Big Brother 12: Week 5 Nominations Episode Tonight

Big Brother 12 returns tonight for its week 5 nominations episode of the season where we’ll have confirmed for us who won the endurance comp and the nominations for eviction on Thursday.

If you can’t wait for Julie Chen to deliver the news then you can go ahead and take a peek at the HoH nomination spoilers. It gets better though because the Power of Veto competition has already taken place leaving things even more up in the air. We’ve got the PoV spoilers for you too if you really want to get ahead.

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  1. Kevin.. Money.. Money.., but his hand was still in the box, yelling for help as the other houseguest grab the money that drop from the sky.

  2. britney would never use the POV in this situation just because how rachel treated her, and monet week2. i mean especially with monet.

    britney should say “rachel, u have 5,000 dollars” just like rachel used that b.s. excuse on monet.

  3. matt thanks for letting me voice my opinion about what happend last night. bb is an awsone game

  4. i waiting aproval for the forum i suggest you sign up also and others. i’m just now getting up my l’f’s and love road races

  5. it takes forever, i’m still waiting. what have i missed this morning. and why is we’ll be back up?

  6. I cannot stand Brendon, he is just creepy. Watching him on the live feed, always up on Rachel whispering in her ear, his whispering is so annoying. I think he is a control freak.
    I wish he would say something to Ragan, so Ragan can go off on him. Rachel just made the comment that Ragan is just a waste of a person.
    How cruel, he is a college professor with a PhD. Said he a waste of a gay guy. God, I hate them both. They are so vindictive. Anything the house says about those two is in response to what they have done to them. If there is some sort of twist, and Rachel stays, I am done with BB.

  7. I just registered Kristi,thanks for the heads up. I can’t wait to see what else is up if is any with pandora’s box.

  8. Lynn that was what I disliked about Jesse last year and the year before was the whispering all the time.

  9. the thing is guys, there has NOT been one person in that house that hasn’t talked sh@t on the other hg’s. look at all the fe eds and you will find this true. i love the fl ash back on this year. they are doing great with helping look up past days…….

  10. nothing has really happened yet today Kristi Rachel did tell lane and haden just to double evict them, but that wouldn’t be any fun we want to keep one of them an extra week or two to make them miserable.

  11. got my account on here. lot’s of cool stuff. i’m sending an email out. rachel needs to put some make up on. lol

  12. bitchney if she was smart would team up with braychel whpevers left and make an alliance with regan and lane to get rid of enzo hay and matt but she’s an idiot and is trusting lane

  13. @Torch… I know. It drives me crazy. rachel was balling in her bed, he just walked in, she was telling him about what Matt had just said to her, which was not anything terrible, Brendon storms out of the room, going to confront Matt, got to the sliding doors, and BB called him back. Why? I thought as long as you were not talking about diary rooms or production, you can say or do what you want, makes me think production has more of a hand in this game than we all think.

  14. i love how they all think they are going to become stars from this. i few yea get something from it, but unless your a bb fan, most of the US will not know who they are. look at all of the other seasons, only select few are known and the rest forgotten.

  15. lynn i’m starting to believe that myself. yea with all the research, i think they pretty much have their butts covered. but doesn’t mean i like it. not just brendon, but i think they should all be able to see say what they want to each other as long as know blows are thrown.

  16. now brendon’s sucking up to kathy. maybe he will stay. has there been any chatter behind matts back last night or today about the brigade getting him out?

  17. Just a few comments.. they hav had 2 seasons where ppl were voted out and then came back on the show Keysar and James… so it could happen again..
    I just hope that after the BB season 12 show all the HG’s watch the live feeds and the Showtime AD,and the weekly shows and I hope they are really ashamed of themselves.. there has never been as nasty a season, even Janelle season wasnt this bad. Britney and Regan are the worst.there is not one person I like this season. BUT if it wasnt for Brendon and Rachel it sure would be a boring season.

  18. Rachael wants to be the center of attention, can’t stand anyone else getting it, especially another female! She has called all the women bitches and now she is learning that Karma is the real bitch.She has bigger problems than this game. Almost feel sorry for her.

  19. Man, Rachel and Brendon are delusional.

    I mean….really delusional. The way they try to rationalize what is happening in the game and even between them.

    It is indeed sad to watch, but still….its funnier than sad to me.

  20. @SMT, the real question is Rachel really a woman or has he/she had a sex change operation? lol.

  21. I want Thursday to come so fast. I think you will see a different Brendan w/o Rachel there. I thought I would see a different Hayden w/o Kristen but he seems lost. Mat and Brit crack me up. THEY have no idea that the rest of The Brigade want them both out!!!

  22. I can’t stand Britney!! She is so damn negative. I can’t stand to hear her talk anymore. She is just a big ball of negativity; she’s nasty. From the beginning, all she did was talk about the other house guests to Monet. She gets too personal. She’s just damn hater! And now that she won a few things, she’s getting cocky. But her day is coming back around. She messed up and told Lane she wants to take out Matt. And Lane told the rest of the Brigade. Not to mention that she’s been keeping close to the sabetour (Ragan). At first, I was happy she began to turn things around for herself after Money left. But now she’s just down right disgusting with many of her comments about people in the house. And ever since Ragan started hanging out with Britney, he’s become so negative, too. He started off as this nice, positive guy and now he’s being such a jerk. He also looks like the punk, who’s joined the pack of bullies because it’s the cool thing to do in the house. Don’t like Ragan anymore either.

