Big Brother 12 Finale Episode Tonight

Fun Update: Evel Dick will be on a special GFQ Big Brother Rewind tonight at 6PM ET to give the season a run down ahead of tonight’s finale. You can join in and ask questions live here at GFQ and here what Evel Dick has to say!

This is it. After a little over two months we’ve finally reached the end of Big Brother 12 and tonight at 9PM, right after the premiere of Survivor 2010, we’ll be treated to the 2-hour finale.

Still ahead of us is Round 3 of the final HoH competition where Lane and Hayden will face off to decide the last Head of Household for the season. Immediately after the big competition, which I’m expecting to be a “what will the other HGs say” quiz style comp, the winner will then have to decide the final eviction. From there the Final 2 will face their greatest fear: the Jury House!

By the end of the night seven votes will be cast and one Brigade member will walk away with a half-million dollars, another with $50K, and Enzo the last with his summer’s stipend. Who do you want to win at tonight’s finale? I’ve already made my prediction and now it’s time for yours! Vote in the poll for who you want to win Big Brother 12 and then tell us why in the comments below.

Sad Update: Rumors that Britney’s home caught fire look to be accurate. Though statements that it all burned down are exaggerated. ArkansasOnline has info.


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  1. Really, I don’t care who wins! Just glad this season is over! How do you pick from three morons. The only reason they made it this far is because of the horrible people who were jealous of Rachel and rode the backs of Brendon and Rachel with hate and disgusting actions. If they would of played the game without being so evil and vile, they probably would of spotted the so called “brigade” and they would of been out very early in the game. Thank goodness it is over!

    • “Jealous of Rachel”? Are you kidding me? I’ve watched every episode of every season; had Rachel cared an ounce less for her breasts and “her man”, we may have seen a different game! These three stooges saw clearly who Rachel and Brendon made to be their “enemies” and sat back and watched! They stayed out of the cat-fights and drama, at least openly, and the “golden road” was paved for them! Rachel needs serious Psychological help; and I do not say that in a mean way. She is so full of in-securities, as is Brendon, I DO fear they will implode once out in the “real world”.

      No offense meant, but let’s be REAL!

      • JoeyLee…I have to agree with you on all counts…Rachel and Brendon are now living a fantasy…..According to Brendon’s ex-girlfriend he was very controlling, or some words to that effect. Rachel likes to control..let’s see how that plays out once they get into the REAL world…although I am sure we will never hear from either one of them again. I want Hayden to win…I have him in a pool that we did at work..but besides that I think that he is a good kid just trying to play a competitive game and win some money.

      • At Mimi, I don’t agree with bb bringing on Brenden’s ex girlfriend and her mom talking trash about him when he can’t defend himself! For all we know, he could have dumped her and she is just being spiteful! What she did is called slander! Wasn’t cool at all

      • The ex and her mother have their own issues besides the mother’s alcholism. Agreed there was no point in bringing them on to say whatever they wanted with no validity.

      • Of course his ex would say those things about him. That is a one-sided mess of a story there. She is an ex for a reason. It could her fault as well as his. He couldn’t defend himself so you can’t believe what “she said”. Come on.

      • OOOOOH…don’t be mad… I WOULD NEVER CONSIDER TAKING THE # 1 SPOT FROM U… I would really be a meany if I did that..LMAO…

      • Trish you are still here? Still bitching? LOL Sorry but I like what Graves says and you don’t so who cares? NOONE! Keep up your witty comments Graves! I am behind you man. (Hope you are a man)

    • Why are you STILL spewing your crap on here if you hate it so much! That’s all you ever say! Week’s!!! :( and yes we know all you’re other aka’s!

      • How do you know she is a bad person? You can’t judge a person’s character by the game of big brother. Its a game and she doesn’t deserve to have her house burned down. Her boyfriend almost got killed

      • Ok Lisa, I never said I was happy this happened, all I said was why thing’s like this happen to some people! If you do good thing’s, good thing’s happen for you! What make’s me say Britney is not a good person(better word for bad)is that for some reason she think’s she’s better than everyone else in the world! She is 2 faced and mean! Just being pretty on the outside does not make you pretty on the inside

      • Vote for Britney for what exactly? America’s Favorite Player ended 2 days ago. And she has over 10k dollars + insurance + a well off family to help her. She gets my sympathy, but it’s hard to reward her money just on that when I don’t agree with her gameplay… or lack there of.

      • I have read some stupid and lame remarks on this site and even posted a few..But Christy ur post is the dumbest and lamest that could possibly be written. Are u that petty and so ignorant that u can say she deserved to have her home burn?? I would not consider it karma for my worst enemy’s home to burn..that is not a deserving punishment for matter who it is or how much u dislike them

      • yep karma is real alright..When u wish bad for for others karma has a way of coming back to bite u in the make sure u have working smoke detectors..

      • it’s not her bf’s her fiance..or ex-fiance….Lane is her new BF.

        and I agree Christy…karma is what it is…and I never read your post to infer you wished that on her…you simply stated that bad things happen to bad people, and she is a mean spirited bad person. Not only was Nick almost torched, so were the dogs…

        I am just shocked by seeing the article that is was a structure and not a trailer…never knew they had homes in Arkansas…

        and fyi..she is by no means pretty…I hope insurance covers the structural damage so she can use that 10K to get her teeth re-worked, unless her next show is a re-adaptation of Mr. Ed

      • NO doubt it is KARMA! There is a lot to be said for the fact that her boyfriends biggest concern according to his mother is that Britney is going to be mad. So, there’s a fire and your fiance and pets were put at risk but get out safely and her fiance’s biggest fear is her anger? That says so much about her character as HE knows it! Sheesh.

      • You’re pathetic Grave’s! I did not wish bad karma on Britney and her boyfriend! But what’s funny is what you are getting onto me for, pretty much sound’s like you just did! What with the smoke detector comment! Move on!

      • talk about some people talking out of both sides of their mouth…tells one person how wrong that was, then turns around and does the same thing!!

        WTG Christy

      • Wow Graves it seems you are picking on someone else already. You are a sad person you really are. You read into others post what you want, but not what is there. Christy never said she wanted that to happen to Brit so get over yourself you ignorant sap. And for you to come back and wish the same on her? You’re an idiot.

      • Lmao…He who lives in a glass house should not throw stones…By that I mean are u not playing the part of the mean spirted jealous petty annoying poster on this site?? Some of the same names that u call Britney and other HG’s?? And if u are so correct in what u wrote why are u sooo upset?? Why does it bother u that I made comments? why don’t u just ignor them??? Evidently my statement held some truth or else u would not be so bothered by what I wrote..It seems ur the one that can’t move on..lmao..I did not wish bad upon u.. I said “karma” might come back to bite u in the ass so u need to be prepared .. when a person tends to downplay the misfortune of others it often comes back in an unplesant way..”it is what it is” so u said..lmao

      • Awwwwwwwwww graves. You are so sad. Yeah maybe I have said things about the other HG”s but not against a poster like you did. THAT is the difference you idiot. No glass house here. Grow up. Nope you didn’t hit any nerves here. I just don’t like someone LIKE you attacking someone like you did. You make things personal. I must have HIT a nerve because of all the replies against you whose did you pick to comment on? LOL

      • don’t flatter urself trish I hit the reply button on the top and it just so happened my comment landed under ur dribble..oh ss that was not nice was it?? LMAO

      • Yeah Graves I realized AFTER the fact that you probably meant that mean spirited garbage for Christy. I don’t flatter myself where it concerns you moron. I do wish though that you would reread your idiotic comments before you push send. You accuse others of doing exactly what YOU do yourself. I know you don’t see it that way. That just goes to show how sad you really are.

      • LMAO..yep the world is full of “tools” “sad moronic people” “petty” “egotistical jerks” and “self rightous bigots” …It is amazing that people who possess those type of personalities would even consider demeaning or belittling another person…yes the world is a sad place or is it the human race that is sad?? LMAO

      • Hey everyone, I’ve been gone all afternoon then tornado warning! Anyway, just wanted everyone to know that the person that gos by the name Graves is actually a woman with that trash mouth! She just keep’s preaching her self-rightous bs when everyone know’s she’s a hypocrite!

    • Goldenmisty I think you hit it right on the head,…. if the other house guest would have played the game, instead of jumping on the “i hate Rachel” band wagon they would have made better choices,… like Matt who even after he knew his brigade buddies were planning on voting him out, chose to use the BIGGEST power in BB history to vote out a player/non-player like Kathy,….. the DPOV is for BIG moves,… you can look back and see many little moves just like this and if they had played with their brains instead of themsleves some of them would still be in the house.

      • Arkansas is not a backward state as NOT EYE CANDY says. We have large beautiful homes. I live in a gated community where homes sell upward to two million. Many like you know nothing and yet your ignorance is showing. Speaking of Britney being a snob and saying hateful things perhaps you should look in the mirror. I have two homes and my Arkansas home is my favorite.
        You need to look at how you act and what you write because you make Brit look sweet. Arkansas is a wonderful state and our choice to retire here. No Arkansas is not a backwards state as so many arrogant snob believe. You just have not traveled much.

  2. Lane is very deserving of the prize. I’d like to see Lane take it and Enzo come in 2nd. He is funny as hell in the diary room too. I think he picked a great side alliance with Brittney, she is awesome and just as entertaining to watch in the diary room. a great pair who helped each other get far in the game. But alas! He stuck to his original alliance which paid off for him in the end. No matter who he goes up against, He’ll take it. Good luck Lane.

