Big Brother 12 Clip-Show Episode After-Thoughts

You’ve watched it, loved it, and soaked it all up so now tell us what you thought of tonight’s Big Brother 12 end of the season recap episode!

Fire up your Big Brother uncensored cams right now and watch the live feeds (free trial) to see the Brigade in their final days ahead of Wednesday’s finale.

Tell us your thoughts on tonight’s show. Did CBS dig up the best clips to recap this season? That’s a lot of material to try and cram down in to just 60 minutes!

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    • MY reply toBB was there was not a thing in tonights show that hasn’t been shown at lease four times. Come on bb what the heck.. You said lost footage, no way. It was hoprrible..Thanks for nothing, And I mean nothing.

    • i have always loved bb, but this year is hands down the most boring season ever, the after dark is even worse so exciting to watch people sleep for 3 hours, next year will be different at least for me, watching the grass grow is more exciting, at least rachael brought some life to this otherwise boring season

    • I thought the zing bot was dumb…oh well looking forward to next year…has to be better…hopefully some new twists, comps and NOT a repeat of this years boring/expected/seen before crap. Just my opinion of course.

  1. Omg the Zingbot made me laugh so much lolololol. Wow, Britney can’t fight for nothing looool, Brendon shuts them up and she has to resort to acting like an idiot :X

    • Sadly, they were ALL acting like idiots, including Brendon. None of these people are really any good at arguing.

      • IDK bout that. LOL I didn’t get to c ev’ry episode this season so watching the recaps was gr88 fun for me, specially watchin Ragen lay n2 ‘the laughing hyena’! That was the best part of the sho! LOL She just stood there w/ a dumb-founded look on her face & had no comeback what-so-ever. WTG Ragen :-)

    • there was only one good thing in pandoras box this season and Matt blew it and made it not worth waiting for by useing it on Kathy instead of making a power play. It is what eventually got him evicted because it showed the brigade that he had another alliance and they could not trust him.

      • Matt could have evicted someone from the brigade, so why fault him for picking Kathy on that occasion. He couldn’t pick Brendan, and Ragan and Brit were his friends. As far as his brigade not trusting him – that is wrongheaded. Matt’s was a weak move, but not a disloyal one. The brigade betrayed Matt, not the other way around. Too bad he didn’t kick out one of them.

  2. Maybe someone can answer this one: what exactly did Rachel directly do to Ragan to warrant such a vicious response to her ‘cookies’ comments? It’s as if she attacked him personally throughout the season, but I don’t think it happened… did it?

    Seriously, did Rachel do anything to Ragan before going back to the house?

    • The only thing I can recall is Rachel throwing a fit when Ragan told her she was a poor sport. Rachel then sent Brendon after Ragan and Brit and an argument blew up between Ragan and Brendon. From Ragan’s perspective, he probably recalled his earlier days of being bullied by people like Brendon and so his reaction to Rachel since then has been hostile since he feels Rachel and Brendon use physical intimidation to get their way.

      Personally, I feel Rachel acts too dramatic for the sake of wanting to be in the spotlight while Ragan is too emotional because of his insecurities. Not really a fan of either of them.

      • She knew that Ragan was a “have not” that week, so this was just her way of starting a fight, which is what she was the best at. Such a bitch.

    • I’m pretty sure both Regan and Brit had some pretty good arguments with Rachel before she left. When she won HOH she turned into a b@#%h and threatened anyone that said something she did not like.

      • Like what?
        PLease be precise – don’t make stuffs up just because you hate Rachel.
        I don’t like Rachel myself, but I still want to understand why exactly Ragan went out so strongly against Rachel when, really, he never was a target of hers and she apparantly never said a thing against him before her eviction.

      • When a person is broke, their confidence level goes down and when a person gets paid or money in their hands, it is called attitude money. The same for Rachel, when she won HOH, she had HOH attitude. When Rachal was not HOH, she moped and would humble herself and was a completely different person. When she was HOH, she was surely Grrrrr attitude.

      • When Rachel came back in the house she tried to bully everyone. When Reagon was a have not she came outside to make him feel bad saying she was making cookies. All she wanted was to be mean for no reason and rubb it in that he couldn’t eat.

      • I think the whole thing with Rachel started when she supposedly came out of the DR and stared at Ragan all the way across the room laughing, she then went outside and said something like “I didn’t even have to say a word to him” Ragan thought that was bad behavior on Rachels part prompting a discussion where Rachel went off crying and then the subsequent “neandrethal” conversation with Brendon. Rachel never did anything directly to Ragan, he would not talk to her because he feels they live in different realities with him in the real world and her in, well, Vegas I guess

      • People see what they want, the other Hg took advantage of Rachal & kristen fight! They followed through to be nasty with Rachal cause she was a MIGHTY BB PLAYER!! They knew they had to get her out!!

      • Am I the only one who thinks that “Production” gave Rachel an assignment to stir the pot and light a match that would bring the drama to a white hot temperature?

        Having failed miserably (twice) to bring us “The Summer of the Saboteur” those of us watching BBAD and keeping up with Spoiler sites or live feeds saw that “Production” was neck deep in trying to super-manipulate events…

        …just my opinion

      • I think that production tailors competitions to certain competitors depending on the atmosphere in the house. It adds drama for the “target of the week” to win and screw up someones plan. I mean really, why would Enzo think he could convince anyone of anything at this point unless production is telling him to do it in the DR? They did the same thing with Ragan the week he was evicted.

      • I don’t think that Regan or Britney have any class. And for Regan to be a Communications Professor shows that he cannot communicate properly. Poor child

      • Madman I think Regan told Racheal all the things everyone in the house wanted to say to her. And did a very good job of it. She never got it tho. I am sure she expected to get a lot more from this show than what she will get.

    • @Madman. i’m thinking Ragan took offense to everything Rachel did to all the hg’s, not only himself, he was trying to hurt her to get back for every time she hurt someone.

      i know that’s general but i remember him saying something like that and he said the others were afraid to say something to her but he wasn’t.

      • Greg I agree…and I think there was so much coaching, by production, that we saw how BB wanted the HG’s to act for the viewers…not necessarily how they would act uncoached

      • I tend to disagree with you GregH. Regan is a poor communicator for being a Communcations Professor. Please see that.