  23. i did the fl ash back thing and they didn’t show the sab message just the after math. what are we paying for the lfs for? they showed it yesterday. i don’t get it. but from what i gather the sab told them to vote one and keep other so the other peeps think the sab is rach. i give it to reagon.he is doin a great job!!


  25. the counting game is so boring, but it could be important down the road because that is one comp. that always happens.

  26. @La Poeta, OMG I so agree with YOU! Everthing you just said is what I think. Brit is so negative I can’t stand to hear her talk anymore. That is all she does. I am surprised at Ragan. He should know better. This is what I hope happens. That Brendan wins HOH next week, he puts up Brit and Ragan and there is a double eviction. Then the following week he wins POV and etc……he will have fire under his belly, he will fight for um cough Rachel. I don’t care WHY he will fight but finally Brendan the game player is coming alive! I wonder why BB called Brendan back in. Those other HG’s are talking such smack about B & R that Brendan has ever right to say something. He would probably beat the living crap out of miget Matt. I know some think that B & R talk crap too, well mostly it is about game playing and what was said. Brit takes it to a whole another level and personally attacks. I can’t wait till she gets knocked out and is in the Jury House with Rachel. She won’t be all mighty then. Sorry for those who like Brit, I don’t hate her as a person, I hate her cowardly stance on the mean girl thing she is doing.

  27. 48 and trish i couldn’t agree more. brit talks so much about everyone. but most posters only talk about b/b. reagon just said his gas is finally it would be so funny if that was what gave him away. trish do the forum thing if you didn’t get my mail.

  28. what season had the picket fences? everyone was counting those over and over and over again. it was boring but funny. that is a essential part of the game and always have been. then we will see who’s smart and not. lol

  29. Can anyone please help me to understand why people are griping about how B & R are acting while on the block? Didn’t each person who has been up there been the same way? Kristen dogged everyone constantly as did Kathy when she was on there for votes and to listen to their crap and they cried. Now that Rachel is doing something like that they are complaining and bitching about it? How quickly they forget. So Kathy beat Rachel in her bowling thing, she still didn’t win POV so who the freak cares Kathy? So you won something? Get over it. Atleast Rachel did apologized, you are being a hypocrite by what you are saying to Enzo. If YOU only knew what others said about you and continue to say. As for the Monet thing, The Brigade and especially Matt did suggest Rachel put her up and Brit week 2. Rachel didn’t lie about that. I sure can’t wait till this season HG’s get to see their entire season, they will see B & R wasn’t as bad as they thought they were.

  30. hey Kristi & Trish, this is a wild thought what if ragan meant as the sab. that if they vote Rachel out instead of Brenden that with his real smarts and physical ability he could really come alive without her and run the game.

  31. Hey Torch, I think that WILL happen. He isn’t stupid, he is just blinded by his “love/lust” for Rachel. Rachel wants him to fight, I think he will and we will see the real Brendan. OH I HOPE SO!

  32. i think that will happen not matter what torch. i think he is just covering his tracks and trying to make everyone think it’sone of them which will work as long as it not a double eviction and both leave.

  33. click on the forum and sign up. you have to give a name and password and takes forever to get verified. i started loyalbbfans as our forum.

  34. I know Kristi but I don’t look for a double eviction for another two weeks yet with jury members 3 & 4.

  35. Britney won the POV yesterday afternoon for the third time. According to my predictions, Britney will not use the POV at all. That means Matt’s nominations will be left intact.
    Kevin Silvestris
    Worcester, MA

  36. Ok Kristi I did it, how long does it take to get verified? I saw your post under the but of course I can’t reply yet. The Hg’s are sleeping…….boringggggggggggggg

  37. hi indy!! i hope they wait atleast 2 more weeks before the d e. the more people in the house the better torch. that’s also the reason i hope the rumor is true and part of the box is whoever is out gets to come back in. but because i want it to happen, it won’

  38. i think rachel is gone no matter how much brendon asks them to vote him out instead of her. his head is totaly in the wrong place. i’m glad he found love if that’s what it is, but this is a game and he need to get the right head into it.

  39. so true Kristi, look what happened with Jordan last season as soon as Jeff was gone she stepped up her game and won.

  40. less than 2 hours and we will get to see how it all went down with the noms. i still want them to go back to the sun, tue and thu time slot.

  41. BB needs to blare an air horn through the microphone and wake the HG’s up they sleep to much.

  42. soo can someone tell me what the houseguests are saing as far as who they are planning on evicting?

  43. indy it on this site. click on the forum. you have to sign up for it and give password. it takes a while for your account to verify (hour) or so. then my forumis loyalbbfans. this way we can keep matt happy and we don’t have a repeat of last night. thank you torch that was the season i thought it was.

