Big Brother 12: Week 4 Live Eviction and HoH Results

Tonight on Big Brother 12 the results of the season’s fourth live eviction will be revealed along with the results of the fifth HoH competition. While we wait for the results be sure to Fan us on Facebook and join in the fun we’re having there!

I’ll be updating this post here with the live eviction and HoH results. Meanwhile, join us in the Big Brother chat room as we tear apart tonight’s live episode! So who thinks this will be the last we’ll see of Kristen’s over-exposure in the house?

Hmm, Julie is advertising tonight’s HoH competition as yielding the “most power HoH ever!” This is gonna be good. I’ll let you know as soon as they reveal more.

Big Brother 12 Week 4 Live Eviction voting:

  • Enzo: evict Kristen
  • Kathy: evict Hayden
  • Matt: evict Kristen
  • Lane: evict Kristen
  • Ragan: evict Kristen
  • That’s it. Kristen is out.
  • Brendon: evict Kristen
  • Britney: evict Kristen

By a vote of 6-1, Kristen has been evicted from Big Brother 12!

Here we go with the “most important HoH competition of the season!” Oh my, it’s Pandora’s Box back in the Big Brother house! And guess who was selected as the new Saboteur? America picked Ragan just barely over Enzo!

Big Brother 12 Week 5 HoH Competition – ‘True Colors’:

The last HG on the edge of the giant paint can becomes the next HoH. It’s an endurance comp! The first HG to fall off becomes the one and only Have-Not this week. Now I like that! I’ll be here on this post with the results from the live feeds!

Once the live show is over the live feeds turn back on and we’ll have a brand new HoH in the Big Brother house unless it turns out to be another Endurance Comp. If it is then you won’t want to miss that and the only way to watch it uncut and unedited is with the Big Brother 24/7 uncensored feeds. If you don’t have your feeds yet then no worries, sign up now to get the free trial and watch it with us.

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  1. funny how they call it a live show, when its taped even on the east coast.

    kristin will go home, and i hope she takes her life-raft with her haha. sad to see her go though.

    i ant hayden to win. anyone except britney. i love britney, but 2 POV’s and now a HOH will make her too big of a target. matter of fact, i wouldnt even try in this comp. she is safe for another week no matter the outcome. of-course i wouldnt make it look obvious, but winning now is actually NOT in her best intrest.

    its finally happening. well it will in about a couple of hours. BR will be shaking in their boots.

    if im anyone in the house, im going to be a completely dick to rachel. im calling her names, im disrespecting her (nothing to crazy, just under evil dick level) and im saying;

    “u aint gunna get my vote, so dont even talk to me, use ur time better and go pop those chin pimples”

    if it is endurance (i dont think so) they better not pull that garbage they did last time on the l.f.’s

  2. They always have a live show delay (even for the Oscars) to prevent things like last week when Rachel dropped the F-bomb during the HoH comp and they had to bleep her.

  3. So we all know Kristen is going home, but wouldn’t it be great if something magically happened and Hayden got the boot?

    I’m more excited about the HOH competition. Hopefully it isn’t an endurance.

    …And Britney making fun of Rachel just happened, BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    I hope Brendon wins HOH…some of the brigade need to go, mostly meowmeow

  4. And now kristen is catching on to the brigade?! I hope she stays now…I’d rather her then anyone from the brigade.

    This is getting intense. I hope it isn’t just something to get us thinking that the vote will change.

    • I am really tired of hateful people, Like Britney, getting the go ahead from the public. That kind of behavior is not okay! And you actually applauding that behavior makes you just as bad. You should try to be a better person, it’s mean and someone needs to let you know…

  5. julie just said they will crown the most powerful h o h ever. that’s a statement. bb stepping up the game

  6. im so anxious. im hearing all these things about how funny britney is, and how the HOH will be the most powerful.

    me and the rest of san diego gotta wait 2 1/2 hours damnitt

  7. I wonder what the most powerful hoh means. A double eviction is powerful, but that happens nearly every season.

    WHAT COULD IT MEAN!?! Maybe they choose an evicted houseguest to come back into the game.

  8. Marcus- You think it sucks for you? My TV won’t even pick up CBS so I have to wait til they post the video on….now THAT sucks!!!!

  9. love kristen’s exboyfriend!! dude your are awsome. you deserve better and it’s out there!!

  10. You know, now I suddenly want Kristen to stay. That she managed to see the Brigade and start mentioning it to people in her last ditch effort isn’t bad.

    Of course, dropping her boyfriend like week old trash means that I can’t feel sorry for her if she’s gone. Not even a little.

  11. What was Kristen thinking!!! Her man back home is DELISH!! Hayden is yuck! wonder what the HOh power will be????

  12. Maybe the HOH gets to do the nominations for both evictions? That would be a little extreme.

  13. Julie said the same thing last season about the next HOH getting extra power. It has to do with the stupid Pandora’s box.

  14. i’ll keep you guys up to date as much as possible. and haydens parents hope this showmance doesn’t ruin his game and they don’t think much of kristen. it also sounded like kristens friends were not to happy with her cheating on her bf or ex as he stated on the show.

  15. julie is talking to rachel asked if she was going to bring anyone in her alliance and she said brit. and her biggest target right now is matt.

  16. VERY completely unrelated, off topic random thought; what are the odds that a significant earthquake will happen while the houseguest are in the house?

  17. they had small earthquake last damaae done to my knowledge..would have to be a major quake before they got effected

  18. @Marcus #26…Didn’t that happen one season? I think they thought production staged it or something.

  19. … Alright everybody – WHO STILL LIKE KRISTEN? Anyone, anyone?!
    Loyal, honest, and strong-willed… and a stand-up person.
    That girl’s going to burn in hell for all of those lies!

  20. and too last year they were close to where the wild fires were burning..they got ashes daily..

  21. BTW, people got to give props to Kristen’s cuckolded boyfriend back home. I doubt I would have the stones to admit on national television that I’ve been cheated on by my girlfriend. Kristen really doesn’t deserve a guy like him.

  22. HEY ya’ll uughh finally got her and UUGHHH this just bites I want Kristen to go out with a bang at least.. Sigh.. of course that could be the margaritas talking LOL..

    MARCUS – I cant remember the specific season off the top of my head but there was a quake and they had the house on lockdown.. Id have to look it up though

  23. How come last night on the show they showed Rachel dying her hair, but on tonight’s live eviction her hair is dull and her roots are showing? I don’t understand how this adds up, can someone please explain?

  24. Welll, she’s gone. But at least she managed to whisper a few devilish thoughts into people’s ears before she left.

  25. DANNGGGGGG IT !!! KRISTEN>>>>>>>>>>>>>> you should have laid that Kiss On Bren….

  26. @37

    Dude, I totally hear you. While I’m all in favor of keeping some fight in the competition by having the Brigade lose a member she was a right bitch for cheating on her boyfriend.

  27. ANDDD SHE SAYS IT! bahahahahahahaha! Rachel is the best. Brendon needs to win this HOH!!!

    Team Brendon/Rachel. TAKE DOWN THE BRIGADE

    • I realize Rachel has her annoying moments and etc… I am glad to see someone else not jumping on the hater train. Thank you for helping renew my faith in humanity


  29. And Lord, I really am trying not to dislike Rachel, but man… that interview with Julie. I wish I could just put this on her being nervous; problem is, it isn’t the first time she’s been acting so annoyingly goofy.


  30. Brendan is a moron.

    “You made up that there is an alliance”

    Two seconds later, from Hayden:

    “I am in an alliance”.

    Stupid Brendan. Hopefully he goes home with Rachel in the double eviction this week.

  31. hayden told kristen about the brigade in his goodbye speech but he would have chosed her in the end

  32. Hmmm “This COULD be the most powerful HOH ever. They could POSSIBLY change the course of the game.”

    I don’t think it’s a big deal anymore. It’s probably a pandora’s box or some kind of offer. It won’t be nothing great I bet.