    • Are u serious? He didn’t stick to the brigade! He had no choice. If he did have a choice he would have taken brattney to the F2.

    • Wow Lynn what show have YOU been watching? Have you not seen any of the DR sessions where Lane SAID that if he had won that HOH that Hayden won he would have kept Brit and he would have taken her to the F2? Loyal my butt. Hayden not only needs the money but forget that he deserves it. I don’t care who comes in second. But how is Enzo being entertaining worth 50,000? It isn’t. I hope Lane comes in second. But if I were a betting woman I would bet you that Hayden beats Lane in the F2. But I guess we both shall see tonight. Good luck to all 3.

      • I have been watching the same show you have Trish and if you had any brains you would catch on that Lane was teasing. Even if the man wins and buys a case of beer who the freak cares? His money to do with what he wants. Here is hoping he wins the Big one!

    • I agree, I love Lane. I think he is great, and I would love to see him and Brit live happily ever after together. I like Hayden alot too. He is a good spirited person and I really do not recall him ever saying anything bad against anyone. Hope he and Kristen give it another shot too.

  3. I am voting for the least of three evils – Lane. Needing the money is not a game prerequisite. After spending the summer foolishly watching and growing to really dislike Enzo, I find myself feeling sorry for him this morning. He has no clue at all – there will be no agents calling (well, they are pretty much bottomfeeders so you never know..), no producers or directors demanding to see him Thursday morning, no lines of fans, no double the audience – it’s back to NJ, Enzo (probably on Southwest). Try and put this behind you – we all sure will!

    • If I were you Judith, I wouldn’t count Enzo out just yet! Lane might not be able to get more vote’s than Hayden in the jh. I think whoever win’s tonight will use Enzo in f2 as a pawn, but I think it would be funny if in the end Enzo won the $$$ and never was able to win anything else! Not even black Jack or jenga……..I’ll be sitting on the edge of my seat tonight :)

    • Mobelso I am so with you. Good riddance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hope BB does a better job next year. Older folks,blacks, people with jobs, parents would be a good start.

  4. Hope Hayden wins he worked the hardest lately. I think Lane is a riot but he didn’t work very hard, but ENZO can’t wait and hope he gets kicked to the curb tonight. He is so arrogant, thinks he made the show(yeah right)Don’t like the man, he gets on my last nerve(just sayin)

    • @Maureen; the key word being “lately”. What about the first half of the game?

      I still get bothered every season as to what I call “the early casualties”; ie. Andrew, Monet.. Had they not been knocked out for really no good reason, this MIGHT have been an Excellent season.

      Kristen had the potential to put every one of these stooges in their place, but she interfered with “The Brenchel” simply by being a “showmance” competitor to Madame Rachel! Thus, out she went. There has to be a way to start saving these first few people in case the show needs some REAL competition…

      I do agree with most of what you said though, but I’m more rooting for “anyone BUT Enzo”!


      • It would be funny to have a pov halfway through the game where you can trade someone for someone that has been votred out.

      • JoeyLee-
        Most of the early casualties are due to Rachel’s insecurities. She targeted the women, and said it was because they wanted to be the only girl left in the house, when really that’s what she wanted. I wonder how different this season would have been if they had just voted her out week one, like the odds makers in Vegas (ironic) had predicted. I think it would have been more entertaining if we didn’t have to suffer through the Brenchel weeks…

      • I agree. I was hoping that br it would win. but if not her let it be lane. She will still get some of the money when they get together after the show. which I think will happen

  5. CONGRATS to the Final 3. All are well-deserving to be there. They did the heavy lifting while the Brits & Regans & Matts tried (and failed) to get there in unflattering and undeserving ways. Sophisticated viewers see the Brigade (created by Enzo on Day 2) as the gold standard against which future reality alliances will be judged. Well done, gentlemen!

    • You have to be kidding me!? Every season there’s and “early” alliance”; usually one of the “groups” of 3 or 4 to enter the house.

      The only standard these guys set was; “How to win Big Brother by doing nothing”!

      Enzo’s sense of humor died, in my opinion, the day he taught the viewers what “Nut’s Must” is.


    • I’m starting to think your enthusiasm for The Brigade has been sarcastic. But now that I get it it is funny.

      Definitely sitting back and winning nothing while Matt won multiple HoHs (keeping the Brigade safe), Britney won multiple Vetos (keeping Lane safe), and even Ragan won a Veto could only be considered “heavy lifting” in Bizarro world.

      I do like your “sophisticated viewers” argument tactic which attempts to paint anyone who opposes as unintelligent or less worthy of consideration. Don’t forget that everyone has the right to their opinion and preference, even when they don’t match yours.

      The Brigade played the ultimate under-the-radar alliance. They stayed out of the way and out of the drama while the fighters knocked each other out. Winning little to nothing for the majority of the game served them well. HGs burying their heads in the sand could very well become the new “gold standard” of game play as a result.

      The only difference between Kathy and Enzo’s game play was the company they kept.

  6. I’m all for Lane. Enzo is arrogant and not funny. Meow Meow – seriously… that’s the lamest nickname I’ve ever heard, especially for a man. The fact he’s from NJ, and probably a really bad driver also adds to my distaste for him. Hayden has won the competitions, and done a great job there. He seems like a decent guy.

    But my deciding vote is seriously cause by Lane jacking off in the shower. Anyone who jacks off while on Big Brother in the shower has some balls and is too funny. Go Lane! Get your rocks off!

    • Sara: He did not mean to, but Britney just simply made him so uncontrollably hot that he had to relieve the pressure, even if his face was televised while doing so.

      • lol@ Lane doing the knuckle shuffle on the pissss pump in the shower

        maybe he was having hot visuals of Kathy the Sheriff using her duty equipment on him to control his movements??

      • Eye Candy I seriously doubt he was thinking about Kathy during his shower session.

        We all know he’s been wacking it to B.H. every night because they can’t consummate their relationship until the show is over and they are no longer under a microscope.

    • You must also think it’s funny then that Hayden walked in when he was doing it, asked him if he was, Lane confirm’s, Hayden then stay’s in the bathroom and shave’s his face! Yeah, that does take ball’s!! :(

      • I have never needed to shave so bad to stand there and lather up in the mirror while some dude lathers up other parts a few feet away

        no ty bro…I’ll shave later

      • Matt, presumably you work for CBS in some way, if you are an official blogger for this CBS show.

        If so, tell the higher ups to get Britney Haynes on a show somewhere. Do yourselves a favor. And me and other Viacom/CBS stockholders.

        And if she and Lane get married eventually, CBS should definitely pay for and broadcast their wedding.

      • This site is not affiliated with CBS in any way nor do I work for CBS. All views stated belong to the author and are not influenced by any outside sources.

        But thank you for thinking the site is official. It’s actually just the result of years of hard work and beating CBS at the Google game!

        Oh, and there’s 0% chance Britney and Lane will ever get married. Friends of the opposite sex can actually exist and that’s all this pair was.

      • Matt: I am sure you know from my posts that I disagree with you on that last point. But, I have an open mind and it perfectly possible you are right.

      • You’re certainly right that there’s a chance. Perhaps I should have said 0.01%. Considering both Britney and Lane have said there was nothing romantic between them I’m going to believe them. Then there’s that whole engaged-to-Nick thing that Britney has going on.

        While it could happen, I don’t think it’s likely at all.

      • @Karzai, maybe you should get a part-time job or something! You’re obsession with Brit and Lane make’s it seem like you might have to much time on you’re hand’s…jmho! Why do you continue with this EveryDay?

      • Thanks, Matt. As an analyst for the US government, this is what I do all day, is try to decide whether what foreign leaders say comports with what they do or intend to do. An age-old dilemma for us analysts.

        I heard the denials you cite and do not dismiss them in any way. (Although I note that we do have a direct statement to Britney, by Lane, that conflicts directly with his assertion to others that he views her only as a friend. (The night the Brigade was revealed.)

        We do not have an equivalent statement by Britney to Lane, quite true.

        I am trying to compare those with actions (gestures, conversations) by the two, many of which were observed on CBS BB cameras, that do not appear to match their public assertions of mere “friendship.” Many of these gestures and conversations are, by nature, ambiguous and open to wide interpretation by observers.

        Again, you’ve seen my posts, you’ve seen my arguments. No need to rehash it here.

        As I told some others in the chat room, I will acknowledge the theory (that the two entered into a romantic, if not overtly physical, relationship in the course of the show) is wrong when it is proved wrong.

      • Hmm, you’ll acknowledge the theory is wrong only when it’s disproved? Well no physical relationship ever manifested itself during the course of the game and both players have said there was no relationship… so…

        The argument that it’s true until disproved is pretty wide open. Unicorns exist. Prove to me they don’t. Not trying to be rude and its obviously an exaggeration, but gets to the point.

      • Matt (BBN)…Exactly what type of analysis does this karzai guy perform for the US Government…I would bet that’s a total load of BS…and if it’s not, what the hell is an analyst doing sitting around all day obsessing over some fantasy relationship on a tv reality show…No wonder this country is in the condition it is…

      • Karzal, no offense, but if you’ve been watching what I’ve been watching, and you’ve come to the conclusions you have, AND you are an analyst for the U.S. Government, I begin to see why we’re in the trouble we’re in… Same data: opposite conclusions. Lane’s protests in DR sessions that he wanted the final 2 to be Brit and himself seem pretty lame, when we saw him pass up more than one opportunity to achieve that end. Either that, or Lane is hopelessly Lame. Probably all that muscle milk… All talk and no action… Brit: you’re better off with Nick!

