    Rachel – too emotional, but good gut instincts except for reading britney, great competitor but her mouth is her main achilles heel, basically honest and wants to find people to align with…

  69. I think absolutely another HG should return, put her (lets face it, Kristen), in the pandoras box. I would love to see the squirming. It is the season, 3, 6, 9, and now 12. Stick with that scenario. Fans will love to love it or hate it.

  70. i love brittneyy,,i love when she rolles her eyes n twak bout rachel its veryyy funniee..enzo is also funnie when he was bein sarcastic with rachel n her stuff,,brenden needs to stop bein so real n serious with rachel foreall..he is too gud for her..rachel needs to stop actin just cusz she is hoh doesnt mean she is the master to everythingg..once this week is done she is as good as leavin that door nxt week

  71. Kathyrn, I respect your stance.
    I have been a BB fan since season one and can tell you that NO ONE has ever fully played the game with COMPLETE honesty, with out a lie here and there or a little back stabbing and made it past the first few weeks. Now with that I might also had that those who come in gunz blazing and out right back biting and outing everything and everyone dont last either.
    I think everyone has morals that come in to the house now as to the magnitude of them it is not for me to gauge, but I think in this game it becomes survival, and people may do things that would NEVER fathom doing outside the house.
    Its not just this game either tho I am not a fan of any other Reality Show other then this one I have plenty of friends who are and it happens on all the shows.
    Even America’s sweethearts Jeff/Jordo went back on a few deals and told a few lies. Nature of the beast I guess it what I am trying to say.

  72. kristy
    I agree with you that lying in BB is okay, but dont you think everyone owes repicosity for atleast a week and that when they shake on a deal that it should mean something, even if just one week of safety…

  73. I think thats part of BB… are the people you are trusting trustworthy?? Just one more twist to the game that makes us love it!!

  74. Agree, sometimes it seems maybe that with turn of events that if they did keep the deal it would end up hurting them, Brit for example she said she would use Veto, was told Kathy would be the replacement, then found out the only other person in the house she knows will at least try to keep her safe and have the back up to do so (LANE) would actually she had to change her plan, she wanted to tell the other but a Call to the DR nixed her chance to. So as is the case a lot. Maybe they TRY to do dare I say ” the right thing” a keep the deal. But in there you not only have to watch what you do yourself, you have to watch what everyone else is doing. Just my oppinion. I tried out the last 2 years, and I have kids an TONS of friends who watch so I personally would be keeping that in the back on my mind, but I am sure at some point I would be forced to do or say something I didnt mean in order to maintain my safety. We never know till we are faced with those choices. ( wow Im long winded today sorry yall)

  75. My pick was Brendon. If he will only dump Rachel and start playing the game for himself would be FaB! I know I’m in the minority but I’m not a Britney fan! Her cattiness drives me crazy! She speaks so badly about everyone behind their backs as if she’s better then everyone. Can’t stand people like that! With that said it’s about playing the game and ya gotta do what ya gotta do:)

  76. Britney is the most narcissistic person I have seen. Oh, I’m fat.. begging for attention. She has talked about everyone in the house. Saying Kathy wears old lady tight crotch pants. Talking about how they look…check the mirror chick you have a left cockeye. I want her out next week. Hope somehow, BB throw a twist and Hayden and Kristen stays,,,,,they did that one year…..

  77. Britney Numero Uno! She will bring down Brenchal because she’s playing the best game – unlike those big lugs known as the Brigade.

  78. I think Matt and Ragan are the lifelong friends. Matt is head of the Brigade and Ragan is the confidant and insider with B/R. Together they influence both sides of the house. Matt didn’t put B/R up because he wants them to take out everyone else. He is counting on Ragan to protect him. Likewise Matt will keep the Brigade from going after Ragan. There is a lot more to their game than people realize. It will start to come out shortly.

  79. @ T Raza, you are awesome!!! Totally agree with you. Love your sarcasm. Anyone else who thinks Brachel should win…seriously?

    -Lane is playing smart.

    -Matt…epic fail!!! Couldn’t even get the dumb “power couple” out of the house.

    -Brit is a little too abbrasive, but she is playing it smart since Monet is gone.

    -Kathy…I am not too sure what her game plan is just yet. I should by this point in the game though.

    -Kristen is leaving this week. I would have played a bit smarter but she spoke her mind against Tits McGee and that counts for something in my book.

    -Hayden should play with Lane and Enzo, (Matt is useless).

    -Enzo is great. His accent is a little abbrasive for me though.

    -Rachel (A.k.a. Tits McGee) Might be winning HOH’s, but she is still managing to play dumb. She is the most unintelligent scientist i’ve ever had the displeasure to watch. She has the perfect job for herself. Cocktail stripper…I mean waitress in vegas.

    -Brendon should man up and figure out that you can’t trun a ho into a housewife. He should drop her and start playing the game. Seriously! He is pretty dumb though, to “fall in love” with a cocktail waitress. Please! And he thinks she is dropping everything to be with him in Cali. Cut your losses Brendon. You don’t want that one moving in. You won’t be able to get rid of her! She is VEGAS. “I moved to vegas when I was 22 because…it was a part of me Brendon”. Yea great excuse.

