Big Brother 12: Week 4 Nominations Revealed – Spoilers

Last night on Big Brother 12 we saw power change hands back to Rachel yet again. Like her or not, Rachel is proving to be a strong competitor in this game so far and her enemies are no longer hiding. Perhaps getting in to a yelling match with the new HoH minutes after she wins said power might not be the best idea!

Read on to find out just who are Rachel’s targets for next Thursday night.

Big Brother 12 Week 4 Nominations:

  • Kristen
  • Hayden

Brendon is lecturing Rachel that she’s now become the villain in the house and she’s playing everyone, including him! Wow, trouble in Brenchel paradise. He’s explaining to her that she just told the whole house, “F you, come and get us!” He is pissed at her game play and its impact on him. “People are viewing us as the bad guy. Us as the villain!” Ohh, death rays from Rachel’s eyes! See it yourself!

Jump on the live feeds right now to watch their reactions to being nominated. The Power of Veto competition will be held on Saturday, so stay close and keep checking in for those spoilers too. This is going to be a great BB week!

What do you think of Rachel’s nominations? Personal, like last time, or strategic?

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  1. Why in the world does everyone put up Kathy? She may not be the most exciting houseguest to watch, and certainly not a fan favorite…but sheesh! Hasn’t she had enough? Just for this week anyhow?
    Later Kristen! What a terrible game SHE played!

  2. personal.

    whats the point of rachel playing with kristin today having that 3 hour hash-out meeting when u do the exact opposite.

    rachel is a bitch. hopefully my comment still stands after that, i think most of u will agree. she is a great gameplayer and i give her props for that. but she is doing nothing but getting the girls out, and power trippin.

    she power trips when brendon win POV. i mean somebody needs to put her in her place. brendon does it every once in awhile, but he is a sorry, wuss. he says sorry when ever he says something she doesnt like.

    rachel will get hers. they cant nor will they win EVERY week.

  3. Rachel needs to let Brendon go and play the game the way he wants to play it. He is so weak and sensitive!

  4. I’m actually glad this happened even though I’m not a huge fan of “Brenchel.” Britney is my favorite houseguest, so this at least helps her out. Oh, and Rachel is a beast.

  5. I’m VERY confident that Rachel will be gone soon! It’s going to take one tiny slip-up or failure to win a game, and she’ll be sent packin’!

  6. It would be hysterical if the rest of the house alienated B/R from now on. Barely spoke to them and did their own things without them. The B/R hybrid would eventually implode.

    I wonder what would happen if the guests went “silent” and staged a boycott and simply went through the motions when needed and just played pool and went in the tub and pretty much ignored the 2 in charge.

  7. Hayden with the Sun Devils Game Day shirt already… What if Kris gets an overwhelming amount of votes for sabatour (which the show does not need anymore, they should just tell them there is one – but there isn’t)? Depending on tomorrow; save Kristen, put Kathy back. Send her packin.

  8. re. K&H nom’d
    Rachel is the only one in the house with any balls. Good for her. K is a —–, H is a —-y and they both lie.
    Never thought I’d say ant of that as Rachel is like fingernails on a blackboard.

  9. Wow Brendon is laying into Rachel she put up her nom’s and have pissed the whole house off. He is right she acts like she is the queen bee. She has screwed them he is the only one that can play for HOH next week and they are going to take them out. Bye Bye Rachel you have just messed up.

  10. Instead of Rachel nominating Kristin and Hayden they should have formed an alliance, it would have been the best game play for her since she is sooooo worried all the time that everyone in the house is out to get her and B.

  11. kristin brought up 2 great points.

    1-rachel kept using the excuse how kristin put her up in the HOH game time after time. but rachel actually put hayden and krsitin up first, which initialized it, and she kept putting up kristin, just as kristin kept putting up rachel.

    2-rachel always talks about floaters. its the beginning of week 4. there have been only 4 real winners of anything so far. Matt, Hayden, Brendon and Rachel. like 3 ppl have not played in a single POV yet.

    i’ll do the math for u. 13-4=9. so based off rachel’s “logic” 9 ppl in the house are floaters. well now since their are 10 ppl in the house, 8 floaters.

    and if rachel says one more time “u knoe the thing about it is (insert any hg name)i really like you” im gonna go cross eyed haha.

  12. @Marcus
    Actually it was Hayden who put up Rachel and Brendon after he took out Britney first round, so that’s why Rachel turned right around and put Hayden and Kristen up for the next. Hayden actually started it, and Kristen continued it.

    And I dont know why people keep saying that Rachel really screwed herself. I mean, she was pretty much screwed anyway because over 50% of the house would have put her and brendon on the block anyway

  13. Given the opportunity I think Rachel will throw Brendon under the bus just to advance herself. “her man” is a cry baby. Kathy has more info on everyone in the house, don’t underestimate her.

  14. I also want to point out that, rachel one this weeks HOH comp mostly because half of the competitors just stood there and stared at the pannel till there oponent would figure it out. even brendan did that. kinda pissed me off to see so many people throwing a comp.

  15. @#3Marcus – I couldn’t have said it better myself! I completely agree. The truth is they all are hating on her and are just having to lick it this week. I think if anyone other than Brendon or kiss*ss Kathy get HOH she will go up for sure! That will be a great night when she walks out. It is coming soon!

