Big Brother 12 Live Feed: What You Can See This Weekend

Wildness in the Big Brother 12 house really hits the fan each weekend with the fallout from the HoH comp, Nominations, and Veto comp. This week Brendon has “avenged” his love after Rachel’s eviction by winning the HoH comp and is already planning the demise of his enemies. This is going to be awesome!

Since there’s no way CBS can show everything that happens on the uncensored house cams I thought I’d give you a rundown on what to expect over the next few days and what you can watch on the live feeds from within the BB house. This weekend is going to be one of the best of the seasons so you won’t want to miss it.

Friday will feature the build-up to the nomination ceremony. Brendon’s potential targets will be running scared around the house making deals which is always fun to watch. You’ll learn who Brendon is after and why. Friday night we’ll get to watch on the feeds the fallout from the noms which is always a loaded situation.

Saturday will bring us the Power of Veto competition as more deals are made and tensions run high amongst those put on to the chopping block the night before. Brendon will be looking to make up for last week’s miserable failure at the Veto comp as well as securing his nominations. Of course there’s the magical Diamond Power of Veto out there to change the course of the game if Matt decides to use it.

The Veto Ceremony will be held on Monday which means you’ll get two days of HGs’ battling it out for their safety and majorly stressing out all along the way.

If you’re new to the Big Brother Live Feeds then this is the perfect time of the season to jump in and start enjoying what the rest of the fans are already watching. There’s even a free trial period if you’re not sure it’s right for you. The BB Feeds provide an unedited view of the real Big Brother game as it happens so you’ll know the real story and not just what CBS wants you to see. Enjoy!


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  1. I am just watching BBAD from last night and I just have to laugh at Britney and Ragan crying and saying that the competition was geared for the guys. They are doing exactly what they complained abut last week with Brendon and Rachel. What hypocrites!!

  2. I ask on previous page but did not get an answer..SS to be a pest but>>>> ADMINISTRATION!!! Please explain what it is that MATT can do if he uses the DIAMOND POWER of VETO??

  3. He will get a Pandoras Box and when he opens it Rachel will come out! But it will mean both of them cannot compete in the Veto if he opens it but Rachel is safe from eviction.

  4. @Graves: My understanding of the Diamond Power of Veto is that Matt can use it to replace one of the nominations with a selection of his own. I do not believe Matt can nominate the HoH with this power.

  5. @Sarah: Yeah, Flashback is acting up on me too. Real should have that fixed shortly. They’re usually pretty good about that.

  6. ummm Abbylicious ♥ you should check your facts! that is not correct! Rachel ass is gone and the Diamond VTO can be used override from the VTO ceremony or Matt can save himself! Glad Rachel is gone and HER MAN was playing her all this time! lol! I find it funny that all of a sudden he wants win, im wondering is that was his plan all this time!

    • ummmm you should check your facts. Julie told her that it may not be the last time she sees the bb house.

  7. DPOV can be used on one or both nominees, and replaced with Matt’s own choice. HOH is not available for nomination and neither is the regular POV winner as far as I understand it.

  8. sooOoooOo happy I wish someone would point out how ragan and Brit are doing and have done everything they accused B/R of such hypocrites!

  9. I am so glad that Brendon won, only because Matt is the one with the power this week. So, Brenden will be separated from Rachel for 2 weeks for no reason. He’s so dumb, he won’t know what hit him!He might pull a Chima & flip out when Matt uses the DPOV and go home not to jury/skankel.

  10. @Matt: I got the BB tool bar and the l i v e f e e d s option isn’t working at all so real player support worked me around but I do love the (BB network tool bar)

  11. Matt can only replace one of the nominee’s on the block not both and they haven’t said anything about the HoH or current pov winner but I would think the HoH would be safe. The dpv should override the regular pov but I don’t know that for sure.

  12. Hi torch, last night it took me over two hours to get on and then onboby really wanted to take, Go for brendon winning HOH, The “D” veto isn’t much use to matt, now that brendon has won the HOH, because with brendon puts up britney and ragan, he’s not going to use it. If he puts up matt, then he will take himself off, If you look at it all ways, he only has three people to work with, britney, ragan and kathy, because he can’t put up one of the ber-egg, So the “D” veto is useless to matt this week, next week is going to be good!!!

  13. graves, yes he can use both I would think because the pov comp and ceremony will take place tomorrow and Monday and the dpv won’t come into play until Thursday.

  14. Y would the other Brigade members be mad at Matt for getting a SECRET power that will be beneficial to the group. I hope that Matt is nominated so he gets to use it.

  15. Soooo???? ADMINISTRATION>>>> BEST I UNDERSTAND OR AM GATHERING… The rules of the “SPECIAL” Vetos are never the same when put in game play..Am asking if BB changes the rules for each holder or game as they see fit???? WOULD THE ABOVE CORRECT IN SAYING ??

  16. I agree, BG. The only problem I forsee is Enzo. Enzo is sort of already wanting Matt on the oust, and I think this will give him a (sort of) logical reason to post to the other brigade members. “He can’t be trusted. He kept this secret from us” blah blah. Hopefully Lane and Hayden realize Matt had no other choice.

  17. I think Rachel had her chance and blew it. She shouldn’t be able to come back. She can’t. It wouldn’t be fair, because she saw her goodbye messages.
    If Matt is smart he should only use the DPV on him. If he’s not in danger, he shouldn’t use it.
    Why didn’t we see Julie interviewing Matt in the HOH?
    Thank you Matt for this site. It helps me vent.

    • None of the goodbye messages said anything about game play. Noone mentioned the brigade… Bitchny was her asshole self and regan was obnoxious too but that is all. Nothing else that would actually change everything.

  18. @CHRIS…You may be suprised at Matt’s plans..but he won’t make a decision till after the nominations..(I don’t think)..He may put a bug in Brendon’s ear or cast doubt about someone Brendon considers a friend but who is not a friend…Matt has carried the Brigade just about as far as he can..One of em is gonna have to be cut lose and it needs to be done while Brendon is HOH so MATT’S HANDS STAY CLEAN..WATCH AND LISTEN..

  19. yes, matt can use the pov and also nominate who goes up. that is great. i bet rachel will be in pandora’s box. i wonder if it will be this week for brendon to open (cause you know he will) or another week (cause you know, no one else will) gonna be great…

  20. Lane is the only member of the Brigade that Matt can trust..Hayden and Enzo are backstabbing MATT and are trying to convenience Brendon that the sabatour is “LANE”… they both said on BBAD that they are not gonna vote Brendon out..

  21. I think addy is right I think bren will get a pandora’s box with rach in it and she will be back in the house. If not what did Julie mean when she said she might be back.

  22. PANDORA’S BOX has been opened and it contained the DV not a HOUSE GUEST..THE box will not be opened again during this season..We need to move on to current and future events..

  23. I think if BB decided to bring someone from the Jury house back… let at least a couple evitions go through and have America vote.

  24. When Julie said that she might be back in the house she meant that if Brendon was to win there was a picture of her for his HOH room. I hope that’s all it meant.

  25. PLEASE ..let RACHEL GOOOOO…She had her time she blew it..she is gone..Put ur energies and minds to work on the current HG’s and how they gonna play..None of this seasons HG’s need to return to keep the show interesting..The drama is still there u just have to watch to find it..

  26. i prayed last night –

    Dear God… please do not make Rachel a celebrity, like Danielle from nj wifes, or Snooki (or whatever her name is, You know who i mean) from j-shores or God-forbid (sorry about that) Paris whats her name. Don’t forget what happened with Britney… we still can’t get away from that one!!!

    if that CAN’T happen, could You take me in my sleep in the near future.

    Thanks and God bless all the BBFans out there.

  27. no worries GregH I Do not believe that will happen..Rachel is not going down as one of BB’s winning personalities..far from it..She will have or has had 15 minutes of fame but that is all.. In truth unless a PORN production company calls her I do not see her being a celebrity…Sorry folks but “she” is what she is..

  28. I think they should revoke the $20,000 offer to Ragan. He is supposed to be a saboteur. Instead he is a catty little girl, doing DR things that limit his chances of being caught. The point of the money is to make it a challenge and for there to be a chance of getting caught.
    I really don’t like that he gets to pick and choose the sabotages that he gets to do. We should be able to vote on it, or something, but he is picking the easiest thing that he can get away with.

  29. Rachel and Spencer Pratt should be a couple. Give it a month and the two of them will explode literally from the size of their ego’s, lol.

  30. yeah ok, they gave Brendon the easy untied rope. Was the lanes even predetermined? They usually aren’t.

  31. I would like to see:
    1 – Brendan put up Brittney and Regan.

    2 – Brittney or Regan would then win the POV remove themselves from the block and allow Brendan to nominate Lane.

    3 – I wonder if Matt would then use the DPOV to save a Brigade member which would allow him to put Brittney or Regan back on the block.

  32. @ Helbell215 Usually, if a POV person wins, they are safe for the remainder of the week from eviction.

  33. *****FIXED??****

    If this game is fixed then why did the beautiful Janelle not win either time she was on the show? James from season 6(?) was entertaining and played a great game so why did he not win?

    No matter what happens in life you are going to have people that say it is a conspiracy – so what either enjoy watching or change the channel!!

  34. @jker0404 – I agree, however Julie said that Matt could determine who goes home. I believe this is the one week where the DPOV can override anything but the HOH.

  35. I guess we will have to see. That is one bad thing with BB, they leave things up in the air (I think, on purpose) so that they can decide after reading blogs and what not on what they should do with things.

