Big Brother 12: Top 12 Events of the Season – Part 2

Today I’m continuing my countdown through Big Brother 12’s Top 12 events of the season. If you missed the first half of the countdown then go back for #12 – 7 before moving on. Otherwise, let’s continue our stroll down memory lane.

Don’t forget that you can still go back and watch all of these BB events using the Live Feeds Flashback feature. Just punch in the day and time and watch away!

#6 – Saboteur claims there are lifelong friends in the game
Though the Saboteur’s efforts to sabotage were mostly ignored there was one act that shook the house. During the first week of the season the HGs were warned by a Saboteur video message that two HGs had entered the game with a lifelong friendship between them. This claim was never substantiated by production for viewers and never really went away for the HGs as paranoid speculation persisted throughout the season. Whether the credit for this idea belongs to Annie or BB production it was the only Saboteur event with a lasting impact.

Best part: Not a day goes by on this site that a reader doesn’t propose another possibility of which HGs were the lifelong friends. It was a lie. Plain and simple.

#5 – Brenchel consummates their showmance
While sex in the Big Brother house had once been a rarity it has become a more commonplace event amidst recent seasons. So the inevitability of Brendon and Rachel crawling under the covers of the HoH bedroom comes as no surprise. After Have-Not status thwarted any plans during her first HoH rule the couple came together, along with all 4 cams on the live feeds. Whether or not they were the first couple to have sex this season is open to debate as Kristen later staked her claim to that achievement during a conversation with Kathy. One thing is for sure, nothing came between her and her man that night.

Best part: Brendon’s first words afterward: “I’m sorry.” Yeah, so are the rest of us.

#4 – Captain Exposes, Kristen Explodes
With his back against the wall Andrew did the only thing he could, he exposed Kristen and Hayden’s showmantic alliance. It might not have saved him but it finally let the drama loose and on live television none the less. Striking quickly, Hayden pitted Rachel against Brendon, effectively eliminating half of Brenchel, but it backfired when Rachel went on to win and target Kristen, and a week later eliminate her. We may have lost a Kristen, but we gained one hell of a firefight.

Best part: When Rachel boasts her brainpower Hayden challenges her to complete a sentence without using the word “like.”

#3 – Diamond Power of Veto Rises and Fails
It was this season’s Coup D’Etat. Matt was awarded the Diamond Power of Veto for opening Pandora’s Box which should have practically guaranteed complete control for two weeks with back to back evictions of Brenchel. Instead, Matt found himself up against an alliance member at the hands of Brendon’s nomination. Then, knowing full well of Enzo’s intent to vote him out, Matt used the Diamond Power of Veto to knock out Kathy rather than make a strong move and eliminate Enzo or Britney, the same HGs who orchestrated his demise just a week later.

Best part: “Better luck next time, ya big dummy.”

#2 – The Summer of Sabotage becomes the Week of Sabotage
Every season of Big Brother now comes with a twist and this year it was billed by CBS as the “Summer of Sabotage.” Allison Grodner brought in a rat to wreck havoc and cause drama for five weeks and then to be whisked away for a $50K prize. Instead, the house votes as a block and unknowingly evicts the season’s twist in its very first week. Year after year the twists come off as a total Fail and unnecessary burden on what’s a natively awesome concept, but this year’s twist failed like no other which earns it the runner-up event of the season.

Best part: When the Sabo-II debuts Matt laughs and questions, “they’re trying that again?” Surprise surprise, his comment gets cut from broadcast.

#1 – Rachel returns, but Ragan strikes back
It was the biggest event of the season, hands down. When Rachel left the Big Brother house it was like the drama was sucked out with her and something had to happen to reignite that fire. Enter stage right, Pandora’s Box. Tempted by a trip for two, Brendon opens Pandora’s Box and discovers it was a trick when he is sent to the Jury House and Rachel is unleashed on the HGs. With nothing to lose Rachel breaks out the claws and starts tearing HGs apart immediately upon her return to the house before Ragan repeatedly shut her down in awesome fashion

Rachel was scheduled to be back in the Big Brother 12 house for 24 hours, but she barely made it past 20 either because her fights with Ragan had deflated her ego enough or production had all the footage they could possibly need. No matter that Rachel left with a whimper, if you’re ignoring Pretzelgate of course, the season’s red-headed villain gave us the best fights of the summer in one compact evening. Congratulations goes out to Rachel for winning our award for the biggest event of the season. You totally earned it. Now go back to Vegas and stay!

Best part: Reality sets in for Rachel when Ragan points out, “you don’t get it. You’re the bad thing unleashed on the house.”

What made your Top 12 list that didn’t make mine? Think I got the order of importance wrong? Let’s hear your thoughts on what made this season fun.


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  1. Yep, I thought that would be #1. The big bad skanky queen came back with a vengeance but left with her tail behind her like the bitch that she is.

      • Wow…I was watching when Ragan gave Rachel that final blow verbally. It was wonderful…and without using any curse words either. I guess he got good at it scolding students at the Long Beach campus. But I also loved the second attack in the J-House when he diplomatically nailed her again as she stormed off.

      • Ragan was a foul mouthed pig! I would not want him anywhere near one of my kids. He talked filthy disgusting trash with his sidekick, Britney…. I hope they both look back at the things they said and feel like an idiot for it!!!!

      • Sue, I think Britney wouldn’t even give ragan the time of day once bb is over! She’s is so 2 faced! You know her and Monet were probably talking about him before Monet got the boot! Lol

    • I actually thought Rachel pinned Regan in the JH… he went on and on about how there were no more fights in the BBH after Rachel left, and she said “well there have been no fights in the JH until you got here”. Put him in his place… Rachel certain causes drama… but Regan is just as bad.. and a whiny crier to boot.

      • you’re joking right?

        what about the wife-lie reveal by Matt, then Rachel arguing with him about that. yes, part of that was defending Kathy but Rachel was the Rachel she love to hate. Rachel being Rachel.

        did you miss that episode? it was in a previous show b4 the Ragan entry into the j-house.

      • damn, it’s like i’ve been drinking…

        “WHEN Rachel ARGUED with him…. Rachel was the Rachel WE love to hate.”

        okay, now it’s BUD time. LOL!!!

      • @David. i guess you’re talking to me… but my reply to Barb was basically Rachel lied there was arguing in the j-house b4 Ragan showed up.

        and i would say in rebuttal to your statement that b/c Ragan was to the point, concise and understandable he is a GOOD communicator which is the opposite of what Rachel is. not only are her points a lie or invalid but they are all over the place and hard to follow – BAD communicator.

        Plus i do not see whether you’re a good or bad communicator that it has anything to do with you being a good or bad person.

      • People keep saying that was a fight, but I don’t think it was. Matt had just confessed something that took them all by surprise. Matt initiated that. When everyone left the room, it would have been over then and there, but he followed Kathy and Rachel to the kitchen where they exchanged a few words. They weren’t even harsh words. Definitely not a fight as it would relate to the confrontations Rachel had in the actual BB house. Ragan vs. Rachel in JH was an actual argument. The tones during each event should express as much.

      • @oy vey. oy vey, I consider it a fight mainly b/c Rach was yelling at Matt and demanding that he leave the kitchen. Here we go again… common denominator.

        As far as degree of fight it did not compare to BBH fight or Ragan/Rachel JH fight but I feel a fight is fight.

        You know I heard from a wise old man one time, “it is what it is”, so I go this that wisdom. LOL!!!

      • I agree with ov ovey. The Matt incident is not really an argument. The only serious argument was when Ragan entered the jury house. Do some of you just want to hate Rachel no matter what? You guys got infected by the venom from the BB HGs?? People just want to twist everything to justify hating on Rachel? What is wrong with some of you?

      • @noo. So that just makes you & oy vey both WRONG… I’m not getting into degree of seriousness of the argument that’s just ludicrous.

        So Noo, you don’t agree that yelling and demanding you leave the room would be concerned an argument? I do, you don’t.

        About the only thing that would not constitute as an argument was that Matt refused to duke it out w/Rach… instead his reply was “I’m not leaving the kitchen”.

        It was pretty much a one-sided argument, Kathy was not arguing, just telling her view of the despicable wife-lie and Matt was trying to talk w/Kathy meanwhile fending off Rachel who had no business being in the discussion, except for her dislike of Matt.

        Don’t know if you ever noticed Matt reactions to Rachel, it was mainly rolling his eyes and making faces and STAYING OUT OF IT. He did not want any part of her, for that I give him credit; I wish ALL the Hg’s had taken the same tack with Rachel.

      • Rag-on is the one who started it again with Rachael in jh! He should have been yelling at Matt instead, but he’s to scared to talk to a guy that way! My mom alway’s tell’s me when someone treat’s you badly, it’s because they’re jealous! Rag-on(spelled this way because this is all he does)wish’s he was Rachael instead of his pathetic self!

      • GregH, what makes your perception so right and any opposing ones so wrong? Not everyone views an argument like you do. I don’t see it as one. Big deal.

      • @oy vey. I don’t have a problem with you being wrong (LOL!!!) or me being wrong… like I said “it is what it is”, I say it was a fight, you don’t… big deal.

      • Completely disagree with you Greg H… Matt was confessing a lie.. everyone was upset (and rightly so), so your justify blame Rachel hate is weak at best.

      • Honestly, I didn’t feel like any of their arguments were fights, just a bunch of loud talk. The only one that came close to a fight was when Britney butted into Brendon and Ragan’s argument when it had nothing to do with her! She totally started that and then got upset when Brendon said stuff to her! She deserved what she got. And if R&B knew all that was said behind their backs when the others didn’t have the guts to say it to them, the arguments probably would have been a fight. Some of your guys’ idea of a fight is definitely different from mine!!!

    • You have got to be kidding. Regan is an abuser and poor communicator. He should never, ever teach communications to anyone. Just because he can open his mouth and mouth off on someone does not make he a good person. I have no respect for him and his big mouth.

      • copied it…

        @David. i guess you’re talking to me… but my reply to Barb was basically Rachel lied there was arguing in the j-house b4 Ragan showed up.

        and i would say in rebuttal to your statement that b/c Ragan was to the point, concise and understandable he is a GOOD communicator which is the opposite of what Rachel is. not only are her points a lie or invalid but they are all over the place and hard to follow – BAD communicator.

        Plus i do not see whether you’re a good or bad communicator that it has anything to do with you being a good or bad person.

      • @GregH,
        FYI, ragan is a professor’s assistant and as far as his communication’s degree, he uses that to communicate on a talk radio show called “out” on sirius satellite radio! Lol
        i’m not a Rachael fan but I think that ragan just talk’s over people and is over dramatic!

      • @Christy. Some people in education are like that… they’re ‘educated’, they got ‘book smarts’… but they don’t scream & yell at you during an argument. At least in my experience, but the less your education the more some might look down at you, it’s human nature. Not saying it’s right.

        Ever know a genius, besides Hg Matt? You don’t even want to be around when a genius talks with a genius… you won’t understand much of that conversation. This guy I knew, could speak to anyone at their level, so that tells me he was analyzing them and I never got the feeling he looked down on them… it was just reality.

