Big Brother 12: Week 5 Live Eviction Episode Tonight

Tonight on Big Brother 12 we’ll have our fifth live eviction in the BB12 season as either Brendon or Rachel will be evicted and be the first to head off to the Jury House for the next month.

The live eviction will be followed by a new HoH competition and after last week’s endurance comp, I’m expecting a quick quiz-style battle so we’ll know right away who will be the new executioner, but the HGs have been on lockdown since Wednesday so there’s a chance it’s another endurance comp! Either way, the remaining half of Brenchel is going to go nuts. I’ll be here posting all the results live during the East coast broadcast show so keep checking back for the latest Big Brother 12 updates all night.

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Share your thoughts and tell us why you want to see either Rachel or Brendon go home. Be sure to vote in our Eviction poll too. Don’t forget to join us tonight in the Big Brother Chat Room during the live eviction show at 8PM EST!

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  1. Hey Matt where do you go to post a idea for the sabatar ragon to sabatage the house i got an idea to tell Regon????????

    I’d check over at – Matt

  2. Once the happy couple and a few others are in the jury house there will be more drama there than in the BB house. Just sayin.

  3. How soon after the live episode are the episodes posted to the internet? I am going to miss the episode due to my son having football practice, but want to see it.

    Matt B below is correct. “Quirkydude” will have the episode available immediately after the show (if not sooner since he splits it up). Check the front page of this site tonight in the Headlines section for a link to his post for the episode. – Matt

  4. I’m torn between bOObzilla leaving (she deserves to leave) and for what could be an unforgettable week in the house if no one is evicted.


    She’s evicted and we get to see Brenda’s play and if he grows a pair… what if after she walks out, he says “Man, I’m GLAD she’s gone.” And maybe “Any of you females want to get between her and her man?”


    He’s evicted and Rachel seeks revenge and wins HoH. Of course, BB would be taking the chance all or same of the remaining Hg’s didn’t mutiny and basically hand the $500T over to her. That will NEVER happen… I’d say the over one willing to hand over the money is Brenda.

  5. As much as I dislike Rachel, I would vote to evict her b*tch Brenda. Can’t believe I liked this guy initially, what a sore loser and an ahole he turned out to be. I swear if I was Brit I would punch him in the face. no LOL, I would.

  6. I don’t really care which one goes home tonight – Brendon or Rachel, as long as one of them goes. Then I would like Britney and the awful, annoying, Ragan gone. I used to watch BB after dark a lot, but I don’t anymore cause I can’t stand listening to Ragan’s annoying voice.

  7. If CBS somehow uses some kind of ‘twist’ to keep Rachel in the house tonight, I’m going to be so pissed…

  8. I get the feeling that Brendon will practically force himself out of the house next week if Rachel stays. I mean, if all he wants is to be with Rachel, then why wouldn’t he want a whole week alone with her in the jury house?

    I feel bad for the person to get evicted after Brendon…

  9. Oh so cuz Kathy is a police officer out of the BB house she should take Rachels crap. Well she finally did something in the game by standing up to the bully.

  10. If Rachel goes to the jury house this week and Brendon next week, I feel really sorry for the next person to get evicted. Alone in the jury house with Rachel and Brendon, man that would be bad.

  11. Tammymomoftwins – There’s a YouTube user that posts the episodes almost immediately after they air. I think his username is QuirkyDude (something like that, I can’t remember exactly).

  12. I wish no one was evicted but I doubt that will happen! The sabateur needs to work a little harder to earn that $20 K. Like outting the Brigade or something!!

  13. I read somewhere that the jury house will have a 24-7 camera. A-Rae or Matt did you guys hear anything about this.

  14. It finally occurred to me last night: Rachel and Brendon are the pair who knew each other, and my guess is they are aspiring actors commissioned by Big Brother to play roles within the house. Their common interest in Physics, the quick public showmance, the odd behaviors, the list goes on and on.

    If so, they should both win acting awards; if not, Rachel should get help and Brendon needs glasses.

  15. BBviewer- I also have a feeling BB is gonna keep boobzilla around. Gut wrenching feeling. I truly hope I’m WRONG

  16. Sure there are cameras in the jury house. Remember in past years we’re able to catch glimpses of what happens in there on a daily basis as well as reactions to newly evicted houseguests…besides the fact that it will be HILARIOUS to watch Rachel’s reaction to both being there and others joining her!
    I can’t wait to watch her go! Especially since the two of them are under the impression America chose to actually SAVE one of them! Too funny…

  17. Something is very odd about brendon and Rachel ‘s relationship. It’s just WEIRD. Maybe it will come to light tonight.

  18. what is the jury house?

    The Jury House is a sequester location where 7 of the final 9 HGs and await the Finale show to make their vote for the winner. Each week another HG will be sent to the Jury House. Last year when Chima was removed from the game her vote was replaced by America’s Vote, which ended up not influencing the outcome. – Matt

  19. Did the sab really say he’d return the entry fee?

    If so, I’m really hoping that means Brendon will be kicked!

  20. I have this sickening feeling that neither one of them are going anywhere tonight. Something is up, can’t quite figure it out yet, been watching live feeds, but besides the clue from sab last night, I don’t know, but alot of people better prepare themselves to get really pissed off tonight. If you remember, there were supposed to be 14 HG’s, one backed out at last minute, so CBS has an extra week to play with.


