Big Brother 12: Week 3 Popularity Poll

The Big Brother 12 HGs have been wondering what America (and the rest of you out there!) thinks of them, but we don’t have to wonder any longer with our handy-dandy BB12 popularity poll that’ll show us just where they stand.

Go ahead and pick your favorite Big Brother Houseguest for this week in the poll below. I’ll run this each week and we can keep track as HGs’ stock rises and falls.

Share your thoughts and tell us why you voted the way you did.

Fun Update: Oh Brenchel makes me long for the days of Jeff & Jordan! Watch the first leg of Jeff’s trip around the world where he stops off to see Jordan.


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  1. I love BB… but the feeds stink!! All in one room? No choice to see what the other guests are doing? Why?

  2. Hey Roxie did you check out Fandom.
    My vote was not based on gameplay cuz right now they are not playing hard. So I vote for Lane cuz he is hott.

  3. Well.. I don’t have a favorite because the people they picked to in house is time is awful. What happened? They all are boring.Casting people should be fired!!This my favorite show and I wait all year for this and this is what they give us.Very disappointed.All that being said.. I love bb so get it right next time.

  4. I love Enzo and Lane. They are so funny together and I really hope they are the final two. I am so sick of Rachel and Brendon. I think he is a big nerd and he has the worst posture! Please stop showing them sucking face all night on the After Dark. I am having to fast forward through most of the show (I tivo it) because it is always about them. I love this years cast other than the two of them. I hope Brendon leaves, I think I might be okay with just Rachel but not them together! No need for a showmance. Big Brother is great without one. Jeff and Jordan kept it clean and I for one appreciated that and loved them both for being respectful of themselves while on National TV!

    • Meow-Meow!!!! You gotta be kidding me!!!! Someone who has a nickname like that,and self given nickname TO TOP IT OFF!!!! HAS TO BE A ‘TARD!!!! NO DOUBT.Id rather hear dumbass Rachels non stop yappin’.at least she has bigazz boobs. ;-)

  5. I’m not sure who my favorite is yet. They should have us vote on our LEAST favorite.
    I love BB, and look forward to it every year. I don’t mind that it’s a little boring right now, game play hasn’t really gotten strong yet.
    BUT, I AM sick to death of watching R&B suck face. In fact, I am SO sick of it, I’m NOT watching the feeds that I PAID for because they focus on them so much. Once one of them goes home, I’ll start watching again. For now, I just read Jokers for the updates that tells me that they’re kissing, still kissing, and kissing again, until there’s something else to report.

  6. I think Brendan is very good about cooking and making sure everyone is asked what they would like. He is not lazy and seems like a nice person.

  7. Enzo is the best, and the only girl i can tolerate is Brittney, Kristin hardly even speaks, same with Kathy although i am glad because she is annoying and Rachel…cant wait till she is gone….

  8. enzo just keeps cracking me up with his moffia style of playing the big brother…. I just love watching and listening to him and his jersey voice and way of life… he is very entertaining!!!! and even if he is a phony he is a fun phony not like the rest who are just acting like jerks …..get rid of the showmance!! That is just turing my stomach!!

  9. It was a tossup between Enzo and Lane , they are both so amusing, would be boring without them.

  10. @PMC5121 I agree that Brendan is hott and a nice guy, if only he could lose the cheap handbag maybe his head would be in the game instead of up Rachel’s butt.

  11. Andrew is smart and he sticks with his values..
    He is the sharpest tool in the drawer. The rest are ego-maniacs..ugh!!

  12. @blackgirl I totally agree with you! The only thing I have seen lately that showed some fire in Brendan was when Rachel told him he needed to include her in things (the andrew thing) and he told her don’t threaten me. She thinks she is all that and she actually thinks she is smarter than Brenda. She is NOT!

  13. It was a tough choice, but I think I like Andrew the best. Not too many are my favorites. What I don’t care about is that I think Andrew is with Rachel and Brendon and I can’t stand them. Ragan is my second favorite. I don’t like anyone else so far. I think Kathy waited too long to make her move, if she ever had one.

  14. I really like Britney. I mean i think she’s catty and mean but she’s hilarious! and when she gets together with Lane – I love it! Yes i think everyone on this show is boring and because i love this show so much im hanging on to anything I can. LOL! ugh we need DRAMA! something. we need Evel Dick! :)

  15. i voted for britney because as each week passes, i find her even more hot than before. so sexy.