  33. I hope Brendan win – he’s the only one who would attack the Brigade. Everybody else’s too busy plotting against Brenchel, it’s pathetic really.

  34. I’m starting to feel bad for Brendon. Rachel is two “nobody gets between me and my man”‘s away from driving a stake into his heart.

  35. I loved Ragan’s statement that Kristin’s eviction is basically a testament to Rachel’s insecurities. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I think every time a girl has left the house, Rachel has said, “Serves you right for trying to get between me and my man.” Seriously, this girl has some MAJOR issues.

  36. What is with Julie Chen going on and on about Kristen playing the game with dignity? She cheated on her boyfriend, lied, called people bitches and whores, Julie has a weird opinion of “playing with dignity”

  37. If it does get down to R or B…Rachel will go first..hands down on that happening..

  38. @Matt B: Don’t blame Brendon just ‘cuz he isn’t psychic. He just doesn’t know – nobody else in the house knows for sure about the Brigade. He just assume it was a lie, and since it was coming from Kristen, that assumption was totally legit.

  39. Rachel is so predictible she has got to go, and when Brenden finds out about the brigade I hope apoligizes to Kristen.

  40. Racheal says that to every girl who gets evicted!!! Reagan was so 100% right. Rachel is the bitch.

  41. ugh – regan was too nice to kristen in that exit interview…give it up… i agree w/ rachel on this one…Kristen is a ‘triflin’ ho’! LOL!!!

  42. there has to be something big coming up in the next 10…julie has said ‘most powerful hoh ever’ like 9 times over! can’t wait!

  43. Ragan can become the new saboteur, If the new HOH chooses something with Pandora’s Box.


  44. brendon was still right – he doesn’t owe Kristen anything. kristen was going to put up brendon if she won hoh this week..

  45. Rach is Bozo the Clown. She looks worse week after week. Bren should have hooked up w/kristen.

  46. Ugh an endurance competition. That’s really annoying.

    Guess we’ll go to the live feeds. Keep me posted!

  47. Honestly, I felt so bad for Kristen’s (ex)boyfriend having to go through that. None of Kristen’s friends looked happy at all. (Hayden is a looking guy, but her boyfriend back home was MUCH better, in my opinion.)

    I honestly can’t stand Rachel, but I do like Brendon (when he’s not apologizing to her). So, sadly, I’m stuck rooting for her. I hope Brendon wins HoH, but I’m not holding my breath. He’s better at Veto, it seems. Still, fingers crossed.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the Brigade breaking up. They annoy me. “Strongest Alliance in BB history” my butt. They are just annoying in my opinion. (Evil Dick and Danielle were my favorite alliance.)

    I guess we’ll see how it pans out soon!

  48. reagon got voted the new sab but will only take the the job if the h o h opens the box.

  49. #67 MightyMad – If he has no way of knowing whether she lied or not, why would he accuse her of lying? Because he’s an idiot. His stupidity is indefensible.

  50. I hope Pandora’s box isn’t used. The season is finally starting to get good, and then they want to bring back their failed experiment of ‘the saboteur’. It’s a dumb idea, and it’s going to effect the gameplay of all the houseguests, but not in a good way.

    It’s going to keep them from playing the real game of BB, imo. I don’t want to see it used.

  51. #81 Trina – Chill Town is still the greatest alliance in BB history. Two wins in two seasons — the numbers don’t lie.

  52. I bet the hoh will open the box. no matter what. whoever wins hoh will probably think that no matter what is in the box , positive or negative, it won’t affect them b/c they are the hoh … so they’ll just unleash the ‘surprise’ on the rest of the houseguests…should be good!

  53. they are on a huge pain cat spinning with pait being thrown on them. last one standing h o h and the first one off is the only one on slop

  54. So for this type of competition, what’s more important – upper body strenght or being light?

  55. @ Dani she says it to every one male or female she said it to Andrew too. It’s like she’s trying out a new catchfrase.

  56. TORCH – and TRISH Im sorry for this but Torch IF he does I hope she looks at him and says Bren i dont accept your appology if you had your head in the game and NOT up Rach’s butt you would have KNOWN they had an alliance… DUECES !!

  57. Come on Brendan baby!

    So happy Kristen is gone, hope it stays that way too. Cheatin on a grown fine man like that…smh Hayden is a boy, with that Justin Bieber hairdo…lol

    I’m anxious to know what this powerful hoh is about..

  58. @86 Matt B: Oh, I know Chill Town was the best alliance. I was just saying how Evil Dick and Danielle were my favorite alliance in BB history. I wish they’d do another All Stars thing. Bring back some old favorites since lately these new ones just haven’t been up to stuff.

    And if I hear “between me and my man” one more time…
    I might shoot myself.
    I did crack up when she said it to Andrew, though.

  59. @MightyMad 92

    I would go with whoever gets the least motion sickness. Then probably lower body strength. It seems they have a strong enough ledge where they aren’t forcefully using their arms to keep themselves on. Their arms are helping, but they aren’t doing much work.

    I bet this one goes on for hours.

  60. i would be happy if brendon wins…or brit (fat chance though, i don’t think she has the strength)…i think the winner will be someone strong…but not too bulky – like lane…he might have to much bulk to stay on that tiny ledge!

  61. gonna be a long nite…unless they star spinng really fast and throw a couple of players off…

  62. Lets go boys!! Get it done!! My heart can’t take it yo’ and its not even on the west coast yet.

  63. Rachel didn’t just think the girls were trying to come between her and her man, she thought Andrew was too lol. This girl is really a case waiting to happen.

  64. its 9! the feeds aren’t on yet…let’s go cbs! lol.

    i just HAVE to mention something about rachel’s makeup…that poor girl…she was in front of that mirror for an hour prior to the show start and she still managed to not look so hot.

  65. I’m LOVING all these “go brendon” posts! That obviously means your not hating on Rachel too much. She’s def my favorite.

  66. #97 Trina – I’d love to see another BB All Stars. Maybe they will do it for BB14, to keep it consistent.

  67. Kristen picked a beach bum kid who had no job perspective for the whole summer over a guy with a job and a head on his shoulder… AND PEOPLE LIKE HER?

    Man, give me a overly loving and bubbly Rachel over a skanky Kristen any day of the week!

  68. would be both lower & upper body strength ..would it not??? U gotta hold on but u gotta stand there to for maybe hrs….gotta be more to the challenge…hmmmm we will see shortly..

  69. People, you’re judging Kristen’s now ex-boyfriend on a 2 minute clip. For all we know, he could be a pretentious douchebag.

  70. Come on Kathy, I know it’s a lonnnnng shot, but don’t go downn like a total loser! She’s really a sheriff?

  71. i wont say anything about kristen’s ex boyfriend…but she was a skank for sure! how can you say you’re ‘true to yourself’ when you did that to someone you were in a relationship with? (even if it was a short one)…now you have to go back to your hometown knowing all your friends and everyone else say you messing around! how embarrassing! SHE is the one that is classless!!

  72. I agree @ MightyMad…your on point with that one. How is she the classy one? Chick cheats on her man and embarrasses him after he asked her if she wanted to be single for the show. That shows he is a awesome mature man in itself.

    Well, now she has to face him.

  73. @111 Matt B: We can only hope they will. There are quite a few people I’d like to see back. (Although, if they ever brought back Jesse or Lydia or something, I might not be able to bring myself to watch.)

  74. For the sab to be used the HOH has to open Pandora’s box and Ragan, the potential sab, will have to agree to it. At least this is what Julie said last week.