  16. to anyone that likes rachel.shes a dumb ugly redheaded hooker that deserves to go home.

    • She is playing the game she wins when she needs to at least she competing. That’s what the game is about

  17. @Marie Rachael wanted to form a alliance with them the last time she was HOH and Hayden said no.

  18. @Kim (#2&#11), was Kathy put up or targeted? I thought Kristen & Hayden are the nominees so she should be safe. Don;t understand your comments

  19. Rachel will not win Big Brother, she and Brendon will be kick out of the house very soon.

  20. What if Brenden breaks up with Rachel to distance himself from her horrible behavior? Would it save him?

  21. @cynd- I was unaware when I made those comments that it was Hayden and not Kathy…the beginning of this blog stated that it was assumably Kristen and Kathy.
    My mistake.
    I do hope Hayden wins POV and removes himself. Just in case…

  22. @cyndigwc: When the live feeds first returned it appeared as though Kathy and Kristen were nominated. As things progressed it was revealed that Kathy was not nom’d.

  23. I don’t have the feeds, any reaction from Brigade about Andrew’s bombshell? They already suspected Hayden was getting too close to Kristen.

  24. Does anyone have the live feeds? Could someone tell us what’s going on in the big brother house right now since the nominations have been completed? Thanks alot..

  25. omg so dum to put up kristen like she blows at every competion. get someone who who actually competes every time, cause in reality if brendon doesn’t win hoh the following week their both gonna get put up

  26. Thanks Matt & Kim for clarification. I also read Kathy was crying and Rachel and Kristen had a long talk and worked things out so I wasn’t sure. I hope Hayden saves himself and they backdoor Matt!

  27. Here we go again!! Rachel should have been gone weeks ago when everyone knew and could see how close her and Brendon were. Anyone with half a brain knows that you have to nip that crap in the bud asap but NOOOO!!!!! Everyone has either been too stupid or scared to put them up. If Rachel or Brendon win it is just because everyone else was too stupid.

  28. i knew it was gonna happen an im so damnnn mad but i hope hayden stayies snice i got to pick :(

  29. Well as much as I cant stand Rachel…I love the fact that she put up Kristen….it was only a matter of time before her mouth caught up with her…lol…Hayden just needs to fight for the POV and out goes Kristen…Another week of safety for the Brigade…its amazing how terrible Rachel can play the game…not strategic more personal…whats more amazing is that she is a supposed chemist…more like bathtub chemist…

  30. I think that Hayden has a good chance as long as the brigade stays loyal to him. My hopes are that he’s taken off (even better if he wins POV) and she puts up Kathy. The ‘token’ older player. Not a good rep BTW and they go ahead and vote her out.

  31. The basis of Rachel’s gameplay is first and foremost that she wants to be the only woman in the house, period. She has not matured after her high school graduation and tends to exhibit extreme jealousy. She is most likely this type of person outside of the house in real life.

    No one can deny that she can play the competitions well – she has that portion of BB down pat. Her jealous nature is going to be her downfall.

  32. Rachel and Brendan RULE!!!!!!!!!! They own that house right now!! They may be leaving the house soon of course if/when the opportunity arises (if any other house guest can ever win anything) but because the other house guests are afraid of them and know that they are the strongest players!!!! GO BRENCHEL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Brendon and Rachel should have sense enough to realize that Enzo, Lane, Matt and Hayden must be in an alliance.. Why else would Hayden decline Brendon and Rachel offer of an alliance and how could Matt be so confident to offer himself as a pawn! -aIf brendon would play the game instead .of playing House,. They would figure these things out ..- also, Hayden is an ugly creey. The first week he wanted to get with Rachel. That is why he and others wanted Kwants) Brendon evicted.. – I like Brendon , but not Rachel as much!!

  34. The thing is the brigade could save Hayden but based on what was said earlier today Kristen is the real target anyway. Hayden had always been told by the Brigade that if it came down to it, Kristen was expendable and earlier today he agreed she may have to go. Still if it were me I’d win POV and force them to back door Kathy or Regan. Then use your 4 Brigade votes to save Kristen.

  35. at least rachel had the balls to put up the people she really wants out. instead of this pawn crap. They need to come and get the person they really want out

  36. @ 35 DaFerret….KUDO’S to that post..SHE IS ALL ABOUT HER..Brendon is beginning to realize it..

  37. kristen is a b=== she needs to go. She thought she would float on threw but thats not gonna happen anymore. love how the power shifts in this game

  38. well we were all hoping fireworks would erupt and we would get some good game play started.

  39. LOVE the noms, but if she pulls em off for Kathy, I will throw my remote at the TV…this is a week to take out a power player you cant influence…so do it

  40. Well Brendan and Rachel are having an argument right now on the feeds. But since they’re not kissing, which BB thinks makes for good airtime, the feeds keep getting turned off during the argument. Evidently Brendan and Rachel fighting is not considered to be good promotional material.

    This is the first year I went for the feeds and I am extremely disappointed with regard to BB’s selective live feed broadcasts. I can understand not showing comps and ceremonies, no problem with that. But arguments like this are what I feel the feeds should be meant for, especially the real hardcore BB fans. Not the “We’ll be right back” bubbles crap.