      • @aoyam you are right. If Karzai actually works for the government and does what they say they do then why are they on here all the time? Another government employee wasting our tax dollars?

      • Matt, it certainly has been a wild day. Putting the issue of her fire aside, we now have the fact that:

        – she did not mention Nick in her eviction speech.


        – Nick was not scheduled to attend the finale, although he is now apparently flying to L.A. to inform her about the fire. I am glad he is OK and the two dogs are as well.

        These two data points do not prove that Lane and Brit are involved. But they are two facts that I think most people would say do raise questions about the strength of the Nick-Brit engagement. (And have raised such questions in other forums.)

        I like debating the issue of analysis and how to prove or disprove a point, which is interesting on any issue, not just the Lane-Brit thing. So, to continue:

        In my posts a few days ago, I did not leave the issue open over the disproof of my theory. What I said was, that, if she returned to Arkansas, did not start seeing Lane, and proceeded with her plans to marry Nick, then I would consider my theory disproved and would admit it.

        If, on the other hand, her engagement is called off, and we get confirmed reporting at some point that she has begun seeing Lane in Dallas, then I would consider it proved.

        Is that reasonable?

  7. Brendon is the most deserving to get AMERICAS VOTE! He really got his GROOVE on the GAME after Rachal went to the Jury! I must say,Rachael played the best out of the female HG! Oh well till we meet again,It was a pleasure posting with you! BIG Brother once is not enought! Addiction :)

    • Clare Ann don’t you think the measure of being the best player is when exactly you were kicked out of the game? Rachael was the very first jury member for goodness sakes!! I’m just sad she did didn’t get kicked out of the house the week before. She became the worst of the women players by participating in a showmance from day 3. That was sooooooo stupid. So nauturally everyone sees you as an alliance. She and Brenda were lucky to play for as long as they did.

      • Carol I hope you’re wrong. I want Brendon to get the 25G’s but I don’t want that Swamp Thang getting any of it. I hope Brendon’s days in the JH with Big Red will open his eyes to how she really is. She isn’t playing a game anymore so maybe she will show that she never cared for him and only used him. THAT would be a first though, a woman using a man on BB? Boogie did it well on his season’s. Just don’t want Brendon to be with that thang any longer.

  8. What can i say? I love Big Brother and have been a fan of the show for many years. This year has been a disappointment, but i will watch again next year. I love the 2-3 months i am glued to the live feeds and after dark shows. It just never was the same after the fighters left. I pulled for Rachael and Brendon, They were targeted from week one. They had to fight the whole way through. One aspect that Raegan doesn’t get. I wonder if Ragan would have cried for the five weeks if he had been targeted from week one. Don’t care for two faced girls like Britney, they just don’t get it. I love the game, and wish that it could have consumed my time again this year, but we always have Next Year! Go Lane!!

    • Leesha, for gosh sakes Rachel brought it on herself… she plays the victim… the victim that says “bring it on”. and they bring it and she fake cries. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

      She the smartest, nicest, most liked in RACHEL’S WORLD. Maybe she realizes by now that she isn’t the Hg’s favorite in the house but I doubt it.

  9. If Lane wins the 3rd part of the HOH finale he has to take Enzo to final 2 if he really wants to win the 500k. I know him and hayden made a pact to go to the finale 2 but he must break that pact if he want to take this game down and crunk the 500,000

    • I agree and if Lane does win the final leg it will be interesting to see if he keeps his word. I think Hayden can win and still pick Lane and still win it all.

  10. With the “Brogade” in the the final 3 this is now kind of anti-climatic. I’m more interested in the JH. Thats where the real players are. Minus Kathy.

  11. Lane is in the lead? Really? After his “8 Seconds Game” story and dropping a homophobic slur?

    I think Hayden should win just because he’s won the most competitions out of the three and is the least inept.

      • It’s beyond disgusting… If you really want to know, check out some other SPOILER site… Aug. 30, I believe…

      • @Sister J–Who died & left you in charge?? I will go to another site when I get good & ready to. Like me, you are one of many. You don’t make the rules.

      • Wow Kitty kat Paws I don’t think Sister J meant it in the way you took it. The way I took it by reading it was that what was said was too disgusting on write on here short version or not so she suggested you go to another spoiler site to read about that so it wouldn’t have to be put here.

      • @Trish, YOU have a college education? Wow, that part really blew my mind! Never would have thought THAT going by how igornant you write and the things you say.

  12. I was so disappointed this past Sunday. I was hoping to see what was happening in the Jury House. It seems they should of had a spin off this year at the Jury house!! The three stooges, hairy, nose, and lame are boring!! but i love the game, one bad season will not make me quit watching! I will be back to watch the next season with fingers crossed for better players!

  13. lane should win because he was very good to everyone especially britney who i really wanted to win big brother britney played the game well and i would like to see her win the americas vote for the 25,000 lane is a awesome guy

    • Bratney already won some $$$$ she will never win america’s favorite! Even with the voting being rigged! She did nothing all season! 3 pov’s and she made no power move’s! You see what that did for her! She put all her egg’s in Lane’s basket! Very stupid, it’s bb

  14. if I had to choose one — Lane would be it. Never got into Enzo and not much into Hayden either — but someone’s gotta win — let it be Lane. Go Lane!

    • heres the deal,these 3 so called friends will divide real quickly after final comp.No one wants hayden up against them,hes a shoe in for the cash.Lane is kinda dopey tho and if he wins he might take hair-den w him.That would be funny as s#@% if he lost 450k by not taking bayone to the final!!!!!

  15. I suppose I’m in the minority when I say I want Enzo to win. It isn’t about who did what or who said what. I just like him because he’s quirky and unique. I think his strategy obviously has been a good one because it has worked so far. Wrong show for this slogan: Outwit, but I think he has accomplished that.

    • you do mean DIM-WIT ,right? Bayone had no idea what was goin on !! He never even watched BB untill he was sequestered for finals.Yo tank gawd fo u-tube man……dats how i found out bout dis here sho yo!!!He admitted it more than once.Slap in the face to contestants who woulda been grateful for his chance,instead of complaining constantly why he wanted out of the house!!! F him!!! He deserves nuttin YOOO! (ball-scratch)

  16. I would like to see Hayden win the game. I hope that Enzo and Hayden will be the final two. Lane, Hayden, Enzo really should have not been my pick to win this season. My favorite is in the jury house. I think it would have been much better to have any other houseguest to win then Hayden, Lane, or Enzo. I will watch tonight Big Brother anyway. I will miss a few of the houseguest from this season.

  17. I would pick Lane for the big prize and Hayden for the $50,000. Enzo was a pain in the rear when he did not win anything and made fun of the others when they were put on the block – “it is what it is” to quote him. He was very sneaky and back stabbed many. I WOULD HAVE REALLY LIKED BRITNEY AND LANE TO WIN if I was judging.

  18. Might be best to wait and see how the jury memebers react to the news of the Brigade when Britney gives them the scoop.. Thye are not gonna be happy..and with Enzo claiming all credit it is not gonna go well for him..

    • Graves, you’re right and a lot depends on what she chooses to divulge… true or lie, it’s her choice as to what role each guy had.

      Whether she tells Enzo was the mastermind or Hayden was the best competitor or Lane played the best and fairest, it’s all up to her.

      Guess we’ll see how she portrays Lane and whether she’s mad he played her or not.

    • That is true Graves. Wonder how much BB will let Brit tell the JH members. I am sure they won’t want her to “overload” them with too much info. lol Know what I mean? :)

  19. Hey Guys!!!
    I haven’t gone thru all the comments but…

    Brittany’s house caught on fire this morning!!
    No one hurt and accidental….Nick was there!!!

    I’m glad I voted for her for America’s fave!!!!

  20. Last day! This is the first season that I have read blogs & daily updates. Matt (BBN) & AR, thank you for a job well done! The HGs were a real disappointment, but BBN was a bright spot. I look forward to your Survivor spoilers & updates.

  21. Once the JH sees that Hayden took the prizes in one of the competitions rather than trying to win the POV, they may decide to vote against him, rather than for him since no one ever suspected it was him at the time. Just a thought

    • Not exactly true. Brittney suspected, especially after Matt went home. Lane revealed the truth to her. All the Brigade members knew and didn’t care. I believe Ragan pointed a finger at Hayden as well. The only jury members who didn’t know or at least suspect would be Rachel, Brendon, and Matt.

      • don’t forget the jury will be asking questions of the 2 finalist, right? he could lie or he could have some excuse like he planned to give both to his poor parents… “they’ve never been on a vacation and I want them to have it and the money so they have a good time”… yes, that’s the ticket.

  22. Christy: You’re being tough on me. But it’s ok. I deserve it. I should get back to my work now, since the US taxpayers are paying me to work and not to obsess over the relationship between Britney and Lane.

    Maybe I just like living vicariously through these young people on television, who knows??

    I can assure you, I have not, to date,”wacked off” to Britney Haynes and I do not plan to travel to Arkansas to chase her.

    I just think she is a talent and I do not want that talent to go to waste, and I feel that Lane would fully support her pursuing a career in TV or film. I believe she is qualified for such a career and has the potential to be superior to some of those who are now “phoning it in” in the entertainment industry (or who had no talent to begin with).

