Big Brother 12: Top 12 Events of the Season – Part 1

It’s been a long road since premiere night when Julie Chen opened the front door and ushered us in-to a new season of Big Brother. After much deliberation and discussion, here are our Top 12 events from this season (*pfft* Top 10? We’re doing a Top 12 because it’s Big Brother 12!). Taking a page from production’s book, I’ll be stretching this one out and breaking the post in to two parts so you’ll have to check back in on Monday for the second half. Muahahah!

#12 – Brenchel calls a House Meeting
It was only Week 2 in the house when we got our first dose of mass drama. After offering himself up for eviction Matt invoked the wrath of Brenchel when they discovered he had used the opportunity to vilify them. The first House Meeting of BB12 was called because Rachel wanted this season to be played in the open and without deception. Uhh, I thought you were familiar with Big Brother, Rachel.

Best part: Matt diffuses the situation, HGs completely disregard the events, and Monet still gets evicted.

#11 – Enzo eats and eats and eats as a Have-Not
Despite being banished to Have-Not-dom and only allowed to eat slop, broccoli, and bean dip Enzo proceeds to eat anything he can get his hands on. Enzo managed to eat pizza, handfuls of snacks hidden in his penguin costume, dodge cameras between the fridge doors to eat, and even ate nuts off the ground. You’d almost forget he got to take an approved break as a Have-Not to enjoy a Hawaiian feast mid-week thanks to Britney’s Pandora’s Box misfortunes.

Best part: Is there a best part? After punishing BB11 HGs for a sip of Gatorade and a single grape with an extra 24 hours of Have-Not, the BB12 production crew couldn’t grow a backbone long enough to punish Enzo in the least.

#10 – Shower adventures with Lane, Kristen, and Monet
What’s Big Brother without some good ol’ shower nudity? This season’s shower doors didn’t fare well against some of the taller ladies this season as both Kristen (NSFW) and Monet (NSFW) had their topless moments made especially for the Big Brother Live Feeds. Shower adventures weren’t limited to the women though as even Lane found time for himself (NSFW) while the cameras captured all his facial expressions.

Best part: Right after Lane finishes doing what he was doing Hayden comes back to tell him the coast was clear. Lane panics and tells Hayden he was supposed to warn him before, not after!

#9 – Former HGs Jeff, Jordan, and Jessie return
What’s a show to do when their current cast lacks that spark of past seasons? Why you just bring back BB11’s Jeff and Jordan. They reminded us romances could start with a friendship and build to relationships while showmances jump to “I love you” in week 2. Not all the returns were pleasurable though as Jessie busted in to the game for his third straight season as part of Pandora’s Box.

Best part: After being tempted with an hour of advice from a past HG Britney opens Pandora’s Box to discover the most narcissistic 60-minute work out of her life courtesy of Jessie.

#8 – Sabo-II plants a note under Enzo’s pillow
The Sabo-II’s only physical interaction with the HGs targeted the house’s most paranoid player, Enzo. Ragan planted a note featuring the warning, “I Know Your Secret,” under Enzo’s pillow and got just the reaction he wanted. Enzo, shocked, initially attempted to pass it off on another HG, but ultimately shared it with everyone and eventually blamed Kathy as its source.

Best part: Ragan was effectively paid $20K to carry a pre-written note from the DR to the Taj room. It was the only “prank” that required discretion and risked discovery in his role as Sabo-II while the rest were safely completed in the DR.

#7 – Brendon attempts to get evicted to save Rachel
Reversing BB2’s events where the woman, Shannon, fell on her sword for the man, Will (Dr. Evil), Brendon attempted to aggravate the house to draw eviction votes his way. The HGs saw right through this ploy and pretended they’d evict him while plotting to send Rachel to the Jury House. Brendon took it as far as shoulder-bumping Britney and getting Ragan to step on his shoes (yeah, I know). Despite all his annoying, bullying behavior Brendon was kept behind while Rachel was sent packing.

Best part: Amidst a heated exchange with Ragan and Britney, Brendon stops to correct their pronunciation of “Neanderthal” as “Knee-ander-TALL” causing an outburst of laughter and an imitation of his walk from Britney. Surely this was the intimidation reaction he had hoped to achieve.

Ready for Big Brother 12’s Top 12 events #6 down to #1? Stay tuned for when I release the rest of the list on Monday! Did these events make your Top 12 list?


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      • Yep the NeantherTALL impression was one of the highlights of the season for me. It was awesome. I guess #1 is the Ragan/Rachel fight.

      • I just wonder if Bitchney will like it if she sees the DR conversations. Especially when they made fun of her eyes. You know, when the shoe is on the other foot, let’s see how funny she thinks that is. She showed nothing but poor sportsmanship throughout the entire game. Glad to got voted out.

      • I agree with Della, the whole season all I hear is how Britney and Regan are better people than Brenchel, but yet the majority of the personal attacks come from Britney/Regan. Sure sound like nice people to me.