  36. My predictions:

    Brendon will put up Brit and Matt.

    Matt comes off the block, either with the GPOV or the DPOV.

    If the GPOV is used, Ragan goes up. Brit goes to the JH, unless Brit is taken off the block instead of Matt, then Kathy goes up and Kathy goes to the JH.

    If the DPOV is used, Kathy goes up. Kathy goes to the JH.

  37. Based on last night feeds, I think Matt or Lane may betray the Brigade for Ragan or Brit. Ragan and Matt are a showmance.

  38. I’d like to point out to everyone that if you go to and look at Brendon’s Bio, he states that his strategy is: “Get girls to like me and turn them against each other.” I’d say he’s been pretty successful. He got Rachel to like him and she’s gotten the majority of the girls out of the house (“Don’t come between me and my man!!!”)
    See for yourself:

  39. Bren will be swayed by anyone who shows him sympathy. He’s like an awkward teenage boy who is trying to fit in with the adults. Enzo may be trying to secure B’s jury vote, or maybe he just has more pity to spare than the rest! Hey, what happened to the 4th install of the “Tip Show” – it got real quiet last night, and I am laughing out loud!

  40. Couple of questions:

    Does the diamond veto allow Matt to replace who he takes off the block or does Brendan or (HoH) get to choose who Matt takes off the block?

    Second, if Brendan puts two people that Matt wants to save i.e. Lane and Ragan, and Matt does in fact save them, if Brendan is the one who gets to choose the replacements, is he then allowed to put Matt on the block having already used his Diamond power?

    Only the Coup D’etat was allowed to actually make their own replacements. I haven’t seen anything about the Diamond Veto being allowed to choose who gets replaced?

  41. I think it is going to be a race to see who betrays the Brigade first. Matt and Lane are already talking about it and Hayden and Enzo are so far up Brendon’s butt I can’t even really see them anymore.

  42. @53 Moogie– To my understanding, Matt can take himself or save someone who is on the block. He Then gets to decide who He wants to replace the person who was taken off. (HOH, has no say so in this)

  43. Cathy is so desperate to be liked it’s pathetic. A true victim of the mob mentality – the bully’s sidekick. She would eat a bag of her own poo to stay off the block.

  44. @56 thanks Stephanie.

    So really the Diamond power Veto is no different than the Coup D’etat? I’m still unsure if Matt gets to choose the replacements. Because the key word in his prize is veto, and the veto winner has never been able to choose the replacements.

  45. The drama is going to switch to the Jury House now. If anyone but Brendon enters next, Rachel will go ballistic. Particularly if it is Britney or Kathy or Ragan. I would prefer that they switch some of the coverage to The Jury House, where most of the interesting events will occur.
    I hope Brendon nominates Britney and Kathy and sends one or the other off to the JH.

  46. I think CBS needs to be specific to the ‘powers’ that are granted w/ANY “gift” such as the diamond power of veto. I think that would avoid a LOT of confusion & we all could move past speculating what can be done w/this DPV & onto more gossip & house guest bashing, which we all enjoy!! LOL

  47. Found this on Big Brothers Web site about DPOV
    Big Brother informed Matt that the Diamond Power of Veto could be used to remove one HG from the block, like a normal Veto, but its special power is the option for the holder to name the replacement. This renom power is usually reserved for that week’s HoH, but Matt will be the one calling that shot instead.

    The only catch appears to be that Matt must use the Diamond Power of Veto within the next two weeks. If he doesn’t use it at today’s Veto Ceremony, and I don’t possibly think that will happen, then expect him to do it next week.

  48. So if Matt uses the dpov and it’s on the live show then none of the house guests will get to talk before voting someone out right????? Wow that could b interesting cuz no one would see that coming!

  49. Julie didn’t reveal any info to Rach about the alliance, like she did to Kristen, so could it mean that the ones who leave from this point would get a chance to come back? Personally, I think Enzo should focus on Brit & Lane, with Bren, Matt, Ragan & Kathy’s help, because Brit has the smarts and Lane has the alliance to keep him safe to make it to the final three.

  50. so now the HOH comp was set up for Brendon to win. This is just a tv show and it has provoked such hatred towards two people. Some of you are so addicted to this and and take it personal.
    So now Brat is crying, Ragan is crying. Brat doesn’t want anyone to talk to Brendon or laugh at his jokes. She is a child. But who was out talking to him biting her nails and playing with her hair. Then she tells Lane Brendon is playing personal she is otta touch with reality. She said she genuinely loves 7 people in the house. So according to her thinking, Brendon cannot put anyone up. Who is acting like a big baby now. To bad no one will tell her she had it comin if he won. No one has a spine in there. Ragan said it’s like one big family left and he loves everyone anf he wants to see them on the outside. But Brendon and Rachel are sick to care about each other. All of these people are so into themselves. Ragan and Brat were so tough last weed when they were safe and thinking they had the #’s to win HOH. But no it was fixed. Yeah right. People said the same crap last year about Jeff and Jordon. It defiantly seems something is up between Lane and Brat

  51. I think Matt will use the DPOV to save someone, just to mess with Brenden then Matt would name Kathy as the replacement nom.

  52. I am glad Brendon won cause it causes more conflict within the house. It would have been less exciting if anyone else had won HOH. The JH is going to be dramatic if Kathy, Britney or Ragan show up. If Ragan goes he does not win his $20,000. I really wanted him to win it but he is just picking easy task…task that won’t get him caught but his mouth is gonna get him out of the house but I still think he and Matt are the life long friends.

  53. It is a Diamond Power of Veto, hence it is still a veto, so would fall under the stipulations of a veto. The HOH and the Veto holder would be safe from nomination. The Diamond part of it, or the so called “Power” is that instead of the HOH naming the replacement, the DPOV holder gets to name the replacement nominee.
    I don’t understand why this is so complicated.

  54. The VETO power is the same every year the HOH cannot be put on the block with that power and Matt can only use that towards one person so if Matt is on the block and doesnt win pov he can use the power and release hisself off the block either way it goes Brenden is here 1 more week to stay

  55. but that is the beauty of it all, yes Brenden gets 1 more week but it is an absolutely useless week for him where he thinks he has power but actually he has an empty H.O.H bed without RED.

  56. Julie was able to tell Kristen about the alliance because she was going home, she couldn’t reveal anything to Rachel because she is going to the jury house and that could influence jury votes.

  57. Lane and Brit must be lifelong friends. I hope Brit and Regan are nominated and they both go. Good riddance! Poor Rachel though with either of them in the JH.

  58. I hope Rachel told Bren who to nominate, who to backdoor, etc. Remember, before she left, Enzo was the only 1 who showed compassion. The Brigade needs to break up, & you can see Lane would get Brit’s vote, so the guys need to turn on Lane first, if one of them wants to win it all. With his barely veiled contempt for Rachel, it would be funny if he was the 1st in the J-House with her!

  59. Maybe Brendon’s letter was from Rachel and all it said was “You go Brendon, you can do this Brendon, You’re my knight. Remember, I am Vegas!”

  60. i cant see his letter being from rach if she might come back in the game. seems like that wouldnt be fair

  61. Big Brother informed Matt that the Diamond Power of Veto could be used to remove one HG from the block, like a normal Veto, but its special power is the option for the holder to name the replacement. This renom power is usually reserved for that week’s HoH, but Matt will be the one calling that shot instead.

    The only catch appears to be that Matt must use the Diamond Power of Veto within the next two weeks. If he doesn’t use it at today’s Veto Ceremony, and I don’t possibly think that will happen, then expect him to do it next week.

  62. First, it should come as no surprise that BB did a strength/stamina challenge instead of a quiz this week since production knew that Brendon was staying and the brigade wanted Brendon to win HOH to evict either Brit or Ragan. This comp was geared towards the strong guys and only Hayden, Lane and Brandon (Enzo is useless)really had a shot, but that is fine by me.

    Second, it is so funny (not really ironic) that either Brittany or Ragan will now have to spend a week alone in jury house with Rachel because one of them goes this week; then, either Brittany or Ragan will have to spend a second week in the jury house this time with both Rachel and Brendon since Brendon goes next week.

    I would love, however, to see Matt make a big move this week. Matt wins POV, taking Brittany off the block to be replaced with Kathy, then Matt uses DPOV to take Ragan off the block and put up Enzo. Matt, Lane Brittany and Ragan team up and vote out Enzo (they all know how popular Enzo is if he reached final two). Then Brit, Ragan, Matt, Kathy and Lane v. Hayden and Brendon. That would be fun.

    Sorry, I must be dreaming, little Matt does not have the stones.

  63. So Ragan has spoken to Brendan today. Water under the bridge. Thowing Enzo under the you know what…

    Ragan’s trying to get paid and survive this week.

  64. anyone else sick and tired of watching brenden pick his freakin nose??? ugh as if he wasnt gross enough he has to add boogers to the mix!

  65. I think Julie said that stuff about RacHell not seeing the last of the BBH because….BB production doesn’t want to lose viewers. Everyone loves to hate RacHell and if they thought she would be back…they/we would all keep watching to see if/when it will happen. It’s just another ploy to keep us wondering, blogging and watching BB…which you all know we will.

  66. I thought that each week when a new HG is evicted to the BB house they take a copy of the previous weeks show with them. Usually you see them watching it when they give JH updates. Therefor Rachel and anyone else evicted WILL find out about the brigade because they will watch the show.

