Big Brother 12: Britney Haynes Interview

Hey there Big Brother fans!  Check out my interview with Britney Haynes and see what she says was her biggest move in the game!

Ashli Rae:   Do you regret putting Matt on the block when you were HoH?

Britney Haynes:  No – I think it was the smartest move that I made in the game.

AR:  Of the three guys left in the house, who do you consider the biggest floater?

BH:  Absolutely the biggest floater is Enzo. His game is 100% social. It worked for him, but I do not see him as a competitor.

AR:  As far as your game, do you think you put too much trust into Lane?

BH:  Not necessarily. I made it to the final four and had the chance twice to advance myself further. I didn’t need anyone else to go farther; I just didn’t perform in competitions as well as I should have.

AR:  Will it be a problem with your fiancé Nick if you kept in touch with Lane?

BH:  I don’t know because I haven’t talked to Nick yet, but I doubt it. Nick is really nice and likes everybody.

AR:  What could you have done differently to not be sitting in the jury house?

BH:  Competed harder! I needed to win the last HOH or POV. I believe if I had done that, I would have had a really great shot at winning the entire game.

AR:  You knew from Ragan there was a three person alliance, why would you trust any of them to take you to the final two?

BH:  I didn’t trust any of them to take me to the final two. I knew I had to rely on myself.

AR:  Who do you hope joins you in the jury?

BH:  I hope Enzo joins me in the jury because I think he played the weakest game.

AR:  What do you think the reactions going to be when you walk in the jury house?

BH:  I am not looking forward to the reaction at all. I think it will be dramatic and over-the-top.

Do you think Brit still hasn’t got a clue about her own game play or did she walk out of the house doing everything she could do?



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      • Blacks make up approximately 10% of the US population, so one is about the correct amount if you are doing a representation of the US as a whole. We have no idea how many blacks apply, so that might also be a factor. Where are the Asian? Where are the old people? I suspect they cast in an attempt to find the most interesting cast (I know hard to believe this year), not the most representative.

      • Of note, minorities are inches away from surpassing the caucasian majority. It would be nice to sprinkle flavor in the house sometimes to reflect that. The “one black person” rule is a bit outdated. Go on a limb and give us two…Danielle and Marcus didn’t do so bad. Damned that Chima!! :)

  1. Wonder if she will continue being fake to Rachel int he Jury house. She has no reason to play nice anymore.

    • Good question and I’m all for people getting along but be true to yourself. Why act now?

      But torch I give your girl props. It was a nice interview. She kinda took It on the chin.

  2. I was pretty much glued to this site and the show. I said from the begining that if the Bro-gade got to the end it would be boring. Guess what BORING. We now need Jury house feeds to get anything exciting!!

    Sorry that Britt didn’t make it. I think she is right about the comps and would have maybe even won if she had done better.

    Now, my only hope is Lane, but it’s hard to thing he needs another silver spoon!

    I don’t even really care anymore =(

  3. I think BH played a decent game, her only downfall,was being sweet, and not realizing that there indeed was an alliance.

    • Saying Brittany was sweet, is like saying sewage smells great.. I’m just saying…..

      I just don’t understand how people think she was sweet; she talked nasty behind everyones back, fake friendships, and was vile on the live feeds.

      Those crocodile tears when she was told about the brigade just didn’t seem genuine to me either.

      Are you watching the same show I am?

      • Britney got used by Lane and the brigade. She let them tell her what moves to make. Matt and Ragan tried to warn her about the alliance but she was mystified by the attention from Lane, Hayden and Enzo. She did the dirty work for them that Matt didn’t or couldn’t do. Then…..out with the trash.

      • I agree. Britney used just as she was used and her mind was always in the sewage about other houseguests. She did what was convenient and getting rid of Matt was not a huge move because at that moment the other HGs wanted that. No surprise in her game play just malice.

    • Are u kidding me? There was NOTHING sweet about Britney, not the way she played nor the way she treated and spoke about other HG’s. If I were her mother I would wash her mouth out with soap. She is a spoiled, nasty and foul mouthed person who gives women a bad name. If she is like this in a game, I can only imagine what Britney is like in real life. Just hope Nick sees the real girl and dumps her like a hot potatoe. I am so happy she did not win. Behavior like that does not need to be rewarded.

    • @What? what are you doing? you’re doing the SAME THING you’re saying Brit did, except you’re not on the LF. Tears looked real to me.

      I’m just saying… did she really mean what she was saying or just being funny… i heard her and Ragan had like a hit show they were performing most night with that type of material they made up about other hg’s.

      • GregH says:
        September 10, 2010 at 3:27 pm
        -blah blah blah… i heard her and Ragan had like a hit show they were performing most night with that type of material they made up about other hg’s.

        hit show? shows what an a.sshat you are.

        her tears were real, cuz SHE GOT PLAYED LOL!

  4. I think her and Lane had their chance to get Hayden out… They lost it, so in turn she is leaving also.

    • sweet lol..she was a bitch…laughing making fun of people happy she didnt win..wait till she finds out she is not movie star….goodbye shitney

  5. What you should have asked is whether it will be a problem for Lane if she keeps in touch with former fiance Nick.

    The fact that she mentioned – in clear and articulate words – wanting to see virtually everyone in her life – AND DID NOT MENTION NICK’S NAME AT ALL – shows that she considers her engagement ended and she belongs to Lane.

    IF THE non-mention of Nick was an “oversight,” she had numerous opportunities, in her subsequent Early Show interview with Julie Chen, to correct the error and send a heartfelt shout-out to Nick. It did not happen.

    She and Lane have entered into a romantic relationship but have concocted a fiction that their relationship is like that of Brother and Sister, in order not to “break up with their significant others on television.” They don’t want to be those kind of people that inform their SO’s that it is over via national media.

    That is admirable. But it does not alter the conclusion: these two are in love and are in a romantic relationship as a result of their participation in the show.

    • Maybe true, but what about when she finds out about Lames disgusting, misogynistic 8 second game? Any self respecting woman wouldn’t touch that pig with a ten foot pole…

    • Alana, I have heard other people reference this and I must have missed what he said that generated this phrase and this criticism.

      Are we now saying that Lane cannot “joke around with the guys” about sex and girls, etc, and at the same time fall in love with Britney and truly love and respect her.

      I do not believe that to be true.

      • karzai says:
        September 10, 2010 at 4:13 pm
        blah blah blah …and at the same time fall in love with Britney and truly love and respect her.

        love and respect her?

        what are you, about 14 years old? Lame just wants in her pants as she is a spinner and nothing more.

        maybe when you grow up you will have a grasp on reality concerning relationships.

      • If Lane cared for her he would have gotten Hayden out when he was HOH, then either him or Briteny would have been Enzo and be in the final 2. He chose the guys over her and that is something she should keep in mind if she intends to stay friends with him.

      • Lane described the 8 second game whereby a buddy is in the middle of-ahem-(don’t want to get busted) with a girl, and all the guys at the party burst into the room, start counting, the girl goes nuts trying to get away and the guy wins if he stays on/in for 8 seconds. That’s your sweet, funny, cute, sociable Lane.

      • Bonnie I agree that it was a mistake not to get hayden out when they had a shot at it. Lane wants to be known ad an admirable guy who did not backstab hayden even if it is good game play.
        Brit tried to get him to take Hayden down but he did not bite on the plan.

  6. I really hope Brit ignores Rachel. She just wants to make everytime about her…I’m sad Brit won’t be this year winner but you have my vote(s) for America’s Favorite Player <3

    • Actually Rachel should ignore Britney. Rachel actually cared when Britney was crying but Britney did not give a crap about Rachel when Miss Vegas was down.

    • I think Rachael really did think her and Briteny were becoming friends. When Rachael watches the season she is going to be hurt. I understand most of us don’t feel to sorry for Rachael but Briteny really never gave her a chance and said some really awful things about her. I hope Briteny realizes how her words may hurt someone else, but I don’t think she will.

      • Agreed, Bonnie. Makes me wonder if Britney actually has any real friends in real life. Her sister doesn’t like her. She said that her mother was worse than her with the trash talk, so it’s obviously genetic. Her mom was rooting for Britney to get with Lane, not caring how stupid it made Nick look. And of course Britney talking sex talk with Lane, sleeping in the HOH bed with him, talking to him while he took showers, and then of course him relieving himself in the shower after talking with her about smut, just goes to show that the real classless gold digging hoe is Britney. Britney could have aligned with Rachel and Brendon, but her hate blinded her, cost her the game, cost her the engagement, and caused America to see that anyone that encounters her should run in the other direction.

  7. I wish Lane would have told Brit he loved her, and that she loved him to….and that they would have been the relatives…meaning married….

    • Wade, you are on the right track, but they did not come into the house as a couple, as many conspiracists say they are.

      They pretty much have declared their love for each other, just not on live TV.

      The night she was told about the Brigade, Lane went into her room to comfort her and said “there are a lot of feelings for you.” (Not something you would tell your “little sister,” which is the cover story they’ve concocted to conceal their romance.

      For Brit’s part, her declaration of love for Lane was made clear when she deliberate left Nick out of the list of people she could not wait to see when the show ends. She had numerous subsequent opportunity to correct that oversight, if it was an oversight. She did not do so. therefore, we can conclude it was not an oversight – it was a deliberate message to Nick to get lost because she is with Lane now.

      • Karzi-Relax…She never mentioned Nick in any of her speeches on CBS. She said early on during After Dark that she holds up her hand when voting as a sign to him. She didn’t have to mention his name.

      • Mary-2, you need to get your facts straight. At an eviction ceremony earlier in the show, where she was a pawn, she did mention Nick. he was last in a string of mentions, but he was named.

        I suggest you review your facts and then post a comment that is accurate enough to stand up to scrutiny.

        Also, let’s not forget – in this ceremony, she knew she was being ousted. It was her final speech in the game and there was every reason to mention Nick.

        What do you think Nick’s friends and family thought when the saw that statement? Of course they all said to themselves: it is over for Nick. She did not mention him at all.

        Nick became a national humiliation when this happened, and everyone in this blog knows it and agrees with that. Who are you, Nick’s sister??

      • yeah Mary, you need to be 100% accurate with all statements of fact.

        i don’t remember the Nick reference Karzi brought up either… but at that time probably wasn’t listening for it until Lane/Brit became an item.

        The Nick deal is strange… only thing I can think of is, Nick wasn’t happy with her going on BB and told her to not mention him by name and apparently she had someway to signal him. Who knows, who care… well, the curious want to know, that’s all.

      • Greg: You’ve hit on the fundamental point “He was not happy with her going on BB.” That is exactly right – which is why he has not appeared on the show.

        It is also the reason why, IMHO, Brit has decided to dump him. BB12 has emerged as a very positive experience for her, even if she did not win. She views it as the biggest thing she has done in her life to date.