    • Now, that last part of that I CAN agree with…

      Got to admit she gave us quite a few laughs, and if properly managed, I’d like to see her succeed.

      I would also like to see her go into therapy to examine why she felt it necessary to malign others constantly, especially when they were not around to defend themselves. It was excessive, pointless, and need I add, boring.

    • @karzai. if you’re working for the gov’t it could be they are aware of the time you spend on certain websites.

  23. Why was my comment about bratneys house burning down removed? I have no reason to make it up even if I don’t like the girl

  24. Matt-
    Thanks for a great summer! You have been a wealth of knowledge! To all the poster’s here…On another site, someone suggested that there be a season of those of us that watch After Dark, live feeds, and post comments on sites such as this. So whaddya say, Mary, Chris (or should we just call you “the great?”)Christy, Summer, Jadelle, Prettyinpink, oh and Matt of course…(Sorry Karzi, but you kind of scare me…but you would make for good TV.) You guys in????

    • I am kind of worried about Karzai as well given the fact that he states that he is an analyst for the government interpreting the statements and actions of foreign leaders. Especially since I assume that it might have an impact on our foreign policy. Hopefully he has heard of Ockham’s razor; the simplest and most obvious solution is usually the correct one. If he complicates everything to the same degree that he has the friendship between Brit and Lane we are in trouble. By the way, the statement that he attributes as a declaration of love was only that Lane had feelings for her—a statement not inconsistent with friendship.

      • dave…Could not agree more..See my post on #8…Would make a bet this karzai guy is total BS..And if not, should be reported..

      • wait a minute, wasn’t the intel we had for going into Iraq, like WMD… NEVERMIND. i see your point.

    • i’m still thinking it all happened during Nick’s Finale… his last hot-tub session with friends *wink* *wink* b4 Britney’s back home.

      if her engagement is over from her side… wouldn’t she be smart to get home, rent a u-haul, get her stuff, maybe one or both of the dogs and head out to TX?

      • LOL Greg H. you sure are funny. I might not agree with alot of thingsl you say but I do enjoy reading them. LOL This last one was probably true and very funny!

      • Trish… i say ALOT of things you don’t agree on… how does it feel to be WRONG so much. LOL!!!

        i’ve counted and i’ve only been wrong twice so far. what’s your count for you?

      • Awww Greg you didn’t have to go there. LOL Ok I am sure I have been wrong on MANY counts but that won’t stop me from trying. LOL Yeah Yeah have a field day with that…..anyone who loves to disagree with me. YOU know who you are………:) It’s all good..

      • Trish, I’m like CT. I love it when I’m right. LOL!!!

        She’s hanging on to the Nick is Lane theory and Lane/Brit will be using the BB money for their honeymoon. Maybe Hayden will give them the Hawaii vacation since he’ll have the $500T. LOL!!!

        Then maybe Brit will talk Nick into letting Lane go on the honeymoon with them.

        But I will acknowledge when I’m wrong… glad I don’t have to do the very often. LOL!!!

  25. Matt

    As evident by the number of times the HG ’s mentioned your site this season , I’M pretty sure this is the first web site they are going to visit when they get out . I Was wondering if you could put up a poll stating Was this the worst season in BB History , so they can see , even though they thought they were the best they were the worst .

  26. Haydon should win, he made bold moves he and Enzo, Lane should have sent Hayden home when given the chance he and Britney, they were too fearful of consequences that r coming regardless!!

  27. ‘Big Brother’ Star’s House Burns Down
    by TMZ

    She just got burned inside the “Big Brother” house — but this morning, the Arkansas home where contestant Britney Haynes was set to return to after tonight’s finale was heavily damaged in a fire. According to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Haynes’ home caught fire early this morning while her fiance was still in the home … though he managed to escape the blaze without injury. Even though Britney was eliminated from the BB house last week — she’s still sequestered in the “Jury House” and cut off from the outside world — until the season finale concludes tonight. The cause of the blaze is still under investigation — but officials claim the cause doesn’t appear to be suspicious and believe it may have originated from a grill at the home.

    SO I WONDER IF THEY TOLD HER YET OR IF THEY WILL KEEP HER IN THE DARK UNTIL THE SHOW IS OVER. I guess there goes her chance to have fun at the wrap party in Vegas.

    • That is horrible! Maybe her fiancee did it purposely..I have seen worse revenge moments..
      If it was an accident BB should help her out maybe if Lane wins he will :)

      • I doubt the situation is that dire…Grill was probably not extinguished properly when cooking was finished and caught the house on fire…And as someone here mentioned another house

      • Who bbq’s 1:30 in the morning? She should have stuck with Lane. Anyway I feel bad for her, but not enough to vote her America’s Player, cause I still cant stand her. I did’nt forget how she trashed Brendon and Rachel the entire season. I do hope her community holds a benefit for her to help her out.

  28. This year was a total bore..Come pick some of us from Canada…Rachel has to be a drag queen?? He says he’s Vegas baby and looks more manly than ever and what is with his laugh? I stopped watching week 3 :P just read the posts!! now going to see who wins, I liked Laney from the beginning, Enzo’s daughter can watch him over and over on their new flat screen tv, Beats Barney LOL!


    do the AZ Cardinals proud! do ASU proud.

    do it for kristen!

  30. Well, Lane and his fancy pants oil company job doesn’t need the money, and that goodness we didn’t have smell-o-vision with Enzo (that’s all he seemed to do..) My vote is for Hayden.

  31. You all need to read the article on Arkansas Online that Matt(BBN)left a link for. The house will most likely be leveled. The reporter spoke with Nick’s mom and she said he will be going to LA today.

  32. I hope Lane wins, he seems honest, and he hurt to see Britney leave and sad when her feelings were hurt. They made such good friends

  33. I would love to see Lane Win I think he played the best game, if not Lane Haydon, I dont think that Enzo played a good game more just skated by, I think he was also the most unkind to the other house guest very cocky in the way he talked as if he deserves it,

  34. i think enzo should win it all, this is why he was always loyal to the Brigade he created since day two and he didnt need a side alliance like the others.I believe if the others side alliances would have gotten fartherthey would heve taken them to the end instead of the other brigade members un like enzo which stayed loyal the entire game. his game was more social he was nice to everyone and never caused any drama. although i wished he would have won a comp or two i think this helped his game and made him look like less of a threat. Lame dont need the money for one and for two he is a sick “rapist” according to his 8 second game and was not loyal cause also by his own admission he would have taken bratney to the final 2 instead of his brigade brothers. hayden would have taken kristen to the final2 instead of his brigade members and he backstabbed brendon after trying to make a side alliance with him …SO GO ENZO take that money home to your baby and beautiful wifey

    • If you want to talk loyalty, who was more loyal to the BRAG-ADE than Matt? Most of his biggest mistakes came when he chose their interests over moves that would have gotten him to the end without them… Don’t condone his lie, but we’ve seen and heard worse from Lane and Enzo…

    • yeah juggalos… that makes perfect sense.

      Enzo: “ok, us four are an alliance. yo, ok. Okay it’s a deal!!!. Now go win for me, I need some sleep after all that work and leave me some food for later, cause I’ll be hungry. No, I don’t care if I’m a Have-Not, no one tells the Meow-meow what he can’t eat or can eat.”.

      • matt was not loyal all he did was hang out with his showmance regan and bratney i bet if he would have stayed he would have turned on the bergade for the two biggest witches in the house. enzo might night have been very competive but atleast he was loyal and nice to the other house guest.

      • Matt wasn’t loyal? Where were you when he used the DPoV on Kathy and not one of his boys? That’s as loyal as it gets, the Bro-gade would have been blown up and definitely not BB History for sure.

  35. I did not mind Britney being backstabed cause she turned on Ragan,,, after she voted out Matt for turning on her friend Ragan,, what was i missing, what did she do different? Enzo has been the most entertaining this Summer, Lane shoudl take less muscle milk and i dont want Hayden to win cause he took all thr prizes when Britney asked for there help!!! I think Enzo needs the money more,,, he was the last one i wanted to win, but i think he is a good guy,,,

  36. I have a feeling that Hayden would win. I would love to see Lane win. I know he hasn’t done much but neither one of them has… so – I’m going for Lane. I really like him! – As boring as this cast has been – im really bummed that tonight is the last night :( I’m going to miss watching it!! but thank God for Survivor!! Thank you for all your updates and Spoilers! :)

    OH and Poor Britney with her home :( Wow what a way to end the season for her! My prayers go out to her, Nick and the family! Thank God they are all okay! :)

  37. Lane should win he play fair more then Hayden at times the he should run off with Brit and marry her they make the best couple in the house

  38. Lane or Hayden … who would have thought??? This is what makes Big Brother so interesting, you just can’t predict who will make it to the end. My vote would go to Hayden at this point, he has won more competitions and remained true to the alliance. Given the opportunity, I feel Lane would have dumped the Brigade and taken Britney to the final two … and he would have lost. Whoever wins, it has been a great season, enjoyed every episode EXCEPT last Sunday – was that really necessary. BB builds to a crescendo and then we get reruns, clips that didn’t even make the weekly show? I’m a crazy fan … but you lost me on that one.