        I’m not getting Ragan’s talking over anyone… not to stereotype the dramatic part but he is gay. Not that I have any problem with that. LOL!!!

      • GregH,
        ragan is an ass! And it’s either his way or the highway! He’s alway’s right! Not :)
        I’ve tried to think of one thing nice about ragan and I just can’t! Every word out of his mouth on bbad has been disgusting and very disturbing! Imho

      • @Christy. Totally understand, you just don’t like him, just realize that tints your view of him; just like my view of Rachel is tainted b/c I don’t like her and the only positive things she’s done are fake to me.

        Ragan’s was mad b/c Brenchel insisted he was in an alliance with Matt plus it worn on him that Rachel fought with near everyone in the House.

        Rach was mad at Ragan b/c she was looking for Ragan to win the Paint Can HoH (that he basically gave to Matt) so he could make Brenchel safe that week or so she believed. I think she transferred her anger for Bren’s poor showing in that comp to Ragan.

        You know it’s hard to be mad at someone that you want to screw around with. LOL!!! Even if he’s bring premature about the whole matter b4.

    • If you truly watched Rachel didn’t start ranking Ragan and I’m not a fan of hers but this time I really see Ragan as an arrogant show off. He has a PHD in communications he should have one in debate. I am truly disappointed in his actions.not a gracious person, He’s a bully!!!Sorry for the younger kids that watch this.
      Brendon is leading and I do hope he wins. If only 1 vote counts then why do they let you click for multiple votes??They can stop you at 1…it’s happened on other shows.

      • They let us vote multiple times because people voting on mobiles have to pay a $1 or something like that for every vote. So more votes equate to more money for CBS/BB. They probably have enough to pay for the Winner of America’s favorite just from that.

  2. Matt, You are right on the money with your #1 pick. Rachel can dish it out but could not take it when it got thrown back at her.

  3. Can’t wait to see who wins big brothers!!! Hayden deserves it… but I’d like to see Enzo win second place 50k

      • Whoever win’s america’s favorite won’t matter because the voting’s not real! should never have let people vote over and over again!

      • I think it only counts 1 vote per user name so you can keep going but it only counted your first one bc that’s impossible that cbs would be able to correctly count all those votes some people are saying they voted 100 times I mean only 10 people have to do that to make it 1000 so that’s my theory!!

      • @Emily, I hope you’re right, because that just isn’t acurate nor fair vote to find out who truly was america’s favorite! Say’s you can vote 10 times on text but no limit on And alway’s let’s you submit new vote!

      • Sure it will be real. Because if someone takes the time to vote that many times for their favorite then that is proof of being America’s favorite to me. Hell it works for American Idol why not BB? LOL

      • People voting by text have to pay so CBS gets more money if they let us vote multiple times. Just like American Idols I think. It is just a matter of the Almighty Dollar at work.

      • ENZO is AWESOME!!! These guys are BORED to death and HOMESICK as hell for their families, they are just talking to hear their own voices at this point. I bet ENZO is a GREAT FATHER(or will be) and a GREAT husband as well AND has made his parents proud! He has not done anything that any other red blooded man has not done or said. The only difference is that he is under a MICROSCOPE RIGHT NOW!!! GO ENZO AND HOLD YOUR HEAD HIGH, YOU PLAYED A GREAT GAME!!!

      • @Kathy–Enzo’s ego has gotter biger as the season has gone on. It did not just begin. If I was his Mom, I would be totally ashamed to call him my son. Of course I would not say it. He thinks he will be in a future all-stars season. What does everyone think? Which HGs from this season will be on an all-star season? Matt (BBN), please consider a poll for this.

      • Everyone think’s Enzo is a jerk, but I think it’s funny that one of the most popular saying’s of this season came from enzo…Grenade! Yep, everyone of those hg have said it over and over!

      • Enzo did NOT create the word grenade. they’ve been using the term on Jersey Shore for 2 seasons now.

      • @Jeanne, I didn’t say he created it duh! He’s Italian, it’s a word Enzo used not the other hg until he said it!

      • Enzo is not great. He doesn’t know how to eat and walks about talking without really saying anything. He thinks he is a big star but I think that he soon will realize that he is a falling star instead.

  4. Did I call it or what? Excellent choice I agree with all of the events. Now starting to get ready for Survivor.

      • Yes I was there a lot last year, great site. Oh my could you imagine Bad Russell and Rachel on a show, they should do the amazing race….lol

      • @sparkles, gosh,,,that would be a really mentally skillful tight team. Especially Russell, he knows how to manipulate players and Russell would most definitely make Rachel his puppet. I just hope Russel doesn’t pimp out Rachel to get ahead of the game if they ever make it to the amazing race. With Russell, a person never knows what his strategy moves would be. Would never be boring. He is the man fans love to hate and hate to love.

      • I agree cowbelles, I started out hating him and in the end I was voting for him and cheering for him. I guess he needs to work on his social game much like Rachel. She has the ability to win, she just needs to tone it down.

      • Hi Sparkle. Yes, Russell is a rough customer and by that I mean that he is rough around the edges and you are right Sparkle, he needs to learn social graces so he could win next time. I sure did not like him in the beginning and then I said to myself, this guy is really playing the game and I did vote for him and I wanted him to win. Well Sparkle, we got something in common, Lol, we both like Russell.

      • Thanks Matt just stopped over, and Wed. I’ll be hanging out with all the regulars. Thanks for all the info you shared with us on BB and I am looking forward to Survivor till then I will be catching up on house work and beauty sleep lol

    • As the season has progressed I’ve found myself more and more attracted to Ragan. These are a lot of new feelings and emotions I’m experiencing. I guess I’ve got a lot to re-examine in my personal life.

  5. i love no. 1. every time i think back to it, i think of ragan literally melting her face off with words.

    its so obvi that rachel isnt THAT mean, she is trying so hard to build the female character of evel dick, and ensure ureself for all stars.

    we saw that with jury. unless she is completely crazy and lacking logic (wouldnt put it passed her) i say its act. she randomly decided to make herself a target, and tried to round 2 with ragan? he ripped u a new arsehole! haha

    i loved this season. every second of it. enzo doing nothing but being funny as hell, rachel is all her homophob vegas glory, britney and monet with their awesomeness, brit with her awesomeness, lane’s failed DR’s (trying to be funny), kristen eating the spider, matt’s grin and not backing down from brenchel.

    WHAT A GREAT SEASON. i was never bored. i said this as soon as last season ended “I CAN NOT WAIT TILL NEXT SUMMER”

    between Big Brother and Hard Knocks, its the BEST TV show on. in my opinion. and im talking year round.

    its been a great season.

    • Cracks me up when people talk about Monet. She wasn’t there long enough to make an impact or to get Brit to not like her;which you know Brit would have been attacking her like she did with all the other girls.

      • dont know how u can say that when she cried everyday for like all week they were up. that was her best friend at the time.

        eventually they would have had an alliance. if they would have, i think they would have been powerful because both HOH’s monet competed in she did rele good. like podium finish.

    • I think Rachel honestly thought she was re-entering the house because she was so “popular” with America. I forgot the look on her face when Ragan said that to her. It really was amazing, because he communicated it so well. (seeing as he is a professor…Brendon…) Would love to be there when Brenchel watches the episodes.

      • When he told her she was Pandora’s boxes punishment she went totally silent and her expression when she realized it was true was priceless.

      • Mary you call what Regan did communication? You poor poor girl. You probably are one his students. Let’s just call what he teaches hate.

      • I love how you all think it is funny how Ragan was hateful. You attack Rachel (who I don’t like) for her behavior but think it is funny that Ragan did it. How bias is that?

  6. The first person to mention ‘lifelong friends’ was Julie. Go back and check the first episodes if you recorded them.

    • Julie only repeated what Annie said when she was evicted! Everyone know’s this b/c someone on this board when back on livefeed and verified this! Besides Matt on bbn know’s this!

      • I thought the only verification was that it was “made up” by a viewer. I personally have never heard Julie mention it other than to say it was a “saboteur message”, period.

    • I thought so too Sandi. But hey, I’m not sure. More ppl pn here know the facts way better than I do. Where’s CT when you need him ??? :-) I think he’s a he ??? If not, sorry CT.

      • Read #6 above in the article Matt from this network wrote! No life long friend’s in the bb house!

  7. Perfect picks. Especially #1. I loved Ragan and totally wanted him to win, mostly because of his skill at shutting down the Rachel attacks. He should be the permanent ZING-bot. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZING!

      • I meant permanent as in he should come back and wear the zing-bot costume in future seasons because he’s so witty. I’m not really sure what exactly I “didn’t get”. Sorry for not spelling it out for you.

  8. I think Rachael also deserved #1, I never watched bb until I saw her on this show! You just never knew what she would do next! When she came back, omg that was hilarious! Ragan and britney’s nightmare come true! Priceless! Also have to say that laugh has to be the most annoying laugh I really have ever heard! If I were rachael I would try to change that! Lol :}

  9. I’m disappointed with Sunday nights show. We all saw the footage, so nothing new. What would have been interesting is if they showed more of the JH. Not necessarily manic Ragan. I wonder if Ragan has told the JH that he was S #2? And…what did Brit have to tell the JH. Now that would have made a good show.

    • I don’t think ragan has the cahuna’s to tell them he was the sab! Talk about some drama! That will be the best footage of the season forsure! :)

  10. I would like to think that Rachel’s expression after Ragan chewed her out was her sudden clarity that he was right and she was wrong. For the fact she was left standing there and said nothing else, I think she might have got it…. at least for that moment because she went back on the attack at the jury house.

    • Rachel wasn’t wrong. Where do you get this? She was silent because Ragan hit below the belt and it really got to Rachel. I don’t care for her but damn the woman does has feelings. If you think that what Ragan did was better and ok then what Rachel did then you are as heartless as he is. Two wrongs do not make a right. Anyone who enjoys others pain is a cold heartless B. Yeah Rachel was not an angel, but she wasn’t as bad as Ragan and Brit. I really don’t care if you don’t agree with me.

    • I don’t really understand why Ragan turned against Rachel in the first place. he was stuck to her like glue for several weeks and she was so sweet to him when he was crying his eyes out over his Dad. She sat there and rubbed his arm for a long time and consoled him. Then a few days later he turned on her and began talking gross filthy trash about her and Brendon. I just don’t get what happened!

      • Sue, when ragan changed was when he and rachael were in the cabana room and she said something to the effect like”they think we are gonna do this” at that moment ragan say’s “I don’t want them to think we’re a pair” b/c he knew everyone was gunning for brenchael! Yes, I know he say’s it was b/c Rachael walked past him and laughed and blah, blah, blah but that is ragan thinking everthing is alway’s centered around him! They were friend’s one min and then not the next! Nothing ever happened, just ragan being a bitch!

  11. It was funny when Enzo named Kathy as the Saboteur,because she made his bed and left that note and signed it S for Sheriff. No one questioned him on the spelling of their alliance. The way He sounded it out was the way he spelled it and the Bragade formed.He told Lane and Hyden y’all did the work and I shared in your glory.

