Big Brother 12: Week 5 HoH Endurance Competition Results

Here we go with the second Big Brother 12 Endurance HoH Competition!

The endurance competition is called “True Colors” and it has all the HGs on a giant, spinning can of paint with a slamming brush. The first HG to fall becomes this week’s one and only Have-Not while the last standing becomes the next HoH!

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Big Brother 12 Week 5 HoH Endurance Comp Results:

  • 9:27 PM BBT – Live Feeds are back! Kathy and Enzo are down already! One of these two Kathy will be this week’s only Have-Not.
  • 9:28 PM BBT – Brendon is down!
  • 9:30 PM BBT – Britney, Matt, Ragan, Hayden, and Lane remain.
  • 9:35 PM BBT – Brendon is whining in the corner that he’s going home this week. Rachel says it’ll be her.
  • 9:38 PM BBT – Britney, Lane, and Hayden are down.
  • 9:40 PM BBT – Ragan and Matt remain.
  • 9:45 PM BBT – Still just Matt and Ragan.
  • 9:53 PM BBT – Ragan getting ready to drop.
  • 9:54 PM BBT – Ragan drops. Matt is the only HG left. Worst HGs EVER.
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Congrats go out to Matt as the new HoH! Watch out Brenchel, well mostly Brendon! Do you think Matt will make the same mistake twice in this game? I doubt it. My prediction: tomorrow’s noms will be Brendon and Rachel! Stay close and I’ll keep you posted as soon as it happens on Friday.

Kathy was the first to drop so she’ll be this week’s only Have-Not. Aww, Brenchel are fighting already. Well get it out of your system, you two, because you’ve only got seven days left to do it! What do you think of tonight’s results?

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  1. man wtf is with these HG?

    that looked so fun, and so unique. it took like 36 hours to build and u guys dont even last an hour? WTF?!?!

    anyway the only good thing is BR are ALREADY crackin. rachel trying to make deals.

    im going to love this week. hopefully rachel goes home.

  2. I’m sick of the spoilers. I mean I know you have to post them but come on don’t put Matt in the icon until the episode. Thats the 2nd Endurance so far.

  3. and im so sick of brendon complaining. if he or rachel doesnt win the comps are fixed against him.

    u piece of shet. lol

  4. I agree @Lee Mn – it took a day to build that and after an hr they ALL fall off! I ddn’t expect the comp to be done so soon! Clearly NO one wanted it but Ragan & Matt! Wow! I’m utterly suspicious that those 2 were left yet again! I hate to say it but if Rach was up there, no way in HELL would she have fallen off so fast! :) and dat’s the true, love it or hate it! Guess Nic it’s just us on here from BB peeps crew, they’re all on the other one, it’s like at 350 posts now! Goin’ back! lol…will return here in a bit!

  5. @Brian: If you don’t want spoilers, why do you come to a spoiler site? Just asking. And if Matt doesn’t put up Brenchel, together, during nominations. He is the biggest idiot ever. Put both of them up, that way if one wins PoV, the other goes home.

  6. I think several of them were planning to throw the comp as soon as Brendon fell off…The saddest part is that Brendon fell off so soon because he was most likely really trying.

  7. Woohoo!!! If he actually puts Brenchel up and manages to get her out of the house then he’ll have my endorsement for the rest of the season!!!

    Go team ABR!!!!!

  8. THANK GOD! The look on Brendon’s face when he fell was priceless! Those two are running so scared right now. I love it. They were both pompous asses when “they” were HOH, both times.
    Rachel getting on national TV and calling Kristen a “trifling ho” and the other shit she said about her, yeah, she may be, but you have enough class to not call someone out like that on national television. what a slut. She is pouting around now, it is hysterical!!!!!! Please get her out of the house, Matt, if you screw this one up, I think you HG’s will kill you!

  9. Although I LOVE Brenchel, Matt would be an idiot not to nominate them BOTH. That way, one of them is guaranteed to go home (3 votes from Brigade members + tie breaker from Matt).

    However, I HOPE that he only nominates one or neither of them. But, I highly doubt that will happen.

    • I Thin that Rachel and brendon deserve to stay. Rachels won hoh twice know and brendons ushaully always trying and doing his best. I don’t know why people hate them. I hate matt and Hayden, get them out. I want regan or lane to win.

  10. I’m sorry but Rachel is really playing this game. I for one will be really sorry to see her go. Brittney does nothing but put down all the other house guest. I can’t wait until they finally start realizing who really is the nasty in the house. She put them all down when talking to Rachel then goes downstairs and tells everyone what was said except all the stuff she said. I hope Matt is smarter than I think and keeps Brenden and Rachel!!!

  11. @Brian: Seriously? If you don’t want spoilers then why are you going to websites the night of the big events? If you don’t want spoilers you shouldn’t be on any BB site in between Thursday night and Sunday night since that’s when almost all the spoiler events happen.

    I go ahead and post the HoH with endurances since that is normally revealed on Thursdays. Always have and promise I always will.

  12. If Matt mucks this one up, I’m going to scream! If he doesn’t put up Rachel AND Brendon as nominees this time to make sure that at least one of them goes home, the brigade needs to ditch his behind because he’s obviously not thinking. Brenchel should have been ousted ages ago, and Matt has the chance to do that now. The whole house needs to pressure him into making the right decision, if in the event he begins to have any silly ideas that he doesn’t want to put them up. Time to go Brenchel. And I gotta hand it to Matt though with the whole positive thinking manifesting result thing. When he won HOH last time, he said without a shadow of a doubt that I’m gonna win. This time around, he did the same thing and he won.

  13. I’m sick of the reoccurring wins . I want DIFFERENT. and when do we find out if matt chose to go along with pandora’s box and if ragan said yes to saboteur ?

  14. umm cindi britney won two again 2 POV’s.

    she dominated the last POV, and came within 5 minutes of the hour POV.

    she lost her friend Monet, and got called out in front of the entire house, and she will be here for atleast another week.

    but lets just pretend she hasnt, so ur right she hasnt done anything at all.

  15. What do you suppose Julie meant when she said that this would be the most powerful HOH of the season? Double eviction week? Something new?

  16. @Kristin: It’s because of Pandora’s Box. This week’s HoH gets to choose whether or not to open it.

    Geez, if that’s the biggest power this summer this that’s kinda sad! (No more of Jeff’s Coup D’Huh)

  17. Rachel and Brandon are both messed up people can’t wait to here the birth date of the first BB baby should be some time in march or june

  18. Even though it was a cool hope to think that one of the evicted hg may come back… it was questionable after Andrew, but now after Kristen, there’s no way it can happen. She knows about the brigade and the hoh having a special ‘power’ I was really hoping that would happen as it would be a real game changer…

    Oh well, guess we have to hope that Ragan will do the sab thing and that Matt stirs it up by putting up Brenchel.

  19. Rachel ids fuming..she is mad I think it may be something to do with Brittney…looks like she may go off any minute now..

  20. you know i really really dislike matt with a passion but im sort of glad he won. hopefully he wont make the same mistake this week by not putting up Brendon and rachael together!! one of them is GONE..WOOHOO!!!

  21. @Marcus

    haha I applaud you.

    anyway, Matt is a loose canon. I have no idea what he’s gonna do.

  22. I need to try out for this show!!! I’d shake things up in that pad!!!! in a classy way of course;)

  23. I’m never watching BB again if Matt doesn’t do something scandalous!! Just kidding! I just hope something scandalous happens soon because this is getting boooooring!

  24. CBS must do a better job in selecting hgs for next season. the guys play pool, workout all day (and whine), why can’t do any better than this? And kathy, for a law enforcement iffice she’s in piss poor shape. She must sit behind a desk all day. Awful.

  25. It really suck that only 5 people are fighting to stay in this game. The rest are just all talk. And why did America pick Ragan to be the next saboteur? I think he’s way to likable to pull it off.

    Sidenote: The girls in the house are screwed. I guarantee a guy will be winning this season since none of these girls want to stand up to these guys instead of making everything personal. It’s just sad. BB12 FAIL!