  39. I would like to see Enzo win as he could use the money more than the other two.
    Lane seems to be well off with his father and the oil business.
    Hayden is single and a college student with a good future.
    Enzo has a wife and beautiful baby girl to raise.
    Enzo seems kinda tough at times but it is just the way they act where he comes from.
    He is really a Meow Meow..;-)

    • GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Hayden!! Hayden needs the money more than Lane or the so-called Meow Meow. A college student is not well off. Who says he has a bright future? Enzo’s wife has a GREAT job and they do not need the money. If you are going by that assetment alone then Hayden needs it. If you go by game play then again Hayden deserves it. So either way Hayden should be the winner!!!

      • Enzi should win, Ir’s not cheap to live ANYWHERE in New Jersey, and with a wife and toddler daughter, it’s even more expensive, I don’t care how good Enzo’s wife’s job is, it still isn’t easy. Lane seems to have a golden spoon. He talks about his job is to take clients golfing. Hayden as a college student could always use money, but I like Enzo.

      • So Enzo should move. WTF does where he lives at make him need the money? Glad you lie Enzo but Hayden deserves it and I WANT HIM TO WIN.

      • lane was born with a friggin silver spoon stuck up his arse. he does not deserve or need the money as he has won a total of 1 comp in the house. (and please excuse the arse comment as i am from newfouldland canada and we have our own way of speaking :P)

    • How can anyone root for a foul mouth, egotistical jerk????? Yes,he wants the money so he can sit on his lazy rear and stay home while his wife continues to work. Somehow I don’t think he will be helping with the household chores. I’m sure he believes that is wifey’s job and beneath a person of his stature.

      • I totally agree. I don’t think Enzo can say a sentence without using foul words or cursing. I mute the TV when he’s talking. He complains more than any woman I’ve been around. I don’t think he deserves any big money. What has he done besides talk all the time? If he gets JH votes, it’ll be out of pity.

    • That isn’t funny Scott. Her fiancee was in there and he could have been killed. It doesn’t matter who mean and vile Brit might have been, she sure doesn’t deserve her house being burned down. What kind of sick person are you? How is that Karma? Karma would be that Nick drops her, she doesn’t win the 25thou and Lane acts like he doesn’t know her. THAT is Karma.

      • If you’ve ever had to deal with the consequences of catastrophic events you must know that it should not be tied to karma, etc. in order to make a sick attempt to be funny. Trish, totally agree. Scott, learn to think it through before making glib statements of things you evidently do not grasp…

      • Trish, that would be sweet justice, not karma! People need to lighten up a little! Scott was just kidding!

      • so Christy then i guess it would be sweet justice if you and your boyfriend scotts houses would burn. and someones house burning is no laughing matter.

      • Thank you my Mich Boy. You know how I feel about your Brit but you know I would never wish harm on her. :)

      • Pay attention christy was sayin that her boyfriend dumping her, lane not knowing her and her not winning the $ would be sweet justice not karma

      • One thing for sure…Britney seems to be a short fuse type woman…since she seemed to have eyes now for Lane anyway having that article of the fire indicate it was completely Nicks fault in the first place…once Lane finds out about this incident…the very shaky engagement of Britney and Nick may be over for sure once she see the damage to her home. Nick saving the dogs was the proper thing to do but will not save his engagement to Britney. So let the half million dollar Grand Prize go to either Hayden or Enzo….Lane I believe has a bigger prize winning over Britney’s affection due to Nicks negligence. Go get her Lane…move her into your house now, my Man.

      • Uhh… No Im pretty sure it is Karma. Britney chooses to be the kind of person that she is. I feel no pity for her. I’m glad nobody was hurt but when you live your life the way she does, your bound to have this kind of terrible stuff happen to you. I hope she turns her life around and changes her character but until then…. she’s a bitch and I can’t feel any sympathy for her.

    • Everyone knows that Britttany isn’t my favorite BUT that is a horrible loss. Since they were renting they probably weren’t insured. My prayers go out to her and Nick.

      Now that ends the conspiracy theory about Lane being Nick.

      • Well too bad soooo sad if she had more brain cells she’d pay the whopping $30-40 more a month for renters insurance. Waaa I’m Britney and my precious house with my precious designer clothes and accessories burned down Waa!

    • I KNEW as soon as I read about Brit’s fire tragedy that I would come on this site to see some insensitive jerkoff leave a PATHETIC comment like this! I am not a huge Brit fan but “Karma”???? You and “The Madman” are DISGUSTING!!!!!!

    • omg when did that happen? no way? omg that’s horrible? was that her own house with nick or her family house with her parents?

    • lose of life is not something to joke about but since no life was lost….

      if Nick and the 2 dogs had died, Lane would have really been sad about those dogs.

      it’s a joke, i’m glad to hear no one was even injured.

    • Ya Britney is a total stuck up snob and I think karma did its job burning down her house been better if she was in it but I guess we can’t always get what we want…DAMNIT! And for the record I am not just kidding I really would be happy if she died in a fire preferably had suffer in ICU first for hours feeling every little burn on her skin.

      • Wow… that’s quite the punishment for a stuck up snob. Tanya, hopefully you won’t be the final judge for me. Damn!!!

        I guess it’s a matter of respective, is it worse to burn up, suffer & die in real life or burn for eternity in hell.

      • Wow peole are real ass holes…including tish, britney never cheated on nick, so why would it be karma if Nick broke her heart. and Tanya your just disgusting.

      • I don’t get it. All this Karma talk over a girl playing a game? What did Brit do to any of you haters to say such awful things? It is one thing to call her a Bitch but to wish her harm? Her house burning had nothing to do with Karma, it had every bit to do with her lame BF Nick not making sure the coals were out before heading to bed.

      • Mike T it has nothing to do with the way she played the game lol. It’s about her personality and how she treats others. She’s a vile person and I feel no sympathy for the bitch. Hopefully more heartbreak and tears are headed her way until she changes the way she chooses to live her life. Aww poor Brittany…..NOT. I am glad nobody was hurt though.

    • wow Scott you better be careful as karma can get you just as easy I never liked the brat but that comment is totally uncalled for

  40. I like to see Hayden win the 5000,000 because he showed that he can be a good player at the end. He kept friends in the house and he knew that he had to wait until the end before he can win POV and Houseguest. He did not want make a target for himself kept his mouth shut and stayed back and relax.I like Lane to win 50,000 because he played a good game. Well Enzo did not try hard enough to win. I think Britney should win the 25,000 She tried to win by herself

    • I agree with you about Hayden winning the big prize. Sorry disagree about Lane, the 8 second game guy. Enzo made me laugh through the season. He’s a good guy with a potty mouth…but everyone in the house swore.
      Enzo just had the personality to liven things up plus he was the one who began the Brigade. I would love to see Enzo win the second prize, but I think loyal Hayden will end of taking Lane, the big lug!

  41. Hayden is going to win, but would like to see Lane win. 99.9% sure it will be Hayden…. I wish someone from the Jury would win!! lol

  42. Based on how they played the game I think that Hayden deserves to win if he goes to the final two—-if not Lane. I could care less who “needs” the money and don’t really see how it is relevant in a competition.

  43. I’m just glad this season is over. I hope the producers come up with a more exciting group next time.

  44. This had to be the most painful, boring, foul mouth, lazy bunch of nothings I have ever watched in the history of BB. Don’t say I could have changed the channel, I knew that but kept thinking maybe something or some excitement was gonna happen sooner or later. Well the end is here and so I feel I deserve the money hows that? I just could not pick any of the nitwits left in the house. So I vote for me to win, thank you thank you very much! lol

    • I will share it with you Trish, Torch, Clare, Tish, CTG and Rico. Because without you all making sense of this season and making me laugh, I really can not imagine hanging in there this long. LMAO

      • Philly Princess Jo you are so welcome! I think all of the above mentioned and you included should be in BB14. I would say BB13 but I “hear” that the next sesaon might be an all-star one? :)

      • Yea thats what my sister Clare Ann keeps telling me. We should all apply for BB. Wow how could I ever vote you all out. Let me see, maybe for a million lol

      • That wonderful delightful Clare Ann is your sister? Wow how lucky for you! LOL I just love her! Now I have to say I just love you too! LOL :)

      • Thanks trish that is really nice. Clare and I are very close, she’s not only my sister but my best friend. And now if I could just get her motivated to sell her house and move out here to Florida, we can get in trouble together again Lol

      • Philly that would be nice if she would. How is her hand? Exactly what did she do to it? I just caught bits and pieces of it with her conversation with Tishe.

      • I heard that too…Big Brother is presenting the 10 Year Anniversary Competition Summer… the 1st and 2nd place winners from 2000 to 2010…with the exception of Adam (BB9) who is doing prison time for drug trafficking. Eliminate Enzo as expected and Hayden and Lane will represent the players for this years 2010 season.

    • LOL Philly! Like I said in a previous post….its’s like coming up on a bad car wreck and not wanting to look (but you do anyway)…except THIS season was more like a train wreck!

  45. My vote is for Hayden because Lane really doesn’t need the money and I like Hayden better. I wouldn’t vote for Enzo because he didn’t play a fair game.

  46. Alright… I have to write this, since this is the MOST MESSED-UP BB STORY OF THE DAY… hands down!

    “‘Big Brother’ Star’s House Burns Down”

    She just got burned inside the “Big Brother” house — but this morning, the Arkansas home where contestant Britney Haynes was set to return to after tonight’s finale was heavily damaged in a fire.

    According to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, Haynes’ home caught fire early this morning while her fiance was still in the home … though he managed to escape the blaze without injury.