        With Nick obviously opposing her doing it in the first place, that creates conflict in her. Nick did not support her doing the very thing that now defines her life, to date.

        The only way to resolve the internal conflict within Brit: Nick has to be terminated.

        Even if Greg is right that Nick did not want to mentioned on TV, that in itself shows that he is not right for Brit. Is Nick going to oppose her going further in TV or show business if that is offered??? Probably he is.

      • karzai says:
        September 10, 2010 at 11:25 am
        blah blah spew …They pretty much have declared their love for each other, just not on live TV.

        gag me with a golf club.

        where you come up with this shet is mind boggling

      • i’ve got a golf club, i’ve got a whole set of golf clubs… blah, blah, blah… i’d love to a.sshat.

    • He said it all when he compared her leaving to losing one of his dogs…Gotta be some good in a man that loves his dogs..He may not be romantic but he tries to get the message

      • Yep. Read between the lines! Too many telling comments from Britney …”I wonder if I’m still engaged”… “I’m probably not even engaged any more” etc. She and Lane had repeated conversations about Nick’s reaction to being apart for so long. These aren’t the kind of converstions you have with another guy about your fiance’. And… take a look at Lane’s face every time he and Britney started flirting! Wow! That guy really cares about her. My bet is that they plan to get together after this is all over… and see what happens. Good choice! The last thing we needed was another fake-o showmance!

      • Graves and Oregonoma. Glad we are all in agreement.

        And in fact, they have had a lot of conversations and done a lot of things that “friends” or “big brother-little sister relationships” would not do:

        go to Youtube and check out a video posted by Patriotgirl entitled “Lane and Britney in a Salon” (or similar title). It shows Britney straddling his inner thighs as she applies “Just for Men” beard darkening cream to his beard.

        I don’t remember my little sister, or any female friend of mine, every straddling my inner thigh like that.

        Please, skeptics out there. Buy a clue, will ya. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck and looks like a duck – IT IS A DUCK.

      • karz, maybe someday when you grow up you will realize what JUST being horny is all about and ditch your romance novel view of the world LOL!

      • LetmestabRagan (which implies you are anti-Britney) – I know what just being horny is, believe me. If he were merely horny for her, he had, by my count, at least 60 opportunities to lay her down on a bed and start making out with her.

        He did not do that. He has a great deal of respect for her. I stand by my analysis that he is fascinated by and has come to love this little girl and he is going to pursue her, full tilt, after the show.

        I highly recommend that you go to Youtube and look up another video by Patriotgirl entitled “The Best of Lane and Britney” or something like this. The last exchange, in the kitchen, where she is wearing the orange top and after he has just picked her up and put her upside down, illustrates my points quite well. The raw emotion between them comes through very well in that video.

      • I think Briteny did the I may not be engaged to give Lane some hope so he would take her farther in the game. She is evil.

    • that would of totally made the episode in his goodbye speech if he would of said, oh ya and I never got a chance to tell you but I am so in love with you…..Talk about a lifetime moment….sigh too bad.

      • I would love to have seen that, but the fact is that Britney and Lane are too nice to openly and blatantly humiliate their significant others by doing that.

        They are both deep down lovely people who know have enough respect for people to know that you do not break up with your fiance or girlfriend on national television.

        They have undoubtedly decided that they will talk to their significant others when they get home, and explain where they are on this thing, and do it all in private, and not on national television.

      • @Karzai, to quote you: “They don’t want to be those kind of people that inform their SO’s that it is over via the national media”. And to quote you again: “It shows Britney straddling his inner thighs as she applies “Just For Men” beard darkening cream to his beard”. Isn’t his done via national TV? How is she not “…those kind of people”? Keep in mind that she is a potential jury vote and this fact is the reason why Lane continued with his usual “…a lot of feelings for you…” Why would he want to alienate a potential jury mamber at this time? Besides he is a coward and he would rather do it in a sneaky way. Wait until she gets the Dear John letter but in this case it will start with: “Why would you think that I would be interested in you except as a sordid fling? You came to BB engaged and you threw him away heartlessly and made a fool out of him in front of millions. Your 8 seconds are up, GONE and so AM I.” etc. etc. etc…

      • Svetlana I think you are being far too cynical. If he were just looking to get laid or have quick fling, he would have made a move on her by now. He did not. He has been a reasonably) perfect gentleman.

        – He openly and directly told her he has feelings for her.

        – His voice cracked during the eviction speeches when he looked directly at her and called her “the nicest, kindest lady he has met.”

        – On the primetime show last night, he explained that he misses her not because he finds her attractive (although he does do that), but because she is “funny” and “quirky” and “joke-y” (if that is a word).

        – Others on this chat network have mentioned, as have I, how his face lights up when he looks at her and is around her. His body language suggests that he sees himself as the man whose duty is to protect her from evil forces such as Brendon, Rachel, other BB players, etc etc.

        – In one of his DR’s, he said as much, saying “she needs a guy who is going to protect her.” “Someone like me”

        – He does seem genuinely sad that he was part of the Brigade conspiracy vis a vis her, but many of us believe him – and she said she does on the Early Show yesterday – that he was planning to maneuver her to the final two (with him).

      • she’s a country girl… he’s a country boy… he’s not diving in head first.

        don’t you think they need to date a few times before it gets to “I love you…”?

        i doubt he’ll get too romantic… it would be more like Lane says: “come here, is that a tick on you? let me get that for you. okay now, let me pour some of my Budweiser on that. okay, you’re good as new… you getting up to get ya a beer, can you get me one too, Sweetie?”

      • Karzai you are willing this love and relationship to happen with all your heart and all your might. You know that I almost wish that it will happen because I think that you will get ill if it does not. You are definitely their biggest fan. I will not say anything more about their relationship.

      • Damn Karzai, You sure know a lot about them.

        You said……..
        He has come to love this little girl.

        WTF does that mean?

        I am guessing that you are Male but as your posts read…. they seem like a woman maybe writing them. I think you and GregH need to get together and talk about your love for this couple your so hoping will get together. GregH who I thought was a man by the name says things like…. I picture them together. I love watching them interact with each other, and some other stalking things. If your both males maybe it’s a man crush with Lane. But you both are way to interested in them. To actually say “I picture them together” is a little odd to me.
        Just my opinion and what I thought after some of your posts.

        Now go ahead GregH enlighten us with your comeback!!!!!!!

  8. i do not understand !!!!!! Brittany could have teamed up with Matt and Reagen and won the game. Getting rid of matt was her biggest mistake. She still does not get it!!!!

    • Exactly. Even Brendon was trying to explain that to her when they were handcuffed together but all the princess could see in her demented view was that brendon was “out to get her.” This was even after he made two deals with her to keep her safe. She competed okay in some of the challenges but overall her gamne play was terrible. Her attitude and need for revenge blinded her to what was really going on. She’s a dummy.

    • Mary your theory is nice but actually not even correct. She earlier did give a speech at one of those meetings where she did mention him.
      You are in the very distinct minority in these blogs in trying to minimize this. I also note she did not flash the ring that night but rather covered it with her hand.
      Review your material and come back to me with a comment that makes sense and stands up to scrutiny.

    • I agree with you. I think she should have teamed up with Matt, Reagan and Brendon (after Rachel left). Now that would have made for an interesting final four.

    • George… that’s the whole gripe of the season, NO ONE made a power move. the biggest idiot, was the self-proclaimed Einstein, Matt when he had the DPoV… all he had to do was blow-up the Bro-gade.

      That move would have been a BB Classic and talked about in future Seasons and would have influenced future play.

  9. yes MATT BBN, i think britney played this game as well as she could have. a final 4 finish is nothing to be ashamed of on bb!

    we are all aware that no one gets through this game without trusting SOMEONE. in brit’s case, it was lane. was THAT a mistake? absolutely not! secrets and lies are what bb is all about and even with lane being part of the brigade, he was still the best alliance brit could have had in the house because he GENUINELY CARED about her.

    look. bottom line is that in the end she TRIED – didn’t win the comps she needed to secure herself and she simply got outplayed by the brigade.
    i bet “expect the unexpected” has a whole new meaning for her right about now!

    as far as i am concerned, britney can be proud of the game she played – she gets my votes for the favorite player.

    • where do i vote? just kidding… well CT, we see eye to eye on Brit. I liked her interview from the aspect that she took responsibility for not being F3; she needed the HoH or the PoV win, she’s not playing the blame game.

      her 2 mistakes was not taking Ragan seriously about “those boys” and she tells Ragan, “you need to go talk to Lane”, should have been “lets both of us go talk to Lane” – 1st mistake.

      Those 3 could have been F3; of course Hayden might have been able to block that so unless they had gotten rid of Hayden… Lane was HoH, he put up Ragan & Enzo.

      Enzo wins PoV (only thing he won besides a t.v.); takes himself off; Lane puts up Hayden then we have Ragan & Hayden on the block; now the could have happened part – Lane’s the tiebreaker and evicts Hayden.

      Now Enzo is by his lonesome. Instead Brit & Enzo vote Ragan out. Her 2nd mistake.

      All this b/c she didn’t go with Ragan to Lane and get him to agree for her & him to vote Hayden out.

      We’d be sitting with Lane/Brit/Ragan as the F3.

      • hi Greg…

        i totally agree with mistake #1 that britney should have taken ragan more seriously when he told her his thoughts about “the boys” being so close. but i have an advantage that brit DIDN’T have = i 100% KNEW about the brigade.
        britney’s explanation to julie when asked about this ragan thing was that she really didn’t care if the boys were close to each other because she was close to them, too!
        don’t forget – at that time, lane (her bff since day 1) & hayden (the nicest guy in the house) were both telling britney they wanted to go to f3 with HER. looking at it from britney’s point of view, i can understand why she pretty much ignored ragan’s ‘warning’.

        mistake # 2… i can’t really say i think that was a ‘mistake’ because at that point in the game britney had NO CONTROL over hayden’s fate. lane was the tie breaker, and no matter what britney and/or ragan might have said to him, there’s NO WAY he would have chosen ragan over hayden.
        besides, again – britney was SURE she was in with lane & hayden for f3. evicting hayden wasn’t necessary for her, and even if she DID want him gone, lane & enzo would have protected hayden.

        i enjoyed watching britney this season – her DRs cracked me up. lol
        i wish she had pushed back a little harder as production pressed her to keep the rachel/brendon/kathy trash talk going, but hey – i guess they all have a ‘part to play’ when they agree to enter the bb house!

        it will make me very happy if britney wins favorite player :)

      • Hi CT…. my memory just kicked in BB did show Ragan talking with Lane, out in back… he asked Lane “are you in this to win it or just along for the ride?”. he said win it and tell Ragan that what he said made sense.

        apparently later, probably with Brit, Lane decided he was more comfortable with his Bro’s and of course she was too. And the final decision was Lane’s to make.

        she figured she was probably #4 in line but with Lane expressing them as F2 maybe she felt her fate was in her hands, she’d have no one to blame but herself if she didn’t win a comp to get to F3.

