Big Brother 12: Week 5 Live Eviction and HoH Results

Tonight on Big Brother 12 the results of the latest live eviction will be revealed along with the results of the sixth HoH competition. While we wait for the results be sure to Fan us on Facebook and join in the fun we’re having there!

I’ll be updating this post here with the live eviction and HoH results. Keep in mind that the HGs have been on lockdown since Wednesday AM and IHBB spotted Hayden wearing another waterproof mic belt so we may have another endurance comp on our hands here tonight. Get your live feeds ready!

Meanwhile, join us in the Big Brother chat room as we watch tonight’s live show!

Big Brother 12 Week 5 Live Eviction voting:

  • Enzo: evict Rachel
  • Britney: evict Rachel
  • Kathy: evict Rachel
  • Ragan: evict Rachel
  • That’s it. She’s evicted.
  • Lane: evict Rachel
  • Hayden: evict Rachel

By a vote of 6 – 0, Rachel has been evicted from Big Brother 12!

Get this! Julie just said that Rachel may not have seen the last of the Big Brother house! Looks like someone will come back this season afterall.

We just got our first look at the HoH comp and it’s going to be a mini-endurance comp (so it looks). They’ve got to untangle ropes to win. Your live feeds ready?! Holy crap the set up is huge. This is going to take them forever! The winner gets to pick 3 Have-Nots for the week as well.

Big Brother 12 Week 6 HoH Competition:

The HGs are untangling a forever long rope set up and the backyard is full of mud as a barnyard theme. Brendon is jumping around splashing everywhere. His intensity is hilarious. Hard to tell how long this will go, but get on your feeds.

Once the live show is over the live feeds turn back on and we’ll have a brand new HoH in the Big Brother house, unless it’s an endurance competition again this week and then we’ll be up all night! You won’t want to miss it and the only way to watch it uncut and unedited is with the Big Brother 24/7 uncensored feeds.

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  1. AHHH, I so hope Rachel returns!!!

    Show will be dead without her, come on Brendon grab that HoH!

  2. Go Lane! Boo Brendon! And by the way Matt talked about people not liking his way of playing the game. Well people LOVE you for taking out Rachel…

  3. What’s going to happen. Rachel or Brendon? Or no one? Ummmm, can we get a new cast entirely? Doubt it. So let’s see some game play please!!!

  4. Scene: (Matt in DR, talking about himself and his position in the game)

    “I’m a genius; some think I’m dumb.
    While they twiddle their thumbs,
    Got my twig in my hands,
    Masturbate in my ‘jams–
    Haven’t washed them since week one.

    They bought my sick wife story.
    Idiots–can’t they just see?
    Ragan’s in my bed,
    He’s giving me head–
    I’m gay as can be.

    This week, no HOH for me,
    But I’ve got diamond POV–
    Some blood on my hands
    Might cost me some fans,
    Hopefully, not 500 G’s.”

  5. How can Britney say the way Brendon is playing the game is classless??? Please!!! As If she’s the queen of class. Gag me

    • Really I know Brit needs to grow up! She is acting like she’s in 5 th grade. Very immature.

  6. Scene: (Enzo in DR, talking about Rachel and Brendan leaving.)

    “Dem five G’s can’t save you no more.
    Think you’re rich, maybe you’re poor.
    You won two HOH,
    But didn’t help you, Rach,
    Vegas got nothin’ on Jersey Shore.

    Showmance thought they had it made.
    Brenchel split up by da Brigade.
    Brendon forgot to pack
    His nuts in his sack–
    Looks like the playah got played!

    Ya ask me, the saboteur’s whack,
    Tryin’ to pull off a backdoor attack.
    When Meow Meow smells a mouse,
    There’s a rat in da house–
    With rodents, youse gotta fight back.

    Kathy, then Hayden can leave;
    Brittany and Lane I can see;
    Brendan and Rachel in romance,
    Ragan and Matt in a bromance–
    Dat leaves Enzo with 500 G’s.”

  7. I wasn’t impressed with Brendon during the PoV competition. He was a baby. And Rachel had the nerve to tell him to play with Class. They deserve each other… (actually, I feel sorry for Brendon – he could do better).

  8. When Brendan said she could maybe be my wife and the mother of my children I almost tossed my dinner. Thank God for Tums.

  9. Brendon’s mother is probably close to having an anxiety attack..or if not she also has issues..

  10. Brendon is such an idiot. He meets a girl in a completely manufactured environment, and after a little over a month and absolutely no experience with her in the real world, he talks about marriage.

    Neanderthal is right.

  11. LOL!! @ Q!!!

    I hope the door is LOCKED and they head out for another endurance where Rachel is gonna win and puts up Matt and Ragan.

