Big Brother 12: Week 6 HoH Endurance Competition Results

Here we go with another Big Brother 12 Endurance HoH Competition!

The endurance competition is a web of tangled rope and it has all the HGs scrambling to untangle their lines and free themselves. The first HG to get free becomes the next HoH and will pick three Have-Nots this week!

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Big Brother 12 Week 6 HoH Mini-Endurance Comp Results:

9:10 PM BBTLive Feeds are back… Brendon already has a solid lead.
9:15 PM BBT – The usual smack-talk is missing tonight as the HGs struggle.
9:20 PM BBT – Brendon continues to expand his lead. Lane is not far behind.
9:25 PM BBT – Lane and Hayden are tied for 2nd, but it’s too little too late.
9:29 PM BBT – Brendon is free and has become the new HoH!

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Brendon’s first act as HoH? He named Matt, Ragan, and Britney as the 3 Have-Nots this week, a privilege afforded to this week’s HoH. I guess they saw that coming, huh?! They’re trying to prep their cold, dark room right now.

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    • Crap I wanted brandon to loss he is an ass he needs to go home just like the b**ch rach did

    • I hate how everyone incl Rachel bash Btendon for not winning HoH before. Do ppl realize those previous enduranceHoH is hard for ppl with big feet and large biceps? You feel the burn much quicker. That’s why scrawny ppl like Matt and Ragan were the last 2 standing always.

      Even if Matt uses the DPOV the brigade won’t be mad. He had to keep it a secret so te emotions are real.

      I predict Kathy going home via Matt’s power.

      Brendon can still win POV next week so I woudlbt say he’s done next week.

  1. wouldn’t Rachel coming back be just like Jeff’s “Coup de tat” last year? They brought him back for ratings. I don’t think America voted Jeff back in. It’s Allison’s choice. That’s when I learned it wasn’t a game but a show. whatever it takes to get ratings. Maybe if Matt uses DPOV (good) then the bad or Rachel will be released on the house. Now that would be a Pandora’s box. The “SAB” thing isn’t evil, it’s lame. All he does is pick things that production could do totally without him, make announcements on screen. They just gave him $20k for nothing. The other four hg can’t come back, they are no longer sequestered.

    Bring Rachel back!!!!

  2. hahaha..I don’t wanna see him win but it will be an interesting week. WHy do I have a feeling after Julie Chen’s remark to Roachel that she will be back in the house since he won

  3. so matt, ragan and brit are have nots…gee what a hard guess that was to figure out. i see him puttin up ragan and brit, just to say Ha now you feel the block and join rach

  4. so matt has the diamond power of veto, so how does this work if he uses it during the power of veto compitition later on in the week? does anyone know how this works?

  5. Nominate Matt and and lane and force matt to use the Diamond POV and and expose his deciet to the rest of the Brigade

    • It would be so awesome if he put That stupid b*tch Kathy and stupid misdirected Ragan!! Lol

  6. did the sabo strike with problems with the shower backin up..or just bad plumbing there??

  7. GO BRENDON I am hoping you send Britney, Matt and Kathy to the have not. I hope the food will be revolting and you wnat to puke when yo have to eat it.

  8. Yes! I think Brendon is a lot classier than Brit. At least he can say things to people’s faces. Can’t wait to see what he stirs up

  9. thanks gunn, i didnt know when it was supposed to be used cause it seemed like it would interfere with the regular pov, so its really exactly like last years coup’d’ta

  10. Yes!! go Brendon! Well i hope he is smart enough not to put matt up because he knows matt has some other power than a dollar. and kinda glad Rachel isn’t still in the mess because Matt would make her for a nom. and does anyone know who the Have Nots are??

  11. My perspective = The brigade will start to split during this HOH reign. Enzo/Hayden are already starting to suck up to Brendon…who in the powerless BRIGADE will follow to the Brendon Man cave?

  12. The Brigade is already splitting. Hayden continues to feed Brendon info (he warned him earlier that Rachel would be going…).

  13. Lets see know who is cry’n. Did anyone see Ragen give a good bye speech to Rach. I didn’t but thought I could have miss it?

  14. If Britney is put up against the block against Matt or Ragan, I think maybe only Kathy will vote to save her from eviction. Who knows. I’m hoping it’s Britney who leaves next Thursday. Her personality is unattractive.

  15. Have nots: Matt, Britney & Ragan. I absolutely loooove how Britney voted to evict “tequila vomit hundred dollar bills Rachel.” Hilarious! She’s my new favorite!!

  16. Well, I have to hand it to Brendon! I’m just really sick of Lane, Enzo and Hayden NOT even trying to win a Competition! Do they truly expect the money to be just handed to them?
    Seriously Disappointed!


  17. @Matt just said the same thing…. My perspective = The brigade will start to split during this HOH reign. Enzo/Hayden are already starting to suck up to Brendon…who in the powerless BRIGADE will follow to the Brendon Man cave?

  18. @Matt just said the same thing…. My perspective = The brigade will start to split during this HOH reign. Enzo/Hayden are already starting to suck up to Brendon…who in the powerless BRIGADE will follow to the Brendon Man cave? At another site.

  19. I think Brenden should put up Matt and Regan. That way Matt will have to use his DPV but will only have Kathy and Brit to put up in his place. Then one of them goes home (hopefully Brit). No one from the Bragade wins anything so Brenden will have a better shot at taking them out one on one. Also, that will out Matt as a liar to the rest of the Bregade. :-)

  20. Oh no…what’s up with Julie telling Rachel she may be back????

    I think Brendon will put up Britney and Matt, he doesn’t see any threat with Ragan.

    Britney, Matt and Ragan are the have nots for the week. He is avenging people that were mean to Rachel.

  21. Britney is a real…well ya know, but i hope that a member of the super alliance known a.k.a the brigade gets evicted!

  22. I think this is great. Does anyone know if Matt can put up the HOH with his D veto? I think bringing the ex-girlfriend of Brendon on was a tasteless and tacky move by CBS. What is she going to say on national TV but all of his bad traits. God help me if any of my exes decided to “talk” lol

  23. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh Brendon won ………..doing the happy dance. Poor Ragan and Brit and Matt on slop, LIVE WITH IT. You guys treated them like crap, now it is YOUR turn Brit. Bet she crys alot this week.

  24. Yay I am so happy that Brendon won HOH!!! Couldnt have worked any better I just hope that Rachel comes back and everything will be great again cuz I really dont like anyone else..I just dont like how the whole house had it out for Brendon and Rachel from week one and they really never did anything to anyone until everyone started giving them problems, then all they were doing was sticking up for themselves which everyone does when other people start to get targeted. I can only pray that Rachel gets brought back in the house so I can see the look on the other house guests faces. GO Brendon!!!!

    • Yes yes yes! I’m not understanding why it’s so difficult to see that Rach and Bren didn’t do anything to anyone until they started to be unfairly targeted. And then, they bet them in comps and put them on the block, as any other hg would have done.

  25. o0o0oh cannot wait for this weeek!! escpecially the DPOV thing..matts obviously not going home and still sittn pretty..i hope tht he uses it and maybe kathy go home..wld be sad to see her go but brendon is DEFIANLTY gone next point in him winning hoh he will just have this glory for 1 week and matts controlling the house this week still HA! i hope it all BLOWS up in brendons face (:..king for week then he is GONE!!

  26. As much as I am glad Rachel went home the funny thing is if she had stayed, she probably would not have won the HOH.

  27. Any way you look at it Kathy is gone! Matt will use the DPOV on himself and put Kat up or he uses it on Ragen and puts Kat up!

  28. Now that Brendon won HOH, i think he will put up..Britney and Ragan. If they do not win the POV and Brendon did, would Matt use his DPOV on Britney or Ragan or just leave it the same and let the house guest vote out who will leave the house next week. If Matt did use his DPOV..i think that Kathy would be put up on the block and i know she will leave the house over any other houseguest.

  29. I hope he puts up the backstabbers (brit/regan) and will see who cries this week.

    Regan back on slop I love it. We get to see regan double whine.

    I hope brit is booted and has to face rach next week, or not because rach hopefully coming back.

    I’d love for rach to come and see all there faces.

    Bring her back BB that would be a huge twist in the game.

    • I like the way you think! Damn those two faced folks! And you can certainly throw Kathy right in there, she changes like the wind changes direction and calls it honor and integrity! She’s a sorry piece of crap who hasn’t won crap, probably won’t win crap, and needs to go back to her backwoods double wide and fry something!

  30. Hoping Brendon wouldnt win but he’ll be out next week for sure since he cant compete and he ruined any chance for his game this past week. I dont understand how anyone could cheer on him or especially Rachel. She is completely oblivious. She was hard to listen too, but pretty hard to look at as well, kind of looked like the girl from the exorcist after she was possessed.

  31. Since one of the house guest opted out of being in big brother, there were only 13 house guests rather than the 14 that are usually on the show, with julies remarkt to rachel, this probably means that america will vote a house guest back into the game during the next few weeks

  32. Im so happy brendon won. Its going to be great watching brit and ragan kicked off their pedestals this week. I hope he puts them up and no one changes the noms. hahahaha Thats what you get brit!!!

  33. Unless Matt is put up or one of his brigade are up I don’t see him using that DVETO. If he did the whole house including his brigade will be after him.

  34. Boooo! Stupid Brendon and his predictable moves. If he was smart he would start eliminating GOOD competitors: Lane, Matt, Hayden. He’s to stupid to see past personal/emotional bs. Have fun being the worst HOH this season, hope Rach left your manhood for you but it’s highly unlikely.

    • Lol! Lane and Hayden good competitors?! Have we been watching the same show?! Lane is just coasting through like some b*tch, and Hayden clearly got lucky on that first HOH b/c he’s completely worthless!! They got rid of the biggest competitor when they evicted Rachel. Next biggest= Matt, but putting him up is pointless considering he has the DPOV.

  35. Scene: (Brendan in DR, after winning HOH)

    “They all think I’m a dope,
    But I mastered knots of rope.
    Tie me up, Tie you down,
    I’m HOH, you clowns,
    Now I finally have hope.

    This is what a knight does:
    He fights for the lady he loves.
    In my time of despair,
    I grew me a pair,
    They fit in my hand like a glove.”

  36. I think I might have to take a stress reliever. Can’t believe that he finally won an HOH and it had to be this one. PLEASE don’t bring Rachel back.

  37. Why the hell do you want Rachel back? Fake, fake, fake, oh and annoying. If I don’t ever hear that voice again it’ll be too soon. Oh, and as Enzo said, if that’s Vegas, I want NOTHING to do with it and it’s diseases. . .

  38. Dont you dare put Rachel the skank back into the house. She is disgusting and cant handle her voice, had to keep pushing mute for the last month, want to watch entire episodes for a change

  39. @MATT — ADMIN

    does matt’s diamond veto give him the power to put the HOH or the POV winner on the block as a replacement???


  40. I bet we will get to vote who comes back. I don’t think anyone now in Jury will come back because it now has to come into play, and the production process has to proceed.

    So come on back Monet!! She never really got to play.

    Glad Rachel is gone, but is the Brigade now going to brake and have another vote with the house week? I thought she might make it, but I think cute lil Brit is gone this week.

    What will Matt do? What is this DPOV? Is there still a reg POV?

  41. Why does anyone want Rahel back… look how Brendon turned into a BB12 man HOH winner without her. Bring her back and his BALLS are gone again!!!! :(

  42. @CT. i know im not the admin matt, but the dpov can only be used on the houseguests that arnt the hoh or pov holder.

  43. If matt goes up he’ll be safe either way, thank god!! But i see Matt and Ragen or Ragen and Britney going up on the block. He said it himself that britney is underestimated so therefore hes scared of her.
    Leave the ” witch of Las Vegas” outta the house im sick of her laugh and everything about her.
    Brendan will not win HOH 2 times in a row, he’ll be leaving soon enough. phew!! f#@*in crybaby grow up!!!
    Oh and the Brigade will keep it going till the end, guaranteed!!! Lanes gotta step his game up and Enzo they gotta win HOH next time or Matt again every other week its in the cards baby. Meow Meow

    • Enzo, Lane, and the entire brigade are a joke. Their not even trying this is a competion for Christ sake. This is the worst big brother house yet. At this point no one deserves to win more than punk as Brendon or skanky Rachel at least they are trying

  44. i bet rachel come back IF and only if the DPOV is used… if not then she stays in the jury. it would be kind of a switch between houseguests…

  45. ok, here we go Brenda –> Bren is growing a pair having won HoH, at this point my guess they are both about the size of a pea but growing.

    now, lets see if Bren has the smarts to remember Matt probably got more than a $1 to open pandora’s box. he might be off though thinking it $$$.

    I agree with Lesley #32 the Have-Nots: Matt, Brit & Ragan.

    Watch to see if anyone pisses Matt off or he decides to make a bold move and pull someone off the block and back-door someone, too bad he can’t get Bren.

  46. @33 give me a break haydon and lane were going hard, bren just showed america what he can do in a physical challange.

    About time we see a physical challange.

  47. Are all you Rachel lovers insane?

    I’m glad that phony bitch is gone.

    I hate that Brendon won HOH

    Can Matt use his Diamond POV to get Brendon out?

    CBS BETTER not bring Rachel back or I will NOT watch again! She is so fake and those phony tears and Brendon is a wimp!

    GO Lane win it ALL!!! 2nd choice Enzo (Meow meow)

    • Wow… The Fact that you want someone to win who hasn’t tried one bit in the house speak volumes for you! And don’t watch, I’m sure BB will loose a lot more viewers with Rachel alone being gone. Although they’ll stick around to see Bren’s HOH and if Rach comes back! At least with her in the game, we have sone real competition with her and Matt. Psh, Lane and Enzo, get real!

  48. WOW! the brigade is a JOKE! Matt is the only one who has done anything, and he annoys the crap out of me always saying that he is a super genius, the rest of the brigade has sat back and watch the rest of the house fight and get voted out one by one

  49. @57 tonya

    on “after dark” last night, the brigade was talking about wanting brendon around for another week – and evicting britney.

    sounds like this is all working out the way they wanted it to.

  50. i will consider bb rigged if rachel comes back into the house…and wont watch it anymore. america should get the vote on that…not the use of dpov causin it…just stupid imo.

  51. The diamond pov cant be used to put the hoh on the block! and rachel brings the show ratings so CBS is trying to think of an inovative way to bring her back into the house

  52. You know that DPOV just might be able to put up a person who was HOH..Matt did’nt use it this time. Did i hear there was something that could change the game on last week Big Brother. The DPOV has to have some bigger power then a golden POV…right?

  53. Rachel brought that on herself, she was a good player and might have actually won if she wasn’t so mouthy and arrogant. The brigaid needs to fall, if Brendon falls into them I will scream. Matt has to know out of the four he will be the first to go! I’m actually starting to really like Brit and ragan!

  54. Yep he could put up any Brigade member and they will get pulled off at least, and replaced by Ragan. Sabateur defeated again. Wonder what the next message will be – should throw Brendan off.

  55. All the people who say if something happends…:then i’ll never watch the show again. thats a load of crap. a bunch of bs cause we all kknow that the show is addicting and u wont stop watching it when u already started watching it! dont kid urselfs

  56. Whoever returns to the House from the Jury House will be either by America’s vote or by the HG’s votes themselves. Both of these have been done in the past.

  57. Ok I dont normally post but really…
    let’s get real. whether you dislike brendon or rachel personally, they are great players and brendon is HOH amen to that.
    The dumb brigade has done NOTHING & they are using Matt so he doesnt even count! the best player right now is brendon… even though his choice in women is questionable

  58. It looks like Rachel’s mom keeps spamming the board. FACT: Every time Rachel talks about her and HER MAN a puppy dies.

  59. wow… think about it, in hind-sight they would have been better evicting Brenda, Rachel would NEVER had gotten thru the ropes, her BOOBs would have constantly been in the way and her red hair tangled in the ropes.

    6 against 1, got to give Bren props, he HAD to win and he did… that means 2 weeks will be the earliest he’ll hit the jury house. Rach will be in a straight jacket by that time.

  60. Scenario’s – Brendan puts up Brit and ragen, neither win POV, Matt uses D.POV, Ragan off, Kathy Up, Kathy Gone. If Brit or Ragan win POV remove themself, Brigade member goes up, Matt uses POV Kathy up, Kathy out. Or Matt puts up brigade member to keep brigade a secret and the brigade still votes out the other. Brendan can’t do anything this week regardless of the scenario. Its so Amazing

  61. Come back Rachel, the rest of the HGs are boring… who wants to watch the fake a$$ Brigade pick off a bunch of gullible losers? Not me!

    Get that backstabbing chick, Britney out and bring back Rachel!!!

  62. @prettyinpink, the dpov ccant be used on the hoh of the week!
    @Nic, i hope that regan does that cause brenen will probably buy into the load of crap that is said in the sabatour message

  63. Scene: (Matt in DR, talking about himself and his position in the game)

    “I’m a genius; some think I’m dumb.
    While they twiddle their thumbs,
    Got my twig in my hands,
    Masturbate in my ‘jams–
    Haven’t washed them since week one.