    • No he didn’t. Brendan was consumed and blinded by “Love” and he stated that on the show. Brendan is a good guy that let his faculties whatever he had left, guide him the wrong direction. He would rather have “love” over money. Brendan could have been in the final four, he didn’t try hard enough. Yes, after Rachel was evicted, Brendan was making the effort and it was too late for him. It is really too bad for Brendan, I really like him.

      • Brendan was playing a different game than the other hg’s. His game was, “In the name of Love,” not bb12.

      • I have to say that I am so disapointed in production this year. If anyone was watching with an ounce of compassion, you would have heard that the DR sessions messed with their heads. They knew that Rachel was insecure and drank a lot. They would push them to get drunk and call them to DR and then play the part of them caring what mattered. I hope that they offer counceling to the H/G because I am concerned for Rachel. She was led to belive that the world loved her and the whole time they were making a fool out of her.I don’t believe for 1 minute that she was aware of how this worked behind closed doores.I am sick to my stomach at the filth that came out of Enzos mouth. I have watched bbad for 3 yrs now and I have not seen sex or the launguage used this year. I know Racheal had fake tears at times and that is what I see as attention seeking. It is a shame that they pited Regan against her because I believe he could help her with what he has been through. I have always loved BB but this year, it feels like I just found out there is no Santa Clause. I hope to God that those 2 don’t think they are in love and that it is just a production game but whatever I really hope Rachel is ok after the show. I want Brit to win Americas favorite because she is deserving of it for putting up with the brigade. I sure hope they make some changes in next years show or I will quit watching. Both of my daughters stoped watching this yr.

      • mama bear. I agree, there are people that have drinking problems in the house and Big Brother ought not to have contributed to it. We all know that Regan is an alcoholic because he says he is.

      • Mama bear, just saying that this is one of the tambest season’s ever in bb history! Bbad is on showtime for a reason! After children are in bed! Darn, no whip cream swimsuit’s this year or streaking! They just didn’t know how to make it fun! Pool get’s boring to watch!

    • mamabear, I agree with most of what you said. I do think Rachel will be devastated by all that the hg have said behind her back. But I don’t agree that Britney should win the favorite houseguest. She and Ragn are the ones that started and never stopped talking trash about rachel. They both should be very ashamed of themselves! However, they both think so highly of themselves, I’m sure they think that they are so cute for everything they said.

  12. I just clicked Matts link and put his Survivor page in my favorites. I suggest that everyone does the same.

    • Still there from last year. Last night I saw an episode where they introduced the characters should be good, I think I already picked my favorite.

  13. The thing that always bothers me about the Rachel/Ragan fights is how everyone that is annoyed by Rach’s character/personality ignores how down right cruel Ragan (and Brit) was (were) to her before her eviction, after it, during her return, and after she was gone for good. By the time they were truly butting heads, there was no going back to whatever friendship they had during weeks 1 – 4. Sorry, I just find it hard to root for someone that has bashed two people’s family members, their physicality, insinuated they have all sorts of diseases (let’s ignore that ragan contracted gonorrhea from a porn star), and then tops it off by saying that person is the cause of every fight that happened in the house while exoneration everyone else. And the top it all off, Ragan then goes on to make very risque jokes about African kids w/ aids, pedophilia, and necrophilia to the point that he annoys all the remaining HGs. It’s hard to take him seriously, especially as a teacher, when you know how low he can go and how he thrives on being catty and negative (Monet 2.0). Don’t get me wrong, Rachel is NOOOOO prize, but she never went as low as Brit/Ragan did when they claimed they wanted someone to assault, maim, and/or kill Brenchal.

    • @oy vey, just to add to you’re post: ragan also said Rachael and brendon’s kid’s would be so ugly, HE would perform the abortion for her for free!! And I’m pretty sure he also said he would shoot up the african kid’s! Ragan need’s to look in the mirror before he start’s calling someone else ugly! He is ugly on the inside and out!

    • oy vey. You are so right. Regan is no prince. That is for sure and Britney is certainly no princess. It was getting tired of hearing Regan/Britney talk and talk about Rachel and Brendon. They just couldn’t get past that. Too bad their true colors came out and now their families have to see what surfaced.

    • Wow finally an intelligent person in here who sees it as it is and says so. I agree with everything you said. WAY TO GO!

  14. Why does everyone have something bad to say about Rachel. She is one of the few who did not knife anyone in the back or talk badly about anyone. Regan let her soothe him when he was crying and she was very sympathetic to him. He stabbed her in the back. Cathy loved her when she was HOH and then talked behind her back when she was no longer HOH.People have short memories for kindness.

    • It may be that although she appeared warm in the beginning, it didn’t take long to see she is much more hateful and selfish than warm. Warm never hurt anybody. Hateful leaves a lasting impression. Couple it with being childish and you have a monster people avoid.

      • I think Rachel was still very compassionate despite being betrayed left and right. Her obnoxious and pig-headedness did her in. Even when she knew eveyone hated her, she and Brendon went out of their way to do nice things for others. Kathy bashed them, but who did she run to for tea and slop? Brencon and Rachel. Who cooked for the house even though the HGs always complained, bashed them, and campaigned to get rid of them? Brendon and Rachel. Who helped to clean when no one else other than Kathy would? Brendon and Rachel. It was mostly Rachel’s personality and her dramatics that did her in, not particularly her “hatefulness,” which really only came out when she felt betrayed or attacked. Pay attention to when her dramatics were at full force… always when she felt like someone had “turned” or stopped being her friend. Note she never did anything to Britney or Ragan when she thought they at least liked her. Once she realized they hated her, she went on the attack. Same with Kristen, Kathy, and Monet.

      • Oy vey! there only one person that I know would use that name and that is BuffHere who is on the online addictionaries

    • Rachel didn’t talk badly about anyone? When Brendon and Rachel were alone they’d either make out or talk extreme trash about the other HGs. No one was innocent of speaking poorly about the other HGs, especially not Rachel.

      • this is true but ragan and britt were the worst. every day and night thats all you would hear come out of their mouths. they made me sick the way they talked about rachel and brendon

      • Philly is correct. I never claimed Rachel and Brendon were innocent, but their bashing sessions were always minutes at a time intertwined with “love sessions” and studying. Brit and Ragan dedicated HOURS and DAYS and then WEEKS to bashing those two. One certainly outranks the other. And the HGs always go for the jugular and bring up every fault those two every did, never any of their good points. The HGs complained about everything they did. If Brendon didn’t wash their dirty plates, Ragan and Matt complained. If Rachel sighed, Ragan complained. If they wanted to be alone, the HGs complained. When they tried to fit in, the HGs complained and made them into a game. Those two could never win no matter what they did, so I can understand why they came off as horrible as they did considering the circumstances and how they were the only targets for 6 weeks. It’s almost like the HGs forgot they were in a game where only 2 people could be at the end.

        It’s certainly no surprise that bashing lowered considerably once Ragan left and almost stopped completely when Brit was out of the picture. That’s how much negativity they brought even when their targets weren’t in the house.

      • No one is saying that Rachel and Brendon were innocent in the bashing department. But Brit and Ragan and even Kathy were the worst. I know you don’t care for Brendon and Rachel but come on Matt (BBN) you should show some bias since you are the moderator here.

      • @oy vey, I don’t know where you have been this whole season but you are the voice of reason. I love reading what you write. It is intelligent and well written. Thank you for your views.

      • Yes Rachel talked bad, but Brittiney and Rag doll took it to a whole personal level… it was gross and vile.

  15. I hope it is Lane and Hayden in the final two. Enzo has done nothing but run his mouth. He is a very charismatic floater, but a floater all the same. His contribution to the game is to stand in as a pawn and vote like he is told. It would be a shame if he won a nickel when others have worked much harder.

  16. Ragan should donate his 20,000 winnings to a childrens aid foundation. What he said about the children was totally wrong. He is an educated man and I expect a person in his occupation as well, communications to be more compassionate towards children with aids. I did like the fact that Ragan left Rachel speechless. Oh, another thing, on her occupation, Rachel is listed as a chemist. On the show, she is listed as a cocktail waitress. If she is educated, she should be moreso articulate as Ragan, yet she wasn’t articulate. What is her real job title? Is she really a Lady of the evening or a chemist or a Las Vegas showgirl/pole dancer. What is she really? Rachel might be a multi-faceted worker aving different job titles. I am not knocking anyone down, in this economy, a job is a job and money is money. I just wanted to know what does Rachel really do.

    • I also want to say that Rachel had tons of drama and the fans want tons of drama. Without Rachel and Ragan and their drama, the show would have been so boooooooring. I really think the hg’s are coached into acting and delivering drama for us the fans. I am hoping that in real life, the hg’s aren’t hateful as portrayed on the bbh show.

      • @Bitchy Woman, you are correct. I just wanted to know if she was indeed a chemist and anyone that attends college that takes chemistry or majors in chemistry has so much going for them. I have mentioned before that it doesn’t matter if she is a hooker as long as she pays her taxes. Thank you for taking the time to reply to me, I sure appreciate it. Different opinions are what makes the world go round. I have not once called Rachel a “bitch”. Rachel came out of nowhere and became a chemist and possibly might be a doctor someday.

    • Hi, Cowbelles. I feel that it is Rachal’s business what she does. If the tax person is not chasing her, we are not paying her share, like so many others. I am not judging anyone, but to each their own and I understand about your comment.

      • Excuse me but It is our business to know what they are and what they do in real life. If you or me get on TV to be on a show, we would be scrutinezed by the medi outlets. It is our busness to know what Rachel is, that is what my friend just told me right now. If you don’t want your business know, stay ouut of the limelight and realty shows.

      • @Tina it is NOT our business what Rachel does in her personal life. Where do you get off thinking that? That is where stalking comes from. So your friend told you that and so you think that it is right? Oh my, I have a bridge I want to sell you, ask your friend if that is ok. OMG……..the stupidity of people.

      • trish, you probably don’t have a pot to piss in let alone a bridge, lmao@trish, you are really funny.give us more funny comments.

      • Trish lives underneath the bridge, that’s why she is selling it. In hard times, a person does what they have to do is survive. Just kidding. Lol..Lol. I know you don’t live underneath a bridge, loved your comment very much.

    • From what I gather, Rachel had just completed college to be a chemist, but at the time of notification on Big Brother was still in a cocktail waitress dress.

      • I saw on an interview that she was hired by Chevron right out of school to work on a project that was located in NV for the military, but she opted out once she got there for the cocktail waitress position. She was actually a chemist for six months. Indicative of her lack of judgment. She’s intelligent, just not wise. Too bad.

      • aw, dullinborin, if she was intelligent, she would not have passed up the opportunity!! ( my humble opinion)

      • Tishe, brains Rachel might have but common sense she does not. Sometimes being on TV overrides intelligence. Still love ya though. Don’t know why I even commented about this, I don’t care for Rachel but Brendon my man does so……

  17. Rachel desires the #1 spot! Ragen isn’t a good player at BB! He played behind Matt and Brit! I wonder if he will vote for the cutest fellar or the best player? Tried of his act….not much better person than Rachel! She would get my vote for best player bc she played hard and out in the open!