  16. My faves are Enzo and Britney. Starting to like Lane too (LOVED that impersonation with Brit- too funny)
    I had liked Kristen, but shes turned out to be a big bitch.

    I hope Enzo makes it to the end.. Id love to see the brigade carry through
    and Hayden better not screw over the guys

  17. Love Brittney’s deadpan humor ! A lot of jokers in the house this season = Good thing. A lot of “showmance” suck-facing on the feeds = bad thing.

  18. I think Brendon is just getting what he wants from Rach, and looks like he would go off on her and anyone else that doesnt go along with him…My favs are Brit and Kristen. Right now anyway.

  19. I choose Lane because he is playing the game the way I would. He is just sitting back and letting everyone else do the hard work. I don’t think he has made any bad comments about any of the house guest. Playing the game without insulting anyone, at least in public. Go Lane.


  21. -Kristen is on so little I forget she’s even on there. What does that girl do?
    -Ragan seems like a great human being, with brains.
    -Cathy a good person, woman next door.
    -Lane, lordy, is he gorgeous.
    Britney is so caty & over preveldged, she should have her own, “I was the consultant on Mean Girls” show to herself.
    The rest…what was casting thinking??
    Like someone else said. I wait ALL year for THIS? I don’t care for poorly done xxx makeout sessions. I don’t want to see Brendon & Rachel kiss for 3 hours. Really camra guys, really? Are all of you 12 yr old boys?
    I hated Dick & Will, but even their seasons were better than this.

  22. My favorite right now is Kathy. I know she will be voted out on Thursday Big Brother show. I also like Ragan and Andrew. However i really do not like Rachel at all. Enzo is very funny. Matt is stupid. Brendon is OK. I like Bretney a little. Lane is really cool. Did i forget anyone?

  23. I find this seasons houseguests to be completely without much diversity…and I’m not just talking color. BORING on the whole, bur Lame and Ragam are at the top of my list. Love Lane’s reserved attitude and sense of humor. Ragan makes me laugh when he is not complaining about how tired he is. I find this group to be a bit whiney as well. I think Brit started that trend and it took hold of the house. Shut up and play already!

  24. how do u guys like brendon? wow its jeff bb 11 all over again.

    anyway my fav is britney. she’s hilarious, but ima lil worried, cuz she is rele all by herself in the game, and i know she cant stand rachel.

  25. Well i was rooting for annie but she left, so i really dont have a fave house guest b/c so far the house this are plain and boring. im already sick and tired of “brenchel” and them sucking their faces all the time. i dont even watch BBAD b/c everytime that i watch it, they always show brenchel making out.

  26. @Marcus I Agree She Needs To Buddy Up Wit Some HG, Maybe Regan Or Andrew.. But She Seems To Be Trying With The Brigade Boys :)

  27. @ Marcus. Brenden is no Jeff. I adored Jeff and as each day passes like Brenden less and less. This season my favorite has to be Lane.

  28. i thought the live feeds would be of the entire house, not just 2 cameras on 2 different beds, sorry i spent the money on that, it is a waste. i love Rachel, she has personality, i like Brittany too. Wish BB would try to get some lively people in like in previous seasons. i too wait all year for this show, hope they pick some better folks next year. Love you all….

  29. I find Lane to be about as boring as Kristen… not that anyone else has much more going for them…
    I like Hayden to win, depending on how far he loses himself in the whole showmance thing. I doubt the brigade will last much longer…perhaps Kristen is a good move for him…

  30. After watching the small clip of “I’m using you” where Lane is telling Kristen INFRONT of Hayden that he would use her to go out an score free stuff, cause girls always get things given to them, I am OFFICIALLY embarrassed that he is from the state of Texas, and yet sadly have seen it happen more times then I care to count. Way to make the “good ol boys” is Texas look even worse Lane.. LMAO

  31. I cannot stand Andrew. I think he’s such a tool. I really hope something crazy happens and he goes this week so I don’t have to look at him anymore.

  32. Lane is awful to women in real life. Came out of his mouth. While the showmance gets creepy at least those 2 are doing something unlike many of the other hg I’d like to see people onthe show that don’t know so much about bb.

  33. i think it is funny to see andrew interupt rachel and brendan all the time.
    I do not like lane, he thinks he is god’s gift to woman. he talks about woman like they are pieces of meat. so far I really like ragan because he is funny.

  34. annie looks great as a blonde. saw some previous pictures of her. she was really pretty.