    The front door leading to Julie will be locked and whoever is evicted will be locked in the tiny room and then Julie will come and say “Matt, you decided to open Pandora’s box which unleashed the saboteur…and… It has canceled any evictions for this week” and then the door opens and Rachel runs inside and kisses Brendon and Rachel wins HOH and puts Hayden and Enzo on the block and evicts Hayden then Brendon wins HOH and puts Enzo and Matt on the block and Matt will be evicted and then they will win and in the final two they will vote for best competitor = Rachel = RACHEL WINS BIG BROTHER!!!

  22. I really want to see Kathy win HOH just to see everyone scramble. She’s really a wild card as to who she would put up.

  23. Brendon’s little plot to redirect the vote towards him won’t work, I’m afraid..The HG’s are all “Chomping at the Bit” to get rid of Rachel..She’s going to get back what she dished out..See Ya Rachel..!!

  24. I’m hoping with everything in me that Rachel goes home tonight. The poor girl doesn’t work in reality. Why do she feel someone should have sympathy for her and Brendon? They choose to be in a relationship and unfortunately, when you do that you suffer the consequences. And to tell Kathy to apologize for being happy she won… completely crazy…. Hopefully, Rachel is going home today and next week Breadon… I pray I can’t take seeing either one of them anymore.

  25. i hope racheal goes home, she is a hypercrit. begging for an apology from kathy for the same thing she does when she wins. everyone remember when she told hayden and kristen come and get it, and how bout the get a lifejacket floaters comment. racheal you need to go home and cry no one wants to see it on tv.

  26. Results of the live eviction tonight

    Julie Chen: Houseguests after the results have been revealed you have a few seconds to say your goodbyes and leave the BB house. With a vote of 6 to 0, Brendon you are safe, Rachel you have been evicted from the BB house.

    Rachel walking out the door and Brendon refusing to let her go. Rachel says, come on babe you can do this, go to the backyard and hit the panic button, you got this babe, hit the button and come with me.

    Brendon goes out to the backyard and hits the panic button and Rachel jumps up into his arms wearing no panties and says, You ARE my knight Brendon, I love you so much. And they live happily ever after…..


  27. (shaking my head) I am still recovering from that one. I would have to sell all my belongings and have myself committed if Abby’s post came to fruition. And then Id have to beg for everyones sympathy as I would be and my very lowest, and oh ok Im not going to go off the deep end there. I love this place there are soooooooooo many perspectives..

  28. I say that they vote to evict Rachel & sabator comes on says u just voted the new hoh… Rachel will have to put 2 new HG up they poverty and then vote again who will be evicted. Then another hoh for double eviction this week send home Brittany. & Regan the sabator so he looses his 20k he was horrible sabator any way!!!!

  29. I would like Rachel to be evicted, then Julie says: No, Wait Rachel… There are NO evictions tonite!!! Then Rachel screams for joy, Brenden hugs her, she starts talking smack to everyone, really rubbing it in. Then Julie says, “I’m sorry Rachel, I was just joking, now don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya!!”

  30. I cant believe that no one has commented on how disgusting both Ragan and Britney are! They have demeaned Rachel and Brendon physically, mentally and sexually! They get their jollies bashing them and Kathy has now joined in. For a sheriff she doesnt seem to be able to do anything in that house! I hope that when this is over Rachel sees all that Ragan and Britney have said about her and Brendon, she hunts them both down and kicks their a$$!!!!!!! Lets see who will protect them OUTSIDE the BB house!

  31. I hope that there is some way Brendon and Rachel get to stay. It’s going to be boring to watch all the other jerks in the house. I can’t stand all those other backstabbing SOBs. Without Brenchel, the show is going to be boring. If Rachel does leave tonight, I hope Brendon wins HOH and gets rid of Regan and that little blonde snake.

  32. I look forward to tonite’s episode. I hope Rachel goes home tonite, however the “no eviction idea” for tonite would make the show more interesting. BUT I do not look forward to Rachel’s reaction if she does stay in the house…that would be BRUTAL!

  33. Stace- I agree it would make for interesting TV However as you said yes her reaction and gloating would be OVER THE TOP, worse one yet, and of course all we’d her is how she would be justified in her celebration cause Kathy rubbed it in her face. I couldnt take it Id have to turn of my TV..

  34. I just wanted to say that there has to be a double eviction tonight-it would not make any sense for Matt to be able to use the dveto tonight or next week only (obviously he would not need to use it tonight so that would only leave next week- where he would be sure to use it). If BB wanted him to scramble at all in using it, there would have to be some sort of twist- double eviction!!

  35. Great comments people….did anyone. See Rachel scrathing the crap out of her chin that is the first symptom of herpes simplex, but the cold sore will just be masked by all the ugly zits on her face. I am. Not a doctor but I portray one on this site.

  36. Rachel should go because she says she has no skills. I know I heard her say that at one time and I hope I’m right. The best would be for her to go home tonight and I hope they don’t tell Brendon before the eviction. Looking forward to tonight’s show and BBAD tomorrow morning.

  37. WOW!! WOW!! I was all for Rachel staying in the house, however I just cannot support someone that demands an apology for losing to them. She followed Kathy around and said she was going to make her apologize. We all know that she chose Kathy because she thoufgt she could beat her. Nobody asked Rachel for an apology after all of her antics when she won HOH twice. Lastly, how can I support someone for saying that a monkey could have hit moe than the 3 pins to stay in the veto game.