  67. if the brigade doesn’t think about matt & pandora’s box and as cocky as they are getting and they decide to get rid of matt; this mistake could eliminate the brigade and this could conceivably happen if after the PoV ceremony matt gets a sniff the brigade is jettisoning him… so when he pulls himself off he puts enzo up and exposes the brigade to the voting hgs. How’s that for DRAMA? then enzo would be between bren and his woman!!!

  68. I did not expect her to cry, but Rachel did seem a bit subdued last night. Its like she just turned her character off when she was talking to Julie.

  69. When the DVD comes into the JH it is edited to show only what BB wants to tell and the newest JH guest knows…otherwise the JH would be privy to too much info. Matt am I correct.

  70. Donald – good strategy if you are Lane (he will get the most jury votes). Lane will kick Matt out so fast his head will spin, because L does not trust him, and it’s my belief Brit will be the deciding vote if things keep on the way they are now – no blood on my hands, get rid of Bren, Kathy, etc., play nice, when it’s your turn, don’t get emotional, let’s just get along. Boo Hoo!

  71. That makes sense about the editing. Regardless though the truth ALWAYS comes out eventually and will definitely come out before the final 2. It is only a matter of time.

  72. Please bring Rachel back!!! I would love to see the house then. OMG!!! The look on the other HG faces would be priceless!!!

  73. lightbulb moment… matt could dismantle the brigade… he replaces a hg on the block at eviction time with hayden, lane or enzo… exposes the brigade to the voting hgs and they vote off WHOEVER matt puts up.


    if a mensa IQ matt suspects he’s #4 position in the brigade that would be his best move and totally shock everyone.

    what’s that saying? IT COULD HAPPEN. any chance you think?

    though he might not have the votes to win the $500T, he could get 2nd with outside chance for 1st… like if he was against Rachel and that ain’t happening.

  74. @Steph, Yes I am sick of seeing Brendan pick his nose too. Enzo is catching up with Matt with hands in his pants. Good God Ragan is on slop again, lets the gas begin, lol.

  75. If Matt doesn’t use the GPOV this week he can not use it next week. He had only 2 weeks to use it and last week was the first, this will be the 2nd.

  76. why is Ragan complaing the comp was geared towards the guys…isnt he a “guy? i know it’s left to question.

  77. Yeah!! You Go Brandon!!! So Happy You Won!! So Happy… Haha Regan is in one of the rooms with a blanket over his head crying LOL.. Kathy is once again going along with the new HOH, what else is new?? She is a total Liar along with being a mean floater!! I love it that bredon won and hope Rachel comes back in the house to get those who need to be “put down” like Regan who is a monster, Jathy who is a Flaoter, Brittany who is 2 faced, Hayfon is a good guy who has said mean about any1 to their faces..Matt needs to GO HOME!! LMAO that Breadon won and again to rub it in.. So HAPPY!!!!!!!!! _Peace (Tach it’ll be ook g/f)

  78. Matt should stick with brigade until final four then every man for him self.

    Matt should use the POV to back door Brendon since he is such a poor loser and poor winner

  79. #92 – I agree. If Matt is going to make a move, it has to be this week!! And please let it be Lane. His disregard for wildlife – killing defenseless animals by blinding them and shooting them for fun (not sport) – makes him #1 on my list to go. And I would love to be a fly on the wall if he has to stay with Rachel by himself for the 1st week in the JH.

  80. Please quit whining about what CBS should or shouldn’t do. Allison Grovenor Productions is the hands on production company here folks. AGP is who does all the tinkering to increase ratings on behalf of CBS. AGP operates at the 20,000 foot level and CBS operates at the 100,000 foot level.

  81. If the first 3 evictees are still in sequester, here’s what I’d like to see:

    On Thursday, when they get ready to vote, I’d like Julie to say to the HGs “expect the unexpected – you have a choice as to who you want to be in the house. Either choose to keep the two nominees in the house with no eviction this week, or evict one of them and America will choose which of the first 3 evictees to send back in. If you take this option, you won’t know who it will be. This is a gamble to either keep the ‘known’ enemy, or take a chance on who America wants to have back in the house. Make your choice now.”

    This will give the HGs no time to talk, and they will give their individual answers in the DR, voting for either evicting or taking America’s choice for putting one person back in the house. The majority of votes would win (so if the majority vote to evict, then they would go back to the DR and enter their votes). This would really flip the house around!

    The house has been one person short all season, so this would restore the proper number of people. If they don’t add someone back in somehow, then there will probably not be a double eviction.

    Plus…I think Ragan might just be playing “pouty” to get time alone to maybe set up to do a saboteur thing. If everyone sees him doing it all the time, they won’t think twice about him being alone when he actually wants to do something to the house!

    Just my 2 cents!

  82. @cynmatty

    This is Big Brother Network… Not PETA or some animal rights group. He’s from the south. Spotlighting is a common activity there. He was just trying to lighten the mood with that topic.

  83. OOps I meant Haydon has NOT said anything mean to any1..Sorry for the typos Just so scied Bradon WON HOH!!! Trgan u r Gone!! LOL there goes your 29 thousand LOL Also, Matt is a shaking in his boots cause he does not want to have to use the Diamond Veto cause it will show is a a LIAR! Also, what is said about his wife is so so bad and I hope she does not get a diease or illness cause of his lies which is Karma..totaly Karma against the house who was so so rude and mean to both Rachel and Bredon..Julie stated thst Rachel will not see the end of BB house TES!!! Though 2 have fought so hard and I do not care what brandon ex and her mom said on National TV..their JEALOUS!! HA Ha get over it ex just casue Rag has taken your place… :=-0 all around our home!! LMAO…YES!! Jayson is a good guy who obviously was taught well about making bad remarks to others, however, the other HG are mean and cruel to Rach and Bred…so get a life Karma is a B—h! LOL Peace

  84. I don’t think Matt using the DPOV shows that he is a liar. He had to keep it a secret or production would have taken it back from him. But I have a question about the DPOV:

    Julie said that Thursday night is Matt’s last chance to use it, so does that mean that Matt can put up ANYONE that he wants (including Brendan)? Or is Brendan and this weeks POV winner still safe from being nominated?

  85. @ susie… i didnt understand much of that but i did want to say that brendons ex said she was team rachel, so how is that jealousy? and who is jayson?

  86. I don’t want Rachel to come back in. I like how Brendon is without her. He is more sociable (like he has a choice) and he plays a better game without worrying about her butt. NO RACHEL GOING…..I want double eviction this week, I want Matt to NOT use the DVeto and that Ragan and Brit go to the jury house. Yeahhhhhhhhhhh

  87. If anyone watched any of BBAD last night, did you catch the conversation in the Have Not room when Lane was telling his story about the Australian girl that he met in a bar and had a one night stand with? Maybe if he’s next in the jury house he’ll hook up with Rachel until Brendon shows up, hee, hee!

  88. lol yeah lane says he goes for ‘attractive trash’ …… rach fits one of those discriptions lol

  89. Davis – I’m not a member of PETA, and I am from the South! Condoning this behavior doesn’t say much for the South, does it?

  90. I think GregH is right on the money. Matt knows DUH BOOR-GADE might turn on him if he reveals a power he’s had for two weeks (even though he was not allowed to reveal). If he thinks he’s safe, he’ll never use it or tell anyone he had it (unless he can spin it in his favor)… If he sees a threat, he’ll use it to break up DUH BOOR-GADE and form an alliance that will get him further in the game. This season should be subtitled: How Low Will You Go to win any amount of money… Why am I still watching? Ah well, what is life without a few “guilty pleasures”… Thanks, Big Brother!

  91. kathy is a biggest liar of all !go brendon..i hate bitchney and ragan…at first i think ragan i a good guy but he is just prove that he is just same level with bitchney…

  92. I watched the Pandora’s box episode again. All the card said was that Matt could take himself or someone else off the block, and name the replacement. No where did it say it wasn’t the HOH. So here’s what I would looove to see happen:
    Matt and Regan on the block. Regan wins POV. Brit put on the block. Matt uses DPOV and puts (you guessed it) Brenda on the block. Brenda goes to be with his true love. (or even better pulls a “Chima!”) Everyone remaining in the house has a massive party, plays flip cup, and has a wonderful edition of “just the tip.” (I know I’m dreaming…but a girl can dream…)

  93. Is anybody else loving the new Brendan as much as I am? This bully stuff is great…lol I am much more interested in watching an aggressive aggressive (Brendan and Rachel) then watching passive aggressives like (Ragan, Brit, and Kathy).

    He has actually brought Ragan and Brit to tears. I love it. I love how cocky they were last week and now they’re sobbing like little babies.

    It’s about time some of the HG’s have been forced to be put on their toes.

    Also, I love how (dating back to previous seasons as well) it’s always such a stupid idea for the HoH to put whoever has been put up on the block. Every HG who ever gets put up sits their in the confessional and goes on about how putting them on the block was the stupidest move ever…lol

  94. From the CBS website on the Diamond Power of Veto…
    Matt goes for it and enters the question mark door. Inside he learns he is getting the Diamond Power of Veto, which allows him to save himself or anyone else for the next two weeks, and also solely pick who will go up as the replacement nominee.

  95. What was the deal with the “theme” of the house that they were talking about the 1st few weeks? Is it just me, or does the house remind you of the set house in “Golden Girls?” Also, if you take the cities where they the HGs say they live, it reads like a road map from Boston, New York, Chicago, Arkansas, Texas, Arizona, Vegas and finally to LA. Any thoughts?

  96. No offense, and this may come across as extremely insensitive. But Matt was complaining about the sound of Rachel’s voice, um, has he not heard his wife speak?

