Big Brother 12: Week 3 Monday Live Feed Highlights

The POV ceremony took place yesterday in the Big Brother 12 house and we found out if it was used to save one of the nominees.  A lot of game talk went as everyone is scrambling to figure out their next move.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – July 26, 2010:

8:05 AM BBT – Rachel and Brendon are the only ones up and they are talking game.  Saying they have to win hoh next week.  Brendon wants to get close with Enzo and says Rachel needs to keep talking to Britney.

9:50 AM BBT – Enzo, Lane and Hayden talking in the backyard.  Enzo says they need to get Andrew out this week.  Lane says he would kick Brendon’s a$$ if he saw him out at a bar.  Says that he knows America thinks he and Rach are disgusting. 

11:26 AM BBT – Matt and Ragan now discussing Brenchel.  Matt wants to keep them around until the double eviction. (not sure what matt is thinking!)

12:42 PM BBT – pov meeting is over and Brendon leaves the noms the same (no surprise there).  Matt tells Andrew it was a good speech and how Rach was huffing and puffing.  Andrew tells Matt he won’t put him up next week if he wins and says he really wants to stay in the house.  They discuss the best way for Andrew to stay in the game.

12:54 PM BBT – Kristen tells Matt that she wasn’t fooled by Andrew’s speech.  (Andrew apparently said he would go after Brenchel if he stayed in the house) and that Rachel getting pissed was just an act and so fake.

1:15 PM BBT – Andrew walks in on Brendon and Rachel cuddling and leans down and kisses Rach on the cheek.  He tells her don’t worry but you overplayed it.  (looks like Kristen was right)

2:15 PM BBT – Matt, Enzo and Hayden in hoh talking game.  Giving the reasons they should evict Andrew when Brendon comes in and interrupts saying he doesn’t know what to think about Andrew’s speech.  (why can’t these brigade guys get a clue?)

4:50 PM BBT – Brenchel talking about Andrew and Rach asks why Bren is allowed to keep stuff from her and how he is so sure Andrew won’t backstab him.  Bren going on and on saying he just knows.  (could they be the life long friends?) Rach says Bren and Andrew are playing with fire and she’s the fire.  Bren says not to try and threaten him. 

9:45 PM BBT – Kristen and Hayden tell Kathy they are voting for her to stay.  Kathy hugs them both and is grateful for their support.  Says she needs two more votes.

1:08 AM BBT – Hayden tells Kristen that it’s a lock for Kathy to stay, that Lane and Enzo are on board with evicting Andrew as well as Ragan.

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So there you have it.  In one day the hg’s went from evicting Kathy to voting out Andrew.  Apparantly his speech during the ceremony rubbed everyone the wrong way and they are now under the impression that he is pretty close to Brenchel.  What do you think about these turn of events?  Are they making the right decision by voting out Andrew?

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  1. I think they should get rid of both of them. Andrew screwed up big time and deserves to go because of his speech, but Kathy needs to go cuz she doesn’t deserve to be there. I HIGHLY doubt she is going to become more competitive in games in the future. Wasn’t just 3 days ago that Kristen was hugging Rachel, and when Rachel was HOH, who was there in HOH CONSTANTLY, Kathy. She is a floater, and if she stays this week, she will be one of last ones standing…like Natalie.

  2. Why can’t cbs do this in HD, like they do Survivor? At least a few of the cameras (hoh room, kitchen living room)?

  3. I think Kathy should go. I had to stop watching the l i v e f e e d s last night off and on because I was so tired of hearing Kathy and Kristen talking. Plus Kathy showed a different side to herself last night. She kept throwing Brachel under the bus by saying things she supposely heard while Rachel was HOH. The thing is she lied about many of the things she said Brachel said. She is doing this to everyone. The HG’s have to be wondering, if she tells what goes on in the HOH now, what will stop her later on doing that to The Brigade or anyone else? Also Kathy last night told Enzo that Brachel plans on trying to get out Lane, Hayden, Kristen, Enzo, Matt… etc. WELL DUH! Everyone in the house is after Brachel, so wouldn’t they go after all those people? Enzo said as much to Kathy. Kathy is such a liar and sneek and I lost respect for her. Atleast Brachel tells others what they plan on doing. I hope Brendan wins HOH this week.

  4. I agree I lost respect for Kathy also. She floats to whatever side is in control. That is tight how she threw Rachel under the bus. Last week she was up her butt. She needs to go. Don’t trust her!!!!

  5. Kathy is playing the game how it should be played. Kiss up to who have the power at the moment to keep herself safe for that week. I thought she was a push over put apparently she is kinda hardcore. Love that the Brigade is starting to see that Andrew is against them and his azz should be sent packing. Who goes into the BB game with an obvious alliance from day 1, Mr. personality and Miss Vegas so why be surprise that everyone is gunning for them. duh

  6. @Trish: I’m switching internet servers do to some problems yesterday so it will be hit and miss for me right now, so what have I missed.

  7. U GO MATT! Sry his plan fell thru…. This maybe the beginning of a Brachel rein. Sure hope not. I like Ragan, Matt and Andrew. Rachel looks like a Drag Queen to me and her expect the unexpected talk is overdone!……Can’t stand that silly fake laugh. Am sure lots of posters will disagree with me, but those are my thoughts.