    This does not mean that I am supportive of the people trying to get her out because of their antics. If you have to support the lesser of two evils it seems like Lane is the onl one with an ounce of dignity, however he is allowing the masses to draw him in.

    Let’s hope with Rachel gone the others will start some kind of game play. Hopefully one of the Brigade members will flip to make the game interesting. Hopefully Hayden, Enzo and or Lane will team with Brendan and realize that their chance is better at winning the $500k by taking Brendan to the end. No way will the HGs vote for Brendan to win the money.

  38. So whenever Rachel leaves tonight then she will go to the jury house then Brendon should follow next eviction which means they will get to have the jury house all to themselves for a week… how sweet!!!:)

  39. I am a BB junkie watched all 12 seasons but if Rachel and Brenden stays because of a no eviction tonite, I will never watch this show again because that would prove beyond a reasonalble doubt that the show is rigged.

  40. personally, I always said it was never too early for porn…but considering who the stars of this matinee might be..maybe it is too early

  41. I hope it’s an endurance h o h. I want to see them all fight for the power no matter what it is. Drag out break down, I rather die than fall comp. Show us what you got gh’s!!!

  42. Rachel can recall everything in the BB house for HOH competitions but she can not remember how she has treated and what nasty things she has said to the other HG’S. Shes a wannabe, poser, get her 15 minutes of fame kind of girl. After watching the TMZ video of her I went blind for a while. I really wanted to like Brendan and truly feel sorry for him but, after the crack he made about Brittany’s fiance probably cheating on her while she was in the house made me not like him at all. I hope after Rachel leaves for Brittany to wait a day or two and tell Brendan that Rachel is probably sleeping with the jury house crew. lol, that would be great to see.

  43. Me too, if CBS rigged the game to make those two stay tonight I am done watching. I have watched all seasons.

  44. you know the Bragade has those 4 mopes and they really diminish Matt with brains title…he is a genius…of course he is the brains…but not like anyone is gonna challenge him

    I mean lane…the Texas redneck who shoots eyes glowing in the trees

    Enzo- who voids on his wife in the shower, meow meows and can’t speak properly

    and Hayden- the college hippie who is clueless

    a buzzard could be the brains of that mob…sorry to see matt’s intelligence be diminished

  45. Um guys, if noone goes home tonight, then matt will just use the golden power of veto to get them out. even if one of them win HOH tonight, matt can still get the other one out, so who the f cares.

  46. I wish I understood how this jury house worked. I hope they let Rachel get her cosmetic procedures done. By the time Brendan makes it there, and she has gone with out, and her hair/extensions are 5 different colors…

  47. well i can tell you this that the house guests who have attacked the two love birds have no class and they are making this season the worst yet how can anyone take it upon them to say the things which they are saying late nite. I find it unworthy to even watch.

  48. Sadly I have to say I am with Torch and BG, I will be so over it I am a proclaimed junkie myself all 12 seasons an tried out 2 times, if that happens I AM DONE.

    LOL @ riverspy cams Im alerting the authorities :P

    Kristi- I wish ….. these Hg’s have not shown one ounce of fight in that aspect. (sigh)

  49. It’s interesting how many people dislike the Brigade, yet they hope that Brendon wins HOH and puts up Britney/Ragan. This only keeps the Brigade safe. You can’t have it both ways.

    Agree? Disagree?

  50. Has anyone noticed the difference on how the actual episodes are portrayed differently then what on BBAD? I did by watching last nights episode. Like with B/R. They never show any of the good stuff.

  51. The Brigade say they are running the house..they haven’t done anything. The game has been on auto pilot with everyone after the same people. The Brigade has had HOH 2 x and have eliminated Annie and the Jew. If they were so good, they would have Brenchel out. These 4 oafs are just taking up space. They are no threat.

  52. Matt has the Diamond power of veto. He won’t need to use it unless BB intervenes with a bolted door this week. Then Rach & Bren would have to win HOH and voila the diamond veto is produced: same results – Brenchel out – but delayed a week: good for ratings.
    When Brenchel is gone, I hope new drama will rise, although they could hit a deadzone between Brendon’s last gasp week and whatever positioning happens next.
    I think someone should out the Brigade. Sabo should be told to turn Lane and Matt against one another: he should start a rumour.
    But in future BB should NOT pick a Sabo already inside the game and have him/her choose the gags and for only 2 weeks. Ragan is being too cautious and only doing things that will not affect anyone’s opinion of him. Stabbing everyone in the back? Hardly. So far he is coasting easily to the 20 grand. When Rach goes he should have to sabotage someone/something everyday to hype up the paranoia and the ratings.

  53. Its time for Rachel ass to go home. In the beginning I liked her.. but she’s been playin too hard & emotionally/personally. She told the house to BRING IT and now that they did… she’s upset. Then she decides to piss off her only allies Ragan & Kathy. <<You're digging you're own grave Chica! Brenden is a PUSS anyway. He simply cant play the game. He knew he had to win HOH or the VETO. If you knew you HAD too… && you still didnt try… It just means you already givin up.