    They bought my sick wife story.
    Idiots–can’t they just see?
    Ragan’s in my bed,
    He’s giving me head–
    I’m gay as can be.

    This week, no HOH for me,
    But I’ve got diamond POV–
    Some blood on my hands
    Might cost me some fans,
    Hopefully, not 500 G’s.”

  64. The silent possible BB12 winner =Kathy as she has played right down the middle. Kind to all and the house mother. Look how she has already bonded with Brendon in the kitchen.. her MO = be there for the present person “IN POWER”. Just saying..

    • Screw Kathy! She’s just as fake as Ragan and Brit! Her fake tears and fake feelings, I really hope Bren isn’t buying into that load of bs! And as far as house mom, she’s more like house loser! I can’t stand her, but she can’t win anything, so no use in focusing energy on attempting to get her sorry a$$ out!

  65. Oooh the best part about the diamond power of veto is. Even if Brendon puts up Matt, he will be safe this week (booo) BUT everyone will see that he lied, and Hopefully someone is smart enought to get him out the fallowing week! I hope Rachel comes back so they can get rid of the stupid Brigade.

  66. The whole house is Brendan’s target so matter who goes home its not a waste to him. I wish he could do a double eviction and knock out Matt and Britney in one week, then bring back Rachel. I would love to see that happen.

  67. If Big Brother let Rachel come back to stay in the Big Brother house again without America vote or that the houseguest got to vote who will come back into the house. I really do not think i will watch the rest of Big Brother this season, not just because of Rachel but that Annie, Monet, Andrew and Kristen went home for real. It would not be right to let Rachel or any other houseguest that is sent to the jury house to get to come back into the house..unless it was the last day of Big Brother and she [Rachel] had to use the bathroom.

  68. to liz – they did not show ragans goodbye speech. i was a big brendon fan until recently, just always defending rachael. it’s getting sickening. but, i’m glad he won hoh. it’s gonna get heated up in the house even more.

  69. Wow! Even though I don’t to much care for Brendon I’m impressed with him. I guess he shall redeem himself. I sure hope Brit & Ragan are ready to win the POV.

    Oh & another thing. How is Matt deceiving the Brigade by not tell them about the DPOV? The note specifically said if he told anyone about it, it would be taken away from him.

    Lastly, I can’t believe Julie insinuated that Rachel may be coming back to the BB house. That would be so much DRAMA! Every HG would be pissed!

  70. @82 matt

    really? so the only difference between the pov & dpov is basic nominee replacement?
    hm. the dpov should be more powerful than that.

    so brendon is safe this week – no matter what, right? that’s not good.

    thanks for the info :)

  71. Britney is on the Brigades side 100% she just doesnt know that they are all alligned, look at her with Lane, and Enzo they are tight.

  72. the only way one of the brigade members would go home is if two of them would be put on the block and no pov is used. but we all know this scneerio will never happen which sucks cause the brigade isnt even a powerful alliacne! they havent done $h1t

  73. Yes send Rachel back…..back to high school or to charm school so she can act like a mature functioning rational human…..Go Brittany and Lane.

  74. Damn, that really sucks. Well at least we won’t have to watch him and raggedy ann suck face all week in the HOH room. Maybe he’ll actually start playing the game now that she’s gone

  75. Go Brendon! Put Matt up and force him to use the Diamond Power of Veto! Hopefully the brigade will start to turn on each other!

  76. Unless I miss understood… Matt’s plan was for Brendon to win and the other 3 Brigade Boys agreed to it..If that was the case Brendon was “allowed” an HOH win he did not beat anybody..

  77. Once the Bridgade, has the numbers…its all over, I believe Lane, would be winner….

    I can’t believe know once else figures it out…..Maybe since the distraction of Rachel is gone, it may brought to life..

    Lane and Britney are getting a little closer…I guess they are the next show mance…..

  78. No. Its win-win for the Brigade even WHEN Matt uses the DPOV. It saves the alliance! You know?

    Fine send Brit, Kathy, Ragan to jury. What is he going to do then? No Rachel to win HOH next week, can’t win back to back HOH, and no real other alliance for Brendan. You see what I mean?

  79. @ chick from louisiana
    i agree, they wont be makin out 24 7 in the hoh room, and since rachel left, brenan is already off to a good start winning hoh, and he has the power. hopefully his social game also starts becoming better

  80. I really don’t see the problem with Brendon and Rachel. Okay, I agree, Rachel’s voice and laugh was annoying, sure. But they played the game. I’m glad Brendon won HOH. Good for him.

  81. so since matt has the diamond pov and can take 2 of brendens nominees off…could matt put brenden up? even though brenden is a HOH

  82. Kinda sick of hearing “meow meow”…it’s getting annoying…not as bad as Natalie last year…but getting there.

  83. je86 that’s what i would like to know?
    The other thing is excuse me who falls in with someone LOVE in 5 weeks are u kidding me. Brendon is such a wimp. Would love to see Lane and Brit at the end.. So does anyone have any idea who the close friends are I am thinking Lane & Brit ….what are your thoughts????

  84. three of the brigade guys could not beat bren, or did they really try. Of course he’ll finally win when rach leaves.

  85. I think it would be too risky to use the DPOV on someone else. Matt should just save it for himself, but with that swelled ego of his – he might just use it on someone else to show that he’s in control.

    • Not a huge Matt fan, but I do like how he can be unpredictable. With that said, I can totally see him devising some plan (alone), that seems like a perfect reason to use the DPOV. And I can totally see it working against him ( w/ the lol boys group), AND working for him ( by being alligned with others not in the lol boys group). It will certainly be interesting to see how this pans out.

  86. Hahahahahaha I totally called this!!!!! i had a feeling that he was going to win HOH hahaha. Backfired at the house

  87. @BOB you are so right! No matter what Brendon does none of the people he wants to send home are going home because of the DPOV. Matt is the mastermind of this whole game lol.

  88. greaTt i can’t even type right from laughing so hard lol who the hell falls in love in 5 weeks DUH!

  89. I loved Britney’s impersonation of Brendon’s walk!! I could watch that over & over! She is sooo funny!

  90. Why would anyone want lane or enzo to win. You must love guys that can’t do anything in this game, there both jokes to this game

  91. @rose Rachel is a selfish baby and if things dont go her way she crys. I would compare her to a 6 year old. u need to find a new fav cuz shes gone

  92. Matt could care less he has the he is safe no matter what..But don’t u know when it all comes out how Brendon Brittney Regan were played by Matt in this particular week it will hurt him in the end..if he goes too final 2..I wanna see how he plays to break the Brigade wouldn’t suprise me if he doesn’t convince Brendon to up Enzo or Hayden..possibly Lane..Matt is a shark he should be watched..

  93. I don’t see any scenario where Matt
    Plays the DPOV. No matter what the
    Brogade has 3 votes. If he were to
    Play it the Brogade might question
    His loyalty. Brit or Ragan will be
    Going home.

  94. Enzo and Lane are staying outta all the drama, its smart to tell u the truth. They have no target whatsoever and everybody likes them i see them staying for quite sometime

  95. @ Baabs, i definitely agree. This is the worst BB ever and I’ve been watching since the beginning. They are so predictable. And Ragan being the sabo is a waste. Why keep torturing the same two people? Its a whole house to screw with… so boring.

  96. All I can say is karma is a you know what. Brit & Ragan trashed talk all last week now what. brendon is being nice even thought he has the power. After winning he fixed the shower, cooked, and washed the dishes for Kathy. Who is the class act, Brit. Bring Rachel back!!!

    P.S. Q I love the poems!

  97. @ Baabs, i agree with u 100%, rachel and brendan may have been viewed bad by the houseguests, but atleast they are trying in the game and not jsut sittin back and watching it all unfold like the rest of the freakin brigade, really none of the brigade deserves to win, not even matt cause he has a huge as$ ego which is annoyin as crap

  98. After watching that little show with Brendon’s ex, Brendon comes off a really creepy and reminds me of my own ex. Gets people to fall in love with him by acting like some kind of knight in shining armor, promise you the world and treat you like you are a princess. Then… try and make you fit into his world. If you don’t fit perfectly; he breaks you and makes you fit. In short, Brendon is a divorce case waiting to happen.

    • How are you going to judge someone by what an ex says?! Imagine what one of your bitter exes would say about you… Is it a little unsettling? And of course they’re going to get the bitter ex, it brings more ratings than someone getting in tv saying he is perfect in every way. Duh!

  99. No problem @Brigade87. We should all just enjoy the treats from the lollipop guild and celebrate her exit!

    Hope they don’t hit a vein with the Botox Rachel!

  100. Thats karma for ya baby!

    Hopefully Brendon as HoH this week can bring back an es-HG, Rachel wahoo!

  101. Rachel was extremely annoying, but at the same time very entertaining. The drama created in the house always had her or brenden in the middle of it. Without drama, reality t.v would be dead!
    That being said, all the other castmates are boring! They don’t try at anything because they know as long as they’re not the targets they can just breeze by whereas B/R have been working non-stop the entire game, which is also entertaining.
    I can’t believe I’m about to say this but I kind of wouldn’t mind seeing Rachel come back into the house just to bring some spark and cheap entertainment (no pun intended) back to the show for the remainder of the season.

  102. Did the Brogade throw the comp so that Brendon could win since he was pissed at Ragan/Britt/Matt and they have the votes to save Matt?

  103. @ Brigade87, actually i have no favs since i hate pretty much all of their personalities with the exception of Enzo but he sucks as a competitor. Why is ur fav a guy who would lie about his wife having a disease? He is disgusting! What if she actually gets sick, money or no money, you know how stupid he will look. Whether Rach is whiny or not, she made good tv, at least she didn’t care about everybody liking her and floating like Kathy or talking behind people’s back like fake Brit. Britney is the real toddler in this game.

  104. @lesley #46. Bren has a chance… this week he makes some deals to be safe for at least another week with who he doesn’t put up. then he has to win HoH again if the safe week works out for him or hope Rach comes back in the BB House to save his sorry ass.

    As nutty as the Rachel fans HAVE to be to like her, if America votes someone back in, those nuts will each be voting thousands of times each as compared to someone else voting another evicted hg back.

  105. “funny” how brendon managed to get those SIZE 13 feet through all those knots so quickly..??

    i read on another update site that when brendon was on his last knot, the next closest hg was 5-6 squares behind him. could it be that his rope had FEWER knots than the others?? after all, the hgs appeared to be “placed” into position vs. randomly selecting a spot… sounds fishy….

    @CBS BB production:

    when rigging these comps, please don’t make it so “OBVI”. geez.

  106. Enzo is throwing Regan & Brittney under the bus…If Brendon wants to get the floaters out he will look to Enzo (who is a pretend friend) Kathy Lane or Regan as they have won it is according to WHO FILLS HIS HEAD WITH LIES AND SUGGESTIONS AS TO WHO NEEDS TO GO..

  107. @damage. do you honestly think that the brigade is that smart? come on really? the brigade doesnt think they have to try and they also know they have the votes, so they know htey dont need to try so they dont. ARE YOU REALLY THAT DUMB

  108. Is Brendan immune from the DPOV? Can Matt replace himself (if he’s on the block) with Brendan? Please say yes!!! If not, probably Regan, Matt on the block. Matt comes off, Kathy goes to Jury. And thankfully Brendan goes to jury next week too, if it’s double eviction. Oh, and Rachel is probably coming back to host a POV competition. They wouldn’t put her back in the game.

  109. WTF? What is with the Rachel loving girls? She has got to be the skankiest worst FAKE Actress I have EVER seen and you guys really want to see her come back? She insults me as a “female” because that is not one! She is fake down to letting Bren take the fall for her she has NO backbone and is a SORE LOOSER!! The ONLY reason why BB brings her back is its their only hopes for ratings because she is a DRAMA QUEEN and she makes people sick. While Im not happy Brendon won HOH It will make things interesting enough NOT to bring the WITCH back.

    • Insults you as a female b/c she’s not one??? You’ve been in her pants to know this how… Anyway, looking pass your absurd comment, Rachel is no more a shinned than Brit, Kathy, or anyone else in the house. She doesn’t like to loose, but who dies when half a mil is on the line?! I hope Rachel comes back with or w/o the DPOV being used. Love her or hate her, she’s a true player of the game who actually deserves to be there unlike all but 3 (I’ll even include Brit since she’s the only other person who apparently can win anything, w/ the other two of course beig Bren and Matt) of the hgs.

  110. Poor Rachel now that Brendon won HOH this week she will be all alone in the jury house without him for two more weeks. I bet she thought that he would not win HOH this week and that he will be at the jury house next week with her. I would hate to see her face to face with the next jury houseguest.

  111. Why do I feel like BB production had something to do with him winning??? This whole thing just has set-up written all over it!! This man can’t win a competition to save his life…could hit 4 bowling pins but he managed to be sporty enough to beast the ropes course. Give me a break….I’m not buying it! I understand this season hasn’t been great & they need a ratings booster but to interfere with the comps, I dnt like it

  112. if brendon puts up matt & ragan, next thurs., matt will whip out the dpov, take himself off for sure, maybe ragan too and since he picks the new nom. he’s gonna put up kathy, and if he uses it on ragan, he’ll put up brit w/kathy. i can’t see him using it on bitchey brittney or kathy, if one of them are nominated w/him because then he’ll have to put up a brigade member or ragan & we all know he won’t do that.

  113. hahaha! go brendon! i was sad to see rachel go but HOPEFULLY bigbrother brings her back! please let it be britney or ragan goin home! she is the nastiest thing i have ever seen & i hope her b/f sees how disgusting she really is!…poor lane, having to put up w/ her…yuck! fix ur frizzy hair briitnasty…ragan, ur just…ugh, gross! GO BRENDON!!

  114. Do any of these people realize there is a half million dollar prize to this game? They always act like they are on a stroll. Then Brit and Regan are CRYING!!. I’m glad Rachael is gone because she was to much over the top as a sleeze but the rest of them don’t get the game either. Maybe Brendon and Matt can battle it to the end.

  115. Seriously, since Brendon won HOH (lucky wimp) and CBS does bring Rachel back, then I am convinced BB is rigged. When finally one of the Brenchal is gone, it’s suspiciously strange how Julie quick snuck that in there. Btw, wasen’t it funny how speechless Rachel was when Julie was asking her those questions ?? Didn’t know how to act on her own, only can bully people around with a housefull of people and her man. Or maybe the questions where just a little to hard for her to answer. If she does come back, I’m checking out on BB

  116. Yess I could not be happier!
    Ok so I’m very sad Rachel is gone,but I’m so happy Brendon won!
    It’s not fair that everyday they have to fight to stay in the game, while the brigade floats through.

    Sooooo happy!:)

  117. Ok to be a good player in this game you have to not only win hohs and povs. You have to have a good social game, you have to make friends and alliances that actually work together and not cry whine and fight every time you don’t get your way (like bren/rach)!


    Yes they know how to win things but they have bad attitudes and whiney crybaby behaviors. That’s why they are def not the best players like people are saying! Why do you want someone like that back in the house!

    Just the fact that Rach got voted out and they wana bring her back that just shows she’s a crappy player!

    • Attention je86, she got voted out b/c she was the strongest player in the game. Have you never seen BB before?! Winning… That’s why you get voted out. Social game, psh, get real. She was a competitor, and a damn good one. Her voice may be annoying, and her laugh may be too, but who hasn’t been at some point in the BB house?

  118. Oh, and when Julie told Rachel about the possibility of seeing the BB house again, she might have been referring to a second All Star season. So don’t panic just yet, everyone. lol

  119. Brenden is starting to make the Big Brother show unwatchable. Where’s the remote. What’s on NBC?

  120. I think Brits antics are funny lets face it she was quite for a while and now after being in that house what would you do? I think their little talk show is hilarious. She has quick wit and is real. She is making fun of the bitch in the house cause she is a skank after all what else is there to do there im sure things get very mundane in that house day after day. She is not floating and she has been playing the game. She was catty with Monet but woman disect other woman all the time and if they are trashy the more fuel for the fire! Im not saying im a fan but I dont see nothing wrong with her behavior after being in that house for that long and having to endure the Blair Witch!

  121. to dominique – i don’t think it was set up. brendon was running on adrenalin. he is out for revenge. you know, he has to win it in the name of love.

    • Brendon couldn’t win a comp in the name of love for the last 3 weeks!! Rachel gets voted out, Julie tells her she may be back, thn he comes out there & wins a competition whn he hasn’t won since week one, & it hasn’t been bc of a lack of trying!!! I just really don’t buy it…it just seems real suspicious.

      • It’s “suspicious” b/c you want it to be. He won, deal with it. He’s still outnumbered considering he’s solo!