  80. theres no life long friends whats so ever,,or they alreaddii been sayin it alreaddiii,,julie chan told andrew that matts wife dont hav the disease n he lied,but she ddnt said nuthng bout long life frnds,,annie lied about the saboutor not bein in the nomination when herself the saboutor was in the nomination,,she can lie about everythngg,,

  81. haven’t got to watch the feeds at all today till now… are people actually going to vote to keep Kristen?!?! Or are these people just TELLING her they will vote for her?? I really don’t see people voting Hayden out over Kristen! Someone please fill me in!!


  83. My Big Brother Power Rankings for Week 4:

    1)Ragan – Quite possibly the smartest (not the strongest) player in the house. He’s catching on to the Brigade and is relatively cool with everyone in the house.

    2)Rachel – Hate her or love her she keeps winning; and it’s hard to eliminate someone if they’re HOH half the time. Her emotional play WILL be her downfall.

    3)Brittany – At the Oscar goes to Brittany for acting like she cares when she could give a flying (expletive deleted) about anybody, but Lane.

    4)Lane – Easily the best of the Brigade… physically anyway. Laying low and has a nice side alliance with Brittany, and barring a collapse in his play he’ll coast to the final four.

    5)Enzo – I don’t know how he hasn’t blown the Brigade’s cover yet. He yelled out Brigade after his team won the Luxury comp… and nobody thought twice about how random that was?

    6)Brenden – Mr. POV better be grateful his showmance partner keeps winning HOH’s. Classic case of “book smarts” but zero “street smarts”.

    7)Hayden – I’m glad he’s going to lose his side booty, I mean, alliance in Kristen. Totally spineless play after his HOH stint.

    8)Matt – The dumbest member of the Brigade. His nominations during his HOH have raised red flags with the other HGs and more notably his own alliance. Please, stop with the hands down your pants. Even Al Bundy gave them a break now and again.

    9)Kristen – A virtual lock to go home this week. I pretty much forgot she existed until Andrew outed her and Hayden’s relationship. She’s fighting to stay… but it won’t be enough unless a miracle happens.

    10)Kathy – The most useless person in the BB house. At this point I don’t care if she’s acting… I hate how she keeps playing the “I’m a fighter, I’m a cancer survivor card” for sympathy. I love and respect that she is a fighter/survivor in life, but… Um, if I ever was blessed enough to survive cancer I wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize my health, say like, smoking.

    Just my thoughts.

  84. @RON

  85. okay i was like i didn’t type that:)
    go brit and lane if brit didn’t have nick she would do good with lane

  86. I’d like to see 2 votes each week: most pop remaining HG & most pop ex-HG. As more HGs go out the ex-vote could be more interesting than the still in.
    I voted Enzo: it was him or Ragan. They’re good players with good show personalities. Other thoughts:
    Matt reminds me a lot of the gamers I know. Waiting to see if he outsmarts himself or makes final 2.
    Kristin could have pointed out to Rachel that the cameras caught their conversation & since Rachel was the one lying about what was said/promised, America would see that; then she could have asked Rachel if that’s the rep Rachel wanted with the show’s fans, as a liar. THAT would have been better game AND fan-impressing strategy than blowing up was. Still at least Kristin defended herself & didn’t let Rachel bulldoze her, she gets credit for that, I have NO respect for any female (being female myself) who allows anyone to bully them unchallenged… it’s just, it’s not always a good idea to get into a vocal mini-war, more subtle strategies are often more effective.
    I think Rachel buys the “sex sells” theory & is playing showmance (& show-off) to try to score fans… also anyone who gets on the show knows IF she (or he) can hook up & the other person wins, she/he can maybe keep the romance long enough to get some benefits from the prize money. Rachel strikes me as that type. HGs are scared to vote out one side of a hot showmance because they’re scared the other side will come gunning for them, they forget if the other half doesn’t go the very next week, someone else who was in their way just by being there probably will, simple odds.
    My big problem with Kathy, I grew up in _rural_ WI, I can’t see Kathy surviving a year as a deputy sheriff in a rural area, she just doesn’t have the attitude, the perseverence, the willingness to stand up for herself, the insight into how people think. I’m thinking, iff she really is a deputy, who’s she know who keeps her in her job when it’s clearly not one she’s capable of?
    Would be nice for Casting to try one season of HGs who haven’t seen the show… ask fans to send tapes of friends who are too busy, etc. to watch, recruit from the results… maybe offer an incentive, if your nominee gets picked & agrees to play you get some sort of prize. It would be fun to see a season of people who don’t come in thinking they know it all. We might get a better game.

  87. and i thought annie was annoying ,kristen is even worst then her trying to get votes that she will never have

  88. I’m shocked that any still likes Rachel. Rachel is a couple short of a dozen, overly emotional, and is doing all she can to get herself eliminated since she’s annoying the hell out of everyone.

    P.S. No one wants your man Rachel so stop acting like they do!

  89. Brendon is obviously not gonna dump rachel cuz he was begging her not too break up when she almost did over the vegas arguement. and rachel kindas makes the show a little bit more entertainin because everyone is following there is no difference no ones playing for themselves.

  90. I voted for Bren because he seems like a good guy that is getting used and being made to look like a dupe because of this showmance.

  91. Lane gets my vote.

    I would LOVE to see that man in a gorgeous, tailored Armani suit… HOT! HOT! HOT :)

  92. Vote for Matt because he has strong possibility to shake things up, plus I think he has “something” he’s not revealing. Certainly not a vote for winner!