  26. I think the brigade is the biggest joke of bb! Matt is the only one playing the game out of the 4 of them. And the only chance they got is if he puts Brendon and Rachel. Ohh and I was shocked to find out that miss perfect Kristin had a man, what a h**

  27. Get rid of brandon I like rachel she reminds me of the chick from season 2 the one will drove crazy to the point she needed a shrink rachel seems she is half way there and matt can bring her the rest of the way without Brandon there

  28. Okay, lets look at it this way.

    Matt will not nominate Hayden, Enzo, or Lane.

    Matt will not nominate Ragan, they seem to be very good friends in the house.

    That leaves the only choices of Rachel, Brendon, Britney, and Kathy.

    KATHY is the most worthless player in BB history. She does not deserve to be in the game.

    BRITNEY seems to be getting along with everyone lately and is playing all sides of the house.

    RACHEL is not on great terms with Matt and is arguably the strongest player in the house.

    BRENDON is not on great terms with Matt and is part of a strong alliance and showmance.

    Of the 4 people, I only see him putting up some combination of Rachel, Brendon, and Kathy.

  29. If matt doesn’t put up Brenchel ,then he needs to get a brain scan on that so called genius cranium of his!

  30. kathy is the prime example of pathetic.

    when they were introducing the houseguest, she was shown in a damn DODGE CHARGER police cruiser.

    after ive seen how great and just beast she is at challenges ive to the conclusion that she is just the town’s mascot.

    there is no way she is a real officer. she wouldnt catch a little boy stealing coins out the public laundry machine. hell she couldnt eat a damn snickers bar. (because of the carmel in a snickers bar. if u didnt get that joke, wake up lol)

    like she is the town’s mascot, and a ceremonial police officer haha.

    but she is a tough competitor because in her words she showed independence by “not voting the way rachel and brendon wanted me to” and “i was just in the HOH with rachel all the time caz i was listening”

    she is a joke. im 18 right now and ppl like her are ruining my chance of being on the show hopefully in 3 years. DAMN YOU KATHY.

  31. Kathy made a deal with the whole group to be safe for two weeks if she dropped first and became the only havenot for the week.

  32. maybe after Matt gets rid of one of the R&B set the others will turn on him…gotta be more gonna on here than what we are seeing..something not jiving here..something does not fit..

  33. Kathy off first, no big surprise there ! Hopefully that big paint brush slapped some sense into Brendon. lol

  34. Maybe Brendon secretly wanted to lose… hoping that he can lose Rachel guilt free. I agree that she’s irritating, but she sure is playing the game. Brit is sooooo mean and lucky for the drama or she would already be out… any guesses on who the life-long friends are???? My guess is Lane and Brit… Lane always points the finger, and Brit was the first to suggest that it could be a lie after A left.

  35. I voted for Ragan as the sabatuer because he seems like he’s pretty twisted. Can’t wait to see how Britney bonds with Jordan.Must see TV!

  36. Question? Julie said, “If HOH (Matt) opens P-Box, Ragan will be offered Saboteur”…what happens if Ragan refuses? What makes this “the most powerful” HOH and the chance to “change” the game? Just wondering

  37. @darren#44 Matt is far from a genius. We have a special T-shirt for him, the front says “DUMB”, the back says “DUMBER” TeeHee.

  38. rob everyoone hates them, well more so rachel because she doesnt respect anybody when she is in power, and has to say backhanded comments. and because she is a bitch. i mean do u hear her goodbye speeches. she gave the “my man” thing to ANDREW and kristin. like she is very arrogant.

    has she one 2 hoh’s? yup. guess what? its only the beginning of week 5. so in 4 weeks she won 2 hoh’s. that puts a target on ur back, and the fack she is aligned with someone who has won 2 pov’s and doesnt associate with anyone in the house….

    adds an even BIGGER target.

    they deserve to go based on social interactions, and winning too much, too soon.

    • Wrong! If the HG refuses there will be no Sabo…I’d the chosen HG is evicted (Ragen) the second player with the most votes (Enzo) will be offered it.

  39. so true nic her friends sizzle they are so hot, and speaking of hot michele from last season used the money she won got some plastic surgury done got contacts divorced the hubby and man she is up there on the hot list now.

  40. Matt Do the Right thing And Put Cry baby Brenden Up against the Fake Drunk @ss Rachel on the BLOCK dont be stupid about this. And someone said matt is the worst HG EVER Kathy is far the worst player But you know what she needs a pass this week so MATT dont think of putting here up just put the 2 fake love birds up

  41. Matt is soooo annoying… I hope he does something stupid just so that the Brigade is broken up… Lane & Enzo (except for wanting to be called the meow-meow???/?) are gud… but I agree.. Hayden and Matt are idiots… who are the lifelong friends????

  42. isn’t BBT west coast time? it’s 8:30 BBT then now… when did the HOH competition end?

  43. CBS invested hours of engineering and then more hours actually building a set just so Matt would win HOH this week- C’mon Brendumb…

  44. keeping brenchel the first time was brilliant for the brigade even if they didnt know it. it created a beast that the HGs could bond together to slay taking the attention off the brigade. now is the time to get brenchel out and matt knows that.

  45. HOORAY!! Not Matt’s biggest fan but so happy Brenchel is on the down turn.

    Seriously, the worst shomance ever and someone should have instructed Rach to stop looking in the camera – “what a maroon”. Clearly, they either were already involved or individually decided pre-game to start the stalking first day. She called Kristen names? I am on nausea meds from all the cleavage – stop her! This girl is trash and Brendon, you are a fool if you do not walk away = if you have the credentials you say you do, you are a fool period. Rachel is as much a chemist as I am Heidi Klum’s secret twin. That laugh and giggling – how old is she? I bet younger than she looks.

    Was it just me or was the ridiculous staring the other night when Brenchel had their argument an audition for a serious dramatic role or was she too sloshed to say anything – I detected a bit of weaving. Even their fights are staged.

    How I miss Jeff & Jordan but at least they’ll pop in soon. I miss all of last year. Enzo, Ragan and Brittney keep it as entertaining as it can be.

    Thanks – I feel better now!

  46. I agree that Rachel has dug her own grave… but someone will put her up soon, even if not this week… just want to see Matt do something else stupid… he never planned to put up Brendon last time… he just changed his story when everyone was pssd with him.

  47. i think the people who like brenchel in the game, dont really like the bb social game because brenchel is so clueless and have no idea how to play the social bb game. everybody else in the house are good at the social game especially britt, matt, and reagan.

  48. ….and yeah.. they’re both fake… Brendon with his puppy-love talk… and both of them for declaring their love for one another… but the staring and dramatic looks were probably real (I know idiots who behave that way regularly)…

  49. These hg’s are ridiculous – Kristen – cheating dirt bag biatch. Rachel – dumbest shank ever. Brit – mean (not funny) girl. Kathy – mayberry sheriff w/no skills at all. Brendon – pussy whipped. Regan – dumbest good-bye speech to Kristen which makes him really dumb and fruity. Lane – nice guy. Matt – to full of himself. Enzo – typical meow meow. Kept Hayden for last cause he’s a realy cutie and pleasurable to look at. lol Can do much better that rabid ferret.

  50. not putting brenchel last time was ultimately smart for the brigade, i dont understand how people dont see that, even if you dont like matt, hes playing a great strategic game.

  51. Ragan’s reeeeeeally good at the social stuff.. so is Lane…. but Britt just likes making fun of people (anyone who’s been in grade school and doesn’t mind lowering themselves could do the same thing)… Kristen was good at the social stuff, she just made a mistake by trying to have a secret showmance (still can’t believe she had a boyfriend)… otherwise… liked her angle at first…

  52. Britney can really play the game- See how she dodged that missile Juliechen sent at her – the obvious answer was Rachel but Britney laid it off on Regan.Go Britney!!

  53. doesn’t everyone have spell check!!!

    PLEASE let it be rach or bren walking out the door next Thursday…….

    Any bets on how soon the love-birds will turn on each other……I believe rach would eat her young.

