Big Brother 12: Who Takes Whom To Final 2

Big Brother 12 has come to the end and with it so does the Brigade. Once a force of four, the all-male alliance narrowed to three after the eviction of “The Brains”, Matt. Now Lane, Hayden, and Enzo are all that remains from the season’s entire cast and that pool of three is about to get even smaller with one final eviction.

On Wednesday we saw Hayden take the first round of the final HoH competition when Lane fell from his perch after over two and a half hours. These two competitors acted like there was a half-million dollars on the line, unlike Enzo who dropped after just 19 minutes so he could cook himself a pizza and assorted snacks. You can buy a lot of frozen pizzas with $500K, Enzo.

Thursday presented the second round and last chance for Lane and Enzo to move on to Round 3 in the last HoH battle of the season. Both men surprised me by not only completing in under 2 minutes but also correctly identified all 5 face-morphs. Unfortunately for Enzo, he took a full 30 seconds longer to complete the same task and Lane moved on to face off with Hayden on Wednesday’s live show.

Either Lane or Hayden will move on to face the jury, but the big question is, who do they take with them to that interrogation? Right now both Lane and Hayden have promised each other that regardless of who wins Round 3 they will take the other one to the end. Hayden has “discussed” this privately with the cameras and I believe he’ll hold up the deal. Lane is paranoid enough about Enzo getting close to Hayden in these final days that I’m expecting him to also keep these terms.

Putting aside all other aspects of the game, all 3 members of the Brigade entered this final 3-part battle on a level playing field. Agreeing that the Final 2 should consist of those who proved themselves during these competitions is a very fair way of eliminating the third wheel, but is it the wisest decision for both the men?

Hayden has the best record with 2.5 HoHs (his first one was the result of just being the last person on his team across after a big group effort, so I’m counting that as a half-er) and 1 Veto win. Lane secured 1 HoH victory and Enzo knocked over to Ragan to scrape out his 1 Veto win. Regardless of who Hayden stands next to, should he make it to the Final 2, he holds the best chance of winning on record alone. Even going with the social game angle I believe Hayden will win which makes his selection a flip-of-the-coin. Facing Lane or Enzo, Hayden will win.

Lane’s position is a little more delicate. As noted, he can’t beat Hayden’s record for game play and will likely lose against him in a Final 2, so could he pull more votes if he goes against Enzo? If Lane wins the final HoH comp then that gives him 2 HoHs to Enzo’s 1 Veto. Lane could definitely pull Britney’s vote, though he may doubt that at the moment, but who could Enzo put in his “definite” column? Maybe, maybe, Brendon for befriending him in his last two weeks, but even that’s questionable. Hayden would respect Lane’s competitive achievements even if he did evict him. Matt could still be bitter at Enzo for his admission that he planned to evict him on the eve of the DPOV and therefore gives his support to Lane. All Lane would then need was one more vote which couldn’t be much of a challenge.

Hayden will win against either player and just needs to win Round 3 to secure his half-million dollar prize. If Lane wants to win he’ll need to break his deal with Hayden and take Enzo. Lane will definitely win the $50K against Hayden, so what’s the worst that could happen if he took Enzo? Same situation. He wins $50K at the minimum but at least has a shot at $500K in the latter situation.

My prediction: Lane and Hayden will stick to their deal. No matter who wins Round 3 these two HGs will move on the Final 2 where Hayden will be crowned the winner of Big Brother 12 and walk away with a half-million dollars.



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  1. Lane cannot beat Hayden—his best chance of winning would be against Enzo. (I know, I know, Lane does not need the money).

    • we really are underestimating who will win becuz in the past we think someone will win and in the end someone else wins hayden has been a good player lately and so has lane enzo needs to pack up and go and let the boys face it off go lane go hayden either way i want one of them to win

      • Of course they are good players,,,there are only 3 left and the odds of winning greatly improve. Enzo wants to be carried to the final 2. He is not playing the game. Food is his motivation.

      • I think Enzo played a great game, he was a mastermind behind a lot that went on, and layed low in the comps. Lane just likes to beat himself. Go hayden and enzo!

      • Marie, I agree. I think Enzo had played a great social game. I’m afraid his days are numbered. It’s too bad. He was the most entertaining of the whole crew.

      • you guys have got to be kidding about “meow meow” because he floated on coattails…….the whole time!!!

      • The meow meow was behind it all. He was smart to get the brigade on his side – coat tails or not, he is in final three and i would love to see the meow meow get 50g’s

      • Such fools…

        Enzo was the brains behind forming the BG. And you talk about how he is a floater? Come on and Lane isnt?

        Let’s see…
        1.Took a prize phone call home
        2.Won a HOH
        3.Is Nick
        4.Aleady RICH

        1.Formed the BG
        2.Won a POV
        3.Tried to help Britney win that POV that Brendon won, Enzo didn’t take prizes like other did.
        4.Never made enemies

    • Anybody but Enzo to win. Would somebody explain why BB did not do something about him cheating (eating while he was a have not. If they don’t address this I think all future BB housegueats should do the same.

      • i think BB needs to address this matter also and if they don’t then I agree, future hg’s should do the same.

      • @Matt (BBN)… can you suggest the best way to get word to BB that Enzo’s cheating HAS to be addressed.

      • Sorry… -or-
        @Ashli Rae (BBN)… can you suggest the best way to get word to BB that Enzo’s cheating HAS to be addressed.

    • Lane doesn’t realize that ( he’s not too bright). If he wins, he’ll take Hayden even though Hayden has won way more competitions. It’s already set in stone – Hayden has won the 500,000.

  2. I do not really care who wins anymore. I was a Brenden and Rachel fan from day one. The only thing I am happy for is that spoiled brat Brit is not in the finals. Anyway, I guess I am pulling for Hayden and Enzo to be in the final two. They both played good social games!

      • I agree with Jeremy about Brit and I also liked Brendon and Rachel, even though I thought she was somewhat immature socially, but she was not mean spirited like Brit or Ragan. I hope more viewers decide Brendon is more deserving to be America’s player and do not let the last week of Brit’s stay soften them on her. She is the true “mean girl” and should not be rewarded for her twisted behavior. That was not good game play. Brendon competed well. Rachel’s behavior, I’m sure, was influenced by Big Brother to give us something to watch besides HGs sleeping.

  3. Lane and Hayden agreed to stick together from day one..I believe they will honor their deal..So Hayden will take Lane to the final 2..(and vice versa)..!!

    • i think so too. i believe Hayden deserves 1st and deep down wants 1st but $50T is nothing to sneeze at.

      hell, if $5T was more than Hayden made the last 2 years combined, need I say more?

      • i think hayden will win the money he has been a good player so has lane and ezo has been funny though the whole game

    • i hope hayden and lane are final two, because i believe hayden can beat lane, and i’ve been cheering for hayden since i first started watching. plus he’s a great competitor and has been trying so hard. just look at all the competitions he’s won.

  4. Enzo played a good social game when he was so cocky about his alliance. Yes he was friendly and funny, well now that he has proved to REALLY be a floater and now not so cocky he has become a whiner like Reagen. He is embarresed of himself and how hes done. No more cracking and laughing he is done and i am glad. He should be embarresed and so should his family. wait till he finds out what most people thought of him and his antics. I hope hayden takes it all. My favorite is gone.

    • I could not have said it any better! Amen! I hope Enzo discovers just how unpopular he really is.

      • if you saw Enzo walking down the street… would you yell “Hey Enzo, you suck.”?

        what if he was with this family… would you yell “Hey Enzo, you suck.”?


        “Hey Enzo… make my pizza, pepperoni & mushroom”.

    • Every player is under tremendous stress. It’s been a shock to Enzo that he lost and he suspects he is not going to be in the F2. Wouldn’t you be depressed and down on yourself if you were in that situation?

      Just watching Hayden last night one knew that he was under stress and scared of what might happen.

      They all complain about pimples — again alot of stress. Of course, they eat crap food which doesn’t help.

      Unlike Ragan who cried and hid away talking to himself, Enzo has pulled together and joined the other guys. Just be a little sensitive and think about your self in that situation. You may understand what he’s going through.

      • I couldn’t agree with you more. Come on Hayden, this is a game.. not about your best buddy and you getting fame, go for the damn win! I think if he takes Lane he will be happy to get his 50 G’s. What the hell, you pick Enzo, same result but perhaps much better odds. Enzo, snap out of it! Grow a pair and step it up!!

      • What are you talking about the first two days after Lane won the second part of HOH all Enzo did was stay in bed, just like Ragen. He only got up and out of bed because BB MADE him. The worst part of it all, this is also coming from Lane and Hayden is that Enzo was sooooo mean too others ie Rag, and Brit when they were upset about going home and now he is doing the exact same thing. Hypocrite much

    • I believe the only people who like Enzo either did not see him on BB AD playing with himself or they are related or are friens with his family. I fell so sorry for his wife, she is married to a real loser

    • Nicki I agree I don’t think he is as funny as he thinks he is and the fun is over. IF you watched last night you can see he is done for. I think he knows he is going home and nothing can save him now.. He was lazy on that rope. He could have stayed on there longer..He just dosen’t need the money. He has it in his mind he is going to be a movie star.

  5. This is stupid. I want Hayden to loose because he is an idiot and he does not deserve to win. He didn’t do any powerplays. He is so annoying. Out of these 3, I want Lane to win, but the only way Lane can win is if he takes Enzo to the final 2. And to do this he needs to win final HOH. But this would mean Enzo wins 50 G, which I AM TOTALLY AGAINST, Enzo does not deserve a penny. So I would rather see Lane loose to Hayden than Enzo win a dime. So I really hope Lane wins final HOH, takes Hayden, and also somehow wins the game. I want Enzo to be evicted and start swearing during the live finale and get in crap, lol! And I hope Brendon or Rachel win the 25 G which they obviously will, I want Rachel to win it because I love it when Rachel wins stuff and she gets so excited and happy, lol imagine her winning that on the finale and jumping up and down lol. And I want Ragan to loose his 20 G for being a horrible Saboteur, Annie was 1000000000x better but she jumped too fast and got evicted. OMG I CANT WAIT TO SEE MONET ON THE FINALE!

    • I can tell you right now, Rachel will NOT win Americas Favorite Houseguest. She has been the most hated person in the house from week one…

      Brendon doesn’t deserve to win it either…he was a wuss who was begging to get out of the house that so many people would love to be in for a nasty girl he had just met. What happened to him wanting to win the money to help his drug addicted brother get some much needed help…or what that a lie? That would be as bad as Matts lie about his wife’s illness.

      I think Britney will win AFH…$25,000 Every poll I have seen has her so far out in front I can’t see how she can be beat. She played one of the best games and she out lasted all of the other by far…she went out with grace and dignity and my vote is also for Britney to win AFH!!!

      • Don’t know what pools you are looking at, Thank god that not all of use have such a narrow view, You say America won’t vote for rachel because she’s Nasty, and most hated, And then you say how great britney is, What BB have you been watching all season.

      • I agree with Lisa; she’s correct about the polls – every one I’ve seen has Britney a favorite to win AFH – and perhaps she should, since she had no chance at being in F2 since the very beginning of the game and she made it to F4 despite the stronghold the Brigade had on the house.