    • … CT, if she had any brain, that girl could have gone to final two.

      But she’s stupid, therefore… didn’t happen.

      • @Madman..

        you know what dude? if britney HAD KNOWN as much about what was going on in the bb house as YOU know – i’m sure she would have done things differently.

        people like you crack me up. you judge the hgs for their moves in the house based on the knowledge YOU have as a fan who has access to EVERYTHING that goes on in the house 24 hrs. a day!! lol

        try looking at it SOLELY from their perspective with ONLY the knowledge THEY are privy to instead of what YOU KNOW.
        you might find that most of them aren’t as stupid as you think.

        OH and while you’re at it… don’t forget that production pushes these guys to keep conflict & gossip going as much as possible.
        ‘what you see’ MAY NOT BE ‘who they are’.

      • sooo true… most of us do tend to do that, human nature.

        we definitely need to take that factor into account trying to figure out a Hg’s next move.

        plus i’ve always felt whether it be BB or Survivor they always lead us to “THINK” as certain person will be voted out by what they show us and not show us things that would show us otherwise.

        that’s why i’ve got to the habit if “knowing” well, that’s the people that’s NOT being voted out… and more times than not that correct. those conniving b*st*rds.

    • Thanks for commenting on what really matters-Gameplay…I think Brit used alot of her energy trying to get Brenchal out of the house.

      • yes annie, i agree.

        i remember brit’s first DR after brendon was evicted… her first word:
        (with a HUGE sigh!)

        “FINALLY”!!! lol

        however, brit wasn’t alone in the “get brenchal out” adventure – EVERYBODY was on board for that one :)

      • You know what CT, of all the comments on here, I find your’s to be the most enjoyable and precise. You get your point across but do it in a way that is not as degrading and down right mean as others on here. It shows you have fine character and atleast give people the benefit of the doubt.

      • wow rmneimee… thank you :)

        i see no point in attacking people that we don’t even know – in the bb house or on HERE!

        after all, we’re all entitled to our opinions, aren’t we??

        my very wise mom says opinions are like assholes… everybody has one! lol :)

      • Ur welcome CT !! We most certainly are entitled to our own opinions even if others do not agree. Your mom is a very wise woman :-) She should be proud……

      • i agree Rmneimee… i search her comments out if i want to know what’s going on and read a good analysis of the situation. don’t always agree b/c i’m wrong a lot of time. LOL!!!

        i’m a BIG fan of the power move and applaud the Hg or Survivor that pulls it off and then root them on.

  10. So many people in this game are dumb. Kristen tried to warn everyone that there was a 4 man alliance and people were too worried about day to day drama and being sarcastic and “witty” that they turned on each other instead of getting Enzo, Hayden, and Lane out. They deserve to be in the jury house. And I dont see how Britney can think she played a good game. She was carried by people and believed Lane. Stupid mistake.

    • how dumb was she? read my reply to CT on above comment #11. Brit was a decent competitor and social player but had she gone w/Ragan to Lane with that plan she’d be in F3 w/Lane & Ragan right now. no guts, no glory.

      i think Evel D*ck (no d*ck jokes here) hit it when he said “All the Hg’s this season are playing for jury votes TOO EARLY in the game”. Of course, he’d say that he won a damn BB and NEVER worried about even 1 jury vote. LOL!!!

  11. Britney advanced far in the game for someone with limited social skills and limited intelligence, but it was clear she was never playing well enough to make it to the finals. She only won comps at times when it wasn’t really necessary. The producers did all they could do to guarantee she won 10K in the coin comp.

  12. i love lane to death. i dont care for him to win tho… he has so much $$ already. as for best competitor, hayden did so good so he should win. my fave in the house this whole season is enzo and lane. funny ppl(: Hayden worked his ass of though. he deserves it. hopefully finals will be Lane and Hayden, hayden win…

  13. Yes….. please more views of the HG in the jury house. That is where the action is now and the drama. I am tired of watching Enzo sleeping. … and very boring on the live feeds with just the 3 of them left. Also… why is “production” set up to go another week with them having nothing to do as far as the game????

  14. Nothing in the whole BB12 season gave me more joy than watching that spoiled little brat get the boot last week. Her attitude stinks, she gossips continuously about other people, she’s got some serious image problems (I want a man that will constantly tell me how pretty I am. WTF???), and she has a psychotic infatuation with Rachel.

    • I agree with you, and the look on her face when they told her about the brigage was priceless. Hope Brendon wins 25K so I can see it again…..

      • I hope Brendon does not win the $25,000 unless he DUMPS the trashy, bossy, controlling redheaded tramp he thinks he is in love with.

    • Steve… you make Brit sound pretty normal to me. Damn, you’re talking “image problems”, you need to be talking about Rachel.

      Let me guess, you like Rach and you think she’s normal?

      • Why hating Britney means that you automatically have to like Rachel?

        Can’t we just all agree that they’re both BITCHING-ASS, INSECURE, DUMB SKANKS and move on?

        … Although, Britney’s far worst than Rachel.

      • Madman… it was a question, it wasn’t automatic. Steve mentioned ‘image problem’ the name Rachel came to mind.

        I think Brit is normal, Steve thinks she’s not.

        I think Rachel is not normal… so maybe Steve thinks Rachel is normal.

        We disagree… Rachel is far worst (sic) than Britney. It’s okay, you’re okay.

        Oh I get it, if someone doesn’t agree with your way of thinking… it’s not okay.


    p.s. I hope that Enzo wins because although he did not win much if anything at all. He did play one of the best social games in BB histroyyy and that is what the game is really supposed to be about

    • Same here. He seems to be a genuine person too and he was the one that first one to propose the Brigade idea.

      • oops, that should read,
        He seems to be a genuine person too and he was the one that first proposed the Brigade idea.

    • Talking about clueless… how would she do that if Matt was in the Bro-gade? Matt threw away the DPoV to evict Kathy. Yes, I said Kathy, yes no-threat Kathy, why??? To be loyal to the Bro-gade. So sure… he’d a jumped at that chance to be in a 3-person w/Ragan&Brit from a 4-person he was loyal with until the end.

      P.S. Yeah, lets give Enzo the $500T b/c all he won was a t.v. all game plus they made him wear that Penguin suit and sell his clothes for charity and made him SNEAK food when he was a Have-Not. But he was social… they probably didn’t know he had that hand down the back of his pants that he used to hand them a sandwich.

  16. I really dnt think it was too bad of a move for her to trust Lane. Even though he acted happy when she was out that was just for the bragade to think he was loyal I think he truly wanted to take her to the end.

  17. Getting rid of Matt was the strongest move in the game bc he would have stuck with the brigade & she would have been out whn Ragan got out.

    Why are you people sooooooooo concerned with her engagement, her mention of Nick, her non mention of Nick? That has nothing to do with this game…he’s said in an interview he didn’t mind her flirting with Lane. It’s obvious she loves the guy, so she forgot to say his name during her speech– she talked abt him non stop! Give it a rest already

    • DC: I now put you in the category of someone who needs to get their facts straight. In an August 16 interview, he actually said “I am of course not a fan of Lane, because he is flirting with her.”

      So which is it? Is he ok with her flirting with him, or mad at Lane for flirting with her? If he is ok with her flirting with Lane, then he should be ok with Lane flirting with her. In the August 16 interview, he said he is not happy with what he is seeing and that, “as her fiance, he has a right to express that opinion.”

      Yes, she talked about him non-stop, including at one point to talk with Lane about how she was going to deceive Nick about who she is going to the next Super Bowl in Dallas with.

      She had numerous numerous opportunities to say, in her eviction speech, in her interview with Julie after the eviction, in her Early Show interview (which did discuss the issue of her and Lane), and in an interview with Ashley Raes of this network.

      At no time in any of these has she says she loves him and is excited to see Nick soon. Instead, she cries uncontrollably at Lane’s goodbye message.

      It does have to do with the game because their romance is the reason why Hayden decided to keep Enzo and throw Brit out. He wanted to keep Enzo, who is closer to himself, and take out Brit, who is Lane’s ally, so that he would have 2:1 advantage going into the finals.

      DC: Go to the bank, withdraw some money, and buy yourself a clue !!!!

      • Karzai…FIRST don’t you ever in your life talk to me like i’m stupid. i have a masters degree i am not stupid. SECOND he said it was ok for her to flirt he knew she was gonna do it & knows it doesn’t change how she feels about him. THIRD he said he didn’t like Lane bc he was flirting with her…..Lane wants to be with Britney, thats why he flirts. he tells Britney Nick is a loser bc he wants to be with her! Britney just thinks Lane is a funny guy & i don’t think she feels like the way she acts towards him is flirting. GET IT???

        Buy myself a clue….the clue i bought is that Nick being stupid, Nick being an idiot, Nick not getting a shoutout in her eviction speech is irrelevant…WHO CARES! Lets talk about the game of big brother, what she did in this game NOT her freakin boyfriend bc he didn’t get a “Nick i love & miss you”

        Lastly, since you know these people and their emotions for each other on a personal level…since you’ve clearly spent time with them. Do us ALL a favor & STFU.

  18. My prediction is that Hayden wins it all. I think he has won the most competitions, and has played the best social game with everyone. I know Enzo kissed a lot of butt, but I think everyone sees how much he didn’t win as well. The only thing he has is he has a family that may pull heart strings. But I doubt it. I want Lane to win, but in reality I think Hayden has it locked up.

  19. Britney has NO clue OR she is a brillient actress. I find it disturbing that season after season (except Jorden) women are allowing themselves to be duped by these caddish men. I say that too with some perverse respect for the men who pulled off.

    • the difference is the quality of men tht are doing the duping…had Jordan been on another season she would have gotten used & tossed aside but Jeff really respected her as a person & that was more thn just this game but at the same time he didn’t not play the game because of her.

  20. Dr. Will played the best social game, to date, in BB history…hands down. Enzo didn’t even come close.

    • our hero… Dr Will… can’t say his name w/o seeing his face… then smile & laugh, he definitely has charisma.

      ‘Ring’… ‘Ring’.

    • Will could literally BRAIN-F*CK another HG, look at him/her in the eyes, say “C’mon! You know you like that, don’t you”, and the HG would actually say “Well… yes. Yes, I do!”

      That man was a king among men.

      • his DR session were hilarious… he’d say “i’m lying my ass off… and they’re believing everything i tell them”.

        he was like Evel D*ck in that he didn’t worry about jury votes… he played the all Hg’s into WANTING to take him to F2 and then he won. It was great.

        then him & Boogie in All-Stars, it was so funny. the others knew they were being played, yet they loved being played.