  18. Does anyone else think Britney’s fiance isn’t going to be too impressed with her when they finally review her “flirtation” or “fauxmance” with Lane this season? I mean, talk about using your best assets to move you forward.

    • Myra, you must be new to this chat room. Many of us (and I suppose I am the prime offender here) have covered this over the past three weeks in mind-numbing detail. We have dissected every last facet of your question. I suggest you review the past few weeks’ blogs.

      • You know, SummerToo. I told my wife that if she were on that show when she and I were engaged, and she was given her “farewell speech” before an audience of millions, and did not even so much as mention my name (while mentioning everyone else, almost, in her circle), I told my wife she would be:

        – told, via CBS, where to pick up her things in storage, and she would receive a key to that storage locker.

        – She would be served with a restraining order not to come within 100 yards of me for the rest of her life.

        – That Nick would accept having s–t dumped on his head by his fiance on national television, and even willingly, is beyond comprehension.


      • If you had listened to his 2 radio interviews you would know this too. He was very nice and loves Britney very much. You might still be able to hear them but I am not allowed to posts other web sites on here.

      • I just looked it up and you can read the transcripts of the conversation. I can e-mail it to you. If I put the site up I will go into moderation and it will be deleted.

      • I am sure he is very nice, SummerToo. I never said he was not nice. What I have said is:

        1. He lacks self respect by sticking by his engagement to her even as she cavorts with another man on national television.

        2. He has been utterly unsupportive of her participation on the show. It is well known he did not want her doing the show at all. He has not made himself available for interviews on the show itself, instead doing a few radio interviews here and there.

        3. My personal analysis is that she has realized that his lack of support for her doing the show cannot be reconciled with the great experience she has had as a result of the show. As a consequence, she has decided, in her own mind, to dump him. Her eviction speech omission was the first step in the process; the next steps come in private when they see each other again. She will not formally dump him in public by admitting, in interviews,that she has feelings for Lane. That comes in private, as well.

        4. That is my analysis and is subject to being proved right or wrong by future events.

      • I wish you would read the interview it might change your thinking. He will be at the finale and in Vegas unless Britney wants to skip Vegas he said. I wish them the best .

      • SummerToo, can you get me the date and a few keywords of the radio interviews? I will look them up. And contrary to Carol’s “nastygram” I have been saying for the past three days that I am always evaluating new information to see if my theory is right or wrong. I am not wedded to this theory and will admit it is wrong if it is proved wrong.

      • Call me a “fly-on-the-wall” psychic…but I bet that on the day of her departure to Hollywood to be on the show…Britney and Nick had an argument about her leaving…but she went anyway. I say that in her mind she possibly toyed with the idea to remove the engagement ring, but at the last minute decided to keep it on to prevent any showmances during game-play. Once she met Lane (stuck with him for weeks in the house) Britney realized how much she liked the guy and slowly started to lose feelings for her “man”, Nick. It stands to reason, she’s only 23 years old…still a kid with oversized boobs…but a kid none the same…too young to be married. Being on Big Brother for 9 weeks allowed her to see it for herself. Nick, Baby, whether she leaves you for Lane or not…forget the wedding vows…in her eyes Buddy, you’re taking the TRAIN.

      • Kristy Jean thank you so much for helping out. I am being double-teamed by Summer Too and Carol, who I suspect are linked to Nick in some way.

        I absolutely and completely concur with your theory of how things unfolded. It makes absolutely perfect sense. And it completely comports with the facts as we know them from BBAD and the live feeds – that Brit and Lane got progressively closer emotionally as the show went on.

        SummerToo and Carol are pointing me to these small radio interviews Nick did. I am hoping that they will go to Youtube, look up “BB12 Salon Time with Lane and Britney,” (posted by Patriotgirl) and let’s see what they say then, after viewing that little video.

      • Karzai, one of Nick’s interviews can be found on Joker’s Updates (via web search). He also did chat interviews here and there. He’s not really threatened by Lane; he just doesn’t like that Lane appeared to have so little respect for his and Brit’s relationship. Granted, Hayden noted that Brit got engaged to the guy fairly soon (8 or so months of dating?) and dumped the guy she was with for 2+ years.

        Personally, I think she’s still infatuated with the kid. She talked about him and her fear of no longer being engaged a lot. Not as much as she talked about Rachel (1st) and her friend Summer (2nd), but enough to let you know he crossed her mind (as a distant 3rd).

      • I note with interest that neither SummerToo, nor Carol, nor Oy Vey have yet offered any explanation whatsoever for why Brit left Nick completely out of her eviction speech – which she knew would be carefully watched and dissected.

      • um… why would I go out of my way to explain something I didn’t bring up in the first place? If I wanted to make a case for that, I would. I could care less why Brit didn’t mention her fiance after whining and crying about him for 3 months. I don’t live in her brain.

      • If Nick doesn’t leave Britney. Then they certainly deserve each other. I cannot see Nick being that nice of a guy if he is with her the way that she has played the game and I believe the way she plays her life.

      • @oy vey, the more I read of your comments the more I am so glad you are here. Where were you from the beginning? LOL Just wanted you to know you have a fan in me. You write so well. I wonder if you are an author of some sorts?

    • SummerToo, Karzai has been entirely wrong about his love theory from the get go. If you were to email him Radio2 material – the tribute and love expressed by Nick to his fiancee, you’d crush the life out of the last part of K’s theory. So do not confuse him with the facts; denial must be undone one piece at a time.

      • Why do TV and Movie stars forget their own families when winning an award? You are making way too big of a deal out of this.
        OK, I am now going to look at the you tube you suggested. BRB

      • I’m a middle-aged woman age 45…I was just like Britney when I was her age back in the late-80s. I can visualize how she is thinking when it come to men and the commitment of marriage.

      • I also watched the you-tube video. So she put hair color on lane’s beard! Both had clothe’s on and lane didn’t even touch her nor her him! They’re friend’s!

      • I think Brit does see Lane as only a friend. I do believe that Lane likes Brit MORE than a friend. I had to rethink this but remember when Brit was up in Lane’s HOH room and he was taking a shower (naked not in a swimsuit) and he left the door somewhat opened? I thought at first that Brit had more of an interest in Lane because she didn’t leave. But now I have rethought that and I believe she didn’t leave because she wasn’t worried about anything. She did think of Lane as like her best friend and that was all. Anyways that is how I see it.

      • Lane and Britney goofed around alot but not one time all season on bbad did I see them kiss or anything else of a sexual nature! Maybe they will see each other after the show! That depend’s on them!

  19. Hmmm… I dont like Rachael but she was essentially just a regular person. She wasnt that bad, and usually apologized for the things she said. I’ll admit her voice and hearing her talk was annoying as fck, but if your so shallow you judge people based on their voices……………..

    And besides what did she do that was bitchier than Britney

  20. “Floaters grab a life vest” is my number one moment this season:) Anyways if Ragan did say what you guys are saying he really is a bad person. Rachel kept the arguments clean and didn’t bring up their outsides lives. She did have her moment with Ragan but she was doing everything she could to piss him off. But yeah imo Brendan and Rachel were the most honest players in the house.

    • Green, I agree, when Rachel said “floaters grab a life vest” that is a game play. There was nothing wrong with that, unless they felt that they were threatened because they were floaters. Regan did say those things and he is a bad person.

  21. Can anyone tell me who of the houseguests were involved in the long-term relationship that was announced early in the game?


      • Yea, I think we have come up with everything!! Encluding Kathy is brits mom who is engaed to lane who is sisters with Annie who is a friend of Andrew who is a friend of ragan who is realy matt wife who knows Rachel. Poor Monet she wasn’t linked:(

  22. Personally one of my favorites was Rachel declaring that nobody better come between her and her man (and variations of the same) over and over and—-

  23. I think one of the funniest thing’s all season was Hayden cutting enzo’s hair! That was CLASSIC! Wish they would have showed that on the clip show! I almost died from laughing so hard!

    • @Christy – Would LOVE to see that one too. Do you know approximately when it was so I can watch it on the live feeds ?? :-)

      • It was the night before he did the 2nd comp. Where they had to tell who the morf pic’s were. So that would have been last wed night about 9:00 bb time! You will absolutely love it!

    • Christy, that was the funniest thing ever! I can’t believe they didn’t show it on Sunday’s show. I even made my husband watch it! I agree, a classic!

      • Janice, my husband and kid’s watched it with me! We were all laughing so hard I was crying! He just kept trying to fix it! And lane and Hayden just kept cracking up! Bb can truly bring the whole family together!

  24. I want lane and hyden final 2 I would have preffered to have britt and lane but didn’t happen hoping those 2 get togather after show

  25. regan is a little bitch. rachel didnt deserve that. regan is an evil old ugly man. hes just jealous cause brenden wanted to be rachel and not with him. that is all.

  26. rachel is kinda crazy for that one line, where she was like “brenden i AM vegas”…really crazy?? still love her though and all the houseguests. minus regan and lame

    • I am supposed to go to Vegas in 3 weeks but since you reminded me of that line I might reconsider.

      • Vegas is a big city, I have been there often and never ran into the likes of Big Red so you should be safe Daveteran.

    • i agree Torch..

      watching these 3 on bbad is like standing by the toaster, tapping my fingernails on the counter as i wait for my eggo to pop up! – seems like it takes a lifetime and is boring as hell….

      thank God it’s almost over :)

    • OMG boring is an understatement Last year it was jordon natalie and kevin they played the game up to the last minute much better all these guys do is sleep I hope lane wins

  27. Here Here the season is almost done. I hope BB gets a better production next year. I could not stand the way enzo could break all the rules. The cast this year OMG predictable and since our Mean Girl has left boring is the word.

  28. You know the one thing that really concerned me about the DR staff of the show was allowing the HGs constant libations. It allowed them to drink every night…not good because FREE alcohol is always consumed. Those houseguests are only in their 20s and 30s. Now that the show is almost over for this season…I wouldn’t bet if their drinking habits may have increased considerable…something quite noticed by close family members…like Mom and Dad…or a spouse. AA Rehab after Big Brother may be necessary.

    • i really don’t think there’s anything to worry about. they all have to go through a psychological evaluation before they get chosen for the show – plus there’s a shrink on staff at all times after they enter the house in case someone has a problem.

      some nights the hgs didn’t have libations at all, and when they DID have them, it wasn’t very much – 6 or 8 beers and a couple bottles of wine.

      some the hgs never drank at all. ragan, rachel & matt were the only ones i ever saw get drunk and it was only once for each one of them. i think some of them (like lane, ragan, matt, enzo & rachel) actually drink LESS in the house than they do when at home.
      so maybe this is a GOOD THING for them!! :)

      • CT… if that true, how did Rachel get pass a psych exam? it has to be a pretty loose one… or maybe they actually look for 1 or 2 that are on the fence. LOL!!!

      • it’s true greg… there was a lot of concern about the psych evaluation after chima was ejected from the game last year. apparently production’s main goal with this evaluation is to avoid anyone with a mental illness – WHATEVER that means!

        and this year, on several occasions, i’ve heard the hgs start to talk about their ‘shrink session’ on bbad, but of course the cameras would zoom away from them before they could tell the story.