  54. Dont you all jump on me for not knowing the facts….But didnt Jeff use his power last time to keep himself in the house? CBS needed to keep Jeff & Jordan there for ratings I guess??!! Wouldnt they do the same this time??? As much as we all dislike these two donkey’s, it would be boring without them…

  55. What is up with the blow ups in the Veto meeting. I love the drama when they tell all but they are the ones going home. Hopefully Rachel will go home this week if I have to listen to her cry or laugh much longer I am going to go crazy I love the show but she has got to go. OR CBS stop showing her so much on the show we only get to watch about 40 mins three times a week and 30 of the minutes are of her. Show us Lane and Kathy dont see much of them.

  56. ughh i realii wanna see rachel go home.
    but i hope there is some kind of twist to stir up the house.

    but big brother is not going to be on tonight because of the ravens game so now wht?.

    &* i realii hope hayden &* enzo are tha final two(:

  57. No one knows about the Brigade right? So how come Lane and Enzo aren’t considered floaters in the house? If none of us knew about the brigade they would be considered the biggest floaters by far what have they done?

  58. What would rach do in the house alone no one to see the croc tears etc. She could push on those fake boobs all she wanted. If Brend walks out the won’t be in the jury house and she may be there longer by herself. Hope he walks out because he is not getting any attention.

  59. @ MT…I agree totally…
    Those guys are just floating along.
    With cowards like Brenda in the house targeting the ‘weaker’ people, Lane and Enzo are gonna fly under the radar.

  60. NIKOBBY- Really?? BB not on there cause of the Ravens game.. well off subject but gotta say RROOWWRRR Go Panthers ! ok sorry.. back on subject, I didnt think CBS would show that game or are you referring to you will be watching the game instead of BB. Set me straight please LOL

  61. i hope brit wins hoh this week
    if bren wins matt can use the dpov take someone off and put up kathy??
    then bren will go the following week

    what is double eviction that everyone is talking about??????

  62. Does anyone still believe the lifelong friends?? I’m thinking Matt and Ragan are brothers! They have that bond not alliance and look alike! Is it possible? Bc obviously they aren’t lovers since Ragan is so open with himself and Matts married…

  63. Mateo, you find what is being said about Rachel and Brendon offensive and classless? I would much rather listen to the things said versus watching Rachel and Brendon have sex. The fact that they did on national TV was extremely classless.

  64. No, no Rachel should not go. Save her and Brendon CBS and BB. No one should go because this is the week Annie was suppose to leave. then next week can be a double eviction with tons of drama.

  65. BBViewer, The only way the bitch is not evicted is that BB gives all the guest 25,000 to not vote her out. Since that is not going to happen BYE BITCH.

  66. @SummerToo I know right!! That sound was like the latches saftey latches on a roller coaster or something.

  67. Ok everyone is saying all the drama will be gone after rach is gone. That’s crap with rach that means a bunch of friends will be voting each other off and lying to each other I don’t know bout u but that sounds like drama to me

  68. Keep Rachel & Brendon getting rid of one of the two will ruin and end a lot of your viewers watching.Once again we no its planned for mat to win big brother its probably scripted that way.

  69. Please let the HG’s send Rachel packing. She doesn’t like it when the other players treat her the way she treats them when she’s been in power. The drama, the fake tears in the diary room and constant references to “My Man” are just disgusting. A week in the Jury House by herself will be torture for her. She won’t have anyone to pay attention to her until the next HG arrives. Oh Puhleez let her be out tonight.

  70. Big Brother has this game mapped out for the next 3 weeks for sure! I feel like they are padding it for Matt…who should win the money to help with his wife’s bone disease. Did you see her teeth…omg! It will take all that cash to fix those choppers plus I’m sure he will need plastic surgery to cover up what those Piranha’s have done to his manhood.

  71. no when i looked to see wht comes on tonight on cbs the ravens game is on until 11!!. wich is soo dumb they suck anywayy. but, i dont kno im confusedd!!.

  72. I don’t get it, I really like Rachael, not to crazy about Brenden but would love to see Rachael take it all. She at least plays the game.

  73. This show gets better after Rachel leaves! The house will have to make some tough choices hoping HOH/POV work in a certain manner.

    Imagine Brendan learning he really doesn’t have Hayden and Enzo, and he is left making good with Brit, Kathy, and Ragan!

    Brigade needs pawns and will run out. Get Brendan out before Britney/Ragan.

  74. After Big Red is evicted I hope Brenden loses the HOH comp and has to walk around in a gorilla suit plus eat slop all week-Yeah ! Go Britney

  75. i agree that rach has an amazing memory when it comes to the comps but also amazing that she has no recall of things she says…lay off the wine and beer maybe.

  76. what if when they say rach you have been evicted and then brenden stands up and says well i have made my decision to join rach and leave together.

  77. kim youre right she has played the game more so than anyone else in the house….britney has played some, matt has played some also. wonder if rach will come to the realization that brenden is also a floater and has riden her sexual coat tails

  78. I am so ready to start singing, all together now ” Ding dong the WITCH is dead”
    She was so smug last week with Kristen leaving, hmmm don’t you just love it that the smug smart ass look is wipped from her face. & Brendon, such a child with the pov challenge. Love it when ass holes get theirs! Ding Dong the _itch is dead and GONE!!!