  97. Brittany to Rachel: “All Brendan has done is talk behind my back”

    Her “Brendan does not like women” was almost as laughable as Kanye West saying George Bush hates black people.


  98. @Mary2, the HOH is exempt from the DPOV. Matt cannot put up Brendon no matter what you would love to happen. The only two people save from the DPOV is the HOH and the winner of the POV. I don’t see Matt using that DPov unless he is on the block. He knows he would get heat from The Brigade (who are not that happy with him anyway) and even his buddies Brit and Ragan for not using it on them. He is in a lose lose situation if you ask me. Unless they can convince Brendon to put up Kathy. I sure hope he doesn’t.

  99. cynmatty@88

    Sorry, I was at my office before and was signed on as Donald.

    Under my scenario, none of the Brittany, Kathy, Ragan, Matt group is going to keep Lane one minute longer than necessary. No one wants to be up against Lane, Hayden or Enzo in the final two (Even Lane, Enzo and Hayden do not want to be in the finals against each other).Brittany can keep Lane in line long enough to use his vote.

    Matt knows that his time is running out and he needs to make a move apart from the brigade and make it now. He has to think about who he can beat in the final two and, quite frankly, he better take either Kathy of Brendon.

  100. The new table is awsome. That is going to mess with the guests head also. It is a mile stone point. Next one 4 person table!

  101. What is funny is Matt is going around to his Brigade making sure he is safe and that he won’t be put up next week and that Brendon will be put up. But…..OMG, right now Brit is swallowing her pride and talking to Brendon. YOU know she hates that. If Brendon believes her…I don’t think he does, I think he is loving that she and Ragan and the rest are kissing his butt…… funny!

  102. Wait a min. I never thought about that!! If Ragan and Matt are on the block and Britt wins. Let’s say she takes Ragan down and Kathy is put up. Is Matt allowed to take himself down and use the DPOV to put up BRITT?

  103. If Brendon believes any of the crap sprewing form Brit’s mouth, well he deserves to go…….Please Britchney……you suck!

  104. @ Steph this evening

    did anyone notice Britt grabbed the the tissues before she even sat down to talk to Brendon? Just a Lil comical.

  105. Brendon’s noms will show us whether he is only about getting even, or is he about winng game. He should try to get rid of pairs.

    Lane & Brit
    Matt & Ragan (Bren does not know about DPOV)
    Enzo & Hayden
    Brit & Ragan
    Enzo & Lane

  106. Brintney is lieing through her teeth right now on the live feed. trying to get sympathy from Brendon. I can’t stand her. I hope dhe goes on he block.

  107. And people say you are not playing the game Kathy. Look at you go girl kissing the necessary ass to protect your safety in the game. Skanky and the new puppet/HOH could learn a thing or two from Kathy about the social aspect of this game. Bitchney you are screwed this week so you just have to pray for the veto or that Matt is nominated. If Matt is one of the noms then Kathy is gone. Dont be so sure about the break up of the brigade.

  108. Wow, BB is a lot better show in this chat room than the one played on TV. Some of the things you come up with blows my mind. Here is what is going to happen this week, sorry its not as exciting as what goes on in here. Brenden will put up Brittney and Ragon, obvi if one of them wins POV they come off and if Matt wins POV Ragon will come off, anybody else wins POV there will be no changes. Kathy will be replacment. Matt can still use his DPOV on Brittney and put up Enzo. That leaves Kathy and Enzo on the block and in a tight vote Enzo goes home. That is MY spoiler for the week.

  109. DonR – I agree! But Lane is the bigger threat. He controls Brit (watch his eyes toward her) and he has the guys behind him. If you were playing, would you rather have Lane or Kathy sitting beside you in the finals? And I still think it would make great TV to watch Lane & Rachel alone in the J-House for 1 whole week!!

  110. cynmatty@141

    I do not think the guys are really as behind each other as it seems. Hayden and Lane have already discussed how neither of them can beat Enzo in the finals. Hayden and Enzo have had the same discussion about Lane.

    Besides, Lane is only a threat if BB picks a HOH or POV comp like the one from last night. Now is the time for Matt to make his move while he has the DPOV.

  111. ok…rewind to the sabotage episode in the living room from last night.There a pair of legs under the tv…perhaps as we know Regan.

  112. If Matt wants to get to finals, he has to use the Diamond POV and shake up all the alliances and then we can watch how the HGs scramble to find their places in the ‘new’ House. Just a thought. Looking forward to tonight’s BBAD (don’t get live feeds – look forward to this site for all the latest spoilers – Thanks).

  113. Yes I am so glad Brendon Won & I hope he gets Britt out, I really don’t care for her or Ragan! I also so wish Rach would come back I would love to see there faces…..

  114. The Sabo/Mole thing is lame, lame, lame! Give Regan $20,000 and stop this idiocy! X girlfriend thingy last night – sleezie! Shame on you CBS! Go, Brendon – exact your revenge!!!

  115. So has Brendon nominated anyone yet? And what is with Brit playing pool and being nice to Brendon? Boy that woman will do anything to stay, won’t she?

  116. Don’t really care for Brendon that much, but he seems a lot more tolerable without Rachel. And a little more logical- maybe. I guess we will see with his nominations.

  117. no noms. yet Trish but your boy has talked to brit. and brit told him that she knows she is a target and all she asked was a chance to fight to stay in the game.

  118. Why aren’t they showing in CBS the jury house with Rachel in it. Last season, they were showing a couple min clips with whoever got voted off to jury house and showing what it’s like in the jury house. are they going to do that this season MATT??

  119. Being HOH doesn’t help Brendon at all in my opinion. He’s stuck in a position where he can only do what the brigade wants him to do, which is evict Britney or Ragan. The following week’s HOH competition will then have all four brigade members competing against Britney or Ragan (whichever one escapes eviction) and Kathy.

    Matt has the DPOV, and even if two brigade members are on the block, Matt can use it to save one, put up someone else and the brigade still has three votes to save the remaining brigade member, so they’re all safe again.

  120. I saw that somebody said Brendon had a picture of his niece “Katelyn” in his HOH room. Didn’t Andrew call out to his daughter “Katelyn” in his good-byes? Does anybody else think Andrew and Brendon are related?

  121. Julie said Rachel may have not be through with the BB house. Is it possible that due to Pandoras Box the bad result will be that Rachel and thurs evicted hg trade places? Rachel returns to BB house, evicted hg becomes 1st jury member.

  122. Brenden told Enzo the only family he was close to was his niece & he would like a letter from Rachel. CT – I like your final 2, but the other HGs are going to have to start playing individually for that to happen.

  123. @167- hey torch! I totally agree. That smacking is nasty and really aggravating. ( it’s like a flashback from last season with Natalie and her twizzlers)

  124. #159 Brendon did say that (“Katelyn’s) father was kinda messed up and not in the picture much, so I don’t think they are family.

  125. I think that Brendon will put up either Brit & Regan or Brit & Matt. Either scenario, Matt will use the DPOV. He would take of Regan or himself and replace the nom with either Enzo or Hayden. Enzo or Hayden will be voted out.

    Brit to stay votes are Kathy, Lane, Matt, Regan
    So by a vote 4 to 1 either Enzo or Hayden will leave the house.

    It’s only a matter of time before Matt turns on the Brigade. He will possibly take that opportunity this week.

    I think Lane and Brit knew each other prior to BB. Did you see how she hugged him from behind last night. Also Matt & Regan has to have a secret alliance. Just my opinion.

  126. Me thinks it’s going to be Brit and Ragen as the noms. But Hay just threw matt under the bus, lol. yea!

  127. it showed on the feeds that enzos tired of the lil side alliance the other guys are creating. if they out the brigade, he feels everyone will know there’s an alliance of 4 but also thinks they can keep their lil side alliances

  128. I dont know if Matt will use his dpov to save anyone but himself. and the other guys are more likely to jump shit on matt, not the other way around. where does matt run to if he jumps ship on the other brigade?? he’d have no one but brit or reg, whichever is left after elimination.

  129. I dont know if Matt will use his dpov to save anyone but himself. and the other guys are more likely to jump ship on matt, not the other way around. where does matt run to if he jumps ship on the other brigade?? he’d have no one but brit or reg, whichever is left after elimination.

  130. Nunya, I agree about Brit and Lane. They have either been long-time friends, or are related. I think this, because of the way they nit-pick at one another, like a brother and sister or close cousin.

  131. lol Bren wants to shake up the non winners that pose a threat, i.e. enzo and lane. That would be sweet if he nom’d 2 brigade members.

  132. Would like to see Lane & Rachel in JH, alone for 1 long week. I think he’d explode! Hope Brenden realizes that everybody is out to save their own necks this week and would vote him out in a heartbeat. Don’t know why, but there is more to Enzo than meets the eye – would like to see him beat the Brigade.

  133. @mary 2 #116. ok, hope you enjoyed your dream, cuz that’s all it was… here’s reality, Matt CAN’T put the HoH on the block.

    instead of Bren, how about Enzo -or- Lane -or- Hayden? that’s Matt’s best move to have a chance to win, IMHO.

  134. Other than Rachel I have not voiced an opinion as to who I want to see get evicted ..but I do hope that ENZO IS ON THE BLOCK AND GETS EVICTED…his talking about the other HG’s and their game play is frigging annoying..WHAT PRAY TELL HAS ENZO’s lazy ass done aside from hide behind Matt’s brains??? His mouth is gonna overload his ass and it will be soon..