      • @Lisa- Rachel NOT winning AFH??? Are you the ONLY one voting?? Guess what??? I’m voting for Rachel and Brendon to win. Maybe one of them will. She has a chance. Brendon fought hard to stay after Rachel left. Obviously he doesn’t have much family support……. These people talk about sharing their money if they win, BS!!! Once one of them win that money they will spend it on themselves. Think about it. 1/2 million today in the hand of someone not raised with a silver spoon in their mouth will go through the money in 6 months to a year on toys, cars and partying. I’m glad Brittany is gone she is mean and hateful. Just think back when she and Monet would rip Rachel apart attacking her body parts and her looks then Brittney teamed up with Reagan. I do believe they both will regret their behavior. Yes it’s a game but no need to get so personal and hurtful.

      • Brendon Did all that & then some when Rachal went to Jury! I’m voting for Brendon because He deserves it AND he said, He is trying to find a CURE FOR CANCER!! He told that to MATT!!! :) Brendon is a nice young man!!!

      • I agree. My votes for the $25,000 is also for Britney; not because she was the last woman standing but because she played a good game. Other than Rachel (whom I can’t stand and I hope she does not win the money)she was the only other female in the house who won any comp’s.

        Also don’t want Brendon to win. He was nothing but a “pussy” who followed Rachel like a lost puppy.

        I hope Lane wins the final HOH, gets rid of Enzo, takes Hayden to the final 2 and then wins it all (although I think Hayden in the final 2 will win it all).

    • Wow Abby… you’re all over there!!! LOL.

      No… Rachel ain’t winning no $25T except maybe through Brendon. She’d get excited for him, wouldn’t she? So you’d get your wish that way, right?

      Would you feel better with Lane/Brit/Ragan as the F3? Well, that ain’t going to happen for sure.

      WHO’S Monet? What are you waiting to see her for? Oh, I know “to see her roll her eyes” at everything Rachel says.

    • I guess you missed all the disgusting things that Lane has said. Did you forget about the 8 second game he spoke about? Or how about how he wants Hayden to give him his winnings to invest in the oil business (which Lane says he’d keep the money). Lane is a big ole lug, brawler, drinker and only can think about exercise, bar hopping and getting into bed with a woman. Ugh…who would want him?

      • carol and dimo-
        are you serious? Did it say these things about lane on tv or somewhere? and if so, where? the animal thing was just a joke (texans get that!) and while he might be big, i don’t think he’s all that other stuff you said. So – this is your OPINION only, right???

      • Teasherlady – Lane said these things. haven’t you been watching all he talkes about is the bars and brawls.

      • Carol As far as Lane did you see last night show.He started singing “faggetmen are maggetmen” Of all people Enzo corrected him. The 8second thing was bad but he topped himself with that little number.

      • so let’s give all those lane bashers a round of applause…..

        still think it will be a hayden lane final two.

  6. This season has seriously sucked, the only real players got evicted by the worst alliance the game has ever had, the Brigade. I couldn’t stand Rachel the whole season, but she deserves the money more than the other two, Ragan deserves it for having no one to trust towards the endstage of the game, and still be the best persuader in the house, Britney for being targeted in Week 2, and still winning the most competitions so far (4), and even Kristen deserves to win for actually being able to voice her opinion against the HoH. Unfortunantly, none of these people can win, so hopefully Enzo loses (all I want), and hopefully Season 13 is better.

  7. If Lane wins, he needs to take Enzo, although Enzo might win over him. If Hayden wins, it doesn’t matter who he takes because he can beat both Lane and Enzo, but just to make sure he needs to take Enzo as well. Enzo doesn’t derserve to be in the final two, but he needs to be there in order for Hayden and Lane to win.

    • Enzo doesn’t deserve to be in the final 8. What the hell haas he done to deserve to be in the final 3. Everyone has drug his sorry ass to the final 3. He’s the “Natalie” of this season. He doesn’t deserve a dime. Well wait a minute. I do hope he gets a little money to pay for some lessons in manners. All three of them are crude and rude. And where in the hell did they learn table manners like that? Where were their mothers? Enzo is disgusting and nobody says anything. And please Heyden, learn how to eat peanuts. That shouldn’t be a hard task. Night before last, Heyden and Lane ate a hot dog in 2 bites. But the one that had them beat. BRENDON He could eat a whole chicken breast or a whole pork chop in one bite. Put a whole salad in his mouth at once. Chew it twice and swallow. I’m amazed at what pigs they are. Hope they’re embarrassed when they see it all back. Especially Enzowith all those smacking sound effects. How can his wife eat at the same table with him?

    • Niko… have you not learned, Enzo wins NOTHING?

      Enzo would be 2nd, no matter who TOOK him. But I think it’ll be Hayden/Lane with Surfer Dude winning it all (& deserving it) and Lane with a calculator in the Finale figuring how many cases of beer he can buy with 2nd place.

      • thanks Niko… i forget & muscle milk, whatever the hell that is.

        ok, i going to google… the thing you’ve got to do to learn now a days.

      • OMGosh… and it comes in 31 different favors and it’s around $20 for a 1.65lb jar of High Protein Shake Mix.

        what do you mix it with… back to Google.

        i guess water… here’s a deal $25 for 2.47lbs.

  8. Hayden will take lane to show he is not a double crosser. Lane will take Hayden and diss Enzo to get revenge for enzo’s zeal to oust Britney,

    • can’t wait to see Enzo’s face… unfortunately they will probably let him know ahead… maybe we’ll see the replay of that; it would be nice to see after the replay of the “bro-gade reveal” to Brit.

      i’d be surprised if Enzo didn’t tear up though an explosion would be more plausible but i think Hayden/Lane can handle him.

      Hey Bro, you had you chance to win 1 of the last 2 comps… you couldn’t man-up but you can be proud to have made the F3 just like Brit can be proud she made F4.

      Actually the way Enzo handled that reveal to Brit; before, during & after should made it EASIER for Hayden/Lane to give Enzo the bad news.

    • Lane and Hayden should remind Enzo he will surely win America’s Vote, so the remaining brigade will win the big money. Enzo is so disillusioned, he’ll bite.

  9. First I would like to address the comments about who “needs” the money or “doesn’t” need the money. This is a game and it comes down to who has connived enough to win the game. I feel that Lane knows if he goes to F2 with Hay it’s 2nd place. There is no way that he will be voted to win.

    I love that the brigade is in the final 3. They set out to win this thing from day one and congrats for doing just that.

    Brit did a good job influencing the 3 guys by saying that Enzo would get the JH votes. She was did a job on those guys. If she had kept quiet I believe Enzo would be part of F2.

    • Sorry for typo error.
      I’m sad that Enzo didn’t come through on the final comps at the end. I really would have liked to see him win something.

      Haydon will not take Enzo because he believes what Brit said about the JH voting for EnZo.
      I’m not sure she is correct, I think the JH would look at who won the comps and social play second.

      Sorry to see you go Enzo = you made me laugh through the whole season. You are a good guy, okay language is salty but so was everyone else’s.
      I’m disappointed the most in Lane, especially after his 8 second game comments. He is crude, a lug and the least intelligent of the house. A brawler and drinker…floating by in life. He should be grateful his dad can put him to work. Do you remember the comment he made to Brit that he wanted Hay to invest in the oil business and then take his money. Real class guy!

      • Had Enzo came 2nd, 3rd or may be even 4th consistently in competitions, he might have a shot. Being pretty much dead last in everything guarantees hardly anyone will vote for him. He needs someone hated by everyone and neither Hayden nor Lane fits that description. So bye bye Enzo!

      • Which would be a good reason for Either H or L to take Enzo in F2. It would guarantee they would win, right?

    • Every person who’s ever been on this show has set out to win, and every season somebody has. That’s not really a monumental accomplishment.

  10. Lol, when I said this people just go taking Enzo will be stupid, atleast Matt isn’t as blind as everyone on this site. Anyway, Hayden already won, doubt Lane is going to beat him in the last round, Hayden played the best game this season so he deserves to win.

  11. Enzo sacrificed so much to spend the summer in the People’s Republic of California, as we witnessed in last week’s visit to his home & family. (By that I mean his wife is really really hot.) He has already accomplished in his personal life much more than 500k could buy, and it’s nice to see when good things happen to good people.

    • No body FORCED Enzo to leave his family. Many others have gone on reality show’s and had to leave their family members. I don’t feel sorry for him for that reason. I feel sorry for him because he is one of the most immature, nasty, pathetic example of what a man and a father should be…and all of the making fun of people for being upset when they know they are leaving, since he lost [once again] the comp against Lane and he knew he was a goner, he has done nothing but whine and cry like a baby…if he even gets out of bed. Enzo go home PLEASE!!!!!

      • so what if he did Carol? She is entitled to have an opinion and a favorite just like you are. No all of us here HAVE to like Enzo!

      • Lisa I agree with you Enzo probably wanted to get off work for a couple of months and get paid for it. I am sure he is making more than he would at home. His wifey said he has two full time jobs. Yeah sure. His job is baby sitting while wifey goes to work..They showed two different houses. Where does he live..

      • I agree; please send Enzo home.


        I am glad tonight is the finale as I don’t think I would watch one more week of him.

  12. Hayden is the biggest double-crosser in the game. He also agreed with Matt on the second day to go to the end. Lane is the laziest, dumbest of the two and Enzo is just limited. I do no think I am go to watch the final. I was watching BBAD last nite and had to cut it off. All they think about is how famous they are going to be and steamboat. If Hayden thought he could go to the end with Enzo. He would.

  13. If Hayden makes it to F2, he wins, period. He has postured every one of his goodbye tapes to leave a positive impression and message to the evicted houseguests on the jury.

    If Lane makes it to F2, I’m not sure he could win against either one. His hat was tipped in his HOH win that his family is loaded and he has a cushy job.

    But the big question if it was Lane vs. Enzo would be whether the jury would hand the money to Enzo since he really did nothing throughout the season other than get in an early alliance and vote the way they told him. I don’t think that can be respected.

  14. I’m amazed that Matt thinks his actions are funny. He’s absolutely unapologetic. What an ass!! But I would’ve like to have seen if he’d won and then told everyone. I wonder what the reaction of the HG’s would’ve been. I heard Lane’s 8 second rodeo rape story but who did he tell it to? And what were the listeners reaction? That also is telling of character..
    The whole conversation was very interesting last night when Enzo and Lanegot into a discussion about who was worse…Lane was saying the words Faggots…maggots. And Enzo was calling some women Pigs. This is how disrespectful each of them are. And they were telling each other how wrong they were for doing that. What hypocrits!!!!

    • He told it to Britney, Hayden, and Enzo. They were surprised, but laughed. I think it had to be explained to Enzo, but Britney looked like she understood exactly.

  15. after hearing enzos wife say that Enzo works 2 jobs. I want him to walk away with something Hayden dont need the money and Lane well hes got more money in his bank then he would win

    • Actually Hayden needs the money the most, Enzo having to job is probably temporary cause of the baby. Hence he is an independent insurance adjuster and has a huge family living with him, the 2nd job is probably just so it doesn’t kill the budget of his other so he can support having a new born child.

    • Enzo does work 2 jobs..his public job is an Ins Adj..2nd job is a stay at home dad..ENZO and his wife enjoyed a honeymoon cruise to Italy and have visited sevral states in the US. The home they live as shown on TV was well preserved and furnished. Enzo’s wife works for a Fortune 500 Company as an investment banker..Enzo and his family are not lower income by any means..Now that is not to say that they are not in deep in debt..But it appears that they are no more in need of the money than any other HG..