    Then Rachel wins POV, keeps the noms the same and Matt is forced to use the D-POV. The Brigade will trust him less cause Rach will prob put one of those fools up in Matt’s place.

    D-R-A-M-A, what do we want? DRAMA!!!!!!

  12. Dont come between me and my man…not even the sabeteur can come between me and my to love Rachel

  13. MD Chrissy….you took the words right out of my mouth…love how alot of us thinks the same thing…I really dont want either of them to go home, but Julie keeps saying the showmance will end tonight :(

  14. Man I sure wish they would have had Brendon’s ex visit the house in person last week, can you imagine how Rachel’s claws would have come out.

  15. If Brendon goes home..RACHEL will step up her game and do what she was put on the show to do.

  16. @ Matt B – But it’s fun out here ;)

    Seriously though the other HG’s stink. I’d hate to spend a weekend with them let alone another few more weeks watching them. Let’s keep it going. Come on, this week has been the most exciting by far!!

  17. This segment on Brendon’s ex-fiance should be a shot of reality for all the Brenchel fans.

  18. He didn’t just say that. He didn’t just relate his experience to the people who were BURNED ALIVE at the Salem Witch Trials.

    How can people like him? He’s so stupid.

  19. bren has no idea how much of a total idiot, wimp and moron he looks like on national tv!

  20. Got Ravens game here in Bmore, please keep me updated as you seem to do extremely well…many thanks!


    The object of the game is to stay in the house the longest and be one of the final two! Guess what Rachel just got evicted!



  22. Well Rachel is gone, but I didn’t like that Julie told her “you may not have seen the last of the Big Brother House just yet” they better NOT bring her back in that will ruin this show.

  23. Thank you that Rachel is gone! She was getting so annoying and what she did to Kathy last nights show was sooo not cool. telling Kathy that it was rude for her being happy that she bet someone at a game when Rachel did it. Thank godd.

  24. Also I might add Rachel didnt leave crying her eyes out like all ye rachel haters said…she walked out a real trooper

  25. AMERICA would not vote to bring her back..nooo way..She was SOOOO mad even at Brendon’s message she was furious and soo uninterested in what he had to say,,

  26. GO Julie!!!! She told rachle his may not be the las time she us in the bb house! Idk if it as jury or host or maybe even comming back!

  27. I knew BB would find some kind of way to try and get Rachel back into the house. She has been all the drama this season and they are afraid the ratings will drop now that she’s gone!! Oh and on another note, Reagan sucks as saboteur!!!

  28. Wonder if this will be one of those deals were America gets to vote one member back in the house

  29. please please don’t bring Rachel back!! if shes not in the house it could get Brendon’s head in the game. and if they bring her back its gong to get the house mad. ugh please don’t bring her back.

  30. Rachel is competitive and because of these a few lame ducks (who know little of grammar nor etiquette!) dislike her? I’m sad to see her leave and hope Brendon can focus and bring it home tonight. Remove that midget, Matt. The mouse Britney (anyone notice her roaming eye ((singular)) fat Lane, gay Regan and that old witch Kathy. She’s more hick than witch but be gone, now!!!

  31. Wooot woooottt!!! Bye Red head!!!!!!!!! Never met someone more hypocritical and immature in my life!!! Now to Brendon!! Fed up of these two! Horrible players

    What do u mean Rachel will be seeing more of the bb house!? Why Rachel?!?!
    If it is the case BB is FIXEDDDD!!!!! They love the BR saga!!!!!!!!!

    I think I will stop watching big brother if she comes back

    Why her and not someone else?!

  32. America will vote to bring Rach back…w/o drama show will lack action and we thrive on that.

  33. Julie is just throwing a bone to the Rachel fans to keep them watching. Sorry! She’s not coming back. Rachel fans, go watch the Bachelor or whatever else is on TV that you like.

  34. If Brendon wins HoH it’s pretty easy to figure out who he would make the ‘Have Nots’

  35. @ #80
    BB loves whatever will keep the ratings up. Now that Rachel is gone the season probably will definitely get even more boring than it already was!!

  36. “Rachel is competitive and because of these a few lame ducks (who know little of grammar nor etiquette!) dislike her?”

    You apparently know little of grammar yourself.

  37. NO it’ll prob be a cbs decision for the stupid ratings ugh she’s so annoying don’t bring her back

  38. If rach is allowed back in the house ill never watch this show again. Where’s the integrity in allowing someone voted out back in?

    I feel before the shows starts cbs should let the viewers know what prizes for the HOH are planned so we don’t assume they want certain HG winning like last year with jeff and the power he got.

  39. You have to remember what the ‘Sab’ said…the ones on the block May Not be Leaving….

  40. Sorry, please remind me of the purpose of the Sabetuer while I wait for the giant pink box to make it’s way into the living room…

  41. ugh…those with feeds please keep me updated…i dont have them and wont pay for them…watched too much trivia last year.