      • The other Hg didn’t want to Draw any attention to them selves, so they tell Ragan how they feel about Rachal and Ragan DELIVERS their Feelings. I didn’t like the FACT that Ragan was saying constantly, We all want to be Friends until Comp time! BB is not meant to be a ” Let’s Make Friends ” game! Heck No, There is 500 G’s on the line here, I’m not gonna hand over that kind of money to a Friend I Just Met ! Whatever! LOL :)

      • David, so far he’s given the best interview with Julie… you need to listen to him, he’s to the point, concise and easy to understand and his logic to pretty good too.

        Doesn’t that add up to a good communicator?

      • @GregH: if what you’ve said is true, then I really do not understand why Ragan decided to take on all the other HGs’ feelings toward Rachel.

        See, I’m the type of guy who, if I see someone bullying someone else, I have to step up to defend the person getting bullied, period, that’s just the way I was raised. But I make it pretty clear that, although I do not at all approve the behavior of the bully, I personally don’t have any personal beef against him/her – it’s strickly a fairnest thing for me. Since I never got bullied, I cannot stand people getting bullied.

        So Ragan fighting off Rachel ‘cuz she was mean to some other HGs, I’m fine with that (although, let’s be frank: all of them gave as good as they’ve received, except for Andrew, so Ragan speaking out because no one could do it… that’s a load of BS.) However, the venom that came out of his mouth on the second fight, when all that Rachel said was “gooey cookies”… Wow. That was a little bit overboard. Especially since Rachel barely try to fight back – I know a lot of people said that she was getting own, and that would be true, if she bother fight back… which she didn’t! She started up with her one dumb comment, Ragan unleashed 12 direct hits, Rachel asked for more, Ragan drop 10 new attacks, Rachel came back with the weak “you suck at being gay”, Ragan finished off with 3 other put-downs and walk off… That whole thing seem VERY personal, knowhatisayin?

        Anyway, they both looked stupid, when all is said and done. And, if Ragan truly believe that Rachel is plain evil, as he said, and not simply dumb and misguided, well it just proves that he got a whole lot of living to still do… pretty much like the rest of the HGs this year.

      • @Madman. The other Hg’s didn’t speak out b/c their vying for jury votes. Us viewers like the drama, but the Hg’s knows that can form opinion against them.

    • @Madman…

      keep in mind that the “ooey-gooey cookies” fight was the SECOND blowout between ragan & rachel after she came back in the house…
      so ragan was ALREADY at his wits end with her when she started the cookie thing.

      the first was in the dining room shortly after ragan let her in. do you remember that one?

      anyway, as i recall, the rachel/ragan fallout started when ragan “fell” off the paint can and matt won hoh. after brendon lost the competition, rachel was relying on ragan to keep her safe and when ragan didn’t win either, she got pissed at him and accused him of throwing the comp because he was in an alliance with matt. THAT’s what started it, and it only got worse when matt nominated rachel and brendon for eviction.

      during the time between matt’s noms and the pov competition, rachel talked sh*t about ragan behind his back – calling him a cockroach – a little girl – a whiney bitch – and all of this, of course, got back to ragan. he TRIED to talk to her, but she had an attitude with him because she was pissed that she was probably going to be put on the block against brendon. ragan reminded he that he had always tried to be in her corner and if brendon would have stayed away, i honestly think ragan and rach may have ‘made-up’ with each other. but rachel always seemed to have a need to ‘show off’ when brendon was around, so when he walked in, her smartass attitude continued and ragan finally said “f*ck it”.

      i’m sure there’s a lot of other stuff that belongs in there, but as far as i remember – this is the jest of what happened between them.

      • @CT… yes, definitely. I sensed Ragan was totally fed up with Rachel but couldn’t remember what all you relayed. thanks that does make it more understandable.

        i do remember Brenchel had decided that Ragan/Matt were an alliance and Ragan also argued w/them that he wasn’t.

        for sure, it’s fair to say they won’t be eat Thanksgiving dinner together in the near future.

      • @GregH.. WHAAAATTT?? no Thanksgiving dinner plans for rachel & ragan??
        are u sure… :) LMAO

        do you think BRENDON & rach will spend Thanksgiving together????

      • @CT… thanks it jogged my memory also & it needs it, i thinking i need to take notes during each episode i can review. LOL!!!

        @Madman… just my gut no basis but what my eyes saw… Bren might have had enough of Rach… his face during the Rach/Ragan fight in j-house seemed to say “here we go again”. he’s got to be getting tried of it.

        They might make 1 Thanksgiving… could be the news that night on CBS evening might be… “we’re sorry to inform you that Rachel and Brendon from BB12 are no longer an item, word is she has spent all $25,000 he won on BB…”. LOL!!!

        Good God… this guy wouldn’t propose to her on the Finale would he, if it won America’s Favorite?

  3. Lane, you idiot, you’re from Texas and you don’t know it’s “mano A mano” not “mano Y mano”…?

    • Dude doesn’t even understand the concept of “that’s what she said”.

      The man should thank the Lord every day that he was born rich!

      • I do believe Lane’s DR sessions are a part of his dry sense of human which some ppl don’t get :-)

      • I get the dry humor regarding the hunting and bar fights…

        I just question the moral compass of a guy who puts himself in situations like the one with the Australian girl and his despicable 8 second game (and laughs when he tells it). It would not surprise me to see him hauled off in handcuffs on finale night. He’s gonna need that 1/2 million if his former victims get together and slap him with a class action suit…

      • you guys don’t get him, that’s all… he’s making fun of himself.

        “ChristmasOrnament”… man, that’s a long word. He’s just funny and you don’t get it, just like he didn’t get “that’s what she said”.

        him not getting that or pretending not to get it was hilarious.

        who started that anyway, that’s pretty old… my guess would be Enzo, sounds like his type of humor.

      • yeah Greg – it was enzo that started the whole “that’s what she said” thing.

        lane CRACKED UP with that one!:

        “WHO is she”?

        “why would she say that”?

        “i don’t know who this chick is, but she’s EVERYWHERE all the time!”

        toooo funny :)

      • Hi CT… he is hilarious, as simple as he is, i don’t understand some people not getting him.

        during the $10,000 coin hide & seek reward… “do you know how many cases of beer & muscle milk you can buy for $10,000?”.

        who thinks like that?