      • Exactly Grave, I guess people can’t just take the hint from all the nice furinture and large family size he can support. If Enzo did really need the money he probably would have killed himself trying in each competetion. Hayden on the other hand says he barley has enough to eat in college so if someone “NEEDS” it the most it would be him.

      • I agree with Jerome. The only time Enzo hustled was when he and Ragan were fighting for Veto (and of course we’ve all heard that Hayden called out answers to Enzo).

        If he had hustled even a little in these competitions instead of just going in half-heartedly and then being mad because he didn’t win, I might respect his play a little.

      • I am not about “WHO NEEDS THE MONEY” I am about game play..BB and Survivor have awarded the money several times for personal reasons..Last year neither Natalie nor Jordon were top comp winners but both were in final 2.. Natalie’s lie about her age and being shown on the tapes as to not even trying to win competitions was her downfall along with her bad attitude. Jordon did try to win comps and she was for the most part up front with people unless she was mislead by Kevin & Natalie..EVELDICK was a complete jerk but he won on gameplay..On Survivor (2 shows) Russell was the best overall game player but he lost both times cause nobody liked him….Russell was a millionaire and didn’t need the money but he would have had my vote cause of his gameplay..Now I don’t see anybody but Matt liking any of the final 3 after the Brigade alliance comes out..Hayden’s family has money as they own several resturants and bars..Lane’s family deals in oil..Enzo’s wife is an investment banker (above average salary). So needing the money should be secondary to gameplay..So in truth none of the final 3 are in dire need of the “money”.

    • Yes, you have to give credit to Enzo for working 2 jobs and doing the best he can to support his family. That would be nice if he got the money from the America votes. This game is based on who played the best game, not who has the most or least money. I didn’t like some of his antics on camera. I really admire Enzo for being a good husband, a good son and a good dad and for supporting his family the best that he can. When I saw his family on camera, it made Enzo a real human being, not just a character or player on BBH.

      • First of all Enzo doesn’t work two job’s, He works at two job, (1) He is a self employed INS adj. He works for himself, (2) He salls real estate, That’s his two jobs.

    • Maybe Enzo WAS working 2 jobs, but after BB, he is going to be a star! He said so (repeatedly) himself. Between his rap career and the movie starring him and the brigade, he’ll be okay.

      • Who cares if he works one or two jobs. Enzo was a great charachter on this years show…I vote for Enzo to receive the 25K.

    • Enzo doesn’t work two jobs…she said that to make him look good. He said on the live feeds that his job as a realtor he only did once and didn’t care for it so he doesn’t do it any more and his other job as an insurance adjustor he only works 3 or 4 hours a day. She makes $250.00 a year so say’s Enzo so I don’t think they are hurting for money. I don’t think she expected him to tell the country how much $ she makes and how little he works…she should have given him orders to keep his big mouth shut…impossible for him!!!

    • Tommy wood do you really think Enzo works two jobs. He dosen’t move fast enough to work one job right. Lane has it made and Hayden well I just don’t know about him. When they were cleaning the house he was walking aroung looking for things to throw in the garbage can just to look busy. That was pretty bad.

  16. Matt@BBN, this is my first time or my 5th time commenting on your website.. Your site has been the best by far. I have looked into other websites and they are not as lively as your website. I have been a big brother fan since day one and I love the show. This has been an awesome place for me to comment and I will do the same when Survivor returns..(another favorite of mine). I love the interaction with all the commentors. It sure has been interesting to read the different comments from different commentors. Never a dull moment here at BBN. Thank you Matt for having such an awesome site for all of us to comment. Your site is the best by far,,,,I don’t comment on any other site. I love your name, I have identical twin boys and their names are Marshall and Matthew. I am giving my age away, my sons are about your age Matt. Once again, thank you for an incredible website Matt.

  17. lane should take enzo. he will be guaranteed 500k.
    hayden will win if that doesnt happen.
    wat if, just think for a second if enzo won the whole thing? how terrible would that be? lol

    • Lol, blame Britney she got into everyone head that the jury house would vote for Enzo if he makes final 2. For someone who wants Lane to win she made a stupid move before she left.

      • Don’t u folks read between the lines??? Brittney was telling Lane and Hayden that Enzo would win to try and secure herself a place in final 3..Brittney told Enzo what he wanted to hear..”u have my vote” which of course was a lie…Brittney is a female and she was scorned by 2 guys that she considered friends..(she never trusted Enzo at all). She may be cool and calm on the surface but but I wouldn’t want to hear what she says to them guys after the cameras stop rolling on the season..

      • You’re right about what two faced Brit is saying in the JH. She is something else. Please please please just go back to Ark.

  18. i honestly don’t see this working any other way than a lane/hayden final 2.

    hayden will win, but i think lane will be perfectly okay with that. he will graciously accept 2nd place and be happy that it was one of his ‘best buds’ that won first!

    these two have sooo much in common in their real lives that i just don’t see one leaving the other behind – they will be great friends for many years to come.

    gotta love a happy ending :)

    • damn it CT… i was going to say that. LOL!!!

      i see it the same but stranger things have happened… but knowing this we can start switching gears for Survivor next Wed. Oh, Yeah… you tell us Jeff.

      maybe i’m a romantic but i’d like to hear Lane or Brit or both say something at the Finale… I know Lane has said he’d like to take Brit home to meet his family and she has stated she has no idea about her status.

      • I am looking forward to the finale to see what Britney asks Lane as her jury question.

        I am also watching to see if Lane’s family comes down to the center stage and meets her after the winner is selected. Lots of dynamics going on.

        With her eviction speech, which clearly enunciated all the people she misses, and pointedly left Nick out, she has basically signalled that her engagement to Nick is over and she is with Lane now.

        I will be watching the tabloids and local news media to see how soon after the show she visits him in the Dallas area.

      • @GREG…

        i’m not so sure about our scenario now greg.

        we may have an “upset” in the making if lane wins hoh.

        read the info i received today on the next page (2) – POST #10.

        let me know what you think…

      • @karzai,

        i’ve been reading your posts about britney & lane and just wanted to tell you that i’m on your side :)

        i’ve said numerous times on here that i think lane IS nick – and i still think that!

        i decided a while back to just leave it alone and see what happens… but as i’ve read how passionate you are about this subject, i just wanted you to know that you’re not alone! lol

      • CT… I happened to see that comment and posted this reply –

        Lane would have a chance again Enzo as compared to Hayden but I think Lane’s playing Enzo & us.

        It’s mot… if Hayden wins the HoH which I’m guessing is a 90% chance, figuring he has the best chance in a quiz. But anything can happen.

        + this is new:

        i really believe Hayden/Lane will live up to their pact… the problem is you just can’t say for 100% sure b/c $500T is a lot of money and unfortunately GREED is the dominant sin of human beings.

  19. I wonder if Brendon and Rachel would vote for enzo in final 2 because Rachel hates floaters. Didnt britney said enzo had her vote? Now she wants enzo outs. I seriously want to see the jury house now!

  20. I think Hayden will win. He deserves it. Also I want to see a 55+ senior BB. it would be a hoot. Seniors have life experiences to talk about, they are opinionated and some are plain cranky! It would make for interesting TV!

  21. I feel Hayden & Enzo are in final 2…. lane don’t need nothing… 25k should be given to reachel. Or Brendan

  22. Has anyone figured out who the 2 HGs that are life-long friends? We haven’t heard about that in a long while. I am wondering if Brit & Lane are really a couple and there is no Nick, the fiance. She didn’t mention Nick in her eviction speech. There is chemistry there and I think they might have an “alliance” that no one has discovered. Lane can’t be as simple as he seems. Brit is my favorite because she is witty.

    • Molly there aren’t any life along friends in the house, That was a lie that Annie made up when she was the first Sab.

      • Molly, Chris is correct – no 2 life long friends, but I did find it interesting that Brit did not mention Nick in her final speech.. Maybe he saw what most of America saw… I don’t understand why everyone thinks she was so great. I thought she had quite the mean streak!

    • it just won’t die, will it? i believe that will be reveal RIGHT AFTER WMD ARE FOUND IN IRAQ. sorry to get political.

      yes, Lane is that simple… he’s just an old country boy, who can make fun of himself, drinks beer and is funny as hell.

      btw… someone awhile back mentioned she couldn’t believe that Lane would shine a light into a tree at night and shoot a BIRD… LMAO!!!

      I’d believe that would be a raccoon he’d be shooting. You know those little animals kind of with eyes like Kathy, with a Zorro mask on.

      • Ducks fly, (i live by a pond and we have geese and ducks and mudhens) the critters he was talking about are ‘coons, possum or hoot owls which I believe are nocturnal critters. In Texas, some parts, they have fireflies that glow in the dark. Now, it all depends if Lane was drinking or not and how much. Lane might have perceived the fireflies for “eyes” if he was drinking alot. I was raised in Texas.

      • Also, ducks don’t hang out in trees. I have seen them during the daytime fly to a tree branch if they feel they are in imminent danger. We also have egrets that are a large white bird and they hang out in our weeping willow trees located in the center of our pond. Coons look like a lighted xmas tree when you shine a light at them at nighttime and all you see is a bunch of eyes. Hopes this helps you.

      • can’t say i will ever see a duck in a tree unless you tie it to a limb… those web feet don’t fit on a limb.

        if a duck grabbed onto a limb it would end up hanging upside down.

      • of course strange things can happen… to divert from BB.

        i caught a possum on a rod/reel laying on the bank w/crayfish on the hook. i was reeling in a catfish on my other rod.

        and i caught an owl on an artificial frog lure in the dark of night and thought I had snagged a duck or goose.

        not on the same night. LOL!!! just netted; remove hook from possums mouth and the owl was just holding onto the frog and let go.

        release both… to be caught another day. LOL!!!

      • The ducks stradle the branches and they only fly to a tree branch when they are in immininent danger such as being chased by dogs. They are not tree critters like the egrets. They don’t stay at the branch for too long, it’s momentarily until they fly somewhere safe. Some of the geese we have are mean to the poor ducks. I love all animals and I hope Lane is not killing the critters just for fun. I like Lane and I am hoping that Lane and Hayden make it to the final 2. Graves, you are very relatable and a good person. I can tell by your comments.

      • Allrighty, a fisherperson! Yes, I also used crawdaddies when I fish and those catfish love them. I also catch and release. It is very interesting what a person can hook when you fish at nighttime. That owl catch was very interesting. The possum and coons have lots of teeth and they can inflict a nasty bite if a person is not careful. Your comment was very refreshing. I know, we deviated from bbh comments, however it was sure nice to talk about fishing and critters. We also have carp in our pond. Now, back to big brother comments. I really have enjoyed all the comments that I have read. I love to read about different opinions and how commenters come to their conclusion as to whom they liked or disliked in this game and their reasons for disliking or liking a bbhg. To me, all opinions are valid. It just means we are all different people with different personalities and it makes for a very lively forum. I love this forum alot. Lots of good peeps.

      • Not at night. IT is done a lot I believe it is called headlighting and if they get caught hunting at night they will be in trouble unless it is coon..

    • Molly et al: alot has been made in this network and elsewhere (even a Huffington Post article today) about her pointedly omitting Nick from her eviction speech.

      The view of most of us is that this signals that her engagement is at an end, but does not support the longstanding conspiracy theory that Lane and she were married or engaged and that Nick is a fiction.

      He is real. And, he is a guy who has now lost his fiance.