  21. This was an almost CHESS FREE season. Even if Andrew did steal one of the kings, a lipstick would have replaced it nicely.

    It was a wasted space in the house. It could have easily been used to eavesdrop on the HGs downstairs, since noone was playing chess, they wouldn’t have suspected that anyone was in the area.

    • They were all too dumb to play chess – I’m actually sure that most of them didn’t know how to play it!

      • come on… the brains were flying around that house… Bren, Ragan, Matt, Andrew, maybe even Rachel, of course her version of chess would have included tequila.

  22. Britney should considered herself lucky she got eliminated when she did. She saved herself from coming out with stumps for arms. She would have gnawed them off at the rate she was going… chewing on her nails and progressing up to her fingers, then WHOOPSIE, “look Mom, no arms”

  23. She obviously didn’t do all she could have done or she would still be in the BB house. Re: Enzo, I don’t much like him. I think he’s too old to still be a high school fraternity boy. He was determine from the beginning to get all the women out. But, failure in the competitions notwithstanding, he created the Brigade at the beginning and they are all still there. Sometimes strategy is more important than winning competitions.
    But I’d like to see Britany win the $25,000.
    I hope next BB will have a better cast of characters. This bunch was boredom personified.

    • She definitely would win if it was based on the amount of “trash talking you could do about a person you don’t know”. She would win 1st place definetly. The rest of the HG’s said things about people but usually in response to someone else. Brit trashed as soon as she was in the house and did not even know the people yet. Typical woman trashing another woman and the men walk away with the prize.

  24. Britney was nothing but a nasty, trash talking, foul mouthed little B-otch, and I for one hope her financee saw her for what she really is…a low life who said awful things about everybody..How anyone could be fooled into believing she is a “nice girl” is a fool themselves. I am glad she is gone, wish the other three were as well..none deserves to win, but sadly one will..then I hope they are never seen again in the BB house…minus a couple of them, the worst group ever

    • Boy you’ve got that right. I was too weak to keep from watching this year, but this season has made me “take the cure!” Kinda like a surprise intervention, “you’re going to re-hab pal, you’re outta control”

    • Well obviously Lane was fooled then, because he has said she is the nicest sweetest thing he’s ever met (paraphrase). And he has lived with her for the past 70 days. You have not.

      • he. wants. in. her. pants.

        simple as that, stop making it into a big love story.

        you need to get laid LOL!

      • Letmestabragan: several of us were having a nice conversation, debating and presenting arguments backed up by facts. With no personal attacks, except for some gentle ribbing here and there. Then you stepped in and just started attacking people with comments. So, I am getting off now and maybe I will come back later when you get out of here.

      • Lane was fooled by Britney because he “ain’t too smart” Duh! His idea of a good time was shooting birds out of trees at night…real smart!!! Well-again, maybe they were meant for each other…

      • He also said Hayden was one of the nicest guys he has ever met. Do you think he’s in love with Hayden too??? lol

  25. At first I thought Britney was just a catty prom queen but by the time she was evicted I really felt she had the best grasp of the game. Really feel she should be voted most popular HG.

  26. isn’t it quite obvious that all the hamsters’ loved ones had live feeds and truly saw how effed up these losers shitnwy and ragan are?

    I mean if nick hasn’t alreay signed up to several dating services and if the long beach college hasn’t begun the paperwork to fire ragan, then there are some pretty clue free people in the world.

  27. I’ve looked at you tube videos from past years and overall the gamesmanship has seriously declined. Will was without any doubt the best player BB has seen. Watch some of the videos. They were all wheeling and dealing. There’s no deals being made now such as I’ll keep you next week if you evict (or don’t evict) X this week. I’m thinking BB has jumped the shark.

    I’m hooked in this year but I have to say I’m not really enjoying it (pretty pathetic, I know!!!!)

  28. isn’t it quite obvious that all the hamsters’ loved ones had live feeds and truly saw how effed up these losers bitchney and ragan are?

    I mean if nick hasn’t alreay signed up to several dating services and if the long beach college hasn’t begun the paperwork to fire ragan, then there are some pretty clue free people in the world.

    • yo hoMer… you could start with, “the simplest way would just read all the the posts with the name letmestabragan by them”.

      so letme are you playing both parts now… you & hoMer?

      i see you already ran off karzai. good job. at least he knew what he was talking about.

  29. Clueless girl… as expected.

    Frankly, there’s nobody in this sad group of so-calledc geniuses who COMPLETELY understood how the game should have been played.

    • but I will hand it to hayen for holding back like a long distance runner and surging to the lead at the end just in time to cross the finish line first. he didn’t piss anyone off, sorta sank into the woodwork and then made it happen when he needed to. of course he had a big advantage going against total nimrods at the end, but the way this game plays is that the real strong competitiors beome big threats and get booted after the mid point of the game if not ealier.

      • Hayden is like a hyena – he waited for the strongest players in the game to leave, so he could start pick off the weaker ones… which turns out to be mainly in his own alliance!

      • yeah, and?

        that’s the social part of this game, laying in wait to finish off the remaining food sources.

  30. I’m starting to seriously hope that Enzo win this whole damn thing, so that a whole lot of BBN posters could all sign a MASS SUICIDE PACT.

    … And I actually find that idea hilarious! :D

  31. Has anyone else heard that Brit and Lane are the two that knew each other before and she is actually engaged to HIM already and the other guy was just a “plant?” I have heard that, interesting idea at that…also another rumor that Kathy and Brit are mother, daughter??? Lots of rumors….any true??

    • OMG, Mary… Are you for real? Are you seriously on that stupid “lifelong friends” nonsense? Are you REALLY this gullible?! REALLY?????!

      All right then…

      The truth of the matter, Mary, is that I’m really the sole heir to the great Nicholas II, the last Russian Czar. Problem is, because I’m Canadian, the Russian government do not want to recognize my heritage, therefore blocking me and my family from getting the fortune that our bloodline deserves. However, if I could get a US sponsor to legitimize the process, it could fast-forward it, given the current great relationship that Russia and the United States enjoy right now. And, weirdly enough, something tells me that you would be the perfect person to sponsor me. My Russian lineage will give me access to large amounts of money, easily in the millions, so, if you help me, for your troubles, I don’t mind at all giving you, say, $500,000 – see, just like in Big Brother! But, see, to prove that you are truly a US resident, I will not some personal information from you, like your SSN and some credit informations – not big deal, really, since you will receive in return $500K!
      Interested? Hey, why do I even bother asking? Of course you are! So just leave your email address on BBN and I’ll get back to you ASAP to set the whole thing up.
      I am so grateful for your help and cannot wait to go forward with you toward this great opportunity… talk to you soon! :)

    • Mary, i think that in the beginning , way in the beginning of the show, when the sabateur mentioned it, people did try to think of all the possible friendships, but i think it was just made up and is not true..of course, we could all be wrong, but, i dont think its true now.

  32. the ony thing i didn’t like about hay’s game is how he turned, well dropped kristen so quickly. thanks oz for reminding me if you read this, but other than that he played a great game and it’s not the dating show, so that shouldn’t matter but i’m a hopeless romantic so i love the shomances. sorry and yes i’m brave enough to admit that. lol

    • Was he suppose to carry a torch for Kristen throughout his whole game, like dumbass Brendon did with Rachel?

      I’ll give Hayden that: he knew better.

      • the madmen, and this is why i will miss this season. we may not agree but we agree not to agree ans can’t wait for 13 so we can banter back and forth. you did it with style :)

  33. What is the school Ragan teaches at? My oldest will be going to college in 2 years and it will not be there for sure!

  34. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense that the LF buyers start a petition to force CBS to make a JH feed available on the next BB.

    Everybody who got the feeds keep saying that the house is dead right now – some actually said that it has been dead since Matt left! – and that all the action is at the JH. So it doesn’t make sense that they aren’t any camera there to record the daily events over there. Maybe not 24/7, but hell, even if CBS edit it, it still be more entertaining that what’s going on in the house! Plus, it would be a nice alternative to the omnipresent and constatn bubbles.

    I’ve never paid for the LF, but, if CBS and production make it happen, I’m there!

  35. Wouldn’t you feel stupid madman if some of the rumors turned out to be true….would you then send me my money?


      How can you believe those obviously stupid, moronic and baseless rumors that have been long ago proven bogus… but not believe little ol’ honest me?!

      I speak the truth, goddammit!

  36. Britney played a great game. She realized that she did not pull it off in the hoh and the final pov contest; these were very much a need to have won if she were to stay.I understand her point when she said she did not care about the 3 boys alliance because they were helping her to get to the next week. You did good brit! Step up in the jury house girl with you best game face.

  37. I think really answered the questions carefully, not really saying what she thought. I think she got played and she knows it , but she is just trying to make it seem like its not a big deal, like shes out because she didnt win, well, to some extend that is true for everyone, but she is not in the finals because they used her and got her to do some dirty work, made her think she had a chance, and then let her know about it. That is why she was so upset, i mean, even when they told her , she was like ” oh so you mean I dont have a chance”…duh..of course not!…She was so sure they (hayden and lane) were going to take her, they told her they were final 3, then …they let her go…she just does not want to look stupid, but we all watched it happening throughout the season, and yeah, we all thought, wow, how dumb of her to believe this…she would have had a better chance with ragen and matt.

  38. Britney blew it…she had a greater chance to get rid of hayden and didn’t take it. That would have put her in the final 3. Lane would have taken out Enzo next and then she would have beaten Lane for sure in the jury house. Britney got it right when she said she was played, because she was. Now worse of all, she doesn’t even realize it. Britney you were really hot, but you sure did play dumb.

    • hey indy,

      if you are referring to the hayden/ragan choice after enzo won & then used the pov, that eviction was not in britney’s control.

      enzo & britney were the only two votes.

      enzo was definitely voting ragan out.

      if brit had chosen to evict hayden, it would have been a tie.

      LANE, as hoh, held the tie breaking vote. there’s no way he would have voted hayden out.

      in all fairness you really can’t use the hayden situation against britney.
      lane & enzo had hayden’s back. period.

      • CT… i think if Ragan/Brit had double teamed Lane they might have been able to talk him into it. Ragan was desperate and was very convincing to Brit about “those boys”.

        Lane was leaning to himself & her in F2, maybe with them proposing the plan to oust Hayden with his tiebreaker then it was 3 against Enzo… you never know he might have gone for it.

        The last us viewers saw was Brit telling Ragan go talk to Lane… had Lane seen Brit’s support first hand he might have been swayed.

        Oh come on how could she NOT have swayed him with her female methods of persuasion, i can think of two right off hand? When she voted against Ragan that told me Lane had told her “no, we’re voting Ragan out, i’ve got to do that way”.