  41. what a weird and strange season this has been. ive said it once last week n it applies today, havent some of these people (especially RACHEL) ever watched big bro b4? Shes showing no clue as to even half decent gameplay and seems to have no clue as to past players good and bad gameplay. I think Brendon is thinking this and will have to choose either Rachel or Big Brother. Maybe Brendon is thinking “hmmm, maybe i shoulda flirted harder with the sabouter after all?

  42. I don’t think for a second that Rainwoman ever thought of herself as a “villain”. After all she’s just looking out for “my man” who every man, woman, and probably the producers too are after according to her perception of reality.

    I’m sure that Brendon has just blown her tiny mind at the prospect.

  43. i thought live feed meant all day everyday. not just what they want to show u. Thats the whole purpose of getting the feeds. bb sucks

  44. @karen: They never show the noms or pov events. That’s just the way CBS calls the shots, it’s not up to RealNetworks. The purpose of the live feeds is to show you the real game, not just what CBS controls and reveals with the episodes. There’s so much more than what happens on TV and we’d miss it without the feeds.

  45. Its turned into the everyones beautiful show look at me…game play is out and the fake boobs are in…its been getting worse every year…I miss the days of good strategy…the time of Dr Will and players past…theres still a chance for this season…the key is no more Rachel…thats it…the whole game will change once shes gone…

  46. Rachel is playing personal. She s dumb enough to trust Brittany. Rachel is jealous of Kristen. I thought she was going after floaters. I hope Kristen stays in house for more drama. This season is boring.

  47. Rachel will stay a long time. whenever she fight with brendon they make up. dont worry its just another one of their petty arguments…hopefully. lets go rach! win this game! im proud she made it to the jury part of the game at least!

  48. well i would love to see brenden and rachel fighting without it going to something else or turns off completely

  49. there needs to be a good kristin/rachel fight soon lol. all the more reason to get the psycho-biach kristin out. go rachel!

  50. Kristen is one of the biggest floaters there. And if she had won she would of put up rachel and brendon should there is no difference.what comes around goes around

  51. Not a fan of Rachel’s game play. Although she’s a strong competitor, she lacks a good strategy. As much heat as Matt has taken for his “wasted” nominations, he’s now off the BR radar and although his strategy worked against the interests of the Brigade, it worked well for himself. I have a lot more respect for Matt now.

    Rachel, on the other hand, plays personally. I don’t understand why it’s so important that she be the only god-damn woman in the house. I’m starting to think Brendon’s strategy to have the women pitted against each other is being realized through her. All her actions have made her a huge target. Maybe instead of playing so emotionally, she should start cutting deals and not try and bully the house into voting how she wants. Then she might actually survive a few more weeks.

  52. dude. rachel is a BITCH!!!!

    she does nothing wrong
    she is perfect.

    is ANYONE watching this right now?
    she is going so far as to say brendon is AGAINST her.

    is she crazy? the answer to the question is yes. she gets power, and she walks round with NO respect for anyone. she rubs the HOH win in kristin’s face, she goes after hayden, and goes after them when their down.

    she was mad also because hayden and kristin where a couple. like wtf? i dont even need to address why thats so wrong lol.

    great gameplayer physical and comp wise. however she is absolutely terrible interacting.

    and she is the officiall ball-Buster of cable television. i mean robert kardashian has it better than brendon.

    she is a big chested ball buster. PERIOD.

    i mean the power has seriously gone STRAIGHT to the dome. nobody is saying she cant be mean, but she doesnt have the saftey net to talk trash.

    IF she keeps giving that “nobody is gunna come in-between me and my man” (and she said it to andrew, a guy who is only interested jewish girls. um hello?!) b.s. to the evicted houseguest when this jury comes up she wont get any votes IF, A BIG IF she stays long enough.

  53. Please just jump ship Brendon. You have nothing to lose with this girl!! Win the game for yourself!! What does he think benefits him by sticking with her – and all this ‘I’m proud of you!” BS?!!!

  54. hey, i just found this out. it may be old news to some of you. but MATT was once a contestant on the NBC reality show “Average Joe” in 2005

    • I know, and I find this strange. So many people try to get on this show and CBS uses a past contestant of another show??? I don’t mind Matt, but come on, what about him gets him on two shows??? It’s not like anyone really remembers him from average Joe, making him a ratings pull. Something about it is just strange.

  55. everyone plays personal in some form. Rachel and brendon know they will go up if they don’t win the games. Thats if the rest of the house has the balls to really put up the people that need to leave instead of random just people like kathy she is no threat at all in the games

  56. i just hope the bridage goes soon too. the last thing i want to watch is another season 10 scenario. this season is a girls game.