      • I think if had a shrink available for the hgs he/she failed. As far as the evaluation beforehand, Regan ought to have failed that. I think if it is true someone ought to be sueing Big Brother because this cast was not mentally fit

      • @David. you’re back again and you are just a Ragan hater… the piece you’re missing is w/o Rachel there you wouldn’t hardly know Ragan was even there… all the bad parts you remember of Ragan involve Rachel. here we go again… she’s the “common denominator”.

      • Greg H there are many who agree with David’s assetment of the ongoings of Rachel and Ragan. I don’t care for Rachel but what you said about her being the common denominator could also be said about Ragan. After Rachel left yes maybe the fights went away but then when Ragan was NOT in the Jury House there were not fights there. He comes and BAM….

      • @Trish. The 1st flaw in your analysis is we don’t see much of the j-house; the 2nd flaw is there was a fight during the wife-lie reveal… not much of one compared to others but none the less Rach was loud & demanding Matt leave the kitchen.

        Matt was trying to make amends with KATHY, what does Rachel have anything to do with that? BAM… the common denominator, Rachel can not get away from it.

        I’m guessing it has as much to do with her wanting camera time b/c 9 out of 10 she’s all made up for the close ups. LOL!!!

      • @CT. Damn, Chima… slowly we turned… step by step…

        Whoa, that gal was something else… she covered her psychological problems with “I’m a STRONG woman”, she just forgot the Nutso part of that. LOL!!!

      • chima wasn’t nuts, greg. she was just an obnoxious conceited BITCH.

        rachel is an angel in comparison to chima….

    • @CT. I’d agree with your assessment of Chima but I’d added a few nuts into the mix.

      You may have gone a little far with mentioning Rachel & angel in same sentence, even in comparison.

      Light-bulb time… I wonder how Chima would have reacted to Enzo’s cheating ways w/food and what if that had been her instead of Ragan going for the cd with Enzo in that PoV Comp? Maybe Chima was ahead of her time and needed to be in this BB. OMGosh, she’da had those lips flapping bigtime… BB would have had to cart her out on a stretcher for sure.

  29. i’m surprised the “BRIGADE REVEAL” isn’t on the list…

    actually, i don’t see ANYTHING about the brigade on the list!

    did i miss it??

    • oh, but according to Enzo they will go down in BB History and did you hear “He was the Master Mind”? LOL!!! give me a freaking break… it’s funny actually.

      • i hope TMZ follows enzo around after bb ends. i would love to see his reaction when he finds out how NOT FAMOUS he is!

  30. For all of you who thought Rachel was classy but Britney not. What do you think about Brenchel having sex in the house with the cameras rolling? Britney never did that.

      • whoa, ain’t that the truth… that may be her next career choice if she’s wanting notoriety.

        do i understand Brendon’s “i’m sorry” as Rachel slides off the side of the bed? he missed the bugle call for retreat… right?

        so could be have the 1st BBBaby conceived in the House?

      • hey greg.. if you read the ‘timeline’ of this special house event, only 3 or 4 MINUTES passed from the time rachel ‘mounted brendon’ and the time he said ‘i’m sorry’.

        I took it that he was apologizing for, shall we say – NOT LASTING LONG ENOUGH – (if you know what i mean)!!! lmoa :)

    • No, Bratteney just showered in front of the camera all the time….check BB nudes.

      FYI, supposedly she had a tryst with someone in Production, possibly to get a job on the show…..that is why the show was taped for her “LIVE” eviction.

      • wow… Britney haters will make up any thing won’t they? that doesn’t have a bit of sense to it… oh, yeah… it was the payoff for telling her where Lane’s coin was so she’d win the $10T. NOT!!!

      • Greg H, you need to read the blogs,,,it is out there….I am not making this sh$%#t up….On this sight, go to BB nudes and scroll to Bratteney…..go to spoilers and read about the rumor with Bratteney!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Steve I don’t care for Brit but WTF? Why do you say Brit had a tryst with someone in Production? Even to me that was uncalled for and could be considered slander. I am sure you have no proof so stop that.

      • @Trish. Don’t get mad at Steve, he’s just the victim of RUMOR. One jerk can make something up & spew his venom & the next thing it’s off & running. -Or- someone misunderstands someone is making a joke and they think it’s the truth. The English language, it’s really the common denominator. LOL!!!

      • Btw… for the life of me I’ve tried finding BB nudes and can’t find it… something has blocked it off my web page. LOL!!! Like I NEED to see that and read the garbage out there.

    • Britney did much worse about talking 24/7 bitching, bitching. She couldn’t think straight, but then again she had a compainion Regan who said I don’t want to talk about them again. then does, then does, then does again, again and again.

  31. pertaining to #6 – ‘lifelong friends’…

    i have to go on record ONE LAST TIME and say that lane IS NICK – making him & brit the two people who knew each other when they entered the house.

    the ‘lifelong’ part will come after they are married :)

    • i really WANTED to believe this and at one point i would have bet my house on it… but i’m thinking Lane would have done anything to get him & her to F4 and he DIDN’T do it and he and her could have done that.

      • yeah greg, but don’t forget… LANE is LOADED – so it’s not as though they NEED the money!
        i think making it through the game without their ‘secret’ being discovered will be MUCH more fulfilling to britney than actually making it to the end.

        enzo thinks THE BRIGADE is the biggest thing in bb history….
        wait till he hears about these two! LMAO

        i’m going to point of TWO THINGS about lane & brit that were on sunday nite’s show, and then i’ll leave this alone until we find out on wednesday:

        all thru the show, brit has referred to lane as her brother, right?

        remember the zingbot’s ‘zing’ towards britney?..:

        “britney, i hear you got engaged… i want to extend my congratulations to you —– AND YOUR BROTHER!”
        (kind of ‘out there’… even as a zing – don’t ya think!)

        then later on the show, the guys were standing in the kitchen talking about britney;

        hayden: “lane probably had THE BEST side alliance”

        enzo: “yo, britney was a good player”

        hayden TO lane: “did you have a crush on britney for a while”?

        lane: “no,no.. we, we’re friends. duh”

        hayden: “i don’t know”…

        enzo interrups: “she’s engaged!”

        hayden: “i don’t know – for a while i thought – i thought she was ENGAGED TO LANE for a while”….

        at THAT point, did you see the LOOK on lane’s face?? – it was priceless! he just grinned and chuckled and looked away…

        i SWEAR i think lane IS NICK!!! :)

        this will be brit’s question to lane on finale nite:

        “you’re about to win at least $50,000. so tell me SWEATHEART – where are you taking me on our HONEYMOON?” :)

      • Lane did get 2 hugs from Brittney during the eviction and he was sad looking when she went out the door…so who knows..

      • CT… did you get something in your eye? LOL… you are jumping to wrong conclusions to some simple things but i will be the first to say “DAMN CT, you were right.”, if you’re right, just don’t see much of a chance.

        she was SO CRUSHED when she found out she was odd man out at F4. plus is Lane that rich, really?

        i know you know… that Zing Bot line is an old joke (maybe not a joke sometimes) basically calling her a red-neck hick. i don’t believe the Bot has that much depth.

        at one point i thought there was at least one LLF and Brit/Lane were my choice… but i got reamed on this site, the Madman had his way with me and i saw the error of my ways. LOL!!!

        the fact that BB wasn’t saying anything about LLF’s, it was only the SAB that brought it out, convinced me there were no LLF’s. my argument was the SAB was supplied this info but BB never ANYTHING about LLF’s… as it turned out LLF’s revealed by BB would have been a better idea than the SAB idea.

      • Greg..

        so what you’re telling me is that you let Madman BULLY you into changing your mind?!!! why would you do that? LOL

        as far as bb NOT saying anything else about the LLF goes… why would they?
        nothing would give them more gratification than to pull off a grand scheme like this one – it will DEFINITELY be the ‘talk of the town’ if it’s true = CBS is VERY HAPPY! – and i will be too when you have to ADMIT THAT I WAS RIGHT! (i love it when that happens) :)

      • Ct there is a likeness (which I noticed imediately upon seeing nick’s photo for the first time) to the photos of Nick and Lane..they have very similar features ….but what would BB accomplish by keeping it a secret now?? And if it were true Brittney has soooo won an emmy for her preformance during the outting of the Brigade and her DR session.. ` ,9 `

      • @CT. yes, he bullied me, the big brute. he helped me see where i was wrong, i thought BB was promoting LLF, they weren’t. then i realized he was right it only came from the SAB. who i argued got info from BB, but the fact that BB did not use LLF’s to promote ratings i figured Madman & others were right, i was wrong. 1st time this year, LOL!!!

        then the 2nd time came shortly after, i lost my house when Matt used the DPoV on Kathy instead of the Bro-gade.

      • @CT. Btw… I love your Brit’s question to Lane in the Finale but that would almost assure him of 2nd place.

        They might still want the $500T, don’t you think? That’s one of those rhetorical questions, isn’t it?

    • Here you are ! Earlier when I saw this post, I said where is CT when we need him ??? (or her) sry not sure. I also thought this all season, but never mentioned it again b/c I knew I would get alot of flack about it. I think the 2 thing that convinced me the most were (1) when Brit asked Lane in the back yard to crack her back (her back was facing him) he said turn around so I could take off your top, they both laughed and aLso checked around to see if anyone heard (2) she said to him you might hear it pop and he said I’ve heard that sound already. (again both laugh) hey that might sound like minor things but it seems strange that 2 ppl who just met in the BB can be sooo comfortable with one another. Hey but we both can be WAY OFF. We will find out soon enough, and if I’m wrong, I will admit to it :-)

      • hey rmneimee! good to see you…

        there have been A LOT of things between lane & brit that led me to this conclusion, including some of what you just mentioned!.. let’s just call it “female intuition”, okay? lol

        don’t let the flack around here stop you from voicing YOUR OPINION! all of these people will think we are GENIUSES when they find out we’re right on wednesday nite’s show!
        and if we’re wrong… well – the joke’s on us and they’ll have something to gloat about.

        no worries here, cuz i’ll be a good sport about it either way. :)

      • Yeah, don’t let anyone bully you around here, I’d NEVER let that happen. LOL!!!

        I would love to hear that Lane/Brit were together, I love to listen to the two of them interact, it’s some funny stuff.

        Brit’s funny on her own, but she’s a great straight man for Lane.

        They really seem right for each other but that alone doesn’t mean they’ll get together.

        I think Brit’s status has prevented her from getting to the next step of their relationship, maybe as some posters out there would disagree, Brit has the decency not to be jumping Lane bones b/c of Nick and b4 anything can happen there she needs to be with Nick & talk about the Nick/Brit relationship.

        Maybe she’s changed and feels their relationship has not grown w/her. Wow, this is getting deep isn’t it?

        Anyway, I’m thinking we might get a hint that their relationship might have a chance but I really believe if somebody follows it up we won’t know until sometime after BB.