      My view is he deserves to lose her because he opposed her doing the show, fearing that she might experience great things beyond Fayetteville Arkansas. His fears were realized, but the American entertainment industry has gained so much from her this summer.

      Lane comes off as a country boy, but he is actually the progressive here. He supports here going far in the entertainment industry and expressing herself and rising as high as her talents will allow.

      The selfish Nick, on the other hand, is the true mysogynist. Wanting to deny her these opportunities.

      I do not feel sorry for Nick that he has lost her.

  23. If Hayden won the last HOH..i hope he will pick Enzo because Lane is a rich person and Enzo has a baby at home. Just because Enzo was not good at how he play the game, is no reason for him not to be in the final two. It would be hard to think what Lane would do if he won HOH…maybe he will take Hayden over Enzo as the final two. If Enzo won HOH..i think he will take Hayden as the final two. Still there is a few more days left in the Big Brother house and as everyone know that something could change, who want who next to them.

    • Are you serious? “Just because Enzo was not good at how he play the game, is no reason for him not to be in the final two”. Based on that logic, shouldn’t the final 2 be Enzo and Kathy?

      Enzo doesn’t even deserve to be in the final 3. He’s only there because he’s no threat in competitions and he’s loyal to the brigade…. sorta like my 11 year old Pug. He should consider himself lucky.

      • Sorry disagree with you. Enzo played the best social game, was extremely well liked in the house. It’s only people on this site that complain about Enzo. Everyone in the house had potty mouths. Enzo made me laugh through out the season and liven things up in the house. I would love to see Enzo in the F2 but Brit did her magic and turned the two other dodo’s heads about how the JH would vote for Enzo. I think the JH will vote for Hayden because of his HOH’s and other comps.

      • All 3 got to this point based on how each played their own game. There are no game rules as to how to do it – just do it!!!!!!!!!

      • As i see it Enzo is still in the Big Brother house and i think he should win over Lane but not Hayden and i think Enzo and Hayden should be the final two. Hayden should be the winner of Big Brother. Why would Lane need money, he is rich..right?

  24. Maybe Enzo is not really trying so hard to win the half a million because he truly believes there are even bigger bucks waiting for him in Hollywood as a big movie star or something.

    • yeah, that’s the ticket!!! or maybe he could compete in the Olympics. or make commercials for Domino’s. or deliver Domino’s pizzas. LOL.

      • Come on guys, he just got the Brit bug. Every hg thought they would get something out of it. Did you watch H and L talk about all the bars they hope to be paid to visit. They are all delusional.

      • here we go, blame Britney. i can’t help to think she has fooled you all and you can’t tell she’s joking.

        Plus you DON’T think ppl will ask for her autograph? we know she can’t charge for them but would you if you could?

        Hayden/Lane… that’s TOTALLY PLAUSIBLE, DUDE!!!

  25. most of America doesn’t have the live feeds therefore Britney will win America’s vote because on the TV show only she was funny and at the end they were “mean” to her so the edited personality + sympathy = 25k

      • Sorry YA 1 Big AHole … heh heh…

        This is a good point. The casual viewer doesn’t have the same opinion of Brit as the die hards. Look for the 25K to go to her or Brendan (and the fact that she’s already won 10K might kick it over to Brendan).

      • it’s not the comment, it has a point.

        it’s the Matts Lie Is Cooler Than Smoking that’s SICK… disease is NOT COOL or COOLER Than anything.

        Smoking causes disease and if you have EVER seen someone die of Lung Cancer, it’s not something I would wish on my worse enemy.

        Sorry, it was a knee-jerk reaction on my part. I’m letting it go, now.

      • I agree… not a good nickname.

        I thought you were talking about the comment.

        Perhaps this person was making the statement with their name that Matt’s lie – despicable as it was, was not as bad as Kathy having cancer and continuing to smoke.

      • yes, that’s why i said “SORRY”, it was a knee jerk reaction and today is just an emotional day. my bad.

      • ohh yeah you misunderstood

        I think Matt’s lie was awful but not as bad as having survived cancer and then ungratefully smoking!

      • Seriously I cannot express exactly HOW offended I am by the smoking thing.

        Everyone has a right to do whatever so I get it, but I have a right to think it’s a slap in the face to all those who did not beat cancer.

        I couldn’t care less if someone is a brat and tells a lie to win money, that is greed at its finest. However, when someone is fortunate enough to survive a disease that mercilessly kills millions and then they tempt fate by willfully doing something that is proven to CAUSE said disease, well Matt’s stupidity pales in comparison.

        But I must say I LOVE how Rachel Kathy and Brendon JUDGE Matt, gimme a break, they are idiots.

    • I get it now, like I said it was my misunderstanding, you are NOT “O.. S… F…”, sorry for that.

      I just wrote a paragraph about smoking/lung cancer but I erased it… this is not the right forum.

  26. TODAY IS 9/11/2010..yall take a minute to remember 9 years ago today and where u were then…I bet BB was the least of ur concerns..

    • Yes, definitely hoping that all Americans are thinking today of the families left behind from 9/11. You are so right, today, nothing else matters. God Bless America!

  27. Even though alot of people have thought this wasn’t a good season, just being a huge fan of the show, I have enjoyed it soo much and hate to see it come to an end. I think they should show it more, like they do Survivor. I hope it comes down to Lane and Hayden, but if it does, I will be pulling for Lane. Hayden acts to me like he has it in the bag. Lane has been funnier than anyone in a long time with his diary room comments. He just cracks me up with his sense of humor, I am pulling for him to the end. GO LANE!!!

    • I agree. And he has been so loyal that he kept Hayden in when he had the chance, with Brit, to take him out of there a week ago.

      I hope Lane wins, and Britney runs up and gives him a huge, teaful embrace (signalling to everyone that she is now his) as the last shot of the show. Fade to black….

  28. You don’t actually win 500’000$ or 50’000$ because the American government takes half of your winnings through taxes. So you really only win 250,000 and 25,000 still a lot of money but not as good.

    • This is a lie.

      You DO get 500,000, it is not taxed to the point to where you end up with 250 000 or 25 000.

    • The government takes roughly 33 1/3 percent and depending on what state you live in, you pay the state taxes accordingly. And Abbey, I think it is horrendous that some person here is impersonating you. I hope they stop. That is not very good sportsmanship to use your name in such an inopportune manner. I feel bad for you,, I really do.

      • He will never make it because he would have to actually to something that invade getting of his ass.

    • Enzo loves food and has lost alot of weight in bbh. I really don’t think he would make it in Survior. His preoccupation with food will get him eliminated 1st go round on Survivor. Maybe the money for the votes for favorite hg should go to Enzo. It would be lovely if Enzo could stock up his fridge and cupboards with tons of food. And I am not being sarcastic either. That boy is very hungry. Enzo loves food. Thinking about pizza and giving up in the competition is why Enzo is where he is at today. If he would have only fought, who knows,,,he might have been HOH winner. I honestly think the final 2 are going to be Hayden and Lane. Hayden has the most wins over Lane. The game is who played the best game (based on wins) and that would be Hayden. Whomever wins is fine with me. All 3 managed somehow to make it this far. Enzo could do commericials for pizza. That boy loves

      • Very true plus he just doesn’t believe in winning competitions. Enzo has thought all alone that he would automatically be in the final 2. Hayden and Lane had an alliance right off the bat, then came the brogade alliance. I feel that all along, Hayden and Lane had their secret 2 man alliance and just used the brogade to propel them to the top 2. Gotta admit they are playas and played everyone in the house including Mattie and Enzo including Britny. That was their plan to use everyone and it looks like it worked. Soon we shall all see for ourselves how tight their 2 man alliance has really been. Britny was rode hard and put away wet. They really used Britny to the max and she fell for it. She honestly thought she was going to win hoh title. What a slap to her face. Ouch Britny, that must have really smarted. All the players Britny backstabbed could have really helped Britny. Too late now Britny. I hope your fiance forgives you for your actions.

  29. If lane wins he should take Enzo because Hayden is a sure favorite to win. If Hayden picks Enzo or Lane ,he will still win because he is a house favorite. Lane’s only chance would be to take Enzo.

  30. on America’s Favorite Houseguest… you know Julie really cleans up nice… wonder what she looks like w/o makeup?

  31. Matt (BBN) says: My prediction: Lane and Hayden will stick to their deal. No matter who wins Round 3 these two HGs will move on the Final 2 where Hayden will be crowned the winner of Big Brother 12 and walk away with a half-million dollars.

    My response: I agree – and for all the reasons you said.

  32. Enzo on Survivor?????????????????? LMAO Now that would be worth watchin the wimp couldn’t out last, out play or out wit my grandson. hands in your pants, hands in your pants…looking like a fool with your hands in your pants

  33. Is it just me or did anyone remember when Britney was HOH and got a picture of her and nick. Didn’t Nick look like a younger Lane? I wonder if Britney and Lane are engaged, that Nick is Lane and Lane is Nick.

    Lane can’t win vs Hayden or Enzo. And Lane and Hayden can’t win vs Enzo, so it will be Hayden and Lane in the final two. And Hayden will take the 500k prize.

    Hayden has won…
    3.Three HOH’s
    4.One POV
    5.One Three part final competition

    Total of Seven things, eight including 50k or 500k…Is this even more then Evel Dick from season eight?

    Britney was the worst ever person i have seen i think. Along with Ragan, both cried so much, and talked trash about people even after they left. The other HG’s didn’t care about the trash talking.

    Ragan said all the fighting was centered around Rachel? That is bs. Rachel only had fights with Kristen and Ragan i don’t recall anyone else?

    If Ragan and Britney where smart they would have made an alliance with Brendon and Rachel.

    This season was kinda boring to watch and here is why…

    Ragan, Britney and Monet all they did was Cry all the time, along with trash talking. Kathy also never did much. Only thing worth watching was Brendon, Rachel and Enzo. Annie made if fun for one week.
    Ragan as the second sabatour, didnt do much like Annie, but then the picks he did form americas list of things wasn’t great.

  34. To Matt @ BBN:
    There really are some mean spirited people on here with very definite opinions about their own personal favorites. Thanks for sometimes being the voice of reason in the commentary.

  35. Enzo is a lazy balding pig . I hope he never shows his face on TV again. How can a grown man lack that many manners. Lane’s an idiot!!!! Hayden deserves the money out of the three pigs


    does anybody know who MATT BBN chose to win andrew’s “CAPTAIN KOSHER” t-shirts?
    he was supposed to pick the winners this morning, wasn’t he?

    (i know this post is ‘off-topic’, but i didn’t know where else to post it! sorry.)

      • so what’s the deal torch — isn’t MATT BBN going to tell ALL OF US who won?

        i’d like to say ‘congrats’ to the winners. it would be nice to know WHO that is!

      • i know Greg.. me, too! :)

        did you check your email to see if you had a message from MATT BBN? since nothing is posted here, maybe he emailed the winners??
        don’t know – just guessing.

      • I have a comment that has been in moderation “all day” (Is cause I spelled out ED’S full name) so nobody it would seem has actually been around to monitor the site. And I did not get a mail as in “YOU WON A CK TEE SHIRT”..

  37. Someone has been posting a bunch of crap and random lies using my name, gosh.

    Anyways, a friend of mine got to go to 2 live shows, the 1 where Monet was evicted and the one where Britney was evicted and she is getting to go to the finale (they need a big audience for the finale) and I might get to go to the finale because she has an extra ticket but I don’t know if I can get a fight.