        Regan’s abortion comment really speaks volumes about what kind of person he is.

      • Ragan and Britney are fueled by hatred. Rachel was just acting for the cameras, and I’m sorry, but Brendon came off as a super nice guy. What have Bragan done in their lives. Brendon can possibly contribute to society with his degree and research. He might come up with a cure to a disease, and Britney and Ragan will only give people diseases.

    • I agree with Nice. I hope more people vote Brendon as America’s Favorite. He deserves it more than the others. Britney and Ragan were malicious with their comments of other HGs. Also, it would be sweet revenge for the viewers to see the look on the HGs faces when the vote is revealed. We would have made the best play of the season.

      • I agree. I hope Brendon wins America’s Favorite. All season I had to watch and listen to Britney and Ragan make fun and back stab Rachel and Brendon when they are the most disgusting people I have ever eeen. They obviously think they are better than everyone. I also can’t wait until Britney gets to see what she is really thought of in the house. At least Rachel was upfront about what she thought. Brendon is a really nice guy and they all used him. So, they are jerks. I wouldn’t want to come away from all of America knowing I was a back stabbing little bug eyed superficial bottle blonde.

      • Then make sure u go to the cbs site and vote u can vote as many times u like
        I agree about Regan. He is a Professor in communications come on
        I can agree that he doesn ‘t like Racheal both him and Britt
        But u don’t attack people on their appearance and demean them as a person u can how ever critisize their actions and both him and Britt failed to do so and frankly I really hope they see themselves and what people really think about them Their actions have been despicable

    • Rachael and Ragan and yummy chocolate chip cookies should be #1. Rachael started that fight but Ragan finished it with complete aplomb. That was so good!!!!!! And then she was STUPID enough to try to start with him again in the jury house.She will never win an argument with him. He is so superior in wit and intelligence. With that childish comment about a tiara and she turns around and walks away. What an idiot she is

      • Can’t believe That you are saying that: Ragan starts the fights because he only wants to hear HIS point of view and thats all, With ragan there is only one point of view and that’s his, Everytime rachel would try to get her point of view across, Ragan would cut her off and say know your wrong, It’s my point of view, Ragan will not listen to anyone if it’s not his point of view they agree with.

      • Christ while I admire your opinion I have to say you think your way and others think their way. Noone is really right in this. It does take two to tangle. While Rachel didn’t start alot of the fights she sure did her share. Now with the fight in the house when she came back I do believe Production told her what to do to stir up things. If you all remember the house was suppose to get something bad while Brendon got something good. When the feed were out due to CBS blocking them and they showed BB12 from the start I was shocked to realize that for the first week or so Rachel wasn’t that bad and everyone did like her. WHAT happened? Prodcution wanted DRAMA so they coached her on what to say and do? I don’t have proof but I believe they did egg her on. Ratings people Ratings. Now Brit has been the same from day one. While others might see it as mean and vile I see it as humor and wit and funny and it made the time go by in the house.

      • Mike T,
        I agree that Rachel was pretty good in the first two weeks. I kind of doubt production could control Rachel like a puppet. IMHO Rachel turned when she felt that the whole house was gunning for Brachel for no reason. I think Ragan was wrong to make Rachel to be the devil. She was being hunted and stalked by them. She felt that she had no choice but to win competition or Brachel would be out of the house. That is a lot of pressure and mental abuse to take. Ragan did not seem to realize that at all. He kept mentioning Rachel’s behaviour while failing to address the cause. He himself was also very dreadful if he would just look into the mirror.

      • I agree Jeanne.She was terrible for someone that was suppose to be educated too.That’s why she tucked tail and back into the house.And Brendon finally saw the light.I was proud of him for not defending her again.

    • I think the saying “Noone comes between me and my man” should be up there. I hate that saying but she did say it alot.

      • Mike T; Yes it takes two, but my point to the people was, That it wasn’t all rachel’s fault, That ragan doesn’t listen, And that it’s his point of view or nothing, Maybe some of the HG’s, But britney and monet and Matt were on her from week two,

  1. Rachel said that she never use the “B” word to Monet. When she made her surprise meeting she yelled Bitches I’m Back. She used that word like Enzo used the “F” word. Does she know that Britt and Brandon were handcuff for a lenght of time?Now that there is nothing to do in B/B house let us go to the Jury House, it better than watching that shark, those birds, everyone sleeping and now two round things setting on a table.

    • She also called Kristen a bitch in her goodbye message. I thought this was classic Rachel. That was part of her attention whore game. I was really pulling for her to pull through in the beginning, but she just showed some super disgusting behavior.

      I mean, a lot of the cast did. I just think Rachel baited a lot of people for the camera, then played victim when they called her on it.

    • Don’t now how to tell you this but MONET wasn’t in the house then she was #2 to be evicted, Sorry good try!!