    My husband keeps telling me how Rachel looks like a drag queen!! LOL

  9. I DO NOT THINK THE FRONT DOOR SHOULD OPEN THURSDAY ..The only reason those 2 (especially Andrew) are on the block is due to a stupid ignorant ploy by Matt. Andrew is on the block as a pawn..Kathy was on the block due to her vote against Matt..One of them will be evicted due to MATT’s failed power play..which is not fair to them..I know it is a game but I think they should both stay..

  10. well have u ever noticed that Kristen has “manish” facial features..I can’t really explain it but something is not right about that girl…nice body ..nice hair..dresses decent..but there is just something about her that does not fit..

  11. I was noticing last night watching BBAD that Kristen’s features are similar to a young Tatum O’Neal (“Little Darlings” days).
    I really can’t stand the way she talks tho…
    I find myself fast forwarding through a lot of BBAD anymore…Especially Last Night

  12. Well maybe there will be a switch on who will leave the Big Brother house this Thursday, but still i think that the houseguest will vote out Kathy not Andrew.

  13. Blackgirl – LOL – You always have great insights!

    Christina – I agree 100% – Kristen needs a speech coach – she’s so freaking annoying!!

  14. “Lane says he would kick Brendon’s a$$ if he saw him out at a bar. Says that he knows America thinks he and Rach are disgusting. ”

    Omg!! Did we just see a spark of intelligence in the house?

  15. There’s nothing mannish about Kristen. What’s different about her is that she doesn’t exhibit the childish annoyances that we need to endure from the majority of this season’s cast.

  16. The thing that I noticed a few nights ago on BBAD with Kristen is when she was out in the yard exercising (I think it was before pov) I wondered if she did not use to be a girl. May have been the camera angle though.
    As for the “life long friend” I wonder if this could be one of those where actually everyone is connected to someone else. Who knows.

  17. I like both Andrew and Kathy equally. What a shame they’re up for eviction. I hate Brechel, there is something seriously ill going on there. Hayden is another one that is super annoying. The HG this season are all scaredy cats, no one has done a powerplay. Right now I’m liking Ragan, Kathy, Andrew, Matt, and Britney. They need to start evicting some guys already!

  18. I think Matt wants to Rachel and Brendon to go to Jury bc he could use as votes for his side if he make it to final 2. He is trying to look outside the box just in case he is sitting next a Brigade memeber in final 2

  19. Hey Torch, ok so far the tide has turned as who may be evicted Thursday. Right now it is Andrew everyone (except his friend Brendan) are against Andrew. On Wednesday it will show that Andrew gave this speech that was totally off the cuff saying he will go after Brachel but then asked Brendan to use the Veto on him. Rachel got upset and everyone started to think that how fake it all was. Kathy is going around giving everyone a sob story, she is throwing her old pals Brachel under the bus, which is ok except she is lying to what they said. Even that would be ok but she is the one going around saying she has never lied, that she has kept her word, etc……

    Kristen and Kathy have gotten super close and now it seems so have Rachel and Brit. Anyways that is all I got for now. Brendan is still gorgeous, Rachel still looks like a hooker and Kathy has become annoying……..

  20. I really do not care who goes, but if Andrew is close with BRachel GET RID OF HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Matt, is smart to wait to the double eviction to get out Brendon & Rachel. I don’t like the portmanteau “Brenchel”, sorry. Its pretty obvious he is doing it so that the last of the two standing have no time to gun for him. Its the very best anyone can do in that situation.

    Good move Matt.

  22. Kathy (I mean Deputy Tammy Faye) haha. Those eyelashes need a friggin ticket! She’s a pretty woman but I wish she would get a makeover. I’d like her to stay over Andrew

  23. How is Matt a genius? He’s a dork with a short man’s complex. He always asks “what’s that mean?” when someone has a big word in a sentence. Now I think I understand why BB says he’s a “self described” genius. He’s not.

  24. Brendon and Rachel have ruined their game by hooking up. I’m happy if they are truly in love and it lasts outside, but as far as game play not good. Also, if they get in a fight, it’s like dating someone from work. It’s horrible to be stuck in that situation.

  25. Here’s Deputy Kathy: “Um, Like, Ya’ Know”, like just, Uh,” say then repeat. Egads she makes me naseous. I hope she changes that when she watches. I thought it was funny when she said her supervisor told her to shut up and listen…well no wonder

  26. if the brigade keeps not being on the same page, they will fall apart. hayden is already not in it to win it, he is in it to hit it. (get it?)

    i wish kathy and andrew could both go home, i hate them both

  27. i think matt’s decision to vote out brenchel during double eviction is stupid. why wait that long when you only have a week left until people start going to sequested. get them out now before they end up winning. i not a brenchel hater but i just feel that their romance is ruining this season. plus brenchal are playing way too much on a personal level instead of playing stratigic way.