  75. @Matt B: it doesn’t matter at all, bro. The guy gave her the choice to break up with him b4 going to the house, but SHE DIDN’T WANT TO! So, douchebag or not, she’s THE BITCH in this relationship!
    And BTW, Matt, you were probably blinded by Kristen’s charms, but you did notice that HER OWN FRIENDS weren’t that happy about her cheating on her boyfriend on national television, right? The guy is even hanging out with them! Now, as a man, I will NEVER claim to understand ANY ACTION coming from a woman, but if a guy hang out with his girlfriend’s BFFs when she’s not around, even a guy like me can figure out that they don’t see him as a douchebag!

  76. Maybe it is the coup d’etat in the Pandora’s Box.
    The new HOH gets to use it at their preference.

  77. hayden doesnt have justin bieber hair smarty pants.

    if the last couple of HOh;s say anything the live feeds should be on in about 2 mintues. 6:13

  78. Now I have to lose sleep Hoping for the best geeezzzz..

    TORCH – I seen Jadelle, and I see Mary I havent read through everything yet but you seen Trish, Kristi, Neicy, Wiz, Dany, Rico or Sterling… Gawd help me here I ask about posters like I know them LOL

    If those guys with that funny coat that lets me hug myself show up I AM NOT ANSWERING THE DOOR THIS TIME…

  79. Kristen’s relationship with Steve was about as real as bully and the bitch. 2 months??? Please. He had to know there was a chance. As much as I hate that red headed bobble head, I like Brendon as a person, but not as her bitch. He needs to grow a pair my God man up would ya.

  80. servers are overloaded or something. i’m guessing they are working on the problem. this s*cks!!

  81. Hello all. Oh, @Kristy, where are you? Kristen went quietly into the night, like I thought she would’ve. Thumbs down. She should’ve kissed Brendon just to mess with Rachel.

    A couple of quotes from the Live show:

    “The highest form of flattery is totally making fun of someone.” -Rachel

    Brittany nailed her impersonation of Rachel. I’m so struggling reconciling how she’s playing a half-decent game when she’s not pissing someone off, but is otherwise dense. That is not flattery, they and everyone else hates you.

    “I need some time alone…” -Kristen

    You’re just in luck because your boyfriend just dumped you on National TV. You really didn’t think that your (now ex-) boyfriend was gonna be cool with you carrying on like you were. Ha. Unrelated to anything previous I said, Kristen’s body is amazing, thank you Hippietard.

    I’m pretty sure that when Rachel speaks a small puppy gets kicked. I can’t verify that, but it’s becoming more and more annoying to me.

    How’s everyone tonight?

  82. i know! like it is Kristen’s decision whether she wants to stay with her (ex) boyfriend…sorry honey…he already made up his mind and kicked you to the curb! AND WHAT ABOUT when julie mentioned Jen in her red leotard…Kristen was insinuating that she was way hotter! what freaking nerve!

  83. TheWizardIsOz
    “I’m pretty sure that when Rachel speaks a small puppy gets kicked. I can’t verify that, but it’s becoming more and more annoying to me.”

    … C’mon, son. She’s not even close to be the most annoying person to be sent to the house. And she plays the game hard – no flotter! Give her at least that!

  84. I’m proud that America voted for the homosexual. I know it wasn’t a popularity contest, but it’s still nice… I think it would have been nice to have Kristen stay because she was proving to be a good player, but I’m not too upset. I’m really curious about this game-changing power the HoH will get for opening Pandora’s Box. I think it could be the power to bring back an evicted HG. In that case, I hope Hayden wins this week just for the lols.

  85. kristy281 i’m hear, i think alot of comments are being changed. i hate that. and we are a big bb family so, yea you know us. lol

  86. My favorite movie, Poltergeist. The older sister gets out of the car and yells, “WHATS HAPPENING?!!! WHATS HAPPENING?!!”

  87. Brendon must know that, if he’s out, Rachel or him will DEFINITELY go home. So I don’t see him letting go until he’s final two, if not the winner.

  88. @Torch – They’re still down? This is part of the reason I don’t subscribe to the feeds, I’d be pissed every time I see “Be Right Back” or anything that’s not the house guests.

    @T Raza – I am fantastically well, certainly not fine by far… but you could say that I’m close to spectacular.

    @Ann Marie – LOL! Yes, everything you said.

  89. WIZ – Im right here… :( trying to control my nausea..

    Kristen Kristen.. I will not judge dear girl, but the MAN you had at home.. tsk tsk.. Well thats her bridge to cross.
    Just crossing my fingers now an hoping for the best case scenerio.. (SIGH)

  90. I guess they have decided not to show any of the competitions this year on the live feeds??

  91. Hey Everyone, I just got back in time to catch the end. Rachel is soooo mean yo!!

    MY MAN
    MY MAN
    MY MAN!!!


    And Kristen effed up BIG TIME, she is going to get cussed out by her NOW EX!

  92. omg. i have high blood pressure i swear…i am not patient…this is not fair to have to wait this long. this will be the first and last time i pay for the feeds! it’s been 23 minutes already…we should def. be able to see :-(

  93. Brendan: You made up that there is an alliance.
    Hayden: Lane, Enzo, Matt, and I are in an alliance.

    Brendan fails yet again. Hahaha.

  94. Darsy…. we can’t tell. For some reason BB has decided not to show any competitions this year on the “live feeds”…… frustrating.

  95. @MightyMad – LOL, don’t misunderstand me, I give Rachel mad props for her gameplay. In fact, I have her rated #2 in my personal Big Brother Power Rankings. I’m just not a fan of her voice and (in-game) personality. Touche, you got me on that, she is definitely not the most annoying one to ever grace the BB house… she’s making a case for it though.

  96. @ Wiz I really loved your BB scenario the other day about drugging Rachel. That was some funny stuff.

  97. Well if anyone falls off the can please someone should they get the LIVE FEED back up state who has fallen,Thanks pauly Walnuts Oh by the way Enzo should start advertising his new perfume ___Musk Ha.He is a piece of work and would make a great Sabatour

  98. You guys who paid for the Feeds – if I were you, I would ask CBS for some type of refund for their bad service. If they claim ’24/7′, it should be just that.

  99. @T razaI think Rachel is already on drugs though. I mean, she laughed when Britney was making fun of her. She acts like she has no idea what’s going on…

  100. @MightyMad: Well, she obviously screwed herself over the night Rachel won HoH and most of the time after, but I was impressed how she was on the trail of The Brigade. I know Ragan had suspicions too, but the others have been basically clueless. She also fought to stay; I have to commend that. Other than that, she got on my nerves. I’m not sad she got voted out.

  101. @Neicy – Oh, Lord, you are fine. Behold, a lady…

    @Kristy – Oh no, I pray you feel better.

  102. @TheWizardIsOz: I’ll give you the voice, bro – seriously… Oy. And that ‘my man’ crap got to stop!!! It’s driving me insane! But, when she’s reasonable and serious, she’s a really good player – but I hate the Vegas girl!
    Evidently, she’s a lot more drunk on the Live Feeds than portrayed on the TV show… that would probably make me more annoyed by her!

  103. AHHH, This is what I hate about the endurance comps. I refuse to pay for the feeds, and I don’t know who is going to win right away!! I gots ants in me pants!!

  104. LMAO @ Neicy I know right. Oh shocker didnt see that one coming… UUGHHHH…

    Kristi – Hi ya girly.. I took off work at 3 took a coworker home stopped and was forced to drink margaritas LMAO thank gawd I think I needed them…

  105. Bye, bye Kristn ! Boyfriend ?? Wow, just goes to show what a dirt bag and biatch she really is. Cheating on her boyfriend on live t.v. ? His bucket and mop comment was funny. When Julie asked about choosing between her b/f and Hayden her answer was i think i need to be by myself for awhile. Yeah, probably realizing her b/f will give her the boot, so safe play to make it look like it was her idea. What a d###head she really is.

  106. David she is ridiculous. she bobbles her head constantly and that laugh OMFG I want to shoot myself

  107. brendon is such a complainer right now!!! was it any surprise that KATHY was the first one off!? jesus… that woman…. she should be fired when she gets back home!