  79. @Kristy281
    YEAH! Go Panthers! I live in Wisconsin and I love the Packers too but I’ve also been a die-hard Panther fan for the last 7 years!

    If Rachel or Brendon don’t leave tonight I will not continue watching BB. And I’ve watched almost every season. BB better not pull some strings so they stay. I’m going to be so nervous until I see one of them evicted tonight.

  80. Matt’s wife has a busted set of teeth! Her mouth has driven Matt right into Ragan’s arms! I want Matt, Ragan and Brittany gone!!

  81. @iHeartRachel

    I was in awe that you want my 3 favorite HGs gone until I saw your name…then it all made sense.

  82. Look, y’all I’m 16 and I think that I can play Big Brother better than these bunch of people. They’re BORING. If the audience decided who goes home, it will be better that would make the show more interesting. Anyways. I think that the best the show can have is to get a relief from Brenchel. Though I like them, they’re not as smart as Jeffdan were.

    I hope that her eviction can attract at least 8 million people.

  83. Loui… Brenda won’t do that … He will walk out with bitchel first unless BB can talk him out of it…I love Barney Fife for sticking up for herself.. but wish she had said ” I beat u bitch, get over it. Step back or my bullet is coming out”. Britney rules!!!!!

  84. I think Brendon and Rachael are the only ones with any character and integrity…the rest of them are all mean spirited, lying, and backstabbing jerks ….never saw a meaner group of people…will not watch because of the continual low class meanness..wonder if they will have anything interesting to say when they won’t have Brendon and Rachael to talk about…

  85. @nanny #99. would only prove how stupid Brenda is.

    @moonpie #101. yes, yes… the bitch is gone.

    Question. Hate is a strong word would “dislike Rachel” be more realistic? I doubt what we see is the real Rachel.

  86. Brendan and Rachel have integrity? What planet are we on where Rachel and her fans don’t see what she has done. Brendan even threw the little bowling ball in anger when he could not win!

    Roll the tape back. Please.

  87. #109 Don’t know what you’ve been watching but the BB I have seen shows 2 5 year old spoiled brats fighting in the sand box thinking all the toys are theirs and being mean to the other little kids. They need more than a time out in the corner; need the old fashion spanking.

  88. I don’t mean to be cruel, but there is something strange going on in Bredumbs eyes…he could really go off the deep end if he finds out what Bitchel really does for a living. When he threw that ball in anger that sealed it for me…. He’s one scarey dude!

  89. What people fail to remember is that they are playing a game…a game to win $500,000.00…its not in there best interest to play nice and with integrity…you do whatever it takes to win…and in the end it was just a game…so lie, cheat, steal, make promises your not going to keep…make fun…talk behind backs…do whatever…im watching and im entertained…love BB!!!

  90. I think rachael thought that katy was rubbing it in her face when she won. being both mindsets of brendan and rachael would any of you not feel that way. because I did think she did it on purpose to iratate.(sp) sorry.
    but even brendan will be sorry for how he acted when he bowled. he tried to hard to please rachael and knew he let her down. He was under alot of pressure. so I do feel that he should get away from rachael, she is not good for him. she does not feel that he is the man that is strong enough for her. I think she will dump him and he will fall apart. I hope his mom is watching and will be there to pick up the pieces.

  91. If you think that brenchel have played this game with integrity you’re crazy! Seriously what show have you been watching

  92. what am I missing here???? what does everyone know that I don’t about rachael’s job or what she does for a living.

  93. je86, I do think they were up until a week ago when brendan started to be pressured by Racheal. I was as shocked as any one to see him throw that ball like he did. I think he will always remember how he lost control and over a woman.

  94. Shes a high priced call girl…lol…she works men for a living…gets paid to accompany vips around the city or across the country…

  95. nanny, if brenden leaves he does not go with her he goes home. he can’t join her at all.
    so he is not going to do that. he will stay and try to mend fences. the best he can do is say I’m sorry My plan was to make you guys vote me out and not rachael and I was pressured by her because I did not win. throw himself on their mercy. although with this group they will just laugh at him and probably now talk about his private parts like they did rachael’s.

  96. Oh please that Rachel is a pig. I don not want to see her boobs, her fake tears, her tasteless clothes and slurping with Brendon any more. I think there will be a lot of drama when the last players, who are all friends go against each other.

  97. 79, where did you get this information? is this something someone said and it is not the truth.
    I just don’t think that bb would put a call girl on the show.

  98. look it up…it public info…VIP waitress…have you been to Vegas…walk down the strip one time and see how many people there are passing out ads for call girl…IE VIP waitresses…

  99. Live feeds say they are playing a game, this wouldn’t be normal on a Thursday would it? Maybe a double eviction tonight??

  100. I have to kinda giggle at all you folks that are saying “I’ll never watch again if ……” You know you will. Do you think by you saying that, CBS is going to take notice? I personally think the show will probably be very boring without Rachel, but of course I’m still going to watch.

  101. roz, what is the difference here of rachael showing her breasts or britany. she might as well not wear any clothes she is hanging out all over. kathy is not far behind either.

  102. wait a minute here 79, I live in vegas and believe me we are not hookers. you had better pay a visit and check out the real story before you say any thing bad again.

  103. another thing 79, I fought those ads that people pass out and we lost because it was a freedom of speech issue. just because it she is a vip wattress does not mean she is a hooker. next you will be saying the cocktail wattresses are also. you are so wrong.