  42. Even if we do get a chance to vote she’ll probably still end up going back into the house. We may vote but they still would count the votes. I am sure she’d end up winning somehow if you know what I mean!! Lol. Sucks but true!!

  43. Is anyone else getting this message here sometimes? “Error establishing a database connection”

  44. @BBFan….Jeff was voted for by viewers to get the power last year…CBS didn’t just give it to him…

  45. Server issues caused a crash but it is ok now. Comment = BB12 games have started!!!!!!!!!!! HOH will come out swinging to avenge Maiden (notice I didn’t say madam) Rachel.

  46. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Brendan won HOH! And he put Brit, Ragan and Matt on the half-not. Heheheheheh

  47. My perspective = The brigade will start to split during this HOH reign. Enzo/Hayden are already starting to suck up to Brendon…who in the powerless BRIGADE will follow to the Brendon Man cave?

  48. Nicky—

    Just echoing Matt B’s comment and letting you know it’s pretty rich to have a grammatical error in the very sentence criticizing another person’s grammar.

  49. @ MATT B: come on now, it was his EX, and Brendon wasn’t there to say anything, That’sike me saying I’m your EX friend and yu are the biggest backstaber in the world, Now you don’t get to reply, also Hi yall, Had trouble loging on again, but here I am,

    Britney is saying what the F$%#
    matt says food, I’ll give you a buck
    enzo is play pool
    and ragan just looks like a fool

    lane is saying, but, but
    and kathy is just in a rut
    brendon has won the key
    and haydon is taking a P

    britney’s happy bubble just went pop
    and Matt, britney, and Ragan
    are all on slop

  50. I can’t believe that you all are still taking crap, all this week it was CBS and BB were going cheat and keep rachel and on and on, but they didn’t, then it was rachel went thru Matts suitcase, but that was a lie that matt told, So please give it up with CBS and BB are cheatting for one of the HG’s, first it was Matt now it’s rachel.

  51. Big Brother has continued to show the world that the only way to get any where in life is by being a back stabbing lying, two faced weasel. Greed has once again ruled the house. These people live and breathe in our society. No wonder there is so much corruption in the world. I feel that no one in that house deserves the money. In my eyes Brendan is the only one that should win anything. He is selfless. He puts others before himself. I believe if he won he is the only on that would pay it forward to his community. Can you say that about any of the others? No they are all just like the government. They will bleed you dry till they get what they want. They would slit your throat and bury the body somewhere where it could never be found. And then laugh about all the way to the bank. Not one of them would consider giving back to a charity. They would go out and get more tattoos, buy more oil rigs, spend all of their money getting drunk and laughing, making fun of others that are not wealthy enough for their standards. No one other than Rachel and Brendan has play the games or fought hard enough to stay in the game. Kathy is a cop she went through basic training or boot camp but yet could not stay on a merry go round for more then 12 mins. Does she look away when someone is committing a crime just because she is just too tired to deal with it? Also the producers need to do something about how close Hayden and Kathy have gotten “GROSS”. It is like watching a bad porno. She is too old for him. Kathy is a cop. So let’s see she wants to win for her sick son but not bad enough. Give me a break. Is her son really sick or is it just another weasel using the sympathy card. Is this how she is in her everyday live? Mmm, I think she really needs the money for is to hire a good lawyer to help her cover up for all of the false reports she has written or for all the people she falsely accused because she was just to lazy to do her job. Then there is Enzo, I don’t trust him. He is the sneaky kind. He would forge, falsify and embezzle everyone’s money and then have someone else take the rap for it. Hayden would throw his own mom under the bus for the money and if it meant for him to stay loyal to his so called brigade. Britney, is so too faced. She would work for the C.I.A sell the U.S. info to Iran then go back and sell IRAN info to the U.S. if it meant more money in her pocket. She plays both sides. That is the worst kind. She is as bad as Ragan the weasel. It is all about the money. She would spit on a homeless person and laugh about it all the way to the bank. She would steal you blind in a heart beat and laugh about it later. Her favorite pass time is making fun of people. How sad! Oh, what about Lane? Has anyone notice he sells oil rigs. Could he be out to make the money to by more oil rigs to sell to the Middle East? Does he work for the Middle East? He likes to shoot things. Would he shoot someone for money? Anyone that crosses his path he would shoot at just for fun.Let’s not forget the weasel that made up the lie about his wife being sick. That is the sickest lowest anyone can go for money. Big Brother has proven to me that greed once again rules. This is why other countries don’t Trust the U.S.? Because of people like this. Suprize us. Bring Brendan Back. He is the only one that deserves the money. He is the only one that I could trust with that amount of money. He is the only one that has integrity and morals and would put it to good use.