  93. I am confused or else missed Rachel talking to someone about her abilities (if u will). Somebody said that Rachel is a MIXOLOGIST (bartender) WHICH DOES NOT MAKE HER A CHEMIST??? DOES SHE CONSIDER HERSELF A CHEMIST BECAUSE SHE CAN MIX DRINKS?? LMAO..Again I am confused on this..Somebody explain if u can??

  94. Rachel and Brendon are the only ones that are playing the game
    the other ones are setting back and getting a free ride oh then if they are getting ready to be kick off then they say i will play hard and i’m not ready to leave~WHO CARES

  95. thank you Nikki. I try to be fair when the show first starts, but the sway of that bobble head and her irritating laugh, and the fact that she looks in the mirror ALL the time. I mean Jesse looked at himself A LOT, but at least when he saw something out of place he fixed it. She is just unrepairable!!!! I have been to Vegas in fact got married there and trust me she is more Freemont Street then Vegas!!!

  96. T Raza, I don’t know where Freemont street is…but it sounds “unrepairable” as well. lol

    Yes Rachel is terrible all the way around. I don’t get people who think there is nothing wrong with someone being fake, having sex on tv, saying “I am Vegas”, laughing obnoxiously, and talking loud!!?? WTF? If you think her and Brendon deserve money for that….CRAZY!

  97. I am totally a part of team ABR!!!

    Go Britney!

    Enzo and Lane also crack me up.

    I have to admit, the season is getting better!

  98. I can’t stand watching a finale with someone who ought to win sitting next to a floater/coat tail rider. Lane might be funny, but he’s not worthy of sitting in final 2. What does he do??? He’s muscle, and no brain! To me, he’s the male equivalent of Kathy, but funner.

  99. Is Brendons self confidence so low he has settled for Rachel. He is extremely good looking and seems to be a sweet nice man so what is it about Rachel he sees? She is NOT cute at all. But anyways she’s dragging him through the mud and he’s allowing it! Dumb dumb. Brendon would be the player to beat if skankel wasn’t in the house.

  100. I hope Hayden stays & I do not like Britney. She is like Kathy useless . Girls are not showing much as I hoped so I am with the Brigade.Enzo is a riot. Kathy lay & smoke & is she is that ill why is she puffing cigarettes.

  101. Unfortunately, I don’t know if Rachel will win this if she doesn’t get ahold of her ego. Though I’d like to see her and Brenden. Britney’s alright. She says some funny sh!t, but I don’t care for the fakeness that she is. No need to mention Kristen, she’s going home. Hayden’s an ass. Matt ought to go to hell for his disgusting lie. (I know people lie on this game, but sometimes thing’s are taken too far) Kathy is no better. I wonder if she knows this is a competition and not the Maury Povich show trying to get a donation by pulling on peoples heartstrings…I don’t believe she knows how to throw a competition, lol that’s the saddest excuse I’ve ever heard! She just doesn’t know how to win one! Enzo, male chauvanist pig who thinks his brigade is the sh!t. Hm…. What have they done? And when were they EVER in control?? SO, i guess we are going to see Regen in the top two with someone else.. He will fly under the radar and know how to be neutral to all sides..


  103. WOW, Rachel lovers UNITE!!


    Rachel and Brendon don’t deserve to win, and most likely won’t because of Rachel being on a power trip. She is screwing people over in the game, and Brendon is going along for the ride.

    Anyone who thinks they will win, and is rooting for them…do I need to say it? No, I don’t think I do.

  104. my thoughts about Rachel aren’t about her looks. SHE makes it hard to root for her when she acts like an idiot, has been downright mean, has an ego that is bigger then her chest, gets mad at people for not doing what she wants, turns on the people that have been on her side, and most importantly, drinks in such excess she forgot that 2 million people were watching as she gave into human pleasure. It all comes down to self respect, playing smart, thinking before you speak, sitting back and watching before you react, and honestly using proper English. The only thing getting between Rachel and her man is her!!!

  105. Wow, like anybody cares whether or not YOU like Brenden and Rachel… I wish we could have better conversations on here than just “OMG, YOU LIKE THEM, YOU’RE STUPID”. bOOOOring! I could care less that the majority of the bloggers here hate Rachel. (And not even for strategic reasons, but because of her looks, lol) Maybe accepting the fact that they (brenchel) are winning more often, is just too much for some people to handle! lol

  106. @lindygirl .
    its because brendon is a little wuss.
    he like cries and whines about EVERYTHING.

  107. RACHEL: I agree with Marsha #139 , 100% because Rachel and Brendon are playing the game and giving it their all. Most of them are sitting back,doing nothing. In my opinion Rachel who is working hard at playing the game, she along with Brendon should win because they deserve it.

  108. Look, the bottom line is that Rachel and Brendon might very well be winning things, but they are not there to win money!!! HELLO!!!

    Wake up!!

    Rachel is not a good person! She might be winning HOH, but she is there for the wrong reasons. Nevermind that she is ugly, or had sex live in living color. She is just not a best human being.

    Brendon cries about everything. He realizes that Rachel is being crude, and down right mean to the other HG, and he can’t stand up and be a man!! Tell her ass she is wrong, and walk out of the HOH room to sleep downstairs to make his point.

    Stop wondering why people don’t like them. The proof is in how they are acting!!