  108. I would love to meet some of you in person. You all make me laugh soo much.

    @ Wiz, I was close to spectacular, but I must say good sir you just pissed spectacular off, and don’t even mention exactly. lol

  109. Wow… well this is the end of Brenchel.

    Brendon… you turn out to be a huge disappointment, buddy!

  110. “gimme a challenge that isn’t made for people with small feet” stop being a baby branden!!! You lost!

  111. WOW, Brendon fell off already? I don’t like Rachel, but I love how it’s gone from him carrying her to her carrying him – Get it together, man! SMH @ Kathy.

  112. This is going to suck without Brendan and Rachel, too bad one of them will be leaving..

  113. BRENDON IS DOWN!! WHAAAAAAA??? After all that smack he was talking!!! this doesn’t bode well for Him….but mostly Rachel. She is screwed big time up the *** with no lube.

  114. I know eh! Sorry Torch, no kiss plantin’ on Bren! Guess I was posting on the wrong board! lol. Hey BB post-ers! I’m tellin’ ya, how does Kristen leave such a delish YUM treat like that back home? He seems so nice too and WAYYYY more mature!

    @davis – that is B/C rachel has no idea what’s goin’ on up down or off! poor thing! i truly hope Bren wins HOH, hilarity ensures when that pickney chats- but that laugh sets ME off! arrrgh! :O

  115. You know, Kathy could arguably float her way to the final three since she’s such a pathetic competitor!

  116. Oh Mr. Marathon… HA! Hang on guys and Brit! Can’t wait to see a still of Rachels face!

  117. Brendon is out? You guys don’t know how much I’d pay to see Brendon and Rachel’s faces when they realize that they’re in serious trouble.

    But what I truly want deep down in my soul is for the winner of the HOH, soon as they get the HOH key to tell Brachel they’re going on the block and there’s nothing that they can do about it.

    @T Raza – Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed that scenario.

  118. I mean, Reagan needs to step it up for sure. I think he could if he would show me what he is working with @meee.

  119. @meee: I could see Ragan winning this one, though, or a thinking challenge… not the case with Kathy, unless the challenge is crying on cue.

  120. Brendon: “I think I am going to win this tomorrow. I got this. I run marathons.”

    Rachel: “I know you will win Brendon.”

    Man I wish I could afford feeds so I could see her face now!

  121. I could definitely see Brit winning this. The position of the bar seems to fit her well. She doesn’t seem to have the back issues some of the guys are having…

  122. rachel needs to pull of a magic trick in order to get to stay in the house! odds are she wont win pov…so it will be fun to see what transpires.

  123. @MightyMad – Crying on cue or chain smoking… you can’t forget that. She’d be a mortal lock, lol.

  124. neicy: brendon looks like he needs to be on suicide watch right now… picture that face! he’ll be crying tonight for sure! lol.

  125. @mighy M – that’s b/c he’s a MAN not a BOY! trust me after this all of philly will be after him!
    @connie #27 – that was pure jokes! slap slap! ka-POW!
    @torch – i know eh? no fireworks indeedy! sigh i had high hopes for this epi! aside from Kris goin’ home & Ragan named the new Sab nothing big happened!
    @shawn – “oh no she didn’t!” :P. yes RACH did, trust me she knows america’s annoyed at that ‘get b/w me & my man’ line and it’s getting way old but she does it anyways…i think she believes she’ll get it patented with royalties!
    @Danielle – agreed, strongest alliance that does NADA! history of being the worst alliance EVA! lol.
    @Kristi #84- ooooh you’re feisty on this one!

    Was anyone surprised that Hayden gave up the alliance like that? How about if someone comes back? Now Andrew & Kristen know 2 secrets! And it was clear that Julie looked at the good-bye messages before, she alluded to Kris that everything would be clear after hearing them, she doesnt’ normally do that….

  126. We could catch Osama Bin Laden if we just told Rachel he was trying to come between her and her man.

  127. HAHA Thanks Anne Marie. That is perfect. Trish will be upset though, which makes me a little sad. Where is Trish?

  128. Kristi w/#’s I’m in catch-up mode! And this is not even the most recent board, Matt put up another one already! lol. :P Where are my BB peeps?!

  129. If there’s one major mistake Rachel did during her second HoH run, it’s to not built true bridge to get her and Brendon into a solid alliance. She should have try to figure out who’s actually are together at this point and who’s not and broke deals to make sure that she and ‘her man’ are safe. Fact be told, if she could have got Britney and Ragan in a final four deal, even if they don’t like her, they would have taken it, since no one else have bother given them anything as good as this. But she was so busy creating drama with Kristen, she got her head out of the game and left all her eggs in Brendon’s basket… which turns out to be quite dumb.

  130. bren is already bit**ing to lane that the contest was designed for small people…. boohoohoo wahhhhhh… hes such a crybaby sore looser!

  131. if matt gets it i think he’ll put up rachel though… i think regan will give it to matt as well. he doesn’t want the responsibility…AND he thinks matt is not lying about his wife… who knows!!!

  132. how can kathy stand there and smile like she did a good job. she should be embarrassed!! she is a joke! she has literally failed FIRST at every single competition!

  133. Ohhhh @Qqqqqq….that was a bold brash post!

    @Neicy – the feeds are off STILL? heLLO? isn’t this where CBS makes their $? when an endurance comp is on? What are they doin over there? I is suspicious!

    @connie – what are you sayin? Bren fell off or you want him to FALL off? i hope it’s neither! You can’t be against Beauty Bren! Nooooo! :P

    Any updates on that by the way? Who fell off so far? kath pls wait at least 2 ppl’s b4 stumbling!

  134. Ragan has done moderately well in competitions, so I don’t think his floating situation is comparable to Kathy’s because she’s like the equivalent of Jerry from BB10… Part of me can’t wait until she wins an HoH off of a competition of pure luck, which is what usually happens if the weakest players is kept around.

  135. Enzo came off wayyy too early! He is practically useless in his alliance. all mouth, and nothing to back it up!

  136. Mighty: I am surprised too! they weren’t on there very long…i thought it would go for hours, and hours… i’m glad that it’s getting over quicker though …b/c I want to know the final result! :-)

  137. @ Jadelle, I think the feeds are on now. Everyone keeps saying that Matt and Reagan are left. I just don’t have the feeds ;(

  138. wow ran out a minute to get icream. its down to matt and reagon again. hi everyone. let me catch up on the posts

  139. Rachel: “Oh, Brendon! Why couldn’t you last longer?”
    Brendon: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It’s just that you dry humped me for a week with no satifaction.”
    Rachel: “No, Brendon, once again you don’t understand. I was talking about the HOH comp.”
    Brendon: “Oh… sorry about that too. In fact, let me just say now I’m sorry about everything and I love you times infinity.”
    Rachel: “No, you don’t understand. I am Vegas. Now the house can come between me and my man!”
    Brendon: “One of us will just have to win POV. Because we will both use it on the same person… you. Because, did I mention I love you?”
    Rachel: “Obvi!”

  140. @Neicy25 – that’s why they call him ‘Miaoum-Miaoum’… wait, HE called himself that!

  141. @TheWizardIsOz – Rachel definitely is not the most annoying person to ever be in the big brother house. The distinction falls to Danielle of Season 8, followed closely by a narrow margin by her fellow housemate Amber. However I do agree that she plays the game like a beast. I hope she wins. She and Matt are the only ones truly playing the game. She plays out in the open, while Matt lurks from the shadows. Props to Rachel.

    And as for Kristen. I can’t stand people who talk down about others behind there backs. She lied about her relationship when it was clear it was true. She cheated on her boyfriend on National television. Classy is one thing she is not.