  122. all you people who think that the challenges are rigged are full of s.hi..t, brenen isnt a ratings booster, rachel is, so if CBS would have done sometihing to change the game, they would bring rachel back which is probably goin to happen, CBS WOULDnt want controversey over something so stupid like a compotition

  123. Matt is a competitor for sure hes got a gameplan and its working as for Rachel/Brendan they got nothing. intimidating the houseguests and putting them on their bad side really seems like a good way to win the game. . . .NOT!!! they are both half retarded

  124. YAYYYYY! Go Brendan!!!! I am soooooo happy Brendon won!! If Brendon puts up Matt, he’s going to use his DPOV so I hope Britney goes home! Then Britney can feel like an ass when she goes to join Rachel in the jury house.

  125. I really hate it when people say ” why would anyone want so and so to win” Fact is if BB pick people on the show that everyone liked it wouldn’t be worth watching.

  126. The only thing the Brigade did that was good was play the rest of the HGs like fiddles. These idiots are so fixated on Brendon and Rach that they never figured out that there is a much bigger alliance to be broken up. smh… losers

  127. @Brachel fan! ur just as bad as they are. The brigade is being smart and no one is giving them any credit, do nothing and make it further or get on everyones bad side and get voted out in the 5th week seems like the brigade is doing just as they planned. I wanna give props to all u brigade fans out there

  128. BRING RACHEL BACK!!! BRING RACHEL BACK!!!! She is the only one who can challenge the brigade.

  129. to all of the people who say they wont watch the show if something happens like rachel comes back to the house…really ur on a website that is for big brohter fans, if ur this much of a fan the odds are ur still goin to watch the show

  130. Aw its not fair they have to fight everyday to win :'( wah wah wah call wambulance. It’s BB get over it. If they wouldn’t have been stupid and made friends they wouldn’t have to fight everyday but they didn’t they secluded themselves from the rest of the house. IT’S BB YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER THAN TO DO THAT!

  131. Hayden, Lane and Enzo wanted Wuss Brendon to win HOH this week, that was part of their plan. They are just floating through this game, playing both sides. Matt will be safe no matter what, I think next week will be double eviction, Britney and Brendon will go home.
    Right now, wuss Brendon is on the live feeds picking boogers out of his nose, then he takes a close look at them and wipes them on a towel.
    I think his ex pretty much summed up Mr. Brendon, total control freak, who tries to change “his woman” into what he wants. What a creep. This is going to be one long week, Brendon will probably never take that key off from around his neck, he has to strut his stuff this week, I can’t stand him.

  132. yet it wasnt a com for the small and weak because the rope was heavy to carry after a while I thought Hayden had it Damn it! Now the sissy is Queen of the house, He can do the brigades dirty work and then the next week guess whose leavin?

  133. Matt doesn’t have to use to DPOV unless he is up against another brigade member which isn’t likely to happen because Brendon is seeking revenge this week. If Matt goes up on the block against Ragan, Brit or Kathy he doesn’t even need to use it, because the 3 brigade votes out-number the 2 other HG’s anyways.

  134. If Rachel come back into the Big Brother house again without America vote or the houseguest vote as a twist in the Big Brother game then we all will know the truth about Big Brother. Rachel and Brendon are not Jeff and Jordan.

  135. JJg,

    No she is cut off from the outside which is why she is being kept in the jury house. She only gets the dvds of the eliminations

  136. Its time for Ragan and Britnye to go home.

    Ragan is always the last one standing in hOH competitions. If he continues to stay he could easily slide through and win in the end.

    Britnye is just a lying backstabbing person who is all an act and changes her gameplay each week. Who cant stand no one. Brandon’s comments about her behavior was right on!

  137. Ok probably not gonna happen but I would love Brendon to put up 2 brigade members have kathy win pov (unlikely part) and Matt will have to out the dpov and either regan or brit will go home….. wishful thinking.

  138. Those jokers were gunning for Brendan and Rachel before they secluded themselves. Hayden was scared sh*tless of Brendan the first week which is why he tried to get rid of him then. Their personalities only came into play after the fact.

  139. Um they showed the ex because she was his exfiance meaning she has insight as to who he is and how he operates. She seemed neutral though because she claimed to have thought Rachel was a nice girl? HA! He seems to be short on common sense if you ask me

  140. @184 matt

    we can agree to disagree on this one, but i absolutely think this hoh was rigged for brendon to win. production needs to continue the “rachel/brendon showmance” in order to maintain the ratings until she gets back in the house – and there’s no better way to that than to have him “prove his love is real” by winning this hoh.

    plus – he did PROMISE rachel he would win as she was going out the door, remember? :)

  141. WTF????? brendon won HOH???? soooo pissed right now!!! He really gets on my nerves!!! I used to like brendon and rachael in the beginning but now I just can’t stand either one of them, “you tried to get between me and my man!!!” seriously, your a whore and “your man” is a sucker!! Hatehatehate!!!!

  142. HEY MATT (sorry had to get your attention)

    Your free trial link is broken, at least the nt_ and the vid_ links, fb_ is still working.

    “Sorry, we can’t find the page you were looking for.

    The link was either outdated or inaccurate. Maybe we can help you find the page you were looking for another way. Try one of the links below. “

  143. Brendon will put Ragan and Brit up. Matt uses the DPOV and puts Cathy in place of either nominee. The Brigade has majority vote and Kathy goes home this week. IF they let Roachel back in the house then it proves that the game is so fixed. If CBS is that desperate for ratings then they are in trouble. Keep that selfish, crazy, Vegas scum whore out of the house for good. She can see her whipping boy in a few more weeks.

  144. @rmneimee i was being totally sarcastic. if i hear what brendon is doing for the love he has for rachel, i’m gonna puke!

  145. @brigade87 – you should be thanking Brendon and Rachel for there enterainmemt value alone! If they weren’t in this season, could you imagaine how boring it would be? Your brigade wouldn’t do anyhing but sit on a couch and brag

  146. Khrystle,

    I hear ya girl , I liked them in the beginning to but then I saw her manipulating him and his stupid way of being and I got sick of seeing her whine to him with her fake tears that he couldnt see thru. Every time she talks about someone getting between her and her MAN Just makes me think what a looser and how insecure she is that she cant see its a game and no one is after her MAN!

  147. je86 – i thought rachel left on wk 6 that’s why i thought brendon couldn’t leave on wk 7 since he was the new hoh.

  148. Just have to say that for weeks so many people have been saying get Rach out…Bren is a wimp….WELL now she is out, and all of a sudden he is Mr. HOH…finally showed that he knows what BB is ALL about, winning something!!!! OMG I can’t believe how many are now saying bring her back, WTF….?
    There will be plenty of drama this week without RacHell, people are going to have to make some moves…finally.
    CBS should not bring RacHell back…just let the damn game play itself out………just my opinion of course.

  149. I am really starting to think that this is fixed. I mean come on, Brendon just happens to smoke the competition to win HOH?? He couldnt win jack before and now this? It is so rigged. So I guess Rachel will be back soon. THis is like that year that BB brought back the wierd James guy with the red mohawk. He had a showmance with Chelsea that year and everyone hated them. I hate to say it but this is probably the last season of BB. They are really reaching for ratings now.

  150. @Lesley – believe me i don’t like Rachel and Brendon at all myself, but Britney is getting way to caddy. Her and Ragan are definitely digging their own graves.

  151. Brendon is not a fav but I’m glad he won bc if he hadn’t won he would have been voted off and that would have been too easy. Now people are going to actually play the game…. I really don’t like brit but she has been playing a good game, except for trashing rachel in the goodbye video, what’s the point of that? she is a jury vote, and they were on ok terms when rach left….

  152. Go Brendon. To all the loud mouths on this site who say Brendon is a cry baby, try having the target on your back from day and see if you won’t act worse than he has. Enzo, Ragan, Kathy, Lane and Hayden should not at all have a chance at the money. They suck! Can’t believe how much of a back-stabbing bitch Britney is. She is a glaring image of the devil and really has to go home this week.

  153. I am one of those who will not watch if they bring back the delusional skank. Congrats I guess to Brendan. He can walk around like a big ol tough guy until Matt uses the Diamond Veto. This week will be sickening…but he did win it. Maybe he will cry less this week.

  154. The other issue os that Britney is more popular that Rachel in polls. Seems like production might keep her for eye candy anyways. Luxury comp this week maybe.

    I don’t see a double eviction without a HG coming back since they a short a HG from the start who dropped out.

  155. ct – i don’t agree the game was rigged for brendon. they won’t need the ratings for the brenchel showmance, they’ll get plenty of ratings watching the brigade turn on each other soon.

  156. Britney, Matt, Ragan–Have Nots.
    No good eats this week, just slop.
    They say they’ll be friends
    Until the end,
    Two of the three on the block.

  157. People, get your facts right. Brendon has won 2 POV. If you are going to complain every time Brendon wins something then stop wasting your time. Look closely at the losers in the house who have won nothing so far. if anything Matt deserves to win this game because he has played the best game this season. As for CBS reaching for ratings, I think the calibre of houseguests this year is the problem and not the show itself. Try watching big brother Uk and you will cling to Big Brother USA like your life depends on it.

  158. @halo76 – I didn’t think they were. Britney just uses people so they think their friends. I still think theres some connection with Lane and Britney.

  159. CBS did not rig the win for Brendon..MATT SUGGESTED IT TO THE BRIGADE BOYS N’ THEY WENT WITH THE IDEA..which made it the plan..

  160. looking forward to brit and regan leaving. i don’t like mean, ugly people. Brit, you are a pretty girl on the outside but on the inside, you are fugly!

  161. *****CLASSLESS****CLASSLESS**** What CBS did was completely classless by bringing on Brendan’s ex. She and her mother had absolutely nothing of value to add to the show. Why did they not get someone from his family or maybe some of his friends? ****CLASSLESS****

  162. Ok, I understand the die-hard brenchel fans, but really if you want her back just for drama, just chill. There will be plenty of drama soon. Eventually the brigade will turn on each other, britney’s kinda messy, Reagan seems like he could be a bit of a drama queen, and we still have Brendon- There will be plenty of drama soon. relax

  163. Lol at the people saying this is rigged because Brendon won;

    whyy is that hard to believe??
    He’s won 2 povs, and that’s alot more then most of the house guests can say

  164. I really used to like Reagan and Brit in the beginning but now I can’t stand them!! They float to whoever has power and they will throw you under the bus in a jiffy. I can’t wait to see them shaking in their boots this week!!

  165. @rmnie, no they were definetly not but from the show it seemed like brit was still pretending to be friends, not sure about the live feeds cuz i don’t got em :(

  166. Here’s how I think it’ll go:

    Brendan puts up Matt and Ragan.
    Britney wins POV and uses it on Ragan.
    Brendan puts up Lane.
    Matt uses Diamond POV and puts up Kathy/Enzo or Kathy/Hayden.
    Kathy goes home.

  167. I’ll be completely honest. I don’t have any favorites this season…the first time that’s happened since I started watching in season 2. This group of HGs are just so clueless and pretty dumb.
    Yes, Rachel is annoying but she is actually PLAYING. It’s a GAME. I don’t like the girl, but at least she was being proactive in the house. I’m happy Brendon HoH. Finally, some real drama. Maybe this season will actually get good now.

  168. QUESTION FOR MATT OF BBN…Matt has the DV which lets him save himself or another person..What if MATT wins the Reg POV ?? Can he use both powers???

  169. Serves those dummies right that Brendon got HOH…not that I like him or Rachel but it should be an interesting week…can’t wait for 11:00 p.m. Central Time to watch what’s going on now that Bren is HOH…

  170. Good grief!! I am so sick of Rachel and her fake crying…and her me me me. And Brittany’s constant back stabbing. Two faced, nail biting…One down one more to go!!!!

  171. To me playing the game isnt just about winning hoh every week. You need to lay low for a bit too, and not tell all the hg to go after you. Rachel played the game with emotions. I cant wait for this week nominations!

  172. Just went back and watched pandora’s box again. It did not say that HOH was safe!! I hope Matt can put Brenda up, and send him to his true love. Or double eviction and Brenda and Kathy go, when Matt uses DPOV to save himself (or Regan) Relax about Rachel. She will be back to host a POV comp that’s all. They have done that in the past. They will not put her back in the game…thank goodness!!!

  173. Somehow I think Kathys gone this week unless she wins POV, cause if matt use DV hes gonna put someone up who he wants gone, kathys a safe choice on his part and everyone else will be glad to basically have an easy target

  174. i am hoping things will get interesting this week! let’s start making deals people! Brit you are so stupid, you coulda had Rachel’s $5K and voted her out! Not thinking!

  175. Scene:
    (Enzo in DR, talking about his future after BB)

    “Yo, Meow Meow be walkin’ wit da five G’s.
    After dat, I think I’ll start my acting career, ya know, like maybe a role on The Sopranos…”

  176. @superdave – i think either they had to censor out too much of his comments on rachel leaving or he just flat out did not want to leave one.

    @alyssa – i totally feel the same way!

  177. @232 Dawn

    i respect your opinion, but brendon’s win tonite is simply too convenient for me to take at face value.

    as for the brigade, i don’t see a lot of drama coming from their demise. it’s been fun watching them keep their alliance a secret, but their split is inevitable cuz there’s 4 of them and even if they manage to stay together for now, only 2 would make it to the end. not a lot of excitement in that – not for me anyways.

  178. I hope he puts up Brit and Kathy. Kathy wins pov and Brendon puts up either Matt or Ragan. Matt pulls hisself off with the diamond and Brit is out the door!

  179. @graves – your right on. I can’t believe no one else sees that. Matt is definitely playing the game. This way you know Brendon will put up Brit and Ragan or even Kathy. That way the brigade is safe for aleast one more week and then start turning on one another. Now who said the brigade was useless, even if it is Matt doing all the work.


    Okay When Matt got the Diamond Veto from Pandora’s Box, they said he can use it to put anyone on the block. Okay So is Brenden exempt because he’s HOH? I dont remember them saying anyone was omitted.

  181. you people are crazy and dont pay attention to the game. matt is not a liar he’s following the rules big brother gave him. when he got dpov the card clearly said if he tells people he has it he risk’s losing it. brendon wants revenge for rach hes gona put up matt since he nomanated them n brit. doesnt matter who0 wins pov matt will use dpov if he has 2 and elect kathy…and she will go home then nxt week brendon cant win hoh and hes gone :)

  182. Why is it so hard to believe that someone who has been trying since day one was able to win a competition? Look at both of Matt’s wins (he won them) but Regan made a deal to drop off the surf board in his first win and no one else wanted blood on their hands (putting up Brenchel) when he won the paint brush HOH. That HOH lasted just over an hour because Brittney said that once Brendan dropped they would all follow suite.

  183. @266 Memphis

    i’ve asked the same question and been told here that the HOH & POV winners CANNOT be put up as replacements by the diamond veto holder…

  184. just read ur comment mary2 u jus made my dad lol!! lmao at *brenda* i feel the exact same way

  185. sad sad sad day in the bb house.

    ragan and brtiney will go up brigade will dodge another week. i dont know how. i would have been figured out the brigade. its obvious that 4 men dont just talk about football when they hang out together ALL the time.

    DAMN!!!! as a man im obligated to the brigade, but enzo is kinda getting on my nerves with his TALK TALK TALK TALK TALK and no action, but if britney has to go (she is my favorite, well after monet) then she gotta go. but dang it sucks.

    she has to win POV. if not, brigade will send her home.


    if britney gets evicted and its up to america wether they want lets say brit, rachel, or umm ragan back, i think america will vote brit back. maybe.

    YES!! DIRTY STORIES!! i love lane’s train wreck story!! hahaha.

    tell the rug burn story britney!!! lol

  186. i think it would be funny to see if kristen came back into the house. she could be in a secluded place right now so if she had a chance to come back in, she wouldn’t know what’s going on in the outside world, and i honestly believe she would talk about the brigade to the others. she already tipped off ragan about them before she left.

  187. Brendon won the comp courtsey of the was planned that way..Matt will talk to him and make some suggestions possilbly leaning toward putting Enzo up..maybe Lane…Just hide and a fly on the wall..See how Matts plan plays out..

  188. you go BB needs to bring another SABOT…in the house so then theirs 2 and that would really freak eveyone out just think of the mayhem….YEESSSS LOVE IT!

  189. Yaaaaaaaaaaay Rachel is gone FINALLY! Please don’t ever bring her back!!!!! Brenden is better off without her.

  190. @MATT – ADMIN

    there seems to be a difference of opinion on here about whether or not matt’s diamond veto can be used to put the HOH or POV winner up as a replacement nom…

    can you please clarify?


  191. the enzo and lane comic match up his freaking histerical. its like they plan out theres convos *do you think i could get respect in the east coast?* with me being southern n all

  192. “who wants to see me go into the jury house wooooo!!! tequila!!!!”

    that was effin classic. i pulled a enzo and was like ohhhhh sheeet

  193. I can’t believe that Brendon won. Yikes! I like everyone left in the house EXCEPT for him. It should be an interesting week. I hope Britany doesn’t go home… she is my fav.