    Don’t worry, when Enzo is evicted I promise to throw something at him and bring in a big poster that says “ENZO DIDN’T DO A THING – WORST HG EVER, BRIGADE SUCKS!” (lol, on the card it says to bring in posters and dress casually)

    • Abby… you definitely “can get a fight” if you get a chance to talk with Rachel. LOL!!!

      we know you meant “flight” not fight, just a little typo.

      I was going to type “litte typo”.

  38. silly me…hit the button a little early. I’ll look for your poster…ha ha. Enjoy yourself and the show. You’ll see everyone at their best hehavior…maybe.

  39. What is going on in the Big Brother house today? I was on another forum that tell you what they are doing, but today there has been nothing said. I know today is 911, maybe that might be the reason there is nothing being said today. So would you tell me what is going on in the Big Brother house right now? Thank you!

    • Carol: I have posted two (2) comments today asking for people’s opinion about that interview as well as her Early Show interview with Julie Chen. I spelled out quite clearly in those posts that these interviews conflict with the theory of a romance between the two, and that these interviews should not be dismissed.

      The vast majority of observers of the show do not believe the idea that these two are in some sort of relationship is a fantasy. There are differences of opinion as to how deep, but few doubt there is something there. And, incidentally, as you know, I am definitively not in the “Lane is Nick” conspiracy camp.

  40. When Lane, Hayden and Enzo were doing the wall game. And Enzo was the first to fall. He went inside made hisself some noodles and pizza then he said I deserve this.Then he took some burnt ham outside. Lane said Who would bring hot food out in the cold, if I wasn’t so numb at the bottom I would go over and slap him.My friend asked me did he say he deserved that while his friends were still outside wet and cold.

  41. Can anyone help me out here ? I have been reading and watching BB everyone is saying how awesome a player Lane is didn’t he only win 1 HOH ? What else has he done besides fall for another man’s future wife.I guess that makes him a great player? lol wink wink.

  42. It’s still just a game y’all – til someone wins – so let’s not get all upset about it. We get to view the HGs on TV (and for those of us that watch BBAD, we get a double dose) and know what has been said by the all. While they only see and hear what is right there in real time! As viewers, we are just spectators and couch commentators! We get to vote and hope it helps get the person we want, the $25K.

    BB, as an added comment, this season was the messiest, unkept house I have seen. Lots of rules were broken, and no penalties were given!!

  43. If either Lane or Hayden win and take Enzo, Enzo will win BB 12.

    It would be foolish for either of them(Hayden/Lane) not to take each other b/c it would be a coin flip with the jury.

    • Do you “REALLY” believe that Enzo would win? Most people seem to be against Enzo. Enzo is a legend in his own mind…..only.

      • I agree 100%. Enzo is narcisstic. He loves himself so much that it doesn’t matter to him what others think. BB should cut the seasons a little bit. The last few nights on BBAD, have been, like I said before, as
        exciting as watching paint dry. Enough already. A least, I am getting more sleep, cause I doze off about 10 minutes into the BBAD program starts.

  44. Give Lane 50k for one of the best comments this season-‘How do I know who played two pov’s I don’t even remember who I put up last week’.

    • I personally liked his comment about his odds of winning 500k. Is it one in three or one in four? Does he count himself? because he can definitely beat himself. :D lol

  45. Poor Britney will be walking like the ” Neanderthal walk ” for sure when her fiancee Nick kicks Britney in the rump and to the curb. She ought not have been in bed with the different guys in the house. I am not accusing her of of having s-e-x with the guys, it just did not look good for a woman that is engaged. It makes me wonder if she ever had a strong relationship with Nick or not. Why would she hop in bed with the guys? With all america and Nick watching ?. What will her explanation be to Nick and to her family. It just didn’t look good at all.

    • Nick is Lane, and Lane is Nick. Remember when Britney was HOH, and she had that picture of her and Nick? Nick looked like a younger verison of Lane.

      Nick=Lane so Lane is winning 50k…But it doesn’t matter because Britney is going to marry into a oil company family.

      See how concerned and protective Lane is with Britney in the house? And how Britney is always on Lane? Another reason Lane is Nick.

      • so you’re saying if someone is engaged they’re not allowed to lay in the same bed with someone of the opposite sex? Come on now…it’s 2010 not 1910. She has stayed very classy as far as I’m concerned when it comes to her relationship with her fiancee and her friends on BB.

      • I agree it is possible that Nick is Lane. It is also possible that Nick never existed and he was simply a lie used as a strategy for winning the game.

      • Briney was an engaged woman with all of america watching. If she was a single woman, differnent story,,hells bells hop in bed with all the guys. this is 2010 but still, a married woman or engaged woman in bed with the guys? No Good at all. I am no prude either. It’s called respect for the man you are going to marry and the man’s family and her family. If Britney was single, I could have cared less who she hopped in bed with. Well, at least Rachel had more respect, she stayed with Brendan instead of men bed hopping. Rachel has more class than Britney by far, hands down, totally.

      • i agree lane is nick on bbad he told hayden he never says he loves a girl aand before britt left he told her he loved her the pic is of her older brother isnt it funny when she left she never kissed her ring or say hi to nick

      • I was referring to BBFAN. The “Lane and Nick are the same person” theory is both foolish and annoying to read for the 25th time.

    • No, Lane is Lane and Nick is Nick. Remember back to when they showed Lane’s family talking about Lane and Brit. I really don’t believe that rumor at all, based on the interview with Lane’s family.

      • How did Rachael show more respect? She has a boyfriend who is at home taking care of her dogs while she is on BB sleeping with Bren.

    • F’ck Nick! Who is that guy? No body knows jack swat about that guy and who and how he treats Britney. Like you said must not be that great!

    • Will everyone please give up on this “Lane is Nick” nonsense. Nick has given a few minor interviews to small news wires, and there are photos of the two of them out there.

      Nick is not Lane. He is just some poor dude who has lost Britney to Lane. He lost her to Lane because he did not want her doing the show, and she resents that. Lane is fully supportive of her having a showbiz career and rising as high as her talents will allow. Lane is the progressive, supportive one here, not Nick.

      Still, and see my post below, I am troubled by two post-eviction interviews she has given very forcefully denying that she and Lane are in a romance. She swears they are just friends. I doubt this, and agree with the other comments in this posting, but I am trying to figure out what is her motive, now out of the house, to deny this affection for Lane? Please help me with theories….

  46. And, if Enzo was not on that rope too long for that comp, why is he complaining about his testicles?

  47. Enzo roughed up his boys by having his hands in his pants. I don’t think the rope comp did it. He wasn’t on their too long.

  48. Enzo was complaining about his private parts. He wasn’t on that rope for very long in that comp.

  49. Will the jury award the HOH title to the person that needs the money or do you think they will go by who has played the best game?

  50. I feel that the person who played the best game should win the 1/2 Million and that would be Hayden, but I really want Lane to win, but 50k not bad, sorry Enzo you really should have tried. You talk all that trash about Ragan crying and now thats all you do. Boo Hoo

  51. okay peeps – the following info just came my way.. looks like we MAY HAVE an F2 UPSET in the making:

    Today’s late afternoon into early evening action in the BB house:
    Enzo and Hayden are in the back yard; Enzo tells Hayden if Lane wins hoh and takes Hayden to final 2, he thinks Hayden will win the whole thing. Enzo says to Hayden that he kicked ass on the important comps and everyone in the jury house will know that before they vote.

    Enzo says the position he’s in now sucks because he can’t do anything else about it.
    Hayden says “yeah, you’re in a tough spot but you still have a chance so dont pack it in.”
    Hayden tells Enzo that Enzo would have beat him in the last comp.

    Hayden reminds Enzo about Britney saying that Enzo had “the best social game ever”.
    Hayden thinks Enzo could win the game.

    Enzo thinks Hayden has been telling Lane that Enzo will beat him if Lane takes Enzo to f2.
    Enzo thinks that Hayden has been telling Lane this so Lane won’t pick Enzo if he wins final hoh.

    Enzo and Lane talking game; Lane says to Enzo that he would be a “dodo” to choose Hayden if he wins hoh because Lane knows Hayden will beat him.
    Lane tells Enzo that Hayden will be pissed at him, but Lane says “if I win hoh, I will walk out the door with YOU”!

    holy sh*t! is it possible that enzo may have a chance with lane after all?

    can it EVEN be possble that lane is finally thinking strategically??

    is the POWER MOVE this season going to be the LAST MOVE of the entire game???

    OR… is lane just f*cking with enzo – and with US???? LOL

    • very good scenario. If Lane wins the comp, his best chance of winning HOH would be to take Enzo with him. I believe that the JH likes Lane more than Enzo plus the few games Lane won are more than Enzo has won. There are still sparks in the game left. Enzo has his motormouth going full speed and doing some fast talking. Enzo desperately wants his family to see him in the top 2. Now, the backstabbing has begun and has been revived thanks to Enzo and his motormouth.

    • Yeah but look at REGAN’s reasoning when he was talking to Lane..Regan made perfect sense.. Lane listened but did not vote Hayden out…Enzo would win only on social merit..BUT the jurors do not yet know about the Brigade and all the credit Enzo is taking for all the evictions..That is not gonna help Enzo in the votes..The jury is made of HG’s that let their personal feelings rule..the game play is secondary..Do u think that Brendon is gonna appreciate that Enzo was his pretend friend and also Rachel’s?? Do u think that even Matt is gonna be thrilled to know that it was Enzo’s plan to get him out?? He even pretended to be Regan’s friend….So in short taking Enzo would be crap could help or hurt u..would be a big chance taking him for either Lane or Hayden..then too look for Enzo to tell Hayden the same thing he is telling Lane..

      • You are so right. In my comment, that’s why I stated that the JH likes Lane more than Enzo and you are so right. Enzo has really played a conniving game and when JH finds out how he backstabbed everyone, the votes will go for Lane or Hayden. JH will be very upset at Enzo even though his mouth was his mastermind, not his skills at winning the comps. I guess Enzo just thinks he knows how to fast talk and to connive the hg’s into telling them all what a terrific game he played. And Enzo should tell them all, oh btw, I backstabbed each and everyone of you so just give me HOH. Remember his job titles, they require some very smooth talking and Enzo is good at that. He sucked in the comps, physically, Britny was better at the comps and hoh than Enzo and she is a tiny person to boot. Go figure.

      • Yep, RoseAnn, our little britches out played quite a few of the HGS!! I want to see her in the JH!! Have they showed any thing yet??

    • CT, It may be possible!!
      Was this a real up date?? (just really want to know)
      O, how are you?? I love it when you post!!

      • hi tishe.. good to see you :)

        yes, the update is real.

        i get emails all the time from a friend who does updates on bb twitter & facebook.

        actually i got a funny one today about enzo…

        last night (early a.m.) he was telling hayden & lane that he wants to take baby gia with him when he starts “touring” after the show ends.
        he went on to say that joella will always have to be there too because he would be paranoid all the time that some LUNATIC FAN OF HIS would KIDNAP BABY GIA and hold her for a HUGE RANSOM!!!!
        ROFLAMO :)

        this guy’s imagination is running WILD! he REALLY and TRULY thinks he’s going to be a BIG STAR!! lol

    • Enzo is a born salesmen/BSer. I don’t think Lane can compare in the final two if he took Enzo when it came to selling themselves for the half million. The majority of the jury will vote emotionally not who played the game best. Just because Enzo started the Bra-gade does not mean he has a drop of blood on his hands. Oh, screw it I have no clue what is going to happen, lol.