  54. Keeping brenchal would have been a good plan if he was trying to be a mastermind… he just took the easy way out and got lucky last time…

  55. Certainly Matt will have learned his lesson. Rachel and Brendon on the Block? I think that is the smartest move… although, knowing Matt he may but Rachel up against a floater.

  56. I bet the fighting will start tonight!!! Brendan will start trying to find another alliance, besides, they’ll have to end it… only way to get the attention when one of them is booted…

  57. Ok so the power struggle between Brenchel and Matt continues. Clearly Rach is annoying but she is an AWESOME BB player. I believe that she deserves to win but fear that her cockiness has earned her the chopping block and one way ticket out… Well that is if our self confessed genius TCB this week. Personally, this balding, egotistical kitty man needs to go as he is all purr and no claws. What has he really done in the game do far except for meow? Rach if you wanna win, keep fighting girl and for goodness sake, lose the men girl attitude so you get some sympathy votes or respect for playing well and playing well with others!

  58. ..yeah, he’ll probably put one up, and a floater and then if the POV is used… he’ll put the other one up… although Brendan seems to rule the POV comps.

  59. Can’t wait for Jeff and Jordon. Finally rach and brend get to see a real bb couple. One of them need to go. If matt has even the smallest of common sense he will send one of them home. Like it or not rach is running the house. I all most vomited for saying that.

  60. it sure would be entertaining if somehow Brendan and Rachel lasted…. the kitty brought the Brigade together, even if they haven’t done a lot yet… I agree… Rachel is a good player.. but the “don’t get in between me and my man” stuff is tired.

  61. I agree with most of your comments & was so upset with the lack of play by the hg’s & bb not stepping things up, that I turned off the LF and got off of my favorite site (this 1 if u don’t know). matt love your site & that you give us a place to voice our opinions, just really disapointed in bb & guests.

  62. I think the HGs have been trying to entertain, but am tired of their strategies… would love to see a new alliance form… some new angle (besides a little sabotage)… but it’s up to them and they’re probably all wanting to play safe right now… can’t blame them.

  63. Ok, so I totally hated Rachel to begin with BUT who else is playing the game as hard? She’s had her butt & Brendens on the line for awhile now and she keeps picking it up. But now she’s stuck waiting to get picked off.

  64. I know fans of BR are not pleased but I am! It is the best thing ever! Rachel is crying and playing game and Brendan is pissed. I want him pissed. So he can play for the POV pissed and win! And all week he can see what a Biotech Rachel really is and how she just used him. I want him to finally think with his brains and not his d*ck. I hope they continue to fight but I hope Brendan stands strong and wins POV again. That is his only hope. Well unless he makes a deal with The Brigade. Rachel is not trustworthy and I think she might be going home. BTW when the comp first started and I saw once again the board beneath their feet were made for small feet and I saw how Matt hung on with his arms and not his hands I knew he was going to win. I just hope Brendan doesn’t act like a wuss and stands up for himself and really fights this week. F Rachel and her fake hair, boobs and her rotten attitude.

  65. Thank you..Now matt do what you should have done the last hoh. I really don’t know how much longer I can deal with RACHAL AND Brandon..

  66. There will be play this week, just hope if the Sab is used that it isn’t blamed on Brendan. lol

  67. Say what you want about rachel, ( I am not a big fan of hers) But atleast she does something. She is not scared of making the rest of the house mad!!! Everybody in this house is scared to do anything but ride everybody’s coat tails!! The brigaide is a joke They can’t win HOHO or VETO (except matt) They have the numbers I don’t know why they are still trying not to make anybody mad.

  68. These are the most annoying people ever. The egos go way beyond the game. My hubby is a Mensa guy and he is dumb as snake poop when it comes to everyday stuff lol. I wish they would let the guests read the comments, it would shake things up big time. I think Rachel still thinks she is in high school. Ha Ha. Hey Hey Hey. There are no spines on this show. BB better shake things up. If I wanted to hear about all the other shows I guess I could watch them on my PC.

  69. This is just getting sad. Kathy fell because she felt she owed people. Whatever & she’s talking to Rachel who she called the devil. Rachel is all poor me poor me & won’t let Brendon consult her. Well your the one who invited the to come get you, guess we will see if m@tt has the balls to do it. As far a the comp goes, every player should of stayed until they couldn’t hold on anymore & I don’t think they did. Just my opinion. Also I think the p box & the sab should be seperate. That would have given c b s 2 chances to stir up the house and come up with something orginal. Matt I think you should put up a thread & have us posters come up with what we think could shake up the house. Granted we posters have to put some actual thought into it & just say stuff like more beer & wine. It would be interesting to see what we the posters could come up with even if bb doesn’t use anything we suggest, but then again maybe they will. Matt pretty pretty please do that:)

  70. oh the 2nd, thanks. Yeah.. Rachel is a lot of things, but afraid is not one of them… I like her fire… but she needs to think before she speaks… good point… Brendan needs to be pssd so that he can win the POV… kindof feel sorry for Kathy though, keep hoping for a comp that she’s going to ace.

  71. As annoying as Rachel is, I really hope that neither of them goes home. Rachel is one of the few actually playing the game. Sure, she is annoying and loud and needs to bite her tongue, but she is a very strong competitor. And the brigade SUCKS! There is actually NOT ONE person in the house that I actually like this year. If Brendon hadn’t hooked up with Rachel, he’d be my favorite. But the whole sucking up to her all the time is to much.

  72. This HOH comp only lasted an hour. WOW!! That seems so short of a time to me. These houseguests suck!!!

  73. I love Enzo and lane. And I’m content with matt and Hayden, but besides matt the brigade is a bunch of floaters! They would be a great alliance if they were the ones picking off the hgs week after week, but it’s truly rachel that’s doing it. I mean even when matt was hoh for the first time he wimped out and didn’t do what was smart for him. BB get exciting again! And smart!

  74. Kristen has a bf, therefore Rachel is not in error calling her a trifling hoe. The brigade is crap at comps besides Matt. Matt has to think long term and who will take him to the end game. Brenchel!

  75. Matt might make a stupid mistake. Again lets hope Brendan. & Rachel. Stay this week!!! Matt is stupid Matt put up gay. Regaan and sick ass Kathy or bitch Brittany and here talk trash of all

  76. Enzo and Lane are pathetic. Brittney is a joke but I still question whether she is related to Kathy or Lane. Brendan just follows Rachel around. Rachel is a drunk from Las Vegas (because that is who she is ha). Matt thinks he has it all figured out and Ragen just talks duh. Getting old.

  77. They should bring back the coup d’etat this week to see if they can shake things up… or have a raffle… the winner gets to see a juicy diary room confession… wish the “floaters” would get organized….

  78. Enso is trying to be a player.. Lane is entertaining…. atleast Rachel is trying.. BB should follow Enzo’s suggestion to have a POV contest called “weird science”… but yeah, most of them are getting predictable… afraid that Brendan wants to get aligned with Hayden… would like to see a few of them “think for themselves” rather than follow like sheep… can’t blame them though.. it’s risky business..

  79. i cant stand rachel and brendon but im now going for them, cant hate on them,theyre doing good. man these hgs are lame, i thought after dark was gonna start and the comp would still be going!!

  80. If Lane and Brit are the “life long friends” then it would make a lot of sense… and if they are, they’ve been smart keeping it to themselves, Britt is pretty, funny & seems smart.. too bad she’s such a hater…. can’t wait for her to get the boot.

  81. good thing jordan and jeff r coming, they should tell the hgs to get their ass in the game!!

  82. Hey why is rach aka “Vegas is me, I’m Vegas” so quiet? She was partying + being loud for the past few nights! Tee-hee

  83. just think if matt knew about Rachels me and my man statements, when walks next week he can tell her well I got between you and your man now didn’t I

  84. @ Kristy, that is a good, no great idea!! @ Steven # 98 Matt couldn’t make CRAP clear! Tee Hee. @ Luis # 99 That is Funny!!

  85. CBS brought Rachel and Brendan into this house hoping for a showmance-which for dramatic effect will now get torn down- and we will get to watch.

  86. Kathy’s not good at comps, and it’s probably been tough to be social because she’s older… but seems kindof crazy to not like her… she’s the only one who doesn’t mind voting her own way at the eviction ceremony.