      • Monet was a bitch. You know she was! That girl kept saying she was going to stab someone. Not Normal.
        Rachel was acting for the camera, and using the term bxtch is quite generic and less demeaning than the hateful things Britney and Ragan said. They also tried to get the house to hate her, and I’m sorry, but those types of people have serious mental disorders.

    • What do you expect on her surprise return? She was still pissed at them for kicking her out. Ragan never gave a crap about Rachel’s feeling. If Rachel was not pissed, she would have no reason to say “Bitches I am back!” All Ragan wanted to say she had no respect. Well duh, I would not be giving out any respect when I am pissed too. Ragan is hell bent on making Rachel the bad girl and didn’t take into account how she was being treated.

      • Rachel and Brendon had a target on their backs from day one and had to exist knowing every day that they would be voted out if they didn’t win POV or HOH. When they were evicted and the tables had turned look at how Ragan and Britney cried and whined and just went to pieces when they felt alone and targeted!

  2. I loved when Britany and Matt were making fun of Rachel with her hair extensions. And I also hope making the list was Reagan and Rachel’s fight where all she could say is “why don’t you put me down a little more Ragan” he had her so far down she was 10 feet under. Just the look on her face when he said she was the nasty punishment unleashed on the house….priceless.

    • Wow! I’m surprised to think that you loved such hateful and nasty behavior. That comment sure says a lot about the kind of person you are.

      • I thought the hair extensions party was hilarious. And as for the Ragan-Rachel battle, they were both equally guilty in mean behavior in that situation. She was baiting him and he wasn’t going to take it.

        Considering you don’t know “sparkle” perhaps you shouldn’t pass judgment on her (his?) character for finding entertaining parts of the season, well, entertaining.

      • Wth is your prob nancy! Ur comment sure says a lot about ur judgement. That hair exstension stuff and the fights with the mean ppl are the things that keep the show fun! It’s kind of rude to just say that right offf the bat to someone.

      • Matt I just read through the comments thank you for standing up for me. I started coming to this site last year and came back this year I love it and I am truly honored that you stood up for me. Oh by the way I am female…lol

      • Ragan should know better. He’s a professor in Communications for crying out loud. The way I see it, Ragan is one of those wannabe queen-bees and became the Queen B-ritney’s drone. Ragan and Rachel got along, but since Britney is a sleazy, slimy, devil, she found minions to hate on Rachel and hid behind them. Don’t forget, she PRETENDED to be Rachel’s friend, took a bath with Rachel, talked smack about Kristen, and when Rachel left the house, she was under the impression that Britney was actually her friend. Britney is a rotten person. How do people not see the reality in that?

      • I find it funny that Matt (BBN) would stand up for anyone hating on Rachel. We all know you don’t care for her. NO surprise here. But then I don’t either so YOU GO MATT!(bbn)

      • Nancy, if all that didn’t happen in bb12, it would have been so boring. The drama is part of the game. I really think they have to put their game faces on when the cameras are rolling. They have to deliver or else the fans would have been so bored. Ragan and Rachel sure delivered the drama. The fans would have been complaining how boring bb12 was.

      • What kind of person are you Nancy? Are you related to hair lip Rachel or what? She got what she deserved. I was crying i was laughing so hard after Regan got done with that bottom feeding trashbag tramp. Then she just stood there like a retard for 5 minutes while Brit played pool and everyone laughed at her inside….priceless!

    • Rachel was totally mean to everyone! Even “her man” Brendon. It seems like Ragan was simply pointing out the truth. The producers did say that a punishment would be unleashed on the house after all. She said so many mean, homophobic, nasty things to so many people and although it was awesome to watch, I wouldn’t want to meet her in real life…

      • Oh, oh, oh … just thought of it … I’m going to a concert in LV in December. Please promise me she won’t be there …

      • Last night at the J-House I loved the way Ragan handled himself again to Rachel…How did he put it?…He told her that she was not in the same reality as he? Did I express that right?
        Also, why is everyone so down on Matt?…so he said a “whopper”…big deal. It’s not that he was lying through his teeth the whole time he was in the house (prefabricated lies, that is) I believe it’s all an act for the cameras. If that had occurred away from the BB house…you think anyone would really care? I doubt it. So, he said his wifey was ill when she wan’t. In all honesty, he sould have just kept his mouth shut since all the Jury members had literally forgot all about it anyway until he brought it up again to rectify a matter which really didn’t need adjusting at that point since they were already Jury House losers. Just for SPITE we the viewers should give Matt the AMERICA’S Favorite bonus as a punch in the arm to the other players.

      • Matt BBN i totally agree that rachel and ragan were equally hateful to each other! But I also feel that Ragan and Britney were the meanest and most hateful by bashing rachel long after she was gone.