  194. Hot Darn- I was so hoping Brendon would get the HOH and he did- and our house said we thought he would put Brittany, Ragan and Matt on have nots-wonderful- Brittany is so into herself, finding fault with everyone but herself! Did you catch her at the end walking up behind Lane and put her arms arnd his waist? Wonder what her fiance thinks of that? LOL Any guesses who will now be kissing Brendon’s butt to keep off the block? The only thing that bothers me with CBS is the last 3 wks they have started the HOH Competiton so late in the show that you miss out on most of it. That’s not good. anyway, have fun all.

  195. Did anyone notice how Britney wrapped her arms around Lane’s waiste just after the eviction…it was a move that someone would make to another…who they !) really cared about or 2) were really good friends with. I also noticed that she kissed her ring just before she voted…soooo…I am a little confused by her actions. Or has she just gotten to know Lane that well in four weeks and feels that comfortable with him.

  196. What is all this Bring Rachel Back Crap. Never more glad to get rid of someone. Now that Brendon is HOH I am sure his head is huge. Just think he could have been with Rachel but I guess you know how much she means to him? All it did was save him another week unless Matt uses the super Veto and puts him up. Duh.

  197. #286 my fav was monet, then monet and britney. those were my all time favs from this season.

    then when hayden said he was a cardinals fan, he become one of my favs and i already liked him cuz he is from ASU

    enzo is funny as hell, and matt is funny cuz he just doesnt care, and will say what he needs all the time.

    i basically like everyone except brendon, rachel, and kathy.

  198. @graves – I totally agree with you as i posted on your other comment. I can’t believe no ones else is catching on how Matt is playing the game.

  199. Ever since they showed Brittany saying absolutely horrible and despicable things behind people’s back with Money, she is my least favorite BB house guest in history (and I’ve seen every season).

  200. I don’t know if Brendon will put up Brittney because she always wins POV. I think Regan is his target.

  201. @270/271 The BB12 GAME started tonight! Did you watch Brendon sitting in the love nest room alone and deep in thought. MG his face had a reflection of a man with a MISSION! The house is going to be turned upside down. Enzo (Meow Meow) will need start walking the walk and less talking the talk… One can only slide so long. Hayden needs to man up and be his own thinking machine!!!! Brit the mouth will play low and hope she is in the house week 7th. Ragan has Matt watching his back. Matt has DPV so need to go further with that player. Lane/Kathy are the silent player.

  202. Yeah…..Brandon won!!!!!! I am not a big fan of Rachel, but i hope they bring her back to stir things up in the house.

  203. @Annie T – I saw that too, and posted earlier that there is some kind of connection between Lane and Britney. I’ve seen her kiss her ring already right before she votes.

  204. Can’t believe people say the Brigade isn’t playing smart. They are controlling the house and not getting all emotional like Brendan and Rachel. One of them will win this game for sure, they have the numbers and control. So glad we won’t see a Rachel or Brendan winning, they screwed up from the get go.

  205. @Marcus – what exactly do you like about Britney:
    Her phoniness?
    Her hypocrisy?
    The fact she’s two-faced?
    … Aaaah. It’s a boobs! Gotta be the boobs, right?! ‘Cuz there’s nothing else of interest here!

    When it comes to BB12, any time someone claims to be liking a HG, I start questioning their SANITY. Seriously, this house is full of MORONS and DOUCHEBAGS, and, most of the time, a HG will be both at the same time! The only guy I can somehow stomach is Brendon, mainly because I actually tried to be genuinely nice to everybody, even though that didn’t last. But the fact that he couldn’t manage to secure another alliance between him, Rachel and someone else in the house still put him in the MORON category. And, as for the people kicked out of the house… same thing: THEY ALL SUCKED TOO! So basically, I’m rooting for NO ONE left in this hellhole, and I’m kinda shock that anyone would still back any of those characters left in the house.

  206. It would be really cool if he put up Matt and Brittany because if she wins the POV and Matt uses his, that would be great.Then maybe Matt will see Hayden for what he is a backstabbing buttkisser.

  207. kathy is so pathetic. she acts like she is a competitor just cuz she votes opposite of the house twice.

    she should have never been casted. she is a waste of space. she will never win anything. first week she was all in with monet and brintey, then it was rachel, then kristin.

    FLOATER. it would be one thign if she was the good floater, who floats only when they need too. she floats 24/7

    maybe they casted her just to keep the house looking good. thats the only thing she is good at.

    and to think she rides around her 2 block city in a Dodge Charger police cruiser

    • I threw up in a mouth a whole lot when you just said that Kathy was there to keep the house looking good!!! If by looking good you mean some beat down looking chain smoking backwoods trailer trash whore, then yeah, she has the house looking good! Ewww, she’s digusting, and a waste of space in the house, and a waste of O2 on the planet!

  208. may not be Regan or BRIT going home..Matt is gonna wait till nominations before making his next move..ENZO is gonna be the mega mouth this week AS he has already started in AS TO WHO SHOULD GO..MATT really needs help to eliminate one of the BRIGADE while Brendon is HOH..SO HE WON’T BE HELD RESPONSIBLE..People need to ACTUALLY LISTEN when Matt is conversing with the HG’s. Listen to him..He is a shark..

  209. Suz @295 they are both from the south, I think. Just seems weird that they have become so friendly and she freaked when she thought RacHell might put him up…again, he spends most of his time with the good ‘ol boys or Brit. hmmmmmm maybe nothing to it.

  210. I am not a fan of Brendon, but there is no way any of the brigade members would of beat him. Didn’t anyone see the determination on his face. Enzo talks about the brigade going down in BB history as one of the best alliances. They will go down as one of the most lame alliances. Talk, talk, talk. when it is the 4 of them, only Matt will know how to win.
    They need to bring in Chima, Russell and Evil Dick to liven up this boring show. CBS needs to re-evaluate how they chose their cast.

  211. What Brigade? They wouldn’t know what to do without each other. None of them has any brains and they are just sad. It is sad that those idiots make it to the end not doing anything but playing follow the I don’t know what. Kathy has a chance because she at least had a backbone and voted on her own.

  212. mighty whatever

    britney is awesome. so funny, she plays the game very carefully.

    she has watched every season. how is she a hypocrite? and how is she phony?
    if u are questioning my sanity, just for liking a houseguest, then u should be looking for the screw that fell out ur dome.

    if rooting for no-one in the “hellhole” then first, stop watching the show, and get outta here haha.

    like really? u come on here and bash the entire show? but ur gonna come on here on a website for the show, scroll through 300 comments, and say how much u dislike everybody and everybody thing?


  213. Matt can use his Diamond Power of Veto for the nominees. But Is he allowed to replace the nominee he pulls off with anybody even the HOH? I just wasnt clear on how powerful that power is. Thank you

  214. Suz, Matt cannot use the Silver Power of Veto to put up Brendon- all he can do is use it to save him self, or he can pull one of Brendon’s nominations off the block and get to name the replacement. The Silver Power of Veto cannot be used to put up the HOH.:)

  215. my last sentence was garbage.

    i mean everybody and everything. whoops.

    i like everyone except brendon, kathy, and rachel but i like britney the most.

  216. Okay so I know Rachel can be annoying most of the time but at least her, brendon, and matt play the game. Everybody else in that house just float right by! Matt, Rachel, and Brendon deserve to win!

    I think what julie ment by telling Rachel about seeing the house again was either she will b a host for a comp., she will return for a all new all-star season, america will vote for one of the 5 evicted houseguests to come back or my good reason is if matt uses the dpov it will cause somthing else bad to happen where rachel comes back and the two people on the block automatically get evicted.

    Do you guys agree?

  217. I am beginning to think there is more hook ups than they are saying. Kathy looks like she could be Brittneys mom or Haydens. Brittney is always around Lane and fighting for him. Regan and Matt are always together. Just Saying

  218. BRING RACHEL BACK CBS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    THE REST R BORING!!!!!!!!!

  219. Watching BBAD tonight, I was hoping for some drama but all I get is Enzo sleeping, BB telling him to stop, Hayden picking his nose, and people having the most useless conversation ever in the Have not room.

  220. Lol Marcus- Brittany is a “B” in all the sense-ever since she came in the game, she has made fun of, made derogatory remarks of almost everyone-she plays everyone, lies -she’s managed to pull Ragan down to her level-I liked Ragan originally, but now, he’s no better than she is. Get real-:)

  221. Scene:
    (Enzo in DR, talking about splitting up Rachel and Brendan)

    “Dem five G’s can’t save you no more.
    Think you’re rich, maybe you’re poor.
    You won two HOH,
    But didn’t help you, Rach,
    Vegas got nothin’ on Jersey Shore.

    Showmance thought they had it made.
    Brenchel split up by da Brigade.
    Brendon forgot to pack
    His nuts in his sack–
    Looks like the playah got played!

    Ya ask me, the saboteur’s whack,
    Tryin’ to pull off a backdoor attack.
    When Meow Meow smells a mouse,
    There’s a rat in da house–
    With rodents, youse gotta fight back.

    Kathy, then Hayden can leave;
    Brittany and Lane I can see;
    Brendan and Rachel in romance,
    Ragan and Matt in a bromance–
    Dat leaves Enzo with 500 G’s.”

  222. The only strategic move that Brendon can make: put up people would could win against him. That would mean only 2 persons: Britney and Matt. Any other choices would look personal, not that Brendon isn’t entitled for revenge, but it’s quite pointless at this time. If he put those two up, he can say without lying “You guys are the only people, other than Rachel and me, who won anything in this game, therefore you’re the most dangerous players left and my biggest competition.” Afterward, even if Britney win the Veto, and Matt takes himself out as a nominee, Brendon can put up others saying “Wasn’t my choice, Britney and/or Matt decided otherwise.”

    There’s a very good chance, though, that Matt will put up Kathy with your Crystal Veto regardless of Brendon’s nomination this week, which would guarantee her leaving. But the smart move for the Brigade is getting rid of anyone who could seriously compete against them, which would mean that Britney MUST GO ASAP. Anyway, let’s see how this will turn out…

  223. This season sucks because all of the house guest suck. There is not a single interesting person in the bunch.

  224. Brendon just did whatever Rachel said. She did whatever she wanted. She’s a loon. Matt has been playing, Brittney too. Like her or not she does play all sides. Hayden is just starting to get sneaky. I am sure he will be up Brendons tush.

  225. how is brit wrong?

    as a woman, you don’t go up to a man and taunt him in a “fighting” way…unless you seriously are going to brawl…essentially she hides behind being a woman…and that you shouldnt(SHOULD NOT..PERIOD) hit a woman…I dont disagree with that, but I disagree with using it as a shield to piss off brenden…its pretty wrong…

    ragen already started crying….gosh, I thought only B and R were crying and that once you got rid of one of em, the game magically comes to an end? no? they still must play BB? wow..

  226. Suz I agree, it does seem like there could be more hook ups…or are we all just grasping at that thought because Annie the first Sab. put it in our minds as well as the houseguests. Usually CBS via JC, lets us know (reminds us) that this could be the case.

  227. I don’t think so. The most powerful power was the coup and that didn’t even allow the hoh to lose power. The DPOV is more powerful then the reg pov meaning they can pull anyone off AND name the replacement excluding the HOH and the POV. I’m pretty sure but if I’m wrong I apologize

  228. Well, the DPOV had a different power when it was originally used. As of this season, it is pretty much half of the Coup d’Etat.

  229. On this board, Lane is somewhat neglected.
    Though, absence is to be expected.
    All he does is play pool,
    Over Britney he’ll drool,
    The Brigade has him quite well protected.

  230. Enzo is soooooo sucking up to Brendon right now that confirms my opinion that he is about TEAM BRIGADE about as much as Bee’s like Vingar!!!!

  231. @deafult, i couldnt agree with you more, if kathy wins veto and does or does not use it, matt wont be able to use her as a replacement nominee if he decides to use the DPOV.
    brendon nominates britney and ragan, kathy gets picked to play in POV, she wins, uses it on either one of the nominees, brendon nominates matt, matt uses DPOV and is forced to put up one of the brigade, and then brit or ragan go home! IDEAL situation

    i just have to say that i am so happy that brendon won HOH, after all that he and rachel have been through, he really deserved it… @kayla #134, i agree with you 100%, they were true players, even though rachel was annoying and brendon was very emotional at times, i see them as true genuine kind people unlike britNASTY, even though rachel got cocky when she won power and acted very immature at times, britney’s personality is just gross, although at times very entertaining, she’s not a good person

    the HGs must be kicking themselves over as to who they evicted now!

    MATTS a snake and KATHY needs to go she did not deserve to stay so long in the game

  232. I think Julie’s comment to Rachel just meant they will bring her back to host a POV or HOT-I don’t think they will bring her back into the house- They did that a few seasons ago and it didn’t go well. I like Brendon-I don’t think he did anything wrong (until this week’s “intentional” doings, but that was just to try to save Rachal-I don’t care for Rachal just due to her gloating when she wins,etc. But Brendon’s put down by Brittany and Ragan, etc simply because of Rachal’s actions. I like enzo but I don’t like all the pretending to be someone’s friend- Like Brittany, pretending to be Rachals friend, then immediately go tell the others everything said and make fun of her- I feel sorry for Brittany’s fiance! smile

    Night all

  233. @Marcus: you have no idea what being phony mean, do you? Let me educate you:

    hypocrite: a person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives
    bogus: fraudulent; having a misleading appearance

    Now, if you do not think this definition match Britney perfectly, you’re THE MOST DELUSIONAL PERSON I’ve ever met in my life, period.

    Furthermore, me not liking anybody in BB12 got nothing whatsoever to do with HOW ENTERTAINING I find them. It’s as if you’re saying that, by watching a show like “The Sopranos”, I must like some of them and accept any of their actions… that’s stupid. “The Sopranos” was a super show, but Tony and his family of sociopaths were god-awful and I couldn’t wait to see some of them getting killed!

    Finally, about me reading 300+ comments before posting here… ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FREAKIN’ MIND?!!!… Well yeah, you must be, if you are a fan of Money and Britney.

    So yes, your last sentence was garbage… good on you to catch that!

  234. YEP ENZO IS DIGGING HISELF A HOLE and if Matt has anything to do with it that hole will lead straight to the jury house…

  235. Ragan sure knows this game.
    He had lots of fans to his name…
    But since alligning with Brit,
    He’s become quite a twit,
    As a saboteur he’s really quite lame.

  236. I think the brigade needs to go. I disliked rachel nd her annoying voice!! Brendon is soo annoying, jeez, nd now he wins h o h, and they’ll be showing him more!! Enzo,Hayden,Layne need to actually win a challenge for crying out loud!! Cathy shouldnve said sorry to Rachel bc every time she won she acted like a snotty little (blank). Ughh. Britney is the coolest. And Brendon had no right to argue with a woman.

  237. Enzo better alternate with Hayden hanging out with Brendan. Be careful. At some point Enzo will have to be not so diplomatic.

  238. When Julie hinted that Rachel might see the BB house again I a thought about the BB All Stars.Evil Dick would have a field day with her.

  239. Ok one more thing-they used the dpov before-I think it was last year- Unless they changed the rules the dpov CANNOT be used to remove the HOH- only that the holder can veto a nominee and name the replacement or to save himself-that’s all
    as far as the best friends, I will bet almost anything it is Matt and Ragan- you just don’t find many married straight guys become that friendly with a gay guy. Granted, it happens alot over time, but not that fast usually. Just my thoughts. Cathy and Brittany being longtime friends is just a bit TOO obvious for me-I think BB just did that to throw everyone off track. :)

  240. At this point, brigade wise, I would rather see Matt at the steering wheel than any of the other three. Just for sanity’s sake.

  241. nobody!!!comes between me and my man …or can they??..dun dun dunnn…please dont bring Rachel back she played and lost and it will be soo nice to see how Brendan plays for the game instead of for love. go Brendan!!

  242. Britney, Matt, Ragan–Have Nots.
    No good eats this week, just slop.
    They say they’ll be friends
    Until the end,
    Two of the three on the block.

  243. Hey Rico and Q – good rhymes, as usual. Q you have been doing a one man show for most of the night it seems. I just got caught up – nice twist on the HOH, should be an interesting week.

  244. if u dont like britney idc. ur lost, ur the minority haha. i like her and thats all that matters to me. im not gunna explain myself.


    i love this conversation right now between lane, britney, matt, and hayden.

  245. @Eminemrocks01: again another fan of Britney… WHY DO YOU GUYS LIKE THAT PHONY? In a house full of untrustworthy individuals, she’s hands down the queen of hypocrites. Seriously, I need more than a hollow ‘she’s funny’ as an explanation for why so many of you like her, ‘cuz, sincerely, we, men, invented the word BITCH to describe women like that!

  246. The high point will come when Brendon finds out by video that his HOH win was handed to him by the Brigade..I wanna see his face at that time..