      • hi Greg..

        during the time that ragan/hayden were on the block, lane & britney DID talk about who they should evict.

        (keep in mind that AT THAT TIME, lane was telling brit that he & hayden wanted to be in final 3 with britney and wanted him & brit to be f2.)

        so anyway, lane discussed with britney what ragan had said about hayden being a sure winner if he made it to f2 – with lane talking as though he was CONSIDERING taking ragan to final 3 instead of hayden.. (lane is an excellent bullsh*tter when he needs to be!!)

        so during their discussion, lane flipped the conversation to a “what if RAGAN wins f2 hoh” scenario. britney told lane that lane would DEFINITELY win an endurance comp against both her & ragan, but agreed that if the other comps were puzzles or quizzes, it was very likely that YES, ragan could beat both of them. .. “he’s super smart”, she said. “and he studies ALL THE TIME”.

        so now lane was freaking out that if RAGAN wins f2 hoh, he would choose BRITNEY for final 2 and lane would be left out. these two wanted to be f2 TOGETHER, so they BOTH decided that ragan was TOO MUCH OF A RISK to lane – hence ragan was voted out… hayden stayed…. brigade was still in tact.

        lane played that eviction out with perfection. he’s GOOD!! :)

  39. I think Brittany is so pretty..whether getting up in the a.m., or during the day she always looks so adorable…I also think she played an excellent game considering what she was up against…I was not a fan of Enzo until recently as I believe he REALLY needs the money and do hope he comes out of this with something…let’s not forget that Lane DOES NOT NEED THE MONEY as he is already well off financially…

    • Brittany pretty??? the hair is worse than Rachaels. She only does it when they have evictions. The other night she put on makeup and did her nails while all the guys cleaned the house. How proud her mother must be. Run Nick run!

      • She is a pretty girl and also played the game. I wouldn’t think whether you have x or y chromozomes decides who does the cleaning. I’ve seen her cleaning without anyones help on past bbad. I am sure her mother is proud of her, I would be.

      • Makeup does wonders for some people. She is as cute as a little monkey. She even has the mannerisms, always scratching, picking, rubbing, etc. herself. What was not cute was the way she took so much pleasure in personal attacks of HGs behind their back and how she would get other HGs to join in. She’s a little bully who expects things to go her way. The nerve of her trying to make the F3 guys feel guilty after learning of the Brigade because she realized she had no shot to win! Of course she did had she played differently and smarter. Brendon offered her a chance and she blew it.

    • which we should all write to and let them know waht a psycho the have on the payroll.

      he’s an assistant at the college, but the dude has a satelite radio show from what I googled.

      he should know better.

      • Don’t hate on Cal State! Have you ever seen CSULB? It’s a beautiful campus and great school. Too bad their Communications department sucks!!! Their Argumentation classes suck. No wonder Ragan works there. Argumentation is two sided, and Ragan only gives his side.

      • Bro, CSULB’s nursing program is one of the best out there. Sure, Ragan might’ve been over the top during the game, but that gives you no reason to say that the school is bad. I personally am loving it. It’s challenging (I know everyone’s going to say “Challenging? It’s a Cal State, not a UC or private college!”, but honestly, it’s one of the best schools in California, and you have no idea what you’re talking about), it’s a beautiful campus, and the people are all around really great.

        As per the game of BB, I kinda wished that Brit had stayed. If she and Hayden or she and Lane had gone to the final 2, I would’ve kinda liked this season because it would’ve been competitor vs. competitor or competitor vs. social player. Enzo just seems like a bad competitor in competitions. His social game was great, but in the other places he just wasn’t there. Of anyone in the current final 3, I want Hayden to win. He played the best all-around game.

      • Chadders,

        They were thinking of making it a UC school for a while. I had to pay out of state tuition, so I might as well have went to USC, but I fell in love the first time I visited the campus.

        As to Brit being a competitor, I think she was just a clinger. If she really was playing a game, then she would have sided with Matt and Ragan, or Brendon and Rachel, instead, she played like a mean little high school girl, and played emotionally and used her sex appeal to get Lane to keep her. Sorry, she’s not a competitor.

    • I’m glad she is gone. I think she is totally clueless about how she is seen by others. She has no idea about how she played the game. I think of a word for her and I think clueless. She lost any respect from me when she lied to Brendon about putting him up for eviction after he honored his word to her.

      • Agreed. I totally wanted to drop kick that bleach blonde chiuaua when she swore on Nick that she wouldn’t put Brendon on the block. He was REALLY nice to keep her, but was a stupid move. He could have gotten her out of the house much sooner and we the audience would not have to endure her trashy trash talk. BUT, Brendon thinks with his morning wood, so no surprise there. He’s such a cute puppy, so he’s easy to manipulate. I’m just disgusted with a woman who would humiliate her fiance on National TV by flirting obnoxiously with Lane. She was also so obsessed with Rachel and Brendon and blinded by hate, that she NEVER was playing a game. She was playing on hate, and that makes her a disgusting, vile, flesh of a human being. I’d rather be in a room full of maggots than have a conversation with that washed up slimeball.

      • Nice…Glad to see you back…Have you read any of this karzai guy on here…Something is seriously wrong with the guy..

      • She is not a quality human being. Who sits with her mother in church and makes fun of what the other women are wearing? If you didn’t watch the live feeds you missed the real Britney. I am saddened that she won the money.

  40. Brittney played like a backstabber which you can’t hold against her because it’s the nature of the game and most of the trash she talked about the other houseguests especially rachel were true so basically it seems like people are hating on her for being brutally honest. I truly believe that for some people the way they act in the bb house does not reflect how they are in real life and that brittney was 100% game along with matt.

    • I disagree. Whether or not you’re in a game, if you spent 3 months in a single place, your true nature will show up eventually.

      By nature, Britney’s a bitch. Period.

      • yeah, there’s backstabbing and then there is just plain cutting down people behind their back.

        big difference.

        bitchney and ragan demonstrated their collective low self esteem. if I have to explain it to you, you’re not too sharp.

      • I agree Madman. Brit even said in an interview that her mouth gets her in trouble and she is sure it will in the future.


    • I agree. I really liked Brittney. I think she called it as she saw it and it made for great television. Everyone backstabs in this game… it is just the way the game works!

      • Sorry but I have to comment. Backstabbing wouldn’t be so bad, but the mean and hateful things Britney said are inexcuseable. She showed how she really is throughout the whole game, always cutting people down, thinking she was funny. How would you like to be around someone like that or be the subject of her vile comments? She’s a verbal bully. It makes her feel good talking bad about people. She was the one encouraging others to engage in her degrading comments of other HGs. She even said her mother was worse than she about talking bad about others.

    • Okay, was gameplay saying Kathy deserved cancer? Was that true? It was not funny to me to hear her joke about aborting babies & burning brendon’s skin off. She’s not a good person!!

  41. I think Britney is ugly. She’s a jealous twit that belongs in Jr High. She played Lane, the animal abuser. She tried to play Enzo and Surfer Dude but didn’t get away with it. She’s a poser and a bully. I don’t understand her vanity ether. If I had straw hair like that, I’d shave it off. She’s a phony and yet she accused Rachel of being that.(They call it projection.) Rachel is the smartest and most honest player in the game. I wish she’d ditch those balloons though. She doesn’t need them. Britney is the one who needs help being more attractive. She’s as ugly as Lane in my view. Abusers are rarely attractive. Queenie, Miss Prom and Dopey are all 3 the ugliest, most abusive sub-humans, lowest common denominator, BB has ever had. And I bet all 3 are so stupid they’d actually be proud of that. (You DO know who I’m referring to, right?)

      • I couldn’t agree with you more Deborah. SummerToo, you know you’re no top model, so sush. Brit, Ragan, and Lane are slimier than mucus and smell worse than feces.

    • Now while I don’t care for Brit even I can say she is very pretty. Her attitude is ugly but her apperance is pretty.

      • You’re right Trish, Britney is pretty now, at her 22 years of age. I agree! But, you can already see the sun damage on her freckled, wrinkled chest, and you already know how I feel about that porn hair and roots. I do hope she does some lowlights, baliage, and toning, but the superficial aside, she needs to understand that in 10 years, she’s not going to be able to rely on her looks, so she needs to develop some personality now before it’s too late.

  42. This is primetime TV folks … they need over the top behavior… in fact they probably coach them in the DR encouraging this…Brit was cast as the snarky princess and most of her comments were sarcastic but she was also funny and a fairly decent gameplayer(3povs and 1hoh)

    • A good player doesn’t need to claw their way to the top. That’s an insecure player. Surfer Dude was the best payer, after Rachel. Twittie and Queenie sucked as players. Literally. They were parasitic!

      • new to BB mel? the way the game is structured, sometimes the best players get 86’d early as it is a numbers game and if you don’t have PoV immunity you;re gone.

        on the flip side, sometimes power players that should be evicted aren’t cuz nobody has the balls to ‘make a power play’ when they should to eliminate powerful players that are a threat.

      • Just type in lane and Britney, that’s what someone else told me to do. Then it will show you basically everything and everyone. Let me know if you still can’t find it. One of the one’s production is telling them to do a retake and how to do it better is the one on the have/have not comp where Britney is dressed up in the saloon dress.

    • she got PLAYED!

      the look on her face on the HoH bed when bozo rubbed it in her face that the broGade existed, that look was PRICELESS!

      • Yes, she did, figuratively and literally. Played to the hilt! And the bovine expression on her face was priceless!

      • Still interesting that CBS could not or would not show Bratteney’s eviction LIVE…

        Everyone else was shown live, but Bratteney and her eviction was tape delayed…..very curious!!!!!!

      • Production wanted Britney to go out looking good. They probably promised her something down the road and of course she is gonna be a “big movie star” Lindsey Lohan has been on a down-slide lately, so maybe Brit can step in. I wouldn’t waste money seeing her again.

    • Barb… first of all, which one of the interview questions do you think she should have answered by saying she got blindsided? i don’t see any..

      secondly: britney did admit it – in the DR session that aired on wednesday (taped immediately after she left the hoh room), she said she “got completely played”. and then she admitted it again to the guys the day after the reveal, and again to julie chen on eviction night.

      brit is not making excuses for getting evicted. after the initial shock wore off, she blames no one but herself.

      • that is true, she did man up and admit she blew it.

        about the only decent thing I’ve heard her say.

      • she also took full responsibility that she didn’t make F3 b/c she didn’t win the HoH or PoV… no, blame game there.

        if Enzo is evicted Wed, his reaction will probably be “i’ll already know my disloyal bro’s already told me”.

        his interviews will be interesting, maybe more so ones after the initial one. Unless he’s already working on the initial one.

        will he play the “blame game”? his problem is he couldn’t rely on winning a comp unless he was in a physical one with a girl… i just can’t let go of that cheater’s PoV win, sorry. i wish they would have had multiple angled camera shots like in football. LOL!!!