  35. I really think they all are a bunch of losers. Having been a fan of Big Brother from the begining, in my opinion this is the worst season yet. This is the first season I do not have a favorite to win. Between Enzo and Lane I just have to wonder what the producers were thinking. If this was the best of the best then it is time to end the show and go out a winner. By the way I look at Enzo and Lane as dumb and dumber

  36. All Britney can do is pick her face, nails & hair. Hey help with clean up. Kathy just lays & I do not know how she held a job!!! The rest seem to work together as far as doing chores etc.

  37. I guess Lane does his talking about women where it is not seen on primetime nor the few times I have stayed awake to watch BBAD. Guess that is what I have missed not getting the live feeds. Oh Well.

  38. Has Hayden lied staright to Kathy’s face? He’s in an alliance with Andrew? Hayden playing both sides too?

  39. Reagan is my favorite by far. while he is in it to win…. he is honest and smart. he cares about the other players and doesn’t just say things to get something from the other hgs. I am pulling for him to win the entire game!!!

  40. I really don’t like any of them. This is the first time (and I have watched since Season 1) that I have not had a favourite in the house. If I had to pick someone I would go with Regan – he seems to be the nicest and the least backstabiness of them all.

  41. Brendan would of done himself a huge favor by not hooking up w/ Rach, he was my fav ( prob cause of our same hometown) but I just cant abide watching the sucking of face all night on AD. Seriously even w/ their faults, Enzo and Brittany are what keep me watching at least they have some personality, good or bad, the rest are bit of snoozers this year

  42. i love ragan alot!!! the rest are so dumb n borin,,thea act like they never seen bb before,,,S.M.H at cbs for the contestant they sure do pickk boring people,,

  43. I LOVE Ragan and think he is really kind and would love for him to win this season. He’s like a little wizard, a sweet little wizard. Yoda was Rachel’s name for him — it is a good nickname.

  44. I LOVE Ragan and think he is really kind and would love for him to win this season. He’s like a little wizard, a sweet little wizard. Yoda was Rachel’s name for him — it is a good nickname.

    BB: this is my ONLY comment on this subject!

  45. I loved Britney’s goodbye message to Monet, I thought it was hilarious! Brendon & Rachel…gag me with a spoon. Matt is a liar & i hope someone figures that out.

  46. Matt is te sexiest man alive! Playing a smart game to. I loved how he now has brachel on his side for not putting them up and the brigade. Matts got it this year. Get Kathy Hayden and Kristen out and we may actually have a good season

  47. I like Andrew, he seems to have morals and he’s not on a power trip. I really hope they don’t evict him. Kathy hasn’t even visible since the show started.

  48. #2 blackgirl – OMG, I’m sooooo excited!! Thanks for letting me know – I had quit checking in there about a week ago.

  49. i like:
    monet (my fav, but she gone)
    kristin (kind of, i think only cuz she is hot)
    ragen (kind of. too nice)

    who i dont like:

    brendon is better than jeff, but jeff was a low life dope piece of trash so thats not saying much.

    can someone tell me why we are listening to lane, britney, and matt in the pool but we have both cameras on andrew?

  50. “Which house guest is your favorite this week”

    There’s not a space to mark “None of the Above”!

  51. I kinda dont care for Brenchel..but if you all look at what eveyone is talking about is them. If there was not a showmance who would we be talking about??? Think about it you love to hate them. Nothing else is worth talking about because this season has been so boring. I kinda like Kristin if I had to pick now….I think. Still not sure. Anyone get were i’m coming from…?

  52. I went to school with Brit, back then she was a closed minded Barbie. Not much has changed. I found it amusing that she was making fun of Enzo’s voice… Obviously, she’s never traveled out of state. I am at times embarrassed for her. And the word on the street in the small town from where she came is people did not appreciate her unflattering remarks about Mansfield.

  53. I like Rachael because she has a lot of intuition. People should start listening to her.

  54. Pam that could be why Brendan listens to her. Maybe she is smarter at this game than he is. I think if they both stop the kissy kissy stuff and just hang out with each other and others the HG’s might like them, ohhhhhhhhhh maybe not.

  55. i love rachel but even though people dont i do. i think they just need to get brendon out and she will be herself and we will see how bb turns out

  56. First time on this site and don’t mean to interrupt all you guys that know each other. Have to put my two cents in. Hate B/R and tired of their kissy faces. Still undecided who I really like. DISH went out this morning so hopefully we’ll get the new one by Thursday. Otherwise I’ll have to count on this site to see who got HOH.