  109. This isn’t about how she acts when the camera’s are rolling 24/7 that’s unavoidable. People look at what she’s doing and judge her because THEY would NEVER do such things, right?? OK.. Whether you would get drunk in front of cameras and make a fool of yourself or not would be up to you, but you’re not on this show, and that’s what people obviously like to see. Everyone here has an ego, so don’t tell me no! And who’s to say that someone from DAY 1 that’s been backed into a corner like that and has to fight her way out with Brenden every day when the target is on them, wouldn’t act like that ?!? Once again, you’re not in the house, so you couldn’t say you wouldn’t play that way also. I know, if i were in that situation and have been an underdog since day 1, I’d probably fight the same way. At least she’s more emotional about it and not nasty like matt, britney, kathy, kristen. She has more integrity than them! For the record, none of you guys can comprehend that Brenchel is happy together. Who says she’s using him? What proof is it other than “I THINK THIS.. I THINK THAT…” You’re opinion is one thing, and I’m not saying my opinion is the law, lol, but where’s the proof that she’s ‘an idiot’ because she drinks…? Is she drunk when she’s winning these competitions?? Uh, no! Where’s the proof that she’s ‘a whore’? Because she has fake boobs, lives in Vegas is an entertainer? Do you think a man would say he loved a woman if he truly believed she was a whore?? Uh.. I don’t think so.

  110. Once again, no one can back up their argument with hating Brenchel that makes sense other than “OMG SHE HAD SEX ON CAMERA! SHE’S UGLY! HER BOOBS ARE TOO BIG!” Please, these are pathetic excuses that aren’t even relevant to the game or who’s winning what and how often.

  111. Who cares. Your opinion is yours. Mine is mine. And mine is that Rachel is not playing the game of BB. She is playing a game though. Brendon is just along for the ride. So its WHATEVER!!

    They won’t win. It is what it is.
    I don’t have to back that up. Its on TV. Rachel is mean spirited. Brendon is a pansy ass. Case CLOSED.

  112. All these lil cheerleaders on here, “GO ABR, I HATE RACHEL”, your comments are like watching 14 year old girls argue. There’s nothing to back up your distaste for Rachel that doesn’t include the words “boobzilla”, “ugly”, “whore”. et al of the words that describe her voice, red extensions, or her boobs. Grow up!

  113. Hon, you have no idea or control over who’s going to win. How is she mean spirited?? Really? Gotta valid reason for that? I’m just curious what made you think that way..

  114. No one is going to argue with you. Let People feel the way they feel. Its inevitable. You like them, others don’t. There is nothing you can do about it. Again, it is what it is.

  115. @lol you need to calm down. Lmao. It’s just a game and a bunch of oppinions that don’t reflect on your life so no need to get so upset. It’ll be ok. Everyone on here likes someone the next person doesn’t. No need to call someone skanky or belittle someone because the opinion isn’t the same as yours.
    @ rfbb- I agree! Brendon is being a wuss! I totally don’t think he would be that way if she wasn’t here? Or would he. He’ll I don’t no, I don’t personally no him but I do believe he would be a strong competitor in the house physically and mentally. Jmtc

  116. @Audley #147

    How is Britney useless? She’s won 2 POV’s already, and she’s done pretty decent in the team competitions.

  117. OK, I am so tired of BB this season. I fell asleep last night to the BORING Deputy Sherrif Barney Fife and saw her again first thing on live feeds. She needs to go NEXT. Even before Rachel. She lies and floats and doesn’t do anything in the house. Why did BB pick her??? She is like a slut on the butt of humanity!

  118. Look, I think rachel is playing a great game – she seems very wishy washy about her decisions and then does the right thing – Noms this week were perfect because they could cause for a realignment within the brigade.

    But, rachel will never win – I agree that the hate the house seems to have for her is unfair – but this year far too many players are playing the get even game – this is never good – this is why I think Lane will for sure be in the final 4

    Yes, as a g-man he is my teddy bear from Texas – but it is more than that – he seems to know how to play – unlike so many other players in the house

  119. this is a thread to post opinions. you are entitled to yours and vice versa. no one is bashing you so settle down there sparky!! I actually liked her in the beginning and felt sorry for her but SHE ruined that for me. My definition of idiot and yours may be different as well. I love the show and I like the drama, what I do not like is when power tripping bullies get a little bit of power and stop playing and start ruling. I color my hair i have a boob job and yes drink, HOWEVER you will not know these things by looking at me and I do not shove it down your throat.

  120. So, changing the subject.

    Does anyone else want to talk about some other topic other than Rachel and Brendon. I’m honestly over it and don’t have to explain myself.

    I think Reagan might win HOH next.

  121. Well said T Raza. Again you are my hero!!

    But lets just change the topic. I care not to talk about why Rachel is mean, when the proof is on tv.

  122. Nikki I hope that Ragan wins as well or even someone like Lane. Would love to see what they will do being as though everyone seems to like them in the house.

  123. Well, this is a thread about who you picked as your favorite and why. But I guess I’m one of very few that hate someone because of what they look like or the fact that they had sex with another consenting adult. They don’t exactly have the ability to do it off camera. And IMO I think IT’S stupid to judge them like that when it’s about strategy that makes them win. Not their looks!

  124. Babeanie…let’s not even take it there. lol. Yes, there are people who think they are playing the game fair, and theat they are awesome, and all that jazz.

  125. @157 Right on Nikki, Rachel has bad karma and a bad aura.