  135. they keep saying enzo is a strong competitor I don’t see it he always drops after kathy but they say he isn’t a floater

  136. The biggest floater is Laane! He’s got Brit watching his back, while he’s watching the Brigade. He hasn’t won anything either, and he won’t have to if the boys stick together. Mean while, Ragan needs to open his eyes to Matt’s lies and stay away from Brit – she’s poison. Hope DPOV gets played, then we will see some backstabbing & doubledealing. I love this show

  137. hay torch, sure he will they really haven’t done anything to make him think other wise, they have never come face to face with him, they only trashed him behind his back, same as kathy, So we will see, If brendon puts up britney and ragan then one of them has to win the veto comp. If they don’t then Matt won’t use the “D” veto, so we will have to wait until tomorrow too see.

  138. Im so glad for Brendon, i like him but i never liked Rachel. lets hope he stays in the game. and play it better than Rachel

  139. The CONVERSATION BETWEEN BRENDON and MATT is going in circles…Brendon is talking outta both sides of his mouth..He is jumping from person to person and just not making sense..

  140. Brendon will nom Matt and Britt. Britt will win the POV AGAIN and Regan will be replacement. Matt will use DPOV and put Kathy up, then Regan will go home. At this point Regan is a bigger threat bc he comes in second all the time. Kathy can be voted out at anytime bc she has no allies to save her and can’t win a comp.

  141. Brendon just told BRITTNEY HE WAS PUTTING UP HER AND LANE,,I thought he told Matt that it was Regan and brittney>>>wtf…IS GOING ON HERE..??

  142. Well apparently he is playing the game and making them all paranoid…next he will tell Lane he is putting up Enzo and Matt. Good for Brendan. I was hoping without Rachel he would start playing smarter.

  143. Brendon must have gotton in trouble with production because now he is telling Brit he is not sure what he is doing and than livefeed went down. Now it’s back abd Brit is begging to stay!!! Go to LF.

  144. The sab MESSAGE WAS DIRECTED AT HIM SO THEY SAID..suppose he considered it n’ changed his mind..

  145. This is wacky..lmao..I am soooo confused..and I pride myself on keeping my head no matter

  146. i think britney just might have changed brendons mind to not put her on the block. id rather her stay, and 2 brigade members go up

  147. @steph #134.

    GPoV ceremony is on Wed – say ragan/matt up; britt has pov removes ragan and bren puts up kathy (he’ll just turn around and poop her out his butt).

    Thurs at some point of Eviction ceremony… Matt plays the DPoV… he removes himself and then Matt put any Hg on the block except the HoH-Bren and the PoV-Him so any other hg is fair game including Britt.

    I’m 99.9% sure.

    So after Wed’s PoV she might not want to piss Matt off, it might help to remove Matt’s hand from his pants and replace it with her’s unless Ragan is blocking her way. Just joking… it’s all good.

  148. Please get over Rachel…she had her chance ..she blew it..she is gone..lets move on to the next week of game play..

  149. Brendon has not mentioned her as often as the peeps in here since she left..He now has bigger fish to fry..(finally)

  150. @blackgirl #139. damn, girl we usually agree but i’ll discuss this… why would Bren put up Kathy, she’s weak he needs to put up 2 strong players that could put him out-the-house?

    kathy will vote the way he says, just tell her he won’t put her up even as a replacement.

    if Matt is smart and he’s got the DPoV to make a game changing move… as long as BB tells him he’s got time to explain the Brigade and why the hg’s should vote out whoever he puts up; Enzo, Lane or Hayden – it’s his choice and it would be awesome.

    I don’t even like him but if he made THAT move I’d bow down to him and pull for him to win the $500T and that would be forgiving him the lie about his wife. I wonder if his wife is a lie and Ragan is his honey.

  151. This sould be a funny week. Brendon believes he has all this power, but yet, Matt holds the power. The DPOV could really screw Brendon’s “plans” up. If Matt can get the votes to get Kathy out, it should cause Brendon to go crazy. He’ll probably start blaming BB again and lose it on everyone in the house. Mainly because, he’s out of the HOH next week. Enzo better watch himself. Getting to close to Brendon could spell doom for him. This week is a great time for Matt, Lane, Brit and Ragan to form an alliance. Enzo is dead weight.

  152. bring back Rachel just to say it one more time…”NOBODY GETS BETWEEN ME AND MY MAN!!!” LMAO :)

  153. Can Matt the Rat, only save himself from the block or can he save anyone?
    If he can save anyone,I sure hope Brendan’s careful with his nominations, because if he nominates Ragan, and Brat-ney, that little punk Matt, would probally pull his boyfriend Ragan off the block,and then throw Kathy in his place,which might save that be-atch brat-ney depending on the vote.

  154. @oompa loompa she will say it to everyone that enters the jury house after her, i just hope we dont have to hear it, if i never have to hear that annoying voice again it will be too soon

  155. This is actually Matt’s Chance to get out a Brigade Buddy. and he will not be responsible..He realizes he needs to get at least one out by letting another HOH do blood on HIS HANDS..BRENDON IS THE PATSY HOH

  156. I think the BB house needs to be turned upside down again. This season has been out of control. I wish he would put up Matt and Hayden.

  157. Brendon would be smart to put up Regan & Brittney so if/when Brit wins the POV Brit comes down, Matt goes up as a backdoor & Matt is forced to use the DPOV on himself of course showing the brigade that he’s not trustworthy! Then Kathy goes up as a pawn but the entire house wants to alienate Matt, so they evict Ragan. Matt’s gone next week….Rachel comes back in a twist & gets rid of wretched Brit & the brigade is falling apart in paranoia & Brendon & Rachel (the ones who knew each other prior) make it to final two!

  158. I like reagan. He’s seems very sincere when other guest get hurt. I hate when people call him a girl. He is a human being like all of us. He has a right to be who he want to be just like all of us have a right to be who we are.


  160. I am so sick of the RACHEL COME BACK!!!! please get over it… it is annoying SHE IS GONE GONE GONE…

  161. Matt is evil, for saying that stuff about his wife. Brendan is a chicken , that crys when he does not get his way. Kathy is just hanging on.

  162. Giving Matt, one of the brigade members, the pandora’s box option, was complete bull—-!
    It should have gone to Brendan this week or Rachel when she was HOH the week before Matt, because it was already the whole house against two people.

  163. hmm so can anyone update me on what happened today?? Been at work for a few hours… and can’t flashback :(

  164. JOHN it was just circumstance THAT MATT was HOH when Pandora’s Box came into play..He did not chose the box BB chose it for him

  165. I love Big Brother but have any of you guy thought it is “fixed” and is Kathy and Brit Mother and Daughter or is it Brendon and Rachel really already married??????????????????

  166. when we’ll know who Bren put on the block?

    that’s not live Sunday evening is it… i’m losing it, how many weeks have we been doing this?

    don’t bother to answer that.

  167. Linda…I honestly don’t care..I AM CONCERNED ABOUT THE GAME GOING ON if I am being rude but I am into the game not kin folk or showmances

  168. This Nomination has been going on for nearly an hour now..must be some heavy debating going on in the house..bring the feeds back or start sending out refund checks CBS..

  169. So its gonna be a double POV kind of deal! The reaction to Matt when he brings out the DPOV is going to be classic!!

  170. @Linda….
    1) It is not “fixed”, but it is “influenced”
    2) Brit and Kathy are not mother and daughter
    3) Brendon and Rachel are not already married, but they will pursue it. Rachel will move to L.A. for about 3 months, until they get tired of eachother. Then, Rachel will haul her significant butt back to Vegas, because she IS Vegas. Until she goes to rehab, after realizing she is not actually Vegas, but just another Vegas skank.

  171. @tg #158. anyone think there might be/were a few relationships in the house?

    Brit/Lane and/or Kathy

    Maybe not to that extreme but more than 1.

  172. LOL @ amy..Due to having a very unstable home life and more unstable relatives and friends than I could possibly count I would fit into the BB HOUSE PERFECTLY..I have dealt with any and all types of people in my life time..if u only knew..lmao

    • I still don’t know whe the secret relationship is…I thought Kathy and Britt were mother/daughter Matt/ragan best friends or idk it’s too confusing but fun to try and figure out! I know there’s alot of hater out there for Rachel and I have to admit I liked her and still do I cuz just do w/o the “Heyy” “Thats Obvii” “I am Vegas” and my person fav “Nobodys gonna come in between me and my man” she’s deff an irritating person but she did play a good game and is a fierce competitor but her and brendons showmance ruined both of their games…they shouldve kept it on the dl. how ever it is quite funny to see Britt and ragan crying over being the have nots when last week they were giving Rachel hell for her being upset! who’s the Diva in the house now? I at this point don’t hate anyone in the game except I didn’t care for Monet at all but I’m team Enzo all the way…in my opinion he’s playing good by playing bad…let Matt win the hoh’s and be the bad guy cu he can still be friends w them all and hopefully get some jury votes! but I love this site….I love hearing eveyone elses views and comments on the game…it’s deff more entertaining than waiting to watch 3 CBS episodes a week! keep commenting….love it!!! =)

  173. I can tell you for a fact: That Kathy and Brit are mother and daughter. I’m Brit cousin and Kathy is my aunt. Sorry to bust you bubbles RICO

    • @ Whitney! I thought from the very first show they were mother and daughter…Kathy is very motherly and affectionate w her like a mother would be and I thought they were both from Arkansas or I might have dreamed that! lol that would be cool thoe for real unless ur just messing with us and in that case lMAO for stirring up the pot!!! :)

  174. The last HOH Competition that brendon won, was thier starting spots predetermined or random?

    Just curious?


