Big Brother 12: Week 4 Friday Live Feed Highlights

Nomination Day returned in the Big Brother 12 house and with it came the drama you could ever hope to have. With her return to power as HoH, Rachel had to decide whether she make her choices personal again or strategic this time. Even better for Rachel was the chance to combine the two and eliminate the other showmance. Of course it wasn’t all war in the Big Brother house as Rachel and Brendon finally broke the Big Brother 12 Sex seal in the late night hours.

Read on to find out what happened and be sure to stay close today because the PoV Competition is set to take place Saturday afternoon.

Try the live feeds for free and use the Flashback feature to see what you missed!

Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – July 30, 2010:

8:50 AM BBT – Kathy reveals she has been shot before. She won’t expand on that or explain what happened, just that she’s been shot. Hmm, I wonder if she was Bloods or Crips?

9:40 AM BBT – Brendon asking Rachel to go apologize and recover from her fight with Kristen. He tries to relate the situation to an episode of The Real Housewives of New York. I’m not kidding.

10:30 AM BBT – Brenchel and Hayden talk in the HoH room as they try to discover who told Hayden that Brenchel was after that. Hayden is trying to back his way out of why he picked them to face off in the HoH comp. Instead of blaming it on Andrew who is already gone he implies Matt had something to do with it. Bad choice, Hayden.

12:50 PM BBT – The Live Feeds return and the HGs have played a Luxury Competition. It appears to be a Cops & Robbers theme with half the HGs in prison garb and the other half in cop outfits. Well, Rachel’s costume looks more like a stripper cop, but whatever. Enzo and Brenchel won the chance to watch “The Other Guys” in the house. It’s a new comedy with Will Ferrell and Marky Mark Mark Wahlberg.

1:30 PM BBT – The Brigade pulls together to discuss their options. Matt wants to tell them off. Hayden says to lie, lie, lie. They want to push for Kathy to be nominated. Good luck w/ that one.

2:15 PM BBT – Kristen finally comes up to the HoH room for a long talk with Brenchel about what happened. No one really apologizes. Brenchel quizzing Kristen on whether or not she threw the Endurance Comp. This goes on for TWO HOURS and finally ends in a hug.

4:15 PM BBT – Matt visits the HoH room and comes out clean. They all agree to start over clean with no deals. Later Brendon says, “Matt saved our butts last week.” See folks, this was why Matt’s plan was so smart last week. If he got Brendon out then he would have been successful, but in the way he set it up he could fail and still pretend like Brendon wasn’t the target.

6:00 PM BBTLive Feeds return and the nomination ceremony was explosive! Kristen and Hayden were nominated, no surprise, but Rachel caused a huge scene by taunting the other HGs and telling them to come and get her if they could. Brendon has a very long lecture at Rachel about her behavior. Rachel looks pissed!

7:00 PM BBT – Rachel tells Hayden that she wants him to stay, implying her true target is Kristen.

7:50 PM BBTBrenda Brendon starts up with his puppy eyes, lovelorn routine and tells Rachel again that he loves her and he meant it when he said it before. He tells her their alliance is called The Love Sick Alliance. Rachel tells him that’s dumb and to never call them Brenchel again.

8:00 PM BBT – The HGs are outside practicing the new giant pinball machine that they believe is related to the Power of Veto competition they’ll play on Saturday.

11:30 PM BBT – Britney, Ragan, and Matt help themselves to Rachel’s HoH snacks while she’s out of the room. I don’t think I’d be stealing from Miss “Between Me and My Man” until after the Veto Ceremony!

1:00 AM BBT – Rachel tells Brendon that after her talk with Britney tonight that she really wishes she could send home Kathy because she’ll always vote with Kristen. Um, Rachel, you totally had that option until a few hours ago. Looks like we might have our Veto replacement nom identified if it needs to happen.

2:30 AM BBT – Uh ohhh. Sex in the HoH room! After a long massage Rachel gets on Brendon, pulls the covers up, and, well you know, they go at it. No mistaking what’s happening here folks. All cams on the action if you want to see for yourself using the Live Feeds Flashback.

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The nominations weren’t a big surprise considering all the drama the night before, but it’s surprising how easily Rachel can be manipulated by the other HGs as they visited and pursued her all afternoon. Well, at least Brenchel finally consummated their physical relationship. I feel bad for whoever wins HoH next!

Stay close by today and we’ll let you know the results of the Veto Comp as soon as we find out what happened. Be sure to have your live feeds up and running so you can see what happens in the house uncut and uncensored.

You can catch all of these events using the DVR-like feature of this year’s and past seasons’ Live Feeds which means it’s always live, even when you missed it! Sign-up now to get the free trial and watch it all live and uncensored!