    @158 Chelsea, there is a saying, if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, THEN ITS A DUCK! And boy does Rachel quack like a duck.!

  126. What has rachel done that’s made her worse than Matt? Than Kathy? Than Kristen? Than Hayden? She’s in a house with ONE ally and has been fighting so save their own butts since day one, and doing well at it, by the way! :)

  127. there is a new thread I’m over the ridiculous commentary on here from someone who is obviously biased. Have a great night all I’m going to the new one. Where even the blog states the obvious.

  128. Sometimes the way you act is what makes you ugly. Not your hair color or bra size etc etc….

  129. I don’t like Regan…at all. I used to like him and think he was playing smart – but now he just reminds me of Kathy, just not as pathetic. he is doing the same thing all the others are… talking to everyone to get all the info and telling them what they want to hear. he’s just irritating…I don’t even want to hear him speak anymore.

    I am glad Kristen will be leaving – I hope Kathy is next! Then… matt…the rest can stay and ‘play the game’ for a while…it will be fun once the guys ‘have’ to turn on each other.

  130. I judge people on their actions and self worth. How can I respect anyone that doesn’t respect themselves.

  131. Biased? Really? lol I’ve said from day one, that this whole site is biased against Rachel. I know that! Doesn’t mean Brenchel fans can’t put their two cents in here!

  132. .back on the backburner………..old saying goes.whatch out for the quiet ones:).and britney and lane all the way………

  133. Rachel did not make a good impression the first week she was in the house. Rachel’s manner of dress left nothing to the imagnation. Rachel alienated several of the HG’S (male & female) with her “I’m all there is” attitude. Rachel admitted that she was a paid escort for wealthy men. Rachel allowed herself to be gropped and fondled by a man that she had only just met. Rachel made a decision to have sex (or something like it) with that same man knowing that cameras were in the room. All the female HG’s know that Rachel is a petty and jealous person: not to say some of the other females are not but she makes the mistake of making it public. If Rachel is backed into a corner fighting to get out she put herself there. Rachel’s demeanor and attitude are only getting worse as the show progresses. Rachel has no one to blame but herself for the problems she is having in the BB House. Rachel brought all the name calling and ridicule upon herself. This game is called BIG BROTHER..not the “Tune Into Rachel Hour” BECAUSE NO MATTER HOW BAD SHE WANTS THE SHOW TO BE TOTALLY ABOUT HER IT IS NOT.

  134. And I need to add that I really believe that Production told Rachel to put some clothes she has(as of late) been wearing garments that tend to show less of her skin..I also believe that the Camera guys have been advised to focus on something other than an overhead shot of Rachel’s cleveage as we the viewers are seeing more of the other HG’s ..CBS does pay attention to what the viewers think..believe it or not..

  135. If CBS really cared about what viewers wanted – you know the ones who pay to view the feeds…then they would broadcast more than one freaking person/room at a time! I’m paying for these feeds and all day long they only show ONE room on all 4 cameras. this is the last time i will pay for feeds

  136. well, it’s irritating when for HOURS on end they are showing kristen and kathy in one room on ALL 4 CAMERAS and they’re not even talking!

    we know there are other people in there doing something! for crying out loud – let us at least have the choice of something else!

  137. YEP..that is what I said..Show me people with life.. action.. anything but silence..That is very annoying..I totally agree..Listen up CBS..U losing feed viewrers..

  138. Thank you but fantastic I ain’t..I just wrote what everybody else already knew but had a difficult time putting into words..

  139. Face it everyone…. The winners will be Brendon and Rachel. They r the best in the house so quit making fun of them. You are all so jealous. They look good together. Get over it—get a life.

  140. OMG here we go again. Connie, it was put exceptionally well to me.

    I’m not going to do the whole Brachel thing anymore. This is not the Brachel show. Its big brother.

  141. What is there to be jealous of??..Breast implants..botox face.. hair extentions and a totally god awful head of dyed red hair with an extremely bad cut n’style..And u believe I am jealous…wow…think again..and if by chance u think I might be jealous of her (SUPPOSEDLY)showmance with Brendon..PLEASE HONEY..think again..I like my men with brains n’ brawn..not whimpy n’ whiney or one that be led around by the smell of a crotch…Am sooo ss if that offends anybody but it’s true..

  142. I agree Connie. Completely. That isn’t the reason why she will loose BB.

    Reasons why Rachel will loose BB:

    1.) She has pissed several people off in the house. She voted Brit’s friend out. Reagan can accept the fact that she wins HOH’s and no one likes her so they won’t vote for her to win the money. She got Hayden’s girl out the house. She has been rubbing her HOH wins in everyone’s face. None of this bodes well for a win in the BB house. This does not get you votes.

    2.) She is threatning Brit, telling her that she will put Lane up if she used the veto on Kristen.

    3.) Brachel might very make it to the end, but it won’t be the both of them. One will be in the jury house, and the other might still be in the game, but no one will vote to give them the grand prize. Can you name one person who would? I can’t…maybe Reagan…no no not even him.

    Am I the only one watching her be mean to everyone?? Does she deserve to win because she is on top right now, and being mean to people.
    I mean, she got mad at Kristen for having a showmance!! She told Kristen she was a skank?? AM I THE ONLY ONE WATCHING???