  57. Matt is also the leader of a abnd called “Shooting Blanks”..FAIRLY POPULAR GROUP so the web reads

  58. Rachel is sealing the deal for herself…she plays to personal…brendon is gonna be a much stronger player with her out of the house…Matt played a perfect move not putting bren/rach up..they took all the heat off the brigade for this week…and of course chose to put up Kristen…Hayden should be safe with the votes as long as the brigade stays true…

  59. In truth RACHEL & BRENDON HAVE NOBODY BUT EACH OTHER.. but that is a situation that they brought on themselves

  60. Rachel is SO stupid! I can’t stress enough that making these personal moves so early in the game and not targeting strong players right when you’re getting ready to go into the jury stage of the game is gonna come back and bite her and unfortunately Brendon in the butt

  61. I’m glad that Hayden and Kristen got nominated. I can’t stand people who insult others behind their backs. That’s why I was glad to see Andrew lay the truth on the table before he left. People in the house need to know what type of people they are dealing with. And Rachel did not put herself in a bad way by nominating those 2. The brigade for sure are kinda happy, due to them just voting off Kristen and securing their group again. Brendon and Rachel may be annoying, but they’re honest about their intentions. Yeah the nominations may have been a little personal, but what nominations aren’t.

  62. Well peoples, can we really be surprised that Rachel put up K & H? Brendon is showing his weak side, berating Rachel for her nom’s, who else was she to put up, Enzo? Ragan? Remem she has NO clue that there’s an alliance, so all she can run with now is the peeps who piss her off, and well Krazy ranting Kristen did a bang-up job! :P hee* brigade is ridiculous for not calling Hay out on his ‘showmance’…clearly they don’t care or believe their alliance can rise above it all! :S.

  63. I found it odd too that the HOH comp, 1/2 of the ‘brilliant’ HG’s just stood there, I mean really the thought of these throwin’ the comp’s is aggravating! Arrrgh! No one has the cahones to be the HOH or POV winner to make the moves that may or may not rock da boat! The BB ship NEEDS to start playin’! I can just imagine what former BB greats (i.e will, boogie, janelle, evel) are thinkin’ watching this season! Meh!

  64. He did not berate her for the nominations It was what she said during the ceremony that got him upset..SHE evidently told the house guest if they wanted to come after her to bring it on..Brendon did not know she was gonna do this..Now they have an even bigger target on their back..That is why he is upset..not about the nominations

  65. I find it just funny Rachels noms. She’s playing the game, but using her heart.

    Whoever says lying, cheating and whatnot is not apart of this game, they are wrong!

    I hate people who decide to play games like this with “no lies, kind, caring and considerate”

    BULLSHIT is what I call it.

  66. good nominations!!! cant wait to see sunday’s show and after dark tonight to see if theyre still fighting!! they are such a fake and cheesy couple!!

  67. “you know, the thing about it is…” classic. And true. She doesn’t think before she speaks. Look at her eyes when something bold is said…She’s a wannabe super fan..she’s trying but just doesnt have the staying power..ya digg.

  68. I love the noms. The best thing that could happen right now is, Hayden wins POV. Kathy is put up in his place. Brigade has enough votes to keep Kris. Rachel’s jaw hits the floor and all hell breaks loose. Make it happen CBS. This season is almost a lost cause as it stands.

  69. LOVE THOSE NOMINATIONS! About time someone with some “balls” took control. Brendan you are good to look at but you are such a wuss!

  70. @ Nic…what do u miss me or something? It could get kinda boring with everybody agreeing with you, huh? Lol No campaigns…I won’t even read the comments anymore because it makes my stomach hurt. I just come on to see the spoilers and more important info.


  72. Why is everyone saying she has the “balls” to take control? Did no one see what happened during the eviction and the aftermath? It was the easiest noms of the season for any one person to make. The one with “balls” is Kris for sticking up for herself. I mean, come on now, who really didn’t know they had some sort of showmance going on? They all knew. It was just a matter of time before they saw the block together. I truly believe Rachel thinks this won’t have any backlash towards the house. Its only a matter of time that her only true allie in the house, Ragan(besides Brenden)will turn on her like he did to Brenden. If she would learn to shut her mouth once in awhile and not isolate herself from the house. She may make further. But, its to late for that now. She’s made her bed… lay in it, DragQueen!!!!

  73. I hope the nomination remains the same cuz her trashyness doesn’t realize that getting Kristen out will make the brigade stronger.

  74. @70 Marie- Bring Monet back. I want to see how friendly Brit is to Rachel after that. I really hope Brit is playing Rachel, if not, ouch. What a knife in the back.

  75. I wish someone would put up Kathy and Brittany. The two of them are definitely the two with the relationship, mother and daughter. I don’t know how no one has noticed the resemblance. They are both from Arkansas, and Kathy mentioned in the first episode that she had a 22 year old daughter, and the tape that was put on Kathy’s and Brittany’s pictures was not a coincidence.

  76. @Abby #84
    I don’t think they’re related. In one of the earlier episodes Britney mentioned in her DR session that she didn’t really like Kathy. Not something you would say about your own mother if you’re in the Diary Room….

    Anyway, why does everyone want Kathy backdoored now??? If Hayden or Kristen wins POV then Rachel should just put up Matt or Lane….

  77. Surprise, surprise. Raggedy-Rachel nominated K & H. Kristen certainly didn’t help her game by having that yelling match with Rachel right after the HOH comp.

    If the nominations stay the same, Kristen will go home.

    It’s just another boring week in the BB house. So far in this game almost everything has been predictable (I say almost because I didn’t think Andrew had the balls to confront people).

    At this point, I could care less about what happens. I don’t have any strong preference towards any one player winning this game. Everyone is so dull. Hopefully the new Saboteur will bring drama to this house.