  175. who cares Whitney?? does not appear to be a secret any longer it’s posted 20 or more times a day if we don’t know it by now ..we are all illitrate..

  176. why havent we found out who is on the block yet

    ps i think lane and brit have a connection, whether it blossomed in or outside the house.

    i am quite observant and on the show yesterday after rachel left the house and they showed the houseguest for a few sec you saw brit go up to lane and wrap her arms around his waist from behind.

    friends dont just do that. especially if one is engaged.

    but i love brit. and am rooting for her to win regardless

  177. @Whitney…Well, my 3rd cousin once removed was driving through Arkansas and bought a puppy from a dude on the side of the road who said his step-brother-in-law once dated Kathy, and he said they are not.

  178. Unless you can prove that your related… you’re just somebody saying something. You may be honest, but how would we really know?

  179. Wow really Whitney??? Brit and Kathy r mother and daughter??? If so that’s crazy cuz Brit has really talked trash about Kathy and that’s just so disrespectful if it’s really her mom!!!!!!

  180. I think the sab is the dumbest idea this season. Every message has been a lie and its pointless. Bring someone back or do something crazy like that.

  181. Kathy is not Brits mother. Her mother has been a member of a forum I frequent for years She said that Britney did not know any of the other HG’s before BB.

  182. I hope Enzo or Lane are not up on the chopping block. I would like to see one of them to win. I would be cray to bring Rachel back into the house, but who knows what BB is planning.

  183. For this to be an on going delay in getting the feeds back in view there must be a heck of a meeting going on in that house…OH MY..Lane said last nite that Brendon better not come after him or put him up…Oh may be a fight going on..

  184. @AMY: Can you name ONE PERSON this season that DIDN’T CRY when things didn’t go their way?

    Yeah, I didn’t think so…

  185. The mood is so much lighter with Rachel gone. I don’t think she would even want to come back. She got tagged! She’s out! Deal with it!

    Its like the game has started over.

  186. @ Tonya…I completely agree! CBS either needs to give the pathetic saboteur idea the respect it deserves & make the person SABOTAGE comps, the house (ie. Change the count of things to mess up the final head to head questioning), etc., or they need to flush this so called brilliant idea down the toilet. LAME!!!

  187. some holier than thou people up in this chat, not one of ya’ll commands this chat room, so stop acting like your comments are law on here. No one cares if you like Rachel or not, but don’t get nasty because you don’t like her. After all, Julie did say there a chance that she can return. Get off the rag and except it. Unless you have some unforseen knowledge of the future or CBS plans, you can’t really say Rachel’s gone and never coming back because you can’t accept the possiblity that she can return!

  188. Actually Enzo should be on the block..He has given Brendon a reason as to why all the other HG’S should be nominated..But he should stay as he is the most social person in the house..HIS words not mine..He said that to Brendon..

  189. @jailynn:… what do you love about Britney again?

    I always have to ask that question, ‘cuz having positive feelings toward such a person completely facisnate me…

  190. Hey bb fans!!! I hope Bren puts up Matt N Britt..Then Matt will use dpov and put up kathy and Kathy will go home…

  191. I am not commander n’ chief of the chat room but it ain’t no sense in beating a dead horse Rachel is gone NEW GAME ON …lets go into the future .. that’s all people are saying…Rachel will be happy to know she has friends in here..I would guess she needs all she can find..

  192. Hmmmmmm LF has been down since about 5:05 PM PT. That is rather long for picking who is on the block. Something must have happen because the down time for LF is usually a hour or less. :(

  193. The way thing are going with that sab nonsense, Ragan will end up winning $20,000 by doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Is that what CBS is looking for – a stupid-ass way to waste money that will piss off everyone watching the show?

    Well good job, Les Moonves, good job…

  194. Man no nominations yet!?? R the lf’s back up? I can’t het them cuz all I have is an I phone!! Does anyone know if u can watch from an I phone??? I tried a week ago and the flash player is blocked to apple!

  195. Well Rachel is gone for the time being and is out of the game. She is negative energy. Bredan is a better player now. The game has many possiblities now. Rachel is no longer needed.

    Its like getting caught with your hand down defending Kobie Bryant. Sure, we may see her again, but she will not be a factor. Plus she’s alrwady marked her territory in the jury house bath tub.

  196. ROBIN duh!!!! u can’t watch the feeds from a phone if they ain’t even up on Real

  197. Let’s get theories going:

    – If someone WALK AWAY or GOT KICK OFF THE SHOW BY PRODUCTION, that would definitely give an advantage to Brendon – one left person to worry about going after him, and, if the person in question got the boot, one less vote against in the jury house… win/win, basically.

    – if someone got sick and carry out, my money’s on KATHY… then again, everybody’s money should be on her!

    – Last theory: CBS actually brought back Rachel in the house, which spark AN ALL-OUT MUTINY… obviously, the least likely scenario, but plausible in the sense than only Brendon would be happy to see her again.

  198. @momma h: the secret relationship came from Annie as the sab… SO IT WAS A LIE!!!

    I mean… God! It’s seriously not rocket science, people!

    • well that’s what I thought cuz it did come from her…but everyone keeps talking about it so I thought I may have missed somethn but thx for clearing that up for me cuz I was still tryn to figure it out! now I can move on! lol

  199. THIS IS UR COMMANDER N’ CHIEF.. why don’t we all have libations while we are waiting??? That is an order..lmao

  200. Face it, CBS will lose a bunch of viewers because the lose of one person, so why not just bring her back ;) It’ll happen =D

  201. @JohnMike: Pandora’s Box’s over and done with this season – didn’t hear Julie talk about it last night. So I’m exactly like you – completely clueless on what make some people assumed that it’s coming back.

  202. Just thought I’d ask cuz I read somewhere that u could with a program called cloud or something like that. I read the reviews and it had kinda bad ones that u could only view like 5 minutes at a time. I didn’t try after reading that. Anyway just wanted to see if someone new something I didn’t cuz this is my first time to watch BB! Guess not tho thanks fly on the wall!

  203. MIGHTY MAD ..PLEASE LISTEN UP>>> Do u know what the rules are as to nominations?? Or if a really serious BB gamer is in here can u tell me the rules?? no offense MM but somebody might know more than us..

  204. Here’s why Rachel is a bad BB game player…. she is a fierce competitor.

    Being a fierce competitor is great if you are in a pure competition, but this game is more than that. It also has a social component, and a component of deceptiveness built into it. All must be balanced.

    She felt she deserved to stay because she fought so hard since day one. But she formed an open and strong alliance from the beginning(forgetting about the deception component) and she created this “us against the house” thing (forgetting about the social component).

  205. @JohnMike: I get the appeal for Rachel, but it shouldn’t happen for reason of fairness – if Rachel played a better game, she would have get more people to join Brendon and her in an alliance, instead of putting herself and HER MAN as prime targets. She was definitely one of the strongest players this season, but her game was flawed, which is primarily why she’s in the jh now…

  206. Something is going on!!! It has been over 2 hrs since LF went down which is way to long for just a normal putting 2 HG on the block!

  207. Hello ppl :)
    I really hope Bren dose not go after Lane!! He will just make a new enemy that I don’t think he needs…

  208. @Fly on the wall: I’m not sure what’s going on either, dude. Usually, at this time, nominations are already posted on the site. Like a lot of people already said, something major must have happened…

    @Rico: ‘took the words right out of my brain, man. Ballsy move from you, too – my brain is DEFINITELY NOT a place people should take stuffs from!

  209. @ MightyMad True say. I guess we can expect her in all stars 2 years from now if CBS is going by every 7 years.

    In addition, lets clear some air about the stupid Diamond Power of Veto. Its strong but if you recall the Coup D’eta it holds the same power Jeff had but only able to take one person and replace that person. Also it can only be used during the Live Eviction.

  210. All this waiting and it will turn out there was a power outage again. That was funny last night when they all ran out thinking it was the saboteur. Matt talking crap to production.

  211. @Erin25: sorry to break the news, but Lane’s already an ennemy of Brendon. I’m just not sure if Bren knows about it, though…

  212. Gee maybe Lane fought Brendon when he was put up and production had to go get Ms Thing from the offsite hidden cave! :)

  213. @Whitney…sorry chick I can’t believe a word you say. I thought they might be related at first, but have come to realize that Annie the first Sab. was just playing with us because they did look like they could be related.

    I can’t believe that you would be allowed to post that kind of info on here…you would be under review for trying for.. sure…soooo thanks for trying to shake things up but nooooooooo gooooooooo. Enough said on the subject please.

  214. Hmmm. The Master of the Room, Sara, has spoken. It is now forbidden to say that Boobzilla won’t be back.

    So lets get off the rag and except it. Ok Sara. One question though:

    Except it from what? Did you mean to say “accept it”?

    It’s so hard to follow someone’s train of thought when it jumps tracks.

  215. Oh my this is nail biting time i wonder if Bren gave up hoh to get Rachel in the house..I dunno just a wild guess lol

  216. @mightymad

    #295 why would you care if BB gives $20T to Ragan? It’s not coming out of your pocket, I’d be more concerned what our Congressman are paid and how they can give themselves raises and paid benefits. That actually does come out of our pockets. LOL!!! I don’t know why I’m laughing.

    #303 you said “@momma h: the secret relationship came from Annie as the sab… SO IT WAS A LIE!!!”