  4. Enzo kept saying that the Brigade was the best alliance ever—-he obviously never heard of Chill Town!

  5. I cant believe bb is almost over for the year. I think Hayden is going to win it all at this point and he earned it!! :)

  6. Rachel said to Ragan,you do not have any friends and your Dad will not even talk to you. Ragan’s father died in the last year and he sat by his bed side and helped out. Rachel also said a gay slur to him.

    • Wow George you better have back up on that gay slur, cause ppl are gonna call u out on it. I should know, cause it happened to me.

    • Is there any evidence that Rachel was aware of this when she threw that in his face? As far as I know, the stuff about Ragan’s father came out when Ragan was doing his introspection soliloquy for the camera, in the hammock (alone), a few days before his eviction…

      Any information about lack of communication between Ragan and his father would have had to have originally come from the communication professor himself…

      • yes Sister J – rachel knew about ragan’s dad. that was ragan’s story during one of their ‘let’s talk about our families’ conversations one night on the couches in the back yard.

        rachel KNEW ragan’s dad had passed away. she’s just EVIL.

      • hi David,

        as a gay person yourself, can you please define “bad”? i’m interested to see your ‘take’ on ragan.

        thanks :)

      • hopefully, he doesn’t have to be FLAMING to be gay, like some of our prior BB gays – Kevin was somewhat and there was Marcellas, way over the top. what a cast BB7 was, Janelle, Will, Marcellas, Bunky, Erika, Chicken George, Cowboy, Jase, Kaysar, Boogie, Nakomis.

        there was one flaming white gay guy, can’t remember his name or BB# but he was FLAMING bigtime.

      • i’ve gone thru photos of prior BB’s and can not find the guy… i watched all the BB’s originally and the most amazing thing is some of them are memorable and you recognize quite a few Hg’s, not all of them of course. but there was a few BB’s i first thought must be the British one but no… then i would recognize maybe 1 or 2 Hg’s.

        it shows me how forgettable some of these Hg’s are. i think of lot of them from BB12 will be remember but not for good play.

  7. I have not ever seen more disgusting or rude behavior than this season of Big Brother…The way they act and the respect they have for some of the people in the house is really sick…I think they should all seek anger management…I feel sorry for Rachael and the way they mimiced her and talked about her…I can’t get over the disrespect…Is this what the show is becoming? If so I will not be watching it even though I like it…I can’t take the ignorant behavior towards fellow human beings…

    • I agree, all have been disrespectful. Even Big Brother for showing them disrespecting each other. There should be limits and I think they crossed the limits, that is why everyone is upset. It seems that Jerry Springer is funding this years Big Brother.

      • Most of the DOGGIN, towards Rachal was Behind her Back! If she only knew, Rachal would’ve Drowned Britney in the TUB!! LOL

      • I have to agree with you all wow so much back stabbing and the way Brit the brat and Ragan who is a professor totally were so mean yes I will say that Rachel was over the top but she never talked behind their if she had to say something she said it to their face..wtg this years BB sucked big time…

      • At least drowning Brittany or holding her princess roots underwater would have made the BB house more exciting to watch.

    • @SB. you ask “is this what the show is becoming?”.

      NO, definitely NOT… it has ALWAYS been like that but the Rachel character affected so many Hg’s negatively we had LOTS of disgusting talk.

      maybe BB put Rachel in there as the REAL SAB and said have at them… in the Finale, BB will reveal you’re a budding porn actress that we put in there to have a romance and attack other Hg’s w/o mercy. MAN, BB GOT US… LOL!!!

  8. Well, I believe BB DOES LISTEN to the FANS, cause I heard those THREE STOOGES repeat things that were said amongst us Fans! Rachal> her voice & the chalk board bit! LOL I really don’t think the BRO-gade knew half of what was going on in the House they seemed to be into the POOL Tourny’s more than the BB game! Well now I do know you LISTEN to us BIG BROTHER, How about putting in some OLDER & WISER HG next time around! :)
    Please,give us a chance to show you that we can bring the Fans a BETTER Game & not a BORING one? It would be a HIT SHOW! :) Do you Fans Agree or Disagree ?

      • Yes Clare, I just turned 58, however, age is just a number. I like being this age. I am wiser because of my own life experiences. I would love a senior bbh. That would be a riot and a barrel of laughs.

    • I don’t believe that “older and wiser” is the demographic for BB. I think they target the 35 and younger crowd, throw in a 40 something, a gay person and occasionally a black person to show diversity. Really, do you think live feeds would sell watching older wiser people acting like human beings? Nope, they wanna see people like Lane pleasuring himself in the shower and nubile enhanced females parading around half naked. Just my opinion

      • …and if the cast included old fogeys like me, the competitions would have to be BINGO games! Speaking only for myself… No offense intended… Love ‘ya, Clare Ann, but I’d rather sit in my easy chair, with my laptop nearby, and toss off the occasional comment!

      • I was thinking the same thing: I’m not sure America is ready to watch us age-enhanced fans hanging out in the pool in our one piece belly-slimming swimsuits … LMBO!

      • That type of shower scene should not be shown on a prime time show – it belongs on a soft porn satellite channel. It degrades the viewer and the person, in this case Lane. For that kind of crap alone, I’ll think twice about continuing with this series next year.

      • @carol, really don’t understand what you’re talking about? Bb on prime time show never showed lane unclothed in shower or anything else he might have been doing in there. Even on bbad they didn’t and that is showtime! Most stuff on there is soft porn! Why would you stop watching CBS series?

      • I haven’t bothered with cable tv for many years. You’re right, I am shocked when I do see what crap porn has seeped into mainstream prime time. What I mean about this show is, there should not be live feeds of someone masturbating. What is wrong with you people. You pay for live feeds so you can see what is a private act. In the past ten years, cops have had more incidences of public and group sex crimes. Monkey see, monkey do. Take the cameras OUT of the shower, stupid people. What, do you want footage of how large their dumps are too? Prime or live, don’t degrade the players and the audience.

  9. after watching sunday’s episode, if i was a Rachel fan i’d be totally embarrassed; just watching the other Hg’s reactions to her voice, her laugh, her arguments. she definitely is NOT going to win Miss Congeniality.