  78. @86 Davis. Rachel won’t put up either of them. She will do the same thing she did with Monet, but this time put up one of her allies. Rachel doesn’t exactly play this game with any logic. Plus, she may think everyone voted 8-0 to keep Kathy last week. The only way she will put those 2 up is if Ragan says so. Without Ragan those 2 are lost and without logic. Sometimes I think how these people get through life without text books.

  79. Even though tomorrow that game is gonna have so much more bells and whistles, Kristen looks like she has the knack for it.

  80. hopefully kathy wins HOH

    that would just make things that much more hilarious

    she misses the question to knock out rachel, then wins POV to pull off kristen and then boom Matt goes up

  81. Kathy winning would be crazy! Pie in everybodys face!! I just have a feeling they are all gonna flip at the final version. I’m sure they will put pool table like bumpers – everything will be spinning – the whole table on hydrolics!! LOL!!

  82. I think these are great noms.. especially is Kristin wins POV and another “Brigade” member is put up.. it would ensure at least one of them would go.. I don’t like any of them. I also would like to see Rachel out.. I would love to see what Brendon’s game would become without her distracting him. I think he would bea really good player, and a force in the BB house.


    Luv,brachel xoxo

  84. Kathy has turned in to the real person she is cunn8ing, mean spirited, total liar in a really ean and bad soul, uses her illness to gain votes, uses her son to gain votes, is a floater, is useless, ha no real soul, and Kristen and haydon need to feel what’s like to be on the block. I mean it was obvious on the HOH they all were gunning to get rachel and vredon out so they would not be HOH. TG again rachel..u did well girl and proud although I do not now her nor brandon. brandon is so nice, yet needs to REMEMBER he is playing BB!! I do not know why he is upset in the manner inw hcih Rachel place the noms. He’s just so not in to the game right now..he worrys about friendshsips, and for this I get it..he’s a really nice guy who has been hurt, but come on Bradnon…you know for sure they’re all after u and rachel. so why so mad about the noms.? i am so happy she won HOH..These other floaters like #1 Kathy need to go. However, ,aybe next week for Kathy, because if Rachel places her on the block she’ll go home when Kristen needs to for being a big dummy and listening to all Kathys lies lies lies like Kathy did with Andrew to stire the pot. I know it’s BB but come on have some soul, respect, human being within.. Kathy is a ;lair and hold none and has none. I am so happy she is not a deputy or whatever she claims to still be in my city. She is a cunning, ill willed, heartless, no coul except from below which ppl like her have no soul, and mean spirted and a LIAR! I can not believe she followed Rachel in to the room pantry and asked not to be put up, and then 10 mins later is staing to Kristen ” Well I do not want to go see her room..but I haaave too..” in the ugly lines frown lines on her face that show she is a bad person. She is not human being in my book. There’s playing the game, and there’s being a soulless ___ch, Kathy uses her illness (remember regan chaned his vote for Kathy because she whined about her illness and he felt badly), and she uses her family to gain gain gain…sits back floating and starts crap in the house (I mean mean really mean mean lying crap) within the house to place the others against each other more so, to take the target off herself.. BB is a game..yet Kathy is a liar and a manipulator who is so mean and cruel,…she will tell any lie and sit back in the SDiary Room and say” Oh so so blew it so I may just stay under the radar by sayng nothing) after she has already lied to so many. let Kristen and Haydon sweat and Kristen need to go. Remember Monet and Brittany? brittany is such a wonderful person now Monet is gone. Kathy and Kristen and every1 else used rachel the first HOH and then dumped her when not needed. Shaneful…yet my writing is so angry toward Kathy..I mean really angry..she is a down right Lying _____ and needs to go home. Kristen needs to go first. Don’t they see what she is doing.?? Come on ppl. Why is brendon so upset…Always a target on their backs anyways/… It’s BB breadon not Big Lover, I like him lots but he needs to pull it together soon. I feel for rachel.. She not a dunb bimbo (kind words they used mean spirted nasty words and Kathy is so two faced!! As well as Kristen cann ot take either of those ppl) She no lafy she a dog!

  85. Lol @ lane is anemia were you can’t sleep a real quote from bbad lol it was never said you had to be an Einstein to play bb

  86. WHY WOULD ANY1 want Kathy to win HOH??? OMG are we watching ths same show??? she is a liar!! I mean down right evil no soul no heart liar!! There’s a way to play BB and a manner not too.. She uses everyone to benfit herself, and even uses her medical etc. I 100% disabled veteran and would BEVER use my edical to try and gain anything vites, anaything…she has no soul really..I liked her at irst until Live feed….OMG the person is a LIAR!! Kristen is as well!!

  87. I’m so bummed about Andrew!!! I wish he would have done it about an hour before the show so that the house could flip out on K&H and Andrew could defend himself and share more FACTS!

    Kristin is psycho! Did you hear how she was yelling? This whole time, she’s quiet and un assuming. Then she just starts flipping out and boy does she have lungs!! And flat out denying the relationship she’s having with, not her fiancee!

    I wish Rachel didn’t say what she said cause only some of these events are about skill. There are some that are pure luck.

