Big Brother 12 Drama Breaks Loose In House Meeting

The drama may be over for the moment, but no worries if you missed it because you can rewind your Feeds using Flashback to see it all happen. The big fight took place just after 7PM BBT and went on for a half hour so there’s lots of drama to watch. Even after that it’s worthwhile to see how fast Rachel was pursued to drop her big plans and follow Kristen instead. Then there’s even more fun after BB breaks out the alcohol. Crank up your live feeds and watch it all over just like it was live.

The wait is over Big Brother 12 fans! Drama has broken loose at full speed in the house tonight and it’s awesome. Right now there’s the very first “House Meeting” going on in the house. If you’ve never seen one of these meetings it’s where they pull everyone together to air their grievances and find out who is lying and who is telling the truth. All they need now is a Festivus Pole and a feat of strength!

Read on for the Big Brother Spoilers and more drama!

It all started earlier this afternoon when Britney started telling Rachel that she was being deceived by Matt. Despite offering himself up for nomination Matt went on to tell the other HGs that he was shocked and angry to be put up as a renom this week. So those stories have worked their way back to Rachel and Brendon and now they’re upset for being made the bad guys for taking Matt up on his offer. Things finally boiled over just before 7PM BBT (use Flashback) when Rachel and Ragan decided to call a House Meeting and figure this out.

Matt is scrambling hard to keep himself in the game as the house turns on him. His Brigade isn’t doing a spectacular job of supporting him and Rachel is tearing in to him. Only Ragan is backing him up, but I don’t know if it’s winning them over. Are your live feeds on right now? If not, sign-up and starting watching right now! This is why the Big Brother Feeds were made!

Brendon and Rachel are really ripping Matt for this. Rachel is saying they need to get rid of liars early in the game so they can have a season of Big Brother where everyone likes each other and just plays the game fairly… Boo! Go away, Rachel! Go away! What is she thinking? Can we evict her this week? Please!

Does this fight even matter? Brendon says Matt is going to be evicted on Thursday, but let’s break down the votes. There will be 9 votes so Matt would only need 5 to stay and won’t he have votes from Ragan, Andrew, Lane, Hayden, and Enzo? That’s all he needs, but it could even be more. What do you think?

After the fight Kristen and Hayden went to their room and agreed that Monet should still be the target. Rachel came in and Kristen convinced her that Monet needs to go. Way to stick to your guns, Rachel. Best part though was after Rachel’s huge protest of being called a bully she tells Kristen that Kathy will vote however she tells her to.

Get ready for more action on the live feeds though because Big Brother just gave the HGs four bottles of wine and a lot of beer. Kudos on the timing, BB!

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  1. I paying careful attention to this too! Matt is digging his own grave. He just needs to say what they wanna hear instead of being so honest. I do not think he is playing both sides, but he has said some stupid things. Ughh, first Annie and now Matt, as it looks like, my favorites are leaving very fast.

  2. Oh its so all of a sudden that the same day the the blogs are filled with dissapointment, this comes about. I think last night they must have called people into DR and make somebody do this. I think it was supposed to be Andrew but he felt bad about it – thus his recent behavior. Brit said last night she wasn’t gonna talk to anyone. This is a producer move. But it will backfire on Brit because now she looks crazy and untrustworthy. I like this but this should have been something that would result in Brenchel being broken up. Too early…

  3. @Nic: I don’t think this has anything to do with production. I’ve been telling ppl that things are always quiet until the first eviction and then HGs realize that they’re playing and a game and will fight to stay. This is the normal flow of the game and it’s finally coming alive. Get ready for a great season to follow!

  4. what time does BBAD air in the BB house?? I know on the east coast it’s starts at 12 live but what time is it in the bb house 9?

  5. I am so excited that drama started because once it starts, it never ends. But I believe Matt has the votes to stay. He for sure has four: Ragan, Lane, Hayden, and Enzo. Matt can find at least one more vote.

    • that will for sure tell braychel that

      Brigade is together
      Hay is 2 faced
      Rag+mat are too close
      And kris is guilty by association cuz of hay

      They’d be so dumb to vote agaisnnt HOh

  6. @Hunter: I wish Matt wasn’t saying over and over that he wanted to vote out Matt, but Andrew dislikes Brit and so Monet by association. I’m thinking he’ll have Andrew’s vote as a result.

  7. Last night outside if they thought Andrew’s demeanor had something to do with what production may have made him say. Why would Brit who wanted to stay quiet suddenly risk (as now a safe nominee) her own rep? She had Lane with her for anything in the future. Now shes a brigade target, and this disgusting Brenchel stuff has to go an addition week because now eveybody has promised not to put them up. Fishy.