    The one thing i didn’t think about at the time and it was Enzo that talked about it was how Brenchel was such a great thing for the Bro-gade. All the focus was off Bro-gade and everyone was obsessed with getting rid of Rachel and Brendon.

    Then Matt threw his hat into the arena of lets get rid of him b/c of his comp wins.

    • hi Greg,

      tonite’s show definitely didn’t shine a very flattering light on rachel. surely there were times in the house when she was a nice, descent person – weren’t there?

      i agree with you about the brenchal/brigade thing – i didn’t notice it either as it was happening.. i was just getting more and more frustrated every week that nobody could get rachel and brendon OUT!
      looks like the brigade got us too! lol

      • Rachel was typecast to be the villain, so what did you expect. The brigade are a bunch of lazy, floaters who just happened to last. Probably because they didn’t get into the arguments. They were nasty in their own way like with the Tip of Day of whatever that acting debacle was called. That didn’t last long either, they must of been told to shut it down.

      • i must have missed the press release about that… it was Rachel being Rachel that made her the villian. did you miss Brendon talking to her after her blowups… “What are you doing?”, “Why would you say that?”. “You have to go apologize to all the hg’s”.

        and the targets on their backs got bigger & bigger. to say she was a good player is way off.

        she says it herself… “i fought hard everyday”. winner’s don’t have to fight hard, they fight smart.

    • @CT, the viewers (obliviously not all) were like the hg’s wanting Brenchel out. if Rachel had promised to never talk excitedly or laugh i wouldn’t have had a problem with her. LOL!!!

      i think my other problem w/Rach was even when she was nice it came over fake. and then the fake tears didn’t help either.

      you know the more i think about it even w/o the talk/laugh i would have wanted her out. LOL!!!

  10. I think Enzo believes he’s in a hip hop video all the time.

    He always pursing his lips and waving his arms around as if he’s flowing.

      • You don’t have to tie his hands behind his back. He has spoke one intelligent sentence since he enter the Big Brother house.

      • Gosh I hope this whole time Enzo has been putting on an act…if not, what a loooooser he is. Or maybe he really isn’t good at anything physical….and you have to admitt his social game was one of the best…friends with everyone, saying all the right things, sucking up to the right people…very smart or very messed up…who knows and after Wed. sorry Enzo WHO CARES!!!

  11. Though all the of boring moments this season has brought us I’m stilling going to be sad to see BB end, as I usually am, when BBAD many people not just the live feeders come to this site and talk and share opinions, I find it kind of fun. Going to miss the watching what the bragade will do next, in all honesty Enzo, Lane, Hayden and Matt were the coolest and funniest people int he house, coincedentally they were all members of the brigade. They were all just over the top funny, and seem like pretty cool people, Brendon can fall into this category too, if only he didn’t brag and complain so much. Everyone else but these 5 seemed pretty fake, I’ll give those who got evicted early on a chance. But people like Brit, Ragan, Kathy, Rahcel and a few more all acted like someone they weren;t. To me Brit seemed way to over the top, she tried to act like that popular girl everyone in the school would like but it seemed that it didn’t really fit her. Anyway, just hope Hayden wins and takes this thing he was the most desevering player this season, amazing competetor, really good social game and he’s just a cool guy(NO HOMO). Everyone else from the bragade were cool to, but as Enzo says it is what it is yo, the game is coming to an end who ever wants it now in the end will win and make the right choice. Now it’s time for me to give survivor a chance XDDD

    • Jerome, we’ve agreed on some things, disagreed on others. But it has been fun to come to this site and share a laugh, express our opinions and frustrations, and see our favorites rise and fall… That’s why I’ll be back next year! Hope to see the rest of our own little community in our virtual/cyber BB “house”.

      • Lol, dude it just seemed as if I was being homo for him. Whats wrong with saying that, bragade full of men and I’m describing and it looks as if I’m praising them. Doens’t that look homo?

  12. I have only watched BB for 2 years and I know it’s a game, but it appears to be a game that is won by not playing. What I mean is this…. Rachel (like her or not) 2 HOH’s, played the game. Matt 2 HOH’s played the game, Brendon 1 HOH, 2 POVS, played the game. Britney 3 POV’s 1 HOH played the game. Of the final five only Britney had played the game and the rest never won anything until absolutely necessary. Hayden started winning everything at the end but who was left to compete against? The Dodo’s and a girl. So I guess what I am trying to understand is how is this a game and why win anything unless you absolutely have to?

    • Ther are different strategies to winning—-some have won the $500,000 by winning competitions and at least one—-Dr. Will—has won the prize without winning anything in terms of competitions.

    • Hi Shadow, I think, these “smart guys” (not) may think they had a different strategy of playing!! It’s called ” sit back and do nothin’ strategy!”

    • I’m with you there Shadow. Also having watched only two seasons, I recently remarked, you have to show how you can’t win at much, but you grab on to a stronger person’s skirt or shirt-tails and be nominally consistent with the clique you choose. Likeability is the number one quality to have to make it far in the game; good looks is a close second.

  13. Tishe—-you and I both know that they did not and could not even come close to Dr. Will—-Chill Town wouldn’t even waste a phone call on them. I am just pointing out that always being aggressive is not the only legitimate srategy to win—-same with survivor.

    • O, davet, I do know that. I meant they wanted to be like a “chill town” they already think they are better!! (gag) Winning this game means being passive when needed, be active when needed. I know these boys will go down in history as the “best of the worse”

  14. Just watched the episode where Regan yelled at Rachel. Big Brother, you ought to be ashamed of yourself for that episode and to show it again. Clearly Regan forgot all he learned about Communcations. You can see how mad and “vile” he is. The poor little boy who had been abused didn’t learn anything when he grew up. He just had to abuse. Sure glad I am not his lover, and never will be. He is one unhappy person. I really feel sorry for him.

    • Hi Torch, ya know, not real sure, I voted for Brendan. I think if the rake would not have whipped him, the boy would still be in the game!!
      I will be waiting with baited breath to see who wins!! A lot of folks voted for britches!!
      She will probably get it!!