    Can’t wait to see JEFF!!! <3

  88. Brendan would do fine on his own. I think Rachel is getting tired of “her man”.

  89. @#84 Abbey–I’ve thought from beginning that Kathy/Brit were mother/daughter. They’re almost never together. They’re probably afraid
    people will see how much they look alike.

  90. I don’t have the live feeds, can someone tell me if Kristen & Rachel talked at all after last night? The last that I saw was Kristen going to bed & not going to see Rachel’s HOH room w/ everyone.

  91. Hayden and Kristen should of joined with Brenchal and made an alliance but Hayden wanted to act so dedicated to the brigade when he is not even and even though everyone wants rachel out she is a VERY strong competitor and might be in this game for a lot longer. Kristen is starting to become mean to everyone now that her secret is out and she keeps trying to deny it and say it was lies when people were already expecting it . She is caught and she knows it and she will do ANYTHING to take the attention/gossip off of her.

  92. why everyone hates rachel?she didnt do anything wrong to everyone.maybe because she smart and enteligent person.i like the way she play game.dont take it seriously guys its only for fun and most of all its only a game for entertain to the veiwers k.have a great summer everyone watching big brother 2010.most of all do not criticise what kind of job she had.leave her alone be happy for her coz is none of our business.just watch and enjoy please,this show is fun fun fun.

  93. @ tom . I disagree I think Rachel would be a way better player if he was going. He has way to MUCH feelings in this game.

  94. Those were gonna be the pretty obvious noms.. Although at this point Hayden and Kristen would be smart to make some friends for the Veto, and if they win, even if its Hayden, they should use it on Kristen. Use this chance to get someone like Kathy out, and Hayden would have a lot more votes than Kristen vs Kathy.. the Bra-gade and Ragan for sure, which would push his win already.

  95. All and all the brigade is dumb
    Matt is playing his own game
    and Hayden is more concerned in Kristen then the brigade
    Enzo and Lane are the real brigade and they’re not acting smart enough to see it.

  96. I haven’t seen a comment yet that mentions the possibility that all the houseguests (with the exception of Annie) have a secret alliance: Brittany/Kathy; Matt/Rachel; Brendon/Andrew, etc. That would be a real BB twist! My guess to finish this off is that it is Enzo/Monet, Kristen/Hayden and Lane/Ragan.

  97. @Minnesota – Right on the mark, everybody was/is gunning for R&B so anybody was a good choice. At least this way it looks like she did it because she got attacked. Kristin and Hayden just go around trying to look cool – they haven’t done sh*t since the show started. Also everyone says she should put up strong players… ah who would that be???

  98. Yeah! this is more better!!!! Debate! Debate! kRISTAN GETS , in the debate, finally, OH, rachaeaaaal has a female that will, maybe go up to her and get in her face YeS! Come om ya All ! This is good!

  99. I think BB needs to have the FANS choose who get’s the save with the POV. It is too predictiable. I have been a HUGE fan since season 1… Each season they say they are going to “stir it up”, and it is never really done. I would like to see something like “You won the POV, you chose to use it, but instead of Rachel choosing, the fans get to choose who get’s put up”.. Even the HOH is eligable. Then get Rachel or Brendon out!

  100. Rachel thinks herself Circe, but she is really just a Black Widow spider who will soon devour her mate unless she is exterminated. Someone call TermineX! Please!!

  101. Hi Trish, May we all evict Matt? What a slow player!! Is he that really dumb-or-dumber.?

  102. This is totally random & has nothing to do with bb other than I woke up,can’t sleep so I turned on bbad but I kicked my mountain dew habbit about 2 months ago. Bad news, just cracked open a can. So bad news I guess I fell off the mt. Dew wagon, good news if I want to stay up, this will do it. I’m bored, if you can’t tell.

  103. ok so get mad at me. Go Rachael!!! I know she is obnoxious but she plays the game. Send that stupid bit.. Kristen home! If looks could kill. She never smiles and is pis…y and whiney all the time. Then send home Kathy duh. At least let the people who r playing the game stay. Hayden your jock strap is too tight and wrapped around your ears. Go Gonzo!

  104. Why is everyone do for the brigade? They haven’t done anything smart yet. They are right, they look completely foolish. Over the showmance too, but st least we get a teensie bit of excitement this week.

  105. Ragan already figued out they would have a sababtour vote. I guess Matt figured we’d be voting for something other than what have-nots would eat. Too late for sabatour though.

  106. Does anyone know what the items were that they were playing for in the luxury competition today and who got what?
    Thanks for any help.

  107. Hi Tishe, I want one of The Brigade gone. But Kristen is good too. Next week will suck for Brachel. Unless Brendan wins a HOH. He is good at the endurance where it is fair, no short boards. I am hoping for something he can win physically!

  108. The Brigade needs another chance in HOH before I can knock them. Kristen might win tomorrow. They need to consider what will happen if she wins POV.

  109. Matt not putting up Brachel last week is now coming back to bite him and The Brigade in the butt.

  110. i think that rachell is an idot and shes making a stupid move! what comes around goes around!

  111. well i think she is bendickted stupid bitch and i dont like her and she needs to go !!! she is making a big mestake shes going after them like a cat that hasnt been fed for a month! she needs to play smarter and quit being personal! like they say what comes around goes around and its surely going to bite her straight in the ass!