      • What BB show were you watching couldn’t be this season, She wasn’t in the house to be that5 mean, Always never show you making fun of another HG’s, Never show setting up in the HOH roon trashing Other HG’s, Never show her laying with Monet for the first two weeks trashing everyone, Could go on, But I think you get the picture.

    • Yes I enjoy it when I witness people standing up for themselves when someone so obviously attacks them.

      • I just don’t get it, Ragan, Britney, Matt, What they did was alright, Just acting for the Cam’s, Or just sticking up for yourself, She didn’t really mean it, she was just being funny. But when rachel did something, I mean anything, OMG how could she do that, what a bad person, Ragan live in a world of his own, With only one point of view, And that his is, If you watch, you will see that ragan never lets rachel finish, He always cuts her off, and tells her she is wrong, How does he know he never let you finish, The problem with people today is they don’t listen.

      • I agree. Rachel went to Ragan several times to make ammends, and he didn’t give her a chance. BUT with MAtt, he is more forgiving for way worse things! Matt threw him under the bus! Rachel was just playing a part. Ragan’s just mad when another queen tries to steal his spotlight.

  3. The Enzo eating as a have not, completly described this season on BB. The cast was weak, other than Racheal there was no excitment or dramma. Practically every eviction was unanimous, with the small exception of Kathy voting her mind. Production basically ran the house this year.
    Either they specifically picked out less than normal dramatic people, or these HG just had no umph.
    I’m sure I’ll watch again next year, seen every BB since #1, however, I would say this season was very lame.
    I wonder if CBS looks at these blogs or if they just do their thing and watch the ratings.
    Reguardless, we have Enzo possibly making it to the finals as the weakest player ever. Maybe they will punish him for eating after he wins the money.

    • I believe the weakest player ever was Sheila Kennedy on Big Brother9. She played worse than Enzo and also made it to the final 3 that show.

      • Agree – Sheila “I’m a single mom!” Kennedy was terrible. Then there is most of Season 10 at a close second!

      • No-body has played worse that enzo, All he has done is lose comp’s, and then talk about if it wasn’t for something he could’ve won, Enzo winning a comp, is like trying to milk a bull.

  4. #8 – Sabo-II plants a note under Enzo’s pillow
    I have a different best part, the note was signed “S” and Enzo decided “S” stood for Sheriff not Saboteur.

      • I always thought it was odd that they weren’t more concerned about who the sab was. When is Ragan going to tell the Jury House that he was the sab? I thought he was going to tell and then he said he was as Professor–do what? Where is the truth that would matter to the other people?

    • loved andrews speech maybe they all needed to something in that order. It might have been a better season

  5. Regarding the author’s preoccupation with Enzo and what goes in Enzo’s mouth, it was understandable to grant him some “have-not leniency” as a reward for providing this season’s primary entertainment and giving us a diversion from things like the Regan/Matt and Brit/Lane flirtations.

  6. Ola BB Peeps, Poets & Nifties! :)

    What’s this about 3%? lol. j/k. So yup many hilarious outtakes from this show! See, I dont’ think they understand that they are responsible for every word outta their lips! So ya can’t take them back and yes I mean YOU Ragan & Britches! Raggity & Brit the twit chit were off par with personal insults and’s one thing to say you hate someone, another to verbally abuse them, but hey that’s reality tv’s effect on some, others can handle it and hang while others obviously most certainly can NOT! :P….ya gotta do the social and the comp game otherwise ya look a) like a loser loafer lifer or b) just a schmuck! alas, such is life, so wish annie coulda stayed, she left WAY too early! hope they bring her back for next yr!

  7. How is Enzo a weak player? If you make it to the Final 3 you have to be a good manipulator, hence, a godd BB player. Haters!!!!!!!!!

    • maybe those of us who don’t care for Enzo are haters. BUT…..he should have been punished for the eating when he wasn’t suppose to. He just didn’t follow the rules. That is more the fault of the production crew though who didn’t follow through this season like they have in seasons past. Sorry – Enzo’s game is to be
      a floater – that isn’t game play – it’s just laziness and that should not have gotten him to final 3! If the others had gotten wind of the Brigade or had listened to Ragan when he said it – Enzo would not have made final three. Sorry but Hayden also helped him cheat to win the POV from Ragan. I am not a hater – there are just others in the house i prefer!!!

      • Agree with everything but one part. Ragan found out when Matt was going on the block so Enzo was safe anyway. Also, if Ragan told them the week after, which was the week he was the week he left it would have not made a difference. Doubt Britney would have voted to Ragan, she didn’t even think about jury votes.

      • Although Enzo is a certain type that we have all encountered in our life,I gave credid where credit was due when he checked Land last night for his little song “faggetmen ate maggetmen” I guess when you put three idoits in a place than the real person comes out. Thank you Enzo for checking Lane . Of course just kept digging his hole deeper. Oh I have gay friends…Of course you don’t Land or you would have never said that . Then you thought about it and said “do you think anyone is watching” Yeah lane we are watching and as Hayden said you just lost some fans. Of course that didn’t bother you either.”that is how I am “Lose some win some” You shoud be kicked off the show for that little tune.