  57. I LOVE Britney!! She is awesome!! I feel like her & I would totally be BBBFF’s if I were in the house!! LOL =o) Brit 4 the win!!!!

  58. Rachel doesn’t deserve to be in the house! She said publicly to julie (in front of all America) that she would pick ‘love’ uh hum LUST over the money !!!
    You really think America would want her to win the game??
    Its clear there is only ONE priority in her mind during this game

  59. Rachel better think about leaving the house early. When that Botox and Juvederm wears off in a few weeks…

  60. this summer of big brother sucks its really boring but if i had to choose my 2 favorites would have to be Lane and Matt they both seem to know the game really well!

  61. I’m liking Andrew this week… probably because he looked so cute in those little shorts!

  62. If I had to pick a favorite if my life depended on it… I’d be dead. I absolutely hate they way everyone is playing the game right now, bad move after bad move.

    My least favorite is Kathy, her game has been suckling at the teat of whoever has power or HOH. The way she switched it up on Rachel/Brenden was ridiculous. I find it amazing that nobody is on to “The Brigade” yet…

    As much as I dislike Brenden and Rachel’s “showmance”, I’m reminded of April and Ollie’s “ho-mance” [saw this word on a blog and thought it was hilarious] as they actually had sex on the regular. Maybe we should count ourselves blessed. #sarcasm

    The award for worst POV speech of all time goes to Andrew for his performance at the POV ceremony, and for it he might just go home. I really wanted Kathy out too. Oh, well.

  63. This cast is so lame! I am so very diappointed ….I have waited a year for this.I am trying to be patient and hopeful that BB has a plan and there is a major twist coming or SOMETHING. I’m almost down to only watching on CBS because I know I’m not missing anything on the feeds OR afterdark. There’s always a threat of BB not returning the next year….keep this up and the ratings will def be low enough.
    Come on Big Brother!!

  64. OMG, this is so freaking boring………Damn I would even prefer the Homance at this point…..going back to regular TV, Feeds suck right now.

  65. OMG…DID BRENDON just say that he was once engaged??and GOT DUMPED??? Did I hear that correctly???

  66. I think this has to be the first year of Big Brother that I don’t have a favorite, which is sad. I just cannot find anything in any one of these people that I like a lot. Well….I do like Brit just a little bit.

  67. This is not even the game it used to be…..if you think that these losers are actually playing the game…you have no brian…BB12 is a ratings motivated plot…the showmance is what driving the game….I really long for the game that I fell in love watching….but in reality I am just watching MTV’s Real World

  68. I agree with #85. I think they are doing ok in the ratings right now only because there aren’t really many other good shows on and they have the showmances going. I really have lost interest in the show. It just isn’t the same anymore. I have missed the last 2 episodes. Ugh!

  69. Well I have to say my favorite is Ragan and Enzo, maybe Britney. Ragan is so sassy and funny, I love him!! Enzo, well mostly I loooove him because he’s from Jersey like me, and Italian like me. He is soooo funny! I hope he makes it far. Britney might be a complainer
    but I think she’s entertaining. I also like Lane, he’s funny and I think he has a good strategy. I used to love Hayden, until he started this whole showmance. He’s got too much secret allies and will get caught eventually. Matt is very smart but it was so wrong to make up the disease for his wife. Kathy I like. Andrew is funny, I like him. Kristen has a fricken personality of, as Jeff from last year would say, an orange traffic cone!!! Hate her. I thought she left the house, that’s house boring and quiet she is. BRENCHEL NEEDS TO GET OUT OF THE HOUSE NOW!!!!!! it’s a show to get money, not porn. Seriously. When Rachel said she would choose Brendon over the money last week I wanted to smack her! Really!? He’s not your ‘man’, you’ve known eachother for less than three weeks and you slept together in the HoH room! Please, if you wanna do that do it ALONE, in the jury house or something. If I left anyone else out sorry, but that’s what I think this year(:

  70. as so many of you have already said…wtf is going on with this season….nothing much apparently. I was away for almost the first two weeks of the show (caught the very first one) and apparently didn’t miss much. I thought I would be scrambling to catch up. So far the twist has been given the boot, I can’t stand the B and R nonstop action, the H and K “thing”….and the whinning, OMG the whinning…at is is just the freaking beginning really. R has the worst laugh, voice, morals and for goodness sake put some damn clothes on, you are on National TV…people are watching/listening 24/7…BB remember…watching…24/7 remember. Anyway thanks for letting me rant. If I had to pick someone to win this thing and end it today I would say Ragan, only because he seems all alone. OMG I hope BB has something to get us all up in arms …we need a boost.