  143. Nikki..Rachel is her own worst enemy n’ she is dragging poor dumb Brendon out the door with her..

  144. LMAO!! @ # 177 Ti hilarious, Im curious tho as to why its ok to like Rachel and bad mouth the other houseguest BUT its NOT ok to dislike Rachel and bad mouth her? Im just saying. I for one havent felt the need to do so well not out loud anyways haha, but CBS also isnt sitting in my living room asking my oppinion either haha. But if some one is monitoring these boards. Pick me next year hahahaha

  145. Us “haterz” just have to ignore the rachel attack dogs who just come on here to bash fellow bloggers. Just say woof woof. Connie you did great defending you OPINION. Woof Woof.

  146. Kristy 281, I agree.

    I’m so over the Rachel show. Can we just get back to the other HG that do deserve the attention, and deserve to win?

  147. I totally think Brenchel should win. If they’re the ones that keep winning until the end, why shouldn’t they? Isn’t this motto no different than survivor? outwit, outplay, outlast? If they do make it that far, and it’s a good possibility since an alliance of four can’t even get rid of them, than to me, that’s a winner

  148. Why can’t we talk about someone other than Rachel?

    I think Reagan should step it up.

    Connie, and Nikki both did a good job of defending their points of view.

    Lane and Brit are great. I think Brit can make it too.

    She is totally faking out everyone but Lane. Fun to watch.

  149. why do people have attitudes on here. Its just a game. WOW

    I also like Brit, Lane, and Ragan.

  150. LOL as is the case with ALL of us I chose NOT to be a Rachel fan, I chose NOT to bad mouth but to express my oppinions, laugh at the oppinions of others whether I agree with them or not and if its just a bunch of BS then I take my own advice as given previously and skip right on over those post. ( oh gads I sound like a self rightous pretenious witch) LMAO I still say I should have been there then I could be the hated one hahahahaha

  151. lol it’s sad that we rachel fans have to hear your anti rachel crap being shoved down our throats, but when rachel fans on here defend her, ya’ll cant take it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol get off the rag!just take it, and accept it! we have to listen to ya’lls crap too!

  152. lol and even funnier to see people sayin “yea, movin onto the next thread, i don’t wanna hear this anymore” and ya’ll keep comin BACK to see a reply! lmao

  153. RACHEL

  154. I just think its funny that people have attitudes on the internet. Its kind of like trying to kick your own ass. Its stupid. Its just a game.

    If people don’t like someone, they just don’t.
    If people do then they do.

    Why can’t we all just get along??? lmbo
    If you don’t like a post, don’t read it.

  155. exactly Marsha! But I guess that makes Rachel mean, huh? She’s mean spirited for that, huh?? lol WHATEVER!

  156. I don’t personally like Kristen or Rachel. I’m just not going to bad mouth anyone.

    I came on here to see what was happening in the house since I refuse to pay for the live feeds. I don’t want to read anything about Brachel or the brigade, or sex on tv, skanks, people on the rag. lol

    Just tell me when a fight breaks out in the house.


  158. Someone, or many, have said that we give way too much time to the R/B situation and I totally agree. If they wanted their “15 minutes of fame” we sure have given it to them. There are many other players we could be discussing and BB should give them equal time as well.

  159. I think everyone on here, (the ones that have bad mouthed Rachel and Brendon, and the ones that bad mouth the ones that are bad mouthing Bredon and Rachel), should all be ashamed. Someone people are right. This is just a game, and BB should give everyone equal air time. This isn’t the Rachel show. She isn’t a whore, ho, she is just a person playing the game that doesn’t seem to be a favorite of most. No, she probably should not have “Done the deed” with Brendon on tv, but let us not call names, and call people out on a blog post.

  160. hey MARSHA!
    calm down a bit buddy. its just a game. a stressful game yes, but i’m pretty sure first instincts on a show like this isn’t to act like an idiot. like rachel is doing.

  161. To save this season they MUST bring back the Coup D’Etat – The person that wins the Coup d’etat, at the eviction ceremony, can at that moment overthrow the current HOH, become the new HOH, and put up two people at that precise moment. The houseguests then instantly diary room vote for one of the two new nominees. Theoretically, the Coup d’etat winner can put the current HOH in the eviction seat if he/she wants to. The only person that will know about this power is the Coup d’etat holder.

  162. omg, i missed so much in the past 24 hrs, it’ll take me a while to catch up on the feeds! @ 29 – i agree that would be HILAarious if all the HG’s had ‘unique’ good-bye msg’s for Rach (if she gets voted out that is) @ 51 – GRACIAS, finally someone who believes that brigade crap is that – crap! they do NADA! how many languages can I use to underline & highlight how much they DONT do! (now watch Lane go win HOH :P hee). More posts to come, only got to the first 80! Great comments everyone! Makes watching this season much more bearable and fun! Matt you are awesome as always! Thanks so much from Toronto, Canada! :D

  163. I voted for Kristen this week because I like the way that she is fighting hard to stay & not giving up! I truly believe that if she stayed there would be MUCH more drama in the house. (which is what we need because this season is boring!)

  164. I think this season they are playing in secret pairs. Once this biG secret is revealed the game will begin.I think the pais are, britt and lane, ragan and matt, kristen and hayden, rachel and enzo, kathy is monets mom, and brendon and andrew, let the game begin!!!!!!!!!!!!