    • Lane would have a chance again Enzo as compared to Hayden but I think Lane’s playing Enzo & us. It’s mot… if Hayden wins the HoH which I’m guessing is a 90% chance, figuring he has the best chance in a quiz. But anything can happen.

      • @CT, need to add this thought:

        i really believe Hayden/Lane will live up to their pact… the problem is you just can’t say for 100% sure b/c $500T is a lot of money and unfortunately GREED is the dominant sin of human beings. IMHO.

      • hi Greg – sorry for the late response.. something came up earlier and i had to run out for a while.

        anyway, i (like Summer) have NO FREAKING IDEA what’s going to happen!
        one minute i think you’re right – and hayden/lane will stick together.

        then the next minute i think one OR BOTH of them will choose enzo over each other… lol

        maybe lane or hayden WILL jeopardize their friendship for half-a-mill..?? i just don’t know..

        but i must admit that i’m having MORE FUN watching right now than i’ve had all season. the suspense of the ‘unexpected’ is what bb is supposed to be all about.. and even though it took 70+ painful days to get here, the guys are finally

        (HEY… that’s what SHE said) :) :)

  52. Enzo just admitted to wearing the same underwear who knows how long. He has ran out of clean underwear. Ewwwwwwwwwww.

    • Yeah lol, sucks that he had to give his cloth away just to fail, gotta feel for him a bit. Lucky he didn’t lose his shoes and fat or he woulda went off loool.

      • Trish, it’s tishe, where did you go??
        You people are so hard to keep track of!!
        O, I’m leaving in two weeks. I won’t have internet. I will be able to watch Survivor on TV!! I will miss you folks so much!! However, we will cause “mayhem in the two weeks!” yes?

  53. Lane is most likely just messing with Enzo. Lane told Britney before she left that even though Hayden might beat him, there is still a chance Enzo could beat him too and if he isn’t going to win he’d rather Hayden win the money. Lane and Hayden are the closest friends in the house and I can’t see Lane breaking that friendship. Besides, I personally think Hayden will win the final part of HOH anyway.

  54. Lane is a sack of lying you know what. Hayden was a ” super naive” coaster and all of a sudden is playing it. What can you say about Enzo? We know about all that….. BUT NOW WHOM???

    • DIANNE, out of the three, Hayden played the “best of the worse” Lane is my boy!! The dude makes me laugh!! In my book, that is everything!! (smiley face) enzoannoysme!

      • I agree about Hayden but you must admit he (like all the rest) coasted. Sorry, Lane hardly make me laugh, he’s a PERV… IE: Shower scenes… pocketing or palming things from the dresser in the shower room and then going into the “occupied” can room….I’m still waiting to hear what this was all about

  55. Ok I know Enzo does not have his own clithes Lane? Why does he keep wearing the SAME clothes day after day????

    • After Lane said the F word He said he had gay friends.Not, Remember when Lane came in the house he said he didn’t trust gays.

  56. Someone should slap the s— out of Enzo for smacking his filthy mouth while he is eating. I cannot stand him!

    • I can’t stand looking at or listening to Enzo. He is so into himself…does anyone really believe he controlled this season’s evictions?

  57. Just a thought…on the night that they featured Enzo’s family, I was completely shocked at how well spoken and classy Enzo’s wife was. Thought for sure she’d be on his level! She’s very pretty, well spoken and I’m still bewildered as to what this woman sees in Enzo, and why on earth she ever married him! By the way America, Enzo does NOT represent New Jersey..only certain areas are like that. If you are in my hometown area (Princeton, Pennington, etc.)you just can’t compare it to North Jersey or Bayonne, Hoboken, etc. Please don’t think that he represents the whole state!

    • OOO Kate, I can not believe I’m defending enzo,(I”m not) but, what we see is an enzo in front of a camera, not real life. OK, never mind, the boy is ???????????????????????????????? idk!
      So, pretty, well spoken women can’t fall for a butt head?? I give up!

    • Living in Voorhees, NJ, I agree, “…you just can’t compare it to North Jersey or Bayonne, Hoboken, etc. Please don’t think that he represents the whole state!”
      I’m also in agreement with your comments asbout his wife.

      • I am not a big fan of Enzo but bc he lives in jersey why are ppl so quick to say he’s not representing New Jersey were not all like that!!! There is crazy goofballs in every state I’m from michigan but I don’t rep that everyone in the state is just like me!! Please if I were on there I would be saying the same thing I would be repping it for Detriot at least he’s proud of where he’s from!! Hayden is gonna win and take Lane and hayden will win the 500k and lane will win the 50k!! Idk its just a show I think a lot of the people posting on this site are reading to much into things!! All the people saying stuff about Enzo or lane being pervs an gross by puttin there hands down their pants Plzzz they are boys you all must be conservative old people or just straight up NERDS!!! Don’t get me wrong if I were a guy I wouldn’t be fondling myself on tv but he obviously don’t care so why do you??? Enzos wife knows the person he is and she loves him for the way he is who is anybdy to say different??

  58. I don’t believe Enzo conducts himself like that in front of his Family! I don’t like him, but I think that whole PERSONALITY we see is his GODFATHER Part 12 he is Acting!! LOL

    • Just like I think um I hate to say this but maybe Rachel is different off camera too? I only say this because the first week she was NORMAL and everyone liked her then. Just saying…….

      • Well, she is a Chemist & I think she was just sayin that stuff Or was a PRO-Server while she was in school! There was others who lied about their Profession too!

  59. Hi and bye Tishe, Trish, Clare Ann and the rest… Can’t waste my time watching these Bozos play poker and talk about how famous they’re going to be… Hope tomorrow night’s show is what we’re hoping for… Edits, and all…
    See y’all then!

  60. i don’t want hollywood hayden to win,if i had to choose, i would pick Lane. i bet brittany wishes she kept regan.

    • I don’t want any of them to win. They spoiled the END for us Fans. Hayden beats the other two all the way!

    • yvonne.. thank you!! See Clare Ann, you are not the only one that agrees to disagree!!
      ynonne, have you met every one?? (guys I like her!)

      • Can’t trust “hollywood Hayden”. Needs a hair cut…

        This season’s players are a joke and none deserve the $500 thousand. BB 12 should donate the prize to Charity.

    • Nope it is the most boring. I can’t wait till Wednesday……even Nat the Rat from last year made it more entertaining the last week then these bozos…….bring on the JH. Way more entertaining there for sure!!! With Big Red and Brit in da house…………..You know you can love or hate Brit and Rachel but no denying those two entertained us. Even Matt and Ragan and well hell the whole Jury House is better than these bozo’s…….

      • *Laughs* Bozo’s…That’s what i called Enzo first week. But i called him Enzo the clown also.

        I wanna see more JH man…I wanna see Rachel and Britney go at it, and Britney’s reaction to Matt’s lie.

        Ragan is still a Douchebag, sorry man but your rude.

  61. CAPO Enzo was allowed to keep his HAT, He was gonna WACK the person who tried to take it from him! LOL

  62. Has Lane ever changed from his blue t-shirt and blue shorts????

    This reminds me of the once episode of seinfeld where Jerry dated this girl who had the same outfit one for each day of the week.

    Is it me or does Lane look like Nick?

    I think Hayden is winning the 500k, Lane will win the 50k. Poor Enzo, hopefully wins the 25k. But i think the 25k will go to Rachel.

    Big Brother after dark is now boring as ever, all they do is play poker and talk about wasting money on vegas or their steamboat trip.

    Ragan reminded me of Bunky from season 2.

    They need a format such as the following…

    1.HG’s remain in the groups as they came in the house with four groups of five. Each group will have a Sabatour so they’d be five, which each doesn’t know about the other. Also HOH’s have a chance to open pandoras box.
    2.Play for first HOH, winner of the HOH can’t put up anyone from their group. Also that group shares the HOH room in sleeping.
    3.They play for rooms, Heads, Haves, and Half-Nots. Or however the names would be. Also they’d play for food this way to.
    4.Veto competition goes as it does.
    5.At the third week after two people have been voted out, america votes for one of them to come back and that person becomes HOH. That will replace HOH competitions, and then Veto take place of HOH’s.
    6.Everyone becomes a jury member.

    That’s how i think it should be…

      • Idea of HG’s playing for only one HOH, then every 2 weeks one of the voted HG’s is picked from americas vote. And becomes the new HOH!
        I call this Deju-vu, it fits the theme.

        But when a HOH opens their pandoras box, house punishment should be better then sock puppets etc.

        Each week the Heads, Haves, and the Half-Nots complete for rooms and food. While the HOH group shares in HOH room and food.

        Also i got an idea they should have a competion for a key to a box that opens games etc.

        Other groups can speak to the current HOH, if they do that group automaticly becomes a Half-not for the week, if at the end, then for the next week.

        They should have more prize related Veto’s.

      • Greg… some good ideas… they need to do SOMETHING, that’s for sure. And some of your ideas would help.

  63. Enzo said Earlier in the game that he didn’t know much about BB! Talkin about the HG that pulled the Knife! That is why BB don’t give them Sharp knives!

  64. For the record, hayden was a failure at ASU baseball, and was relegated to being a glorified bat boy… guy couldnt hit a curveball at all.

    • The REAL Sister J says: Post under your own name.
      I signed off at 12:39… Anything posted after 12:39 AM was posted by some loser using my name…
      Be honest enough to post under your own name, scumbag!

    • it is sooooo asy to bash someone that you don’t know and can’t defend themselves. How dose anyone know what ASU grad post is true. we don’t know them either… people who post about the houseguest like they know them should let us know how they came by their facts!!! otherwise they are just haters to me!!

  65. Sock Puppets….

    I agree with Britney, Ragan had the worst one.
    Her’s was kinda lame
    His was funny
    Looked like a mop on a sock lol
    He had the best one, the wiskers…lol

    • Yeah, Hayden and Enzo’s were definitely the best. And the little beard on Lane’s was funny too. Ragan’s was the worst, but only because he doesn’t really have any distinguishing characteristics like the others.

    • Why couldn’t the others have watched it at that age? I’m 17 and have been watching BB since season 2, so I was about 8 when I started watching it.

      • I don’t remember season 2 a lot because it was the first one I saw and I was pretty young, but season 8 was definitely a great one. I think a single episode from season 8 had more drama than the entire BB12 season combined.

        Clare Ann: lol. I would love to be there too. I already feel like the BB house is my second home every summer, so why not just be there and play the game? And heck, $500k isn’t so bad either! :)

      • I’m with you Clara Ann. I’ve watched every season of BB and I think they should have more HG with “life experience”.

  66. To heck with these tree boring losers…I want to see 24/7 cameras in the jury house….THAT would be more interesting

      • Clare Ann, you know I love you! But, our Rake would not know how to bitc_ slap a puppet. She is a follower, not a person who would push the envelope!! You are!!

      • I don’t like to hit anyone, :( I’m a Negotiator, was that way on the job! But dam Those TWO were terrible towards Rachal!! Neither one had room to TALK!

      • Yup Britney and Ragan talked trash about everyone….Ragan talking trash about when Brendon was a sore loser for only hitting three pins and through the ball. And what does Ragan do? The same thing he throws the disk at the clam and hits Enzo in the head.