  87. this shows who are the big players in the game, Matt and sadly Rachel. I so glad that Kristen is gone!!!

  88. Sure, Britney can be nasty when making fun of others. But Rachel is nasty too. The difference between the two is that Britney is not nearly as irritating to look at/listen to.

    I am nauseated by the Brenchel duo. Mainly because of the PDA and because Rachel is so abrasive. Brendan is okay on his own but he is too much of a wussie when he is around her.

    Favorites at this point: Lane, Enzo, Brit

  89. This is a comment from someone that only watches what is on TV, so maybe I miss a lot but…I can’t STAND Rachel’s laugh anymore and every single person that has left she has accused of trying to come between her and “her man” and has personally attacked. I can’t stand her and hope she goes. Britney is one of the mean girls too, but she is not bugging me nearly as much as Rachel. I think I would like Brendan (and he would do well) if he could dump the trash he attached himself to.

  90. …and Rachel could use a serious makeover. She could be very attractive but kills it with the terrible makeup and hair! imho

  91. @ Alex 121, Raskankal is not anything unless the camera is on her! She is only playing this game to get her shot at a two bit deal with reality fame. This woman is gross, she is not even that good looking and what the he– happened to her hair?

  92. Alex, who do you think the lifelong friends are??? I don’t think Kathy and Britt, because they didn’t say relatives.. they said friends… if not Lane and Britt then who???

    BTW… I agree that Rachel is annoying, but prefer the straight forward “play hard” game play instead of the “I’ll tell everyone what they want to hear and then make fun of them when they’re in the next room” game play… Britt’s strategy seems cheap.

  93. Since Rachel is from Vegas I think she made some bets with her friends in Vegas of wild things she could do in the house. Get one of the guys to say he loves her, have sex in the HOH bed, maybe even get someone to give their power of veto to her. She could have more wild things up her sleeve, if she lasts long enough. What do you all think about this? I do not like Rachel and will dance a jig when she is gone…

  94. We have been commenting on these guys playing such an awful game for 30+ days so you know BB has to step in this week and change the game. Matt will open Pandora’s Box (for money); Brendon or Rachel will win some sort of double POV power; and, Brittany or Kathy go home this week.
    OMG, I hope I’m wrong!

  95. Monica 124… I agree.. Rachel is beautiful, but her hair is a bit extreme (probably did it for the cameras), and you’re right.. her make up is a bit much… but not the worst on t.v. Love that she looks good and has chemistry degree… maybe that’s why she tries so hard on her look.. wants to be the opp of “science-girl”

  96. Whatever ..something happened during the comp that made Rachel realize she had been played..not sure if she overheard something or it was just the actions of the other HG’s but now she knows she got played…She was whispering to Brendon but I did catch her say “Yeah BY 5 Guys”

  97. Davis 129… yes that’s true… just wish she’d get a back bone and start discussing game with Ragan or somebody… think her act has gotten tired, that’s all. Also wish Rachel would tone down her attitude.. and that “my man” crap.. pleeeeeeeeease…. you two JUST MET!!!!

  98. Rachel has been stressed and is probably just exhausted and aware that she’s next… wonder who the 5th guy is?

  99. I’m sure she was told by production. The rumor was about 3. How it got to 5 I don’t know. Let them play CBS STFU!!!

  100. @ GPERKINS # 123 why is raskankal so upset? It is because the camera is on her! @ Late Kate #126 I do not know what to think of Brit, she reminds me of a barbie doll, I hated those when I was a youngin. She is fun to watch tho, alot more entertaining than raskankal. I mean brit, not barbie. I gag when I watch raskankal.

  101. Peggy 128…. THAT WOULD EXPLAIN A LOT.. she probably made bets with everyone… Brendan was looking for the fame of a showmance (he admitted it at the beginning)… so they’re a match made in heaven… and Matt is Mr. Reality…. anyone who would go on BB has got to love attention… thank goodness or the comp would be even more dull.

  102. Good night all. I’ve had enough of bb for one day. Something I never thought I would say;( happy posting all & matt please put up a thread so we can make suggestions to shake this game up.

  103. @tishe 125 – I am sure she wants the fame, she obviously loves the attention. But I am sure she wants the money too.

    @LateKate 126 – Has the lifelong friends thing ever been verified? Or is that something Annie made up? I agree that Brit’s strategy is cheap, but ultimately who is going to go the furthest? It seems Rachel’s time is coming to an end while Britney is well liked right now. This is a game about getting to the end. And Rachel is shooting herself in the foot by winning and talking trash to people’s faces. I like that she isn’t afraid to win early like some other people but that is about all I like about her.

    When does Matt encounter Pandora’s box?

  104. Britney has nothing nice to say about anyone. She is sooo getting on my nerves!!!!! I am losing interest in this years show. Rachel just said on after dark that she can’t fight against 5 guys. She has wanted all the girls out. Stupid comment.

  105. I don’t think there is a secret friendship because if there was wouldn’t you think big brother would have mentioned something about it by now however I hope I’m wrong cause it would be nice to have an actuall good twist in this game instead of it boring us to death.

  106. @nic #38 i think rachel’s got the POV ticket, could be wrong. if that were to save her or brendon wouldn’t that be something? @marcus #45 snickers bar, that’s good, they’d have to use a crowbar to pry her mouth open. @rob #55, you’re joking right? rachel is so crude & insecure, you haven’t seen bitch until brendon is gone.

  107. Thanks Connie and Tishe… oh well… maybe Brit and Rachel will have an awakening and will start being civil and strategic… I’m with Kristi 140… I’m outta here for the night. LOVE EVERYONE’S POSTS.. sleep tight!

  108. @dani – true indeed would give jershey shore a run for dem $ …..right!
    @davis – agreed – matt IS a loose cannon, always! he doesn’t follow fashion never goes with the flow, i like him enuf for dat!
    @hayBB – yes something scandalous & salicious needs to happen PRONTO!
    @Matt (BB Network) – all this buildup about a new superpower BEST be good! or viewers will revolt!
    @Nic – there you are! lol..yeah that’s true there were prizes from the last POV comp, I thought Rach has the $5K and Ragan has the Veto ticket!
    @John – oh yeah Rach would never had fallen off so fast and Matt is soo happy that she’s not in it!

    Does ANYone find it interesting that the TWO times Rachel was ineligible to win HOH was when the comps are endurance related? Sensing a theme here? Things that make you go hmmmmm! Just a thought ppls!

    @Brandi- funny lol, slapped some sense into Brendon! cute!

  109. @Luis , haha nice one!

    I hate brenchel. I hate Rachel and I think Brendon’s reputation/image would be so much better without Rachel’s bad image that she puts on brendon. That being said, matt pretty much has no choice but to put up brenchel. If he makes the same mistake twice, there’s gonna be a huuuge target on him because people are gonna think he has an alliance with them simply because of what happened with him and brenchel when Rachel won hoh for te first time :| and Kathy, you wasted a spot for someone who is actually worth being on the show. Thanks :(

  110. Rachel does not have it. Ragan does. I’m gathering that since B/R thinks they have Hayde, Brit, and, Ragan they both won’t get put up. She will try to use the 5k to bribe Matt to just put up one and Kathy and hope one gets the pov to pull the other.

  111. Sorry Alex 141, didn’t see your q, no… it’s never been confirmed… could have been made up, but yeah it would be good. Thanks for your opinions Alex, bye for now.

  112. @ Late Kate racheeel is stressed cuz she bit off more than she can chew! Oh gawsh, I can not believe I just said that. She will be fine, she’ll do the reality circuit and get “ho ho famous”

  113. 1. I want the announcer guy to say “House guests please chew with your mouth’s closed”
    2. If Rachel gets voted off she can always do a Proactive commercial.
    3. I think Rachel is going to pout, cry, and push Brendon away enough so if he gets the POV he will use it to save Rachel instead of himself.
    4. Brendon I think your manhood is in the hall closet, please go get it back.