  15. #27 tishe, hi it’s me tishe!!
    from now on, you will call yourself, #2 tishe, while your at it, learn how to spell!!

      • u r kidding me tishe, someone’s trying to take your name or act like they’re you? AS IF!!!
        the nerve!

    • Tishe, it might be the same sángano that borrowed my identity this afternoon… Must be some sort of sick urge, like when Enzo puts his hands you-know-where… Try addressing the matter to Matt BBN… He straightened out my situation earlier, and the “fake” posts disappeared…

      • Hey Sister J!
        I was reading that earlier on the post!!
        It is kinda of a ” no big deal” except, that I already get myself in trouble on this site, all by my self! I really don’t need any help!!

      • It got a bit irritating when things were appearing that were contrary to my personality and point of view…

        Tishe, I love that “I get myself in trouble all by myself” line… I’ll probably steal it someday!

      • K Sister, you can steal it now!!
        I will gladly pass the honers on to you!!
        You have to do one thing, accidentally break the site on Survivor Fandom!! You will do me proud!!

      • Clare Ann, I read that too!!
        aw well, this is the most excitement I’ve had all day!! wow, I need a life!! I want to see you folks
        on BB some day!! The true passions of the game!!
        It doesn’t need to be about age or “shower scenes”
        Although, if you double dared me? um, nope!
        I actually will enjoy Survivor so much more than ever!!

      • heh-heh-heh-heh-heh!!
        I knew it!! I knew I was going to get crap for this!!
        Rico, ( i didn’t do it) ask Torch!!

      • OMG………this is crazy. WTF is going on? My post keep going up there. NOt down at the bottom. Tishe what did YOU do LOL

      • Did anyone see the movie “Airplane”? During a climatic scene, all the power in the control room goes out. Then you see a guy giggling in the corner with an electrical plug in his hand, enjoying his “practical joke”…..
        That’s what I think is happening every now and then on this site. Matt(BBN) is giggling somewhere…

      • Thought I’d post this info down here too:

        Just so everyone can follow the posts….

        If you post a brand new comment, it will show up right before Torch’s question to tishe at 11:47 about America’s Fav

        If you reply to a post AFTER that one, it will show up as new at the end

        If you reply to a post BEFORE that one, it will show up correctly as a reply

        Hope this helps…. (by the way, I don’t know WHY it is doing it, I’m just stating what is happening)

      • I see that now, Thanks Rico. I still wanna know if you calling me a good to be a cast member in bb13, is that good? LOL

      • Hey Rico, You want me over there too? :) Well I’m gone over to Fandom your all STUCK with me! :)

      • Woot Woot……..I won’t be a Rachel that is for sure. I will be fiesty but I will play the game and social too. Rico what is the name of our alliance?

      • Of course, Clare Ann! We ALL need to be there!

        Trish, the name of our alliance?? I think you ladies should come up with that… I’m not creative enough. I’d probably come up with a name like “Fred”.

      • Charlie & the Chick-LITS! It’s alittle like Charlies Angels > Charlie -All men & of course the CHICK-LITS – All the hot Ladies! LOL :)

      • Dang! I actually wrote a four line poem, and it ended up at #38…

        No telling where it is, now!

        When we find out who really broke the site, we’re gonna line up like those passengers in “Airplane” and each have a whack at him or her!

      • Tishe, I think it’s part of the correction process from when the fake post was deleted… I don’t think it was your fault at all…

        Oh good grief, Enzo and Lane were trying to figure out who the lifelong friends were!

      • and then i tripped ( snicker, snicker)
        Good night all, thank you so much, once again for the wonderful late night reading!!

      • and they did it to me, maybe they need to get kicked off. they need a life. this is the real princess.

  16. The absolute best line of the whole boring BB season, get ready for it…………..BRENDON, I AM VEGAS!!!!!!!!!! Dear God, let Wednesday get here and over soon, so Rachel will not have anymore TV time.

  17. Best part of tonight’s flashback ep was definitely everyone imitating Rachel xD

  18. This is my last Big Brother poem…
    “Survivor Fandom” is now where I’ll show ’em
    Some people will say this season was bad
    I just remember all the fun that I’ve had

    Chris-the-Great, tishe and Sister J
    With their posts would all make my day
    Clare Ann and her sis “Jo” from Philly
    Were inspiring and made me laugh myself silly

    Jadelle, Trish, and Nice were a blast
    They’d make a great BB13 cast
    Sterling and Stoker…. they rock!
    If I had HOH, they’d never go on the block

    Heather (Canada), Kristi, and CT
    I’ll miss you more than you’ll miss me
    We can’t forget Torch and LEB
    Their insight was worth $$$, yet was free

    Perhaps the biggest credit to “Q” should fall
    With his first limerick, didn’t he start it all?
    I could be wrong, but I think “Q”‘s the fan
    From whom all this poetry began

    Graves, Breezin’, Jeanne, GregH, Glock, and Steve
    I’ll miss all the posts that you leave
    Even those of you out there that hate me
    I’ll even miss how you cleverly berate me

    Of course, I’m sure that I’ve left someone out
    (MightyMad, Madman, Erin, luckylou, Blondell)
    When I recall them, I’ll feel like crap, no doubt
    So I apologize to you, in advance
    It’s not on purpose – just happenstance

    So… if you say the show sucked and was lame
    I’ll have to politely disagree, all the same
    For me Big Brother 12 was a ball
    Ashli Rae and Matt’s forum saved us all

    • Well RICO, That was REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, BB FAN- TASTIC !!! Loved it! :) By the way, Rico i’m Vegas I’m gonna gamble on FANDOM! LOL Loved You, I’m not the Hater! :)

    • Rico… loved your posts, they were so right on. Both you & Q were and always will be great reads.

      Will miss you’re witty poems for sure!!! Be good.

    • Well that made all stars,and made me cry. Thanks for the love you shared for us all in your thoughts. I love poetry, and that just touched my heart Thank You, my friend. See you on Survivor Fandom.

  19. @Clare Ann, I was waiting to see that you were on here before sending this note.
    BB has had some interesting events, but there has also been quite few interesting happenings on this site too. ex The other night Clare Ann was talking of going stuffing. I could just see a cute little curly headed girl, going skipping down the road, and instead of singing ‘It’s off to grandma’s house I go’ she would be singing “I’m a going stuffing and then stuff some more”. Sure did give me a chuckle.