  28. LMAO @ JJ2 still in Jail I think… Sadly.. We could toss Ronnie in there but I think him and Matt would end up best buds and think they were the new “Chill Town” hahahah

  29. @Hitsuin, I agree with you, unlike most haha. I like Matt, have from the beginning. Putting Brendan and Rachel up was the most obvious move, and maybe the smartest, but if the house swings back towards Brachel next week I think he’s done enough with his HOH to cover himself. I think this may work out for him in the long run, and if not, at least it kept things interesting :)

  30. I just got back from the future. Watched the final show. Enzo wins! There you have it. Enjoy the rest of season 12.

  31. I titally agree that Kathy needs to GO! She does go from the HOH side and she has ied about Ragel and bredon knowinglying because she knows they have targets on their backs anyways. Anyone CAN ANY1 TELL WHY KRISTEN IS ANGTRY AT RACHEL?? i must got lost somewhere. I thought Brittany was a troublemaker but she is a saint compared to Kathy. Andrew though is scary..Lane needs to GO he is a floater as well and his comments used to descibed Rachel are so not right. i mean if u do not like some one u do not need to call them Ho’s or other obscence names…it’s no cool at all. I hope that Rachel and breadon outlive Lane the House because is just as bad as kathy! No one has even spoken about getting rid of him, etc., he is gonna float on by and win if ppl in the house do not get it together!! Wht isn’t any1 looking @ him??? I like Rachel and Breason..Breason is actually nice and cool man..He’s honest as best he can be cause it’s a game, and Rachel makes it less boring to watch. She needs to comntinue working out and stop drinking so much. Something ha[[ened THAT I MISSED AND NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENED WITH RACHEL AND KATHY’S RELATIONSHIP?? I mean i heard Rachel said something not so good when she was drinking, and Brittany and rachel said something which got back to kristen and Kathy. kathy does go with the power. her and Lane are total FLOATERS!! Lane’s mouth should be washed out with soap or BB should tell him he can not call ppl names that so harsh it;s makes us ill. He is a mean person…He will win if they do get their heads out of their a___! Lane is a mean spirited person like Monet is evil soul and mean person -spirited! Glad Monet is gone cause the childish is gone now.. She made Brittany something which was mean as well cause Brittanys mouth was awdul while Monet was there. Not that she’s gone Brittany not so bad but not one of my favs. Oh well HAGD ALl and someone let me know what happened between rachel and Kathy/Kristen.. I like Kristen yet not sure what happened to make their friendship go down hill. the game changes hourly I know this.

  32. I’m also watching BBAD in less then ten minutes..where are the fights and drama? This season is more like a vacation…isn’t kristin on her back a lot?

  33. Pookie how can you be watching BBAD already? You must be way ahead of us. It doesn’t come on here till 11pm which is 6 hours away.

  34. hey Trish I’m back up and running with my new internet server, and people don’t run l i v e f e e d s if your running a wireless system with a stick it will get real expensive real quick.

  35. I Wonder about Hayden MOSS. I use to date a guy Named Todd Moss for a dew years back in the day, and I swear hayden looks like he could be wither Todd’s son or Todd’s older brother Jeff Moss son!!

    I now livein Gilbert, AZ and I Hayden moved to Tempe, AZ a few months back..wondering if he moved from CA, and also wonderring if he is a relative of and of the Moss brother I mentioned above.. Anyone know?? If any1 does can u let me know please, because then I would def. state “It’s a small World!”

    Tc and Peace….Susie

  36. i get a 24 hour cold and everyting changes. last time i was up, kathy as going home and andrew was sitting pretty. guess i need to do some rewinding. talk to you all later when i catch up.

  37. glad to talk at ya again its been a bad 24hrs for me having to switch internet servers

  38. I bet it has. I haven’t been able to watch the l i v e f e e d s for some reason till now. So after what I told you I have no idea what has happened today. If it has anything to do with Kristen and Kathy talking again I didn’t miss much!

  39. Well I hope it turns around. That woman could talk anyone to death. If I were in the BB house and she came and talked to me I would agree to whatever she wanted to get her away then vote for Andrew! :)

  40. This has got to be the most boringest (is that even a word?) season of BB ever. If handsome Brendon wasn’t on there I would not even watch.

  41. It looks like it’s been Kristen going to bat for Kathy, and getting the votes for but in reality it could a dozen times by thursday.

  42. God I can’t stand watching the feeds right now. Come on Wednesday or Thursday………

  43. This is not even the game it used to be…..if you think that these losers are actually playing the game…you have no brian…BB12 is a ratings motivated plot…the showmance is what driving the game….I really long for the game that I fell in love watching….but in reality I am just watching MTV’s Real World

  44. This is the most boring season ever sho time after dark sucks No way would I pay for livr feed.

  45. I’m not sure why so many comments come in saying this season is so boring. Every season is different – maybe it’s not the best but they all have unique interests. It’s just like people – it takes all kinds. BB is still a TV show and they will do what it takes to keep it going. Nobody is forcing you to watch.

  46. You have Miss Vegas showing her underwear(NOT) & sucking face every chance she gets. You really gotta wonder if Brendon is gay (at least I do).That’s pretty much what’s going on most of the time. I’m hanging in for the final 4 & hoping some jerk face like Adam doesn’t win the top spot.

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