  112. I agree. Don’t much care for Rachel, but she is playing the game! Did you see how intense she was at the HOH comp? Go Rachel. She puts pansies like Ragan, Kathy, Lane, etc to shame. THEY are the ones that should go home. Kathy was only chosen once in the HOH and answered wrong. How many times did Rachel get choses and won each time?? She is a worthy competitior.

  113. I think people should stop calling Rachel bad evil names, she’s doing what she’s in the BB house to do, play the game, she has tried to treat all the HG’s with respect, if she only knew all the mean, bad stuff that they all say about her and Brendon, and yes Hayden did put both of them on the block the very first week, so now its coming back to bite him, Kristin hurt him by opening her big mouth when for 3 weeks she barely whispered to anybody, even Hayden, so I heard Hayden say after this big argument with K & R that he didn’t come in the BB house for a showmance with anybody, so I’m thinking he may shun Kristen like the plag. he said that under his breath but not to anybody personally while walking across the yard.
    I read a blog from someone who writes the blog from the live feeds that Kathy and Britney are Aunt/niece, Kathy has a 22 year old Son not a daughter, I wonder if she’s dying from cancer why is she still smoking?
    I read today that in 2 weeks Jeff is coming in the house and may spend the night in the house, thats very interesting, I’d also like to see Evil Dick come in the house for a week and shake the crap up, I’d love to see that.
    I read before BB12 started that this was going to be the “Best Season” and best HG’s ever in BB history, boy that turned out to be a lie, it gets worse every season in my opinion, and 1 HG bailed out before she even got in the house, people keep taking about the jury house after this week, that don’t start happening until after the 7th week, this is barely starting the 4th week.
    I did like Ragan but he’s becoming to much of a lecturer to everybody, I know he’s a professor but thats not his job in BB and he is so attached to Matt and nobody going after him, he freaks out, don’t he understand Matt is a newlywed, but who knows huh, Matts always got his hands down his pants playing with himself, bet his wife and family are embarrassed watching that especially when the camera pans right down on that area when he’s doing it, his wife wasen’t happy when he told the HG’s about that disease he said his wife has when its a lie and she said she wishes he hadn’t done that……Be careful Matt sometimes KARMA can come back to bite ya.
    Enzo has a beautiful 8 month old baby girl, I saw her when he was leaving to come in the BB house while he was kissing her goodbye, adorable little girl
    He is my personal favorite, he brings some laughter in the house, so does Ragan when he isn’t preaching to the other HG’s like they are his students and must do what he wants them to do a belittles them if they don’t agree with him, but he is funny.
    I hope Kristen is the next one GONE next Thurs. then Matt next he’s screwing the so-called BRIGADE, Lane is there to eat up the food, would love to see him on slop for two weeks, lol

  114. How do you guys have time to watch the live feeds!? i barely have time to watch the actual 1 hr show!

    Go Brit!

  115. Any one board with this seasons house guest haven’t ordered live feeds this year watching showtime nothing ever happens if big brother had any competition from the other networks they would be canceled at no fault to the show. I have a great idea kick the guests out and start with a new line up we need entertainment like past years

  116. Rachel reminds me of Janelle. Kinda same look, and she’s straightforward. She foretells her nominations and that’s kinda risky. Everybody now is just laying low, binding their time and will def come after Brenchel next week.

  117. Boobzilla is nothing like Janelle. Janelle had game and planned things out. Boobzilla does nothing but live in the moment. She’s a self-admitted whore (if anybody thinks that VIP Waitress is actually a waitress then they don’t have a clue what really goes on) who does nothing that doesn’t directly help herself.

  118. Kathy – how on earth can she lose so many competitions? She says she throws them, but I think she isn’t a strong enough player as she thinks. She answered her own question wrong in HOH competition.

    Matt- we keep hearing what a master mind he is, but he couldn’t manage to get Rachael and Brendon out? If he nominated them both together, at least there would have been a chance one would have went home.

    Rachel- this girl has some serious jealous issues going on. Did anyone notice how she said “no one is going to come in between me and my man, especially not a guy, ew.” She said the exact same thing with Annie. She needs to get out of the house, learn some manners and try not be so catty. She has too much of an ugly personality.

    Enzo- I think he adds some entertainment to the house. The “meow-meow” definetly takes away the repetitive edge that’s going on. I’d like to see something else other than seeing Rachel and Brendon sucking each others faces off.

    The other HG don’t get enough air time for me to really have opinons on, but I personally think we need to see more of Lane. Come on, the guy is pretty funny. I thought it was hilarious when he said he roll played with cows.

  119. I’m not a big fan of Rachel but you got to give it to her SHE’S STILL PLAYING THE GAME. She’s been a target since week one and its week 4 and she is still dodging the targets. Rachel would be a better competitor if she wasn’t with brendon . They need to play their own game!

  120. Awwww! I like Hayden and Kristen! Oh well. There’s always POV. Right? (: Brendon and Rachel are just annoying. I REALLY don’t like them. Rachel is playing the game, I’ll give her that. Brendon is just a wuss. Britney is definitely my favorite house-guest. She ‘s really the only one who knows whats up. But Hayden and Kristen are still cool, and at least they can date and not tell the whole world. (: Oh well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

  121. @134, I agree! And Brenchel is nothing like Jeff and Jordan either. Jeff and Jordan had a game plan, and played for themselves first, then for the other person. I feel like Rachel is only playing for Brendon.

