Big Brother 12: Top 12 Events of the Season – Part 2

Today I’m continuing my countdown through Big Brother 12’s Top 12 events of the season. If you missed the first half of the countdown then go back for #12 – 7 before moving on. Otherwise, let’s continue our stroll down memory lane.

Don’t forget that you can still go back and watch all of these BB events using the Live Feeds Flashback feature. Just punch in the day and time and watch away!

#6 – Saboteur claims there are lifelong friends in the game
Though the Saboteur’s efforts to sabotage were mostly ignored there was one act that shook the house. During the first week of the season the HGs were warned by a Saboteur video message that two HGs had entered the game with a lifelong friendship between them. This claim was never substantiated by production for viewers and never really went away for the HGs as paranoid speculation persisted throughout the season. Whether the credit for this idea belongs to Annie or BB production it was the only Saboteur event with a lasting impact.

Best part: Not a day goes by on this site that a reader doesn’t propose another possibility of which HGs were the lifelong friends. It was a lie. Plain and simple.

#5 – Brenchel consummates their showmance
While sex in the Big Brother house had once been a rarity it has become a more commonplace event amidst recent seasons. So the inevitability of Brendon and Rachel crawling under the covers of the HoH bedroom comes as no surprise. After Have-Not status thwarted any plans during her first HoH rule the couple came together, along with all 4 cams on the live feeds. Whether or not they were the first couple to have sex this season is open to debate as Kristen later staked her claim to that achievement during a conversation with Kathy. One thing is for sure, nothing came between her and her man that night.

Best part: Brendon’s first words afterward: “I’m sorry.” Yeah, so are the rest of us.

#4 – Captain Exposes, Kristen Explodes
With his back against the wall Andrew did the only thing he could, he exposed Kristen and Hayden’s showmantic alliance. It might not have saved him but it finally let the drama loose and on live television none the less. Striking quickly, Hayden pitted Rachel against Brendon, effectively eliminating half of Brenchel, but it backfired when Rachel went on to win and target Kristen, and a week later eliminate her. We may have lost a Kristen, but we gained one hell of a firefight.

Best part: When Rachel boasts her brainpower Hayden challenges her to complete a sentence without using the word “like.”

#3 – Diamond Power of Veto Rises and Fails
It was this season’s Coup D’Etat. Matt was awarded the Diamond Power of Veto for opening Pandora’s Box which should have practically guaranteed complete control for two weeks with back to back evictions of Brenchel. Instead, Matt found himself up against an alliance member at the hands of Brendon’s nomination. Then, knowing full well of Enzo’s intent to vote him out, Matt used the Diamond Power of Veto to knock out Kathy rather than make a strong move and eliminate Enzo or Britney, the same HGs who orchestrated his demise just a week later.

Best part: “Better luck next time, ya big dummy.”

#2 – The Summer of Sabotage becomes the Week of Sabotage
Every season of Big Brother now comes with a twist and this year it was billed by CBS as the “Summer of Sabotage.” Allison Grodner brought in a rat to wreck havoc and cause drama for five weeks and then to be whisked away for a $50K prize. Instead, the house votes as a block and unknowingly evicts the season’s twist in its very first week. Year after year the twists come off as a total Fail and unnecessary burden on what’s a natively awesome concept, but this year’s twist failed like no other which earns it the runner-up event of the season.

Best part: When the Sabo-II debuts Matt laughs and questions, “they’re trying that again?” Surprise surprise, his comment gets cut from broadcast.

#1 – Rachel returns, but Ragan strikes back
It was the biggest event of the season, hands down. When Rachel left the Big Brother house it was like the drama was sucked out with her and something had to happen to reignite that fire. Enter stage right, Pandora’s Box. Tempted by a trip for two, Brendon opens Pandora’s Box and discovers it was a trick when he is sent to the Jury House and Rachel is unleashed on the HGs. With nothing to lose Rachel breaks out the claws and starts tearing HGs apart immediately upon her return to the house before Ragan repeatedly shut her down in awesome fashion

Rachel was scheduled to be back in the Big Brother 12 house for 24 hours, but she barely made it past 20 either because her fights with Ragan had deflated her ego enough or production had all the footage they could possibly need. No matter that Rachel left with a whimper, if you’re ignoring Pretzelgate of course, the season’s red-headed villain gave us the best fights of the summer in one compact evening. Congratulations goes out to Rachel for winning our award for the biggest event of the season. You totally earned it. Now go back to Vegas and stay!

Best part: Reality sets in for Rachel when Ragan points out, “you don’t get it. You’re the bad thing unleashed on the house.”

What made your Top 12 list that didn’t make mine? Think I got the order of importance wrong? Let’s hear your thoughts on what made this season fun.


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