  247. Enimenn-why do you think Brendon is a dick? Don’t you know he only did those things this week to try to get voted out and save Rachal? He’s been nothing but nice to everyone before that. He’s in love and so he’s doing what he could to protect her. I don’t care much for Rachal either but I don’t try to judge someone for their feelings for someone else. I think the house will be much quieter and better now.
    Everyone in that house lies and pretends to be your friend. Bring back Andrew! he was the only one who really stayed true to himself.
    Ok now i’m gone -have a good night all

  248. @Marcus: I would bet good money that the majority is actually with me, DISLIKING EVERY ONE OF THE HOUSEGUESTS. If they were a poll, that option would win HANDS DOWN!

  249. I swear this game is fixed. How in the hell did he win HOH? Seriously?? I think the producers fix some of these competitions strictly for ratings. So aggravated….

  250. Kathy is awesome..She is good at one particular game..The “kiss ass game” which she is now playing with

  251. You’re right Mighty Mad- not one person i know who watches BB likes Brittany the snake. Brendon hit it on the head-she’s a spoiled little brat. I haven’t liked her since the first week when she and Monet would make fun of Rachal and make so many snide comments ,but to Rachal’s face, pretend to be her friend.
    She’s sickening-I can’t stand her and that whiney voice.

  252. God, Isabel and some of you other Brendon haters-can’t you get it through your heads he was only “pretending” to be an ass to swing the vote in Rachal’s favor tonight-? wow, apparently you’ve never been in true love. Go back to the first episode and start over. He’s never been near as vicious as like Brittany, Monet and now Ragan. geez

  253. I don’t have lf’s so I didn’t see the actual comp – but was there real evidence of another Brigade fake dive. I think it’s an odd strategy if they did – assuming they don’t know about the DPOV they might get two Brigade members up for evection, unless they were convinced he’d put up Regan and Brit. He does their dirty work and no blood on their hands…

    Also – does anyone else notice that Brendan seems much sharper and happier?

  254. Last night reading comments I thought I was the only Team Brenchel nd tonight I see a lot of people are!! Bring back Rachel!!!

  255. Because Julie said “May”, I think she might have just been playing along with the Saboteur since Rachel is going to the Jury House they can’t let her know that the Saboteur was lying.

    IMO the Brigade needs to be broken up NOW, because if they hold together they have the votes to steamroll their way into the final 4. My hope is that Brendon will nominate Matt (and hopefully another member of the game) and pressure him into using DPOV placing the target firmly on Matt.

  256. I am so excited, I can’t WAIT to see Britney go on the block!! She is the biggest B ever to play this game, way worse than Rachel ever was, I don’t know how anyone likes her. She has talked behind every single person in the house’s back. I am so glad Brendon won!! I hope he puts up Britney and Regan or Britney and Kathy. Or someone to break up the Brigade – they are getting too cocky!!

  257. @Sterling: Brendan being sharper isn’t a surprise – let’s face it, Rachel was a huge distraction for him. Now that he only has to worry about himself, I’ll become a much better player, no doubt about it.

  258. Lane has a side ‘thing’ with Britney….Matt with Ragan….Enzo & Hayden should hook up with Brendon…

    I believe Brendon will be a better player and be on better human behavior now that Rachel is gone.

    My personal favorites to go to the final 3 would be….Hayden, Enzo, and yes Brendon.

    Hayden & Enzo pretty much stay OUT of the childish behaviors even when doing “Just The Tip”

    **** Ragan sitting alone and he is Crying in the room with the fish **** What’s up with him?? I may have missed something

  259. Brendon is now building his “game” around anger and vengence (not a good combination; its too emotional). If Brendon and Rachel are truly in love, doesn’t it make more sense for them to want to be together in the jury house for the next however long rather than separated as they will be by him winning HOH? Now that his head has been ripped out of her ass, perhaps Brendon will smell the coffee — but I sincerely doubt it.

  260. Funny Sterling, I agree with your last comment-I told my roomie tonight that he might be down for a couple days but he would soon revert to his nice self(except maybe with the “B” Brittany- But already Cathy is sucking up to him, and Enzo who pretends to be his friend. But yes he seems much more relaxed and happier.

  261. I really, really can’t stand all the mouth noises Enzo makes when he’s eating….

    Just drives me up a wall…

  262. Why is Ragan lying alone and crying? I noticed that Brit was crying earlier, well you know what goes around comes around. I now see Kathy talking and hanging around Brendan. WHAT a waste of space in the house…..

  263. I liked Ragan in the beginning-then he turned on Brendon over something silly and didn’t mean much- Ragan’s let Brittany drag him down to her level, which is sad-Cathy just floats to whoever she thinks can help her. Hayden, Enzo and Lane are just floaters also-they can’t win anything- Brittany’s pov wins were simply luck. The only true players and Matt and Brendon.

  264. Man, I hope Ragan ain’t a target for Brendan this week – he really needs to take out someone that’s actually dangerous to him, which isn’t the case with the so-called ‘saboteur’?

    BTW, did Ragan manage to ‘sabotage’ anything yet?

  265. How can anyone say Brittany is real? She does all her shit talking behind EVERYONES back and acts nice to them shes the fakest one in the house by far…lane and enzo might be floaters but at least they aren’t really talking bad about people behind their backs.

  266. @Breezin – actually, not right now they don’t unless Matt exposes the DPOV by removing someone from the block and exposing the Brigade. If Brendon put up say Lane and Hayden, Matt would have to use it or else they wouldn’t have the numbers. Then the target would be even more on him. You never know with this game. But yea, he would probably be best to put up Regan and Britney, and I would LOVE to see Britney go!!

  267. The three little be-atches are have nots.

    Brendan should make everyone in the house sweat it out as much as possible, and just ignore all the floaters.

  268. @DANN – right you are. On all points. Maybe Regan is starting to figure out how he has messed up his game, which pre-Brit was pretty good.

  269. Really hope Brendan kick Kathy out of his room – now there’s another phony female, but, as much as I dislike her, at least I can respect Britney in some level. No such luck for this sad excuse for a policewoman…

  270. I knew this Brendan would come out. The determination on his face during the HOH comp was priceless. I am sorry but I love that he put Brit the B, Matt the rat, and Ragan the fake on slop all week. Brit was crying earlier, and now Ragan is alone crying. Well ya were so mean to Rachel and Brendan when they were on the block, now it is YOUR turn.

  271. One last thing and then i’ll shut up and get to bed lol I really think Brendon should just go around to each house guest and apologize for his actions this past few days and why he did it. (Except to that “B” Brittany-she’s a snake in the grass and doesn’t deserve it. That way, I think he just might make some “real” alliances. Just my thoughts. Nite all-have fun

  272. @Seto: so how on Earth can CBS justify giving him $20,000 if he doesn’t sabotage ANYTHING?

  273. KAREN
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Yeah! I am so glad Brendan won HOH! Bring back Rachel. Brit rag Matt HaHaHa

  274. Wow – look at the HOH magnetism. It’s amazing how they all start hanging around the HOH!

  275. I’m so mad! My DVR did not record BB12 2nite!! I hate I missed it! I’m soooo happy that Brendon won HOH!! I hope he gets to split up the brigade!! Send the floaters home one by one at least Rachel was a big competator! Brittany is so funny but she is too faced! Talks behind their backs! I hope they will bring an evicted HG back and its Rachel!

  276. @MightyMad: Blame America for giving poor suggestion and move on? Even if the producers have to sort through the possibilities, it’s a good blame.

  277. Scene:
    (Kathy in bedroom, talking with Brendan. Her purple blouse matches Brendan’s shirt)

    Kathy : (Thinking to herself)

    “Sucking up isn’t hard to do
    When the houseguests don’t have a clue.
    No need to be violent,
    You have the right to remain silent
    When this deputy cougar busts you.”

  278. @Rico, I too have a hard time listening to Enzo, and others eating smacking their lips etc…than I remembered, they have mics SO close to their mouths that is probably why it is soooo loud to us…

    @DANN I agree, I think it is the game getting to Ragan. I just thought maybe something was said or done that upset him, other than being on Slop (or whatever America votes on for their food) and I hope everyone votes for the worse combo of the choices…ONLY because of their behaviors on their show “Just The Tip”

    Britney and Lane do do A LOT of touchy feely flirting nit picking each other…

  279. Ok MightyMad forced me into one more comment-I agree, I haven’t seen Ragan sabotage anything-You can’t call putting a “seed” in the minds of the other HG’s that maybe neither would go home(Brendon and Rach) or bring one back as a act of sabotage-To be honest American, as much as I don’t like Matt, he would have been much better at being the sabotuer!

  280. Brendon, alone in the HOH room, thinking to himself:

    “Finally a game I can beat…
    Not biased against size 13 feet!
    Now I’m Household Head,
    But alone in the bed.
    With my hand it just feels incomplete.”

  281. Anyone notice how Regan became such a jerk RIDHT AFTER BEING NAMED THE SAB…Shouldn’t the rest of the houseguests think it’s him since his personality changed so much since the SAB was announced?

    Also they’re handing this Regan clown the 20,000…nothing he has to do is difficult he’s just telling them stuff that they don’t believe anyway…the first sabateur actually did stuff to mess with the houseguests physically and emotionally this guys done nothing hard.

  282. Ding-Dong, the witch is dead, the wicked witch,the wicked old old witch!!! TEA! Got off work late and did not turn on the computer, cuz I would have linked into the spoilers! I taped the game,opened a beer, made popcorn,and watched the game!! Hey, sleepy heads, get out of bed, the wicked old witch is dead! @Q @Rico, that was beautimous! Hey Sterling! Is everyone else countin’ sheep??

  283. Okay, okay. They got rid of too many pivotal people too soon. Some of you were right. BBAD is like boring right now. Why is Ragan crying? Sabatage something!! Break stuff!!

  284. I loved seeing Ragan and his pity party! ” If you are watching, i hate myself too right now.” Well thats exactly what you get when you act like that. Its funny how he said lets compete and have fun.. he said brechel crys when they lose, well what is he doing now?

  285. I loved seeing Ragan and his pity party! ” If you are watching, i hate myself too right now.” Well thats exactly what you get when you act like that. Its funny how he said lets compete and have fun.. he said brechel cries when they lose, well what is he doing now?

  286. We will definitely see a lot more self-pity and crying this week. Brit and Ragan are extremely emotional. No way their whining will be half as irritating as Brendon and Rachel’s though. Yikes that was painful.

    I also will stop watching if Rachel comes back. She is disgusting in every sense of the word.

  287. @Rico – you too, I wish I were as creative. Hey Tishe! Where ya been?

    Someone earlier in the thread laid out how pretty much no matter what Kathy would go home. I don’t recall it all but basically, if Brendan puts up Brit and Regan – Matt would use the DPOV and put Kathy up in R’s place. Interesting.

  288. @MichaelT I know, like you would think a message from the SAB would be nothing but B.S. He doesn’t have to do anything terribly difficult. They all thought the game was going to change after his message! LIKE, it was from the SAB! Brittles is the ONE to watch out for tho! The little lady has balls!!

  289. Brendons not going to break up the brigade. The only 1 he has anything against is Matt the rest of them have never directly said anything bad about him to his face so he assumes they’re more neutral on him than matt, brit, regan and even if he does put up Matt the brigade or Matt himself with his veto power will be able to save him.

  290. I’m not really so sure Matt would use the SPOV to save either Ragan or Britt-(if they were up) as their’s no guarantee Brendon would put up Cathy-she’s no threat and that would mean one of the “brigade ” going up- then they would be pissed at Matt then-you have to remember, they know he won something more than a dollar for opening panora’s box. It’d be too big risk for him- he’s just using Britt and Ragan anyway

  291. Not necessarily Hayden did put him and Rachal up the first week if you recall- tho Brendon needs to figure out none of them are really on his side. It will be interesting for the next week:)

  292. Maybe Julie Chen’s message to Rachel about ‘possibly seeing the house again’ was just her playing along with the saboteur’s message to trick Rachel/America?

  293. I personally think Matt only uses the SPOV if he gets put up or one of the brigade is. Otherwise, I don’t think he uses it.

  294. DANN – the DPOV allows the user to name the replacement – he’d save his buddy and put up Kathy.

  295. True Sterling, but I think if he saved Ragan, then that would only cement my feelings more that Ragan and Matt are the lifelong friends. If they are not, then i think he’s only been using Ragan and wdn’t use it to save him. Just my perspective:)

  296. Let’s step back and look at the live feed and see where and how the players have divided their actions. Enzo/Hayden/Kathy are on the decision makers (safe) side of the house.
    Let’s see how Enzo/Hayden justifies their moves to the remaining Brigade team!!!!
    Given protected position = Matt
    Lane will be loyal and protect Britiny. Ragan could be the lamb to the slaughter.

  297. @ Q #408? That is great and a little, well, really good girlfriend!! @ Sterling, been getting paid to think, that is where I’ve been. I am a little behind all the comments tho! I had to watch the game! I TAPED IT RIGHT! YEA! sometimes you hit a wrong button and it screws everything up!! Anyway, the look on raskankal’s face when Julie was asking her the ??’s. Rake seemed actually blown away! LIKE, why?

  298. Oh come on Brit – you genuinely love 7 people in the house? Like you’d be caught dead with Lane at one of your sorority parties…. like I think not.

  299. and to clarify – some people earlier stated that Matt could use the DPOV to put up Brendon- the DPOV only allows the user to replace a nominee and to name the replacement.:)

  300. Scene:

    (Rachel alone in Jury House, wondering what she will do for a week without her “man”…)

    “Just me in the Jury House,
    Waiting for my future spouse…
    What’s that I see?
    Tequila for me?
    I might as well get soused!

    Brendan, you are my Knight.
    I’ll practice through the night
    My lapdancing moves,
    I’ll drink lots of booze
    So you’ll want to make me your wife.”

  301. She just told another lie- stating she never told Rachal she’d be in a alliance with her and Brendon and at the time Ragan- she most certainly did, and even suggested who should be put on the block!

  302. Bottom line is…. Matt has all the power this week.

    He’s got the votes of the Brigade on his side, and he gets to decide who he wants to be on the block (through the use of his DPOV).

    Whoever goes home this week, it will be because Matt wanted it that way (and convinced the Brigade to vote with him).

  303. I still don’t think Matt would use the POV unless he felt that the brigade would get rid of him for some reason.

  304. BB After dark…….3 little losers wispering, now Britnasty is PO’d at enzo for suckin up to Brenden and realizes she is next to go. yay! The other mean girl(ragan)is crying and feeling “disconnected from himself for being so mean”. Not proud of his behavior,,,,,,TOO LATE for that missy.

  305. @LEB – good observations, it’s looking a little more divided and so soon. Regan looks like he’s talking to his shrink.

    @Tishe – yep I agree, she was not smooth with Julie, she really couldn’t talk.

  306. This is sad that Rachel had to go but it so COOL that Brendon won HOH now just wish Rachel could had been there for it. It going to be a good week in the big brother house i can’t wait to see how going on the block now I matt and Brittany go soon

  307. @ Q OK, I’m catching up on on all the comments! YEA! I love it! You folks are great! You know what we need tho, one about that little segment from Brenda’s ex- goil! This human is actually on rake’s side? WOW, I have to go pay respect to the nearest tree!!! What is up with everyone thinkin’ that rake has some sort of mental problem??

  308. I am hearing some sincere regrets come out of Ragan’s mouth in terms of the things he has said to Brendan. And he is talking to Hayden (not like he is sucking up to Brendan).

    And Britney has a valid point that Brendan attacked her family. I would be pissed about that.

    Never heard anything of the sort come from the Gruesome Twosome.

    Still don’t want Brit or Ragan to win though.

  309. Ragan needs to man up and admit to Brendon he took what Brendon said to him, which to me was a trivial thing, and start being a true friend.
    His biggest problem was aligning with the B#(CH Brittany. And lowering himself to her level. She only hangs on to Lane because she knows he likes her and will protect her. She uses anyone she can -she can’t be honest to anyone in the house.

  310. Sorry Alex, Brendon didn’t “attack” her family-he just said she was a spoiled brat, which is true. But you also have to REMEMBER, this was all an act to try to get them to vote him out (aka Evil Dick) He didn’t really mean anything he said. You have to look at the over view and all the things that Brittany said about him and Rachal- what goes arnd comes arnd

  311. @452

    What did Brendon say about brits family?

    I knew once they got rid of Rachel the game would heat up…now they can’t all just cling to each other against brenchal. I could see Enzo pull a Russell once things finally stop going his way.

  312. @ Q Yea!! Will she be the next Tia Tequila? Umm, Q, who was tia tequila? @ Sterling, see, this excuse for “a wanna be” has a lot to learn! OH, and then her mouth kept switching from side to side. I know we have experts on this sight saying she has problems! Ya, she has problems, all the way to the bank! We will have to see her on the reality circuit!! OK I’m done! for now,

  313. Brendon is already looking and sounding much more relaxed now that Rachal is out- I think he’ll get his game back now and I dont’ think it will so easy to get him out now as they all think.;)

  314. I would think that Matt almost feels obligated to use the DPOV – it would clear him from the suspicion that he got $10K or something when he opened Pandora’s box. And he could say – and I couldn’t tell anyone.. etc.

    Plus it fits with his view of himself that he’s a genius BB Player!