    • BB Enzo made it to the final 3 because he was part of a very tough 4 man alliance. They carried each other through. Plus Enzo has a very good social game and noone really hated him enough to put him on the block. They in the house do not see what we see out here. If they did I am sure they would not love Enzo anymore than most of us do.

  8. Please please let there be a gag reel at a wrap party this season! I think we’re in for some more entertainment then! I’m not sure anything can beat Chilltown Mountain from All Stars, but here’s hoping.

    Awesome list so far! Hoping the top 6 are just as good.


  9. How about Enzo not winning anything besides one POV that he cheated on or it can be him always putting his hands down his pants

    • How did Enzo cheat in the POV? Wasn’t it the same type of bitch fest which went down between Janelle and James in one of the All Stars POV?

      I agree about the hands down the pants. Between him, Matt and Lane constantly grabbing their junk, it probably deserves an least an honorable mention in this list.

    • He didn’t cheat lol. Ragan is just bad at everything physical just that his small skinny body helped him for the most part. It probably got to his head and he thought he was good at physical and mental challenges. He acts like working out to get abs is working out. Not even close, he’s living in denial trying to teach Matt how to work out, good thing Matt knew to go to Lane. Ragan is a silly goose :)

      • Hayden gave him the answer!!! I know this kid personally and I know he basically is just an a** in real life. He use to cheat all the time in H.S. and I guess he did this to think he was going to get famous.

      • He’s exactly what people make fun of from New Jersey. He manipulated people, he strong armed people, and he hid behind stronger players for his own advancment.
        Maybe he thought he was playing the Sopranos home version!

      • Jerome If you have the show on t-vo go back about a week or so ago and watch Regan lift the weight that was on the bench I believe it around 130 lbs and go back a couple days before that and watch Enzo “try” to lift a 90 lb weigh and see who does it . Enzo could not do it once. Enzo has a cheater personality and that is just how he is.He coulnn’t stay on that hanging rope for 19 min. That was just lazy. Now wifey has to go back to work, though she was working with a great income. Make up your mind. But, I will say again thank you for telling lane he should not say the Fword and not the one he says all the time..

  10. Looool, Britney’s reaction to the brigade has to be in top 3. She was so blind to see the alliance, also when they told her she still didn’t realize she was going home!!!!!! Then the DR session just made this BB season, bad player trying to act good is bad :)

    • Uhm did you watch thursdays episode?!! she most certently did. She repeated something along the lines of “It just sucks that I came all this way for nothing and now I have no hope” about three times!!!

    • Actually, it was when Britney got the boot! I will keep that episode on my Tivo and laugh at her play victim when she was the meanest bully of the season. Good riddance to Britney. I hope she goes to a salon in LA and gets a realy dye job instead of that bleached porn 90’s look! Bayliage and Highlights!

  11. Watching Ragan in the jh was very interesting. After Matt told Ragan that his wife is healthy Ragan needed time to take it all in. Ragan was very upset because Matt lied to him. I am still waiting for Ragan to tell everyone that he was the sab (ugh not a good one though)

    • I’m assuming that Julie will probably make the announcement about Ragan being the sab on finale night when they announce America’s Favorite Houseguest.

      • they said that earlier on…that it would not be announced until the end…Ragan can not tell anyone in the JH that he was the Sab….everyone in the JH and in the BB house will find out on the final night

  12. Go home Britney and stay your ugly ass there as you will never be famous.because they already have enough BITCHES there.Love you Brendon.

  13. rachel had no choice to be mean, i mean c’mon she was the number one target since day one. look at ragen right when he bacame the target he was acting the same way. and talk about rachel being mean, have you seen britney and ragen all they do is bash on her 24/7. she must be doing something lol.

  14. Enzo’s just weak! lol. Don’t even try to figure out why he’s not a good candidate for BB12 winner, he’s just NOT! Where is my poetry this eve? Limerick masters where art thou? :P Almost the end peoples, should be a good finale! (as long as Hayden wins!)
    He’s the only deserving guy, I do NOT buy into the loafer theory!

  15. if anybody cares:

    guess what lane found in the storage room around 10:00 this morning?…

    the CHAMPIONSHIP BOWL with all the signatures from the pool tournaments they had played!

    nice of bb to give it back to them :)

  16. CT???? If u still here >>>Have they told Enzo that will HE not be in Final 2 or does he just assume it to be a happening??

    • awww there not taking EndZone 2 the finals, to bad. He was the worst player ever. At least when Jordon got to the finals she began pulling her own weight. EndZone won a stinking Veto, and thats only because he & Ragen remembered seeing it previously.