  52. The Only reason why they would bring Rachael back is because she brought alot of drama in the house and then Britney Hayden and raygan with no longer have a person to make fun of, so come on it makes since, she is gone there will be no more drama or fights and that’s the best part to watch out of BB its pretty much going to be boring with her gone and plus if she returns it will cause alot of problems in the house because they will all try to get her out all over again so i say bring it on BB bring her back

  53. The silent possible BB12 winner =Kathy as she has played right down the middle. Kind to all and the house mother. Look how she has already bonded with Brendon in the kitchen.. her MO = be there for the present person “IN POWER”. Just saying..

  54. Just great now Matt cannot use the diamond power of veto to get Brendan out of the house!!! They do one beneficial thing and it comes back to bite them in the butt…..At least we know Brendan can’t be HOH next week and who ever wins can put Brendan up to get evicted!!!!!!:)

  55. @Kolten :… if Brendan doesn’t win the veto again, of course.

    Nice for Bren to finally win HoH… too bad it’s a week too late.

  56. seriously britney? you wanted brandon to be misery? well i think we got little bit reverse of fortune going on don’t we? what a bitch!!!

  57. Yep all you “I hatr B/R were right, I have been watching BBAD and is it boring, I mean boring, yep there is so much drama in the house you can cut it, Yep drama!!!

  58. I have thought about this for a while…i think brandon has been playing the game from the start. i think he planned all of this even before the show started which explains why he first tried to hook up with annie. because annie rejected his advances, he went to rachel. he got himself so attached to rachel to the point where she would fight to death to keep them alive. he chose not to win hoh so he’s not seen as a target over rachel. he knew all along that the HGs felt that he would be weak prior to rachel’s eviction. to gaurantee rachel got evicted, he convinced everyone to vote him out(like will did in bb allstars).i think this week’s hoh proves everything because all along he never had such intensity to win hoh until now. oh that’s right, he was waiting for rachel’s eviction. my guess is that he’s going to attach himself to britney or ragen whichever one stays.

  59. #116 kolten, No he can’t the HOH is safe, and matt only has this week to use, sorry but no he can’t

  60. nobody!!!comes between me and my man ;)…or can they??..dun dun dunnn…please dont bring Rachel back she played and lost and it will be soo nice to see how Brendan plays for the game instead of for love. go Brendan!! :D

  61. Ragen laying around,CRYING, he now has all this time to think about what he did to his friend Rachael and Brendan! He forgot they were there for him when he was a (have not)before!

  62. Ragan made fun of Rachel when she was crying last week. Well, Ragan all I can say is “Boo freakin hoo”. Who’s crying now? You big hypocrite! I hope Ragan or Brittany go this week!!!! They make me sick! And I’m sick of Enzo being so fake too! Wait a minute, they are all pretty gross. BB really picked a bad bunch of people this time around. When Brendon goes, I’m done with this boring and foul mouthed show!

  63. @Paul- YES Brendon soooo deserves the money eh?? Someone who has said over and over that he could care less about the game and the money! hahahaha He does not deserve to be in the house and will be out in two weeks!!!!!!!

    I rather see someone who fights because theyve earned the money, someone who wants me be here AND wants the money!

  64. @Danielle- Rachel is a real trooper cuz she didnt leave crying???????? LOLOLOL

    She didnt have the decency and respect to even wave or say bye to anyone. The other HG`S didnt make fun of her and even say bye Rachel. Whereas when Monet and Kristen got evicted all she did was laugh and make fun of them on their way out!!!!!

    SHES A SORE LOSER!!!!! And a hypocrite!

  65. omg everybody hates rachel. if she wasnt in the house this season would be not even worth watching and now shes evicted its gonna get even worst.

  66. Okay so the Brigade determines who goes home this week as they will have at least 3 of the 5 votes this week. Will likely have 4 votes since Matt has the Diamond POV plus gets to name the replacement. I’m thinking Kathy goes home since the Brigade thinks they have influence over both Ragan & Britt. Then next week Brendon is likely in trouble unless he wins the POV or unless CBS pulls some tricks.

  67. Ragan should be crying because of his evil, mean comments.

    I have watched every BB since start, and, I have to say this is the meanest, rudest group I have ever seen!!

    I wouldn’t vote for any of the back-satbbers.

    Last year everybody wanted Jeff and Jordan out, and, I was pulling for them.

  68. And, why does everyone hate Rachel and Brendon?

    Granted their not the brightest bulbs, scientist, or, not, but, compared to the other evil talkers, they are a step above.

  69. how come everyone hates brendan and rachel it takes balls to stand up against the entire house. Everyone eles in the house is so spineless and would probably trade their own grandmother for the half million dollars

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