  315. I just love big brother i can’t wait to see wait go to go on this week in the big brother with Brendon as the HOH it is so COOL i hope this week someone of the 4 boys in that group go home but if not i hope Brittany going home I think she is #### ### but that is what I think of her hope for the best

  316. Scene:

    (Brendan’s ex-fiancee watching tonight’s eviction of Rachel episode with her mother and sisters.)

    “With Brendan, I’ve seen it before…
    Before Rachel walked out the door,
    Too bad she couldn’t see
    How bad he played me.
    Good luck to that VIP whore.”

  317. dont see any brigade or Britt leaving this week put britt on the block she will win pov, and matt has dpov so he is safe and brigade has numbers if any of them are up so look for ragan to go and lose his sabatore money, kathy may go but she still flying under radar, and brendon gone next week. thats a gimme.

  318. I didn’t actually see it, but apparently Brendan did talk smack about Brittney’s brother.

    Personally, I think all of them are whinny, deceitful, shady, cruel, etc. They are playing a game and I don’t hold that stuff against them – it obviously has worked so far for those still in the house. What is irritating about Brendan and Rachel is that they don’t think they are being mean, shady, etc. They think they poop gold. Those types of people irritate me. They need to gain some perspective, grow up, and apologize or at least feel remorseful, especially if they expect others to do so. Throw in the trashy behavior, ignorance, and irritating mannerisms and they become almost unwatchable.

    Please don’t let Rachel come back.

  319. You know – winning HOH is going to do great things for Brendan – he is so eating up the attention and the general sucking up. He’s positively beaming!

  320. Notice without Rachel around Brendan is more relaxed, they all seem having fun talking with him.

  321. and those that said they didnt see ragan’s goodbye speech to rachal it was there one of the first ones ones, said that her attitude got her out and then he kissed up in case he needed her votes.

  322. hmm we can only wait and see-depends on what the pov comp type is-Brendon has won 2 of them-Brit’s were simply just luck- It’s getting to the point tho, that Matt just may start playing totally for himself and not the brigzde-I’d love to see Brendon, Enzo and Ragan team up-stranger things have happened on BB LOL

  323. I don’t think that’s true of Brendon Alex- there were several times he tried to get Rachal to tone down her comments etc and also said in the DR that he didn’t know what Rachal was doing in saying the things she did.

  324. @ DANN Hi, Brenda is a little late in the game to man up now! Will we buy the scenario that this was is” whole strategy” from the get go? NAH, I don’t think so! Ya, the dude looks a little perkier, wouldn’t you?? THINK ABOUT IT! Ding Dong, the witch is dead, the wicked old witch! I am a old lady and rake just plain drains me! I would have stopped watching if she stayed.

  325. yes dont bring rachal back, her attitude when she wins and is all that and win she loses she should be appologized to for winning , and she and brendan had no game they just won HOH compitions, that dont get you votes trying to bully people, Brittany talking up to everyone getting them to think she is in with them is how you play the game, it survival it how you win, being decietful is how you survive.

  326. Hopefully Kathy will be evicted this week. The next week Brendon can’t win HOH, so whoever wins will just put him up.

    If Brendon puts up two Brigade members then Matt will use his DPV and either Ragen or Kathy will go home.

    I seriously hope no one sucks up to Brenda. He is too much of a wuss to bother with.

  327. Give me a break Brittney she just made a comment she didn’t really hate Brendon for anything he said except the part tonight bout her being a spoiled brat etc?? she’s made hateful comments about him for weeks! God, I hope she goes this week! Good Riddance

  328. That’s true. Brendan was more rational than Rachel most of the time.

    But he still thinks he has done no wrong to anyone and that isn’t true.

  329. @tishe – now don’t say that. You are a BB fan and as such you gotta take the good with the bad (sometimes very bad).

  330. Well, my last comment then I’m definitely off to bed- Ithink all you Brendon haters just don’t understand him-some of the comments he made were to defend someone he loves-simple as that-if you were in your shoes and in that situation, you’d do the same. For the most part, he didn’t /doesn’t go arnd saying nasty things about other HG behind their backs like Britt, Ragan , Monet, others. I’ll give matt credit also-he doesn’t get in the game either.
    Britt is totally the worst-you say Brendon doesn’t think he does anything wrong? Well, I suppose you think Brittany doesn’t either? wow-I must be watching a different BB than you are- lol

  331. I can see Brendan go FAR in this game…now that Rachel’s gone and he’s HOH he’ll have a lot more time to talk to the rest of the house and they’ll probably end up liking him liking him…things change fast in the big brother house I eremmeber last year everyone hated Jesse and Natalie and when Natalie beat out Jesse to stay in the house n week 5 it looked like she would fall soon after but she made it all the way to the final 2.

  332. I think I’m gonna hit the sack as well… my eyelids are drooping… I keep thinking I’m seeing everyone get along in the house tonight?

  333. @446 Too soon to be judgmental. This game changes day by day. The DPV power will be a game changer!
    Give the “have not” some slag.

  334. I am headed out too.

    But yes, Brendan absolutely does talk behind people’s backs. And I think Brittney knows she is being mean more so than Brendan. Like I said, they are all being mean and those that think they are guilt free angels irritate me. Brittney is therefore slightly less irritating in that respect. And way less irritating in many other ways.

  335. whats going on in the house right now? i know they cant cut it off from showtime, and i just canceled showtime like yesterday so i can get HBO and watch Hard Knocks haha.

    whats happening?!

  336. LOL! They are ALL sitting in the LR waiting on a message from the ‘Sab’ and it turned out to be a Production accident hahahaha

  337. @ Sterling, Darling, I know you are right! Did you see Q’s Latest @ 461? This kid is good! Rico had number 1″s too!! Sterling, is this game fixed??? Tee- Hee!@@ Lisa, she is right, she also knows! Sterling, good night, I actually got paid to think again! I tired, but great show, good popcorn and great beer!

  338. I hope they break up the gay couple (Matt and Raegen)! Then we will see Raegen turn in to a full blown drama queen!! And hope fully he’ll start doing real sabotaging to keep himself.

  339. i cannot believe half the people up here like brendon and rachel, i think they are both stupid drama queens.

  340. Hi yall, @are you kiddding me: #137 yes you can I meat my wife and 1 1/2 months later we were married and that was 25 years ago, @ann: 392 It must be great to just know what a person thinks and what they are just by looking at them, I guess you don’t need to know someone any more, and Hi CT come now all this week it was CBS and BB were going to cheat and keep rachel, now that she’s gone and brendon won HOH it has to be rigged, also you all trashed rachel because Matt said she went thru his suitcase, which she didn’t he admitted that it was lie. why can’t you believe that BB is just boring and that the way thing are turning out on BB, is just how it is

  341. @ BBN you folks advertise “live 24/7 live feeds” yet I read from the comments that ya all “cut off” What is up with that?

  342. Ragan does cry after every HOH comp I’ve noticed. We’d all do well to get a good cry every week.

  343. Why is there so much more crying this year than ever before…The only ones that haven’t cried yet are the brigade, kathy, and annie.

  344. Rag boy cries, cuz, he is in a tough pickle right now! He is in a really bad place! HAH! NOT! He has met is match, himself!

  345. Ha ha ha!! IN YO FACE BITCHNEY, MATT, and RAGAN!!!! Especially Bitchney!! That dumb cocky biyotch!!! Brenden should have bitch slapped her ugly a$$!!!

    I’m so glad Brenden won!

    Oh and also…. Buahahaha to all those Bitchney Matt and Ragan fans!!! They deserved what they got and I hope they rot in the have nots room!!!!

  346. @ Jean He is not too bad to look at! I am a little turned off by the “White Knight scenario” this is over rake? He is great to look at tho!!

  347. First off, Matt is an idiot. Britney is a stupid skank and nothing is wrong with Brendon and Rachel! She deserves to come back AND win. Matt is SO full of himself. He made up a lie about his wife and continues to lie to everyone, he is worthless. Hopefully for him his wife doesnt really get a disease.

  348. lets set the record straight… we know about the brigade and they’ll get what’s coming to them when the time is right

    we see lane and brit; we know they’re more than kissing cousins

    everyone should know brendon’s not going anywhere outside this house until the end of next week

    rach’s nightmare in the jhouse would be the next to leave, could it be me, no it be kathie

  349. I don’t know why everyone hates Britany so much. I think she is hilarious. I don’t think she is nearly as mean as some of the comments that are made on here. You guys are brutal!

  350. Bitchney’s been talking crap from the first episode of BB when she was all palsy walsy with Monet. She could never tell people to their faces up until she was acting all hot shit to Brenden when she knows that he’s not going to touch her. She’s a two face, back stabbing biyotch. Yeah I used to think she was funny too until I noticed that EVERYTHING that came out of her mouth was trash talking!!! I hope she gets evicted this week!!

  351. Britany or Kathy is going home this week. Kathy shouldnt be there because she sucks. Britnay is a joke, super fake, and a pathetic floater. I think her personality really rubbed off on Reagan, who I really think regrets how he treated Brendan.

    My favorite part off BB is how everyone goes from high and mighty to the bottom. LOL at these floaters who think they are safe because the Brigade is really the only force with brenchel being split up.

  352. Scene:

    (Britney in HaveNot room with Ragan and Matt. She’s mocking Rachel, walking and grabbing her boobs.)


    “Floaters, grab your life vests–
    For me, mine is my chest.
    Better sink or swim,
    ‘Cause my weapon’s my trim–
    VIP cocktail waitress.”

    (She now tells Ragan and Matt how she really feels…)

    Rachel’s such trailer trash,
    Big boobzilla swingin’ her ass.
    She thinks I’m her friend?
    Bitch better think again.
    That hooker ain’t got no class.”

  353. Brittney is as mean as the comments she made. She along with Regan and Hayden did this fore several nights on BBAD. If it was a one time thing I could agree. If you remember she and Monet did nothing but talk bad about Rachel on the first couple of shows.

    Did anyone notice how Brittney came up behind Lane and gave him a hug after the live eviction. That was more of an intimate hug which leads me to believe they are the life long friends (or more).

  354. don’t ppl get it… every time i come up on the monitor it’s a sabotage??? i deserve that $20,000

    i’m turning this game upside down and i might be doing it from the block

  355. OHHHH poor Brit and Regan, all game they have had their noses in everybody business and are the biggest complainers, criers, back stabbing snakes in the game. Oh poor me, “I’m a little princes and a spoiled little b*&%$” and Regan trying to pay the “I’m gay so everyone’s always after me or I’ve heard it all man”. “Oh we are the smallest people in the house etc”… give me a break! I have plenty of great gay friends and women who are wonderful and can stand in there with anyone, and do it with integrity and sportsmanship.
    These two take the cake. They have no game so they play the sympathy card. What comes around baby! Cry and cry and try to justified everything mean they’ve said, and Brit’s caveman walk in front of Brendan, smart and mature move, you crazy B*&$#. She must be used to getting everything she wants. Brendan I hope he cools down and stand above this all, I doubt it!! But what a great twist, and payback, with winning the HOH. I too like most are hoping Rachel comes back, and then watching this game be turned upside down. Then Rach/Bren will really go after all those who have done nothing but sit on their butts and maybe the bridage will be split. Most of us where sick of the Rachel and Brendan make out and crying poor me also, though it’s true since week one they have been after them, but they a least went after it every game. They made deals and stuck to them. The rest are just good spin doctors and their good at it. So if Brendan gets out Brit!!!! Or Regan, then bringing back Rachel, annoying, as it would be could strike fear into the house and possible have others be real and make new alliances.

  356. @ tishe shes the one that got eliminated first I don’t think she cried.

    To everyone else WHATS WRONG WITH MATT? So he lies who cares everyone in Big Brother lies…hes one of the very few people who have actually been playing the game since day 1 and he doesnt talk shit about people like brittany and regan so i dont know why hes in there category.

  357. @Topgun, everything you say is so true! I am sooo excited that Brendon won HoH! I have to admit, I was very doubtful that he would get it because he hasn’t been too great at them in the past. But the house’s plan has failed and instead of him too upset to compete, he was fired up!

    As much as I love the Brenchel team, and as much as I also was kinda getting sick of Rachel’s antics, I still hope she comes back. Those two are a great team and are both strong competitors in their own ways. I would have been sorely disappointed if someone in the house had gotten HoH and voted Brendon off since it’d be an extremely boring rest of the season.

    At this point I’d be happy to see any one of these other houseguests get the boot. At the top of my list is Ragan and Britney, who I actually liked until I saw their true colors this last week with their constant trashtalking of Brenchel. Enjoy your “talkshow” Just the Tip the next several days as you worry about which of you will be going home!

  358. Enzo is playing the best game. Although he hasn’t won any comps, he knows not to be an out right jerk to folks – he needs their votes.

  359. i wish Brendon put Matt and britney togather ,so that way matt has to use his DPOV and everybody come to knw that what a big backstabber he is and not let him win for next HOH comepetiton,so they can put him up next week again and backdoor the backstabber

  360. ashlay

    If Matt was sure he had the brigades votes I don’t think he would need to use it…but the way things are going it doesn’t even seem like he’s in the brigade anymore.

  361. oh my mistake !!! not not matt and britney but brendon should put matt and ragan so he can profit game both the way by backdoor sabotage and let everyone come to knw that what a big backstabber basterd matt is

  362. I think Brendon will put up Britney, Regan or Cathy No way would he would want one of the Men to be alone a whole week with Rachel in the jury house,

  363. CBS, is giving it all to Rachel & Brandon, & that makes me sick. Nobody in the past has ” Ever ” been given all that crap before. I still can’t stand those “two ass-hole’s ” & if cbs lets that WHORE BACK In, I hope CBS lose’s a lot of viewer’s next year because it’s a set-up show. CBS has NEVER WON A REWARD FOR BB.Now I can see why & I have watched BB,ers from the first show, & they have all been great but failing big time the last couple three years. Don’t think I,ll watch next year. I stoped watchin ” Survivers two year’s ago but it looks like this years Suvivers is gonna be a good one, it’s against ” a group of ” YOUNG & OLD.

  364. Brendon wins??? Darn! I can’t stand him and his “I’m your knight” attitude. I don’t care if He loves Rachel, but be quiet about it. Sheesh!
    Go Britney!!!!!!

  365. Of all episodes for me to miss, it had to be the one where Rachel got goose-egged on out the door. I would have loved to see that b**** leave. The show was preempted in my area because of preseason football. And Brendon winning HOH is awful!!! Hope that Ragan stays. He’s my fave houseguest and I wanna see him win his $20,000. It’s gonna be another crappy week now that Brenchel is in charge again.

  366. The HG’s should discuss Rachel being in the Jury house all alone, well except for the camera crew, wonder if they can party and have all the wine they want. I would say things like that every opportunity I had, messing with Brendon’s mind. Any self respecting Knight would not want his lady love in a situation like that.

  367. Question: if Mat has to use the DPoV to take himself off the block after the actual veto competition, does that mean that Brendon can play in the HoH competition again come next Thursday? I seem to remember the last time this happened, when Jeff used it, that the current HoH could compete since his nominations weren’t on the block anymore.

  368. Please CBS DO NOT BRING RACHEL BACK…. Now the game will start. Brendon will play the game…finally… and evict all the non participating ones.

  369. Did you see regan last night, crying like a little baby and he’s not even on the block yet. Can’t wait until bren puts regan up.

  370. Im so glad that Brendan won HOH. I hope he puts britney up and matt. Then Matt wikk have to use the diamond veto and everyone will know that he lied. Then two other people will have to go up, so a brigade member will end up on the block.

  371. I’m going to stay away from the bad words…after all this is just a GAME people!!! I think Brendon will nominate Britney and Ragan…..Matt will use his DPOV to take one of them off the block, Kathy will be replacement, and Kathy will go to the Jury House.

  372. I’m glad Brendon won…yeah they definately were annoying but for Brittany to act so stupid towards brendon (although he may have deserved it) makes me want to see her evicted. Then the 3rd showmance will be seperated.

  373. Way to. Go Brendan! !!! I hope that Rachel. Gets back in the game and u too can make it to fine two because both of u are good strong players and I like to see u both win in this game all the otherness are just floters and I think Branden and Rachel could take each one down CBS find a way to bring Rachel back into the game because she not perfect but, but who is but she makes the game interesting. … love u B & R

  374. It felt like the Brendon and Rachel show last night. They didn’t even interview Matt in his HOH room. Brendon is a swimmer and the comp last night looked like a swimming pool with ropes dividing the lanes. Like you see in swimming comps. I think that is why Brendon won. It was a familiar situation to him. I noticed with the good bye messages that they didn’t say anything about the brigade. I hope that doesn’t mean she’s coming back. Matt is the only brigade member that has won anything. Can’t these guys do anything? Enzo was the only one that gave a decent good bye message. He’s thinking of jury votes. What’s with these other people?

  375. @Jessica You must be in the same area as me, because it was preemped here too for I think the Patriots game. But I saw it on channel 12. You can also go to CBS Big Brother and watch the whole show now if you want.