    How can you assume this is a lie? Annie was a plant and not playing for the $500T and not playing but for 5 or 6 weeks and it’s very possible that BB gave her some info like that to work with for her sabotages. Just stipulating she shared with the whole house and not with individual hg.

  217. So, obviously, if Matt tries to save Lane with the Crystal Veto or whatever it’s called, he’s going to put Kathy up… unless Kathy wins the Veto. Now, can that Crystal Veto override the normal one?

  218. thank u..Bendon did a turn around at the last I am going to mid nite bingo..been FUN SITTING HERE WITH ALL U LOVELY PEOPLE SWEATING BULLETS OVER THE NOMS BUT I AM OUTTA HERE TILL 3 AM..

  219. Stupid move Y lane and Regan I hope he back doors Brit…Ahhhh so frustrating…\oh well at least some one new is one the block for once!

  220. Lane and Ragan? Wow, nothing like I thought it would be.

    I can’t see Matt using the DPOV unless the GPOV winner uses it and Brendon puts Matt in as the replacement.

    But, a lot depends on Matt’s loyalties and how/if they change this week.

  221. Seems you wait for the regular veto comp and ceremony before the DPOV should be used. The possibilities are crazy.

  222. Still dose any one know what the hold up was y so long for the noms?..Hmmm whatever prolly nothing important.

  223. Next week is the last week that Matt can use the DPOV — so he might as well use it on Ragan and put probably Kathy up and the house will vote her out. What a waste.
    Just hope that Brendon did himself some good this week and formed an alliance with Hayden and Enzo.

  224. Perhaps Hayden and Ragan are the life-long friends. Ragan went to Grad school at Arizona State. Maybe there is some sort of connection???

  225. Well the house will be interesting until Veto comp. Brendon turned the heat up in this game and might have sealed his time in this BB house!!!!!

  226. All this talk about a lifelong friendship in the house seems a little unfounded to me…

    Please correct me if I’m wrong, but the ONLY scrap of evidence we have that one exists is a message from the saboteur, right?

    If it was true, wouldn’t Julie have been mentioning something about it? Wouldn’t some aspect of the game be affected by it? Wouldn’t CBS be trying to get some ratings out of it?

    How about this “Occam’s Razor” type of theory: There is no lifelong relationship. It was just an attempt to stir the house, like all of the saboteur messages so far, and it is useless to continue to try and figure out who has this so-called lifelong relationship.

  227. @GregH: first off, I think the better question isn’t why do I care about Ragan winning the 20 thousands. The better question is: WHY DO YOU CARE THAT I CARE?
    BTW, if there’s one thing I’m not thinking about while watching BB, it’s politics. If I care 24/7 about knowing how the government screws us over, I would be watching C-SPAN, not CBS.

    Furthermore, if you can name me ONE THING THAT ANY OF THE SAB EVER SAID THAT WASN’T A LIE this season, except for making fun of the HGs after pulling a prank on them, then I’ll acknowledge that you were right on your second point.

    So… one trustful thing any sab ever said… go ahead… blow my mind.

  228. I have a feeling Brendan and Rachel will have their own spin off show about her move to California.

    “Like, Oh my God… LA, here I come. No state comes between me and my man…”

  229. @Rico on #343: my thoughts exactly.
    It was a lie, it obviously was a lie, so I don’t know why people keep on talking about it.

    • my guess MightyMad is the hg’s maybe don’t realize it was a lie and that’s why they still talk about it wondering who it is cuz I think 2 or 3 nites ago they were talkn about it on AD! but at this point I really don’t care either…I’m just ready for the house to fall apart and alliances to be broken! I love your comments and inputs and thoughts on the game so keep them coming!

  230. I think Matt will use his DPOV power, regardless of how things play out.

    He doesn’t want either Lane or Ragan to be at risk. So… if the regular POV is used and Kathy or Brit is put as a replacement, he will use it on the remaining Ragan/Lane and put up the remaining Kathy/Brit. If he is put up as the replacement, obviously he uses it on himself and probably puts up Kathy.

    The most interesting scenario, I think, is if it stays the same. He will still use it (and probably put up Kathy), but who will he take off the block? His buddy, or his Brigade?

  231. Regan and Lane…

    Okay, Brit wins POV and saves Lane. Kathy is put up as a replacement.

    Live Eviction night, Matt uses DPOV to save Regan. He replaces the nom with Hayden or Enzo and turn against the Brigade.

    Votes for Kathy to stay…Matt, Brit, Regan, Lane

    By a vote of 4 to 1…Hayden or Enzo goes home.

  232. lol ahh the spell checker, formerly known as ihr is back to correct all misssspellled words from the posters who dont agree with her own opinion. Did I get it right? Have a field day with this one, please, lol. You sound like a political campaign anyways with your own post, so whatever :) Can’t wait to come back and see all the butt hurt posters up in here on the rag when Rachel comes back. :)

  233. @rico #309 right-on about the social aspect, if Rachel was that good of a player, her relationship needed to be covert… did she notice other hg’s weren’t showing open relationships/alliances… she got what she asked for and “BRING IT ON” was the end to her arrogant reign.

    And I think one of the reasons ppl don’t want her back in the house beside that laugh is that she most likely didn’t learn a thing and she would come right back as her “arrogant” self. “This is my house, I own it”.

  234. Again with the LLF thing…maybe we should all agree to GIVE IT UP…Annie the Sab used it as a way to mess with the HG’S and nothing has been said since (by JC or BB) sooooooo it is a lark…the new Sab, Ra gone (he may be gone this week)doesn’t know any different so he is using it again to mess with people…maybe that is why Lane is on the Block…maybe Brendan thought the Sab was pointing fingers at Brit f*^$ing with us people

  235. Sara, you spelled the word correctly. I was asking if you used the wrong word.

    You sure are hostile.

  236. sorry something happened to my last post..should have read maybe that is why Lane is on the Block…maybe Brendan thought the Sab was pointing fingers at Lane/Brit, after all Brit freaked out when Rach thought about putting Lane up. The Sab is just f*#cking with us.

  237. Oh no, far from hostile, I was smiling the whole time I was typing. :) I just don’t care if my posts are spell checked or not. Hey, I just got done writing a term paper, you wanna spell check it for me??

  238. The houseguests are talking about how lame the saboteur is and how they don’t think there is any lifelong friendship “pair”…..

    Funny!… they must be channeling this board!

  239. people. please remember why we are on this discuss the game…don’t get personal…let it go and give some imput or say good night….JUST my opinion

  240. Of course, Matt has all the power this week. If he wants, he can keep his relationship with Ragan and the Brigade and do it with only a little blood on his hands (by putting up Kathy).

    If the nominations stay the same, he could hold a meeting with the Brigade and try to convince them to let him take Ragan off. As long as they have the votes, Lane would still be safe (and with Kathy up, they would definitely have the votes). The Brigade may not like the idea at first, but Matt could easily convince them that if he took Lane off, they would be exposed. Plus, Matt himself took a chance earlier for the team, so now would be the time to play that card too.

  241. I can respect that Annie, but when someone gives their opinion, in comes the spell checker to make it personal if you don’t agree with…he/she/it? And that’s my opinion. He/she/it doesn’t just do it to me. I’ve read through a lot of that crap to different posters.

  242. My “Matt meeting with the Brigade” idea is somewhat flawed….

    He can’t tell them he has the power before he uses it and the power will have to be used on the live show.

    So, the meeting would have to be after everything happened and he would just have to explain himself after the fact.

  243. Oh, man!… the live feeds cut out just as Brendon was saying who he would put up if Matt used the veto on Ragan…. ugh!

  244. Oh, man!… the “live feeds” cut out just as Brendon was saying who he would put up if Matt used the veto on Ragan…. ugh!

    (sorry, had to post this twice cuz I forgot to put “live feeds” in quotes and my other post went to moderation… I hate that!)

  245. Lane and Ragan have been nominated for eviction.

    Not even close to what I thought it would be. I predicted Brit and Matt.

  246. Why did he put up Lane ?
    wonder what his reasoning is…
    I can see why he put up Regan…
    I think Enzo and Hayden made some kind of deal
    with Brendan

  247. Fri the 13th bring’s strange event to the BB12 house. Another game is being played now. LF down… could the POV game be going on???? Hmmmmmmm.

  248. @mr: something about Brendon thinking that Lane’s the saboteur or so I heard on the nomination thread.

  249. The pick of POV players…Kathy got picked. They are also are talking about early game time and maybe prizes.

  250. Have you all noticed how Matt talks to Ragan? Just now he said to an upset Ragan… “calm down, I know how you get when you get upset”. Could they be a couple?

  251. Good evenin’ all. I am wonderin also, why Lane? I happen to be pullin’ for Lane, but not understanding why brenda would put him up, I’m confused!? It’s pretty easy to do that tho! !Rico where is Q and rest of the “kewl kids?” I just logged on and haven’t had a chance to read many comments!

  252. It’s official – Brenden is an idiot. He’s telling Hayden & Enzo everything he knows to memorize, let’s the Brigade use his room when he’s cooking & doing dishes, and thinks he is in an alliance with Hayden, Enzo & Lane. All the while, they are using his room while they plot to evict him to their benefit. I knew Brenden would latch on to the 1st person who would sit & talk with him. Ragan needs to go to him & tell him e-thing he knows. Matt is the big ? What will he do?