      • “female intuition” gotcha ! lol Exactly, we can say to them, I told you so, or “vice versa”. I can take it NOW with your and GregH’s back-up! :-)

  32. I think this session would have been boring without Rachel & Brendon. Everyone I know liked them…I don’t understand why they were treated so poorly by you.

    • and you never will… 2 people can not think they can just plow through BB from beginning to end… making more enemies as they go… Rachel acting like she’s the smartest, feistiest Hg ever and believing people LIKED her. the shame is Brendon’s not a bad guy but while Rach was in the house he was perceived as a bad guy and was to a certain degree.

      he was willing to give up the $500T for her… doesn’t that show you HOW SICK a person can get be hooked up with her?

      come on, it’s right there in front of you, where are you looking?

      the drama made it not boring but it was embarrassing to watch as Rachel attacked one Hg after another, the last straw was when she went after Kathy…. WHY?

      • she went after Kathy because in Rachel’s mind, Kathy betrayed her. Go figure. But take this into account, Kathy was the most two-faced woman in that house. When she wasn’t going around kissing rachel’s feet and bashing Britney, she was kissing Britney’s feet and bashing Rachel. When she wasn’t huddled up with Monet and bad mouthing others, she was with the others bad mouthing Monet. Kathy, the ultimate floater, had a way of subtly manipulating people with her gossip fests. Everyone caught onto it by the time she was evicted though.

  33. Hey..this is a random, off-topic question but to the regular, dedicated posters. Is everybody a fan on FB? I always wanted to see what everybody looked like. I have argued with most of you, it would be nice to put a face to my friends and enemies (BB enemies that is)…lol.

    • Rose… good idea but you wouldn’t be sure it the pic was really them or not… i’d post a clint eastwood pic for sure.

      • seems that might make it pretty hard to locate you then… LOL!!!

        Just tried “Greg H” and it came up… Surprise, Surprise, Surprise. For some reason my profile will not save my city, state so only my name & pic show.

      • and it’s such a great pic… just had a couple margarita’s and feeling no pain… I can tell b/c I’m smiling, I don’t smile normally except when laughing… thankfully I like to laugh.

    • @ Matt(BBN), maybe next year we can add something so pic can upload their pic next to the post. The regulars pic would automatically stay there like our info does. ???? Just a little suggestion…would be kinda nice.

  34. This season of Big Brother is about over. I wonder if Rachel and Brendon will stay together. Will Kathy and Ragan ever talk to Matt outside of the Big Brother again. Who will win Big Brother Lane, Enzo, Hayden. I will be so happy to see Annie, Monet, Andrew, Kristen again.

    • for Brendon’s sake i hope not; Kathy will eventual b/c Matt’s not a bad guy; Hayden deserves to win; you want to see Monet roll her eyes when Rach talks? and you want to see Kristen get credit for sniffing out the bro-gade and un-lying her relationship w/Hayden?

      • I just want to see them all together one more time. Wow..i will be so sad on the last day of Big Brother. It will be a long time before the show will come back on again. I wish that Big Brother would have a winter show, after just three months after would be the summer show.

  35. Wow I obviously missed alot not watching the live feeuds! Because I don’t recall Regan saying those things about kids and the other really nasty stuff I just read here. So dissapointed because I liked him. Suprised about Brittany as well, I thought she and Rachael had both played a good game. If Rachael hadn’t hooked up she would have done well. I think Haden will win and he deserves it esp. for being so younge. It’ll be a joke if Enzo wins but he is a sales man and they know how too convince people. I hope Rachael gets the voters pic. She was the highlight of the season.

    • yea, you missed alot. if you didn’t have the lf’s at the beginning of the show and up to about a week or so ago. so if your a bb fan i would get them next year and if you get them before the show starts you normally get them at a discounted rate.

  36. if you were in that house, would you really want to stay in touch with any of that circus of clowns?

  37. CT—-just caught up with the posts. If Brit and Lane are engaged, how do you think that she is really going to react later when she asks him why she was ambushed by the Brigade? Why wouldn’t he tell her from day two?

    • hi daveteran,

      it is my belief that britney & lane went into this game with the undestanding that they would:

      1. NEVER put each other on the block…
      and THEY DIDN’T

      2. DO EVERYTHING in their power to protect each other…
      and THEY DID

      3. PLAY their OWN game and let the cards fall where they may…
      and THEY DID

      britney is HUGE HUGE HUGE bb fan – live feeds, sites like this one, everything.
      someone like her would want to experience bb to the hilt, which WOULDN’T have happened if she and lane had shared EVERYTHING, especially something like his alliance with the brigade.

      what if lane had told her and the OTHER GUYS found out about it? they would have evicted him for sure! hell, putting hayden on the block with ragan instead of brit was risky enough…
      but he PROTECTED HER for as long as he possibly could, and in the end – it was out of his control. SHE needed to save herself and it just didn’t happen.

      YES, as graves and GregH have pointed out, brit was a TOTAL MESS when she realized she had been played – ESPECIALLY by lane. no doubt she was terribly hurt, but in her diary room session, she was more pissed at lane than anything else! by the next day, she was over it. how did she get it over it so quickly? – because it was a part of her & lane’s ORIGINAL AGREEMENT to play their OWN game.
      trust me… he hasn’t heard the end of it – it’s FAR from over! lol :)

      i know i probably sound crazy, lol.
      but i’ve worked this thing out in my head for WEEKS now!
      maybe i’m right, maybe not… but either way – what’s the harm? :)

      • @CT. OK, I won’t call you crazy, you’re just VERY wishful.

        Everyone’s over the realization (shock) they’re leaving or chances are they’re leaving by the next day.

        No harm I guess, just hoping you can get over it, if it doesn’t pan out. Notice I said “if” not “when”. I’m rooting for, that I’m wrong and Lane is Nick or Nick is just the friend of Lane/Brit doing them a favor.

        I’m still haunted by the fact they would have done ANYTHING to get themselves to F2 and a big pay day. If Lane’s rich why would both of them even do BB?

      • hey Greg…

        if this all turns out to be ‘wishful thinking’ on my part, i’ll be fine with that!

        you asked ‘why do bb’?

        no doubt brit did it for the simple reason that she loves the show!
        my guess is it was her idea for lane to join her and being the adventurous guy that he is – why not? – you’ve seen how he is… he loves a good challenge!

        as far as lane’s financial status goes, he has talked alot on bbad about his family’s businesses:

        ..he works as a salesman for his dad’s oil rig business – which basically means he rubs elbows with investors, taking them golfing and so on. his family has a cattle ranch that he worked/grew up on, and his dad has some 5,000+ acres of land in Oklahoma that he leases out to other ranchers.
        ..lane has never come across as ‘bragging’ about any of this. it has just been part of normal family discussions.
        ..he invited the other hgs to come visit him in Texas, saying he has his own house with plenty of room where they can stay. he’s talked about his SUV – he’s a pilot – owns his own plane…

        i get the impression that he is pretty well off, so winning any money is just a bonus for him & brit. i think it’s the shared experience they’re after – it will last them a lifetime!

    • Britney and Lane are not engaged! Neither one of them could have pulled that secret off. They just aren’t smart enough for that!!!!

  38. people say “if Russel [survivor] had a social game,” he would have won…….now the same people say…all Enzo has is a social game,so he should lose.

    • And Brit who had both (in a manner of speaking) is in the jury house. There were so many missed opportunities… These people are going to be doing a lot of head slapping when they see the whole show…

      • Hey Sister, I agree, a couple of ’em had better slap their heads pretty dang hard!!
        Don’t ya just love being a ” couch coach?”
        I know I do, cuz in all honesty, I love this show but I would probably be one of the worst to ever play!! ( ol’ peace lovin’ hippie!)

      • um, thanks I think, except, that doesn’t say a whole heck of a lot!!
        I would know enough to kiss butt with the strong ones!! Tee-hee!

    • @RAYRAY. first off two DIFFERENT game. Survivor is can turn into a life or dead situation… BB not so much.

      Russel [survivor] with a social game… that would be an oxymoran, wouldn’t it? I think his BIGGEST PROBLEM was he played without ANY human decency of morals.

      Like in his 1st Survivor… getting up in the middle of the night, drinking as much of the water as possible and then pouring the rest on the ground. This is a life & death move on this part… screw the game, he’s putting peoples lives in grave danger. That’s just not right.

      Truthfully, he’s the type of person that makes me sick… it shows human GREED at it’s WORSE. I can understand some people attacking him after Survivor and him having to defend himself… plus everyone is lawsuit happy and he always promoted he has money, it’s just the title he was after.

    • That’s right, Russell didn’t have any social graces and was crude and rude. Because of Russell, the drama was drummed up. Sure I didn’t like the name calling that Russell did. When everyone one was complaining of being sick or cold, Russell would laugh at them.Russell was a tough man and could withstand the elements. I admired him for that and he was there to play the game in the rough elements and lack of food. I just didn’t like the way he called people names. Enzo has social graces and vocal skills and is tame compared to Russell. You never no, Enzo might just win all the money. He is very clever. Enzo could never make it on Survivor. The harsh elements and lack of food would get the best of Enzo. Enzo is well suited for bbh and maybe he will make all stars of bbh. My opinion.

  39. Enzo made this year fun. He was so funny and kept everyone laughing. I think he should win the 25000 dollars as the favorite this year. I love Big Brother,it is my favorite show and I can’t wait til its on again.

      • Oh Clare Ann!! How goes it??
        You done stuffin’ the ballot box??
        Looks like it is pretty close?
        Britches and Brenda!!
        Good Luck!!

      • Did I win lol, hope it was brendon he so deserve’s it. Can’t wait for the finally tomorrow. I will be glued to see, the cast and what they have to say. But more so to see everyone’s face when all the secret’s are revealed. And then see the britt’s face when Brendon win’s AP. Other then that who care’s who win’s none of them have my vote. None of them earn it.

  40. Hi Tishe, Yes I’m done Stuffin, My BELLY is FULL! LOL OMG what a race to get the votes in! I hope Brendon WINS!! :)

  41. @tishe Did you find some of those words in the voting poll crazy? BUT > Alot did pertain to the show! Who ever makes those words up their brain must be WARPED!!! LOL :)

  42. Enzo was saying, I have no undies at all
    they’re so dirty they are sticking to the wall
    The 3 stooges are living in a pig stye
    Because they’re lazy is the reason why

    Big Brother after dark, Oh My God is it boring
    I keep falling a sleep, But wake up snoring
    How to clean, Please read the book
    What do they eat, Can anyone cook

    After wednesday it will all be over
    Thank god for survivor I can stay sober
    Yes watching survivor will be so much fun
    Then two hours of BB, Someone please hand me a gun

    No I won’t shoot myself, But it has crossed my mind
    Because BB has been boring all of the time
    Friends I want you to know, left a msg on the survivor site
    I can tell you this, leaving the BB post, Won’t be a fight

    • Chris, that was greatness… Burst out laughing when I got to the “Someone please hand me a gun” !

      I’m going to sign off now, these guys are whining and complaining too much for me… Good night, Tishe, Clare Ann and the rest…
      Sweet dreams…

    • Chris-that-is-and-will-always-Great!!
      Sweet Dreams Sister!!
      Just logged in, am I talking to me self. again!?