  114. Rachel will give the 5 g’s to somebody if they promise to vote for her…lmao..I say sure..take the money n’ otherwise

  115. @luis -britt did divert that missile! to ragan! no mention of rachel, and i’m sure brendon was thinking yup dats why we like britt she’s a winner! :P

    @searron – no spellcheck does not exist on these postboards, you new on here? :P
    considering that we gets posts from all over the world, we’re not that picky about them tings see hear!

    @latekate – agreed i think he’ll put up brendon and one floater (kath) and then if bren wins the pov, he’ll just put up rachel! *score* hee*

    @kristi- i’ll turn around don’t be discouraged (although i was a wee bit,k a LOT bit after watching that failed attempt at what was supposed to be a high drama endurance comp!
    i’m sure those building it were like, what the?!

    @Trish – there’s the BB post-er we know & love! Welcome back we missed u earlier!
    Tells us whatcha really think sista! :)

  116. What happened to the twist that 2 of the HGs were in some sort of relationship? They mentioned it once and never again. I think it was Brendon & Andrew and that they were good friends.

  117. I don’t understand how people can think Rachel is the best player in the house.

    She has done nothing to gain any sort of alliance or friendship with anybody outside of Brenden, completely ignoring the social aspect of the game which is really as important (I feel more so) than being good at competitions.

    It would be like playing Monopoly and choosing to make zero deals the whole game. Sure you may get lucky every so often with a good property, but the players who trade Boardwalk to complete their Orange and Red monopolies will ultimately crush you.

    Britney has done very well, both in competitions (2 PoV wins) and social aspects (getting the target off her, making allies, etc) so outside of having a solid alliance still intact (maybe Lane?) she is doing awesome.

    And criticize Matt all you want, but his first decision to not put Brenchel up really allowed him several weeks to stay in the house (and gave everybody a much larger target) and continue working his game completely safe while having the Brigade around.

  118. @158
    I think Annie was just saying that to sabotage the game!! I don’t think there was ever any kind of relationship or long time friends.

  119. Probably the biggest let down ever, That was suppose dot be a HOH competition – WTF! I didn’t see it live – I might have blinked – but how the H did everyone just peel off. I guess this is Zen BB – you win by not winner grasshopper? Apparently, after watching the girls sit in the tub with chocolate masks on he decided – I guess want to be with the boys. Lets get all the girls out – starting with Rach??

    Does anyone know/think they know what happened tonight?

  120. @ Abby 160 – I think 158 was referring to something said tonight. Didn’t Julie Chen say something tonight about a secret relationship we don’t know about?

  121. Oh….she was referring to Jeff and Jordan from season 11 coming into the house on Wednesday!!

  122. @Kristi – say it again girl! they ALL should have stayed up as long as they could, they might have surprised themselves! this wimping out on comps IS getting ridiculous so I assume with Matt as HOH that will not happen again, he will make decisions along with the saboteur to shake things up! Go Ragan do it do it! AS for the Pandoras box dun noe Matt will use it!
    Anyone would be SCARED of its implications! lol. (save Rachel) If she was in that game, she woulda frozen her butt off before leaving that paint wall!

    @Luis – hee* Rachels jury room huh…well that may not happen, Matt is a loose cannon ya just never know!

    @Abby – yeah thats been discussed how short it was, and i is sure CBS aint paying to have another grand stage set-up like that again only to be used for like a hot 60 min! well not that hot!

    CBS seems to like endurance comps when Rachel is HOH and cant compete in them!

    @latekate – yahhhh another vote for the coup detat! oui! si! yes! i want that too, guaranteed to shake up the house baby! the floaters cant even *float* properly! lol.oh well such is BB 12 life.

    I heard a scoop on BB player bios that the places they list are more likely where they were born and not where they actually live now today (for some) that way we cant figure out who the life long friends are….that make sense…..

  123. Listening to Enzo, Lane and Brendon talk about the comp makes me sick – how hard it was – do they remember Evil Dick standing on that stump in the “rain” jumping over that log thing for about 5 hours!

    These guys are total wuses!

  124. You know Brenden’s mom is just cringing and thinking (don’t bring that skank from Vegas home PLEEEEEZE). I wonder if he knows how dumb he looks.

  125. It’s so funny how Rachel said that it’d be funny if this season was worse than season 9’s. I honestly thinks this season ranks up there with season 9. This season is pretty bad. These people are so boring and no one is willing to take big risks!!

  126. I think if I have to see Rachel win one more HOH I will give up this season. Its getting old and can’t stand to see these lamos. All talk and no game. Enzo and his doing Jersey justice lol. Yeah embarrassing them.

  127. Hay Hay Hay.

    Everybody making comments on here better just watch out because NO BODY COMES BETWEEN ME & MY MAN!!!!

    Everybody trying to come between me and my man.

    Producers of BB12 trying to come between me and my man.

    Julie Chen trying to come between me and my man.

  128. @nic – oh gross! ewwh! lol, but so true, gotta launder them sheets ALOT lately in the HOH Room! That HOH Room Cam must be sayin *shoot me now!* hee*

    @Peg – could be true, I so see her making bets with her Vegas amies but still I mean they say you get to know a person the best when you live with them right….course this is not a normal ideal living situation….that occured to me too, that after this show you wont hear a peep outta her…

    @late kate- no one tops kathy & her mascara….maybelline is calling sheriff!
    yup brendan was lookin for fame so its quite possible he went for it to get his 15 min…or 15 hrs with the online cams!

    @connie – oh yeah…think da brigade gets found out this week..5 guys tho…oh okay i see…ragan adds to the interesting….what is meow man mix sayin….

    @kristi- we could make some excellent suggests to shake things up in the BB House!
    good thread idea Kristi!

    @alex – think the pan-box gets shown on sun..

    @sterling – lol, yeah that comp was speedy to say da least! so CBS knows that they best compensate for that by somethin freakin spectacular with that bloddy pan box on sun! lol dun noe!

  129. @I’m Rach- Whatev’ IF CBS would allow you on dis site but good imitation just the same! We can call you Britt Britt for now! Or Goldilocks whatever works ;)

  130. Hey, Sterling, you are on time! Good night Dude, Evil Dick is the single, best player of all times! I could not stand the man, but he did not ride on a coat tail of any, no, player! He was a jerk ,but a good Dad! I will not comment about the she demon, daughter.”She rode on the coat tail of her Dad” Now that was a GREAT BBN $$$$.. Goodnight Sterling. Take Care, oh! did ya get a chance to read the posts of “OUR FUTURE CREATIVE WRITERS? Great website bye,

  131. @ suze – yes she is cringing the same way hayden’s friends and kristen’s girlfriends were! eeks! well it’s 1:33am here off to sleep now! Jadelle you are opening in a few hrs go to BED! lol. you are so BB crazy posting like a wild child!

  132. @Mj You’ll be on the block next week because I’m coming after you. Don’t even try to come between me and my man.

    ::stumbles around::

    DO do do where’s my libations!?

  133. I’m so not interested in the sab thing – it was mildly interesting in the first few shows but Annie pretty much screwed that up. So they bring it back BFD – who cares. Lets see something really interesting – like a double eviction or how about a triple or quadruple eviction. No one deserves to win this game – they all just want to lay down and play dead!

  134. Ohh that’s right totally missed that Enzo was #2 in the voting, kept rushing back to type a post while the show was goin’ on live! :P….
    bon idee MJ as I can see the usual BB peeps are gone as well…til the next time!

    last one @ tishe – she who shall NOT be named (love that demon daughter comment – hee*) she got LUCKY! wonder how they are doin’ now! they really need a site that updates us on past BB players! g’night all*

  135. D’OH! MJ you made an enemy already on this thing? Dang you are umm..fierce! Better duck I see a red string comin’ at ya! Oh wait a sec I think it’s a hair piece! *zing!* *zap!*

  136. BRING IT ONNNNNNNNNNNNNN! (@I’m Rach) sure those are new words for ya! ;)

    Sterling => well a triple eviction would be insane in da membrane! lovin that…these floats need the air stuck outta them like a big BB Pin! drivin us nuts the coasting like sail boat, we need a JET-SKI!