      • Umm go back and read CT – I never said she got blindsided, one of the replies did. She was being rude and standoffish in the interview, saying that the only thing she could have done better was win comp. While she could have won more, she also totally missed the boat- she could have formed an alliance with Brendon and Ragan…

      • hi barb.. i don’t know what to say because i have no idea what you’re talking about.

        i responded to the comment YOU started this conversation with…


  43. Deborah…wow!! calm down…choosing Rachel over Brittany? Ya gotta be kidding!!! Rachel and her whining and puppy dog following her around like an idiot…that guy looks like an idiot!! They are a good match…

    • From my observations and research, Rachael & Brendon are the two most intelligent HG’s in BB12. How many of the readers and HG’s could qualify for a full scholarship to UCLA as a PhD candidate like Brendon has? Rachael is a graduate student in chemisty. Not many people even major in chemisty. That takes too much effort for most people.

      • And that program Brendon got in only a select few out of thousands got in. Brendon might not be a social genius but he is not dumb that is for sure. He says he is working on a cure for cancer. Nice….. Let the haters hate, you won’t change their minds and who cares what they think.

    • i think we agree both have “BOOK” smarts… too bad some of it doesn’t equate to “COMMON SENSE”.

      Bren’s mistake was Rachel, he apparently has a thing (the short leg) for FAKE. If he had used want social skills (not too bad) from the start and socialized as a nice guy he probably could have been at least been F4 if not better.

  44. say what you want about rachel, but her only crime was being over the top drama wise … she (rachel) didn’t sit around with the psycho twit and do nothing but talk trash non stop.

    bitchney and twitney (ragan) talked trash for weeks AFTER rachel was gone.

    pure psycho!

    good luck showing her face around town after this LOL!

    • @letmestabragan, I agree. Rachel was explosive and said things that are almost normal, like I’m back bitches, and the one about the floaters and their lifejackets (I thought this was clever and funny). But there is no malice and evil in Rachel. Britney, Britney is pure evil; she will stab you with a sadistic smile on her face. I have said again and again, that she is totally malignant and hateful and finds perverted pleasure in hurting people. For me the best BB episode this year was when she was evicted. It gave me great satisfaction to see this calous female finally comprehending that the final 4 was as far as she was allowed to go. She was used and played by Enzo! I laughed and cheered for the duration of her eviction.

      • So glad the truth is finally coming out! All of the people on this site were Britney fans, and it just didn’t make any sense to me. I’m glad people saw the true hatred that foamed from that evil girl’s mouth.

      • I agree i dont think Rachel was mean-spirited basically. She got her claws out when she felt attacked from the get-go. she is a fighter, not a hater. but she is alos annoying lol.

    • You know if Bratteney would have talked game or played the game more, she might still be in the house.

      NO, let’s sit around and bash HGs that are gone and have been evicted.

      What was Bratteney’s strategy: I hate Brenchel so let me say mean and nasty things about them.

      In the end, Bratteney did not win b/c she didn’t think to talk game. Brendon tried to talk game with her but she wasn’t interested.

      In the BB game, you have to discuss strategy with everyone, even HGs you don’t like…that’s how you win….look at Kevin and Natalie in BB11…..they made to Final 3 even though they did not like Michell, Jeff, Russel, and Jordan!!!!!!!!!!

      • Both Brit and Rachel are spoiled brats. Probably good examples of most women their age these days. Rachel couldn’t stand not being “apologized to” by Kathy. Get over yourself, Rachel! Britney cried about being lied to after she lied to Brendon and others herself! That’s what a spoiled brat does. She also kept screaming “how would you feel if you spent all these weeks here for nothing???” You mean like all the other evicted houseguests, you idiot? Oops, no, you’re the only one whose feelings count in this world, I forgot.

        Amazing too how Brit thought from the start that she was going to win and never let up. Never even crossed her mind that someone else might win. Narcissistic idiot.

  45. I love how there are barely any comments on Brat’s interview. Because everyone in America hates her! I’m surprised Enzo didn’t say on BBAD how weak her applause was when she exited. There were a lot of Britney fans on this website, but in REALITY, no one liked that fake, evil, vindictive, slimey sleazeball. If Britney takes anything away from Big Brother, it should be to see herself as a rotten person and fix it. You know Nick’s going to dump her ass.

    • If you go to a differant web site (i am not allowed to mention) they have polls on who would win it all in all 3 varies of who might go up. Plus on who should win the 25,000. Britney has them all beat by a lot.

      • Of course Britney is 48%, did you see all the nude pics of her! She’s going to have a better career in porn than as a housewife/hotel sales manager with Nick.

      • I do believe you are worse that Britney and Ragan together. At least they were funny.
        I saw more of Rachel’s cooter than any other guests body parts.

      • Sorry summertoo: but go to Big Brother Nude, On the home page go down the right side you’ll find britney and kisten show a hole lot more than rachel, Sorry

      • Wow, SummerToo. You’re a top model and a comedian! It’s love at first type. I hope you don’t catch those airborne STD’s as that raggedy Brat Britney would say.

      • Chris-the great says:
        September 10, 2010 at 11:11 pm
        side you’ll find britney and kisten show a hoe lot more than rachel …

        LOL! a ‘hole’ lot more ;)

    • FYI, her interview was taped and re-taped and was not LIVE like all the HGs, so my opinion is her interview was kinda fake.

  46. I am sad to see her not go all the way, I was hoping she would win. I have voted multiple times for her as America’s fave

  47. If Britney would not have made any comments about anybody the show would have been borrrrrrrring!!! Come on this is a game…you all act as if she was soooooooooo bad…duh!!!! Oh..and by the way… was she not the only girl left…she must have done SOMETHING right…calling her names makes me laugh…you don’t even know the gir…CHILL OUT!!!!!!!!!!

    • … Is is you first time watching BB?

      In previous years, yeah, people badmouthed other people (whether or not that’s part of the game, as you keep saying, that’s debatable, but it is what it is.) But the level of heinous comments that came out this year… holy crap, that was just unacceptable. And it came from all the usual suspects – hell, even Kathy was a two-faced bitch!

      Bottom-line: it stopped being like the previous seasons of BB, it stopped being fun and just became… pathetic. Now, you may enjoy this kind of behaviour from so-called adults, and, if it is the case, nothing personal, but, in my book, you’re no better than a pig enjoying rolling in sh*t… So more power to you if that’s the case!

      As for me, I genuinely think most, if not all of the HGs this year are scumbags. And that’s all there is to it.

      … Oh, and you should chill out first.

      • Well put! I can’t believe Kathy just came out of the woodworks! I was actually laughing when she was talking crap about Britney to Brendon, but then she said some really forced awful things about Brendon to the rest of the house. I think that Kathy the Sheriff was scared of Britney the 3-foot Nothing! Kathy was not afraid to stick up for other people before, so Britney obviously had Kathy shaking in her boots.

      • Britney and Deputy Do-Little are from the same state and their favorite pass-time is gossip and being judgemental. Why would they know anything else? Just being natural.

  48. Matt I love you site, since the season is almost over, I wondered if there was any way we could have a poll on this site for favorite fan. It would be interesting to see who we have enjoyed the most. I loved the poems, songs and MOST of the chatter. Looking forward to your comments on Survivor.

  49. Brit’s, game play. What game play all she did was put everyone down in the house. She is a two faced ugly B*#^!.

    I can’t agree more with Nice. Nice said it all about Brat.. She was so obessed with Rachel and Brendon that she was playing on hate. BRIT had NO GAME.

    That picture of her at prom. The one Matt loved so much was her true personality. I feel sorry for her man at home.

  50. You know, i disliked Britney throughout the game. She was such a backstabbing, mean-spirited little bitch. Although some of her remarks were humorous they were always of course at the expense of someone else. I thought when the Brogade revealed themselves to her though, i mean she looked so like she could not even believe what they were saying. But that actually made me a little sad for her? why? why? i could not ever play in that game because i am not heartless enough. Brit, although quite the bitch, is very attractive, by the way.

    • question… did Brit ever make fun of herself?

      i’m sure us regular viewer did not get any of the really venomous things Brit said… guess the stuff we heard was mainly very FUNNY and some very CLEVER. her conversations with Lane were hilarious and it seems she brought out the best in him… she was much the straight man for him.

      until their relationship i didn’t think much of Lane at all… the old country boy kind of grows on you… “$10,000; do you know how many cases of beer that would buy?”. you just have to realize that’s the kind of quiz answers he’d be good at.

      and the guy had no problem making fun of himself.

      • yeah Greg, brit made fun of herself. she would talk about lots of stuff:
        ..stupid things she’s done her bluntness has been a turn-off to people fat she was getting in the house
        ..different things that she doesn’t do well

        she was actually pretty hard on herself at times – coming to the realization that the guys were right about her being spoiled was a ‘light bulb’ moment for her.

      • Hi CT… i thought so too, i like her a lot… and find it hard that some ppl think so low of her.

        but in real life even a popular person is disliked or even hated by some.

        i just thinks she’s funny and i love it when her & Lane interact. it’s fun to watch/listen people when you see they enjoy each others company.

  51. Go to the home page, follow down on the right, There will a list of BB sites, Find BB nude, You’ll find britney nude

      • now Nice, be nice. LOL!!! Don’t think we’ll be seeing Brit on t.v. much; but i liked her too. She was funny, cute and seemed like she’d be fun to hang out with.

        i wonder if she interacted with Nick as nicely as she does with Lane. i can really picture them together.

        i think it would work better than Bren/Rach; as long as Brit keeps getting Lane a cold beer from the cooler when he needs one. LOL!!!

  52. Go Brittney! She is still my favorite and I hope she does win fan favorite. I found her to be extremely funny and witty. Don’t hate the player… hate the game.

    • Britney has enough hate to start WWIII. I actually am a really nice person, and I never go on these types of sites, but her hatred fueled my hatred, so now I’m here to battle hate with hate, because I think two wrongs make a right.

      • I guess I just don’t understand how any television character could frustrate someone so much. If you don’t like the show… turn it off. I didn’t particularly care for Rachel but she didn’t make me angry.

    • What world are you living in, Your T.V. character, She’s a real person, She not playing a character, Hi I’m BB Britney not AR Britney, Oh please

      • I just don’t understand why people get so angry on here. It is just a television show. If you guys don’t like the way that these individuals conduct themselves then why are you being so nasty to each other yourselves? It seems a little hypocritical. My opinion is my opinion. Perhaps Brittney played it up for the cameras, perhaps she didn’t. I think she probably did. Everyone acts a little different when they are on camera. I enjoyed her humor.

      • Thanks for your soapbox speach Lora, would you happen to be related to Ragan?