  142. i like rachel i personally think she is the smartest person there and i hope she wins the whole thing

  143. Wow, these two are great at endurance comps. I wonder if Ragan will give it to Matt again… I think he’s pretty safe with Matt as HoH because Matt will put up Brenchel (unless he does something weird again), and the blood won’t be on Ragan’s hands, which is important seeing that the jury will be formed by everyone evicted from now on.

  144. Ragan being in the leading position on the spinning paint can is definitely a disadvantage… he gets the brunt of most of the swipes and sprays. Looks like Matt could win again.

  145. @Rico – Yes. I approve this exchange. LOL. If we teamed up we could make up something entirely better than most of what we’ve experienced this season.

  146. pOOR Poor rachel…already bout to cry…poor girl…U do reap what sow…or u get back from others what u give to them….hmmmm hmmm she thinks if Regan gets it she gotta chance but she is worried bout Matt getting it..

  147. If Matt is HOH again this time, he will be indsufferable. He may also pull another stupid move like he did last time when he didn’t put B and R up. Ragan would make a great HOH and hopefully would use his head more than Matt does and would nominate B and R for eviction next week. But since he is the Saboteur — can he be both?

  148. To all the Rachel fans: sorry people, but she’s screwed. She’s obviously the strongest person in the Brenchel unit, now with Brendon proving himself to solely be a POV contender, so you have to figure that the rest of the house would target her over him now… plus, let’s face it, her voice and attitude do not make her the most liked person in there.
    I personally think that her lost will hurt the show ultimately, but, unless she gets the POV, she’s going straight to the jury.

  149. Matt. Gosh, he better put B/R up like the house wants instead of trying to do something fancy…

  150. i’m so sick of them not playing it out. hang in there until you have to drop!!! i’m not mad that matt won. i’m just ticked that they don’t fight to the end!!! grow some guys!!

  151. watch Matt keep rachel around because he would win over her if they were final two…she is annoying and I have to hear her say “don’t come between me and my man” one more time i’m gonna vomit!

  152. Yeah, Wiz…. let’s get on the production team for next season…

    No…THIS season…

  153. phew! now that the excitement is over i’m taking a break – talk to ya’ll later!

  154. Hopefully he opens Pandora’s Box and doesn’t overthink it because I want to see what BB has up its sleeve. Well, good show, peeps!

  155. Matt winning isn’t necessarily bad for Brenchel. Matt has his own agenda other than the Brigades. They flat out told him who they wanted nominated for eviction last time and he clearly didn’t follow the wishes of his alliance. Be very weary of Matt, he is the TRUE wild card this season.

  156. See now, Matt proved himself to be a douche, especially since he knows he got Ragan in his backpocket. He could have just let the guy win and tell him who to put up (as if there were any questions on that one…)
    Matt’s selfish, which really shouldn’t surprise anyone here.

  157. Matt has no excuses now. He can nominate Brendon and Rachel for eviction, and if by chance one of them comes off the block the other goes home. In the case of a tie, Matt has the tiebreaker.

    If Matt screws this up, the Brigade should get rid of him.

  158. I really hope Matt just puts those two up:

    -Matt puts up B and R….
    -Brendon wins POV, saves himself (for Trish’s sake) and Rachel is still on the block.
    -Rachel goes nuts because her and her man are being split up.
    -When she is evicted she throws up the Dueces and screams “I AM VEGAS”.
    -Everyone yells “LATER BI**H!!”

  159. Well this was a hoot. Later folks.

    Final thoughts: isn’t it very, very sad when a comments sections about BB is WAY MORE ENTERTAINING than the show itself? ‘Just sayin’…

  160. Totally didn’t want Matt winning!! But I wouldn’t bet on the fact he will put up Brendon and Rachel! Maybe maybe not. He wouldn’t shock me at this point! He’s the trader of trades!

  161. @Rico and Neicy – Let’s do it. Who do we have to talk to? LOL.

    @Mikey – You’re speaking truth good sir.

  162. “after dark” should be REALLY good tonite! rachel’s “man” is in deep doo-doo with her now.. he’s such a wuss… it’ll be fun watching him beg for her forgiveness.. lol

  163. @ CT

    Brendon: “Rachel, I know you are vegas, I am soo sorry. I love. Just always know that’s why I love you”

    Rachel: “Brendon, I am vegas, and you let the house get in between me and my man! How could you.”

    Brendon: ” I love you Rachel.”

    Rachel: *gives him the stank eye, and moves away like a five year old little girl when he tries to touch her*.

  164. Think about it: if Matt didn’t put up Brendon and Rachel, that would leave Britney and Kathy. Unless those of you arguing against the combination of Brendon and Rachel are assuming he’ll put one of them up with Britney or Kathy (a rather pointless move because if he pisses off one of the pair, he’ll piss off both; may as well put both up).

    Of course, he may try breaking up BR by saying one of them is a “pawn” against Kathy but neither of them would buy it and he would then risk having B or R use the VETO and adding a HUGE target to his back.

    So unless he’s putting up Kathy and Brit together, I just can’t see how the nominees will not be B and R.

  165. Mighty Mad you said it all!Dont have feeds but sounds like not much of a deal to have them.will catch up on after dark.

  166. karma has caught up with rachel… her worst nightmare just came true when matt won – YIPPEE! can’t wait to watch the bitch sqirm.

    i have no doubt that matt will open pandora’s box. i love ragan, but i think enzo would have been a more entertaining saboteur.

  167. Here comes the Brenchel conversation on camera 1……

    Rachel saying she knows what is goin on but she can’t tell Brendon about it until September???

    What goes on in this girl’s head?

  168. Thank you Rico.

    I think Matt already said he would open PB because he just wanted somthing to happen…like we all do. He is opening it for sure.

  169. She said she knows what is going on?? She can’t tell him till September?? WTF?? She gots ta be on something!! (for anyone that might say something I mis-spelled those words on purpose).

  170. What on earth? Matt & Ragan AGAIN? And Ragan is trusting that rat STILL? OMG! You’ve GOT to be kiddin’ get some cohones Ragan, I’m sorry I loved him up til now, he can’t just DO this!
    Man up win HOH and do what needs to be done, stop hiding behind others! Arrrgh Matt is aggravating@! NOT again!

  171. LMAO @ Neicy… WIZ you get the production GIG I better get chosen for the season HAHA

  172. Brendon finally walked out on Rachel!!!! TRISH!!! It has finally happened. He grew some balls.

  173. @babydoll – so true, AGAIN same ppl’s winnin’ anything! Matt the 2nd HG to win 2 HOH’s, but we NOT know b/c the rest are SCARED to win & have that power, they don’t want the responsibility! I hope Matt leaves the BRIGADE! he has to know being with them does him NO good! He’s doing ALL the work! (though Ragan assisted by jumping off! WhyYyyyyyyyy do they keep giving up?Arrrrrgh!

  174. WHA!?!?!?! Bren actually walked out on her :O./// YES Please… Now go talk to Matt.. CONVINCE the lil worm to take her out ans at his speech make it clear it was Bren’s idea to put her up an take her out LMAO … OK OK I know Im dreaming again..

  175. I do think Reagan should have taken it. But I am fine with Matt winning. I just hope he doesn’t try to pull some fancy crap out of his ass and just put those two up. MAN UP!!!

  176. Rachel, sheesh, now I’m curious as to what’s going on in your mind. What do you think is going on?

  177. @neicy – seriously no way? ya gotz to be kiddin’! they’re done? rachel can’t take the pressure eh? so she turns on “her man?” pls tell me what happened on the online cams!

    @torch – why is Rach pissed and what can’t she tell Brendon til Sept? She in another alliance?

  178. TRISH is going to be elated LMAO, HOPEFULLY he will not fall into her trap when the tears start ..

  179. Haha maybe Rachel and Matt are the lifelong friends!!!
    eh… probably not. she doesn’t have any.

  180. Kristi w/@#’s you are funny! That would be ideally awesome to see, but would it happen in BB time? We can only WISH? Bren’s growing wings, dear I say it? He’s come out of his cocoon? :P…oops dat sounded odd, scratch dat!