  67. Dancing Punishment…

    *Laughs* only ones that could dance where Enzo and Britney. They others couldnt dance for crap, but it was funny to watch them.

    On this note, remind when the classical music came on and who was dancing together. Britney and Lane!

    • Umm, what’s wrong with that? Both of my parents (around 50 years old) and my grandmother (76 years old) watch the show. And all of us (including my grandmother) watch After Dark too.

      • Just didn’t think anyone over 55 had any interest in the show unless it was a loved one in the game.

      • Excuse Me!!
        You are how young??
        Survivor!! Why do folks ” question age?”
        Greg.,.,.k how young are you?

      • @Greg k. I am 58 and I watch the show(s). Age has nothing to do with us seniors. We are just like anyone else. I am in agreement, a seniors bb show would be fantastic. Someone mentioned giving the senior hg’s viagra. Funeeeee! I have seen this special a long time ago where the young guys were abusing viagra. They felt if one viagra pill was good, then 2 or 3 or 4 would be any better. One guy had to go to ER so they could help him alleviate his problem after 3/4 hours, he didn’t know how to get back to normal. If you put the poor guy sideways,,,,something was terribly wrong and sticking out of his body for 3/4hours after he took viagra.. Seniors are more careful about their medications. I would love to see a seniors show. Seniors are normal people with more of life experiences. We are people too, we are not an entity or aliens from outer space. We breathe the same air everyone else does. Your comment I love, it is very whimsical. Interesting how the younger generation thinks about senciors. I love your comment.

    • ARE you kidding me? LOL Well, I look younger than I am! There are alot of BB Fans out there that are older than you THINK! My mom watches BB & she is 82yrs young! All my sisters, watch too and they are around my age! :)

      • Hey Clare Ann, where is Trish?
        People come and go so quickly here!!
        I am going to vote for “britches” do not tell Trish. K?!

  68. I’m a Realitly show junkie and most shows are just lame, but i love Big Brother..Along with

    3.Hells Kitchen
    4.Amazing Race
    6.America’s Got Talnet
    7.Top Chef
    8.Iron Chef
    9.Fear Factor

    All i can think of at the moment…lol

    • You, my friend, you are soooo young!!
      ???, you consider 55 old?
      Young people, are they not wonderful,( out of touch) but wonderful!! Survivor!!

    • @ Greg K > They are alot shows I watch too! The other day 2 BB Fans (SENIOR) were posting about WHY BB should put more SENIOR’s in the Game! You would be ROLLING on the Floor! We would give a Fantastic show!! :) By the way, How young are YOU? lol

      • Clare Ann, and at@
        @ Trish, tishe here, CT, Greg, Alex Janice,
        Thank you for another night of wonderful, late night reading!!
        I have learned from you folks so much!
        I will go ” stuff the ballot ”
        For Kristen!!

      • Good nite tishe, She is from my home town Philly! But I’m voting for Brendon, he told Matt that he was trying to find a cure for CANCER! He needs the money! :)

    • I like al of those too. I guess I am also a reality Tv junkie. But out of all I love American Idol the best.

  69. tishe, you hang around with me I’ll teach you more! LOL I have 1 girlfriend that is 91, she looks 60!! I make her laugh all the time!!! :)

    • Clare Ann, darling, you make all ages laugh!!
      We will show the young people, do not think, except with your heart and soul!!
      Small problem, they don’t think, they are un-aware!

  70. Regarding, don’t you think it is dishonest to vote a thousand times? Loophole in the system but, do you live in Florida or something?

  71. Wow, at a loss. Although I hate to admit this but if Enzo can talk either of these boys into taking him to the final 2, ((spinning)) he should win the money. Don’t attack yet, hold on…….. But let’s face, that would be the power move of the game. Beating out all other comps and he wins the social game hands down. Sorry…… ((spinning)) now back to reality. These 2 boys are not that dumb, so lane & hay to the end. If the other happens, well……..:…

    • Kristi, Hi, if enzo can talk the two boys into anything, he earned it!!
      A lesson well learned, slackers rule!!

      • Good Night All, (again)
        Clare Ann, Trish,Rico, CT, Stoker, Q!!11Jadelle, Sister, ( Rico is on “Survivor Fandom”” Good readings!! Stoker, STERLING,
        Torch, (crap,, I can not do this, I will miss ya all so much…

  72. I’ve was so dissappointed that the only “senior” on the show this season was really Kathy, if you can consider her a senior. Totally not fair that people w/life experience don’t have a chance at the fun money…but most of us can’t get off work for that long!!

  73. Big Brother should have all women, Wouldn’t that be great.
    I’d be in front of my T.V., I would never be late
    You want ratings and drama, That would be one great show
    Fourteen women in one house, Just about anything would go

    Big Brother would make money, Selling the live feed
    Watching them crawling thru honey, would be funny in deed
    You left your shorts in the honey, Someone would shout
    Don’t stop now, Find what we need, Grab’em on your way out

    What should the women look like, Dolly comes to mind
    But not like twiggy, They wouldn’t make a dime
    Throw in an asian, maybe a couple of Italian babes
    Two from the marines, army, plus a couple of waves

    Don’t forget the Air Froce, And the Coast Guard for fun
    And a couple of track stars, would be fun to see them run
    This season was boring, You need to make a switch
    Big Brother hear me, And please grant me my wish

  74. I really hate to see any of these guys win the money. I also hope that anyone who sees them out, even if they recognize them, ignores them. And I definitely wouldn’t pay any amount of money to go to an event they attend! I am a BB fan so I will watch again. Just have to call this one a dud and move on. :-)

    • Kim M,
      Question, when was it about money?
      Money means nothing,
      unless they want it!
      Nope, nope ( smiley face)

      • Since the money is the grand prize, it would have to be at least part of the motivating factor to try out for the show. Yes, the experience of the game is a big part of it, but where else in life can you better your odds to win 500,000? Millions play the lottery everyday against millions of other people with less than 1% chance of winning. So who wouldn’t want the chance against 13 or 14 people? My main point really is that no one at all this season deserves the money. But since it is a game someone wins. My hope is that they pick a group of people next season that aren’t so concerned about becoming famous.

  75. There are a few comments that I have to agree with. I have been saying all along that I think Lane is the one engaged to Britney. Enzo needs to learn some manners..whether he is acting or not he is on live TV and no mother would be proud of him. I am a senior and I agree..they should have a BB that is only for seniors..of course without the strenuous comps (LOL)..and I watch BBAD, I also tape it in case I fall asleep. But I also must say it is very BORING just watching those boys play cards…something has to give to make this show more interesting at the end..I wonder what it could be? Any ideas???

    • Mimi, your “Lane is Nick” comment gives me an opportunity to hammer on my favorite theme, although I know many of you are sick of me by now on this.

      Anyway, dear friends: I seek your help. As you know, I have been an avowed and unapologetic champion of the Lane-Brit relationship, maintaining that it is indeed now a romance.

      However, I do not want to be one of these analysts who discards information that conflicts with his theories. If I am proved wrong, I can accept that.

      Specifically, since leaving the house, she has given two interviews – for CBS Early Show and for – (before heading to jury house) insisting that she and Lane were just friends (or Brother-Sister type relations) and that everyone is wrong in insinuating that there is romance between them. She offered no explanation as to why she did not mention Nick in her eviction speech, but she did in these interviews continue to assert she is “taken” as a way of explaining why there is nothing between her and Lane, romantically.

      Two choices:

      Her comments accurately reflect her true feelings, in which case the theory of a romance between her and Lane must be discarded,


      She is being deceptive in these interviews and is downplaying her feelings for Lane for some purpose.

      While I personally lean toward this latter possibility, the motives for her being deceptive about her feelings for Lane are not entirely clear to me, now that she is out of the house.

      Any theories?? If so, please help me out.

      And if there are no compelling explanations, then I will gladly rethink my analysis.

      Lane has made similar comments to Enzo since she left the house (she is too short, she is not his type,etc), but he is still in the house and his motives for hiding his feelings for her to his Brigade-mates are more clear to me.

      Yours truly, Karzai

      • maybe she is downplaying any relationship with lane(if there ever WAS one, which there wasn’t) so as not to upset nick. there IS a nick, there are photos of him on her facebook page and he has done interviews on an online radio show, so please, believe there is a nick and to all a good night ho ho ho

      • Jim, I suggest you go to Youtube, find a video called “Salon Time with Lane and Britney,” and look at it and then tell us if you still think there was nothing to their relationship beyond a game-related friendship.

  76. Please tell me what I’m doing wrong I want to go vote for AFH but can’t seem to get to the right place ok so I go to then what? I tried CBS/big brother but still doesn’t seem to be the right spot-any help would be appreciated-thanks

    • main page has a box that says SHOWS click on it it will drop BB..then look to listings on top to the right is a box that says VOTE..try that

      • Thanks for the assist I was trying to vote using my balckberry still haven’t been able to do that yet(about to try the popup blocker thing) but had NO trouble on the house computer

  77. what an awesome season of bb! Just watched the last couple episodes on demand, and was lmao when enzo was telling Britney about the brigade, it was like britny was finding out who the killer was at the end of a movie.priceless. I got love for Britney but Enzo just really became my fave after that, and the pics of him younger, he was so hot, lol, still is to me. Anyway I’m for Enzo for the half a mil. Brit was fun though to watch, Hayden is hot but is boring and his hair looks greasy.Kathy is a hypocrite who needs to quit the cigarettes before getting mad about a stupid lie. I do like her though, but I wish she would stop acting like she’s all high and mighty, when really your not. ragan acts like a lil girl and instegated that fight with Rachel in the jh, ugh he’s so gross and such a QUEEN! Rachel grew on me.Brenden is hot, but lacks common sense. Lane was lame and tried to hard to be funny, but really was the biggest CORNBALL, and the biggest idiot in the house. Kristen was cool. Monet was cool. Wish Annie had stayed a lil longer.Andrew was a nut and Matt grew on me as well, but he really isn’t all that smart. Book smarts aren’t everything. Anyway loved bb12.

  78. I will be happy if Lane & Hayden go to F2. These two actually played the game. BUT I must say that having that alliance with Enzo in it, really screwed up their game. WHY would they keep Enzo around knowing that he did NOTHING for their alliance but run his mouth just to hear himself speak. IDIOT!!! If they kept Britney around they both would of had a good chance of winning against her!

    • You have to be kidding!!!!!! they never played the game until the last couple weeks and they had too. NON of them deserve to win the money. Enzo’s a joke, Hayden doesn’t know what end is up and Lane just a dumb ass Texas hick. How about that grenade!!!!!!

  79. I don’t think Lane should win he wasn’t that good. During most of the competitions he quit early and let Matt carry the brigade. I feel the same about Hayden. I think they didn’t want targets on their backs so they could stay in the house longer. I am probably in the minority but of the three left I would vote for Enzo. P.S. why does Lane need the money so he can go party?

  80. Wow some of you guys are really onto this. My thoughts? Hayden will win. Lane is in love with Britney. I think lots of people would be amazed at age of the fans. Cable changed tv, dvr changed everything. I am reminded of the show 9 years ago. Remember tv before 9/11. Remember the nyc skyline. I don’t know what the production people get paid but someone had to walk onto that stage and tell those people the world as they knew it had changed forever. I wonder if any of them still work there? I’d be interested in hearing their stories, if they were allowed to tell!