  8. @Matt: I know. Thats what I mean by him digging his own grave. I understand that he is a carefree guy and doesn’t give a crap about anyone but himself, but c’mon, lie a little, thats what Big Brother is all about. Put on a facade. Which leads me to Rachel’s stupidity. A game of Big Brother with no lying or backstabbing and just competition is impossible. It also wouldn’t be any fun for us to watch! :D

  9. Ok, now that the house meeting is over… who do you think were the winners and losers? Who is better off after the meeting and who is worse off?

    I say, Brendon and Rachel made a mistake. I don’t think they changed anything for this week, but they put a bigger target on themselves for next week. I think Matt pretty much squirmed his way out of it. And Brit will probably allign with the Brigade.

  10. Andrew and Regan will be the swing votes this week…. which way will they go?

    I think there’s a good chance both will vote to evict Monet.

  11. Brit is actually thinking of voting to keep Matt… that shows Matt came out of the house meeting in better shape.

  12. Yep, Kristen and Hayden agreed to keep Matt and now Kristen has even convinced Rachel that Monet needs to go.

  13. I think it will be interesting next week how Kathy will flip-flop if Brendon does not win HOH. Will she stay on a sinking ship? Or will she weasel her way back to the other side?

  14. OMG why do ppl
    Money out to further their game???sooo
    Stupid I swear if money goes then bri next wk the girls will loose cuz kat will be dumped final 3 and ray cuz she’s a big target and girls on ly win when there’s 2 girls so kris screwed herslf.

  15. Actually, I’m thinking the best 3 game players so far this season have been Kristen, Lane, and Regan. With an honorable mention going to Hayden. All of them are sort of flying under the radar, have ties with all sides of the house, and are not floating (even though to some of the hg’s it looks that way).

    • kris is a horrible game plywr because her master plan is to get rid other girls except ray who has a huge target…has she not seen how girls win?

      Hay will be found out for being a 2faced rat
      And raygen is making it sioo obvi LOL he s hitched himself to mat..stupid they’re all stupid minus lane

  16. at least Monet is going out with some money LOL can’t say the same for those other dumb b@tches ^_^

  17. I didn’t think Kathy would choose so soon. I think she will follow Kristen. At least once she realizes that her name. She says “Christian” all the time. But will she vote Brenden out if he is put/stays up first? You do put Brendon up first right?

  18. I’m way sick of Brendon and Rachel. Atleast with Jeff and Jordan you had to laugh because she was so ditzy. Rachel trys to hard to out play big brother. The other night she picked every aspect apart, but really Rachel it changes hourly quit trying so hard.

    i told ya so!

    whats very surprising on the surface, yet once thought about not surprising is how moent is still going home overwhemingly.

    like it might be 8-1 and the only vote is coming from brendon. she got 10,000 though so tis not a loss for her.

    and the brigade is so dang strong right now. i would put good money on the theory of someone from the brigade winning the WHOLE competition.

    BRachel is DONE. kristin is along for a ride with hayden. hayden will do her, and help vote her out. then she wont have anyone to go to after the show.

    britney wont last at all even though i have a new found respect for her. but she gone.

    WEW! what a night.

    monet is going to be SSOOO pissed. after all of that, it might have made her chance of staying go down. she has a ZERO percent chance.

  20. A couple things from what wen down

    1. Brendan and Rachael don’t have a bigger target, they are almost certain to go up next week before this went down

    2. Matt has shown that he is likely the weak link in the Brigade at this point

    3. Nothing has been accomplished by the meeting, just alot of He said/She said, theres no proof to catch anyone in lie…. yet

  21. even though it looks like monet will go and the brigade looks strong, i have a hard time picturing them going all teh way to the end. Lets face it all male aliances dont usually work in bb, eventually someone originally no in the aliance and usually a female gets brought laong by one of teh members and then friction starts causing them to break, my guess haden and matt will go at it leaving lane and enzo sneaking by under teh radar proboly joined by ragan, andrew and kathy in a final 5. Thats my guess anyway.

  22. @Nic… It’s a southern thing. That’s what the in-laws in Arkansas call me, too.

  23. Re: BBAD 7-20 RACHEL SHUT THE HELL UP ABOUT BRENDON!! please, this is starting to becoming beyond sickening. How many more times is she going to say “You guys, you don’t understand, my feelings for Brendon are so strong, I love him, blah.blah.blah!! and Matt, shut up, you are talking way too much.
    Let Rachel and Brendon get to the jury house so they can make love all they want!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. BRay is sooo hard to take – is she crying over her undying love for someone she met 2 weeks ago. She has said over and over all she wants is to make it to the jury house with B… be careful what you wish for.