    Even though Britney was eliminated from the BB house last week — she’s still sequestered in the “Jury House” and cut off from the outside world — until the season finale concludes tonight.

    The cause of the blaze is still under investigation — but officials claim the cause doesn’t appear to be suspicious and believe it may have originated from a grill at the home.

    … Karma: it’s a vicious thing.

    • madman it’s not karma it’s sad nick and their dogs could have died, how would you like your house to burn

      • Just to make it clear: I wouldn’t have put the karma bit if the dogs weren’t around… or Nick, for that matter.

      • tmz is always willing to make the worst of everything sound so appealing to the masses! karma really? tmz makes it sound like they have a grudge against the poor girl!

      • So Tanya you care more for a dogs life over a human life? How heartless. I love dogs but to say you have no concern over Nick is a coldhearted Bitch thing to say.

    • Awwwwwwwwwww madman I usually like most of what you write but to say this is Karma? It really isn’t. I don’t care for Brit, lord knows I don’t but I never would want that to happen to anyone. It affected Nick more because he was there and he could have gotten killed.

      • Nick’s not dead, the dogs are fine, and it’s a CRAZY STORY, when you take the time to think about it.

        Seriously, think about it: the vile, obnoxious and narcissitic person spent 3 months in a house to win money, and, the day she’s about to return to her house, IT BURNED DOWN.

        Yes, crazier thing has happened throughout BB history, but, for this season, it’s HELLA-CRAZY. Now, personally, I truly feel that bad things should happen to EVERY CONTESTANT of season 12, so the fact that it started with Britney… whatever!

        Sorry, but I don’t feel any sympathy for her – it would totally be different if someone got hurt, but Nick and her only lost material thinkgs, so big deal – insurances will buy their stuffs back. And, as I said before, THAT’S HOW KARMA WORK, and, if Karma’s fair, a whole lot of other HGs will get what coming to them in the next few months…

      • @Trish: THANK YOU!

        Man, the karma comment isn’t even close to be the worst thing I said about a HG this season, but man did it affected people here!

      • You know…thinking it over…even though the report claims that the fire wasn’t intentional…(maybe Nick is a little smarter than we give him credit for). Could he have a touch of “Arsine” in his soul? In all indications Britney made it somewhat clear that she may have transferred her feeling from Nick to Lane…where he feels that once they are back together again…Britney may lower the boom on their engagement telling Nick it’s over and to GET OUT. Just the thought of a blowout could have wigged Nick out just enough to possibly start that fire with BAD intent…but came to his senses when he saw the flames. It’s just so ironic that a fire breaks out in their rental…days before her return. Anyone agree?

    • I can’t wait to see all the Karma coming your way “The Madman” with the vile you have spewed this BB12 season.

      • Nothing you didn’t do yourself, Summer.

        So, if karma strikes me, it will strike you too, guarantee.

      • Kristy Jean you have it exactly right. Nick’s narrow mind simply could not handle what he saw going on with Brit on this show. His psychological wheels came off as finale time approached. I personally pray they don’t let this psychotic anywhere near that little girl unless and until he is completely exonerated for arson.

    • OK, people… calm down.
      Nobody died or even got injuried, so seriously CALM DOWN.

      As for the karma comment – THAT’S WHAT KARMA IS ALL ABOUT, PEOPLE! You treat people like crap, crap will happen to you – that’s the whole concept!

      • Exactly –Karma is not something you can wish on somebody and Karma is not a bad thing. You do good things, good things will come your way — that’s karma. You treat people like crap or do crappy things, crap will run your way — that’s karma. A persons karma is determined by their own actions. So, simply saying that her ill behavior has possibly been answered by something not so great happening to her is not the same as wishing that something happened to her. I wish no ill on any person but myself can’t help but wonder if her own ill behavior doesn’t generate some of her fate. By the same token as I hope that good people who do good deeds experience goodness to befall upon them.

      • @The Madman, I agree with you about what Karma is all about. The existence of after-life and Paradise is not a given and the sun shines equally bright on decent and kind people as it does on the vile and vicious, and that’s not fair. And that’s why Karma “marches” in; to even the score. You said it perfectly: “You treat people like crap, crap will happen to you”.
        This is indeed the concept of Karma. (I would not have said this also if Nick and the dogs were not OK.)

    • “it is what it is”… lets drop the karma thing… no one was hurt… everyone’s okay and Nick saved the dogs, so he’s a hero… Brit will love him for that and then kill him for burning up the house.

      • Yes…Im willing to drop the karma thing too…I gotta admit I got a little caught up in the moment when it what was first said…but The Madman’s explanations helped me see what the point was…(sheepish look on my face) sorry for calling you disgusting “The Madman”….deep sigh…

      • what Karma? she’s a vile brat but karma I don’t think so…lets not even begin to think of all the people who deserve bad karma…this just days after the anniversary of 9/11. Its not up to us to decide what is karma and what isn’t if you liked the person and something bad happens what’s that? ok enough said i meant to just say karma convo should be over..think this might have been mentioned once or twice before but “Its only a game”

    • Total karma!! Mhm she was so nasty to ppl including production but ppl without live feeds think she’s sweet as pie and everyone was just as nasty..BS

  47. We all have our opinion about who should win. Hayden is well liked, played a great game, HOH, POV, etc. I would say he “should” win. However, Lane has played equally well. Enzo’s game did pick up later in the competitions. He’s well liked by most of the other players in the Jury House. Who doesn’t like Enzo? He’s a character. I do believe the Jury House will vote for Hayden though. So glad whinny, teary Ragan is GONE! Bye Ragan! Big Brother is probably the BEST reality show presented for TV. Looking forward to this evening!!!

    • Get over it! Brit was not the first nor wil she be the last to play the game that way. I can remember other seasons (Boogie comes to mind) that the Hg’s treated others far worse than what you are accusing Brit of doing. Stop obessing over her. She is out of the house and the show is almost over. Give it a rest.

      • That is so true Mike. I remember that season back in 2006 when Boogie, with the aid of Will, completely shafted the lovely Erika into believing he loved her truly during game-play…but broke her heart during the Grand Finale for the sake of winning the Half-million…conviencing all but one judge, Marcellus that she was simply a “Ho”. I felt so bad for Erika that evening I almost cried in her behalf. So, it’s true, Britney wasn’t half as bad as creepy Mike Malin during his season. Let’s see next season when they face-off again in the second All-Star summer.

  48. The two most deserving would be Enzo and Hayden. I agree that Hayden being a college student he could use the money but then again he is young and who’s to say he wouldn’t drop out of college and use the money and then have nothing to fall back on later in life. Enzo could really use the money now. He’s an honest guy who works two jobs to support his family and this money could really help him.

    • Greer have YOU not heard how Lane has said he would use the money? 50,000 or 500,000? He would buy a case of beer. How do you know he wouldn’t use it for far worse? To say that Hayden would drop out of college? It shouldn’t matter who needs the money more nor how they would spend it, not our business. What should matter is how the game was played and to me Hayden played the best one. Remember it is just my opinion so take it as such.

      • Lane jokes a lot, would he buys some beer. Well, hell yes. Did you catch Lane saying “do you know how many cases of beer & muscle milk you can buy with $10,000?” during the hide/seek of the coins?

        But I agree what money you have or don’t have shouldn’t be a deciding factor of who wins unless it might be a tiebreaker situation for like 1 of the jurors.

      • lol Greg H. I thought he was kidding but just was trying to make a point above. Hell I am sure he woul buy beer, what Texan man wouldn’t? LOL Just hope who wins is decided on who played the game not who needs it.

      • Hayden only needs three more credit hours to graduate, I don’t think he is going to drop out of college.

  49. I hate to tell you this, Matt, but Arkansas newspapers are indeed reporting that Brit’s house has burned down. Nick left a grill running, apparently, and the house is burned. He did rescue the dogs. He apparently was not planning to attend the finale tonight (interesting in itself) but reportedly he is flying out to LA to break the news to Brit in person about her house and his rescue of the dogs.

    • Legit story – weirdly enough, everybody thought it was bogus until TMZ pick it.

      When the most trusted news show in the country is The Daily Show and the most trusted news site, TMZ… well, that’s not really good for news in general, isn’t it?

    • Guess the engagement is over. She will call him stupid, for grilling so close to the house 1:30 in the morning daaaaaaa. Guess all the guys in the house were right in saying Lane had it all over Nick. Do you think he did it on purpose? Maybe he’s really mad at her. She kept saying she did not know if she was still engaged. Well I sure hope not, that would be so mean, even for her.

      • Seriously hope Nick didn’t burn HIS OWN HOUSE in an act of defiance against Britney’s behavior toward Lane in the house.

        Or, if he actually did… at least take your dogs outta the house first, stupid!

      • Coincidences of this magnitude – a fire like this the day of the finale – are very rare indeed. Hard to believe this was coincidence. Why was he grilling so late if he needed to catch an early flight to Los Angeles? doesn’t add up.

      • Nothing said he was grilling that late at night. He had grilled for dinner earlier in the day and suspected it could have possibly smoldered. This has not been confirmed as the cause of the fire and he even said he doubted it was possible since the grill was no where near the fire.

  50. hey has anyone else heard the rumour that Brittny’s house has burnt down? According to TMZ it happened on Wednesday night? Any one hear if that’s true or not??

  51. Ola BB Peeps, Poets & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

    Today’s the big day! :D.
    Go Hayden gwan like da rock star you are!