  104. Good Eve BB Post-ers & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

    @abby – yah yah yah! i hope so too! lol.

    @june – – as soon as you link up it will show u how to suggest, it’s like a live feed of suggestions that come from all the social sites too!

    @torch – you are so sure eh? hmmmm…

    @bg – not a good idea since i’m sure britt would miss lol. that pitney has no class
    she thinks she’s da ish but delusion and denial run on similar rivers….

    @oogiet – yup they are awesome, with pics & everything, like verbatim baby! :)

    @abby – don’t worry ’bout the haters it’s all good! keep on your own opinions!

    @mama – oh yes we have been talkin’ bout that all week it’s just interspersed b/w all the i hate brenchel comments! and how if she doesnt’ go this week and cbs saves her, they will refuse to watch another epi again! (whatEVs) lol

  105. @stace – man i hope if by miracle rach DOES stay she’s humble if that’s even remotely possible and learned from her previous actions! just win the comps and win the $
    dont’ get caught up on powertrips and callin’ on ppls!

    @torch – really now? u’ll stop watchin’ for eva & eva & eva? :(

    @kristi – gosh not another endur comp, all that building sets is for naught since they last so long! lol. i want quiz comp – before & after!

    @bbfan – not necesarrily if one of them wins hoh and the other wins pov, then he can’t put EITHER of them up (Matt that is) coures that’s da worse case scenario but the most awesome one for abbylicoius! :) right? it’d be awesome!

    i’ve watched all seasons of bb as well,cbs does say to expect the unexpected! :)

    ***@carol (69) hit da nail on the head arm & foot! :) lol. ragan is ONLY making moves that wont’ reflect badly on him, what kind of sab is that? he’s afraid of taking risks? what a waste of the gift! :( – as for matt’s d-pov, yeah perhaps it’ll just be delayed a week (them going home) and yes VERY good for ratings as I always infer!

  106. In a way I want one of them to go home because they are somewhat annoying.

    However, I hate when the mebers of the house vote people out because of “drama”. I mean, really? No drama?

    None of you would be on the show, if it weren’t for your ability to create drama. Also it would not be much of a show if not for drama. I watch, specifically to see drama between the different personalities.

  107. Poeple who keep saying that they’ll stop watching the show–
    Hey I have an idea. DON’T WATCH THE SHOW. I’m sick and tired of reading everyone saying how they won’t watch the show once their gone. THEY LOST. and your just gunna have to deal with the fact that the house doesn’t like them. They were the one’s who made themselves targets. it’s their fault. so either watch the show, stop complaining about it and deal with it, or stop watching the show.

  108. I looked up VIP cocktail waitress for S&G and although Rachel’s clothing and personality may be revealing, she is in no way a “call girl”
    I am in NO way a Rachel fan, and can’t wait to see her cry her way out the door tonight, but lets not be tasteless!
    We’re all really wanting her out because her personality is pretty disgusting, but attacking her in a personal way like that makes those comments sound as “catty” as the houseguests are being!

  109. Haters of Rachel unite
    To see her out the door tonight
    The question remains
    As much as it pains
    For who’ll she vote Finale Night.

  110. I love “I Hate Rachel’s’ poem
    And I hope that the houseguests will show em’
    Team Brenchel no more
    They’ll walk out the door
    To their inevitable new home =o)

  111. I love ‘I Hate Rachel’s’ poem
    And I hope the houseguests will show em’
    Team Brenchel no more
    They’ll walk out the door
    Towards their inevitable new home =o)

  112. The Diamond veto should have been a choice of the viewers. That is when it is fun. I would have thoutght that Alisn Grodner would have realized that. Matt should not have been just “given” that power. It does nothing for the game in making it interesting. In fact, this has been the most boring BB in all the seasons. We are advid SHO2 watchers, we might as well not bother Sunday to Wednesday,.

  113. So even if neither of them gets evicted one of them will go home next week because matt will use the DPOV to put one of them up if the other one wins HOH!! so either way if not this week then next week one will go!

  114. Brendon and Rachel r really the most twisted pair i have ever seen, they r juvenile and wicked, they remind me of psyco couples who kill, due to manipulation and tantrums of the one less in love.

  115. Brendon and Rachel r really the most twisted pair i have ever seen, they r juvenile and wicked, they remind me of psyco couples who kill, due to manipulation and tantrums of the one less in love.No one tells the other to cool it,crazy!!

  116. Rachel will not be evicted tonight and she will win HOH! I heard that when they were building the HOH set they still designed a spot for Rachel and BRendon!

  117. One of them needs to go home because this season has been boring with them. The two of them are the center of the show and the rest just sit around playing pool and trying to stay under the radar. Matt is the only one that stood up to them up until this week.

  118. ***INTERESTING*** I was hoping that most people did not act like Brittney, Hayden and Regan (with their talk-show) but it is downright interesting at the name calling people do on this site about the guest. We are not subjects of this show so we should lok at it and discuss it objectively. I know someone will probably hate on me leaving this message but it is what it is.

    Wit that being said I hope their will be drama and suspense when Rachel and Brendan are gone. This group of HG are not making me “want to see” them 3 days aweek. I have watched most of the 12 seasons and I find this group is just waiting to be picked off instead of picking people off.