      • um, ok, I just voted ( 2nd time) then watched
        Sept 12th BB! I will always love this game!!
        It is a social experiment! Amazing what folks will do and say for money,fame, and or,
        money and 15 seconds of fame!!
        Rachael was a hoot! (unemployed chemist)
        6 months of being a chemist does not zip crap!
        ( survey says)
        Our favorite boy Brenda, could of played this game to the end! (he would have won)
        Sadly, he became whipped, still is!!
        ( dudes, watch out for the whip syndrome”
        it will get you boys every time!!
        our britches is Funny! Mean but funny!
        O, my gosh, if ya all think she is mean, haven’t been around the block much??
        Our Matty, lied about the wifey? Karma, it bit him in the bum!!
        That did not ruin his game, tho, dude got cocky! Ragboy, um, idk, I will not understand an educated man making stupid ars remarks!! I did like it when he told the chemist off!! tee-hee.
        Okay, done venting, thank you!!

      • Trish….
        tishe here! I was hoping I would be able to say hi to the peeps that me laugh every night!! There is a SAB amongst us!!! (paranoia sets in)

      • I know Tishe. I hope it doesn’t start again. Don’t want my posts to end up in the middle again. LOL

    • Chris you and Rico should write a book of poems, and put them together. Have bbhg read them at night and act them out. That would be exciting to watch. Cause for the last few night’s they put me to sleep for real!!!!! Great poem as usual and can’t wait to hang out on Survivor Fandom with you.

    • o, Chris, you are actually very talented!!
      Will you be joining the rest of the trouble makers
      on the ” Survivor Fandom?” ( watch out for Rico and Trish)

      • Good Night my Friends!
        I type this with the utmost respect!
        I bow my heart to the writers and comedians, the music lovers!! The young and the “little bit older than young” I kinda wish upon a star!! ( hah got ya!) I have never done became close before with a strangers this way!! (wow) well, I have one more week, then off to the mountains!!
        Survivor!! I won’t be able to have internet, I will watch the show!! I will miss you folks so much! K! crap, ( mushy syndrome)

      • Trish, tish here, yes I am talking about you!
        Rico too! I am tired, last day at work! ( sad face) geez, my typing skills are sucking?? Hey, girl friend, you must keep up with the ” breaking the site mystery” this is what I leave you with!! Do me proud!! ( blame Sterling and Rico and Torchy)

  43. Been reading MattBBN top 12 events: Just to keep thing straight when Ragan called Brendo a Neanderthal (Ragan was right) but when brendon said no it’s Neandertal (He also was right) they both mean the same thing.

    • That is what is so funny. Ragan the so-called college professor was putting down Brendon when in fact they were both right. So noone really won in that scene except maybe stupid Brit who tried to walk like one. So glad she didn’t actually win anything but the 10,000 dollars which she said she would use for a vacation. Um didn’t she say she probably had no job and didn’t know what she would do? And has her dads used furniture? Hell just juse that money for that and not something stupid Brit.

      • I have been wondering about that, How do you get off of work for over two months?

        Hayden: College but not going
        Lane: Works for mommy and daddy
        Enzo: Self employed, out of work
        Matt: Out of work
        Ragan: School was out
        Rachel: Could take the time off
        Andrew: Self employed
        Brendon: Time off before going to UCLA
        Kristen: Unemployed
        Britney: Unemployed
        Monet and Annie: Didn’t last lone enough
        Kathy: I have no answer how she got off of work for so long.

      • Ho Hum. BBAD – tired of watching them sleep and snore. Time for me to cut out on BB this year. I would like to say it was pleasant, but, it wasn’t. Like to say, anjoyable, but, it wasn’t. Boring, yup, that it was.

      • Bitchy woman told someone here that it was none of her business what Rachel does for a living. Ha,ha, now you posted what everyone does for a living. Love it, Bitchy woman, ya, see, it is our business. Thanks for posting that. It is so interesting because it seems that mosteveryone at bbh does indeed need the money.

      • for Chris-the great, oops, I didn’t mean you were bitchy woman. I am sorry, it came out wrong. Chris the great is the one that posted what the hg’s do for a living or no living(and I love it). Thank you so much Chris-the great. Awesome! Bitchy woman was the one that said it was it was none of a commenter’s business what Rachel does for a living. Good for you Chris-the great and thank you very much.

    • But if you remember correctly, Brenda was very quick to tell Brit and Ragan they were wrong. That makes him wrong too

      • I don’t see how Brendan was wrong. He was correcting Ragan’s pronuciation of the word, not the meaning. Neanderthal is the correct word and spelling, but that is a silent “h”, which Professor Ragan obviously had wrong.

      • Sara, right after that happened I was looking it up and it can be spelled either tal or thal! Both mean same thing! Therefore ctg is correct :)

    • And now I realize how those “3” get along so well…….they are equally stupid. I find this so weird… Guy #1 walks into the bathroomand starts talking to Guy #2 who is taking a shower. Guy #1 asked Guy #2 if he’s whacking off? Guy #2 Says “YES” and Guy #1 stays right where he is and continues to floss. Does anyone else find that extremely strange?

      • That is so weird, I mean I like my friend’s but to be able to do that while other’s are in the room! Whaaaat!

  44. I seem to become more amazed everytime I read these comments….its like we are not watching the same episodes! First lets discuss those swimming in the sea of delusion that actually feel sorry for Rachel and “her man”. On DAY 3 they become a showmance then the very next day began to excessive complain that everyone else was targeting them. What did you expect, oh thats right, ya’ll thought you would become the next Jeff & Jordan. Oh so wrong! As for Ragan, he did go on and on about Rachel…after he repeatly tried to avoid her. When Ragan said she is the common denom. in all their arguments he is right. Everytime you hear them argue it always begins with Ragan trying to defuse things by saying to her we won’t agree. She then procedes to push the issue for more camera time.I don’t judge her for her job or anything like that, but if you want to go on tv and behave as she has then be prepared to accept the consequences. The only compassion she seems to have is for herself. I got tired of watching the cameras fixated on her while she tried to well up some tears!! I also find it telling that her and “her man” never got up in Lane or Enzos face like they did to the others. They were after them and talked about them.

    • Kim M, it is called ratings, red was the high score!
      Question, have you watched past seasons??
      Rachael will never hold the torch for being the
      the “worse” she was all they had!! I read a post
      that said, she needed help. um, nope nope, she needs a person who will, roll over, sit up, play dead! O, crap she found him!! This boy lost a crap bunch of money because of her!!

      • Your response doesn’t even make sense. I didn’t say Rachel was the worst player of BB. And I have watched every season since season 2. It seems that all you and Trish want to do is hear your opinions and no one else. I love how you guys want to degrade what I wrote when many of your comments don’t make sense and contain many errors.SO….grow up!!

      • Sorry, misspelled your name Lindsay. Let me correct it before the grammar police start with their snarky comments!! :-0

      • The worst player in BB history was Bratteney…..She won POV 3 times and only used it once, b/c she had to on herself.

        She won HOH but her only game play was targeting Brendon.

        To win the game of BB, you have to make moves….The only move Bratteney made was out of the house when she was EVICTED live (oops taped).

        FYI, I believe she is the first HG at the end that was evicted on tape but the show advertised it to be LIVE!!!!

      • Steve, Ishe would have used another one of those but I remember her and Rachael talking who she would put back up on the block, and then Rachael said “maybe I should put lane up!” and then all of a sudden Brit decide’s not to use the pov! I’m pretty sure this was during the now infamous bath they shared when Brit acted like she was Rachael’s friend.

    • I don’t take anyone seriously who can’t even capitalize their words at the beginning of a sentence.

      • This is in repsonse to Kim M who is as delusional as the crap she wrote. Not you darling Tishe. Good night darling. XXXOOO

      • Tishe you know darn well I wasn’t or would never talk to you like that. LOL Even if you don’t like my man. LOL Atleast you voted for him so we are all good! Kissey Kissey….lol

      • Wow, way to disregard someone’s opinion. Just because she thinks differently than you doesn’t mean you should act like a total snot.

      • Oh, and, it was only one sentence that she failed to capitalize. You might want to actually formulate a decent response instead of nitpicking next time.

    • Kim M.
      Yup it seems that we are not watching the same show, you got that right!
      I disagree about the only compassion that Rachel had was for herself. Didn’t you see her cried when Britney was really upset and was crying because she was on the block? Rachel felt bad for Britney. That compassion statement actually applies to Britney and not Rachel.

      • I watched Rachel try to summon up tears for Brittney, but those to are as fake as her hair. And I don’t believe I said anything about Britney’s behavior because it was just as disgusting. My whole point of leaving a comment was to discuss the fact somehow Rachel seems to garner sympathy from some who can seem to see that she is no better than the others.

      • Believe me, I’m more than sure even Rachel’s fans can see her faults and follies. I’ve yet to see anyone put her on some infallible pedestal. She gets sympathy because of how everyone seemed to treat her regardless of what she did. Britney came into the house hating her (her own admission) and her bashing got increasingly worse up until the point where she was eliminated. Seriously, Ragan and Britney could be talking about something they learned and it would segue into a Brendon/Rachel session that would last minutes. It got to the point that the Brigade constantly ended up leaving the room to get away from it, only to be followed by Ragan/Brit who never seemed to get the clue.

        So in short, giving sympathy (or empathy, whichever) does not equate to thinking Rachel is somehow better than anyone else in that house. No, we know she’s abrasive and comes across as annoying. Is that supposed to stop anyone from pointing out how the other HGs constantly attacked everything about her?

    • To Kim M. we are all watching the same show. I think what you are trying to relay is that all of us have different personalities, hence different opionions. We all have a different opinion about all the houseguests and that is very appropriate. Imagine how boring it would be if we all thought the same thoughts and had the same opinions. That would make for a very boring forum. I am glad we all have different opinions and I look forward to reading the comments. Everyone is different and so are their opinions. A person has to be open minded to be able to debate a comment. There are alot of nice people on this forum and I enjoy what everyone has to say. The spelling and caps that someone complained about is so juvenile. Now, that is nitpicking, not debating. I have so many spelling errors and sometimes I don’t cap the words. As long as I get my point across, it doesn’t matter to me if someone wants to read my comments or not. I am not stress over that. i am looking forward to survivor. oops,,,no caps,,,my bad. bbh12 has been interesting and I can’t wait for the finale. Then, survivor,,Yeah!!!

  45. Trish, tishe here, I voted for your boy twice!!!
    He would have probably won, but…. we will not get into that. K? We will agree to disagree. I will miss you so a lot!! One ?, will you pulling for the ” older than the young ones” on Survivor??

    • Trish, tishe here, that is it!
      You are a wonderful young woman!!
      Go ahead ask me, ” How do you know that?”
      You have spunk!! Good Night! Do not let the bed bugs bite! ( hope you don’t live in NYC) tee-hee

  46. Rachel and Brenden and Matt well maybe Ragen made the show and i miss them and i wish they would the jury house instead of bbro house where Enzo complains all time.