  137. @sterling – is brendon making beds? guess you have the online cams….does he tuck & fold the corners and make sure its nice & smooth!
    he does seem the neat type, rach not so much! :P.

    MJ-whatcha doin with dem fightin words! lol. guess its really dry on here if someone has to pose as a BB HG! :P…nice try though funny still!

    Hasta luego BB Post-ers!

  138. MJ stop copying me! lol. You are in trouble!
    Making fun of my comments on & off line! gotta stop! You have fun with your online ‘battle’ with @I’m at Rach – I’m officially leaving now! dont’ take my words! @ sterling where did everyone go? I think even Tishe left!

  139. Really Showtime? What is this, the Brendan hour? Who gave Trish control of the SSAD feed?

  140. @MJ lol.

    On a serious note. Rachel frightens me because of her irrational thought process and possessiveness over people. Every Goodbye video she sent to the evicted HGs were announcing how they can’t come between her and her man.

    I recommend a high dosage of tranquilizer.

  141. Yup Jadelle go to bed :P. The big guns are comin out now on the posting boards! Nothing yet from the peanut gallery that is @Im @ Rach – distracted by Brendan luscious locks…or other locks – like them damn red stringy extensions! :S. oh I think :: stumbles :: is having trouble gettin back to the keyboard! after all typing is a SKILL!

    So Sterling what is new on the online cams, do you have them… would love to know if anyone is whispering deals or are they all sleepin now…am sure matt is not…his *hand* has other ideas! :P everyone keeps talking about his under shorts activities…

  142. Britney is so fake and annoying. She’s always doing the impression about Kathy drinking rootbeer. Someone should do one of her talking about that damn cereal.

  143. # 171 Is that you Neicy 25? No, it could be Trish? Nope, nope I’m bettin on Torch? Wait, maybe Jadelle ?? You people are bak doorin me? Hey, did Neicy get the homework done? Back to the show, Raskankal lost her hair!!! Stress?1 Boobziila had puffy lips this a.m. Why would she have mis-shapen lips? Kathy is older than 40, cuz my Grandma can run circles around her. Ok I am done Karma to all of you!

  144. Gee that lasted long! Oh well MJ next time! Save it for the live eviction show, apparently there is some contest online that you can win seats to the live finale in California! Thatd be so much fun!

    Uh huh Ms. Rachel – them goodbye rants are hella aggravating! she knows whats she is doing there though no doubt about it! wonder what she will say when kath is gone! those tears Kath, them drops best not be B-C of my man! ugh!

  145. I am glad Matt won..let’s just hope he’s not an idiot again this week and that he puts those two morons up..I mean crybaby Brendon and that man ever made it to a PHD program is beyond me..he’s pretty dense..and her??? I wouldn’t hire her to sweep floors and she’s a chemist???????

  146. Sterling where are you? I AM MONTANA NO WAIT IAM VEGAS! SHIT I HAVE NEVER BEEN THERE!! I AM TIRED!! PLEASE TELL ME ,oops caps are rude, sorry ya all. Sterling, raskankal may be going??

  147. Sorry MJ am not tired yet! lol. I tried…..Buenos noches Sterling & Tishe…
    What backdoor! Oh no they didn’t! lol. I was in da “DR” room, CBS held me hostage for a time! Ya dun noe how they roll! Did Neicy ever come back?

  148. Ok I had to work later than I thought and then had to bring work home. Now done after 1 aM. I am not as mad as I thought I would be when I heard Matt won. I kinda knew he would after seeing how his small feet fit great on that board plus how he held on with his arms and not his hands. I am so disappointed with Brendan. If he doesn’t “man up” and get real this week and fight for his life like a man then I a done with him. Yeah Torch I said that. I want him to see how Rachel really is and I think he has already. Earlier her crying to Ragan about Kristen is so stupid. Noone believes her. So far Brendan has kept to himself and not bothered anyone nor has he talked game. Rachel is so stupid she is starting already. I want Brendan to fight so hard this week for his life and win that POV. If not he is gone……..

  149. Really? Really? Is Rachel kidding?

    I swear, folks, I truly think she is auditioning – the head down, the pout, the poor-sad-unfortunate tramp that is me. OMG! I think she is blaming Brendon for losing.

    Brendon, seriously, man up and get out.

    I think CBS needs to know that because I dislike her, it does not keep me riveted – I haven’t signed up for the Live Feeds because I am not going to pay to hear her voice and watch the 2 of them. What I do is fast forward the CBS and Showtime shows when she comes on after listening for maybe 30 secs to 1 minute – same old story, same old crappy acting, and same old pretending to be hurt but yet still so very much in @28 days of love.


  150. Hey Jadelle and Tishe. Tishe why are you being moderated? You only tell the truth. I like that about you.

  151. I forgot – sorry – do we know what the greatest power in the history of HOH is yet?

  152. Sterling u still on? Tishe you still being moderated?

    @bb12fan – do explain this thing you say about the ‘engaged one’ and her morning treat? DO tell! inquiring minds wanna know! :)

    @eldofan- while many of us thought matt was foolish the first time, it worked out so well in his favour you must admit b/c he’s so off the radar (save rachel’s tho’ – she’s not that dumb even she knows he can’t be trusted!)

    According to other web sites Rachel is quite the braniac, so yeah she IS pretty smart, but those don’t really help you much in the BB house, you gotta form RELATIONSHIPS! healthy ones or at least some unholy alliances.

  153. matt better put brendon and rachel up. she is the most annoying person ever. i have never heard of a brainless chemist. shes a SKANKKKKK and NEEDDSSSSSSSSSSSS to go asap. i hope brendon is playing her hard core cuz she need an effin reality check. get her and her fugly hair out of there!!!!

  154. Yahh Trish you were missed!

    @ judy- no that great great power has yet to be revealed, we as dedicated BB fans are to wait in breathless anticipation by our online cams and TV’s to witness this wondrous EVENT! ;)

    I said it b4 and I’ll say it again, some freakin’ spectacular betta come outta da damn pandora’s box! and i don’t mean cash! that’s been done, CBS best come up with something hot new & fresh twist! they NEED this wk to show GROWTH (that the HG’s are moving forward not stale-mating!) (long-suffering exasperated sigh)

  155. Ok, I am now tired of Brit. I never have seen such a two-faced biotech in my life. I know many think she is funny. She is at times, but she is NOT FUNNY when she personally degrades Brendan or Kathy as she is doing now. Brit you idiot, you will be long gone and in the jury house right behind Kathy, Brendan (if he don’t win the POV) and Rachel. Won’t it be grand if Brendan did win the POV and then won HOH? He would have no Rachel to distract him and he could take off each member one by one starting with Brit…….evil evil witch.

  156. @trish – i know eh? Britt is funny true still, but does put her foot in her mouth and i’m like what did she just say? i mean she’s in the jury house, i highly doubt anyone will keep her that long, esp. Matt, even HE knows betta! yeah that would be priceless him winning both next week! would drive da house nuts! Rachel would still be goin’ home, buttt she does have $5K to work with, $ talks and perhaps she can BUY safety in this house! Better save exchange day for Sept though Rach that would suck to be out $5K and still be betrayed! Yowzah!

  157. Somebody tell me Brits eye change color. Does she wear conatcts or what? In low light they look brown. Other times they are green.

  158. This big brother needs to bring back chill town or dick… somebody who not scared to piss someone off. Like seriously this season is so different everyone is too scared to piss off someone way to nice of people. Bring back dick

  159. I’d let Brendan make my bed. Nothing like slipping into a well made bed. He’d have to wash his hands first.

  160. @Nic – good q, i didnt’ notice that, gotta check that out again! yah? I thought her eyes were brown…but you are right, they were green too! lol. she really must be bored! :S sure she’ll need more once Rach figures out she’s been played by her! watch dem claws goldilocks! Hmmm….guess da online cams are sleepin’ too. Well I best jet, I gotta be up in less than 6 hrs, will check back in soon!

    Night Tishe, Nic, Trish, Sterling, all. :)

    Au Revoir

  161. I thought Britt was so high schoolish with Monet, but after all of her early crying (when Monet was sent packing) it seems that she has only gotten worse. I like that her game play is to float between different alliances, but get rid of the “I am still in high school act”.