        I enjoy Britney like I enjoy going to the dentist to get a cavity filled with no novocaine.

        This is the internet, a chat forum, there are many walls and barriers, so I don’t think anyone is actually getting hurt by anyone’s comments to each other on here. The difference with Britney is that she was hateful and hurtful to the other houseguests, and as observers, we have to watch her do it and can do nothing about it. She was merciless. It was like watching a little bratty kid kick her dog over and over and over again. She was not just fueled by production to cause drama, she let her hate and emotions take over and her true self definitely came out. Too bad she humiliated Nick so much that he will probably go into hiding and we’ll never hear his side of the story. Yes, reality TV does have a lot of scripting, but her conniving ways obviously bled into her real life. I wish she did act different on camera. Heck, I’d even prefer her playing a pageant princess, like she was casted to be. Instead we got the Devil and her little minion Ragan. Britney makes Danielle Staub look like an angel.

      • @Nice… you’re not being nice again.

        What? “we have to watch her do it and can do nothing about it.”; HAVE to watch her, please give me a break.

        Do you think Brit just FORGOT her every move, her every word was being recorded?

        “Britney makes Danielle Staub look like an angel”, oh my gosh… you do know that Danielle was involved with DRUGS from the big dealer end of things and she seems to have a knowledge of stripper poles AND money being stuffed in her bra/panties, arrested on felony charges, and seems to have had trouble follow from her early years into her late years?

        Sorry that was a long question, but DO YOU?

        After reading your comment, the best thing that comes to mind to say is “Serenity Now; Serenity Now; SERENITY NOW!!!”.

      • Sorry, but YES, I HAD to watch her! In order for me to watch BBAD, I wanted to watch all of the people. People would be strategizing, playing the game, having fun, and every moment Bratface got, she would bring up and coerce Brendon and Rachel bashing. One bad seed won’t ruin a show for me.

  53. I was one happy viewer to see Britney get evicted. Man, could that girl talk smack! She looked like a fool – spending every waking moment talking about Rachel. Obviously the girl has some serious jealousy issues.

  54. Nice… we will have to agree to disagree. I think everyone should be entitled to their opinions and ultimately that is all they are… each person’s opinion. I just wish everyone would be a little more respectful on here. I enjoy debating these things as I really like BB, but I don’t think it is necessary to belittle anyone. I am sorry that Brit angered you so. I hope you find some peace. :)

  55. By the way… I liked Ragan too. I thought he spoke with a lot of intelligence and decorum… to each their own!

    • Lora, you must only be watching the edited versions on CBS catered to the simple minds of America. Yes, we’ll agree to disagree, and I found peace over and over again when I watched Britney get the boot. I think I heard that song “Ding Dong the Witch is dead” right before we saw that Monkey Ragan fly on his broom to the jury house.

      In regards to a fair debate, you’re not presenting many facts or examples on your point of view. I can’t really debate on generic statements like Bratney is witty and funny and Ragan is intelligent. Sure, I agree with those sentences, but since we are entitled to our own opinions, then my opinion is that my opinion is far better than your opinion :)

      • Nice… I think you need to work on being nice. You have now called me simple minded and that your opinion is better than mine. This is exactly what I am talking about and exactly why you say that you do not like about Brittney. This will be my last comment as I don’t think this is a very productive conversation. I will not call you names because you feel differently than I. I do think you are entitled to your opinion and I don’t think one person’s opinion is better than another.

      • wow! you really are simple minded.

        but at least you aren’t grasping everything as a harlequin romance novel like some folks here.

      • no, not really.

        you have no basis in reality to say that most agree, just those that mimick your view.

      • Thanks GregH. I think people on here are far worse than the cattyness of BB. I just will not go there….

      • @Lora – Don’t waste your time with Nice. I also got smack from SOMEONE else on here and realized it wasen’t worth MY time :-) I try now to only read the more sensible ones.

      • I think it is easier to throw mud than to refrain from doing so. It takes a lot of patience… but I agree that life is too short and it’s just not worth it. It is hard to have a rationale conversation with someone who is being irrational. I get a lot of practice with my in-laws and in my profession on that subject matter…. so this is a piece of cake! :)

      • No wonder you like Britney, Lora. Talk about BACKSTABBING. I actually made nice with you on this board, and then you say I’m irrational. Well, carry on!

      • Actually, I made a general statement, Nice. But I do think you are a bit overemotional and irrational about all of this. I felt like I could no longer have a conversation with you that wasn’t heated and therefore refrained from sharing my opinion on anything that seemed to anger you. To me… it’s not worth it. You think that is backstabbing… I think it is taking the high road and avoiding unnecessarily drama. To think, all this started because I shared my opinion that I liked Brittney. Kind of crazy people!

  56. Thank you! I actually did not call you simple minded. If you read correctly, I said that the CBS show is catered to the simple minds of America. I’ll read that context and assume that you are only deriving your opinions of Britney and Ragan from the edited CBS show then. That being said, if you haven’t seen the live feed or BBAD, then I do understand where you are coming from. My opinion being better than your opinion was actually a joke, notice the smiley guy after. And yes, this is not a productive conversation because you’re not debating about Big Brother, you’re debating about how I comment on things. Can we agree on something? Don’t you think Brendon is one hunky piece of meat?

      • The intelligent guys we see as intelligent. But hey, tell us the truth … when you see a nice looking woman walking by, what’s the first thing you think of: I wonder what her I.Q. is?

      • i see your point… i was just giving it back to you gals saying us guys only see the superficial… it’s mostly true i guess.

        just like the secretary joke:
        Question: So which gal got hired?
        Answer: The one with BIG boobs.

  57. Oh yeah, I do apologize if I caused any offense. Sorry if I was belittling you…

    And I do apologize, so I guess I’m not like Brit after all :)

    • No worries. It doesn’t sound like that was your intent. Were you a Rachel fan? I am still am not sure why Brendon would like her?

      • I did like Rachel, but I think I kind of saw her as an underdog when Britney and Ragan bullied her (if you saw BBAD, it was kind of crazy the things they said), don’t get me wrong, she was obnoxious and loud for the camera, but there were some good qualities underneath her insecurities. The way I see it, if Brendon would go for her, then by golly, he’d definitely go for me, haha! He actually wanted to go for Annie, do you remember that? And why do you think he handcuffed himself to Britney, yeah? I think Brendon is just a sucker for girls in general–hence his neediness. I just hope he focuses on his education like he planned. I do remember in the show that his reason for liking Rachel is that she knows who she is, she is who she is and says it like it is. I can see an introvert like Brendon liking an extrovert/exhibitionist like Rachel.

    • @Nice… now that’s nice.

      Oh, surprise you like Rachel.

      You know what surprises me? You probably don’t care but… someone who hates Britney and doesn’t like Rachel. It would be a RARE BREED.

      Why can’t we just see them as 2 people playing for $500T with different skills & strategies?

      And basically in life aren’t a lot of reasonably attractive women jealous of each other and say things behind each others backs? Even very hateful & personal things; the BBH isn’t exactly heaven here on earth.

      • GregH says:
        September 11, 2010 at 12:15 pm

        And basically in life aren’t a lot of reasonably attractive women jealous of each other and say things behind each others backs? Even very hateful & personal things; the BBH isn’t exactly heaven here on earth

        yeah, but bitchney took it to another level.

        she spewed her crap constantly and for no reason and no provocation whatsoever except to make herself seem important.

        a whacked little girl thrown into a world of grown-ups ( and I use that term very loosely LOL ) in an environment that didn’t give her everything (but almost) she wanted and FELT ENTITLED to instantly.

        there is no justification for her behavior at all. none.

        she is a shrew pure and simple.

        I hope it comes back to bite her on the butt big time.

        I can only imagine how embarASSed her family and friends are from having to suffer thru watching the live feeds an witnessing her constant non stop attacks on rachel and brendon.

        but then again, I’m sure her family and friends allknow what a little princess bitch she really is anyway.

      • Hated the Brat the whole show. I had to stop watching BBAD because her and Ragan were relentless.
        That is not entertainment to me. I saw her as a bratty little kid who has never been disciplined or learned how to treat other people. She has no class and apparently neither does her Mom. If she has to say I wonder if I am still engaged that should tell her something about her behavior. I thought she said that she has only known Nick for 6 months. That poor guy. He’s probably afraid of her to.
        This is the first time I have watched BBAD and never will again. I don’t plan on watching Big Brother anymore. They have to much time on their hands with nothing to do.

        I liked Rachel and I really liked Brendon. Rachel has a good heart. The Brat only seems happy when she is belittling someone else. She thinks it’s cute. Her and Ragan fed off each other. Their both a couple of bitches.

      • Bnlinke, I could not agree with you more. Thank you for all of those points. Britney’s mom definitely is a monster that bred an even bigger monster.

    • @bnlinke. “Rachel has a good heart”… have you got Rachel mixed up with Kathy? Holy crap-o-la, i refuse to believe that statement.

      • Did you ever watch BBAD. If you did you would see what I am talking about……..

        But my guess is your head was so far up Lamos ass and your arms all over the Brat.

        Since you said ” I love it when her and Lane interact. It’s fun to watch/listen people when you see they enjoy each others company.

        Also in another one of your comments you were going on and on about them. Then you said…….”I can picture them together”…really, you sit around and daydream about them and the kids they are gonna have and if you will be invited to the wedding.

        Where is your wife of 30 years when you are doing that? Do you tell her about the new friends you met on the show?

  58. How would you guys act if you were in a big brother with no privacy. I think at least one of us would be hated as much as Britney was. I thought DR were acting though. I dont hate anyone in big brother at all. Sometimes i felt sorry for people who were hated in big brother cause they had so much haters. Its ok to argue here, but remeber the golden rule at school treat others how you want to be treated.

    • damn, then you had to go and say that!!!

      and Rachel a bitch, what’s your point? LOL!!!

      it takes ALL kinds, i think whether you like her or not, most would agree Brit is catty.

      you know someone told me once… when a cat purrs and rubs against you leg, it’s sensing you don’t like it. my Mom HATED cats (scare of them) and cats would not leave her alone.

      my point is… i forgot what my point was…

      oh, maybe it was – it’s Britney way to be funny and get people to like her by getting them to laugh. i’m not saying it right.

  59. The same old troll alliance in here bashing and most these ppl are over 35. Just want to know why are you delusional brencha lovers still here they are gone get over it and BTW Brit n lane are way popular than the trainwreck and her dog.

  60. Brittany was by far my favorite player. She really should have won the last POV, she was smart enough and fast enough. I think she was just stressed and nervous which slowed her down. I have watched BB After Dark since the beginning till Brittany left, now it’s just not as good. She should have been the “Brains” and had a 5 person Brigade. “BLONDE 00) Come on America let’s make Brittany the $25,000 favorite!!!