  165. Brit is by far my favorite! I don’t understand how the other houseguests have not found out about the brigade yet!! Are these people that dumb!! The guys are constantly around each other talking game. Hayden also has not been campaigning at all to stay. He knows that he has the votes in the bag. How come no one has caught on to that!! Ugh!

  166. I’m all for Rachael! She plays the game. Please get rid of that stupid back stabbing Kristen and Kathy, then Matt and Hayden. I wouldn’t mind Enzo winning. Brittany is a two faced nanny!!!! The girls r so fake this season. Synopsis is Rachael or Enzo for the win.

  167. Dios mios! Seriously all this backlash about Rachel-AGAIN! Every freakin’ day it’s the same thing, someone bashes Brenchel, backcompliments Britt, loves off Ragan, dotes on Lane, discounts the “K”s and loathes Matt. Anything else to gloss over? This whole thread of convo was about who your FAVE HG was, obviously Matt they should have asked who was the most HATED! Mylanta! On to the next posting board! :P

  168. I vote Lane all the way. He is a good player, sweet, genuine, and HOT. I love the fact that he is a true Texan and obviously knows about country living.
    I cannot stand Rachel!! I just want to reach through the screen and throw her out of the house! Her laugh is so fake and sounds like nails on a chalkboard. The hooker from vegas needs to go back to the poles in the strip clubs cause god knows she isnt smart enough to do anything else!!!

  169. @Nikki(201)
    “Loose” is the opposite of “tight”.

    If Brendan and Rachel keep winning HoH like they have, they might come really far.

  170. @ MJ #223 I SOOOOOOOOOOO Agree that was classic bring that elimate back, of course it would also backfire depending on who won it LOL. But heck its a risk Id Love to see taken. And welcome back…

  171. HE is playing the game with the boys but, he has his game going on in his head very strong player i think just waiting for his chance to lead as he said letting them dude it out he will step up later

  172. Someone please get Rachel out she is about to make me sick.. I mean come on how many folks can she say is trying to come between her and her man.. Ugh!!!

  173. i don’t like the idea is set for haydan BB has had show mancis before so why is rachel& bredon so bad i do not like the set up 11 against 2 and the out cast deserve to go home sure it is a game but not season 12 this could be my last season and the feeds i pay for are very bad thank you

  174. I absolutely love Ragan! i am becoming more and more convinced that he is the smartest one in the house. He is hilarious…and seems like a genuinely caring person. Even though he does seem a little insecure…I am cheering for Ragan!

  175. I think Brendon was so nice to Rachel when she was on her Las Vegas promotional binge. Kristen is driving me crazy with her lies and “bottom lines”. Good riddance!!!

  176. I would prefer Rachel not to drink so much. I love the romance but when Rachel gets drunk she tends to ruin everything. I don’t agree with the people that say this is a boring season. This is the season with people that actually have IQs higher than room temperature. I love the fact that they have intelligent “game talk”. I guess if you find it boring, it’s probably going over your head.

  177. Martha, Nothing is over my head my dear! I don’t like porn, & & why is it @ the bottom of her name it says VIP Waitress ? Says nothing about what she says she is ! She is a Vagas WHORE PERIOD.

  178. Rachel plays the game. She doesn’t just sit and watch. She doesn’t just talk smack about other guests.

  179. She has no time to talk smack, she has her mouth busy with Brandon under the blankets ! That’s a no brainer !! She sends Brandon to do her dirty work !! She only has one game on her mind–it’s between her dirty legs.

  180. In my own opinion: I have read some of the comments. Some are nice and others are not so nice. Most are not so nice. Everyone is getting mad, two faced and hippacritical. One wants to out do the other by nasty remarks toward someone you don’t even know. And it gets you nowhere, only more irritated and hostile. I’m sure all the nasty words that were said the players have heard dozens of times before. You are all blowing hot air in the Big Brother House. Who are you to call someone a whore or slut, etc. Your a nobody that’s who. I have yet to say something nasty about any of them. When you talk trash you show your ass. Remember it’s show biz, and if it wasn’t for the actors there would be no show. After all ‘they know drama and it keeps me going and wondering what next. I wished it was on every night, but I also know what will be will be and may the best ones WIN!!!!

  181. Judy, Judy, Judy! When you say, “…she has her mouth busy with Brandon…” are you suggesting she is performing fellatio on Brandon? I hope she is getting reciprocity with a session of cunnilingus as a pay back. Why don’t they just leave the blanket off, so everyone can enjoy the pornography as hard core?

    I haven’t seen them perform on camera, but from the comments it’s apparent they border on being X-rated. How is CBS getting away with this? I hope BB is supplying birth control.

    If one of them were to get booted off, how soon do you think it would take the remaining member of the duo to hook up with someone else? The length of the show is a long time for healthy, adult people to be celibate!

  182. But Carol… don’t seem to have a problem saying nasty things about the rest of us who comment here! Why are the HGs sacrosanct, but we who comment with our own opinions (with which you apparently do not approve)are subject to your condemnation and attack?

    I am reminded of the pot calling the kettle Black!

  183. Are ya’ll reading & watching after dark. Maybe not. The Bitch made her own rep. on bb, not me,. Yup, i,m a goodie too shoe, never did anything like that in my life. ” Sorry to disapoint you ! I,m now 67 years old & i,m very proud of the way I was raised. So I see it the way she wants us to see her,. Her I-Q is not as high as my little Yorki ! She’s house broke & is a real little lady. Have good day people, because she made her name on BB, must be her real life. I feel sorry for people who know her, I bet they are ashamed now to even know her. I would.Say all you want about me, but I can look anybody in the face & feel clean. Even God. Going out the door, leaving for a Lake Michigan. BYE !!