    Let’s hope part 3 comp is something Lane bombs at!,
    I so do not want to see TWO floaters in the finale!

    I’m sure Chenbot will try yet AGAIN to put something on Lane & Britt about their feelings and a potential relationship, even with Nick there, let’s hope they’re not tasteless but appropriate! You can only INFER so much!

  52. At least one good thing is happening today we don’t have to watch the three idiots anymore, get it over with so they can send the HAZMAT team in.

    • Frankly, tonight, I’m way more excited about Survivor starting than BB ending.

      Sad, but true. ‘Bet I’m not the only one!

      • Madman I am excited for Survivor. Hope you will be on the survivor site? Would love to see you debate with others. Say you will be there……….come on!!! Survivor Fandom……Be there or be square. :)

      • @Trish: I’m there!

        I am SO with the Old People clan, it’s not even funny! ‘Never was a Cowboy fan, but, for the first time in my life… GO JIMMY JOHNSON! :)

      • Trish I love Survivor just think this year should be a real exciting one. I think CBS heard all the people chatting on The BB site, and decided maybe we have something here. Having the older crowd to kick the younger crowds butts. Now that shoud be interesting ha

      • Well Survivor will be interesting but with the spoilers and bootlists online, it kinda spoils the entire season.

      • Kristina Matt (BBN) has the link above. Just click on it. Or go to Survivor Fandom. You can get subscribe to Matt’s site like you could here.

    • LOL Hey Mich boy, I have noticed that the last few days they have been somewhat cleaning up. I wonder if production had enough of the smelly dishes and such and made them do it? I saw the kitchen clean of dishes for the first time since Kathy and Brendon and Andrew were there. Now the rooms and bathroom is another story. Although I did see Lane clean the sink. LOL

      • Yep they all cleaned the kitchen, and threw out all the dishes in the trash. besides BB13 All Stars are not gonna want to use them anyway. They probably have green mold on them LMAO

  53. It doesnt matter who wins, Hayden or Lane because they will have the $550,000.00 to invest in their restaurant or whatever they finally decide upon.
    The money they win will be both of theirs as they decided a couple weeks ago during a BBAD episode….. ugh…booooringgggg

    • I don’t know about that, I think Hayden might take Enzo, since they both played the game together. This might be the power move that gives Hayden the money. Although I really don’t care who he take’s, I hope Lane makes the same move. Now that would freak all the fans out.

    • $500,000… The winner will have to pay federal and state income tax on that. The federal tax rate on 500K is at 36%. My brother inlaw won that on a scratch off ticket. Add 3% state income tax and he netted $305,000. That’s still a nice chunk of change.

      • Thanks for the breakdown Glockmeister…I always wondered what the actual take home amount was.

  54. Enzo should win. He was the mastermind who set up the Brigade, and who kept it together. I know he didn’t win much in the competitions he should get some kudos for forming the Brigade it was genious.

  55. @Sister J
    With not much else to do I have been trying to figure out who the sab was that has been messing with your earlier post.I noticed you had said the sangano you were looking for misspelled and incorrectly used the words their,there and they’re. WELL check it out.I noticed someone that does that on his real post-chris the great spells “their” wrong all the time and also uses the word incorrectly.(go back and look)Idk but I’m just saying that’s really weird wouldn’t you say?

    • Okay so you think CTG did it, well I will never believe that. He has to much class to even go there. Besides they did it to a few of us, He is our friend and he just would not do that!!!!!!! Come up with a better one, thats not even believable to me.

      • I totally understand what you saying but I noticed he spelled it wrong (just last night) and thought that was strange so I went back and checked and he does it quite frequently and then remembered what you had wrote.I know you would hate to think its true but…
        Also I know the fake poster did it to several of you but I don’t remember him being one of them

  56. Hayden deserves to win plain and simple. He played the strongest game both physically and socially. I guess if Brendon can’t win, my vote goes to Hayden (not that it counts).

  57. Hayden’s been the only one who has been competing, i mean 3 HOH’s and 1 POV, I mean thats more than Enzo and Lane won combined.

  58. Just read that BB #13 will start in the Summer, was kind of hoping they would have a winter BB. Oh well you never know, expect the unexpected.

  59. Lane should win if he is in the F2, Enoz most likly will win if he is in the F2. Hayden probably is the most needy. Did not care for Kristen but Hayden’s good bye message to her was heartless.

    I had hope for Britney to made the F2. She was the most fun to watch this season. Feel bad about her home; wonder why Nick was grilling at 1:30 in the A.M. Could he have been drunk?

    • My husband is a fireman and he has seen several homes burn because coals were not extinguished sufficiently several hours earlier. from the writeup in the paper this is what had happened. He probably dumped them out on th ground and poured water on them but they weren’t completely out. They should have been put in a bucket of water away from anything flamable. Thus he wasn’t grilling at 1:30 in the morning.

      • Then a good old country boy like Nick should know how to put out charcoal fire. He most certainly should have know better than to have dump the hot coal out on dry grass.

      • In answer to Roseys, Philly P Jo and Karzai’s post here…read my personal comment to the Post in block 13…(the 13th down)…then tell all if you believe I may be on to something!

  60. Unless something crazier than Britney’s house burning down happen tonight (and, for the life of me, I can’t imagine anything crazier…), Hayden is walking away with the 500K, no doubt about it.

  61. Anyone else notice how much cleaner the house, or at least the kitchen, has been since the Brat left? Yeah, she straightened up the kitchen ONCE but for the most part sat around and did nothing while the messe built up around her or did her nails and the others cleaned around her.

    • Richard that might be true but I also think production had the men clean the house. Well the kitchen anyway. When the live feed was down due to CBS a week or so or two ago and they played BBAD from the beginning I saw Hayden actually drying dishes and taking out the trash. Who would had thunk? LOL But it could also be that he did that because Kristen was there and he was helping her to be with her. :)

  62. Hayden should win no doubt! He played a very good game and he deserves it. Lane didn’t win much and I don’t feel he played hard. The same way he plays on the golf coarse.

  63. I doubt that Hayden and Lane will have any business together. Because they have had nothing better to do than sit around and veg, they’ve dreamed up something that sounds good right now while they’re sequestered from the rest of the world. Once they’re out, whoever has the $$ will do something altogether different than what they’re saying now. They’ve been shut up like rats in a cage for weeks. Boredom creates dreams that probably won’t be realized.

  64. I am SO stressed out right now! I keep thinking Hayden will win the $500,000, and I’m afraid this might be a replay of Fantasia on “American Idol” six years ago and Bob on a season of “Survivor”.

    I don’t even know what is up with me picking winners by dumb luck, and if Hayden does win, I keep thinking the “double showcase win or $25,000 won in the showcase showdown” bells and siren from another CBS show, “The Price is Right” will sound.

    I’ll admit it: I’ve liked how Hayden played the game. He’s cool-looking and likely one of the reasons I kept the TV locked on this show every Wednesday night this summer, juggling between this and “Minute to Win It” on NBC–and it’s my first time watching a full season of this show, just like “The Amazing Race” last year and “Survivor”. He deserves to win the $500K, that’s all I have to say.

      • I…can hardly wait for the show to see if I predicted correctly.

        On a reality TV show or a game show where the top prize is up to $1,000,000, my heart races whenever there’s situations like elimination results or a big money moment where someone could win the million, stressing me out, because someone I like on a season of a show could be eliminated or someone could get a wrong answer or run out of time, etc., thus losing their chances at The Million.

  65. Bb 12 was horrible! Thank god it’s over! I can’t wait until BB13 I hope they have better cast ppl instead of type casting

  66. I think I will predict Hayden to win. I don’t think Brit should get Am Fav just because her house burned, that has obsoletely nothing to do with the game.

    • It might have mattered had this happened like 3 days ago. The voting was over and closed BEFORE the house burning so it won’t effect the voting. She just might get it inspite of her housing burning.

  67. All I can say is NOT LANE unless he explains why he time after time went to the dresser, took out something, palmed or pocketed it and went into the can for 3-5 mins. What was that all about Lane?

    • Hemorrhoid ointment? LOL — Who knows, but I thought they took away any meds or substances so I doubt it was anything illicit.

  68. Go Enzo! A man who is working two jobs to support his wife and baby deserves and needs the money much more than a college student or a bachelor. Enzo could maybe cut down his work hours a little and spend more time at home. I think Enzo is easier to relate with we all work hard to support our families and couldn’t we all just use a hand up? He’s Mr. All American! And Brendon deserves our vote for America’s Player. Have you ever seen anyone fight their heart out on Big Brother like that? I haven’t! Must say most boring and predicatable season of Big Brother yet and the cast sucked but STILL LOVE BB!

    • Brenden played great for 2 weeks but before that he was just caught up with Rachel-his quote’I’ve found something more valuable in this house than $500,000.’

  69. can’t wait for Survivor since we just survived a bad BB cast. The last week has been painful. Did anyone catch Lane’s comment in the shower last night or night before about how he was wondering if anyone would be asked to do porn from the show! You! you big dummy, we watched u all season in the shower. I think Lane has money , family money, so I hope Hayden wins and it helps with his college and he invests wisely ( we’ll see). I hope the Am Fav goes to someone who could really use the money but not to Brit because her rental house burned. I sure Kathy has lots of medical bills even though sorry Kathy, I could not stand being in the same room with you. BB listen up and do your casting different next year. I don’t think I will watch next year if the cast is as lame as this years.