    • Sorry have to diagree. Ragan was the most annoying house guest with Britney second. all they did was talk about everyone behind their backs and it got old. Enzo has been hilarious. Put yourself in his place right now, knowing that there is little hope for him to even win the 50K. Of course he’s depressed and disappointed. Lane is the biggest lug – sorry but can’t stand him. Hayden is a ok, a young college kid (did he graduate) that keeps hoping he’ll make some extra money. Enough with the Steamboat crap.

      • If I have to hear one more word come out of Ragan’s mouth I will scream. I think we all heard enough.

      • I don’t think Enzo is funny at all, much less hilarious. He is just a stupid egomaniac. Just my opinion.
        He was good at laughing at others who were in his place, no empathy. Karma is a bitch.

  47. What I would like to know is, has the Life Long Friends Sabo Message ever been confirmed as a lie? Or are you just saying it’s a lie? Unless it was confirmed 100% you can’t discount it until we know for sure….

    • “Not a day goes by on this site that a reader doesn’t propose another possibility of which HGs were the lifelong friends. It was a lie. Plain and simple.” – Matt, BBN

      Matt, BBN, says it’s a lie (read his post at the top of the page.)

  48. If I am remembering correctly Hayden also comes from a fairly wealthy family.
    He has repeatedly talked about ranches, vacations etc. that point to the fact that he has not done without.
    It is very expensive to groom a young man in any sport to exceed through the college level. Specialty camps, travel teams, private coaching etc.
    Just because he is a product of a divorced family and has downplayed his lifestyle doesn’t make him a hardship case.

  49. Top Twelve Events of the Season:

    1. Britney says “I lost my dignity on a large weiner.”

    2. Britney gets in Brendon’s face and dares him to hit her.

    3. Britney puts her arms around Lane while he is combing his hair in the bathroom mirror.

    4. In her eviction speech, Britney omits Nicks name from all the people she misses and looks forward to seeing.

    5. Britney says she is a “casualty of the Brigade” and “an alternate member, too.”

    6. Britney puts on Rachel’s hair extensions and makes fun of her in the HoH room.

    7. Britney looks at Lane’s picture in his HoH room and says she would “make out with the guy in this picture.”

    8. Britney asks Enzo to explain why Enzo said, in the DR, that her fiance, Nick, is “not on Lane’s level.”

    9. Britney gets squeezed by Lane’s inner thighs as she applies Just for Men hair darkening lotion to his beard (9/3, late night).

    10. Lane tells Britney that there are “a lot of feelings for you” when he goes to comfort her after the Brigade is revealed to her.

    11. Britney whispers “help me, please” when she is chained to Brendon in the DR during his punishment period.

    12. Enzo asks Hayden, privately, “Is Lane having an affair with Britney?” “Why did Lane tell me to ask him first before going up to his HoH room (where she was camping out for the week)?”

    Those are my top picks of the summer.


    • When Matt said how awesome it was to see a hot chick eat a spider…maybe not the best, but one of the most funny moments!!

    • You are obviously pro Brittany (probably a relative, maybe a kissing cousin) BUT the hillbilly Bitchney is not the end all to the top 12 picks.

      • Dallas, again building on our exchanges yesterday: I just think she has the combo of looks and comedic instinct to be big in the business.

        That said, if she goes ahead and marries Nick, BB12 is probably the last we ever see her on TV. To Nick, her world should be Fayetteville Arkansas, and Fayetteville Arkansas, only. No Big Brother. No celeb appearances. No Los Angeles. nothing.

        As you can tell from my codename, I follow events in Afghanistan closely. Nick could almost qualify to join the Taliban. Maybe he can go to Afghan, join the Taliban, and help them take power and throw the 2 million girls out of school again, as they were prohibited from going to school during the Taliban regime (1996-2001).

        And, no, I am not related to Brit and never met her or saw her before BB12.

      • Karzai, are you trying to tell all of us you are muslim? I don’t care what religion a person is. After your comment, The feds and homeland security are going to be looking in your background. The feds pick up on certain words in any communications that we all transmit and if background search warrants them to check you out, they will, if not already. Your comment has many keywords that will have the feds keeping an eye on you. Brittney will be fine. No one is going to hurt her, maybe an obsessed fan might go off the deep end and start stalking Brit. I hope that never happens. She doesn’t deserve a crazy nut fan stalking her.

      • @karzai
        you have gone way to far now! You were talking about Nick seeing Britney w/ lane on tv, but what must you’re wife think about you’re obsession w/ britney?

      • I agree. She and Ragan are quick to call the kettle black without realizing they are pots. Disgusting. so glad she got eliminated.

  50. Just to put some real world perspective on this, the faves of America will be Hayden, Britney, Enzo & Ragan. One of them will win BB and one of them will get the America’s Choice. How anyone can appreciate Rachel is beyond human comprehension. When she watches the season back she will be stunned by how clueless she is about what others think of her. She can’t possibly have a university degree. Maybe from Joey’s Comedy College or some such “school”.

  51. Matt-BB, are the live feeds down till Wednesday night? Do you know if they will have a live BBAD tonight too? Thanks for the info and everything else you have done this BB year. : )

  52. Everyone knew Rachel was in love with britney, that’s why she hated Mone. She chased Britney while Brendon chased Rachel, so sick and obvious!! But that’s the life of a dancer always in love with women!

  53. Got a question. Tomorrow night after we find out who won fan favorite, does anyone put out a list on how the voting went, just in case our favorite did not win. If there is such a list where would I find it. Thanks

  54. MattBBN should put it on the final BB site:

    Also if thier is no way Rachel could have a Degree in chem. Then Ragan can’t have one either.

    Never pick a book by it’s cover: Rachel could be alot smarter than you think.

    And as for her life style that’s her choice and if Brendon wants to be eith her that’s his cohice. Everyong one has a right to there own opinions, But sometime good meaning people get together to stop something that they think is wrong.

    When it’s all over, If you look you will see that we have lost some of are rights.

    We need to watch what we say and do, It could hurt someone else.

    • Rachel has a job as a waitress. So many people are unemployed and would gladly take any job. Alot of students work while they work on finishing their degree.

      • I know alot of people who work in places were some people would never go, People do what they must to put food in thier moutn of food on the table, What they do may not be moral to you, but it’s legal so it’s not your call, it’s thier’s.

        People do what must be done sometimes to live, It’s not right for me to judge them for what they do, How they act is another matter.

        Did Rachel act stupid sometimes, She sure did, but that doesn’t made her a bad person.

      • That’s right, at least she has a job unlike the other hgs who don’t.I am not too crazy about her antics, but then again, that’s why they call it a reality show.

    • Chris, I agree with you! When you work a job while going to school, being a server is a great way to make good money and still have time to study. Rachael will go into the field for which she went to college for once bb is over! Most of the people judging her probably don’t have a college degree!

  55. So where’s everyone at tonight? I am so looking forward to tomorrow night to see what happen when the britt went to the jury house. Also who won the $25,000.00, sure hope Brendon won it. And if not then Rachel, just for what the bbhg put them both through. What a bunch of loosers. Hope next season they have a better crew in the house. Come on Rico and Chris need a final poem to make me laugh miss you guys.

  56. Ola BB Peeps, Nifties & Poets! :) Wassup?

    let’s hope hayden wins it yo! go hayden or lane! :)
    why we gotta wait til wed for anything? no live feeds? them turned off too! awwwh man, and snap!
    rico, q, sterling, ctgr8! where da poems at?

  57. @CT. I posted this on page 1 I believe but adding it here also. B/C it’s about Chima, btw did you see the Kevin/Chima/Lydia round table of BB12?

    @CT. I’d agree with your assessment of Chima but I’d added a few nuts into the mix.

    You may have gone a little far with mentioning Rachel & angel in same sentence, even in comparison.

    Light-bulb time… I wonder how Chima would have reacted to Enzo’s cheating ways w/food and what if that had been her instead of Ragan going for the cd with Enzo in that PoV Comp? Maybe Chima was ahead of her time and needed to be in this BB. OMGosh, she’da had those lips flapping bigtime… BB would have had to cart her out on a stretcher for sure. LMAO!!!

    Guess that’s not funny, it’s sad but it couldn’t happen since she didn’t get a replay, so what’s the harm?

    • not well that’s for sure! i mean she got booted literally and we were all shocked and surprised by that! but enzo got off jersey easy!

  58. I guess Enzo can actually WIN this game even tho’ he cheated and got no penalty! :*( that’s totally not fair, wait til the others find out but ya dun know he’s going to get the $50K if he’s F2 otherwise the $25K, i think he’s overstating his popularity tho’, i mean really? meow meow down south? who DOWN there will even watch the show? lol

  59. What happened to Karzai?? Where are you? Didn’t mean to scare you. In college, I did a report on the feds and how people are watched by feds. It was interesting what information I dug up. It’s called the Echelon Project and it was so interesting. On the lifelong friends, I don’t think there are any hgs that fit that description. Nick is Nick and Lane is Lane. I don’t like to say anything bad about anyone but a physical feature that Nick has was “beady eyes” unlike Lane….I know that is bad. I have nothing against Nick, I am sure he is a super nice guy with a girlfriend (Brit) that spits against the wind and doesn’t really know what she wants in life. She is still young and apparently is sowing her oats. Nick must know that and making allowances since he is loves Brit. Wednesday, the entire truth will be revealed and maybe we shall all see Nick.

    • Toni, I’m sure he will be back tomorrow talking about the same thing he alway’s does Britney! Have to say when when started comparing Nick and Brit relationship to women and the taliban…I’ll be honest, scarey! :( but then you put him in his place! Enjoyed the comment!

      • Did Karzai pack his bags and leave the country? I hope not, I enjoyed his theories about Lane & Britt. I read all the comments. They might have developed a relationship while on the bbh and have kept it under wraps. I also think that Lane is not Nick. Two different people. That’s my take on this wild fiasco that Lane is indeed Nick. Karzai, based on his comments is obsessed with Brit. Karzai has already plotted Brit’s future based on all his comments. It’s crazy,real crazy.

  60. Ragan telling Rachel that she was a bitch was classic. Oh how I wish I could say that to half the broads I work with.

    • Mack, don’t do that! I’m sure you enjoy living way too much!! tee-hee
      @Jadelle hi! There are a few of us left!!
      Rico and Trish, Sister, are here, ChrisTG and Torch also ,all on the other post ” off the topic”

    • What’s really classic is that ragan’s a bigger bitch than she is! He also was friend’s with her until, I tell you when everything changed was when he told her in the cabana room that he didn’t want anyone to think they were an alliance b/c they were coming after her and Brenden! All of a sudden he HATED Rachael! She really hadn’t done anything to him! That is what’s so wild about the way he treat’s her! Jmho :(

  61. alright guys. THE LAST NIGHT!!

    what a great season man. like it rele was.

    cant beleive its the last night.

    to a great season. cheers lol

  62. Matt

    As evident by the number of times the HG ‘s mentioned your site this season , I’M pretty sure this is the first web site they are going to visit when they get out . I Was wondering if you could put up a poll stating Was this the worst season in BB History , so they can see , even though they thought they were the best they were the worst .

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