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  1. Another wonderful recap, Matt. :) Have they chosen the other 3 POV competitors yet?

  2. YEAH!! Brenchel had SEX!!! WHATEVER BB!!! geez

    watching BBAD from last night and can’t believe that Brit/Ragan/Matt are in the HOH room eating Rachel’s stuff, and bad mouthing them…not cool!!

    why oh why do they have to make up and get along…I want more Rachel/Kristen drama!!

  3. I am most disappointed that Rachel gets to go to the s/house instead of going home! I’m tired of looking at her and listening to her!

  4. @William: I don’t believe the names have been drawn yet, but I’ll keep watching for those details and let everyone know as soon as they’re revealed.

  5. Too bad there is not a cam in the HOH room so Rachel could have seen what Rag, Mat & Brit were doin in her room, that’s really not appropriate anyways, guess she didnt’ lock it. (can they?) Wow, I’m shocked, I thought Rach was a better player than to taunt, she has to think ahead to jury, she should know better! She’s going week by week and I understand she feels so targeted and treated unfairly but her words aren’t helping matters! :S ugh! Did I read right? The Veto Comp is later on today?

  6. Rachel is turning into a train~wreck! I find it funny that she forgets that HOH is a temporary situation. I think next week she will have her @ss handed to her by the other HG’s that are so over her. I hope that Kristen wins the Veto another one of the Brigade gets put up instead of Kathy. Wishfullllll thinking. This game needs a little mixer for sure.

  7. Ugh. The situation can still be salvaged if whoever wins pov pulls Kristen off. I don’t think Hayden is going home no matter who’s standing next to him so keep him up as the pawn, pull Kristen and send Brenda or Kathy packing.

    And I think I gagged a little at the mention of Brenchal having sex…I certainly don’t need the pictures.

    @Matt, maybe you should run an unofficial sab poll on your site so we can get a feeling for who it’s going to be. My vote is Ragan or Meow Meow, I don’t think anyone else in the house has the brains or willingness to pull it off.

  8. Why should rachael think about the votes in the jury house? She will be in the house as well. Its no way she’ll last to the end. She’ll be on the block if brendon doesn’t win hoh.

  9. Rachel looks nasty and Brendon is an idiot. The thought of them having sex makes me gag too!! I believe Rachel targeted Monet because she was jealous of her and I think she’s doing the same with Kristen. Rachel is an evil girl.

    I hope Kristen wins the POV. I can’t wait for a power shift away from Rachel/Brendon.

  10. I say brandon or rachel for the sab…that way one of them is gone in 2 weeks…hopefully rachel. Brandon needs to get away from that “hot mess”

  11. kristen a b=== she needs to go home. she thought she would float threw the game with hayden protecting her. She has done nothing in the game and now it looks like it might cost hayden the game.

  12. I think it’s odd that Rachel claims Kristen is the one who wants to get rid of all the girls in the house and be the only one left, when that’s exactly what She’s doing…
    That’s the pot calling the kettle black!
    What a skank.
    I hope they give Brendon some antibiotics.

  13. It seems to me that Rachel nominated Hayden and Kristen for eviction last night. The Power Of Veto Competition is this afternoon and the Veto Meeting is Monday afternoon.
    Kevin Silvestris
    Worcester, MA

  14. I don’t know about you guys’ sources, but Annie and Monet have been sent packin all the way home-home. No longer in sequester.

  15. Did anyone notice that last night when Britney and Lane were initially alone by the ht tub, Britney said something like, “I’m just trying to keep men and you safe”. Also she when she was playing pool with him, she called him a “d-bag”. I’m thinking that she and Lane are the two people who knew eachother before they came into the house. Why would she tell him that she’s only worried about the two of them? Even if it’s only an alliance, they seem pretty close, but yet don’t appear close in front of others. Any thoughts on this?

  16. Sorry for the typos in previous post. Should have been, I’m just trying to keep me and you safe”.

  17. Do you think that saying two of them knew each other before was just a lie by the sabator to throw hg off?

  18. Monica(#17)…. I have been saying all along that Brittney and Lane are brother and sister and Kathy is thier Mother.

  19. Wouldn’t it be great if Kathy actually won the POV (unlikely I know!!) but then Rachel would have to put up anothe Bridgade member and they would be down to three!!! Sweet.

  20. Lane is NOT Brit’s sister, and Kathy is NOT his mother. He does have a younger brother who looks much like him (maybe cuter) and a sister, but Brit is not her.

  21. Maybe Lane and Brit know each other (I don’t know that), but I know they are not siblings.

  22. rachel is so smart, shes playing the game the best i think and even better then brendon…I dont get why people keep putting her down, Give her a bresk.

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