  70. okay. i’ve been sitting here for over an hour trying to find a ‘credible’ account of brit’s house catching on fire – such as the CBS news channel in Little Rock (seems to me this would be a BIG NEWS story for them.. being that bb is on CBS).
    guess what?
    there’s nothing there about it or on any other credible news channel either.

    the only tv news that i can find with a story on this ‘fire’ is a newly established FOX channel – and all they’re doing is quoting TMZ… not exactly credible in my book.

    i don’t believe this story.

  71. From what I read this am in the Arkansas whatever- Nick had moved them into a rental house while Brit was in the BBhouse. She has not even seen this house. I have not written a thing all season as I felt nothing worth writing about, including who wins. Maybe BB13 will have a much more ineresting cast.

    • That’s true — Britney never even lived there yet so I don’t think she’ll have that much of a connection or feeling of loss since her dogs and Nick are safe. What I found most telling was Nick’s mom saying the thing Nick was worried about was Britney being made about the whole thing. Yup, she’s a cold-hearted snake!

    • That’s a great point.Britney hasn’t seen the house so it shouldn’t be too shattering to her.They’ll either move out or have the insurance co. rebuild it.

      • It’s a rental. They just walk away. If they had renters ins it would pay for any belongings they lost. The landlord would have ins on the structure.

  72. Here’s the lastest on the fire. Nick was grilling and set the grass on fire and it spread to the house and set it on fire, Here’s my problem with that, The report said when the fire crews arrived at 1:30AM, Who grills at 1:00AM in the morning?

    • i’m calling this story BS, chris.

      i’ll call it a diversion – a lame attempt to convince people like me that lane IS NOT nick so i’ll be “surprised” when it’s revealed on tonite’s show. lol

      i know you guys think i’m crazy.. but i’m telling you —-

      LANE IS NICK! :)

      • calm down…it’s almost over another 4 hours and it will all be
        Nick’s mom made a statement to the newspaper so there is a “Nick” in Arkansas..but that does not make me change my mind that due to very having alike facial features it makes me wonder if there is not a family tie between Nick and Lane..

      • CT..the irony is..Do u remember when LANE WAS TRYING TO LIGHT THE GRILL and Brittney was afraid he was gonna cause it to blow up??? And now NICK has accidently caught the house on fire via using a grill…lol Stay away from grills Brittney!!! lol

      • you see the grill thing as “irony”..
        i see it as WAY to coincidental. lol

        as for that newspaper/online article that ‘nick’s mom’ gave an interview to – did you check it out?
        that paper reminds me of one we have here called ‘the advocate’… they put all kinds of stuff in print – some true – some not – A LOT of retractions!.. “oops – bad ‘source'”. BS!

        anyway, as you said, it will all be over soon!
        gotta go take the dog for a walk and pop some popcorn before survivor starts… see ya when bb is over!

        ENJOY :)

  73. i want to see lane win hoh and take enzo to f2 tonite.

    i think hayden is a great guy and all, but he was stupid for taking two people to f3 that he knew in his heart would not take him to f2 if they won hoh…

    “neither one of you clowns are going to take me to f2, are you”… he said it over and over again to lane and enzo, and neither one of them would respond. but STILL chose to take them…

    he was ate up with ‘brigade fever’ when he should have been thinking about HIMSELF.
    there’s no sympathy here if he loses it all.

    best of luck to all of them tonite :)

  74. So I am laughing and thinking what are the hg going to think when they read all this crap about them..
    Especially about Rachel being a drag queen…These people got their 15 mins of fame and that’s all they should have got..Yes by far the worst BB in history! But a lot was staged as Regan had access to information via the saboteur website where you submit things you would like him to do so there is no way that he didn’t know about the brigade before. Enzo and his breaking the rules…All STAGED…BB sucked and so did the house guests…

    • you mean that they shouldn’t have even got the 15mins…yes I do agree they all annoyed me and who (I should say what Man “real” would date Rachel She looked more manly and as a straight guy even I thought Brendon was gay..or should be…Enzo boys like you get there butts beaten and dropped in a dumpster…Lane you know you are a red neck when but you are a hoot! Britney was alright to look at until she opened her mouth. The rest If I was in a bar with my beer goggles on except Rachel I am not into dudes.

  75. Hayden should win it. He had the most competition winnings and POV. He at least tried while Lane never tried nothing and did nothing.

  76. all three were to chickensh#* to get blood on their hand slimy paws. they even admitted they didn’t want blood on there hands.

  77. May the Best man WIN > The BRO-GADE these guys are LUCKY cause if I was in the GAME, All 3 of them would’ve not been standing in the Final 3. :)

  78. Oh, So sorry to hear about Britney’s Home. Sure hope NO ONE was injured! Materisl things can be replaced but not LIVES! :(

  79. Even though Britney will be happy to know that her fiance and their dogs made it out of the house safely, she will probably be pissed off when she realizes that her fiance did not completely douse the grill. The charcoal from the grill cause $50,000 in damages.

      • This is a terrible thing to say about her,this is a game amd esp.when big bucks are in,everything goes out the window they are here to win 500,000,she played the game,Her house didn’t deserve to burn down but it is apparent she may consider replacing her

  80. We’re just 15 minutes away from the start of the show on the East coast…Damn…and I have to wait three more hours living here in Los Angeles.

  81. Same here Clare…What would it been like if the final 3 were Ragan, Annie and Andrew…the most unlikely selection?

  82. Brit’s boyfriend almost burned the house down!! GLAD he’s safe, but I think he was having a PARTY!! Before going to see his one true LOVE!! (NOT!)I hope Lane wins and takes Britney on a wild LOVE CONNECTION they belong together!! He needs someone like her and she needs someone like him!! They have Great Chemistry!!

  83. JUST like I said, 4 BLOCK vote controled the GAME! Thats what JURY is SAYIN! Enzo The SOCIAL STAT, & Hayden the competitor & Lane the Nice guy! Jury will DECIDE : The BEST Social GAME? WOW! They want to see them SQUIRM ! Ha Ha Ha HA!!! LMAO :)

  84. Sounds like IF Enzo gets to Final 2 He will WIN!!! The GODFATHER > That’s what she said! lol :) IT is what it IS! :) Meow Meow

  85. I think the JURY will VOTE: 6 to Haydon & the other vote will be 1 to Lane which Britney will give to HIM! She is so stuck on him! lol

  86. i think lane needs to win if hayden wins i will be so surprised! and britneys not a bitch! shes a blonde! lol :)

  87. I agree Clare Ann lol. She will never understand that u can’t go through life that way with so much hate. I feel no sympathy for the BITCH.

    Hey Britney: Your house burned U DUMB BITCH!!! Lol now CRY your crocodile tears.

  88. My last post:

    Watching an hour of survivor made me so happy
    But two hours of Big Brother, Someone please slap me
    After the final, Big Brother will be no more
    For survivor to come on, Is what we’re waiting for

    Lane in the shower, We all saw him storking
    While Hayden stood bye, Talking and Joking
    The Cam’s caught it all, Much to are delite
    If a female was standing there, Now that’s alright

    So come on Survivor, You know what we need
    Survivor can’t be worse than Big Brother, That I must believe
    So after the Big Brother final, You got to be knowing
    To the survivor site, That’s where I’ll be going

    All my friends will be there, we’ll see from the begining
    There be twenty people, Someone please start winning
    Thank God Big Brother is over, We won’t have to look
    Survivor is just starting, Big Brother we close the book

    This season of survivor, Is the young vs. the old
    The young think they have it made, Haven’t they been told
    To be young again, And to run into things hog wild
    Now I do things better, slower, And with greater style

    See yall over at survivor

    good night James and Carol

    Good night to all my friends

    • @Chris the great, Thank You for all the limericks,laughs & friends! Loved them all! :) I will meet up with All my BB Friends over @ Survivor Fandom! I’ll Be back for BB 13 :)

      • Good One Chris,
        I will truly miss you!!
        I will truly miss all of ya die-hards!!
        The poets, the song writers, the lovers and haters!!
        P.S. I’m for the “older” then the youngins’!!

  89. Big brother was a joke this year. The real winners was evicted from the house. BRITTNEY DID NOT DESERVE $25,000 . Every year the show gets worser.

    • Brittany is the last person I would have chosen. She just got rewarded for being the nastiest person in the house. I would have chosen Annie over Brittany, and I didn’t even like Annie.

  90. Well it’s over. dissapointing year, but who will really remember who won when we all tune in next year for another BB and bitch about how bad they are like this year, I love it, can’t stop watching once ya start!! LOL
    Did Brittany’s house really burn down??

  91. Last night when Julie asked Enzo who he thought was the Sabot he said matt and Kathy, then she asked Matt and he said himself[joking]. Then she said will the real sabotuer please stand Ragan stood up and also repeated what Julie said about the 20k.

  92. Agree with ya Sandy…disappointing year. Funny how that works about complaining but I never was disappointed like I was this year. Some of the best and interesting players were evicted early because of the BRE- Gade and side alliances leaving the 3 most undeserving last. Enzo thinks it was the best season ever but I don’t agree. They did accomplish their goal but to the viewers detriment because it was so Boring and Production messed with us on the feed. ltr

  93. First of all I think 3rd place should recieve something. I truley feel Enzo got the short end of the stick. Going as far as he did he should have recieved something. Something for CBS to consider.

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