      • Totally agree Gizmo. Enzo talked more smack than anyone and he did nothing. Only 19 minutes sitting on a rope swing when the others went 2 1/2 hours. He’s a total wuss. Now he’s pouting like a spoiled child. What a baby.

        The only thing I can think of in Enzo’s defense is that all his trash talk and tough-guy talk was just his act. Maybe he thought it would make him famous. The problem is that in order to pull off the tough-guy act he needed to show some real toughness. He showed none.

      • I know it was so funny seeing him fall in 19min. Then him going into the house to nurse himself back together with food. Like he actually strained himself & been out there 4 hours. He needs a Cannoli snack, like Scooby Doo.

      • Stoker!!!
        How are you?? Folks on the site have been wonderin’ if you ran away from home?? tee-hee
        I agree with you about enzo, he’s not so tough! Poor dude, needs a t-shirt that reads” Sucks to be me”

      • Hi Trish! tishe here, I missed your last post last night. Oops, am I bad?? Do not answer that! Wow, great to hear from Stoker!!
        I know Jadelle was on earlier, looking for some poems and limericks!! Better talk about the show? So, do ya think your boy is going to win the “Favorite HG?”

      • Well I don’t know if he will but I am hoping he will. I saw your post to me and I saw that you said you voted for my man? Did you really??? LOL

      • Snookie & Jersey Shore,,,,,,,move on over,,,,,here comes Enzo! LoL. Enzo thinks somehow he is going to be a star. Illusions of grandeur or is it Cabin fever that makes the houseguests not think right and become delusional? I loved Enzo’s family. He has such a loving wonderful family.

    • hi graves,

      no, lane & hayden have not told enzo he’s out of the game. from the way they’re talking to each other, though – they ARE taking each other.

      poor enzo… he was moping around – mumbling to himself about taking a 30 second beating from lane! (lane’s time was 1:13 – enzo’s 1:43)

      he was asking ‘death’ to just take him! lol and going on & on about having to stay in the house until wednesday….

      i think he KNOWS he’s done – i would LOVE IT if he pushed the panic button and left the house :)

      • CT I believe that is true. About an hour ago when they were on lock down Enzo was trying to talk game to Lane. Saying how if he takes Hayden with him he won’t win. Enzo give it up man. YOU have done nothing so you deserve nothing. You are funny to listen to though. Just stop the smacking nosies or hold your mike away man.

  17. The best one is: Britney standing there telling rachel with (A straight face) No my goodbye speach was a nice won, (Big Brother) must have made a bad one to show you.

    • lol chris.. brit told the guys if rachel starts any sh*t with her when she gets in the jury house, she’s going to tell rachel the good-bye was REAL and that production didn’t change anything. :)

      • I don’t think Rachel is afraid of Brit. Let the twit tell her. Just more action in the JH to watch. LOL

  18. BEST EVER…Enzo’s hair (butchering) cut a couple of nights ago.(BBAD) I laughed my depressed-sorry ass off!!

    • Im not being sarcastic when I say I really didnt see that much of a difference with the haircut & how he normally looks. EndZone needs 2 just shave it bald, he would look a lot better & younger. Isnt he only 32?

      • @Gizmo I totally agree,but the thing I found so funny was that they were giggling and Enzo was totally oblivious! (as usual)

  19. Just think on Sunday we all get to see never before footage of season 12 cast. I have my vcr ready for Sunday. In just one more week left in the Big Brother house. I will be so happy to see Annie, Monet, Andrew, Kristen again.

  20. I think Enzo losing is bringing him back to reality. Last night on BBAD, he was alone in bed away from the other two stooges. Now he knows how Ragan felt.
    Hayden and Lane have BIG dreams! They truly believe that they’ll be the next Brad Pitt and George Clooney on the silver screen. Sitcoms, commercials, movie deals … you name it, they’re going to do it. HA!!! They were even talking about moving to L.A. and getting agents as soon as this is over. Hayden will probably win and squander his money on snowboards and hair brushes, while Lane will buy himself $50,000 worth of Muscle Milk. The worst BB ending – ever – in my opinion.

  21. Oh damn Enzo is back to wearing his sunglasses in doors. Must be more lying coming out of his mouth soon. LOL

      • Where did Stoker go?
        Trish, people come and go so quickly here!
        Ya know, he may have another 15 minutes of fame outside the house, who knows??
        Maybe snoozie will have him do a “cameo”

      • She might. Have you noticed that lately Lane is mouthing off at production? Even cursing at them? He needs to watch it. Production this year are wimps. Haven’t done a damn thing about Enzo cheating or how Brit and gang would talk about their DR sessions and couldn’t care less what production said. That is the problem with this seasons BB. Need to inforce rules and stop being wimpy plus stop interferring with the game.

      • I have read alot of posts on how the rules are being broke! I only get the TV show, the rest is from this site!! Seems to me that Production has let quite a bit slip thru!!
        Have they done that in past seasons?? If so, was it as much as this season?? Really curious on this!!