  20. Ok, I been gone for a day so does anyone know if Lane and Hayden are taking each other? Enzo is talking to Lane and trying to butter him up and saying “you got this man”. Is Lane thinking of taken Enzo? Man I sure hope not. That bozo hasn’t done much so if he goes to the F2 then his social game is dynomite.

    • hi Trish,

      thought for sure that hayden & lane were taking each other to f2, but then i got this info in an email from a friend of mine who does updates on bb twitter and facebook – NOW i have no idea what’s going to happen!

      (this happened early a.m. saturday):

      Today’s late afternoon into early evening action in the BB house:
      Enzo and Hayden are in the back yard; Enzo tells Hayden if Lane wins hoh and takes Hayden to final 2, he thinks Hayden will win the whole thing. Enzo says to Hayden that he kicked ass on the important comps and everyone in the jury house will know that before they vote.

      Enzo says the position he’s in now sucks because he can’t do anything else about it.
      Hayden says “yeah, you’re in a tough spot but you still have a chance so dont pack it in.”
      Hayden tells Enzo that Enzo would have beat him in the last comp.

      Hayden reminds Enzo about Britney saying that Enzo had “the best social game ever”.
      Hayden thinks Enzo could win the game.

      Enzo thinks Hayden has been telling Lane that Enzo will beat him if Lane takes Enzo to f2.
      Enzo thinks that Hayden has been telling Lane this so Lane won’t pick Enzo if he wins final hoh.

      Enzo and Lane talking game; Lane says to Enzo that he would be a “dodo” to choose Hayden if he wins hoh because Lane knows Hayden will beat him.
      Lane tells Enzo that Hayden will be pissed at him, but Lane says “if I win hoh, I will walk out the door with YOU”!

  21. Who is taking who to the F2? And yes Tishe I am on Fandom and Matt’s survivor site. Waiting for survivor to start before I comment on here. And NO NO NO I didn’t do it. I saw WHAT you did. YOu messed the site up again………NO you did it. NOT me. LOL

  22. Who is taking who to the F2? And yes Tishe I am on Fandom and Matt’s survivor site. Waiting for survivor to start before I comment on here. And NO NO NO I didn’t do it. I saw WHAT you did. YOu messed the site up again………NO you did it. NOT me. LOL

  23. Hey What is going on? The posting out of order? WOW! I feel like I drank a 5th of Whiskey, I’m getting DIZZY! LOL Hi Rico, LOVED the LAST BB poem!!!! See ya in FANDOM-VILLE! :)

  24. Just found Rico’s “Hasta la vista” epic…
    And, as usual, it was fantastic
    So, if you missed it, just for fun
    Go back and look at #31…


  25. The “Lost Footage” episode suuuuucked! Nothing new except the clips of Rachel’s laugh and the Zing-Bot. And why did they show the revealing of the brigade for the 1,000 time! This episode was a HUGE disappointment!

  26. hi Trish,

    thought for sure that hayden & lane were taking each other to f2, but then i got this info in an email from a friend of mine who does updates on bb twitter and facebook – NOW i have no idea what’s going to happen!

    (this happened early a.m. saturday):

    Today’s late afternoon into early evening action in the BB house:
    Enzo and Hayden are in the back yard; Enzo tells Hayden if Lane wins hoh and takes Hayden to final 2, he thinks Hayden will win the whole thing. Enzo says to Hayden that he kicked ass on the important comps and everyone in the jury house will know that before they vote.

    Enzo says the position he’s in now sucks because he can’t do anything else about it.
    Hayden says “yeah, you’re in a tough spot but you still have a chance so dont pack it in.”
    Hayden tells Enzo that Enzo would have beat him in the last comp.

    Hayden reminds Enzo about Britney saying that Enzo had “the best social game ever”.
    Hayden thinks Enzo could win the game.

    Enzo thinks Hayden has been telling Lane that Enzo will beat him if Lane takes Enzo to f2.
    Enzo thinks that Hayden has been telling Lane this so Lane won’t pick Enzo if he wins final hoh.

    Enzo and Lane talking game; Lane says to Enzo that he would be a “dodo” to choose Hayden if he wins hoh because Lane knows Hayden will beat him.
    Lane tells Enzo that Hayden will be pissed at him, but Lane says “if I win hoh, I will walk out the door with YOU”!

  27. posts are going NUTS!


    don’t like to post when it’s like this :(

    see you guys later..
    g’nite :)

  28. I had a chance, Two is all I had to win
    Falling off in 19 minutes, Is no way to begin
    With Enzo the cup is half empty, Not half full
    Enzo winning competitions, Would be like milking a bull

    Thought it was funny, When they made britney Blue
    It doesn’t seem so funny, When it happens to you
    Enzo you are the man, You had the master plan
    But in the end, You just weren’t the better man

    You have to win competitions, To win 500 grand
    So get off the pitty pot, And take it like a man
    You didn’t do anything, You played the social game
    But when you get down to it, Your game was pretty lame

    We’re coming to the end, People thought you were funny
    But no matter how funny you were, You ain’t getting the money
    So when you get back home, Remember what they say
    The best layed plans, Always go a stay

  29. Just so everyone can follow the posts….

    If you post a brand new comment, it will show up right before Torch’s question to tishe at 11:47 about America’s Fav

    If you reply to a post AFTER that one, it will show up as new at the end

    If you reply to a post BEFORE that one, it will show up correctly as a reply

    Hope this helps…. (by the way, I don’t know WHY it is doing it, I’m just stating what is happening)

  30. If ya go to Fandom and survivor site let me know. I was going to wait till Thursday to go over there. I am subsribed to Matt’s site but haven’t said anything on a comment yet. Well once, I said hi to Tishe I think?

  31. Ok, guys… I think I’ve about had it… Gonna do one last round of stuffin’ and shut down the laptop for the night. We both need to recharge our batteries…
    Good night, whoever’s still out there… Sweet dreams, y’all.