  44. indy it looks like rachel is out but brendon is telling everyone to vote him out. rachel doesn’t like this idea and i’m goin to repeat myself again. rachel will not get the votes to win this game. brendon atleast has a shot. rachel even said brendon you have to win this so you can move me out to la. like i said it’s just so he can spend his money. i hope she proves me wrong. i really do. I don’t want to think that she is that shallow of a person. but we all know girls and guys out there like that.

  45. alright guys i have to go for a while. make sure you keep me up todate on what i missed please, i will be back. torch can you take over the forum while i’m gone if your not busy? and tell our friends about this lovely forum matt has provided us with.

  46. yes we do,I have run across a few of them. for their sake I hope rachel isn’t that way but only time will tell.

  47. Hey ppl cant wait to watch bb.
    Kristi i talked to him all night i hope ur right that he is a good guy lol

  48. hey erin kristi started a site for us in the BBforum called loyalbbfans for us after what happened last night ya need to go over and register so we all can talk there.

  49. Why in the world would Brendon want people to vote him out rather then Rachel!! I just don’t get it. soooo stupid! He’s gonna get alot of Sh*T for this when he gets out of the house.

  50. @indygirl
    The only two things I can think of is he really thinks and feels that they will be together forever so the money will be both of theirs or they are the real two people who are together in the house from before BB. OK, there is a third, he is a complete idiot.

  51. @SummerToo….I’ll take the third choice, he is an idiot. I have this funny feeling that Rachel is going nowhere, I think something strange is going to happen.

  52. @Lynn 97 (nice name BTW), I agree with you, Brendon is a complete idiot. I also have a feeling that something will prevent Rachel from leaving (or allow her to return). We have not seen the last of that nut job!

  53. @ 99 I agree..Julie stated that this week would be a game changer. I am thinking the R&B are staying and someone from the “Brigade” will be voted out because Pandora Box voided. the present nom

  54. @ 102 — Hopefully we will get more details on what opening Pandora’s box really involved.

  55. last week rachel was pissed that kristen wasn’t happy when she won HOH but this week she does the same thing as what kristen did , how two faced can you be.

  56. @Florida Lynn… I sure hope so. Although I do not care for Ms R she does add drama to this rather boring season! Part of me say “BYE BYE” to Ms Thing but another part wants her to stay just long enough to smell the $500K but not touch. :)

  57. To coin a “Rachism” … “by the same token” now that Matt has the Diamond Veto, he should be able to get both Rachel and Brendon out in the next 2 evictions if he wants to.

  58. Saboteur Suggestion: Do like they did in the Private Benjamin movie… put paint in the shower nozzle… would be HILARIOUS!!!

  59. According to the show, Matt can use the Diamond Power of Veto to save himself or any other player on the block in the next 2 evictions … AND … name the replacement nominee.

  60. but the thing is when n’ if he uses that DOV n’ the other HG’s realize it his ass is in a bind.. best if he keep it n’ use it only in the worst of circumstances..hmmmm

  61. R&B are discussing in the storage room on who should stay this week. As if that decision is under the control. Livefeed @ 6:05 aprox when they started discussing. Ms Thing is starting back to her old self and wants to stay now!

  62. yea erin he is. i have about 35 mins to kill. so am i taking it rachel thinks she is staying now

  63. @ 119 R&B are trying to decide who should stay this week as if they have the final say!!! Go figure how they came to the idea they could decide.

  64. sooo “RACHEL N’ BRENDON” are making the decision as to which one of them stays??? When did the game change ? Do these 2 idiots think that either has a say..Are they BOTH so egotistical as to thnk that the game is still all about them.??

  65. that’s so funny leb. matt isn’t going to use his diamond power on them. he will keep it for next week when he could be on the block. as for the box, i was completely wrong.

  66. I love it!!! All the R&B game talking is in anothe zone without any assistance of Wine or beer!!!

  67. hmmmm Could it be possible that Production has put the idea in Rachels head that she just might not be going anywhere n’ that is the reason for her change of attitude..N’ she is not even sharing a possible secret with Brendon..Who by the way she would throw under the bus and run over him twice just so she could stay..

  68. WOW 126 may that is why her attitude has gone 360 since AM today. But Matt does have the Diamond Veto so she isn’t home free yet!

  69. well if that is true Matt will certainly use the DV he..maybe that is the next see how Matt would cope with his extreme power..but too if CBS does that they take the chance of a “chima scenerio” happening again only worse.. cause not only will Matt be pissed the entire house minus BRENDON will go balastic..

  70. BB12 has been a true nightmare for production They must be pulling out ideas from the bottom of the barrel. It is kinda hard to get excited this season. Once R&B go what is left of B12???? :(

  71. Live feed at 7:20 PM PT Rachel is discussing her “CLIENTS” with Brendon and what they sometime need from her. I notice that she is opening up to him more and doing less arguing. Being a VIP cocktail waitress sounds rather strange. I thought cocktail waitress served drinks and than walked away until the customer NOT client needed a re-fill.

  72. I have been gone for the last three hours and when I left R/B was mad and crying noone liked them.
    What happen?

  73. I,m tired of bb bull,it is become more boring everyday got to change to ABC. Goodbye. keep protecting the stupid bregade.

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