  22. the fight when rachel tried to force kathy to apologize for beating her at bowling was pretty funny…

    R: say you’re sorry kathy..
    K: NO!

    how meaningful can a FORCED APOLOGY be anyway!?! lmao :)

  23. and what about andrew trying to give annie a pap smear!
    that guy was just WEIRD! and i don’t think it had anything at all to do with his religion…

  24. i just found this in an email…

    ***WARNING to THE MEN on here… this might make you CRINGE a little!! LOL

    after the competition last night, hayden said his “nuts” still hurt.
    this morning, lane said every time he walks, it RE-OPENS THE WOUND ON HIS NUTSACK.
    hayden said when he woke up this morning HIS UNDERWEAR WAS STUCK TO THE WOULD because it SEEPS a little…he said its like a burn!

    HOLY SH*T!! is an hoh competition worth all that?? makes my crotch hurt and i don’t even have any balls! LOL :)

    • make that “stuck to the wouNd”! lmao

      although.. it could ALMOST be would – only spelled “wood” as in “woody” – a.k.a. “hard-on” – same general area of the male anatomy… ROFLMAO

      :) :)

      • okay.
        that was bad.
        i’m sorry.
        :( .. lol

        i must more tired than i realize.
        better go to bed before i get in trouble!

        nite everyone :)

      • They were complaining last nite, Wow ! That seat was small, they must’ve had the Family Jewels wrapped around the rope! LOl

    • Of course it burns, Britney was near them! They shared their HOH bed with her. They don’t call it HO-H for nothing! Take that, Britney with her smack talk about Rachel and the airborne STDs!

      • nice.. a piece of friendly advice:

        ya know, there’s a big difference between being funny/witty and coming across as obnoxious. you’re leaning towards the latter of the two and that can make people not want to read your posts…

        food for thought.


      • Those were Britney’s words, not mine. I’m just referencing Big Brother. Unlike you CT, I’m not investing my self in this Big Brother board, I’m not here to show off my great personality, and if people don’t read my posts, do you really think I care? I’m here to talk smack about Britney plain and simple. If people see it and agree, but were afraid to go from what the other posters say, then that’s all I can ask for.

        Hugs and Kisses back at ya!

      • And some friendly advice to you. For someone who doesn’t like my comments, you sure do respond to them a lot. You remind me of Kathy. I think I know what CT stands for. Cougar Town. Woot Woot!

  25. Is it just me, or did Lane get fatter from the start of the show? He’s so chunky, I just want to pinch his cheeks!

  26. Has anyone heard that Hayden and Lane talked to Enzo about next week.

    They calmly sat him down and asked him if he knew of any alliance besides BG and Brenchel..

    Enzo said no, just Ragan/Matt.

    But Hayden/Lane said there was another alliance that began before the HGs entered the BB house.

    As they were laughing, they told Enzo about the life long friends that Annie spoke about.

    Well, Enzo it is Hayden/Lane and you’re going to be evicted this week just like Bratteney was…………LOL…..LOL….LOL

    • Jesus wow ….. Annie made that up. There is no life long friends. I am surprised by the number of people who still believed in Annie’s lies.

      • BAM!! take THAT jersey boy!! :)

        wow.. if that could really happen, bb12 would DEFINITELY go on the books as one of the best seasons ever.

        BRILLIANT scenario, steve!

    • Round 3 will take place on Wednesday’s live show. The last eviction will take place after that and then the Final 2 will face the jury to crown a winner.

  27. Enzo look so pitiful. Hayden told Lane that Enzo is whinning about not winning. He goes on to say that Enzo is doing the same thing that he accuse the other HG of doing.He may not win the big money but he will get something.He told Hayden that he wanted his family to see him get the second place money. Hayden and Lane both said that Britt told them that if they took Enzo to the end they would lose. Expect the unexpected

    • “YO..LET DEATH TAKE U” ..”It is What is bro”….just 2 of Enzo’s favorite eviction phrases…I do not feel sorry for Enzo in the least..Enzo was so smug and self rightous after the evictions.. then talking crap about em and laughing at em after they left the house.. Enzo is just getting back a taste of what he dished out..I don’t see Enzo laughing bragging and talking about his all mighty power plays now.. DO YOU?? Them paybacks are a bitch..and Enzo is most deserving of them paybacks..

      • By the way Enzo’s wife and Mom were playing on the sympathy of the viewers (in hopes of Enzo winning one of the top 3 prizes) saying Enzo works 2 jobs.. he does.. He is a stay at home dad but his public job is an Ins Adj but the way it came out was as tho he had 2 public jobs….They have a very nice well furnished home and as to Enzo’s talk with the camera about wifey having to go back to work his wife works for a FORTUNE 500 COMPANY as an investment banker..On their honeymoon they took a cruise to Italy..They have traveled to several states in the USA..I got some of the above info from MY SPACE (Enzo’s wife’s page) Enzo and his wife are by no means destitue nor could they be considered in the lower income bracket.. But from all info gathered and TV viewing of his home Enzo has and lives a very comfortable lifestyle.. But who knows they may be in debt up to their eyeballs..