  253. I feel for Ragan – this is his 3rd time on slop, while Lane has never been a have-not! Lane has flown so low under the radar, his butt is hitting the ground. Bren keeps harping on his noms and how great they are – Brigade stroking his ego. If Rachel saw this, she would have a hissy fit – “Shut Up, Brenden!”

  254. So Brendon should nominate Matt (for nominating him and his boobzilla) and Britney (for not liking when he was a turd to her). Britney should then win the POV and take herself off. Brendon can then nominate a replacement for Brit. Probably Kathy (for not apologizing to boobzilla). Then Matt is up against Kathy on eviction night. He secures the votes to stay, then he refrains from using the DPOV, but lets the HGs know he has it, explaining that this was his Pandora secret. Otherwise, Brendon will continue to make up money stories about him which will hurt Matt’s game.

    Kathy will get voted off as planned and Matt will have proven himself a soup or genius. By not using the DPOV and thereby not having to name a replacement nominee, he will have less blood on his hands. He’ll also have secured more trust with the Brigade. They will get that if he had told them about it, he would have lost the power and the power was something they would have all been able to benefit from had it been necessary.

  255. Dur. Not a live feed subscriber and didn’t read the back comments. So it’s Lane and Ragan?

    Brendon is an idiot.

  256. Bren is not making up $$ stories; he sincerely believes it because Rachel told him it was so! He dan’t think for himself. Enzo & Hayden are with him now, plotting the outcome that he thinks he is a part of. Earlier they talked about booting him the 1st chance they get before or after Brit goes.

  257. Kathy is not the target. It’s either Ragan or Brit. They said they want to keep her cause they think she’s weak. Maybe so, but I’d like Kat to surprise them all. What’s the saying – the best laid plans. And Bren still talking, talking, talking. He doesn’t know when to quit.

  258. On Brendan, I thought the ex-fiancee bit was incredibly funny. Confirmed my impressions of the guy. A real weasel.

    Now that boobzilla is out of the house, he won’t know what to think. At least with her there, he knew where to look…

  259. I know – but Brenden thinks he’s playing the game smart. When he gets evicted, and he will, he might really explode when he finds out he was played and by whom. Hayden, Enzo, Lane & Matt were talking in HOH, while Bren cleaned the kitchen, that they were going to ask for and wear Brigade outfits at the eviction when they safely have the numbers, stand up & announce their alliance was from Day one! If they follow thru with that, Bren just might go ballistic.

  260. Well, Im done for the nite. I think it’s going to be an interesting nite tomorrow on AD after the POV comp. Here’s hoping Ragan pulls himself together & wins and that Matt throws a monkey wrench in the Brigade’s plan with DPOV.

  261. Listen people! Enzo, Lane, and Hayden will have no reason to turn on Matt if he used the DPOV because he’s not allowed to tell anyone about it or it gets taken away.(I think). But if not, he can just lie to them anyways and say he had no choice but to lie to them because Big Brother would’ve taken it away from him. Simple! Now forget all about that! Let’s have a nice laugh at Brendon thinking he has the power this week. Go Matt!

  262. Okay listen. 5 people will be voting someone out this week. No matter what, the Brigade will be safe this week. Because look, let’s say the NOMS stay the same. 3/5 votes are the brigade + Britany’s vote because her and Lane are very close.
    Now. Say Ragan gets off the block and put’s another Brigade member on. Either the rest of the Brigade (2/5) of the votes will be there, which is not enough. That will prompt Matt to use the DPOV to take one of the Brigade members off the block to put it back to normal so the Brigade has 3/5 votes. Get it?

  263. @Aaron I am thinking that the DPOV will not be used unless Ragan wins POV and Brendon put one of the other Brigade members. FYI Brendon just went into the DR room! Why? Besides Brendon, Matt/Hayden & Enzo are up still. I think the POV will begin really early this morning.

  264. The scenarios I posted above only work if the Brigade will stick together for a couple more weeks, which is more than likely. Please read them carefully.. sorry if I make it sound complicated.
    Heres: The bottom line: The Brigade will have the majority vote 90%. In the other 10%, two brigade members will be on the block so Matt will need to use the DPOV, giving the Brigade back the majority vote.

  265. @LEB I am not actually subscribed to the feed. I’m getting this all off the show itself. Besides, I’m 14, I don’t have any money! And yes, great minds do think alike! :D
    The Brigade: Strength in numbers.. until the final 2! :)

  266. @Rico #356. I think Matt would be wise to break up the Brigade, he’s #4 at best in that Alliance, so if Lane was still on the block come eviction ceremony he needs to put Enzo or Hayden up. If Lane is saved by GPoV then Enzo and I’d let the other hg’s know Enzo was the ringleader.

  267. @annie #361 good idea about the llf’s, we might as well wait until BB exposes it as T or F.

    #370 so true… some ppl was just MAD, and it’s amazing how all locks really make the mad come out… one thing though, a wrong word, a wrong name, a misspelled word can make it frustrating reading a post.

    posters need to be careful and in less of a hurry, please re-read / correct and don’t be so sensitive to someone asking “did you mean…” and if you know what they meant even misspelled let it go.

  268. @ Sara #187 & 189. don’t know either if Matt will use DPoV, still of the opin that he’d be smart to use it to bust up the Brigade… if 1 is evicted and he jumps ship that leaves Brigade as two and I think he’s already got Ragan, who’s already got Brit and they can get Brendon (he needs help).

    Matt’s alliance situation is 6 of 1, half dozen of another, the fact is and I think he knows he’s #4 in the Brigade. But a some point you’re on your own and whoever wins comps comes out on top.

  269. @tishe #390. think i heard someone say Bren is tried of the hg’s that don’t win anything (floater’s or flutters – like Kathy says it).

    Note: I’m giving Brenda a break, I think he’s getting his senses back since you-know-who is gone. So it’s Bren maybe on his way to Brendon, and not because I like him, cause I don’t.

    Just giving credit where credit is due.

  270. @mightymad. getting caught up… man, you’re are mad. do you just look for things to get mad about? sorry, i forgot we can’t ask you questions, it only makes you MightyMad.

    Let’s do it this way… you’re right, right, right and no one should ever question you’re logic and I give you credit for being ‘logical’ and not basing opinions on ’emotion’.

    So we agree to disagree and until BB lets us know who is llf’s in the house or not I’m going to wait… then if it’s a LIE… I’ll gladly say “MightMad you were right, I was wrong”.

    Until then, let continue to give our opinions and like Tishe says stop attacking our fellow posters.

    We’re just giving our humble opinions and questioning other’s opinion so maybe we’ll learn something or understand the other person’s reasoning.

  271. @cynmatty #402. it’s confirmed Bren’s an idiot.

    But here’s the hilarious jaw-dropping twist… if Matt drops the bomb Thurs (DPoV) and executes the game changing move with the Brigade in uniform it becomes a scene with 1 of the brigade out the door and 2 brigade guys ripping their brigade t-shirts off yelling obscenities.

    So the scenario Thurs. is Matt puts another brigade on the block (Enzo?) or Lane back on then Lane hopefully or Enzo with mouth open walks out the BBH.

    The question is – does Matt have the balls, I see him reaching in to check. We can only hope he does.

    All Hg’s in SHOCK except Matt… come on Matt Use the Force, Be the Force, You are the Force.

    Bren as duped as he was by Enzo & Hayden steps in a pile of lucky sh*t that the Brigade is dead and he’s got a fighting chance of not being evicted the following week.

    Advice for Bren… don’t use the word ‘revenge’ again in the BBH.

  272. @ Aaron #405. Got it… upfront I’m for Matt to win if he outs the Brigade.

    So if after he uses the DPoV and 2 brigade guys are on the block hopefully the Brigade is busted. If two are up already he doesn’t even have to use the DPoV, but it’s more fun if he does.

    If Matt sticks with the Brigade he loses, if he bust the Brigade he has a better chance to win the $500T… IMHO.

    Get it?

  273. If Matt uses the diamond power of veto i think he will screw himself because then people will know hes not a trustworthy player he never even told his closest allies about it so im hopeing the diamond power of veto gets played this week somehow

    personally id like to see brittney go shes really getting on my nerves and same with kathy i cant stand the sight of either of them anymore kathy thinks shes such an amazing person but shes not shes like a 12 year old girl

    go brendan !! the only person i like thats left in the house

  274. @ cameron #418. IMHO you picked the hg least likely to win unless Matt uses the DPoV and blows up the Brigade.

    I think the Brigade will pick him off after the next eviction, he can’t compete for HoH and only the GPoV would save him.

    Unless BB throws another twist there. Like I won’t suggest YOU-KNOW-WHO coming back in the BBH and not to host a PoV comp.

    I hope not and I don’t think that will happen.

    fyi… Matt can’t tell anyone he has the DPoV are he loses it. He could tell someone or the Brigade just so he does lose it thus not piss off anyone. Though I’ll give him credit for being smarter than that.

    Feel the Force, Be the Force, Matt, you are the Force.

    Only time will tell.

  275. @GregH #417 I do think Matt should win. Here’s a plan that would work!
    Matt stays with Brigade. Uses their strength in numbers to get to the final 4. Then in the final 4, Matt could beat all 3 of them in competitions and get the jury votes to win, because, quite frankly, Matt is the only one that deserves to win out of the four of them. Am I right?

  276. @ Aaron It could happen… though deserving doesn’t always win, social has SO much weight.

    Matt’s problems is, did he piss off less ppl than the hg he’s up against?

    My gut guess is he has less a chance to win against any of his fellow brigade guys. And more a chance against any of the non-brigade hg’s. Would I bet my house on it… HELL NO!!!

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