  162. I’d let Bren make my bed too Nic!
    That man is uttery F-I-N-E! As was Kristen’s EX-man whoa she dumped him for a man-boy! jokes! the comp was a wash – sorry guys & gals but it was a sore loser letdown dissapointment..all this drama about locking the HG’s down for an entire day i thought something great would come no not really…just rewind to the last time Rachel was HOH. endurance comp (tho’ that one lasted much much longer!) ..ragan is 2nd jumps off so matt becomes 1st. b/c Matt is the ONLY one who has the cojones (taking jadelle’s words) to make some real ‘jet ski’ waves! floaters and water-wings be-ware! i so hope he only puts up ONE of them and a floater!

  163. Britney is so good. Look how she;s planting seeds in Rachel’s head about not leaving Vegas. She’s smart, slick…

  164. Good night Sterling. !! Raskankal is going down! Matt, dork for brains is too busy with himself. Whip boy is can not keep up, Kathy is older than 40. Oh, oops, Matt’s wife is busy with a foot control issue!Take Care. Do you ya all think BBN actually moderates us? They should moderate raskankal and whip boy. This week is the biggest $$$ ,enough said. I am a little pissed off at them.

  165. i find it funnythat brit said brendon would be one of the first to drop then the rest would ha and brendon said he was better than every one last night

  166. Why is so many people hellbent on Rach and Bren leaving the show. Besides these 2 Matt is the only one truly playing the “game”. I do not care for all of the “Me and My Man crap” from Rach, but once she and Bren are gone we are going to have a bunch of people besides Matt who do not want to hurt anyones feelings.

  167. we need a brenden pov then HOH…nothing else will get these people going….it will literally take kathy brenden and rachel getting evicted…

    brit needs to watch her back and forth…its turning kind of ugly.

    matt is owning this game because hes playing it hard but…ragen will be so betrayed…such a group of dolts!

    still brenden doesnt believe the guys are together? I would see that IMMEDIATELY if they werent coming to me….

  168. OKAY. I am not good enough to keep up with you , BUT , I would always watch the back of the ppl.!! Sterling,!!! I am, VEGAS!!! Is she gone yet?

  169. You gotta love Rachel’s reaction everytime Brendon uses the L word. “you’re messing with fire, and I’m fire.” ha. They wouldn’t last two seconds in real life. I dong watch the feeds, has she said it back?

  170. Brendon can do NO wrong in my book…and we’re not all hellbent on both of them going, just one of them, and not the guy! :P… britt does need to watch her back tho’ it’s all goin’ to catch up with her….matt IS owning this game and he knows 1/2 the HG’s are afraid to take on Brenchel and make power moves which is why he is OH SO happy to oblige! He knew when it was Ragan & him it would be easy peasy, no worries. Darn it, I had high hopes for this HOH, but let’s hope CBS has a real kicker in that pandora’s box! Even they gotta know the ratings suck for 2nite, prelim’s dont’ look so good! ppls’ were NOT impressed! So sunday as to be electric fire! lataz…

  171. I hate Rachel so much! I think she is beyond stupid and is losing the game for both her and her boy toy. This years houseguests are so boring! They should add a huge twist like bringing back a last seasons guest to the house.

  172. I hope Jeff and Jordan out the Brigade to the other houseguests some how some way.

    Watching live feeds and Matt and Enzo are still up and just sickens me to hear their cockiness…the need to be shut down

    BUT Ragan won’t believe it and neither will Britney…

    I do guarantee that if Matt in final 2, he WILL NOT get the votes…saying, “Now that I heard what brendon said about stacy, i’m all fired up” Whatever dude…your a f***ing liar!!

  173. Disappointed with the biggest HOH of the season just opening pandoras box. I was hoping for the new HOH getting to select which HG would get to come back into the game. Now that could have been power. They need to show B & R tapes of them & how they were wrong. Their stupid & I mute their crap when on which is way too much. Get them OUT HG’s.

  174. I am happy Matt won and I hope he gets either rachel or brendon out because he will definetly be the next nominee if rachel or brendon win the next head of household. Rachel is too stuck up she should go home. Both she and brendon are one of the strongest players in the house.

  175. LateKate #132 Im sorry but there is no way in hades that Rachel is a chemist. No one could dumb themselves down that much. One of her “clients” may have been a chemist perhaps. But that is my opinion. Even when they are not around the others and she is whispering, she has very little intelligence. Even if she slept her way into a degree, she would have pick up some knowledge.

  176. Heres how its going down.
    Matt will do his “Oh im smarter than everyone” thing and put regan and the sheriff(i dont even remember her name.) up. He wont feel the need to put brenchel up cause they didnt gun for him.

    In conclusion, his loves to repeat itself and once a retard always a retard. Matt get out.

  177. Btw dont forget about the sabotour. for sure matt will take that risk without even knowing

  178. Good morning BB Fans.
    Don’t count Brenchel out just yet. Rach knows this game inside and out. Remember she has that 5k and the option to do what she wants with it. Let’s see if she’s a smart enough cookie to offer it up to Matt for Brendan’s safety.

  179. Ok Matt, don’t screw up again! Nominate Brenchel and let’s get Boobzilla out of that house!!

    I am I Hate Rachel and I approved this message.

    Go Team ABR!

  180. I would love for Matt to put up Rachel and Brendon and have Rachel win POV and let’s see if she is telling the truth about wanting Brendon more than the money. Bet she’ll save herself. It would be funny to watch, but truthfully, I hope Rachel goes home this week.
    Looks like Kristen is in big trouble when she gets home.

  181. Matt Matt Matt think little boy think!!!!!This is the moment were waiting for.You screwed up the first hoh you had,please not this time!!!Bye Rachel,wish I could say it’s been special but I’d be lying like a dog….

  182. @Steph: Yes. Matt plans to nominate Rachel and Brendon. The house agrees (minus Brenchel of course) that Rachel should be the one to go first.

  183. Okay thanks Matt – thats what I was thinking he was going to do. For his sake I hope neither win POV.

    So if Rach wins POV – her ditzy A will probably remove Brendan. ha ha

  184. OMG I wanted Bredon to win.
    Unless Matt screws up the nominations which i hope to god happpends

    Brendon or Rachel will go home

  185. @mary, yeah, but Boobzilla is such a moron that she couldn’t tell she was being made fun of.

  186. Hopefully it’s gonna be Rachel and Brendon on the block this week… It would be so sweet to see Rachel leave this week. Payback is a biotch!

  187. @I hate Rachel Yes, she is clueless. She still thinks that they should form an alliance with her.
    I can’t believe that noone was trying to get HOH. What’s wrong with these people? Looks like they want other people to do their dirty work.
    When will we know who Matt nominated? Hope it’s Brendon and Rachel. Glad to see her go.

  188. I think the notion that there are two people in the house that know each other/are related was a falsehood put out by the saboteur. BUT… consider this… Hayden is a student at Arizona State and Ragan received a PhD from ASU. They may not have had any overlap time at ASU (Hayden is student currently, Ragan earned his PhD in 2006, but it just MIGHT be a connection.

  189. Very suspicious, Enzo. You drop second (long enough not to be on slop, too short to do any real work.) You’ve won nothing, contributed nothing, ride on coattails, and run your big mouth. Typical Jersey boy. And you DON’T speak well! You should be out! And I think (hope!) the rest of the HGs are putting it together!

  190. I don’t recall Rachel really interacting with the other HG’s. I never saw her spend time with them playing pool…in the hot tub..don’t recall her just sitting in the yard “chatting” if u will..Do know that she was somewhat sociable indoors but only to certain people..Seems to me that RACHEL HAD IT IN HER HEAD even before the game started that she was “above” everyone else in the house and used the other HG’s to do her bidding..It’s too little too late to try n’ make friends now..Even Brendon for the past 10 days has been trying to hang with the other HG’s..He realizes his mistake but Rachel is another story…I will not be sorry to see her n’ her uppity attitude go…

  191. Why does everyone want Brendon and Rachel gone? It will be so boring and predictable. The Brigade will just take over completely.