  71. i hope that hayden and kristen should go all the way cause they are so cute together!! ♥

  72. I think the problem is that culture has become a point where people are so used to sight. Staring at their phone updating their twitter, facebook, news alerts, youtube etc. Also people just don’t communicate with each other anymore. The casts of this show will get progressively boring. The few seasons of the Real World are classic because you had these people from diff worlds who were faced with getting real with one another. Just a throught

  73. jeff and jordan suck. period.

    is anyone watching the possible breakup of Brachel right now?

    that dumb beetch. she got mad over the prenup.

    brendon is right, he listened to kanye! haha

  74. If I heard Brendon correctly he was talking about being engaged n’ a break up..IF HE WAS TELLING THE TRUTH then he lied to Rachel when he told her that “she” WAS HIS FIRST GIRLFRIEND..ohhh If it’s true I was right the Dude is a player..lmao..ha ha ha Rachel u being played by more than one person in the house..ha ha ha ah

  75. Tell her whats up Brendon. Your points are about to go wayyy up. Nice fight right before BBAD! Get her some booze! HAHA!

  76. brendon is right. rachel got way too offended over nothing. he was talking bout his past relationship. has nothing to do with her. rachel is being a stereotypical woman. before i go further, lets be clear stereotypes are not always true. but when u here guys talking bout women, and prenups, this is exactly how it goes (the way rachel is acting). prenup is only fair beetch. dont be mad at him, he doesnt wanna be fooled twice.

    it be stupid for him not to get one. doesnt matter who rachel is. lets keep in mind he has only known her for 2 1/2 weeks. she is acting like she own the world, and she is a princess. if it wasnt for brendon, SHE’D BE GONE.

    i would not let her talk to me like that. i will tell u that much.

    where is mel gibson when u need him? he will quiet rachel up.

  77. and brendon is too damn p-u-ssy whipped to tell her off as he should and he apologizing for his feelings. he doesnt want to lose her so bad, she could say “why do have to work out every morning” and he would be like “im sorry okay? i wont do it”

    she blue balled him and he is sittin there too afraid to speak up.

    i wish i was brendon right now. i would light her up, she wouldnt need to re-dye her hair

  78. Rachel was under the impression that “SHE WAS HIS FIRST “EVER” GIRLFRIEND..He told her this on the last day of her HOH term…I bet she remembers that and add that too the pre nup issue something gotta give

  79. Did say he was his first gf? It seemed to me that he saying that in the DR he used the “g word” for the first time in regards to her.

  80. rachel isnt even bringing that up connie. thats nto what its even about.

    and now it sound sbrendon was talkin a shot a britney because she wasnt a middle class as his family growing up.

    everyone doesnt get to be rich dude. everyone doesnt get to travel at all time through life. some ppl have to bust their arse to get to the same point othe rppl are that didnt have to. its life.

    brendon=mr. sensitive
    rachel=baby back bitch

  81. @PamIT Rachael and intuition???????????? Really? Please tell me you are joking? Her so called intuition is not located in her brains.

  82. I know exactly what he told her..he most assuredly told her “you are my first girlfriend ever”.

  83. ok so i have a question… hope one of y’all can answer. what is lane’s tattoo of and why cant he show it? i mean andrew shows all his. is it a naked woman or something? personally i want to see him without his shirt and not hidden behind pool floats lol!!!

  84. I know she did not bring it up..and the issue is over a pre nup..THE DEAL IS HE LIED TO HER if he was infact he was engaged whenever..

  85. Seems like Rachel who would, in theory, get hit on often in Vegas, would know bs from guys when she saw it. Brendon is the type of guy that expects chicks to like him where ever her goes. Thats why is so against Annie because she had to play tough. Joel McHale need to send a fireball to both of then right now in that hammock. Total BS!!

  86. I do not know who to vote for yet, week three a little early, I’m leaning towards, nope not yet.

  87. I like Lane; I heard his comments and laughed because I thought he was trying to “get a rise” out of other houseguests. He may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he is a lot smarter than people are giving him credit for. And I don’t believe half of what ANY on them say. That’s the game. I actually like this year’s cast. It’s not all screaming and hyped up drama all of the time. I hate it when it feels like I am watching an episode from Jerry Springer. I see it as my opportunity to try and figure out each hg’s game, which makes it fun for me, but I do like a challenge – lol. Again, I do not believe any of them 100%.