  119. @148 should have been look and not lok. Also it should have been there instead of there. Sorry.

  120. I will miss Rachel being gone because love or hate her it was great hearing the “me and my man” stuff.

  121. Once Brendan and Rachel get eliminated I’m not watching this dreck.

    Everyone else is spineless and boring. Lameeeeeeee.

  122. no one will go tonight as matt who opened pandora’s box got something good for him and something wasnt bad for the whole house as ragan is getting 20k if he stays two weeks so big brother will keep rachel cause she is best housemate just doing everything to annoy people and if she does stay, i will love bb forever <3

  123. @Abbylicious ♥
    Are you watching the same show the rest are? Because you are making stuff up. Like I heard that like Rachel will like get like 1 000 000 in like cuban pacso’s, the producers were like talking about it. I also heard that B&R are getting their own show on prime time. True check TMZ

  124. If you watch BBAD, then you heard the conversation between Ragan and Rachel night before last. I truly believe that Rachel has mental problems. She has an external locus of control – to the extreme. Meaning – she is unwilling to take responsibility of her own behaviors. Just as Ragan explained, she is unwilling to take ownership of her actions. I completely agree with Ragan, I do not understand her behavior. Perhaps I also agree with Ragan because I am a Prof. of Communication Studies as well. I have great empathy for Rachel, but her behavior seems destructive and incoherent. Consequently, I find Rachel to be just as annoying as Ragan. And, due to the fact that Ragan competed on the College Speech and Debate circuit, I can understand why he might be more willing to vocalize those feeling of frustration.
    Perhaps Ragan can publish a few papers in Communication journals from an ethnographic perspective after this experience.

  125. Has the Brechel bus left the station yet?? They are soo immature it’s boring. My only hope is when Rachel jumps up and wraps her legs around Brendon, she misses and lands on her bum or her boobs smack her in her face. Now that would be funny. It’s just time to focus on the other HG

  126. Can you imagine the BB 12 game if Matt had not been handed his two HOHs?

    So all of you Brenchel haters out there. What happens next………..boring…..boring……
    I really wanna watch all boy cast,,,,really exciting,,,,snore…

  127. Its like the Jordan and Jeff couple. after jeff left its was snore, flip though channel wait till finale

  128. Well you other then B&R HG’s haters must be “REAL” fans of the show, to say the show will suck without them, like I said earlier maybe B&R could get a show. I bet that would be a hit lol

  129. I don’t want my girl to go- hopefully if anything Brenden will go and she’ll stay!!!

    All Britney does is talk ish… that’s what she’s been about from day one- she really does get on my nerves with her comments taht really aren’t that funny

    Love Ragen- and everyone else is just la la la la la

  130. from what i saw on one of the sites….tonight is double eviction bc Kathy and enzo were packing and everyone changed clothes.This will be very interesting. I hope who ever stays wins HOH and takes down Brit and Ragan.

  131. Or maybe as some would think, that once B&R leave the show will be sooooooooo boring that they are going to shut the show down? Would do you think?

  132. Rachel is so….. Imature for someone who claims to be smart . She totally showed her colors9 when she kept saying this is my house no one is going to take it away from me. Don’t let the door hit you in the you know what the way out!

  133. Hi, everyone, how’s it going? About tonight’s eviction, yes, Rachel should go. She did act like Cleopatra when she had the power, when she lost it, she was like; “Cry Me A River”.

    She was not as nice as the “I Love Rachel” people seem to think. And her Knight (Brendon), is not very skilled in the competitions. She won’t be rescued, at least not by him.

  134. True, its a game. However even a game can be played with class. And those declaring they are playing with integrity and class and then putting on their little skits for the viewers and talking and acting the way they are are the biggest losers I have ever seen. What they fail to remember is that they are deliberately and maliciously ripping someone apart in front of millions and having no regard to that persons life and feelings, or that persons familys feelings, when this game is over. 3 months of a game, a lifetime of hurt, all for money??? What a bunch of losers. Britney is the scum of the earth along with her friends Ragan and Kathy. Integrity? Class? Are they out of their freaking minds? What world do they live in? They should hang their heads in shame but I doubt they will. Their outside of the house friends will cheer them on and tell them how great they were and they will continue to slither from one hole in the ground to another. Brendan AND Rachel should stay. BB pull your strings and let them stay. They’ve been targeted from the first week and have had to fight every day!!! I’d like to see how well the others would do if they were targeted by the entire house. Kristin didn’t do so well–did she!!

  135. well this will be interesting to hear from brendon’s ex fiance.
    will she say that he isnt acting like himself…or what

  136. @ Jen, showing Brendon’s ex-fiancee now … she says he’s saying the same things to Rachel that he said to her. The ex-fiancee (and her family) are so glad he did not marry her. Says he wanted to change her.

  137. Nominees giving their pre-vote speeches. Brendon calling out Matt and every other houseguest (and of course talking up Rachel). Calling their experience on BB a Witch Hunt.

  138. @ Jen Enzo votes to evict Rachel. Brittney votes Tequila vomit 100 dollar bills Rachel. Kathy votes Rachel. Ragan votes Rachel.

  139. When Julie says “by a vote of 6 to zero…” Rachel will think Brendon is for sure leaving! Hilarious! I can’t wait to see Brendon’s face when he realizes he’s staying!