  122. WOW!!! Rachel just SOFTLY threated Kathy in the storage room….. She stated that if Kathy won the POV NOT to use it on Kristen @ around 8:35 AM.
    You will notice that Kathy side step a response.

  123. The skanky red head will be around along time.
    If I wasn’t a big fan of the show I would quit watching. But how can you look away from a train wreck.

  124. To everyone talking about Rachel wanting to be the only woman left in the house you must remember that was what Janelle pretty much wanted BB6

  125. You can’t compare Jeff and Jordan to the skank and whoremonger.
    J and J had class and respect for each other.
    Jordan didn’t come off the show looking like a low life PIG!!! Faux red will and she will have to live with it.

  126. You know if the other houseguests are really smart they would break the couple up even though I like the fact that they have done much better than the Four Idiots but now Rachel and Brendon could be two of the deciding votes on the Jury of 7 so I would send one to the Jury and keep the other one to sit beside me on Finale night so I can secure the votes to win the game

  127. Ok, what about this: POV is used to save Kristen and by some turn of events, Hayden goes home. (Maybe even Matt has the “brilliant” idea of saving Kristen because there is no way Hayden will leave; whoever is substituted will leave the house – some sort of “logic” like that.) So Hayden leaves – Yes, he is one of the Brigade and a physical competitor. But don’t you think in such a case, that the Brigade will take Kristen, ripe with her hatred of Rachel, under their “wing” as sort of a “junior” Brigadier? Bring her into their “alliance” to pull her strings until they can dump her, though she will think it’s a guaranty to Final 4? She obviously cannot control her temper and will be a new “target” for Rachel (and, indirectly, Brendon), who is indispensable enough for the Brigade to offer up to the house in a vote if when someone obvious has to go up (from their side). Just sayin’….Might get rid of Hayden (though he isn’t Rachel’s true target) this time but Kristen will replace him (to some degree) in the Brigade alliance. ???

  128. the bridgade has kinda of tooken brittany under there wing. she there spy. lane and brittany are pretty close friends now. kristen needs to go this week. she thinks she it well she not and now hopefully her time has ran out

  129. No matter what you say about Rachel, she makes for hilarious and dramatic television. If only CBS would stop focusing on the tongue wars that she and Brendon seem to have all the time, I might actually enjoy her presence in the house. I always like it when house guests stir up a lot of drama.

    But I’ll still be pretty happy when she is finally kicked out of the house. Giddy, even.

    On another note, does anyone else other than me really hate the name combination “Brenchel”? Every time I hear it, I get this mental image of some little kid continually eating brunch foods until he vomits.

  130. Ok, reading everyone’s post is HILARIOUS! First off, I totally love Lane, he’s not the smartest but he is a funny country boy, I am glad him and Brit are getting close, she’s a lot nicer now that Monet is gone..
    I agree that the cameras on after dark show way to much of Brenchel making out..I mean really she is straddling this guy and her red hair is just flying’s just gross, and he’s already telling her he loves her really?
    Hayden is a cutie but I think the whole Kristin thing hasn’t helped him, and I agree that I think if it came down to it Matt would turn on the Bro-grade….
    and I love Enzo, I hope he stays around for a while…meow meow!!!

  131. the bragade will keep hayden in and then the rest of the house will evict one of brendon or rachel next week and the other the week after

  132. Hi 119 is it trish or tishe? Yes, Matt is a dork! This is th new word from my son. This s—- for brains blew it!! His karma is pretty much shot with the lie about the little Misses, and so is hers going along with it. I LOVE this game, A major social TEST !

  133. matt will win the next hoh and have this brilliant plan to eliminate brendan by nominating kathy and ragan as a pawn……lol

  134. Rachel has been everyone’s target, I can’t blame her for being the way she’s been. Brit is a moron and I think she and Kathy are related.

  135. I am upset personally about the HOH win, but it is at least getting the season started. Rachel is a self entitled, self-centered nightmare of a girl. She lies, started drama then whines that she and her baby boy toy are targets. She painted the target on and it gets bigger because of she parades around flaunting her so-called relationship. No one cares Rach. She screams in the D.R. and is delusional in thinking anyone is trying to break them up. Please someone get them out. I can’t listen yo that voice or laugh anymore. The showgirl in the showmance needs to GOOOOO!!!!!

  136. alex, why do you call rachael a hooker? is it because she is from vegas and was a showgirl?

  137. Hayden is not into Kristin like she is in to him. he is willing to throw her under the bus in a minute to save himself. no true love there.

  138. brit seems to be faithful to her boyfriend. lane seems to like her alot. but he is controlling and will try and change her mind about keeping Kristin.

  139. Who will the new sabo be???? EK! And wow, hayden and kristan stop pretending andrew was lieing, everybody knows the truth! And it would sooooo be cool if annie came back in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, Rachel you are totally disrespecting Brendon, and Brendon, stop being so weak and ‘oh so sorry’…. okay?

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