  88. @ Nic pLEASE TELL me guys would not find rachael attractive? WHY? WHY would a guy hit on her? She is so obvious in this game.Mark my words, she will get Brendon evicted.

  89. @tishe I think Matt was aked that by Brit the first week. She can turn heads, but guys know what kind of girl she is right away and its nothing good. I’m sure guys turn and look when shes at work because she is probably falling out of everything she wears. He face is jacked to me – kinda masculine in her face.

  90. WTF? I been gone for 4 hours and now Brit and Rachel are in Matt’s HOH bathroom in a bathtub together? WHAT? OMG…….This is kinda entertaining…….gotta watch more……lol

  91. I am liking Brit’s and Rachel’s conversation. Pretty damn smart. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

  92. OMG………I am loving the feeds tonight. The Brigade are thinking of maybe saving Andrew now. He told Matt that he knows about another secret alliance. Andrew is NOT lying. He knows alot. That is why people think he is “weird” but he has been watching since day 1. Now the shit is going to hit the fan. Woohoo……

  93. OMG………I am loving the feeds tonight. The Brigade are thinking of maybe saving Andrew now. He told Matt that he knows about another secret alliance. Andrew is NOT lying. He knows alot. That is why people think he is “weird” but he has been watching since day 1. Now the crap is going to hit the fan. Woohoo……

  94. No trish. The brigade is sending him home. Matt was making fun of him. There is nothing that they don’t already know.

  95. I also noticed that Brendan and Andrew have made no secret now of their friendship. They are hanging out…….mmmmmmmmm

  96. Nic even if you are right, he could be talking about The Brigade, and do THEY want the house to know about them yet? Because I bet if Andrew is voted out he will let that slip before he goes out the door…..

  97. Is not. Everyone knows about Kristen and Haden. Andrew was hiding the past two weeks. WTF does he know. They know they at leats have Brit on this vote – she already said she’d get rid of Andrew if she were HOH. There are no other alliances they can’t figure out on their own later on. Andrew has no other ammunition in this game.

  98. Damn Nic Is not? Really? LOL You are hilarious…I feel like I am fighting with my sibiling……

  99. Yeah ‘Is not’!! I think its you Trish you are in an alliance with Andrew, Brendan, and Rachel.

  100. LOL!! Yeah he told me! He may have also clued me in that you share eyeliner with Rachel! Ewwwww!!

  101. Yeah so??? LOL I heard that you share the same kind of short shorts that Andrew wore on his POV competition, whadda you say about that sweet thang? LOL

  102. Short shorts are a better mobility advantage. Look at all the great basketball players. More of them were when the shorts were short!! (okay back on topic) I’m just now noticing Kathy’s ‘you know’ and ‘I mean’ habit.

  103. I’d like to chime in but don’t want to ruin the obvious chemistry between you two

  104. I got one better for you, I noticed by watching Rachel and Brit that two words Rachel says, one is HOWEVER, and the other of course is obvy in place of obvious……ugggghhhh

  105. i swear kathy says “you know” so much!!! im going to make a drinking game… everyone has to drink each time she says it! LMAO you know..

  106. Hey Loaded-one jump on in. Usually late at night it is Nic here and me or maybe one or two. You get bored. So jump in and tell us what YOU think?

  107. hey trish!!! at least something is going on in the feeds tonight!!! ya know ;) drunk yet?? lol

  108. I don’t get it.
    Several of the hg’s have said they want to get rid of floaters, and compete with other strong players. But, they talk about getting rid of Andrew because he’s strong, and can get Kathy out later ’cause she can’t win anything…
    So, do you want to get strong players out? or do you want to play with them? Do you want to get floaters out? or keep letting them climb to the top because you can always get them out later (until they win)?

  109. I think Britney’s gonna be around a looooong time now, and buh-bye Andrew works for me

  110. Yeah I know Steph. Kathy is now lying yet again to one more person, Andrew. Come on. Rachel and Brit getting close? WTF? Is it fake on Brit’s side? Rachel is not as stupid as I thought, she is realizing Kristen and her game, and she knows about Kathy and her lies…..mmmmmmmmm. You know? :)

  111. NIC! Behave! First you don’t like my beautiful Brendan, now you are on Kristen’s side? She is a bi…..Behave or else…

  112. man that is one long bath… they have been in there forever! good thing silicone is waterproof!! ya know? ;) lol

  113. Both Brit and Rachel are pretty good to bs each other. Britney has to be scheming shes not that stupid to agree to put anyone up other than B/R!!