  61. You trolls don’t let ppl have an opinion. You are bunch of losers who don’t make sense most of the time, think you know what the majority are thinking, don’t care for how bb should be played i.e lying/manipulating, come in to forums thinking ur the mafia by harassing ppl with different opinons and are so up brechas vagina you trolls can be their unborn children.

    • and you are an idiot. and a loser.

      so you think you know what the majority is thinking?


  62. I beleve that Brittany played a very good game and that she tryed all that she could do to stay in the house she did make it to the finial 4 she was of my favorite player’s this season

  63. How many aliases do you have letmeslapyou you are also probably Mary, Clare Ann, rose, the idiot Philly chick, I hate bratney and prob that loser Steve. You are pathetic coming on this forum trying to be a million ppl just to bash ppl you don’t know.

    • @TOer, you opened your mouth and spewed your insults and obscenities right and left at those of us who don’t like Britney and who expressed our opinions about her. Anybody can have opinions, idiots and ignorants can have opinions too. But when people like you express their opinions as you did here, they expose themselves for everybody to see what they are. In your case, you sound exactly like what you are, a thug and a pathetic loser.

    • You are really defense of the Brat. Frankly I don’t know how anyone that has watched BBAD can stand her. On CBS they never showed her being a bitch. Why? Because they cast her as the pretty little princess. For you to attack a poster on here because they don’t agree with you is pathetic!!! For her to call Rachel fake and make comments on her looks was hilarious. She bleaches her hair, she looks like she has lip injections(and they did it to much) and she looks like she has implants. And she can’t stop picking at herself constantly. So see she is not perfect like she thinks she is.

    • “that loser Steve.” Calm down dude. There are at least two Steves on here and don’t get so upset when others don’t agree with you. You might give yourself a stroke.

  64. Oh and Greg H

    I don’t know what kind of women you hang with but no most women do not talk about each other the way the Brat does. She said some really mean shit about Kathy but went way over board with Rachel. I liked to meet that brat in a back alley somewhere.

    @Nice…… I feel the same way as you, something about the Brat really got under my skin. I couldn’t take it anymore I had to stop watching BBAD. I would check on here for updates but that’s about it. I just wanted someone to tell her to give it up already. It had to have gotten on the guys nerves. How many times do you think she told them about her f ing compact and Kathy using it?

    • @bnlinke. actually i hang with my wife of 30 yrs… but the ones i did hang with in the olden days weren’t playing a game for $500T or possible new career choices in their life.

      until i was in college i never realize that a woman could out cuss a man or out drink one… i’m guessing but i thinking you may be somewhat inexperienced in this area.

      • I am not sure what your point is. You say you have been married 30yrs but base your comment on your college years as how women talk about each other. So how many years ago was college? Also you didn’t know about women being able to out drink you and cuss until college, what rock were you living under? I also don’t know what your referring to…. as to what I may be inexperienced in. Maybe you would care to explain yourself.

    • Nice and bnlinke, same feelings here. Also if this is what some people here think is normal behaviour than I feel sorry for the lives they’re living and the people in them.

    • OMG, that was incredible! When Kathy got the surprise eviction, Britney didn’t have the decency to say a nice thing right after? She bitched about her stupid compact. Who cares, buy a freaking new one, you stupid, spoiled brat. If Matt was wiser to Britney’s backstabbing, he could have gotten rid of that bleach blonde troll. He’d probably be the winner right now!

      • Nice…I know what you mean about the compact. She went on and on. First she said Kathy could use the one side and then the story changed to….( spoken in a very whinny voice) Kathy is using my compact every morning. She’s gross I told her not to use it. She kept telling the guys this…She thinks everything she says is so important and everyone should listen. Just like Faygan. This chick is so delusional. I am guessing that some people on here that like the Brat have only watched the CBS show. Because the way they edited her for the weekly show was nothing like BBAD. Also some of the Rachel haters must only watch CBS because there were many times that she struggled about putting people up and cried after the Brat and Monet pleaded their case. But for the CBS show they edited Rachel as the drama gueen and the Brat as the perfect little country girl.

        One last thing, if a chick is engaged and acts the way she did she has no class and could careless about Nick and his family. She is very immature, she has no idea what the real world is about and mommy and daddy might not always be there. And she did it on National TV. But Brendon and Rachel are vile for having sex ( if they even did) and they are two consenting adults.

        So big deal. See it’s all about Rachel. If them having sex is so vile. What did they think when Lamo rubbed one out in the shower and through his head back in excitement and then looked down at his hand. Hers a clue…….. people have sex……it’s no big deal

  65. I am concerned about Rachel. From the get-go she seemed just too brittle, almost on the edge of psychosis. Anyone that intense and apt to fly off the handle, I believe is either disturbed or perhaps chemically altered. In either case, BB should have recognized her instability and not set her up for exploitation. This opinion was borne out when Ragan walked into the jury house and she flipped out so extremely … even if he did push her buttons.
    Brit, on the other hand, is just a spoiled, narcasistic bitch who has never made a bed or picked up after herself in her life. Does anyone else over the age of 35 agree?

    • OK, I’m over 35, so let’s see: I agree about Rachel. She always seemed to have her panties in a twist against the whole world. She’d have an absolute hissy fit any time anything didn’t go her way. I thought she was a self-centered immature brat. As far as Britney goes, I also watched BBAD, but didn’t subscribe to the live feeds, but I don’t think she was the devil incarnate as so many others do. She seemed lost most of the time – like she was trying to grab onto anything and anyone who would save her, while all the time she was slowly drowning. I guess I saw her as more pathetic than anything else.

    • I agree, I would add that Brit has stated her eyes were opened in the house and she realizes she has been a spoiled brat.

      I believe realizing you’re broke & admitting it, would be the 1st step in fixing yourself. She has MANY more redeeming characteristics than Rachel IMHO.

      I truthfully hope that Rachel has an intervention, at least to watch/review herself & her actions from the BB season… maybe she’ll see the error of her ways.

  66. Trolls what else can I say you ppl love to call women bitches and sluts don’t you. Btw if you OLDER ppl don’t want to be personally attacked don’t attack others simple as that. Don’t go around pushing your opinon on others and just act your age.

  67. i think that you rely on lane to much at the end it was to late when you found out lane,enzo and hayden had a deal britney you should have listen to kristen she had known but you did not listen you just want her out because rach if you would have kept playing your game you would have follow your mind and you would be at the end monet would have never made it brintey you and ragan should have been the last two standing and you would have won 500.000

  68. Friends: I seek you help. As you know, I have been an unavowed and unapologetic champion of the Lane-Brit relationship, maintaining that it is indeed now a romance.

    However, I do not want to be one of these analysts who discards information that conflicts with his theories.

    Specifically, since leaving the house, she has given two interviews – for CBS and for – (before heading to jury house) insisting that she and Lane were just friends and that everyone is wrong in insinuating that there is romance between them.

    Two choices:

    Her comments are Accurate, in which case the theory of a romance between her and Lane must be discarded,


    She is being deceptive and downplaying their relations.

    While I personally believe the latter possibility, the motives for being deceptive about her feelings for Lane are not entirely clear to me, now that she is out of the house.

    Any theories??

    (And if there are no compelling explanations, then I will gladly rethink my analysis).

    Lane has made similar comments to Enzo since she left the house (she is too short, she is not his type,etc), but he is still in the house and his motives are clear to me.

    • they might just enjoy each others company… friends only.

      i think Lane might want more but i have my doubts that Brit wants more, at least at this time with her status.

      could some Brit haters not think that she’s capable of being faithful to her fiancee until she can be with him to talk things over?

      it not like her relationship w/Lane has been like Bren/Rach’s relationship.

      could be she has given Lane no clear sign that she thinks of him romantically or could be if her status of being engaged become not being engaged then her true feeling for Lane might come out.

  69. I think Brit has done a remarkable thing that I hope she can reflect on and use as a tool for anything else she does in life. I think getting married may not be her best life choice right now as she may be able to get into a career from BB12 that will be interesting and very lucrative. She has a way with words and is funny in a dry biting sort of way. I just think given what I saw she may be able to use all this raw talent on herself and not get bogged down in marriage and motherhood and etc. before she has become truly independent.
    As a side not I was struck by the lack of notes from Nick the “betrothed” during the HOH event. Just saying?

  70. the look on Brit’s face was priceless when it dawned on her that she was going home. I was laughing so hard. I’m glad she is gone. I think she played an ok game. I think the only reason Lane and Brit survived is because they had each other. Now Lane has to think for himself. Although Enzo played poorly as far as comps were concerned he played well socially. Remember also Enzo started the Brigade so I think the jury will give
    him a lot of credit just for that. That is a reason I would like to see Enzo go to F2. I think Hayden played an ok game too. I would like to see Enzo and Hayden F2. I think those two could also use the money the most.

  71. Actally, the America’s Choice is much closer….everyone vote for Brendon…don’t let Bitchny take that from him. He played harder than her! VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!!!

  72. Britney was hateful talking of burning Brendons skin off, Bad mouthing rachel all the time, Saying Kathy deserved cancer, Joking about abortions. The list goes on & on. I saw her videos in Britney haynes sucks in facebook & can’t believe how she acted. She is the devil

  73. After years of working around women like Britney, I am hoping she can look at her actions and try to at least become a decent human being. Her actions of talking about a person like Rachel made me sick. I hope she will learn what not to do to other people in her life. If she stays on this path, Her marriage is dumned and i am sure her acting career is over!! Wake up Britney….time to become a Woman!

  74. Time and again, I kept waiting for Britney to show any side of her, at all, that would be likable. But from the moment I started watching this show, Britney behaved like a brat and never stopped. I know that stereotypes don’t apply to everyone, but there’s obviously a reason they exist, and Britney is a stereotypical bleached blonde fake little whiner. One of the most annoying parts was the POV that Brendon won and Britney kept whining in the diary room about how none of the others had made any efforts to win, as if she herself had actually done any better. She would cling to whoever was in power in a way that was frankly rather sickening. She was also a hypocrite and a liar. She would treat others badly and then whine for the whole show when someone dared to treat princess Bratney badly. Others are right in saying that she should have made an alliance with Brendon, who by that point had every reason *not* to trust her and yet had forgiven everything. Between her and Ragan, these past few weeks, I have had to Mute any diary room moments of either of theirs because the pretentious arrogant behavior and hypocritical whining they displayed in there were both infuriating and sickening. Ragan, I can honestly say you’re a disgrace to gay men everywhere. Oh and also, Britney totally played you.

  75. I think she did about all she could do at that point–had she or Lane won POV that last time, she might had made it. Although in the end, Hayden pulled off comp 1 and 3 to be the official final 2 and I don’t think he’d taken Brit to the end. Her game would have ended before voting took place I think.

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