  32. Allo BB Post-ers, Poets & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

    Ah gotta love the recap epi’s every yr on BB, that was hilarious all dem DR sessions with them laughing like Rachel! Wow just wait til she watches the whole season! As for Raggity well he did shake up the jury house, they seemed quite OK until he showed his potty mouth face! :S. He looked oh so devastated at Matt’s lie, but he’s not exactly pristine himself! Go Hay you can do it! Take’m out one by one yo! It’s yours to lose dun noe!

  33. I’m watchin BBAD & I see Rotting bananas, Dirty underware,Flicking back & forth Sharks to the Birds,going in different rooms but the boys are in bed TALKING! Figure that out? I think the Camera man is Smokin- something!!! LOL

    • The HG were talking about “friends” who hadn’t signed waivers and giving out e-mail addresses, Facebook etc.

    • I agree, and I’m paying for this. They should require them to stay awake during the after dark hours. This is boring……

  34. I loved Lane with the Thats what she said joke, *lane in the DR* “ok who is this chick and where can I find her?” and then the Lane: “The brigade has had some good times” Enzo: “Thats what she said”, PRICELESS

  35. ok late night post. as far as the clip show, well that was exactly it, just clips. didn’t really show us anything we didn’t already know. good prediction matt :) shouldn’t know why i hope each year that i will see somthing i missed. oh well.

    you guys were way more interesting tonight. hope all gets cleared up.

  36. I cannot tell who’s left online and who’s not, b/c the posts are so out of order! Goin’ to scroll up to see if Rico left me any limericks! ;)

  37. I thought that it was fun to watch clips from some of the previous episodes, which I guess that i had missed.

  38. good day fb peeps, poets & nifties!

    ahh yes enzo and his charm will only get him so far, i mean 20 min c’mon now! lol…i mean those guys were on dem wooden tings for over 2 hrs! seriously felt for lane!

    • I can’t imagine how painful that must have been! :( thier underware was stuck to the wound’s! In my opinion this was really the 1 comp. That meant the most all season! Hayden deserve’s to win bb 12!!!!!!!

  39. Were we watching the Britney Haynes show last night? The number of scenes she was NOT in is much smaller than the number of scenes she was in.

    And she was terrific. I think CBS has big plans for her and was setting her up for future projects. If not, they are going to lose her to another network or cable channel.

    They should fly her back to Arkansas to see her family briefly, give her ring back to Nick, and then return immediately to Hollywood to begin work.

    I also enjoyed Lane’s “we’re just friends” denial to his Brigade-mates regarding Britney. The classic fallback line for people who do not want to offend their significant others.

    And by the way, can we get off this “Nick is Lane” conspiracy theory. Nick is a real person, with real feelings, and a real family. It is hard enough that he has lost his fiance on national television – he should not also have his very existence questioned.


    • Ya, I understand (not). You’ve been cut & pasting your two lovebirds together relentlessly, shoving Nick to the recycling bin: so now you’re asking people to spare Nick’s feelings since he’s a real person. Oh yes – Nick’s “a person who has lost his fiance”. Someone’s lost their marbles.

      • I suggest you go to YouTube, look up “bb12 salon time with lane and Britney” and then get back to us.
        People may lie about their relationships but cameras don’t lie. If
        You are somehow associated with nick, which I suspect is the case, I am very sorry for all the pain nick and his family are feeling. I am an unrelated person who just calls things as he sees them.

      • Ok, went on you-tube and he only showed Brit putting dye on lane’s beard for him! Big deal! Thought by the way you made it sound they actually showed something to back up you’re claim’s! Nope

      • You must not have been watching the video too closely. The comments people made on the video are in line with what I was implying.

      • You’re full of it karzai! Comment’s left by idiot’s on you-tube prove nothing! Camera dosen’t lie like you said!

    • If CBS has plans for Brittany other than going home with her tail between her legs, then the heads at CBS should be hogtied.

      • Dallas I appreciate your view. But, people who write about TV for a living say she “has what it takes.” Of course, not every TV critic is right, but she is getting many many accolades out there. Several TV critics are saying she has the potential, if she plays her cards right, to be the one player in all of the Big Brother seasons, to become a break-out entertainment professional.

        And I would say that, unlike her fiance, Lane wants her to rise as high as possible and he is not threatened by her potential success in the entertainment industry.

      • First of all the industry dosen’t just pick a house guest from bb to go onto stardom! You have to have some talent first which Britney clearly dosen’t have!

      • notgonnatakeany, I appreciate your view. I am just saying that many professionals, who analyze potential talent for a living, disagree with you. They believe she does have talent.

        She may not break into the business in any big way, for any number of reasons. I am just saying that many people who are paid money to assess these things disagree with you.

      • Barbara, what is wrong with her eyes? I have not noticed anything.

        I am an unabashed and avowed supporter of Britney because she is so funny, and so pretty, and so nice, and so entertaining. And she is relatively well traveled and intellectually curious, even if not necessarily a book scholar. That anyone in this chat room is even bashing her at all is unfathomable to me.

        If she breaks up with Nick, and really has no feelings for Lane, cripes, maybe I’ll go down to Arkansas and throw my hat in that ring!!! (lol)

      • Karzai –

        You’re funny guy.

        “That anyone in this chat room is even bashing her at all is unfathomable to me. ”

        She has zero chance. I’d like to see the links and all of the professionals that you mentioned think she has a future in this industry. Lets back that up please .
        (“many many accolades”) – where can I find this?

        Sounds to me like your smitten.

      • karzai – exactly who are these professionals? i doubt she is that successful on the hotel hospitality business which by the way is an easy degree to receive.

      • Britney has a “lazy” eye. I think it’s called strabismus. The muscle is looser in that eye and makes it roam. It is especially noticeable when someone just wakes up.

      • I get the sense that if it is raining, or there is a fire, or a major crime, in one of your neighborhoods, Britney Haynes is going to be blamed for it.

        What did this sweet little girl do to so offend you people?? She’s playing on a TV contest – not scheming to take over your homes and property!!!

        It is beyond comprehension. I did not notice any lazy eye, but I am not a doctor so I will not question you, Rose.

        With this depth of sentiment out there, I really worry about her. What with that psychotic Rachel running around the Jury House and Lane is not there to protect her. Ragan can’t fight off Brendon and her, if it comes to that.