  376. I guess production wanted him to win. Anyone think they set the course so they know who will win. I mean were all lanes exactly equal with the number of knots? I was watching the CBS program and could only assume they were going to make it so Brendon could win. I mean no body saw them set up the course and it seemed in no time, like after the first commercial break he already had a nice lead? Oh and he gets to pick 3 for have not, wow, production really is getting in the middle of this game. Guess the players are too boring by them selves.

  377. @teacherlady…Thank you, thus far you are the only one that has used any class on this blog when you speak. I for one could not stand watching two people make out the entire time on TV (Jeff and Jordan didn’t do that the entire season of BB-11). I couldn’t stand Rachel’s crybaby attitude and her constant use of “no one comes between me and my man”…so insecure. I really could careless that Brendon one HOH..just makes it more interesting. However, I do think there will be some sort of twist because why would Julie have said that don’t worry to Rachel you haven’t seen the last of the BB house. Also to Teacherlady…that would be the smartest move for Matt when using the DPOV! It is a game and yes we can get fired up about it…I just wish Lane would get it together and win something…gotta go for my fellow Texan. haha

  378. Please bring Rachel back! HA NOT!



  379. If they bring Rachel back, I’m done with this show! She was voted out clean and fair.

    Sucks Brendon won the HOH – he’s a baby and needs to go too. I hope the DPOV can be used to put the HOH up i.e. Brendon!! That would be PERFECT!

  380. @babdvm-yes, you are correct. We know that reality tv can be a joke (although I love it for some odd reason)…when it gets boring they step in. Yes, some of the BB After Dark sessions on showtime have been great-eg. the talk show and the nasty HG blow ups, but let’s face it…production wanted it stirred up because everyone was against ‘Brenchel’-which I for one was! But what’s done is done and now they (BB production team) wanted Brendon to have a Lover’s Revenge. That’s the only thing that makes sense to their HOH set up…plus he was totally fired up! Hmmm wonder who he is going to pick for Have Nots? -Brittany, Ragan, and Kathy- the three he got into it with last week?

  381. I don’t care who goes home at this point. Most of the HGs are really irritating this season. Lane and Enzo are not even trying. Enzo is pretending to run everything. Britany is annoying and a brat. Matt has a huge ego about his intelligence level. Kathy is really irritating and a weak player. Brendan is tolerable. Hayden is ok. But really hope Ragen wins at this point.

  382. Matt will use DPOV put Kathy up in its place (as the Brigade has used her as a pawn over and over and over)

    Kathy leaves this week. I am sure CBS wouldnt want Brendon to leave this week cuz I AM SSURE THIS SHOW ISS FIXED! It all doesnt make sense. so forrr sureee the DPOV cannot put the HOH UP.

    Brendon leaves the week after! bye bye

    I agree that the SAB is totally lame and useless!!!!!!!!!! Horrible idea CBS!

    @JE86- veryyy well said!

    For all your Britney haters- SHE MAKES THE GAME RIGHT NOW! She is hilarious!!!!!!!!!! without her the house will be insanely boring!!!!! She is playing the game VERY well wayyyyy better than that barf whiney couple BR!

  383. Lynn

    August 13th, 2010 at 8:31 am
    Attention je86, she got voted out b/c she was the strongest player in the game. Have you never seen BB before?! Winning… That’s why you get voted out. Social game, psh, get real. She was a competitor, and a damn good one. Her voice may be annoying, and her laugh may be too, but who hasn’t been at some point in the BB house?

    Lynn- give me a break. SHE THINKS she got voted out because she is such a strong player- lol NOTTTTTTTTTT

    People are annoyed of her that is why! Strategically speaking, Brendon would have been more of a target than Rachel but they couldnt take her anymore!

    Competitor? I think she would have commit suicide if brendon would have left. Shed have noone! Why would anyone be afraid of THAT??!!

    BR could care LESS about the game and the money! they just wanted to keep eachother safe! that is not STRATEGY and sportsmanship. Gimme a break!

  384. @Norm- well said. I doubt the DPOV can be used (even if you could, CBS probably changed it because Brendon got HOH)

    BR evicted back to back? Godforbid, CBS

    Im done with this show if this keeps up

  385. @Lynn…yes she was winning comps. But that wasn’t the only reason they wanted her out…that has been clear by the other HGs and by America (read all the blogs out there). The girl didn’t even play in one Endurance comp and sucked big time at bowling….I liked the drama, don’t get me wrong, but I couldn’t stand how insecure she was- “no one comes between me and my man” and her several references to needing Botox injections. I could careless about her big boobs, but I know insecurity when I see it. I have to say that I am proud of Brendon- he found a reason to fight and win-even if it was a for a 5 week love affair- because I don’t know that they could have the relationship that Jeff and Jordan has had for the past year. I didn’t like how Rachel handled losing and then when another person won she took it personal and wanted them to apologize. How is that class that she claimed to have. But where you are right is bringing her back would bring more ratings- Isn’t that how it goes? That’s why Jeff came back last season!

  386. I dont care who wins this season as I just dont like any of them..Matt w his hands in his pants,Brittney the b****,Kathy well?,Ragan the crybaby, and Enzo,Lane,and Hayden boy dissappointed that they decided not to really play the game and just float thru.. play the pool tournaments! do they realize how many ppl would of loved to be on BB and actually play the game BUT rachel and Brenden hav been great entertainment.. we hav to remember that 2 seasons they brought back evicted HG’s.. so there is a chance tht Rachel will be brought back.. they brought back Keysar and who knows what BB has in store this season? Like I said I dont care who wins! but if they do bring Rachel back I hope she wins!! at least she played the game!

  387. I am really fed up of all you BR lovers who say how they are the strongest and best players of the game

    They could care less about this game and have said so numerous times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They just want to be together, they dont want any money- CBS should have got rid of them together and they would have been MORE than happy

  388. lane mentions that Brendon requested a letter from rachel.
    Matt: “Really because i was joking about that right after he won”. Brit: “that just goes to shows you about his relationships outside the house if he’s willing to take a letter from a person he just saw 4 hours ago over family”


  389. I for one like Brittany- which I didn’t at first! She cracks me up with her witty comments! Didn’t know that she had that in her! But like I said earlier- Come On Lane! Where is the fight in you? Being from the DFW area I want my fellow Texan to do better- kinda sad that Matt has to win the Brigades fights! He is kinda a douche bag- I would too be pissed if my husband lied about a disease that I didn’t have! It is kinda like calling into work sick (when you are not) or saying that your Grandma died (when she didn’t) so you have a lame excuse to not go to work…I have always thought that when you lie like that, it could come to bite you in the butt!

  390. @Jamie- You are completely right! I find that quit disgusting! If I were there, I would much rather have a letter from my family- He prob wants a letter from her rather than family, cuz his family would probably tell him to get over her and play the damn game!

  391. @Amanda- HAHAHAHA
    I doubt she’ll get one from her- she should be secluded in the jury right now. If he does, CBS did it on purpose to stir stuff up

  392. I hope that Brendon puts up Brittney and Matt and someone from the Brigade wins the POV and takes off Matt. In retaliation, Brendon puts up the POV user. Then at eviction Matt will save that person and put up Kathy. Then (Yeah I won but don’t need to apologize bc I celebrated) gets to go to the Jury house. She has float her way to the Jury house, but wont float her way to the $500,000. She beat someone at something for once, but wont be staying past this week.

  393. @jker0404 I for one don’t care for Cathy either, but if I sucked at every competition, I would probably be excited that I beat Rachel, or anyone for that matter- so she can be proud- she won’t win the half mil. She sucks to bad to even win HOH or a POV

  394. Brandon wins HOH, who knew….(hint…CBS), and Julies little comment to Rachel,…c’mon CBS, it’s alresdy quite obvious how the next couple weeks are going to go. All the show doen’t say up front is How it all goes down.

  395. Reading the board how is it that Regan won
    America’s vote for Sab.. Enzo is a floater
    and lazy watching him last night on Bbad he
    went into the cabinet and got a glass left the
    cabinet open and then left glass on counter
    for someone else to pick up.. lazy,lazy

  396. To anyone who might want to make a complaint to CBS about the show possibly being rigged:

    I told them if it keeps up, I wont be watching anymore

  397. Ok, sorry I forgot that the POV couldn’t go up. So same plan but you put up Matt and Brittney, and the POV saves Matt, unless Kathy somehow wins, she might actually save Brittney. Then Brendon puts up someone, anyone, in the Brigade. I have a feeling he is aware of them. Kristen was hinting on it, and it is pretty obvious. This is a stupid set of people, but it will get figured out, before it comes out in the house. Then Matt will use the DPOV on himself, unleashing Rachael back onto the house, and sending Ragan home, if Kathy wins POV or sending Kathy home if anyone else wins POV.

  398. CBS doesn’t rig anything. They are in it for good ratings, but if it were rigged it would mess with the tone of the game and there wouldn’t be a reason to even play the game. If the game was rigged, Annie wouldn’t have been sent out, in the first week.

  399. Matt will use the DPOV probably for anyone up on the block and then put up Kathy

    If Brendon was smart hed put up Kathy with someone

  400. They have come to realize how BR is drama and nothing less. They are modifying the course of the game now. First week they cant rig anything. Even if the SAB got out first who cares, we have anotheer SAB now

  401. …I agree, putting Kathy up would be smart, because I think that she is laying low and will explode later on…if not she has got to be the worst cop ever…she can’t win anything! Just cuz you beat one person in one comp doesn’t mean crap if you can’t win the whole thing…

  402. I think that Rachel will be part of Pandora’s Box but if Brendan opens it to see her, he will be eligible for eviction if the dpov or will not be able to have HOH the rest of the season. He is “in love” enough to do it, but would be out to see her faster than Enzo or Kathy drop out of competitions.

  403. Alright people it’s simple. The Brigade will determine who goes home this week – they will have at least 3 of the 5 votes this week. If Matt has to use the Diamond POV he will then name his replacement. I’m betting that Kathy goes home since the Brigade thinks they have influence with Ragan & Britt.

  404. Does anyone else have the f e e d s?? I am trying to watch some of last night and everytime I go to 6pm, 7pm…. all the way to 12am.. It shows the same thing, the house guests sleeping! Everytime it starts, it’s the same begining. Cam three, someone’s awake and it’s repetiting from the hour before. I know the hg’s are not really asleep! What’s going on. Anyone else with the problem??

  405. From what I’ve been reading, the DPoV can be used by it’s holder to put up ANYONE, including the current HoH. Can someone confirm if this is the case? If so, I see Brendan going home this week.

  406. Doesn’t anyone believe CBS/BB rigged the final HOH? I do.

    I have no favorite and actually like Brendon. But think about it. They test the course with people before hand. They know its going to be a physical/strong challenge (see Lane doing so well).

    How does anyone know that Britt & Ragain & others didn’t have harder knots or ropes to slide thru?

    It would be easy to make one persons lane much easier than the other and how would anyone know the difference?

  407. Jamie you are right that the DPOV will be used and to put up Kathy unless she is put up initially and takes herself off. KATHY has to go this week…. She has no game. GOTTA love the brigade, this could be the best group in BB history, anyone disagree? they are just picking off anyone and everyone

  408. whats odd about this whole thing there is no way brenden can make it past two weeks now he has made everyone an enemy in the house so yeah i smell direction from Julie and the production crew messing with the game , more and more these reality shows turn into actual scripts, “how do we keep be=renden in the hous e i know lets make up something and bring rachel back”, what a farce do they not know what america (and im speaking for canadians too) want? brenden is dust ..he just delayed it one more week.. he is done as there is no way he will win pov, when one of the nomineees get the pov, thats one and i doubt matt will try to hard as he already has one … he may help the other person on the block win so they both can remove themselves.. but that being said big twists right? rachel is an actor and a plant, after being in the house she came out and was a totally different person anyone see that?

    It is fixed..and we know what the outcome will be as thats what CBS wants.

  409. @Damage, I am trying to find that out myself. That would be awesome if the HoH could go on the block!

  410. @DT, of course I saw the change in her demeanor! That’s what made it obvious that CBS plays a hand in all of this…Hello-hence the name BIG BROTHER!!! Right?!

  411. yes Goat its all a script, Brenden and Rachel are the plants and being paid to be the couple, cbs doesnt want to lose the dramatics so the twists will go there way, as staterd by someone earlier, its for 500000 $ and no one seems to care about that money, or move there @ss and “race” through a competition..i am thouroughly disgusted with “reality” tv now…

  412. LOVE the Brigade! Even if they are stayin low- who cares!! Cant believe noone has spotted them out yet! hah

  413. wow Amanda and damage, interesting concept never thought of it…
    sweet idea….
    it did say anyone …

  414. It would be too simple to send the HOH home and thats that

    Cbs wouldnt let- i am 100% sure of that!

  415. @Jamie, I am sure you are right since I am pretty sure that CBS pulls the strings in the house as it is anyways…but it would rock if that DPoV could be used on ANYONE!

  416. You know in a perferct world I guess everyone would compete hard in every challenge and so on & so on. Although I get slightly irritated to see so many people throw competitions – it is definitely a good strategy when playing BB. You make yourself a target in one of 3 main ways: 1) Personal issues with others (keep your mouth shut and try to get along with e1) 2) proving to be a threat in competitions by doing well or winning them 3) Being HOH and having to put people on the block thus making enemies. Enzo, Hayden & Lane have not been in a situation where they needed to win a competition & ironically they have not been targeted for weeks. Of course they were going to let Brenden win last night -they know he’s going after Brit, Matt & Ragan. Plus, no matter what they knew they had at least 3 of the 5 votes this week. Smart Playing!!!

  417. @Lynn – Apparently your in this i can’t see anything wrong with Brendon and Rachel mode. Are we watching the same BB on the same planet ?? They created their own little alliance with there love sick attics, maybe they should have tried a soap opera show. Maybe you missed the episode where Brendon was so pissed that he sucked at the bowling competition that he throw his last ball and almost hit someone.(which would have got him evicted) He should be ashamed of his childish behavior and bad temper on live t.v. Kind of makes a mom proud, huh ?? That’s probably why they used his ex to show what a sore loser and control feak he can be. Now considering the balls Rachel has (which she took from Brendon) she too won’t be up with his crap and their relationship will frizzle as quickly as it started. Oh btw, he won that HOH courtesy of the brigade, Matt suggested it to the others and they all agreed so he puts up Britney and Ragan or Kathy. So you see my dear, Matt has been playing this game all along but no one can seem to quite grasp it.

  418. Brendon, and Rachel are not great players. Making all the hg targeting you is a bad strategy. Big Brother isnt all about winning comps.

  419. Quote from

    “In Big Brother 12, Matt was presented with a clear, rhinestone studded “Diamond Power of Veto” for opening Pandora’s Box. Not only does it allow Matt the right to veto any nomination, he will be able to choose the replacement nominee.

    (So, evidently, Matt can not use it on the current H.O.H., and it looks like he would have to use it on eviction night, which means that a regular veto competition would go on, as scheduled, the winner would decide whether to use it or not, and then Matt could decide to use the Diamond Veto on eviction night.) ”

    So I am not sure the credibility on that…but that’s what was stated on that site! But with this being Big Brother-I think anything can happen!

  420. UGH!!!I can’t stand Brendon and Rachel maybe Matt will us the DPOV on him this week and remove him from the house!!!!Go “The Brigade and Britt”!!!!!!!!!

  421. here’s the scoop – kathie’s odd cop out… brit best quit mocking rach’s man… brit/ragan quit crying and play the game.

    maybe matt should show ragan HOW to check that he’s got balls, that why his hand is always down there… though maybe ragan’s got the junk squeezed between his legs.

    bren needs to be CREATIVE this week if he’s planning to stick around. lay low… let’em (balls) grow bigger… let the hg’s come to you.

  422. okay so much to say about so little! glad rachel is gone because of her egotistical and berating comments. when she was on the show it definitely felt like “her house”. she was a sore looser, & her own worst enemy. ragan thinks too much of himself and hides behind who he thinks can offer protection. so he is the sabatour, to high of an opinoin of himself. he cries and wines and it is enough. this sabatour is not a “privilege”. i believe enzo won but cbs knew he wouldn’t accept. also this allows ragan to feel so important, get over it!!! i was a fan now i’m sick of him. and brittney, come on what a wench, she is only happy trashing people and finds herself entertining and intelligent? high school crap, such a lack of class and sophistication it’s just pathetic. their segment “just the tip”, boering…!!! britney and ragan are obnoxious and drunk on power. i’m glad they are in a funk. the brigade is useless. never form an alligance before you know people’s skills, intelligence, personality, social skills and temperment. i want to see ragan and brittany gone. watch for ragan he is another rachel with the ego and drama except his constant pontification is soo old! however, even though i don’t want to see rachel re-enter the house she was the best player!!! brendon, imature, socially stunted, yet a decent guy. i wasn’t routing for him to win hoh but now i’m glad. the game is going to change! this is not the worst season but very close. after dark is so boering nothing like the prior years. very poor casting and let’s stop with the sabtour. it is so stupid!!!!