  181. because she knows they are all gunning for her and her man, and I don’t know about the other.

  182. @Kristy – If I get a production gig, I’d most definitely make a case for a few of you guys to be on. I’d be in the DR dropping hints like “Maybe you should talk about the blogs — maybe mention your screen name.” You’d have a built-in alliance on day 1.

    @Neicy – No, Neicy, he won’t pull anything from his butt, he doesn’t spend any time there… whatever he pulls will most assuredly be from the front of his pants.

  183. Trish – you cryin ‘happy tears!…but wait remem they always get back 2gether…but gee I wonder if Bren’s wising up? Hope sprngs eternal!

    So what did Ragan say to Matt while spinning up paint? Did anyone hear?

  184. JADELLE – yes thats it. She is in another alliance.. With Vegas, she is Vegas and Vegas is her and NO ONE comes between her and her Vegas. ( gawd I just verped)

  185. if brendon had walked out on rachel a long time ago, he wouldn’t be on the block next week. he’s going to be totally embarrassed when he watches this season and sees what a pussy whipped lapdog he has been.

  186. @davis – OMG i thought the same thing!
    for like a SPLIT second, that would be GENIUS! it really would! seriously I would die if that were true, that would shock EVERYbody! Talk about an unholy alliance indeed! :S.

  187. @Wiz you deliver yet again! Cast me too! You dun know you need a Cdn in there? Can we even apply? lol. @ Nic – oh dat’s so wrong!
    @Kristi w/#’s -HEE* Vegas baby! I’m Vegas! You verped? ROFL

  188. Yes we do, um I think there’s a new posting board up, lemme go check it out! Perhaps the other BB peeps are on there! :) brb…

  189. @Jadelle
    I mean it would completely makes sense in a sick, twisted sort of way. haha. I kind of want that to be true now…

  190. WIZ – easy Kristi will be making you follow those F C C rules. We have to play a clean fair game. What fun that would be though.

    I say like last night it was mentioned we
    (the posters)should be in the house with some all stars… WE GOT THIS .. ONLY twist would be THEY (the all stars)wouldnt know we were fans and followed every season and had the scoop, ok well maybe that wouldnt be quite fair but .. would still be fun

  191. Whos is HOH??? Why does Rachel need to talk to Regan if Matt is HOH…I’ confused..I missed something…lol..

  192. @Kristy
    That would be ballin! I think everyone here would be able to take on the veterans

  193. Rico, we are not BAT SHIT CRAZY like Rachel. We are awesome…not nasty, fake dyed red haired hot ass messes VEGAS. lol

  194. DAVIS – RIGHT.. would be a blast..

    Neicy – Potty mouth hahaha…

    MAN TRISH I thought she had talked some sense into Bren… sigh.. PLEASE let her go…. FAR FAR AWAY….

  195. LAMEeeeeeeeeerrrdidjdjdj!! This cast sucks!!! Braychel go up they don’t win veto it doesn’t get used Bren goes home! Bam! My prediction

  196. Yeah, Neicy… she was all the way up to the top of the door talking to him and he was trying to stand as close to the door as possible… it was kinda funny.

  197. @Jadelle – Neicy is right, I’d get as many of you in the house as I could. But if you all are in there, that’ll make me want to be in there too.

    @Kristy – Ok, fine… I’ll follow the rules. Feeling better?

    @Neicy – That’s a dope idea. I’d be really into a fans v. all-star season. I’d definitely try out.

    @Rico – Yessir. In fact, whatever Matt does for the rest of the season I will wonder if he “pulled it outta his crotch”.

  198. Hey, Torch… Did I hear right, he said she’s safe for 2 weeks, right? Did I miss something? How is he saying 2?

  199. @ Neicy – that we are my friend! Oh Trish must be lamenting Bren goin’ back to Ms. Red!

    @Connie – HOH is Matt. Ragan jumped off – as usual! Scroll up all the deets are there!

    @Rico – you are JOKeS! We are VEGAS! :P rofl

  200. @wiz – where the hand goes nobody knows? I mean Mad Matt then Emu Enzo (aka meow man mix) who is next? (shudders) yahhhhhhh!

    @Neicy – that is an awesome idea – fans vs.all-stars i would love that! i’d so try out indeedy! :P.

    @torch – say whoa? Bren tells Rach she’s safe for another 2 wks? how on earth? what does HE know that we don’t? who else can they possiby be aligned with that would save them, u know what with that pandora’s box looming perhaps matt will not put up B&R after all!

  201. Matt is being funny… telling Ragan that the rest of the paint on his knees will come off later!

  202. @Jadelle, did you mean to say you wish I was your friend??? lol I kid I kid.

    Yea, and all-star v. all-fans would be fun fun fun. But I doubt they would let all of us on this board, or at least a couple of us on the show together. Unless Wiz and Rico actually did make it to production.

  203. i’m trying to find where brendon walked on on rachel! does anyone know what time it happened..i would love to see it!! :-)

  204. @ #362 Rico – seriously? Kath was peepin’ Tomette on Hay? Whoa…ain’t her son the same age? What the!

    @CT – if that’s the secret pandora has (coup d’etat) or a way to get 2 ppls’ out at once, well then who knows! the possibilies are endless and they don’t all include getting rid of Rach, I mean OK don’t beat me up on here! LOL..but keepin’ her as annoying as she is COULD be beneficial, the girl can WIN! It can come in handy…..right? Oh dear I’m gonna hear it now! Matt is sneaky, but I think CBS has somethin’ betta in store for him & HG’s!

  205. @ torch – thanks for the update! was confused! i’m relyin’ on all those of you watchin online cams to fill us in! :)

    @neicy- *zing!* *arrow to my heart!* :P
    you are still fab in my eyes! lol. we can kid like dat!

    no sign of Trish still? awwhhh…well the new board should be hoppin’ by now!

  206. i’m psyched that rachel & brendon are FINALLY going to be split up… but i don’t understand why the house wants brendon out FIRST? the guy has won ZERO HOH’s and rachel has won TWO!

    it seems to me that SHE is the bigger threat?

    i don’t get it…..

  207. Noone we know is on the other message board. There are only 28 comments. Its kinda dry in there.

    @Jadelle we are friends!

  208. they where saying that rachel is the main target because she keeps winning the quiz HOH’s

  209. Why would Matt do that ?? This mayberry sheriff is gonna land in the final 2 for being the first one out in EVERY competition ?? I pity that town she’s sheriff in. Can you image if a murder took place. She would probably drop the handcuffs trying to put them on the suspect. And her crying good-byes to everyone are really started to get old fast.

  210. The house wants Brenden out first because it will be fun to watch Rachel crack up without him….

  211. Whatev’s Jadelle! What new board u yappin’ about? You almost made me have a heart attack!
    Rachel safe for ANY more weeks is a NO-GO in my book!

    No I don’t think Cooo Day-tah will be involved in Pandora’s box unless this box has events that occur over more than 1 week?

  212. CT you are right about everything. But unfortunately we are not in the house, and some of those HG are idiots. They will probably gunn for Brendon because he talked smack about everyone losing the endurance comp. last night.

  213. @CT – Perhaps, they’re hoping that by eliminating Brendon, Rachel would have a massive breakdown and eliminate herself. Besides, for whatever reason Brendon is strong in POV comps. Hard to eliminate someone like that.

  214. @JADELLE..

    i don’t disagree with you at all. i’ve said before that rachel has the comp skills and bb knowledge to WIN this game… and maybe without “her man” around, she will STOP being soooooooo emotional and THINK before she opens her big mouth!

    it may be too late though….. she’s made A LOT of enemies….