      • Graves, ditto!!!!!!! He always said “I’m gonna do this” and “I’m gonna do that” and he never really DID anything but run his mouth!! BBAD is not worth watching now.

  28. WOW! That’s for the Infro, this game is not only about backstabbing,cheating, betraying, lies whatever gets you the money. This pity party Enzo is for whoever wins the next game to take him to the final.He said that he wanted to be an actor. By Hayden telling him not worry, anything can happen give him some hope. Or maybe they are going tell him like he told Britt. Sorry Enzo, but we’re not taking you!

  29. Brendon was not pronouncing the word Neanderthal as “Knee-ander-TALL”… He was pronouncing the word Neandertal as “Knee-ander-TALL,” which is the new name given to the genus homo neanderthalensis by paleoanthropologist Erik Trinkaus. This is why Brendon was my favourite houseguest.

    • Viewer, Brendon was dull as a butter knife. He tried so hard to be cool and he was far from it!! Rachel has him whipped and to be as intelligent as he is suppose to be seems kinda strange huh?…

      • Yes, Both spellings and pronunciations are technically accepted; however, people who say “Neaderthal” usually believe that they did not interbreed with modern humans. New results of the Neandertal genome suggests that they did indeed interbreed, so most universities use the “Neandertal” spelling/pronunciation now…

  30. Poor Britney will be walking like the ” Neanderthal walk ” for sure when her fiancee Nick kicks Britney in the rump and to the curb. She ought not have been in bed with the different guys in the house. I am not accusing her of of having s-e-x with the guys, it just did not look good for a woman that is engaged. It makes me wonder if she ever had a strong relationship with Nick or not. Why would she hop in bed with the guys? With all america and Nick watching ?. What will her explanation be to Nick and to her family. It just didn’t look good at all.

    • Rachel right off the bat said she wanted to “jump Brendan’s bones”. Rachel had nothing to hide from day one. She also backstabbed the houseguests. Rachel was honest about her sleeping arrangements, we all knew she wanted to hanky panky because Rachel said it and with Brendan and she stuck by Brendan the entire time she was on bbh. Brittney was lax with her sleeping arraingements. I know, this is 2010. It still does not look good to have a fiancee and her fiancee and his family watching Brittney in bed with the other guys. That shows no respect and no class. I really think that Brittney had good intentions but fell by the wayside. I also took her age into consideration. She is still young and impressionable. I feel the hg’s are coaxed and coached to bring shockwaves to the fans. She is a pretty girl and who knows, she might be on TV someday. As what? I do not know.

  31. You Reagan and Britney haters have to loosen up and get a sense of humor. Reagan and Britney made the show interesting and funny. They were being funny for the camera. Just as many of you said Rachal’s annoying behaviors were for the camera. And by the way, Rachel was annoying. I would like to see you Rachel lovers trapped in a house with her for one week and see how you like her then. It is a wonder she did not have a boyfriend before entering the house – she is controlling and possessive “No one gets between me and my man”. Someone defending Rachel said it is mentally hard on you being trapped in a house with people against you. Yes it is and I bet most of these people are different outside the house – the fighting, the mean comments were a way of dealing with it. I don’t want to hear Rachel complaining that her and Brendon where the target since the first week – well of course they were. They became a showmance. Just look at last year – Jeff and Jordan – of course people wanted them out. IT IS THE GAME!!!

    • @froggie. I honestly don’t hate any of the hg’s. I did not like some of the antics of the hg’s and they were all guilty of that. Yes there were funny moments and one of mine was when Brittney was imitating Brendan as neanderthal. Enzo’s haircut. He got butchered and the poor guy does not have that much hair to begin with. As I posted somewhere here, can a person really find a couple of good attributes in each the hg’s? I also think they have to step up the game to keep the fans interested and for ratings. Rachel, just standing there shocked after Ragan told her off. Rachel went outside to engage Ragan into a war of attrition and used the cookies as a ruse. I wished she would have had a good comeback but she just stood there shocked. So, I don’t hate the hg’s at all. Some of them were very entertaining and some really delivered the drama and some had really good oneliners. There were soming really boring moments, but overall as of today, I have enjoyed watching bb12.

      • Also, I could put up with rachel for 1 week, Chima, I don’t think I could. Chima was very tempermental, she’s a beautiful girl and apparently very loyal to her friends (ah, 2 good atrributes), unfortunately she let her temper get the best of her and her temper is scary. I would be leary of Chima’s temper. Between the two, I would prefer to be around Rachel. Rachel doesn’t come across as tempermental, just opionionated and very vocal.

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