  25. I agree chick from louisiana!

    I wish someone would give Rachel a proper bra fitting. No wonder the most desperate/love crazed male is interested. I consider it comedic when I hear her say “we are the perfect fit” and “this isn’t a showmance, it’s a relationship”…LOL!!!!!!

  26. I think Matt had it in the bag – now I’m not so sure. Brit is way smarter than I gave her credit for. If she can turn BRay around like she has, she is a genius and must have a degree in Psychology…. admittedly child Psych.


  28. Hello from oklahoma:) Is it me or does it seem that big drama only happens on live feed and not too much on Show AD. It is like BB courses them to do this at certain times so we will have to buy the 24/7 feed . The 24/7 feed is not always that good because there are blacouts and wall staring it just got ridiculous.

  29. OMG- I feel like i’m watching the same thing over and over and over, How many times is she going to keep REPEATING herself? “like, and I’ve said this to Brendon, like I really like you Britney” gag———-

  30. Ragan and Kristen – like nails being raked across a blackboard. SO irritating. Both of them need to go home soon. And after watching Rachel bust out her clothes for the past 1 1/2 hours and listen to her “dribble” about how her and Brandon are so much in love, and don’t care anything about winning the game, I think that I will call it a night. Never seen a season like this – with so many people to dislike,

  31. BRay is going down – she has a bad case of HOH disease… she actually thinks she has it all figured out. “It’s like reaaaality tellllivision”!!! SHe is buying all the HOH suckup from everybody who is slinging it. Has she ever watched a previous BB year? Especially what Brit is saying – I mean she is killing them with her lines. How does she do it???

  32. LOL @ Chick from Louisiana! I LIKE feel LIKE the same way LIKE OMG! LIKE enough already LIKE I’m in love LIKE we don’t LIKE talk game play LIKE! I thought LIKE she was a chemist LIKE do they all LIKE keep saying FREAKING LIKE?? UGGGHHHHH!!

  33. I agree with you all this rhetorical crap has me flipping channels it is ridiculous.

  34. This seemed good for a minute. But now no one will put Brenchel up. Either they already promised not to put them up, or Brenchel would expect people to show loyalty and not vote one of them out.

  35. rachel needs to stop cussing.
    rachel and brendon needs to stop BS’ing everyone.
    well i guess it doesnt matter because they will be up next week.

    rachel already agreed to vote out monet, so what does she keep playing face for?

    and brachel’s relationship is way better than jeff and jordans.

    lets stop acting like jeff and jordan’s were a true, both side loving relationship.

    jeff didnt really like her, she was just insurance. and jordan was to dumb to realize it.

    atleast rachel and brendon both actually like each other. and their watchable by far. idk why u guys like the ditzy moments of jordan so much, and the dumb jock moments of jeff. i dont get it. i dont understand why u guys love that, but a real partnership sucks.

    with that said, like I said, BRachel will go home. hopefully one goes to the jury, and one gets evicted before the jury. so they cant even talk to each other.

  36. “I trust my enemies more than I trust Matt”. Are you kidding me? What is she talking about. Money and Brit are going to put her up faster than you can say…. “Like”.

  37. @Lizzypooh

    I love your awesome comment! I’ve begun to count her likes…shoot, I lost count Too many likes, like all at like once.

  38. britney isnt gunna turn around anything. im a HUGE fan of her play and her now because she faught hard for her friend, and she is funny.

    but EVERYONE is onboard to vote out monet thursday. kathy will be persuaded to re-change her vote for matt to stay, and britney will be the sole vote for monet.

    nothing changed. even if rachel wanted matt out, which this week she doesnt, she wouldnt even get 2 votes out of any of the houseguest.

    when monet gets evicted, im gonna be laughing, cause her crying face is so ugly, but ima feel bad. she doesnt know yet she doesnt have a chance. and when julie goes,

    “with a vote of 8 to 1……. matt….u are safe, monet u have been eliminated from the BB house”

    she will automatically start balling. i dont know how she will get through the interview. especially when they play the taped good-bye’s. dannggggggggggg

    does anyone else think rachel is making TOO big of a deal of monet not talking to her for 13 days. its like whoo cares?

    and once again when the house is having a very interesting conversation, the live feeds change to something not relevant in MID convo.

  39. Which HG is This? “At The Same Token”, “At The Same Token”, “At The Same Token”, “At The Same Token”, “F___K_ng” “F__K_ng” “F__K_ng”….WOW

  40. Tonights episode of BBAD is drought to you by the support of a pair of coconuts and by the words Like and F*ck. Thanks for watching!