  140. omg, Julie says to Rachel “this may not be the last you see of the Big Brother House” … crazy.

  141. ugh… “this may not be the last you see of the big brother house” wtf julie chen???? Don’t bring her back!

  142. Although I do not care for Rachel it appears that CBS does, and will try and save the BB12 season storyline/rating by bringing MS THING back!!!!! So sad to think that after watching BB since season 1 that in fact this show is RIGGED. :(

  143. I’d like to know why Brit is crying?! She thought it was ridiculous for past hg to cry~and she’s not even up~yet! HaHa!! You need to see the live feeds. If you watch only the 3 -1 hour shows you miss a lot. The ragan fight~more came out of his mouth than what was shown! Their talk show is awful! Love BB

  144. HI yall

    Britney is saying what the F$%k
    Matt says food, I’ll give you a buck
    Enzo is playing at pool
    And ragan looks just like a fool

    Lane is saying but, but
    And Kathy is in a rut
    Brendon has won the key
    And hayden is taking a P

    Britney’s happy bubblr has pop’ed
    And Matt, Britney and ragan
    Are all on slop

  145. yep you got to believe a EX, she wouldn’t lie “would she, and no no no not her family, O-no, all they wanted was thier 15 minutes, they can say anything they want brendon’s not there to say thier are taking trash, she could have been the bad one and brendon dumped her

  146. @jennit, what world do you live in, Ragan was trying to start a fight, Yes rachel didn’t take responsibility for everything that has happened in the BBhouse as ragan wanted her, He said that everything that has happened in the house was all her doing, I mean please, And ragan was wrong for letting britney just in, and start running her mouth. I guess that because you are prof. like ragan I should just believe that you are just as mean and cruel as ragan right!!!

  147. If BB brings back Rachael when they know that the public does not like her. This show is more rigged than I thought.
    That would be the dumbest thing CBS could do. Rachael is awful.
    I am tired of the drama queen and her porn.

  148. Matt has his hands down his pants to make sure he hasn’t lost his little pee pee. Gotta hang on to it, it might fall off.

  149. so glad brendon won hoh,you go brendon get that lil snake in the grass britney huggin on that big boy after rachel was evicted, what does her boyfriend think,dude watch out snakes will bite..ragan is a joke,always up matts ass,monkey see monkey do. kathy is a such a floater.

  150. So glad that Brendon won HOH@ Matt, Brittany @ nauseating Ragon are on slop for the week. As I’ve said before, I am not a fan of Rachael @ Brenden, but these 3 need to pay for being so leud discussing Rachael’s labia ,that she probaly has herpes,@ leaves skid marks (which I feel were Matt’s) on the toilet seat. Rachael’s family must be mortified. Can you imagine how embarassed Brittney’s, Ragan’s @ Matt’s families must be? I feel for the people who are really suffering from the bone disease that Matt lied about saying his wife is suffering with so he could win the $ to pay for all the medical bills. He feels the HGs will feel sorry for him @ will vote for him to win BB@ $500,000 grand. This lie makes me sooo angry because my husband @ I had a son born with Angelman’s Syndrome who had about 50 absence seizures a day, @ died in 2005 from a seizure. Matt, I pray you don’t have to suffer like my family has with horrendous medical bills for 22 years,@ my son’s death 5 yrs. no one can describe the pain we’ve been thru, @ Matt will always disgust me. That said, I love BB @ will always watch it. Yeah Brenden for winning HOH. This weeks live feed will be so much fun to watch!

  151. I was sad to see Rachael go, see how boring the show is now. That dang Ragen, get some balls dude and not someone elses. If u think about it the Jury house has the last say! I hope they do find a way to bring Rach back that would be awesome, I agree that she is drama and obnoxious but she put a bit of life into the house and the show. Read her bio sometime and her life motto and many uight get her a bit.

  152. I guess you BB Fans can tell I was bored tonite with BBAD :( Had to have a Dream! Do what you gotta do. LUV IT,THINK IT,DO IT! MEOW,MEOW :) I think I’m going CRAZY, Relax don’t do it meow meow:)

  153. Please please please i’m begging don’t bring rachael back. she is so discussing and gross. I can’t stand her and Brenndon it would not make good tv matter of fact i don’t think i would continue to watch. I hate they way they talk about what everybody says and does but they do the same thing just worse. I fell sorry for their families seeing how they look to everyone. I have had all the boobs, bad skin and that awful laugh of Rachael’s I can take. Plrase get rid of her for good. She is trash and he is just stupid.

  154. As I said before what goes around comes around. Now reagan and britney know how it feels. Reagan crying last night about his behavor, now that brenden is hoh. sorry too late. He will last this week, they will vote out britney I cant wait.

  155. No one in the house has the guts to make a move on their own. rach & bren as a team would’ve broken up the stupid brigade.Get her back in the game, on BBAD last nite the HG fizzled to boredom.As you can see Rach isn’t the only one crying in this game.All the cry babies laying around and realizing the wrong things they are doing and now kissin up to brendon.All of them are more focused in playing a pool tournament for a fruit bowl! Meow Meow ! They need to play the game and focus on winning the Jackpot!

  156. Brendon will nom Matt and Brit. Brit will win POV AGAIN and Regan will be replacement. Matt will use DPOV and put Kathy on block, Kathy goes home. That is my prediction!

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