  81. it would be a travesty if either of these two took enzo to the final 2! enzo is so weak he had to run down the smallest guy in the house to just barely win a pov and then couldn’t beat the self proclaimed biggest doof in the house on something that required mental agility! enzo is lucky brittany didn’t challenge him to an arm wrestling contest! i found enzo’s facebook page and let him know it too

  82. stop posting under my name, I reckon you do not do have a life if not to be someone else cause that’s all I mean and took it. So their :P

    • Are you aware that many states have cyber stalking and cyber bullying laws? In my state it’s a second degree felony, and the sángano who posted above, with my username has been leaving quite a trail of electronic bread crumbs…

      • By the way, sángano, the words: “there, their, and they’re” are different and have different usages… Look it up!

  83. If Lane wins the last one he has to take enzo to win the $500K (if Lane was smart). If Lane is truly a stupid hick he will then take hayden and only win $50K. Hayden will win no matter who he picks. I would like lane to win but he must pick enzo.

  84. The 3 left should have called themselves the Panty Posse. That term fits all 3 to a tee. Rachel and Britney were better at winning HOH and comps.( and I didn’t care for either one) The only reason they are winning is, there is no compettition left. Someone else commented on that. Enzo would rather chomp, chomp, chomp and talk, talk, talk than to take bbh seriously. He really thinks he will be taken to the top 2. If Lane or Hayden take Enzo with them to top 2, they would win because Enzo was lazy and didn’t make an effort to win more comps. Enzo was after food and Brendan was after love. I honestly think that if Rachel had not got in the way, Brendan would have made final four. The shomance is what go Brendan boot A woman is more important than the money? Brendan could have paid of his student loans. They are all watching themselves right now on bbh and possibly reading our posts. Brittney talking about all the hg’s and even her friends on bbh. Yuk, she was so critical and so hateful.I did enjoy her smile, it made her more human.

  85. Enzo is a bum. He did nothing big. He was never the brains in the group. He just made up a name and joined the right alliance. He will not be america’s choice as favorite player. Regan is going to win.

    • Toni..I agree…I think Ragan should win as he was the most honest and I felt he played the game fairly. If he only had a brain Enzo would have played a better game.

      • Screw Regan….Enzo should win America’s favorite houseguest!! He wasa funny and played well….Regan just wanted to be someone’s hoe….that’s why he was jealous of Rachel……I say GO ENZO YOU GOT MY VOTE FOR AMERICA’S FAVORITE PLAYER!!

    • @Toni, sorry, My name is Antoinette and I use Toni to shorten my name. I won’t use it anymore. Sorry Toni, not impersonating you at all.

  86. When a person is broke, their confidence level goes down and when a person gets paid or money in their hands, it is called attitude money. The same for Rachel, when she won HOH, she had HOH attitude. When Rachal was not HOH, she moped and would humble herself and was a completely different person. When she was HOH, she was surely Grrrrr attitude.

  87. after watching sunday’s episode, if i was a Rachel fan i’d be totally embarrassed; just watching the other Hg’s reactions to her voice, her laugh, her arguments. she definitely is NOT going to win Miss Congeniality.

    The one thing i didn’t think about at the time and it was Enzo that talked about it was how Brenchel was such a great thing for the Bro-gade. All the focus was off Bro-gade and everyone was obsessed with getting rid of Rachel and Brendon.

    Then Matt threw his hat into the arena of lets get rid of him b/c of his comp wins.

    • GregH..Rachel is an embarrassment to anyone watching her. Poor Brendon, he must be blinded by love (?) or is her ill-fitting clothes…..

      • I will agree that Rachel was annoying but give me a break…Ragan was a crying sniffling little cry baby. He had a horribel mouth on him and I would have punched his lights out if he would have talked to me like he did. If someone would have come down on him the way they should have he would have been sitting in the corner crying for his mommie.
        Britney was just as annoying as Rachel and a lot more mean spirited.
        Both of them couldn’t let it go after she was voted out and just had to keep up bad mouthing her. It got a little sad for the 2 of them. Neither one of them should win the Peoples Choice Award because of their actions toward Rachel.
        And I’m not even a Rachel fan I just don’t like to see someone trashed like that for any reason.

      • @ Sister J: what is a sangano? I know someone is toying with your emotions and using your identity to post their comments under your name and I think that is very juvenile of them to do that. I am sorry for you. I wish they would just stop it and leave you alone.

  88. Enzo should win America’s favourite – he is so funny! On the after hours show, he kept us entertained in an otherwise BORING production – GO ENZO!!

  89. Lets not forget, at least Britney in the Jury house knows Lane is loaded and already smooth sailing with his parents business. I would give it to Enzo over his spoiled, ya know…

    • Virgil…you are exactly right.

      But has anyone ever done it…

      It is all about winning, whatever it takes.

    • I think what everyone realizes it is the strategy of the game that is more important. You have to give it to Enzo, he did come up with a great strategy to control the votes.

      • Sorry, forming a 4 person alliance and voting as one is not a strategy. You can pick 4 people in the big brother house and replace the brigade and they will still win on sheer numbers. That is what this is! It is a huge sham and disappointment that the producers of big brother allowed this to happen. What will the next season house guests do then? Just form a 5 person alliance next time out? After all, a 4 person alliance worked so well, so why stop there and make it a 5 person alliance? What is the point of watching a show where you already know the winners before it even starts? Survivor cannot come on soon enough. Atleast, with survivor, most players are trying to win and alliances are not like in big brother and just voting blindly and floating along till the very end!

  90. True, Lane seems like a big dumb jock. Sad because most of the people Ive met from Texas are pretty smart, he talks like he never got out of Elementary School.

  91. I don’t think Enzo should win anything. mr Meow Meow, that annoying person he was. I was so hoping he would get voted off early. he did crappy on every competition. Wish he would have left and britney stay, he doesnt deserve to win 50k.

    • Anyone of the three stooges does not deserve to win any monies. They floated from beginning
      to end. There is no strategy except use sheer numbers and vote everyone else out! Any 4 people in an alliance would have won. This is a huge travesty and made a joke out of Big Brother. I just hope the producers read these blogs and have the sense to make sure that alliances if any should be limited to 2 people or if they allow 3 or more people to form alliances, the alliance members should be disqualified from one HOH. Four person alliances like the brigade should have the members disqualified from playing in 2 HOH. That would give the other house guests a much more fair shake in the game rather than allow 4 people to vote everyone else out just like that!

      • There is obviously no rule against their alliance. Why is everyone in such and uproar. It is extremely clever. Give it to Enzo.

  92. The Brigade was lucky….never really won anything early on. Brendan and Rachel really played the game hard and managed to win the right combo of HOHs and VETOS… Brendan should have won at least give him the $25000 for play! Wait until people find out Hayden took Hawaii and $5000. and Lane already lives on easy street!

    • Hayden told Lane and Enzo about the Hawaii trip and the $5000 win.
      I cannot believe how many people are so upset with the manner in which the 3 guys ended up at the end.
      Are there written rules on how to win. NOOO
      And Enzo had a plan to win. Get over yourselves…This is why it is a game. A game of human behavior at its best 24/7. Grow up

  93. Enzo is a know it all cry baby when he loses. Hayden never told anyone that he took money and a trip. Lane really tried to take Britney … he should have tried a little harder. I would have liked Lane and Britney to win.

    • Oh my!!! Britney is a spoiled brat. She thinks she is a gift to these guys. Her poor fiance. She never said Hi to him when she said Hi to her “family” when she went out nor did she mention him by name anyother time. He has to feel horrible. I don’t blame him.

  94. Off-topic, but I suspect the winner (Hayden, most likely) will give Britney some money to help fix her house, which caught fire this morning. Even if she wins the American’s vote $25K (which I think she will), it apparently won’t be enough to fix the damage.

    • I read in the news that Britt, her fiancee Nick, and Nick’s mom were renting the house. If that is the case, the homeowner has insurance and ting insurance would cover the house. Britt wouldn’t have to shell out money so Hayden if he wins, wouldn’t have to help Britt. I think it is awful their house caught fire. I am glad they made it out ok and the pets as well.

      • Did I understand you to say, Britt, her fiance and his mother were renting a house together. And if I remember, she barely mentioned Nick on the show, nor his mother.
        Am I the only person that remembers this.

      • I also read it in an Arkansas newspaper. All 3 were renting a house and it looked like a tiny house. Looks like it burned half of the house. (a photo was shown of the house) That is too bad.

      • @LayneeL , that’s what the newspaper said, all 3 were renting the house. I think Britney is trying to keep her family a private matter. That’s why she doesn’t mention her family or Nick very much.

  95. Brit won 10 grand I think, let her fix her own house. Who knows how it happened. Hayden should win he did at least win a few comps. He started out floating but then started playing. Lane floated the entire game. Enzo floated but he did start the BG so he deserves alittle credit. Enzo also was the most light hearted of the bunch until the last week. I can’t remember such a boring last week on BB until this one.I have been so bored with it that I didn’t even watch much. I don’t think the HG’s should be allowed ro go to bed at 9pm, it makes for bad BBAD. My prediction is Hayden to win and AFP is a toss between Enzo, Brit, Brendon and maybe even Rachel

    • Boo Hoo…Let her fix her own house she won 10,000 dollars and you really think she would help anyone else with something. NOT!

      • Unfortunately, she will have to use the $10,000 to replace all pf her personal things that she lost in the fire. It is good she has the $10,000.

  96. I believe that Hayden will take the win thisa year. He really plays the game well. H’e smart and intelligent. My vote is for Hayden.

  97. I really believe Hayden will win, he has been stronger in the comps & veto’s than Lane or Enzo…He needs the money more than the other 2…GOOOO HAYDEN!!!!

  98. The only way Enzo wins (if he even makes it to the final 2) is if he convinces the jury that his strategy coming in was to win absolutely nothing and control the game with a super alliance and side alliances. If he convinces them that he was instrumental in putting each of them out of the game, even though he never won anything they will respect that and vote for him.

  99. This is for Sky”boy” : Ragan was the worst one. When he said what he said about children and Africa and aids, that quickly turned my stomach. He Ragan by far is the worst of the entire bunch. I don’t see you attacking him Sky”boy”. Why? Yes, I admit that all the hgs were all guilty in different degrees about backstabbing and badmouthing the other hgs. Ragan is the meanest and has a potty mouth for saying cruel things about children and aids. You Sky’boy” has a personal vendetta against Britney. It is just a show. Are you able to separate the two? It’s a reality show. Making fun of Britney’s eye medical condition and you saying it’s karma for Britney that her home was partially burned down is so vile and so cruel and despicable. I don’t see you running Ragan down. Why not? He hands down by far is the worst one. Your vendetta against Britney is horrible. You Sky”boy” are taking it personal and you are scary. You won’t let it go. I might have to call the authorities on you. I am worried you might go and do something to Britney. That is not normal what you are doing. It’s ok to disagree or agree, you Sky”boy” are on a mission to destroy Britney. No one else on this forum is like you. We all debate and go on from there. You are scary and there is no telling what harm you might bring to Britney. The authorities need to read all your messages and they will find out that you are taking this reality show and hating Britney too far. I will post this on all pages incase you happen to miss my post on this page. Please stop your personal vendetta against Britney. You have a screw loose and you have so much anger and animosity towards Brit. You are not right in the head.
    I am not defending Brit, she did her share of backstabbing and so did the other hg’s, with Ragan being the most vile and sickening in his comments and backstabbing.

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