  114. Brendan and Enzo, those two are so funny. Brendan is actually a pretty nice guy to be around w/o Red.

  115. @sara, im missing monet. she was tight, and the hottest in the house.

    @connie, whoc ares if he lied? she obviously doesnt care, she never brought it up. clearly ur mistaking ur words, because she would call him out on it in a second because she ALWAYS steps on his balls.

    and i hate rachel now. she wants to put up kristin because she is mad that she gets along with all the guys. thats why she got out monet, she is playing the personal.

    she is a jealous, immature bitch who wants tog et out ALL the girls so ALL the attention is on her.

    she got out monet cause she didnt talk to her for 13 days and what else? nothing else, but she was jealous

    she tried to get out britney, and was a complete bitch to britney the first 2 weeks for no reason.

    WHO DOESNT SHE GET MAD AT? hayden. nah, no noooooo she doesnt get mad at hayden who put her AND her man up. she isnt concerned about getting any guys out, ALL her focus is on getting the rest of the girls out.

    i will let her slide a little bit with annie, cuz annie was crazy.

    i mean this shouldnt come as a surprise, she has fake boobs. that shows immaturity right their. and she is stupid because she doesnt believe in prenups.

    a real man gets prenups. i dont care who the women is. dont take the chance. why risk it? brendon isnt stupid, well…. THAT stupid (if they try to get married once they get evicted haha) to not get a prenup. dont make the same stupid mistake twice.

    im done.

  116. i know britney is just playing the buddy-buddy role with rachel.

    she may be blonde, but she aint stupid at all.

    she would never be actual friends with rachel, because she got out monet, and rachel annoys the hell out of rachel.

    and i was just proven right. damn britney has dedication. she sat in that tub for over 3 HOURS with that sleezy bitch and got her ass safe, and to turn the target to kristin.

    now she is safe and just about guaranteed jury if brendon/rachel win HOH.

    she is playing a great game, however like i said, the homie monet is gone. so she doesnt have anyone by her side. u must have that to get far in the game. u gotta have someone in ur corner. she doesnt. and she wont for primarily the rest of the game.

    SO!…it will be a true challenge to see how far she can get in the game, without a true ally.

  117. Britney is a tough cookie. I’d break out in hives sharing a bath with her. I bet you Brendon would never do 3 hrs of that. Good for Brit. I hope Brit isn’t really hating on Kristin either other than making funof her high waisted tight pants. But Kristin better watch herself.

  118. Hayden bc well look at him he’s gorgous, though he is kinda stupid for thinking that nobody knows about him nd kristen(nd kristen has a boyfreind back home). But th person I can’t stand is Rachel her voice omg talk about annoying nd it seems like everyone that leaves the house was trying to come between her nd her “man”(P.S. Jeff nd Jordon were a much cuter showmance/couple) like is gunna say even when a guy leaves the house. She needs a muzzle or duct tape.

  119. I voted for Matt because up to this point in the season he is playing the best game. Very manipulative and sneaky plus can do well in competitions. These type of players usually go far in the game.

    My second favorite is Enzo because he has surrounded himself with some strong players to form the brigade and is making himself generally likable by everyone in the house.

  120. @Marcus. Britney is farrr from stupid. And as far as alliances go I think all the guys kinda like her!!! I think most of them would keep her safe if she was up except for the brigade

  121. Bren is totally THE MAN! He is playing a good honest game. He is very smart and so far has not tried any underhanded BS that most of the other guys have… Not to mention he is hot as f#@^!!! The only thing I dont understand is what in the world does he see in that nasty Rachel? I mean, that fake ass hair, the long nose and if for nothing else but her skin pricking laugh!!!

  122. Brendan seems like a really nice person. From what I have seen he is playing the game well (except for his involvement with Rachel – way overboard….). Hope he’s next HOH.

  123. Of course brendon has not tried any ‘underhanded BS’ like the other guys!! Bren is the MAIN target in the house, along with Rachel- so he is very careful!!!!

    Brenchel is one entity, so two are coming after you, and for others they are the main target and everyone knows it

  124. hi everyone..i do not like matt..liar liar pants on fire..he thinks he is cool but..not..i like brenden and racheal when they are not being kissy face but they are a lil fake..they want to be like jorden and jeff but they werent all over each other..i like ragean and andrew too..this season really doesnt have anyone to dislike..i do think kathy needs to go home ..she seems to be to sick to be there..