  215. they just said that kathy made a group deal if she dropped first she would be safe for two weeks.

  216. Okay back it up, it’s Coup D’Etat! Mylanta divine at least spell it right! :P Luv ya Jules! Hee* (sp? done purposely I’m thinkin’)

    @Neicy – u r right that board is dry as “BB Paint” HOH Comp was 2nite!

    @Jill – that’s so odd they went Bren out first!
    Go figure, I think Rach will be even stronger like on a devilish warpath! Watch out!

    @torch – well gotta give Rach some smarts, she does remember alot of dem quiz q’s and that takes some TYPE of skill…and remem in past BB finales, like they do on amazing race, they always have a comp where you have to recall something or someone from every week of the reality show…so if she manages to stay that long, SHE you would want on your team! Perhaps Matt is thinkin’ dat! Ohhh the plot thickens!

  217. k guys IM sorry I have to head out I have a bunch o stuff to tend to, remember to play nice ( blows kisses @ WIZ)

    NIGHT ALL cant wait to see yall tomorrow and find out what Matt’s going to do..

  218. Shut the front door! lol.. had to say that! They made a deal with Kathy? What on earth are these HG’s doin’? I despair, I need a BB shrink pronto!

    @wiz – oui oui! i’m sure they’re thinking that w/o bren, rach would melt down completely, but i think it’ll have opp effect!

    @CT – so true she’s made soooo many enemies, the ONE thing she’s got goin’ for her is her strength in comps, perHAPS that may save her butt this week?

  219. Goodness, its getting dry in here now. Where is Kristy281, kristi, Rico, wiz, Trish, and everyone else?

  220. they all didn’t want to be on slop and be a have not, but kathy was willing to be safe.

  221. Night Kristy281!!

    I am going to leave for an hour myself. i will be back for BBAD. I have some homework to tend to.

    I shall return.

  222. @Neicy
    this has definitely been a season filled with “emotion” instead of “stategy”. i scream at these hgs everynight during bbad! they’re sooooooooo stupid! – especially the ones who claim to “know” so much about this game. if i were there, i would boot rachel first – she’s the stronger player.

    do you think brendon will let his “love” for rachel get in the way of winning POV?

  223. Brendon down? That is probably because Rachel didn’t like that paint brush coming between her and her man.

  224. @CT- Gosh I sure hope not! You’re right it’s very emotional and not really strategic at this pt. So many have personal grudges it supercedes anything remotely resembling gameplay!

  225. @CT – I honestly don’t know… If they’re on the block together, I hope that some sort of self-preservation will kick in. If I were Brendon, I’d try to eliminate Rachel first in the POV. If the “love” is real she’ll still be there after the season is over, and things would be even better if Brendon had 500K in tow.

    But what I really want is Brendon to be like the Grinch; instead of his heart growing three sizes, I need Brendon’s balls to grow three sizes.

  226. @RickDD – ooooh that’s a good one! lol. But yeah you do know Matt won HOH right?

    It looks like the humdinger of an epi will be on Sun (guess it wasn’t 2day since we all knew Kris was goin’) Matt are you still planning to interview her tm? I look fwd to reading her replies…NOT! lol. She waited TOO long to compete! (b/c of her emotions for Hay? whateva!)

    MJ, stop reading FB posts and get on here already!

  227. Wizzie i do adore those lines! Bren & Grinch do not belong in the same sentence FYI….lol and as for him getting a self-prez kick hmm…we shall see, Matt needs to know now that he’s gotta put them up or the brigade will be VEX!

  228. @Jadelle
    MAYBE matt WILL save rachel.. anything is possible! i honestly don’t want to see her out of the game – she’s a REALLY good player – she’s just toooo emotional.
    but the whole “brenchel” thing has GOT TO GO! they’re not at all “cute” or entertaining like jeff and jordan were – those two were fun to watch! it’ll be fun to see them back in the house next week!!

  229. Ya got your text! lol. The FB BB boards are quite entertaining too! Course they post over 800 from tonight’s epi and the online cams, so it’s a wee bit of overload! Westcoasters are only watching it unfold now!

    I am reading posts til I is cross-eyed, so wait Kathy dropped off first again! She’s allied so I guess who cares right? Final 2 she best not make it that far! She’s to’ed up! She needs to GO! Matt won HOH, lawd jeezum, that was a rather short comp, interesting….and the same 2 guys left on another endurance comp. Things that make you go hmmmmmm… :S

  230. I REALLY want Rachel to go home this week!! That way, she will not be in the jury house with her “man”. Her vote will just be based on who she hated, and not who played the game best. Last year’s BB jury house vote was sssoooo wrong. Natalie played the game better than Jordan, and she should have won.

  231. @Torch – LOL. You’re right. You can’t make something outta nothing, I suppose. Three times zero is indeed zero.

    @Jadelle – They don’t, but it was the only metaphor I could use that could accurately describe the depth and immediacy of Brendon’s plight. LOL.

  232. @CT – Yeah Brenchel was cute and entertainng! lol. U never know with Matt? He’s so unpredictable, which I guess is why he’s interesting, but by NO means one of the best HG’s eva! Dr. Will/Boogie/Evil he is NOT!

    Anything from the online cams BB post-ers?

    @Wiz- yeah a guy looks much hotter with 500G’s attached to his a**! it sure would be great to have CBS feature HIS mom/dad! Luv to get their take on that!

    Speakin’ of hometown Point of Views it is true about Kris’ GF’s NONE of them looked happy in fact it was downright awkward, esp. with the BF (well EX-BF) right beside them…ouch! And did I mention how Delish Yummy HOTness he is?
    Why kris WHY would you give that up for some yuppy frat boy with shaggy head?

    Like a soap opera! So are the days of our BB lives! As the HOH Turns! The UN-Bold & the Beasts! – One POV to live! All my BB peep! ;) hee* young & restless they sure are! when you’re throwing that many comp’s bound to be jittery!

  233. @WIZ
    i think the “love” is real on brendon’s part… but not so much on rachel’s. seriously – she talks to him like sh*t on national tv – underminds him constantly – cuts him down all the time – repeatedly calls him STUPID… that’s NOT love! what the hell is WRONG with him?

    if he wins the POV, he needs to use it on himself and tell her to high tail it back to Vegas where she belongs!

  234. Jadelle – you have clearly shown your love for BB with all the soap names – missed a few!
    HG’s need a ‘Guiding Light’ forget that a guiding missile! BB Hospital – well if Rach turns on Bren they’ll need a triage unit stat! D’oh!

  235. Hi, just logged on. Missed the show AGAIN. UUGGHH, have been reading all the crazy, dang right remarkable, comments. You guys are great OK Matt won HOH! Great, lets see if the boy grows some balls and does something right! Did raskankal look a little afraid??? Neicy, and you guys are so funny! Wow alot of great humor tonight, are we bored?

  236. Gracias migas! yeah i forgot the 2 i dont’ watch! lol. guiding missile indeed! some of them HG’s look clue-LESS!

    @CT – my fave is One POV to Live – makes sense right? esp for Bren & Rach, all this talk about them goin’ up, wouldnt’ it be funny if they weren’t? Could Matt the drama king we are lookin’ for?

    I wonder if CBS did not want Ragan being HOH, that a conflict of interest or something? idk, just a thought…….

  237. @ASHTADI
    here’s my thought on jury votes:
    brendon – emotion
    rachel – emotion
    ragan – stategy
    britney – strategy
    lane – strategy
    enzo – stategy
    kathy – emotion
    hayden – emotion
    matt – strategy

  238. Oui, Si, Yes we are a wee bit Tishe lol. This wasn’t the case last night it was insanely awesome! Me thinks once the nom’s are announced it will get delishly delightful again! Have u watched the epi Tishe? Just read the posts, u’ll be caught up completely! By now West Coaster’s have seen all they need to see, (Krazy Kris is gone, Ragan chosen as new Sab, and HOH is an endurance comp with paint!)
    brings a whole new meaning to “watching paint – dry!”…and gee what it was done that fast! lol.