  423. Please, someone answer Damage’s question: Can Matt use the DPOV to put Brendon, the current HOH, on the block?? Please say yes!!!

  424. @Rhonda- I posted a quote from a website- but BBnetwork is taking their time posting it because I typed in another site address. Basically it said that he CANNOT use it on the HOH, but I am not sure the credibility of that site.

  425. Just imagine the person that has to spend an entire week in the jury house with…imagine Kathy….

  426. I’d love to see either Kristens boyfriend back home or Brendon’s ex fiance to be allowed to enter the house under the COup d’etat…LOL

  427. Brandon was mean in order to get votes for Rachel to stay.If they bring Rachel back other than to host an event then bring back Andrew. Last week didn’t Kathy call Brandon a name? On after dark she was in his room. That’s what I call a floater or a kiss butt. Brandon said himself ” If Rachel was here she would have lost the game.This game is full of whinning,crying,backstabbing people. And it is still lame. There has been better BB’S. But someone will loose and someone will win. But who?

  428. @DT #606, actually I think Brendan is probably the best candidate right now to take to the final two because almost EVERYONE hates him in the house except for Rachel.

    Honestly, absolutely nobody in this house looks like they are seriously trying to play the game.

    Brendan/Rachel – If you’re going to make an open alliance like that so early, make sure you have other people to back you up.

    Matt – Way to make yourself a huge target. Nobody in the Brogade is going to want to take you to the finaly 3 (if they are smart). You’ve one two endruance comps and the first comp in the final 3 is an endurance one. Plus now you’ve won 2 HoH’s and should scare the Brofloaters that if you get to the final 2, they’ll pick Matt instead of the flaoter.

    Ragan/Kathy/Lane/Enzo/Hayden – Have any of you actually done anything in this game other than 3 of you making a secret alliance that has done virtually NOTHING!

    Britt – You’ve won 3 PoV’s and lots of people think you and Ragan are underestimated but you haven’t made any real alliances yet. Aww to late for that now, since Brendan is HoH and will most likely put you up since he targeted you as the most underestimated player at the eviction.

    Will someone hit these HG’s over the head and explain to them this is a game and how it’s supposed to be played?

  429. Is anyone overlooking the fact that two of the housemates have a “life-long friendship”???

    I believe Kathy is Britney’s mother… their hometowns according from the profile is only an hour apart. They look exactly the same. And when Annie was HOH – she put X’s on britney and Kathy’s picture and the message said these people are a threat.

    Maybe they are playing the game well?

  430. I’m so glad that Rachel got voted out…if I heard that laugh one more time….Grrrrr. I think that Brenden is a fool to think that he is so madly in love with her after, what 30 something days…give me a break. I hope that Ragan wins the whole thing…he is hilarious, however, I agree that the SAB thing is a little lame. No one, but no one, will ever play the game the way Dr. Will did…I miss him !! Anyways, will continue to be a loyal summer guilty pleasure !!

  431. @Ryan – From what we’ve seen so far from the Sabateur, they really only tell lies to try to liven up the house. Everything Ragan has said has been a lie and one of the two things Annie implied was a lie. I’m pretty sure that the life long friendship was a lie as well. If not, you’d think that Kathy/Britt would at least chat about it or try to ally with each other, which they have not. Or CBS is doing some interesting editing.

  432. i still think Hayden and Kristen were kissing cousins…..or bro/sis….it was a great coverup

  433. @Damage-

    I think BRIIT for the most part is in an indirect alliance with the guys- They dont speak of it but she knows shes secure

  434. Ryan, why would we not know the secret friendship if there was one? We can’t communicate with the players (if you want to call them that) in the house, so why wouldn’t Big Brother just tell America who they were? For that reason alone…I don’t think they exist. The whole purpose of the Saboteur is to make people think things…Annie did her part even if she was there just for a week. Other than that…I don’t see that it could be real!

  435. @Jamie-then that would confirm the suspicions that there is a secret alliance between Lane and Brit- I just have a hard time believing that because why would America not know- like I said before- we can’t communicate with the HGs

  436. I think Brit and Lane have some kind of something. Did anyone else see the hug she gave him in front of the mirror last night before the HOH comp? Wtf was that?

  437. Brittany needs to grow up and move out of high school. Her husband must be very proud of how she acts on national tv. Sooo imature. Not funny. Completely juvenile. Reagan full of himself, lame, and really nauseating. Matt is a liar, conceited, and a jerk. The brigade thinks they rule the house (laughable). Hope Brendon revenges Rachel, and she is brought back into the house. Yes she can be annoying, but she is a good and smart competitor.

  438. I dont think there is an alliance between Brit and Lane per se, they just got eachother’s back thats all-

    I think the guys love Brit and shes the less of their worries

  439. what? I have never heard anything so ridiculous –Rachel a good competitor! The poorest loser ever! The way she attacked people and then claimed to have class was disgusting! I honestly don’t care who wins from this point, but she was just a nasty person on the inside and out!

  440. @Ryan – I too initially thought it was Brit and Kathy. But right from the start I noticed when Brit and Lane would talk alone they would always see to mumble and always direct their words away from the mic. Also the hug Brit gave Lane after the eviction last night from behind his back and how he tried to make light of it, still makes me thinks there’s some sort of relationship there. They seem to have become close in such a short time nonchalantly.

  441. too bad…even though brendon won…he will still probably go home!! Matt will use the diamond power of veto, and he can replace any and all nominees and put anyone (including HOH) on the block!!bye bye brendon!!

  442. A good competitor as in – winning competitions – hello – like I said, she can be annoying. She worked hard at each competition. She knows the rest of the house guest don’t like her (Brendan excluded), yet she didn’t let that get in the way of her competitive spirit.

  443. FYI- From I have read: NO Matt CANNOT put up the HOH if he used the DPoV. The power is that when he uses it he can name the nominee who goes on the block. There will still be a veto comp and depending on that scenario, Matt could override that veto by using the DPOV. That is what I have read.

  444. She never played an endurance competition- so I don’t see how she was a great competitor? And she cried like a baby when she lost the bowling comp.-then attacked Kathy for celebrating a win (even though Kathy sucked at the rest of the game and I think it is amazing that she is a cop when she can’t win competitions- and she threw the paint can endurance comp.- what a joke!)But as for Rachel-her whole demeanor changed when she walked out of the house, so it makes me question if she just wasn’t acting the whole time? This game is so messed up anyways! Not trying to argue at all…

  445. I think I used the words good and smart. No she didn’t win endurance competitions because they occured when she couldn’t compete. You are right about her demeanor changing when she walked out of the house. Great acting if that is the case.

  446. @Jamie

    I dont hin Brittany Is in it with th guys Because on big brother after dark the guys were talking about getting brittany if one of them win they want brittany and ragan to go up on part.. so i dont think that they are togther in any way…. Matt and Lane dont know about it only the two other guys do sooo yha….. :)

  447. I did like Rachel & Brendon from the beginning because she did have my name so had to root for the “Rachel’s” of the world. I admit they are both so annoying though!! Anyways, @ Jamie you can’t say that she hasn’t worked hard to win challenges because she has. As much as I like the guys in the brigade they are all useless and have no game at all. They aren’t doing anything except Matt!!! He’s a jerk for saying about his wife being ill and didn’t even have to since he’s the only one of them winning. To me Brittany is boring cuz she only says her comments on her interviews. I wanted to see her & Rachel have a huge fight. The show will be boring now.

  448. @ Q damn good, you could charge admission, i for one of many appreciate your effort. FUNNY.

    #426… most say ‘drink’ i’d say ‘chemistry’

    #433… without her man, i’d guess ‘self-lube’ her ‘MAN’ually.

    can’t find your poem about Rach preparing for HER MAN to get to j-house… i do not like her BUT with a ‘gag and bag’ she could sit on my lap and i’d think of Brit. oh, how dare i covet another man’s fiance… SORRY LAME, i mean Lane.

  449. what’s ragan’s problem? hormones? i’m not rooting for him… only a weasel jumps off the board and the can when he’s in reach of winning HoH.

    why didn’t he just fake it and fall off at the BEGINNING of the comp if he already knew he wasn’t going to win on purpose so as not to put a target on his back.

    let someone else do the dirty work… what a little P*SSY. not smart at all, he DESERVES to go with his eyes all red from balling… his punishment for being such a crappy player – 1 week alone with his buddy Rachel.

    Ragan give her a kiss and hug from me, you loser. sorry, i’m done ranting, it’s all out, i’m over it. don’t hate him just dislike him a lot.

  450. Typical male thinking with his other head. Please make some worthwhile comment without bringing in your libido.

  451. my take on Rach’s problem conversing with Julie… put it this way, someone said they thought Ragan got a pen pass BB security; well when she probably did someone in security, forget i said that, she just got her meds into the BB House. perfectly legal… if prescribed by a dr and not self-produced, you know she’s a chemist, right?

  452. No, you cant use dpov on HOH or POV winner. And yall are idiots saying brandons gone next week. he could win POV and take himself off the block if its not double elimination u dunards.

  453. This is as scripted as WWE. If they bring back Rachel, I don’t know how this show retains any credibility. Not that it had much to begin with. Brendon is such a fool. She’d walk right past him when the next “her man” comes along. She’s playing him and everyone else like a fiddle. Everything about her is annoying. Her voice goes through me like a friggin nail. Who is she blowing now to get back on the show??

  454. go brendon now all they have to do is bring racheal back and work on getting out the rest… i cant stand matt and brittany they are both so fake.. enzo and lane are just funny enzo messed up by adding hayden and matt to his alliance he prob would of had a better chance teaming up with racheal and brendon… i love listening to some of the things lane says like the comment he made about hayden and kristen “first i thought they were cousins now they are kissing cousins” lol he is the biggest redneck ever but gotta love it

  455. Living in Texas, I have seen bigger Rednecks, believe me…but I love Lane! Just wish he would get it together and WIN something!

  456. @Amanda – i would think if they told us who they were, that would put a big target on their back and people would definitely want to vote them out. Don’t u think ??

  457. @Lynn – by what you described as trailer trash, you forgot to include cursing,(by being beeped out by t.v. and Julie asking Rachel to refrain from her language during one the competition) letting us see your boobs and your yahoooo by jumping on your man’s hips with no underwear on (digusting)peehew, you also described Rachel in a nut shell !

  458. @rmneimee

    YOU GO GIRL! That’s exactly the issue…if she was acting the entire time…she shouldn’t be in normal films-more like porn films! yuck!

  459. @rmneimee

    YOU GO! That’s exactly the issue…if she was acting the entire time…she shouldn’t be in normal films-more like porn films! yuck!

  460. Okay…I need to get off this blog…starting to become an addiction. Hope all has a great day and fabulous weekend!

  461. Who ever wants Rachel to come back has lost their marbles (just like her). SHES INSANE (and looks like the witch in Disney’s Snow White).
    BRENDEN SUCKS. As did Andrew.
    MATT 4EVER :)

    • I think matt is smug and anyone who would fabricate such a awful story about a love one is not right in the head, he got to go home to his ugly wife.. Go Brendon…..

  462. I just want to break up the Brigade, especially Matt. He is sosmug and annoying. I think he is on the down low. He is just a little to friendly with Reagan, slapping him on the butt. I don’t really care if Rachel comes back or not but all you haters need to calm down. The girl is a fierce competitor and all the other hgs were afraid and jealous of her. I’m glad Brendon won hoh, let’s see them squirm. I hope this outs the Brichheads oops the Brigade.


  464. I just love seeing Rachel’s picture turn gray…kinda helps her so called looks! Go Brigade! Those who think she was a great competitor needs to realize that anyone can answer questions right…she never won an endurance competition! She threw a fit when losing the bowling comp…but I have to say that she was a better sport than Brendan- throwing that ball was really immature! I just think that she needs to stay out of the house for good. CBS- PLEASE do not bring her back! I think that she is just an actress! Not even a real player!

  465. Trish- I think I might have to agree with you, Britt and Lane could be the life long (engaged) friends….as for Rachel I really hope that CBC brings her back, I think she’s America’s favorite!!!!

  466. @Sean. Cuz they were so scared of being seperated that is why they wanted to keep winning

    I don’t get what ppl don’t understand- they didn’t continue playing for money!!!!!! They had no interest in the game. Just eachother

  467. Good Day BB Post-ers & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

    Wow! That’s amazing almost 700 posts for Brendon finally winning HOH! :) Yahhhhhhhhhh Trish you muts be soooooooo happppppppppppyyyyyyyy, Abbylicious you too since your dear Rach is out!
    But have no fear, but Bren is on da warpath!


  469. i find it stupid that when rachel was in the house everyone wanted her that she’s gone everyone wants her back lol make up your minds people cant have it both ways

  470. I hope they don’t bring Rachel or anyone else back. It totally cheapens the value of the HOH/Veto/Week that it took to eliminate the player. Essentially it would make Matt’s win and subsequent veto competition worthless and clearly show favoritism and stack the competition in someone’s favor, after they already lost or were beaten by other players. Losers shouldn’t get second chances unless everyone else does.

  471. This game is so clearly INFLUENCED by CBC. The most controversial results always seem to happen week after week.


    I’m done with it.

  472. @Vic #684. vic & trish, i agree brit and lane are engaged friends and setting a good example, won’t the others be surprised?

    don’t you think if one gets evicted they’ll give us a big loooong kiss, right on the lips when 1 of them walks out the door or maybe they’ll both make it to the end.

    rachel america’s favorite… ok, i’m up off the floor… the one on BBNetwork’s vote was Brit at top and Rach was near the bottom.

    Big Brother 12 Week 5 – Which HG is your favorite this week? hope it adds up to 100%
    * Brendon 8%
    * Britney 26%
    * Enzo 12%
    * Hayden 4%
    * Kathy 3%
    * Lane 11%
    * Matt 5%
    * Rachel 9%
    * Ragan 16%
    Created on Aug 9, 2010
    Total Votes: 16,432

  473. I sure wish the house guest would have given Rachel a better good bye message. I would have said, ” Rachel now that your out, that’s a good thing,now we can have the house sprayed & new beds brought in, & we can all get shots now & put in a new tolit & shower. Now we can have a prayer meeting & pray for you as you really need help. Even your own family don’t care for you & you told us that yourself. You have no one. Go away bad girl. puke-puke on you. Don’t care if they bring you back, they CBS just needs the ratings. NOT YOU !

  474. @ Amanda, NO rachel didn’t win an endurance comp, Maybe that’s beacuse she was HOH both times and couldn’t play.

  475. @ Chris, I’ll call the ol’ Doc. first thing Monday morning & ask if I can get right in. Or do you think I should go to the ER now ? Don’t matter to me, then I can get out of painting my granny room tomorrow.

  476. I wonder if all the HG went to see Brenden’s HOH. I was shocked that Kristen didn’t go that time.I hope BBAD isn’t Boring again tonight!!! Who doesn’t like Drama? It keeps the interest in the show. Oh just to remind you RACHEL HATERS, James the porno star was brought back in to the house. At least Rachael was playing the game,so I hope they vote her back in by a surprise comp. Tired of watching the guys with their hands in their pants instead of their hands and heads in the BB game! I still LOVE RACHEL and I don’t believe she is really a cocktail waitress,just makin it up! Didn’t some of the other HG lie about what they really do for a living?

  477. @jamie #686 you said “I don’t get what ppl don’t understand- they didn’t continue playing for money!!!!!! They had no interest in the game. Just eachother”

    What don’t you understand? Why didn’t they just be nice, float and tell the hg’s to vote them both out starting the 1st week of evicted hg going to j-house and then spend sometime alone with just each other and then the rest of the time of BB12 together.

    If they wanted out to be together and the rest of the hg’s wanted them out – where was the problem and why all the drama?

    Maybe Rach acting like a complete douch, “I own this house, this is MY house”. Give me a break… “You disrespecedt me when you beat me bowling and you owe me an apology, And I’m going to make you apologize”.

    By the end of the season they’d have been at each other throat in jury house. LOL!!!

  478. @Chris…that was my point…she was HOH during the endurance competitions where she would have had to do more than answer questions…not going to argue with people on here…just discussing and giving my opinion. Seems like you are letting this get personal for you. Sorry if I am wrong!

  479. BRING RACHAEL BACK!!!! she was the best part to watch, not knowing what she will do next, lol. HOH should be able to bring back hg of choice for a twist. sab should out the brigade, since he is not part of it, brit is so jealous cause she is ugly, that is why she cant stand rach. i just hope brendan finds out about brigade and puts them up and evicts one of them. and gets veto next week, too cool. why did ugly brit wrap arms around lane? bring rach back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  480. I hate Rachel her voice was the most anoying thing ever and bredan was just lucky to win hoh I thought was going to won and was sadhe didn’t the bregade is the best thing ever basically next week if Brendan gets out they will have complete control of the game and ps I don’t want Reagan out cause I want to see him sabotage people btw RACHEL IS NOT COMING BACK