  125. I like Andrew and Regan the most, but I want to know what happened to having just regular people. Like chicken George and people of all ages not just hotties.

  126. I am a huge Big Brother fan. I start counting the days as soon as the finale is done for the next season to begin. This year has been a bit of a let down. Not much seems to be going on. I am so glad I didn’t pay for the live feeds!!! Come on Big Brother spice it up!

  127. I’m starting to think Brendon and Andrew are the lifelong friends not Kathy and Britney. Even though the Sabotuer told them that i still belive there is a lifelong friend.

  128. Marcus don’t be so rude when talking about women…it sounds like you have some trust issues…and so does everyone in the BB house…as they should, it’s a freaking game for goodness sake…everyone is going to lie and try and secure their spot in the house for as long as they can. B and R woulnd’t last a week outside of the house…it wasn’t love a first sight, just a showmance….and we all know that every season pretty well has one…why not get the viewers watching B and R…makes for that 15 minutes of fame thing…others will be forgotten the minute the door hits them in the butt….I for one will need a long time to get R’s silly annoying laugh out of my head.

  129. I voted for Ragan…he seems to help everyone in the house.I LOVE the way he talks to the B.B staff. That is so hilarious !!!! Lane is also good, but don’t seem to bring anything to the game.

  130. The reason I posted Enzo as my favorite houseguest is because this had to be the most dull cast I have ever seen and I have been watching Big Brother since it’s original air date. There is NOTHING going on, so voting for Enzo because he is the funniest to watch.

  131. Maybe, when Brendan said Rachel was his first girlfriend he meant it. Maybe up to this point all his ex’s have been boyfriends. He seems to be trying tooo hard to prove he likes women. Tone it down alittle bro. Most people already believe you are straight, maybe he and Reagan are involved, what do you think? I might be way of base here but just thought I trow it out there.

  132. @ Helen- we don’t hate brendon, I’m sure people who like him more minus the red head! It all comes down to that!

    I don’t know what brendon and Andrew are thinking. They are making fools of themselves!!!!!!!!!!!
    Everyone knows andrew is on their side. I have no clue why they aren’t telling Rach, cuz already she doubts andrew and why brendon likes him so much! Not making anything better!

  133. Jeff & Jordan left the BBHouse with class. B/R “pushed” the BBHouse down a class. Ragan stays true & Enzo is just HILARIOUS!!!

  134. Hey J Ruiz, I agree, meow meow, what the ****. Why would anyone with any selfrespect call himself that? I can not stand Enzo and Hayden, please get that hair out of you eyes. Rachel, please stop laughing, it is very annoying. As for the rest of the HG, I like them but my favorites are Lane, Brendon (minus Rachel), Andrew, and Monet, I know she’s gone but she was the only female on BB this season worth watching.

  135. I love Lane. He’s a southern sweetheart and I think he’s funny. It’s cute how he’s kinda dumb.

  136. Hey get Real, the 2 smartest hg are brendon and yes Rachel.House guest want them out because they fear them.yes kissy stuff is a bit much but that’s bb showing that.Is Kristen and Hayden better (both alittle dumb)Give credit where it’s due.Another smart one was Annie,that’s a great Loss,would’ve be interesting.

  137. YES, I too have waited all year for bb. What a horrible cast..casting needs to be fired. And I have considered buying the feeds, but from what I read about having to watch rachel and brenden make out NO THANK-YOU. I get enough of that on showtime..This season sucks. Briteny is a big “Caty Can’t do nothing..YOU DROPPED THE BALL BB.

  138. This season totally stinks. Waiting a whole year only to be disappointed. What a waste of a season. Not sure if I’ll come back. I’m cancelling our Showtime2, isn’t worth watching anymore :(

  139. This year the cast are awful, especially Rachel and her idiot henchman Brendon. I liked Andrew but he went home, I like Kristen, but she’s going home, and so I am afraid to like anyone, however Brit is looking more 3 dimensional lately. The feeds are so bad this year I think I will cancel, this is a boring cast and the feeds actually switch away from interesting game talk to playing pool more than once! Ugh!!! Showtime does as well. It’s a mess, all I have to look forward to is Jeff visiting the house in about a month…can’t wait for that, so I’m just half watching while doing other things till I see the Jeff-e-poo again.

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