  239. I want Brendon to stay this week and Rachel to go home, then win HOH so that this (very unlikely) scene could play out:

    Julie: Congratulations Brendon, you just won HOH.

    (HGs offer fake congratulations, and begin to suckle at the teat of power)


    Brendon: Who wants to see my HOH room?

    (HGs gather in the HOH room and see all the crap that nobody really cares to see but they feign interest for the sake of TV)

    (Brendon notices a pair of golf balls in the HOH basket)

    Brendon: That’s odd, I’m not really that much of a golfer. Hmmmm. Let’s read the letter.

    Dear Brendon,

    We are so proud of you for making it so far in the game. Your father and I miss you so much, but you keep pushing forward, and win that 500K and make us proud. You are absolutely right, we do NOT approve of Rachel. You can do so much better than that… please do better than that.

    Your father and I watch the feeds and we saw you’re late night “I’m sorry” incident. Your father almost disowned you instantly, he said that no son of his could perform so poorly and almost accused me of cheating on him.

    One last thing, you might have noticed the pair of golf balls in the basket. We figured that you’ve been lacking them so far in the game and we’d send you those and maybe they’ll help you see clearer through the rest of the game. Love you, miss you, and can’t wait to see you again.



    (HGs stare not knowing whether to laugh or feel sorry for Brendon)


  240. @CT – good stuff! kathy cries at ALL the good-bye messages, i guess she’s a shew-in for each evictee – gotta have the salty drops right?
    that list sounds about right, the only way it would change for Bren is if Rach leaves like now, perhaps his brain will kick into 2nd gear and get strategic! (hope springs eternal right?); think Matt will get emotional if his secret comes out beforehand and he has to cover his tracks! D’oh! well perhaps not!

  241. @Jadelle – LOL, at the soap opera references.

    @CT – I hope he doesn’t jeopardize 500K for something that may not work out. I do think he needs to save himself and let her go back to Vegas.

  242. ROFL – @Wiz luv dat letter! and the golf balls are they ‘titleist’? gotta be da best dun noe!

    Dear Mom & Dad,

    Thanks so much for the gift. I’ve been thinking alot lately doing some real soul searching about who I am and who I have become in this house and have realized you are right.
    Now that I have no distractions I can keep my eyes on the prize!

    P.S Do not watch the feeds, you know how I get with not much food and after dark in the wee hours? I can’t be held accountable. Right Mum?

  243. @Jadelle
    matt’s a wild card for sure.

    IF he’s the “genius” that he claims to be, he’ll evict brendon – keep rachel – come clean with ragan & britney about the brigade – and the FOUR of them go after enzo, lane and hayden.

    i don’t know how britney would react about lane… but for now they would kathy..??

    matt needs to do SOMETHING, cuz i think he will be the first one booted out of the brigade.

  244. @Torch – LOL. Thanks.

    @Jadelle – “Brendon’s response” letter. Priceless. We can only hope. Btw, sure they can be Titleist, he needs every advantage he can get.

  245. @CT – If Matt had the fortitude to go through with a move like that and succeed… I’d seriously have to consider him for one of the BB best players ever, at least top 5.

  246. omg WIZ! that letter from brendon’s mom is HYSTERICAL :)

    love the “i’m sorry” part….. poor brendon. ROFLMAO

  247. @Jadelle, I am to the point of enjoying reading from ya all more than watching the show.WizardisOz is hilariouuusss, Neicy, Torch etc. etc. I do not know what you folks do for a living but ya all have a future in creative writing! Ragan will not be able to pull it off, unless they give him lame a– stuff to do?

  248. @tishe – Thanks. Glad you enjoy the writing from me and everyone else. I almost wish Ragan won the HOH, he could have pulled it off and been virtually untouchable for the next two weeks.

  249. @WIZ
    it would be a BRILLIANT move on matt’s part for sure! but i suppose it’s easy for us fans to be “monday morning quarterbacks” – lol – we KNOW what’s going on in the house!

    i just want SOMEBODY to do SOMETHING to shake up this game! we’re heading to week 5 for christ sake, and NOBODY has done ANYTHING of any significance.

    come on… let’s GO hgs!!

  250. @CT – The perfect thing that could happen right now would be Brendon and Rachel splitting up, and it could be fake or real. It would change everything, with them at odds, a lot more people would get nervous because that target would no longer be on “Brenchel”.

    You’re right, we do know. But some of the stuff we see… the HGs can’t be totally clueless, right?

  251. to bad matt doesn’t know about rachels me and my man statements, then next week when she walks out he could say will I got between you and your man didn’t I now.

  252. Oh my gosh, I found ya all! Good Night Torch sleep well, Oz have a great one! BBN R U there? These people have great posts, did ya ching- chang yet? You know what I mean. Please do not moderate my comment.

  253. @CT – exactly! that is a genius plot! my goodness that sounds actually plausible!
    evict brendon (trish will NOT like that part! :S) but the thought of SOME one goin after da brigade is a winner! b-c then they will have to get the hands outta da pants and WORK for once! u know what the great book says about *idle hands*

    @wiz-gracias I wanted to make it longer but figured writing may not be brendons thing keepin it short and sweet! if ONLY they could reach our boards!
    p.s i do not think Matt even KNOWS that big college word u just dropped (fortitude – like it! :)
    indeedy that would be BOLD BRASH & BEAUTIFUL!

    @tishe – yeah left the other board for a hot min, if MJ finds me on here i is toast! lol.
    someone pretending to be rachel was on there and MJ declared war on her it was quite funny!

    i can’t sleep anyways so i’m going back to the other board! lol. sue me!

  254. Jadelle, #443 Have fun! One ?? Is raskankal out? This woman is like finger nails goin down on a dirty chalk board! I get it, the guys like her.. NOT.!Neicy 25 had to do homework, I hope she is majoring in creative writing! Aloha !

  255. Geeeze where did they find these “players”. Endurance for past seasons would go on for what seemed like forever, but not with season 12. CBS where are you getting these contestants from? I know you were in New Orleans some time ago and I am sure there were some high quality people to choose from. No, I did not try out for BB because I could not stand to be away from my children, not too mention they are teenagers and I am the disciplinarian. Do something to make things more exciting and if Brendan and Rachel manage to stay another week then things are definately rigged. Yes fellow posters I am hours behind but I have to DVR because of my kids and hubby, who I am just teaching about BB, you have no idea how difficult that is. lol

  256. YAYYYYYYYYYYY i’m glad that matt won hoh!! and that kristen left because taking a quote from rachel floaters get your life jackets played to be true. now if matt is smart and i know he is he’ll put up brenchel because rachel messed up his plans the first time he was hoh. and another thing comes into question what’ll happen if matt or one of the other opens pandora’s box it won’t be good

  257. I’ve always imagined that makeup was like your colour palette and your face was the canvas. It constantly amazes me precisely what work of genius you may easily come up with on a person’s face.

  258. Ugh I can’t stand Kristen and glad she was evicted in week 4. I totally understand there is going to be lies to get ahead in this game but Kristen was out of bounds especially with her cheating on her boyfriend. I have no respect for people that cheat on their boyfriend or girlfriend. Kristen in the first episodes even tried to deny it and I’m glad her BF broke up with her right after she got evicted. I hope Haden doesn’t start to date Kristen because Kristen is a disrespectful, lying, total bitch cheat. Women like Kristen that doesn’t have a care in the world that she cheated and her boyfriend, doesn’t seem to care about his feelings, and the boyfriend had to see it on TV. I feel sorry for her former boyfriend I’m sure he was humiliated, embarrassed and extremely hurt. Then Kristen on the final show is this all smiles when asked about her cheating. Kristen is a worthless bitch!!

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