    • I agree out of all the ppl in the house Brit could def make it big. She’s funny and looks good and she doesn’t have that over the top southern accent. I can see her in a mainstream sitcom fo sho.

      • Thank you Toer. I am getting the feeling I am being ganged up on by Britney-bashers and people linked to Nick in some way.

        This sweet little girl who went on the show with good intentions, and to strut her stuff, ends up getting picked on by these people. Awful.

        Yes, she picks at herself. Yes, she talks crap about other HG’s behind their back. Is this different than any other HG on any other season?

        I hope we can all somehow keep in touch so that when things do prove out one way or the other, we can do a retrospective analysis.

      • Brit should have def won this season if the second half of BB didn’t cater to the guys so much as in having so many endurance comps. Don’t worry bout them Brit haters they think they’re perfect and don’t do anything wrong then when Brit does something she becomes the devil lawd.

  40. Hated to have to watch rag-an mouth off again. His voice, in my opinion, is much worse than Rachel’s laugh. He is totally sickening, can’t stand looking at him! Bratney, just one word, disgusting, oh shit, I have to add another, vile! Hopefully, someone gave her the slap she deserved when she arrived at the jury house. I believe Rachel’s laugh was due to nervousness. I know I had no say when I was born as to what my laugh sounded like. I do agree her laugh is somewhat annoying but… WTF, she cannot change it. What a totally horrible season! Really don’t give a rats ass who wins. If everyone wasn’t so rotten to Rachel and Brendon, maybe they would of realized that the morons had an alliance. Pay back is a bitch! they just said goodbye to the half million because of their evil ways. Idiots!

    • Well I know i will be glad to not have to read your vile comments anymore with all the “wtf” you thow around with the rest of your profanity!

      • This person above you is prob the biggest troll here and the biggest hypocrite. Watch out for her aliases letmeslapyou and nice.

    • Well said GoldenMisty…….At least she had some fun and laughed. They had the most fun when she was in the house. Yes haters I agree at times she was over the top, but I thought she was the coolest chick in the house. Kristen was a sour puss and completely worthless. Some of the videos are funny of her on u tube. And the Brat and Ragan worst people on the show. They trashed Rachel and Brendon for hours and hours night after night. I would change the channel on BBAD and come back 15-20 minutes later and they are still in the hammock. But no matter what if you don’t like the Brat we are called trolls. I think they sound like love sick puppies or the kind of guys that would kiss her ass so she wouldn’t bash them. They would be her little bitches …..agree with every thing she does. Then someone is offended with “profanity”. Grow the F up. wtf Are you 12 or something

  41. Sisterj I was reading from the ‘whom do u take to the final 2’thread and was just wondering why u would think so poorly of yourself I’m sure ur not really a whore :)

      • To: oh my & My thought:

        Once a sángano, always a sángano…
        Dime con quien andas…
        Glad you two (?) found each other…

    • @sister j Ok don’t be hating on me I wasn’t the one that posted it- was just letting u know it was there and by the way still is-Im not the impostor u are looking for-i have my own screen name I don’t need to take others by the way don’t be calling me an idiot

  42. i have watched big brother from day 1 this year was crappy give me kaser dr.will evil dick janeen that was drama

  43. I was hoping that there are lifelong friends in the house and it turned out to be Lane and Britney. Actually it would be even funnier if they are actually engaged in real life and the pictures show Lane’s brother as the engaged one. It was either that way or that Britney and Kathy are mother/daughter.

    • You see, DonnaW, you are again feeding this conspiracy theory that Nick is Lane.

      For those Nick-lovers who keep bashing me, the reason this theory does not die is because everyone sees how close Brit and Lane got. Everyone who observed them together all summer knows they feel much more about each other than just friends.

      Brit’s affinity for Lane -captured extensively on camera – is what has fed this theory. But, as you know, I do not subscribe to it. My view is that Brit fell for Lane during the show, and has fallen out of love for Nick.

      That theory will only be proved or disproved by future events. We will not resolve this today, or at Wednesday’s finale, or any time in the next couple of weeks.

      • BNlinke: I refer you, as I’ve referred others, to the Youtube video posted by Patriotgirl entitled “BB12 Salon Time with Britney and Lane.”

        Watch the video and tell me if the behavior in that video is characteristic of “friendship.” I’ve had many female friends in my life and I don’t ever remember anything like that in the course of these friendships.

        Admittedly, not quite a “smoking gun,” but you don’t always have the luxury of a smoking gun when forming analysis.

      • Don’t waste you’re time watching you-tube video! Nothing going on! Someone need’s to let it go!

  44. This episode was whack. I just want Enzo to be evicted NOW. Too bad it won’t happened until finale night. You see, I want Lane to win more than anything. I want Lane to win the final HOH and then evict Hayden and win Big Brother. That is his only shot of winning. But, however, that would mean Enzo would recieve 50,000 dollars, and this a** does not deserve a DIME. So I would rather have Hayden win (with Lane in second place!) then Enzo win a dime. I want him to get evicted and swear and then get in trouble by the FCC.

    • I think Hayden will win the last HOH and take Lane with him. Enzo has been cool and funny through the whole summer but now he is starting to be a whinner. Poor me, look at all I had to give up. The others gave up things too. Be a man and stop crying. wa wa Enzo will probably win the 25,000. The End

  45. I’m just glad this season is about over. Hayden must win. At least we didn’t have to have the final three eating with the mouth full and smacking, another with the laugh to drive us to drink and another whinie snot all together at the end. Who would we want to win??????? Me NO ONE

  46. if everyone here makes a list of positive things about all the bbhg’s, could everyone come up with something positive or nice about each and every hg? It is so easy to dehumanize the hg’s. I honestly try to come up with something nice about the houseguests. Is someone able to make a list about all hg’s and one specific characteristic that is good. It is so easy to do character asassination and I am guilty of doing that here about some of the hg’s. I honestly think that each hg has at least 1 or 2 positive attributes or maybe more.

  47. they should have changed it from recaps to rachcaps cause almost all they showed was Rachel Rachel Rachel

  48. Season over, until next time! May the best person win tonight! Hope all the HGs watch the tapes and learn something about themselves. Those of you who are potential HGs for next year may want to use these episodes as guidelines of what not to do or say on a reality show – especially when referring to your so-called personal “friends”!

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