  184. HAWK, Don’t put words where they don’t belong. Back up with your last comment. Could be another Carol on board. Think so????? Maybe it’s just a macho thing with you. Take a freezing off.

  185. Carol….when you speak, is your thought process as illogical and confused as when you write words on the computer? If your conversations are similar to your writings, it must be chaotic to talk to you in person.

    Does anyone know what Carol is talking about?

  186. Good lord.
    I think it is retarded that people get on here and try to make fun of people for not likeing Rachel, or for likeing her.

    It is rude to correct someone’s spelling. We all make mistakes and are not perfect writers.

    Also, If you like someone on BB that is your opinion. If you don’t like someone, that is also your opinion. Opinions are like a$$holes: Everyone has one. If you don’t like what someone posted, be like jay-z “On to the next one”.

    Arguing over who is better…on the internet!!! Do yourself a favor:

    1.) Move your chair back from the computer.
    2.) Stand up.
    3.) Kick the chair away from you.
    4.) Try to kick your own a$$.

    Does that seem silly, or dumb? It is. That is what you might as well do if you want to argue about who is better over the internet. lmbo.


    I think Rachel and Brendon might make it a little while longer, but one of them might leave soon. They are a threat in the house. Everyone is dumb to not try and break up an alliance. That is the whole point of the big brother game. The brigade will get split up as well. I think Brit might be sliding through. Kristen is def. going home. From watching BBAD last night, I don’t think the brigade will keep her over Hayden. Although, it would make it interesting to see Kristen stay….hmm.

  187. Had to come back to get hubbys heart meds, he forgot, yup I know what she’s talking about !!! She’s Rachels Sister. LOL

  188. Neicy25….Good going friend. people shouldn’t bad rap Rachel like they have been. I personally like her and Brendon. I think there is a lot of jealousy with these commenters. To much name calling. I commend you for writing what you think. You must be a nice person. As far as Brit, Kristen and Kathy they can go. They don’t do anything but name call, lie n sit around.

  189. My whole family thinks Rachael is the sluttiest most annoying most disgusting contestant ever seen on any reality show. I have never commented on anything I’ve seen on TV in my life. I don’t think I can bring myself to keep watching. sorry

  190. Carol,
    I don’t like Rachel personally. I actually don’t have any favorites. I just don’t think people should be arguing online about anything. State your opinion on who you like or dislike, and let that be it. Whatever rocks everyone’s boat is fine. It doesn’t affect me either way ;)

  191. Rachel has to be the MOST annoying person I have ever seen. Why does she have to yell everytime she speaks? Is she developmentally challenged? I want to send her a helmet, one with pink sparkles. Can someone send her back to jr high? Please? I can barely stand when she’s on the screen, her voice is so completely irritating.

    Brandon deserves better. I’ve never seen anyone act so cold when a man is professing his love.

    Britney at least has a brain. She is interesting. Yay Britney, you’re a crack up!

  192. i like rachel the reason if u been watching the show u would know or if u have an iq above 60 i like winners and she wins i like people who say what they feel she does that those who say she is a hooker thats just dumb u dont know that and besides if u say u do well it takes one to know one

  193. You are one sick puppy cls. I,m not a hooker never came close to ever being one, but i do know one thing cls hides nothing. And it’s good to lose once in your life. Can’t always be on top. Ya learn a lot from loseing. And breaking news,,she { Rachel } is reason people think that way. She brought her hooker & whore name to herself. Everything she has done & her talk has made her her name. Not one person on this blog has done anything to her. SHE DID IT TO HERSELF.She brags on herself & calls herself a Vagas Girl, !!!! Give us all who feel this a break. She put herself in the spot light. Not us blogers.

  194. Rachel is like a dog in-heat. cls, ya must be just like her, because it takes one to know one. & your IQ not too good. Try & re-read what you wrote,,,,makes not one damn bit of common sence,now dose it ?

  195. How do you choose someone,when you really don’t like any of them. You should add none of the above to your poll and see what happens.

  196. My favorte one is Enzo although he uses the F word too much… But he is funny and has a heart.
    Brit is my 2nd.
    Please get rid of Rachel and send her home… Brendon is a fool and should get rid of her…She has ruined this game for him as she is all he thinks about…
    If he were my son I would be very upset with his choice of women, she is a Vegas call girl and not one to bring home to Mom. Look at where she sleeps its filthy where all the others have made beds and picked up clothes, Rachel has things all over, she is a mess. Disgusting… Brenden wake up and have some self confidence…
    Send Rachel Home and lets get on with the game.

  197. I think Brit, Ragen and Hayden were fabulous last night on after dark talking about what future HG;s should do… It was very entertaining.
    Much better than watching Rachel take off her shirt in front of Brenden and America. She is a PIG send her home!!!!! Fast, then use lestoil all over the house and go on with the game.
    This year the cast was not so good.

  198. I like Rachel, don’t agree with some of the things she does, she’s a hothead lol. She is a good player. I think Brandon is riding her coat tails. I don’t like the way Britney makes fun of everyone. Enzo cracks me up. I hope Brandon goes home this week, but he won’t cause rachel is the bigger threat.

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