  41. Marcus….Jeff & Jordan were on “The Amazing Race” I don’t watch that Reality Show, but I did catch an episode and it listed them as a “Recently dating Couple”…And Jeff was getting very frustrated with her over and over again. At least in the ONE Episode I watched. I would bet they they didn’t win..

  42. Lol just started watching which is why I don’t know what’s goin on but my adsence from here was well wort it. Lol so did I just miss Fu Fu & like? They didn’t say literraly a million times? We made a drinking game out of that word on here.

  43. Where is Ms Kristen tonight – haven’t seen much of her.. what else is new.

  44. Breezin Noe they didn’t win but I was impressed with the effort Jordan made, & from everything I here, they are still together. So yay them. Kinda cool

  45. @Kristi

    Well, by now you should all be hammered…it doesn’t like take like very f*ing like long to like get like f*ing plastered watching tonight.

    @ Lizzypooh and Sterling

    I am so glad I’m not alone…RACHEL and BRENDAN, GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Lilly!!! Thanks for the chuckle!! You’re funny! I’m like going to bed like I can’t f******like take it like anymore!!Like Good Night!!

  47. @Lizzypooh

    Making fun of these folks is too easy.

    Like F*ING good night to LIKE you LIKE too!

  48. this season blows. come on. everyone hates racheal and brendon regardless if matt is spreading lies. they all need to come out of their lame shells. im already bored of how supid each house guest is and of these fake showmances. come on BB.

  49. for all you dumbasses who like brendon and rachael. jordan and jeff weren’t fake and how the hell was jeff uses jordan. she didn’t want to make out all the time like the slutty red head and whatever i just can’t stand ugly man looking racheal and brendon.

  50. These people are truly the dumbest players to ever step foot in tht house!!

    Britney & Monet should have taken the deal with Annie….saboteur or not Annie guaranteed thm 3 more weeks in the house. They underestimated how smart Rachel…she’s a chemist for Christ sake, clearly she’s not some big boob, ditzy girl from Vegas!!! Rachels only downfall is tht she’s not playing for herself anymore she’s playing for her & Brendon!! WTF??? It’s hard enough to watch your own back in tht house much less yours & someone elses….all for the sake of meeting the man of your dreams!! Kristin is a snake in the grass– people dnt even realize how amazing she is at brainwashing people to believe the way she does!! And while I’m on her WHY does she wear her pants so high???? Did anybody see on bb afterdark whn her & Hayden were in the cabana room?….did she make a reference to thm being the pair or am I just crazy?????

  51. OMG, Ya think that Ragan & Matt could be ” The Life Long Partner’s ” Matt wears a ring, say’s he’s married, but to whom ? Only just thinking !!!! Ragan has no ring on though !!! May give ya,all something to think about.

  52. That’s my third guess above guy’s. My first was Hayden & Kristen being twins, my sec. was Brandon & Rachel { big red bottle } being husband & wife, & today I,m thinking Matt & Ragan could be the couple ! O-K maybe I should find something to do. Maybe bake a cake !!! But it’s HOT here in Michigan, ya don’t want to turn the oven on, even with air going in the house !!

  53. Matt said the name of his wife last night on After Dark. It was a woman’s name like stacy or sara something like that.

  54. @ Angie, thanks for the infro. Now I really have got to find something to do, besides all this thinking that’s getting me no-where. Are the HG still trying to kill the ant’s ? All they need to do is wipe everything down with white vinegar, & a bit of water. They don’t like the White. Mix with a bit of water. BB tell them !

  55. OMG Well part of me is glad I dont have live feeds yall keep me up to date pretty good and since its still pretty boring at the moment thats ok if it starts picking up I may have to get them LOL. I never watched the amazing race but I did watch Just to see J&J and no they did not win, Poor Jordo she tries bless her but she just well she tried but Jeff can be a turd hahaha He loses patience pretty quick. But I am glad they are still a couple.

    Cant wait to see what exactly transpires tonight. I am still thinking Kathy/Brit maybe related or the unexpected is going to be Brenden and Ragan know each other both being from Cali and being in the Educational field. HMMMM something else to ponder.

  56. Kristy: California has a population of 36 million, and there is a huge difference between high school and post-secondary education. I doubt you can infer that the two of them know each other based on the facts you presented.

    Judy: In the first episode, Matt is shown kissing his wife goodbye. Plus, if they were a couple, wouldn’t they be from the same city?

    Assuming Annie wasn’t lying, then it is likely Kathy and Britney. They are both from Arkansas, and they have similar looks.

  57. @Domimique.. Hayden and Kristen did make reference in the cabana room bout them being the life long friends..I seen it too.

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