  192. @penny-girl I originally thought it was Hayden & Kristen but that went out the door when they did a little kissie poo. Then I thought of Britney & Lane b/c of their closeness but that just might be a southern thing. I believe it might have been the great minds of BB telling Annie to plant that thought. I still wld like to get peoples opinion to see what they think Rachel will do with that $5000. Will she make a deal with Matt and give it to him to save herself or the big GOOF Brendan? Is it just me or is he too much of a good ole boy for Rachel? He just wants to be in love with someone. She is already having second thoughts about moving to CA to be closer to him. Rachel wld get stagnant within a week. AND EWWW she made out with Coolio. I threw up a little in my mouth when I heard that on SHO2 last evening.
    Have a great day.
    Love ya all BB FANS, Karen

    AKA Big Brother Mother

  193. I sure hope Matt puts up Rachel. I am so sick and tired of her calling all the ladies *** and telling them to stay away from her man. Woman, you’ve only known him 4 weeks. Get over it.

  194. whyy is it the same people.over n over i bet brenden is goin to win veto for sure…goshh can there be a lil suspense or sumthnggg come on bb let sum1 else win,,and the person leavin is so predictable..

  195. is the bro gade finally splitting??? Seems so enzo hay want Bren to be part of a new alliance minus lane cuz he’s tight wit bitchney???

  196. I think they should evict Brendan first, then let Rachel suffer knowing she can’t have him and then evict Britney, so B&B will be in the jury house alone!! Rachel will be fighting to get out of the house!!

  197. I have a hunch that perhaps Matt and Brendon are the ones that are friends outside the house. This could be the real reason Brenchel stayed off the block the first time. I guess I will find out soon.

  198. Why would anyone be against Brendon and Rachel? They have had to fight for their survival since day! Some people thought he was the sabetour (hope I spelled that correct). Then they became a couple and the target grew bigger. I give it to them for trying not to hide it. They have been playing hard and winning when they have to which is every single week. Rachel has won 2 HOH comps and Brendon has won 2 POV comps. Hayden and Kristen were lying about their relationship and trying to act like they are so honest. Kristen realized a little too late that Hayden is in an alliance that is a much greater threat than Brendon and Rachel are. I wonder how “The Brigade” would react to Hayden saying to Kristen that he would have chosen her over them? The one who needs to go is Britney. All mouth and no substance

  199. OMG! I just read some of you comments. Why are there so many Rachel haters? Did I like the comment she made to Kristen on her way out? No, but no one in the house is perfect. Let’s not forget Matt who is willing to lie and say his wife has a disease that could cost her her leg if he doesn’t win the $. It doesn’t get any lower than that. Britney is just has a nasty disposition. Britney and Monet are not nice people. They think they are better than some people in the house. When you need to put other down to make yourself feel better then you are definitely lacking something. Britney has no game. Little girl attaches here self to big guys who are in an alliance that she doesn’t even know about. Real smart. She won a POV comp based on luck only. What has Hayden won since HOH week one? Nothing. What do Lane, Enzo, Kathy, Kristen, and Regan have in common? They have won NOTHING! Althoug I hate Matt’s tactics and hope he doesn’t win, he, Brendon and Rachel are they only TRUE players. They others are all “white noise”

  200. I think it’s obvious who you favor and your not that good of a writer a 5th grader could write better.

  201. boring, boring, so so boring. what’s worse is ABC edits the show to make it seem like for once one house guest might do something outside of the herd mentality, but no – it’s a let down every time. horrible casting job, this season and a stupid twist.

  202. I was totally disappointed that nobody really lasted!! Matt and Ragan, because they are the two smallest guys! What’s up with that? Brendon – SUCK IT UP! if you KNOW you’re being targeted and Rachelthen why did you jump off so early?? didn’t even look like he tried! I know if Rachel was up there she would’ve totally lasted! sucks we didn’t get to see her do an endurance!! I’m LMAO at #257 that’s hilarious! :) I do think Rachel is annoying and her comments about ‘her man’ get on my nerves but I am definately rooting for them. Would love to see Kathy go! she’s useless!- since she’s not a target – she’ll probably make it to the end!

  203. Big Brother New MATT Would Have Won the Competition Was Basically the Same From The Last Endurance Comp, Standing,

  204. I really like rachel she truly is playing the game and Winning those HOH. Nrendon need to get a back bone and put down the wish bone. I hope rachel stays she is giving the rest of the house a run for the money!


  206. Wah Wah Wah. I really used to love Brenchal, but now I just love Bren. He truly is a SWEET guy. Rachel treats Brendon so poorly. She just WHINES and POUTS and acts like a 12 year old. She does not deserve him. Plus she has a NASTY complexion. Matt needs to send her home and Keep Honey Man Brendon.

  207. Ola my lovely BB Post-ers! What did I miss?!
    @247 – Pennygirl you may have hit da NAIL on da head! I forgot that Ragan did work @ ASU, and remem he’s a professor but hiding it from da house! Wouldn’t that be hilarious if he was a teacher of Hay’s! :P hee*.

    @mo – that has been meow man mixs M-O from da start! lay low and yap ya trap!

    @connie- didnt i read some live feed updates from Matt on the site a few times where Rachel made them all breakfast! It seems that her & Bren do the cooking quite a bit!

  208. @karen – she BETTA use that $5k for all the leverage that matt will give her! she has the brains now lets set them in action!

    @danny- is there such a thing..might try i-tunes then! you are a true blue fan!

    @caisy – i bet bren to win POV too!

    @kayjan – oooh i hope so! they are getting smart! knew britt not using the POV would raise red flags! now that kris is gone enzo knows hays head is where it needs to be! that new alliance would be hella smart move!

    @dominoe- i believe that many artists out there (i.e lohan) that they detest the actions of brenchel not necessarily the ppls themselves…esp. brendon most ppls like him, and rach i think her mouth gets her into trouble way too much not to mention the attire!
    they are both smart capable players, less PDA is what the world is hoping for with them two!

    @brian – that is CBS to you! ABC could only wish to have this show on right now! they need da ratings! lol –

    @dar – no need to yell using caps please! we get it you want rachel gone! :P

    @bigbrotherval – trish will adore that comment! we love bren too!

  209. had ragan done anything yet? has he opened pandora’s box or anything?? he may shake up the house big time… we need him to break up the brigade for sure!

  210. I understand that Matt became the new HOH for the second time last nite, which is his first in two weeks. According to my predictions, Matt will nominate Brendon and Rachel for eviction tonite.
    Kevin Silvestris
    Worcester, MA

  211. my opioion is that this is one of the worst group of people i’ve seen, that laugh of Racheals is very very horrible, and Breaden is stupid for hooking up with her, he is smarter in the head than her, she is plain stupid.

  212. Bring back the dunk kids that take their clothes off or Evel Dick who caused so much havoc on the house. Why? Because when I’m watching SHO2 After Dark it takes me about 10 min to watch 3 hours worth of TV. Thank heavens for fast forward n my DVR. This group is so boring and not worth “most” of my time this season. Most I say b/c I still watch CBS and read everything Matt putts up on his sites. YEAH for Matt!!

  213. Bring back the dunk kids that take their clothes off or Evel Dick who caused so much havoc on the house. Why? Because when I’m watching SHO2 After Dark it takes me about 10 min to watch 3 hours worth of TV. Thank heavens for fast forward n my DVR. This group is so boring and not worth “most” of my time this season. Most I say b/c I still watch CBS and read everything Matt puts up on his sites. YEAH for Matt!!

  214. As a person that suffers from a bone disease (non fatal) and a friend to women that have breast cancer, i find Matt’s lie about his wife insulting. his wife should be ashamed of herself for going along with! They are newlyweds, aren’t they? I guess his wife doesn’t know him very well, she should now realize what he is willing to do to get what he wants, is money really worth it? i hope Jeff and Jordan spill the beans on that and the brigade. someone needs to shake up that house!

  215. OKAY CBS WE HAVE decided we want Ragan to put X’s on Enzo ,Hayden, Lane and Matts’s Photos and get him to convince Britt to save Rachel!!h

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